Xin zuijia paidang (Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit) (1989)

So many people!
You think your idea will work?
Let's try!
I'll do it because of you.
Step aside...
Step aside, give way!
Give way please...
What are you two doing?
Hurry up, go get some help
What are you doing?
Take it easy, will you?
Don't pull! I'll make you fall!
Stop! Where are you taking me?
Go away, let me go! George, help me!
George, be careful. Be careful, please.
Sorry, I learned it from the movies.
What are you trying to do?
Stop it, you guys, let me go...
Damn it! Stop!
What's the matter?
We're out of gas!
Idiot! We're out of gas now?
How was I to know we were going so far?
I don't have any cash on me.
Just add a little.
King Kong, she's been saying "Lok" all day long.
What does "Lok" mean in Thai?
How would I know? She is doing it again.
Damn, we're out of gas!
To low gear, quick!
We've run out. I can't get it started.
They're coming, King Kong! What shall we do?
I'm going to kill you!
I can't take anymore!
Hold it! Tie her up.
You said you were best at handling women!
You handle her!
I'm busy, lets fix the horse first.
Where are you taking me? Let me go!
Move, move.
Help me, help me!
How wonderful!
It's more exciting than "Ben Hur".
Right, right!
Help me!
Stop it!
Stop the car! Let me go!
Bastard, stop the car! Let me go!
Let me go!
Hurry up!
Where are you taking me?
King Kong, hold her tight!
Don't let her push me again
Or else we'll drop into the water.
Quiet! Your husband, Mr. Zoombut,
paid us to save you.
Your husband paid us to save you!
Mr. Zoombut is not my husband.
He paid my mother a lot of money to get me.
So I ran off to marry my boyfriend.
Everything's fine.
Come on, girl, go...
Bald, we've made a mistake.
Her mother forced her to marry an old man.
She eloped with her boyfriend.
What did you say?
How can The Aces
earn such money?
We'd feel bad the rest of our lives!
Are you bullshitting?
Lets send her home first!
Are you crazy? Send her home?
I want the money!
My wife and bald kid have emigrated
If I don't get the money, how can I
buy a house?
Don't stop me!
You're breaking them up?
Where's your conscience?
How can you be a hero?
I don't want to be a hero!
Lets rescue her back someday for the groom.
You're money mad!
He's coming!
Excuse me, lady, follow me!
Baldy, don't!
I'll go to earn money to settle for you!
Calm down!
Come on, come...
Let me go! Don't block my way.
Listen to me.
Don't move!
I paid for you! But you dared to elope!
Do you know you made me lose face?
You're lucky I want to marry you!
Damn you!
George, George!
Bitch, you still want to go with him?
Teach him a lesson! Quick!
George, don't beat him!
Don't beat George! George!
Kill him! Kill him!
Don't move!
May! Don't touch him!
Don't move
Go! Go! Hurry up.
Go, go, hurry up, get out.
I paid you money,
but you dared betray me?
Aces, I'll remember you!
Thank you!
Go, go...
Take your money and go to hell.
Silly! How can you return the money to him?
Stop! It's enough!
Stop it, don't!
You hit me!
Stop it, Baldy!
Don't follow me.
I don't know you.
The Terracotta Warriors and the Bronze Sword
from the Qin Dynasty
were shipped to HK for public exhibition
for the first time.
While they were being unloaded,
the White Gloves snatched
them away.
Ben, be careful!
What did you say?
I said, be careful!
You've said that a thousand times!
Just be careful!
Yes, my dear sis.
Don't rush, but we have to move quickly!
Be quick!
Ok, everything is going smoothly!
Lets check it out.
Yes sir!
Hurry up, come on!
Let me see my Chinese Excalibur!
Yes sir!
The Excalibur..
It's all mine...
The box!
Be careful!
Get him! Get him!
Lets split!
Let's take some photos, quick!
Ben! We made it!
Let's go!
Get in!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
'We're the new Aces".
"Forever, the new Aces".
Uncle Wah, good morning!
What's the matter?
Uncle Wah, the Terracotta Army has been stolen.
I know. You paged me to come back
Who are we meeting with?
The representative of the
Security Unit from China.
No, he's not uncle. He's our cousin!
He's the unit head's son.
He studied in the US for over 10 years.
In China, they call him Chinese Rambo!
So it wont be an easy meeting!
Please have a seat.
This is a sample of the Terracotta Army.
The real ones have been stolen in HK.
It's done by the two men called The Aces.
They even sent photos to the press, and
asked them to be put on the front page.
Uncle Wah, what do you think?
It's impossible!
You know them well! Right?
Yes, but we haven't met for years.
I don't know...
I know!
They separated three years ago.
King Kong started an investment company.
