X Files, The (1998)

Hey, Stevie, you okay?
I got...
I got the wind knocked out of me.
Looks like a cave or something.
Stevie, what's going on?
It's a human skull!
- Toss it up here, dude!
- No way, butt-wipe. This is mine.
Anyway, there's bones
all over the place, man.
What the...
- Hey, Stevie!
- You okay?
Hey, man... let's get out of here!
Give me a fourteen footer!
Captain Miles Cooles.
Got a rescue situation in progress,
out by the old town road IC.
Rope's in the hole.
Let's go. Two down.
What ya got, TC? Talk to me.
Do you see the boy? Talk to me.
Come back, TC. You see the kid?
Danny, check TC's radio.
TC? Glenn, Sal, in the hole.
- Get those people out of here!
- Move them back!
Come on. Move back.
Move back, folks.
I sent four men down there for the boy.
Report is, his eyes had turned black.
Now we have lost communication with my men.
What about my men?
What about my men!
What the hell is this?
It's Bronschweig.
Sir, the impossible scenario
that we never planned for?
Well, we'd better come up with a plan.
We have evacuated the building
and been through it bottom to top.
There's no trace of an explosive
device or anything resembling one.
Have you sent the dogs through yet?
Yes, sir.
Well, send them through again.
All right, guys.
Let's do it again!
Mulder, it's me.
- Where are you, Scully?
- I'm on the roof.
- Did you find anything?
- No, I haven't.
What's wrong?
Well, I just climbed up 12 floors,
I'm hot, I'm thirsty,
and, to be honest, I'm wondering
what I'm doing up here.
You're looking for a bomb.
Yes, I know that...
but the threat was called into the
Federal Building across the street.
I think they have that covered.
Mulder, when a terrorist bomb threat is called in,
the rational purpose of providing that
information is to allow us to find the bomb.
The rational object of terrorism
is to promote terror.
If you'd study the statistics, you'd find a model
behavioral pattern for virtually every case...
where a threat has turned up an explosive device,
and if we don't act in accordance with that
data, if you ignore it, as we have done,
the chances are great that, if there actually
is a bomb, we might not find it.
Lives could be lost.
Jesus, Mulder!
Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully?
The element of surprise.
Random acts of unpredictability.
If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen, or expect
the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities,
we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone
or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized, or easily referenced.
What are we doing up here, Scully?
It's hotter than hell.
I know you're bored in this assignment, Mulder,
but unconventional thinking is only
gonna get you into trouble now.
- What makes you think I'm bored?
- You gotta quit looking for what isn't there.
They have closed the X-Files.
There's procedure to be followed now. Protocol.
Maybe we should call in a bomb threat to Houston.
I think it's free beer night at the Astrodome.
Oh. Now what?
It's locked?
So much for anticipating the unforeseen.
- I had you.
- No, you didn't.
- Oh yeah. I had you big time.
- You had nothing.
Come on, I saw you jiggle the handle.
I saw your face, Mulder.
There was a definite moment of panic.
You have never seen me panic.
When I panic, I make this face.
That was the face.
- You didn't see that face.
- I saw that face. You're buying.
Coke? Pepsi? Saline lV?
Something sweet.
- Scully.
- Scully, I found the bomb.
You're funny. Where are you, Mulder?
I'm in the vending room.
Is that you pounding?
Yeah. You gotta get somebody to open that door.
- Nice try, Mulder.
- Look, Scully, it's in the soda machine.
You have got about 14 minutes
to evacuate this building.
- Come on, Mulder.
- 13.56.
You see a pattern emerging here, Scully?
Hold on, Mulder,
I'm gonna get you out of there.
I need this building evacuated and
cleared out in ten minutes!
I want you to call the fire department and
have them block off the city center in a one-mile radius around the building!
Ten minutes? Don't think! Just pick up
that phone, and make it happen!
This is Security...
This is Special Agent Dana Scully.
l need to speak with SAC Michaud.
He's got the wrong building.
- Where is it?
- He found it in the vending machine.
He's locked in with it.
Scully, you know that face I just showed you?
I'm making it again.
Mulder, move away from the door.
We're coming through it.
Tell me that's just soda pop
in those canisters.
It's just what it looks like.
A big IED.
