X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Watch over him!
As everyone knows, the existence
of mutants was first discovered
during the Paris Peace Accords
after the Vietnam war in 1973.
6 days later, we all watched
as one of those mutants...
Erik Lehnsherr, attacked the president
and the cabinet
on the lawn of the White House.
Their lives were saved by
a young mutant, who stopped him.
Now, Lehnsherr escaped and became
the world's most wanted fugitive.
And as for her,
she disappeared as well.
But, she has become
the symbol of a new age.
The face of a world
that will never...
- ...be the same again.
- You winking at my girl?
Yes, the world is panicked.
- Your girl.
- ... and there is still some prejudice.
- I guess you do look old enough
- But today,
- to be her father.
- mutants are found in all walks of life.
Excuse me, gentlemen, is there
something that you would like
to be sharing with
the rest of the class?
Can I please go to the bathroom.
I think there's something
seriously wrong with my eyes.
Fine, Scott, and afterward,
why don't you stop by
the principals office and explain to him
that you're disrupting the class again.
I trust you know the way.
- Yeah, I do.
- Okay.
Hang on. Hang on.
Now, I know most of you were what?
Around 7 years old at that time.
I know you're in here.
Are you crying?
I haven't even kick your ass yet.
You want to eyeball my girl?
10 fights.
10 victories.
The Winged Warrior.
The Bird of Prey.
The Angel of Death.
A round of applause for fat boy!
Our next opponent
comes directly
from Circus Munich.
FIGH Ladies and gentlemen.
The one who could face an Angel
is the devil himself!
The amazing,
the fantastic,
High voltage.
Sorry, mutants!
You lost, little girl?
The fight is there.
Or they'll kill us both.
It's getting exciting.
Ah, you mean this.
- Nightcrawler!
- Nightcrawler!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Come with me.
Hold it!
They went over there!
You can transform.
- You're her, the hero.
- I'm nobody.
I'm not a hero.
Let's get out of here.
Have a good night, Henryk
Same to you, Milosz.
Hi, my love.
Good day?
Better now.
- Where's Nina?
- At the back.
With her friends.
Where did you learn that song, Papa?
I learned it from my parents.
And they learned it from their parents.
And them from theirs.
And one day,
you will sing it to you children too.
What happened to them, your parents?
They were taken from me,
when I was a little boy.
But, they are still here, inside.
And here...
with you.
Is someone going to take you away?
I guess we're more
alike than we thought.
He won't listen to us.
- He just... He's been...
- Scott.
Let me try.
Smells pretty old in here.
Is this a school or museum.
One more, and last one.
Watch where you're going.
I can't...
- What? Who are you talking to?
- Me.
I just heard you in my head.
- I'm telepathic, I read minds.
- Well, stay out of mine.
I don't need some weird girl
creeping around in there.
Don't worry, Scott,
there's not much to see.
Hey, wait.
I didn't tell you my name.
No, you didn't.
Alex Summers?
Hank McCoy!
What happen to the big blue... furry you?
I, keep it under control now.
- This is my brother, Scott.
- Hey, Scott.
I'm Hank McCoy.
I'm one of the teachers here.
Where's the Professor?
... to break forth bloodily, then the past
must be obliterated and a new start made.
Let us now start fresh
without remembrance,
rather than live forward and
backward at the same time.
Now, what are the aggrieve things
that the author meant
when he wrote all that?
That's going to be your
assignment for tomorrow.
Top marks, everyone.
Class dismiss.
- Alex, it's good to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
You look... well.
It's been a while.
It has.
You're not too bad yourself.
Thank you.
This is my brother, Scott.
Hello, Scott.
Welcome to the school for the gifted.
It doesn't exactly feel like a gift.
It never does, not at first.
The first step in understanding
one's power is learning the extent of it.
Only then, can we begin the process
of teaching you how to control it.
If you do decide to stay,
I can promise you that by
the time you are done here
you'll be able to go back into the world
and play a stable productive partner.
Why don't you take your bandages off
and we can have a look
at what we're dealing with here.
Alex, would you line him up.
Face him in the right direction if you will.
There's a target just across the water.
When you open your eyes,
try and hit that.
You can open your eyes, Scott.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
It's quite...
Get back!
Get back.
Get back.
My grandfather planted that tree
when he was 5 years old.
I used to swing from
the branches then myself.
I think that was probably
my favourite tree.
- Does that mean I'm expel?
- On the contrary.
You're enrolled.
Do you sell carpets?
You cannot come in here.
The carpet is for sale?
I said...
Back to bed, please, my darling.
