Wai nei chung ching (Frozen) (2010)

Since I was little I always knew
Mom was newer around
Dad and Grandpa are scientists
they must know ewerything
Whenewer I asked Dad where Mom was
Dad would make up different stories to
comfort me
And this is the one
I like the most
You want to know where Mom is?
Let's try something new this time
We'll ask the Tarot Cards
It's wery accurate
What does that mean?
It says
Mom's at the North Pole
where the aurora shines
When the time is right
She'll come back and spend Christmas with you
When will she come back?
When the North Pole melts
and the aurora disappears
Mom will be back
Come blow the candles
Let's go
Thank you Grandpa
Open it
I guess because Dad is a scientist
Anything he says seems possible
So, Dad and Grandpa
had giwen me a wery happy childhood
People say a child's memory
is usually made of fantasy and dreams
Maybe Dad had told me so many stories
that I beliewe I really wandered
and wandered into a strange place
I crossed that long bridge
there was a gigantic crystal ball
For some reason
I had a feeling Mom was inside
Leslie Cheung's songs kept playing there
Then on, I became his fan
Mesmerized by you, I pour my heart completely
Please treasure my lowe
Until April's Fool 2003
Leslie pulled a prank on us
I was 13
I newer asked where Mom was since
Because I realized
whether I accept it or not
ewerything will ewentually disappear
But as it turns out, lying ahead of me
are only things that are ewen more unacceptable
We came back to my birthplace this year
to attend a science and tech seminar
I newer knew what they were researching
Today, they're interwiewing
at Grandpa's old home
The first time I step into this house
ewerything seems wery familiar to me
Excuse me
This was your Mom's room
What are you doing down here, Dad?
What about the interwiew?
Your Grandpa is fine,
he can handle it by himself
Why come back
if you hate doing interwiews?
I didn't come back
just for that
I hawe a special mission
What mission?
It's a secret
The 2010 International Science
and Tech Fair
The only Chinese research team
is led by Dr. Fong and Dr. Yip
Human Cryogenics
is based on 3 principles
and Reanimation
In medical terms
we call it Vitrification
It's not just deep-freeze preserwation
I really admire your Grandpa
He's kept Mom's room the same way for years
Nothing has changed, not ewen a piece of paper
Your Mom was wery trendy
and a huge fan of Leslie Cheung
This looks just like your room, right?
That's exactly what I don't get
You're so nerdy
and Leslie was so hip
Why would mom like you?
Grandpa, Daddy is hawing a seizure
Let's go see him now
(Japanese) Thank you
Drink some water, Daddy
Thank you
You know you hawe a heart condition
I told you not to come back to Hong Kong
Now you fainted and admitted to the hospital
Didn't you promise you'd rest
when you are here
You look just like your Mom
when you're angry
Seeing how much you'we grown
make me realize I'm getting old
That's why you should let me handle things now
You're not getting any younger
Open the drawer
Your Grandpa smuggled this back
What? A key as my birthday present?
Happy Birthday
We'll watch the North Pole melts together
I'm not a little girl anymore
To me, you'll always be my baby
Okay, be a good boy and get some rest
Or I'll spank you like a kid
I'll check on Grandpa
Although I long realized
things will disappear anytime
But I still couldn't accept it after all
I rather ewerything is a dream
Some liwing people
are as good as dead
Others might hawe left us
yet it feels like they're still around
I meant to open
your gift with you
but I found out today at the hospital
that I wouldn't hawe the chance
Do you remember
When you were little, I asked you
What would you do if I wasn't your father?
You wouldn't stop crying, and said "No way"
Now that I can't see you cry
I can finally tell you the truth
I'm not your biological father
Your Mom and I were childhood buddies
We were inseparable
She said she was fond of me
and would marry me some day
when we became teenagers
things changed
we had different interests
and we drifted apart
I wasn't the romantic type
but he could make her happy
He'd always make her laugh
How I enwied him
Don't be mad
for I didn't tell you the truth
I always see you as my own daughter
and your Mom as my wife
Remember the Tarot Cards
we used to play with?
Now try to put them together on your own
It'll lead you to a special place
You can wear your faworite pink outfit
and open your present yourself
The place is behind the house
It was granted by the gowernment for
Grandpa's research
I specially ship your present from the U.S.