However, he has neither earned money
nor maintained his physical condition.
He hasn't paid his rent for 2 years.
And hasn't paid his secretary for a year.
Am I right?
After sending his wife and
son to Canada,
Baldy stayed in HK alone to earn money
He got burnt at the stock market
And he is now hiding from debtors
in Sai Kung.
None of that is on file!
Yes, you shredded the pages.
What can we do for you?
Yes, one thing. Just don't interrupt.
Don't let the secret out.
They won't be able to get away from me!
It's easy.
We hate responsibility!
But King Kong is very cunning,
are you prepared?
Aces, you are out of luck this time.
King Kong!
For the past 3 years,
I've been telling you not to call me that.
Now I am called Ever Rich!
Yes, Brother Rich! Your breakfast.
It took an hour to cook, it's a French dish.
Those look beautiful but not edible.
The flowers are not edible.
I know, I'll just smell it.
Use the fork please, it is more hygienic,
and more romantic...
I've finished eating and you're still talking.
There's a client coming.
Let me open the door.
Wait a second. Let me get dressed.
Don't peep.
You really don't want me to peep?
Hey little girl!
Lets be clear, we are colleagues.
I am the boss, you are the secretary.
Don't link it with personal affection.
You've not paid me for over a year
but I keep cooking breakfast for you everyday.
If we're only employer and employee,
you better hire someone else!
Do you understand?
I do.
I'll pay you
when I make some money.
You'd have to double it
Ok...hurry up.
I'll get the door.
People call me the God of Stocks.
Friends who trust me become millionaires.
Find your own Bps if you don't believe mine.
You've lost 5 billion, right?
Here comes my client.
Hello, welcome.
A friend who didn't trust my tips just
lost 5 billion.
Are you the one who did 'The Thing" last night?
I did a lot of things last night.
Which one do you mean?
The Terracotta Army!
Terracotta Army! You're smart.
I've been thinking about it, It's trendy.
What do you want me to do?
Where is the Terracotta Army?
In Xian of course, where else?
We're in the investment business.
Lets sign a contract first.
Ellen, get a contract please.
Sir, may I have your name?
Chinese Rambo!
Chinese Rambo?
Excuse me, please!
Have a cigar first.
How dare you steal national treasures?
We are civilized people. Let's be calm.
Wait, answer the phone first.
Hello, Sir!
Hello, Uncle Wah!
Hello, Uncle Wah!
Terrific! He's right before me.
Settle this by myself? And good luck to me?
What did Uncle Wah say?
Good luck to me!
Don't make me fight back!
King Kong...
Where did you hide the Terracotta Army?
Please check the file for me, Ellen.
Where is it?
First, let go. How can I get it otherwise?
Where is the Terracotta Army?
This way!
Quit shoving me, Basketball!
What did you call me?
I said you're not Chinese Rambo.
But Chinese Dumbo.
Wonderful! Chinese Rambo is dead.
Why are you so happy?
Don't you know it destroyed my image?
I've never killed a man in my life.
Go get someone to fix the window.
Tell me,
where did you hide the Terracotta Army?
Don't be afraid. He won't hit a woman
Keep on, I'll increase your salary!
I'm sorry. I'll take the other lift, bye!
No problem, I'll walk down from there.
Your big brother is up there!
I've enough! Do you want me to use force?
You two scoundrels, don't force me to light you.
What did he say?
I don't know!
I say don't force me to hit you!
He says he will hit us.
Do you want to kill me?
Too much! It's too much!
Hi, King Kong!
Don't shock me!
I've asked you not to call me King Kong!
What is it? Are your creditors after you again?
What do mean? I'm just jogging.
Damn it, woman, can you just drive?
King Kong!
I'm not King Kong!
If you're not,
how come you feel so nice?
You're right! But I'm now called Ever Rich.
Get on! Rich boy!
Taking me for a ride?
I'm busy today.
I've a meeting.
Are they...?
You're treating me like a driver?
Come sit beside me. Are you afraid of me?
Afraid of you? I'm afraid of nothing!
Those who don't know you
will be scared to death by you.
Those who know you will laugh to death!
It's impossible,
we don't have time for this!
Of course! Impossible, judging from
your look now,
so down and out.
What did you say?
It's done by the New Aces, me & my brother.
We, the Old Aces, are still around,
how can you people beat us?
It's time for you to retire!
The new buries the old.
What do you want?
Do you know what's the most valuable thing
in the Terracotta Army?
Every single piece is precious!
How would I know what you're talking about?
It's the sword!
Let me take a look again.
It's fake!
Fake? They're all real!
You misunderstand.
I said the sword is fake!
You? No way!
How can you get the real one?
You stupid fool!
Don't go!
You just said I was not good enough, right?
