Xia dao zheng chuan (Chivalrous Legend) (1998)

Year 1894, China-Japan war
Chin dynasty were defeated,
signed Ma Kuang treaty
Taiwan and Pon Hu will given
June 1895,
Japan army landed Taiwan
People of Taiwan,
fight for this invasion
That year, Liao was
still a boy of ten
Sir, there are four anti-royalty rascals
They are all in the village
I don't care civilians or rascals,
check this village
How long have you been here?
Since your father died, i was here
It's over three years
I used to touch your bones
You will be famous later,
be good
No matter what,
remember be a righteous man
I rip off this contract
in front of you
Take these money,
bring back to your mother
Ten Din, take these, get back
Premier has right to give away land
and we can't do nothing about
Master wants to go back
to ask for help
So can come back to fight
with these Japanese
Let go of me
You get away...
Get away
Mom... i don't want to work for life
l can come back to stay with you
Ten Din, i...
Master, there is a person there
Really, really is over there,
it's a boy, hurry, take it back
Hurry, be careful
You stinky bastard,
unconscious for over ten days
We thought you were died
Master kept you for
you had one last breath
No one knows that you can live
You are a lucky son of a bitch
You two can do it,
why are you so lazy?
That stinky kid is waking up
What are you looking for?
Flip, hurry
Be serious
Be careful, great
Why are you crying?
Be a man
Japanese kill my Mom
So in this world, i am alone
Who are trying to cheat?
Are we all beast not human?
Don't cry, get up...
Let me tell you
Life is just like a drama
Why don't you stay here
and learn acting
The world is a mess now
These Japanese,
they all try to eat us up
you had better play in the stage
Better life
Japanese is gone,
change a play
"King of Japan be headed by
Master Kuang", let's do it
Get lost
Ten Din is a nice boy
l think he can play the
third son of King later
God, i heard that
you were nice before
So you are God now
You don't have to worry
about clothing and meals,
lots of money that you can't spend
But if you are good,
please open your eyes
and take a look
lt's tough live now,
lots of beggars
l don't have an evil thought,
just want to borrow some money
To buy them some rice and veges
Just borrow some money from you
l will return it later
God, if you permit,
please give me the holy cup
All the Gods, you ain't generous
People are starving to death,
who can afford to serve you,
i will act an play for you now
l don't care if you want to
see it or not, i have to play
I am making pass on you,
i am foxy Pan
I... i am foxy Pan's grand Ma
l am not well, just want to
borrow some of yours
What are they worshipping?
I heard that the god appeared last night
And he gave
all the incense money to them
Hey! Pack up all the things!
Ten Din, bring me the ropes
Ten Din
This is for you, wish you safe
What are they doing?
They are action
What's about?
King of Japan be headed
by Master Kuang
King of Japan be headed
by Master Kuang. Arrest them.
No more acting
All stop
Don't fuck with me
Slave, how dare are you
insulting our King?
Yes, aren't you afraid to die?
Dare to insult our King?
Go to hell
Ten Din, leave quick
lt's dangerous here, leave quickly,
hope can see you again
What for? Get lost...
Thief, damn kid,
you steal money from God
Everybody, thief, get that thief
Don't let him get away
Okay... Stop that
You will kill him if you don't stop
Look, he still have his eyes wide open
He is unconscious now
lf we don't stop he will die
Unconscious with eyes
wide open, kill him
Ten Din
What, do you know him?
Gentlemen, he is not a thief
He... he is Lin's people
Just a misunderstanding
This time he is just helping Lin
to take care of things
Let's put him down,
hurry up, put him down
Okay, don't be afraid,
nothing happen
Look, almost got killed by you guys
Only beat your own people
Once you see the Japanese,
run like a mouse
He didn't say, how should l know?
If he can say, he ain't Lin's people
Be careful
Okay, don't lick, take the bowl
Although you can't read,
you were here for years
Master Kuang were play many times
Ought to know that
should be a righteous man
How can you steal money
from others?
That is donation money
l know, but i was afraid of starving
Once i starved,
l forget all those righteous things
Take your time, are you enough?
Two or three bowls will be enough
Master, who is that Lin?
Why are those people hear his name
will give all their belongings to him?
