I Am (2010)

NARRATOR: We were given
the Ten Commandments.
Today I made $1.78 billion.
Billion. With a B.
And how do you feel?
I don't feel anything.
And you wonder why you're not happy.
I got a secret I gotta keep down
It's complicated
Lies are raging now
Well, the burn's so hot
I can't push it away
So I fold you in
Just to make it okay
To my house that caught
On fire
Could be too little too late
For you to turn
Is my soul too far gone?
Don't run away
Don't run away
Please stay
Please don't hide away
Don't hide away from the pain
Don't go down
- Fight
- Fight
The secrets that I hide
Don't run away
Don't run away
X: You have metastasized
pancreatic cancer.
You're going to die.
X: The results are conclusive.
There is simply no cure.
- You need to accept this.
ANGELICA: I can't.
Angelica, there is only one God.
And it's not you.
Hello, Angelica.
Hi, Lance.
Missed you at the funeral.
I hope it's cold in there.
He was your father too.
Don't patronize me.
You didn't ask me here just to chat.
What do you want?
I'm dying.
I'll be right beside Dad.
Right in there.
Unless I can do something about it first.
There's a loophole in Father's will.
States that if I die before the age of 40, you
become the sole heir to his entire fortune.
I'm 39.
I have a deal to offer you.
I'm listening.
Help me survive this cancer.
And I will give you Dad's entire fortune.
Minus, of course, what it takes
to sustain my life for 500 years.
Or until they find a cure.
Or whichever comes first.
It's called cryogenics.
You're gonna freeze yourself?
Oh, you're insane.
Nobody has frozen themselves
and been brought back to life before.
Well, it's illegal.
So no one's exactly talking about it.
There is one man who came very close.
How close?
Close enough
that we're having this conversation.
- Is he in?
- He will be.
So do we have a deal?
You're 39,
I'm gonna inherit everything anyway.
Listen, baby brother.
This is not a negotiation.
If I have to hook myself up
to a ventilator machine until I turn 50...
...just to make sure that you don't get
his money, then I will do it.
I don't care how much pain I'm in.
Are you in?
Get your scientist.
Regret on the horizon
Eyes I've long forgotten
ANGELICA: You will receive $1 million
for the procedure...
... and 500,000 every year I survive
for the rest of your life.
Oh, and I will pay for any expenses
that are necessary to perform the procedure.
Freezing a living human being is illegal.
Come on, doctor, who are you kidding?
You froze those human cells for a reason.
Because you knew that it would work.
Now, someone is gonna go down in history
as the person...
...who discovered the secret
to everlasting life...
...and you want that person to be you.
The process is completely experimental.
I'd have to say your chances of surviving
the freezing are fifty-fifty...
...under perfect conditions and...
And given your health...
The odds of me surviving my cancer
without the freezing, doctor...
...are zero.
Dealing with our mortality
is a difficult thing, Miss Vita.
But we all die.
We can't control when or how really...
...but eventually death comes to us all.
Says who...
Those are inappropriate questions
for a doctor, Miss Vita.
I'd be happy to recommend some
of the best therapists in the business.
- You may wanna consider religious counsel...
- Oh, right, God.
You want me to talk to God about it?
Should I put it in his hands?
Miss Vita...
...I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
Well, I was afraid
you were gonna say that.
Now, I don't think I have to tell you
what those pictures are.
I think you already know.
I'm not a monster, Dr. Ortus.
But I will do everything
that I have to do...
...to save my own life.
Sign the papers.
X: When we play God,
we run from the truth.
And the truth is...
... some things are bigger than you
for a reason.
Don't mess
with what you don't understand.
MAN [ON RADIO]: Billionaire heiress
Angelica Vita has been reported missing.
According to a source...
... the high-profile socialite
has not been heard from in over two weeks.
Los Angeles Police Department
... that investigation into Miss Vita's
disappearance is in fact underway.
Aaron Rossdale.
I was about to report you missing.
Pancake breakfast in Sherman Oaks.
Mmm. That sounds fun.
- Yeah, you can thank my dad for that one.
- So you do still work here, right?
This Thompson brief has to be filed
and I'm not a lawyer, so I would...
Speaking of,
I got a little surprise for you.
Hmm. A new job?
AARON: Yeah, yeah, very funny.
I'm on my way.
Just one more stop.
Thanks for coming.
You know, I'd pour you one of these, but
you and I both know that's a waste of time.
How long are you gonna keep doing this?
As long as it takes.
Hey, Bill, give me one more.