I'll fight with you!
With me?
You take the first punch
Come on!
Where do you want me to hit?
If you don't move, I will!
Are you serious? But I don't hit women!
You concede?
Concede? I've just let off two women.
Let's fight without touching each other!
Good idea!
I choose the time.
I choose the place.
Come on...!
What are you doing? Are you afraid?
Am I not great?
Though I haven! practised for 3 years.
I'm still strong!
Does he look like that King Kong
who stole the Terracotta Army?
Are you that King Kong who stole
the Terracotta Army?
Do you have any evidence?
It is in the paper.
You believe the papers?
How is it now?
Ask him his name.
Who are you? Are you King Kong?
Come on down. Let me see your ID card.
You want to see my I.D.?
I thought you want to see my show!
I am now going up to get it for you.
He seems to be King Kong!
Let's go up.
He's getting away.
He can't escape!
Hello, Uncle Wah please.
Uncle Wah, this is King Kong.
Why are so many people bringing me trouble?
I haven't stolen the national treasure!
Is it done by the Baldy and others?
Where has the Baldy gone to?
Uncle Wah, is Hong Kong sinking?
Hold it! I have fours!
"Red Dragon".
Hold it.
You dare throw a "Red Dragon"? A big win!
Pay me, pay me!
You little devil. Why didn't you
speak up earlier?
If I spoke up earlier, you'd jump earlier.
Uncle, don't pretend to be stupid.
You are smarter than anyone else.
Do I look smart?
Where is the towel?
At the back.
We are relatives, why bother to pretend?
I won't tell the police.
What are you saying?
Nothing! I read the big headlines in the papers.
The Aces are suspected of
stealing a national treasure.
You think I did it?
It must be the bastard, King Kong
who did it to frame me.
He wants me dead.
Look, girl!
They don't seem to be debt collectors.
Then they are looking for me.
Who else could they be looking for?
What do they want from me?
I think they are coming for the Terracotta Army.
It must be King Kong who called the police
to come and arrest me.
I have to go now.
Don't stare stupidly at this hole.
They'll know I'm hiding here!
Uncle, I'm leaving, have a good run!
What happened to you?
Oh, you still look beautiful!
You must be King Kong's girlfriend!
Not exactly!
That fool doesn't know his own luck!
He's colour-blind!
Where's he?
They chased him out. Oh, no!
There's no King Kong here,
only "Ever Rich".
I know!
Has he got any partners lately?
Yes! Many.
Any big business?
Of course!
He likes big deals.
He always teaches me to think big!
He always boasts.
Has he ever talked against the "Baldy"?
You know who I'm talking about?
Of course! Right from my first day here,
he's been scolding this guy for 3 years.
No! This is the Baldy!
He even wrote a song to curse the Baldy!
Can you sing it?
It's very nice; I'll sing it for you.
Go ahead, sing...
He's disgusting.
He knows nothing, better retreat.
Butcher him alive, and mince him for soup.
The Worst Ace.
He's really the Worst Ace.
Forever, the Worst Ace.
Cursing me like this, no wonder I'm
unlucky for 3 years.
You bastard! Is he returning?
What did you say? It's really you Baldy!
It's you who made King Kong so poor!
I hate you most, you get lost, go away!
Stop it! Stop it!
Hi, are you looking for investment advice?
It's him!
What are you doing?
Excuse me!
Chinese Kung-Fu!
Have you finished? Why do you fight here?
Fight outside!
If not, I'll call the police!
Bastard, none of your business. Don't move!
Deborah, what happened?
They're fighting each other, great!
Steal the Emperor's sword? It's crazy!
Everybody uses guns now.
What can I do with that precious sword?
It must be that rascal King Kong who did it.
Why don't you ask him?
He's terrified of me!
Bring him here, let me make him suffer.
What are you doing?
King Kong? Long time no see!
How come you're in such a state?
How dare you write a song to curse me
for 3 years?
You committed a crime with others.
It's on the front page!
Shut up!
Admit it! Why suffer?
Have you two finished?
Where's the sword?
I got it! I have an idea!
It's useless to treat him like this.
He knows Tai-Chi, and Nina Ricci.
If you take off his clothes,
he will become dead meat.
Don't move!
What are you doing?
I'm stone cold, I can't struggle!
Let me do it myself.
Is it a good idea?
Mr. Albert, I looked through Chinese History,
none of the traitors end up well!
I've never seen partners who
betray their friends end up well!
Oh God! Why did you let me know this Baldy?
Why did you pass your bad luck to me?
I've been suffering since we're partners.
The Tai Chi I just demonstrated is only
to divert the foreigners.
And you want to spoil it!
What did you say?
Who's dragged down who?
You won't admit that you stole. You...
No more pretence, two of you!
