Xchange (2001)

Newscaster: Scotland Yard
is still refusing to comment
on whether last week's bombing
of London's
Parliament Buildings
may have been the work
of N IA terrorists.
due to the installation
of a new Yamashta
security system,
the damage was superficial,
owing to the fact...
How many times
have I told you?
You're here
to work, not watch.
Table six
needs bread.
Oh, do you have the 1 961
Quinta do Lisboa?
That's a wonderful port.
Well, it's a celebration.
What you've done
this quarter
is an absolute miracle.
Not everyone thinks so.
Okay, it's time.
Okay, his data's in.
Am I sure?
Yes, I'm sure !
Ross, you're great,
Ha ha !
No, really, is it safe
in Barbados now?
It's triangulating.
They must've left
the restaurant.
It cost us
half a billion dollars
to squeeze that scum
off that island.
Well, not all of them,
You have to have
some caddies.
I swear to God,
if this doesn't work,
I'm gonna--
Enjoy your vacation,
( blast )
( screams )
Robot voice:
Good morning.
Sir, can you hear me?
It's 9:1 5 a.m.,
and this is your seventh
wake-up call.
Fuck off.
You have opted to snooze
six times.
Go away.
The snooze limit is 1 0.
Come on, give it
a break, George.
Do you wish to snooze?
The weather forecast
in N ew York City
is sunny and fair
- with a predicted high--
- Shut up. Quit.
and a low this evening
of 58.
Go away.
- Ah. Off!
- Do you wi--
Good morning, George.
You still there?
Yes, Mr. Toffler.
All right. You were upgraded
last night, George.
- It's test time. Ahem !
- Okay, Mr. Toffler.
- I would like my coffee strong.
- Strong.
Bathroom light on setting,
- dim.
- Dim.
Shower pressure pulsating,
temperature normal.
Specify normal.
Just do it, George.
Just do it.
It's the usual--
Would you say please,
pal, please?
Specify it.
Oh, boy.
So late.
You know, George...
I do not know
what is worse;
you or the people
who try to fix you.
Shall I return
to my defaults?
No. No, no, no.
No defaults.
I love you, George.
I'll always love you.
N ever change.
Again, at least 20 people dead
and dozens more remain buried.
And appearing today
for a third day
before the U S Senate
Oversight Committee
on Mind Transfer,
consumer advocate,
Madeline Renard.
Renard: Apart from repeated
violations of the law,
Xchange is now
in the risky position
of policing itself.
are inherently unsafe
and we know that.
- H i, Madeline.
- Mind transfer
is a tremendous technology,
far too important
to be controlled
by a single company.
- I cannot stress...
- Give it a rest, Madeline.
Later, George.
You're late.
Oh, oh. Tell me.
No, it's George.
I, uh, had him
upgraded yesterday.
H e is becoming tricky.
H e's, uh, trying
to run my life.
H e's completely
out of control.
Then reprogram it
and stop complaining.
Oh, gee, Ralpha.
With you around,
I can just deactivate
my entire therapy program.
I wouldn't.
Not before you've seen
the boss's message, anyway.
Play it.
Stuart, I need you
in my office now.
You're not here, are you?
Ahem !
Good morning, Josh.
What's up?
U h, why don't you tell him,
Mr. Lister?
No, that's Darren.
H e's my personal trainer.
H e puts my body
through its paces
once a week.
That's you.
In that buff body.
And this is your trainer.
You Xchange...
with your trainer?
Yeah. Well, why should I
bust my ass for good abs?
Let him do it.
I get more work done
that way.
This is very strange
to me, okay?
But it is your money, so...
If you wanna flit
from body to body,
go ahead.
If you ask me,
you're nuts.
You heard
about Eisner Scott?
You really got to start
waking up
in the morning.
They got him
with a seeker missile.
Oh, no.
That's horrible. What--
I just talked to him
last week. What happened?
Do we know
who did it?
Who else?
The N IA.
So... who will be
the new CEO at...
Probably his son,
but that's not a done deal.
They're having
a press conference in two hours
to reassure the investors,
so, uh...
You got to go.
You got to get there.
In two hours.
They're in San Francisco.
We're in N ew York.
That just can't happen.
You'll have to Xchange.
Travel will set it up
with you right now.
But I don't switch bodies.
You know that.
Jesus, Stuart, stop being
so 20th century!
You'll like floating !
It's a snap!
You won't believe it
when you take a shit
in somebody else's body.
Look at these biceps !
Yeah, I'm sure of it.
No way.
You got no choice.
Come on, Stuart.
You're our guy.
- D.A.M. loves you !
- They sure do.
We bill them a couple
of million dollars every year.
The kid's gonna be
the new head honcho.
I think we'd like to stay
on his good side.
Please, Stuart.
H ey, uh...
Do you want
the company limo?
No, thank you.
I have plenty of time.
I will walk.
Man: Where the fuck
have you guys been?
Fucking Xchange !
We needed those clones
an hour ago!
You know how much
those bodies are costing me?
Call Xchange.
It's their delay.
We can only afford them
for a couple of days.
Like the company
can't afford 20 minutes.
These clone bodies
are a bargain.
You got a stiff neck?
How come I always get stuck
with the crappy G.E.F?
I must be
on some kind of list.
You must be Mr. Toffler.
How do you do?
I'm Propania Morgan,
VP at Xchange
for Corporate Affairs,
N ew York-Washington corridor.
I, uh, understand
you have some concerns.
U h, concerns.
No, no, uh, Propania.
I think having my consciousness
zapped 3,000 miles
into someone else's body
sounds like a lot of fun.
Mr. Toffler,
I'm sure you're gonna find
it's all...
very routine.
I'm sure I will.
You'll be just fine.
So we just need
two things from you.
If you'd like
to have a seat...
right here.
First we take
a blood sample.
So if you'll just
extend your forefinger
just like that... great.
Would you care
for a tranquilizer?
It's not habit-forming.
Oh, no, no.
Water would be great.
Maybe we could just do this?
We're done.
All your data's
been transferred
to our San Francisco
host center
and they'll be installed
in your temporary Xchange I D.