No. No, no. He's done.
He's done.
...I hear you got the Angelica Vita case.
Yeah. Yeah.
It's a pretty big deal.
Well, you know, this buddy of mine
introduced me to her brother Lance.
Angelica Vita's brother?
No, these are bad people, right?
These are bad people.
Listen, I didn't ask for your opinion.
- Fine.
- Look...
...he took this bottled water company
I mean, they couldn't give this stuff away
to the Sahara.
Then the next thing, he gets involved
and the stock doubles and...
They haven't even put
the product out yet. I figured...
...if he can do that for water...
...he can definitely help Will.
Hey, man, Will is dead.
But his music...
...is not.
Matter of fact...
...Will died six months ago today.
Look, in my job...
...I see a lot of tragedy.
I mean, I see bad, bad things.
And my job is to find who is at fault...
...and hold them into account.
That is my job
and I am very good at it.
And listen to me, look,
what happened to Will was an accident.
It is not your fault.
Come on, man.
You know, it's all good, man.
It's all good.
I'm gonna take you home.
What was the name
of that bottled water company?
Speak of the devil.
We have...
...for free, mind you...
...the endorsement
of the world's biggest celebrity.
This guy's name ID is off the charts.
A figure who will never be in a scandal.
Whose reputation is perfect.
I mean,
what's the competition gonna do?
Argue water
with the one who created it?
Come on. Heh, heh.
Here's the tag.
What do you think, Gord?
I'm curious.
What exactly did you say to Angelica
before she was frozen?
I'm not interested
in discussing my conscience.
What would you like to discuss?
LANCE: Water?
X: Ah.
You want me to tell you
it's okay to use God to sell tap water?
I don't think he minds.
Would you?
Now, that depends what my take is.
I thought you knew me better than that.
Oh, look out!
Heads up!
I hope you sell a lot of those things
because I'm not cheap.
So long as you're a better lawyer
than a golfer.
I know you're the best.
Which is why I'm gonna pay you
whatever it takes to win.
Now we're talking.
Have you read the will?
Have I read the will?
You know that sister of yours?
She didn't do you any favors, did she?
I don't care what she told you.
All right, look, your father's will is not
gonna be an issue, okay? It's cut-and-dry.
His estate went into a trust
for your sister, none to you.
Should she die before the age of 40,
you become the sole heir.
Perfect. She's 39.
Right, but she's not dead, Lance.
No one is gonna find her.
True. Now she's only missing.
No one is gonna see her for 500 years.
What more do they want?
What more do they want?
Did you just ask me that?
They want a body,
that's what they want.
This is Angelica Vita
we're talking about here.
Her disappearance is the biggest
vanishing act since, what, Howard Hughes?
People are gonna want some answers.
And after one look at that will...
...you are gonna be suspect number one,
my friend.
Yeah, that's not good.
Good afternoon.
Jake Russell,
Los Angeles Police Department.
You've got 90 seconds. Don't sit.
You're wasting time.
Down to 83 seconds.
Angelica Vita went missing
and hasn't been heard from since.
I have a TV.
Tell me what I don't know.
Two weeks prior to her disappearance,
she made phone calls to a Dr. Richard Ortus.
She had cancer.
People with cancer call doctors.
Dr. Ortus is not an oncologist.
He's a cryogenics expert.
Two days before he arrived, she filed
All funded with exactly the same amount
of money, $24.2 million.
Contents are sealed, but we know
they have the same executor.
Petros Dimitrios. He's a Greek national,
long-time confidante.
Dimitrios personally runs seven
of her largest companies.
Namely in tourism, hotels and shipping.
Three days after her disappearance,
one of these trusts transferred $1 million...
...to a company in Switzerland
known as Endless Horizon.
That company then transferred
$1 million to a company in Hong Kong...
...known as Infinity.
Infinity has made payments
to only one person...
...since its founding one year ago. Ortus.
Where is the crime?
The trusts have also been making payments
to a factory in La Paz, Mexico.
Well, is Ortus on the payroll?
- No.
- Your 90 seconds is up, detective.
That one kind of hurt.
I got people.
- You got people? What does that mean?
- What are you, my echo? I have.
That's nice, you have people.
Talk to your people.
- Why are we here? What are we doing here?
- Let me get this straight.
If my sister turns 40 before we can get her
declared legally dead...
...I don't get a cent?
Technically, yeah.
That's pretty much how it works.
But that's why you're gonna hire me,
you see?
We'll start with the 250 grand from
your holy-water deal there as a retainer.
