I Am Bolt (2016)

Man and his dreams.
Since the beginning of mankind,
man has been pushing himself
past great limits,
beyond his wildest imagination,
to find himself in a place
that he never thought he'd be.
Physical strength, magnificent speed,
the human spirit.
The human mind
should never be underestimated.
See, some of us are born
to do great things.
To inspire.
To run.
Everyone runs for different reasons,
but no one in the history of humanity
has run as fast as Usain Bolt.
They get away first time,
Tyson Gay right alongside Usain Bolt,
but here he goes, streaking away already.
Let's take a look at the clock.
9.58. New world record!
Away cleanly. Bolt has got
a very good start indeed.
Look at the gap between him
and the rest of the world.
Three meters clear. Five meters clear.
And away he goes.
He continues on his way towards
another gold medal. Watch the clock.
19.19. Bolt destroys his old world record.
He writes his own history
with every stride that he takes.
He has defied what science or normal
people says no one is supposed to do.
For his height they said
he shouldn't be running so fast,
or for where he's from, they're saying
he shouldn't be who he is.
So he represent "don't let everybody
tell you you can't."
"Don't let anybody tell you don't dream."
People love sports throughout the world.
You support one football team
and you hate the other team.
I think with Usain,
everyone loves him everywhere.
He goes beyond boundaries
of race, religion, politics.
Usain Bolt bring rhythm to athletics.
It wasn't there before.
Everybody took it too serious,
maybe because they had to.
He don't have to do that.
Naturally, naturally a champion.
If you've gotten to see him on TV,
consider yourself lucky.
If you've gotten a chance
to see him run live,
consider yourself very, very blessed.
He's dominated.
He's won everything there is to win.
If he goes on
and he's three-times Olympic champion,
I mean, no one can top that.
He'll never be forgotten
because no one's ever done it before,
and for him to just take command
and to be that much better
than everyone else is unbelievable.
He has to believe in himself
and trust God, because he born for this.
Yo. It's my last day in Monaco.
About to get ready
to go to China right now, Beijing.
Iron my shirt.
Once more, one more season.
They say I'm the underdog,
so let's see what happens about that.
Almost done ironing.
Oh, shit.
Should be a little tricky this season.
I haven't been in the best of shape,
but for me that's never an excuse.
I seem to always get injured
throughout the season,
but I always find a way
to get it right, so...
I have all faith in God and my coach
that they will get me ready,
and as long as I'm ready
when I'm on the line,
there's no stopping me.
This is the moment. Are you ready?
I keep asking myself that.
Been a long season.
It's been rough for me.
It's been tough, a few people doubting
me, saying, "You're not gonna do it,"
or "Gatlin's running better,
Gatlin is the best right now."
I think this season,
because Gatlin was running so good,
it was playing on my mind
a little bit more.
Bolt, the holder
of the championship record.
The only blemish was when he false started
in the final in Daegu four years ago.
Usain is in the first semi, so we expect
him to execute and get into the finals.
The gun went.
And I remember the young kid
which was near me got a flying start.
This kind of threw me off a little bit,
so I stumbled.
I was like, "Yo, shit."
He's stumbled.
I looked up and I panicked.
I need to get back in this race
as quickly as possible.
Usain Bolt has got
an awful lot of work to do.
China is there.
Is he gonna make the top two?
He has a look,
and just, just, just does it.
Ran through the line,
all I could think is, like,
"Dear God, please
don't let this happen in the final."
Not the way he would have liked
to have done it, but he's in the final.
Coming back to the warm-up area,
I keep telling myself it's just
one start, just the one bad start.
You're OK. You ran back well.
That's a positive.
I tried to motivate myself
by telling myself these things.
And my coach came to me,
he never really says much to me,
but he called me over and says...
What the hell is going on out there?
You're trying too hard.
You're making the pressure get to you.
You need to relax, calm,
and take control of the situation.
You are the champion.
The race is not won at 30 meters,
at 40 meters.
And that, for me, really helped
when he said that.
It kinda released my mind,
let me relax a little bit more.
It's just a matter of you going out
there and taking charge, as a champion,
and give a champion performance.
I think Usain Bolt has just given us all
almost heart failure.
He'll need to step it up a gear,
because Justin Gatlin did look good.
Shocking news from the American track
and field camp involving Justin Gatlin,
the doping scandal continues.
But why are you on top now at 33?
I have training partners like Isiah Young
to come out and train, who's a young star.
The long-term effect of steroids...
Do you think you can benefit from this,
even if you are clean now?
I think it's ridiculous.
Why are you asking these questions?
That happened a decade ago.
You're not a history major.
A lot of people don't believe your story.
- Are you a history major?
- I was a history major.
Good. Really good. Then maybe you should
go do that in a museum or something.
I think we've never seen, probably,
a closer encounter for Usain
than we're gonna see tonight
in this stadium.
Gatlin is making 9.7 and change
look easy, comfortably. Strolling.
I get into the warm-up area,
and I looked across at Justin Gatlin,
and I could see the fear in his face.
And he keeps talking to me.
He's saying "yo" and dapping my fist.
And I'm like,
why are we having a conversation?
It's proper rivalry right now.
There's no reason for us to be talking.
Like we are, like,
pretty much the two guys
who are gonna go head-to-head right now.
But the fact that he kept doing that
kind of made me go,
hmm, you're not so confident.
With all the setbacks and
the injury concerns, it's a tall order.
Half of this crowd here
thinks he may lose tonight.
Gosh, I don't even wanna think about it,
I don't even wanna say it because...
I don't know. The sport will be in
a very sad place if that should happen.
We have two guys that's capable
of doing remarkable things.
And when you finally get 'em head-to-head
and go run out here in front of the world,
there's gonna be fireworks,
it's gonna be something special.
Gatlin always walk down...
And then Usain would do a little bit of...
And depending on the crowd's reaction,
he would just...
He came out, and in the back
of his head he's like,
"Oh, God, I wonder if he's ready."
I'm ready.
The Bird's Nest is where, in 2008,
Usain Bolt was crowned sprint king.
Seven years on, is the same venue
about to witness his abdication?
Has Justin Gatlin
and the rest of the world
finally caught the sprint king,
Usain Bolt?
He'll start in five, Gatlin in seven.
American record holder Tyson Gay in six.
Gun went. I got a good start.
I was like, "Yo, this is good."
Just drive through your drive phases,
drive through, drive through.
At 30 meter I'm like, "Hold on."
"I'm in this race."
I'm like, "Yo, I'm right there."
Gatlin's been running all season
by himself,
but can you handle the pressure
when, at 50 meter,
there's still somebody right there?
We hit 60 meters, and me and Justin,
we start pulling away from the pack.
At 80 meters, I see him
start falling over, and I'm, like,
all I keep telling myself is,
"Listen, do not panic."
Just run through the line
and time this dip because...
because he's falling over and I'm like,
yo, just time this dip perfectly.
Do not dip, do not dip,
and I'm telling myself, do not dip.
I lean. I saw Gatlin, I was like, mm-hmm.
...together here,
it's Gatlin... Here comes Usain Bolt!
And Bolt gets this! Usain Bolt!
He's saved his title!
He's saved his reputation!
He may have even saved his sport!
That's the win...
He's been celebrated so much more
than most others for so many reasons.
That is one of the great historic
moments in the history of sprinting.
Everyone has a responsibility.
Gatlin gets a good start.
He's already up on Zharnel Hughes.
At this point in time, my responsibility
is make that dude run fast.
Usain Bolt is up.