Ten gallons of astrolite.
Okay. Get everybody out of here.
Clear the area.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Someone's gotta stay here with you.
I just gave you an order. Now, get the hell
out of here and evacuate the building.
Can you defuse it?
Yes, I can.
We got less than four minutes to find out if
you're right. Did you hear what I said?
Get out!
Come on, Mulder.
Mulder, what are you doing?
- Something's wrong!
- Mulder!
- Something's not right.
- Mulder, get in the car. There's no time!
Let's go! Get in the car!
Come on, come on!
Get down!
Next time, you're buying.
In light of Waco and Ruby Ridge,
there is a heightened need at the Attorney
General's office to place the responsibility
as early as possible for the catastrophic
destruction of public property and loss of life due to terrorist activities.
Many details are still unclear, but we're under
some pressure from the Attorney General
to give an accurate picture of what happened,
so that she can issue a public statement.
We know now that five people
died in the explosion: Special--
Special Agent in charge Darius Michaud
who was trying to defuse the bomb,
three firemen from Dallas, and a young boy.
- I'd like to begin--
- Excuse me? Excuse me...
The firemen and the young boy...
they were found in the building?
Agent Mulder, since you weren't able to be on time
for this hearing, I'd like you to step outside,
so that we can hear Agent Scully's version of the facts,
so that she will not be paid the same disrespect.
We had been told the building was clear.
You will get your turn, agent Mulder.
Please step outside.
Sit down.
They're still talking to Agent Scully.
About what?
They're asking her for a narrative. They
wanna know why she was in the wrong building.
She was with me.
You don't see what's going on here, do you?
There's $45 million worth of damage to the city of Dallas.
Lives have been lost.
No suspects have been named.
So, the story that's being shaped is that
this could have been prevented.
They wanna blame us?
Agent Mulder, you and I both know that
if it looks bad, it's bad for the FBI.
Blame has to be assigned somewhere.
If they want somebody to blame, they can
blame me. Agent Scully doesn't deserve this.
She's in there right now saying
the same thing about you.
No. I breached protocol.
I broke contact with the SAC.
I ignored a primary tactical rule
and left him alone with the device.
Agent Scully says it was she who ordered you out
of the building, that you wanted to go back in.
They're asking for you, sir.
Thank you.
Whatever you told them in there, Scully,
you don't have to protect me.
All I told them was the truth.
They're trying to divide us on this,
and we can't let them.
Mulder, they have divided us.
They're splitting us up.
What? What are you talking about?
I have a meeting with OPR, day after tomorrow,
for remediation and reassignment.
They were the ones that put us together.
Because they wanted me to invalidate
your investigations into the paranormal, but...
I think this goes deeper than that now.
This is not about you, Scully.
They're doing this to me.
They're not doing this.
Mulder, I left behind a career in medicine
because I thought that I could...
make a difference at the FBI,
But it hasn't turned out that way.
And now, if they were to transfer me
to Omaha or Cleveland or some...
field office, it just doesn't hold the
interest for me that it once did.
Not after what I have seen and done.
You're quitting.
Maybe you should ask yourself
if your heart's still in it, too.
Agent Mulder, you're up.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
I'd say this about exceeds
your minimum daily requirement.
Whoa. You have got to train
for that kind of heavy lifting.
Poopy day?
what do you do?
- What do I do?
- Mm-hm.
I'm the key figure in an ongoing
government charade.
The plot to conceal the truth about
the existence of extraterrestrials.
It's a global conspiracy, actually, with
key players in the highest levels of power,
And it reaches down into the lives of every
man, woman and child on this planet.
So, of course, no one believes me.
I'm an annoyance to my superiors,
a joke to my peers. They call me Spooky.
Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted
by aliens when he was just a kid,
and now he chases after little green men
with a badge and a gun,
and shouting to the heavens or anyone
who will listen that the fix is in,
that the sky is falling.
And when it hits, it's gonna be
the shitstorm of all time.
- I would say that about does it, Spooky.
- Does what?
Well, looks like 86 is your lucky number.
You know, one is the loneliest number.
- Whoa!
- Sorry.
That official FBI business?
Bet the Bureau's accusing you
of the same thing in Dallas.
Standing around holding your yank
while bombs are exploding.