Where's the Emperor's sword? Out with it!
Hold your tongue!
We'll settle our own matters!
It's none of your business.
We won't lose face in public.
Right, King Kong?
These few years...
Don't lose face in front of others.
These few years,
I've always been thinking of you!
Are you all right?
I'm fine!
Meeting brother Baldy here today,
We can settle everything between us.
Not for gratitude, but for revenge.
There is no gratitude between us.
Once they leave, we should think over
the Aces' successes and failures!
Settle this problem amicably.
Very amicably, because we're
The Aces!
How is it?
Good! I admire those real friends!
I saw it first!
Who hit me?
You little dummy, I saw it first!
Hands off!
It's mine, I saw it first!
What are you doing?
I saw it first, so I should wear it!
Give it to me... it's mine...
I'll run you over!
You've a wife and child, you put it on.
Health is important!
You two are real good friends.
Needless to say!
Give it to me!
Give you what?
Take it off!
It's freezing
Give it to me!
A little more!
I'm freezing. You're so cruel!
It's warm!
Do you like it?
Where's that precious sword?
We'll do it again if you insist
keep your mouth shut.
Freeze and then defrost again!
How can I tell you when I don't know?
Please put me down. I'll tell you...
Put them down!
Big brother, it's freezing.
What do you want me to say?
Lets get our clothes on first!
Give them back their clothes.
I hope you tell the truth this time.
Certainly! I came to tell you!
I've a big gift for your big brother!
I'll be right back.
Big brother, big big brother
big big big sister.
I, King Kong, am different now.
I'm now doing well in finance and commerce.
Do I still need to steal?
I'm not like Brother Baldy.
Old-fashioned and hiding from debts.
Also, I never betray friends.
But I have to tell you a secret now.
That sword was stolen by Brother Baldy
and a girl.
He even told me where he hid the sword.
You bastard,
talking behind my back?
What did I say?
Do you think I don't know? How dare you?
Go! Brother Baldy!
Get them, get those idiots.
It's safe. You won't die!
But we are on top of the bus!
I knew we were landing
on the bus top.
Perfect timing.
Come on, sit down. The bus is moving.
It's great.
I have to rescue you every time!'re great this time.
How shall we get off?
Do you know how to play horizontal bar?
Come on!
What are you doing here?
Lets call Uncle Wah.
Go! Hurry! Uncle Wah.
Conference Room.
Uncle Wah, please answer the phone.
It's Brother Baldy.
Tell him I'm not in.
Tell him I'm not in, I'm not..
Tell him I'm in the toilet.
He's here! Put the line through here please!
Uncle Wah!
Uncle Wah, who did it......
Let me!
Uncle Wah, I am King Kong.
Someone had framed us by
stealing the national treasure.
We are in deep trouble now.
You help us whenever we are in trouble.
Please check with the Transport Dept.
to see where the car is.
I know.
Where is CC109 parked?
Ben, you're just unbelievable.
HK is such a small place
but you cant find Baldy.
Remember, we have to teach him a good lesson
when we find him.
Ben, Bravo! Don't let him move!
His partner must be around.
You're right!
Miss, get on!
Okay, I will...
It's no use flirting with me.
I'm not interested at all.
I'm rather feminine now.
I used to be a Lothario
Now I'm very bias?? about love
After going through hundreds of battles.
Up to heaven, down to earth...
Sweet, sour, hot, spicy...every taste.
Lets get on!
Not even if you were Marilyn Monroe!
Don't move!
Don't point it at me, point at her!
She hasn't moved on you,
but you're already insane!
She has!
Don't move! Sit tight!
Stop flirting, you!
New talent will wash over old ones, right?
You'll know who washes who
when you go to the fish farm.
Who's scared of who now?
You two old bastards, what's up your sleeves?
Right! You two aren't so great!
One is too smart, one is too stupid.
Added together, you're a joke!
Enough! Too much talking!
Let's go!
We haven't had enough fun with you. Damn you!
Damn me? Hey! Watch out.
Our lives are more precious than theirs.
We're The Aces!
Are you on my side or theirs?
Ours, of course!
Baldy, you always bring
bad luck to your partner.
Don't touch me.
Hands off! I hate people calling me Baldy.
Damn you.
Baldy! Hands off!
Baldy, stop. Sit down!
Don't fight!
You're so rude! Don't move!
Try balancing the car with your body!
I can't stand up!
Try! Hurry up!
It's dangerous.
Oh, it comes again!
Damn! How could you let them get away?
Boss, we can't do anything now.
We better leave HK with the Terracotta Army.
I want the Chinese Excalibur back.
Boss, it's very dangerous.
Why? No one knows our location.
But having those 2 steal the Excalibur
from under our nose
How can I face the others?