- Back to bed.
- She's doing it again.
Back to bed, please, everyone.
Jessie, back to bed, please.
Come on, now.
Spitzbolt, back to bed.
Carrie Anne, come on, now.
Back to bed.
- I've never seen her like this.
- Well, I do.
Don't let any of the children
come this way.
JEAN !!!
I saw the end of the world.
I could feel all this death.
It was just a dream.
- But, it felt real.
- I know.
Your mind is the most powerful
I've ever seen.
- It can convince itself...
- No, it's not
just a mind reading or a telekinesis,
it's something else.
Some... dark power inside
and it's growing, like a fire.
- I thought I was getting better.
- You are. You will.
- You just have to be patient.
- No. No.
You don't know what it's like
to be afraid to shut your eyes.
- To be trapped inside your own head.
- Oh, but I think I do.
It wasn't so long ago,
that I was plagued by voices of myself.
All their suffering.
All their pain.
Their secrets.
I'm afraid one day
I am going to hurt someone.
Lie back.
Everyone fears that
which they do not understand.
You will learn to control your powers.
And when you do,
you'll have nothing to fear.
Her nightmares were different this time.
Well, it could have count for something
I saw while I was in my lab earlier.
There was some kind of tremor.
Like an energy surge.
- I picked it up on one of my meters.
- You're saying that Jean created it.
No, I'm saying something else did.
Maybe she was reacting to it,
I don't know.
But, the Epicenter was
half way around the world.
- Half way around the world?
- Yeah.
That's why I was hoping
you could take a look.
Let's see what we can find.
Welcome Professor.
The source came from Cairo.
I'll put in the coordinates.
I got to get out of here
and give them a report.
What is it?
Something happened here,
I can tell it's real.
- It's her.
- Who?
- Moira.
- What?
- Moira MacTaggert?
- Mm-hm.
- And give me the details?
- Well, she looks amazing.
- She's barely aged a day.
- No. I meant...
What is she doing there?
What's the CIA doing with this?
She's going back to Langley
to deliver a report.
I'm going to go there,
see if she knows something
about the tremor.
You'll wind up seeing Moira.
I want to go check her out,
check out... the situation.
Moira MacTaggert.
It's like a ghost from the past.
You did a good thing,
you saved that man.
That's not the point.
If I'm exposed,
we're all exposed.
We have to go.
This is our home.
This is our daughter's home.
We are our home.
I told you who I was,
the first night I met you.
I trusted you then.
I need you to trust me now.
We can't stay here anymore.
I'll get Nina.
She's not in her room.
And I don't see her
at the back.
- Nina!
- Nina!
- Nina!
- Nina!
Are you okay?
She is fine.
- Then, let her go.
- We will.
We just wanted to talk.
You are not wearing your badges.
No metal.
Some men from the factory said
they saw something today.
Something that made no sense.
Keep your weapons.
You have been a good citizen, Henryk.
A good neighbor, good worker.
- I believe you are.
- He is.
But nobody in town
really knows who you are.
Everyone knows.
I'm Henryk Gurzsky.
Jacob, I even had dinner at his house.
And you lied all the time.
I let a murderer in my house
Is that you?
Are you the one called Magneto?
I surrender.
Let my daughter go.
Go with your mother.
Don't leave me.
- I'm not going to let them take you.
- Nina.
What's happening?
She is one of them.
Make her stop.
She can't control them.
- Nina.
- Please.
She's frightened.
I'm not letting them take you!
I'm not letting them take you!
Make it stop!
No, Nina!
Please. Please. Please.
What have you done?
Not my babies.
Not my babies.
Is this what I am?
Is this what I am?
You know what we do with thieves?
Choose a hand.
If you are with her,
I suggest you go away.
Go away.
Who rules this world?
What language is that?
What do you want?
Go away!
You feel it, don't you?
Now, you feel it.
So, you really haven't
seen her in all these years?
You never looked her up?
Not even in Cerebro?
Who do you take me for?
Some kind of pervert?
Yes, I looked her up once.
But, not in a long time. Alright?
How'd you leave things?
- Any hard feelings?
- Not likely.
Everybody take a break.
I wiped her mind off
all memories of us.
The beach, Cuba,
that whole time.
It's so long ago, Alex.
Before the world knew about mutants,
I have felt...
it was the best thing for her.
And for you?
It didn't really matter
what's best for me.
Moira MacTaggert.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Professor...
Charles Xavier
- I know exactly who you are
- You do?
Of course I do.
I've read all of your papers.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
- Moira MacTaggert.
- Alex Summers.
