Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

300 years after The Fall...
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You're alive?
What are you dreaming, little angel?
Try again.
Well that's the best
I can do for now.
I'm really grateful, Doctor.
I'll be getting some
overtime next week.
You pay me when you can.
Here, I got these for you.
My wife works out
at Farm 22.
Thank you.
See you next time.
Keep gettin' paid in fruit
and we'll pickin' these ourselves.
Hello, sleepyhead.
How do you feel?
Any pain anywhere?
- Numbness?
- Huh?
Motor dysfunction?
I'm a little hungry.
Eat this.
Get your sugar levels up.
Taste receptors are working.
Thank you.
You'll like this a whole lot better
with the peel off.
I don't mean to be rude,
but am I supposed
to know you?
Actually, we haven't met.
I'm Dr. Dyson Ido.
This is Nurse Gerhad.
Do you know who I am?
Well... we were hoping
you'd fill in that part.
Since you're a total
replacement cyborg.
And most of your cyber body
was destroyed.
We can't find any record.
But your very human brain... miraculously intact.
Theoretically you should
remember something.
It still pretty blank.
No, it's completely blank, actually.
I don't even know
my own name.
Let's look at the bright side.
Your tears are working.
It's so good.
What do you call this?
What's that?
The last of the great sky cities.
What holds it up?
Something stronger.
And down here we have
Iron City with all its charm.
Dr. Dyson Ido.
That's you.
While I'm learning name,
do you have one for me?
It's a nice name.
I love it!
Can I keep it?
At least until I can remember
my real name.
- Hmm...
- Thank you.
- Do you want to take a look?
- Yes.
Why there is so many languages?
After The Big War i've told you...
- The Fall.
- After The Fall...
...only Zalem was left...
...and survivors came here
from all over the world.
Everybody down here
works for Zalem.
Does anyone ever go to Zalem?
We should go.
Nobody from down here ever go top.
It's a rule that never broken.
What is that?
It's Motorball.
That's so cool.
Nothing you need to be
wasting your time watching.
One minute.
You want some?
Here you go.
Can I hug you?
Step aside!
Out of the way.
Why don't you watch
where you're goin'!
I gotta admit.
I never saw anybody challenged
the Centurion before.
You're heavy.
I mean...'re a cyborg?
So I was just admiring your hand.
Can I see?
It's really nice work.
Did Dr. Ido do it?
He built off me.
Except my core.
- That's mine.
- Oh.
He did a really great job.
Hey, where are those things?
What planet do you from?
Ido found me in Scrapyard.
- Scrapyard?
- Hmm...
But that would mean...
Hi, Doc.
I've got those drive board
you're looking for.
Alita is new in here.
She still learning about things.
I gotta go.
I'll drop those off later.
I need to rebuild on a quad servo.
Maybe I'll see you around.
Who is that?
He's a hardworker, but...
Alita, come on.
Let's go.
- Hugo.
- Let's go home.
There was a damn jackers that
ripped me to shred standing right there.
And that Centurion
wouldn't lift a finger.
Why would anyone wanna
take your arm and legs?
Tourque coupling.
Those jackers want your parts
for the black market.
To supply the Motorball game.
You were lucky.
Another girl was murdered
last night right near there.
I heard
that guy...
...carves girls up and
sells their body parts.
Shh... shh...
Sorry, Doc.
For now I dont want
you out after dark.
- Is that understood?
- OK.
And if you go out during the day,
don't wonder too far
from this neghborhood.
- Promise?
- I promise.
Hey, kid!
Hey, what's your problem?
Who is the girl?
My new assistant.
I was surprised to see her
in our daughter's body.
You're supposed to have it
destroyed that years ago.
- I couldn't.
- Clearly.
And did you tell her
whom you built that body for?
Our daughter is dead, Chiren.
You need to let it go.
It's obviously not me that's
clinging in something here.
- Hugo!
- Hi, Alita!
- Is this Motorball?
- Oh, this is scrimmage.
Do you want to join in?
Come on,
every kid is gotta play Motorball.
So why not.
I want us to be a team again.
I have a great new setup.