Now, your personal I D
will go under lock and key
waiting for your return.
I just need you to sign
our standard contract,
negotiated by member nations
of the ICC.
In a nutshell, you agree
not to do anything illegal
with Mr. Pernfors' body--
that's your host.
So no illegal drugs,
no skydiving,
et cetera, et cetera.
Your insurance is liable
for any injury
to the host body.
Good. All set then.
Good. Follow me.
Oh. U h, you do have to spend
the night in San Francisco.
You mean...
I have to sleep
in someone else's body,
and they're gonna sleep
in mine all night?
Actually, you may find
that you enjoy it.
Most people do. It's...
N ew sensations,
new taste buds.
N ew... bowel movements.
Would you like to have
a seat up here?
Would you care
for some water now?
Yes. U m, I thought
the whole point
was to go and
come back quickly.
Right. Well, we do guarantee
same-day travel
within a five-hour margin,
provided we have
three days notice.
Two days and under
and the ICC permits us
a 36-hour window,
but in your case,
with just
a few hours' notice,
we found a host for you,
but it will require
a night's stay.
Everything's set.
Are you ready?
Not really.
Travel well, Mr. Toffler.
Mr. Toffler?
Mr. Toffler?
Mr. Toffler.
Walt Simons,
Western Regional Manager.
It's a pleasure
to meet you.
Welcome to San Francisco.
You'll find
that mind travel
is the safest form of travel
in the world.
Now, if you'll
just remain seated,
I'll take you through
our acclimation program.
First thing I want you to do
is take three deep breaths
through your nose,
into your diaphragm.
Exhale slowly.
Good. Now, if it feels
a little strange,
that's because
your breathing pattern
may differ
from your host's.
Takes a minute or two
to relax into the pattern.
I want you to raise up
your right hand.
Ahem !
Make a fist.
Very good.
Raise your other hand.
Make a fist again.
You have total control
over your host body.
Easy, isn't it?
All right, Mr. Toffler.
One last thing.
I want you to repeat after me.
Round the rugged rock,
the ragged rascal ran.
Ahem !
That's all right, Mr. Toffler.
Take your time.
All right, Mr. Toffler.
U h, back over here.
Once again.
Round the rugged rock,
the ragged rascal ran.
''Round the rugged rock,
- the ragged rascal ran.''
- Very good.
Although the timber
of your voice is different,
it still sounds like you.
That's because
it still is you.
Ready for the moment of truth?
Take a whole new look
at yourself.
Some of our clients
find this positively...
- Mr. Toffler!
- Yes?
Your transport
to the Wiltham is outside.
Please eat no strawberries.
That is your only allergy.
You will be checked
for illegal drug usage
upon your return.
This is your temporary I D.
- U h-huh.
- Mr. Toffler.
As you know,
you must wear it at all times.
Thank you for traveling
with Xchange.
Have a prosperous trip.
Good luck.
That all looks great.
H e'll never get the votes,
the little shit.
So sorry about the loss.
Blow to the company.
What are you doing here?
U h...
Oh, I'm Stuart Toffler
I'm Kinsey-Gebhart.
In the rush
to get out of N ew York,
I had to Xchange.
Oh, of course.
Mr. Toffler. Yes.
- Right.
- I remember you.
Dad was one
of your champions.
Yes. We, had a very close
working relationship.
I'm so sorry.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm sure you and I
will get along just fine.
I'll see you
at the conference.
Ahem !
Do I know you?
It's me.
It's Toff.
Stuart Toffler.
Jesus !
I never thought
I'd see you floating.
Oh. Me neither.
I didn't really
have a choice this time.
You corpies.
There's always a choice.
You look great.
Yeah. U h...
Wine spritzer.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as Chairman of the Board,
I want to share with you
my sorrow
for the loss of a great man
and a great visionary leader,
Eisner Scott.
But I also want
to share with you
my unbounded optimism.
Eisner's strategic vision
for the careful growth
of the company
and the brilliant
management team he assembled
a profitable future
for us all.
Thank you.
Oh. U h...
Eisner's son,
Quayle Scott,
would also like to say
a few words.
Mr. Finerman.
That's his son.
Ahem !
Ahem !
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have suffered
a shocking...
and personal loss.
But I am hopeful
that the board
will allow me
the opportunity to follow
in my father's footsteps.
And I am confident
that together,
we can take this company
to even greater heights.
John Adams,
Affiliated Press.
Mr. Scott, will we
expect to see
the same kinds
of business strategies
under your tenure that we
saw under your father?
Sir, I have
far too much respect
for my father,
as well as the board,
to begin changing things now.
Besides, I don't even know
if I have the job.
( all chuckle )
Madeline Renard, IBN S.
Mr. Scott,
Yesterday, at a mine
owned by a subsidiary of D.A.M.
in South Africa,
there was an explosion,
and at least 42 workers
are dead,
and some
are still missing.
You have any comment
on that?
We are always saddened
at the loss of any life,
Miss Renard. The, um--
Stuart Toffler,
Kinsey-Gebhart consulting.
U h, half a million dollars
has been allocated
to the families of these,
uh, victims,
pending approval, of course,
of a settlement plan
by the ICC.
Let's see...
that comes out to about...
S1 1 ,000 per man?
And is that what a low-hem life
is worth these days,
Mr. Toffler?
Well, uh,
every life
is unique and irreplaceable.
I'm sure that
the Acting Chairman
and Mr. Scott join me
in feeling deeply saddened
that Dinsey-Arthur-Mitland
had any role
in this tragic accident
however so slight
and circumstantial.
Well, let's not equivocate.
These were low-hem workers.
You're not going to tell me
that if D.A.M. killed
a bunch of people
in the Northern H emisphere,
it would expect to get away
so cheaply.
Well, we have no projections
in that area,
as we're not in the business
of killing people.
Ms. Renard, rest assured,
we are doing everything
that we can.
And in light
of Mr. Scott's recent loss,
I think it inappropriate
to cross-examine him
at this time.
If there are no
further questions, gentlemen.
( rapping lightly )
H ey.
Still fighting
the good fight, huh?
It's great to see you
again, Madeline.