Lin is represent the spirits of Taiwan
He is my Master too,
kill only those Japanese
When those Japanese
hear his name,
they all run away
He is the bravest Taiwanese of all
They can't beat him,
they want to make peace with him
No matter what happen, he is the boss
He had ten request
Just like his territories,
Japanese can't go
His people can go out with weapon
His people break the law,
he manage them by himself
Japanese all said "very good"
Chin Dynasty surrender to Japan
Japan surrender to Mr Lin
You have to remember,
be somebody like Mr Lin
lf you want to play with Lion,
play their head
Be a man,
you have to be somebody
This is something
Get going, hurry, going...
Hurry up you all
Liao Ten Din... Help me
Let me go, Liao Ten Din
Help me...
Ten Din
Liao Ten Din...
Where were you take her to?
Let her go
Stinky bastard, what are you trying to do?
Are you looking for death?
Liao Ten Din, help me
Liao Ten Din, help me up,
Liao Ten Din
Here come Japanese,
leave now
TenDin, save me hurry...
Let's save that girl,
she is in misery
lt's not l don't want to save her,
l just can't
Those human smugglers
have connection with Japanese
Look all these blood,
cease the blood, hurry
In 1903, Japanese Army had invaded
Taiwan for 9 years
The plains were gradually ruled
by Japanese police
Following his master
Young Ten Din went to the suburbs
of Taipei
Ten Din, hurry up
Show it to those Japanese, hurry
Thanks, Master, let me do it
You take a rest,
l get in to have a sip of tea
Today is not 2nd or 16th,
no God's birthday neither
What are you doing?
Master, you don't know,
Lin is died
You nonsense,
how could he died?
How could he not to?
Japanese gather big troops
Attack him for hours
Even an iron man will turn to ashes
When was it?
Two days before yesterday,
we all didn't know
Heard those Japanese soldiers
last night. Lin is died
Their governor saw the body
Japanese soldiers
will send back home
We all knew then,
Taiwan will be rule by police
Come, hear me you all
They said "depend on
your parents at home"
Depend on your parents
How about outside?
Will depend on you my friends
Depend on good friends
Today l am doing the really Kung-fu
Real one
Those traditional herb on the desk,
you can take as you like
Take as you like
The money you donate,
l won't take it
Won't take it
lt will be used to buy some thing
for Lin's funnel
For his funnel
Ten Din, let them see
your real Kung-fu
Great, come
Thanks, thank you all
Come, this is from my ancestor,
can cure all illness
Take back and use it
at home, go on...
Master, Japanese is coming
Japanese is coming,
don't be afraid
Noting to be afraid of, right?
Let them see how great we are
Kid, dangerous
People who insulting
royal army should die, go
Master, how was it?
Pack that box
Master, are you okay?
l know l have fate with Lin,
l need to follow him
Master... Wake up... Master...
Don't call me,
don't think l am old
l want to go with Mr Lin
What are you doing?
Master, when l,
TenDin, am not by your side
You call him to serve you for me
Make him prepare food,
wash your cloth, carry your box
Let him carry you to mountain
or down the river, Master...
R... read and leave
Hurry up... go
All is mine...
You win again,
you got good hand today
Have a sip of tea
H... hurry, ready to go
Cheating, you bastard
How can you beat me?
Buddy, we are in same gang
Chop your finger off yourself
Don't... don't hit me,
l won't dare
Okay, l chop, l will chop
Hurry up, chop...
You think that we Taiwanese is soft
l will kill you,
l kick you to death...
Great, that is great fight
None of my business
You do this as Japanese slave
Don't you shame your ancestors?
Young man, handsome boy, sorry
l just saying with thinking,
l meant no harm
ln fact, you help a lot, thanks
You just call me a slave of Japanese
l feel sorry deep inside of me
Actually, l make money
from Japanese
l send it all back to my home
to help those poors
lf you don't believe me,
l swear...
lf swear were useful
women in the world,
how come they have affairs?
You don't know the situation,
l see you are a good person
You are outsider, don't you?