I want the sword back.
Sis, where are you?
Ben, are you alright?
We're tied up.
It's you two bastards again!
Glass coffin, how do we deal with her?
Good figure, attractive.
Up and down, very attractive!
I'm afraid you won't know how to trick us
even if you catch us.
I believe they cant do anything. Of course!
You see, Sis. There're many fishes.
A lot of them are big!
Right! Like the sashimi we ate in Japan!
How come?
Ben, don't be afraid. Calm down.
Have you people had enough?
Enough? The game hasn't started!
Bastard, why did you frame us?
I'm furious.
Why did you hit me?
It hurts...
Ben, be calm!
Have you people had enough? Let us go!
That one is getting furious too!
Time to play with her!
Sis...are you alright?
I confess.
It's relaxing!
Confess now!
Ben, you tell them. They don't believe me.
No, I want the pretty lady to say it!
Where's the precious sword?
The sword is where the man is.
No sword in hand; it exists in the heart.
Good! Two swordsmen!
Are you going to confess or not?
After you untie us, we confess.
Alright! Untie them first.
You planned this, you should know how
to untie them!
No, I don't!
You always like this!
You never know how to wrap things up.
Let's each go to one end to get balance
and then untie the rope, that's it?
Right! Let me, the hero, rescue the beauty.
You two be careful! Watch out!
Take it easy! The Aces never fail!
Calm down!
It's too heavy on my side, go to the other side.
Don't come over!
Go back!
Don't come over!
Quiet! I've been bitten by the fish not you!
I hurt my finger nail.
Lower your voice, I'm also suffering.
Don't lose face in front of others.
Damn you! How could you think this up?
Hurts both yourself and others.
Only idiots can come up with this!
Did you not say each one controls one side?
Why didn't you speak up?
I thought everything's fine.
No wonder King Kong says Baldy brings bad luck!
They seem to be right!
Bullshit! I always start right
but you mess things up!
What? Think before you speak!
You disagree? Had you not pretended
to be kind 3 years ago
We wouldn't be in this state, right?
That's true!
What are you two up to? Where's the sword?
Far away as in heaven,
near by as in front of you.
Far away as in heaven?
Near by? It's must be with her sister!
Take off her clothes and search!
Right, take them off!
Don't take advantage on her!
Come on! Tell us!
Untie me first!
Don't play games or I'll throw
your sister into the sea.
Right! Let me take off her clothes.
You're up to no good, I'll do it.
The sword is here!
Go and help him.
I've lost everything!
Sis, you're great!
Of course! Go help him or...
we're finished
How?I cant
What happened?
How come? Ben...
Hurry up!
Help me! Please help me...
What happened?
Hold it!
Go on!
Give me your hand!
Get up!
What happened?
Why are we out at sea?
Who are they?
They don't look like cops.
Who are you?
What do you want?
National Security!
What do you want?
Where are you taking us?
Xiamen, of course!
I thought it was Jiangmen.
You're acting against HK's human rights.
I'll report you to the United Nations.
Do what you like!
You can jump and swim ashore!
But how, there're so many sharks?
One of you go feed the sharks first!
You have more lesh, you jump first!
Ask your sis to jump first!
You're crazy!
Sharks don't breast feed!
Stop kidding!
From Hong Kong?
Oh, fellows from home.
He knows.
What are you doing?
Sir...I'm sorry, excuse me.
We're friends.
Everything will be fine!
I'm sorry...!
Do you have any cigarette?
How can you come here?
What crime did you commit?
How about you? What have you done?
Me? Whoremongering!
How can you go home with the words
on your forehead?
I can go for plastic surgery!
You got money?
You're useless!
Don't bullshit! Go!...
Be honest! Honesty is most important!
"No freedom, I lost freedom!"
Hurry up, be quick!
Are you jumping queue?
Line up at the back! Go!
What are you pushing for?
Some more please!
That's all; go!
Be quick, hurry up!
Damn you, go; quick!
Sis, don't be afraid.
Bastard, if not for you, we wouldn't
end up like this.
Damn you. You wanna fight?
Please...please stop arguing!
You wanna die?
Don't you think we should find a way
to get out together?
The Killer is wailing for you.
Why do you have such a good meal?
What have you done?
We've stolen a national treasure.
Stolen a national treasure?
Because of a whore,
I was sentenced to death 2 years ago.
You'll get yours soon.
Is this your last supper?
Yes, I've to see The Killer after the dinner.
To buy bullets.
This last supper is free of charge.
But you have to pay for
the bullet for execution.
Do you have money?
Come, let me teach you how to choose bullets.
It will be your turn soon.
This is a rifle bullet, pointed.
Once fired, in from front, out from back.
One shot doesn't work, so you need two.
