Xin shao lin si (Shaolin) (2011)

Amida Buddha
Amida Buddha
This one's alive
Hang in there
Hang in there
Don't let him escape
Kill them all
Sir, eat it slowly
Take this to eat
Thank you
Another 200 troops have arrived
JingKong, winter is almost here
Before the snow arrives,
We should pitch more hutches
MuLiao, there's no more grass
What are we going to use?
Then we offer our rooms for them to stay
You're joking. I hate the cold
The supply of ManTou dwindles every day
So you needn't fear the cold
Perhaps, by the time winter arrives
You'd already starved to death
Come out
Move it, bring him out
Don't move
Move it
Move it
You can't enter
You can't enter
Abbot, save me
Dirty monks
Commander Hou has ordered his death.
Whoever gets in the way is a co-conspirator
I don't care; you cannot do this in Shaolin
Come on
If you help him,
I'll send you to see Buddha
He's lost too much blood
Quickly, bring me the clotting powder
Yes, Master
Commander Hou arrives
They welcome you with Shaolin Kung-Fu
And you reply with guns.
That's very uncivilised
Commander Hou
Sir, please don't move
Don't move
He's almost dead
You should help him on his way
Amida Buddha
sub duration: 1,267
He's here and even if he was on his last breath
I still have to save him
? Please have compassion,
? And stop killing indiscriminately
If he doesn't die,
I won't be able to sleep
If your heart is ?, your dreams will be troubled
Let it go, and you will find peace
Abbot, you've gone crazy from being here too long
If I don't kill him, the war continues
That is indiscriminant killing
Where is the peace?
I've lost
DengFeng city is yours
If you spare me
I'll give you everything I own
This, is the gold that I buried
Take it
If you spare me, I promise that
I'll never come back
Thank you Abbot
sub duration: 0,300
JingNeng JingFeng, step back
Come in good times and leave in bad
Walk amongst mankind in between
If he didn't come and didn't go
There would be no happiness or sadness
Amida Buddha
Big brother, we are meeting with the foreigners tomorrow
Now that we have money,
We can buy better weapons
And bring down JengZhou too
But if you don't fire the weapon, its just as useless
Tell me, back at Shaolin, why didn't you fire?
Feel guilty?
You must remember, when you are at an advantage
And you stay your hand, letting your opponent recover
The next person dying will be you.
Next time,
If I meet anyone who dares block your way,
I promise to kill them all
Well learnt
SongFu's arrived
Commander Song
Commander Song
Bastard, never saw him on the field
But come to dividing the spoils, he's here right away
Brother Fu, we've captured DengFeng city
HuoLung is dead
A little person like HuoLung
Is worth this much of a commotion?
I thought it was for your funeral
We lost several hundred soldiers this time
Is that so?
? You want to talk about that with me
Don't think I was taking advantage of you by not being here
If I hadn't injured my leg these past 2 days,
I could have sorted him out myself
Isn't that right, brother?
Of course
And even if we had to suffer some hardship, so what?
It doesn't matter to me
I know. What matters to you is DengFeng city
Sister-in-law, it's been too long
Big brother
ShengNan, my good daughter-in-law
Say hello to Uncle Song
Hello, Uncle Song
Hello, NanNan
Sister, NanNan is growing up to be very polite
And very pretty
A girl like her, I can't let anyone steal away
It's decided, I'll betroth her to WanWan
Betrothed to WanWan?
When was this decided?
It doesn't matter, how about now?
What is it? You don't agree?
If you don't agree, then we'll settle it in battle
Good gun
This is a fully automatic weapon
You can't buy it anywhere else
We'll take 80
How much?
I wont take a penny, if ...
General Hou supports our railway into DengFeng city
What did you say? I couldn't hear
I said, I won't take a penny
If you support the building of our railway
I don't want the guns then
I don't want the guns
Leave, we're going to ChenDong
I believe General Song might be interested
Mr Peter, please wait
Brother, these guns are good
If SongFu takes them
Show them out
Next time you speak to me, think first
I don't take orders from you
Maybe when you're in my position, then we'll talk
Do you understand?
Am I being clear enough?
He plans to use our countrymens lives to make money
Agreeing to build their railway
Is like opening the doors for them to take our land
Our land is our own
If foreigners extend their hand to snatch it away
I will cut them all off
I hope SongFu thinks that way too
I don't think you've listened to what I've said
In 20 years, he is the only one I've called my brother
Do not say that he is no good
And even if he is, it is not for you to say it
I'm dizzy
What are you doing?