The shocking part is
I think you really mean that.
I do. That was a--
that was a very impassioned
speech you gave in there.
Yeah, it was great for you.
So then you could demonstrate
how clever you are.
It's just part
of the job, okay?
Accidents happen,
redress is made.
It's just fair market value
for a very unfortunate accident.
How do you sleep at night?
God, to think
I used to fuck you.
Thank you.
( music plays softly )
N eed a date?
U h, no, thanks.
But, uh...
love a cigarette.
Why not?
It's a forgery.
It's a good forgery,
but still a forgery.
No, I don't usually smoke,
but tonight I'm feeling kinda...
Why not?
It's a good club?
If you're floating.
Why not?
I D, sir?
Thank you.
( dance music plays )
Can I get you a drink?
Yeah. Beer, please.
That's not all you can
get here, huh?
First float?
Pretty obvious, huh?
Working in a place
like this,
you learn to pick out
who's what.
Over there.
Look at those vanilla voyeurs
soaking up the atmosphere.
Ooh, that model over there.
How do we know what she
looks like in real life?
She could be ugly
and 80 years old.
Oh. These...
are the hardcore ones.
They've even forgot
what they really look like.
It could be
pretty addictive.
H ere come the clones again.
They come in
once a week...
but they never find anything.
They're just harassing us.
Look at that clone.
I bet those clone bodies
are so very, very hot.
Oh, go ahead.
Indulge yourself.
God knows I am.
I... feel a little bad.
I don't know whether this guy
smokes, you know.
Well, obviously he does.
what do you think he's doing
with your body right now?
( coughing )
( brief siren )
You know it's after curfew.
How you doing, officer?
Let me see your tag.
It's after curfew.
Let me see your tag.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yes.
Oh, ha !
U m, maybe I'd better
introduce myself.
No, no, no, don't.
Remain a, uh...
man of mystery.
Like, uh...
everybody else
in here, huh?
That's why
it's so arousing.
This woman I'm in
feels so very, very...
H er nipples
are positively singing.
H ere, go ahead.
I'll take your word for it.
Oh, my, sugar pie...
This is your first float,
isn't it?
Ahem !
I'm Gloria.
Gloria Glowacki.
Where's the cop?
Shut up.
H e's dead.
What took you so long?
Well, Fisk, I had to fly
the old-fashioned way.
( music, panting )
( moaning )
Well, sugar pie...
This woman has the stamina
of a thoroughbred.
We, uh...
we might not be able to sleep
with those singing nipples.
Oh ! Ha ha ha !
You're pretty funny.
Where're you from?
N ew York.
- Really?
- Ahem !
Me, too.
Wish I didn't have to leave
tomorrow morning.
Dial me your machine.
I'm gonna leave you
my numbers
so you can call me
when you get home.
H ere.
H ello there, sugar pie.
It was so very, very cool
to play with you
in San Francisco.
Now, you give me a call
when you get back
to N ew York
and we'll play some more.
Shall we go again?
I'm a dead man.
( giggling )
Mr. Toffler.
Welcome back.
So, it wasn't so bad,
was it?
I'm just ready
to go home.
Ah, yes. Well,
we have a small delay.
- Delay?
- Yes.
Your guest body's
not yet returned
from our N ew York office,
but we expect him shortly
in no time whatsoever,
so, uh,
why not wait
in our lounge, hmm?
And we do apologize.
I'd like to make
a phone call.
Phone call? U hh...
Ralpha: Oh, come on, Stuart,
he's an hour late.
Haven't you ever been
an hour late
without something terrible
being wrong?
Ha ha !
How perfect of you.
Just relax.
I can't!
I have a very bad feeling
about this.
Mr. Toffler,
Alison De Waay, CEO,
Xchange Enterprises.
When they told me
what happened,
I had the corporate jet
bring me here right away.
You get to fly.
I float all the time,
Mr. Toffler.
I wanted to apologize
Please have a seat.
I don't need apologies,
you know.
I just want to go home.
Can I get you something?
I'm afraid
there's a problem.
What? Has my body
been injured?
No, no,
not that we know of.
And in that event, we would
assume all medical costs,
including, but not limited to,
replacement limbs or organs.
It appears
your guest has absconded
with your body.
- What do you mean ''absconded''?
- H e hasn't returned.
No, I-I know
what the word means.
H-how is this possible?
Well, it's not,
I mean, we have double redundant
psychological screening.
We're doing everything
that we can to find him.
The authorities
should pick him up
by satellite
from his data card.
Okay, well, uh,
let's suppose
that he's not wearing
his data card. Then what?
Well... then he'd be
breaking the law.
You see,
that's my point.
I don't think he's gonna
really care much about the law
because he's already absconded
with my body, right? So...
I'm afraid it's even
more complicated.
You were told a Mr. Pernfors
is in your body.
That turns out
not to be accurate.
Not accurate. Okay.
U nbeknownst to us, he was
already hosting
a Mr. James Fisk.
I'm sure
you can understand
Mr. Pernfors is eager
to reclaim his own...
W-w-wait, wait,
wait a minute.
This body?
- H e wants this body back?
- That's right.
Okay, great. So, then,
where does that leave me?
U h, in the first body
or in Fisk's body--
U h, no. Interpol
has impounded that body
as evidence.
- Interpol?
- Yes.
Evidence of what?
Body theft
is a serious offense.
In that case, Interpol
is obligated to impound
the stray body
in question.
- Impound.
- Mm-hmm.
Because someone
steals your body
doesn't justify you
taking somebody else's.
Of course not.
Mr. Toffler,
I want to assure you
this has never happened
Ha ! Great!
Boy, that really
makes me feel
a whole lot better.
Thank you.
Look, rest assured,
we will find you your body.
And in the meantime...
we will give you
a loaner,
A corporate model
that comes
with all the perks
of your C-4 classification.
These are clones !
We call them G.E.F.'s.
Genetically engineered
I know what you call them.
They're not human.
Actually, a lot of our
VIP clients like yourself
ask for them for the high-risk
recreational activities
such as skydiving,
Yeah, I know.
Th-these things
don't last more
than a couple of days !
