Zama (2017)

and means...
- Spider.
And kva means... wasp.
who's the voyeur?
We need the boy to confess.
And for you to find a way
to dismiss all the charges.
He's not talking.
To free oneself of one's position,
one must first take care of it.
I say this for you
and everyone else here.
He won't talk.
May I?
- Please.
Good morning.
Ventura Prieto,
Assistant to the Magistrate.
You can go.
There will be no punishment.
No punishment.
You can go.
Not without a statement.
show this good man the way out.
There's a fish...
There's... a fish...
You're still under oath.
There's a fish
that spends its life
swimming to and fro.
Fighting water
that seeks to cast it upon dry land.
Because the water rejects it.
The water doesn't want it.
These long-suffering fish,
so attached to the element
that repels them,
devote all their energy
to remaining in place.
You'll never find them
in the central part of the river,
but always near the banks.
'My lady, my Marta,
I write to you with concern.
For 14 months, I've waited
for news of you
and my children.'
The Governor told me
it won't be long before my departure.
The Governor assured me
that it won't be long
before my departure.
What do you want?
Message for Diego de Zama.
- That's me.
They're expecting you at Getaway Beach.
Who's expecting me?
- A man.
I need you to speak to the Minister,
I don't want those leeches
boarding my ship.
Your relationship
with the Treasury Minister is good?
Everyone here is willing to do business,
No payments for over a year.
We've got to unload
the Oriental's brandy.
He's made a fortune in Montevideo.
Now he wants to expand his business
Did Marta give you a letter for me?
Marta is making many sacrifices, Diego.
Taking care of your children.
They're growing.
Did you see her... often?
My friend, the Oriental!
A man who has seen the future
from Montevideo!
I'm grateful that you're willing
to help us, Don Diego.
If you excuse me,
I'll now retire to rest.
Do we need an armed escort?
They warned us about a 'Vicua'.
- Vicua is dead!
He was killed 1000 times.
Don't worry. You're in good hands now.
Go and rest.
The Oriental's son.
During the voyage,
I told him who Don Diego de Zama was.
The magistrate, Don Diego de Zama.
A god who was born old
and can't die.
His loneliness is atrocious.
Are you talking to me?
The magistrate, Don Diego de Zama,
in charge.
The pacifier of Indians. He who did
justice without drawing his sword.
It's not Zama who hides behind
obligations without surprises or risks.
Zama the corregidor.
A corregidor with the spirit of justice.
A man of law.
A judge.
A man without fear.
Good evening.
Your shirt?
There's no one there, Don Diego.
Are you hurt?
There's nothing to fear.
Who goes there?
What's happening?
Did they rob you, Don Diego?
Was there a robbery?
- No, I arrived just in time.
It's the dead boy.
Was it a fair-skinned boy?
No. Perhaps. I was here.
I fear for my daughters.
They're my treasure,
magnificent women.
Since my wife died,
I brush their hair every night.
I fear for them.
Sometimes, I get up.
I go to their rooms,
I fix the mosquito nets,
I close the windows...
Vicua and his men break into houses
and pass their days raping women.
I fear for my daughters.
Vicua and his men break into houses
and spend days raping women.
Vicua has been executed.
There's nothing to fear.
Don Diego de Zama!
Sit here.
Don Ventura Prieto!
Doa Luciana Piares de Luenga!
Help me with this, it's poorly fitted.
It's tight here.
Good afternoon.
The mulattas are here.
Won't you help yourself, Don Diego?
You prefer white girls.
Your exclusive preferences
surprise me.
Were you robbed at the inn?
Did they rob you?
Did they?
- No, I intervened.
Who was it?
- I don't know.
It seems there was a scuffle
in your room last night?
Did they hurt you?
Your landlord's daughter was at the
market, very nervous about Vicua Porto.
Apparently Don Diego confronted Vicuna.
Your friend, the Oriental...
He might have cholera.
There have been other cases.
Should I send for Doctor Palos?
