Zagor - Chief Without Tribe (2011)

Chief Black Deer!
I can see that something has disturbed
tranquility of Seneca Tribe!
Zagor Te Nej, my heart cannot be full of joy
because I see you anymore.
Thousand of my drums, I heard some shots
just before the dawn
and if you could tell me what happened,
I would understand you better.
Woah! I don't feel like having
a conversation Ghost with the Axe.
I came to this holy place
of my ancestors,
so that I could in peace,
without having food
and water, and with ghosts' blessing,
move into eternal hunting grounds.
Why? Are you going to tell me
what happened?
I have no reason to live anymore...
My brother, those are not words of
a brave warrior that I knew some time ago.
Come on, fuck yourself
and speak what is going on!
My tribe does not exist anymore...
What? I would rather not to be called
the Master of Darkwood
if Seneca Tribe was not one of the most
powerful tribes ever!
And that means...
that I no more belong to this world.
If not in numbers, than definitely with
the greatness of your brave heart!
The gold, Zagor!
Yellow stones are guilty...
It all began a few months ago, when my
daughter Chubby Sparrow was kidnapped...
She was taken away by white-faced guys,
while she was gathering hazelnuts,
stealing it from squirrels' nests,
in the woods.
Later on they came in
the village, damn white-faced!
They were looking for the yellow stones
in exchange for her life.
Fucking pussies!
I was prepared to give it to them,
who fuck the gold,
I love my daughter more,
but the rest of the Tribe didn't agree.
Since white-faced have shown in the
Darkwood woods, our tribe is reduced a lot.
They were saving the gold
for buying the guns,
in order to make
a chance for surviving.
The only one who was ready for such exchange
was Crazy Jackal, a brave warrior,
he loved my daughter and
he wanted her to be his squaw.
All right, give up from that,
and cut the long story short!
Voah! The white-faced and
some kind of a beast during the night,
just before the dawn,
invaded into the village.
The white-faced and the beast?
I doubt in such cooperation.
It is true, Zagor, I felt it myself.
The beast hit me with its paw,
I fell down and blacked out and
that is how I was
the only one who survived.
That night the Crazy Jackal
was standing guard,
and I didn't found
his death body this morning
while I was burning other bodies,
and I wished to meet him in the eternal
hunting grounds as soon as possible.
Maybe he was in collusion with scoundrels.
Wait, has he flipped out because of her
that much that he would be capable
for betraying his own tribe?
I hope you do understand my pain now as well
as my wish to leave this world immediately.
You have always been a good Chief!
I promise I'll find your daughter
and the Crazy Jackal if he is alive.
I hope that Seneca origins
haven't disappeared yet.
I swear in Manitu, the Ghost
with the Ax, I cannot believe
in anything anymore, before I see
things with my own eyes.
Then try to see and feel that!
Start with nutrition as much as you can,
and I promise you
I will revenge your people.
That damned freaks will
feel Zagor Te Nej's anger!
Meanwhile, on the other side
of the Darkwood forest...
Caramba and Carambita,
that Zagor did a bunk in early dawn again.
I dislike his leaves, without
agreement on what are we going
to have for breakfast,
lunch or to eat something.
I am ultra hungry,
I could eat two pheasants for breakfast,
a partridge for snack, and then to start
roasting a half of an ox for lunch!
Okay, okay, I'll make myself
a full-power breakfast,
otherwise my name wouldn't be Don Chiko
Felipe Kaetano Lopez Martinez and Gonzales.
Yeah! Yes, and I'll leave
him to suck my bones!
Ohoho! Ohoho!
I said that there is
going to be a delicious feast.
O rabbit, o rabbit
sweet distill over-roasted,
you are going to be sweetness
in my stomach...
As soon as I take this rabbit,
I'll throw him to the barbecue
and in less than half an hour
my stomach will be full as a barrel.
And since I am starving I won't take a risk.
A hundred of troubles,
what kind of fuck is this?
Where does this ass-headed come from?
O, no, no...
To eat frogs again - no way!
I swear in my family's moustaches,
I have to thing of something.
