Wai lung mang tam (The Protector) (1985)

[police radio]
[man] Aren't you a little old
to be playing with dolls, Michael?
What do you think, Billy, is my kid
going to love this thing or what?
Sure, he'll love it.
He Iook just like you.
Yeah, he is pretty cute, isn't he?
You know what day it is?
lt's October 1st.
It was exactly ten years ago
'til l first came to America.
No shit.
Hey, happy anniversary, Billy.
l'll tell you what--
ten years deserves a celebration.
How 'bout I take you out for a drink
after work, come on?
l can't be too late.
l'm meeting a girl at nine.
She wants to help me celebrate too.
[Michael laughs]
[Michael] If you could party
after the graveyard shift,
you've got, uh, a lot of stamina.
You know what I mean?
[both laugh]
Shit, looks like the fuckin' Indians
got another one.
We better check it out, Billy.
This is car 17 to dispatch.
We got a code 1022-- stripped truck.
Sector H,
right off Longfellow Avenue.
We'll get right back to you.
[radio] 10-4.
Careful, Billy.
Michael, check it out.
Jesus... Christ.
Don't-- don't shoot me.
Take anything you want,
just don't shoot me.
We're cops, okay?
You fellas got one hell of a friendly
city here, you know that?
Just stopped for a red light
and boom.
Oh, they got my computers.
Oh, look at my rig.
My poor rig.
You stopped at a red Iight
in the South Bronx
with a truckload of computers?
Where are you from pal?
- Texas.
- Figures.
Welcome to New York.
Hey, you're not taking that in,
are you?
Can't leave it in the car,
someone'll steal it.
Don't give me a hard time,
get in there.
[car honks]
Hey, that's enough, huh?
AIl right, let's go, let's do it.
Okay, I'm gonna kick
some fucking ass.
l'm gonna hit the can.
Another round for my two friends.
You got it.
AIl right, big man, close that door.
Nobody move!
Michael, get the back door.
AIl right, everybody over here,
get over to that jukebox.
Let's go, move, move!
All right, I want to see rings,
watches, wallets.
Let's go, you get over there!
Hurry up, hurry up!
And that means you too, Bozo, let's go.
Come on, I said right now.
Hey, open that register reaI quick.
- Grrr, Grrr.
- Before l blow your fuckin' head off.
Take it easy, I'll open it.
Now, Bozo, hurry it up!
l want it.
Hey, man, it's not mine.
lt's not mine.
Come on, boy, you're coming with me.
AIl right, big man.
Hey, what are you lookin' at?
l'Il be out in a minute.
Oh, man, you shouldn't a done that.
Frank, go around Mike.
Drop it!
Get those fuckers, Billy.
Get 'em.
Call 9-1-1 , get an ambulance.
- Now!
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
Hey, get off my car, you scumbag!
- Freeze.
- What the hell?
You got five seconds get off
that fuckin' boat.
Undo that Iine.
Come on, we got ya.
l need your fastest boat.
- Who the hell are you?
- Police, give me the keys.
Get the hell out of here,
what are you doing?
Give me the fuckin' keys.
- Where's the boat?
- Manhattan Express, right over there.
HoId it!
Get the hell out of that thing.
The Harbor Police'll get him.
He killed Michael, Captain.
Billy, I'm ordering you!
[boat revs]
That fuckin' Chinaman don't give up!
[gun clicks]
[machine gun fires]
Aviation 0-5-zebra.
Officer 1412 in pursuit of a suspect.
I'm in the blue-white speedboat
below you.
Can you come up over me?
[radio] Roger 1412.
New York control,
this is 0-5-zebra in pursuit.
We're turning south
at the Brooklyn Bridge
heading down the river.
That guy's crazy.
Come in closer and drop me a line.
On the count of three
puIl me up as fast as you can.
One, two, three.
ls Daddy coming back soon?
You deliberately disobeyed
a direct order.
That man killed my partner.
That's no excuse for blowing up
half the Goddamn harbor!
