W imie... (2013)

You are sick.
There you go, Jew!
Eat it, eat!
You want more ants?!
You want, or not?!
'Cause I'll fuck you!
Hold it!
'Cause I'll fuck you, you dick!
Did I say, you can throw it?!
Fuckin' eat it!
Get the fuck out of here, dog!
I didn't invite you here.
Get the fuck... you perv!
C'mon, faster!
You whore!
Hold on, Ginger.
Foul. Off the field.
Referee is a dick!
What did you say?
What did you say? Come here.
What did you say?
That the referee is a dick.
What's your problem? Explain it to me.
But I didn't do anything!
Red card. Off the field.
Are you deaf? Get out.
Man, you twatted me really hard.
It fucking hurts.
Just don't shit yourself, Ginger.
It hurts, 'cause you hit yourself
walking through the window last night.
I wasn't walking through no window.
- You did, and you took Baboon with you.
- Fuck off, I didn't.
- Listen, you know the rules?
- I do.
You can stay here... Silence!
You can stay in the centre,
only if you don't leave after ten.
What if we don't want to stay?
Baboon, if you don't like it,
you can go back to the reformatory.
So, come on...
Lord, bless us, this food...
and those, who prepared it.
Teach us to share bread and love.
In the name of Christ, our Lord.
Same again.
If dog barks after getting the food,
the bowl runs away, that's no good.
I ain't no dog.
Eat, Matt.
Baboon, stop it.
Fuck you,
it's not me.
Shall I teach you to respect food?
- I do respect.
- So do it.
Let me pour some.
No, thanks.
Just one.
No, really, I have to keep straight.
It won't hurt you.
As you wish.
Come and dance.
Come on, don't just sit.
I was never an altar boy or a reader,
I never belonged to any Church circle.
I started to go to church consciously...
...when I was twenty one.
Because one night...
...when I was alone...
...I suddenly felt
the presence of my father...
...who died one year before.
He was there with me...
It was a very...
...strong, substantial feeling.
Suddenly, in one flash,
I saw the whole rotting of my soul.
I felt the desire to release myself...
...from the prison of my selfish I.
In the very centre of each of us,
there is a spot.
Innocent, free from sin.
A spot of Nothingness,
...that belongs only to God.
From this spot, he forms our lives.
Each of us has it.
And now, passing the Peace,
keep it in mind...
...you might not see it immediately,
yet think about it...
...as this spot of God...
...is in each of us.
It makes us all equal.
In each of us,
there is this spark of holiness.
Give something under her head.
What are you afraid of?
Give something under her head.
- What is your name?
- Roksana.
You won't get the paper
without confession.
But Father!
The previous priest used to give it.
But this one does not.
God bless you.
Make me know Your ways, oh Lord...
...teach me Your paths...
...make me know...
Go on, but slowly.
Wait, I'll grab it... Got it.
Wait a moment.
Okay, we've got it...
Got it? Look out, it's heavy.
Hey, give us a hand!
We don't want cripples, Humpty.
You're crippled yourself, but mentally.
Okay, I'm putting it on the ground.
All right, it's done.
- God bless you.
- God bless you.
I brought a plum-pie.
Then come in.
But maybe I'm interrupting...
Not at all Ewa. Come in.
It's useless with this pie.
Oh, Jesus. He is here again.
I am afraid of him.
His gaze is so weird.
- Marcin?
- Yeah.
No... he's harmless.
Happiness! Joy!
I came to apologize, of course...
What for?
I was a bit drunk at the party...
It was silly.
It doesn't happen often to me.
It's just that,
since we came here with Michal.
...from the town I mean...
...I don't know what to do here.
I'm so bored.
I have no one to...
I'm sorry.
I don't know, why I'm saying this.
I'm sorry.
Hold on guys!
One second. Lukasz, come.
Fuck! Humpty can't play football!
Sign here, I'm going to town.
One more on the other page.
Watch out, a cripple on the field!
Get him!
You know that,
he set a barn on fire, last year.
We found him after three days
in the forest.
Okay, I'll be back in two hours.
Fuck, let's play.
Well done.
Humpty, where the fuck is your brother?
Dear Lord, bless the food
we are going to eat...
...and those who prepared it.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Now and forever.
Amen. Fuck.
Oh, fuck!
Those fucking rednecks are pissing me off.
Milking cows is all they're fucking good at.
Watch me guys! We're hugging what?
Your fucking asses.
Get the fuck to the reformatory,
you fucking Jew.
Shut your cunt, you bitch!
When I was in reformatory,
you weren't even talking! Fag!
Oh, our boozer-lady is coming.