Have a seat.
Just, throw that on the floor.
It's wonderful to see you again.
To-To meet you again
for the first time.
You got a son?
- Yes.
- Does he have a husband or...
Do you have a husband?
I had a husband, but...
It's hard to do this job and
make it home in time for dinner.
We all make choices, right?
Yes, we do.
- Professor.
- Yes?
Yes. I was... we were hoping
that you would tell us about
what happened yesterday in Egypt.
I'm afraid that's classified information.
And, I don't mean to be rude,
How did you get in here?
I have level 5 clearance.
Ever since the world found out
about mutants in '73,
there have been cults who see them
as some kind of second coming
or sign of god.
I was tracking one of them.
They called themselves,
Ashir En Sabah Nur,
named after an ancient being
they believed to be the world's first.
The world first's what?
The world's first mutant.
I thought mutants didn't
evolve until this century
That's the common theory, yes.
But, these guys believe that
the first mutant was born
ten of thousands of years ago.
And they believe he will rise again.
They've been searching ancient sites
all round the world for clues.
These hieroglyphs described a specific set
of powers greater than any man can possess.
They think he lived all that time?
Yes and no.
They believe he had the ability
to transfer his consciousness
from body to body,
and whenever he was close to death
he would just take on a new body.
So, these may have been the bodies of
mutants enabling him to take their powers
amassing varies abilities over the years.
- An all powerful mutant.
- Exactly.
And wherever this being was,
he always had 4 principle followers.
Protectors he would imbue their powers.
Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
- He got that one from the Bible.
- Or the Bible got it from him.
And wherever he ruled,
eventually, it would end in disaster.
Some kind of... Apocalypse.
The end of the world.
I must say, Apollo.
The way you ape
human behavior is remarkable.
Get out.
Come one.
Come on.
Come on.
I've never seen another
mutant in this city.
Do you speak Egyptian?
Great fighter.
She's my hero.
I want to be like her.
There's some food here,
not much.
I don't believe it.
You love me.
Love you?
Be logical.
I'm not some simple
shepherdess you can awe.
Why, I could no more love you than
I could love a new species of...
What are you doing?
In the streets there is outrage against
the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan...
The brotherhood of our kind.
One of them was held in Boston.
Since the act in the nuclear weapons,
the United States does not start fights...
Never before has man
possess so much power.
With Soviet Union and the
United States being superpowers...
The weak have taken the Earth.
For this, I was betrayed.
False gods.
No more.
I have returned.
The new tomorrow,
that starts today.
Where did you come from?
The time before man lost his way.
Welcome to the 80s.
This world needs to be...
You can't save the world,
just going around killing people.
There's laws, system and place
for that kind of thing.
My child, why do you enslave yourself?
- What are you doing?
- Making you stronger.
My goddess.
You were right.
The time has passed.
There is no room for gods.
- Why can't I go with you.
- I told you, I work alone.
Wait there.
Always good to see your face,
even if it's not yours.
Papers and passage for me.
Where is the gentleman going,
may I ask?
Don't matter, don't care.
I just saved his life, what
he does with it is up to him.
- Mystique, the mercenary.
- Don't call me that.
No matter how much you
pretend to be someone else,
Caliban knows who you are.
If there's anything worth knowing
about mutants, Caliban knows it.
Why don't you ask your psychics
what will happen if you keep pushing me.
What will happen?
Psylocke gets a little jealous.
- 'Cause Caliban likes you.
- Caliban likes money.
Caliban likes you so much,
he wants to give you free information.
About an old friend.
From back when you have friends.
Do you remember, Erik Lehnsherr?
My girls had a flash
of him in Poland.
He left quite a few
dead bodies in his wake,
including his wife and daughter.
Should be on the news soon enough.
Caliban gives you a little head start.
How fast are you?
- How fast?
- How far can you cover?
Uh, as far as I can see,
- or if I've been there before.
- Come with me Crawler.
Actually it's Nightcrawler,
and my real name is...
... Kurt Wagner.
The lenses are made up of some
ruby quartz I have lying around.
They should be able to refract
your optic beams
and keep them contain
within their own vector fields.
Try them on.
Okay, go ahead.
Wait. Wait.
Sorry, no.
- Now?
- Yeah, you're good.
I can see.
Thank you.
Professor, thank you.
You're a genius.
No, I'm... not a professor.
I wish.
Who's that?
I believe you two have met,
that's Jean Grey.
You bumped into her
when you arrived.
- Wait, that's her?
- Yeah.
You can see.
It's not as bad as I thought here.
- Freak.
