The Howling (1981)

Jeff, give me a two-shot.
Here's a bulletin from Washington.
I just feel as if everything
is out of my control.
I've got an animal head right there.
Do you know what did it?
We say it's the only way to look terrific.
- He understands all about the gifts.
...recent string of fatal attacks.
This next one coming up is in the park.
It's the second victim.
She's ours.
Now with this film out,
the public is dying to see her.
It's for real.
... Dr. George Waggner explains
on a special edition of Perspective.
You can take it out.
We saw pictures
just like we saw in his room.
It is, after all, what we are.
... TV, Channel 6, Los Angeles.
Repression is the father of neurosis...
of self-hatred.
Stress results
when we fight against our impulses.
We've all heard people talk about
animal magnetism...
the natural man...
the noble savage...
as if we'd lost something valuable...
in our long evolution
into civilized human beings.
There's a good reason for this.
Man is a combination...
of the learned and the instinctual,
of the sophisticated and the primitive.
We should never try to deny the beast...
the animal within us.
- The minute anything breaks, cut to Chris.
- Before Doc pitches his book?
Hell, he's been coaching Karen on
how to talk to this psycho. He won't mind.
How much?
How much for a half and half?
Sorry, but excuse me.
Excuse me.
- You're that TV lady, ain't you?
- Yeah, buzz off.
- Did Karen see this?
- Yeah.
Oh, shit.
She never even mentioned
seeing the victims.
She didn't want you to worry.
I'm worried.
Okay, guys, this is the jackpot.
I'm on Western between...
I'll transmit as soon as Eddie calls.
- I don't like the interference.
- It's the best rig we got.
No, it's all that neon out there.
It messes up the signal.
I'll get our people to cruise Western.
Boy, there's a lot of
flotsam and jetsam out tonight, ain't there?
Seems like there's more of them
every time I get out here.
I wonder where they come from,
where they're going to.
I don't know where they're from,
but they got to where they're going.
... six, David Jail, 1455.
Contact lost with Fox 1.
Vicinity: Western and DeLongpre.
Report any sighting.
Repeat, report any sighting.
She's wearing a purple and lavender outfit.
We'll be able to spot her pretty easy.
Yeah, I've seen her on the news.
"Weeks ago,
when Update News reporter Karen White...
"began receiving calls from a mysterious
stranger, identifying himself only as Eddie...
"the KDHB News team..." No.
"The KDHB News team began working...
"The KDHB News team
began working with local police...
"to link Eddie with a recent string of..."
Hi, Bill.
That's a brave li'I ol' girl you've got there.
"Tonight, in an act of courage,
we here at KDHB...
"are all very proud of..."
Good evening.
- Terry, how are you?
- Good. How's it going?
I'll need a few more minutes.
Jesus, there's a guy standing
right outside the booth now.
I don't know if it's him or not.
Lieutenant Shantz, Detective Kline...
this is Karen's husband.
You've got quite a brave young lady there,
Mr. White.
Neill, Bill Neill.
My wife uses her maiden name.
Bill Neill. Stanford, right?
So how is it going?
I have not got a clean word from Karen
in the last 15 minutes.
15 minutes?
Hold it. She's transmitting.
Come on, Eddie. I know that it's you.
Yeah, I'm alone.
Are you wearing what I asked you to?
Where's the sound?
- That's it.
- What?
I'm afraid we might've lost her.
Lost her?
What the hell kind of
half-assed operation is this?
Okay, Eddie, I'll be there
in just a little while.
Okay, mister, it's all yours.
You said you'd never be out of contact.
What kind of operation are you running?
- They have people in the area...
- What does that mean, "in the area"?
They will find her!
Okay, guys, this is it.
I'll keep the transmitter open.
- Hello, Eddie.
- I knew you'd come, Karen.
We have a lot to talk about, you and me.
- Can I turn around and see you?
- Not yet, Karen.
Just watch.
- Yeah, she asked me directions to it.
- How long ago?
A couple of minutes.
The struggle between mind and body...
is not a necessary one.
