I Am Dragon (2015)

Where the light burns the heart...
Where my secret lies hidden...
Where shadows seek after people...
That is where my story begins.
In that land, people knew no happiness.
They had tears where their eyes
should have been.
They had fear where their hearts
should have been.
They had death where the sky
should have been.
And they gave to the sky
what was most precious to them.
Before, there was no time, no earth,
no dust, nothing. All was forgotten.
What was falsity became verity.
The river froze into nothingness.
Time is a fast-flowing river.
It spares no one.
The bride awaits her bridegroom
as she awaits her destiny.
She is clad in white,
as if dressed in a shroud.
Eternal peace will come for her.
The wedding bell tolls.
Take her away! Take her away!
Come! Come for her!
The young maiden
is yours for eternity.
But one brave knight's love
was stronger than his fear.
The knight vowed to find
and rescue his beloved.
He traveled for a very long time
across land and water,
and when he finally found
the dragon's lair, it was too late:
His beloved had perished.
The knight then lunged at the monster.
His grief and his fury merged
into one mighty blow.
The knight freed his people from fear,
and they called him the dragon-slayer.
Years passed, all past woes
were forgotten,
and the dreadful ritual was
transformed into a wedding rite.
Then, the day came for the
dragon-slayer's grandson Igor
to marry the Duke's
younger daughter Miroslava.
Hear that, Mira?
Your groom has arrived.
Get her dress and the necklace
while she's counting crows.
I'm not counting anything. I'm thinking.
It's a pity there are no more dragons.
Stop it. You'll jinx your wedding day.
Would you rather a dragon
take you away, and Igor fight him?
At least then I would've married
a dragon-slayer.
Don't you have other worries?
My toy dragon won't fly...
You've got your head in the clouds.
Your toy, your groom - it's all
the same to you. You have no feelings.
- What?
- Nothing. Sit still.
You're envious because you're still unmarried.
By the way, Igor has the best horse in the land...
Marry his horse then.
- You're hurting me!
- Let go of this damned toy!
Marriage is not a game, Mira!
It's your life!
Leave me alone, Yara!
You're not my mother!
Perhaps your heart is silent
because you don't have one.
Don't you dare say that!
Keep waiting for true love, you old maid!
What's going on here?
Is she misbehaving again?
- But Daddy, she...
- Stop it!
Everyone's waiting, and you're still
quarreling with your sister!
If you only knew, Dad,
what she said to me...
All right, what did she say to you?
Nothing is what your toys are -
your dragons, princesses and fairytales.
You just can't grow up, can you?
You're not a child anymore.
Mira, you're going to be a duchess.
You must understand that
and behave accordingly.
I know what's best for you.
Igor is right for you.
You'll grow to love him,
and he'll grow to love you.
Trust your father's heart:
when there's love,
everything else will follow.
We have not forgotten the dark times
when we gave our daughters
to the dragon.
We remember, and will always remember
the one who vanquished the beast!
Today we give our beautiful
and precious daughters
to the most distinguished men
of our lands!
Don't do it.
You'll just make it angry.
Put the stone down.
Put it down.
Don't look it in the eye.
Lie down.
Stretch your neck.
Who are you?
Did Igor send you to rescue me?
I don't know who Igor is.
Help me get out of here.
I am the Duke's daughter.
- My father will reward you handsomely.
- I can't help you.
So you're a prisoner too...
There's no escaping the dragon.
What was that evil creature?
Is it a sentry?
Where's the dragon now?
He's sleeping. It's not safe
for us to talk.
What does he need me for?
What's going to happen to me?
I've told you too much already.
You're on your own now.
No, no, no! Please talk to me!
Why did your people sing
the ritual song?
We thought there were
no more dragons.
- You summoned him yourselves.
- Igor wanted it that way.
- Who is Igor?
- My bridegroom.
I didn't know anything about it.
I was getting married.