- No, I'm already aware.
To honour the visit of
Seora Luciana Piares de Luenga,
our beloved Luciana,
she'll hand out the ribbons
to the winner.
Let's head to the gallery. You can sit
wherever you feel most at ease.
In my case, I prefer the company of a
man who bears the white man's burden
and is sanctified by purity.
Luciana is the Treasury Minister's wife,
A joke has been making the rounds.
They say Luciana has the most beautiful
body that Zama has ever imagined.
Who said that?
Over there.
The bald man.
Perhaps I should leave.
I haven't got the strength.
Doctor Palos?
Doctor Palos?
- It's the dead boy.
The little saint is there.
Who are you?
I wish to speak
with the Minister of the Treasury,
Seor Honorio Piares de Luenga.
My business can be postponed.
I need to see a doctor
who is fit to practise medicine.
May I speak with someone in the house?
And Seora Piares de Luenga...
Is she in?
Distilled in a double alembic.
So, it's distilled many times
before it's ready.
You'll appreciate it.
These recipes are jealously guarded.
Have you been to Buenos Aires?
- Yes.
I read that many comedy troupes
put on plays with their orchestras.
We have almost no occasion
for elegance here.
That's not something you lack.
My wife wanted to go.
My wife wanted to go.
Me, I'm always on the river...
that comes and goes...
Always far away,
for one reason or another.
It's aged in casks.
Such nobility!
See those?
Bring me the little glasses.
No, the smaller ones.
How beautiful.
There were twelve of them.
Only eight arrived.
They came in a box, well protected,
but not all of them were wrapped.
Such laziness, this packaging.
They were wrapped in newspapers
from Buenos Aires.
And curiously enough,
with that flotilla
came newspapers that dated back further
than the newspapers
wrapped round my glasses.
My glasses carried more recent news
than the papers distributed here.
Isn't that charming?
And sad?
It doesn't weigh on you, Don Diego,
because you'll be transferred
any day now, I hear.
It doesn't weigh on you,
because you'll be transferred
any day now, I hear.
Where are you hoping to be sent?
To the city of Lerma.
But not just yet.
We have almost no occasion
for elegance here.
The newspapers spoke of the uproar
caused by...
I forget the play.
The applause...
How rare, the occasions for applause.
To the actors who dare
to disguise themselves!
Our friend is not well.
Should I send for Doctor Palos?
- No, I'm already aware.
How timely it is for me to intercede
in favour of your friend's affairs.
Come in!
Has he left?
He felt indisposed.
His poor manners are forgiven.
You should send for Doctor Palos.
- Of course.
Once your friend recovers,
come and see me again, Diego.
I'll do everything in my power.
I'll send a letter to my husband,
informing him of our affairs.
When he's away,
he torments me with tender missives.
This servant here, this black man,
comes and goes with messages.
With this heat...
it grieves me to learn this.
Many women despise my independence.
And too many men misunderstand
my conduct.
Small-minded people.
Yet abundant.
People are less alone
in the big cities, whilst knowing
each other less, don't you think?
Is this summer worse,
or am I just more impatient?
Houses suffocate me.
I prefer the river.
If only we had some cold months.
Yes, time doesn't pass
when there's no winter.
The snow...
So elegant.
The Russian princesses wrapped in furs.
The perfumes.
The heated houses, with rugs.
Europe is best remembered
by those who were never there.
I recall nothing about it.
Marriage forces you to forget.
Or so I've been told.
Diego, let's not be reckless.
The Governor has sent me to assist you.
- What's this circus?
These people have friends
in high places.
The Governor wants to keep his position.
- My position?
Yes. Yours, too.
The Administration's Magistrate,
Diego de Zama.
Ventura Prieto, Assistant Magistrate.
We are old settlers of Concepcin.
Descendants of the first-comers.
Our father is a direct, blood descendant
of Don Domingo Martinez de Irala.
We chased the Indians from these lands.
But they came back with claims.