- Some one should warn that new kid.
They're still scared of me.
Hey, I have special glasses now!
They're not scared of you,
they're scared of me.
You're not the only one who
can't full control your powers.
Wait, so...
Last night, when the house shook...
That was you?
Sorry to break it to you, but you are
not the biggest freak of this school.
That's a first.
- I... You're...
- Not blue?
It's like you and I have
that in common now.
No. No, I meant...
You're back.
I never thought I would
see you here again.
Yeah, me neither.
I'm blue.
I'm Kurt.
Oh, right.
Kurt Wagner.
We're closed.
I knew I felt
a chill in the air.
How did you get in here?
We let ourselves in.
We are looking for mutants.
Since you know where to find them,
we came here.
Caliban doesn't know you.
We are looking for the strongest.
- Everything alright?
- I'm fine, Psylocke.
How much money do you have?
Like Caliban said...
We are closed, yeah?
I need your help, my child.
You don't look Caliban's father.
Maybe a little bit up here.
You are all my children.
And you are lost, because
you follow blind leaders.
These false gods.
Systems of the weak.
They ruined my world...
... no more.
What do you want?
I want you...
To feel the full reach
of your power.
You've only have a taste
of your true strength.
Unlike others who seek to control you.
I want to set you free.
I know the kind of mutants
you are looking for.
And I know where to find them.
It's my first time in America.
I am very excited
to see your culture.
Well, you are not
going to see it here.
The only thing American about this place
is that it used to be British.
This is Scott.
He is new here too.
And I'm already up
for a prison break.
What do you say we take this
blue guy on a little field trip?
I'm sure there's a mall
around here somewhere.
What's a mall?
What's a mall? Alright.
Now it's a matter of national pride.
- Civic duty.
- Scott.
What? You've been cooped up
here for a long time.
And the Professor is not even home.
I-I like to go to the mall.
- Try it.
- Alright.
Where does he keep his cars?
Faire pisse.
Or should I say, "Piss off"?
- This is the guy?
- He used to be.
I didn't know his wings were...
Let's get out of here.
His fighting days are done.
No, they're not.
What the hell is this?
I want to give you something.
There is nothing you can
give me that I want.
Yes, there is.
Yes, my son.
Rise, my angel.
Hypersonic, blast resistance,
stealth technology.
That's impressive.
How are you ever gonna
get it out of here?
Well, that's okay. I built a
retractable roof into the basketball court.
Hank, you're building
a warplane down here.
After what happened in Washington,
I thought we would come back
to start the X-Men.
Like we always talked about, but...
Charles wants students
not soldiers.
He thinks the best of people.
He has hope.
And you?
You know, I think
we should hope for the best.
And prepare for the worst.
I think the world needs the X-Men.
Maybe, now that you're back
you can help me convince him
- ... we can start it together.
- Hank, I'm here about Erik.
Right. Erik.
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
I think he might be in
some kind of trouble.
Real trouble.
Isn't he always?
Some of you spoke to the police...
About what your believed
you witnessed here yesterday.
You want to know my past?
Know who I am?
See what I can do?
I'll show you.
Think about the person
you love most in your life.
Your wife.
Now that person will know what
it is to lose someone they love.
And live with that pain.
- Forever.
- Henryk, please.
Don't do it.
My name isn't Henryk.
My name is Magneto.
Who the fuck are you?
Stay back.
Whoever you are,
don't try to stop me
from killing these men.
I'm not here for them.
I'm here for you.
Come and see.
This is where your power was born.
And this is where your
people were slaughtered.
You shouldn't have brought me here.
Are you afraid to be here?
You can't escape it, Erik.
Who are you?
Elohim, Shen, Ra.
I've been called many names
over many lifetimes.
I am born of death.
I was there to spark and fan
the flame of man's awakening,
to spin the wheel of civilization.
And when the forest would grow rank
and in need of clearing for new growth...
I was there to set it ablaze.
Where were you?
When my father and mother
were slaughtered in this place?
Trapped in darkness.
I was not there for you, my son.
But I am here now.
You don't know your own strength,
but I do.
Reach down.
Feel the metal in the ground.
Reach, as deep as you can.
You'll find you have the power
to move the very Earth itself.
Everything they've built will fall!
And from the ashes of their world,
we'll build a better one!
Lehnsherr was identified yesterday
in this small town, in central Poland.
Leaders from all communities are
urging their citizens to remain calm
as police and armed forces
are mobilizing
to find Lehnsherr before
he can strike again.
If anyone has information about Lehnsherr,
or as he is also known as Magneto.