- Captain, listen.
- You listen to me, Wong!
I don't like it any more than you do
when a cop gets killed.
But we're not in the revenge business.
The Mayor's been up the commissioner's
ass over this one, Wong.
He want's your fuckin' shield,
and if he can't get it,
he'll take mine.
l had no choice, Captain.
You coulda stood by
and Iet the Harbor PoIice
pick that guy up.
But, no, gotta be a big hero.
Billy Wong, supercop.
This is it, Billy.
You're back to crowd control.
- But, Captain--
- No fuckin' buts!
That's final!
Maybe next time you'll think twice
before you pull one
of your hot dog stunts.
Now get outta here!
[door shuts]
Nice suit, Garoni.
Billy, you Iike it, huh?
I'm supposed to blend in
with the crowd.
I heard about your fireworks display
in the harbor.
You always did have a flair
for the dramatic, Billy boy.
How did you get this shit detail?
The usual--
some punk pulled a knife on me
so I kicked his fuckin' teeth in.
And he screamed, "Police brutality."
All the way
to the commissioner's office.
- The usual bullshit.
- The usual bullshit.
You know, if somebody dropped
a bomb in here,
they'd wipe out half
the junior diplomats in New York.
That's why we're here.
[Garoni] That's Laura Shapiro.
Oh, I'd like to work undercover
with her.
No, don't teIl me.
You guys are cops?
We're that obvious?
You're not so bad,
but that friend of yours,
he sticks out like a sore thumb.
Look, uh, you guys allowed to drink?
Can I get you a beer or something?
No, thanks.
Tell you what-- if you wait 'til I go
off duty, l'll buy you a drink.
Oh, yeah?
l just might take you up on that.
Um, excuse me, gentIemen.
l have to mingle.
That bum, Shapiro, probably uses
his own daughter to launder money.
Listen, you lousy Chink bastard,
you keep bugging
Mr. Shapiro's daughter,
they'll scrape you off the floor
with a putty knife.
His name's Benny Garucci.
He's an ex-karate champ.
I'd like to bust his fuckin' head open
with a crow bar.
But you're going to have to hold him--
he's a tough son of a bitch.
I wonder why Shapiro needs
that kind of muscle here?
Are you kiddin'? He can afford to have
the whoIe fuckin' Marine Corps
standin' by to protect him,
if he wanted to.
That fuck owns half
of Manhattan, Billy.
l wouldn't mind teaching Garucci
a little lesson in manners some day.
[female speaker]
Ladies and gentlemen,
Laura Shapiro marketing is very pleased
to introduce to New York City
the sensational Edmond Wong
and his fabulous coIlection
of shimmering cocktail wear.
- Nice dress.
- Nice tits.
The whole warehouse!
No, no, no!
[woman screams]
[alarm ringing]
[male] New York's finest.
They need to be prepared
from being snatched
right out from under
your Goddamn noses.
We had our guns out.
Had your dicks out
for all the good it did.
I'll take my dick out
when I'm going to use it, Captain.
We couldn't shoot
without hitting the girl.
I think you two men
did the right thing.
Well, thank you, sir.
Any word, uh, from Shapiro?
He has no idea why
his daughter was snatched.
We've been monitoring his phone
for the past 12 hours.
No ransom demands, no orders, nothing.
You might find this interesting.
What is it?
A record of aIl the phone calls made
in the Iast 12 hours
by Shapiro's hood, Benny Garucci.
Six calls all to the same number.
Country code 8-5-2.
- Hong Kong.
- How the hell'd you get this?
Friend of mine at the phone company.
- The blonde?
- No, the redhead.
What the helI does all this
got to do with Hong Kong?
There's somebody waiting outside
who might just be able to answer that.
Send in Mr. CantrelI, please.
Men, this is Bob Cantrell
from the justice department.
Are these the men
who kidnapped Laura Shapiro?
Now, how the fuck should we know?
They were wearing masks.
Excuse me, lady.
What's this all about?