Let me tell you,
l am Akaikamei, red turtle
You have any problem
just tell me,
l will cover for you
Foreigner like us,
first is lack of money,
second is lack of money
We are friends now,
the most important thing
is we both happy
As money, l know we both don't have
l am afraid of hungry,
if l am hungry
l will forget all those righteous things
You lucky to meet me,
stay by my side from now on
l promise you eat well
and do less
lt's over
lt's bamboo
Call sister-in-law
Red turtle, you said
eat well and do less
l ended up be a slavery here
lt's always has bad time,
be patient
lf not because of you kill a Japanese
l don't have to come here
to do this hard labor
Let me tell you,
you are with a right person
Don't be lazy, finish it on time
Hurry, do you job,
don't block out, do your work
Are you have something
to do early morning?
How do you know that l have
something to do early morning?
How can l don't know?
l see you all dress up
Hasty to l don't know where,
tomorrow is 15th
Dress up pretty, so calm his mind
He don't know that fair lady
is a slave now
Who is he then?
He was really mean,
marry me less than a month
He wanted to kill Japanese
with ChanJen
l told him,
if both of us can live
Never mind who
will be the King
He scold me,
tell me to study hard
And then, he died
lf you were have kids,
don't let them study too hard
Read too much,
you start to think too much
Got yourself killed is nothing,
but you kill others too
lt's no use to ready too much
l want to get closer to him,
so l come here to be a slave
l dressed up to worship him
He was like others in the end
Sleep over there without conscience
He ain't silly,
he dare to play lion head
There will books about him
and play about him
Every body are going to miss him
Sorry, it's my turn,
give me nine
Great, no nine, do you?
Okay, one more time, 18...
lt's really 18, sorry
l don't know l got great luck today
Bet, bet again
Really weird,
l even lost my money of meals
Didn't you know?
You can count on me
for all your meals
Come... Bet it on...
Here comes supervisor...
Mr Sakamoto, please...
Get lost... Please...
a chair here for him
l don't want to play this way
How about Japanese way?
Japanese way, just try it
After you, please
This guy...
Let's play bigger, dare you?
l want this suit for a long time
Thanks, please come again next time
Mind your own business, bastard
Ten Din
That Japanese even lost his pants
Ten Din, look the way you dress,
it's not matching me
How's it?
How about this,
l take you to the street
to buy a new dress, OK?
No need
Look at you,
you never have experience
to spend money
l will take you out to relax,
teach you be a...
l want to teach you be a really man,
you don't want it
Sir, here you come, please...
lt's hard for you...
Who is hot in your family?
Sir, it must be your first time here
ln our whore house,
Liu is hottest
We are very famous here, thanks
Sir, come, come on in and sit down
Come in... sit...
Sir, did you have
someone you knew?
Call Liu
Liu, she has lots of customers
she only take Japanese
customers. Sorry
Only take Japanese?
Bring this to her,
ask her to look closely
See if this is Japanese money
Yes... or else
Sir, give me your name card
l will introduce her to you
Name card,
l don't give away easily
Do you want name card?
Bring me pen and paper
Name card, here you go
Sir, come on in and sit down
Be nice, sit...
What to write?
What Liu mean is
let's meet some other time
You bring me over, go
What are you doing?
l want to see her,
what kind of creature she is, go
Wait, we wait over here
Whether Liu's expression
smiling or crying?
ls it Okay?
Can you understand Chinese?
I am Liao Ten Din
ls she smiling or crying?
Liu said
she wants to keep
this guest over night
You go and tell that guest
People will said buy you drinking
or eating, no one buy you that
Ask him to pay this by himself
Liu said that she wants
to pay the bills
He is really something
Look closely,
do you really can't remember me?
Eight years ago,
in front of a temple
There was a little girl
selling her soul
You took donation money to us
The other day,
everybody thank God
l told God,
who is really our savor
lf God know,
please protect you
Wherever you go,
good well follow
Later you fight for me by the river
For me you got hurt
l made a decision then,
if l were have fortune
l will buy back myself
l will serve you for
the rest of my life, l will
This guy, didn't come back
till now yet
Get away...
What are you doing?
See if your leg soften or not?
Get lost
You are feeling too good
to come back,
mess around with a whore
Sun is setting,
everyone ready to go home,
and you back
Red Turtle, un-righteous money
is good for using
You know what it taste once
you use it, got hooked?
