Xiao Quan Guai Zhao (Revenge of the Dragon AKA The Fearless Hyena) (1979)

- Master! How are you?
- Are you alright?
I'm lucky to be alive!
We must tell Master Chen
to go into hiding at once
Master, your leg is very
badly injured
I think it's best you go into
hiding for awhile
We'll cover you
OK, take care
Let's go!
Brother, take care!
You too
Let's split up
Go that way!
I see you hiding there
Yen, you running dog
of the Qing Dynasty!
Aren't you ashamed
of your evil deeds?
Shut up, Ching!
If you tell me where Chen is...
I'll spare your life
and give you
a handsome reward!
Stop dreaming!
I'm a Sin Yi clan disciple
which is started by none other
than the hero Yue Fei
I will not be a traitor
I'm not going to cooperate
Don't think that having a few evil tricks
will help you terrorize us
I'll fight you, even if it kills me!
You should give it some careful thought
I just want your life!
Today is the day you die!
Tell me where Chen is, now!
We've just moved here
and you're causing trouble already
What do I normally teach you?
Study the literatures. Act with reason
What else?
Train hard but never use Kung Fu
to bully others!
Have you finished your training today?
I was just about to start
Grandpa, shall I start now?
Go ahead!
kick... kick
Twist and turn!
I've finished!
I'm too old. My eyes are blurred
That was too quick! I couldn't see clearly
Do it again slowly so that I can see
- What is this?
- The steady footwork!
It's footwork, all right
but not quite steady
Show me a proper stance
I said a proper stance,
not a puppy stance!
Cross stance!
What else?
The Unicorn step! Twist right, twist left!
Steady yet?
I can't!
Why not?
I'm so steady I'm grounded
There's another stance!
Can you do that too?
I know! The twisted stance. How's this?
Not this one!
Another new stance? What is it?
The upside down stance
No, not this!
Stop your nonsense. Start!
I don't know how
Grandpa, don't!
This is my own special bowl!
Breaking it is like breaking my rice bowl!
- Understand?
- Yes...
If anything happens to it, you've had it
I can't hold on much longer.
Where are you off to?
To the toilet!
Hurry back! I can't stand it much more
This seems like fun
This? Here, take it!
I want this one
This is for you
I want this too
I want this doll
It's not for sale
I'll give you this one
Place your bets
Test your eyes against my hands
Place your bets!
I'll bet everything
Quick! Place your bets
Come! Place your bets
Hands off!
Ready? OK!
Only a few winners this time!
Place your bets
Put it all down
You think you'll win the third round?
It's easy!
I'll leave after winning this round
Good! Don't move
Mostly winners!
What rotten luck!
I've lost every round!
I must win this time!
Let me help you!
I'll bet on this
Trust me, you won't regret it
You betting on this one?
Just you wait and see!
You're sure you're betting on this one?
You win!
Mostly winners again!
I would have lost everything
if not for you
You were losing until now
I'll take this as my tip
Stay! Let's play again
No. They always cheat!
You're so big!
How come he didn't see you?
Stand still!
Food and wine? New year celebrations?
What do you want?
You should know better than
to block my livelihood
I have already given you enough face!
Given me face?
You should know better than
to cross the "Great Bear"!
And, I "Stony Egg"
and me, "Iron Bull"
Who cares about you bull,
bear and rotten egg!
This guy is asking for trouble
Stand still!
You'll be sorry if you don't return
the money!
Why should I?
Because of this!
That's right!
Grab this!
Give it to me
Take it
Grab hold of it
That's great!
I'm real scared!
Don't be scared!
Don't be scared! Here I come!
Let's see it then
What are you laughing at?
Here comes an earthquake!
I'm blocking! Left, right and center!
Front and back!
Still blocking?
Let's see you block this!
Had enough?
What's your name?
Stony Egg!
But now you're a broken egg!
Step on you and you'll be
a scrambled egg!
One kick and you will be a rolling egg!
Sooner or later, you'll be a rotten egg!
Aren't you known as "Iron Head"?
A slap on the back of my head!
Now look at my forehead!
Twist your head! Now shrink your head!
Lift your head! Now turn your head!
Off I head!
Rest a while
Squeeze the hell out of you!
You're a big guy
with a small brain
He's the "Great Bear"
but he's anything but great!
Three? Where's the other one?
I'm being squeezed to death!