Today I betroth
my youngest daughter, Miroslava,
to the fine grandson of the hero
who rid us of the monster.
Today, I am the happiest man alive,
because I give my daughter to the most
distinguished knight of our lands, Igor!
Look, it's the dragon-slayer's grandson!
Time is a fast-flowing river.
It spares no one.
The bride awaits her bridegroom
as she awaits her destiny.
She is clad in white,
as if dressed in a shroud.
Eternal peace will come for her...
- Why are they singing the dragon song?
- To honor his grandfather the dragon-slayer.
Take her away! Take her away!
Come! Come for her!
The young maiden is yours for eternity.
The dragon!
My daughter!
It's for your wounds.
This will make them
heal better.
You don't look much like a prisoner.
I don't?
I imagined you to be all dirty
and covered in spider webs.
But you look...
Thank you.
It smells nice. What is it?
See those leaves above the pit?
A paste made from them
can heal wounds.
- You know what I realized?
- What?
We haven't introduced ourselves.
My name is Mira. What's yours?
I don't remember my name.
How's that?
How can you forget your own name?
You can, if you don't
need it anymore.
You are...
...very beautiful, Mira.
- Are you looking at me?
- Yes.
- Don't look!
- Why?
"Why"? Don't you understand?
No, I don't. I look at birds, at fish...
Why can't I look at you?
Have you tried to run away?
You can't run away from here.
It's an island.
So you can sail away.
The sea can kill too.
- I need a big stone.
- What for?
Here's the plan: when that
evil creature comes back,
you'll distract it, and I'll hit it.
We'll escape while the dragon sleeps.
You can't leave the pit!
No one but the dragon-slayer
knows how to kill the dragon.
Wait and he will come for you.
I must escape. Will you help me?
It won't work, Mira!
He hears and sees everything.
You can't even imagine
what he is capable of!
You know who you are?
That's who you are.
Silly me, I even chose
a name for you, coward!
Don't you dare look at me again!
Mira, what are you doing there?
None of your business.
Mira, I'm not a coward.
I hate the dragon
as much as you do,
but I can't defeat him.
That's the kind of thing
a coward would say.
What name did you choose for me?
Arman... That's a nice name.
Why Arman?
It's exotic... just like you.
And mysterious.
What does it mean?
"A dream".
Forgive me, Mira.
- Give me your hand.
- My hand?
Now that you have a name,
let's get acquainted.
When people get acquainted,
they shake hands.
Nice to meet you, Arman.
I'm Mira.
Nice to meet you, Mira.
I'm Arman.
- What are you doing?!
- It's the dragon! Hide, Mira!
No matter what happens,
don't leave the pit! Stay there!
Arman? Where are you?
Where are you, Arman?
Where are you?
Don't leave me here alone!
Where are you, Arman?
Arman, where are you?
- Watch out! It's very high up here!
- You're alive!
Why did you leave the pit?
I told you not to!
That's what he's waiting for.
Why does that creature... obey you?
- Mira...
- Who are you?
- Mira, wait...
- Stay away from me!
- It's hard to explain...
- Stay away!
- Watch your step!
- I trusted you, but you lied to me!
- Mira, the dragon...
- The dragon will get nothing!
- Mira, don't do it.
- Nothing!
Mira, don't!
Let go of me!
Trust me! Trust me!
It's not time yet!
Somebody help me!
I'm over here!
I have a bad feeling about this, Igor...
It's far too quiet here.
The island should've been here,
but all I can see is this strange fog.
I can't do anything about that.
I've never seen such fog myself.
But you've heard about it.
Surely your grandfather told you
the secret route through this fog.
- Have you maybe forgotten?
- I haven't! We're doing everything right.
So what's the secret route?
Secret this, secret that...
That's all I hear all my life,
yet the dragon turned out
to be still alive.
Don't worry. I know what to do,
so I'll manage.
I worry about the girl.
We must rescue her...
...before it's too late.
I'm over here!
Stay away!