This one is different.
Once you shoot, the shot spreads out.
It's horrible!
Don't buy these, too expensive!
You'll get bullet holes all over your body
If you pick this one.
This is round-headed.
Once you get shot, the intestines fall out.
The bullet sticks onto bones!
Horrible too!
What happened to her?
Can't stand it!
This one is powerful! I suggest you buy this!
You won't feel a thing
Hi pal, how much is this?
Fifty cents.
Fifty cents. Here you are.
I've saved for 2 years.
What are you doing here?
Buying bullets.
Go out!
Yes sir!
I'm leaving. Answer him truthfully!
Better to be shot earlier than later.
Do you know what your crime is?
No, I don't!
Officer, we're innocent.
They're the guilty ones.
You're innocent? Why are you here then?
You have one more chance.
Let him tell the truth.
Come on! Tell them the truth.
We're guilty.
For what?
Stealing the country's treasure.
Fine! Who did it?
He did!
The precious sword was found in your place.
The Terracotta Army must be stolen by you too!
You must bring it back right away!
We didn't steal the treasure. That has
nothing to do with us.
It's stolen by them. No.
Buy bullets.
Buddy, I've only whoremongered once.
I shouldn't be sentenced!
If I knew it, I should have done more!
What are you doing here?
Being executed, do you think I'm giving a show?
Buddy! Please make it a clean shot.
Shoot beneath the star, let me die in one shot!
Hey! It's your turn soon!
Ready, set!
What's your name?
Why is your aim so bad?
Don't count on me for the second bullet.
Stop it. It's disturbing!
Baldy, how long have we known each other?
For as long as we knew each other.
So long!
Why are you crying?
I'll be a victim of infidelity!
If I die, my wife will surely
marry again.
I'll suffer infidelity!
Why not? If my wife dies,
I'd certainly marry another woman!
Don't think like that! Let's have a drink.
Come on! Aren't we The Aces?
Yes, The Aces!
You're not mad at me any more?
I prefer to save my breath.
Brother Baldy, we're the Best Aces Forever!
The Best Ace has to suffer infidelity!
I'm so touched! Let's tell the truth, okay?
Don't cry. The precious sword is stolen by us!
It's no use confessing to us!
You have to tell The Killer.
I'll go and tell him tomorrow!
We shouldn't drag you two down too.
Especially you. You have a family.
We never thought we'd end up like this.
Why did you do it?
Do you remember that Thai?
He paid us to get you in trouble.
The same Thai?
We know he's an asshole.
But we had to fulfil our obligations.
Money is not everything.
You're wrong! You've never been poor!
I'm always in debt.
To me, money is everything.
Anyway, well tell The Killer
everything tomorrow.
You'll soon be free.
Right, we'll admit what we've done!
Good! You're real good friends.
At least you're willing to confess.
Come on. Let's make friends
before you die.
We'll burn you incense sticks.
Come on, lets toast!
Lets toast! Come on...
To Friendship!
How many confidantes do we get in life?
How long can friendships last?
Today we temporarily part,
Friendship is inside my heart forever.
Today we temporarily part,
we'll meet again.
Even we won't meet again,
we're still friends!
Even far away,
Amid obstacles
Get them out.
I'm not a ghost!
It's the 2 officers who asked me to pretend.
You're scared; I'm sorry!
Thank you! Just making a living.
I'm in a hurry to catch the flight back to HK!
Did I do well?
At least I fooled you!
Have a seat, please.
I'm sorry.
We just want you to work with us
so we arranged such an act
We know The Terracotta Army
was stolen by the White Gloves.
They're still in Hong Kong.
I hope you old and new Aces
can help us to get back the treasures.
No problem at all.
It's our obligation...
It's our duty to our country.
Unfortunately, we're businessmen now.
Right...we haven't practised for 3 years.
We're not in peak form.
Right...we are also learning business from them.
You really don't want to cooperate?
I don't want to be rude!
Alright, let's calm down.
You really don't want to cooperate?
China has a billion people, why us?
You refuse?
Our government wants to keep this case
low profile.
You may not want to get involved, but
the White Gloves will come after you anyway.
Don't mess around with them.
I Blink we better...
How did it go?
What did they say?
Sounds like they want us in Brainwash Camp!
No, sounds like they want us executed!
Shoot us dead?
Sis, don't faint! Cooperate...
Alright! No problem, We promise you.
We'll get the Terracotta Army back for you.
A toast to our success!
Let us toast to your sincerity!
Sincerity, cheers...
In order to finish this glorious mission,
you have to undergo thorough physical training.
May I ask what arms you're good at?
Guns, of course!
Hand gun, machine gun?
I usually use 0.35 Smith & Wesson.
Not this "Chinese gun"!
