Xiao Qian (A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation) (1997)

Lan... Lan!
Lan... Lan!
What is this?
The water tastes awful!
I am not Lan!
Don't come near!
Don't bite.
Not my back. No...
Don't get so close!
Where are you, Lan?
Transforming again?
Looks like a human.
Who are you?
Lan, don't go!
I haven't seen you for so long!
Lan, where are you?
Ah no, not again!
No escape this time!
Daydreaming really scares me...
And so silly.
Are you daydreaming too?
No need to get melodramatic though.
All roads lead to Rome...
Where is my Rome?
Can't tell how long I've been walking!
Enough rest, Solid Gold! On our way now!
Don't get lost, OK?
Seems like such a long way.
I always work hard for Lan, you see?
I thought I'd save some money for her.
And now she won't see me.
I worked hard to get her...
And now I work hard to forget her.
Ah... c'est la vie!
Lan... Lan!
Is that you, Lan?
Did I invite you to my wedding?
Your wedding?
I thought our love was solid gold...
Why are getting married now?
It's now or never...
I've only seen you twice over 2 years...
Your Solid Gold is really precious
But all of my hard work is
for our golden future.
Doesn't Solid Gold mean anything?
You can have him back!
All he knows is how to eat and shit...
Besides, I hate dogs!
I don't want gold,
I want love!
Lan, you're right, I was such a fool!
To think that you taught me so much...
Oh, you're so nice to me!
Are you mimicking someone we know?
You better stop, now!
It's windy!
No big deal... hold on to me!
What now?
Hold still,
What you don't know won't hurt!
We just made it in time...
- Strike!
- Strike!?
And tell me to hold still?
For sure they are here.
The Foul Smells are all here, Master!
You Foul Smells are not going anywhere!
Let me get rid of you.
Foul Smells?
How appropriate!
Use your brain, not your nose!
- Now stand still!
- So heavy!
- Hold on tight, Solid Gold!
- I'll get rid of them.
Stay still.
Oh, such a foul smell!
Can't count on you!
Master, they're getting away!
Nah, they can't!
There's no getting away from me!
Ten Miles, finish them off.
Yes, master.
See this!
Yin Yang Twist!
Strike again...
No need to applause!
Taking the building apart!
Get set... go!
More to come! Ying Yang Wink!
No escape.
It's a hit.
Solid Gold, let's run!
The Foul Smell is following us.
Don't mess with them, Ten Miles.
Heard you, Master.
Can they see them hiding there?
No sweat! Of course I can see!
Help! They're turning ugly!
Don't blame it on me!
This way... That way...
Please, don't get the wrong guy!
This way, please!
All set.
Come on over.
Kid, now is the time! Destroy them.
You, and you!
And you.
You're last.
It's a hit.
No more Foul Smell on earth!
Nice clean air.
Yes, there is!
Let's split!
And stop following me!
You go that way. Don't follow me!
The fun is over!
You can't get away from me.
Seems I have to make a move.
Get this.
Got you.
Don't hit me.
This district is now cleared...
We should move on!
Move on?
Tell me where you are going...
so I can stay away!
Evil spirits are everywhere...
It is clean here.
Anywhere you go you may run into them!
This DDM, a Devil Distribution Map...
Whether it helps, depends on you, see?
Ten Miles, my vibes are telling me...
Our archival is close at hand.
It's Red Beard again!
It's him again.
He is always one step ahead of us...
clearing the field, making us look useless.
We all have our Ways...
Never mind who clears the field.
Shall we head somewhere else?
Nah, he fies, we walk...
He's a long way behind us.
I don't understand one word they say...
There're so many things I don't understand.
What's that?
What did you say?
I must change from now on.
You've got a lot to change?
Good you know.
We're leaving.
Amazing men, who are you?
We are no shallow people.
What're your names?
These're just simple tricks...
He's the most famous ghostbuster
White Cloud.
Why don't you ask for my name?
As for me...
I'm the protege of White Cloud...
I'm nicknamed Tornado, The Up & Coming...
But no,
that would be too self-conscious of me...
So, just call me
Ten Miles the Flying Dragon...
Of the Omnipotent White Cloud Temple. OK?
And... don't go telling everyone!
And what humble personalities they have...
Using such complicated names
so we can easily forget.