Ten percent of the estate.
Oh, yeah. Look at that one.
Look at that one.
Yes! Oh, when it's transferred
into your name, of course.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- Get a hearing.
Consider it done.
You know, maybe you're a lefty.
Aaron Rossdale actually completed brief
before it was due.
- What's next?
- An interview with the L.A. Sun, no less.
Oh, not the Stanton case.
No. Your favorite case of all. You.
The L.A. Sun wants to interview me,
about me?
There are people out there
who think you should be the new DA.
I don't wanna talk to a reporter today.
I think you'll wanna talk to this reporter.
And why is that?
She's smart and beautiful
and read by 16 million voters.
Oh, no. No, no.
You haven't gone on a date
since I started here.
What constitutes a date?
She'll be here at 3 p.m. Today.
You're fired.
How cute is this?
It has leggings.
Ruched leggings. Heh, heh, heh.
So you're gonna go off
and do your very first interview...
...and you're not even gonna tell me
who it is?
Just some prosecutor
that wants to be DA.
- Not Aaron Rossdale.
- Yeah.
He's like the Attila the Hun of lawyers.
That guy would get Santa Claus
Oh, come on. He's not that bad.
- Is he?
- Did you even do any research on this guy?
He has a 98 percent conviction rate.
The highest of any other prosecutor
in the history of L.A. County.
And since he's joined the DA's office...
...the crime rate has decreased
by 40 percent...
...with the murder rate being
three times lower than before he arrived.
Yeah, well, the fun rate
has dropped to zero.
Well, there's two sides to every story.
Look, all you really need to know...
...is that his daddy ran for governor
about 10 years ago and lost.
Ever since then,
he and mommy dearest...
...have been trying to get junior
into the seat daddy couldn't win.
Plus he's cute.
Alice, we've been down
this road before, sister.
Okay, that was kind of out of line.
I am a professional.
God help you.
Your critics say you're too aggressive
in your prosecutions.
Oh, boy, here we go.
In fact, criminals you've convicted
average 25 percent more jail time...
...than other criminals
convicted of similar charges.
How do you respond to that?
Well, it depends on your perspective.
Is it with the criminal
or is it with the victim?
I'm with the victim.
You asked for and achieved life in prison
for Victor Ramirez...
...for stealing $150.
Mr. Ramirez did steal $150.
He also beat and tortured 80-year-old
Alfonso and Maria Blanco...
...in their own home.
You see,
we as a society have to make a choice.
Are we gonna tolerate this kind of garbage
or are we gonna send a message?
Victor Ramirez got that message.
And the people of Los Angeles
are better off for it.
What about Mrs. Ramirez
and their children?
Mr. Ramirez made a choice.
His children will have to do the same.
One bad choice? No second chances?
Depends on the choice.
- You like her.
- Yeah, sit down.
Get a dozen roses to that address...
...before she gets there. I'll take you and
Roger to dinner anywhere you wanna go.
Oh, you really like her.
Just get the flowers.
A dozen roses?
Welcome to politics.
Oh, I think he's sweet.
- So is arsenic.
- Oh.
- Hi, baby.
- You're not gonna call him, are you?
I already did.
Hey, this isn't a game.
And that would be him.
Yeah. Don't be mad.
I gotta...
So you must think
I'm really gonna make you look bad.
I don't care what you make me look like,
I want you to go on a date with me.
Do not go on a date with him.
on a date until the story comes out.
- Okay, fine. When does it print?
- Wednesday.
All right. How about Thursday night?
Thursday night sounds amazing.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
Hey, you're being ridiculous,
he's a really nice guy.
I didn't ask for this, you know?
It wasn't like I woke up this morning
and said:
"Today, I will go out and have an affair."
I mean, Ali just never understood me,
you know?
This place can be the land of the lost...
...where you can go to forget,
or to be forgotten.
The problem is that...
...while you can be forgotten...
...you can never forget.
I didn't sign up for a baby.
Do me a favor.
Can you sign this?
Is this for your wife or your girlfriend?
Go home to your family.
You could've signed that, you know.
- I could do a lot of things.
- And yet...
...you don't.
Why is that?
I don't know.
Isolation feels good when we're hurting.
Pain is an intimate emotion...
... one you don't wanna share
or even expose.
Reach out.
If we don't...
...we are lost to our own madness.
You look tired.
Sleep is important.
It keeps us focused.
You're not real.
How many of those you taking?
An acute manifestation of my subconscious
has transferred into hallucination.
A little far off of our jurisdiction,
don't you think?