He has a lead over Gatlin.
Can the American come back?
It's an honor to be able to come
out here and put on a great show.
Justin Gatlin is trying to close,
but Bolt's already smiling.
Dare we ever doubt him?
The legend just grows and grows.
What up, people? I'm here. Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt is just unstoppable.
World champion four times
in the 200 meters. That's what I do.
Mr Bolt.
- Address me right.
- Usain Bolt!
Did we ever dare doubt
he would produce yet another double?
Get things done. What ya laughing for?
Ah, you did well.
- We can start planning.
- Me know, man.
It's not as fun as it used to be.
The older I get, the less fun it is,
because it takes up more of your time
and you have to sacrifice a lot more.
Normally I could just party for a while,
enjoy myself, still train hard and good,
but the older you get,
you can't party as much.
Gotta cut back on going out, drinking...
I gotta start eating proper, go to bed
early, stuff like that, and it's...
For me it's no fun and I hate doing
something that I don't really enjoy,
so I just want to get back into
the real world, you know what I mean?
Just hang out with some people I know,
just not train for, like, two days,
put my foot up, laugh, just chill,
you know what I mean?
Go to bed very late,
just to chill out and just be me
and just to be like a human again,
pretty much.
Just rollin' around in the airport.
Watch it, watch it, watch it.
Almost crashed.
Going home. Back to Jamaica.
Big up, big up, big up, big up, big up.
Mr Coach Mills, how are you feeling
after a long, grueling season?
I'm feeling great.
For the first time, he went into a meet
not being favorite to win,
and this is what makes you a champion,
not just winning
when you're favorite to win
but winning the ones
that you're not supposed to win.
We did a great job in establishing
that we are not just talented
and brilliant coaching,
but we have character and quality
that puts us above the rest.
And I know I'm gonna pay for this.
Team, Team Bolt.
Alright, no, Team Mills. I don't know.
This is my passion when I'm not running.
I love to ride quad bikes. It gives you
that same adrenaline when you run.
The only rule is if you take an orange
tree out, you've got to pay for it.
That's the only rule they have here,
so it's just all fun.
Yeah, you know, when Usain
first came on the scene,
he almost threw the rulebook out,
the textbook out the window in a way.
But, you know, that's... Sometimes you
think maybe that's what makes him great.
You know, he often says
he needs his time away from the track.
If he's always focused,
always thinking about running,
always thinking about how to get faster,
then maybe it has
a negative effect on him.
- Ooh.
- Kill 'em!
- Me pussy!
- Oh, gosh, boy!
For me, Rio is the biggest thing.
I need to go there
and do what's never been done before,
and that's win three more gold medals
at the Olympics.
I like to set myself apart from the rest,
and I'm setting the standard,
so anybody comes, they say,
"Great athlete comes every ten years,"
so if a great athlete comes in ten years,
he's got a lot of work to do
to surpass me.
So Usain likes to have a small team
around him. I see it like a triangle.
At the top there's Coach Mills,
who's his coach,
who's his second father,
who's the one that makes him run fast.
And then he's got NJ, his best friend,
they grew up together,
they went to school together,
he's become his manager.
And then on the other side
of the triangle is me and our staff.
I actually think NJ is
the most important person in his life.
This is called a food samplings.
I have to sample food
and ensure that it is right for Usain.
So if I drop down, yeah?
I have to sample each food an hour before.
Is it true that you sample everything
for Usain before he...?
I think NJ's the one
that keeps him motivated.
He loves him like a brother.
He would take the bullet for Usain
and I think he plays a huge role.
It's very nice of Ricky to say it, though.
I look at it as a team.
Our role in his life
is to get him in the best
physical condition to the championship,
and once you do that,
he's a supreme, confident, mentally
strong athlete who will take gold.
I'm always telling him the truth.
My... Yeah? And I think that's what
we... why our relationship is good.
It has its, of course, it has its
moments, when he has to get up at six
and he wants his friend to say,
"OK, sleep until ten."
I'm, like, "No, gotta get up at six."
He's like, "NJ!"
I didn't set the mark. You set it.
So if you said, "I didn't want to win
in Brazil," I'll leave you alone,
but once we sit and say this is
the plan, you can't change the plan.
If you get the correct body angle,
you can simulate a start.
Alright, downhill 4.24, uphill 4.60.
- Anything slower than that...
- Coach Mills, I can't.
You gotta do it over.
- I can't work like that.
- It don't register.
You know how it goes...
You got to register a time.
The watch stops working after 4.60.
Get a bandage. Is it deep?
Bad habits. Bad practices.
Cut it all the time, just spike myself.
This is how you know he's getting fast.
When he's getting fast, he cuts himself.
Do not wipe, Eddie. Dab.
I think if I don't cut myself,
I don't feel like I'm going fast enough.
I swear.
Battle scars. Rrrr!
It's more fluent.
Although you drive with more power,
fluency will make you go faster.
Makes sense.
You see, the mind, the transition
of the mind from one to the other,
sometimes it carry over,
it doesn't change out.
But since you drive pure automatic cars,
you shouldn't...
Coach, why you stay so...?
- How me stay? How me stay, fat?
- We know what he's talking about.
I'ma try an' lose weight.
Turn the tables and he's gone.
You have to just allow him.
That was good. Fluency, with the power
behind it, makes a big difference.
Being calm, being humble.
That's what Usain got from me.
The good-looking from me.
His parents were great
at instilling discipline in him.
Hard work. His dad...
He would wake up every morning, his dad
is heading out to the coffee farm,
and probably sometime go to bed
and his daddy's just coming in.
And discipline is key for his dad.
He did not give much trouble,
and if you said, "Don't do that,"
he'll try not to do it because he knows
a spanking will be coming.
I would say that he's more,
you know, mischievous
because he likes to, you know,
to be funny.
I guess it all got serious when
one sports day this guy recorded
that he was always beating him
in the 100 meters.
I indicated to him that if he can
beat him, lunch was on me.
Coach said to him,
"We give you box lunch."
In Jamaica that's rice and peas
and fried chicken.
Usain goes, "OK,"
and he won and he got his box lunch.
He demonstrated from then
the aptitude and the discipline
to learning the craft.
Did he tell you about his dad
coming to high school to beat him?
Some friend of his threw a shoe,
hit a girl. He asked him about it.
Of course he was being loyal,
so he didn't rat out the friend.
His dad heard about it.
And I didn't even ask him. At the
school, I see him going up the stairs.
You just grab him.
All I heard was "VJ," and I turn around...
And believe you me, I did beat him.
Everybody just came out
and went on the side of the hill,
and me and my dad was face to face,
and I fold my fists, and he saw,
and it pissed him off even more, and
he was, like, "Yo, you wanna hit me?"
You have just won World Juniors,
you're the most famous high-school kid
in Jamaica,
and your dad shows up at your school,
in the middle of school, and spank you.
Oh! If I was an emotional one,
I would cry.
He did say me wicked.
But now me is the best father.
Him talk about it and him said,
"Daddy, I did say you wicked,
but you is the best father."
Big man now, eh?
- I've grown taller, that's it.
- Grown.
I reckon, on top a' get thin, you know.
Me can't be bald in my 30s.
That don't look good.
Daddy and his bad genes.
- Who the bad?
- Not me.
Your bad genes, man.
Your head done already.
One day I was supposed to go to school
for a track meet.
Dad said,
"What time you supposed to reach?"
Me said seven o'clock but...
me no have to rush.
Four thirty in the mornin'!
He come wake me up.