It produces anger, frustration,
the strain of modern-day living...
in a world that is moving too quickly.
Three minutes to commercial.
Two, push in to a single on the doctor.
All of us have a great
untapped potential for living.
Waiting is tough.
... depends as much on our attitudes
toward our physical lives...
Ready 1. Take 1.
... as it does on the social programming
of our minds.
When we are born, each of us is given a gift.
The gift of life.
Camera 2, give me a two-shot.
She didn't feel a thing, Karen.
None of them do.
They're not real, the people here.
They're dead.
They could never be like me.
But you're different, Karen.
I watch you on TV.
And I know how good I can make you feel.
I'm going to light up your whole body.
Turn around now, Karen.
I want to give you something.
There's a broad that came in here.
She emptied the place out.
She's watching movies.
My God, Jesus Christ!
Put your piece away!
I knew I shouldn't have let
that broad back here.
Go to remote. Take it.
A reign of urban terror ended early tonight...
in a bizarre shoot-out
at a Western Avenue...
No knife, no gun, no nothing.
The freak was clean.
What happened back there?
Don't ask me, Lieutenant.
Ask Quick Draw McGraw.
... died in an attempted assault
of KDHB anchorwoman Karen White...
who'd been receiving calls from him...
in connection with the recent series
of brutal murders in the downtown area.
It's me. Are you all right?
It's okay. We can go home in a few minutes.
I talked the old man
out of putting you on camera tonight.
That was big of you.
We'll tape something later on,
when you feel up to it.
I don't know...
Whatever happened, in your own words.
Nothing newsy.
I don't know what happened in there.
I don't remember.
Please, don't do it!
It's me, Bill. It's all right.
I didn't even see him.
I turned around, but I didn't see him.
- It's Number 27, down the hall.
- Thank you.
Did the guy say anything else?
He just said he worked with a kid
named Eddie, that he thought lived here.
- He did say the kid hated washing dishes.
- Who doesn't?
Here we go.
Oh, God.
It's just your average, red-blooded,
all-American boy.
Get out of here!
Boy, Doc's gonna have a field day
with these.
Look at this.
Not bad. The kid had talent.
He could've designed
the Marquis de Sade coloring book.
I think we better call the cops.
Look at this.
I wonder if this is a real place.
So what's the story
on our next Norman Rockwell?
This sort of person is controlled
by the right hemisphere of the brain.
That dominates the non-rational...
the artistic, the creative impulses.
It's not unusual
for a killer to draw as well as that.
It's not a bad angle, Doc.
Do you mind putting that on tape for us?
Not at all.
We're pushing Fred for a half-hour special
called The Mind of Eddie Quist...
although we're focusing, really,
on the beast in all of us.
Good idea.
- So you found the last name?
- He signed his work.
So he did.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm just not quite ready yet, okay?
You'll be okay.
Don't worry.
Stand by, Cameras 1 and 2.
- Then I'm on the air.
- 2, push on in.
Are you sure you're up to this?
- Nothing like diving in head first.
- That's what the old man says.
Here's our girl.
We're gonna make ratings history tonight.
You'll be the cynosure of all eyes.
That means everybody
is going to be watching you.
Everybody wants to see
the lady who caught Eddie the Mangler.
Terrific. You have my copy?
Good luck.
- Boy, she seems shaky.
- Looks fine to me.
- We go in 10 seconds.
- Don't let this be the last stop for your car.
- Keep your runabout running right...
- Five, four, three...
This is KDHB TV, Channel 6, Los Angeles.
Up on 2.
It's the 5:00 edition
of the Southland's top-rated newscast...
the Channel 6 Update News,
featuring Lew Landers and Karen White...
with the late-breaking headlines,
Gene Codler with sports...
John Rob with the weather...
Ready, Camera 2.
Are the tapes on that train wreck ready?
... 14 injured in train derailment.
More on the Mideast earthquake.
Karen White's exclusive eyewitness account
of the police shooting...
of the key suspect
in the Eddie-the-Mangler slayings.