It's all right here.
The yacht's in her name and he's living
on it. Look at the phone records.
They never spoke until a month
before her disappearance.
Now he's living on her yacht.
She is not dead.
So she was frozen.
That is not a homicide.
Look, if we can prove that Ortus is taking
money from one of Vita's companies...
...then we got a conspiracy to your fraud.
We get Ortus, we find Angelica.
That's huge.
Just need a search warrant.
We'll take it to the DA's office.
If there's this much money involved,
there's a conspiracy.
Let's take a look at the brother.
He's got a motive.
You're the boss.
Until you become DA...
...and then you'll be too big
for us little people.
Don't hold your breath.
You got my vote.
Elizabeth, you're too good to me.
- There is one thing.
- You know what? Save it.
Got my parents' anniversary tonight,
gotta pick up Alice at 7.
It's about Alice.
You know what? Don't tell me.
You're destined to be DA,
you know that.
After that the mayor,
the mayor or the governor...
...after that, who knows?
But the one thing that can keep you
from where you wanna be is a scandal.
Let's get something straight.
I haven't done anything.
If there are gonna be skeletons
in your closet...
...make sure the bones are yours.
I'm sorry.
I'll get her. Thanks, Joanne.
I've got the good news this time.
I'm pregnant.
I didn't sign up for a baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Sorry I'm late.
It was a crazy day at work.
Wow, you look so handsome.
What's wrong?
- You know what? Let's go inside.
- No.
It's your parents' anniversary.
We're gonna be late.
No. I have never been inside. Not once.
Is it that big of a deal?
Is it that big of a deal...
Good night.
...that you have a daughter...
...that you never told me about?
Yes, Alice.
It is that big of a deal.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
So, what's the problem?
AARON: I can't help thinking
she's still in love with him.
Spenser was not a man to her.
He was an object.
A graven image hung on the wall
and worshipped.
What is it that really bothers you?
That she worshipped him
or that she didn't worship you?
I don't know.
Hi there. Is your father home?
How'd you even get past the gate?
Your father gave me the code.
- Tori, that's enough.
- Whatever.
Let's talk in the studio.
- Your daughter's a charmer.
- Right.
This is a great shot of your son.
Mr. And Mrs. Evans...
...your son has suffered severe head trauma
from the accident.
Now we've done all that we can
to stop the bleeding in the brain itself...
...but the swelling is at dangerous levels.
It is amazing.
The power of a moment.
Life zooms past us at the speed of light.
The years fall away
in the blink of an eye.
But in that one defining moment...
...time stands perfectly still.
DOCTOR: I have to return to surgery.
- Thank you.
You are immersed
in life's most painful emotion.
I gotta tell you this,
but your kid is better than his old man.
Hey, Dad. That solo section
still need some work?
No, no, it's good. You got it.
- Why don't you come up and jam with us?
- You guys go, man. Go ahead.
Come on,
show us how you old guys do it.
I got too much to do, man.
I told you, go ahead. I'll get you next time.
All right. Next time.
He won't always care what you think.
You know that, right?
The Jews have a word called Sabbath.
The idea is that one day a week...
...we take rest from everything else...
...so that we can focus...
...on what really matters.
We lost him. I'm so sorry.
In time, darkness will give way.
And then...
...you must live.
Live like you've never lived before.
I was told that you're the guy
and for the money I'm paying you...
...you better be the guy.
Trevor, what can I do
to make a miracle happen for you?
I was going through his stuff,
I found this raw footage.
It's his last song.
On and on
On and on
- Oh this is good.
TREVOR: Yeah, it's good.
- This is really good.
- Make it a hit.
I've wanted to tell you.
What is the point of talking, huh?
What is the point?
Thirty-five years ago today...
...my parents stood at the altar
of a tiny church in Mount Bethel, Texas.
And it was there
that they heard these words.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Not jealous...
...or boastful or rude.
So you're fighting.
It's not what is said.
It's what's not.
I'm curious.
How could she say anything
that would change her past?
She can't.
It does not demand its own way.
It's not irritable.
And it keeps no record of being wrong.
Although my sister Eva
never really saw it that way.
Some people are just easier to love
than others.
Fair enough. Fair enough. Fair enough.
It does not rejoice in injustice...
...but rejoices
whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up.
It never loses faith.
It's always hopeful.
And it endures every circumstance.
You did it, Mom and Dad. You lived it.
Every word.
Congratulations. I love you both.
MAN: Hear, hear.
- I love you, son.