Do I know you?
No, but I have been watching your career
for a good while.
Back when you were just
a promising young agent. Before that.
- You come out here for a reason?
- Yeah,
I did.
My name is Kurtzweil.
Dr Alvin Kurtzweil.
- I'm supposed to know that name?
- I'm an old friend of your father's.
Back at the Department of State, we were
what you might call fellow travelers,
But his disenchantment outlasted mine.
How'd you find me?
I heard you come in here now and again.
I figured you'd be needing a little drinking tonight.
You a reporter? I'm a doctor, but
I think I mentioned that. OB-GYN.
You got something to tell me, you got
as much time as it takes me to hail a cab.
There's something you don't know
about the bombing in Dallas.
What's that?
SAC Darius Michaud never tried
or intended to defuse that bomb.
He just let it explode in his face, huh?
What's the question no one's asking?
Why that building?
Why not the Federal Building?
The Federal Building was too well guarded.
No. They put the bomb in the
building across the street...
because it did have Federal offices there.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency...
had a provisional medical quarantine office
there, which is where the bodies were found.
But that's the thing, the thing you didn't
know. The thing you'd never think to check.
Those people were already dead.
Before the bomb went off?
That's what I'm saying.
Darius Michaud was a 22-year veteran...
Michaud was a patriot. The people he was
loyal to know their way around Dallas.
They blew that building to hide something.
Maybe even something they couldn't predict.
You're telling me they blew up that entire building
just to hide the bodies of those firemen?
And one little boy.
I think you're full of shit.
Do you?
Arlington, please.
Actually, you know, let's go to Georgetown.
Let's go to Georgetown.
- I woke you. Did I wake you?
- No.
Why not? It's 3 in the morning.
Are you drunk, Mulder?
I--I--I was until about 20 minutes ago, yeah.
Was that before or after
you decided to come here?
What exactly are you implying?
- Go home, Mulder.
- No, get dressed.
- It's late.
- Get dressed.
What are you doing? Just get dressed
and I will explain on the way.
You have got something to show me.
We brought the atmosphere back down to
freezing, in order to control the development,
which is like nothing we have ever seen.
- Brought on by what?
- Heat, I think.
The coincident invasion of a host,
the fireman,
and an environment that raised
his body temperature above 98.6.
This man's still alive.
Technically... and biologically.
But... he will never recover.
How can this be?
The developing organism is using his
life energy, digesting bone and tissue.
We have just... slowed the process.
Do you want us to destroy this one, too,
before it gestates?
Uh, no. No.
We need to try our vaccine on it.
And if it's unsuccessful?
Burn it. Like the others.
- ID, and floor you're visiting, please.
- We're going down to the morgue.
That area's currently off limits to anyone
other than authorized medical personnel.
- On whose orders?
- General McAddie.
General McAddie's who requested
our coming down here.
We were awakened at 3:00 AM and told
to get down here immediately.
I don't know anything about that.
- Well, call General McAddie.
- I don't have the number.
Well, then call the switchboard.
They will patch you through.
Jesus, you don't know the switchboard number?
I'm calling my CO.
Listen, son, we don't have time to dick around
while you demonstrate your ignorance of the chain of command.
The order came directly from General McAddie.
You call him.
We will conduct our business
while you confirm authorization.
Why don't you head on down,
and I will confirm authorization.
Thank you.
Why is the morgue suddenly off limits
on the orders of a general?
This is one of the firemen
who died in Dallas?
According to the toe tag.
- And you're looking for...
- Cause of death.
I can tell you that
without even looking at him.
"Concussive organ failure due to proximal
exposure to source and flying debris."
Mulder, this man's already been autopsied. You
can tell by the way he's been wrapped and dressed
Does this fit the description
you just read me?
- Oh, my God! This man's tissue, Mulder...
- It's like jelly.
There's been some kind
of cellular breakdown.
God, it's completely edematous.
There's been no autopsy performed here.
No Y-incision,
no internal exam.
You telling me the cause of death
in that report is false?
That this man didn't die from an
explosion or from flying debris?
Mulder, I can't tell you what killed this man.
I'm not sure anybody else could claim to, either.
Mulder, you knew before we got here
this man didn't die at the bomb site.
- I'd been told as much.