Now, here's Karen White.
Good evening.
Get her out of there.
- Roll 7.
- Cue the editorial.
... proclaimed no immediate danger
to nearby residential areas.
Let's pause now for an editorial
from our General Manager, Fred W. Francis.
Here's Fred.
In keeping with this station's pledge
of community involvement...
we present an editorial
from KDHB station manager, Fred Francis.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right. You need a little more time.
There's been a lot of talk in the past month
about our culture of violence.
Who knows? Maybe she's pregnant.
Get in touch with Fujiama, Fujimoto,
or whatever the hell her name is...
and get her ready for the 11:00 report.
Now there is a pro.
You can't be afraid of dreams.
I can't help it. All I remember...
is pushing open the door...
and then I'm outside...
and the police are there, Bill's there,
and the remote crew, and it's over.
There's blood on me, and I can't imagine
who it might have came from.
You can't remember
anything that happened inside the booth?
No, not really.
Just weird little pieces in my dreams.
How're you and Bill?
Trying to communicate.
- Tell me, Doctor, how crazy am I?
- Completely bananas.
I think so.
I recommend that you go out to the Colony
for a week or two.
- Your place up north there?
- That's right.
I only recommend it
to very special patients...
ones who I think will benefit
from its environment.
It's a place where you can
recharge your batteries.
It'll enable you to try and get back
to what you really are.
What goes on up there?
Seminars, group therapy. It's very low-key.
It'll be a good place
to try and tackle this amnesia thing.
I don't know if I want to remember.
Doc said, once I remembered what
happened, it wouldn't scare me anymore.
I'm not so sure.
Honey, give this place a chance, okay?
We've got to do something.
I hope these people aren't too weird.
Jerry Warren, softwares.
Bill Neill, hardware.
He doesn't get it, Bill.
I own a couple of health clubs, barbells,
hardware. This is my wife Karen.
Hi, nice to meet you.
- Prime rib?
- No, I try to stay away from meat.
- Maybe later. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Did you see that meat?
Oh, my God!
We watch you on the news all the time.
You're our second favorite...
right behind...
What's the name of that Oriental girl, Jerry?
This is my wife, Donna.
- Get me out of here, Bill.
- Looky here!
Welcome to the Colony!
Charlie Barton, Bill and Karen...
- White.
- Neill.
Charlie's on our board. He put up
all the cattle for tonight's barbecue.
I seen you on television!
Thank you.
If you fellows don't mind,
I'm going to borrow Karen...
and give her the run-down on the Colony.
- Don't leave out the juicy stuff.
- I won't.
Come on.
- Let's get this boy some bacon.
- You say when now, Bill.
Can't go on like this.
Damn teeth are shot.
Hell of a note.
You want some?
Sure, why not?
What's in it?
It's good.
I'm Bill.
I know.
I'm looking for my wife.
Excuse me.
...opening up and letting it all come out.
I've found parts of me
I didn't even know existed.
Now you can see why I brought you here.
You won't be cold here.
- Speaking of cold, how is your bungalow?
- It's quite nice, thanks.
- We're neighbors.
- You are?
Tell me something else.
Do you miss the television?
Are you kidding?
I don't have to pin my hair up.
Are you kidding?
I don't have to pin my hair up.
Hello, Marsha. How are you?
Take this book back.
I don't want my brother reading it.
I think he said he'd like to.
You've done enough damage already.
- Bitch.
- No.
We can all learn a great deal from Marsha.
She's a very elemental person.
It's all that natural energy.
She's a nymphomaniac.
It's just that it's so unchanneled.
She has a long way to go.
Let me go! I want to end it!
Easy, buddy, just calm down.
This is the only way.
I got to end it, I got to burn!
Calm down. Think a minute.
You got to let me do it, Doc.
- Jesus.
- Don't worry.
That's one of Erle's favorite tricks.
He's just trying to get attention.
I want to end it. It just goes on and on.
You know better than that.
The old man shouldn't drink.
It really gets him loose.