You've been staring at her all night.
And you haven't said a word.
Evie, you wouldn't understand.
Aaron, I'm divorced.
Believe me, I'll understand.
Not this time.
My one regret...
...is that I didn't give Scott
another chance.
You know, he hurt me, and I was done.
That was it.
He deserved it.
...but I'll never get
a 35th wedding anniversary, will I?
X: What would your father do
if he were in your shoes with your mother?
Alice is not my mother.
...but your mother's been wrong
and your father forgave her.
This is different.
How? Because it's you?
Some people don't have
the freedom to forgive.
Freedom? So you're a slave?
I have a duty to the public I serve.
The politician. The lawyer.
You can't love by the letter of the law.
Are you a good man?
I think so.
Are you a compassionate man?
Words are like scissors
I'm sorry.
X: Do you love her?
Then know this.
People are not perfect...
... but love is.
When we say goodbye
What is it about this doctor...
...that makes him
so deserving of justice?
He's a killer.
So you're going to arrest him?
That's right.
And if he resists?
- You'll kill him?
- Without hesitation.
What then?
JAKE: Right down the line,
I'll get all the criminals that deserve it.
Judge, jury and executioner.
All in one.
So what if the brother gets the money?
Their father shouldn't have cut him
out of the will in the first place.
This whole mess
has gotten way too dirty.
I say...
...we wash our hands of it...
...and move on to real criminals.
I can't do that.
No, you can't, can you?
And why is that?
They think that they're entitled.
Or is it that you believe...
...that Ortus...
...killed your wife?
Oh, come on, Jake.
How can I send detectives in the field
if I don't know everything about them?
She was in grad school.
She was offered a thousand dollars
to participate in an experiment...
... with doctor Richard Ortus.
He told her that it was an experiment
in cryogenic anesthesia...
...using the freezing of tissue
to assist in surgery.
He said they just freeze a little bit
of her arm and bring her right back.
Easy money.
She said we could never afford
to have a honeymoon...
...and now we can.
And I never saw her again.
I'm sorry.
He covered his tracks,
but I know he killed her.
When setting out on revenge...
...one must first dig two graves.
One for the victim...
... but the other is for your heart.
All that brilliance inside of your head...
...and you still haven't figured it out.
Or maybe you do now.
That's it, isn't it?
That deep churn in your soul.
You know you have a choice to make.
It's you...
...or it's me.
If you want them to leave you alone,
the money has to stop from flowing.
You're going to have to kill me.
Look at me.
I'm miserable.
End my suffering.
Set yourself free.
Let's do it.
Don't get you up so we cave in
You act like you never feared someone
And we'll give up, so wasted
You think you know
The answers for everyone
So breathe another day
To see another way
Convince me there's a reason
To prove to you
Dr. Richard Ortus!
We have a warrant to search your boat.
He's dead.
What now?
I don't know.
Where are you running to?
Did you think I...?
X: How do you feel
when I mention Spenser's name?
ALICE: Spenser is in the past.
X: To a certain degree?
ALICE: I understand now that he had his life
and I had to get mine.
In order to begin something,
you have to end something.
I swear to you, I've done that.
No, there is unfinished business.
I think you're ready for a face-to-face.
No, I don't ever
wanna have to see him again.
Not him.
- Why don't we get going, okay? Okay.
- Okay.
There's nothing I can say to her.
Who is your future?
I want it to be Aaron.
And who is your past?
ALICE: Spenser.
X: Okay.
You can't have a future
until you've buried the past.
I have done that.
What began
as one man and one woman...
...has become a wave
throughout this entire city.
A jilted wife turned cold,
an isolated daughter.
A boyfriend discovers a past
that hurts him so deeply...
...he seeks comfort in his power.
What do you want me to do?
If you want peace...
...you have to make it.
Two years ago I had cancer.
Alice Bordeaux.
Spenser was my doctor.
Won't you turn your eyes?
He was there for me.
Since when do you see your doctor
at lunch?
What's going on?
He was there every step of the way.
You're cancer-free.
In that moment, he wasn't just a man.
You did it.
He certainly wasn't a married man.
He was my hero.
A man who saved my life.
It wasn't about taking away what he had.
It was about having a piece of this man
all to myself...
... if only for a moment.
I don't know what to say.
Things got out of control.
But suddenly, it all stopped.
Do I have to tell her everything?
What does she deserve?
How do you feel?
We always feel empty...
...when we've poured everything out.
Sin is a word from archery.
It means to miss the mark.
We all miss. That's not the issue.