Seven, actually.
U nfortunately,
we can't get them
to maintain life force
any longer than that,
but don't worry.
We're gonna find your body
well before then.
Look, there's no way
I'm getting into a clone, okay?
End of story!
Well, not quite the end,
I'm afraid.
ICC law requires me
to tell you
that Xchange
cannot be used
more than three times
in a six-day period
due to corporeal separation
Are you telling me
that if you don't find my body
before that clone expires,
I'm dead?
Let's try to be positive,
shall we?
We have lovely apartments
here in the building,
and your every need
will be met.
I-I have to stay here?
I'm afraid
you have no choice.
The law requires us
to keep you
at your current
Xchange location.
It's for your own safety,
so that we can find your body.
We'll transfer you back
as quickly as we can.
Oh, God, I mean,
I'm fucked !
You know,
I'm totally fucked !
I'm a prisoner here !
Mr. Toffler...
I am deeply sorry.
Please know that we are doing
all we can despite the cost
to resolve this sad
and random calamity.
Wait a minute.
I got to make
a phone call here.
No problem. We'll
just get you settled
in your suite first.
Walt will take care
of your needs. Walt?
Mr. Toffler?
H ere are the guest suites,
Mr. Toffler.
They're guarded
24 hours a day.
For my protection, right?
Mr. Toffler,
I assure you,
this is all
completely routine.
I don't think so.
H ey!
H ey!
Stop! You !
H ey!
P.A.: Security alert.
This building is sealed.
No civilian entry or exit.
Security alert.
No exit, huh?
No civilian entry or exit.
U nless you're a clone.
- Check the stairs !
- Okay.
All right, level 31 .
Go. Go!
You will find this guy.
I'll kill you. Move !
Find him now!
All right.
Finally, huh?
L.E. Bytel?
Dressed like that?
Are you from L.E. Bytel?
Are you replacing the guy who
lost his arm in the shredder?
Ahem !
They didn't tell me
what happened.
Two on, two off?
Your shift.
Your shift.
Two days on, two days off?
U hh...
Let's get going.
H ere's your I D.
D-6 G.E.F.
Ahem !
Come on, come on !
Ahem !
You okay?
You all right?
Yeah, sure.
Ow! Ow!
You sure you're ready
to operate the D-6 G.E.F.'s?
H ey, uh, check
your telltale.
Your telltale.
You understand?
53 hours, 42 minutes.
After that, you're goo.
What? I thought I was good
for seven days.
What do you care? Your shift
is two days on, two days off.
You'll be back
way before that.
See, this frame
has already worked a shift.
H ere.
H ere's your temp I D.
Now, listen to me.
Once you're finished
out there,
I want you
to come right back.
I mean, right away.
Every once in a while,
one of these boys
runs out of gas
a hair early.
these souped-up models.
They don't tell
the corpie bosses that.
If you get caught
in a decomposer,
it's not pretty.
Wait a minute,
you know,
nobody ever told me
anything about this.
Listen, pal,
there's a lot of things
they don't tell people
around here.
You know where
the shuttle is?
I-I'll find it.
No, that's all right.
It's okay.
Where do they find
these guys?
H ey! H ey!
See a civvie
running around here?
Black hair,
tall, skinny guy?
No, sir.
Hold it.
There's a problem.
I got to check
your I D.
I delegate some authority
and 1 0 minutes later,
everything turns to shit?
I'm really, really sorry.
Well, track his I D, Walt!
We're getting nothing
on the West Coast satellites.
H m. Well, did it ever
occur to you
that he could've gotten
on a fucking plane?
H e could be back
in N ew York right now,
for all we know!
All right.
I'll, uh, expand
the search parameters.
Good, and while
you're at it,
void his I D.
H e won't have any credits.
H e'll be a vagrant.
That'll flush him out.
Oh, and get the cops
to warrant him for body theft.
Yeah, but if I do that,
I've got to notify the FBI.
Simons, use your head.
The last thing I need are
the feds poking around in here.
I do not want the media
Well, won't it look
like we're trying to--
Look, just do your job! !
No problem.
Oh, and, Walt...
screw this up and I have
just one thing to say to you:
is radioactive.
( jet engines whine )
P.A.: Welcome
to N ew York Airport,
and thank you for flying.
And remember, you
are safer in the air
than at home.
Josh, it's me, Stuart.
H ey, hey, hey.
Where are you?
Wh-what the hell
you doing out there?
I'm back in N ew York.
I mean, uh, I've floated
hundreds of times
without ever having
any kind of problem.
Shut up, Josh, okay?
I need your help.
Yeah, all right, all right.
Okay, look, um...
come on into the office,
and we'll work this
all out, okay?
Let me talk to Ralpha.
All right, all right.
Look, um...
Don't worry.
Don't worry, okay?
And, uh...
we'll see you soon,
Ahem !
Mr. Toffler.
Thank God !
you are not gonna believe
what's been happening to me.
Listen to me.
I don't think
it's a very good idea
that you come in here
right now.
What do you mean?
What's going on?
Just go home.
I'll call you later,
all right? I--
Mr. Toffler?
Credit card account terminated.
H ello?
- Credit canceled.
- Fuck!
Sorry, my man, but I'm gonna
have to take you to the cops.
Vagrancy laws, you know.
No. Take me to
the FBI building now.
H ey... personally
I'd love to,
but they'd examine
my cab's trip record,
and I'd get
the big heave-ho.
You understand.
Like I said,
FBI it is.
We had a blip
just for a moment,
and then we lost him.
Where was he?
N ew York City.
I told you.
You're right.
God help me.
This is a federal building.
Transporting objects
made of metal
is forbidden without
security clearance.
If the Yamashta screen
detects forbidden items,
you will be destroyed.
To gain access,
please insert
your card now.
Cordell Dickerson
on duty, night shift.
How're you doing?
Just sign in.
What are you doing
in a G.E.F?
My body's been stolen.
That's strange.
Xchange hasn't
reported it yet.
No shit.
How can someone
steal your body?
They'd never get through
the I D check.
Ask Xchange. Ask them
how some guy named Fisk
got into their damn system.