Don't come near me!
That's fine.
Let it be this way.
That's even better.
It's not my fault. It's the sea's.
The sea can kill too.
Why am I even doing this?
What am I supposed to do with it?
Could you be more specific?
I'm really not happy about
dragging this... reptile up there!
So what if he saved me?
I saved him too.
He kidnapped me,
threw me against the rocks,
and now I'm helping him?
Who will help me?
Not him, I suppose.
How much further do I
have to drag him?
Here's the deal:
When you gather your wits
you'll carry me back home.
I knew you would like my plan.
So you kidnapped me -
no big deal.
What matters is that you're kind,
even though you're too heavy.
And you live too high up...
...for no obvious reason.
Although now I know why.
I don't know where your bed is,
so for now you'll sleep here.
Before it's too late...
Kill the dragon.
He's getting closer...
He's getting closer...
The dragon's fire must die down...
Kill him... Kill the dragon.
Not yet. I need you.
I need you alive, healthy and flying!
I'm over here!
Help me!
Now I have a name...
I am Arman...
Please don't burst into flames. Deal?
There we are.
Hush now. Nice dragon...
See? You can do it...
Easy, easy.
Sleep, sweet child...
Fly away, wind.
I'll be waiting for you
till the morning comes.
Sleep, sweet child...
You're sailing to faraway lands.
Follow my voice
into the thick clouds.
Sleep, sweet child...
Fear nothing.
In the land of your dream
someone keeps you in their thoughts.
My sweetheart!
My Mira...
I knew you would come for me.
Good morning, Arman.
Why would you bring me food
and a warm blanket
if you don't even want to talk to me?
Arman, you apologize,
then you push me away.
You throw me into a pit,
then save my life. That won't do.
Arman, talk to me.
Either we talk, or I'll keep pestering you.
And trust me, I can be really annoying.
Now I see why my ancestors
dealt away with you women quickly.
To not give you a chance to talk.
Arman, you don't want
to kill me, do you?
If so, what use am I to you?
Take me back home.
It's not that simple.
Tell me. Maybe I'll understand
and then we can think of something.
A long time ago a boy
lived on this island.
The boy lived with his father,
who was a dragon.
The boy loved his father very much
and dreamed of becoming just like him.
But one day the sea brought
a wooden chest.
Inside it there was something startling.
I still don't know what it's called.
It was something from a different,
unknown, but faintly familiar world.
Something changed inside the boy,
and when the time came
for him to become a dragon
he no longer wished to be one.
His father said nothing,
because you can't become
a dragon against your will.
Then one day, a ship appeared
in the distance.
A man came ashore
and killed the boy's father.
Anger, fury and thirst for revenge
came over the boy.
He jumped off the cliff
and turned into a dragon.
In a flash, the memories of his
dragon ancestors flooded through him.
Suddenly I saw everything
that the dragons had seen
and felt everything
that they had felt.
For centuries they took the brides of men
and performed their bloody ritual.
People would send maidens off
to the accompaniment of a ritual song.
I did not want that.
In my visions I saw hundreds
of dead brides,
as if I had killed them myself.
The boy realized his father
was a monster,
and that he too had awoken
the monster in himself.
Then I swore to myself that
there would be no more dragons.
I wanted to turn back into a human,
but I didn't know how.
All I could do was struggle
with the dragon.
There is a narrow passage
in the dungeon.
A human can get in there,
but a dragon can't get out.
I would stay there when I needed
to restrain the dragon.
Over the years I almost
got him under control,
but then you sang the ritual song.
When I came to I saw a girl
in the dragon's claws.
I barely managed to loosen
his grip on the girl... On you.
You fell into a pit too narrow
for the dragon to pluck you out.
The pit was not your prison.
It was your sanctuary... from me.
The dragon can sense you, Mira.
I realized that back there, in the pit.
He awakens the moment I touch you.
That's why I can't carry you back home.
I can't control the dragon.