What is?
What we do with our next shot.
Don't miss again.
- She had an affair.
EVA: Before she met you.
Can people not change?
- I didn't say that.
- No, but you meant it.
Because you're perfect...
And she's not?
So she's gotta go.
What do you want me to do, Evie?
Give up every single thing I've ever had?
Just to be with her. Some girl.
If you love her, yes.
...when I married Scott...
...I didn't marry a man,
I married a rsum.
And after 10 years...
...and two kids...
...a rsum is not enough.
You can't live someone else's life...
...and chase after someone else's title.
You've got to live your own.
You can search a thousand hours
And never find out what to do
It's a curse
Which God has placed upon you
The space of never knowing
If you'll ever be any good
Maybe sometimes doing the right thing
Isn't doing what feels good
I'm feeling halfway
Here we go.
I'm feeling happiness
Man, what's got into you today?
- You are possessed.
AARON: Good play.
Yeah. You're not much of a liar
for a politician, you know that?
It's good to see you off that stool.
...I don't know what to do about her.
There are a lot of women out there.
Last I checked, one DA. One.
I know. L...
- There's more...
- Hey. Hey. Listen to me.
You've been waiting your whole life
for this moment.
You don't need any more baggage.
That's how you end up like me.
What were you guys talking about?
This song is amazing.
Imagine the roar of the audience
when you play this song.
Just before you finish your set...
...you'll take to the piano...
...and you'll tell a story
about young Will.
This photograph will appear
in the background on the jumbo screen.
And then...
Then you will play the song that you wrote
in his memory.
That's your big idea?
You want me to steal my son's song.
"Steal" is such a subjective word.
I mean, a harsh, harsh word.
To be brutally honest...
...your last album bombed.
Your tours, they can't even fill a club.
While his...
His filled stadiums.
You haven't had a number one single in,
what, 18 years?
You know, I mean, do you honestly think
you can make this happen?
I can make the sun rise in the west.
...what do you say?
You know what?
Get to work.
Good choice.
Yes, I told him to use his dead son's song
to promote his career.
- And no, I don't have any guilt about that.
- So you're not stealing?
I am giving Trevor Evans
his wildest dream.
Are you telling me
his son wouldn't want that?
- You're not being honest with me.
- I am the most honest person you know.
I am the only person
who is willing to admit...
...what the rest of the world never will.
I'm in this for me.
But at what cost?
What goes around
does not come around.
Believe me.
If it did...
...my father would not
have made billions.
You just don't know.
If you were anywhere on the planet
six months ago...
...then you heard all about Will Evans'
death on the 10 freeway...
...just after his first big tour date.
Just an amazingly sad story.
Well, tonight, Will's father,
rock legend Trevor Evans, is here...
...to talk about and debut
his brand-new single, "On and On."
He's dedicated it to his son Will.
I've heard it. It's amazing.
So, everybody,
let's bring out Trevor Evans.
These people try to get inside
My head
Sometimes I think
They'd rather see me dead
Should I get up and walk away
A failure is not what I set out to be
On and on
On and on
On and on
It's the little things
That get me through the day
Hey, it's Lancey. He made it.
I thought you got lost in the traffic.
About time.
Come on, baby, move.
I gotta talk business.
Come on, come on.
Come on. Oh, before you go,
come here for a second.
Just bend down for a second.
Okay, go ahead.
- What's up?
- I got your text. Tell me the good news.
- Do you want some sunscreen?
- I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- Selani.
Hold your horses. We got a hearing.
- That's what I wanna hear.
- I know that's what you wanna hear.
It's locked down.
- DA's office has to do an investigation, we...
- You couldn't tell me this over the phone?
Over the phone?
WOMAN: Here you go.
- Thank you, baby.
Appreciate that. Go away, we got
business we're trying to finish up here.
Look, these hearings can be touchy.
It's all about controlling the risks.
Now, listen to me a second.
Angelica's oncologist was a guy
by the name of Spenser Hamilton, okay?
His testimony is gonna be critical...
...to your sister's state of mind
at the time of her disappearance.
So if, uh...
If he testifies that she's...
...say, suicidal?
Well, now...
...that would make a difference, yeah.
This has been very helpful.
I'm glad, Lance.
I'm glad it's been helpful.
Let's get a drink.
Yo, baby.
Hey, we need another drink over here.
She's all upset now. Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Please come back.
LANCE: It's never easy to escape our past,
The truth is...
...we are all on the run.
But today is the day
when it has all caught up to you.
Right now.