So considerate.
Gee, the sun has gone.
Where are we? Where is the city?
And where are we going?
Silly me, nearly missed my destination.
This place looks really cool.
Let's look for the Antique Shop
and do our work.
After the debt is collected, we leave.
We will go straight from here.
Down the steps... turn right... and...
Excuse me!
What do you want?
Sir, I'm here to collect a debt.
I understand it's a bit late...
No problem. A debt?
Enough? You want more?
So much!
Let me check.
I don't think I need that much.
More or less is all relative.
We don't come with anything...
And we can't take anything when we go,
Honey, did you say you wanted a massage?
Yes. Now excuse me, if you please.
And, please take whatever you fancy.
Sure. Thanks.
I'm really sore all over.
Ten years' debt colleted just like that!?
Got to be more powerful.
Relax... like that?
A bit more.
- A bit more.
- Aaaah... too much, too much.
So many debts to collect...
what if everyone pays up?
How can I carry them back?
Such an easy job...
and no one would take it?
they speak with a strange accent...
But what the heck, the city is cool and...
I wouldn't even mind living here,
Right, Solid Gold?
Now let go of me!
Let go!
What's wrong with you?
"Flying flower in the setting sun,
red all over the mountain"
"Beauty kisses the flowers,
each flower becomes a thought"
"Seeking my lover"
"Seeking his face"
"Waiting to embrace"
"To remember those days"
What is your name?
Hold on... hold on.
"My strong love is warm"
"Floating to my lover"
"Fluttering in my heart"
Ho ho,
lo and behold; my love is solid gold.
Mister, you want a lift?
A lift?
Come on in.
Where to?
Somewhere to eat maybe?
We've got just the right one.
Where are we going? What's happening?
We're flying...
With lots of UFOs flying around us...
You want something, mister?
Red light, stop;
green light, go.
We've hit the jackpot again!
What is essential is to stay calm.
Stay calm...
Mister, we've arrived at the Gourmet City.
There are a number of gourmet cities
But this one is the best bet...
You wanna try?
We're here.
Told you not to overstuff yourself.
It's the season:
the night has become so short...
It's bad for digestion.
Deepfried herat, deboned hands for you...
The wind-dried brain has to wait.
The soup has no taste.
Try some.
I think we have to put on some makeup...
Put something on for blood.
You need some too.
Look at him.
He must have died an ugly death.
- Shouldn't show his face at all.
- Right.
Such a disgrace.
You're so right.
Ready to oreder now?
Let me see.
Stinky finger, diced tongue...
Can you eat that?
What do you mean? they're all specialties!
Are you trying to insult us or what?
No, no I only died recently.
Can't take too much in one go!
Feed on some candles then.
I have that every day.
I wanted a change.
A bowl of noodles maybe?
- Noodles? They're not good for the newly dead!
- That'll do, thanks.
It's her again!
You're dead!
She's looking at me.
Must check him out, see what type he is.
He doesn't fit any where.
Your fortune book doesn't have his look.
Just look at his silly grin...
I'm sure you know what I mean.
And what is beside him!?
OK, I will Shine!
Don't let the others notice him.
What's up?... Are you deaf... mute?
I'm Shine.
Try again, he's so dumb!
I'm Shine.
Who're you?
You're too good for this place...
Come to my place andI'll cook for you.
How about it?
It would be too much trouble!
Look at him!
And yes, you can call me Ning.
This is Solid Gold, just like my love.
Such nice names.
I hear hearbeats.
Very loud heartbeats.
Only living hearts can beat.
Someone among us is alive.
Someone alive among us?
Let's see where he's hiding.
Save the eyes for me.
Are we after the heart or the man?
Find the man and we'll find the heart.
Fresh meat? That's going to be tasty!
I can smell him out...
There'll be no escape for him.
Sit tight while I smell around...
And prepare some hot water.
Get some pepper to help him.
Run when they sneeze.
Let's wash your face first.
I's stand out with a clean face.
But all ghosts are vain these days!
Indeed this looks like a vain heaven.
Heaven? But life is short!
Would you give your life for this?
you're so indecisive.
You'd be so happy you'll understand...
Giving up everything for love is beautiful.
I'm scared.
Just relax... Your spirit will follow me.
Bad timing!