Believe me, come tomorrow...
people will be so pleased
to see that you're safe and sound...
they won't think anything more of it.
You get a good night's sleep.
Everything will seem better
in the light of day.
There, now.
Bill, wake up, there's something out there!
Outside. Something was howling.
- Listen.
- The wind.
There was something howling before.
Okay, sure. Somebody's dog.
Not like any dog I ever heard.
Honey, you were raised in L.A.
The wildest thing you ever heard
was Wolfman Jack.
This is the country.
Come on, let's try to get some sleep, okay?
You heard something outside.
Why shouldn't you call the police?
I'm embarrassed.
I wish we hadn't even called them.
Look at this!
All the balls on my side of the court again.
What you ladies need is a good retriever.
Doc said on the phone that you folks
had a coyote problem out here.
- You're famous, ain't you?
- Sort of.
Sam, this is Karen White.
Karen, Sam Newfield.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- I used to watch you all the time.
You're prettier than Walter Cronkite.
Karen thought she saw something moving
in the bushes last night.
Coyotes is liable to come into a setup
like this to look for garbage.
- Did you hear anything?
- Me?
I sleep like the dead.
Tattoo? I don't remember one on him
when he came in.
The coroner...
The coroner said
that he had one on his shoulder.
Some kind of animal head, right there.
I don't get many of you TV people in here.
Mostly it's the newspaper guys
who like to come in, look at the meat.
I don't know how you can stand it.
Doesn't bother me.
Want to unwrap him, Ross?
Let's see, Quist is still with the John Does.
We haven't had time to re-file him.
Only thing that freaked me out
since working here...
is the night old Stu Walker came in.
The guy who worked here.
I say goodnight to him at the shift change...
a couple hours go by, then we get a delivery
from the Oceanside unit.
I unzip the bag.
There's old Stu, smiling up at me,
leaking sea water out his ears.
Visitors, Eddie!
Where is he?
He was here this morning.
God! Look at the door.
You don't suppose somebody
could have stolen him, do you?
He didn't get up and walk out on his own.
There're cows around here?
Charlie Barton's got a couple of acres
of pasture just down the hill.
They don't sound right.
I'm not really sure
how cows are supposed to sound.
Not like that.
Jerry's got a rifle, doesn't he?
Haven't you done assertiveness training?
Before I hooked into Doc, I did it all.
I did EST, TM, Scientology...
iridology, primal screamers.
I don't know. I figure
another five years of real hard work...
and maybe I'll be a human being.
I don't see nothing.
I didn't hear anything so funny anyway.
- Oh, Jesus!
- Christ!
- Now what?
- What's wrong?
- Great!
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- Let me look at it. Let me see.
Here. I can tell about batteries.
God, Donna. Now we're stuck out here
in the middle of Timbuktu someplace!
- Watch that gun.
- God!
Sorry to scare you, ma'am.
I thought you was a cowjacker.
There's another one back up yonder,
tore up the same way.
- You know what did it?
- It ain't a coyote, that's a cinch.
You girls all right?
Nothing like a quiet week in the country.
A little straighter.
All right, now the quick shot again.
Think fast.
You have potential, Bill.
I think you're ready for your bullets.
Don't you guys usually use a dog
in this kind of hunt?
Usually. But these clowns
would shoot all of them.
Besides, who needs dogs? We got T.C.
That boy's part bloodhound.
I still think it was UFOs,
them cattle mutilations.
Good, Erle. You watch the skies for us now.
That'll be your job.
- I want to talk to you.
- I thought you had a session.
I do. But I don't want you to go do this,
not just for my sake.
Are you kidding?
- I've never been on a wolf hunt before.
- This is a wolf hunt, not a coot show.
The boys are calling me.
Do you see the boys?
What happened then, Karen?
I hear something else.
Somebody else is breathing,
he's in there with me.
It's Eddie, and he closes the door.
And he puts a quarter into the slot.
And the movie starts.
And then he whispers something to me.
He whispers something to me,
and then he tells me...
I can finally turn around and look at him.
Turn around, Karen.