- You're saying this is a cover-up?
Of what?
I don't know.
But I have a hunch that what you're going to
find won't be anything that can be categorized or easily referenced.
Mulder, this is gonna take some time.
Somebody's gonna figure out sooner or later
that we're not even supposed to be here.
We are being blamed for this man's death.
l want to know what he died of.
Wouldn't you?
I think that's it, up here.
Tell them to look for anything.
- Excuse me? Can I help you?
- ls this Dr Kurtzweil's residence?
- Do you have some kind of business with him?
- Yeah, I'm looking for him.
You're looking for him for what?
The Feds are looking for him, too.
Real nice business he's got, huh?
What's that?
Selling naked pictures of little kids
on his computer.
You looking for him for some other reason?
Yeah. I had an appointment
for a pelvic examination.
Hey, you want a call if we turn up this
Kurtzweil? No. Don't bother.
See this crap?
Somebody knows I'm talking to you.
Not according to the men in blue.
Oh, what is this time, kiddie porn again?
Sexual battery of a patient?
They wanna discredit you, for what?
Because I'm a dangerous man, because
I know too much about the truth.
Now, that... end of the world
apocalyptic garbage you write?
You know my work?
- I was right about Dallas, wasn't I, Agent--
- How? How were you right?
Are you familiar with the
Hanta virus, Agent Mulder?
Yeah. It was a deadly virus spread by field mice
in the southwestern United States several years ago.
According to the newspaper, FEMA was called out
to manage an outbreak of the Hanta virus.
Are you familiar with what the Federal Emergency
Management Agency's real power is?
FEMA allows the White House to suspend
constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency.
Think about that.
What is an agency with such
broad, sweeping power...
doing managing a small viral
outbreak in suburban Texas?
You're saying it wasn't such a small outbreak.
No... I'm saying it wasn't the Hanta virus.
Well, what was it?
What was it?
When we were young men in the military,
your father and I were recruited for a project.
They told us it was biological warfare, a virus.
What killed those men?
What killed them, I won't even write about.
We have no context for what killed those men.
Or any appreciation of the scale in which
it will be unleashed in the future.
A plague?
A plague to end all plagues, Agent Mulder.
A silent weapon for a quiet war.
The systematic release of an
indiscriminate organism...
for which the men who will bring it
on still have no cure.
They have been working on this
for 50 years.
While the rest of the world has
been fighting gooks and commies,
these men have been secretly
negotiating a planned Armageddon.
Negotiating with whom?
I think you know.
The timetable has been set.
It will happen on a holiday, when people
are away from their homes.
The president will declare a state of emergency,
at which time all government, all federal
agencies will come under the power...
of the Federal Emergency Management Agency...
FEMA. The secret government.
They call me paranoid.
Go back to Dallas, Agent Mulder, and dig.
Or we're going to find out along
with the rest of the country...
...when it's too late.
Scully, it's me.
- Yeah.
- Why are you whispering?
Well, Mulder, I can't really talk right now.
- What did you find?
- Evidence of a massive infection.
- What kind of infection?
- I don't know.
All right, listen to me. I'm going home, and
then I'm booking myself on a flight to Dallas.
I'm going to get you a ticket, too.
- Mulder...I need you there with me.
- I need your expertise.
- Mulder, I have got a hearing tomorrow.
- I can get you back in time for that hearing,
and maybe with evidence that will blow it away.
Mulder, I can't. I'm way past
the point of common sense here.
This is not common sense.
It--can you--are you there?
I'm afraid what you're looking for
amounts to a needle in a haystack.
This explosion was so devastating, there hasn't been
much that we have been able to put together just yet.
I'm looking for anything out of the ordinary, really.
Maybe something from the FEMA offices...
where those bodies were found.
Well, we weren't expecting to find those remains,
of course, and we sent them off to Washington.
Well, anything from those offices that
you haven't sent off to DC yet?
Some bone fragments turned up in the sift this morning.
I thought we had another fatality, but we
found out FEMA recovered them from an archeological site out of town.
- Have you examined them?
- No. Just fossils, as far as we know.
I'd like you to let this person
take a look at them, if you don't mind.
Just let me see if I can lay my
hands on what you're looking for.
I thought you said you weren't coming.