Eating biscuits
I'm eating noodles now
You've gone mad from hunger
What do you know? This is ?reminiscing
Reminiscing? That's it?
You might be able to do that,
But how about everyone else out there
What can they do?
At times of trouble in that past there was
Judge Bao releasing the stores
? and masked avengers
Now, all we have are murderous troops
Why don't we be masked avengers?
Masked avengers?
Yes, we'll be avengers that save people
Thats against the rules
What are you afraid of?
? If the sky falls, 2nd Master here will hold it up
You're the strongest right
Of course
Of course, of course
Miss, don't run
-Get up -JingNan
Are you alright?
What are you doing, didn't I tell you to look after her?
-I'm sorry -Why didn't you watch her?
-I'm sorry -You want to die?
-I'm sorry -Daddy Daddy
Daddy, I'm not hurt, don't be angry
I'm sorry master, sorry
Go out
How are you?
I'm not hurt
Are you sure?
Let daddy see
I made a picture for you
[My daddy likes fighting]
Is this daddy?
Here, give dad a hug
A hug
Is daddy this mean?
Take it. I want it back though
I personally delivered the report to Commander Song
He was very happy
Tomorrow night at ZhongYue Restaurant
Commander Song, his wife and son
sub duration: 1,067
I want to ask you a question
SongFu knows that I have HuoLung's gold
So why doesn't he say anything?
He wants it all
Including DengFeng city
The one who strikes first wins
Then this is a good opportunity
Pick 30 men you can trust and setup at the restaurant
If he doesn't die, then I can't sleep
Big brother is wise
You are thinking of killing Song?
It would be better if you didn't know
He is your brother
Think carefully
SongFu wants to take me down
Do you have any other solution?
It's not too late, tell me now
Don't ask me, I don't know
I only have one request
Just don't let our daughter see it
A mouse
Are we going to steal the flour after we steal the rice?
We're not stealing, we're 'taking'
Then how much are we 'taking'?
One bag, two bags
We take as much as we take
Hey JingHai
As masked avengers, we should leave a calling card
What shall we use?
How about your shiny head?
Son, we have rice
Brother, its rice
The heavens are looking down on us
Thank you, thank you
We have rice
Now, when I tap the table
You take our daughter to the powder room
Daddy, why would we go to the powder room when we are eating?
Listen to daddy
And daddy will listen to you.
No more fighting
Come in
Big Brother
Brother, you're late again
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Say hello
Hello Uncle Song. Hello Auntie
WanShan, say hello to Uncle and Auntie
Very good
For two sirs
Song Familys young master
is from the year of the rabbit
And the young mistress of Hou family,
is from the year of the goat
They are very well matched
sub duration: 4,070
sub duration: 2,968
A match made in heaven
They will make both families rich and prosperous
Be together till their hair turns grey
And leave a legacy a hundred children,
and a thousand grandchildren
Good, good
Actually, as Buddhists we talk about fate being the cause of things
Without fate, things do not converge
With their fate, I believe
They would have come together sooner or later
So what are we waiting for?
Quick, exchange the notes
What are you so anxious about?
How can I be not?
If I were to lose such a wonderful daughter-in-law,
Where would I find another one?
With the exchange of these two notes
This betrothal is finalised
Congratulations, congratulations
I'll go and prepare the ?
Brother, now that we are one family
There's something I want to say directly
How are we going to split DengFeng city
Between the two of us?
You decide
I thought we had already agreed on half a piece
It's all yours
From today, DengFeng city
Will belong to one person only
Then I will be happy
What exactly do you mean?
Brother, I am getting old
I can't fight any more
The leg is giving me trouble
It's time for me to retire
What's more, were family now
Even if I give it to you
In the future, it would become my son's anyway
I've thought it through, I don't lose out
This bottle I've kept for many years,
But could never bring myself to open
But today I will. Here, drink
Drink up and it will agreed
Commander, we've received a message
Son, do you want to pee?
Listen to me, let mum to take you to the toilet
Sister-in-law, you go with your daughter too
Let's go
Lt. WangFu -Here
Leave us
[General be careful, HouJin has ?]
