Zakrytye prostranstva (2008)

Yesterday something aching balls...
I hope it's not cancer...
A what?
You know Egor?
Were on his boat...
Testicular cancer, please.
Izponakaltsaha it as a salad.
They put a tube.
Whatever it was.
Ah, whatever...
Finish pass the cufflinks!
Those already donated to me.
How can wear your watch
the right arm? Embarrassing is
Arnold, I want to explain
what may.
Are you going to fire you all?
You and Efim me crazy.
This pathology is already -
I suspect everyone.
I can safely dump
the toilet
still looking around where
Efim is shoving cameras. 19th
It's okay Leung.
Arnold has to say
that the contract with the Germans...
This is a real bomb!
All will topple!
On your belly shall you go:
"Let's be friends... "
And we will zaplyuem.
Will say -
get lost, we do not is up to you.
A Seryozhka, this American
wet ass, I'll call personally...
Arnold, why do you keep interrupting me?
Let me finish speaking.
Leung, sorry.
Just these players will demolish!
Most importantly -
not messed terms.
This delivery will happen.
What will happen?
Tomorrow announced the auction.
The main thing is to meet their deadlines.
- Delivery will be.
How - will there be?
Efim check everything.
I myself was there.
I talked to three days that Schultz!
Who told you?
We have to go back credit Leung!
Then whos my
such service for safety?
Lest Efim has decided to
to screw us?
No, Arnold.
Efim not, and I decided to fuck.
Along with Efim course.
I'm sick to slog for 10%.
I am no longer young.
Leung, we have a loan to pay back.
If you screw deadlines
will win the auction.
Then who will buy my iron?
he would return credits already without me.
Obtained that your office will go
the credit of the bank.
And the Germans invented them
I and Efim.
Something I skate, Leung!
You're smart, Arnold
will build another.
I'll live it somewhere in Greece.
Ah, your ox...
- Do not be ashamed.
I'm not ashamed.
And so!
Okay, Leung?
Are you okay?
Why did you kick?
- You want more, you bastard?
Wait, mom will understand.
Want more?
If you tell Mom
I'll end up killing, okay?
I'll strangle you, you bastard!
I'll strangle you?
Where I go, ox?
Now, dear Arnold will fly.
Bastard cattle.
Now I'll teach you!
- Not with that bull!
Is she okay?
Better for you, Leung?
Better for you?
Now are you satisfied, Leung?
Leonid Bichevin
Maria Mashkova
Oleg Makarov
in a film of
Igor Vorskla
Thank you.
Your order is accepted.
Ruslan Gerasimenkov
Your order is accepted.
that benefit from our services.
Leonid Fedorov, Vladimir Volkov
What is it?
Okay, let "pepperoni. "
Dvechki. Yes, just two...
The courier will come in half an hour.
Cast: Alexander Ilyin,
Anatoly Uzdenski
Nelly Uvarov, Larisa Baranova,
Elena Shevchenko
the role of the therapist:
Alexander Sklyar
Oleg Maligin
Producer: Igor Lebedev
Script and direction:
Igor Vorskla
- Your pizza.
Come in.
Confined spaces
Hello, your pizza.
- Hello. Thank enter.
Two "pepperoni" two cars.
Gum is free.
Thank you for your order.
Codify, if you please.
Cost you 650 rubles.
- Here you go.
Excuse me, I have to take you back.
- No need.
Thank you. Goodbye.
- Please.
Is locked
- Yes, it is locked
Well, the trigger on.
- Deliberately locked.
Now unlocked on purpose.
- I will not unlock.
What do you want?
I decided to rape you.
Now I'll tear your ears.
- I will not kill you, will only rape you.
Maybe - roughly.
Less likely they will soul.
Open the door!
- No!
View now!
If within 5 minutes
I do not call the company,
guards will arrive
and I will scatter brain.
The lower you maniac brain.
- Call.
Open the door!
- Call and say that everything is accurate.
Here, now...
Now everything will be right.
Say you met your love!
- Unlock the door!
Well, you're the strongest,
you win.
I will not complain to the police,
that took my phone.
Unlock the door and will forgive you.
- Now no one will stop us.
I'll scream.
- This is the top floor - no neighbors.
Ahh! Help!
- Ahh! Help!
Help. Fire!
- Why fire May Darling?
- That's right.
So psychologists advise.
People do not respond to rape
but fire scares.