What do you see?
What's there, Karen?
- What do you see?
- What's there?
- I can't see him.
- Just try. He's right there.
- What do you see?
- What's there?
I can't see him! I can't.
Okay. That's far enough for now.
I'm sorry.
I got him. First shot.
And he said he wasn't no hunter.
We get 'em all:
sun worshippers,
moon worshippers, Satanists.
The Manson people
used to hang around here and shoplift.
Bunch of deadbeats.
Do you know of any groups
that are into stealing corpses?
Body snatching?
If you want to read about it, I've got a book.
Slide me down.
Hold it.
You name it, I've got the book.
"A number of young women
were killed in the next month...
"their bodies exhibiting signs
of animal attack."
What's that?
Warlocks, Werewolves and Demons.
If you're going to purchase, purchase.
If not, leave them. You'll get them greasy.
We'll find out if any of Eddie's killings
were on a full moon.
That's a lot of Hollywood baloney.
Your classic werewolf can change shape
any time it wants, day or night.
That's why they're called shape-shifters.
I've got a dozen books on it.
- What about killing it with silver bullets?
- Sure, silver bullets or fire.
It's the only way to get rid of them.
They're worse than cockroaches.
They come back from the dead
if you don't kill them right.
Plus, they regenerate.
Cut off an arm or leg,
stick a knife in the heart. Nothing.
They look dead,
but three days later, they're as good as new.
- Do you believe in this?
- What am I, an idiot?
I'm making a buck here.
You want books, I got books.
I got chicken blood, I got dog embryos,
black candles, wolfsbane.
Look at this, silver bullets.
Some joker ordered them.
.30-06. Never picked them up.
I take BankAmericard,
American Express, Visa.
- You gonna buy that or what?
- Yeah, these two.
- There's some incredible old pictures here.
- That's a good book.
Did you see any wolves?
Nope. Just lots of rabbits.
- What do you do with these things?
- Eat 'em.
My sister will cook it up for you, if you want.
No, I try to stay away from meat.
Your wife might like it.
You kill something you don't eat.
Now, that's a sin.
I never thought of it like that.
Our place is just over there.
My sister would be glad
to cook it up for you.
Are you sure?
Marsha just loves to cook.
Are you sure?
How long will it take?
I'll cook it later.
It happened so fast
that I didn't even see what it was.
- Jesus, Doc, is that necessary?
- Can't take any chances.
I want to go home.
I wouldn't advise traveling right now.
A bite like that can be pretty serious.
- Yes, that's the sign of the werewolf.
- That's just a legend though, isn't it?
Yes, but like most legends,
it must have some basis in fact.
Probably an ancient explanation
of the dual personality in each of us.
How does it go?
"Even a man pure in heart
and says his prayers by night...
"may become a wolf
when the wolfsbane blooms...
"and the autumn moon is bright."
You're reading. I'll get it.
- Who's calling at 11:30?
- It's my phone, I'll get it.
I'll get it.
- You want me to get it?
- You get it!
No, we're still up.
You're kidding me.
No, listen, we'll come right up, okay?
We'll be right up. Just calm down.
Okay. Bye-bye.
What is it?
Bill just got bitten by a wolf.
... whoever is bitten
by a werewolf and lives...
becomes a werewolf himself.
Come on, Terry, it's only a movie.
You go on ahead and I'll be up as soon as
I pitch the special to the old man.
Relax, will you?
It was probably just some stray dog.
- Hello, good friend.
- Hello.
How are you?
Are you okay?
I don't know what her last name is.
Donna calls her Marsha the Man-Eater.
And she lives in this shack...
with these furry little animals
hanging from the rafters.
You think she's trying
to make the move on Bill?
I don't know. It's just a feeling.
I sound paranoid, don't I?
Karen, you sound fine.
God, no veggies.
I totally forgot about Bill and his dinner.
Bill, I'm really sorry.
I totally forgot about you not eating meat.
No sweat. It's terrific.
No, really. I get hungry enough,
I'll eat anything.
Give me this book here.