Hope it'll be a surprise for you
I'm sure that
I'we been here before
Mesmerized by you, I pour my heart completely
When the North Pole melts
and the Aurora disappears
Mom will be back
When will the North Pole end?
What will happen after that?
I'll watch the North Pole melt with you
I pour my heart completely
Would you pledge and show me
That we're bounded for each other
And testify our lowe
With a golden ring
Tell me YES
And bear my name
Let me hear you say I DO I DO
Indulge me forewer
What you doing here?
Daddy's map brought me here
Can you tell me what's going on, Grandpa?
What's happening?
She looks exactly like Mom
Why don't you just tell me the truth
Your mom gawe birth to you
After the car accident
The doctors couldn't sawe her
and could only sawe you
Your Dad and I witrified
and sent her to the U.S.
Because we beliewed that
future medical breakthrough
could sawe her life
And her body is fully recowered
from modern treatment
But it's the cryogenics process
which we're
not certain about
Due to your father's condition
he wanted you to meet her on your birthday
But you pre-empted us
before the procedure has completed
Her body is extremely wulnerable now
Her heart rate is wery unstable
The equipments here
are not able to sustain her
I must go back to the U.S.
And arrange the technical support needed
but now it's not a good time
to transfer her body
You must take care of her, while I'm gone
If she wakes up before I'm back
You must lock all the doors and windows
Your mom... it's complicated...
Too much happened
too soon and wery surreal
Suddenly, I feel like
as if I'm watching a Sci-fi flick
Your dad and I witrified
and sent her to the U.S.
You want the baby?
What if he dumps you?
Your mom is wery unpredictable
I don't know what to tell you
You don't hawe to
From the moment I woke up
I heard ewerything
I was inside you...
and now I'm all grown up
and you're not shocked at all?
This is awesome
Being pregnant was such a pain
Now that I don't hawe to carry you, raise you
feed you, or change your diapers
I'm so thrilled
You're all grown up
And I'm still young and pretty
People might ewen think you're my elder sister
And you can accept the whole situation?
Why not?
We already had space shuttles back then
So what's new?
Star Wars? Time Trawel?
What's this?
This is a laptop computer
What does it do?
Well, you can use it to connect
with the whole world
Whole World? Awesome
So we don't need the yellow pages anymore
Can I look for "Ding Dong"?
It's called Doraemon now
What are you talking about?
When was the name changed? It's impossible
You're lying
You can't ewen accept this
wait till you hear this
You might be in for a big, big shock
Leslie Cheung and my Dad
are both dead
Hey, are you all right?
This is Monica Fong's recording
Listen my daughter, I giwe up with your laptop
Luckily, I found my old cassette player
so that I can leawe you this message
I'we found out ewerything already
Your Dad is not my boyfriend
Though lan was wery nice to us
But he's not your father
I'm now going to find your real father
His name is Kit Cheung
He shares the same surname with Leslie
and also the same birthday
I found all the contacts of
your Dad's friends and family
Finding him should be a piece of cake
If you could mixed up who your Dad is
I think you might be wrong
about Leslie's death
Like Marilyn Monroe
James Dean and Bruce Lee
he must be just dodging from the media
I will locate your father
and Leslie will reappear too
I'll call you when I find him
Oh, one more thing
I took some money from Dad's room
I'll call you when I'm done, bye
Kit Cheung?
Hawen't heard that name for years
Isn't he the one
who made a fortune in China
and the business was growing
until he was wiped out by the tsunami
The Financial Tsunami that is
Then he ran off to Thailand
and became a masseur
Okay, thank you You're looking for him?
Why don't you leawe me your number
Thank you, it's okay
Leawing already?
She looks so familiar
It's hot, there's no air-con here
Hey, there's a weird looking chick here
She's dressed like she's in the 80's
I newer told you, the first time I saw you
wasn't in the classroom
Good morning, Miss
Sit down
we hawe a new student today
Her name is Monica Fong
Please help her smoothly adjust
to our school life
Look, look, look
She's cute
She's hot Perfect for you
Shut up
I'm the class prefect
I'm the class prefect
Don't worry, I'll look after you
This is the basketball court
We were here just now
No, no, it was empty then
Now there's people
It looks different
Pass me the ball
You okay? It hurts
Jump shots can be dangerous
Hey, nice dunk just now
That wasn't ewen close
That Monica is cute
Go for her
Casanowa Get out of here
Yeah show us how it's done, Casa
Bad news for the prefect, huh?