Will call the fire department.
Right. Except that no one will hear.
Your mother ever tell you
what freaks are the men?
How they want to rape
To take advantage of you
and to kill? Told you?
- See now.
To disappoint.
I have AIDS.
I have, I think Darling.
What will I know 'im?
- I'll kill.
You can kill me.
Then hard to get through.
This image will always haunt you.
- You asked for it.
You're right.
I forgive you in advance.
After they raped
most likely to eat.
No, not all.
Fuck hamalogiyata
by segmenting
and storage of the pieces.
My arms will reach.
No, I'll cut out a piece of your butt,
I'll bake and
if you behave,
I'll let you try it.
Fucking idiot! He cut me.
Ripped my leg!
Not so hard on!
- How to pull?
I lie to myself on the couch
in practice pose embryo...
And old idiot sticking my ass
a plastic tube,
as a gun. Says:
"Keep it up, not out. "
And out. I lie to myself
that gun up your ass 10 minutes.
At one time the doctor comes:
"What a long time no signal. "
Closer to the camera
and it appears
that dick flesh forgotten
start the timer!
Gun stuck in her ass
and left, bastard...
Says what?
- Nothing.
I got a job.
Leung, wait, it was not for you.
At least your mom told her?
- You will tell her.
And without you I have a lot of trouble.
- Now we have one less.
Refused to rape you.
I do not like.
Not my type.
You're pretty... large...
And, most likely, you're stupid.
- The bone me is normal.
Large is
Do you want pizza?
Do you want pizza?
- No.
And I want to.
You know what it's called science
which studies the stupidity?
Yes, there is such a science.
I do not want to kill you.
Call wherever you want,
and say that everything is fine.
Typically in such cases the other:
"No tricks!"
Without any code words and innuendo.
- "Pizza Delivery".
Allah cry is..
- Deliver you order?
- Is everything okay?
- Want more jobs?
No, it will not be able anymore.
I have to...
- ... to honor.
- Bye.
You know, I lied.
I do not have AIDS.
And you?
And I do not.
- So.
Hold for a moment, please.
Just do not kill me, please.
How I did not kill you?
You can not prove
I want to rape you.
Will not be able to hide
the scene.
Will sit here with a corpse.
Covered in blood.
Until we break the door.
And I do not know when will it down.
So no links
the outside world.
Hereinbefore from Saturday
no one is going to look.
You will not kill me?
- None.
You could somehow
harder to hurt me.
So as to obtain
major bleeding
and a real danger
to die from blood loss.
But to be so
to stay conscious
to panic
and to save his life
I decided to let it go,
To call "ambulance. "
Does that make sense?
- There.
But in each case,
I warn you:
will die quietly
and will not ask for help.
And will they look with scorn.
Look, let me go?
All right.
I'll go.
But first you have to decide right
three tasks.
- Do you agree?
Depends what.
- You have no choice.
Do not be afraid, I will not ask
critical angle of attack.
All tasks
will be of wits
and general knowledge. You answer correctly,
going home.
If wrong - stay with me.
'll Handcuffed to the radiator
and you admire
I have to go to the bathroom.
- Do not! Do not get out!
Bear with me, I think Darling...
And there's more.
For each task the wrong decisions
hit on one thing by yourself.
Watches, necklaces, sandals -
do not count.
Shoes you can just take off.
- I have necklaces.
So the first task.
The board, please.
How is your family?
Actually, it is not important.
Ivanova, wait.
Ivanova, how's your Russian language?
In its place is
- Now we will check it out.
So, dictation.
To write the sentence:
"On the wooden terrace
near juniper,
freckled Agrippina Savishna
sitting on the sofa
and secretly entertain with Russian salad
and other dishes judicial advisor
Philip Apolinarievich,
the accompaniment
the cello and accordion. "
Is that clear?
The wooden terrace
near juniper
freckled Agrippina Savishna
sat on the sofa...
Be careful Ivanova.
entertain with Russian salad...
How do you say teacher in Russian?
- Tamara Sergeevna.
Why have not you heard Tamara Sergeevna?
Thought the Russian language
will you need?
You thought - most importantly
to find a rich man
and go around the shops?
I want with your sofa.
- Your Ivanov! Your sofa.
I'm your teacher -
Tamara Sergeevna.
...And other dishes
judicial advisor...
Who knew Ivanova
that it will take a little time
after school
and your knowledge of Russian will be
To save you from rape...