Ah, and so you are!
Do you still want me to return the money?
No! No!
Can I go now?
Of course!
Don't ever follow me again in the future
What shall we do?
Let's pull him up!
Let's go!
- The wine's great!
- Yes!
Where'd you get it?
The same shop
but the wine is much better!
There's more of it too
More than a catty!
You're a good boy!
Where did you get the money?
I was lucky today!
I found a bag full of silver!
That's why I bought you
all this wine!
That lucky?
Go out and see if you can
find another bag
Tell me the truth!
One became two, two became four
and four became eight!
You were gambling, weren't you?
They tried to stop you from leaving
after you won?
Sure they tried to stop me!
How did you know?
And then you showed them
your Kung Fu
I didn't!
I merely struck a pose
and they let me leave
What pose?
Just the basic one
Enjoy your wine! I'll start training!
Forget it
No training today?
I want to train together with you!
- OK, come on
- Grandpa!
Everything's fair in love and war!
But I'm your grandson!
Rascal, up to your
funny tricks again?
This is called "Short but dangerous"!
I choose the short one then!
Come back! We're not done yet!
I missed? This is called
"Long but powerful"!
Whatever you say!
I'll take them all
Must say you're pretty smart
I get beaten enough!
Grab it, poke it and smack with it
The bee retreats
Fish for it and the phoenix flies!
- Come back!
- I'm not through yet!
Blow on the flute!
Hold it!
Tail of the tiger!
Tail of the tiger!
My turn to grab the stick!
Where are you going?
The tiger's tail!
The tiger's tail!
The three links
sends the birds a-flying!
Open the door with the iron fan!
The iron bull ploughs!
This technique is known as
"Following the tide"!
Here I come! Winds sweep
the plum flowers!
Grandpa! Take it easy!
Open the door with the iron fan!
You've broken the door!
Left, right, the fairy strews the flowers!
No, Grandpa!
Hit you till you go dizzy!
My eyes are blurry!
Fingers point to heaven and earth!
A knock on the head!
The crocodile hits the boat!
The fisherman casts his net!
Snowflakes on the top! Uproot the old tree
The old cow pulls the mill!
The dragonfly leaps!
The bird returns to the forest!
I was too slow
Come out!
The swallow returns to its nest
Are you coming out?
OK, a little force may help
I'm coming out
Come on, then!
The rolling gourd!
One becomes two!
And two becomes four!
Grandpa, stop!
My head's already swollen!
I hop, I step and I jump!
Trying to run? Come back!
It's best to run!
Run where?
Turn and escape!
Embrace the moon!
Advance, turn, stick on the back!
The swallow's jump!
Why don't you start to jump!
I'll just jump right here!
Let me help you jump!
The lion shakes its head and
here comes the end!
What did you say?
Grandpa. Stop or I'll be dead!
How can you learn if I stop!
How many times have I told you
not to reveal our clan's techniques?
Why do you insist on showing it?
Practicing our clan's Kung Fu is
not illegal!
You can practice it
but you're not to reveal it
If you do, I'll trash you to death
I've had it then
That's why I said
you must look for a proper job
And be an ordinary man!
Come, try it!
Mister, you're buying...
What are you so happy about?
Mister, you're buying...
Why are you so sad?
Who's suffered a loss? You or me?
Why won't you learn? Come
I'll show you once!
- Come
- Yes
Mister, death comes when it comes!
Let me handle the funeral!
I guarantee you a grand one!
Remember, we have all kinds
of meals here!
Buffet. Table D'Hote, A la Carte!
If someone dressed nicely
like me comes in
Recommend this type to him!
If they're dressed like you,
take them over here!
This type is meant for
the likes of you
How can anyone sleep
in this rotting thing?
Why not?
At least three people have used it!
Three people slept in this?
This is what you call
"Second Hand"!
What is the meaning of
"Second Hand"?
It means old stuff!
Do you understand?
Would anybody buy it?
Of course!
I run a monopoly here!
They have no choice
but to buy from me!
Is it ethical?
Full payment only
No installments!
Also, you must remember
the various brands
This is teak wood, rose wood,
willow wood...
When the guest comes,
knock and let them hear the sound
Boss, it sounds like ply wood
They wouldn't know, you dumb ass!
This is the most precious and
is not for sale!
Are you keeping it for yourself?
Yes! Ah... Nonsense!