These men all work for a powerful
Hong Kong crime boss named HaroId Ko.
Harold Ko.
What, do you know him?
Anybody who knows Hong Kong knows Ko.
A real snake.
Yeah, and a tough one to catch.
Now, we've suspected Shapiro and Ko
of running drugs from Hong Kong
to New York for years,
but we've never been able
to pin anything on him.
Why the hell would Ko want to snatch
Shapiro's daughter?
We don't know, maybe they've had
a falling out of some kind.
Whatever the reason,
there's a good possibility
that Laura Shapiro
is now being held in Hong Kong.
That's impossible.
Nobody couId smuggle a girl
into Hong Kong that quickly.
- It's impossible.
- Not for Ko.
He's right. Ko's got most of the island
in his back pocket.
Sir, if Laura Shapiro's in Hong Kong
we should check it out.
[Captain] Forget it, Wong.
My Chinatown contacts
can give me the names of some good
informers over there.
lt might be worth our try.
Garoni could come with me.
He knows Hong Kong
from his Vietnam days.
You're way out of line, Wong.
l Iike it.
If you men could find Laura Shapiro
and pin it on Ko,
you might just be able to shut off the
largest heroin pipeIine
to ever come out of the Orient.
Okay, we got nothing to lose.
Why don't you two men
go to Hong Kong
as special advisors
to the local police
and see what
you can come up with.
Yes, sir.
See you, Captain.
Thank you, Captain.
Thank you.
Here's the keys to that Jeep
you asked for.
Oh, thank you.
- You sure you don't want a driver?
- No, we're okay.
Thanks for getting this
through customs for us, inspector.
We really appreciate it.
Superintendent Whitehead will meet you
tomorrow afternoon at four.
- You got it, Billy?
- Oh, yeah, thanks, see you tomorrow.
- Thanks a lot, inspector.
- Good night.
Sleep welI.
Man, you love it, huh?
We could stay at a better place,
you know?
We're on an expense account.
NostaIgia, Billy, my boy, nostalgia.
Memories of magic nights on R and R.
l remember during 'Nam,
there was nothing around here
but a bunch of horny grunts, you know?
And the women, Billy...
oh, the women were motherin' me.
And besides, nobody's gonna Iook
for us in a dump like this.
What's that?
An old Chinese coin.
A friend of mine in Chinatown
gave this to me.
lt's sort of a calling card.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
Looks like a bunch of shit to me.
[male] I still say, it's ludicrous.
The idea that anyone couId smuggle
a girl into Hong Kong
without my office knowing about it
is simply impossible.
lmprobable, not impossible.
Now, listen to me, you two,
I spoke to your Captain and he told me
about your Dodge City tactics.
We don't appreciate people like you
in Hong Kong.
l want you to assure me that you'll
behave with the utmost discretion.
Discretion is my middle name, sir.
Show them out, inspector.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Gentlemen, you must forgive
the superintendent.
He's been trying to nab Ko for years.
Considers it
a personaI mission in Iife.
I think he's worried you will succeed
where he's failed alI these years.
Don't worry about it, inspector.
l'm used to pissin' off superiors.
We ran down the phone number
you gave us.
Shanghai Massage Parlor.
That's where Benny Garucci called
from New York.
Apparently, it's a rough place.
They, uh, don't necessarily specialize
in giving massages,
if you know what l mean.
You bet your ass I do.
Let's check this place out.
Maybe we can shake Ko's tree a littIe.
Billy, you're a mind reader.
You two be careful.
One of the reasons Ko has managed
to stay out of prison for so Iong
is he doesn't mind killing anyone
who threatens him.
If he thinks you're getting too close
to finding Laura Shapiro,
your names will be on the lips
of every assassin in Hong Kong.
It's a friendly little town
you got here, inspector.
Welcome to Hong Kong.
This is my favorite part
of town, Billy.
We're supposed to be working.
You know what they say--
all work, no play.
Play around here can get us killed.
Whoops, sorry.