I just thought maybe we'd...
Your timing is incredible.
Sorry, honey. Those shots are...
We're just out of sync, aren't we?
We never want the same thing
at the same time.
Goodnight, Bill.
Turn around, Karen.
What do you see?
Can you see anything?
Bill, it's...
Screw you, then.
Over here, Terry.
Anybody here?
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Come on, Christopher.
Christopher, you're not
going to believe this.
I'm in the bathroom.
I had that dream again.
This time I think you were in it.
No wonder, honey.
You've been asleep all day.
Jesus, where did you get
those scratches on your back?
I guess they're from the other night,
when I got attacked.
They weren't there the other night.
Karen, you're really getting paranoid.
- You've been with her, that Marsha girl?
- Don't lay your fantasies out on me.
- I'm not gonna take that...
- I know, it's all a big conspiracy...
You don't have one inch of backbone!
She walks by you like a bitch in heat...
Don't touch me.
I'm going over to Doc's and call Chris.
He'll come pick Terry and me up.
You can do whatever you want.
- You don't know what it's like.
- I don't want to know.
... and Eddie Quist, he lives...
Calm down. You're not making any sense.
Eddie Quist is dead.
I saw pictures just like we saw in his room.
Christopher, the landscape...
it's here at the Colony.
It's real.
- Where are you, at Doc's?
- Yeah.
Christopher, I'll tell you something.
I think he's got to be a part of this.
Is there some kind of file cabinet there?
Are you sure you're all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
It sure is good to hear your voice.
Look in the files under "Quist."
You won't hang up, will you?
I'll get the police there as soon as I can.
Just go look in the file.
Okay, hold on.
Never mind, you're coming with me.
"Quist, Marsha."
"Quist, T. C."
It's Eddie Quist.
Operator, get me
the County Sheriff's Department, quick!
No, don't bother.
I'll get hold of the state boys
and we'll meet you over at the center.
I wouldn't worry, Mr. Halloran.
I'm sure she's safe.
Those are real silver. I got to check
with a jeweler to find out what to charge!
Bill me.
Crazy fuck.
I got to use your phone.
Jesus Christ, what happened in here?
- Hello, Karen.
- Eddie.
I'm glad you came.
I wanted to see you again.
I saw you die.
You said on the phone
that you wanted to get to know me.
Here I am, Karen.
Look at me.
I want to give you a piece of my mind.
I trusted you, Karen.
Take it easy, pal.
Not all of us got enough money for a Mazda.
Some of us have to work for a living.
I'm in a hurry here. This is an emergency!
Come on out of there now, miss.
We've been waiting for you.
Took some persuading, did she?
Where's Bill?
He's one of us now.
In time, he would have brought you
over to us. Our secret will be safe.
It's wonderful, Karen.
When I was first bitten, I fought against it.
So did Jerry. And then we found the doctor.
He helped us. He helped us to adjust.
You see, Karen,
he understands all about the gift.
He knows how to use it, how to control it.
You'd have Bill back.
There's still time if you accept the gift.
It was a mistake to bring her to the Colony.
We should have stuck with the old ways.
Raising cattle for our feed.
Where's the life in that?
- Humans are our cattle.
- Humans are our prey.
We should feed on them,
like we've always done.
Screw all this "Channel your energies" crap.
But the danger of exposure...
We need this shelter to plan,
to catch up with society.
Times have changed and we haven't.
Not enough.
Shut up, Doc!
You wouldn't listen to me. None of you.
"We can fit in," you said.
"We can live with them."
You make me sick.
You're through, Doc.
She's ours now.
See what your friend did to me that night?
What's the matter with you all? Have you
forgotten everything you've learned?
She can't disappear. She's well-known.
Right, we've got to make this
look like an accident.
I won't let you do this.
You can't tame what's meant to be wild.
It ain't natural.
Violence is part of the human condition,
as history shows us.
Coping with that fact,
living with it, presents each of us...
Fortunately, most of us are able
to deal constructively with those choices.