Four thirty! An' I said, "Daddy, what...?"
"Get up 'n get ready so we can get there."
At six o'clock, we reach the school.
All the man who open the gate asleep.
Bright and early. Me and the caretaker
alone there 'pon de campus.
Man there ever punctual, him never late.
High school he was enjoying it
and we went to a couple of competition,
like Western Championship, and he lost,
but when Usain lose,
he doesn't take it well.
In third form he trained
somewhat seriously, cos Usain,
Usain was so talented that he didn't
have to train really, really hard,
and he put in some semblance of training
and then became the man from the west.
I remember walking down the tunnel
and people were chanting.
I was hearing the chanting,
but I didn't hear it clearly.
And I listened to the crowd and the
crowd was chanting, "Bolt, Bolt, Bolt."
And instantly I just got nervous.
Bolt! Bolt! Bolt!
And my legs were shaking,
my hands were shaking. I was so weak.
I was trying to put on my spikes,
put on one foot
and I was trying to put on the other one
and it wouldn't go on,
and I looked down and I saw it was...
they were on the wrong foot,
and I was like,
"Oh, my God, this is not good."
I get into the blocks.
I was so weak, I was still weak.
But when the gun went, and it go pow,
all that just kinda went away.
It was like, shh, let's go.
I remember coming off the corner,
I felt like I've just gotta push,
like that extra burst of energy,
and I went in front.
Back then my form was awful,
my neck was back,
I was skinny, and I was just running
for my dear life.
The crowd was going crazy.
Everybody was jumping, and...
I don't know why I did it, but I just
walked over and I saluted the crowd,
and when I did that I didn't know
they could get any louder,
but they got louder.
People always say, "What was your best
moment, then?" That is my best moment.
The first time I won a proper
gold medal, I mean a world gold medal,
and it was in front of my people.
That's where it all started,
when I took my first step
into becoming who I am today.
Coming from the rural area
and to step into Kingston, a city,
and perform in front of your home crowd
and to be able to hold his composure
in front of a sell-out stadium,
that's where it all started.
So I think that moment
will always be a special moment.
Are we gonna have a sober weekend?
- Starting now.
- I don't hear a "yes".
Yes, Coach.
No, the "yes" is important,
because I think you have
a little bit of conscience left, so...
you'll remember that you say "yes".
He's a nice guy and he's a good guy,
but I don't know
that he's that easy to coach.
The odd time I have to say, "Look,
I'm in charge," and we move on, so...
Remember you train twice Monday.
- I know that, Coach.
- Huh?
I remember.
What are you doing at this point?
At this point we're using
the ultrasound machine.
Which is that.
To send electronic magnetic waves
into deep within the ligaments
that have been damaged
to stimulate healing.
Well, that's what's happening right now.
Twisted my ankle four days ago
and it was swollen big.
I wish I had recorded it, but I didn't.
In Jamaica they have
something called "money pull-up".
When you hear a bad song,
you give the selector some money
and he starts the song over,
so I was coming to the end in a club
and then one of the songs play
and I wanted to do a "money pull-up",
so I was walking down the stairs,
and then I got to the barrier
and I was stepping over the barrier.
I stepped on the edge of the ledge
and twisted, just rolled my ankle.
A masseuse trying to work on my leg...
while he's trying to burn my leg off
at the same time.
Yeah. After the pain, no gain.
No pain, no gain.
It's always frustrating, every season,
just to deal with injuries.
I was running good, Coach was happy,
and then I twist the ankle.
That's just... That's frustrating.
It was like, shit,
this could be pretty bad.
And for a doctor to say, "Could be out
for a while," then you start worrying.
You know what I mean? Like, "What do you
mean, I could be out for a while?"
So all you have to do right now
is stay off your feet
and that messes with your confidence.
Judging from what he say to me,
he doesn't sound worried.
That doesn't necessarily mean he's not.
Sometimes we do a good job
of hiding our inner feeling,
but he must have concern
because normally, at this time,
he would be far ahead of what he has now.
Originally we didn't think it was
something serious, a sprained ankle.
We thought in two weeks
he's gonna be better,
but then it took three weeks, four
weeks, so we decided to come to Germany.
Usain. Hello.
Hey, man.
- What's up? You alright?
- Very much interested to see.
All that work.
It's encapsulated
the front part of the ligament. Here.
- This sector here.
- Here was tender.
- Yeah.
- On the bone.
That's the tendon. It is tendovaginitis.
So the tendon had stress and the ligament.
And the tendon still is swollen,
and the surrounding,
where it slips, slipping in,
is swollen too, and this causes pain,
so we have to treat.
Now we have to work on the muscle.
He had to rest. Now he gets
a serious session for muscle training.
It's not good. Mmm.
The injury's bad, it's not as simple
as I thought it would be,
so now it's gonna be
work, work, work, work, work.
Pretty much that's gonna be my life,
so it's not something you wanna hear,
but it has to be done,
so I'm gonna get it done.
The doctor thinks it's gonna be
another three, four weeks
before he can start training again.
It's not something
that we want his rivals to know
because it gives them an edge if they
know he's missed two months of training.
There's only six months left
to the Olympic Games.
It's not an ideal situation
to be in right now.
I try to tell myself, don't worry.
You have the best coach in the world.
It will be fine.
But you still worry about
why this happened on the biggest year.
Am I gonna be ready?
It's gonna be hard.
As it is, he's faced with a gigantic task
because it will be
like starting all over again.
With such a long inactivity on
the track, you lose almost everything.
He has started doing pool training
and will resume
training in the gym and stuff,
but there's no substitute
to actually running on the track.
90. Very good. Let's go.
Come on, that's it.
Wall is right here,
it's right here, right here. Good. Turn.
Very good. Let's go.
I'm sure that, the champion he is,
good sense will prevail,
and that as painful as it is
and monotonous as it can be
for the next couple of months,
circumstances dictate
that it cannot be business as usual.
So what's the plan, Coach?
Well, the plan is, Mr Bolt,
that you need to work your belly off.
We got a fat athlete here
who's lying on his back,
so we're gonna reduce his meals
and increase the work.
You're going to have to train
twice a day for the rest of the year.
For the rest of the year, Coach?
I listened yesterday and you said
when the coach says it's time,
it's time to go.
No parties.
It's an end to this party-going,
because the coach says it's time to go.
Well, as you see, he's lying on his back.
An unusual position for him. So...
Turn the camera off!
- He...
- Turn the camera off!
Turn the cam...
- It's a sign that he surrenders.
- What can I say? He's the coach.
Have a good day, Coach Mills.
12, 13, 14.
Coach Mills is just a genius, man.
Like, I've been injured so much
over the years, through the seasons,
and he's always found a way
to get me in shape for the big moment.
Always. I don't know how he does it.
Final. Oh, good.
His career has been in...
as dramatic as it is,
has also been punctuated
by bouts of injury.
2004 was his first year
running as a professional,
but we spent the whole summer
looking for chiropractors
and doctors and physios
to try and fix his back
and his hamstrings.
At that point, in 2004, '05,
you know, you were kind of, like,
OK, is this guy ever gonna fulfil
the promise he showed as a junior?
I wasn't happy. I was pushing my body
too hard and I was not used to it.
And I used to watch Mr Mills
coaching the guys.
I was, like, yo,
I would love Mr Mills to coach me.
Well, first I did not agree
because I was saying to him,
because you don't want to do the
training, you are a little bit too lazy.
He said, "Daddy, you don't know
what I am feeling,"
and he did it on his own.