No way, Liu is really misery
We have to buy her back
Cut it out, what you mean by we?
Liao Ten Din, you sleep in warm bed
and l am in hard wood
You embrace beauty
And l embrace broken blanket
You soak in perfume
and l stink by bad bugs
What kind of brotherhood is this?
lf l were listen to you later
l, red turtle will become green turtle
Red turtle
Let me tell you,
Yih came to see me last night
She said wait till you come back
What is she waiting me for?
How should l know?
l have told her not to wait
Because you were with
a fair lady tonight
Tell her not to waste her time to wait
Who allows you to bath here?
Sorry, l thought every one has done
Clean the bath tub and out
Can't image that Taiwanese girl
has that kind of body
What are you doing?
Let go, let go of me
Ten Din, Yih got something happened
What are you doing?
l didn't
Somebody killed
Ten Din, leave,
you leave at once
Ten Din, you killed
a Japanese, go fast
Wait, if we should meet again
or else,
you dress up nicely pray for me
On 1st and 15th
Ten Din, it's no time
to play now, go hurry
Ten Din, hurry up
Get him...
Red turtle, over here, hurry
Red turtle, over here
Little girl, why are you crying?
My mom... she is ill
Take her to doctor then
No money
OK, Japanesse is gone
Come out now
He is died when working
for Japanese
Now is waiting for
welfare to bury him
This is for him to use
on the other side
Greedy ghost, this is for you
After Japanese came
lt's getting harder for Taiwanese
Red turtle
l think we should do
something for Taiwanese
Get away... don't stand there...
Sir, the figure is right
Thanks, can go home today
Rest earlier, hard work
What for?
l am good at it, let me do it
Over here, hurry...
What a bad luck
My waist almost broken,
come and help me, hurry...
Forget it... Really broken
Hurry... it's too late
Mom, we have money now,
we can bury Yen
Don't you worry
Peace at last
Mom, we have money
to see the doctor now
Thank God...
Ten Din, worship by human
is really good
Can't image that l,
red turtle, have today
Be careful...
Ten Din, look they got money
and they keep on worship us
lt's really feeling good
l think we should leave a name
for them to know
Or else, they though these money
is from heaven
OK, stop that, come
Alright... come...
One, two, three
Heaven watch over what people do
We just want to do something
for our fellow Taiwanese
What the name for?
No wonder you are
the big brother
You are smart,
think deeper than all of us
Will you take even a bigger case?
Don't look, eat that sweet potatoes
You are not deserve her,
Liu is so misery
She wear silky cloth,
eat rare food
Someone to hold to
at the night, misery l ass
We are really misery,
water and sweet potatoes only
Who is this guy?
How elegance
Sir, Japanese said that he had
credit open Taiwan as territories
Now is hot in governor house
He married a Japanese girl as
his second wife recently
Might be not matching,
so he is here
lf you want to play with lion,
play the head
What are you trying to do?
lf you want to die, go ahead
Darling, when is governor
ask us for dinner?
This Saturday
l don't know what should l wear
You wait a moment
Who are you?
l didn't get mad, why should you?
Take it easy, killing dog
is not my profession
l just want some money
l didn't owe you...
Speak in our language,
l just want interest
lf l want all, you can't afford it
with your three generations
When did l owe you money?
lt's too much
You have credit betraying Taiwan
Brought Japanese to Taipei city
My mother had been
killed by Japanese
Moreover, you brought Japanese
to watch our play
That Master Kuang killed by you,
do you know who is he?
He is my supervisor
How much you own me?
How much do you want?
One thousand
How much do you have at home?
Couple hundreds
Only couple hundreds left,
go ahead and use it
Come back tomorrow
for the rest of it
l want to take whole figure,
l don't want changes
l come back tomorrow,
over here or outside?
l have wife and kids at home,
not convenience
Tomorrow morning at ten,
come and get it in Da Lon Do Market
Dare you come?
No, l will try
Kao sir
There will be a lot
ask for interest later
l think you better have
your window done with iron
Moreover, remember my name,
l am Liao Ten Din
Kao sir, here you come
l bring the money
Dare you call the police
Listen to me,
l swear with my personality
Liao, l didn't call the police
You have no personality
Kao Sir, you dare to call the police
You will regret it
Liao Ten Din,
no way you can run, knelt down...
