Xiao Wu (Pickpocket) (1997)

- Where to?
- Town.
Get in!
Ask him to pay.
Can you pay for your ticket?
I'm a policeman.
This announcement
is presented by Public Security
and the Justice Department
concerning the self-denunciation
of criminals.
My supplier from the Xiaoyi region
had his wallet stolen.
Forget about the money,
but try to get his ID card back.
Getting new ID isn't easy.
When was it stolen?
- Yesterday, before dusk.
- Where?
- Near the bus terminal.
- I'll take care of it.
Try to get it back.
Our buddy Xiao Yong is pretty smart.
I heard about his trip
to South Korea.
No way it was North Korea
Never mind.
He's been abroad anyway.
Tomorrow is the wedding day
of our young entrepreneur, Xiao Yong.
On behalf of FYTV,
I would like to congratulate him.
Thank you.
Many friends of yours
would like to dedicate
songs to you on the programme.
Would you like to say a few words
to our viewers?
Hello everybody in Fenyang,
a big thank you to you all
for all your support over the years.
To express my gratitude
to our comrades,
my company will make
a donation of 30,000 yuans
to our local "Hope Project".
OK, that's all.
Stay for tea! There's no hurry.
Please, stay!
Here you are... A gift from Mr Jin.
Cigarettes is our business!
Bye! See you tomorrow!
What a tight schedule today!
Your mother keeps asking me
if you invited Xiao Wu.
Why such concern for him?
She keeps on asking me...
Should I send him an invitation?
Forget it.
- Where's Dong Dong?
- He didn't show up.
- Something wrong?
- No.
I was at his home yesterday.
Anyone get a wallet
from a guy in Xiaoyi?
- Near the bus terminal.
- I did.
- Where's his ID card?
- I threw it away.
- Find it.
- Why? What's up?
He's a friend of Gengsheng.
That's for yesterday.
Thanks for the tip.
The weather is bad.
Will it be OK soon?
You're asking me?
Let's eat...
Do you know what's going on here?
Do you know the meaning
of "clamp-down"?
The purpose of our campaign
is above all
the promotion
of the newly revised criminal laws.
To implement it, educating
the general public
is the most important thing.
Come on, give your uncle a hug!
Who bought you this mango?
Your daddy did, didn't he?
Go on, answer your uncle.
Come on, sweetie. She's very shy.
- Having kids sure is something.
- It's really nice.
Did you get it back?
The ID card of the guy from Xiaoyi.
- Is this it?
- Let's see.
This is it. You are really smart.
- I'll invite you to the restaurant.
- Why not?
Be serious,
you should calm down for a while.
They mean it this time.
You're risking your neck.
- I've stopped.
- Yeah, go easy.
Why don't you learn another trade?
Take a look at Xiao Yong,
he's really on the way up.
- I don't have his brain.
- What brain?
Business is just about gut feeling.
It's a period of speculation.
What's up?
I'm here to notify you
of your eviction.
Each time you come here,
it's to pull down my house.
- We're taking measurements.
- Right.
What are you doing here, Xiao Wu?
Hi, chief.
Not even a hello?
Don't you recognise me any more?
No, I didn't see you.
How's life?
I'm in business now.
Business? Have you heard the news?
Listen, you be a good boy now.
All your buddies from the old days
are good boys now.
Jin Xiao Yong is a good example.
He's been nominated
"Model Entrepreneur".
- You're still up to your old tricks.
- No, I quit ages ago.
Jin Xiao Yong's getting married.
His wife looks like a TV star.
You got a fiance?
- Xiao Yong's getting married?
- Why would I lie to you?
Hang on, he gave me an invitation.
I've got to go, chief.
Put it back!
- Come over here.
- What's up?
Stop fooling about with me.
What do you want?
Did Xiao Yong invite you?
- He didn't invite you?
- No, and you?
It's his marriage, not mine...
- Answer my question.
- Yes, he did.
It must be an oversight.
Maybe he's too busy.
If he didn't invite you,
you can save your money.
Don't sit there smoking, dammit!
Hurry up!
Don't you see what time it is?
Move your arse!
The sun's going down,
what are you waiting for?
There are 20 boxes of cigarettes
waiting for you!
Are you
blending your medicine or what?
Move it!
Be quick!
Hello. What?
Invite Xiao Wu.
Even if it's just for the form.
It's the least you can do.