At least you'd die
with a smiIe on your face. [chuckles]
[speaking Chinese]
Welcome, gentlemen.
First time here?
We're just a coupIe of poor lost souls
from New York.
A good friend of ours recommended
this place very highly.
We have many friends in New York.
Maybe you remember our friend--
his name's Benny Garucci.
Yeah, Benny Garucci-- Benny Garucci,
he really loves this place.
He taIks about it all the time.
- Right, Billy?
- Right.
So sorry, we-- we have so many friends
I can't remember them aIl.
But I'm sure we can make
your visit here very exciting.
Follow please.
[Garoni] All right.
Hey... keep your eyes open.
Don't worry, BilIy boy,
l wouldn't miss this for the worId.
BiIly, don't let this guy
sneak up on me.
[sings in ItaIian]
Hey Garoni?
l'm gonna get you.
You know, you're very pretty.
[speaks Chinese]
My goodness gracious,
whatta we got here?
- Billy.
- Yeah.
- Do jeh.
- Thank you.
Billy, look at this, huh?
Whichever one you want
is yours, Billy, huh?
- Hello.
- You made the wrong choice.
That's-- I'm in love, this is mine.
I'm your friend, you gotta take care
of your friends, don't you?
Excuse me.
Call in the other girl.
Go ahead, make the phone call.
[speaks Chinese on phone]
l remember these holes when
they were a little smaller, you know?
Whatta we got here?
- Welcome to.
- Welcome to.
This chick loves me.
Love my clothes?
I love your clothes.
[Garoni gasps]
You remind me of someone
I knew in Saigon.
Oh, you know Saigon.
You're very beautiful-- really.
No, you are.
How old are you?
- Eighteen?
- You guess.
Excuse me.
She really knows a way
to a man's heart.
When did you grow a beard?
[Garoni continues laughing]
[Garoni] Oh, oh yes.
[Garoni groans]
What the hell?
[girls yelp]
You punk!
Drop it, motherfucker!
No, you drop it,
Oh, shit, what the fuck's
going on here, huh?
Dress 'em and take 'em to my office.
l want to taIk to them
before we kill 'em.
A guy can't take a bath in peace?
Why did Shapiro send you?
Hey, wait a minute.
l think you know why he sent us.
- Oh, Shapiro?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, sure, he's very angry
at you peopIe, very angry.
Shapiro's angry at us?
That's right, yeah.
- But he's the one who--
- Don't say anything!
These men is New York cop.
[both] Cops?
l ain't no cop, I'm a tourist.
- Maybe he's a cop. You a cop?
- Do I look like a cop?
He doesn't look like a cop.
Take them out.
KiIl them.
TeIl Harold Ko we're in town.
His days are numbered.
It's never wise to make threats,
my young friend.
Especially ones you can't keep.
That's not a threat,
that's a promise.
Let's go.
Whatever you say, partner.
WelI, you're calling the shots, BiIly.
Whatta we do next, huh?
What is it with this coin?
Tomorrow we're gonna cash this in.
If we use it right,
it may tell us
everything we want to know
about Mr. Ko.
[Garoni] This Lee Hing,
is he an informer?
He used to be.
He's retired, but he's still tapped
into the whole Hong Kong underworld.
WelI, what makes you think
he'lI help us?
He may not, but do you have anything
better to do today?
Well, as a matter of fact,
l could probably think of somethin'.
[speaks Chinese]
[responds in Chinese]
What happened to your eye?
It's swollen,
l think something bit me.
You better watch out for Hong Kong
mosquito wearing high heeIs.
Hey, that's the jumbo restaurant.
Boy, do I remember that.
I don't remember
the rest of this new shit.
It aIl looks kinda different
to me, Billy.
[dog barks]
[boat honks]
[Billy] There's Lee Hing's boat.
[Garoni] Looks like
our friend's doing okay.
I bring you greetings
from a friend in New York.
Who is your friend?
His name is Tin Ho.
Tin Ho is a very old
and honorable friend.
Now, Mr. Hing, look,
we've just come--
You are police officers from New York.
