Xin Zhong You Gui (The Matrimony) (2007)

"On Air"
Dear listeners
Let us continue
with yesterday's story
Jun Chu, with no means, broke Man Li's heart
And he deeply regrets it
After a few days of torment
He finally decides to write her a letter
Asking to meet her, with plans to
Surprise her with a marriage proposal
Watch it!
Thank you
The car's on fire, run!
It's going to explode!
I made you some special dishes today
I told you to let Rong Ma do the cooking
Don't get it wrong
My mother treats you like her daughter in law
But to me
You're no more than a guest in this house
If it weren't for my mother's lie
About her being seriously sick
And forcing me into this marriage
I wouldn't even have let you in the door
I promised your mother I would take care of you
Would you stop repeating that?
Take care of me?
Do you even know me?
Oh, I blinked in this one!
The others are very good
You're very photogenic
When I become old and ugly
Will you still love me?
Jun Chu...
Will you marry me?
Fine, I know the answer...
Jun Chu is really good with the camera
Let's forget the past
And start over...
What do you say?
Is this shot okay?
This one?
Jun Chu
If someday
We should be separated
I hope that you will
Listen to this recording once in awhile
And always remember me
Jun Chu!
Jun Chu?
What do you want?
I heard strange sounds coming from here
So I came up
It's nothing
The young master has given orders
Other than him
No one is permitted to enter this room
Rong Ma
who lived here before us?
You've been here for awhile
Who lived here before us?
Mrs. Shen's distant relatives
Lived here in the past
But they moved out three years ago
Since then, the house has been empty
Mrs. Shen wanted to leave
this house for her son and his wife
His wife?
Yes, and that's you
This house is too big
There are still a lot of places I've never been to
Could you show me around?
Is something wrong?
What do you mean?
Nothing... Nothing
Rong Ma!
If you have something to say, just say it
We're of the same roots and upbringing
Let's save the formalities between us
I often hear strange sounds in this house
It's as if someone's trying to speak to me
You're already married into this household
Take my advice
Just live in peace
Back where I come from
Eating bats isn't out of the ordinary
We even ate the leeches
We would tie a calf
In the pond
And let the leeches crawl all over it
After the leeches are done with their feast
We then hack them off the calf
Peel them open
And squeeze out all the blood inside
Then we'd stir them with a little sesame oil
So delicious...
That's enough
As for the past...
Don't ask about it anymore
Never mention it again
The young master doesn't like to hear about it
Who is that?
Who's speaking?
You are now listening to "Flirting with Jazz"
Hello everyone
This is your DJ, Man Li
Dear listeners
Let us continue
with yesterday's story
Jun Chu, with no means
broke Man Li's heart
And he deeply regrets it
After a few days of torment
He finally decides to write her a letter
Expressing his true sentiments
This is Shanghai's Osbourne Radio Station
Who let you in here?
My mother is here
she is waiting downstairs
I don't want to upset her
So listen carefully...
In the future
if you dare to set foot in this room again
I will make sure that
you are out of this place forever!
What do you actually do all day long?
Didn't you say you weren't filming anymore?
Where do you disappear off to all day?
San San says she hardly sees you
As for Rong Ma
I don't know whether I should curse her
or thank her
She makes me go up to the temple with her
Claiming I have an "ill fortune" to avoid
I wouldn't be separated
from you if it weren't for her
But we have to be grateful
If it weren't for her divination
We wouldn't have the great addition of San San
This is ridiculous!
Really ridiculous!
Take it easy, slow down
How could something like that happen?
She threw up all over me!
Don't be so angry.
It's so repulsing
I'm really sorry
I don't know what happened
Is mother all right?
She and Rong Ma went back to the temple
Change your clothes
And get some rest
And you?
You're not going to bed?
I still have work to do
Jun Chu
My name is Man Li
I was Jun Chu's lover
We were engaged to be married
But a year ago
I died suddenly
In a car accident
Seeing him sleepless every night...
It is more painful for me than it is for you
When you love someone so dearly
And yet you can't even come near him
Do you know how that feels?
It's pain...
Endless pain...
I know you truly love Jun Chu
So I ask you now
To replace me
Help Jun Chu to forget about me and our past
And lead a new life with him
It's impossible
It's possible
As long as you try
Like this evening, wasn't that easy?
Jun Chu not only spoke to you
He even handed your pyjamas to you
What do you mean?