What boozer, what boozer?!
I'm calling your mom.
- Maybe kinder to the lady?!
- Get the fuck out of here!
Stop fighting!
Get inside.
Something happened?
You've overslept.
No. I'm fine.
I'm waiting.
Come on!
Humpty! Humpty! Humpty!
Nice one!
Fuck man!
Fuck, what a flight.
Where is Humpty?
Why isn't he back yet?
Keep his head up.
Ginger, wait there!
can you get the cap
off the table?
Me again?
Thank you very much.
This is Adrian, your new mate.
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Now and forever.
Sit down.
Take a plate.
Don't give UP!
Ginger! Ginger!
You're a pussy.
Hey Blondie, what are you staring at?
Come here.
Try with him.
He'll fuck you in four seconds!
Finish him!
Go and you smash him!
Who's gonna win?
Kamil, Kamil, Kamil.
No harm done, Kamil.
No harm done.
Not bad, Blondie. Not bad.
What is it?
You teach me to swim?
Easy! easy.
Calm down.
Like that.
Whoa, whoa... chill.
Gently, with legs.
Just slowly, slowly.
So you will float.
And the hands.
Gently, gently-
Dive the head. Don't be scared.
Mine just cracked.
Watch out, it might fall.
I don't care.
My sausage is on fire!
May I?
Come in, Ewa.
I brought this.
Thank you.
Sorry, but I'm quite busy.
Can I ask something?
Why Father was moved
from Warsaw to this shit hole?
It must be a punishment for you.
It's normal that you get transferred...
...in our Order.
To different places.
I see.
You know, that Michal was
also in the seminary,
over one year?
He never told me.
He was.
But he didn't manage.
He left because of me...
What's going on?
He's stoned.
You're stoned yourself.
Calm down. Wait.
You know it's the last warning?
I'm serious.
Next time I'll sent you back.
You don't find me attractive.
I do.
But I'm already taken.
If he gave his heart to God...
...maybe he doesn't think
about fucking.
Maybe he has other interests.
No way, he gave his heart
and doesn't fuck.
- Impossible.
- But a priest is a priest.
- He gave the heart, not the body.
- But he's a dude.
When he goes forest running,
he probably fucks the deers.
We sneak out through a window
in the evening.
We smoke fags...
...sometimes we roll a joint...
...a little blunt.
Grovy, you don't treat
the confession seriously
You confess to Christ, not me.
If you want,
we can meet another time.
I do treat the confession
very seriously
But there's one thing,
that pisses me off.
It was on my last pass.
There was a party
We got waisted.
I was in a room with one guy...
...and I gave him a blowjob.
Do you understand, Father?
What would my mother say?
If the guys found out about him,
I would be fucked.
No one can know about this.
There is a secret of a confession.
What am I suppose to do with this?
I can't turn back the time.
You know what?
As your penance,
just run an hour daily.
And what running can help me?
Running is also a prayer.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
What Father is doing?
So, you're done for today?
Sure thing.
Some time-out with just one beer.
Father understands, after work.
Okay, give me some...
Pass the bottle.
Father drinks beer?
I need to check,
if the voltage is good.
Father is wearing just originals.
No shit.
You think Christ was interested...
...in what kind of shoes he had?
Or pants?
You think that Christ was interested
in anything else than himself?
I was kidding, you blockheads.
How can Father know,
what Christ was interested in?
That's a good question.
So, we're waiting for an answer.
You have brand shoes,
brand pants,
- and kids in Africa have no food.
- You know, man looses his ways.
Like a sheep.
Fine. Make it the last one, okay?
This couch is ours!
We won't give it away!
Heavy mother fucker.
Baboon, get off.
No, I won't!
I'm taking the pillow.
This is our couch.
Why Father is taking it away?
Neighbors have nothing to sleep on.
Who cares, the couch is ours.
Our graffiti.
It was always stinking to you,
and now you love it.
But it's ours.
The priest is a fag.
Get up.
What's going on?
What happened?
Who did this?
Where is Grovy?
Do you mind if I smoke?
I'll take one too.
Thank you.
We need to send Blondie back
to the reformatory.
He's stoned all the time.
It was Grovy, who was taking drugs.
I had no clue...
I don't... we don't understand,
why this happened.
...but perhaps we're not supposed
to understand.
No one is forcing you to confess.
And you don't confess to me.
Yeah. To Christ.
If I'm correct.
What do you want?
The same thing you do.
Get lost.
How was it Blondie?
Some penance?
Some running?
You know what?
The priest is an old faggot.
Good one!
Hey, Bruce Lee!
Guys, do something.
Humpty, fuck! Let him go!