We chased them out again,
and so on.
They fled into the jungle.
We went looking for them,
and showed no mercy.
None were spared.
And now there's no one left to work.
I only have my granddaughter.
She has mixed blood.
She was held captive.
We managed to get her back.
It's our right to claim an encomienda.
Forty tame Indians.
A concession of Indians?
You shall have enough Indians.
You may return in peace.
You have the Governor's word:
His Majesty will receive your request.
They haven't got title deeds
or documents. We have nothing.
Find a way to retrieve them.
This noble family has suffered enough.
The name of Irala isn't enough
to enslave natives.
What did you say, Ventura?
Taking away freedom requires more
than a paper with Irala's name on it.
You disapprove of my benevolence?
What title do you deem valid
to obtain an encomienda of Indians?
Am I talking to a functionary
of the Crown?
You're talking to a man
astonished by how many Americans
want to pass for Spaniards,
instead of being what they are.
'A man, astonished by...'
Such bravura!
They say you almost captured
Vicua Porto!
what have they done to you?
When will you return?
Your children are growing.
They're growing tired.
And so am I.
I'll be there soon, Marta.
A ship is coming.
With Royal Mail.
For overdue payments.
We must be patient, Marta.
Are you hurt?
He humiliated me.
He bit me.
So many times.
Have you avenged me, Diego?
He forced me to submit to his desires.
He mocked me.
You avenged me.
Who did this, Rita?
Officer Bermudez.
The bald one?
He thought no one would
come to my defence.
You, Zama, who have nothing.
I won't let my father fight a duel.
You've got nothing to lose.
You avenged me.
And now...
that scoundrel is dead.
I didn't kill him.
Who said that?
Then you must avenge me.
You're capable of killing,
you have nothing to lose.
Yes, I do.
A Wife.
I've got children, Rita.
I'm the Crown's Magistrate.
A functionary.
A monk has come.
He said you should pay
for the funeral expenses.
Who has died, Rita?
Part of the payment must
be made in advance.
The rest can be paid when the mourning
period allows, of course.
I was told the cargo of the deceased
is being held up at customs.
Have they seized it?
They released two casks
to cover burial expenses.
Brandy that we're selling
at a very reasonable price.
People grow tired of schnapps...
The other casks were confiscated.
The customs officer informed me.
Death imposes conditions on all of us.
I'll offend his stature
if I conduct a pauper's rites.
Next to the boy.
The preparation of the bodies
must be paid for
before their transfer to Montevideo.
Until then, we'll have to keep them
in our crypt.
It's cooler here.
We could also burn them.
They died of the plague.
Don't incur further expenses,
That needs to be discussed
with the Father in charge of accounts.
I would like to shave.
I didn't want you to hear about
the unfortunate event from anyone else.
Our friend, the Oriental, is dead.
I don't need the fan.
Your friend wasn't well.
A dead boy?
The plague in the ships is relentless.
How unfortunate.
Malemba wants to get married.
Who is Malemba?
The funeral will keep us very busy these
days. We must prepare for mourning.
Let's drink in his honour.
There won't be a wake.
The Oriental was an austere man.
The Bishop believes
we should adhere to his ways.
Such austerity.
What a pity.
There will be no wake.
Only something modest and boring.
How sad. What a shame.
Who wants to get married?
She bought her freedom
and already wants to lose it.
I told my husband:
she can't give her consent.
Can a mute give her consent?
The black man came today with letters.
All men covet my body.
Honorio, my own husband,
is fascinated by flesh.
I despise him.
And all men,
for their desire to possess.
I'm grateful to have met
a woman of your character.
Malemba has suffered enough.
She swam across the river,
fleeing an abusive tobacco farmer.
She swam not only for hours,
but how long was it?
How long?
Days in the water, clinging to life.
She was captured again in Chaco.
They flayed her feet
and rubbed that horrible plant on her.
On the soles of her feet.
I thought her muteness and limping
were linked.
She's not mute.
