Xenophobia (2019)

Wow, these are amazing.
Is somebody there?
What do you want?
Why did you bring me here?
Eric, are you okay?
I'm good.
I just can't get that
thought out of my head.
Thank you for joining
us, let's get started.
Welcome to the Alien Contact
and Abduction Support Group.
This is a group where we
offer a non-judgemental place
for people that have experienced
the phenomenon of alien
contact and abduction.
We offer guidance
and emotional support
and I know through
years of research that
people are often left with
more questions than answers
and often this leads one
to a state of confusion.
But here, we hope that we can
shed some light on
your experience.
Maybe all of us can
help you find some peace
and understanding for your
particular experience.
I understand what
you're going through.
It took me six months
to come to a meeting.
How did you find out about us?
No one believes what happened
to me out there in the desert.
I was out there
because I was meeting
friends in Vegas and
thought I'd stop by
the Trona Pinnacles
and take some photos.
I told my friends and family but
after awhile after I kept
telling them about my
experience and how I felt
that they were talking to me,
they just stopped coming around.
I still have nightmares.
I started to think
that I was crazy
and that I just
dreamt it all up.
But I know, I know
that this is true.
Something happened to me out
there in the desert and I
keep getting these headaches
when I think about it too much.
I finally did some
research on alien abductions
and I found this group.
Yeah, that's because
they're watching us.
I know because they talk to me.
That's why I wear this.
Right John?
Yes, I believe there
is a phenomenon
that I experienced when
I was in the military
and I've felt the
same way as all of us.
But I wear this because I don't
want to be found... by anyone.
Me either but I don't wanna
have to wear
something like that.
Mm mm, I lost all my
friends and family.
It's 'cause they
were taken by them.
They're not gonna get
me again, no way, uh-uh.
What made you
decide to come here?
I was having these
nightmares all the time.
I just wanted them to stop.
I still don't know what
happened to my husband.
My nightmares haven't
stopped neither,
and I've been coming
here almost six months.
Yeah, yeah we know. We
all have to hear you
talk about it for
the last six months.
- Screw you, Melanie.
- Hey calm down everyone.
One at a time.
We're not here to judge
each other's experiences.
We're here to welcome Eric.
I want to thank you
again for sharing.
Since this is Eric's
first time here,
I thought we'd all go around
the room and tell him
why we're all here.
Why don't we start
with you, Becky?
I had a husband.
We were really in love.
Then we went camping
one night in the woods.
What are you doing?
I want to document
our trip, babe.
Could you not?
Why not?
I don't feel like being filmed
right now, okay?
You wanna stop, please?
Okay guys, go night night.
The dogs sleepin' okay?
Yeah, I think they
really like it here.
What is that?
I don't know.
I mean it's too far in the
woods to be car headlights.
It's probably just another
camper with a lantern.
I've never seen a
lantern like that before,
it's weird.
You know what,
it's probably just
the Park Ranger comin'
around and makin'
sure everybody's camping
permits are up to date.
Jimmy, Daisy, quiet.
Quiet, knock it off.
Something's got 'em spooked.
It's a weird noise, it's no
animal, it's not crickets.
I don't know what it
is, you don't hear it?
But I definitely don't have
a good feeling about this.
There it is again.
What is that?
I have no idea what that is.
It's really creepin' me
out babe, go get the gun.
Okay, let's go take a look.
Okay, you go first.
Snap out of it.
Leave him alone!
Leave him alone.
What happened?
Harry, what is that thing?
What happened in the woods?
Calm down, Becky.
This is a gift.
This will solve
all the problems.
What are you talking about?
I must bring this
into the world.
It is a gift for everyone.
How do you know that?
They told me.
Who's "they," Harry?
You'll see.
Jimmy, Daisy, no, leave it.
No, oh my god, no!
Come on, guys.
Come on, guys.
Don't scream.
Who are you, what are
you doing out here?
I know what's happening right
now, I saw what happened.
- What are you talking about?
- The crystal, your husband.
- The visions.
- How do you know about that?
We can't let it happen,
it's got to be stopped.