Is that Shine? Butterfly speaking...
Where are you?
Madame can't wait anymore...
Can you hear me?
The crop is right in front me...
I would have finished him off
if you hadn't interrupted.
Big deal you've got a crop...
I'm doing my job too!
What crop?
It's a fad. We call one another "crop".
Run, the ghostbuster is here...
Together with the monk and his disciple.
You can't fight the three of them, run!
But I have to hand in the crop.
"Night, Night, I'm excited"
"Nlght, Night, I'm spirited"
"Wandering on earth is fun"
"Executing devils with my gun"
Taste my Flying Monogram!
He's destroying the place.
What now?
Can Butterfly speak to Madame?
Speak up!
This is Butterfly...
Shine is together with a chap...
Strolling hand in hand but...
No sign of her sucking up his spirit.
Do you read me?
Strolling hand in hand and...
Depriving his spirit for my skin beauty?
What if my skin cracks?
I need his spirit...
Madame Trunk is not going to crack up!
I'll get him myself!
By the way, Madame...
There's a ghostbuster here
you need to handle.
He's coming this way.
He's discovered us.
We can't hide now.
Let me help you.
Have to go through.
Flying Monogram!
I'm hit!
This fella don't look like no ghost.
I'll catch you, Shine...
Don't let go!
I can't fly...
He's going to get me this time.
Let go now...
Or else you'll fall and die.
You're human...
You should stand on our side.
I don't care if she's not human...
Please, let her go...
She's my friend.
Friend? That's ghost talk.
They lie. Never trust a ghost!
She saved me just now.
A ghost saved you?
I can't believe it, man.
I'd be your slave if you let her go...
Please, please, let her go!
Save your breath!
You're slipping.
I am not slipping.
But don't expect me to soften up, man.
The way you keep talking to me...
I know what you want.
You just want to see me fall, right?
You're making me very angry, you know?
I ask you one more time:
You think I'll soften up
and let you two go?
You're wasting my breath.
Madame is here.
This must be a 500-year Trunk.
Let's see what you've got!
Very troublesome. This fella.
What a nuisance.
StaircaseBoogie, pick up up!
What's the bumpy thing we're riding on?
Heaven bless it!
StaircaseBoogie, run!
Lucky guy.
Maybe not...
I'll get him after I got you.
You're such an irritating monster!
And keep your roots off me.
My Magic Box!
Abracadabra... Flying Monogram!
Way of Ways, lead!
Too late!
Way of Ways is stuck!
You're too much!
Heaven's Scissors...
Chop, Chop...
Trunks are really diffcult to eliminate.
They just grow and grow...
Hope the fella is safe now.
I think we can take a break now.
It won't stop.
Shine, it won't listen to me.
Wonder where it wants to take us.
Won't you stop?
What is that noise?
It has taken us here.
What is this?
It is chasing after that.
Must want to jump on it.
StaircaseBoogie is crashing onto it.
It's jumping off.
He can't make it!
Jump over it.
or we'll fall!
Solid Gold!
I thought we left all those ghosts behind!
More again!
Solid Gold...
Don't panic, they won't hurt you.
The train is taking them
to be reincarnated.
Are you alright?
Where is this train going to?
We're heading to the Reincarnation Gate.
How can I get off?
The train doesn't stop.
Every night, at the same time...
The train makes its round.
The train turns around after
the ghosts reincarnate.
It is part of the Plan.
If I leave just like this...
I won't be able to see my boyfriend again.
I haven't taken the train before,
I don't want to leave him.
Talking about me?
But we've just met.
Right. You're not my boyfriend.
You're no match for him...
He's the superstar of the GhostWorld...
And he's my idol.
You two see each other a lot?
He's very busy...
We seldom meet,
everybody clings around him.
I've only seen him twice in two years...
But I'm content.
How privileged are superstars!
I should get Lan to talk to you...
And teach her something!
Madame is waiting for us.
We're approaching the Reincarnation Gate.
Get off here or you'd be born again.
Get off here?
But we're high up!
Don't worry... I'll take you with me, come.
How long have you been here?
Don't take him back.
Madame is very mad...
We've got to take him back.
He's my crop...
Stay away from him.
But let me try my ShockWave first...
You're so difficult.
Look at me!
I said stay away from him!