She has her tongue.
I want to settle this marriage affair.
Nothing prevents it.
Valid consent is given in written form.
Your husband's signature will validate
the union.
Your mute can get married.
You deserve a kiss.
Not now.
A message for Diego de Zama.
That's me. Speak.
The Governor says you must go.
I must go?
To his office.
Mail has arrived.
It's over!
'Having requested observance
of this sovereign provision
and given the Royal Accord on this case,
I have resolved, by this decree
of last November 27th,
declaring as I declare,
that blah, blah, blah...'
I'm being transferred to Spain.
Royal Mail?
When did it arrive? Any news for me?
No, not yet.
I've been forced, due to your superior
rank, to deport Ventura Prieto.
Deported for a brawl?
It was just a brawl.
A brawl in the street doesn't look good
for a functionary of your status.
I didn't want to be excessively severe.
I've written a letter of recommendation
for Ventura Prieto.
What's important is that
his reputation not be tainted.
Ventura is a Spanish functionary.
You can't afford such risks, Diego.
You've chosen the city of Lerma.
I've requested a transfer
to the city of Lerma.
Ventura Prieto has chosen
the city of Lerma.
The deported...
gets to choose his destination
and gets a recommendation?
Make a copy of the Crown's resolution.
And announce my departure at once.
tell your Seora I need to see her.
Malemba, is someone at the door?
Will you not announce me?
Honorio had been asleep for a while,
when suddenly I woke up startled
and saw it crawling up Honorio's neck.
I couldn't move, cry or shout.
What's here?
It itches.
At dawn, I saw it on the ground,
still moving, with grubs on its back.
It was the spider wasp.
It lays eggs inside living spiders.
Help me with this.
Malemba, is someone at the door?
Damask curtains...
A table with ebony nails.
There was a painting on that wall.
A portrait of Our Majesty, the King.
The Governor was very fond
of that painting, as well.
The chairs with velvet upholstery?
They were to his liking, as well.
He took the harnesses and 14 saddles.
Should I record this?
That's not him.
It's that one.
Can't he walk?
Does he talk?
A few words.
'The sailor's wife gets rich,
when plenty are the fish!'
Come, Zama. Pull up a chair.
Today is a lucky day.
Show him the ears.
Tell him the story.
The ears of Vicua Porto,
cutoff before his execution.
The cruelty of men...
This is what's at stake.
Governor, I've brought you a scribe.
If this game will last long,
I can excuse him.
A scribe?
For the letter you offered to write.
What letter?
My request to the King
on the occasion of my becoming a father.
You're a father?
Bring the child. They bring luck.
The ears change hands!
What's in the bag?
Allow me.
Well, well!
This... is worthless.
Coconuts are worthless, right?
Doesn't matter.
I'll keep it anyway.
see our friend to the city gates.
Vicua Porto is dead.
One shouldn't touch them.
Don't touch.
The ears of Vicua Porto.
is dead.
The ears of Vicua Porto.
could you attend to the letter?
Of course.
A letter to the King requesting
your transfer.
We'll plead to His Majesty
for my good friend.
What are you writing?
A book, Governor.
We need to draft a letter
to be sealed and...
A book?
A book?
Make children,
not books.
Learn a lesson from our Magistrate,
I can't know
what my children will be like.
But I do know
what this book will be like.
Your Eminence, I believe
there's nothing to worry about.
Let's go.
Should I look for another scribe?
- Let's go!
Should I look for another scribe?
Why write a book
inside the Government House,
while others work
for the glory of His Majesty?
I only wish...
Were you aware of this book?
Your Eminence, I believe
there's nothing to worry about.
You didn't know about this book?
I never knew about the book.
How long have you been here, Zama?
You knew nothing about it?
The Administration's
longest-serving functionary
knows nothing about this book?
I want to grill these fish
with their heads.
Get the horses out of here.
This isn't a stable.
What is it?
- A message for Diego de Zama.
That's me. What is it?