Stop what?
We can't let him take
the crystal into the
city full of people.
Think of what will happen.
They don't want to
save the planet,
they want to sterilize
the entire planet.
I have seen the visions.
What are we supposed to
do, get rid of the crystal?
The crystal can't be destroyed.
All we can do is
hide it for now.
But they always seem to find
it and find another way.
How do you know that?
The same thing happened to
my wife and many others.
I've seen it happen
several times.
What are we supposed to do?
We've got to get the
crystal from him.
We gotta get it back.
Every time I grab
it, I get burned.
We have to do something or
else this is what will happen.
How did they die?
All of them victims, my
wife is buried there too.
She went mad when she found the
crystal, she killed herself.
I buried her here to
hide her and the crystal,
hoping no one would ever
have to suffer the same fate.
Your husband can't take
the crystal into the
city, he just can't.
We better hurry because
he can't get very far.
I've got the keys.
You need to go in
and distract him.
I'll see if we can take
the crystal from him.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
What are you looking for, babe?
The keys, okay?
I need the car keys, we
gotta get outta here.
I don't know, why?
We gotta go back
to town, all right?
I'll explain later but
where are the damn keys?
- Babe, what's going on?
- Stop yelling at me please.
It hurts, where's the keys?
- Baby please.
- Oh my god.
We gotta get outta here, please!
I didn't mean
for you to hurt him.
Don't be fooled, he's
not your husband anymore.
He's not trying to
get to a hospital,
he's trying to get to the city.
Wait, don't do it.
You remember the last
time you did that?
I have to try.
Harry, stop!
Stop, Harry stop!
Please stop.
let me go home.
Don't you have any compassion?
Let me go.
Let us go.
Where's my husband?
He's gone already, I
tried my best to stop him.
What can I do?
- Nobody's gonna believe me.
- You have to keep going.
All right, come on.
Oh, my arms are broken.
If you wanna have a
chance, just leave me.
Harry, wait!
Hey lady.
Help me.
So how did
you get so far out here?
My husband's hurt, I'm
trying to find him.
Look, I don't know what
you're talking about
with all that but let me get
you to the hospital, okay?
Wait stop stop stop, that's him.
Let me out, let me out.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
Isn't that the guy who hurt you?
Harry, wait.
May I get a ride into the city?
Hop in.
To this day, I know they
implanted something in my tooth.
I can hear them every day.
Do you hear them right now?
They talk to me when I'm alone
or when I'm with a non-believer.
They wanna make you look crazy.
They implanted
something in my head too
except I hear these
high pitched sounds
and somehow I can
understand them but
they only communicate
with me when I'm sleeping,
in my dreams.
Thank you for your honesty
and most importantly,
your courage.
Pardon me, everyone.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Is this the alien
abduction group?
- How can I help you?
- My daughter, she's missing.
I found out about you
and I need your help.
If she's missing, why don't
you just go to
the police, ma'am?
No, you don't understand,
I think she was abducted.
I think you should let her in,
I think she's telling the truth.
I don't think this
is a good idea.
- They could've followed her.
- I think Matt's right.
How do we know she's
not one of them?
Because look at her,
she's terrified.
I do not like this idea,
she could be one of them.
I really think she needs to
go, they could've followed her.
Matt, that's enough.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
I know you don't know who I
am but I'm telling the truth.
My daughter was babysitting
while she was away at college.
- Where is she now?
- I don't know.
The last I heard from her,
she left me this message.
Mom, I
hope you get this.
Hi mom, I'm at my
babysitting job.
I'm going to be studying tonight
because I have my
Astrology exam next week.
You're gonna be really
happy to hear this.
Once I finish, I'm finally
going to be able to graduate
and get my Doctorate so that
I can write my dissertation.
I know you don't want
me going to Puerto Rico
but they have the
largest telescope there.
I know you're thinking,
what is she talking about?
Oh by the way, there's going
to be a lunar eclipse tonight.
So I hope you get a chance
to go outside and see it.
Well I'm putting
my phone on vibrate
because I don't want
to wake the baby,
so I'll talk to you later, bye.