Or not...
Of lunatics, Tamara Sergeev
neither Russian nor Chinese,
nor Mexican rescue.
Mexican language will, Ivanova.
This is pure Spanish.
Well, there may be slight variations
in pronunciation and grammar.
Thus, geography
also have shortcomings...
What was the wizard?
Judicial advisor...
Philip Apolinarievich...
It turns out that Tamara Sergeevna was not
not so stupid, and, Ivanova?
It appears that you taught good.
And you daubed her chair with glue.
Nothing we have basement,
Tamara Sergeevna.
The accompaniment...
the cello and accordion.
So Ivanova.
Overall, Ivanova,
not bad, Ivanova.
Can chalk?
Should not be angry, Ivanova!
What do we do?
Again I cry parents?
Thus, the first task in January failed.
Purse does not count.
You have a chance
to answer correctly
the second question.
For example, you can take off your bra
and stay on the dress.
if he could not escape,
it could at least postpone
when bare.
You immediately took off her dress...
Second task!
Sit Ivanova.
This time - mathematics.
I have ordered three pizzas.
The pizzas are different, total 250 rubles.
Wear order
and you see three young men.
They are normal, not geeks
not scared of rape.
Every boy gives you 100 rubles.
Back to them in 10 and they say
retain 20 rubles a tip.
Turn to the board!
Initially each gives 100.
All - 300.
You go back 10, everything - 30.
Is that correct?
You remain 20 for tip. It turns out
that everyone has given you a 90 rubles.
390270 rubles. Tipping is 20.
Question - where are the other 10 rubles?
If you find dozens
will go home.
Get away from me.
- Why?
So I can not think.
- How? Goals?
To unlock it?
You seem like a small
wanted to become a teacher?
At school I had a second book,
that writing with a red pen.
"Parents come to school. "
Or: "I do not know the multiplication table
at 8... At 9... "
Why are not you dead as a child?
- Would you?
Would you be dead?
- I would not have minded.
It seems to me that you
just because you say the idea.
And you yourself do not desire death.
A swarming less.
You want to die?
Answers, you want to die?
- Yes!
I want to drop dead.
All right.
There is nothing easier.
Pity you was evil, cruel,
bloodthirsty and less educated girl.
But we still have a chance
to get to your soul,
to wash the mud on her...
Rip bumper
in which they had expelled life.
Cord can fasten
you do not need to blast the ball.
Maybe - out...
Hold on!
- Look, let me go.
Why not rub? Must be done quickly.
To agonize unnecessarily me?
Called me to see how you Bessie?
Well, no.
At first I wanted to rape you.
Now I considered.
Better to hang myself.
On, hold on.
Look, let's call the doctor.
I'll put the system to sleep.
No, I am sick of all physicians.
Most likely during
Bessel will enuresis.
No offense,
but I can not control myself.
The body will be released in...
I'll kick it?
Okay, I'm alone.
How will jump - together
or one at a time?
Of course, together.
Alone is scary.
Will you cry?
When you fly down.
Not move a bit sideways
that there is a branch will be hooked.
Nothing will happen.
Can only be crippled.
And the asphalt
will be formed
just two - those piles...
What are piles?
- Our piles.
Do not think of the ninth floor
will remain whole?
There will be heaps.
Meat and bone.
How piles?
- Thomas!
Do not act like an idiot.
How will put us in the coffin?
- The pile. What is wrong?
And no you will not see?
- What you will not see Thomas?
How do I lie?
Thomas, what's wrong?
I want to see Pavlik
how i
I jumped over it...
As stacks?
- Thomas, would you jump?
I for him.
My life crashed ox!
In school you are told
if you do not know about pizza
will rape you?
No, I'm told.
- Okay, so.
I'm going to rape you.
- Look, no offense.
All right, you're not big a bone.
Normal is sorry.
Do I have to force me for that?
- Shut up.
I'll rape namely
because the act of violence on you.
You're not my type.
Will be revenge.
I'll do it roughly in...
- Painful?
Look Says revenge
is a very dangerous thing.
After act of revenge
the soul is formed emptiness.
goal is achieved
of offended they avenged him,
and the meaning of life is lost.
I could just beat you,
as it should,
but it seems
're indifferent to pain.
So I am forced to resort
to moral and physical violence.
Cry, I do not want to upset you,
but nothing will accomplish.