Contact you local authorities immediately.
And proceed with caution.
- As he is considered extremely dangerous.
- Peter.
What's up?
- I'm just checking on you.
- I'm good, playing Pac-Man.
Are you sure
you weren't watching this?
The world was celebrating 10 years of
peace between mutants and man kind.
You're going after him, aren't you?
You wanted me to get out
of the house more, right?
I can't stop you.
Nobody can.
Trust me.
This won't end well.
Nothing does with him.
I'm not afraid of him.
You should be.
I've read so much about this place.
But being here,
it actually seems kind of...
... familiar.
- It's strange.
- It could be quite.
Shall we?
I'm just saying,
"The Empire" is still the best.
It's the most complex,
the most sophisticated,
wasn't afraid to have a dark ending.
Yeah, but come on. If it
wasn't for the first one
you wouldn't have any of
the rest of the movies.
Well, at least we can all agree
the third one is always the worst.
You in here?
I'd like you to meet the...
I'm sorry, have we met?
Hank, Alex, agent MacTaggert, would
you give us just one moment please?
Of course.
Charles, why didn't she recognize me?
She knew me in this form.
Well. After you left me
on the beach in Cuba,
I took her memories of that time.
Have a sit.
Lucky girl.
It's good to see you, Raven.
- Welcome home.
- This isn't my house.
It was once.
No, it was your home.
I just lived here.
I barely even recognize it now.
Yeah, I have plans for this place.
I mean to turn it
into a real campus.
A university. Not just for mutants,
even for humans too.
Living and working,
... growing together.
You know, I really believed that once.
I really believed we can
change them after DC.
We did.
No Charles.
They still hate and fear us.
It's just harder to see because
they're more polite about it.
I got sick of living that lie.
That's why you're not
in your natural blue form.
I'm not going to be the face
of a world that doesn't exist.
Things are better.
The world is better.
Maybe in Westchester.
Out there, mutants are still running,
hiding, living in fear.
Just because there's not a war
doesn't mean there's peace.
If you want to teach your kids
something, teach them that.
Teach them to fight.
Otherwise, they might as well live
in this house for the rest of their lives.
You still sound just like him.
You sound just like Erik.
That's why I'm here.
He's resurfaced.
He had a wife and a daughter.
They were killed.
Along with a handful of policemen.
The whole world
will be looking for him.
But you can help me
find him before they do.
Moira, I'm going to have to
ask you to keep this a secret.
I don't even know
what this... is.
It's Cerebro.
- The new model.
- Yeah. I based the color on...
It doesn't matter.
What are those?
Those are all the humans
of the world.
And these...
... are all the mutants.
I'm connected to all of their minds.
The CIA would kill for this.
I know they would.
Where are you, Erik?
Hello, old friend.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
I feel your pain.
And your loss.
You think, because
you can see into my head...
... you know how it feels?
You are looking in the wrong place, Charles.
What happened to them,
it was terribly wrong.
But, come back to us.
I can help you.
Help me?
Think of your wife,
think of your daughter.
- What would they have wanted?
- They would have wanted to live.
I tried your way, Charles.
I tried to be like them.
Live like them.
But it always ends the same way.
They took everything away from me.
We'll take everything from them.
He's not alone.
What do you see?
The answer.
Oh my god.
Thank you for letting me in.
Charles, get out!
I have never felt
power like this before.
Charles, get out!
What's going on?
What's happening?
I think...
Someone's taken over Cerebro.
- They've taken control of it.
- To do what?
To connect.
It's always the same.
And now all this.
No more stones.
Not more spears.
No more slings.
No more swords.
No more weapons!
No more systems!
No more!
No more superpowers.
What the hell is going on?
Who's turning the keys?
The men are.
Who agreed with the launch?
Hank, do something!
It won't shut down!
We've lost contact with the
Trident and Polaris subs.
The Air Force is reporting
the same thing.
So much faith in their... tools
and their... machines.
Russia, China, England,
Israel, India.
Everybody's got nukes in the air.
What's the target?
Where are they going?
Straight up.
- Alex.
- What?
Destroy it!
Destroy everything.
Destroy Cerebro!
Wreak havoc.
You can fire your arrows
from the Tower of Babel.
Charles, are you okay?
Hey, asshole!
All will be revealed, my child.
Where did you...?
I was looking for the Professor.
I thought he lived here.
They took him away.
She's the one.
That's her.
Are you sure?
Is she going to help us?
They look up to you.
Right now.
They need you.
That's not what they need.
That's far out.
What happened?
Where's Alex?