Let me try! He can't move now.
ShockWave or not, I can't move anyway.
Let him go.
That was effective.
My head...
I've got you.
Solid Gold, you here too.
- Careful.
- Get lost!
ShockWaving me?
We should be working together!
Stop fighting!
I'll go with you two.
I'm warning you.
He's doomed anyway...
Let me play with him.
Who's doomed?
Ooops, wrong target!
Now we've lost him.
Gosh, sunrise!
Have I been reincarnated?
So high!
Are you OK, Shine?
It's only you, Solid Gold?
I was so relieved.
Shine, you're here!
But you are a ghost?
Can ghosts survive exposure to the sun?
No sunlight for me...
- What will happen?
- I shouldn't be here.
Don't go away, cover me up.
The sun will move...
Then I'll be burnt to ashes by the sun.
I can't cover you for long.
My shadow will get smaller
when the sun gets high up...
Guess we'll have to play it by the ear.
I am going to be burnt to ashes. I am.
I'll think of something.
A lake.
You won't think of anything.
Take it easy.
The ground. So hot.
We're there, keep it up.
I am burning.
It's alright. I've taken care of that.
Is it better now? Can you hear me?
Solid Gold, do ghosts drown?
Is it better here?
Can we talk here?
Never been to such places.
I can't stay here all day...
Sunlight will come into the lake.
Must think of something.
I forgot to grab a breath...
You've got a backpack with you...
I'll stay in there for you
to carry me back.
The backpack doesn't have a cover.
Will an umbrella do?
You'll have to tie it up tightly.
No light must slip in or else...
Now lay it down for me to get in.
We can go now.
Such a long way back.
Did I tell you my boyfriend
is performing there?
You'll see him then.
We have a long way to go.
Seeing him again tonight...
I wonder how he looks these days.
Can't you hurry up?
Why don't you run?1,2,1,2...
You've stopped? Why?
Where are we? Answer me!
The scenery is beautiful here...
I want to take it all in.
Using my precious time?
But, the birds, the flowers...
Oh please! Do it some other time.
Why have you stopped again?
Red Beard is around!
Wonder where he is.
Better not let him see us.
Why are you turning back?
Keep quiet. Trouble ahead. Let's go.
- Why are we heading back?
- Solid Gold, hurry.
Be quiet.
Keep quiet?
Stop, young fella.
What's the hurry?
- Gotta hurry.
- Still running away!
I know you.
Not even a hello?
Have you got something to hide?
Has a ghost just passed by?
Ghost? No no no...
No ghost under the sun.
What's that you're hiding behind there?
It's nothing... just an umbrella.
Why are you sweating all over...
only from hiding an umbrella
behind your back?
It can't be opened.
I'd say so... a spooky umbrella.
Let's see!
Please, don't, I'll tell you.
My friend is inside there...
The friend last night,
I promised to help her.
Give her a chance, please.
A friend indeed!
I cherish friendship too...
But be careful:
Ghosts always lie, and they cheat.
Thank you...
I hope your friendship is worthy.
Ooops, my Feeling!
Two very powerful forces.
Master, something spooky ahead.
Must be the damn monk.
Follow me!
The spook is with a powerful force.
I am ready, Master.
See if the monk can follow my Way of Ways.
Oh dear, am I doing this for a ghost?
Who's chasing after us?
A very powerful monk.
You mean White Cloud?
We're both ghostbusters, we always meet...
But this monk is mean.
He says I'm moving in his turf.
He acts like a gangster, not a monk.
I see.
Sit tight.
Red Beard, stop your Way of Ways.
Ninth Sky Total Wrap!
The mean trash dares to hit Way of Ways?
You must be careful.
He has very powerful hands.
I've seen him work before.
No escape.
I'm dizzy!
I'm dizzy!
Hold on, don't slip off!
Ten Miles, don't get in my way.
You two upset me. UPSET ME!
Speed up, Way of Ways!
- We've lost them.
- Well done.
Hold on tight, man.
Have to cut down speed...
Cut down!
Excuse me...
If I had to be sick, where can I do it?
Do it later.
Heaven & Earth Reversed! Hit!
Hell, he's throwing out every trick!
My beard!
I'll stay here to play with him...
You, run with my Monogram!
Abracadabra! Flying Monogram!