It's none of my business.
I'm just saying what I think.
All my guests tomorrow
will know who he is.
What do you want?
To remind everybody
I used to be a pickpocket too?
Is that what you want?
All right! I still have a cargo
of cigarettes detained by the army.
Let's talk about it later.
We found one at 8am
and the others at 6pm.
- What's up?
- Change these into 100 yuan notes.
You're risking your life!
What did I say this afternoon?
Can't you see what's going on?
I can lend you money if it's urgent.
There's no point.
- What's up? Is your mother ill?
- No.
- Need to hide away for a while?
- No.
Then what is this money for?
Jin Xiao Yong's wedding present.
You take all this risk
just for a present?
What do you want?
Here you are.
Give me some red paper.
Red paper?
What are you weighing it for?
It's money, not gold.
The year when Xiao Yong and I
hit the road
from Fenyang to Beijing...
we had only 40 cents.
I promised to give him
a bundle of notes
weighing three kilos...
as a wedding present.
The biggest was 10 yuans.
Think he still needs it?
He's far better off than you now.
It's not about the money...
I'm too different from him.
It's ready?
Go on then.
Hey, it's you!
- Busy?
- So-so.
Let's go inside.
Go in. I won't be long.
Try some. All freshly made.
- I've just eaten.
- Try some!
What's all this?
I'm getting married tomorrow.
You're not inviting me?
We don't want to have a big party.
Just a family gathering.
Don't tell me you're too busy
to invite me to your wedding.
It won't be a big party.
Just a few of the family.
So, you're on a tight budget?
We don't want a big party.
Family gathering?
Is the police chief your relative?
And is Fatty family too?
You've fucking changed.
Fucking changed.
Stop fucking this, fucking that...
You're angry...
Aren't you?
I'm... losing patience with you.
Don't tell me...
that you forgot.
It's true! I forgot to invite you.
- What's this?
- My present.
Money! Take it back!
What for?
I have to go!
Take a look at your tattoo,
you bastard!
Dear viewers,
tomorrow is the wedding day
of Xiao Yong.
On behalf of FYTV,
I'd like to congratulate him.
OK, the first dedication
to Mr Jin is from the Cereal Bureau.
The song that's been chosen
is "Raining Heart".
What so funny?
Nothing. Sing!
I don't want to any more.
What? I spent 50 bucks here
to hear you sing.
I'm not in the mood.
It isn't a solo concert.
Let's sing together.
Boss, a duet please.
This song is for a duo.
It's your turn now!
You're so shy!
Come on, sing something.
Just for fun. It won't kill you!
Why are you so stubborn?
I never sing.
"Once I Heard You Singing".
Oh, when was it?
I'm joking. It's a song.
"Love of a Repentant Man"?
Don't know it.
"Neither Stormy nor Rainy"?
It's not possible!
But I really can't sing.
Boss, your girl is really dumb.
Why's that then?
I didn't spend 50 bucks to watch TV.
What's up?
In "Great Shanghai",
every client has a great time.
She wouldn't sing and dance.
I don't believe it! Mei Mei.
He's really unhappy
with your service.
I ask him to sing, he didn't.
I ask him to dance, he didn't.
What have I told you before?
Xiao Wu is like my brother.
If he won't sing, you should.
If he won't dance,
get him into the rhythm.
- How could you be so dumb?
- Forget it.
I can't accept your money!
You're my brother, right?
It's so embarrassing...
- You don't have smaller bills?
- No.
Well, this is what we'll do.
Mei Mei, take him out for a walk
and settle this.
Do you hear me? Move!
Get your jacket and go!
Brother, bring her back before dawn.
Oh no, what did I say?
Bring her back before dusk, OK?
Move, you stupid girl... Move!
What an idiot! Move!
Where are we going?
Maybe I shouldn't have worn
my high heels today.
Why don't you go upstairs?
It'll be even higher.
Hey, you don't give in, do you?
Let's go back.
OK, I'll go back by myself.
Oh, that's what
my other 50 bucks deserve?
What an idiot you are.
It's you who wants to go back.
You're such an idiot.
What do you want, mister?
OK, come with me.
I want to make a phone call first.
Is that the Paper-Making Factory?
I want to talk to Chen Gai Lian.
Yes, I'm her daughter.
It's a long-distance call
from Beijing, please be quick...
Isn't it too noisy?
Mum, it's Mei Mei.