James Fisk?
You know him?
H e's a corporate terrorist.
Are you saying my body's
been stolen by a terrorist?
Who do you think
steals bodies, Mr. Toffler?
If James Fisk
has your body,
you could be
in real trouble.
I have 47 hours to live.
How's that for trouble?
I have a feeling
my people
will be very interested
in your case.
We've been trying to get
a solid lead
on James Fisk
for two years.
Now wait here.
I'll be back shortly.
I die, he gets a promotion.
( whirring )
Don't touch that.
So where'd you learn how to do
all this stuff anyway?
Junior college.
May I help you?
I need some
personal protection.
Right now we have
an excellent sale
on pepper spray.
Do you have the CEO attache?
I'm terribly sorry.
The ICC regulations
prohibit the sale--
To all persons without
a ranking of C-4 or above.
I know.
I qualify.
I'm Stuart Toffler.
If you'll check my account
with Kinsey-Gebhart.
The number is 976769.
I'm undercover.
H m.
U h, come with me.
Absolutely the latest.
N eural mace.
Teflon resin undershirt.
I'm wearing one right now.
Security screen pouch
to shield against tracking.
And expanding baffle earplugs
to guard against sonic stun,
and these are not the cheesy
white ones the cops have.
I know what's in it.
Well, this is new.
A Sharper Way exclusive.
Protonic monofilament.
This is a single strand
of iron molecules
held in stasis by an Oberlin
electromagnetic field.
Ahem !
It's extremely dangerous.
An instruction booklet's
You have to sign a waiver
of liability.
Right now it's legal
for you to own it.
We're not so sure
about using it.
H ey, I've got something.
Where is he?
Midtown Manhattan.
H e's gone.
Must've got into a cab.
Well, where would he go?
Think about it.
U se your head.
Where would you go?
I hate to disturb
you mad scientists,
but I have something
for you to do.
H ello, George.
Password: I'm back.
Lights on, please.
Welcome home, Mr. Toffler.
Do a search
on Madeline Renard.
( passing siren )
Search complete
on Renard, Madeline.
Play, read, view,
print, or store the result?
Read and store everything
and give me what you got
on Xchange.
International Commission
on Mind Xchange.
Play it.
Renard: And I cannot stress
strongly enough
that this technology
is too important
to be used simply as
a corpie travel perk
and a sneaky way to relax
work safety rules. What--
George, skip to the end,
then back up 30 seconds
and play it.
What about pure research?
There could be
medical applications.
We have to think
about it.
It's our responsibility.
George: Two individuals
at the door.
Male, identities unknown.
Mr. Toffler, this is
police officer Walsh.
May we talk to you? We believe
we've found your body.
Show your I Ds, please.
Badges authenticated,
but voice analysis
does not match.
George, clear.
Sorry to disturb you
like this, sir.
I think it'd be better
if you came downtown with us.
No problem.
Just have to turn off
the stove.
- George.
- Waiting.
Officer: Won't your computer
take care of that?
It's an upgrade.
Can't get it to do
a damn thing.
Playtime !
( shrill siren )
Crimescan is activated.
Sonic stun complete.
Audio and infrared video
is being made.
Where'd he go, Freddy?
I don't know!
There he is !
( rapid gunfire )
I repeat, Crimescan
has been activated.
Got you, Toffler!
( shots resume )
Lights on !
Aah !
Police ! Drop it!
- Drop it!
- Wait.
Fucking cop killer!
H e's toast.
God, I hate these things.
Playtime !
( shrill siren )
Security normal.
George: Sir, shall I return
to search on Madeline Renard?
Pistol: Warning.
U nauthorized user.
Fucking safety features.
Gimme a hand.
( gunshot )
( gunshot )
( rattling )
So, what's floating,
boss man?
I'll tell you
what's floating.
Because you fucked up,
Freddy's dead,
and now we have to use our
last seeker missile on Toffler.
And how do you propose
we find him?
I've got his own
I D Xchange data.
If he wears his real I D,
then the cops'll get him.
If he wears his Xchange,
then this missile will.
What if he
isn't wearing either?
That's a good point.
That's a really good point.
If he's not wearing either,
then you owe me S250,000
for this missile,
mace face.
Dickerson: Look, I'm gonna
ask you one more time,
Miss De Waay.
Did Toffler steal that body?
Technically, yes.
H e's not legally allowed
off the compound.
There's a world of difference
between ''technically''
and sic'ing the hounds on him !
Now, I want all the data
from your psych screens,
and I want them now.
Agent Dickerson.
Seems to me
you're up a little early
for someone who's working
the graveyard shift.
Maybe if you got some sleep
instead of threatening
law-abiding citizens,
you'd get farther
in this world.
Piece of advice:
Be nice to me.
Who knows, maybe I'll put in
a good word for you
next time I play golf
with the Attorney General.
If you any more questions,
my assistant Walt Simons
will be happy to help you.
( siren approaching )
H ey!
Get up here !
Where's your I D?
Go punch in
and get a hardhat.
H ey, Fisk!
What's up?
Check it out.
That's it.
H e's got the I D on.
( more sirens )
Toffler to himself:
They must be tracking
my I D.
Oh, my God !
No, it's okay.
They're solar batteries.
They last a couple of days.
They could still get them.
You know something, Rix?
I hate optimists.
Well, can't you just--
Just get back to me,
all right.
The police had him,
they lost him.
Well, great.
I guess I'm going
to N ew York.
If you need me,
that's where I'll be.
Oh, and Walt,
go down and get measured
for your radiation suit.
I'm looking
for Madeline Renard.
I'm afraid you have
the wrong address.
I don't have much time.
Who are you?
I'm in a G.E.F.
My real body
was stolen.
They're trying
to kill me.
Please enter the building.
( signal tone )
My machine has found
weapons on you.
Place your bag
on the floor
and step back 1 0 feet.
You may enter now.
It's a voice simulizer.
I have a lot of enemies.
I'm listening.
Okay, okay, this is the part
where the security camera
gets shot out.
So it's anyone's guess
how it ended,
but its my guess
he was defending himself.
H mm, fine.
Now prove it.