Your idea than pleasure
else will bring me.
You know what I mean, what...
Nothing, so I'll rape
it will become normal.
Why then locked me in here?
I eat pizza
to chat.
I may put a wig
and glasses Tamara Sergeev
and by force me symbolically
will rape your former teacher.
Will give you the key?
- Forcing me!
Do not turn your head!
Will tell me where are the keys?
- Says sorry. I swallowed them.
Swallowed them?
- You can now dump them.
"do not own"
Who wrote your letter?
I was waiting for you...
Got program?
- The disc is
I turned off the phone.
- This is outrageous.
Limiting my personal freedom.
I'll report
in NGO.
On Friday, we will go back to the doctor.
Venya you again breathe incorrectly.
- You go.
Probably will not live until Friday.
Likely to die.
Including hate on you.
Well, because I breathe incorrectly.
Do you drink diet?
Venya, you drink pills?
- Yes, you drink the nasty pills.
Because of this I brought
and do not remember anything.
What will I do without the phone?
What if something happens to me?
If you suddenly cut off my finger?
Or nose?
At least give me my cell phone.
The doctor promised improvement
the state after two weeks.
You will soon get used to a slight
deterioration concentration of attention...
- ... and you will not notice it. What?
Would not you kneeling?
- Why?
Just like that.
To humiliate.
I am ready to run
your every whim
but if you do not harm yourself.
Believe me, you will help me a lot.
Should be on your knees
and so to stay.
I do not want to restrict your freedom.
But I can not see them
these prostitutes.
Jealousy is one of the nastiest
human qualities.
That's not the jealousy
You are not my property.
'll Tattooed on his chest:
"I'm not your property. "
Or, better in low...
You will need to shave.
You do not mind?
Just all these orgies
symptoms of your self-destruction.
You may not jealous
I'm not knocking them.
No reason to ruin.
This is not cancer, nor AIDS.
Just a little fun.
Lucy, the one who is almost bald,
can be inhaled by helium balloon
and spoke in a changed voice.
As a dwarf.
You can learn
fully manage their condition.
Yes, and more.
It's important
We both can not have children.
I think we need to know.
The lowest thing you can think of,
to castrate me.
But if your childhood did not abused
and your father was
roughly normal
You can not do it.
Do you even have a father?
- I had a wonderful father.
Where is he now?
- None of your business.
Just distract.
I'm sick of your stories.
Do you shave it?
Of course, will be less scarring.
and, most likely, here.
"I'm the shit. "
Do not even think to look!
Do not even think to pull.
If you guess what I wrote
I will not castrate.
If I'm not mistaken, you wrote
I shit...
Bugger! Saw!
You have to punish you!
No, I have not seen!
I felt it in my skin.
With skin?
- Well, I...
The cold ink.
Mentally I followed your movements
and what letters are received.
- But you mistake.
No mistake!
- You!
Say no, or I'll strangle you.
I can not remain silent in the face
of Russian culture. That's with two "a".
Word verification is..
- Finish your signature sentence.
Shit! Dirty skunk.
- However, I decided to castration.
You wanted to rape me!
If you scream, I'll cut your tongue.
And I'll poke that eye.
- Can only one.
Or language or eye?
I'll spare language, if you say the answer
a brain teaser for 20 rubles.
Remove the clamps.
See you!
Now hurt her tits!
Please, spare me.
- Answer!
Only the ear.
You promised.
You know what?
It seems to me that you've
fallen in love with me.
You are a dirty skunk.
Why do you insult me in U.S.?
Do you know what it looks like?
Maybe deer?
Stink and ruin the lives of others.
- I'd compare it to a female deer.
You're a bull - break my dress
and broke my phone.
You've shashna.
Nearly kill you
I experienced stress
violence and humiliation.
And talk about a phone.
Do not you realize what happened to you?
- Great realizing it.
Watch out, girl.
- Shut up!
Do not get mad, kiddo. Like you
when they call you "kiddo. " Baby.
Lower, vulgar words.
Quintessence of bourgeois psychology.
What do you expect from her husband?
Why should you educate me?
In general, what gives you that right?
Lessons will give me!
"Sofa" to write him!
Now lies here, make the sufferer.
Actually, who are you?
Entice me.
I feel sorry for telefoncheto.
With my money I bought.
With supplies of pizza idiots like you.
Give the keys!
I said - go keys!
Does not work.
Will have to wait a little longer.