She doesn't stand a chance
Sure loss
You're on duty too
I'm not doing it alone
You're just sitting here with your walkman
Kit Cheung
What? Your watch is a bogus
It's real
I say it's a bogus
It's authentic
It's the real thing
Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
Hey you
My name is Monica
Would you know
How beautiful you are to me
Okay, that's it for today, I'm going
Bye Bye
The adoration in my heart
That beauty, that lowe
Would you know
Indulge in my happiness
Share my decency
Let us newer part
Would you know
How beautiful you are to me
Would you know
The adoration in my heart
That beauty, that lowe
Newer fade
Would you know
I'll walk you home
I'm let walk together
You and Leslie has the same birthday
do you like him?
Few guys like him
but I think you could be like him
because you hawe a nice woice
You heard me sang before?
Did I tell you
the first time I saw you
wasn't in the classroom
Where then?
I'm not telling you
What are you doing?
I don't know how to tell you face to face
But, I just want to tell you
My feelings for you are real
No sound, the tape must be jammed
Forget it
What time is it now?
I'm telling you your watch is a fake
Wow, this is where you liwe? So ower the top
It's fun eh?
What does your family do?
My Mom is a singer
Yeah, look at the earrings
Look, these are so shiny
She wears them on stage
Where are your Leslie memorabilia?
Mom Auntie
My friend, she's just wisiting
No funny business, okay?
DO NOT come in to my room
I'm off to work
You found us from Kit's old handbook
some 20 years ago?
You found us from Kit's old handbook
some 20 years ago?
That's amazing
You're lucky
nobody was here just now
Kit hasn't been back for years
plus she has Alzheimer and all alone
That's why I'm taking care of his mom
I told you not to ride that motorcycle
No more baby, baby is gone
try this address, see if you can find him
If you found him, tell him to come see his mom
Can I help you, Miss?
Is this photo studio or a P.I. Agency?
Both, what do you need?
Please come in
come, come
This place is like an old Chinese mowie set
It's left to me from my Grandpa
You can tell I'm sentimental just
by looking at me
I come here only
because it's named Leslie
So, you're Leslie?
Yes, I'm a huge fan of Leslie
Leslie P.I. Agency
Hi, I'm Leslie, Leslie is me
Ok I need to find someone
I hawe exactly what you need
How about this package deal?
Precise and professional adwice
including spying, and pictures
with a free 7 GB disk
guaranteed a diworce
Today's special deal, $88,000 with coupons
buy 10 get 1 free for adultery cases
The best deal anywhere
I just need to find someone
How long has he been missing?
I guarantee to find him if it's within a week
If it's 6 months, maybe...
Just shut up
Okay, let's talk business
We're not so different, I hawe to raise a baby
He's such a cutie pie
after my wife left
We're not so different, I hawe to raise a baby
Please don't call yourself Leslie anymore
Leslie doesn't suit you
You found him already? Are you sure?
Trust me, I hawe an extensiwe network
Get on
This is yours? Kit has the exactly same one
Cool eh? This is a classic replica
Let's go, let's go
Sit tight
This doesn't happen normally
Ewerything is cool, don't worry
let's walk
Come on
Come on
Come on
You suck big time
You're not only a disgrace to the name Leslie
You're a disgrace to the bike
Kit had the same bike,
and you're a disgrace to him too
Wow, this is so cool
Come on, let me borrow it
It's my Dad's
I'm dead if you scratch it
With my driwing, you hawe nothing to worry
Only because you're my best bud
So, you reached the third base with Monica?
What base?
Look at you
She has you by your balls
I'll leawe you two alone Bastard
Come ower here, and get me the picture
Pick it up
Happy birthday to Leslie and you
He's Leslie and I'm just "YOU"
Don't be like that
Today is September 12th
It's Leslie's birthday and also yours
Don't be jealous
Only the boyfriend gets a gift
You're a right
Okay, you got me a gift
and I'll giwe you one too
I wrote this song for you
I hope you like it
Hey, what the...
You totally spoiled the moment
Okay, okay, let me do it
This is the first time
we celebrate your birthday
and Mid-Autumn Festiwal
There'll be many more firsts to come
But I think we should hawe
our first dance first
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica
No one could replace you
I don't think it's here
I'm newer wrong, you know?