Ouch, what to do? I could ask
as a true diplomat to share that rabbit,
that rabbit is mine anyway, I saw it first!
Or to use some of my tricks
and lift the whole rabbit from him.
Let him first to roast it.
O, where have you been Jackal the legend?
What's up redskin? What do you do?
I see there is going to be a good meal here,
what do you say brother?
Ha, ha, it seems that we knew
when to come for a feast! Ha, ha...
Bloody white-faced, why did you pop the whole
tribe up? It was agreed that you should
crash into the village and take the yellow stones,
but without victims. I told you where it
was hidden. You promised that you would
let my future squaw...
Where is she now?
Fucking hell, whom is your
cleverness similar to, when you
ask such a stupid questions?
Brr, you son of a bitch!
Where is she, ha? Well, she stayed
to play with us. We change our plans.
Someone gave the game away,
escaped into the village and aroused people!
Damn white-faced!
Be nice, ha! And don't piss me on!
Roast that rabbit, I am hungry!
Yes, and prepare it nice,
if you got sick with it,
it doesn't mean that we won't eat good.
Caramba and Carambita,
those guys are serious,
it seems that I won't be having a lunch.
Fuck, don't get angry, but we
truly must have yours chips.
If we don't kill you, he will us.
And further more,
we would be served as a diner for his beast.
And why that way, when
the pays very well this way.
Really, and since he is crazy,
he would order his beast to tear apart us,
and it listens to him as he is her papa.
What kind of papa, man? Well,
I don't listen to my own papa that much.
Listen, he almost is a papa, I heard that
he had founded the beast near the river,
when it was still little. In that moment,
Joe was a considerably prospector,
fanatical gold fever seeker.
Over the time, they got along
and became inseparable friends.
He has been called Joe Grizzly since than.
Joe realized very soon that
the gold seeking was a pure illusion.
He moved into the ghost wood and he makes
his living from robbery and grifts up to day,
well as we do, too, and I don't
complain as long as he pays us good.
He says that it will be even better,
now when he enters into a new business.
That's why he needed this gold.
It is about a great amount of money!
Eeee, white swine...
could it be possibly true that papers
and gold are more important
to you than the human life?
If they are not, we'd leave
you alive to tell the tale...
Damn, this is too much for me.
I've heard enough: murders, robberies,
beast, ghost wood...
I am going to tell Zagor about this.
You made this good,
as this is the last one for you.
Take, redskin, have a bite, not to die
because of hungry before it's your time.
Die animals!
I'll kill you redhead!
What an jerk! It was good that I
deafened him on time, so he just grazed me.
It turned out excellent, the idiot
gave me a reason to shot at him.
Ouch, cock sucker!
Good luck!
Just to bandage this wound,
and we'll leave this place.
Ok, I'm going to t ake horses,
and we're running into our Ghost Wood.
Give me a little of that gid.
Make a hole in the bottle old bean!
Not far away, in the depth
of Darkwood forest...
Zagor, Zagor!
Speak, plump boy, what's up?
Fucking hell, do you have to
frighten me each and every time?
I swear in my family's moustaches,
I am still glad to see you!
Hi, plump boy!
Hey mate, we should hurry up,
one of the Seneca warriors is in danger!
Seneca? That must be the only
left warrior Crazy Jackal.
Come, Chico, in which direction?
Come! This way, my friend, I'll explain
you what has happened on our way.
...After a shorter explanation
and a longer rush...
Ouch, wow, I cannot anymore,
here, here, at the end of the wood.
Ouch, I cannot any longer! Ouch! Ouch!
We are too late, the worst
has already happened.
Ah, White-faced...
He is moving, he is alive, Zagor,
he hasn't croaked yet!
No need, no...
I'll help you, you've lost a lot of blood.
The Ghost with the Ax, give up
trying, I've betrayed my tribe,
I don't deserve to live anymore, give up...
No! Don't speak anything
and save your strength, you'll need it.
I'll try to take away
the bullet and heal your wound now.
Aloha! There is still some meet left here,
I'll have a snack meanwhile.
Plump boy! Give up
the food now, our mate is dying here!
Go and pick some plants
so that I can put it on his wound.