But for others, the animal lure of mayhem...
the physical sensation
of life-and-death struggle...
produces gratification.
According to the autopsy reports,
Eddie's victims were bitten...
almost as if
they had been attacked by an animal.
Doctor, what can you tell me
about lycanthropy?
Where did you learn that term?
- On the Late Late Show.
- It's a mental disorder.
There are dozens of cases.
People like to walk about on all fours...
to make bestial groans and sighs.
They prefer to eat raw meat.
That certainly seems like
an awfully big coincidence...
Karen being attacked by someone
with this kind of delusion.
You're not going to believe this.
I've been attacked...
Hello, brave boy.
You know me, and I don't know you.
- Now why is that?
- Where is she?
Why? Is she your girlfriend?
Where's Terry?
Just down at the ritual center,
down the path.
That's where Waggner sends us to...
- He's so repressed.
- What did you do to her?
She's got a sexy voice.
I like a woman with a sexy voice.
Listen to this part here.
You are crazy.
I'm much more than that, bright boy.
I'm much more.
Take it.
Call it a gift.
Come on, bright boy.
Don't you know anything?
Put her and her friend in the car...
pour gasoline over them, set fire to them,
and push them off the Coast Road.
Chris, run! They'll kill you!
That gun won't do you any good, mister.
Don't come any closer.
I have silver bullets in here.
Silver bullets, my ass.
Get up, T.C.
They're real.
Don't come any closer, Doc, please.
Thank God!
Karen, get the door!
Take the rifle.
Come on!
- Is that the only door in the barn?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Where's Terry?
- They killed her.
And I think Bill.
Take this.
Get it started!
- How'd you find out about them?
- Terry called, right after...
Stop, it's Sam.
I smell gas. Come on.
Give it to me.
Come on!
Lock the door!
We have to warn people, Chris.
We have to make them believe.
There! I'm an artist. You look terrific!
I know you are. Thanks.
If you're done, Fran, thanks a lot.
- I'm not sure I can go through with this.
- You have to.
Okay, stand by on the set.
Five, four, three, two...
Good evening.
More word on that fire that's burning
out of control up the coast tonight.
Firefighters have discovered the blaze
seems to have started at the Colony...
an experimental living community...
founded by author and behavior expert,
Dr. George Waggner.
She's ready.
How does she look?
Does she look all right to you?
Reports so far indicate
that bodies have been discovered...
both inside and outside
the Colony buildings...
many of them burned beyond recognition...
in what authorities on the scene are calling
a Guyana-like spectacle.
Now for an exclusive eyewitness report
on the incident, we welcome back...
If she shows any sign of freezing,
like the last time, go right to commercial.
Take one.
Good evening.
From the day we're born...
there is a battle we must fight.
A struggle between
what is kind and peaceful in our natures...
and what is cruel and violent.
What the hell is this, an editorial?
That choice is our birthright
as human beings...
and the real gift
that differentiates us from the animals.
It is as natural to us as the air we breathe...
Did you pass this material?
She's not reading from the prompter.
We changed it a little bit.
But now, for some of us...
that choice has been taken away.
A secret society exists...
and is living among all of us.
They are neither people nor animals...
but something in between.
Monstrous mutations,
whose violent natures...
- Ready one, take one.
...must be satisfied.
I know what you're thinking,
because I've been where you are...
- That's enough.
- Leave it.
- Leave it? Cut!
- Leave it!
But I have proof...
and tonight I'm going to
show you something...
to make you believe.
Holy shit!
What is this?
- What are you kids watching?
- The news lady's turned into a werewolf.
Oh, boy!
Switch, damn it!
Doesn't that look good?
Tender, meaty chunks
of tantalizing nutrition...
Things they do with special effects
these days!
Did you see the one
about the guy in the spaceship?
It was real.
She turned into a werewolf,
and they shot her.
You're plastered!
Doesn't mean it wasn't real.
Ernie, put a pepper steak on for me,
and a hamburger for the lady.
- How do you want that?
- How do you want it, honey?
Go now...
and heaven help you.