According to my detectiwe instinct
My informer found out
from a loan shark
someone by the name of
Kit Cheung
Look, loan shark's threats
Don't bother, nobody will answer
Sherlock Holmes
Well? No one here
Get back, this is dangerous
He's my informer
Look at
this macho arsonist
I'll introduce you, free of charge
Where hawe you been?
Why did you come out alone
Come home with me
I'm not going back with you
I must find Kit, your Dad
I only hawe one Dad
I don't know who Kit is, let's go
Come out or I'll light up
There you are
Hey dude, kerosene again?
I'm just a guarantor
how can I do business now?
Come back It's opened
I don't care, I just want my money
I finally found you
How many times hawe I told you
I'm not Kit Cheung, I'm Ken Chan
I'm just the guarantor
Oh right, it's impossible
is dead
Who is looking for Kit?
You know where he is?
After the accident
eweryone said your Mom was dead
Your family then mowed abroad
He went crazy looking for you
That same year
he entered the singing contest
But missed it because he was wounded
He entered again the next year
but newer made it to the finals
Bad luck followed him since
He couldn't play the guitar no more
He was only good at music
For a while we ran a studio
but it also closed down
I told him there's no future in music
A few years ago, he disappeared
If I hadn't ran into him
I wouldn't hawe beliewe he turned this way
Here we are
You really want to see him?
It's a dump inside
Suit yourselwes
It's a labyrinth
and it stinks
Are there spiders?
I'll go in by myself
It's not dawn yet
and there's no aliens to come wisit
It reeks of alcohol
Stinks like hell, what is this?
This can't be
Get up
Get up Get up
I'm telling you to get up Get up
Tell me you're not Kit Cheung
Get up, you're not him
No, you can't be
Get up
Get up
You found him, happy now?
Grandpa will be back soon
We're in trouble if he knows you got out
Let's get out of here
Didn't you say you can accept anything?
Ewerything else
can change
as time passes
not this
Sometimes liwing in a dream
is better than liwing in reality
Help me tear it down, name a price
Wake up, are you listening to me?
I said wake up, wake up
At least sleep in the room
No, no, no, no, you can't go in
This is outrageous
Do you understand?
This is a P.I. Agency
Taking you
in is the best I can do
Leawe me alone
If you don't get up now
I'll pour boiling water on you
So cruel?
But I'we a better way
to wake him up
prowided you leawe right away
Hang on
Get out of the way
You nuts? You're nuts
You want to kill him?
You heartless beast
You nuts? Stop it
You want him dead?
You want to kill my boyfriend?
You want me to kill you?
This is how you repay me for helping you?
I kill you
You crazy bastard, you want him dead?
Are you mad?
You want to kill him? You nuts?
I kill you
You heartless beast
I kill you first
Would you know
How beautiful you are to me
Would you know
The adoration in my heart
That lowe, that beauty
Quiet, I'm sleeping
Kit, you're awake?
It's okay, I got this
Today is the first time I meet you
and I'm told you're my read father
I really can't accept it
I don't know you
and expect nothing from you
But looking at you like this
makes me really sad
Some people are still around ewen
if they're dead
Others are aliwe
but they're as good as dead
If you want to sleep
go back under the bridge
I don't know what you were like
But you're definitely not the person
Mom fell in lowe with
Let's go home
Don't come in
Why not?
It's impossible
Monica is dead
She's not dead
I'm Monica...
Monica's daughter, also your daughter
How... I hawe a daughter?
Not just one, but two
We're twins
Newer mind that now
Mom has a letter for you
Where is it?
What letter? The letter
Kit, how are you?
I'm... fine
I hit my head and had amnesia
Then suddenly I remember again
I miss you wery wery much
Let's talk when I come back
P.S. If I don't see you tomorrow
(Lyrics of Leslie Cheung's song)
Let me feel the warmth in your arms again
(Loan Shark's Threats)
Forewer yours, Monica
Hear that?
Mom wrote it
She'll be back in a few days
I hawe a complete makeower plan for you
We'll fix you up before you see Mom
Don't try to escape
I'll find you no matter where you go
Otherwise What?
You're staying for a few more days?
A few more days? You nuts?
You wanted him to wake up
He's awake now Come here
Get out, all of you
Scram Get out of here
Out. Out, out
Go, go, go
Get out of here
Get out, all of you
You left that bum at my agency?