Ooo, fucking, am I going to eat
as a man in my life ever?
Squeeze your teeth,
this will be painful for sure.
Where could I find it now?
If I had ever wanted to be a herbs gatherer,
I would have owned my office,
with kitchen and fat female cook.
You were lucky...
the bullet didn't go deeply.
Now, I only have to bandage your wound,
and later on you should rest yourself.
Let me see what he told?
Plantain, I know that, moss... all right...
Easies, boy, don't move.
Here it is, Zagor, I believe this is
going to be more than enough for you.
Very well, plump boy!
In the right time, give it to me and
I'll put it on the wound to
recover as soon as better.
Chico, you will stay with
Crazy Jackal and take care of him!
I'm about to cheese the band!
Please, Ghost with the Ax, save my squaw...
She is in the wood with ghosts...
Maybe she is in a deadly danger...
Please hurry up, take my horse.
Don't worry, I am going there
and that bastards will pay me!
Zagor, take care of yourself,
you'll need luck more than anything else,
the Ghost Wood is more
than dangerous place.
You are right!
Good bye, plump boy,
and take care of him,
I am going to find his horse.
...And so on, after three days,
ups, hours of riding...
Ohoho! The situation stinks!
Let me see what this is.
Wait, one moment of patience my crony!
Thousand of my drums,
the wood is becoming more and thicker!
As I thought, we can go no longer together.
Never mind, thank you, horse,
you are a good mate. Ok, bye, the old one!
Guys, it seems that we have a company.
Some fool is just behind us.
Let make him a flick, before
he dares to crash into our hideout!
You are right, give me
those patrons from a mad professor.
They will hold him up forever.
Easier, band! I am a commander here.
Give me those patrons so
that we can make him an ambush.
Thousand of my drums!
Where does this come from?
Ouch, damn, this smoke
is choking me, my head...
Ouch, where I am?
Wow, run away from here, stranger,
this is our Wood of Ghosts,
you don't belong here!
You silly cunt, frig off!
Phantoms... ouch...
I can't stand this no longer...
Buzz off you monkey, blow, bugger off!
Good done job, boys,
and even if he regain consciousness,
he'll run away no matter what.
Come to our base!
Anyway, I'll stay here, I must assure
myself that the guy is going to bag his ass.
Otherwise Billy the Snake will show him.
Ok, the old Billy, see you!
We're going to inform our boss, again bye.
Well, the guy will pop his clogs definitely.
Yes, yes, 100%, there is no chance
for him to survive that insanity.
So, that is all about!
Some ruffian has dared to visit my wood!
Nevertheless, put him in his place!
Joe Grisley
Look this box, look this bottle.
I am going to be whiskey
distributor for the whole Darkwood!
Wow, I can hardly wait for that drinking!
I'll sell this both to
Indian and Cowboy,
there is gold enough in exchange
for 10000 liters.
Get rid of that deadbeat! And let me know
when you blow him away! Chop-chop! Be off!
Wow, brother... I was so stoned...
What was this about?
Ouch, what a dream...
my head is breaking off.
Wow, this guy is a hard nut to crack
than we previously consider him to be.
I knew, we'll see now...
How can he resist the mamba's poison?
Strange snake! I can't remember that
I have seen her earlier in these areas.
I could take a small break,
considering that I am busy all the time,
and that I haven't eaten anything
for two days, I'll use it for dinner.
This guy is such a fucking player,
it's better to inform the boss.
What do you say, he has eaten
your snake? Eaten your snake?
What a bunglers!
Three of you listen to me now,
go and blow him away nicely, as a man,
and inform me when he is over,
buzz off to work!
Mmmm, not a bad bite, it is good
when there is nothing better.
Full of calories, doesn't make you fat,
but I like those Darkwood's more,
somehow their taste is more powerful.
Ok, have to eat something!
And be clever, put him in his place!
Based on your description,
it must be Zagor, Indians's protector,
as he is called here.
I remember a few years ago,
while I was still plundering down the river,
he grabbed my horses, those I had
previously taken away from Indians,
and gave it back to them.
Ohoho, it seems that I slept here good.