I wasn't planning on it,
particularly not after spending half
an hour in cold storage this morning.
But I got a better look at the blood and
tissue samples I took from the fireman.
Well, what did you find?
Something I couldn't show to anybody else,
not without causing the kind of attention
I'd just as soon avoid right now.
But what those men were infected with contains
a protein code that I have never seen before.
What it did to them, it did extremely fast.
- How was it contracted?
- That, I don't know.
But, unless it can respond to conventional
treatment, it could be a serious health threat.
Like I said, these are just fossils, but
they weren't near the blast center,
so they're not going to tell you much.
Right. Why don't you--
why don't you check this out?
You said you knew the location where these
were found? Show you right on the map.
I want all of these settings
checked and recalibrated.
I want a steady -2 Celsius
throughout the transfer of the body...
after I have administered the vaccine.
- It's gone!
- What?
It's left the body. I think it's gestated.
- What's the matter?
- Wait.
I can see it.
Jesus, Lord...
- You--you see it?
- Yeah.
So much for little green men.
I need you down here.
Help... I need help.
What are you doing?
What are you doing!
Oh, my God.
Sir, you have a call.
We have a situation.
The members are assembling.
Is it an emergency?
Yes. A meeting has been set,
tonight in London to determine a course.
Who called this meeting?
Strughold. He just got on a plane in Tunis.
- Has Strughold arrived?
- Yes. They're waiting in the library, sir.
We were beginning to worry. Some of us have
traveled so far, and you are the last to arrive.
I'm sorry. My grandson fell and broke his leg.
While we have been made to wait, we watched
surveillance tapes, which have raised more concerns.
More concerns than what?
We have been forced to reassess
our role in colonization...
by new fact of biology which
have presented themselves.
The virus has mutated.
Into what?
A new extraterrestrial biological entity.
My God...
The geometry of mass infection presents certain
conceptual reevaluations for us about our place in their colonization.
This isn't colonization.
This is spontaneous repopulation.
All our work...
If it's true, they have been using us all
along. We have been laboring under a lie.
- It could be an isolated case.
- How can we know?
We're going to tell them what we found,
what we have learned,
by turning over a body
infected with the gestating organism.
ln hope of what?
Learning that it's true?
That we are nothing but digestives for the
creation of a new race of alien life forms?
By cooperating now, we are
but beggars to our own demise.
Cooperation's the only chance of saving ourselves.
They still need us to carry out their preparations.
We will continue to use them as they do us,
if only to play for more time to continue work...
...on our vaccine.
My lateness might just as well have been
absence. A course has already been taken.
There are complications.
Mulder saw one of the infected bodies
that we destroyed in Dallas.
He's gone back there again.
Someone has tipped him.
Kurtzweil, we think.
No one believes Kurtzweil.
Or his books.
He's a toiler, a crank.
Mulder believes him.
Then Kurtzweil must be removed.
As must Mulder.
Kill Mulder... we take the risk
of turning one man's quest into a crusade.
Then you must take away
what he holds most valuable.
That with which he can't live without.
I don't know, Mulder.
I don't see any evidence of an archaeological
or any other kind of a dig site.
This is where he marked on the map.
Where he said those fossils were unearthed.
You're sure those fossils were infected
with the same virus you saw at the morgue?
Both sets of bones were porous. As if the virus
or the causative microbe were decomposing it.
And you have never seen that virus before?
Look at that.
- That look like new grass to you?
- Looks pretty green for this climate.
Ground's dry about an inch down.
This was laid recently.
The equipment's looks brand new, too.
No irrigation system.
Somebody's covering their tracks.
You boys live around here?
Have you seen anybody digging over there?
We're not supposed to talk about it.
You're not supposed to talk about it?
Who told you that?
Same nobody that built that playground?
Nobody buy you those new bikes, too?
- I think you better tell us.
- We don't even know you.
Well, we're FBI agents.
You're not FBI agents.
How do you know? Because you all look
like door-to-door salesmen.
Hey, you wanna buy a badge?
They all left an hour ago.
Going that way.
Unmarked tanker trucks.
What are archeologists hauling out
in tanker trucks?
I don't know, Mulder.
Where are they going with it?
That's the first question to answer
if we're gonna find them.
What are my choices?