We didn't like it,
but of course it was the right decision.
The problem was his scoliosis.
It affected his worse hip
which affected his hamstring
and just a chain of reaction.
Scoliosis means the spine was straight
and the lumber part a little to the side.
That was all.
That the coach saw, he said, "Something
is wrong. Go to Muller-Wohlfahrt."
So we set about doing
the specific exercises
to develop the strength of his lower
back and then to stabilize his hip.
It was a tough 2004, 2005, 2006,
and I think it was really up until 2007
that, you know, you started to say, OK,
he's now getting
consistently better and better,
and he lost the World Championship
in 2007.
He came off the curve level with Tyson Gay
and he thought he should go away and win
and he couldn't,
he just didn't have any gears left,
and then he sat down.
I remember that night,
he went back and he said,
"Coach, I can't do this again.
I've gotta win the next time."
Coach says, "Listen to me. You're too
weak and you need to do another event
to get your strength up or your speed up."
I was like, "Alright, so where?"
He's like, "Yo, next season
we need to run the 400 meters."
I'm like, "Hold on, no,"
cos the training's too hard.
He's like, "You're too slow
to run the 100 meters
and your start is really bad."
So I was like, "Let's make a deal.
Give me one 100 meters try-out."
"If I run slow, I run the 400 meters.
If I run fast, I run the 100 meters."
Ran 10.03, and I was like, "Hey, 10.03."
A lot of guys were running 10.03
at that time, so... I got my wish.
Finally, a clean start.
Will it be a historic 100 meters?
Usain Bolt has the step.
Usain Bolt blowing away the field.
Usain Bolt takes the men's 100 meters!
It's a new world record! 9.71!
Usain Bolt has run the fastest
100 meters in the history of humankind.
That is the fastest any human
has ever covered 100 meters.
There's an old Chinese proverb that says,
"The journey is as important
as the destination,"
and I believe that
if you pay attention to the journey
and you do the right things,
you reach the right destination.
No matter how fast you run,
there is gonna be a time that
someone's gonna break those records.
However, when it comes to being
Olympic champion, it's etched in stone,
and at no point whatsoever is
that title gonna be taken away from you,
so the title is there for life.
- Hold on there. What say you call?
- You're the best roommate ever.
Yes, you.
I was roommates with Usain.
That guy was... was something else, man.
Well, on my corner, right,
you gotta have your orange juice.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Vitamin C.
So go down smooth.
We got a water.
I can't really read Chinese...
Yeah, yeah.
And then we have some Lacoste.
Keep my fresh, you know what I say?
Keep my fresh. One more thing.
This is my baby.
- Alright. Let me see it.
- C'mon, baby thing.
Yo, cut out that. Cut out that.
Hold that. See there? Coach, that.
Coach Glen Mills. The best coach
in the world. In the world.
Coach Mills was right next door,
and he'll be banging on the walls, man,
just "Usain! It's time to go to sleep.
You got the 100 meter tomorrow."
- It's late, man, come on.
- Yeah, I'm putting on my shoes, Coach.
I watched the 100 meter at my sister's
house, up by the road there.
It was nerve-racking.
Going to the Bird's Nest, it was
such fun. The place was beautiful.
Throughout his career,
I've never stood beside Coach Mills.
I don't even know where Coach Mills
watches the races from.
I always stay by myself.
I went to the stadium for that one.
Actually, I was
right behind the starting blocks.
Got to the line.
I was hyper, I was really hyper.
When the race started,
I was just,
"I need to get this first 50 right."
I was nervous, believe you me.
I shed tears with that race as well.
30 meters, I looked,
I was slightly behind,
then I ran to 50
and I was in line with everyone.
I ran the race with Usain.
I was up jumping.
A fair start, Asafa Powell.
Usain Bolt is also out well.
I expected Asafa to be ahead.
Everybody looked across, he wasn't there,
so I was like, you know what,
continue running.
Ran to 60. Kinda checked. Ran to 70.
It went by so quick.
I got to 80 meters, I was like hold on,
where's Asafa, you know what I mean?
And then I was like, "Oh, shit, I'm
gonna win." I start beating my chest.
Usain Bolt sprinting ahead,
winning by daylight
and setting a world record.
I have never seen another 100-meter
Olympic champion run that easy.
He dominated the field.
Oh, shit! Oh, my God!
Did you see that shit? Did you see that?
That's my roommate! That's my roommate!
People are saying, why did I celebrate?
Well, it just happened.
It just came out of me
because that's what I felt.
You're coming up to the line
and you go, "Oh!"
"This is it. This is it.
This is what I've been working on."
I can't believe I've finally done it.
It's just so much work to get to
that one moment, to win that one moment.
I just remember he literally exploded.
That image in Beijing
of him pounding his chest, you know,
as he crosses that finish line is like,
wait, can he go faster than that?
I mean, everyone could see
that he was something special. He...
A man like him is not born very often.
Yes. I just witnessed
something great, great.
I can't explain it what the man just do.
- Say something for them.
- Well, I just did what I had to do.
I went out there and I executed,
and now I am Olympic champion.
It's not like we never see it coming.
- God damn!
- God damn!
The next thing is 200 meters.
I'm going through the rounds
and I'm feeling tired.
And I remember the night before,
my roommate, Maurice Smith,
was sitting down and he goes,
"Yo, you're gonna break
the 200-meter world record,"
and I go, "It's hard, man."
We stayed up chatting till
I think it was like five in the morning.
And he's like, "Yo, you can do it."
Yeah. Hot gym now.
Usain, you better get ready for go
after the 200 finals.
You don't know enough.
I'm gonna zoom in there.
- Fresh, ain't I?
- Yeah.
- Fresh.
- Fresh to death.
I cut his hair before he went out
and, you know, we goofed off a lot
about him having his fresh cut
and, you know, he did a thing
where he rubbed his head like this
before the race.
I had the decathlon the next day,
so I stayed at the village
and watched that with the teammates.
Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Asafa.
On your marks.
If you watch the race, you can see,
as soon as the gun goes,
I'm like so focused.
I'm watching the clock
and I'm like,
"Yo, I can make it, I can make it."
When I saw it, I didn't know what to do.
I was like...
I was happy, I was so happy, I was...
That's when all the joy came out.
It's one of the best things in the world!
I have to join the celebration!
Look what happened to the place after
the man ran the world record on the 200.
Watch this.
Yo, they mash up the place.
We were watching the girls
and they dropped the baton and we go...
we all looked at each other like...
Jesus. So Usain,
Usain called us together and said, "Yo."
Team meeting.
Let's just get the baton around.
And I remember, I looked him
straight in the eye and I said,
"I'm giving you
a third world record at this Olympics
and another gold medal,
don't worry yourself."
And there's the gun.
Nesta Carter runs the lead-off
for Jamaica.
Looking down the track and I see
Michael Frater coming towards me.
Michael Frater's, like, five six,
and he looks like six five, he's so tall.
I'm like, he's coming so fast.
Should I run off or should I wait?
Oh, shit, oh, shit.
Hand-off to Bolt and he's
on his way around the curve.
Look at Bolt go with
those big, long strides.
Giving the baton, I remember
screaming to him, "Run, Asafa!"
And Asafa Powell has it...
"Go on, Asafa! Go on, Asafa!"
I remember, I remember that and, I mean,
I just felt, I just felt a boost,
and I felt strong and powerful
and went down the track
and I saw the world record.
Asafa Powell...
I was more happy for him
than even for myself,
you know, because it was his Olympic
and that was his time to shine.