Pleasant dreams, little one.
No, you cannot.
Brian, this is important to me.
Besides, they don't
even know you and they
would not appreciate
me having guests over.
I'll call you tomorrow morning.
Let's get together for
lunch for sure, okay?
Where would the fuse box be?
They're coming to
get you, Barbara.
Stop it, you're ignorant.
Oh, no.
I said
you will call no one.
You will listen to my orders,
you will listen and obey.
Hello, who's there?
Dammit, it's still not working.
Oh no.
What happened?
Hello, Mrs. Murphy.
Yes, went to bed
about 30 minutes ago.
Are you having a good
time at the party?
Well yeah, everything's
good here except...
the electricity went out,
the TV's been acting funny.
Also the landline,
it's not working.
Well, don't worry,
I'm sure everything
will be fine by the
time you're back.
My phone is fully charged.
I'll see you guys in a
couple of hours.
Is anybody there?
What is that?
Hello? Can I help you?
Actually I came over
to check on you.
Our electricity went out and
has not come back on yet.
Our electricity went
out here too but
I managed to get it back on.
Maybe the electric company
hasn't fixed ours yet.
Well can I help you with
anything else,
candles, flashlights?
- No, we're good for now.
- Well thanks for stopping by.
One more thing.
I think something got
the cat here on the porch.
That's terrible.
Probably a wild
dog or something.
Something funny's
definitely going on.
Well lock your doors, goodnight.
Hello, hello?
Damn it.
I'm coming.
Not the baby!
Well that was fun.
I gotta get up in
five hours.
Look out!
Mom, I
hope you get this.
You have to believe there's
something here killing us.
I hear it coming.
Can you hear it?
From the sky.
I haven't heard from her since.
I went to the house but nothing,
there's no trace of her.
What about the kid's parents?
How are you so certain
it's an alien abduction
and why would you
come to us for help?
When I went to look for
her, I found her phone.
And when I looked at it,
it contained video
of what happened. At least
what I could see.
Do you have it, the proof?
- Yes I do.
- I don't believe you.
I knew it, I knew it, I've
seen it, I knew I wasn't crazy.
Wait, you're saying that
that is what took you?
That's not what took me.
That's not what took me either.
Are you calling me a liar?
Why does everybody else have
a different experience than you?
I don't know, I just
know what I saw.
Guys, this isn't the
place for judgements.
What if all our
experiences are different?
What if there are
other alien species?
- What?
- Yes.
Other aliens here
doing the same thing.
Another species,
that's a good point.
What about it, John?
Oh my god!
Take this, put this
over your back tooth.
Hold this behind your neck.
Are you okay?
How did you know how to do that?
- They must be implanted.
- Implanted?
You mean there's
something inside of them?
- Are they listening?
- Perhaps.
But we're blocking it now.
Is that thing real on the video?
Where did you find that phone?
It was laying next
to the baby crib
when I went inside to
look for my daughter.
What if it was left there?
You think they
did it on purpose?
Why else would
they lead her here?
I think they might be trying
to give us some information.
You said you found that phone
by the baby's crib, right?
I don't know, there
was no sign of a baby.
Just a smell, I've
never smelt it before.
What kind of smell?
I mean what did
it remind you of?
Maybe like meat, not quite
fresh but not rotted yet either.
I know that smell, like a fresh
piece of steak right
before you cook it.
- Yeah, like that.
- Yeah.
That's the smell I sensed right
before they took my
family and my friends.
This is Deacon, I'm at
the remote location.
No bodies, no one.
It's happened again, the smell
is unbearable, putrefaction.
The species was dominant.
Same thing, she's on the move.
Here tilt your head back,
put pressure on it okay?
It'll take the
swelling off your face.
Do you want some aspirin?
- Go on.
- It's just aspirin.
- It'll help with the pain.
- Take it.
Please don't let my
husband anywhere near me.
Do you have pain anywhere else?
I knew it, that's where
he was kicking her.
Is it hard for you to breathe?
- No.
- Good.