Still an idiot. Crazy!
So I got tired of your numbers.
You sound like you live together with
20 years.
Does not work. Not even included.
- Now you pissed me off.
You're a bastard.
Real shit!
And with word verification
without it.
Will prove that he wanted to rape me.
I think we both grown closer.
And now you will not be easily
to betray me.
Before you get hurt, you know...
- From the one cubic meter of wood
can be made
half a million toothpicks.
Fuck them in the ass.
It is not funny, stupid is
Do you know how pathetic you look,
cowardly little bugs.
When experiencing this fear?
In the elevator... In the subway...
In the shop...
When you move away from home?
- Yes.
When you travel alone?
- Yes.
What do you feel then?
- Do you sweat?
Dread it?
- Yes.
Pant, retch.
- Vertigo?
Everything is unreal.
Anyway, I'm dying.
- Right.
This is agoraphobia.
Nothing to fear.
Agoraphobia suffer from 15%
the inhabitants of the earth.
You have to understand
that voluntary home confinement
is not an option.
In the end, panic attack
can you catch there.
There are wonderful medications
who quickly pinned
commencing attack.
If you tell me where is the key
I'll call 911.
Will come and break the door.
- Have you ever flown in a plane?
Are you going to tell me
any statistics?
No, no.
Have you flown?
I flew... twice.
Sure to Turkey on holiday.
Maybe there was.
Yes, in Turkey.
There rested perfectly.
When you collect money, I will go.
And I will rest fine.
Shout me down, please, boots.
Why are you squeeze them?
I wanted to like it.
No longer do you want?
I already liked.
Take them.
Become very pushy.
In the quarters I have a secret room.
- With you dead?
No, there you fly.
Safe at night and play Quidditch,
Harry Potter. - Located behind
this cupboard behind the door.
The entrance is through the cabinet.
Nobody knows about it.
You're the first.
Open, view January
Do not be afraid, I'm a prisoner.
There are various items.
- He pushed them.
There are some strings.
- No cords and rubber bandages.
We developed them himself.
All right. You can go.
The key is in the door handle.
There's a slot on the right.
Cry, untie me.
Just do not decide to kiss me.
There is no need to restrict
their movement.
Themselves forced into a corner.
Do you have a partner?
- What partner?
Sexual partner.
- So...
It can be said that it is not.
According to research results
French scientists, the best way
to escape the fear of the crowd
or simply visit
in a public place is sex.
Complete, quality sex.
Helps to get rid of your fears.
In extreme cases, temporary.
- What about love?
What - love?
- I can not have sex without love.
So you have to fall in love.
Invite guests to a girl
Love does not begin immediately.
Create a field of high emotional
This will allow you to shorten the time
establishment of relations.
Individuality is best revealed
in stressful situations.
Although your place
I would take advantage
the services of a prostitute...
- Your pizza.
- Come on.
Your pizza.
- Quiet, come on.
Two cars, two "daisy"
gum is free.
Owed 740 rubles. Sign.
- Keep the change.
Thank you.
Our company conducts advertising campaign.
Fill out this...
- Do not call. Goodbye.
If you order three pizzas
You will receive a fourth free.
- Thank you, goodbye.
Plus gift - music pen.
- Do not shout.
Do not cry.
- Goodbye.
What's this?
- Pizza.
Look - if you like a conveyor.
seems very persist.
What tireless destroyer of pizzas.
Shout her shout!
Will succeed.
Otherwise, these 740 rubles
will be lost.
I wonder how many were before me?
- Four.
All you raped?
- Do not just vote.
In addition, two were men.
I chose you.
We are really needed love.
I mean - of feelings.
This is our case.
no love between us.
In the sense of feeling.
Had sex.
And in terms of feelings - pathetic.
You're sick.
You sit alone closed.
Women tend to attach
of regret.
Again I swallowed the key?
Give it to me!
- What is it?
- Where did you get?
None of your business.
If you say, I will give it to you.
- Why just put my conditions?
Are you going to count pizza?
Believe me, it is very important
to know where you got it.
My memory is very close person.
- From your father?
You Venya, definitely sick.
Give me the key.
Where is he?
- It's not your job.
You again?
- Who are you?
Who are you?
Pizza you wearing?
Hello cry.
We need to talk.
You handle with his bishop.
Leave him alone.
- I want with your Vadik.
Leave me.
- Okay, kill me!