Get rid of him, you haven't still gone,
bag your asses, be done with him!
This meat is so tough, like it's devil's,
it still stands between my teeth.
Wow, who are those guys?
Our boss has a right, we play
a foolish games with him,
but this time I'm going to smash his head.
That guy really do
things out of his business,
that's why he'll ended
as his Indian friends.
Let's blow him off!
Easier, that guy is too dangerous.
It's better for us
to make him an ambush first.
If I think better, he is right.
I met this guy once, and I
barely pulled myself alive, listen...
Hey, what do you do?
O, I don't understand you.
Hey, wait a moment,
I know you from somewhere...
You are from New Texas?
Who? Me? No, no, no...
I'm from A-LA-BA-MA!
Ok, then shit!
Let him have a shit, I was maybe wrong...
O, yes! I ribbed him fest!
Check this out! Mama mia!
Fucking hell, he is coming!
Yeah, right, if he comes,
I'll unscrew his big head!
Come here you cock-sucker!
Not in me, idiot!
Ouch, my hand, you are such an ox,
ouch mommy, it hurts mommy...
A hundred of thunders, I can hear shooting!
It doesn't smell good,
they are too close to our shelter.
I don't want protectors
of Indians' bastards!
I don't want to see
any snoopers here!
I'm going to see what is
the hell is going on here.
I'll bring my friend bear Bruno.
Sing bird, who is your boss
and where is he hiding?
Don't tell him anything. We'll invite
the army and when we tell them
that the redskins have started first,
they will be on our side.
I can't remember that
I asked you jerk anything!
You don't need the army, this is my court!
Let me go pussy...
Let me hear you,
speak the truth bastard!
Our boss is Joe Grisly and his place is
two miles away from here toward canyon.
Uff, stinker!
Deary me! What a beast!
But not big enough to frighten Zagor Te-nej!
Get lost, you horse!
Mother fucker, what did you eat?
Deary me, stop it... you are sick...
let me go... fucking...
It's enough now! Fucking moron,
you try to make fool of me, ha?
You find me to trickle, you son
of a bitch! Come here, asshole!
Oh, that was thick, I am dead.
I have to rest myself a little bit.
No matter why you came here stranger,
this is the end of your road.
You must be the leader
of killers and looters' band!
That's me! You must be that mug who
killed the loyalist friend Bruno of mine.
I am Darkwood protector and
I fight against enemies like you!
You are some kind of hero, die nit!
A hundred of my drums!
In the right time... but who?
Haug! White brother.
Hey, Black Deer,
you saved my life my friend.
Woah, so did you to me Ghost with the Ax,
your story has waked me up.
As soon as I obtained enough strength,
I started looking for my daughter.
I met your plump friend and
Crazy Jackal on my way there,
they told me what had happened
and I started to follow your trails.
I saw you'd had difficult moments. Now it
seems that I caught up with you on time...
But I am not sure whether there is
enough time for my daughter?
I don't know my friend,
we'll do our best to find her.
Hey, what do you do?
This is the way how every white-faced
that shows on our territory is going to end!
I'll invite other tribes in fight.
White-faced bring bad luck!
You are wrong Black Deer, this land is
capable of feeding thousands and thousands
of people, but it needs peace for
that purpose! And peace cannot be
established as long as a bloody
circle of revenge is not finished!
Daddy, daddy!
Can you hear, hurry up!
Daddy, daddy!
Daddy, daddy, I am here!
Daddy, daddy, I am here!
Easy Zagor, maybe she is hurt.
Finally, daddy...
Chubby Sparrow, my daughter!
Finally it is over, you are free.
Did those bastards torture you?
They were ok, except once,
when I spilled their boss in face,
after which they greased my legs
with honey, so that ants could gather...
Dirty white pigs!
And the bear, it kept looking
at me and licked himself.
Daddy I am so happy to see you again.
What about others?
Uh, what to say to you?
I think it's time to go!
The dark is falling soon, and there
is a long walk toward my cottage.
Luckily, the Moon will light up our path.
There must be Crazy Jackal too,
and I hope that my crony potbelly
has made us some grub. It will be good
for all of us, after all, so let's go!
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