Run! Quick!
Running on those papers?
Those are my magic papers...
Run! Or you won't have time.
But I'm very weak...
And we're so high up!
Down there, Master!
White Cloud...
Red Beard'll teach you something today.
No, I'll teach you something.
Wind & Cloud Bomb!
Going heavy on a fellow ghostbuster!?
No, I am a true ghostbuster...
But your ways are shaky!
You're not one of us.
Hurry, hurry.
Try this!
Way of Ways is going!
It's bombed!
Did Red Beard make it?
Shine, we've finally made it back...
Come out now.
Where are you?
I'm here.
- Where? This is not funny.
- Here.
You're so naughty.
You haven't seen anything yet.
Tonight is the Halloween Party...
Why don't you join us?
It's Evil Mountain's theme!
Shall I wait for you, Shine?
"Thousand love me, I'm a legend"
"Thousands wait to hear me"
"You can see, you can hear"
"Cheer me! Cheer me"
I'm right here.
Is he really so attractive?
"Love me or be off with you"
"Let me always love myself"
"Only I am worthy of my love"
"Only I deserve myself"
Just look at her, showing off.
Let you try my trick!
Big deal! See mine!
My butterflies gone?
Try another!
Breaking my hair!?
Your dare to break my heroic hair?
You're jealous.
You nasty thing.
But why?
You're wrong to think
I'd tolerate everything.
You're wrong.
Not even with my sweet nature!
I'll tear you, break you,
trash you!
Are you staying away from me?
- You're no match for him!
- We'll see!
That's no way to treat a lady!
Trashing your lover for a hair?
How could you do that?
Are you saying I'm selfish?
I just love myself too much...
I only want you to worship me!
If you can't even do that,
you do not belong here.
You must be human.
You think only humans can be hypocritical?
Listen. I can be too!
Whose trick is this?
Who did that? Come out.
O Come All Ye Powerful!
I'm White Cloud of White Cloud Temple.
Ten Miles, Tornado, The Up & Coming.
You're in time for my anger...
I'm telling you. I'm getting very angry.
You shall all die!
Shine, run with me.
Anger unleashed!
He's quite something!
Long live evil power!
I shaved my hair to stay away from this...
I don't need yours!
Ninth Sky Total Wrap!
You evil things will perish tonight.
You burnt all my hair...
I'll come back for you!
Master, he's gone underground.
The earth is all one,
dig him out!
I know you're upset...
But he is so selfish.
He isn't worthy of your love.
We were so happy together, but now...
I know you want to go home...
If it helps to solve your problem.
I'll go with you.
Red Beard suspected our friendship...
I want to prove it to him.
If I can give you happiness,
I'll sacrifice myself.
Why turn yourself ugly?
No need to turn ugly.
Just be your normal self, Shine.
I want to have a good memory of you.
I am sorry.
Ning's Spirit, come out.
Forget your flesh... It's useless now.
Follow me.
"My beauty is earth-shattering"
"Famous in the world of ghosts"
Where the hell has Shine gone?
What happened to the guy she found?
My makeup is not going to
last any longer...
Quick! More powder for my face!
Put away all the mirrors!
Put them away.
Shine will have to pay for this!
How much longer will she be.
Really, Shine should know better!
Shine is back!
Good! Shine is back!
Madame, I've got a spirit for you.
Great! Well done!
Bring him over! Meal time!
- The Floral Four!
- Yes, Madame.
Prepare a full-length mirror...
I want to see my beauty after a feeding.
When you get to my age.
You'll understand my concerns.
Here I go.
Shine, Shine.
I'm so happy...
At last someone will miss me.
No, I'm not unhappy.
I'm nothing.
I can't let you do that.
Take it in.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
Who's the prettiest of them all?
Now what do you think you're doing?
Madame, see how pale he is...
He is sick...
He may be bad for you...
...may even make you sick!
I'll get you another.
You want to make me ugly?
No, you can't have him back.
I will get you someone else...
I have two hunks in mind who are available.
Just when I need it most, you disobey me!
Shine, make haste and run!
Why so many butterflies?
But what now?
My powder, they're falling.
I am going to skin you...
I'm going to change.
Oh, I'm cracking...
It's too late. Madame is doomed.
Too late.
I cannot move!