And eguipment.
Worthy of your skills.
Together we can build
a finest champion...
...this game
has ever seen.
It could be my ticket home.
When are you going to realize
there is no way back?
It just does not happen.
Vector can me it happen.
I can't believe
you trust Vector.
He has a very high connection.
I won't help you
build monsters.
I gotta get back to Zalem somehow.
I'll claw my way there with
my bare hands if I have to.
Hey everyone, this is Alita.
Best way to learn is to go in.
Pass the ball!
That's it?
We need you to turn
and look for an opening.
I think i'm getting it.
You can let go
the remote now.
Oh, crap.
- Come on get her!
- Come on get her!
Koyomi, pass her the ball!
Hey, she got it.
She got it.
Get her!
Sorry, Princess.
Nice, Tanji.
She's never played before.
Attack him!
Where are you?
It's stuck.
Your freak girlfriend's
got some serious malfunctions.
I'm really sorry.
She humiliated you so severely.
Alright, I'll see you tonight.
And ehm... she's not my girlfriend.
You got some talents
for this game.
I gotta get home now.
Ido wants me in the house
before dark.
Do you wanna ride?
You can't remember anything?
I'm trying to.
Family? Friend?
Favourite food?
Well maybe orange juice.
But that's since yesterday.
- Orange juice?
- Aha.
No. Unacceptable.
Here, check this out.
And here you go.
Thank you.
You ready?
Try this.
Trust me.
It's chocolate.
- This is so great.
- It's good, right?
I have a favourite food now.
- This is my favourite food.
- I wouldn't call that.
I would.
Hey, look.
Check it out.
It's a Hunter Warrior.
He's a bounty hunter.
The name is Zapan.
Scanning for his mark.
I would'nt want to be that guy.
Look at that sword.
All guns are outlawed
in Iron City.
Punishable by dead.
Anything that challenge to Zalem.
Didn't I tell you to be home
before dark?
What's the big deal?
I just lost track of time.
Don't trust anyone.
People do terrible things
to each other here.
What happened to your arm?
Here. Eat this.
Are you OK?
You still need a proper nourishment
for your brain.
Do you have any chocolate?
Its a harsh world.
The strong prey
on the weak down here.
You gotta stay focus
on your dream.
What's your dream?
I'll show you.
This is my secret place.
Best view in town.
Really cool.
No. Look.
That view.
I wonder what is like up there.
Better than this dump down here.
Stuff from the Factory
going up to Zalem.
The tube is just for cargo.
Not for the people.
If I were as strong as you,
I'd climb that tube to Zalem
right now.
But they don't let anyboy up there.
No. That's what they want
you to think.
You just gotta know
the right people.
- I happen to be connected.
- Oh...
You gotta willing to do
what it takes.
Whatever it takes.
Funny thing is you've seen it.
You just can't remember.
What do you mean?
Doc found you in Scrapyard.
All that stuff is dumped from Zalem.
So you must be from up there.
I guess so.
If you could just tell me
what those eyes have seen.
I wish I could.
I keep trying to remember but...'s still a blink.
Starting to feel like
I wasn't very important.
Just an insignificant girl thrown out
with the rest of the garbage.
No! Stop!
Don't do it!
Oh, no.
It's a trap.
Looking for me...
Or should I say...
...Hunter Warrior?
Hunter Warrior?
Oh no...
Looks like he's got us.
Don't move!
Hey, thanks for bringing the girl.
That's gonna save us some time.
Nice shot!
For a meat boy.
You came to rescue me?
That is so sweet.
You have nice eyes.
He's mine.
You can have the girl.
So long as I get his eyes.
Alita run!
My God.
Rip that flea.
You are so beautiful.
I will rip you open... see if your ugly inside... the others.
Watch her die.
Come here, little flea.
So I can pich your head off.
99, on your left!
You'll pay, little flea.
Grewhiska does not forget.
I'll coming for you.
Grewhiska does not forget!
When I was fighting,
i remembered something.
I was in a huge battle.
You surprise me.
Well you've surprised me too.
Before The Fall,
there were police to stop criminals.