But if the price is right, I'm willing to
part with it
I polish this thing
a few times everyday
It is most important to tell the client
its good points!
What good points?
It's cool in the summer and
warm in the winter
Even the living will find it comfortable
Covered, it provides shelter from
the rain and wind
Won't it be suffocating?
Not if you install
a ventilation fan
Let me show you
This coffin is comfortable
Nice and cool! So comfortable!
Listen! It's as if someone's calling you
This is good wood!
It's scary!
Would you like to try it?
No, thanks! It's too narrow
It's big enough for three
Try it!
It's terrible!
Are you trying to suffocate me,
you little rascal?
It's only a demo!
No one asked you to shut in
I'll kill you when I get out!
I can't lift it!
There's nothing I can do!
Find anything?
Did you find him?
Where could he possibly go?
I'm telling you
I don't want any trouble!
If you still follow me,
I'll break your bones!
Big brother!
Hang on, who's your big brother?
We three think you're the greatest
and beg to be your disciples!
That's a joke
I can't even take care of myself!
Nobody wants me for anything
That's not true!
It's just that the times not right
But the time has come now
There's a whole lot of money waiting
for you to grab!
Why don't you three go
if that's the case?
It's true!
Then, go on!
We can't do it without you
But with you three,
I'm as good as dead!
Don't give me any more problems
We won't dare now that we know
your Kung Fu skills
If I've any ill intentions,
I'll change my name to rotten egg!
And you can break my "Iron Head"
Besides, you've nothing to do
Come and see our boss
OK, I'll see what mischief you're up to
this time!
I wouldn't dare try any
in front of you!
What do you think of
Tee Char's proposition?
Teacher? Whose your teacher?
I have no teacher
My surname's Tee and
my name is Char
Say it quickly
and it sounds the same
It gives my name an air of superiority
I see that you come from Japan
Why do you say that?
You're imitation stuff!
Don't laugh! Gimmicks are important
if you want to succeed
If you can get away with the imitation,
why not?
Come and be the martial art instructor
in my school!
I'll pay you a hundred silver taels
a month!
And whatever the students bring,
I'll share half with you!
Also, I'll pay you extra
every time you fight!
- It's a fair deal, isn't it?
- Yes
- A hundred silver taels?
- Yes
It's not that I don't want it,
I'm only scared of my Grandpa!
He forbids me to show my skills normally
If he finds out that I work for you...
I don't know Kung Fu
but I've a lot of ideas!
All you have to do is to use your hands
Leave the rest to me!
This will work
Will it?
Sure it'll work!
I'll take you to my school
to look around after lunch
Everything Clan?
What is the meaning of "Everything" Clan?
It means Dragon, Snake,
Tiger, Crane, Leopard...
To show we know all types of Kung Fu
and that we have everything!
I think you've got next to nothing
Right too!
Actually, we only have two students so far
Neither one pays!
Isn't that disgraceful?
That's why it's important to
choose the right name
Right! Can you think of
a new name for me?
That won't be easy
What exactly do you teach?
The S S S technique!
Is there such a thing?
Of course!
First let me explain what it stands for
The first S means you're smart
if you sign up with us
The second S represents the silver
you must pay
The third S is for the superb Kung Fu that
we'll be teaching you!
What if I refuse to join?
The three S stand for something else then!
The first S means you're stupid
not to join
The second S means we're sorry
we wasted time talking to you
The third S means we'll sock you
if you don't get out fast
I'll like to see you try!
Hold it! Let me change my clothes first
If you have the guts, wait for me
Take care of him!
What is it?
Business at the door
What business?
Take a look first!
He's the bodyguard of the brother!
I understand he has a school with
If we beat him,
the students will all come to us!
At 15 taels per student...
That'll be 150 for 10!
How about 20?
Three hundred!
And 30?
That'll be... Let's discuss this later
If you beat him...
It's not that simple!
Look at him!
He's huge and fierce
Just look at his fist!
I won't fight him!
But we have a deal.
I use my head and you use your hands
But to use my hands...
OK, 50!
My hands ache!
My legs too!
My waist aches!
Now my head aches!
My shoes ache!
Shoes ache? 100!
The aches have stopped!
You go out first
Don't kid me now!
I'm not kidding
Damn it!
Is your master coming out or not?
What's the commotion?
I thought you were going to
change your clothes
I've thought about it!
After all, I'm the Master!