You must wait for the dragon-slayer.
If he comes for you
I won't try to stop him...
but your people must never
sing the ritual song ever again.
Why did you say "if he comes"?
Do you think he might not?
It depends on you alone.
Why on me?
Come with me.
How can Igor's arrival depend on me?
Look around you.
The entire island is a dragon.
My great ancestor.
The rocks, the cliffs -
they are his bones.
He guards this place.
From here you see the clear blue sky,
while those on ships see nothing but fog,
and are destined to roam
around in it until death.
Sometimes, shipwrecks and things
from them wash up on the shore,
but a traveler can reach the island
only if a loving girl's heart awaits him here.
The heart...
Yes. It will show him the way,
like a beacon.
That means that the dragon-slayer
found this island
only because the girl loved him, right?
Like I said, it depends on you alone.
If you love him he will come for you.
What are you doing?
When a person receives
a gift of flowers
they know they are loved.
Something important takes place
between the two people.
I also heard people say that,
if you put flowers into the sea,
your beloved, wherever he may be,
will know that you think of him.
So... will Igor come for you?
Of course he will.
He'd better hurry then.
You'll wait for him in the pit.
In the pit? Arman, can I just
sail away?
No you can't. You tried to escape once,
and we both nearly...
- Arman, are you alright?
- Stay away! Don't touch me!
- Go to the pit! Don't you get it?
- No, I can't just leave you here.
Don't worry, I'll manage.
I'm used to being on my own.
If you preferred to be on your own
I wouldn't have woken up
under a warm blanket today.
Mira, the dragon can come out
at any moment.
If so, then why hasn't he
come out yet?
I don't know.
Perhaps I'm still too weak.
Or perhaps
the human in you
is growing stronger?
Do you really think so?
I can see it.
You saved me, fed me,
healed my wounds.
You took care of me.
You'll be able to overcome him,
like you wanted to.
I'll help you.
While we're waiting for Igor's arrival
I'll teach you to live like a human.
Please forgive me for
what happened yesterday.
That's a good start.
You can live here if you like.
You'll be safe from the dragon.
This place is totally empty.
- Will you help me make it liveable?
- Is that necessary?
Well, since we decided
to live like humans...
Living like humans sure is hard work.
- We'll need this... and this.
- Are you done yet?
Come, let me teach you something.
How do I look?
It's a pity my braid is gone.
I like your hair this way too.
You know what? I do too.
What are you doing?
I envy you dragons.
- You envy us?
- Yes.
You do whatever you like.
You fly wherever you like.
It's kind of scary of course...
Me, I've never traveled anywhere.
Neither have I.
How is that?
I've spent my whole life
on this island.
I didn't want the dragon to...
So that flight was the first ever,
for both of us?
I guess so.
- This one?
- No.
- What about this one?
- No.
I mean, yes.
Wipe your feet.
Hey, where do you think you're going?
Here, this is your place now.
As for him...
Arman, what the...
How far can dragons fly?
Very far.
The winds help us.
They are all unique.
And all of them are beautiful.
When you look at the wind...
Are you trying to say
that you can see the wind?
Of course I can. Can't you?
People can't see the wind, Arman.
- How can you not see the wind?
- How can you see it?
If you like I can show you the wind.
I think it's going to start now.
What is?
Hey, get away from my bag!
Do you think I'm a traitor
and I want to escape?
But how do I know if he
can overcome the dragon?
Don't worry, I might not even
need to go anywhere.
I packed my bag just in case.
This place has never been so cozy...
...until you arrived.
Well, a few things were new
for both of us.
By the way,
I have something for you.
l think I've heard this tune before.
What is it?
A lullaby. Mothers sing it so their
babies know Mommy is near.
Let it be your birthday today.
It's a day nobody remembers,
but everybody likes to celebrate.
I remember being born.
But I would rather forget.
But today a new man was born.
And I am very glad about that.
Happy birthday, Arman.