Meanwhile, I've got
two dead cops
shot by a fugitive
wanted for body theft.
Oh, come on,
that charge was bullshit!
I talked to Xchange.
They lost his body
and he panicked.
Dickerson, do you mind
telling me one thing?
Who's authorizing
this investigation?
I am.
you are screwed.
What can I do?
I can get you
on the N ews N etwork.
How will that help?
Well, every time
something's gone wrong,
Xchange has paid
the people off.
Now we've got them
red handed.
And you are
the smoking gun.
Yeah, but how
will that help me?
Don't you want to stop it
from happening to someone else?
Right no, I want to stop
this from happening to me.
And how about the police?
I can't. I'm wanted.
It's a little difficult
to explain.
Oh, and they're probably
on their way here right now.
No, I can't be tracked.
Let me see.
We gotta do it quick
or they'll be able
to find me.
The purple one is mine
and the orange one
came with this body.
Purple, huh?
So you're some
high level corpie?
What difference
does that make?
Is that you in there?
Mr. Corp himself.
Oh, I'm sure Xchange
would be
''deeply saddened to have any
role in this tragic accident.''
What was it again?
'' No matter how slight
or circumstantial''?
Maddie, please,
I know this seems ironic.
No, it's not ironic.
It's just.
It's the first time
I've ever heard of it
to the right person.
I need your help.
You corpies, you think
your own little success
proves the corporate
system works.
Who do you think you are?
You waltz in here
and you expect me
to save your ass?
You're right, okay?
Is that what you want
to hear?
That I'm overprivileged?
That I'm sorry?
Okay, I'm sorry.
Now I have
30 hours to live.
Will you help me?
I really need
to think about this.
Think about what, Madeline?
It's me, Stuart.
Doesn't that mean anything?
There was never anything
and you made that
perfectly obvious !
I need your help
or I'm dead.
I'll do anything you ask.
You'll give access
to internal documents
with the ranking
above C-7?
Will you?
And you'll appear
in court
and on TV
to authenticate them?
Whatever you want.
Now we just
have to find Fisk,
and I can finally
nail Xchange.
( buzzing )
So you really think
Xchange would try to kill me?
Of course they would.
Word gets out
they lost your body,
they're out of business.
What about Fisk?
Why would he want
to kill you?
Wait a minute.
Maybe he's already
killed somebody.
What do you mean?
At the San Francisco
press conference
Quayle Scott knew
who I was.
Don't you work for him?
I was in another body.
Quayle Scott didn't know
he was talking
to Stuart Toffler.
H e thought he was
talking to Fisk.
So he knows Fisk.
Wait, wait, wait.
Quayle Scott hired Fisk
to kill his own father!
You won't get away with this.
Not today, not ever.
I'll wait here.
Mr. Scott,
there's a Joshua Lister
from Kinsey-Gebhart
to see you.
All right. Send him in.
Mr. Lister--
Where's Lister?
I'm Stuart Toffler.
I'm afraid
I don't understand.
I think you do.
Somebody stole my body,
and you know who it is.
Do you know
how ludicrous this sounds?
You have exactly
30 seconds
to get out of my office
before I call security.
That would be fine.
Because then I'll tell the cops
how you hired James Fisk
to murder your own father.
I really have no idea
what you're talking about.
At the press conference
in San Francisco,
you knew who I was
before we were even introduced.
You were shocked,
because you thought
I was Fisk.
Was I?
You see it's hard to prove
what I was thinking.
You want to risk it?
The Feds are already
looking your way.
Okay, I'm listening.
I don't care about you
or your father.
I don't care
about any of this.
I just want
my body back.
So just tell me
where Fisk is
and you'll never hear
from me again.
You want your body?
Turn around.
It's weird, huh, Stuie?
I was right.
Bully for you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't shoot him here.
This is my office.
Come on, what am I supposed
to tell the cops?
You don't get it, do you?
The cops are looking
for Toffler.
For me.
A crazy body thief
breaks into your office.
H im.
We can just blast away
and get away Quayle Scott free.
I like it.
Go ahead.
Put it down.
Tell him to put it down.
Put-put the gun down.
I'll put it down.
You're never going
to get away with this.
You're breaking
your arm, Toffler.
I don't feel a thing.
Security's on its way.
Shut up.
( thumping )
Oh my God.
You're coming with me.
I don't think so.
What are you going to do,
shot you?
H i.
I think you shouldn't
go there.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Mr. Scott.
Stuart, wake up.
Come on.
Come on.
And that's for dumping me.
H ere.
Don't take it personally.
It's my ass here, too.
I don't see him.
N ice ass.
H uh? No, he's not here.
H elp!
What are you doing?
- Please help me !
- Maddie !
I like that.
Let's go.
You were right
about Quayle and Fisk.
Yeah, but why does Quayle
still have Fisk hanging around?
Well, obviously killing Dad
was part one.
Why does Quayle Scott
want to kill me?
I only have
26 hours to live.
Don't flatter yourself.
It has to be
something corporate.
What's that supposed to mean?
Something corporate.
It's a power struggle.
You saw Finerman back there.
They hate each other.
Where can we
find this guy?
You want to see a polo match,
you go to the polo grounds.
Let's go.
( beeping )
H ey, buddy,
give me a hand with my luggage?
Thanks a lot,
I appreciate that.
H ello, we have to have
a word with our associate.
Excuse me--
H e's expecting us.
H i, Ross.
Who are you?
I'm Stuart Toffler
and you know Madeline Renard.
Mr. Finerman,
please don't do that.
You may be the only person
who can help us solve
Eisner Scott's murder.
What about Eisner?
We think we know
who killed him.
Quayle Scott.
H e hired a terrorist
named James Fisk to do it.
Look, he may be
a devious little shit,
but I can't believe
he'd kill his own father.
Anyway, what does it
matter to you?
Fisk just tried to kill me
in Quayle's office.
Fisk has my body.
And if I don't get it back
by tomorrow, I'm dead.
Do you know of any reason
why he would want
his father out of the way?
No really,
unless it's
the Xchange deal.
You said you were going
to make Toffler disappear.