Asafa really started it,
breaking world records, and I said,
"I wanna do that.
I wanna be on that level."
Another reason why I'm so proud of him,
he did what I wanted to do, you know,
he went on and he did better than,
you know, I wanted to do
and, you know, I'm really proud of that.
For somebody to move from rival
instantly into your teammate
and then fully on your side
shows the bond of not Jamaicans
but as friends also.
If you're a young guy
an' you don't have the talent
or you don't want to work on the talent,
then don't do it, then.
Try and find something else.
There's tons of sports.
What is that thing them... curling?
- See what I'm saying?
- First on the broom.
Yeah, curling.
You want to be a winner,
you have to work hard to be a winner.
- True...
- You have to teach 'em that!
- Me, I grew up in a...
- You should encourage them!
- What did my father tell me?
- What did he tell you?
"Work for what you want."
Did he say,
"Oh, Usain, you're a loser today"?
I wasn't, though...
I wasn't a loser, though.
But I'm saying, even then
if there's anythin' you want in life,
you gotta work for it.
That my father instilled in us.
"If you run and you lose, you have
to try harder and you lose, stop it."
Simple as that. You understand.
No, that fact of...
Yo, the fact of the matter.
- Some of them developed late.
- What happens to the late bloomers?
Thank you, thank you.
What happens to the late bloomers?
- You can't discourage late bloomers.
- The late bloomers.
The ones that take
a little bit more time to do...
Take time to develop, late bloomers.
Name someone who you know
that developed late. Name one person.
- Who is great?
- Yeah.
- Who is great?
- Nobody.
Yeah, man.
Getting his feet ready
to take on the world.
Good condition, Coach Mills.
It was my first day of training.
Finally I could run
with a little bit of pain. It felt good.
I was like, I'm back on the track,
that's a positive side about this.
So, Coach, what do you think?
One good thing about the run,
he's not as fat as the coach any more.
Hey. So, I'm pretty bored.
Can't sleep. So just decided
to talk to the camera a little bit.
I'm gonna
show you why I'm spinning around.
Alright. Give me a minute.
I'm in my hotel room just going around.
With my coach, he's always saying,
"Usain, you should sleep."
"It's very important for you
to get your rest and stuff."
So I try my best to get my sleep,
especially this year, I've really tried.
What people don't understand with Usain
is that cos he's so recognizable,
everywhere he goes,
he doesn't really do much.
I can go to the shopping mall,
I can go to the cinema,
but Usain's pretty much in-house
a lot of the day.
What else to talk about? I've no idea.
So this is a Jamaican introduction,
introduction. Wallet!
No s... Oh, I almost fall over.
Especially when he's travelling,
he's in his hotel room,
you can go stir crazy,
so often at one in the morning he gets
bored and, like, let me go somewhere,
and I can understand why he just can't
sit in his room all the time.
- # My mind tell me no
- # My mind tell me no
# But my body
# But my body
# Telling me yes
# Telling me yes
- # Baby
- # Baby
- # I don't wanna hurt nobody
- # I don't wanna hurt nobody
# But there is something
that I must confess
# I...
- # I don't see nothing wrong
- # I don't see nothing wrong
# With a little bump and grind...
I love this song, I'm sorry.
I'm just remembering that this is
gonna go out nationally to the world.
I shouldn't be singing.
I'm not a good singer, but...
Just letting you know what my life
is about when I'm bored sometimes.
- # With a little bump and grind
- # Bump and grind
# I don't, I don't see
It's hard to be as hungry as a person
who has never won a championship.
It's hard. No matter how people say,
"I'm very hungry,
I still wanna be a champion,"
it's hard to be as hungry as a guy
who's never won an Olympic champion.
I've been going through this for years.
Started out with my mom and my dad,
I wanted to clear their debts,
buy them things,
and then it was for me, to get nice
stuff, cars, clothes, all this stuff.
Then it was just to secure my future.
But now that I've done most of that stuff,
it makes me just wanna give up,
do you know what I mean?
It worries me, at this point in my career,
now at a big stage, that I still have
issues motivating myself now.
I remember I was sitting at home
and he called me up and he's like,
he's like, "John, I'm over this shit,"
and I was like, "Oh, OK."
"You know, I just wanna have
a normal life and relax."
"Now all I can think of is vacationing.
I can't think of anything else."
I know last year
it was the World Championship,
I'm like, it's the World Championship,
I wanna win, but it's not the Olympics,
do you know what I mean?
But then it gets to this season.
It's still like, I'm lazy,
do I really need to do this?
What do I have to prove,
do you know what I mean?
And same thing with Michael Johnson.
I asked him.
He said, "Yo, I've done everything
in the sports, why stay?"
I think you get to a point, as an athlete,
where it becomes
less about competing against others
and more about competing against yourself.
It's a much more lonely pursuit.
I think lonely is...
It goes deeper than that.
I feel like it is, it's gut-wrenching.
You're at a place that no one else is,
and sometimes you just feel like,
you know, no one is in your shoes.
In terms of daily motivation for training,
you've got to motivate yourself
based only on you and what you want
and how bad do you want it.
When the battle is with yourself,
you can't lie to yourself.
When you look in the mirror,
you know all the truth.
Battling with yourself is... is...
That's deep.
I think a lot of times you lose control
when you're at this level
because everyone's pulling you
from one direction, another direction.
I think sometimes
you want your own personal life back.
When you can say, "I'm waking up at this
time, I'm doing this when I wanna do it,
I'm going out here," you know, and I
think sometimes he's had enough of this.
When the time comes for you
to just enjoy yourself sometimes,
even during the season I take a weekend
and just have fun with my friends.
Just to me when we spoke, it did
sound like a guy crying out for help.
You know what I mean?
And he'd do anything he could
to self-sabotage what he was doing,
just to have an out.
And I guess the answer he was
expecting to hear from me was,
"Nah, man, you need to get ready
for the Olympic Games."
I was like, "Bruv, quit."
"Will you be happier?"
And he was like... he sort of stalled
a little bit and was like,
"Yeah, yeah. I just wanna relax."
Sometime after Rio,
I'm gonna cut out the track and field.
Just breathe.
I feel like me have asthma.
Everybody knows, even his competitors,
that he's the most talented athlete ever,
so if he doesn't win,
it's not because of his talent.
It's gonna be a failure on my part,
Ricky's part, his family's part,
not to motivate him.
Close up. Close up. Close up.
Certain persons cannot handle a party.
We're trying to hold him back
and we're trying to say,
"Come on, Usain, the Olympics
is getting closer, come on."
"Give it three months, then you can do
all these things the rest of your life."
For me, it would destroy me,
knowing that I'm a part of his team,
I wasn't able to help him
to find that motivation.
Good morning, boss man.
Hey, Ricky.
Got ya.
This is the sleep cam.
Usain Bolt's sleep cam.
He didn't go out last night.
This is how the world's fastest man wakes up.
Not so fast now, huh? Huh?
I know himself, the winner in him,
he wouldn't want to see Rio come on
and he's not there,
so we might have to ask him the question,
"Do you not want to go to Rio?"
And once you put that on the table,
we believe that Usain Bolt will respond.
Earlier this year I've said to you guys
that, yo, I'm having doubts, I'm not...
Not doubts,
I'm not having the same feeling,
like I'm not motivated, but then...
Are you going to win?
- Justin, we need to hear you say...
- We need a guarantee.
- ..."I'm bringing the gold medal..."
- I'm going to win.
"...back to the US of A."