You bastard
I've always treated you like a real brother
We conquered the world together
I never thought that today you would want to kill me
Is this real? -Enough
sub duration: 0,833
Mum, come quickly
Run for it
Mum, help me
Mum, Mum
ShenNan, run away
Mum -Run quickly
ShenNan, run quickly
Run away ShenNan, don't look back
Daddy, Daddy
Commander, run
ShenNan, don't be afraid
Daddy, Daddy
Sir, Sir
Please stop
sub duration: 0,766
Help her, Abbot, help her
Help her
Save her, save her
Quickly, save her
Move, quick
Silver needles, ?medicine, hot water
ShenNan, it'll be alright, it'll be alright
Don't sleep ShenNan, wake up
Madam, you are not well yet, don't run
Be careful
ShenNan, be good
Say something to daddy. Say something to daddy
ShenNan, say something to daddy
ShenNan, say something
Why have you stopped, you can't stop
You must save her
Do you want me to beg?
Then I'll beg. Save her, save her
Don't shout at them
And don't be angry
Daddy's listening
Daddy's listening, daddy's listening
I beg of you
I beg of you -ShenNan
She's alright
Mum, I'm thinking of you -She's alright
Mum, let's go home together
ShenNan wake up
Save her
I'm begging you
Only you can save her
ShenNan, wake up
Say something to me, ShenNan
She's alright
Say something to daddy, say something to daddy
She's fine -ShenNan
She can't be dead
ShenNan, ShenNan
Please wake up, you can't die
ShenNan cannot die
Mother's right here, look at mum
JingHai, receive the body
Yes -She can't be dead
I beg of you, save her
I beg you
sub duration: 0,233
I beg you, save her
Save her, Abbot have compassion, save her
If she can't be saved, let me tell you
None of you will live
I'll burn Shaolin to the ground
Abbot, save her -Enough
Amida Buddha
Isn't heaven's punishment enough?
It's you
She's not dead
I regret
She can't be dead
If it wasn't for you -She's alright
How can my daughter be dead?
She's not dead
Look, she's dead
She's not dead
How can you not see? -She cannot be dead
She can't be dead, you understand
The one who should be dead is you
Mother is sorry
She can't be dead
She's not dead
Save her
You say compassion, but how can you just watch her die
Fine, so be it
I'll kill every single one of you
I'll start with this old man
Sir -I'll kill you all
I'll kill you all
Kill you all
Lock him
I'll kill you all
I'm going to kill you all
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin.
This one doesn't count
Leave Shaolin. Stay at Shaolin
Leave Shaolin.
Is anyone there?
How did a trap for wild pigs catch a person?
And covered with blood too
I know you, you're Hou
You still want to kill people?
When a person's crazy, they're not even as good as a pig
In your kind of situation, its best to have a rest
Don't yell
Take a rest. I'll be back later
Amida Buddha
Hey, something to eat
Careful, it's hot
Cool outside, hot inside
Why is it like this?
Your wife has left Shaolin
Your daughter's funeral has been left to you
Burial or cremation?
Abbot said to console you
Burial, well, it's said that its so you can go visit them
But who can really see them?
I guess you can dig them out, but that's not easy either.
I think cremation is more convenient
You can see them anytime, and take them with you if you move
To where ever you want
I think cremation is better. How about you?
If its cremation,
Then after your bowl of noodles, we'll go light the fire
Take all this and burn it
So you'd rather die than surrender
At least I'll meet our leader in heaven
You were on the run
It was Big Brother who saved you
I never thought
That you would repay his kindness with hatred
Kindness, what is that?
He didn't save me, he used me
I wanted him to know that he needed me
In which battle did I not kill the most people?
Which piece of land did I not conquer for him?
So why do you think I betrayed Hou?
Answer correctly and I wont kill you
You are a dog
Wrong answer
I overthrew him, because he was afraid
If he is afraid, then he will lose
This outcome is what he deserved
It is my time now
You understand?
It's all over the streets. They're looking all over for you
Actually, its the same whoever captures you
Whats more, I've given you a meal
Might as well let me have this $5000 bounty
Hey, when did it go up to $10,000?
Just kidding
Shaolin is about compassion, I wouldn't do that to you
What are your plans?
I don't want to leave
You can't treat this place as your home
What's this?
Throwing a tantrum?
There's a lot more rice in the kitchen
How did this happen?
A lot more rice?
Oh, our prayers have been answered
Amida Buddha, Amida Buddha, Amida Buddha
Then you better ask Buddha
Why at night there are shadow men
jumping about on the rooftops
Shadow men?
Master, how can there be shadow men
They came to steal the rice
It's to bring 'back' the rice, not steal the rice
Those involved, present to the training grounds
after morning lessons for your punishment
Yes, Master
You again
What are you doing?
Amida Buddha
Abbot, I want to stay at Shaolin
That's not for you to decide
You're on the wanted list
You just want to say here to avoid capture
I've decided to become a monk
Shaolin is not your battlefield.