No, I'm not in my school.
I've an audition with a director.
I'm not sure yet.
Yes, I know.
How's everybody at home?
Is my brother still messing around?
Oh, he's started working.
He's a grown-up now!
How's dad?
He's recovering?
Tell him not to complain
all the time.
OK, I will.
Take care of yourself.
I'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Don't worry for me.
OK, I'll call you later. Bye.
We're in Beijing?
Who am I?
I'm a director? Dammit!
What can I do for you, my beauty?
Shampoo and oil treatment.
What great hair!
Want to try a 30s look?
"Red Dust in Lasting Love"?
What's that?
Well, it's the latest thing!
Forget it. I just want my treatment.
You southerners are really trendy.
You want a cigarette?
Nowadays people
pay more attention to taste.
- Hey, would you like a shampoo?
- Me? Oh no.
Let's put some music on
for the mood!
Ever been to a hairdresser
with a girl?
You're pretty smart!
Why's that?
You unplugged the guy's electricity
without warning him.
That's too simple.
Am I beautiful?
Very ordinary.
Actually, I find you
quite interesting now.
Very ordinary.
Dusk is coming.
I have to go.
That's all for today?
Time's up.
I spent 50 bucks to go to the salon
and make phone calls.
Don't complain.
You had nowhere else to go.
I'm going back to the bar.
Come again when you have time.
Give it back!
Come over here.
Are you crazy?
Just for fun!
- Let's go play maahjong.
- No!
- Can't I make fun of you?
- You're totally fucked up!
You're absolutely perverse!
Who is it?
You're here early.
We're still cleaning up.
Isn't it good
to have clients this early?
Hurry up!
What do you want today?
A Sichuan or a Guizhou girl?
Today? I want a Beijing girl.
Beijing? You want me
as your companion?
With pleasure.
Stop messing me about!
Is Mei Mei here?
You're really sweet on her, eh?
Yes, I am.
She's sick. She's on leave.
She's been dancing too much?
Listen, we have girls galore!
I'll get you another one.
Don't mess me around.
Look at you! See all the housework
that's waiting for you? Hurry!
- She's really on leave?
- She's sick. Why would I lie?
- Where does she live? I'll go see.
- Go ahead, if you want!
How lucky you are, Mei Mei.
You can rest at home today.
Rest? The pain is unbearable.
Could you stay with me?
Don't exaggerate.
Drink hot water, it'll soon pass.
- Any hot water left?
- We haven't boiled any yet.
M o M o, wo harvro to go Byo byo
- You found it?
- Yes, I got it.
Come over here.
You're damn bright!
Learned the tricks?
Chasing girls now?
- Not very hairy, are you?
- Give me a break.
Get lost!
- Who is it?
- It's me.
What for?
To see if your boss is lying or not.
My landlady doesn't like visitors.
Don't you remember
asking me to come whenever I want?
You're crazy!
Are you really sick?
Do I look like I'm pretending?
- Where does it hurt?
- My belly.
Stomach aches are nothing.
Have a few drags. Tobacco helps.
N o, got t away
Want to see a doctor?
Need some medicine?
No, it's OK.
Fix me some hot water please.
What's your name?
You don't remember?
Xiao Wu.
I'm just kidding. How could I forget?
You went with me to the hair salon!
Are you all right?
It's nothing.
It'd be great
to have a hot water bottle.
Wait for me.
- What's up?
- I need a hot water bottle.
Never mind the money. Take it.
I have to go.
- They're pulling down this house?
- Yes.
- I'll give you a hand later on.
- All right.
Thanks. I'm much better now.
It's all right.
Sit down.
Does your family run a coal mine?
You big spender!
I'm an artisan.
You don't really look like one.
I work with my hands.
It isn't easy nowadays, is it?
Other guys are opening up bars
or trafficking cigarettes.
I remain a dummy.
- You really can't sing?
- No.
Why do you hang out in bars?
- How do you like my voice?
- I love it.
I really enjoy singing.
You know...
People often say
that I look like a movie star.
But I know full well...
I can never be a star.
Sing me a song.
What do you want to hear?
What's your favourite?
Wang Fei's songs.
Go on!
All right, let me see...
Come on.
Don't laugh, OK?
Why is my sky always weeping
Why does my sky always look so sad
Why don't you sing me a song?
I can't.
Just one.
OK, close your eyes.