Where's my brother?
I'm pretty sure I got everybody.
Alex was closest to the blast.
We're 1 click out.
Alright, boys.
This is it.
Please remain calm.
Medical assistance is on the way.
Please remain calm.
Medical assistance is on the way.
Please remain calm.
Medical assistance is on the way.
Please remain calm.
Medical assistance is on the way.
Moira MacTaggert, CIA!
Thank God you're here!
I want her!
- And her!
- Yes, sir.
Leave the kids.
- What do we do?
- Keep quiet.
X-Ray 7, I'm doing a
final sweep on the ground.
Alright, you!
Are you clear?
Pack them up.
Let's go.
Come on, let's move!
Thanks, Jean.
We got to help them.
- Kurt, can you get us in that thing?
- You want to get in there?
What if the soldiers see us?
Don't worry.
They won't see us, trust me.
Hold on.
Kurt, get us all out of here!
I can't!
When they closed the doors,
there's some kind of electric field.
- It's like Berlin all over.
- Jean, get into the pilots heads.
- Don't let them take off!
- I can't.
I can't reach the pilots.
I can't reach anyone.
We're also getting reports
from Europe and Asia.
This was not just
the US phenomenon.
It seems the entire world has been
disarmed of nuclear weapons.
The Pentagon has confirmed
multiple launches from Russia,
as well as the UK,
Israel and China.
- Look!
- Up there.
So far, there has been
no response from the White House.
Eye witness accounts have been pouring in
from across the globe.
Authorities are not sure if it was
an act of peace or an act of war.
Dear Father.
Hold me in the light of God.
It should have been me.
He was the one who's going to
do something with his life.
He was always the one.
That's not how he felt.
He felt you were the one who's going to
do something special with your life.
That you're going to make
a difference in the world.
Maybe even change it.
How did you know what he felt?
I know what everybody feels.
Hold me in the light of God.
Protect me from danger.
Save me by your command.
Listen to my prayer.
And keep me safe.
You're blocking me.
I can shield their minds
from your power.
It's one of the many gifts I have
acquired through out the millennia.
But to... see...
inside a mind.
To control it.
That's your gift.
You saw it, didn't you?
The glory of what's to come.
Are you going to take part
in all this killing?
- It's all I ever known.
- No, it isn't.
- You've just forgotten.
- No, Charles, I remember.
Your way doesn't work.
I showed him a better way.
A better world.
No, you just tapped into his rage and pain.
That's all you've done.
I told you from the moment I met you,
there's more to you, Erik.
There is good in you too.
Whatever it is you think
you saw in me, Charles.
I buried it.
With my family.
- What?
- What?
What's wrong with you?
Is that going to
happen to all of us?
No, I just left my meds
in the house.
- What happened? Where we are?
- Hey.
- Hello, Mystique.
- Major Stryker.
Colonel Stryker.
I wouldn't get too close
to the wall if I were you.
It may create some... discomfort.
I'm Moira MacTaggert.
I'm a senior officer at the CIA.
I know who you are,
agent MacTaggert.
- You cannot keep me here in this...
- Actually, I can.
A psychic event just destroyed
every nuke from here to Moscow.
That event emanated from
exactly where we found you.
At the home of the world's
most powerful psychic.
So, you're going to tell me.
Where is Charles Xavier?
It's not him
you should be worried about.
There's someone else.
Someone more powerful.
If you let us out of here,
we can help you.
Do you really expect me
to believe that?
You can put on any face
that you want,
but I know who you are.
What you are.
Hey, Moira.
What did you mean when you said
someone more powerful than Charles?
Once he finished this,
we'll go from there.
What's taking so long?
I can't get in.
It has a field around it
like the helicopter.
There's got to be a way
to cut the power.
Charles, you will send a message
to every living mind.
You will tell them that this Earth
will be laid waste.
That it is I, En Sabah Nur,
who wreak this upon them.
Deliver my message.
Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't reach that many people.
I don't have Cerebro.
You don't need a machine...
to amplify your powers.
You have me.
Guys, that could be
our way out of here.
You know him?
I used to.
I'm not so sure anymore.
What was he like?
Was he... like they say he was?
Was he a...
... bad guy?
I mean, yeah.
He was...
Why do you care so much? Did you
see his speech on TV or something?
Yeah, but...
He's my father.
- He and my mom, they...
- Yeah, I know.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Yeah. yeah.
He left my mom before I was born.
I met him 10 years back,
but I didn't know it was him.
By the time I figured it out,
it was too late, you know.
Then, this week I saw him
on TV again.