Right now you're feeling that electric sting
running down your spine.
The shock, the regret.
"How does he know?
What should I do?"
None of that matters now.
All that matters now is whether
you want everyone you've ever met...
...to learn that you fathered a child
with one of your patients...
...only to abandon them.
Or let that secret stay a secret forever.
- What do you want me to do?
LANCE: Testify.
My sister wanted to die.
Why do you care?
You've got far bigger problems than that,
don't you, doctor?
See you in court.
It doesn't matter what he said.
It doesn't matter what he offered you.
Perjury is a crime.
And you will be prosecuted.
He got to the doctor.
How do you know?
You should've seen his face.
Whatever they got on him, it's good.
So, what's the doctor's story?
He says that Vita was depressed
from the terminal cancer.
Likely went to an exotic destination
and committed suicide...
...or died of the cancer in private.
- What if he's telling the truth?
- He's not.
Are you willing to bet your career
on that?
She's in Mexico.
You know it and I know it.
And she did it to herself.
And we're never gonna be able
to do anything about that.
You coerced a man
into lying under oath.
I convinced a liar to tell more lies.
Hello, Lance.
The detective is no liar.
Detective Russell lacks...
One million dollars.
It'll attract too much attention
all at once.
But after a couple of years...
...you'll get everything.
I don't want your money.
Come on. That's rash.
Who will get the money
if it doesn't go to me?
No one.
Is that what you want?
Losing a wife,
that changed you, didn't it?
Because something has to make sense,
doesn't it?
It can't be so random
that someone like me has everything...
...while someone like you
has to suffer so much.
Something has to balance it out,
doesn't it?
Right, detective?
Feels good to make this about her,
doesn't it?
This is about her.
It's about you.
I'm not the one who's dead.
But if you keep this up...
...you will be.
Do you know my father cut me out
of his will?
He was abusive...
...my father...
...in just about every way possible.
I decided enough was enough.
Angelica didn't.
I'm not a shrink.
Ever remarry?
One million dollars.
I get my money.
And you get a new life.
How'd you know about my wife?
I can't stop thinking about her.
The painting she was working on...
... I never took it down.
Her clothes are still in the closet,
exactly where she left them.
She's still there.
She's still there.
She's gone.
The problem is...
...so are you.
God help me.
TREVOR: Thanks, pal.
- Have fun.
To the new tour.
Been a long time.
Too long.
Taking these with you?
I'm good.
Is that so?
So tell me...
...late at night when you're all alone...
...in that big hotel suite...
...and the adrenaline of the cheers
from the crowds have long subsided...
...and all you are left with
are the haunting sounds...
...of your son singing...
..."On and On"...
...what then?
Truth is like water.
It washes away the dirt and the filth
of lies and deception.
But we can't live on water alone.
Peace is what sustains us
like a warm meal.
Everett was in on it.
You have been lied to...
... and you have been deceived.
The truth will wash that away.
But, Jake, you must find peace...
... and in that absolution...
... you will be healed.
You've got 90 seconds.
That's a bit dramatic, don't you think?
You could ask for a transfer.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you have yet to understand
the difference between what is legal...
...and what is justice.
This is not justice.
Really? For Lance, it was.
He got what he should have been given
a long time ago.
It was a good deal he offered you.
You should have taken it.
You tipped off Ortus.
Then you tipped off Lance.
Then you undermined my testimony
after I left, didn't you?
What about you? What did you want?
I see that the party wants to nominate you
for the DA's office.
Thank you.
What does Alice think about all of this?
I don't know.
I see.
And why is that?
It's complicated.
Today I made $1.78 billion.
Billion with a B.
And how do you feel?
I don't feel anything.
And you wonder why you're not happy.
When a stone falls into a pond...
...it's not one act.
It's the beginning of a thousand ripples.
One simple act...
... creating a wave
that can drown this entire city.
What do you want me to do?
Make it right.
Get out.
Jake, this is final.
This cannot undo what has been done.
Pick up the phone, Jake.
Answer the phone, Jake.
Answer the phone, Jake.
...answer the phone.
Answer the phone, Jake.
Hi, this is Charlie Lewis.
We have a special show today.
Joining us will be rock legend
Trevor Evans...
...who's here
to tell us the exclusive story...
...that he did not write
the hit song "On and On."
Tune in to find out who did.
That's a great question.
You know, why does anybody do something
that they know they're going to regret?
What now?
This is not the end.
Not even close.
But when you debuted "On and On"...
... on my show a few months ago...
... there was real emotion there.