Mr Kao, why didn't you
call the police?
Will it help?
l will get killed by your guys
Follow me to the station,
Sir wants to ask you personally
Madam, Yu is bandage for uncle
Cause uncle was hit by car,
hurt and bleeding
That's bad
Please, old mister
You are coming back,
how come you look so bad?
You get ready,
we will move at once
Today governor
send many people to field
But Liao Ten Din was run away
Why did governor know?
l don't know, l didn't call the police
By the way, your uncle
came from south to see you
Uncle, my uncle was
dead long time ago
Ron, your uncle didn't die,
just got hurt
Where is money?
Mr Liao, here are all your money
l didn't call the police,
l swear l didn't call the police
OK, l believe you,
l believe you didn't
You don't have that guts,
good thing you will afraid
l give you one word,
remember it
lf you can't use it,
leave it for your children
lf you want to play lion,
play its head
Be a man, be an important man,
book will write about you
Actor plays about you
That is something
lt's Mr Liao,
how come long time no see?
Liu is thinking of you everyday,
who are you like today?
l don't like nobody today
How much will you ask
if l want to buy Liu?
Mr Liao, you are joking
You want to buy Liu now
You have to ask governor
Why are you asking me?
You tell Liu,
l come here to buy her
l can tell nonsense to others
l know you are Mr Liao,
how could l?
Liu was bought by governor
five days ago
You know we are the same
We don't want it,
but we can't say no
People like you in all Taiwan
Don't want it, but dare to say no
How many can you find?
Madam, Governor will be back late
because of Taiwan thief
Liao Ten Din
Take all these back,
warm it when governor back
Ten Din
All the cops in Taipei city
want you bad
Didn't you know that
you are dangerous here?
Don't get so nervous
You didn't hear people said,
the most dangerous place
is the most safe place
Liu, l really miss you a lot
l know, or you won't dare
to come here
Ten Din, l am nothing,
it is not worthy for you to do that
Governor will be back
any time, do you know?
Governor need to be
reasonable too
l think a long time
So l come to you
l bring the money,
all leave it to Japanese
We go together
lt's too late
ls it too late?
lf l go with you,
they won't let you go
Ten Din, you take good care,
don't let me be your entangle
My life is nothing,
don't you worry about me
Moreover, for our love's sake
l... l would rather to die
Ten Din
l would like to be
your slave in next life
This life, we just don't
belong to each other
We don't belong to
each other, you mean
l... l endanger my life
to take you with me
You said that we don't belong to
each other, you don't want to come with me
You would rather stay
and serve that Japanese
l don't know what to say,
you love me
Governor good to me...
Speak no more,
l don't have this luck
to match you
You are here
live in rich and famous
How can you come with me
and live in misery?
l don't have good life
l have been trade like dog,
sleep on the roadside
Now governor gave me
a bed and a house
l won't like l used to be,
despise by others
Up till now l realize,
we are not the same
For good life sake
you would like to
serve our enemy
l am not...
Madam, governor is back
l got it
l am home
You are back, working hard
What's matter?
Are you crying?
Nothing, l go warm your meal
No, l am tire,
l would like to take a bath
Liu, can you rub my back?
lt doesn't matter, Liu
Good, go
Sir, l got Liao Ten Din
lt's true
Where is Liao TenDin?
l have told my men
l got him surrounded,
he can't get away
Where is Liao Ten Din now?
ln the opium shop
Which one?
lt's that SiKou Shop
Yes, go
This guy is not Liao Ten Din
He is not here now
Even if he chopped into pieces,
l still can know him
You are not Liao Ten Din
l am not his associate
Why are you do this?
Every Taiwan youth should like him
Sir, l know where is Liao Ten Din
Sir, let me tell you
l know where is Liao Ten Din
Where is Liao Ten Din?
Tell me the truth if you know
How dare can l speak
nonsense to you?
l was just like you sir,
l want Liao for so long
Where is that guy?
OK, let me tell you
He is now in high place
Can't speak clearly here,
you follow me
Don't be so mean to me
Come over here, pretty girl
What is your name?