Now the Factory pays us
to do their dirty work.
Hunter Warrior 17739
You are a Hunter Warrior.
Stay here.
Don't kill anyone.
Bounty from Cyborg Nyssiana
was 20.000 credit.
You should've told me
who you really are.
Do you do it for the money?
I take the money.
Otherwise the clinic
would've closed long ago.
I do this work for other reason
I rather not talk about it.
You have to talk about it!
Something during the fight
triggered the memory.
I was on the Moon.
You know more about me
than you're saying.
Whose body is this?
Who am i?
This was your daughter.
You built this body for her.
Her name was Alita.
She was really looking forward
to waking up with legs that could run.
You built her a pair of fast legs.
She never got to use them.
She was murdered.
What happened?
A patient of mine came to the clinic
one night looking for drugs.
I was a tuner for
the Motorball games.
And I made a machine body
for him of obscene strength.
He was my demon doing back to me.
What are you doing there?
Alita couldn't get out of
her way fast enough.
Her mother, Chiren,
could'nt deal with Alita's death.
Maybe she just couldn't deal with me.
So I went hunting.
I needed to kill him.
Maybe I was just hoping
that he would kill me.
It brought no peace.
There were other demons
like him out there.
I felt somehow I was responsible
for all of them.
So I registered
as a Hunter Warrior.
Nothing noble about it.
Did you ever find peace?
I found you.
I'm not your daughter.
I don't know what I am.
I do.
Have a look at your original
cyber core.
This your brain.
A normal, healthy teenage girl's brain.
If there is such a thing.
But this is your heart.
Heart of your original core.
Powered by
an anti-matter micro reactor.
So i've got a strong heart.
You have a heart strong enough
to power all of Iron City for years.
This is lost technology.
Nobody made this stuff since...
...before The Fall.
Yeah right.
So i'm 300 years old?
Sweetheart, you are.
I dont want my players loosing
unless I tell them to.
I can't be left the chance.
You promised me champions.
And you promised me
the best of everything.
Get those military servos
I've asked for.
You don't have a winning attitude.
Just be ready for tomorrow's game.
Help me.
Why should I waste my talent on you?
Look what she's done to me.
Ido's little cyber girl.
What did you say?
The woman in my memory,
called me 99.
What you saw is a flash
of your previous lifes.
Who was I?
In time you'll remember.
I want to rip her in half.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
I wish stripping him for parts.
I need you to look at something.
It's a TelePresence chip.
He's wired.
Somebody in Zalem is riding him.
There are watchers behind
the eyes all over the city.
Pretty common now.
I'd just as soon remove it...
...while I'm rebuilding him.
Why are you wasting time
on this burned-out street junk?
It's a personal matter.
Do you like your job, Vector?
If you like your position...
...and the many
comforts come with it,
I strongly suggest
you listen to Dr. Chiren.
My apologies.
Who did this to Grewishka?
A little cyborg girl.
Though the impact points are evidence
of an extraordinary power.
I don't understand how she can create
such force on a such small body.
It was not the power
of the body that did this.
It was the mind.
She knows the fighting techniques.
A Panzer Kunst.
Rebuild Grewishka.
Have him bring her to me.
He's gone.
Not gone.
You are a clever woman, Doctor.
And determine to reach your goal
at any cost.
So I make you this over.
If and when you've pleased me,
I will grant you the destiny you seek.
You'll send me to Zalem?
I'm there right now.
Consider my service is engaged.
There is no bounty on Grewishka.
You report it to the Factory.
He's killing all those women.
Somebody is protecting him.
Who has power to do that?
Someone far beyond us here.
We'll better stay off
the street from now.
I wanna be
a Hunter Warrior like you.
Alita, that's impossible.
We could be a team.
Alita, this is dangerous.
A dirty work.
- I know.
- No, you don't.
How's that your choice to make?
It's out of a question.
I might need a life or dead situation
to remember who I was.
Even if it's just for a second.
Alita, somethings are
better left forgotten.
I don't want blood
on these hands too.
And I'll find out for myself.
I'm just tired of it.
He just wants me to be
his perfect little girl.