- Inventory.
What inventory?
They're taking everything to the patio.
The Governor
commands everyone to clean and tidy up.
Take this.
I know the Governor has requested
that you report on my book.
Here it is.
For your consideration.
I haven't yet decided
on my new residence.
I need to keep my furniture
in the chapel a bit longer.
Let me help you.
You're my first reader.
Which are your things?
The bed.
These three chairs.
Two small chests with my name on them.
They're making an inventory
of the Government's property.
Your furniture has been listed.
I could remove some things.
But it will come at a cost.
How inadequate!
When I've settled in a new residence,
I'll send for my belongings.
We must do it now,
and with the utmost discretion.
I was told of an inn
on the outskirts of town.
Let me help you.
You're my first reader.
Take care of the move.
That boy she's holding is my son.
Is that the mother?
- Yes.
That one.
take that bed to Seora Emilia.
What is this dump?
The porters
are afraid of this house.
Leave it there.
I'll only stay a few days.
Until I find a proper residence.
Keep the book until you finish it.
I haven't made a copy.
I know nothing about your book.
I never knew it existed.
And no one has requested a report.
The Governor feels that working hours
at the Government House
are to serve the King.
Your Grace,
with all due respect,
I have no master when I write my book.
I wish it were the inexplicable.
But a boy is in there.
Bury this book,
until all of this blows over, Fernndez.
Go away!
Who are you?
Bring me a chain and a lock.
No one enters this house.
Tell the innkeeper
to bring me a chain and a lock.
He's sick.
The innkeeper is sick.
I need a shirt.
Am I your wife?
You're the mother of my son.
Governor, should I fetch another scribe
for the letter to the King
that you suggested?
No letter without a report.
What report?
Must I ask for it?
A book is being written
behind the Crown's back,
which is your back, as well.
Your Eminence,
I don't think you should worry.
You should worry.
I expect a damning report, ruthless,
that puts an end to this chicanery.
Only then will I be willing
to make your request to the King.
Leaving out, of course,
that your son is a bastard.
The Magistrate knows very well
that this benefit is only reserved
for a functionary's legitimate son.
my transfer has suffered more delays
than can be tolerated.
Here's what I think:
You want to leave?
Write the report.
He's got his ways.
They say he executed Vicua
without mercy.
I rang the bell, and nobody answered.
I'd like to eat.
We were sad.
She has died.
Who has died?
Zumala is dead.
Then who are you?
you should introduce me
to the other guests...
the ladies with the hair...
- You are our only guest, Zama.
The Governor ordered this rearrangement.
At your service.
These are days of scarce work
for my Ministry.
So I've been informed.
Did the Governor mention the report?
What report?
You were told about it.
The Governor only told me
to relocate here.
That's for me.
These are Doa Emilia's fish.
Gifts from Doa Emilia?
They were bought.
They're not gifts.
Overdue payments.
29 times 1000 makes 29,000.
Minus 3500 already received, makes...
This house is rotting.
Rest, Don Diego.
The sealed letter is
the one that counts, Fernndez.
Crossing the ocean to make a plea...
Take it easy.
It's hot.
At night,
we could hear a great noise.
Then they appeared.
round rocks,
like coconuts,
but made of stone.
And their insides are
filled with precious stones.
So pretty...
What marvels!
I wouldn't want
to tarnish Fernndez's honour.
Send him to the city of Lerma, perhaps,
with a recommendation.
He's very young.
A minor sentence should be
sufficient warning.
Such a...
sharp pen.
Could Your Excellency write
that letter you offered me?
What letter?
The letter to the King,
requesting my transfer.
Of course. You're a father now.
The first letter is very important.
What do you mean, the first letter?
In a year or two,
we'll send the second one.
His Majesty doesn't consider
these matters until the second time.
I'll send the first letter immediately.
I'll send the first letter immediately.
Don Diego de Zama.
Thank you for coming.
The list of your titles is impressive.
You were a corregidor.