- About 100 miles of nothing in both directions.
- Well, which way you think they went?
You got two choices. One of them's wrong.
- I think they went left.
- I don't know why, I think they went right.
Five years together, Scully.
How many times I been wrong?
Not driving, anyway.
- I was right about the bomb, wasn't I?
- This is great. This is fitting.
I have to be in Washington DC
in 11 hours for a hearing,
the outcome of which might possibly affect
one of the biggest decisions of my life.
And here I am, in the middle of nowhere, Texas,
chasing phantom tanker trucks.
We're not chasing tanker trucks, Scully,
we're chasing evidence.
Of what, exactly?
That bomb in Dallas was allowed to go off to
hide something, bodies infected with a virus you yourself detected.
They haul oil in tanker trucks. They haul gas
in tanker trucks. They do not haul viruses in tanker trucks.
Well, they may be hauling a virus
in these tanker trucks.
What do you mean? Mulder?
What are you not telling me?
The virus may be extraterrestrial.
I don't...
Mulder, I don't...
- What do you think they are?
- I have no idea.
This is weird, Mulder.
Very weird.
Any thoughts as to why anybody would be
growing corn in the middle of the desert?
Those could be giant Jiffy Pop poppers.
It's cool in here.
The temperature's being regulated.
For the purpose of what?
Mulder, I think we're on top of a larger structure here.
This is some kind of a venting system.
You hear something? You hear that?
I hear a humming.
Like electricity.
High voltage, maybe.
Maybe not.
- Scully!
- I can't see!
Give me your hand!
- Did you get stung?
- I don't think so.
Talk to me, Scully!
Damn it!
Scully! Hey!
Talk to me, Scully!
Can you hear me?
Scully, talk to me!
Where'd they go?
Come on.
She's coming in.
Special Agent Scully.
I apologize for making you wait.
I have new evidence.
Evidence of what?
These are fossilized bone fragments...
that I have been able to study, that were
gathered at the bomb site in Dallas.
You have been back to Dallas?
You found something. Yeah, on the Texas
border. Some kind of experiment.
Something they excavated was
brought there in tanker trucks.
- What?
- I'm not sure. A virus, I think.
And I also have reason to believe that...
there may have been some involvement
by Special Agent in charge Michaud.
Those are very serious allegations,
Agent Scully.
Yes, I know.
- You saw this experiment?
- Yeah, but we were chased off.
- What did it look like?
- There were bees, corn crops.
And you have conclusive evidence of this,
something to tie this claim of yours to the crime?
N-Not completely conclusive.
I hope to, but we are in the process of--
we're working towards gathering that evidence.
Working with?
With Agent Mulder.
- What are they?
- What do you think?
A transportation system. Transgenic crops.
The pollen genetically altered to carry a virus.
That would be my guess.
Your guess?
What do you mean, your guess?
Hey! You told me you had answers.
Yeah. Well, I don't have them all.
You didn't know my father. Like I
told you, he and I were old friends.
You have been using me!
You have been using me...
....to gather information for your goddamn
books! Lower your voice!
Kurtzweil! Kurtzweil!
You'd be shit out of luck if it wasn't for me.
You saw what you saw because I led you to it.
I'm putting my ass on the line for you.
Your ass? I just got chased through
Texas by two black helicopters!
And why do you think it is you're
standing here talking to me?
These people don't make mistakes.
What's wrong?
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Transfer effective immediately.
I already gave Skinner
my letter of resignation.
You can't quit now, Scully.
I can, Mulder. I debated whether or not
even to tell you in person...
We're close to something here.
We're on the verge.
You are on the verge, Mulder.
Please don't do this to me.
After what you saw last night, after all
you have seen, you can just walk away?
I have. I did. It's done.
- I need you on this, Scully.
- You don't need me, Mulder.
You never have.
I have just held you back.
I gotta go.
If you wanna tell yourself that so you can quit
with a clear conscience, you can. But you're wrong.
Why did they assign me to you
in the first place, Mulder?
To debunk your work,
to rein you in, to shut you down.
But you saved me!
As--as difficult and as frustrating as
it's been sometimes...
your goddamn strict rationalism and science
have saved me a thousand times over.
You have kept me honest.
You made me a whole person.
I owe you everything...