What's your name?
It's Kara, he's
usually a good man.
It's just that he has
a really short temper.
It's okay Kara, it's okay,
you're safe now all right?
My name is Adrian, do you
remember how you got here?
I've just never seen
him like that before.
All right.
You can stay here as long as
you want, you're safe okay?
Why do you keep trying
to use your cell phones?
You know we don't have
reception up here.
I always try my cell phone.
Why when you know
it doesn't work?
I don't know.
This is why you
should have landlines
for emergencies
like this, not cool.
I've had one before
and people abused it.
We are out in the
middle of nowhere.
Who is gonna help us,
what do we do with her?
Where are we gonna take her?
Outside, upstairs,
what are we gonna do?
Not yet, no.
Let me get her water.
Here, give that to her.
Sip that, it'll help.
I promise it'll help you.
Listen to my voice,
you need to drink something.
Do you have any other areas of
pain, are you feeling dizzy?
I have never seen
him like that before.
He's been so different lately.
I'm gonna go check on him.
They usually get like
that before they're
about to get caught
doing something stupid.
How often does he do this?
There's something very
different about him lately.
That's usually the
first sign of an affair.
It's okay, it's okay, it's
just water, it's just water.
What is that, will you
go check on them please?
Make sure they have the
situation under control.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
No, don't you go passing
out on me. Not yet.
You still think you're a big
mother, don't you?
- Don't you?
- I didn't--
I did not!
You did not what, homes?
- Beat the piss outta your wife?
- No, I didn't!
Uncle Tony, please
just do what they say.
Please, if you stop now,
I won't press charges.
Why do you still come in
my room and watch me sleep?
Bitch, you're crazy, my
hands have been tied
since you crazy broads
brought me here.
- What are you doing?
- How 'bout this?
- What are you doing?
- Did you say "press charges"?
Well the Sheriff's gonna
be here in just a few hours
and we're gonna press
charges on your ass.
Cindy, don't do this.
He obviously needs
help, I mean maybe--
Don't talk to me like you
know me or like we're friends.
Maybe it'd be better if
you went and sat outside.
That's right sweets,
new girls need to
mind their neck, okay?
- It's such a crazy day.
- You're crazy.
You think I want
this dude saved?
- Don't move.
- He raped me.
My uncle raped me.
I didn't rape you,
I didn't touch you!
Touch me again Uncle
Tony, I swear to God
I will slit your throat and
I will not call the police.
You don't know what you
have in that kitchen.
I'm about sick of this guy.
Oh, Jesus!
You tore that nose up like
you were cuttin' paper.
His old ass felt like paper.
Oh no, you did not
just headbutt me.
That son of a bitch passed
out on us again, Cindy.
We'll see about that.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
I was knitting a
blanket with that.
I am not the enemy here.
The enemy's in that room.
You have no idea
what she's gonna do.
You people decided to attack
me and not hear reason.
You hit me with a rock before
you could hear
what was going on!
We heard screaming and
we followed the screams
to a clearing to find
you beating your wife.
- She--
- You were choking her!
You took your knee and
stabbed it in her face.
Which I doubt you
would do that again.
Please. Don't do this.
You need me.
Melanie, don't.
What are you doing to him?
This doesn't make it right.
You all were doing so well.
Please, they're
trying to kill me.
Shut up.
I wasn't talking to you,
I was talking to my girls.
You're all mentally deranged.
- I can't stomach your face.
- You need to understand.
Something's there in
the next room waiting.
My daddy was a monster and
you know what he would do?
He would put me in
the corner of a room
and he would beat me with
anything he could find.
So don't you dare
tell me what a monster is.
Cindy, will you go and
make us some tea please?
Would you like some tea?
I was just thinking, as I was
getting my ass kicked in,
I could certainly go for some
Royal English breakfast tea.
You're so disrespectful.
Melanie, enough.
Go check on Kara,
see if she's hungry.
Is that her name, Kara?
Cindy, the English breakfast
tea will be just fine.
Can you also bring me a
first aid kit, please?
I don't want-- what
is your name again?