The decision is not yours to make
Return to whence you came
Didn't Abbot say that in Buddhism,
there are predestined people
Who says we are fated
You can take in his body, but not his heart
His sins are deep, he was a General
Teacher, a person like him will create chaos in Shaolin
? The Buddhist spirit is in all living things
We should not discriminate
sub duration: 2,135
In his heart there is hatred and revenge,
it cannot receive Buddhist enlightenment
You may be right
But we also cannot close the doors of Buddhism to him
Nor can we, if we tried
sub duration: 3,369
sub duration: 2,869
I think we should let him stay for now
The Abbot has dumped you back on me
But being in Shaolin is alright
Out there, it's a dog eat dog world
Go outside
Newly shaved head, wear this
Off to work
Amida Buddha -Morning
ManTou is here, make way
Make way, ManTou is here
Line up, line up
Thank you
This hard?
Not hard
Don't rush, don't rush, plenty all round
sub duration: 2,001
sub duration: 0,499
sub duration: 0,967
sub duration: 0,499
sub duration: 0,967
sub duration: 1,067
sub duration: 1,500
Do you train in martial arts?
Kung-Fu -Kung Fu
The truth is when I was younger, I trained for 2 years
But like you, my heart wasn't focused
So I worked in the kitchen
sub duration: 3,036
sub duration: 0,866
sub duration: 1,233
sub duration: 2,235
sub duration: 2,535
sub duration: 2,502
sub duration: 3,002
Join us
sub duration: 0,233
sub duration: 1,134
sub duration: 1,234
sub duration: 1,266
sub duration: 0,233
sub duration: 0,866
sub duration: 0,866
sub duration: 0,867
sub duration: 0,867
sub duration: 0,866
sub duration: 1,067
sub duration: 3,336
sub duration: 0,867
Hold this meridian
It'll be alright
You go, you go
It's cold, why aren't you back resting
But that's exactly why I'm practicing
Are you cold?
A little
Then practice with me
Abbot, is he doing it well?
sub duration: 3,402
sub duration: 1,067
Mediation through martial arts. In his heart,
he is beyond the need for revenge or hatred now
I don't know martial arts,
I don't understand these things
Martial arts is meditation, cooking is also meditation
The theory is roughly the same
WuDao, people need a lot of experiences and practice
I've said it many times
Leave Shaolin, and go see the world
All I know is how to cook
Out there, I'm of no use
I'm not going
A piece of gold, a pile of dirt
Which one is useful?
I pick the piece of gold
And if I gave you a seed?
Don't sell yourself short
Everyone is useful in their own way
CaoMan, you want us to help the foreigners build the railway
But don't forget, Mang Mountain
is the burial plot for our ancestors
Disturbing the dirt will destroy the fengshui
I will not agree
If you are really going to do it, I have nothing to say
I'm just worried that the foreigners are playing us
and making deals under the table
CaoMan, your betrayal of Hou,
We don't care
But he previously said that
building the railway is just a cover
With the intention to take our land
OK, enough talking
HeNan province's interests are not for one man to decide
But looking at CaoMan's attitude, it seems he's already
made an agreement with the foreigners
There was no intention to hear us out
Listen well. Going against me
has no advantage
They are fortunate
But their family members
Will die much more horrible deaths
Being my friend or my enemy
is for you to decide
Have a think,
If there is money to be made, no-one loses out
How come he still hasn't returned?
Auntie, stop crying, OK?
Crying wont bring him back any sooner
What's happened?
Our DaNiu has been missing for over 20 days now
What should I do?
CaoMen builds the railway
We all rely on him
Work quickly
You hear?
Quickly, quickly
Commander Hou
sub duration: 0,266
Why did you kill this many people?
It was Commander Cao's orders
Hou is alive, Hou is alive
CaoMan said build the railway
Who knew he was really digging for artefacts for the foreigners
Every one we found, we gave to them
In exchange for rifles and cannons
He was worried it might leak it out,
so he killed all the witnesses
CaoMen still has many workers locked up
After work tomorrow, they're all going to be killed
I'm sorry
Why don't you go home?