You weren't faking.
Yeah, you know what?
There was emotion.
See, it's never really over.
It's just all about second chances.
Will you teach me
how to play "On and On"?
You know what, sweetie, hang on.
I'll be right there.
- Felt like a phony...
Now, "On and On," now that's a song.
The investigation's over.
You're free and clear.
Clean slate.
How long were you married, detective?
Seven months.
Seven months.
What's this?
When things happen to you...
...and people do things to you...
...you look back and you ask yourself,
how do they get away with that?
Well, today, I got justice for my father.
But I didn't get peace.
So, what's in the bag, Lance?
I found that at my sister's place.
Looks like Angelica blackmailed Ortus
with the details of your wife's death.
I thought you might wanna know
what happened, once and for all.
Thank you.
Ask yourself, detective.
If tomorrow is gonna be the day
that changes everything...
...that's absolution.
MAN: Folks, I tell you. People have come
after Rossdale with everything they've got...
... but absolutely nothing will stick.
Tried to stick him with the lack of arrests
in the Vita investigation.
They blamed him for his hard sentences.
They called him a spoiled daddy's boy.
They even criticized his dating habits.
But what these clowns
don't understand...
... is that Aaron Rossdale is exactly
what the voters had been screaming for.
The only mistake that he's made
in this entire campaign...
... is that he should have skipped the DA
and run straight for the governorship.
You're destined to be DA.
After that the mayor,
the mayor or the governor.
TREVOR: You've been waiting
your whole life for this moment.
Rock, paper, Scissors.
Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Aaron, come over here, boy.
Meet the future governor of California,
my son, Aaron.
Nice to meet you.
LIZ: You like her.
ALICE: One bad choice? No second chances?
If you love her, yes.
ALICE: What's wrong?
TREVOR: You don't need more baggage.
That's how you end up like me.
The politician. The lawyer.
You can't love by the letter of the law.
Are you a good man?
Hello? Hello, where are you?
Where are you?
You're not here.
You are not here.
I have done everything you have ever asked
of me and you are not here!
That's how it's gotta be, huh?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
That way it won't hurt so much
Hey, I'm gonna go grab lunch.
Yeah. Yeah, sure thing.
You know, listen...
...the Sun wants a comment about
that God Water guy getting the inheritance.
- Sun?
- Yeah.
I can't talk to them.
No. Alice quit. She's moving to Chicago.
This is the new guy.
He seemed like a real pit bull
from New York.
Do you wanna call him
or should I schedule when I get back?
When did she quit?
I don't know. L...
I just found out
when the new guy called.
I didn't really think you'd want me
to tell you.
No. No, it's okay.
Okay. She's leaving on the 5:40 flight
to Chicago, Trans Air.
- What?
- I couldn't help it. I had to know.
She's moving with her parents,
drove the furniture back last week...
... and now she and the baby
are meeting them there this afternoon.
Aaron, this is your last chance.
Did you ever love me?
WOMAN [OVER PA]: We are now boarding
all rows for Flight 712...
... non-stop service to Chicago.
Once again, this is your final...
...boarding call for Flight 712, non-stop
service to Chicago. Boarding all rows.
Don't go.
I can't.
They're calling for us.
She's beautiful.
I can't do this.
This is not real.
I can't have drama anymore.
My parents are in Chicago.
I have a daughter to think about.
And I owe it to her to give her a normal life.
- Alice, I'm sorry. Alice, I'm sorry.
- Aaron, you can't just come here...
I'm sorry.
All my life...
...I wanted to be somebody.
But how can I be somebody
if I can't be...
...with the someone I love.
It's too complicated.
I'm sorry. I can't do this. I have to go.
Me too.
I'm going to Chicago, Alice.
Whether you like it or not.
- We are closing the gates, ma'am.
- Well, close them then!
And put that ring away!
But not too far away.
What does that mean?
It means, you better have a stroller.
Because ours is on its way to Chicago.
Okay. We're not gonna rush into this.
We're gonna get married.
Yes. You are.
Why did you help me?
Why did you ask me to help?
Hey, who are you?
What do you want me to do?
In the end...
... the one thing you've always wanted...
... was the only thing you've always had.
For I am with you...
... always.
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Now my faith will shine
And light is come
Give praise to the king
In him we find our life
Illuminate the darkest of nights
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Oh, hallelujah
Oh, hallelujah
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
Come on
Come on
Salvation is here
I'm feeling like screaming at you
Just to hear my own voice
But I feel my screaming will do nothing
You made your choice