Table No.21 (2013)

Siya, what are you doing?
People will laugh at us.
I am going-
Sorry. Don't you want to
get your money's worth?
We don't often travel business class.
So what if we don't?
We have travelled by aeroplane before.
Just a minute.
What money?
How much did we spend on this trip?
We won this trip in a lucky draw contest.
Thanks to me, you know.
Your meal, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Yes, ma'am.
I specifically ordered vegetarian.
Don't worry, ma'am.
I will get a vegetarian meal for you.
You know, she's one of those.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll get something for her.
By the way.
Will you die if you touch meat?
Why take a chance?
Fiji, here we come.
This way.
What a beautiful place.
What are you thinking?
Someday I will take you to
a beautiful place like this..
...But on my own.
Anything free is always good..
...But if you earn it,
the feeling's amazing.
"All night... it keeps sighing."
"Your memories would
make it restless."
"My heart doesn't listen to me."
"There's a sweet intoxication."
"Everything seems a blur."
"My heart doesn't know a thing."
"It belonged to me,
but now it's a stranger."
Just doesn't u nderstand .
"At times silent,
at times it sings aloud."
"It sings your praises all the while."
"Are you real or
are you just an illusion."
"You should know that
it's crazy about you."
"My heart doesn't listen to me."
"She dwells in me."
"In my heart, like life."
"Just like raindrops in the monsoon."
"Like a story."
"That conveys from the heart."
"It's always been in love with you."
"Just doesn't understand."
"At times silent,
at times it sings aloud."
"It sings your praises all the while."
"Are you real or
are you just an illusion."
"You should know that
it's crazy about you."
"My heart doesn't listen to me."
"When it sees you."
"It just runs after you, with me."
"It's obsessed with you,
you're it peace."
"You're the only one for him."
"At times silent,
at times it sings aloud."
"It sings your praises all the while."
"Are you real or
are you just an illusion."
"You should know that
it's crazy about you."
"My heart doesn't listen to me."
You're up.
Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary, love.
Why are you up so early?
Was checking porn sites.
I had applied for a job in a few companies"
Was just checking
if they've sent any response or not.
No response.
Yea, I was wondering.
- I will be back.
So this is why you disappeared yesterday.
Wow! You're so intelligent.
Wow! Now this
necklace looks beautiful.
They say to keep the love alive in a marriage..
Two things are very important.
Husband's defeat and
Diamond necklace.
It's really pretty.
I absolutely love it.
And I love you.
Hold on.
Where did you get the money to buy this?
Money? Good question.
I don't know how to steal, I can't rob a bank.
I never win a lottery,
I don't have a job. - Vivaan.
You spent your savings.
Why did you waste it on me?
It's not a waste, it's an investment.
In your happiness.
But I think I lost.
Don't get me wrong.
Of course I love it.
Love you.
- You do?
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Wish you two a happy anniversary.
- Thank you.
Here's an invitation for you.
- Yes.
Show me.
Sir, your pickup will be ready
at llam. - Thank you.
Pick up!
An exclusive anniversary
lunch at the Waterfront.
Surprises in-store.
- I love Fiji.
Happy anniversary.
I don't feel like going out.
Let's go back, to the room.
Come on then.
- Excuse me.
Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
So, has the car come?
That's your ride.
Oh my, God..
- Are you serious?
I love it.
Let's get there soon.
- Hi. Vivaan.
I'm the captain.
- Hi.
I'm Siya, nice to meet you.
- This way.
- Hi.
Happy anniversary.
- Thank you so much.
For you.
- Thank you.
Follow me. This way please.
I love this place.
This is your table, ma'am.
Happy anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Agasthi.
Am I dreaming?
This place, the ambiance,
this cake. Its unreal.
I mean"
You know what?
These were the best six days of my life.
And all thanks to you.
Don't be so hasty in saying thanks.
The night's still young.
What's the point?
It's our last night here.
And tomorrow,
back to job searches, paying EMl's.
Tension, tension, tension.
Just the thought of it upsets me.
I am 30.