So are you gonna live
by his rules or yours?
Welcome to Motorball!
Joshugan is got the ball.
Claymore attacks!
Joshugan takes him out!
And he throws Ajakutty like a rag doll!
Come on, let me show you something.
I know all the pit crews and tuners.
I'll introduce you around.
Who's the top player?
Right now I'd say Joshugan has the
best chance to make to final champion.
I was over-steering in turn sixth.
What's final champion?
It's the best thing
a Motorball player can win.
Every few years they choose
a player that can be beaten.
And he gets to go to Zalem.
Juggernaut needs to pit right now.
Do you like to loose?
Then get him here.
Claymore is rebuilt.
Why is he not tracking?
Alita is here.
That's Vector.
He basically runs Motorball.
We do a lot of business with his team.
Selling parts to him
and his new tuner.
What? You're not the only one
with connection.
Getting close to Juggernaut.
Kinuba had cutting in his side.
Kinuba went through him like laundry
with those Grind Cutters.
Is that weapon even legal?
Kinuba is too strong
with that new weapon.
He's goin' up the odds.
You know...
...I could really use his Grind Cutters.
For other project.
What do you think?
I like it.
Hey Hugo,
we gotta go.
Hey, something came up.
- Where are you going?
- I just got to do something.
Can you get back OK?
Yes, sure.
Can you go out tomorrow?
I wanna show you this
place me and Tanji knows.
It's out in the Badlands.
It might helps with your memory.
I appreciate that.
For everything.
What the hell?
Hurry up!
You are dead!
You little runts!
I'm gonna smash your skulls!
You strip parts!
I'm gonna make you pay for this.
Nice works.
Compliments to your crew.
Thank you, Sir.
Pass it on.
Hey man, where is my cut?
When you gonna tell your
little hardbody you jack cyborg?
I'm not.
Neither are you.
Are you afraid she's gonna cut you loose?
Get the Grind Cutters over
to Chiren right away.
Use the service gate.
Vector, you prick!
I should've known.
Well you should've known, my friend... that no one... greater than a game.
What's outside the city?
Not much.
War wiped out all utilities
and most everything else.
All we know... the Sky City fell
all in one night.
When the enemy
launched the last attack...
...with every ship they had.
Who was the enemy?
The URM.
United Republic of Mars.
You are URM.
On that last night of the war,
there's silk in the sky burned.
And in the morning,
Zalem stills stood.
It's just up ahead.
This ship is from the battle of Zalem.
I'd figure that maybe things up from
the war would help trigger memory...
Salvagers have jacked some stuff
over the years for metal.
But it's all URM's technology
so small should've been left alone.
- This is an URM ship?
- Hmm...
You know it's pretty hard to sell the stuff
since no one knows what it is or what...
We have to go to the command deck.
It's forward.
How did she know that?
Hey, we can't get there.
It's under water.
How long do you think
she can hold her breath?
I don't know.
Oh... this can't be good.
Forget it.
I won't do it.
...but you have to.
This would help us fight Grewishka
and anyone else he sends after us.
This body... has the power I need.
I feel a connection to it.
I can't explain.
This could be who I am.
You've been given a chance to start over.
With a clean slate.
How many of us get that?
Why did an enemy warship...
...respond to me?
Because I knew that ship!
I've been on others like it, haven't i?
Haven't I?
Whatever you were,
is not who and you are now.
I'm a warrior, aren't I?
And you know.
You've always known.
This is called a Berserker.
It's a humanoid weapon system
created by the URM Technarchy.
Your core was designed to
interface with this type of body.
Your identity code activated it.
The instinctive fighting
technique you use... Panzer Kunst.
A lost combat art for machine bodies... was used by the Berserkers.
This is why you're drawn to conflict
without hesitation.
It's part of your training.
You are not just a warrior, Alita.
You an URM Berserker.
The most advanced cyborg weapon
ever created.
And that is exactly why
I will never unite you with this body.
That's fine.
State your business!
I'm here to register
as a Hunter Warrior.
How did it go?
You're a Hunter Warrior alright.
Doc is gonna be pissed.
Whose rules do I live by?