I took over your body
I possessed it
So I could talk to Jun Chu
To touch him...
Even if it's just one touch...
Every time I get close to him
I make him very sick
San San
As long as you agree
We can save Jun Chu together
San San
Go away!
Jun Chu
Mr. Shen came down with a cold
And it has further turned into pneumonia
It's rather serious
Oh no...
Is there any way we can save him?
We'll do it at any cost
Don't worry
we'll do everything we can
medicine can only alleviate the symptoms
The patient's will to live
Is the key to his recovery
You should get some rest, Mrs. Shen
I will come back later
Thank you
Come out!
I know you're here!
Come out!
You said you could help Jun Chu
I'm begging you
Please come out
I'm begging you...
He's very sick...
And only you can help him
Only you can save him
Please come out
What happened to Jun Chu?
He's very sick
Please save him
You said
I'll do whatever you need me to do!
I had forced myself into your body the last time
So I could only stay for a very short while
If you want me to stay in your body longer
I need you to work with me
I need you to hold your breath
But if you want to hold it longer
you cannot achieve that on your own
You must therefore do it underwater
It's going to be tough and painful
I am not afraid of pain
If we didn't meet
What would you look like now?
I should thank you for taking me in, Master!
I will follow you everywhere forever
Does forever really exist?
What I am trying to say is
I like the way we are now
But things can change so easily
Everything can change
But I will stay the same
So tell me who is more powerful
You or fate?
Mrs. Shen, you're going to Room 208, right?
It's here
Man Li!
Man Li!
When you propose me that time
I didn't response
I thought I wasn't ready
But I've thought it over
I want to be with you forever
I know
It's all my fault...
If I hadn't hesitated
Nothing would have happened to you
I've already bought you the wedding ring!
Just get well
By the time you recover
I'll be back
The car's going to explode
Have a chat
I'm going back to the temple
Please stay
Dinner is almost ready
Don't worry about it
Just stay here
Go back
Good bye, mother
Why did you cut your hair?
I just felt like it...
While you were sick
I made an oath to the gods
That they blessed your recovery
And in return, I would cut my hair
And you've recovered now
You don't like it?
It looks good
After days of rest
He's gotten better and regained his appetite
He eats well
Sleeps well too...
Just like a child
Yes, he really acts like a kid sometimes
He used to
Always fight me for fish eyes
He likes eating fish eyes?
I should cook him some fish then
When he's in a good mood
He also likes to have a drink at home
But he only drinks Sherry
Of course, his true passion is movies
You should find time
To go to the movies with him
I envy you
All that's left of me and him are memories
But you two have a long future ahead of you
I envy you
Although he's good to me now
I know clearly
It's entirely because of you
He loves you, not me
Can I ask you a question?
Did you two...
Sleep together?
I'm sorry
It's okay
I just hadn't thought you'd ask me that
Never mind. You don't need to answer
I'll ask someone else
Who else could respond you?
My dear girl
Don't tell me...
You're still a...
I can teach you how
Just lend me your body again
Let me enter
That would be deceiving Jun Chu
I can't
It's my fault
I am unable to let go
I can only look at him from a distance everyday
I can't touch him
And he can't feel my presence
It's the everlasting pain
In which the gods have bestowed upon me
I promised Jun Chu I'd make chicken soup today
I haven't begun
I have to go
What's wrong? Eat
I've forgotten...
Where are you from originally?
An Hui... Then I moved to Wu Town
You stayed in Wu Town?
You really don't remember anything?
We met five years ago in Wu Town...
For the very first time
I move around all the time to shoot movies
I've been to too many places
It doesn't matter
After I arrived Wu Town
I worked in your uncle's embroidery shop
That's where we first met
Excuse me, I am here to pick up some clothes
Are you here for Madam Shen?
You are...
I'm her son
I'm sorry, can you wait for awhile?
We just got it two days ago, it's almost ready
I will never forget
That snowy evening
For the rest of my life
It's New Year's Eve
Everyone has left, what about you?
There's no one at home,
pointless for me to go back
It's almost ready
No need to hurry
It's snowing heavily outside
It must be traffic jam to Shanghai
I don't think I'll be able to make it home tonight
Then you have to stay out there on the Eve
I travel a lot due to my work
I seldom spend the New Years at home
I'm used to it now
What happened?
Wrap it up
I'm sorry about your handkerchief
It's nothing
You should take better care of your hands
They're of great value
Are you hungry?