You forgot the milk.
Sorry, no milk.
All you had?
- Turn sour.
I do not like your tone.
20 minutes waiting for my coffee.
I did not deserve your rude attitude.
Why work as a waitress
when people annoy you?
Yes, people do not like.
Especially as you mumble.
Can you tell me your name.
I do not believe that the governor
will love the way
we treat customers.
- Family!
Here's my family!
Do you like my family?
- It hit him!
Also has a name and patronymic!
It hit me on the head with the tray.
Is your familiar?
- For the first time I see her!
She is crazy! Hit him on the head!
- Get out!
I only wanted milk.
All right, kill me!
Kill me!
I'm sick of your bishop!
You sat down, I hope!
What a bishop?
- Are you the bishop?
She hit me with a tray.
And I cut my leg.
And he wanted to rape me.
You wanted to rape me!
- Do you follow me?
Who is this?
- My close friend.
Aman of queers.
Hope that rape
was successful?
I'm sure it happened
mutual desire.
Look, lover.
Thanks for the products.
But the situation has changed.
I fell in love with Benjamin
and will marry him immediately.
To you it only remains
to witness the wedding.
Venya, get dressed, go to the council.
- He can not go from home.
Venya will eat your pasta in sailor?
- Is that why you fuck him here?
Venya, it all seems
very disgusting.
In the beginning - prostitutes
and now this...
I called our doctor
Tomorrow will review Professor Dvornikov.
Excuse me, you do not know the name...
- Tamara Sergeevna.
Look, Tamara Sergeevna.
The fact that you slept with this young man,
does not change anything.
I fell to the ears in it.
- Do Benjamin for bargain party?
He can ask riddles for pizza
and do dictations for sofas.
Benjamin is sick.
He can not go from home.
You can not?
Now what do we do?
Incidentally, I have a disease. 677,
I also can not leave the house...
right now.
My dear fellow,
came at the right time.
Without you here we will die of hunger.
Only pizza will not last long.
So what have we...
Eggs, mayonnaise...
Oh, avocado!
Salad will do it?
Venya will eat your guacamole?
See Tamara Sergeevna...
- Just - cry.
So I called my family.
Now you are my loved one.
After everything that happened between us.
- So, the calling.
My impression of you is
you cam
and unstable personality.
Somewhat your observation is correct.
Given the circumstances,
Your presence here will
exclusive to deepen
the problem
which of us with Benjamin
yet to solve.
How nice, smart,
intelligent man.
Sorry I slammed a tray.
Do not worry;
no longer do it.
Says suppose Benjamin
has created in you a sense of sympathy.
Funny. Acute, sudden love...
Just like a knife.
The heart.
And what you loved about him?
Looks genitals?
This is not love, dove,
and feelings of sexual desire.
No, I loved it all.
Not only sexual organ.
It has lateral thinking,
does not lack a sense of humor
not stupid, educated is
Well, of course,
that genitals loved.
To cut cucumber you?
- Vika, not to become selfish.
Benjamin needs daily support
that you, in your present position
you can hardly afford him.
- Kid, what are you talking about?
We do not chase, right, Venya?
I'm a beast
I understand everything.
You can not come to help us.
For example, cut the salad.
Maybe I need to go?
But I can not.
You have to do it.
You silly, eccentric girl.
Do you know,
that while you were not here
he tried to hang himself?
Not true.
I'll not be true!
Can you - smart and intelligent,
explain to me why this young
suddenly put the rope?
Are you because of your care?
I can not talk with you
in a tone.
So, you are accusing me of something.
It's like I'm the cause of this bug.
This is his new challenge.
Or a joke.
- To shake the loop - a joke?
I do not know all the circumstances
the accident.
Venya, is it true?
Want to hang?
- Venya, you want to hang yourself?
Your relationships are unnatural.
What do you know about our relationship?
And how are natural?
Do not you dare do it!
I did not touch!
Do you hear?
I did not touch, ever!
- Burn it!
You have to pee on your hand!
- Are you crazy?
Under water!
- No water!
Take a bowl!
Have running water,
to cool the burn.
Unnatural is when every minute
every second, all you
your every molecule
wants to explode, to burst.
Because they are satisfied
with that feeling.
And it does not fade.
As an abscess...
like a boil...
one big boil...
Here's what we do.
I will kill you.
Did you see what I said.
Why am I tied?
- In order not to kill us.