You have come here looking for a girl
who was kidnapped by Ko.
Gentlemen, there are no secrets
in Hong Kong.
Come, sit and have some tea with me.
lt's the least I can do
seeing as how you have come
all the way to see me
for nothing.
Soo Ling, cha for our guests.
Why is our trip for nothing?
SureIy, you can help us.
Surely, l could, but I will not.
My father's retired.
[male] Ahoy, Uncle Hing.
I've got a charter in a few hours.
Can I hit you for some supplies?
On credit, I suppose.
[chuckles] At least I'm consistent.
Hey how ya doin' there, buddy?
I got something for ya,
Iook at this--
Straight from the mainland.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Mr. Hing, If you know anything
about where Ko is keeping this girl,
you gotta teIl us.
My daughter was quite correct.
l am retired.
But a man like you
must maintain his contacts.
Could you have them find out for us?
dealing in information like that
is extremely dangerous.
EspecialIy when it involves people
like Harold Ko.
Listen, if there's something
you're not telling us,
we can take you in
and let the local cops deal with you.
Are these men bothering you, sir?
That is not necessary, Stan.
These gentlemen are simply tired
and frustrated.
Forgive them.
They are dangerous, father.
Make them Ieave
before they bring trouble.
Don't look now,
but I think they aIready have.
Damn it, they must have
foIlowed us, Billy.
[speaks Chinese]
You gonna take me
to Ko right now, asshole.
You see--
you see the trouble you cause.
Why wouIdn't you leave us alone?
Hey, give me a break.
Tin Ho has asked a favor of me.
l must honor it.
Do you think that's wise, Uncle?
Maybe not.
But sometimes honor is not wise.
Can you tell me where Ko's
holding Laura Shapiro?
Not yet, but my friends will know.
Uh, do you have a picture of the girl?
Right here.
Come back here tomorrow.
Stan will know where to find me.
Well, thanks, we really appreciate it.
What the fuck is this?
[teIephone rings]
Who's this?
[man on phone]
I hope we can say I'm a friend.
Listen, you creep,
it's not your money we want,
it's your ass.
[man on phone]
I'm sorry to hear that.
Good bye, Mr. Wong.
[phone clunks]
[gun shot]
HoIy shit, Garoni.
Get the window, Billy,
I got downstairs.
You fools failed.
[speaks Chinese]
[commands in Chinese]
Sit down.
l spoke to your Captain again.
He assured me that a machine gun
is most definitely not standard issue
to New York City police.
I never go anywhere in Southeast Asia
without an UZl.
Do you know what this is?
This is an initial estimate
of the damage you caused.
Look, at least we know
we're getting cIose to Ko.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried
to wipe us out like that.
Oh, you have evidence
that Ko is behind the attack?
Jolly good, let's see it then.
l think it's obvious, don't you?
You want to know what kind of
reputation Harold Ko has in Hong Kong?
Read that!
He spent three million American dollars
to purchase that horse.
And he's holding a press conference
this afternoon to announce
that all its race winnings will be
donated to the Colony's Orphan Fund.
He's a real fuckin' peach.
l'm warning you two.
I've already wired your commissioner
to ask him to take you off this case.
If I have to set eyes on you again,
there'll be bloody hell to pay!
- Can we go now?
- Get the hell out of here!
This Whitehead's a real schmuck.
So, what are we gonna do next, Billy?
There's still Lee Hing.
Let's hope he comes up with something.
ln the meantime, do you like horses?
l Iove horses.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as you all know, Stolen Fortune,
the most successful horse of all time,
sired onIy one son
before he was killed in a tragic fire.
The son, Breakaway Threat,
was the horse they said
no one could buy.
They were wrong.
Thank you.
[speaks Chinese]
It's my pleasure to present
my latest acquisition,
Breakaway Threat,
to the people of Hong Kong.
[male] Mr. Ko, how much money
do you think
Breakaway Threat will be able to earn
for the Orphan Fund?