- It's Edgar Price.
- Edgar.
I don't want Edgar bleeding
all over my floors.
Well Edgar, my name is Adrian,
you do know where you are?
I just need to finish
what I set out to do.
And what is that?
I need to kill the last of
'em before the next phase.
I'm sorry, I'm
not following you.
Look, you people
are in grave danger
as long as that thing
is under this roof.
Are you referring
to your wife, Kara?
- She's not a thing.
- That's not my wife.
You can't take out all
your anger on women.
Women are special.
Men are too.
I named this house
when I opened it
the Sullivan House
after Anne Sullivan.
You people are man-bashers
that hide behind a cause?
Don't you know what's about
to go down here, Adrian?
I will not be a victim no more.
Lady, if we don't get outta here
in about 45 minutes,
we're all gonna be dead.
That's how long a phase takes.
Cindy was forced to get
high with her father
and then violently
used as a punching bag.
She's been in our
program for 90 days.
Well I'm thinking they
all had a relapse.
It's called anger.
Sometimes you see something
and it triggers a memory,
no matter how much a
person has changed.
So yeah, I guess you
could say we had a relapse,
but when we see somebody
beating their wife,
nearly killing them, we lose
our shit, then we strike.
I guess you have
a story as well.
How do you take your tea, Edgar?
Lady, enough with the games,
tea time is over, untie me.
I was seven
when my mother died.
That's when my father
turned to alcohol.
He used to lock me in closets
every time I pissed him off.
That's when I ended
up in a shelter
and I read The Miracle Worker,
and that changed my life.
It made me want to help.
So I wanted to open up a
place for battered women.
You save lives, that's
very noble of you.
Well let me tell you what's
about to go down here.
Kara, she'll be coming out
to conclude the last phase
at the Sullivan House if
you don't untie me now!
What type of work
do you do, Edgar?
She asked what type
of work do you do?
- I work for the government.
- Doing?
- I work for the government--
- Is your job stressful?
What exactly do you
do for the government?
I work for a group that monitors
life here on earth.
Like E.T.?
Lady, you wish they
all look like E.T.
They are ruthless,
they walk amongst us
imitating what we do.
All they need is
some sort of DNA from
that person and then
they multiply and feast.
When that happens, they call us.
We are highly trained to
seek out and destroy, period!
No matter what or who
they transform into,
you cannot look at
them as human, period!
She's an alien, your
wife's an alien?
She ate my wife.
What they eat, they become.
That's when they
can be put down.
During their transformational
stage, they're vulnerable.
Their personal protection
field is shut down.
They are here to,
where's that other girl
Melanie, where'd she go?
- Oh chill out--
- Checking on E.T.
She's been with her
too long, call her.
She's probably
trying to phone home.
Call her.
Chill out, enough with this.
- Melanie?
- Untie me now!
She's done.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
Douchebag here thought
you were kidnapped by aliens.
She is not okay.
You were watching
her ass, right?
- What?
- I saw you.
Melanie is done, you people
need to untie me now.
Did you like watching her?
You just saw her, she's fine.
She is not fine!
Cindy, go check on Mel.
Jill, stop harassing
our new guest.
You meant hostage.
Did his spooky alien
story get to you?
No, but he believes it
enough to piss his own pants.
Jill, let me know if he watches
my ass too on the way out.
Give me the scissors.
Don't, he might do
something to us.
No, I'm here to help you.
Edgar, tell me again what
is it that you actually do?
You know what I do
and now I have failed.
Please, cut me loose now.
I'll go check on them.
Please, cut me loose, please.
- Cindy?
- Cut me loose.
Cut me loose, please,
please, please.
- Shut up!
- Cut me loose.
Shut up.
- Adrian.
- Melanie?
Adrian , cut me loose.
For the love of God, please.
I'm sorry.
Then you see, there
are multiple species.
It's all true, we're not
alone, they live among us.
They breed with us, they eat us.
Literally thousands of
people go missing every year
with no explanation and no
one goes looking for them.
I believe you now
but what can we do?
What are we supposed to do?