And, I came to their house
looking for him.
But, by the time I got there...
Late again.
You know, for a guy
who moves as fast as me,
I always seem to be too late.
Let's hope not this time.
Hear me,
inhabitants of this world.
- What is this?
- This is a message.
I think it's the Professor.
A message to every man,
woman and mutant.
You have lost your way.
You have lost your way.
But I have returned.
But I have returned.
The day of reckoning,
it is here.
All your buildings...
All your buildings and temples...
... will fall.
The dawn of a new era will emerge.
For there is nothing you can do...
- Jean.
- ... to stop what is coming.
Jean, if you can hear me,
focus on my voice.
Find us.
Jean, find us.
Cairo. Find us.
This message is for one reason alone.
To tell the strongest among you...
Those with the greatest power.
This earth will be yours.
Those with the greatest power.
Protect those without.
That's my message to the world.
That was Charles doing that
without Cerebro.
Sir, what was that voice?
I know that voice.
It's Xavier, isn't it?
What's going on?
- We don't know!
- We don't know, bro!
He just spoke to me.
- I think he spoke to everyone.
- I can hear him too.
No, no. He just sent
me a hidden message.
One he knew only I would hear.
I know where they are.
Shots fired!
Where's it coming from?
I have intruders in quad 6.
Send a security team
and take them out.
The generator.
It's worth a shot.
There's some kind of animal in there.
It's no animal.
It's a man.
Who is he?
A part of himself
has been taken away.
What do you mean?
I mean, they turned him into...
... some kind of weapon.
Charlie 3, report.
Did you find them?
Turn it down.
Weapon X is loose.
I repeat.
Weapon X is loose.
You sure he's not an animal?
- He's in the central halls.
- Engaging target, Sector 5.
We can't stop h... !
- What are they doing?
- What's going on?
I just lost the feed.
- What's going on here?
- Hey!
I'll be right back.
Stay where you are!
Scott, wait.
I can help you.
What did you do to him?
I found a piece of his past
and gave it back to him.
Just a few memories I could reach.
I hope that's the last
we'd seen of that guy.
- What?
- What?
Stay away from the...
The what?
Th... door...
Stay away from the...
- Get away from the door!
- The door! The door!
On three.
We know where the Professor is.
I think we might have
a way out of here.
Well, you've been busy.
We had a... a little help.
Let's go.
- Watch out!
- Jesus!
Oh, sorry.
This way.
This was meant to be
the center of the universe
before I was betrayed.
It will be.
Hey, Hank. Do you think
you can fly this thing?
Yeah, I can figure it out.
Hey, guys.
Flight suits.
You got your warplane.
Let's go to war.
A gift...
From the past you left behind.
And the future that lies ahead.
You, will reach down, my son,
deep into the Earth.
Rip everything they built
from the ground.
Wipe clean this world.
And we will lead those that survived.
Tinge to a better one.
And me?
Am I to play a role
in this madness?
You have the most
important role of all.
Were you scared?
That day in DC,
were you scared?
But I was scared
on my first mission.
I was on a plane like this
with my friends.
About your age.
We called ourselves the X-Men.
Your brother was there.
We used to call Havoc.
He was a real handful, but...
When it came down to it,
he was very brave.
What happened to the rest
of the kids that went with you?
The X-Men.
Hank and I are
the only ones left.
I couldn't save the rest of them.
I told you, I'm not a hero.
Well, you're a hero to us.
Seeing you that day on TV
changed my life.
My too.
My too.
I mean, I still live in
my mom's basement, but...
Everything else is...
Well, it's pretty much the same.
I'm a total loser.
What we're seeing is a
magnetic phenomenon
on a much larger scale
than we saw in Auschwitz.
The ground is full of magnetic elements.
Iron, nickel, cobalt.
The ocean's floor is
lying with them too.
It's already begun,
at the lowest depths.
Land masses will slow it,
but not for long.
Eventually, cities, urban centers.
Anything built since the
Bronze Age will be wiped away.
The death toll will be billions.
He's talking about the
whole god damn world.
You're just another false god.
And whoever's left to follow you
when this is all over.
They will betray you again.
You're wrong, Charles.
For the first time in a thousand lifetimes...
I have you.
For all my gifts, I've yet to
possess the one I needed most.
To be... everywhere.
To be... everyone.
Seventh wonder, 12 o'clock.
He has the Professor in the
center of the pyramid.
He's going to transfer his
consciousness into the Professor.
If he does that, he'll have the power
to control every mind in the world.
What the hell is that?
It's Erik.