Wake up, Ning.
What happened?
I got you back from Madame.
I remember you said at the riverside...
Life is short.
I was lying to you...
Never trust ghost talk, remember?
You're wrong...
You've always trusted me...
And that's enough for me.
What are you saying?
Remember not to trust me, OK?
And stop this 'friends' talk...
I don't have any friends.
It's not difficult to be friends.
Easier said than done...
When can you find a real friend?
Can I follow you from now on?
Follow me?
The Reincarnation Train we took...
Shall I take you there?
Will you go with me?
I won't know you in our future lives...
Maybe we can...
If we stay away from the Void Hammer.
What's a Void Hammer?
A hammer that voids your memory.
A hammer that voids your memory?
Everyone is born with an empty memory...
We'll make it if we don't get hit by it...
But where will you be?
Will we be far away from each other?
- And miss each other forever?
- Hope not.
We'll know before we're born...
Where our new homes will be.
I'll tell you so you can come find me.
Isn't it a bit risky?
I might miss you forever.
No. Remember where I'll be born...
And I'll be there waiting you.
I will remember.
You two are dreaming.
Toying with an idea that won't work.
Shine, wake up...
You may idolize me again.
He is no hope...
Your forgot I'm your idol?
Nearly didn't make it.
Hear the train?
It's coming.
Yes, the Train is coming.
Are you ready?
Let's go.
Leaving me like this?
I can't believe it.
You liar! Liar!
You're lying to yourself...
You'd be lost without me...
You'd regret it...
Beg for my forgiveness!
Beg me. Beg me.
You, stopping the Reincarnation Train?
Reincarnation is part of the Plan.
I won't have any of this!
You punk, are you trying to take me on?
Such an insignificant thing.
You're huge but clumsy!
All brawn and no brains!
So slow.
Red Beard is inside him.
He is still inside.
Get out!
Here I am.
Who told you to come out?
I'm coming out.
Listen to my order!
I command...
He is falling apart!
Where's Red Beard?
Hey, man.
- Mr. Red Beard.
- Mr. Red Beard.
I thought I'd never see you again.
White Cloud is no big deal...
Last time I wasn't using full force...
Pity my Way of Ways was bombed.
You know where this Train is heading?
Of course we know.
We've decided. We want to find our future.
What's happening?
It's him again.
- The mean trash!
- Red Beard again.
Has he become a ghost himself?
That is obvious, Master.
This has nothing to do with you, monk...
They're just reincarnating.
Last time I bombed Way of Ways...
This time I'll bomb you.
Get the Reincarnation Train.
Won't let you stop the Train.
Many Me! People Mountain People Sea!
Speedier than the winds, go!
Raindrop Strategy!?
See how good you are.
Chop your hands off!
Knock you into pieces!
Chop his hands off!
Go, Train, go!
It's the Reincarnation Gate, Ning!
Taste my Tornadoes!
I've been waiting for so long...
Finally I can try my hand!
My Tornadoes're surrounding you...
The train has lost its direction...
I'll see what I can do.
Can we fix that?
The steering wheel.
Can we control the steering wheel?
Come on, we're waiting!
You're under my control now.
All of them in one go.
I'm even better than Master!
Who is ShockWaving?
Violent reaction?
A man! I hit a man!
And what a big reaction!
Butterfly! Why're you here?
I'm here to say goodbye!
First prize for you, Solid Gold!
I must keep ShockWaving him!
Help, Shine!
Bullying little girls, trash!?
Let me help you.
Where are you?
You with such limited powers...
Dare to come against me!
You've fallen into my hands...
Now no one can save you!
Thousand Radiance...
It's over!
You've forced me to this.
This is all my energy in one go...
There won't be anything left inside of me.
Nothing at all.
But this is an emergency!
Thousand Radiance Magic Ball...
Damn! Using all his energy in one go!?
Too close to get away.
I'm falling.
Run, Shine...
Hold on.
Are we safe?
Lucky we got away.
Everything is fine now.
What's that?
It's you.
Are you OK, Solid Gold?
Where've we dropped to?
Lots of wheels...
And a gate over there...
See that?
Closing slowly.
Is that the Reincarnation Gate?
The Train won't be able to pass.
We must stop the Gate from closing.
Mustn't let the Gate close.