No one believes us, I
mean we have no proof.
But don't you
have proof, though?
I mean the chip
inside your tooth,
haven't they taken x-rays of it?
I can hear them,
I can feel them.
I have a scar to prove
it, you saw what happened.
Advanced technology.
- Well maybe.
- No yeah, yeah.
I mean we know
electricity exists, right?
But we can't see it.
How do I explain that I
can hear them in my mind?
- I can't.
- Wait, wait.
None of this was
happening until you two
showed up today and then she
came and showed us that video.
I mean you two are new
here, how do we explain,
is this supposed to
be a coincidence?
That is a discussion
for another day, Matt.
No, we need to discuss it now.
- How do you explain it?
- I'm not sure.
It all means something, I just
think that maybe we need to,
we need to team together.
Why are you being so defensive?
I'm not being defensive, Matt.
I just think that now that
this group is becoming
more known and we're getting
more people to join us
and maybe these visions
that we all think we see,
they're just made up.
These are not made
up stories, John.
These are not just dreams, okay?
I have the scars to prove it.
Somebody here is
not being honest.
- Somebody's lying.
- This is not helping at all.
Everybody calm down,
just calm down.
Take a five minute
breather, okay?
Everybody just, just take five.
Is this what you saw?
Where did you find that?
Is this what you
were looking for?
Where did you find that?
Harry should
have finished his mission.
What's going on here?
You should've let him
finish his mission.
Now we will have to find
someone else who will.
They're here.
I can hear them talking.
I don't know what's going on.
No, I feel terrible.
They're here now.
Oh my god, Matt.
We need to get outta here.
You have a mission to complete.
- What mission?
- You were all chosen.
Walking down an alley street
Darkness you expect to meet
Someone creepin' up on you
And now you wish
it wasn't true
Takin' you down, running
trying to get away
Screaming for
help, it's too late
Don't look back, no one
here to save you now
It's too late,
dang you're trapped
Looking forward, hands apart
before you get sliced in two
Oh, trying to get
away, the victim is you
Give it up, it's that
old feeling out of fear
Run the victim fires away
and ending his career
Takin' you down, running
trying to get away
Screaming for
help, it's too late
Don't look back, no one
here to save you now
It's too late,
dang, you're trapped
You're dead
Dead man walking,
I'm coming for you
Make no mistakes, I'm
gonna cut you in two
Dead man walking, I'll
put a gun to your head
Say your last goodbye,
you're gonna be dead
Dead man walking,
I shot you down
Wishing you had
never left town
Walking down an alley street
Darkness you'll
expect to meet
Someone creeping up on you
And now you wish
it wasn't true
Takin' you down, running
trying to get away
Screaming for
help, it's too late
Don't look back, no one
there to save you now
It's too late,
dammit, you're trapped
He's a dead man walking
Dead man walking,
I'm coming for you
Make no mistakes, I'm
gonna cut you in two
I never knew who I was
I needed you to be enough
You saw a diamond
in the rough
I saw myself in your love
And now you're lost in
My kind of dreamland
Now you're tossed in
My life of quicksand
In my dreamland,
dream, dream, dream
I never grew to be tough
I needed you to stand up
You saw a lion in the fluff
I saw my strength in
your love, in your love
Now you're lost in
My kind of dreamland,
dreamland, dreamland
Now you're tossed in
My life of
quicksand, quicksand
In the dreamland,
dream, dream
In the dreamland,
dream, dream
Chief enough 'cause you're
quickly to the ground
Dusty skies are blinding
while I see your crying sounds
Desperately reaching out
for fancy fleet dead rounds
The grab of callous fingers
just pulled me from the crowd
Now you're lost in
My kind of dreamland,
dreamland, dreamland
Now you're tossed in
My life of
quicksand, quicksand
In the dreamland
In the dreamland
In the dreamland,
lost in, lost in
My kind, my kind
Of dreamland,
dreamland, dreamland
Tossed in, you're tossed in
My life, in the
dreamland, of quicksand
In the dreamland
In a dreamland
In a dreamland, dreamland