Let there be other, non-ritual
songs in your life.
A new man.
Thank you.
I've got a present for you too,
because I'd like for you to
remember this day forever.
Close your eyes.
Now open.
I call them celestial flowers.
They are so beautiful!
I bet they can be seen
from the ends of the world.
Arman, are you here?
Arman, where are you?
Wake up. Easy, hush now.
I heard you scream, so I came running.
What's wrong?
I had a bad dream.
Adream? I don't ever have dreams.
What are dreams usually about?
Sometimes it's something I'm scared of,
sometimes it's something I long for.
I'm really scared of the dragon, Arman.
All this time I've been...
preparing to...
The dragon will never harm you, Mira.
I promise.
A new man was born today, remember?
Because of you.
And he needs you.
- Good night, Arman.
- What?
That means goodbye for the night.
Good night, Arman.
Good night, Mira.
When a person receives
a gift of flowers
they know they are loved.
Something important takes place
between the two people.
There you are, Arman.
Look at what I made.
It looks like a dragon, but it won't fly.
Will you teach me to see the wind?
- You're strange, Mira.
- Why?
You're scared of dragons
but you play with them.
Why isn't Igor coming for you?
If he isn't coming...
You know what that means.
- Have you said your vows?
- We didn't have time, Arman.
The dragon appeared.
So he's not coming for you.
I'll teach you
to see the wind.
Close your eyes.
Look in the distance, further than you
can see with your eyes open.
Feel the wind with your fingertips,
and hear its whisper.
Feel it with your skin.
Then, you will find something inside you
that you didn't know was there.
It flew away.
Arman, where are you?
- Have you tried to run away?
- You can't run away from here.
So you can sail away...
I call them celestial flowers...
They can be seen
from the ends of the world...
I'm really scared of the dragon, Arman...
All this time I've been...
preparing to...
They can be seen
from the ends of the world...
Will you help me escape..?
So you can sail away...
All this time I've been preparing to...
I have to escape... Help me!
Do you hear me?
Where are you, Arman?
Approach the altar.
Get closer.
Have you ever wondered
why, on an island where
so many young women had perished,
there isn't a single skeleton
or even a bone?
You call us "dragons",
but we call ourselves
"those born from ashes".
...is what dragons do
to the brides of men.
They don't just kill them.
They burn them alive.
They fill them with fire
and hold them in their claws
while they scream in agony
as the fire consumes them from within.
Until all that's left
is smoldering ashes...
and a new dragon.
That's how I was born.
That's how dragons further their race.
That's what going to happen
to you too, Mira.
Why are you telling me this?
I am a freak...
I can't ever live like a human.
- I think you're wrong...
- I know about the boat.
I know why you didn't want to
stay in the pit: you wanted to escape.
You had a plan...
I'll teach you to live like a human.
...to get a hold of materials and maps,
to learn to send signals to the ships.
There was only one thing left...
Will you teach me to see the wind?
...to overcome the curse of the island
preventing you from sailing away.
- Arman, I didn't know I would...
- I don't blame you. You're right.
You should be scared of me.
You said I could subdue the dragon.
I tried, but it's pointless,
because you don't believe in me.
- Arman...
- Enough!
Tomorrow at sunrise you'll get
into the boat and hoist the sail.
The east wind will take you
to the open sea, where the ships sail.
Don't go! What about the new man?
Remember? He needs me!
Only the dragon needs you here!
Go away!
Don't follow me, please.
You're all he has.
Go to him!
Igor, we've been sailing in the fog
for days now - we'll perish like this.
Let's switch to rowing -
we might find the island then.
We have to make a decision.
Here's my decision:
we turn back.
The cliffs again...
Calm down, we passed.
To hell with the cliffs and the fog!
I've had enough, helmsman.
Turn the ship around.
We're going back...
Listen to me. I promised your
father, when he was on his deathbed,
to protect your family honor...
Go and get some sleep.