You might as well give me a joystick!
This is the Terracotta Army,
we can't use modern arms.
In order not to destroy the treasure,
we must use ancient arms this time.
Absolutely no guns will be used.
Be frank, will our enemy use guns?
Our enemy will probably use planes and cannons!
How can we only have this rubbish?
Lets go have some tea!
Fine, my treat.
What do you want?
Kid, not that we don't want to help you.
But how can we fight with only these?
Miss, this is only something for shows.
Right, this game is not in the
Olympic Games programme yet.
A western sword might work.
Maybe you should switch to a western sword.
I'll teach you some day.
I gotta go!
What would you like to drink?
I'll drink this!
There are four western swords.
If you defeat her,
I'll let you go!
If I were you, I'd choose Chinese arms.
I choose the western sword.
It doesn't matter to me, how about you?
I was the girls' champion in school.
I've learnt for years.
I was the head coach of the Ghurkhas before.
I have never heard about it.
Give me a little face!
I'll go first.
Watch out.
Be careful.
Watch out.
You finish.
Let me do it. Come on, come on...
Are you exhausted?
Surrender, will you?
She lost!
You promised if we win, we could leave!
Lui Yin, do you concede?
Are you alright?
She is furious!
Don't be scared, I am still here.
Not dead yet?
We win, do you want to try again?
We win.
You fight without any skill.
You have not won. The sword is still with me.
You lost.
You have to admit the truth.
Right! If those are real swords,
you're dead!
Such brutality!
Am I a dead person now?
Do you concede?
I don't want to play anymore
She fought with her life.
Right, this girl fought with her life.
Because she promised the country.
You also promised to help me
get the Terracotta Army!
But now you're breaking your word
You can leave now.
Don't let me hear the words "The Aces" again.
OK, we'll leave because they're chicken
We're chicken?
Hey hey oh oh, I'm never scared!
I've done great deeds from an early age,
Defeated even the hunting dogs.
The kids admired me and called me "Big Brother".
I've never been frightened.
I'm merciless.
When I see a pretty girl,
I'll say "My name is Paul".
When I run into her 400 lbs mother
Who holds me suddenly and
Forces me to Tango, I've never been frightened.
Who's never done wrong?
Just pick yourself up again.
Don't complain about failures or hardships.
Use my hand to change my fate.
No matter how many setbacks,
I've never been frightened.
Hey hey oh oh, I'm never scared!
Either you or me,
two together against misfortunes.
Facing the world, afraid of nothing.
Break through once again together,
singing pop songs.
Who's never done wrong?
Just pick yourself up again.
Don't complain about failures or hardships.
Use my hand to change my fate.
No matter how many setbacks,
I've never been frightened.
Hey hey oh oh, I'm never scared!
King Kong...
I'm sorry! What are you doing here?
Uncle Wah has already told me all.
I've even brought along my Grandpa's sword.
You don't have to help me.
Go back to the office.
Everything in the office is broken.
i, again...
You girl!
Damned Brother Baldy!
What are you doing here?
None of your business!
Brother Baldy...come on...
The sword has powers?
Father said, "A Chinese sword has its spirit",
Sword skill, sword technique, sword mannerism.
After you've been to the highest level,
you'll be a God!
You're saying there's a sword God?
Yes. You can even hurt people with this spirit.
Can the sword fly too?
Just like those in Cantonese movies?
Why don't you believe me?
Come on!
Remember, a Chinese sword cannot get wet.
You've to hang it up when you bath.
Or else the power will be gone.
Do you believe me?
Do you want me to tell the truth?
Of course!
I don't believe it.
Go to hell! Go...quick.
Don't come over!
Don't come over!
Step back!
Take her away.
Don't complain about failures or hardships.
Use my hand to change my fate.
No matter how many setbacks
I've never been frightened.
Brother Baldy, you sing very badly.
Do you two know how to sing? Sis...
I sing terribly?
I sang with pop singers!
What's the matter?
Where are you going?
What a stupid idea!
Leaving messages with a sword!
I can't imagine the White Gloves leaving
a message in such an old-fashioned way.
The other way round! Idiot!
If you want to rescue the girl,
bring the sword to Cheung Chau pier.
How do you know?
It's transparent, idiot!
Mr. Clever, what's next?
Take the sword to save Ellen.
Let's go to Chinese Rambo to borrow the sword.
Are you crazy? He is so temperamental,
It will only make things worse.
Then what shall we do?
You can leave now.
We're fired.
The government thought my methods too extreme,
so they fired me.
I'm not kidding. You can go now.
How about the Terracotta Army?
China will get them back through
diplomatic channels.
Please forgive what I did to you.
Are we friends?
Friendship forever.
May I use your sword? Come on!