[Ko] We hope to donate
almost two million dollars
by the end of the next racing season.
Mr. Ko, how soon will Breakaway Threat
be able to race?
Breakaway Threat will be running
one week from Saturday.
[male] Hey, Ko,
you left your briefcase
in our hotel room.
l think you are mistaken, sir.
Well, if this isn't your briefcase,
then this isn't your money either.
[crowd clamors]
I don't think this guy Ko
likes you, Billy.
That's too bad.
Are you surprised to see Garucci here?
Not really, right now we have more
important business to take care of.
You follow Garucci.
l'Il go see what Lee Hing's dug up.
Whatever you say, kid.
[Billy] If your father can help us,
we can shut down one of the worst
criminals in the world.
There's no dishonor in that.
Everything will be fine, you'll see.
Cove ahead.
Oh, shit.
[Soo Ling] No!
Oh, no.
Too late now.
BiIly, for Christ's sake,
keep her back!
Soo Ling!
No, no, no!
You-- you're the cause of this.
You killed my father!
No, l didn't kill your father.
Harold Ko killed your father.
l hate you, I hate you!
lf you hate me, then you must hate Ko.
Help me find him.
Help me destroy the man
who killed your father.
My father told me to help you.
Even though he's dead,
I must obey.
The fortune teIler was a friend
of my father's.
lf my father found out anything,
the fortune teller will know.
You look for a girI
that was taken from New York by Mr. Ko.
How do you know?
The I Ching tells all.
Nothing is hidden.
There has been war.
Between Ko and Shapiro?
Yes, but the war is over.
A man has come across the water
to make peace.
Benny Garucci.
My people tell me
a pact wiIl be made tomorrow night.
And the girl will be returned.
Where's the girI?
l do not know.
But you must not Iook for her.
The I Ching is not good.
I see only danger,
death, and betrayal.
Wait a minute.
l must say a prayer for my father
and consult the I Ching.
What do your sticks say?
ls the fortune teller right?
l ask the questions, Billy.
But I never read the answers.
[speaking Chinese]
l trust you found the girl weIl?
Yes, sir, just as you promised.
When Mr. Shapiro refused to pay
for my last shipment,
l Iost much face.
l trust it wilI never happen again.
lt was a simple misunderstanding, sir.
Be assured that Mr. Shapiro remains
your faithful friend and partner.
He wishes no ill feeling towards you.
l'm glad to hear this.
But Mr. Shapiro is worried.
Those two cops from New York,
they're getting too close
to our operation.
Calm your fears.
The girl shouId be returned
to you tonight.
As for those two poIice officers,
they cause me great dishonor.
They will be taken care of.
Garucci went to this big container
shipyard before he went to see Ko.
Now, it's my guess
he was checking on the girl
before arranging
an exchange with the big man.
The fortune teIler said the exchange
will be made tonight.
So, we have to break in and get
the girl out before that can happen.
[Stan] Tall order, man.
The rumors I hear say
the place is Ko's drug factory.
lt'll be heavily guarded.
Maybe we should calI Whitehead, Billy.
HoId it.
We're not sure it's the drug factory.
We're not sure Laura Shapiro's there.
lf we're wrong,
Whitehead will ship us home.
l wiIl go with you.
That's a great idea.
l can handle myself in a fight.
[Stan] We know you can, Soo Ling.
But someone has to stay behind
just in case we're caught.
That's your job.
He's right, honey.
Now, if you don't hear from us
three hours after we hit the place,
you call Whitehead, understand?
Don't worry, Soo Ling,
I'll go with them.
You have experience
in these kind of things?
Yeah, you might say that.
Seals, U.S. Navy.
As a matter of fact, I just happen
to have some of my old gear with me.
lt might just come in handy.
[Garoni] What the fuck is that?
I got that from an Israeli
friend of mine.
That's a portable, six-shot,
l'Il be a son of a bitch.
I ain't never seen anything like that.
Have you, Billy?
The entrance is
about four containers in.
lt's a gray door.