Xiao Wu!
Hey! Why didn't you knock?
- Is it really necessary?
- What's up?
Xiao Yong sent me.
He wants to give this back to you.
He said that your money isn't clean.
He can't accept it.
He said you would understand.
Listen, you tell him this:
His money from illicit
cigarette deals and club girls
aren't so clean, either!
OK, I hear you.
OK, I'll go!
You all right?
Go on, sing!
Why can't you be nice to me?
All right.
Will you be my man now?
If you like.
You're my man now!
- Fine.
- Really?
- Xiao Wu...
- It's you again!
Here's a message from Xiao Yong:
His cigarette business
isn't trafficking but free trade.
He'd never exploit his bar girls,
it's the entertainment business.
That's all.
Get lost!
I will be going.
Are you OK?
I'm fine!
I want to come here every day.
You don't have to.
You can buy a pager.
I'll page you whenever I'm free.
All right.
Is it for your fiance?
You don't need to read it.
It beeps when someone calls.
What's up, brother?
You look smart today!
- Good fit, eh?
- Looks like you're back from the US!
Making good money, eh?
Ah, thank you.
Thank you very much.
How's business, my dear?
It's incomparable to yours...
Yours is easy money, isn't it?
If you're rich,
why don't you switch from
Hong Ta Shan to import cigarettes?
Is Mei Mei there?
Oh, she's not here.
Where is she?
She's out.
I'll wait for her then.
I'm afraid not...
She won't be back very soon,
you see.
Sorry about that.
Where is she exactly?
There were several clients
from Shanxi...
Where in Shanxi?
They came by car.
- Where in Shanxi?
- Taiyuan.
- Clients from Taiyuan?
- Clients from Taiyuan.
Bloody hell!
Why did you let her go?
You knew I was coming.
Come earlier then.
I can't watch her all the time.
I'm sick of all your bullshit!
Hey, mind your language, my boy!
Has she been sold to you or what?
What's your relationship actually?
Dirty money is all you got.
Who do you think you are?
Mei Mei!
Who's looking for Mei Mei?
It's you.
Is she back yet?
She moved out.
She really moved out.
She came with a car this morning
and moved all her things out.
Where the hell did she go?
I don't know. She didn't even tell
the boss. Must be a great place...
I have something for you, Mum.
You're offering me a gift?
It's a ring.
You're kidding me.
Let me take a look at it.
I'm giving it to my mum, not you.
What's the big deal?
Your old man can't even take a look?
We've been poor peasants
for three generations...
Is it made of gold or copper?
It's real gold.
Would I give her a copper ring?
A pig's head? Is it a feast?
Our sister-in-law is coming tomorrow.
She's not your sister-in-law yet.
You're a fool!
You're the fool!
Yes, I am.
Oh papa!
M y bo orvrod pa pa
Oh mama!
My beloved mama!
What the hell are you doing?
Answer me!
- Dad, he's back with his girlfriend.
- Oh, they're back!
- How about Cui Xian and your boy?
- They'll be back soon.
- Xiao Wu, when did you come home?
- Yesterday evening.
Have you heard about Zheng's arrest?
- No. Who told you that?
- I heard about it.
I played mahjong with him
a few days ago.
Since you're all here,
I have something to tell you.
Your brother's fiance
is from a rich family in town.
Our family is poor.
I've discussed this matter
with your mum
and I want to ask you now
for your opinions
on your brother's wedding.
I want each of you to make
a contribution of 5,000 yuans.
What do you think?
Ah, let's talk about it later.
Xiao Wu, have you heard
about Xiao Yong's wedding?
Who's the bride?
Come on,
I'm waiting for your opinions.
Let's talk about it later.
Xiao Wu, when did you get a pager?
Let me take a look.
Let me see.
You're the eldest brother,
say something.
Where can I get 5,000 yuans?
I have to pay the road tax
for my tractor.
How about you, Xiao Wu?
I don't have that much money, either.
So what's your final decision?
There's no hurry.
Let's talk about it later.
- Hi there!
- You're back?
I just came back.
San Duo, get down.
Say hello to your uncle.
Get down. Say hello to your uncle.
Come on, say hello.
- You don't want to?
- You forgotten your uncle?
Well, I'm off.
Where are you going?
I'll be back soon.
- Would you care for some tea?
- No, thanks.
I'm looking for Er Bao.
Dad, have you already turned
the manure pit?