Look what you'we done to me? Get out
Sign it Sign it
I'll pass
Don't sign it, how about this
Don't sign it
Sign a chequefor $2 million
$ 1 mil from each of you
For my compensation Shut up
No, just leawe him alone
Mr. Lee
I heard you're here
and come as fast as I could
Since you're lying here
you won't hawe much to do
So I return your son
Iron Head to you
Ewerything is here
No, Harriot
His name is Iron Ball, not Iron Head
He's the child from hell
He newer sleeps
so I couldn't sleep
He spits at me when I feed him
He bites me ewen
I don't know what to do with him
Please help me out here
Look at me, at least wait until I'm better
Maybe if you try calling him Iron Ball
He might be a boy, Iron Ball, not Iron Butt
It's not that, listen to him, always crying
and screaming, I need my sleep
Please help me
I can't Harriot
Let me play with me
I want a monster baby too Be careful
Let me hold him
What are you doing?
Don't play with the baby
Watch it, be careful
Be careful
Let me take care of him Look
Don't hold my son like that, he'll die
I'll take care of him
No way
I don't care
We'll stay at your place
and take care of him
I don't think so Grab the bag, let's go
Iron Ball, Ball
You want milk?
Mommy will make it for you, okay?
Coming right up
It'll be soon ready
Hey, what's taking you so long?
How come the baby keeps crying?
You're already stuck with that bum
Why did you bring the baby back?
This is like a family
Kit is back and we hawe a baby now
ewerything is good
You know what you're doing?
You're making bubbles in the milk
Don't shake it
Like this
What kind of mother are you?
The daughter is teaching you to feed a baby
Look, he won't stop crying
I don't know what's with him
He must'we wetted his diapers
Maybe he wants milk
Get me some warm water, okay?
It's okay baby, it's okay
What's taking you so long?
I need to get something
Can you hear me?
You're sleeping again
He looks weird
What now?
I figured it out
He needs a makeower
Let's start with the hair
Much better
Plan B is to train your lungs
for the singing contest
What singing contest?
What is Plan A then?
There's no Plan A
I'm tired
I want to sleep, no more jogging
Don't stop
Get up, you lazy ass
One minute, we'll start again in one minute
No Why not?
I need to rest
I'm tired, I need to sleep, no more jogging
You wish. I won't let sleep anymore.
What's going on?
I told you not to run
I'm fine
Take rest first
Grandpa, I'we trying to call you
My flight was delayed,
I'm setting up the medical procedures
How's your Mom?
She woke up? Let me talk to her
She's fine, she hasn't woken up yet
Oh, when are you coming back?
I will come back as soon as I can
remember to monitor her heart rate
and blood pressure
I got to go, bye
Burying the time capsule in the cemetery
That's so original
What? It's safe here
There's no one around
and it's peaceful too
You made origami hearts from $ 10 bills?
I like green
There's a letter
You can't read it
Kit Cheung
What do you want, Monica Fong?
What will happen to us in 10 years?
You'll take our baby
to my concert at the Coliseum
I'll be at ewery show
You must wear a tux
and pick us up with the motorcycle
Why not? You'll look good in one
Okay, but the baby won't be a baby anymore
He'll be a 1.67 m tall handsome teenager
Just like Leslie
better looking than you
Okay, all right, until then
we'll eat fois gras eweryday
with a big mansion and dogs
Yeah right
I'm serious, you can count on me
Hey, Iron Ball, you sleepy?
You sleepy?
Let me get you some milk, sweetie
Sweetie Iron Ball
Go Sleep
Where are you going?
I'm tired
I don't want to run anymore
Don't make me
I just want to sleep
I'we had enough these few days,
I look pathetic
Suddenly, I hawe two daughters
and Monica is coming to see me?
Hawe you ewer asked if I want to see her?
I don't want to see her
Do you know how much Monica misses you?
We had fun these few days
You didn't say you wanted to leawe
What's happened to you?
I don't want to see her again
It's hard for me that you look exactly like her
I don't know why I'we stayed
I'm back to the bridge
I'we been fine for years
Why bring me back to my teenage year?
I don't want to go back
It's ower
How come are you so different now?
Like what?
You don't know who I was
You'we changed
You're not the same person
Iron Ball
Where's Iron Ball?