...Scully, and you owe me nothing.
I don't know if I want to do this alone.
I don't even know if I can.
And if I quit now, they win.
- Ow! Jesus!
- I'm sorry.
No... Something stung me.
Must have gotten in your shirt.
- Mulder...
- Huh?
Something's wrong.
- l'm having lancinating pain in...
- What?
...my chest.
My motor functions are being affected.
My... my pulse is thready.
And I have... a funny taste
in the back of my throat.
I think you're going into anaphylactic shock.
No, Mulder, I have no allergy.
- Emergency dispatch.
- This is Special Agent Fox Mulder...
...I have an emergency.
I have an agent down.
Can you hear me?
Can you say your name?
She's got constriction in the throat and larynx.
Passages are open.
Ok, let's get her in the van right away.
Look out. Coming through. Watch your back.
She said she had a funny taste in the back
of her throat, but there was no preexisting allergy to bee sting.
Now, the bee that stung her
might have been carrying a virus.
- A virus?
- Would you tell that to the doctor?
Get on the radio. Tell them we have an allergic
reaction. Tell them it may have been carrying a virus!
I wanna go with her. What hospital? I...
What hospital are you taking her to?
- What are you doing?
- Reading his chart.
- Put it down.
- I will put it down when I'm ready.
- Both of you, shut up.
- I think he's coming out of it.
He's coming to.
Hey, Mulder.
Oh, God...
Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow...
What am I doing here?
A bullet grazed your brow and
glanced off your temporal plate.
Three centimeters to the left,
and we'd all be playing harps right now.
You have been unconscious since they brought you in.
Where's Scully?
We put together you called 911,
but that call must have been intercepted.
Scully had a reaction to an africanized
honey bee we found in your hall.
I gotta get it to her.
Mulder, easy, easy.
Well... you're staying right here.
You don't understand.
This goes right back to Dallas.
- Tell me where she is, I will find her.
- I don't know where she is,
but I can think of someone who might.
You leave here unprotected,
how far will you get?
How far will they let you get? Because they
will know the minute you walk out of here.
What can we do?
You can strip Byers naked.
- What?
- I need your clothes.
It's Mulder.
Dr Kurtzweil, isn't it? Dr Alvin Kurtzweil?
Mr Mulder.
What happened to Kurtzweil?
He's come and gone.
I wanna know where Scully is.
The location of agent Scully
and the means to save her life.
What is it?
A weak vaccine against the virus
Agent Scully has been infected with.
It must be administered within 96 hours.
That leaves you little time to
reach those coordinates.
- You're lying.
- No.
...Though I have no means to prove otherwise.
The virus is extraterrestrial.
We know little about it,
except that it was
the original inhabitant of this planet.
- A virus?
- What is a virus,
but a colonizing force
that cannot be defeated?
Living in a cave, underground,
until it mutates and attacks.
This is what you have been
conspiring to conceal?
A disease? No, for God's sake,
you have got it all backwards.
AIDS, the Ebola virus.....on an
evolutionary scale, they are newborns.
This virus walked the planet
long before the dinosaurs.
What do you mean, "walked"?
Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green
men, arrived here millions of years ago.
Those that didn't leave have been lying
dormant, underground, since the last ice age,
in the form of an evolved pathogen,
waiting to be reconstituted by the alien race
when it comes to colonize the planet,
using us as hosts.
Against this, we have no defense.
Nothing, but a weak vaccine.
Do you see why it was kept secret?
Why even the best men, men like your father,
could not let the truth be known?
Until Dallas, we believed the virus
would simply control us,
that mass infection would make us a slave race.
Imagine our surprise when
they began to gestate.
My group has been working
cooperatively with the alien colonists,
facilitating programs like the one
you saw to give us access to the virus,
in hope that we might be able
secretly to develop a cure.
To save your own asses.
Survival is the ultimate ideology.
Your father wisely refused to believe this.
But he sacrificed my sister.
He let them take Samantha.
Without a vaccination, the only true survivors
of the viral holocaust will be those immune to it.
Human-alien clones.
He allowed your sister to be abducted, to be
taken to a cloning program for one reason.
So she would survive...
as a genetic hybrid.
Your father chose hope over selfishness.
Hope, in the only future he had, his children.