It's surprising to find a volunteer
for a mission like this.
Captain Parrilla
is commanding the troops.
Are you aware of the mission?
We must get rid of Vicua Porto.
They won't beat us, Captain.
What we seek is to reactivate commerce.
We must put an end to theft,
to arson,
to gambling houses.
We must clean up the trade routes.
That is what my Administration
aims to achieve.
How long have you been here?
A long time now.
We've got your transfer request here.
His Majesty will celebrate this return
to arms and especially to victory.
We must bring back
the head of Vicua Porto.
You'll get a hero's welcome.
With great pomp.
I woke up last night
and felt something crawling on my neck.
I went like this
and felt something strange.
It's swollen.
Must be a spider wasp.
No. A spider.
Is it an Indian?
If so, there'll be pieces of silver.
It's a dead man.
The Indians, the canoeist
and the other two deserted.
No silver?
Nothing, only a dead man.
Take some men and capture the deserters!
Don't move. Be still.
500 or more of them.
They're the blind.
Stay calm and you'll live.
They were punished.
And the children were born
after the punishment.
Punished by Vicua Porto?
Perhaps by you lot.
They took the horses.
They walk fast for blind people.
They walk fast,
so as not to disappoint their children.
Night-time is safer for the blind.
I'd rather hide during the day.
That's my sword.
I should introduce myself.
My name is Vicua Porto.
And you?
What's the corregidor's name?
What did you say, corregidor?
Who's there?
- Diego de Zama.
We're coming.
They took the horses and the loads.
There's nothing left.
Don't say my name, and you'll live.
Two Guanes are coming,
don't turn around!
Don't turn around.
They're fantasised.
Stay still.
They've invited us to a celebration.
A celebration?
Tell them that the King of Spain,
lord of these vast lands,
sends his regards
and offers his friendship.
They want the animal.
They want the animal.
Has the corregidor got
any suggestions?
Let's go.
Diego de Zama.
Soldier Gaspar Toledo.
Soldier Giusepe Nascimento.
Soldier Umbilino Maria.
We can't return without Vicua Porto.
See that man with the knife?
That's Vicua Porto.
Right in the middle.
We've got food, Captain!
Fish today!
- The famine is over!
Vicua Porto!
Tell your men to line up
and lay down their arms.
It's over.
That smell.
The tigers will smell that arm.
Dead meat makes them curious.
But they won't eat it.
Instead, they'll pounce on us.
Don't tell them I'm sick.
Who's singing?
Who sings?
I've committed sins.
But not all of the ones...
that they blame on Vicua Porto.
That's right.
The Vicua Porto they talk about
doesn't exist.
It's not me.
It's no one.
It's a name.
A name.
My name is Gaspar Toledo.
What is it?
What's my name, corregidor?
I'm not a corregidor.
That's right.
You're not the corregidor,
and I'm not Vicua Porto.
my men want to get rich.
My men
want to be rich.
I promised them it would be so.
I need the corregidor
to find the coconuts.
What coconuts?
You are the corregidor, right?
A little water!
The captain wants water?
- Water!
Don't look at me, traitor.
Not even a glance.
I've got a plan.
His Majesty will reward you.
We'll return with honours...
They want to get rich.
Name the place.
Anywhere North, any place will do.
What place?
Where the coconuts are!
What coconuts?
You're the corregidor.
the place with the stones,
the round stones.
The guide doesn't know the place?
I'm not a guide.
The corregidor knows the place.
The coconuts, full of precious stones.
The corregidor knows...
Those stones are worthless.
He's lying!
They're worthless.
They're worthless.
He's lying!
Where are the coconuts?
Those stones are worthless.
The stones!
You're lying!
You're going to die!
Death to Zama!
I'm doing for you
what no one did for me.
He's lying.
I'm saying no to your hopes.
Death to Zama!
- Hold him.
Shove your stumps in the sand.
If you don't bleed out, you'll survive.
Do you want to live?
Do you want to live?