Take your hands off his neck!
Fuckin' hell, Humpty!
You almost strangled him!
Are you fucking nuts?
- Drink up.
- Are you holding up, Blondie?
He'll survive.
Omen S's...
Excuse me...
Excuse me!
Excuse me...
Is it possible to confess?
Not now.
It's cleaning time.
Where is the priest then?
The priest is busy.
The Lord is close.
Keep silence.
Excuse me...
His Excellency is awaiting you.
Please, do come closer.
Praised be Lord.
Now and forever.
I'm listening.
It's hard to talk about such things
in church.
It's hard to talk about such things
in general.
But you've made all this way.
Are you nervous?
Speak in the presence of God.
It's like I wrote in the letter.
I don't want to know any details.
Please give me full name of that boy.
Szczepan Gruszynski.
And would you please remind me
your name?
Mishal Raczewski.
So, I'm listening.
That boy, who hanged himself...
I'm afraid something bad
is happening in our centre.
Let me be direct.
Father Adam has a bright flame of faith.
And a gift to do amazing things.
At his last post...
...where he was working with boys...
...from pathological families...
...he had amazing results.
And he's not doing it for the glory.
He wanted himself to
run your little parish...
...to create a new centre.
Please don't misunderstand,
Your Excellency...
Stop explaining yourself.
You did the right thing coming here.
The Church must inquire all...
...disturbing cases.
But this one...
...I don't see anything disturbing.
Trust me.
I'm concerned about the situation...
...at Father Adam's previous post.
But that was clarified.
The altar boy was taking drugs...
But, for Father Adam's good...
...we moved him to another parish.
You know, how people talk.
What did I see? Nothing really.
Nothing... only Adam...
Father Adam was staring at the boys
in a weird way. That's all.
Maybe I was just imagining.
I can't tell now.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of this.
I promise.
We don't sweep the dirt
under the carpet,
as some people say.
I've heard that...
...you wanted to become a priest.
One year in the seminary...
Something went wrong...
I fell in love. That's it.
I trust you.
Will you confess me?
It has been two months
since my last confession.
I offended God with following sins...
Jesus Christ, why can't I talk
in a normal way?
I forgive your sins...
in the name of the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Go and sin no more.
Everyday we die...
...and are reborn again.
We become filled with doubt.
We loose faith in things
that we used to value.
And the things we loved - repel us.
And that suffering man...
...starts to rebel.
It is his right.
He fights, he escapes...
- Hey.
- Hey Sis.
It's cool, that you're calling.
What's with the hand?
Ah, nothing.
I just wanted to put a bandage.
And what's with your head?
A kind of bandage.
So how is it going in
this Toronto of yours?
You promised Mother,
and you drink again.
They called me from the curia today,
you know...
...I talked with the bishop...
...and I'll be transferred again.
I don't know.
I never make it.
Speak up.
Nothing, you know...
I wanted...
I really wanted well.
Back then, this boy hang himself,
'cause his father beat him.
- I just wanted to hug him...
- Slowly Speak louder.
What can I do, that I...
...that I like these boys?
Stop talking rubbish.
Fuck.. I could have...
you know what...
I could fuck all of them out.
I won't talk with you,
when you're drunk.
...I just wanted a hug.
You have someone to hug, right?
What? What are you saying?
Who do you hug?
Do you have someone to hug?
My children.
And I don't like children.
I'm not a pedophile...
...I'm a faggot.
No, you're not a faggot.
You're sick. You're just tired.
- I am sick. I am. That's it.
- You always liked girls.
I'll go there and say...
...I don't want it anymore...
that I'll start a normal life.
I'll go and tell them, that I'm sick.
I'm sick...
so they stop fuckin' transferring me.
'Cause I also get used to things.
And it makes me sad.
Do you understand?
Exactly. I'll go there and say...
I will transfer myself!
No one will believe you.
Adam, you are...
...a good priest and a good person.
Call me, when you'll be sober, okay?
These are our boys.
God bless.
Baboon, Ginger.
Father Stanislaw.
Please come in.
Put it down.
- Stanislaw.
- Adam.
We have a good priest now, right?
He does a lot. Renovating church...
...he really tries.
Do you remember the previous one?
He organized a centre for the boys.
People were talking, he was a fag.
I've heard something, but not this.
But he put a fence.
- They transferred him close by.
- Where?!
Around 60 km from here.
Everybody knows, that they transfer the
priest from one perish to another.
He is no saint. Only by the alter,
or when he is wearing black.
Or during the service.
After, he is just the same as everyone.
Humpty, where are you going?
The break is almost over.
Humpty! Humpty!
He's gone.