Miao Ten Gin
You are Liao Ten Din
Not Liao Ten Din,
is Miao Ten Gin
Bastard, l will kill you for that,
do you know?
Don't get mad sir,
let me write it
Miao Ten Gin
There is a room inside,
write over there
Liao Ten Din, where...
Liao Ten Din, no joke, bastard
How can you beat me?
Where is that guy?
Over there
How is it?
How should l know,
let me touch
What for?
Didn't you touch before?
Here comes Japanese, run
Can you treat my people
as you treat me?
Don't treat them as garbage
lf they were all like you,
l will like them
You really are a lovely
and misery woman
Although you were a Taiwanese
ln Taiwanese heart,
Liao Ten Din is like a God
These criminal records
more than 40% were fake
But it is dangerous
He was like Mr Lin before
Tie together with people's
anti-Japanese syndrome
For us, this crisis
compare to thief
Will be our society problem
huge than ever
We have direct order from in-land,
got to kill Liao Ten Din
And he had to be killed
by Japanese like Mr Lin
We have controlled
Liao's whereabout
A man name Chang Fu
hit him in Da Chu Li
Liao will be sleep till noon
We can get him before noon
We will get him
Get up
Ten Din...
lt's me, it's me Liu, Ten Din
This crazy woman
Ten Din
Sun rises from the west side
This noble Japanese lady,
wife of governor
You are will to come over here
Sorry, first time we meet,
you don't know me
l told you, l am red turtle
You Japanese call me
Before you became a whore
l gave you my name card,
do you forget it?
No wonder,
you are so foxy
That's why TenDin
suffer for you
Red Turtle
Ten Din
ls it Japanese police
know where we are?
Ten Din, there are hundred
of police want to get you
You go hurry
Thank you for your kindness,
wife of governor
You can give me
this kind of information
Will it shame on Japanese face?
No matter how you scold me,
l don't care
Ten Din, you know
how much effort
to inform you?
Please go hurry,
police is coming
Where can l go?
Japanese is all over Taiwan
lt makes no different where l run
Ten Din, you are Taiwanese spirits
You can't let Japanese
cops get you
No bad, you still remember
you are Taiwanese
My life is like a kite on the sky
l don't know when
will the string broken,
nothing to be fear
l think you better take
good care of yourself
You may go
Ten Din, l know you hate
that l married a Japanese
But could you think for me?
l can't decide my own destiny
No matter what,
you are in my heart
were always my first love
What, how can this happen?
Sir, someone inform
Liao to get away
Really, who was it?
lt's madam governor
Nonsense, she is always
at home waiting for me
Post it out,
so the people will know
Liao need to show up
before midnight tomorrow
or else Taipei police
department will search
all of street and lane
of De Huai and Chun Shan
But governor
That is before, now...
l will pay any price
To catch him myself
This is an order,
did you hear me well?
Criminal Liao is
a killer and robber,
stealing public property
Challenge to Japan law
Liao need to come
before midnight today
to turn himself into
the police department
Post to the good
civilian of Japan,
not to hide Liao
lf his whereabouts known,
report immediately
lf Liao didn't show
Police department
will to those area
Kill all the civilians
please protect these people
Tonight l will fight first
l think l should be go to
your side quickly to serve you
What are you murmuring about?
Red turtle
l entangle
all these brothers and sisters
l don't know whether
if this is right?
Right, how will it wrong?
Everyone was talking
For your sake,
we can fight Japanese
All those women and
children were evacuated
What more should
we worried about?
ln case we died,
it's for all Taiwanese
Drink up, come, drink up
Ten Din, l have a wish
lf we can be brother in after life,
l would rather die
Come, bottom up
Liao was run away
because of me
l don't kill them,
they die for me
What did you say?
All those civilians
was killed because of me
They hid the criminal,
blame on them not us
Don't kill my people
l as a governor of Japan,
can't destroy rascals
How can we keep
this area in order?
Don't go, you don't have a gun
What are you doing?
Give the gun back
Don't kill my innocent people
Give my gun back
You... Why?
l love you too,
deeply love you
But l am a Taiwanese
Japanese dare not
to come, we won