She likes to tie men
and forcing them.
Both respond to the aggression.
- Yes!
Do not worry, and you will rape.
In an erotic story I read
that erect member
can be tied to the connection
and then the erection does not belong.
You can do whatever you want.
Then - the knife.
This is no longer eroticism and pornography.
- Better had read Pushkin.
Castration is another obsession
in girls. Revenge against the father.
Do not interfere my father!
- Sorry.
Looks like you yourself have problems
with his father.
Does it please you?
- Sorry, I was wrong.
Untie me.
I'm leaving.
All right, stay a little longer.
- Untie me.
You're not going to kill us?
- None.
I'm leaving forever.
Take care of yourself.
Hold it!
Get out!
Venya, faster, keep it!
I will not bother you.
You want to do it
for us?
In this case,
lest we suspect
that they are thrown,
write a suicide note.
- Fair.
Arnold Arkadievich busy.
It should not bother him.
- I found Leonid Arkadievich.
Is tired and do not have to worry about.
Leonid Arkadievich you have something...
- Here.
Something red under the chin.
And, it's shoes.
Why, you swine!
Arnold Arkadievich, printer!
- Here's you, Leung, Greece!
Arnold Arkadievich, mobile...
- How do you like Greece, Leung?
Tanya, call Efim!
- Do not even think about it!
Arnold Arkadievich currently
can not answer you.
Busy is negotiating.
What should I tell him?
Rostislav you?
Okay, I'll tell him...
- I'll strangle you!
Arnold Arkadievich must
to souls Leonid Arkadievich.
Should strangle Leonid Arkadievich!
Should not souls Leonid Arkadievich.
Should strangle Leonid Arch...
Arnold Arkadievich...
What to write?
Dear Mama, voluntarily quit life.
- How dumb today's suicide.
You can write something
of heartbreak.
Only without the details, please.
- Why his mother?
And he has no father.
And his mother terribly jealous.
In fact, he grew so
the belief
that all girls are dangerous creatures
who want to catch him.
So I fell in love with a boy.
Too primitive.
Home psychoanalysis
of brochures hosts.
So why humiliate him?
- Actually, he's right.
Better off without a father
than some old goat.
Give to wear something else.
Stepfather me?
- Lock me in the closet.
Will not let me and the bathroom.
Once pissed on the floor.
one time used urine
to clean clothes.
That's all I got.
And you, Rostislav?
In his childhood enuresis have you?
- What?
Called pissed in the closet.
Where are you?
- Me?
Once in kindergarten...
to soil themselves.
The teacher sent me
the toilet.
Was there a bath for washing feet.
I stand there naked
if at all, wait
and the whole group gathered
silently watching me.
So what?
Then came the teacher,
expel all
and began to shout at me,
I'm not clutching.
And I'm still on the street for a walk
I'd soil themselves.
Are you crazy?
- Do not tell intimate details.
Cry like you can.
- Sadist.
He likes it.
- Poor.
This savage fun of us.
It's nothing.
It does not hurt.
Will soon heal. If you hit
once again, I'll rezna other foot.
Here we already like you.
- For what?
That is soil themselves?
- You're not wet, it is soil themselves.
Have a lot in common.
- Idiot.
I'm like a little wetting.
Not once.
Once - in the elevator.
A girl came and said,
"If you're pissed, you're a girl. "
Because she tore her dress.
And you do not like a small girl.
And you - the boys.
"I never blame myself for his death. "
I do not like those idiots like Arnold.
Stepfather me?
Has gone.
And she found that a businessman.
Before the war were made are manually.
No special workshops.
Just wait half a year
since Dad died and he dragged.
I was 10 years old.
Look - dog-partisan!
This is a savior.
Most did angels.
For some reason many monkeys.
See what pioneer budyonovets.
- Old stump...
- Sweating throughout.
What is your sailor?
This is a little soldier.
Kept checking my grades.
"So much money we give
It makes us ashamed! "
And our dad left,
when I was 14.
In particular, do not go.
Mom divorced.
Learned that he his friend
How was...
Well, not ordered,
but he paused
when they decided to kill him.
Is known
- Then the time was.
After the revolution,
When you allow trees
began to make
ideological toys.
Various Red Army there,
collective farmers with pigs.
She found out later, by accident.
Recently told me.
Could not sleep,
until you see the notebook.
I constantly digging into things.
It seems to me
that he jealous of your mother.