People will say
I'm bullying you if I fight
Nonsense! I'll tear down your school sign
if you give me anymore excuses!
You young impulsive chap!
You're really asking for it!
You insist on fighting?
Alright! I'll just send for
my lowliest worker
And let him have some fun with you
Come out!
What are you doing here?
Teach that fellow a lesson!
That fellow?
Right! He's should be enough for you
- Go!
- Yes...
You want to tear down our sign?
So what?
Don't get mad! Have some tea first
What are you looking at?
Be careful!
It's so painful!
Someone's hurting!
Having fun?
Go to hell!
What are you looking at?
Master, I've taught him a lesson!
Return to your tasks
Do you admit defeat?
Admit defeat?
Will you hand me
the protection money now?
Will you let me take over
your school now?
Leave through the back door!
Did you hear that?
Let's go
What are you all looking at?
Take him away!
Hold it!
Get lost! You're in my way
Are you the person who defeated Lu?
That's right!
Are you that good?
You are perceptive!
I want to see
how good you are!
Without paying fees,
I won't show you anything!
Siao San!
Siao San...
Why don't you answer me?
That's not my name!
It is now!
There's another one here!
He's small! Should be easy!
How about a discount?
Twenty per cent off!
Good! Fight!
What's the name?
"The Willow Knife" Bar Tar!
What? Bastard?
That's not fair, boss
He has a knife
He's got a knife! No 20% discount!
Another 10 then!
Do it yourself!
How about it?
Lean over
Watch it
Hurry and up the ante!
Forty maximum!
Forty maximum?
How much?
Double it!
Double it?
It's a deal!
This time it's for real!
Follow the tide!
The dragon's tail is right here!
Strike it right!
Lower your head! Lift it! Lower it!
Lift it! Lower it! Lift it!
Lower it! Lift it! Lower it! Lift it!
A little more!
Grab it tighter!
Are you scared?
Wrong side!
Like the smell?
You don't know what's good for you!
Have a few strokes!
You're a piece of meat
and I go chop, chop, chop!
And then shovel you out of the way!
Left block, right block!
But you can't block your crotch!
This is no joking matter!
Here comes a long rod!
To give you a prod!
Hit you like a dog!
Still won't give up?
And stir up the shit!
How does that feel?
Grab it!
Don't use knives unnecessarily!
They're messy!
Pay your respects to me then!
Run for your life!
Who is it? It's me, Grandpa
Grandpa, feeling better?
Just old age
You must have more rest
I'll get you some tea
Where are you working now?
Same old place!
You must be cautious
and leave a good impression!
Have some tea first
Is the job tough?
Not at all! Only fight... cleaning up
Grandpa, I'll go get your medicine!
One at a time
What is it?
Big business coming up!
Big business?
Take a look!
What's up?
Huge fellow!
He's quite big...
I know him. He's...
Not as big as me!
Smash him like a pumpkin!
Not everyone is as dumb as you
You go ahead if you want to smash him
Master, you can do it
Are you sure?
Look at you now! You're prosperous!
Gold all over! Even your teeth is gold!
It's not!
Well, almost! You're big now!
You eat the best and wear the best
You look prosperous
But we always risk our lives
We'll soon be dead if we carry
on this way
If you don't fight him,
who's going to pay
this month's expenses?
That's your business!
I'll pay you 500 taels!
- Word of honor?
- No
Word of honor!
Don't you know him?
He's a sex maniac
Get up!
Thanks, Master!
Where is he?
Go out first! I'll be right out!
You rascal!
So says the Master!
Good moves...
Quite good
but nothing compared to ours!
Get the fellow out!
Control yourself! Be patient even
if you want to fight
I've no time to waste
You must exercise patience
if you want to win
Otherwise, you've as good as lost
Damn it all! I'll give you hell!
Teach him a lesson!
You, you...
The Master's not home and
I'm to take his place
Be careful of that shark!
You look so pretty!
My mind goes dizzy!
You're so big and strong!
I'm a little worried!
Don't be scared!
Don't you worry!
How about a little kiss?
A slap's more like it!
If you don't behave, I'll hit you!
Hit all you want!
- It hurts!
- Let me soothe you
Your hands are so big!
Big enough to smooth your hair with
If you don't behave, I'll really hit you!
So you know Kung Fu as well?
Just a little!
Let's have a little fun!
You're very rude!
What hairy legs!