We'll continue the search
under my command.
Yaroslava was right: you're nothing
like your grandfather.
You don't even know his secret.
Miroslava's older sister was right.
She was right, you say?
Want to marry the Duke's eldest?
You think I don't know the secret?
Quiet, you.
Mira is supposed to send me
a sign with her love,
and it will be our beacon.
Sounds great, right?
Now, if there's no sign -
what does that mean?
It means she is no longer alive.
Do you understand?
Turn the ship around.
We're going home.
It's the dragon!
That's not the dragon.
That's the sign.
While the dragon carried me
we got caught in the storm.
He crashed against the cliffs, and
I stayed alone on the island.
There were shipwrecks all around,
and I managed to find this boat.
Thank you for coming to my rescue.
I couldn't have done otherwise.
Do you love me?
Duchess, we're happy you're safe,
but we need to get to the island.
I know it's hard, but we must
make sure the dragon is dead.
The dragon is no more.
Take me home, Igor.
I don't want to go back.
- Of course.
- But Duchess, we must...
Mind your manners, helmsman.
Do as the Duchess says.
The ships return to the harbor.
Young women get married.
Every story has an end.
The boy couldn't become a human
and didn't want to be a dragon.
What was he to do?
What am I to do, Mira?
You'll soon forget this nightmare,
sister, and begin a new life.
You gave me hope, the hope
of making peace with myself.
If only for a fleeting moment,
but that was enough.
Here you are, my dear dragon-slayer.
Here. Remember this?
I kept looking at it and blaming myself for
not telling you the most important thing.
Something I've always dreamed of
seems to have happened to me.
I've read about it in people's books,
but could never understand.
Be with the one you love.
Trust your feelings and your heart.
The rest isn't important.
Don't be afraid, Mira.
The dragon will never harm you.
It never flew before.
- You were right, Yaroslava.
- About what?
Now I understand what it's like
to be away from the one you love.
You were against our wedding,
I remember.
That was silly talk, sister.
I thought you didn't love Igor,
and that he just wanted to become a duke.
Now I know that you love each other.
He found you.
You told me that only true love
could take him to the island.
Be happy, my little sister.
And then I'll be happy too.
Be happy, Mira.
I can't do it.
Mira, what are you doing?
I don't love you.
I don't love you!
Mira, I rescued you.
Don't be foolish!
I love the dragon!
Quiet, all of you!
Help me pull!
What is she doing, lgor?
Before, there was no time, no earth,
no dust, nothing...
She is summoning him!
Mira, don't!
...What was falsity became verity...
Mira, come to your senses!
He'll kill you! He'll kill all of us!
Time is a fast-flowing river.
It spares no one.
The bride awaits her bridegroom
as she awaits her destiny.
She is clad in white,
as if dressed in a shroud.
Eternal peace will come for her.
The wedding bell tolls.
Take her away! Take her away!
Come! Come for her!
The young maiden
is yours for eternity.
Take her away.
So that's what your heart desires...
Igor, don't!
You're used to being feared.
You don't know what it's like
to be loved.
A man or a dragon -
I love you for who you are.
Let it be the way you want,
just don't leave me now.
I can't be without you.
Stay with me this way
for a while.
Let me get used to you.
And that's the end of the story
about the girl.
She saved the dragon
and gave him
the most precious gift of all.
Daddy, what do you mean by
"she gave him the gift"?
Where do dragons' babies come from?
Daddy! Where did I come from?
Tell me.
Well, there used to be this
scary ritual, but then...
- Arman, what are you telling her?
- Sorry.
I've told her this story many times,
but she wants to know...
- ...what happens next.
- What happens next.
Next, the dragons find
their children in the sky.
But Mommy, you can't fly!
When you love someone you become
the happiest you've ever been.
And then do you know
what you get?
Tell me!
You get wings,
and then you can fly.
Real wings?
Real wings.
Let's go.
And you stay here and guard her.