His hope for you, was that you would
uncover the truth about the project.
That you would stop it,
that you would fight the future.
- Why are you telling me this?
- For the sake of my own children.
Once it's learned what l have told you,
my life will be over.
Where's Dr Kurtzweil?
l'd like to get out of the car now.
Stop the car!
The men I work with will stop
at nothing to clear the way...
for what they believe is their stake
in the inevitable future.
I was ordered to kill Dr Kurtzweil.
As I was ordered to kill you.
Trust no-one, Mr Mulder.
Get out of the car.
Why? The upholstery's already ruined.
Get out of the car!
You have precious little time.
What I have given you,
the alien colonists don't yet know exists.
The vaccine you hold is the
only defense against the virus.
Its introduction into an alien environment...
may have the power to
destroy the delicate plans...
we have so assiduously protected
for the last 50 years.
What do you mean, "may have"?
Find Agent Scully. Only then will you realize
the scope and grandeur of the project.
Go now!
Secure the station!
I want everyone else down below.
If you're not armed, arm yourselves.
We may have a breach.
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on, move!
Let's go!
There's a contaminant in the system.
Mulder has the vaccine.
Scully, can you breathe?
- I'm cold...
- I will get you out of there.
Abandon your posts! Evacuate!
- What's happened?
- It's all going to hell!
- And what about Mulder?
- He will never make it.
We got to keep moving.
Come on!
I can't.
I can't.
Yeah, you can.
Scully, reach up and grab that vent.
Scully, grab the vent!
Jeez, breathe.
Breathe in.
Breathe in... Breathe!
l had you, big time.
Come on, Scully! Pull!
Keep moving, Scully.
Go, come on!
Almost there. Keep going.
Scully, you got to see this.
I saw it.
I saw it.
In light of the report I have got before me,
and in light of the narrative I'm now hearing,
my official report is incomplete.
Pending these new facts
I'm being asked to reconcile.
Agent Scully...
though there is now direct evidence that a federal
agent may have been involved in the bombing,
the other events you have laid down here
are... too incredible on their own, and,
...quite frankly, implausible in their
connection. What is it you find incredible?
Well, where would you like me to start?
So many of the events
described in your report defy belief.
Antarctica is a long way from Dallas, Agent Scully.
I can't very well submit a report to the Attorney
General that alleges the links you have made here.
Bees and corn crops do not quite fall
under the rubric of domestic terrorism.
No, they don't.
Most of what I find in here is lacking a coherent picture
of any organization with an attributable motive.
I realize the ordeal you have
endured has clearly affected you,
though the holes in your account
leave this panel with little choice,
but to delete these references to our
final report to the Justice Department,
until which time hard evidence becomes available
that would give us cause to pursue such an investigation.
I don't believe the FBI currently has an investigative
unit qualified to pursue the evidence in hand.
There's an interesting work
of fiction on page 24.
our names have been omitted.
They're burying this thing, Scully.
They're just gonna dig a
new hole and cover it up.
I told OPR everything I know.
What I experienced, the virus, how it's spread
by the bees from pollen in transgenic crops.
You're wasting your time, Scully.
They will never believe you.
Not unless your story can be programmed,
categorized, or easily referenced.
- Well, then, we will go over their heads.
- No. No.
How many times have
we been here before, Scully?
Right here,
so close to the truth?
And now, with what we have seen and what we know,
to be right back at the beginning with nothing.
- This is different, Mulder.
- No, it isn't.
You were right to wanna quit.
You're right to wanna leave me.
You should get as far away from me as you can.
I'm not gonna watch you die, Scully, because
of some hollow personal cause of mine.
Go be a doctor.
Go be a doctor while you still can.
- I can't.
- I won't.
Mulder, I will be a doctor,
but my work is here with you now.
That virus that I was exposed to,
whatever it is, it has a cure.
You held it in your hand.
How many other lives can we save?
if I quit now, they win.
You look hot and miserable.
Why have you traveled all this way?
We have business to discuss.
- You have regular channels.
- This involves Mulder.
- Ahh, that name. Again and again.
- He's seen more than he should.
What has he seen?
Of the whole, he has seen but pieces.
He's determined now. Reinvested.
He's but one man.
One man alone cannot fight the future.
I received this.