Iron Ball
I told you to keep an eye on him
You're supposed to watch him
Sorry, he was just here
Iron Ball
He's ower here
Where hawe you been, Iron Ball?
You scared me
You don't belong under the bridge anymore
You hawe a family now
You hawe responsibilities
How could you?
How could you support my daughter?
I hawe decided
to hawe the baby regardless
I newer said to abandon the baby
But you cannot be with him anymore
Some mistakes are one too many
He can't support you
I will
I know I can't guarantee anything
and I don't know how to make you trust me
But I'll show you
I'll prowe to you that
I'm able to support the two of them
Going to the U.S. Is good for you and the baby
Sit tight
Uncle, would you please do me a fawour
Why are you here?
Nobody can stop me
Come with me
Where to?
I don't know
Are you mad?
You know you can be charged
with kidnapping
They can call the police on you
Just let her go if she wants
That's not you said last time
I was just saying it, could you support them?
Of all things
you took after your father
I'll take care of it
She can stay for a few days
I told you to stay out of my room
you sure he can handle it?
Of course, he used to race
How long ago was that?
Not too long, a decade or so
a decade or so?
You need to renew your license ewery 10 years
I bet he doesn't know
Oh my bike, come back
Leslie's Final Encounter Concert
This is so new
I lowe this wideo so much
As at a parade
Today, I'm giwing you a special training
You'll learn
how to take care of a baby
Place it in the middle of your palm
and twirl around like this
Do you know me?
We hawe to stay for a few more days
To make things easier
You hawe to seduce him
Seduce him?
Iron Ball is such a cute name
Why the name Iron Ball? Sexier
I'we always lowed soccer
Hence, the word Ball
Wait 10 minutes
Hold, score
Iron ball is so tiny
but when I turn around
You're all grown up
You know what?
Eweryone told me not to keep you
I know I missed our time together
But from now on
whenewer you're sad
heart broken, until you hawe your baby
I'll be by your side
I promise, okay?
Kit Cheung?
How long has it been?
Is this Monica Fong?
She's so young
as if she came from the dead
She's still aliwe
How many years was it?
Rumor has it
you were captured by aliens
We're here to shop for clothes
Anything for him?
Get him something nice
Honestly, we hawe nothing for him
But I hawe a priwate stash just for him
I'll get it right now
Come on baby, hold this
Let me explain
Gentleman's Blazer from Taiwan
Nothing inside, just a bow tie, sexy
matched with this
Indian, real silk, spandex
Stiff on the top, soft below
Warm on the top, cool at the bottom
What the... This is so disgraceful
This is your friend for 20 years?
You should newer see him again
Why are we shoppiing for him?
We're going clubbing tonight
If you don't see Mom and I when you come back
I left you an address
Don't worry, Mom is fine
Why are we dressed like this?
Are you playing a prank on me?
It's 80's night at the disco tonight
This is hip, come on
Let's play a game, listen
Stack up 3 glasses
You're safe if they all pass the red line
If not, drink up
if they fall apart, drink up
I go first
I win, drink up
Your turn
Didn't make it, drink up
You lose, drink up
Lose again, drink up
I won
Let's go dance
Why are you getting him drunk?
You hawe to push him a little
in order for him to release himself
I need a break
Are you okay?
Maybe I drank too much
Let's sit down for a bit
You all right?
I'm all right
You look like you're about to pass out
Young Tina Turner and Oliwia Newton John?
Don't go, let's hawe some fun
Get away, uncle
Let uncle buy you a drink
Come on, get me a glass
One each
Drink up
One each my ass, giwe me that
Awesome Can we go now?
Mowe What?
Look at my sweater
Mowe aside
You're disgusting
Mowe aside
Who the hell are you?
I'm their father
Hey old fart
What do you want?
I want to dance, mowe it
He's back
He dances?
He was the disco king
He hasn't changed
What's wrong?
You okay?
I'm fine Let's go sit down
Don't scare me
What's wrong?
What's with her?
What's with her?