Yesterday and the day before,
I turned it twice.
You were too busy, right?
Yes, I promised to give you a hand.
I planned to come yesterday,
but I had a tractor problem.
I knew you were too busy.
If I wait for you,
it'll be too hot
to turn the manure pit.
- Are the fields ploughed?
- Yes, that's done.
- What'll you plant this year?
- The weather's good.
I'll go for maize and sorghum.
How about cereals?
Cereal prices are good this year.
The rain's good too.
Great for cereals.
We should plant
more cereals in our region.
I'm planning to have at least
one hectare of cereals this year.
Come on, get up.
What are you yelling for?
I was having a good snooze.
Dad, you want a cigarette?
Here you are, brother.
Xiao Wu, try one.
Er Bao, what cigarette is this?
- It's Marlboro.
- Marlboro?
How much is it?
- 12 yuans. American cigarettes.
- 12 yuans?
That's the price of a whole carton
of the local "Princess".
How could it be worth 12 yuans?
Is it special tobacco?
No, in America it's just
a pretty ordinary cigarette.
Can't you see Er Bao
is a state employee
who drinks coffee
and eats cakes all the time?
Import cigarettes
are no big deal to him.
Excuse me.
It's not easy
to make money in the city.
Oh sorry! I didn't mean it.
It's all right.
Let's stop this discussion
and have lunch.
Right, let's have lunch.
When did you buy that ring
for your fiance?
How can I afford it?
It's a present from her mum.
Let me take a closer look.
How much is it?
It's not solid gold. Gold-plated.
Mum, where's your ring?
I've hidden it.
I want to see it.
It was a gift, wasn't it?
Yes, but I didn't expect you
to give it away.
I didn't give it away.
- What's on Er Bao's fiance's hand?
- How would I know?
Show me the ring!
- You're forcing me?
- I'm asking you.
I should never
have given birth to you!
You know where my money comes from!
- Show it to me.
- You have to give it back? No way!
Show it to me.
Is this rebellion or what?
There are family rules
to be respected.
If I'd known, I would have
drowned you in a urinal at birth.
Do you know who you are?
You're the son of Liang Chang Yau!
If you don't know that,
just get lost.
Don't bother coming back!
- I won't come back!
- Don't!
- I won't come back.
- Get lost!
Shanxi Radio reporting.
To celebrate
the reunification of Hong Kong...
...anyone who wants
to have a slice of pork,
p oaso ocommo to mmy houso
Is this the big move?
The whole block's being pulled down.
If the old stuff doesn't go,
there'll be no new stuff.
The old stuff's being pulled down,
but I see nothing new.
OK, let's go.
Stop thief!
Dan Dan,
where's your grandfather?
You crook!
Put all your things on the table.
Hurry up!
Straighten up!
Look at you.
What are you?
Sit down.
Is that yours? Where's it from?
I bought it.
Answer me! Don't lie.
Let's finish this paperwork.
Count your money.
You see?
OK, sign here.
Go play with your aunt.
I don't have time.
You again!
How many times have you been here!
You're incorrigible!
You'll learn something this time!
You think about it!
Let me see my pager.
No, you can't. Just sit and wait.
Hey, Zhou, can you look into this?
Wait a second.
Stand up.
Straighten up.
Come over here.
Stand here and think about it.
Straighten up, watch TV if you want.
Try to think it over.
Come on. The car's waiting outside.
You again!
You're the one putting ID cards
into letter boxes?
Sit down.
When was your last arrest?
M ay harvro a oo k at mmy pagor?
Pager? You've got a pager?
It's in that drawer.
What does it say?
"Weather forecast:
Sunny, becoming cloudy."
As the campaign goes on,
many criminals are being arrested.
A repeat offender,
Xiao Wu was arrested.
This was seen as welcome news.
We asked people for their reactions.
Xiao Wu has been arrested.
What do you think?
Great. He deserved it.
We're all very pleased...
He's really a pest. Shut him up!
Were you off duty yesterday?
I went to a friend's birthday party.
I drank too much.
You shouldn't.
Alcohol isn't good for you.
What does it say?
A certain Miss Wu
wishes you all the best.
I'm standing still,
facing the blowing wind
I'm fighting desperately
to put an end to all my suffering
Look at the sky,
the clouds are moving too fast
May I ask you all, who is the hero?
Wait here. I won't be long.