Quick, we're going
Go have a look
What is this?
sub duration: 3,235
sub duration: 4,003
sub duration: 2,101
sub duration: 3,302
sub duration: 2,568
sub duration: 2,535
sub duration: 2,001
How can my daughter be dead?
sub duration: 3,135
Learning to let go of everything
Will you understand how to face things
sub duration: 3,669
sub duration: 1,600
sub duration: 1,601
sub duration: 1,767
From now, your Buddhist name is JingJue
Amida Buddha
Amida Buddha
It's CaoMan; I'm going to stop him
Come back
sub duration: 0,299
Be cool minded
He's come at a good time
In a while, I'll delay him
After sunset, go to Cao Fort
Rescue them
You go
It's suicide either way
If I can exchange my life to save that many
So what if I die
JingJue, you must be careful
Amida Buddha
Please put down your weapons
sub duration: 3,136
That was from my daughter
Amida Buddha
Still my brother indeed
I knew you wouldn't die that easily
Brother, I think of you terribly
Thinking of me?
If I don't die, you can't sleep, right?
Don't be ridiculous
Nothing of the sort
Don't pretend
You're afraid I will take you down
JingJue's actions are to buy us time
So we can save lives
Your impulsiveness will ruin the plan
You taught me
When you're at an advantage, and you stay your hand
The person who dies is you
I remember
Tell your troops to back down, I'll go with you
String the Abbot up
Do anything rash, and I'll send him to heaven
Its nothing. Stand down
Come then
You must deliver it before sunrise to ZhongZhou province
With Cao's troops, no one will dare block our way
Move it, move it
Get down, you
Hurry up
Brother, this is better than before right?
Bringing me here
wasn't just for me to praise you, was it?
Of course not
I was wrong. Please forgive me
I hope that Brother can once again take me under his wing
Conquer the world, and achieve great things
Brother, look
This was all for you
This royal seat is yours
These imperial robes are also yours
Is money and power that important to you?
Don't be like me
False compassion
I was messing with you
Let see how you play
I have something I want to give to you
Bring her out
I found your wife
And kept her alive so you could be reunited
You've suffered
I used to think I was very impressive
and able to care for you
But I ended up doing you harm
Don't shoot
sub duration: 0,233
Guards stay, the rest follow me
Save us, save us
You men, go see what's happening out front
The artefacts are being stolen, chase them
Get off
Let go of her
Let go of her
You're crying
Let her go
Even your death
won't satisfy me
You watched your daughter die
Now I want you to watch your wife die
Then I can be happy
Let her go you animal
Let her go
Auntie is so beautiful. What a shame
You're a monk
CaoMan, stop it
Commander, the monks have stolen the artefacts
and set free the workers
You deceived me
JingJue, go
Go quickly
Are you not listening to my orders now?
Let's go
Go back
Go back
Little monk, don't force me
I just want you to go back inside
I don't want to kill children
Sir, please open your compassion
and let us save the Abbot
You will gain wealth and happiness
Sir, Abbot always says
? a brave man knows when to change
Let it be. Go back home
I'm sure your family is waiting for you
What is this nonsense?
You want to resist? Catch them
Amida Buddha
Don't fight, I don't know Kung Fu
Amida Buddha
No more fighting
No ... more ... fighting
I'll fight you with my life
Are you OK?
Uncle Master, treat him like you're cooking a meal
Uncle Master, fight him with your noodle making skill
Are you alright?
Let's go back
It's them
JingNeng's sacrifice was not in vain
You must all remember
Ladies and gentlemen, please ready and pack your things
We are leaving Shaolin
I know you are scared
I am not
Loved ones gone, families lost
Who wouldn't be scared?
These days
I feel just like you
Shaolin is a place of happiness
And it is our home
It is possible that
Shaolin will end today
But the spirit of Shaolin
Every flower, grass
brick and plate
will stay in our hearts
The spirit of Shaolin
taught me perseverance and dignity
I have something to ask of you
What is it?
For you to lead them out of here
No no no
I've never stepped out of Shaolin
No no no, I'm scared
You're scared
Look at them
They need you
They are more scared than you
You're serious?
I'll go
sub duration: 0,967
We must safely escort them to the mountains
JingHai, you go first with the Abbot
JingKong, you lead, I'll follow soon
I'll give them my all
Move quickly
You fool, you want to destroy Shaolin?
I'll destroy you
CaoMan, wake up to yourself
What you have far exceeds what you will ever need
Let it go. Do not pursue this violent path
We fight wars; it's always been like this
Don't be like me
Realizing my mistakes after they were done
It's time to stop
Can we not fight?
What do you think?
I yield
sub duration: 2,501
My god is compassionate
Madam, you can't leave, it's dangerous
Abbot, my child is missing
My child is missing
Quick, quick
Amida Buddha
I'll stay; you take them to a safe place
It's time you woke up
Don't let go
Amida Buddha
sub duration: 1,100
sub duration: 1,267