If he shows up
with that Renard bitch,
there is no merger!
Quayle wants to buy Xchange.
H e thinks he can
force Congress to deregulate it.
Open Xchange
to the common man.
Make a fortune.
Just relax.
I never said
it was going to be easy.
But if it's worth doing,
it is worth the struggle.
Well, Eisner thought
the technology was a time bomb.
God, that's the last
thing we wanted.
It took him years to unload
those damn theme parks.
You didn't seem to mind
the killing your old man part.
H uh?
Oh, I forgot, that was more than
just business,
that was oedipal.
Now look,
even if you're right,
the board is with me.
Not Quayle.
And they won't approve it
no matter what he does.
When is the next
board meeting?
Tomorrow at three.
The Malliot-Wilton.
Tick, tick, tick,
tick, tick...
Beautiful, huh?
It definitely belongs
in a museum, Rix.
All right,
you flip up the red cover
and it's armed--
Yeah, I know, okay, I know.
And then I flip the switch...
and no more board room.
Excuse me, sir,
you can't just come in--
I thought I told you
Walt Simons was handling this.
If you'd been
cooperative with me,
I wouldn't
have to do this.
This is bullshit.
Say hi to the Attorney General
for me, Miss De Waay.
we've just been subpoenaed.
Tell me something good, fast.
Okay, I figured out
a way to track Toffler.
I'm listening.
logged on an uplink
to the satellite.
We should be able to start
tracking him in three hours.
Well, make it two
and you're off my shit list.
No wonder Fisk was able
to steal my body.
Quayle's in bed
with Xchange,
so they can do
whatever they want.
Would you like some wine?
You sure picked a bad time
to start floating.
Think they chose you
or a reason?
Wrong place, wrong time.
If you're a terrorist,
what better place to hide
than somebody else's body?
Especially yours.
You're welcome.
You know, I've never
asked you this,
how does it feel
to be in a G.E.F.'s body?
H ere.
Thank you.
It's like...
you're wearing
a new hat.
It looks good,
it feels good,
but it's not you.
And then
you start thinking,
well, maybe
it's not the hat,
maybe there was never
any of you to begin with.
So you think Quayle's gonna
try to kill Finerman?
Well, if he's willing
to kill his father,
why would he stop there?
If we don't stop Fisk,
more innocent people
could die.
You amaze me, Toffler.
You know, I thought I had you
all figured out,
and there you go and turn into
a human being on me.
Thanks, I think.
H ey, don't give up.
A corpie never gives up.
You know,
we really don't like
that expression.
And who's we?
We corpies.
No, I can't, I'm sorry.
I can't.
It's that body,
it's just, it's not you.
It's not really you.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
( ringing )
Voice: H ello.
That's a nice voice simulizer,
Miss Renard.
Dickerson, FBI.
- How did you--
- Oh, come on, we're the Feds.
Caller encryption
doesn't work on us.
Listen, I'm kind of
busy right now.
You better be:
A blind tip just came in
with your address
posted on the Police website.
My guess is Xchange
put it there.
So my suggestion is to you,
to get the hell out of there.
Thank you.
There's something
you should know.
There's a D.A.M.
board meeting tomorrow
and we think
Fisk is gonna try something.
Like what?
Killing Ross Finerman.
Maybe killing them all.
Listen to me, Miss Renard,
why don't you just come in?
I mean, there's nothing
I can do for--
How did they find you?
Your I Ds are shielded.
No no.
You can't shield this.
Okay, we better go.
It doesn't matter
where we go,
they'll be able
to track me.
We have to get
this thing off.
How does it feel?
Does it feel numb?
Let's just do this.
Wait, be careful.
Don't damage it, or I won't know
how long I've got.
- Okay.
- Ready, set...
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
( groaning in pain )
Wait a second.
Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Oh, my God !
Are you all right?
Yes, yes, yes.
Where do we go from here?
Hotels aren't gonna work,
not with the whole city
looking for me.
Who do you know
that no one else knows?
Well, I know someone,
but I don't think
you're gonna like her.
( humming )
H ello?
H i, Gloria, Stuart Toffler.
Sugar pie !
You know,
I had a feeling you'd call.
Look, can I come over
to your place?
Aren't we eager?
Oh, it's a little late.
Listen, Gloria, please.
I don't have a lot of time
in this body.
I'm in a G.E.F.
A G.E.F!
Whoa-ho, meet me
at my apartment,
and don't stop
for coffee.
Maybe it's a bad idea.
It's better than getting caught
violating the curfew.
Look, we'll spend
the night,
in the morning
we'll go to the hotel and wait.
H ere I am.
This is the real me.
- Gloria?
- Yeah.
H i.
- Wow.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, I see you
brought a friend.
Yeah, this is Madeline,
Gloria. Gloria, Madeline.
Gloria: Mmmm...
So, is that
your fulltime body?
Yes, in fact, but I only
drive it on the weekends.
So, listen,
it's great to see you...
It's very good
to see you.
...but I am exhausted.
Oh, don't you worry
I'll take care of that.
You just come with me.
You can rest
on the couch, Marilyn.
( moaning within )
I've never been
with a G.E.F. before.
You know these
floater friends of mine...
They have their own
body transfer machine.
And you know, sugar pie...
Gloria, please--
I know what it's like
to be a man.
Listen, I can't do this
right now.
Are you still going to have
this body tomorrow?
I really hope not.
Oh, no, you hope so!
You see,
I get the party tomorrow.
That's how they keep
from getting caught by the Feds
with their bootleg machine.
They just move it
from place to place.
So, how about it?
What do you say?
Haven't you ever wondered
what it feels like to be a woman?
I guarantee you,
once you've tried being a woman,
you'll regret being a man.
Gloria, stop it!
Please, I have a lot
on my mind.
You weren't like this
in San Francisco.
We'll do it again
some other time, okay?
There's coffee in there,
Yeah, whatever.
Well, I gotta run.
Ciao, sugar pie !
Sleep well, sugar pie?
Nothing happened.
We just talked.
It doesn't matter to me.
After today, we're done.
Gimme a break, Madeline.
I don't care, all right?
Come on.
We're taking her car.