Isn't that sexy?
And such big feet!
To step on you with! You fool!
Slowly, I roll down the bamboo blinds!
And watch my dear fellow lying
on the ground!
Are you angry?
That's great!
I'll love you to death!
Too light! I'll do it myself!
Let me!
He's a guy!
So you're a guy!
Strike all the way!
One more!
That's great!
The money is mine! Bring it over!
Great Master!
Speak up!
Where is Chen of the Sin-yi clan?
Someone in the village has put up
the Sin-yi School sign!
How come there's so much money?
Grandpa, don't feel bad
if I should be killed one day!
This money is to provide for you
Your unfilial grandson
Three in a row!
Every technique is superb!
That's just the appetizer
Watch carefully!
One the head! Through the heart!
See how obedient he is!
There's more
One for the top and one for the bottom!
Careful of the roots!
Just a block of wood!
Hit until he gets the cramps!
Right! The money will be mine!
I'm itching to get the money!
You purposely lost! Are you trying to
get another increase?
No more! We made a deal!
This time, I don't want anything
- Master, you can't leave...
- You're leaving
Stop! I admit defeat!
Get the money from him
Dumb ass!
You can't go!
That beast asked you
to give me the money!
I'm as good as dead!
Who were you calling a beast just now?
Not bad!
I'd like to employ you as the
instructor here!
No way!
This old man knows Kung Fu!
None of your business!
Are you alright?
What is it?
How come you're hairy all over?
I'm not hairy!
It's your glasses!
Who was that fellow?
I don't know!
Look for him!
Find him!
Stand still!
Who are you?
I'm looking for my grandson!
There are no grandsons here!
Who are you?
I... I'm the leader here!
You even changed the name of
your school!
And that's the reason we prospered
Where's Master?
Where's the Grand Master?
Where did he go?
Grand Master...
Stop looking!
He ran off long ago!
Who are you?
I'm your Grand Master's ancestor!
Lord Chen!
At the walled village
I've done it now!
Grandpa will surely kill me!
Does Chen Peng-fei live here?
"Chen Peng-fei"! Isn't that my grandfather?
Chen Peng-fei, you can't run!
I won't run!
It's not that you won't run!
You can't run!
Don't you feel lonely
in this deserted place?
You've been following me for 10 years!
How could I be lonely?
Chen, today you die!
I think you better dig your
own grave!
Where's your Kung Fu?
Get up!
Chen, you've no more strength!
You're sick!
Might as well finish you off!
Just watch...
"Eight legged unicorn"!
Where are you going?
If not for you, my grandpa
won't be dead!
If not for me, you'll be dead!
That's my business!
- Get away!
- Calm down!
If you didn't go round courting trouble
Your Grandpa wouldn't be dead
If you didn't leave a trail...
Yen wouldn't have known where he was!
Who the hell is Yen anyway?
Why did he want to kill Grandpa?
Because our clan is the eyesore of
the Qing Dynasty!
You belong to our clan?
Right! Your grandfather has been
looking for this person!
"Eight legged unicorn"!
You're not fit to
be my grandpa's friend!
You saw my grandfather being killed
and you didn't help!
How could I help?
We could unite together and fight Yen!
Where are you going?
To fight them!
You can't even beat a cripple like me
How can you possibly fight him?
If you go, your grandfather's
corpse will rot and decay!
Stay live and there'll
be lots of chances for revenge
I want revenge!
You still have to eat
Why aren't you eating?
Don't just take plain rice
Have some seaweed
Come on, eat
Lung, take a rest!
Master, I'm not tired!
That's real tough!
Come on, continue
More strength
What? No strength?
With you on top, how can I pull it?
Well, I'm down now! How about it?
I can manage it then!
That's because you don't know
how to Yelp!
What do you mean?
Yelp! It's OK!
Yelp! Yelp! Yelp!
No more!
Why not?
That's enough! Let's go home to eat!
What are you up to?
Won't you take one? Yelp! Yelp!
Yelp! Yelp!
You're normally very happy!
Why that frown today?
Too much yelping!
Get up!
- Out of breath?
- Yes!
Catch your breath then
Breathe out! Breathe in!
Close your mouth! Swallow it!
Hold your breath!
That was a bit too late!
And that's a bit too early!
You should do more breathing exercises
I'm here
Such a lot of commotion
and you sleep through it like a pig!
Who's been here?