About four containers on top of that
there's an air duct
connected to an air conditioner--
that's how we go in.
- All right?
- AlI right.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Okay, all signed out.
You wait here.
l'Il bring down Laura Shapiro.
She better be all right.
[distant voices]
[speaking Chinese]
- l'lI go first.
- I'lI be right behind you, Billy boy.
- You got my back, Jones?
- I got it.
AIl right, let's go.
[speaks Chinese]
Drop your guns.
I told you the Japanese make
great bullet-proof vests.
Let's get those fuckers!
Everybody out!
We're gonna blow this joint, let's go!
Come on, out!
I taIk to myself here?
- Come on, let's go!
- Move it, go!
Hold it!
Up, up, up!
The guard has the key.
Give me the key
or I'll blow your dick off!
Give me the key!
What's the matter, you never seen
four naked broads before?
Let's go!
- Good to see you again, Laura.
- Hell of a way to get a date.
That's very funny.
Got it?
The other one!
[speaking Chinese]
- What the fuck's going on?
- They're gonna blow the lab up.
- Got it.
- You got it?
- You got it, almost ready?
- Yeah.
Come on, kid, let's go,
we're on count.
- Okay, l'm ready.
- Let's go!
- With me?
- Yes, sir.
This sucker's got keys.
Come on, let's roll it.
Let's get the f--
Where's Laura Shapiro?
The man asked you a question.
Fuck you.
Surely you know
we can make you talk.
l got news for you Ko,
you're finished, you're already dead
and you don't know it yet.
This is aIl so unnecessary.
Enjoy yourself, Benny.
[Garoni groans]
[teIephone rings]
This is Billy Wong.
You've got a problem, Ko.
I've got a problem?
lf you don't give me Garoni,
l'm not reIeasing
Laura Shapiro to anyone.
If you kill Garoni, she disappears.
l'm surprised.
l had no idea
your partner's life
meant so much to you.
I believe we can do business,
Mr. Wong.
Shall we say, in my shipping yard?
In two hours.
l'Il be there.
[dog barks in distance]
Stan will take you to Whitehead.
He wiIl get you home.
Look, I don't mind staying in hiding
until you can get Garoni back.
That's okay.
Get Laura to Whitehead.
TelI him to have
as many men as possible
at Ko's shipyard at exactly 7 am.
lf he's late,
there's going to be lots
of their bodies to pick up.
You're not going
in there alone, are you?
Yeah, this is between me,
Benny Garucci, and Harold Ko.
[speaking Chinese]
[speaks Chinese]
[loud clunk]
Mr. Wong.
How nice to see you.
Where's Garoni?
Where's Laura Shapiro?
My partner first.
But of course.
You bastard.
I've lived up to my part
of the bargain, Mr. Wong.
Now, where is the girl?
She's safe.
[male] She certainly is.
[Billy] Whitehead.
l warned you, Wong.
Mr. Ko is a very infIuential man
in Hong Kong.
You son of a bitch.
Oh, yes, but a well paid one.
Well, it seems that this affair
wiIl come to a happy ending after alI.
There onIy remains
one last piece of entertainment.
Come on, big boy.
You son of a bitch!
Come on.
[motor buzzes]
[speaking Chinese]
Soo Ling, you help Laura,
I'lI take care of Garoni.
[male] Going somewhere,
Start the engine.
Start the engine.
Stop him, stop him.
Get me out of here.
Run him down.
[Garoni] Jesus Christ.
Give me that fuckin' thing.
Give it to me, come on.
Come on!
[gun fires]
[sea gulls cry]
[male] In recognition of service
above and beyond the call of duty,
which resulted in the forfeiture
of over 2,000 lbs. of illicit drugs
on route from Hong Kong to New York,
the Police Department
of the City of New York
is proud to bestow
it's departmental Medal of Honor
on officers Wong and Garoni.
Thanks, Captain,
it's good to be home.
What's our next assignment, Captain?
Crowd control.
- Well done, Garoni.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor.