Xenia (2014)

Dido, you should stay in the bag.
Bad boy.
- Who? Dido?
- Yes.
Oh, Dany.
Dido, you stay here, okay?
Today isn't his best day.
Would you do something else?
No, another time.
The day after tomorrow again?
- I can't. I'm leaving today.
- Where to?
- Athens.
- Why?
- Must do something.
- What you need to do in Athens?
I'll tell you when I'm back.
Will you give me a bit more today?
We clarify that, I promise.
- For the journey?
- Yes.
- When are you back?
- If I've done everything.
Of course. Is it enough?
Cool, thanks.
- Say, this obsessions ...
- Which?
Do you still see weird things?
No, I feel great.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. I have to go now.
Come on.
- Take care.
- All right.
And call.
Will you buy me a little credit
to call?
- Okay. Who is this?
- She? That's Patty Pravo.
- How do you know it?
- She is my goddess!
- Indeed?
- Yes.
So, bye.
Behind the Stars
Who knows what is there
Maybe another world for who
never had anything
In our world,
There behind the stars
Is he going to have it
Behind your eyes
Does anyone know what there is
Maybe you got feelings for me
Never before someone has
regarded me like you
No one else will ever
watch me like you
A feeling that does not die
Because it's all I have left
Thinks another of you
Is the sun bigger
And warms you more
And it beats, it beats hard
The heart
And maybe it begins like this
Like a sunny day
which tells December
The summer is already here
- The Gay there greets us.
- Yes.
Take on your jacket. It's cold.
Never before has me someone
regarded like you
No one else will ever me
watch like you
A feeling that does not die
Because it's all I've left
Thinks another of you
Is the sun bigger
And warms you more
And it beats, it beats hard,
The heart
And maybe it begins like this
As a sunny day
tells December,
the summer is already here
Dido, this is Athens.
Actually Piraeus.
A sandwich with ham, cheese,
bacon, mustard and omelette.
- Dany?
- Hello, Ody.
- Don't call me Ody. What do you want?
- I want a sandwich...
- Just arrived?
- An hour ago.
With mustard.
- You take over?
- Is good.
- With mustard, Dimitra.
- Okay.
- Sweet.
- You should not come to Athens.
But now I'm here.
If you want to make trouble, leave!
Do you listen me?
Go back to your mother.
- I can not.
- Why not?
- Jenny does not exist anymore.
- What do you mean?
She's dead.
Odysseas, the sandwich is ready.
Thank You.
- Ten days ago.
- You kidding me?
I called you several times,
without success.
Should I send you a text message?
Your birthday is coming up,
I would rather tell it personally.
- But I have spoken to her.
- I know.
Two days later,
I found her on the couch.
Pulmonary oedema, the doctor said.
She had too much to drink.
And their tablets.
Maybe a few too many.
How do you imagine that?
Your job is the bar,
not chatting with friends.
There are enough candidates,
wanting your job.
Wait here.
What about the money for the funeral?
Jenny had 2 000 euros at the bank.
- A fortune.
- Mom could have had millions.
Yes, if she hadn't
everything squandered.
It was not her fault.
She always worked hard.
Stop it!
A pack as always, please.
That too.
Thank You.
Let's go.
This is not Bollywood!
- Do not look.
- Why?
You are in Greece
and can not speak Greek?
- Assholes.
- Be quiet.
Fuck off these fascists.
If there are multiple, be quite.
- This is Athens.
- In Crete, it is not different.
We do not look like Albanians.
But you like a fag.
That is worse.
- We are Albanians.
- Only half.
You are Albanians. And a fag.
Both fish and meat.
Watch out now. Don't embarrass me
before my roommate.
- Do you hear? Look at me.
- Yes, Papa.
Ody, the food is ready!
Ody, we eat!
- After Athens and Patras ...
- Leave it on.
... is "Greek Star"
now held in Thessaloniki.
Register online at ...
And do not call me Ody!
And your dreams will come true.
- Who will be the new star?
- My brother, you assholes!
- Who?
- Ody. He can win.
- It is not "Albanian Star".
- The nationality doesn't matter.
Do you have hidden talents? Great.
As a "Greek Star"
you get your Greek colleague.
- Tell him, Ody.
- Shut up, you idiot!
Not everything is fun.
Your mother has died.
Fuck you!
That was Mom's dream,
that you're going to a talent show!
Fuck yourself!
That will do you good.
Eat it, otherwise it will be cold.
Our mother was a singer.
Great voice.
She sang in Italian, Greek ...
Ody has the talent from her.
- Those are sweet.
- Good, isn't it?
- Come along.
- Where to?
- Come over.
- Where to?
Hurry up!
- Wait.
- Come over!
My bag!
Come on.
Bye Bye.
This way.
It's great here.
If you stay here,
you need to cool down.
What have I done?
Your mother is dead.
How heartless are you?
I'm supposed to be heartless? And you?
You left her.
She has sent me to
her uncle when I was 14,
But only for the summer.
You're never come back.
Why should I? To get her every
night drunk into the bed?
- To bear her stupid fuckers?
- In order not to leave me alone!
I was the one
who was with her, Odysseas!
So shut up. Fuck you!
- Here.
- No thanks.
Come on, Dido.
- Is that the Acropolis?
- Yes.
- Do you still have this rabbit?
- Yes why?
- You're 16, dammit!
- In two months. And you almost 18.
- Unfortunately.
- Why?
Jenny had since two years
no residence permit.
We don't also, now.
Did she tell you anything?
In a few days I could
be deported. Thank you, Jenny.
- What will you do now?
- I do not know.
A lawyer representing migrants,
wanted to help me.
You're in trouble.
You are not eating?
- I have to tell you something.
- What?
Before mom died, she has learned
that the "Nameless" lives.
Tassos told her that the "Nameless"
lives in Thessaloniki.
Tassos? And how did Tassos found her?
He called Jenny.
He wanted a reboot.
Tassos saw the "Nameless"
in a club.
He married again
and changed his name.
He now got money.
I was glad she spoke
again with Tassos.
Then she began to drink
and insulting the "Nameless".
As always.
She wanted a DNA test from him,
because I'm underage.
- In order to get at money.
- Nonsense.
We would get his money
and obtain the nationality.
No one could deport you.
- If he had wanted ...
- I Do Not Give A Shit!
We have no father. Forget it!
What are you doing there?
The bed.
- Here we are going to sleep?
- Yes.
It's damn hot downstairs.
Help me.
- What do you get?
- A coke.
You drink your coke and go.
You are underage.
- You're Jenny's son?
- Yes.
- You look for Tassos?
- Yes.
Ask your mother.
- She died two weeks ago.
- I'm sorry.
So I was looking for him.
They had no more contact.
Yes I know.
I also had a quarrel with him.
Six years ago.
It was not my fault.
He drank and got over with anyone.
Jenny said he had now a club.
I just do not know where.
That's right, in Larisa.
"Paradiso" its called.
- "Paradiso"?
- Yes exactly.
- Hello, Mr. Kostas.
- Hey, Mustafa.
- A Beer.
- Denis, a beer.
What is your name?
- Dany. Hi.
- Mustafa.
- Come on, let's dance.
- No.
Come on, we're dancing.
This and that there.
- You have long been in Greece?
- I was born here.
- You no Albanian?
- Sure, Albanian.
- Here?
- Yes.
How much money do you take?
20 euros. I very difficult to find customers.
I earn 1000 euros
and go to Italy.
- You come with me?
- I can not.
- I'm going to Thessaloniki.
- Thessaloniki.
My father is there.
- Quick away, the fascists!
- Fascists.
Axes and fire, kill the Arabs.
belongs to the Greeks and Christians!
What are you looking at?
Leave her alone!
Let her, assholes!
Let me go!
Run away! Run away!
Where are you, Dido?
Hey, you there.
Get here!
- I brought the young Albanian.
- We're still talking.
Let us briefly alone?
I am Antigoni,
Odysseas' lawyer.
We had a phone call.
Did they do that here?
- What is that?
- What?
He has bruises on his shoulder.
No Idea.
I see him for the first time.
Come, the car is waiting.
- Take off his handcuffs.
- We got instructions.
Get here for a moment?
What do you want?
The handcuffs are not necessary.
Take them off.
- I beg you.
- He is a minor. So is the law.
I'm born here,
and a minor.
Yes, so it went well.
But we are also half Greek.
Your brother is waiting outside.
- Where is my bag?
- You get it at the exit.
- Don't ask.
- Moment.
One Moment. One Moment.
You have made trouble again.
Everything OK?
All is well.
Now he has to go into a dorm.
We get it quickly out again.
- I will not go there.
- It's only for a short time.
You can even go out there.
Let's go to Thessaloniki.
Now or never.
You will win "Greek Star".
Then we get money from the "Nameless"
and citizenship.
Forget it.
Come on.
Ody, please!
Ody, please!
Hello, a warm sandwich
with ham, cheese and mustard.
All right.
- What are you doing here?
- I had to go there.
You run away?
It was really bad there.
Let me sleep, I'm broken.
At best,
Will you see me
with the cold
you never had
And maybe you'll do so
As if you do not know my name
Maybe you'll even
call me Mister
Or at best,
Are you going to ask me
How many men I've had
To forget you
But you know very well
That a girl like me
isn't kidding with the love
Has never been joking with love
At best,
you're going to insult me
and then send me away
and tell me,
that you're no longer interested
On a girl
that only was there
to amuse you a little
And so I will go
And you'll chase me
beg my pardon
and caress me
You'll remember my name
- Wake up. We go away.
- What?
For an hour I was looking for you.
So what's going on?
We missed the bus.
Come on now.
All right, stay cool.
Let's go.
Dido, there you are, my boy.
I can not walk in this heat.
This is your fault. Come on.
We hitchhike.
With your look?
It's out of the question.
- What's so funny?
- Forget it.
I know. Let us practice your song.
I thought I sing something modern.
No, sing "Tutt'al pi"
as Mama taught you.
Trust me.
Remember that, Patty Pravo brings good luck.
I have nothing to wear.
You've just perfect.
Madame Tassos has certainly
a few vintage clothes left.
I'll make you hair.
This has been missing.
You say it.
- Good Evening.
- Hello.
- We want to Mr Tassos Peris.
- Mr Tassos?
Why is?
- We are relatives.
- Exactly.
Wait here.
What's up, guys?
I do not believe it.
What I gave you, you idiot
You did not deserve
You let me sleep alone
You are nothing
It has always been that way
You're nothing
What I should remember
What I gave you, you idiot
You didn't deserve
You let me sleep alone
Maria Sonia, our star from Ukraine!
Soon her lies
all of Greece at her feet!
Maria Sonia.
And now a song of mine.
For a goddess,
who left us too soon.
For Jenny!
Maybe one day you leave
- Hello, Tassos sent me.
- Sit down.
Odysseas. And that's Dany.
... for me
It can not be
that your blue eyes
left so much loneliness
- Cigarette?
- Thank You.
Maybe everything will be different
Maybe we'll have to cry
About Lost Dreams
Come, sit down.
- Dany, get the milk.
- Yes, Tassos.
Bottom left.
Why do you want to Thessaloniki?
That Ody becomes the new Star?
Or because of the "Nameless"?
The name was my idea.
- For both. Why?
- In the fridge.
Because you, my dear,
become the new "Greek Star".
If you still have the talent.
- I'm fine.
- You will not get his money.
He should dress warmly.
I am relentless.
I've noticed.
Is there something sweet?
You will soon attract flies.
- Thank You.
- Only one.
Only one.
Let's say you find it.
And if he is not him?
- Are you not sure?
- You said Jenny, it's him.
Yes, the guy I was in a club
have seen in Thessaloniki.
He is well known there
as a candidate of the far-right party.
- What are you saying?
- Exactly.
He does during the day.
At night, he organises
the protection of various clubs.
Plus drugs and prostitution.
The usual stuff.
The asshole!
In the refrigerator.
- Are you sure it's him?
- Watch out.
If it's him, he got another name.
He's Christopoulos.
- Christopoulos?
- Christopoulos.
His first name
however, is still Lefteris.
He has changed.
After all, it has been 15 years.
Slightly more than twelve.
Indeed? Well, thank God.
- Whom does he looks similar?
- Externally?
Me or Odysseas?
- Can you do not remember him?
- No.
When he left you,
you have not eaten for days.
I remember nothing.
Me, yes.
You? You were barely two years old
and in diapers.
To fall asleep
he laid me on his chest.
He was pretty hairy.
So early memories do not exist.
Let's go into the living room.
Tassos? Tassos?
This photo
is out of your house in Chania.
Song Festival, Thessaloniki, 1981
First prize. Is also on it.
Glorious old times.
But instead of crying about it,
I smoke a joint.
As Jenny's sons
you'll not mind.
- Me, yes.
- Oh, shut up.
- So how was he like?
- Who?
- The "Nameless".
- He was a real eye-catcher.
Large, dark hair.
Sinfully beautiful.
Darker than you two.
Darker than you anyway, kid.
When I look at you,
you see him not similar.
You resemble your mother.
Hi everyone.
This is Ahmad.
We lived together for 3 years.
Without him, I would
long be with your mother.
Everything was fine at the club?
Yes, except that Kostas
whined again.
Soon he will be fired anyway.
- I have made a toast.
- Thank You.
Do you know what was a crazy coincidence?
You'll never guess
I've heard two days ago.
Are you ready?
- The Goddess.
- Your mother loved her.
Can you still steps?
Let's see.
You treat me,
You treat me
As if I were a doll
Los Dany.
Then you throw me away,
Then you throw me away
As if I were a doll
Five, six, seven, eight.
You do not notice when I cry
When I'm sad and tired
You only think about you
And change.
No, boy, no,
No, boy, no
Do not laugh about my love
My game is over
and your game
It hurts and makes me cry
From tonight
I don't lay my life
in the hands of a boy, no
Set No longer in his hands
No, boy, no
You will not find me
with the ten dolls
which you don't like
Oh no
Oh no
You drag me around
Then you throw me away
Then you throw me away
You drag me around
You drag me around
Bravo, Odysseas.
And without a single rehearsal.
Bravo, Maria, much better.
Oh, he's pretty damn good.
You sing very nice.
As a duet you are unbeatable.
The casting
do you need a Greek song.
Something Electrifying, Charming.
You know.
- We thought so too ...
- Once again, from the beginning.
Mary, the cigarette.
Hi, Dany.
- What do you do?
- We rehearsing.
And what exactly do you rehearse?
For the audition.
We thought of a Greek song.
Why this?
We had decided to
what will you sing.
The jury doesn't like crappy folk songs.
This is not a fucking folk song.
This shit folk songs
have fed you for years.
Jenny raised us with
Patty Pravo and Raffaella Cara.
You sing Patty Pravo.
Stay out of this!
- Calm down, kid.
- No.
- Keep your mouth shut!
- No!
We let us nothing say
from this sacked chanteuse!
When we needed him,
he ran away!
Now he gives great advice.
Fuck you!
Be quiet, you wanker!
Fuck you!
Dany, no!
- Leave him. Doesn't bother me.
- Ahmad!
I can not breathe!
What's going on here, dammit?
Calm down.
You sing "Tutt'al pi" understood?
Fuck you all!
There is the fag from earlier.
Look at the fag.
Want to lick my lollipop?
I lick no sausages.
Let him suck you.
- He is also Albanian.
- What did you say?
- Wanker.
- What was it dirty fagot?
Who do you want to
fuck with your face?
- Forget it, Baskim!
- No chance.
How was that, fagot?
I'll open your ass.
Your friends don't do it you?
how deep the Albanians have fallen.
The real shame
are your tiny cocks.
What did you say, you wanker?
Fuck you!
Come here, you bitch.
Leave him!
- Let him go!
- He has a gun!
Leave him alone!
- Leave him!
- Dany, take the gun down!
He shot him!
Fuck! Damn!
Come on!
This way.
Hold it!
Stay on the spot!
Come on!
I can't anymore.
Sit down.
My bag.
Let me see your foot.
- Do you have sprained it?
- I do not know.
Get some rest.
Come, we must get out of here.
I can not anymore.
Climb on my back.
Come on.
That's okay.
- Wait here.
- Where are you going?
Are you in pain, Dido?
Do not drink too much.
That's enough.
Here Dido, drink.
- Where's the gun?
- I must have lost it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
When they find it, we're fucked.
Take him.
What's up?
Take him.
- Why?
- He suffers.
Kill him, so that he no longer suffers.
What are you talking about?
Take him!
Dany, you're scaring me.
- Kill him. I can't stand it!
- Cut the crap!
I can't take it anymore. Kill him!
That's enough!
Take him, I can't!
It's all right! It's all right! All right!
- Kill him!
- What kill?
- Kill him!
- Are you serious? It's Dido!
- Just do it!
- What? It's just Dido!
Kill him! He suffers!
What should I do, damned?
Here, look here!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, honestly.
Come on. Come on.
Chill out.
Come on.
Chill out.
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
It is empty.
I always wanted to
live in an expensive hotel.
Shit, the battery is empty.
Is yours still working?
100 calls from Madame Tassos.
Give it me for a moment.
- At Last. Are you fine?
- Yes.
Thank God.
Wait a minute.
Bye Bye. Many Thanks.
- Where are you?
- I do not know. Far away, in a hotel.
There was a stupid incident ...
I know. The police just left.
You were seen at the club.
Who shot? The Little?
- Yes.
- I knew it.
- Where did he get the gun? Crete?
- What do I know? Probably.
He was lucky.
He shot the guy in the leg.
- He will survive.
- Thank God.
The police is after you.
I didn't say anything.
The officer is a good customer.
I said, you are Escorts from
Trikala. I hope you're not there.
No, I do not think so.
Tucked you for a few days.
Soon they'll stop the search.
- What is with the little?
- He hurt his foot.
Serves him right.
Get him on the phone.
It is Tassos.
Take it.
Take it.
- You were right. I'm sorry.
- What exactly?
You know what I mean.
- Do you feel any pain?
- No, it's ok.
Listen, tell your brother,
when it doesn't work with
the "Nameless", I assume.
With Ahmad.
Wouldn't he be a great dad?
Be careful.
- Yes, Tassos.
- Bye, Dany.
Where did you get the gun?
- Crete.
- Did you steal it?
- Not really.
- What was you intention with it?
I don't know.
A gun is always beneficial.
Kidding me?
Do you understand what you're saying?
You could almost killed somebody.
Do you understand that?
They attacked me first.
Are you crazy?
A gun is not a toy.
You can not just shoot down people!
Insult yes, even beating.
But not kill!
Do you want to ruin everything?
I want to go to Thessaloniki
that you become a star.
How? You botch everything.
- I have no more lust.
- Then go!
I can not leave you alone!
- Then I go.
- You're not going anywhere!
- Let me.
- You stay here, understood?
- My foot!
- What?
It hurts. Let me go!
- Give me your money.
- First, let my foot off.
Let it off!
That's all?
You stay here until I come back.
Got it?
- Fuck you.
- Got it?
Happy Birthday,
big Brother!
Thank You.
Welcome to our hotel.
What it may be?
My vase.
These are for you.
Thank You.
Soap, so you can wash.
A lamp.
And boxes,
as a gift for my birthday.
Was the money enough?
I do not think so.
Where did you get the money?
- That's my business.
- What have you been all this time?
I was shopping,
for my birthday.
I do how I feel.
Come on, me too.
- You're done.
- Do I still have foam on me?
No, no.
Leave it.
It is enough.
What a cool view.
This is awesome.
Stop drinking.
It's my birthday.
Since I do what I like.
Now that we get the money
of the "nameless",
I will send 5000 to Grandma Alma,
and with the rest
I will go to America.
Take it easy, Di Caprio.
You can not go to America.
Why? We will have
the nationality and a passport.
Yes, but one will probably
grab and throw you in jail.
And you're underage.
I will not allow it.
We share the money if you're 18,
Then do what you want.
What will you do with the money?
- First, I will go to Crete.
- I never again.
After that ...
I will buy this hotel
and renovate it.
For the money is never enough.
Then I'm going to rent it.
I will make an awesome hotel from
it and life therein.
Great idea.
On Xenia.
It's called "Xe-ni-a," you idiot.
I do not believe it. "Rumore"?
Where did you find it?
Rumors, rumors
I do not feel safe, secure
Never sure
Tonight I would like
turn back the time
and return to your time
Because I think no more of it
But I come back, come back
Because then I know
what I'll do with you
Heart, beat, heart
I think
I have a beating, beating heard
In the evening I'm afraid
Alone I do not feel safe,
Never sure, never, never, never
And I swear to you,
tonight I would like
turn back time
- Go dance!
- Are you kidding?
Do you miss Jenny?
- You should go to the casting, not me.
- No chance. I can't sing.
You have more talent.
You have more sex appeal, you are ...
... Gayer.
Come on! Come on!
- Wait. Chill out.
- Just a little.
Wait a moment. Wait a moment.
Come on, let's go inside.
And one and two ...
Watch out.
- You know what?
- Yes I know.
Come on, lie down.
Oh, how cool.
How cool, "Rumore".
Is it really you?
But you're not real, right?
Does it matter?
What you have become. Huge.
You are also larger.
Since yesterday?
Ody has become 18,
I know.
You look older.
We have killed you.
- How does it feel?
- What?
It hurts.
I'm sorry.
I miss you.
I have to go.
Soon the day is dawning.
Will you come back?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Come on, get up.
- So early?
- Yes.
- I was completely drunk yesterday.
- Yes.
- Here.
- All right.
Come on, we're late.
Here we go!
More feeling, please!
Remember your dream,
come true.
Right here, right now!
In "Greek Star"!
Thank You. Ten minute break,
then we turn the trailer.
Isn't it Mary?
Stay close!
- Hello.
- Come on.
- What are you doing here? Is everything okay?
- Tassos sent me.
He has given me.
Thank You.
And I thought,
I can try my luck.
- Good Idea.
- Come, I will show you everything.
That's OK. I turn a round.
- Stay close.
- Yes.
I'll call the press office of "Fame".
We have an invitation
for Ms Christopoulos
for the gala of Jean Paul Gaultier
the day after tomorrow, here in Thessaloniki.
If we could send the
invitation personally to her?
Yes, I'll wait.
One moment please.
Many Thanks. Speak to you soon.
This office of "Fame"
but is really cozy.
Fuck it!
Take that.
- Thank You.
- My pleasure.
- Should I first make them wet?
- No.
Give it to me.
Have no fear.
Bend over. Come on.
- Are you here for the audition?
- Not me. My Brother.
Bend down correctly.
- I'm singing "Satisfaction".
- Hot.
Hold still.
Leave it.
You're done.
- Thank You.
- My pleasure.
- Are you from Thessaloniki?
- From Crete.
- And how did you get here?
- It's a long story. And you?
I came from Serres yesterday.
Without brother.
- Stefanos.
- Dany. Hello.
What was that nonsense
earlier on the phone?
Is none of your business.
I don't mind anyway.
I have certainly
missed my appearance.
- Go.
- Where to?
Come on!
W a i t.
They let me occur in between.
Will you wait for me?
I do not know. I have to do something.
Jean Paul Gaultier?
I'm going tonight to "Alexandra".
You'll like it.
It is down here on the beach.
Are you coming? Promised?
- Good Luck!
- They say "Break a leg".
Break a leg!
What number?
Are you excited?
Not really.
Tassos told me to wear this,
not to look cheap.
Do I look cheap?
Do you like it?
You're right. Forget it.
You're very pretty.
Yes sure.
Look at me.
Will you go like that?
Yes. You don't like it?
You look like a good boy.
I am a good boy.
I'm sure you get on.
But you also.
I honestly don't care.
I want to leave from here.
Way? Where to?
Back to Ukraine?
No, I can't return.
To Europe.
In Germany it should be good.
With my papers, it is difficult
to go there.
For me too.
Want to Albania?
More out of curiosity.
I would be there anyway even stranger.
We are everywhere strange, isn't it?
But at home everywhere.
Who's there?
Courier service.
Delivery for Ms Christopoulos.
From the press office of "Fame".
Thank you.
What do you want?
I'll call the police.
Do not be afraid.
I wanted to know you.
I actually want to your man.
- What for?
- To get to know him.
Your husband, Lefteris Christopoulos,
is my father.
My biological father.
I had to do in the city
and thought, I look over.
Mom, can we play downstairs
with Playmobil?
Hello, my name is Dany.
What's her name?
Go and watch a DVD.
- Why?
- Just because. Right away.
Really cool hut.
Where are you going?
Where are you going? Wait.
W a i t!
I said, wait!
Watch out.
Listen, you are wrong apparently.
I haven't.
Your husband is my father, and I
would like to meet him. Okay?
Either he has not told you,
that he has other children,
or you do so naive.
- What's your name?
- He's not who you think.
- What's your name?
- Vivi ... Vassiliki.
Vivi or Vassiliki?
I tell you, my husband is
not the one you are looking for.
We have been married for six years.
He had previously never been married.
If he had been it,
I would not be here.
At that time he was not called Christopoulos.
He met my mother, Jenny,
as she came from Albania in 1992,
- Who?
- Jenny, my mother.
- She is Albanian?
- No, Congolese!
She had studied in Tirana,
to become a singer.
He offered his help and put
them in a cheap nightclub.
The silly goose fell in love with him.
He gave her two children and played
sometimes her pimp.
Until one day he disappeared
and dissolved into air.
- We never saw him again.
- Indeed?
You're wrong. It isn't him.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Go away!
Call him and ask him.
Call him!
Yes, Lefteris ...
No, not really.
There is a young man here.
An Albanian. He does not go away.
He says he's your son.
I don't know. Yes, he came in.
Into the house. Yes, he's here.
Please. Now.
- He comes.
- Prima.
- Is this the pool?
- He is out of service.
- What a shame.
- Mom.
Can we play downstairs Playmobil?
You stay upstairs and watch cartoons.
- Wash your hands, we eat the soon.
- Okay.
Ms Vivi?
If you had something for me, too?
I have eaten nothing
since this morning. Eggs, perhaps?
Now? Okay, here we come.
- Are you the number 1053?
- Yes.
- You're the next one.
- You said we're on tomorrow.
We have everything accelerated.
Are you coming or not?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
Take it easy.
How old are you?
16 years.
Actually, 15 and 9,5 months.
And you live here?
Not here.
I have lived in Crete.
Now I do not know.
- A real Albanians then?
- No, my father is Greek.
If he recognizes me,
I'll get the Greek passport.
Your father is here.
Hey, kids.
What happened?
He came in and made a scene.
- You let him in?
- Yes.
He said he was a courier
and bring an envelope.
- Where is he now?
- In the kitchen.
- What's he doing?
- He eats.
- What did he eat?
- Eggs.
- You made him eggs?
- Yes.
- Tell him to come.
- You tell him.
Bring the children upstairs.
- The children should stay.
- They go upstairs.
Christos, Katerina, up, fast.
Be right with you.
Do you know him?
Calm down, okay?
I see him for the first time.
I was only two when you're gone.
You've also changed you.
- He says he's your son.
- You know, I have only one son.
And another two in Crete.
In Crete? What are you talking about?
- Go or I'll call the police.
- Great. Call them.
- What? You little prick.
- Go. Call them.
- Come on, call them!
- Go.
- No. Call to the police.
- Go, you little asshole.
Get out, you bastard.
Come on, before I forget myself!
- Get out before something happens. Go!
- I've hurt me!
We are wild what?
I'm coming. It takes a minute.
Move it.
- I'm taking the kids to the room.
- Hurry up, Ms Vivi.
You are a big asshole, are you listening?
I see you!
Come on, put down the weapon.
Let's go out.
Let's talk man to man,
not in front of the children.
The children? Do not make me laugh.
Sit down!
- What do you want anyway?
- Sit down on the chair!
So, I sat down.
Legal recognition and money.
Not much. What you owe us.
What do I owe you?
- And how much would it be?
- I do not know. 100 000, maybe?
Oh, really?
Listen, my boy.
What is your name?
Don't you remember?
Try it.
My name is Dany, the short form of Daniel.
I have locked them in the room.
Okay, Dany.
Let's start again from scratch.
- Chill out.
- I am calm.
You come into my house,
threaten my wife in front of my children,
wave a weapon
and asking money.
I'll give you money,
but I'm not the one you are looking for.
I'm not your father, got it?
You're making a mistake.
Your mistake was,
to bring me to the world.
- Sit down!
- Where is your mother?
I'll call her and tell her
I'm not the one.
Bad luck.
She died two weeks ago.
Then we call someone
who knows your father.
Someone has to know him.
Where are you, damn it?
I'm off in two minutes.
Now before?
- But they said ...
- Now, I tell you.
Mary is not on. What idiots.
I'm sick.
- Where are you? Are you coming?
- I can not, I'm quite far away.
Quite far? Where then, damn it?
Number 1061?
It's my turn.
Fuck it all. I'm not going in there.
Ody, calm down.
Chill out.
Sing as Jenny has taught you,
and it will work. Think about her.
Hurry up.
Are you the 1061? Come in.
- I'm going in now.
- Bravo.
Do not hang up. I want to listen you.
This is not allowed.
Invent something,
this was already allowed.
Tell your grandfather was sick
or this kind of stuff.
Please, do not hang up. I want to hear.
Keep your mouth shut!
- Ody, do you hear me?
- Okay, hang in there.
My name is Odysseas.
- You are from Albania?
- Yes.
- This is a very Greek name.
- Yes.
I was born in Crete and ...
- And what?
- Nothing. I'm kind of excited.
That's normal.
And what will you sing?
An Italian song from the 60s,
"Tutt'al pi".
- From Patty Pravo.
- How do you know her?
- It's a long story.
- Why do you need the phone?
- It's for my brother.
- Cell phones are prohibited.
He is sick. He is in Crete.
Very sick.
Without him I would not be here.
He has trained me.
Okay, good improvement for your brother.
We are ready.
Shut up and listen.
Will you see me
With the cold
you never had
And maybe you'll do so
As if you don't know my name
Maybe you'll even
call me mister
At best,
are you going to ask me
how many women I have had
to forget you
But you know very well
that a boy like me
isn't kidding with love
has never been joking with love
At best,
you're going to insult me
and then I send me away
and tell me
that you're no longer interested
at a boy
Who only was there
to amuse you a little
and so I will go
and you'll chase me
beg my pardon
and caress me
You remember my name
and that what has been
was perhaps true
was perhaps true
At best,
I'll find you
along with whom
occupied my place
So then
that's it
Bravo, dude. You were incredible.
Can you hear me?
Ody, do you hear me?
Clap! I said, clap!
We shall what?
Odysseas has it like your brother?
Talk to him.
Is he still on the phone?
- Dany, you still there?
- Gossip!
That's enough.
Ody, do you hear me?
Did you like it?
Favour? You've swept them away.
You've sung better than Jenny.
What did the jury?
- The Children. It is enough!
- What's going on? Dany, talk!
Hands up!
I said hands up!
Ms Vivi.
- Yes?
- Where are you? Who is Vivi?
All is well.
- What was that just now?
- Nothing.
It's all good.
Where are you?
You went looking for him.
Shit, shit, shit.
- What did they say?
- We wanted to go there together!
Please do not do anything stupid!
I'm already on the way!
Where are you?
In Panorama. Metaxa Street 35
Take a taxi, costs about 10 Euros.
- Who is coming?
- Your other son.
Ms Vivi. Ms Vivi.
Stop it, so to speak formally.
I have no nerves for it.
Jenny has taught us,
to respect older women.
She hated to great intimacy,
especially with strangers.
- Is there something sweet?
- What?
Something sweet, from the children.
Candies, chocolates, lollipops...
Super, these I like best.
Can you open it?
Thank You.
Take off your jacket.
- What?
- Your jacket.
Take it off!
All right. Your shirt too.
- What?
- Take off your shirt.
- Why?
- Because I said so! Basta.
Take it off!
Do you shave?
Ms Vivi, he shaves?
First, ask who it is.
- Who's there?
- Odysseas.
Open. Quick!
Ody, here in the living room!
- He shaves, the fagot.
- I do not.
- You lied to me.
- Yes, you would have thrown it away.
- Give me the gun.
- No, he will kill us!
Give it to me!
He says, he isn't it.
He is it, true?
In any case, he is not the one
who brought you into bed.
- What?
- That was Tassos.
The "Nameless"
has cared a damn.
My boy,
you seem to be reasonable.
Your brother shot.
It had almost been a bloodbath.
It was not my fault.
He wanted to kill me!
I want to get this done.
Your brother is out of mind.
Do you understand?
What do you mean?
He is crazy.
He's talking nonsense.
- What kind of stuff?
- That I am your father.
- Aren't you?
- That's him, Ody, that's him!
- No, I'm not!
- And if it's you?
What should I be?
This is crazy.
- And if it is you?
- Look at me. Is it me?
- Do you remember me?
- Tell him, Ody!
And you? Do you remember me?
You. Do you remember me?
Your are out of mind.
So, I give you all the money
what I have here, okay?
It is in the desk.
He gave her a sign!
Lefteris, not again! It is enough!
It is enough!
My brother, you asshole!
Let him go!
Let him go.
Leave him.
Let him go!
Fuck you!
- Everything OK?
- It's just a scratch.
I'll get some alcohol from the kitchen.
- And now you, talk.
- What can I say?
That morning, as Jenny slept,
I asked why you pack your bags.
I should be quiet, "so mom
and the little don't wake up. "
You have taken the money in
the drawer in the kitchen.
I asked why. You said,
you come back with gifts.
Did you say that or not?
I asked you:"Do you swear it?"
And you said:"I swear it."
Did you say that or not?
Did you say it?
I was waiting for you! Speak!
Speech, you wanker! Speak!
- Speak, Lefteris, so that it is over!
- Speak!
- Say Yes!
- Yes. Yes. Yes.
And why did you never come back?
- Dany back.
- It is enough.
It's over.
It's over. Do you understand me?
So ...
I will give you all the cash,
what I have here.
Then you go, all right?
And tomorrow we'll meet for the rest.
Recognition, DNA test ...
I will not be recognized by you.
Me neither. I want you
never see again, fascist pig!
Stop. Go.
My bag.
Go now. Upwards.
Thank you, Dad!
Real cool house.
Goodbye, Ms Vivi.
Best wishes to the little ones.
Before you came, I was
not sure it's him.
- What are you doing there?
- Dany, stop.
It is enough.
Come on. Come on.
He was it, right?
- Was it him or not?
- Who cares it? Dany, let it be good.
- He was an idiot definitely.
- Yes.
not a single damn taxi.
And nowhere a kiosk. For no money
of the world I would live here.
- Maria is waiting for me.
- Then call her, fool.
It's all right. Where are you?
We'll be there in 20 minutes. Bye Bye.
- I'm not getting with you.
- Why not?
Must do something.
So what? Are you next?
Probably not,
as I ran away like a madman.
But I was good, wasn't I?
Are you kidding?
You were absolutely awesome!
Next month is the casting
for "Greece's Supertalent".
We are taking part.
- Isn't that a stand?
- Where?
Come on, come on!
The last one is a loser!
- First.
- Second.
Thank You.
Get cigarettes and please
the white mint chewing-gums, okay?
Thank You.
Hello. Hello my dear.
- Look!
- What?
- Run!
- Where?
- What is now happening again?
- Have you not seen her?
- Who?
- In the car!
- Who was that?
- It was Patty Pravo!
- Stop this nonsense.
- She was there, I swear.
Yes, certainly.
She even talked to me.
- Patty Pravo?
- Yes!
And what did she say?
She said:"Ciao."
"Ciao" ... something.
The goddess!
Oh, Dany,
you'll never grow up.
You and your imagination.
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