If someone's been here,
you would have had it!
Looks like I'll have to
keep one eye open
when I sleep!
Just like this!
In training, you must use
your brains as well
Otherwise, you're only
overexerting yourself
You've already lost your
voice because of it
We'll change to another
way of training
I want to test your instinct and reflexes!
See if you can get past that door
Go on!
Come here!
Put your foot down and then get down
It fell
Pull your hand back!
Come again!
I'll aim right!
I'm afraid you'll make a mistake!
Watch your steps
Waist strength!
I feel faint
Come back
You slippery fellow!
I'll go!
Oh, my hands!
How about your legs?
Up! Change! Cross! Hit the legs!
And now legs in the air just like
a dead chicken!
You entered the wrong door!
Mind your head!
There's still a window at the back!
Useless bum!
Master! Take it!
Master! Not so bad eh?
Not bad! Grab it!
Supporting it
I can't go on...
Grab it!
But I'm still one up on you!
Lung, I'll go get some wine!
There's the door
I want this...
- You want this?
- Yes...
- You want this?
- Yes, that one...
- I want it too
- OK!
Thank you
Master, how come you gave so much?
Who are you?
Why did you trick me?
Your techniques are so vicious! Why?
He's a mute and he's crazy!
Let's go!
Don't know what's good for you! Bow!
What's your grievance?
How dare you hit me?
You need the right opponent to fight
You picked the wrong person
I think he's really crazy!
Give it to him!
You must be tired of living!
I'll help you achieve your aims!
How dare you bite me?
You crazy fool!
Causing trouble everywhere!
Sorry! He's crazy! Dumb and deaf!
Can't take my eyes off you for a minute!
Lord, our apologies
if we've offended you!
If you're his grandpa,
you should teach him properly!
Don't let him come out and make trouble
Go home, rascal!
The "Eight legged unicorn"!
That old man has disappeared!
He can't get away!
You're so impulsive!
Fortunately, I came in the nick of time!
If you don't change,
you'll never be able to succeed!
I'm useless! I'm no good!
Isn't it a bit late to realize it now?
You're lucky that
you're only slightly injured!
Fortunately, you didn't show
the techniques of our clan
He doesn't know
your real identity!
That's why he wounded you only slightly!
we'll both be dead
I think you know the techniques of
our clan well enough!
I want to teach you another technique!
It will give you a 50-50 chance against Yen!
Only 50-50?
How much did you think you had?
It also depends on how determined you are
But this technique is suited to you
This technique is based on one's emotions
Joy, sadness, melancholy, happiness!
Play on the opponent's emotions
and affect his judgment!
This may be the technique to beat Yen!
I'm going to teach you a new technique!
It's derived from the "Wire" technique!
The basis is to use your brains
together with your strength
Thereby exerting your power to the fullest
And play on your opponent's basic emotions!
"Joy" to subtly evade!
"Anger" to attack as a wild horse!
"Melancholy"- to adhere to the end!
Happiness - to tease!
"Eight legged unicorn"! I want to see
how many legs you really have!
Stop! How can three of you
bully an old man?
Kid, aren't you a mute?
Only the other day!
Normally, I speak better than you!
I can handle him all by myself!
After I'm through with you,
you'll really be dumb!
Beat You!
I'll knock out all your teeth!
In that outfit,
what are you swaggering about?
Go to hell!
Even with weapons, you can't do it
Let me see if you're still vicious!
You're better!
I can do it
Go to hell!
Get that!
You stupid fellow!
Don't come over!
Watch that old fellow!
Don't come over!
Otherwise, I'll kill him
Lung! Don't worry about me!
Hand that to me!
Kill him if you wish!
Might as well
let him die a martyr!
It's better that staying alive as a cripple!
Go ahead and kill him!
Master, don't worry! I'll take care of you!
Just how much is your life worth?
You're all useless!
Can't do anything right!
Old man...
Stop your pretense! Who exactly are you?
The person to avenge
the death of Chen Peng-fei!
What's your connection to
the eight-legged unicorn?
I want to exterminate you once and for all!
Not that easy!
I want to skin you alive!
Get up!
I think you've had it!
You're out of breath!
Steady now!
Right! Steady and take control!
I must get my second wind...
Second wind...
Still laughing?
You're crying!
You can't lean on me for life!
Not "ya"! It's "yelp"!
I won't even let you yelp!