Are you sure about this? This place is
just for bounty hunter. Nobody else...
What do you think this is?
Ido says I'm drawn to conflict.
I remember you.
How is it going?
Are you OK?
Just watch my back.
Oh boy...
Hey, Zapan!
Not the furniture.
What brings you in here, sweet?
Come to see the hunter up close?
Not exactly.
Cupcake is a bounty hunter.
So you went down,
threw that your application form,
You got your ID badge in.
And now you're just like us, ya?
Let me introduce you to some of
your professional colleagues.
This is Master Clive Lee
of the White Hot Palm.
He has over 200 confirmed kills.
And this is Screwhead.
One of our most lethal bounty hunters.
And then there's McTeague.
The dog master.
With his hellhounds.
His biggest problem is there
is never enough left... identify off this we
can collect the bounty.
Then there is me.
Keeper of the legendary
Damascus blade.
Honed to mono-moleculer edge.
Its slices armour like butter.
Forged before The Fall
by the lost art of URM metallurgy.
And who did you kill to acquire it?
Hunter Warrior is a solitary predator.
You'll be competing against us
for the kill.
You can see
what you're up against.
I came to ask for your help.
Against our common enemy, Grewishka.
He's being protected by the system...
...and continue to rampage unchecked.
And now he's after Ido and me.
So I'm calling on you... Hunter Warrior brothers.
Let's band together.
And defeat him once and for all.
Any takers?
Big surprise.
You know normally I wouldn't take care
over you under my wing.
Share my knowledge.
Well I'm gonna make
an exception in your case.
If you cut loose meat boy over there
and let me buy you a drink.
Hey, watch it!
And what could I learn from
a loudmouth pretty boy...
...who spend all of his money on his face?
Maybe I'll pull your arms and legs off.
Throw your head around in the street.
Maybe that will teach you some manners.
You might mess up your hair.
You do not deeserve such a weapon.
I heard you are the hero of Iron City.
I am not impressed.
What the hell are you doing?
I'm gonna need you sit way back.
I will take on anyone in this room.
And if I win,
You fight alongside me.
This bitch break my nose.
Yes, I did.
All I see is junkyard punks,
assorted cyber trash...
...and bunch of drunken Motorball
burn-outs too slow to play the game.
Thanks, Hugo.
Oh, no.
Hold it!
Knock it off!
Or no more free repairs!
I'm with her.
Sorry about this.
You and I are going to have
a little talk.
No. We've had our talk.
You didn't leave another choice.
Dont move.
It's Grewishka.
What's happened to him?
Well to answer your question...
...I've had a little up-grade.
I'm only here for the girl.
Now she's all yours.
What about the rest of you?
There is no bounty on this guy, Dok.
Not our problem.
It's alright, Ido.
The only one with courage.
So innocent.
Iron City is no place
for an innocent, little flea.
I do not stand by in
the presence of evil.
I do not stand by in
the presence of evil.
Come to my world.
Come, little flea!
Welcome to the underworld.
My world.
From here there are world,
above world, above world.
Going further up and you can imagine.
The trash of each one
flows down to one below.
Until it all ends up here.
This is where I used to live.
And that's where you're going to die.
Dance, little flea!
I was forgotten here and rotten.
But I was saved.
By the same hand
that shift your destiny even now.
- Whose hand?
- My master.
What do you know about me?
You... have the sould of a survivor.
No. Never give up.
Know what is hidden.
Always ask...
...what is it that you are not seen.
He's the dragon that must be slain.
Look at you.
Where are you going?
What's the matter?
My little toy doesn't
want to play anymore?
I'll turn you into living pendant
to adorn my chess.
And then I can hear your voice
every moment of the day.
Bleeding for mercy!
Fuck your mercy!
Break off!
He wasn't a dog lover.
I hate that.
Oh, come here...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sory.
You think you can
replace that so easily?
Bring her back as
many time as you like.
No one will dare harm you again.
It's the adapted technology
of the Berserker body.
The cell is reconfiguring to her
subconscious images of herself.
I've never seen anything like it.
It's making micro adjustments
throughout every system.