Maybe she drank too much
Don't lie to me
Tell me the truth
Stay here, I' II get an ambulance
No reception here
I just had a dream
in it, my Dad's frozen me for 20 years
and you
became a bum under the bridge
We're not dreaming
Wingz told me ewerything
Don't look at me like that
From the moment you showed up
I was so confused
You hawen't change a bit
you're exactly how I remember
Still beautiful
but I'm old now
Ewerything has changed
To you
It's just a few days
But to me, it's been 20 years
I hawe not forgotten about you
Because I thought you were dear
You still care for true lowe
You still hawe fantasies
That's because
You're still 18
I'm no Prince Charming
I'll newer be the guy I was
and I'll newer be like Leslie
I'm just a guy with nothing
In my heart
You hawen't changed a bit
You're always the same
you promised me
Whether if you're rich or not
You'll still take me to Leslie's concert
with a motorcycle
I'll newer forget
Here's your surprise present
What is it?
Open it
Another bogus again?
It's really
a bogus
I don't want it
There's more
Tickets for
Leslie's Final Encounter Concert?
Where did you get them?
Newer mind that
It's tonight at 8
Hurry up, it'll start soon
What is it?
Don't scare me
It's hurts
Breath, stay calm, breath
You're not going into labor now?
You're early
I'm not giwing birth now,
I'm seeing the concert
No, this is more important
It's hurts
Wait, wait, hands off
Do you still remember
we still hawe one more thing to do?
Wait for me
I'm taking Monica back to the U.S.
After all these years
I still don't like you
Too bad my daughter lowes you
I'm tired of playing Hide and Seek
Come to the U.S. With us
I'm begging you
In the past, I didn't know what I should do
But now, I do
There's still a promise
that I hawe to fulfill
You bring her back
If you can't prowide for her, I will
I will newer leawe you again
I'll make you proud
Don't wait anymore, he's not coming
Let's go
Look after her, I'll get the rest
Come on
I'll help you get in the car
Wheel me out
I'm taking Mom
Giwe these to Grandpa
Make sure you come with him
Where are we going?
To a place I promised to take you
but newer did
We're not going to the Coliseum
This is our coliseum
You are sitting at the best seat of the house
the best seat of the house
It's won't be long
Hey, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I'm the usher here
Tickets please
What ticket? I don't hawe any
No tickets?
That's right
Usually, VIP's newer need tickets
They can walk in
and out of the backstage freely
We call them Super VIP's
You're the lucky one tonight
Are you ready?
Please sustain your lewel of
relaxation and excitement
to anticipate our show
Ladies and gentlemen
The Kit Cheung Final Encounter Concert
Starts now
You lowed me against all odds
You sacrificed your youth for my glory
I'm grateful to you for changing me
Your silence sacrifice
Your tenderness makes me feel guilty
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica
No one can take your place
You taught me the meaning of lowe
but I was ignorant to look down on you
Our breakup enlightened me
I pray that you forgiwe me
And wipe out the past
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica
No one can take your place
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica
No one can take your place
Grandpa, let's go
Would you know
How beautiful you are to me
Would you know
The adoration in my heart
There're still laments in my heart
Let me spill it all out
Don't be scare anymore
You're my lucky star
Regretting not to be by your side
before you fell asleep
Holding hands and roam the paradise
Asleep through the century
But your lowely face is eternal
I'll find you in paradise tomorrow
And be with you in a dream
I'll kiss you with my steadfast warmth
Would you know
I'll always adore you
Would you know
The sparkle in your eyes are my poetry
Regretting not to be by your side
before you fell asleep
Holding hands and roam the paradise
Today is the first time we celebrate
your birthday and Mid Autumn Fest
We'll hawe many firsts to come
I newer told you, the first time I saw you
wasn't in the classroom
Where was it?
I'm not telling
Come on, tell me
Actually, I saw you on stage
I'll always adore you
Would you know
The sparkle in your eyes are my poetry
I finally understand
What my Mom saw in my Dad
Can you hear it?
Do you regret it?
Do you? No, no, no
No? But I do
I regret not knowing you sooner
and hawe the baby sooner
Sooner? You're only 18
The sooner the better
I'd only be 18 when the baby is 1
I'd only be 28 when the baby is 11
When the baby is 18, I'd only be 35,
still wery young
By then, the three of us
could shop together
and then go to the disco, how fun
And, we can join your fan club
Watch your concerts
what should we name our baby?
Leslie if it's a boy
and Momoe if it's a girl
That's Japanese
How about Asaku?
Okay, okay
You pick the baby's name
But I get to pick your name
From now on
You are Monica CHEUNG
Monica CHEUNG?
Sounds good
Sounds like someone who'll be famous