Quick, Train, the Gate's closing!
Hurry, I'm stopping the Gate.
Help! The Gate won't stop closing.
Ning's stopping the Gate.
Will the Train hit him?
The Train's passing through me!
Where is Shine?
You made it. We went through.
That's Life afterwards
And I've got the family for my birth...
The one at Bei Village...
With a peach blossom outside, remember.
A peach blossom tree.
Remember. Bei Village.
The gate has closed.
No time left!
All my energy has gone too.
Why is the Gate still open?
It's impossible.
Ten Miles, we must stop them!
Damn monk.
But all your energy is gone, Master!
You want more, mean trash?
I'd do more with you!
Let's keep the game going!
We're even now any way.
- Come on.
- Sneaking up on me?
Remember, the peach blossom!
Wait for me there!
We are transforming now...
I will come for you!
I'll be waiting.
Come for me as soon as you can walk...
I can't go over.
Go back, Butterfly!
Will we see each other again?
Go back!
Are these the Void Hammers?
Didn't know they're that many.
Don't get hit, or you'll forget.
Don't panic... Just go when they're up.
Hit his head, hit his feet...
Lousy Beard!
Get his head, Master...
Let me help you.
Try my fist, Beard.
Not fair, two against one...
I'll leave you alone.
Get this.
Try this from me.
Am I getting smaller?
All naked.
What are you doing? Stay away!
Get away!
Don't go up, there are more up there.
It's them. Nearly got hit.
One up there!
Stay clear!
Remember, Bei Village!
Peach Blossom!
Come find me!
I'll remember!
Your'e terrible.
Can't see anything.
Where am I? Can't see anything.
I can see now.
Have I reincarnated?
Reincarnating! Shine?
My backpack, the umbrella... oh god!
Did I not become reincarnated?
Where am I?
Bei Village? Is this Bei Village?
Shine is reborn here.
I must find her.
The one with a peach blossom...
Peach Blossom!
Peach Blossom.
This is no peach blossom.
So many tree.
Baby crying over there...
They look just like...
Red Beard, White Cloud and Ten Miles!?
Must be the three of them.
How cute! They are all a family now.
Oh, I'm so glad for them!
No peach blossom here.
No peach blossom here!
- Don't cry, little one.
- Peach blossom at last!
Have some water.
- Who is there?
- Excuse me!
Ning, it's you.
Lan, you have a baby?
Wow, it's so cute!
Who's that, Lan?
It's my ex-boyfriend.
Wonder how he got our address.
Your ex-boyfriend?
It's all over for us, don't worry.
Your baby looks familiar.
Don't touch!
What do you want?
Just a fews words...
Let me have your baby,
I'll return him soon, OK!
Who's he?
Told you, my ex-boyfriend.
I know he is your ex-boyfriend.
What does he want our baby for?
Run after him!
It's quiet here, now we can talk...
Shine, I didn't make it
But I found you...
You avoided the hammers,
you can understand me, right?
Got you!
Want to ruin my family?
Shameless! Trash! Scum!
This one's for my wife!
This one's for my mom!
This one's for my son!
Ning, are you so vengeful...
You're here to ruin my family?
- No... I'm not!
- The baby has to pee.
He's scared.
What... a son?
It's a son?
It's a son! You can say that again!
Mind your own business!
Let's go home.
Lucky you were home
or he would have taken the baby.
But of course!
Shine... where are you?
How will find her?
Solid Gold!
Holy cow! A cat?
My god!
What are you saying?
The umbrella!
Can Shine be inside?
I must release her!
Why not? What's wrong with you?
Oh right, the sun!
No. Can't open it.
Is he thinking of killing himself?
What're you doing now?
I think he is very fragile now.
You hurt his body, me his soul!
I'll join you, Shine!
He's jumping down!
Let's see if he's OK!
Shine, you aren't reborn?
You got bumped back, and I followed you...
Then the sun came up, so...
How nice to see you again...
Shall we try to reincarnate tonight?
Shall we do it again?
Are you not afraid of the Hammers?
I am!
Then forget it,
never trust ghosts talk... remember?
I'll follow you from now on.
Shine! Yes!
I am so happy!
How is he?
His love has made him insane!
Can't bear to see him this way.
See him going up and down...
I'm so happy. I found Shine!