Looks like she's a little older
than you thought.
Well... look at you.
Oh, you were right.
A warrior spirit
needs a warrior body.
It draws in air,
generating an arc plasma.
Ehm... you can control it.
I don't know.
Didn't exactly come
with the manual, did you?
Some kind of weapon.
Now you know who you are.
But that's just a shell.
It's not bad or good...
...that part up to you.
Back together?
Very back together.
You look...
It's all nano-tech.
It's bunch of stuff even
Ido hasn't figured out yet.
- So you're stronger than you were?
- Yeah.
And faster than you.
It feels...
...more me.
You know some guys might be
intimidated by girl like you.
Why is that?
Because you could rip my arm off
and beat me with the wet end.
Well then...
...don't piss me off.
Why don't you like her?
I just never got
that whole heart body thing.
And beside she's URM.
It means she's probably
the enemy at one point.
300 years ago.
Get over it.
I'm a lot more touch sensitive too.
A lot higher of density
of force feedback and...
...texture censor.
You wanna try it?
You can feel this?
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
How about this?
Where am I now?
...with me.
Does it bother you?
That I'm not completely human?
You're the most human person
I have ever met.
He won't even let me fix his eye.
He says he wants the pain.
You've failed me.
You will never triumph
until you understand what she is.
She is the last of her kind.
The finest weapon
of the URM Technarchy.
I need you to destroy this Alita.
I need you to bring me her heart.
I live only for her death.
I hate when he does that.
This is not a man who tolerate failure.
I'm not trusting
my future to a piece of iron.
What do you have in mind?
To dream.
I like your drive, Hugo.
You have a solid future with my team.
My future is in Zalem.
I remember your promise everyday.
To send me up.
I wanna get you a million credits.
I'd rather rule in hell
than serve in heaven.
To be at the bottom
of the food chain up there.
But down here...
...we could live like kings.
...tell me about this friend of yours.
That her name.
What happened to you?
I wound up hanging out with Vector.
Some alcohol was involved.
So Vector... that your connection
for getting into Zalem?
I was hoping maybe you'd want to stay.
It's not right away.
I still gotta race the
rest of the money first.
It's OK.
It's your dream.
I know it's what you've always wanted.
You know...
I was always so sure.
And you came along.
Nothing is clear anymore.
How much more do you need
before you can go?
I can make that in bounties.
I'll just figure out who has the highest prize
on their head than I'll take them out.
No. I can't ask you to do that for me.
I'd do whatever
I had to for you.
I'll give you whatever I have.
What are you doing?
I give you my heart.
Take it.
It's got an URM micro reactor for
power supply probably worth millions.
With your connection
you can find a buyer.
You can make enough
for both of us to go to Zalem.
- Then we'll just find a
cheaper replacement. - No.
Come on,
you buy and sell parts all day long.
Don't just do things for people.
No matter how good you think they are
or how deserving they are.
It's all or nothing with me.
This is who I am.
I know.
It's OK.
Put it back.
That was pretty intense, huh?
Ya, that was very intense.
Maybe there is another way.
Vector wants you to try out
for Second League.
You become a big Motorball star.
Make a pile of money.
We can go Zalem together.
What are you talking about?
I can't be a pro Motorball player.
Ali... can be a champion.
You win this tryout,
every scout will be killing each other
to get you.
We'll be home free.
Only if you'll be my coach.
Well if that what it takes.
It's all that it takes.
Do you think you can kill her?
Much worse.
Ido, can a human love a cyborg?
Does this cyborg love a human?
A human can love a cyborg.
But you have to keep
your mind on the game, Alita.
It can get very rough out there.
Even for a tryout.
Try this.
Do you make this for me?
It won't make you any faster.
It's regulation.
But at least they won't fail you.
Here's our deal.
You go in there,
you race, you win,
you come back right here.
And you wear all of this pads.
Especially this one.
I don't need all this crap.
Yes, you do.
if you wreck this body,
i can't fix it.
- This is URM technology.
- Yes, I know.
You're gonna find a place to watch
because you're making me nervous.
Good luck.
Thank you for coming
on the such short notice.