It's New Year's Eve
All the restaurants are closed for the holidays
Is there anything to drink here?
Yes, I bought you Sherry
Why you look so weird
Have some with me
You still haven't told me
How you came to Shanghai?
The tailor shop later closed down
Your uncle thought I had done a good job
So he referred me to Shanghai
And had your mother look after me
That's also how
I came to know your mother
I'll go get her more tea
Whenever I see you
I'd pray to myself
That someday I'd become your wife
Your wife...
I'm silly, aren't I?
Jun Chu
There's so much I want to say to you
If someday
We should be separated forever
I hope
You would still listen to this recording
And remember me
My loved one
Is very shy
But he's never afraid
To hold me tight in his arms in public
He always goes to bed later
And gets up earlier than me
He'd always open the soda bottles for me
Even when I am down with the flu
He'd still drink out of my glass
When it's raining, he'd carry me on his back
To walk over the potholes
and tell me that
"You should put on more weight"
When he's with adults, he acts like a grown up
When he's with children, he acts like a child
When he's with dogs, he acts like a dog
He smells really good
But he doesn't know it himself
When I'm with him
I'm never afraid of anything
Not even of dying
Or growing old
Good morning
Good morning
I am cleaning this place up
Would you help me?
What is that?
It's a film I have been working on
A piece of memory...
But I won't be needing it for the time being
You know about Man Li, don't you?
After what happened
I missed her terribly
I moved all of her things into this room
But I couldn't face them...
So I covered them with sheets
Didn't realize I could be this pathetic
She's gone now...
And no matter how much I suffer
Or how much I miss her
I'll never see her again
in my life
You can see her in your dreams
In your memories
I can't continue hurting
people around me anymore
Especially you
Don't be nervous
Just think of it as a free movie
Let's go, we're gonna be late
I've never been to a theater before
How could I not be nervous?
You'll be fine with me
Master Shen, you came.
This is?
We'll go up first
Very well, I'll see you upstairs
How have you been
Long time no see you
I haven't been feeling well
You okay?
This is my wife San San
You got married?
Pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Shen
I am Du, a friend of Jun Chu's
Pleased to meet you
Mind if I have a few words with him?
Good thing I bumped into you
I'm starting a new movie next month
I can't find a single suitable cinematographer
Do you want to do it?
Give me a couple days to think about it
Think about it?
Come on, you don't need to think about it!
How are you?
You don't need to worry about anything
I see them together
And they are getting closer and closer
How come nobody's home?
Jun Chu?
San San?
They have gone out
They've probably gone out for dinner
Seems like they are finally making some progress
Finally, I am relieved
Rong Ma, maybe the "ill fortune"
Your prediction isn't that accurate
Mrs. Shen
Why don't you rest for awhile?
I'll get the stove working
And make you a bowl of noodles
Never mind
Just go and pack your things
I'd like to get back to the temple early
We might still be able to catch dinner there
Rong Ma!
I'm sorry
Don't worry
The movie is better when you're asleep
Let's go
What's wrong?
I can't find my shoe
Hey, close your eyes
Just close them
Someone's fainted
Please make way
Sorry, thank you
Please make way
Someone's fainted
Thank you
Please make way. Thank you
I'm all worn out
And you're laughing?
Put me down
Hey, you shouldn't walk barefooted on the street
It's dangerous
Carry me then
Excuse me, where is Mrs. Shen?
Thank you
It's all my fault...
What happened?
Let me go! I'm so sorry
It seems she's suffering from extreme fear
She's been like this since she got here
We're unable to determine what exactly happened
Man Li...
Man Li.
It's all my fault...
Mother, what are you saying?
Man Li has come back for me
It's all my fault...
Rong Ma.
Rong Ma
What happened?
Tell me!
What happened?
What are you doing?
Come with me!
Jun Chu!
Get over here
Have you gone out of your mind?
You evil spirit...
You don't even fear blessed water?
Who's evil? You're evil!
Don't try to fool me!
If you are not possessed
How come your tongue has turned black?
You'd better tell me everything
If not, we are all doomed
Madam was attacked by something evil
That's not possible...
Man Li is a good "person"
So you did befriend that evil thing
Spirits are spirits
There's no good nor bad
They're like wild beasts
No matter how long you keep them
How much you care for them
When they're hungry
They will turn around and bite you
Come and look at yourself
Look at you
It's slowly taking over you
The spirit has not only possessed you
It will ultimately replace you
Have you not heard of reincarnation?