- He just said he's gonna win.
- I'm going to win.
- Oh, yes!
- We bring it to LA, to New York.
We go out on a tour all around the country
with that ribbon around my neck
like a gold chain.
That's what I'm talking about.
And as soon as I watch that video,
soon as I watch that video...
everything changed.
I didn't... I'm not saying
I got back my full motivation.
I'm not saying that I was cured
or I was saved or it was a epiphany,
but I got that feeling, that feeling
in my stomach that, "Yo, what?"
"He's gonna beat me? Hell, no."
You know what I mean?
The truth is I'm gonna retire soon,
so I can comfortably say this.
They don't understand that, though.
What makes me, what makes me...
strive is the fact
that they talk all the time.
I love competition, so when you talk
and tell me what you're gonna do,
all it makes me wanna do is work harder.
So... big up to yourself, Justin Gatlin.
Five thirty. Don't know why I'm up
this early. Gotta work out.
Life of a champion, right? Full marks.
Five, six. Don't bounce it.
Seven. Don't bounce it.
Eight, nine, ten.
Seven. Seven. 24. 25.
Good job.
Everybody knows that I'm the coach
and I have the authority.
I don't have to wear it on my face.
We joke a lot.
We try to make the whole thing exciting
because he likes fun.
Remember you said you'd do a high jump?
Where was it? In Europe or something?
- Ostrava.
- Ostrava? And that was super.
But it's the javelin I want to throw.
How much money you bet on it again?
I don't know how much money,
but you have to give me something.
- Bolt... what we saying?
- Over a hundred dollar.
What did we say,
you can't throw over 50 meters?
50 or 60...
No, no, no, no. I have to be in that bet.
You think I can't throw that?
50 what?
No, I'm gonna bet now.
I'm telling you you can't throw it...
I'm telling you.
- How much you wanna bet?
- What?
- A mill? One million?
- What?
- You sure?
- Yeah, man.
You can't throw over 60.
- 50 to 60.
- No, no, no, no.
60. You can't change it now.
60 we say now.
- The man dem say yo...
- No, no, no, no.
Not them. Me! My bet is 60.
They told me I can't throw over 50 meters.
I told them I can go 60, let me tell you.
You can't do 60.
You go, you go.
We'll have a shake. You hear that?
He can't throw 60 with a javelin.
- 60 is my bet.
- I won't argue. Just give me my money.
Coach, listen, me seen the other
athletes stand up and throw 40.
Just stand and throw.
Eddie say you cannot throw 60
and Eddie teach it. Eddie's a teacher.
Me nah worried.
Listen to me, I get my three tries...
- Three tries?
- You always get three tries.
- One try.
- One try?
- One try, you know.
- It can't be one throw.
When you ever hear
someone get one try for a bet?
- In our arrangement.
- No, that's not how it works.
- You must get warm-up throws.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We don't have to have a military thing,
because if you can reach people...
you tend to get more out of them.
That's my philosophy.
Yeah, you look good.
That's not bad at all.
That was smooth!
We gonna give it to Usain, so whenever
you see him, just present one of these.
He should be able to solve it
in 30 seconds.
Here you go, Usain, a token of
my appreciation. Here you go, Mr Bolt.
It's called a Rubik's Cube.
A Rubik's Cube. I knew the word.
That was your first test.
- Go.
- Can I have a first clue?
No, you don't.
Over, over this.
I don't have the first clue.
People, we are showing the world a secret
as to why Usain is so cutting edge,
always ahead of the pack.
Now I work.
You see with a matter,
if it can be done, Bolt can do it.
Watch how he broke stuff.
Evil. Evil.
Bolt, this is your answer
to solving the problem.
It was a good one. It was a good idea.
You see I knew Bolt was like this,
so... I bought two.
Bolt, are you breathing?
I'm a type of person, I get nervous
before my first race, I really do.
Like, every year my first race I worry,
am I still fast?
I train well, I execute well in training
but I always worry, am I still fast?
Am I still the fastest man in the world?
Am I still this great Usain Bolt?
Every year. I don't know why.
So my first race right now
I'm always slightly nervous,
but after the first one
my confidence grows,
and the more I compete,
the more I get more confident.
We're in a foreign land.
It's the start of the season.
I came out for my first race.
I haven't raced since Beijing.
I'm just hoping that, after this first
race, I feel like, yeah, this is it.
The season has started
and I feel like I'm ready to go
and I'm heading on my way to Rio.
I've been working hard.
I've had setbacks with my ankle issue.
But I'm on the right track now
and getting to where I need to be.
I'm happy that it's time now.
It's time where it's just going to be
competition. That's what really matters.
I hate the training part of it,
but I love competing so much.
Usain Bolt!
The start was pretty good, I think,
I think it was an excellent start,
but when I went to do my transition
and ready to push, I felt my hamstring.
If it wasn't for that,
I would have ran easy a 9.80.
50 meters, when I'm coming out
of my drive phase and it's time to go,
you know what I mean,
that's when I start running, I felt it.
So then I had to start looking around
to see where I'm at
because I don't want to push too hard,
you know what I mean?
And then tear something.
But I don't want to lose either, so...
I had to make a conscious decision
to get shit right, you know what I mean?
I'm just too competitive.
I'm just really competitive.
I take it personally
when I lose to somebody.
I always go after that person.
I tell myself, you can't beat me again.
I don't want to lose
at any point in my life.
The race we were denied last year at the
World Championships, we will get tonight.
The world champion
vs the Olympic champion. Blake vs Bolt.
Off they go. Powell is off well.
Bolt has work to do.
Powell is ahead of Bolt
and the rest of the field.
Asafa Powell! Blake comes forward
on the outside! Yohan Blake wins!
I know he wasn't at his best
because I train with him,
so I know what he was going through.
The big man Bolt has a platform now
to restate his dominance
as the world's best.
I take my 200 meters very personal,
so for me it was a big deal that
he actually beat me over 200 meters.
Blake is running well in lane three!
Bolt is being beaten here by Blake
once again!
And Yohan Blake,
for the second time in three days,
delivers a beating on the world's best,
Usain Bolt.
What counts will be London,
but Blake has to be thrilled
with his performances
at the nationals this weekend.
For the next month the work that I put in
to make sure I could silence all
these doubters was just unbelievable.
I vomited daily because I was
pushing myself to the ultimate level.
Being great isn't good enough sometimes.
You have to be better than great
and failure is just not an option.
At some point, and under those sort
of circumstances, you're just racing.
You're just racing like we did
when we were kids,
just, "I am not gonna allow you
to beat me today."
Everybody who was anybody in that race
was on my left,
so I didn't have to look right.
I was, like, you know what, everybody's
on one side of me. This is great.
On your marks. One deep breath.
The moment of truth has finally arrived.
CThe fastest group of sprinters
that has ever taken the line
in a 100-meter Olympic final.
God put me on this earth to run,
and that's what I'm gonna do.
Bolt not very quickly out of the blocks,
Powell was the quickest,
but Bolt just coming into his stride
alongside Gatlin.
I saw Usain in the peripheral vision.
"Damn, he's coming. He's coming fast."
When I seen those strides
coming through, bam, bam, bam, hitting,
I said, "Oh, God."
In that split second he just fly past.
And here comes Usain Bolt,
he's pulling away. 9.64!
The champion becomes a legend.
Why did we ever doubt
the brilliance of Usain Bolt?
Beijing was, you know, off the planet,
but actually it was London, I think,
that established him for all time.