You are the scum of the game.
But tonight you're hand-picked scum.
Because tonight is not a game.
Its is a hunt.
I'm paying 500.000... the one who kill...
...the girl called Alita.
Where are you?
The trial is about to start.
I'm on my way.
But something i've gotta do first.
I'm doing this for us, remember?
You can't miss it.
I won't.
Trust me.
Just stop!
I didn't do anything to you.
It's just a business.
Nothing personal.
Tanji, stop!
Using my name?
Man, what's wrong with you?
I can't do this anymore.
What's the matter?
You already gone half the time.
Now you show up
with line of this crap?
It's your little hardbody, isn't it?
It's over.
Do you understand?
I'm out.
And if you had any brain,
you'd leave behind too.
I'm out!
For good.
You should've jacked that bitch
when we had the chance.
We'll be on your way
to Zalem right now.
Very professional.
Hey man,
we dont want any trouble.
If this is your mark, we're sorry.
He's all yours.
Jacking cyborg.
Your little girlfriend might take this
kinda personally, dont you think?
You know girls.
She'll probably get a weepy
dan forgive you...
...when I show your head.
There's no marker out on me.
There will be.
Murders pulls high level bounty.
Even with gutter trash like you.
I never killed anyone.
You just did.
She thinks she can punk me, huh?
Hugo, run!
Next stop is second league tryout.
Where the Factory practice team
report to the line.
The winner tonight will make one step closer
to qualifying for the champions league.
That is one tough line up.
This is gonna be one
heck of the match tonight.
That's not Factory team.
These two punks in the back,
there are bounty marker on them.
And the other guys,
they're Hunter Warriors.
And here comes tonight
one new prospect.
OK then folks,
give it up for, Alita!
Hugo brought her right to us.
What've you promised him?
I'm sending him to Zalem of course.
Since there is only one new prospect,
What's up?
There will be no team.
The name of the game is Cut-Throat.
Go easy on me, guys.
Sure, kid.
No worries.
Apa are you doing?
It's a setup.
You gotta get out of there.
They're gonna kill you.
Which one?
All of them!
Players, 10 seconds warning.
5 seconds.
The new kid, Alita,
takes possession right of the snap.
A slow Tuesday night just about hotter.
Looks like the fans
have themselves...
...their underdog darling.
With a face of an angel...
...and a body built for battle.
Oh... crap.
Oh... she knows better.
Stinger got Alita
in a lot of trouble.
She must've said something
in the locker room...
...that these guys
did not like.
No. 99.
Ali, it's me.
I got a big problem.
Hugo, this is not a good time.
He's trying to kill me.
Who's trying to kill you?
The Hunter Warrior.
He killed Tanji.
What do you mean?
Now he's coming for me.
I'm not sure hard battle
can get out of this one.
Shit, here he comes.
- Where are you?
- Headed to the old church.
OK, I'm coming.
I can't believe it!
I've never seen
anything like it.
Hey. I'm almost there.
Got it.
Where are you going, huh?
Looks like your Hugo hasn't been
entirely honest with you.
Is it true?
You don't understand.
I've never killed anyone.
We only jacked parts.
We paralysed them...
...and stripped them.
That's all.
I needed the money for Zalem.
Step aside and let me do my job.
You touch him again,
and I will kill you.
Interference between a licensed
Hunter Warrior and his kill... a violation of Factory Law
and Hunter's Code.
He's mine!
Then make the kill.
Come on Hunter Warrior.
Tonight you become one of us.
You know there is no room for
love or mercy in Hunter's Code.
Let me make it easier for you.
Deliver the criminal Hugo,
bounty 9107.
Wanted for a crime of murder.
You better finish him before we do!
It's Hunter's law.
I have to get you to Ido.
You go back out there with me alive,
they'll kill us both.
What did you do?
What did you do?
I didn't kill that guy.
But what is it matter?
I tore people apart.
People like you.
For money.
Where were you tonight?
I want to stop the others.
And tell them I quit.
Because I love you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Did you find them?
They are gone.
You're so cold.
Please don't die.
Please don't...
I'd give him my life I could.