That spirit is reincarnating itself within you!
No, she told me
Unless I allowed it
She would not be able to stay in my body
You don't think they would lie?
They descend from human beings
They are no different from us
They will do anything and everything
To get what they want
Tell me
What does that thing want?
She wants Jun Chu
I still remember
When Man Li passed away
The young master went crazy
He brought back all her belongings
And placed them in the attic
Nobody could stop him...
I had already sensed that something also
came into the house along with the possessions
But the young master wouldn't let
Anyone even touch those objects
He locked the room to himself
Other than him
No one was allowed in the attic
I was worried something would happen
But I had my hands tied...
All I could do was place three charm boards
Under the eaves and in the stairwell
Holding down the evil spirit
Preventing it from doing us any harm
The charm board...
Is it old and dirty
And had strange characters on it?
What, you've seen them?
You must have smudged the incantation
No wonder it couldn't restrain the spirit anymore
Ill fate...
You carry ill fate
I have to go back to the temple for help
When I go back
The ghost will come back to you for sure
Obey her as much as you can
Don't let her suspect that you know any thing
Or she will do to you
what she has done to Madame
Calm down
You must stay calm
Spirits usually
attach themselves to an object
You have to find it first
I know where it is
It's that radio
When you go back
Find an opportunity
To place this charm on it
It will keep the spirit at bay for one evening
Keep things in control
And wait for my return
I beg of you
Please let him go
I'm begging you, please
I am taking him with me
Please don't!
I will do whatever you want me to do
Anything I want?
Give me your body
I want to be with Jun Chu forever
Fine, but...
Can you give me a bit more time with Jun Chu?
Ever since we got married
Not once have I had a good meal with him
Like a normal couple would usually do
This is my last wish
Dinner is ready
You still have to tend to your mother later
You should eat more
Don't worry
Mother will be fine
Mother said, she saw Man Li
She's in a delusional state
You can't take her words too seriously
Where is the radio?
Where did you put it?
I'd like to put some music on
Oh, I put it in the bedroom closet
I'll go and fetch it
San San
San San
What's wrong?
Why didn't you answer me?
San San
How can it be?
How can it be?
Won't you hold me in your arms?
This is a dream...
I'm in a dream...
No, it's not a dream...
It's really me
All I could think about day and night was you
But you were never there
Till one day I finally convinced myself that
You're really gone...
You betrayed me
I know
you don't need me anymore
I once said
I would make a film about you
To forever keep your beauty
But you left so suddenly
And it was too late...
I looked for your pictures everywhere
In your hometown
Amongst your classmates
Your colleagues
I found your pictures one by one
And then filmed them one by one
After that
I edited them together frame by frame
Although you are not with me
I wanted to keep you alive and close to me
My feelings for you never changed
I have been repeating this to myself everyday
I, Shen Jun Chu
Would take Xu Man Li as my wife
From this day forward
For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
I will love and cherish you forever...
What say you?
You said you would never change
Then why are you with San San?
You have no idea
How painful it is for me
To see you with someone else
I'm sorry
I thought you had left
And she was good to me...
Then tell me
Between San San and me
Whom do you want to be with now?
I'd never let you leave me again
Rong Ma... Rong Ma!
What did you do to her?
She's the one that harmed your mother
Don't you get it?
I have to destroy her
Jun Chu!
San San
Don't be afraid
I'm fine
What did you do to San San?
Do it!
Stab the spike into her heart, now!
You betrayed me
I would never betray you
I would rather go with you
But let San San go
She's innocent
You are worried for her
Jun Chu
Man Li
Having been on my own most of my life
I will always remember
How I felt that day
An evening after dinner
The husband is reading
And the wife is tidying up...
The home of my dreams
And at that moment
My dream came true
Even if I know I am not in your heart
How could you do this?
The sorrowful spirit accepts her fate
We don't know whether San San lives or dies
Or how Jun Chu will stand through all of this
If it were you
What would you choose?
Some people say this is a story
About missed opportunities and regrets
My dear listeners
What do you think?
The story of "The Matrimony" ends here
Thank you for listening
Man Li, there's mail for you
Thank you
Man Li, after you left
"Will you marry me? Shen Jun Chu"
Xiao Rong
What happened at the end of the story
that was aired on the radio show yesterday?
The end?
How would I know?
I was with you the whole time
I didn't catch the end either