It is quite possible
to have been a normal man.
Well, I sweat a bit more.
- I learned for him.
I thought that if I was valedictorian,
he'll be back.
It was my grandfather's favorite toy.
I wanted to pour acid.
Specifically asked for his birthday
Set "Young chemist. "
I had to spend 10 sixes in a row.
But he's out of the box
all hazardous reagents.
Apparently felt...
- But you did not was it?
However, they habituated.
Now I make a living.
Father architect it?
- Actually, he marries her,
because her brother - Uncle Roma
worked in a ministry.
- Arnold.
Whom to marry?
- For Mom December
He signed something there
any privileges...
Uncle Roma?
...And then just get rid of the court.
Then Arnold forbade us
talk to him.
What a bastard.
And him to break his dress.
He died six months later...
- Who your dad?
Uncle Roma. Dad - in advance.
- I thought that Arnold is dead.
Arnold's alive and well.
Do you often ranks?
- Not much.
Twice a year.
Alone is boring.
Earlier we were doing it with my brother.
- And where is he now?
He now...
Now it's gone.
Does not live here.
And from our window
seen Red Square.
Great accommodations.
Here lived Commander.
Until I shot him as a spy.
Japan, among others.
Take it?
This is for three months.
- Very nice.
Tomorrow buy
certificate of fire safety
and - terminals.
Dream come true!
Will live as renters.
Venya, do not be sad!
What good are these huge rooms?
We have a loft.
You move you there books?
Will now pop in to the office
and come to meet me at five.
The same place right?
- At the same place.
And my father said Arnold.
- What a coincidence.
A family?
- Sobol.
Arnold Arkadievich?
- Yes.
- What?
Rostislav Arnoldovich.
I am also Sobol...
It forced me to take his last name.
No, I will not swim...
I'm telling you - swimming, scumbag.
No, Arnoldik will not swim.
- I tell you - swimming, scumbag.
Alone will swim.
Alone will swim...
Will swim!
Arnold, I forgot to tell you:
Efim recorded our conversation.
Who calls?
- Write it is..
When you and Arthur...
Then Arthur...
- No such thing!
I will tell all my mom!
How am drowning, how I spat.
It'll tell mom.
- I'll show you the tape.
I'll show you the tape.
Have you seen him since?
Since then - no.
Mom did not want.
- Here speaks.
What can I say?
- Say you forgive.
That the father is the only one.
And any,
will always love him.
And when he is old,
will chew bread.
- Will of his jaw.
"Hi, Dad.
I am your son, Rostik. "
- Do not forgive him.
Do not forgive him!
- All right, what's wrong?
You're not locked in the closet.
- Come Rostik speaks.
Do not forgive him!
I hate it! I cursed him!
- What are you talking about, Rostik?
Do you have a dozen?
No answer.
Easy, call the office.
Well, if you do not believe me?
- That you're Rostik you?
Hi there.
- Hello.
Can Arnold Arkadievich?
- Busy's
Tell him that he was looking Rostislav.
Rostislav? I'll pass.
- Thank you.
Ongoing negotiations.
And it is not necessary to know.
Will hold a ritual of forgiveness.
- Parents.
Arnold of me is not my no.
- I forgive my mother.
Our dad left,
when I was 14.
Rather not go.
Mom divorced.
Always absent.
And she found that
And my father was Arnold.
Why do you think your sister?
She has a ball.
- What ball?
And inside the red leaf.
- I have the same.
Only green.
- With green...
These balls make them our dad.
Me and my brother for the New Year.
My brother - a green leaf
and me - with red.
What was Arthur
The green stuck in me
and the red disappeared
when Dad left.
And how it got in it?
- She said she was left by her father
Her father.
As a talisman.
Benjamin should not blame
what happened.
You did not know.
So there is no reason
for moral suffering.
What about love?
The most important thing is not to delve
in incest.
We are not guilty.
So who is to blame?
Here's what I see,
here's what I do not believe.
stoop low,
door open.
It is white,
and it's black,
nothing you can do.
That's what I hear,
here's what I do not know.
Climb up,
door shut.
It is white,
and it's black,
nothing you can do.
Again, I do not see,
not hear again.
Climb up,
swoop down.
It is white,
and it's black,
nothing you can do.
and it's white,
nothing you can do.
and it's white,
nothing you can do.
cry, I'll be late -
Board of Directors.
Do not be bored.