You said friendship forever!
Ever and ever!
There's a foreign lady coming.
Do you hear me?
Wake him up! He's the laziest.
Get up!
Kid, take it easy. Don't be afraid.
We give you spiritual support!
What are you wearing?
Sports wear.
No, take it off!
Without this, I won't go.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Boss, he won't do it.
Bring him in.
Get in!
Don't touch!
You touch, he touches, she touches...
If you are sincere, take off your jacket.
Of course I'm sincere,
or else I wouldn't be here alone!
He's here. Over there.
King Kong, go over there.
Hurry up.
I'll find a way to get In!
Through the air-conditioner duct!
This is not a new idea at all!
Forget it...
I really admire you!
How did you sell the Terracotta Army?
My Sis and I even can't sell an antique vase
in half a year.
How about half price to you?
Hi Buddy! Long lime no see!
Tell her not to touch me anymore.
Bitch! That's enough!
Don't touch me!
What about my sword?
What about my girl?
Ellen, don't be afraid.
Everything's fine now!
Help, help...
Help me!
What? What?
I say, they nearly kill me just then!
Shut up.
Don't be afraid! We're here.
We're luckier than them.
Lets get down to business, shall we?
You're a real businessman!
How's the sword?
Open the box.
Using a pistol already?
Too bad!
Take it easy man,
Take it easy!
Help... please help me!
Keep quiet!
Cant you see the situation is getting
tense here?
Go over there.
Be calm!
What's the time now?
Go release the girl now!
Or else I'll blow you up!
Let go of that girl.
Let me go...
Let her go quickly!
Get him!
Hurry up!
After him.
King Kong!
I'm not part of it, just passing by!
Thank God I'm alright.
Don't move!
Oh, God!
Give me the sword!
Go to hell!
Don't shoot! Mind the Terracottas!
Beat him...beat him...
King Kong, kick him!
King Kong!
It hurts! Come on down!
Be quiet!
Be quick!
Come on throw it down!
Are you alright?
Don't pretend. Go get them the arms.
I'll take care of them first!
What are you doing?
Go...go get them the arms!
Get up! I just pity you.
But I still hate you!
Baldy.take it.
You're really stupid!
Split her to death! Go...go... Uncle Wah.
What should I tell him?
You know what you should tell him! Go quick!
Get my sword, get my sword!
You got nowhere to hide.
I've got you!
It's me!
What're you doing?
They won't kill me if they can't find me.
You can't hide with 2 big bombs, idiot!
Come on!
Go get the sword.
It's electrified!
What a coward, what electricity?
They've electrified the sword!
What should we do?
Go down!
Get me the arms, quick!
I'll go over there!
Go to hell!
The Terracotta Army seems bullet-proof!
Go get him, go get him!
Block them first, quick, quick!
Go get the sword!
You go!
There's electricity!
You shouldn't tell him!
You bastard!
Are you trying to kill me?!
Back, backward.
Oh! Shit!
King Kong
A woman! Excuse me.
Come...come...come up!
Come...come...come up!
Come on, it's fun!
Never steal the nation's treasure again, OK?
What did you say?
Don't pretend!
If you dare to do so, I'll castrate you!
Come on! Which one is real and
which one is fake?
Cut them all!
Attention, everyone inside.
You are surrounded.
Put down your arms and surrender.
Uncle Wah!
Come out to surrender.
What's the situation now?
Everything has been settled.
What shall we do now?
Go get your extra bonus.
Why did you ask me to come then?
We have a gift for you.
You must be the "New Aces".
Yeah, my sister...
They suggested we give you a gift
before you retire.
Good, thanks.
Thanks! I played my part too.
I think Chinese Rambo needs the gift
more than me.
Thank you!
Thank you...
This is for you.
Where are they?
No need to wait, you are in a hurry.
Tell them I really appreciate what they've
done for me. Ok.
Prosperity is reasonable, prosper to the end!
Prosperity is reasonable, prosper to the end!
No money, no tomorrow!
Look ahead,don't look back.
Officers, please don't force me to go!
I don't want to emigrate!
I know! Friendship is forever.
Friendship forever!
Hey hey oh oh,
What's the song's name?
I've never been frightened.
I've done great deeds from an early age,
Defeated even the hunting dogs.
The kids admired me and called me "Big Brother".
I've never been frightened.
I'm merciless.
When I see a pretty girl,
I'll say "My name is Paul".
When I run into her 400 lbs mother
Who holds me suddenly and
Force to Tango like fire,
I've never been frightened.
Who's never done wrong?
Just pick yourself up again.
Don't complain about failures or hardships.
Use my hand to change my fate.
No matter how many setbacks,
I've never been frightened.
Hey hey oh oh, I'm never scared!