And put this on.
I borrowed this
from Gloria's closet.
You don't want to be recognized,
do you?
Fisk had better be there.
H ey, don't worry.
We'll put you
back together again.
All the king's horses
and all the king's men.
There's your body.
Let's go.
Are you all right?
How long have I been out?
Oh, I can answer that.
But don't worry,
you're not gonna
last that long.
Gimme that toy, would you?
I'm about to win a game.
I'm happy for you.
What are you doing?
H ey!
( hissing )
Pretty potent stuff, huh?
Can I have that detonator?
See this?
If I open this up
and press this button,
the whole world changes.
You found your way around
the Yamashta screen, didn't you?
Yes, I did.
You're so smart.
We assembled the bomb
in the conference room.
It's cool.
What does it fee like?
All your school connections
and family ties,
all your corpie buddies.
None of them help you now,
do they?
Do you feel that?
That powerlessness?
Because other than corpies,
that's what we all feel like
all the time !
That's what they will
never understand.
You're not agreeing with him,
are you?
Not with his methods,
but his argument is sound.
Yeah, see, Rix?
That is a kindred spirit.
So you do all this
to undermine the system, huh?
I just like to kill corpies.
It empowers me.
It's a great debate.
Can we just kill them now?
No, we can't.
We have to wait for little
big man to show up,
so he can watch.
You know, you corpies are all
a bunch of sadistic fucks.
See these keys?
They're the only things
that open this door.
And this one's mine.
And this one's yours.
Tick, tick, tick, tick...
I'll be back.
Would you relax?
Or have a drink,
have a cigarette.
Fisk just called me
from the plant.
Everything is under control.
Toffler and Renard will vanish
within the hour.
What about Fisk?
What if the Feds get their hands
on Mr. Fisk?
What would you have me do?
Want me to go down there
and blow his brains out?
H ey, that's a good idea.
Just you wait until
he's finished his job, okay?
Where would I be
without you?
Oh, baby, that's easy.
In corporate limbo,
where I found you.
Your father wouldn't even
return your calls, remember?
Oh, God, I'm such an idiot.
I never should have dragged you
into any of this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
No, stop saying you're sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't love you
the first time.
But I do now.
So let's not give up.
Oh, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
The monofilament.
It's in my pocket.
- Which pocket?
- I think it's in my pocket.
Come on.
- Which pocket?
- Reach in this pocket.
If you say you're just happy
to see me, I'll kill you.
Very funny.
I got it!
Okay, now take it out.
But be careful,
don't hurt yourself.
I have it.
Now cut me free.
No, I can't see
to cut your rope.
Just feel for it.
- I don't know.
- Come on, do it!
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Okay.
- Okay, I got it.
( yelping )
What, what did I hurt you?
It's okay, turn around.
I'm all right.
Okay, 1 , 2, 3, okay.
- ( screaming )
- It's okay, it's okay.
- I'm sorry!
- It's all right.
- I didn't want to do that.
- We're both free.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. H ere.
Take this now
and go try to open up the door.
Go, please go.
There's nothing to cut here.
It's just a keyhole.
Now we're trapped.
H ere.
U se that to pick up the key
and then open the door quickly.
What are you doing?
It's not my body.
No, you can't do this.
Please, we gotta get out.
Now, stand back.
No, don't do this !
( screaming )
What are you doing?
Oh, my--
Oh, my God.
Are you all right?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
- Okay.
- We have to go.
Okay, I'll get the key.
Come on.
We've got to find Fisk.
I'll take care of him.
Find a phone and call Dickerson
and warn him about the bomb.
Go. Go.
This is agent Dickerson.
Please leave a message
after the tone.
this is Madeline Renard.
There's a bomb in the hotel
at the board meeting this aft--
That was a mistake.
Goodbye, lady.
Look, we all know that
Toffler is unstable.
H e never should have floated,
so let's just forget about him.
What if he's right?
H i.
Well, well, well,
my two favorite people.
What have we here, huh?
This is the answer
to all of our problems.
And I thought
killing dear old dad was fun.
Stuart, are you all right?
H i, there.
You just don't get it, do you?
It's just so easy.
I seemed to have
misplaced my I D.
Have you seen it?
Toffler, are you all right?
Go get the car.
H urry.
Get the hell out of the way!
H ey, there, sir.
Everyone get out!
There's a bomb in here !
Everyone get out!
This is probably just Toffler.
Oh, shit!
Well, get out!
Lister, you're fired !
Out, out! Everybody out!
We can make it.
Quick, let's go to Xchange.
( screeching )
( honking horn )
Come on !
Back up. H urry!
Watch out.
Come on. Come on, Maddie.
Go! Go! Faster!
Xchange is too far.
We won't make it in time.
Ok, turn here.
Now, turn !
Where are we going?
- Gloria's !
- What?
Just keep going !
Get us out of here.
Come on ! Go!
Maddie, watch out!
( honking horn )
Jesus, Maddie, watch out!
Nobody moves.
Where's Gloria?
Get out of my way.
- Gloria !
- Right here.
Move it.
Marilyn, honey
Where's the machine?
It's in the other room.
- Can you make it work?
- Yes, of course I can.
Okay, do it. Quick!
- Okay.
- Come on !
Come on, this is an emergency.
Move it.
Hold him !
I said hold him,
Hold him !
Put the head gear on him.
Oh, my God,
please hurry.
Come on, do it.
I'm trying.
How long does it take?
It takes as long as it takes.
What's going on?
It's started.
- Is it working?
- Yes, it's working.
Is it you?
It's me.
( gasping )
Check your telltale, Fisk.
You're dead.
( chuckling )
Weird, eh, Stuie?
It's gonna be okay, Madeline.
Look out!
Ow, Jesus !
I really fucked you up, huh?
( crackling )
So, sugar pie,
this is your real body?
You know what?
Bug off.
Some other time.
- H ey.
- H ey.
- H i.
- H i.
H i, Mr. Toffler.
That's me.
Come on.
Mechanical voice: The cellular
number you have reached,
Quayle Scott:
Quayle Scott,
Mechanical voice: has been
terminated until further notice.