I don't think I can remember anybody
since Muhammad Ali
that has just grabbed the stage
in any sport in the way Usain has.
So, on the day, 100 is for my coach,
that's how we do it,
100 meters for my coach,
the 200 is for me,
so he didn't say absolutely nothing
to me when it comes to the 200 meters.
He was like, "Go get 'em, champ."
Came out. I know I had more energy
because I had more confidence,
so everything was smoother, I was happy.
I remember doing some stride out
and Warren Weir was in front of me,
and I said to Warren,
"I'm gonna run past you pretty fast."
"Do not try to run me down. You run
your own race and you'll be fine."
- Shh.
- On your marks.
Everyone was like, "Yo, are you ready?
Feel like you're ready?"
I'm, like, yo,
I'm so ready for these finals.
I remember coming off the corner.
I looked. I could see him.
I was, like, "Usain, you cannot let
Blake come off this corner before you."
It was like I found another gear
cos I started digging.
When I got to the finish line,
I remember Blake doing something
at the national trials,
he went like this after the race,
and when I was going through the line, I
went like this and I was looking at him.
I was letting him know that,
listen, I'm still number one.
You're my teammate, and I respect you,
but I'm the greatest.
You know, I was a bit naive. I was young.
It was a bit of, you know,
rivalry between me and Bolt.
We tried to play that down
and just go on the track and have fun
and, you know,
he was just the better man on the day.
And then we found out
that Warren actually came third.
And then it was like
an even bigger celebration now
because it was one, two, three.
It was a great feat for my coach,
and Jamaica was going ecstatic
because of one, two, three.
You should have heard them.
You've got Tyson Gay versus Yohan Blake
and Blake's winning this one.
Here comes Usain Bolt,
and Usain Bolt is moving away.
World record for Usain Bolt and Jamaica.
So there's two screens. One here,
and there's one across the road.
- I'm gonna try experience it myself.
- Always epic.
I can just imagine the energy.
- Just seeing that, full stop.
- Loud.
Everybody just stop in one place.
Would be nice.
Usain Bolt has represented Jamaica
in a modern era.
In a time when there was nobody
bearing the banner of Jamaica
and carrying Jamaica on them shoulder,
and he did all up.
When you see him live and what he do,
and what he does on the spare time,
definitely the new generation
of Jamaica, you know,
so you can still be yourself
and achieve what you need to achieve
without losing who you are,
without losing your identity.
That's what I respect most about Usain.
Him keep it real, you know,
as them sayin'.
I think Bolt is a shining example
of the best that we can be as Jamaicans.
Out of the belly of rural Jamaica
to becoming a face recognized
in any corner of the world.
It's absolutely a phenomenal feat.
Yo! Yo, yo, yo, yo!
A Jamaican hero and always our hero.
He's well beloved by everybody
all over the world,
especially Jamaica,
cos we are proud of him.
So we're now start of July.
It's the Olympic trials for Jamaica.
Every athlete has to qualify here,
so normally it's top two, top three
gets selected on the team.
Two weeks ago
we had a Racers Track Club meet.
Usain won the 100 meters there
and he looked very comfortable.
He's down at the line and still had 9.88.
Bolt made that look pretty easy.
In lane four, Asafa Powell.
Yohan Blake.
Usain Bolt.
The season's gone pretty well for Usain.
He hasn't ran really fast yet,
but you would say if he ran full out
and that the race went well,
he could run 9.70 right now.
But, of course, he has to do it.
Yesterday they get us all up,
we had to get us all up,
and they send us out there and,
as professionals, I'm not used to that.
The first race was at seven
and I was in the last heat,
and I was out there just watching
the races, you know what I mean,
trying to stay warm,
and then my race false started.
And when I actually ran the race,
I felt my hamstring like
in the Cayman Islands, I had that issue,
and I feel it was the fact that we were
out there so long and I got cold and...
So it was just...
I was just annoyed and frustrated
about the whole organization
of the meet and the trial,
so I'm not happy and I complain.
I'm used to being sent out
at a timely fashion.
- How was your semi today?
- It's not so bad.
- I think it's easily a ten.
- Ten-one?
The guys were going for under nines?
I've not... Listen, I'm not pulling past
anybody. We'll see what they do.
So the good thing about Usain
is he likes to give me a couple
of watches to take away each time.
This one I think I'll have this time.
- Lies.
- Thank you, sir. Looks good on me.
Yep, someone leaves them in hotel rooms
every now and again.
Was one, bruv, one.
- Jesus, man, one watch.
- Yup.
Usain Bolt!
In lane number one,
his time 10. 15 seconds as well...
- Coach. It's 50/50, you know.
- You feel it again?
Yeah, but this time
I'm trying not to push as hard.
It don't make sense to push it.
I'm over by the warm-up area.
I need you to...
I need to get a waiver, because
Usain can't run cos of this hamstring.
What the plan, Coach?
Me call Dr. Bruce,
tell him to come over. Relax.
Last night, him aggravate it,
so I'm concerned it's getting...
it's deteriorating, so...
I wanna pull him from the final,
from the race.
So, according to the rules, you have
to report it to the medical team.
Unfortunately, Usain had to pull out
of the final of the 100 meters
in the trials,
so we got it checked out
by the chief medical officer
and it was determined
that he had a strain in there
and it would be dangerous for him to run,
so we've submitted
a medical exemption form.
You know, we're hoping that
he can be selected based on that.
He definitely was disappointed.
He was quiet last night.
It's frustrating for him.
Injuries have been the thing
that held him back his whole career.
I would say injuries have been
his biggest rival throughout his career,
so for it to come at this time
isn't ideal,
but I think he knows how to deal with it.
Hopefully today or tomorrow
he's a little bit more positive
about the situation,
but until we go
to Dr. Muller-Wohlfahrt in Germany
and he, you know, does a scan and a full
assessment, we'll not know for sure.
What pissed me off, they were saying,
"Usain always does this."
I'm like, do what?
I beat these guys day in, day out,
every day of the week,
so for them to say, talk like,
oh, I'm chickening out from a race,
you know what I mean, it's insulting.
I've never really disrespected 'em
like that.
Always Justin Gatlin,
you know what I mean?
I've beaten him many times. He's nobody.
I've never said these things
cos I give every athlete a respect,
and especially the little one,
even Rodgers.
Get an individual gold medal,
that's what I'm thinking,
before you even have a conversation
about my name.
You have never won an individual gold
medal or a silver medal or any medal,
you know what I mean, and you're gonna
have a conversation about me?
I've built this sport,
you know what I mean?
You guys have been through so many drugs
charges and so many drugs things,
I've never pointed the finger and say,
"These guys are making the sports bad."
If you cross the line,
I'm gonna cross the line too,
because I think I'm one of
the nicest guys on the circuit.
I've always shown people respect,
so it pisses me off.
Last season was one of
the most horrifying seasons of my life,
and getting to Beijing, I wasn't
in the shape that I wanted to be.
So going into that race,
it was pretty much a dog fight,
it's like I'm out there just
for my life, you know what I mean?
We're going in the biggest race of your
life right now to defend your glory,
cos being undefeated in the championship
is everything for me.
That's my legacy that I have
and I have to defend.
So this season is not gonna be
like last season,
not gonna be one of those races
where everybody's like,
"Oh, my God, is Usain Bolt gonna win?"
And this year I'm a little bit more
angry also, you know what I mean?
I'm a little bit more ticked off about
things these guys have been saying,
so it's not gonna be the same.
I'm gonna...
It's not gonna be the same.