You guys help Nightcrawler
get into the pyramid.
Get Charles.
I'll take care of Erik.
How are you going to
get through that?
I can get you in there.
I came here for him.
Let me help you.
The rest of you, get Charles on
this plane and get him out of here.
- We're not leaving without you!
- Don't worry.
We'll catch up.
Hold on.
Hank, you go with the kids.
- Moira will be waiting on the plane.
- Wait.
Not all of us can fully
control our powers.
Then, don't.
You need to embrace them.
We all do.
Go, join the others.
Protect me until the
transference is complete.
There's an entrance.
It's clear.
Get in there!
In the pyramid.
Split them up.
Kurt, you have to hurry!
I'm trying.
It's like a maze in here.
Kurt, no!
The magnetic field is too strong,
I can't get us in there.
I know you think
you've lost everything.
But, you haven't.
You have me.
You have Charles.
You have more family than you know.
You never had the chance
to save your family before.
But you do now.
That's what I've come here
to tell you.
And you?
I'm your...
I'm here for my family too.
Get out!
Get out!
We're losing him.
I'll be right back.
Scott, glasses on!
Let's go!
- Lock on.
- Here we go.
What the hell was that?
Everyone grab hold of Nightcrawler!
I've never done it
with this many people.
Get us out of here.
Kurt, hurry!
Is he okay?
It's his energy.
He's drained.
Get out.
Get out!
Professor. Professor, it's okay.
You're with us.
It's okay.
I'm going to go fight
for what I have left.
Are you?
There's so much more than you
than you know.
Not just pain and anger.
There's good too.
I felt it.
It's not just me
you're walking away from.
Here you have the chance to be part
of something much bigger than yourself.
And it needs you, Erik.
I know you can hear me.
We're still connected.
Show yourself!
Foolish child.
End him.
(Greater fighter. She's my hero.
I want to be like her... )
The great hero.
- I'm going out there.
- I'm going with you.
- It's me he wants.
- Charles, you can't give yourself up.
If he has you, he has us all.
The whole world.
You are feeble.
Just like the others.
Rescue your weakling!
Give your life,
for their's!
He was right.
There is still some part
of me connected to him.
I can get inside his head.
Will you do nothing?
Thank you for letting me in.
You want what I have?
You want to feel what I feel?
Welcome to my world!
You're in my house now!
You'll need a bigger house.
You betray me.
I betrayed them.
Let's jump.
Cover me.
I got you.
Come on!
You lack strength, Charles.
Come here.
Stay here.
You can't stop him.
Help me!
It's over, Charles.
You're finished.
You're mine now.
You will never win.
And why is that?
Because you are alone.
And I am not!
Let ...
Unleash your power, Jean.
No fear.
Unleash your power!
Let go, Jean!
Jean, let go!
He's getting away.
All is revealed.
Charles! Charles!
- We've lost him!
- Charles.
- He's gone.
- No, Charles.
No, he's not.
I can still feel him.
Thank you, Jean.
Charles, do you know where you are?
I'm on a beach.
In Cuba.
With you.
What beach?
Charles Xavier.
I'm sorry.
I should never have
taken those from you.
Hold on!
What did I miss?
It seems only by the grace of God,
that the ominous destruction...
seen from one end of the globe
to the other, has stopped.
At a debriefing today,
CIA Special Agent Moira MacTaggert...
revealed to an investigative
The committee was further stunned
to learn that fugitive Erik Lehnsherr...
aided in defeating
this powerful and unknown...
I think our prayers were answered.
Thank you, Mr. President.
The potential destructive power
of mutants...
... is sure to fuel new controversy
and debate...
at a time when mutants were becoming
accepted around the world.
Mystique told me he is your father.
Are you gonna tell him?
I might...
one day.
I think for now, I'm just gonna
stick around here for a while.
Me, too.
The world's already begun
rebuilding it's arsenals.
It's human nature, Charles.
I still have hope.
Oh, yes.
I was right about Raven.
I was even right about you.
What about the rest of the world?
Doesn't it ever wake you up
in the middle of the night?
The feeling that one day
they'll come for you...
and your children.
It does, indeed
What do you do when
you wake up to that?
I feel a great swell of pity
for the poor soul...
that comes to my school
looking for trouble.
You're sure I can't convince you
to stay?
You're psychic, Charles.
You can convince me to do anything.
Goodbye, old friend.
Good luck, Professor.
Forget everything you think you know.
Whatever lessons you learned
in school...
whatever your parents taught you.
None of that matters!
You're not kids anymore.
You're not students.
You're X-men.
Weapon X