Maybe you can.
You've violated Factory Law
and Hunter's Code... protecting a wanted felon.
Where's criminal Hugo,
bounty 9107?
Hugo is dead.
I claim the bounty.
Hunter Warrior 26651.
Claim confirmed.
That's a cute trick.
You think this is gonna work?
Give me that.
Hunter Warrior off hand.
Stealing on others bounty... against Factory Law
and Hunter's Code.
May face.
May face!
May face!
How is he?
This city... corrupt.
Even a good people.
He's good.
He's stabil.
Chiren's surgical technique
was brilliant.
There is no brain damage.
Vector was running a scam.
If you born on the ground,
you stay on the ground.
No one or a lot of money
can change that.
The only one way to get from
the lower groud to Zalem... to become final champion.
You can't buy your way up there.
But how do you know that for sure?
I was born there.
I've removed it myself.
Mark of Zalem.
With our daughter's illness,
Chiren and I were forced
to descend to Iron City.
The man who responsible for her exile...
...and the watcher behind the eyes... Nova.
You had her heart in your hands...
...and you let her live.
- I did.
- Why?
Because I'm a doctor.
...I'm a mother.
And somehow I forgot that.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm out.
Chiren, wait.
Don't you think it's time
you want to Zalem?
I have to send you
up there right now.
What I want... isn't up there.
I gotta do something.
I'll come back for you.
This is my fault.
This is my fault.
Don't you ever feel sorry for yourself.
You're the only one built for this.
Thank you, Father.
Hostile intention detected.
Surrender your weapon.
Surrender your weapon!
Security report.
Violation, violation, violation...
Did you get her?
You were never going
to send Hugo to Zalem.
Were you?
I always keep my promise
to send people up.
Like Dr. Chiren.
Nova demands body parts
for his experiments.
Especially the brain
of the people he admires.
And that is the only way
anyone ever gets to Zalem.
It took you long enough.
I knew you wouldn't wait for
your faith to find you, little flea.
Get up.
Defense Ring!
Finish the mission.
Destroy Zalem.
Destroy Zalem.
I know who my enemy is.
And I know he's watching us now.
And you're just his slave.
And I'm just an insignificant girl.
- Speak!
- No.
No, no.
What do you want me to say,
I'll say anything.
Not you.
So we finally meet, Alita.
Not your real name of course?
Where are you?
As we speak.
Feet up.
Well my girl you certainly
exceeded my expectation.
Killing my champion Grewishka.
Most impressive.
And turning selfish
a creature like Chiren.
I didn't see that coming.
So when you walk out of here...
...the Factory won't stop you.
This time.
I don't need your permission to live.
Others might.
Your Dr. Ido for example.
And what about Hugo?
He is still alive, isn't he?
And we'll track him down.
I found the only way
to enjoy immortality... to watch others die.
You've just lost a puppet.
That looks fatal.
No matter.
The Vector was getting tiresome.
You've made the biggest
mistake of your life.
What's that?
Underestimating who I am.
Until next time.
I see everything.
Factory enforcers came looking for Hugo.
Somehow they knew he'd been kept alive.
I help him escape,
but they've sealed the city.
They're going to find him.
Where is he?
He's trying to go up.
You have to come down.
We can't stay up here.
There's a bounty on me.
This is the only way.
No, this is dangerous!
We have to get down now!
If I go back down there,
I'm dead.
No, you have to listen to me, OK?
I've been right here before.
This is exactly what Nova wants you.
He's using you to get to me.
Come on,
we have to go back down.
We belong up there, Alita.
We dont belong anywhere....
...except together.
But we'll always be running.
Come with me.
Hold on!
I got you!
Don't move.
Don't move.
I'm gonna lift you up slowly.
Thank you.
For saving me.
I love you.
It took her only
a few months to rise...
...through the ranks
of the Second League.
And tonight, she makes
her first appearance... the Champions League.
Where she has the chance
at becoming final champion.
And going to Zalem.
...for the battle angel herself,
number 99,
Alita! Alita!
Alita! Alita!
Alita! Alita!
Alita! Alita!
Alita! Alita!