I don't think we'll ever see anyone,
certainly not in my lifetime,
who'll be able to win three Olympic Games
in the 100 meters, 200 meters
and the four by one.
I think it will be one of the greatest
achievements in the history of sport.
When you think of Usain Bolt,
you're definitely gonna have to think of
the Muhammad Alis, the Pel,
the Michael Jordans.
Like, amazing athletes
that's reached beyond
what any other athlete has reached,
Serena Williamses, it's just those names,
Usain Bolt goes right in there.
He is one of my idols.
I hope he doesn't run
against a Brazilian in Rio.
Then I'm going to suffer.
It will be hard not to support Usain Bolt.
There will be a lot of Brazilians
supporting him. He is an icon, an idol.
Getting to the championship,
it's distraction, it's injuries,
but for whatever reason,
when he gets to the championship,
he's just a different animal.
Usain, two days out from the hundred,
how are you feeling?
Will you give us a photograph?
The moment we've all been waiting for now.
Please welcome the main man. Usain Bolt.
It's not been the perfect build-up,
has it?
How worried should people be?
Are you afraid of losing?
How ready are you to defend your titles?
How sure are you that the sprint
races that you'll be involved in
will be free of drugs?
How does athletics,
even the Olympic movement,
survive without Usain Bolt?
What does that make you feel?
These your last games? How does it feel?
Is that sad to think about? Is it
emotional? Or are you just excited?
How do you deal with this pressure
to always be the best,
to always be the fastest?
If you wanna be obsessed,
be obsessed about after the gun,
what technical...
What kind of questions
are you tired of getting asked?
I don't know. I think I've been asked
so much questions, it's hard to say.
I think it's just
when it's mostly after...
- Sorry, sorry.
- In the light.
He always stays in the Athletes' Village
with the team.
He loves the team environment.
That gives him energy.
He doesn't need a lot.
It's a spartan existence.
He just needs to sleep, train, eat
and prepare for the race.
He gets this dormant quietness about him.
I think he's going through everything
in his head.
All the vulnerabilities, insecurities,
game plans, race plans.
And then he gives us
the bravado, the smile.
The pose. The rest is history.
Show people.
Lots of grey hair, man.
Look right here, people. See?
Your head bald, man.
Hey, don't take off the moustache.
Just leave...
Take off everything, Kettle,
and just leave a moustache.
- Don't worry about that.
- You can look for yourself.
I'd look like a police.
We have danced...
Tomorrow, aerodynamic.
Yeah, let's dance, the people.
Oh, yeah, freshness.
Off to the block.
Yo. Almost did.
I was there, I was there,
I was there. I was there.
Honestly, I was there. I was there.
Yo, that's the '08... Yo, yo...
Yo, that's the 2008 edition. Ali!
So I'm about to go to bed.
Got my fresh cut today.
First round is tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to it.
Am I nervous? Just a little bit.
But the more I run,
the more I feel better.
Watch out. There's gonna be fire.
From Jamaica, reigning Olympic
World Champion, Usain Bolt.
Came off of the semi-finals, I felt great.
In warming up I felt quick,
felt light on my feet.
Oh! Fisher.
Usain Bolt knows
what it's like to be disqualified.
Bolt. Is this
going to be the biggest challenge...
I came out here and I got a flyer,
I got the best start
I've ever gotten in a long while,
and I ran to about 40 meters,
and when I came out of my drive phase,
I was alongside everybody
and pulling away.
Perfect picture, you know what I mean?
Bright smile.
It looked like I was actually looking
into the camera and, like, smiling.
There was something in that smile.
Oh, shit.
This guy is without doubt
the greatest sprinter
the world has ever seen.
We know this is going to be his last
appearance at an Olympic Games.
And surely a hat-trick of golds
over the 100 meters
would be a feat never to be repeated,
certainly not in lifetimes.
I was born to be an athlete.
I think it was just my moment
and I was always gonna do great.
I want to be remembered
among the great athletes in the world.
I want people to talk about me
when they talk about Muhammad Ali
and Pel and all these guys.
He's immortal now.
All the way from Beijing to London
and now to Rio.
It is one of the greatest
athletic achievements of all time.
When Usain Bolt win the race,
the whole world feel like they win a race.
That I can't explain.
Number one on there today. Remember that.
Yo, when you wake up
and you feel like a million dollars
and you remember that you're Olympic
three-time 100-meter champion,
it's a good feeling.
Two more to go, baby. Yeah!
You're from other countries
and you're rooting for your country,
but then you see Bolt and you're like,
"OK, I'm rooting for Bolt."
Everyone wanted to see Bolt run,
and that's something that, you know,
just doesn't happen.
No one knows what nine-five feels like,
no one knows what it is to run
in the Olympic Games,
but for some reason
when he steps on the line,
you feel like you're running with him.
I have no doubt
that you'll have a faster runner
than Usain Bolt in the future,
but the world
will always remember Usain Bolt.
The last three Olympics
have been amazing with Usain,
um... and he really went out in style,
you know.
He's the best athlete
who's ever lived by far
and he proved that again tonight.
A youth who was born relatively poor,
in terms of economics,
but was rich, was rich with talent,
rich with life, rich with substance.
And to see somebody like that
rise to win an Olympic gold medal,
like, that's what the world needed.
I found the drive and I was relentless
in wanting to become the greatest.
So for me it's like...
I found it, I did it.
It took a lot of hard work and guts
and focus and concentration.
It's not easy.
People feel like it's simple.
And I have to remind myself that,
listen, you have a goal for yourself,
and if you don't win this year, all that
you've done doesn't really matter,
and that's one of the things
that kept me going.
Running in lane four, it's Jamaica.
Big up to Usain.
Definitely he is a legend.
It's a great feeling being, you know,
his friend and his teammate.
And we did it for him,
tonight was for him.
I think they should just give him
the stadium, take it back to Jamaica,
take it wherever he wants, you know?
What is there still to give him?
To come and do something like that,
getting nine gold medals,
that has been magical.
He's up there with the big guys.
He's sitting at the table.
It is a dream of every coach
to have a talented athlete,
and to have one as talented as Bolt
is extra special.
To see this child I grew up with,
this boy influencing the world
the way he has, is special.
It gives you a sense of purpose.
Like you have contributed
to something great.
Cos he ain't here trying to be
political or revolutionary.
His whole quest
is to just make people smile.
Probably that's why
the world responds to him so much.
At a time when the world is in chaos,
he's just all about smiling.
For nine seconds,
let's just put the runner euphorically.
I've dedicated all my life
to being the best,
and to being the best track and field
person I can possibly be,
trying to be a legend,
trying to be the greatest,
trying to be unstoppable,
trying to be undefeated.
I've dedicated my life to this.
If I was an emotional guy,
right now I'd be crying for sure,
because it's been such a long journey,
and now, for me,
it's like... it's finally over.
I'm sad, but I'm relieved that it's over.
I've done it. I've done
what I've set out to do in the sport.
I'm just happy this part of...
this chapter is closed
and I can just relax
and just go on vacation,
not worrying about anything,
eat some junk food and just live.
The greatest, the greatest.
I am the greatest. Remember that. I am.
Listen... So we had a bet.
Everybody's been talking
all kind of crap all season.
All stuff about I can't throw 60 meters.
Well, it's gonna go down right now.
Yo, where's the tape?
No chance, no chance.
Can you believe that the last event
I'm gonna be doing at the Olympics
is javelin?
No one knew. It's a beautiful moment.
Let's do this.
Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt,
Bolt, Bolt, Bolt...