It's now or never.
I want to have my own business,
a passion in something.
...Saying I could've done it back then.
But in search of happiness"
I forgot to express them.
Happiness never depends on anyone.
Friends never meet coincidentally.
This moment must have some importance.
Otherwise we wouldn't
have met in the first place.
- Thank you.
My name is Khan.
- I..
I know who you are.
- Really?
You are Mr. Khan and you're
not a terrorist. - I like that.
My wife Siya.
- Oh, hello, pleasure.
I am Abdul Razaq Khan.
Your host and companion.
Pleased to meet you, Mr. Khan.
You're welcome.
This is my resort and we sent you the invites.
This is a part of your holiday package.
Thank you, we've had a wonderful reception"
Pleasure is all mine, ma'am.
Wearing a nice necklace.
Thank you.
So, I wish you two a very
happy wedding anniversary.
Thank you so much, sir.
- Welcome.
Have you been living in Fiji for
quite long? - It's been 10 years.
It's been 10 years since we first met.
You mean today's your 10th wedding anniversary.
No, no. Fifth.
- Congratulations.
We met five years before
our marriage. - I see.
Let's celebrate.
Don Perignon. 1995.
It's a limited edition, ma'am.
On your special day.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Cheers, darling.
Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.
I'm impressed Mr. Vivaan.
You know what Don Perignon said..
...When he tasted this champagne?
'Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.'
- Not bad.
And only a few people know this.
Love this.
- Yeah.
Nice paintings, Mr. Khan.
These canvases are empty.
They aren't empty, madam.
They're filled...
with secrets I don't want to share.
Keep them concealed.
My little secrets.
There's another point of view,
Mr. Khan. - What?
Maybe it's filled according to
the observer's point of view.
Each time each person sees what he thinks.
I think you don't like secrets.
Secrets are sexy.
And thoughts filthy.
- I see.
So what did you think?
That's a secret, Mr. Khan.
And secrets are sexy.
You know what.
I can't be unfair to my 8 million viewers.
What do you mean?
This restaurant has a
tie-up with a website.
It's a live gaming website.
And the game's called Table 21.
So, if intelligent and
beautiful people like you..
Don't play this game, then won't it be
unfair to those 8 million viewers?
What kind of game or
website are you talking about Mr. Khan?
It's a live game, ma'am,
which I will play with you.
On one side of the table will be you..
And on the other side will be me.
And I will ask you 8 questions.
Just a minute. What questions?
Questions related to your life.
And you'll be given a task with each question.
What task?
- Task related to the question.
So, it is very simple.
But the answer will be in a yes or no.
Only yes or no.
There must be prize money as well?
See, he's getting interested.
Of course, Mr. Vivaan. There is.
How much?
- Guess.
One million Fijian Dollars.
Oh, no..
- Vivaan.
No, no.
It's going to be 10 million Fijian Dollars.
You mean 21 crore rupees.
Women are indeed good with calculations.
So ma'am, are you game?
Mr. Khan, this is too good
to be true? Not possible.
What's the catch?
Just one.
You can't quit the game.
I don't mind.
- Wait.
Can I talk to my wife for two minutes?
Of course.
Your wife, your decision.
Take an hour.
Please, please.
Do you know what this means?
What's the worst that can happen?
Don't know. Something seems awkward.
What can he possibly ask?
How much does he know about us?
This way.
Are they our audience?
Our audience is much bigger.
Bigger audience?
Table no. 21.
You were quick on taking a decision, I'm happy.
Well you can say, Mr. Khan
we like taking our chances.
What's this?
- Nothing. Just formalities.
It states that you're playing
this game willingly..
And you will follow all the rules of the game.
And you will be given a questionnaire"
and you will have to fill in all the answers.
And one more thing,
we'll take away your personal phones.
And you will have our phones.
Only incoming, no outgoing.
Because you cannot
take anyone's help. No.
Any lifeline?
- Of course.
Just one.
Truth, and nothing but the truth.
How will you know whether we're lying or not?
Cameras are installed everywhere.
Lie detectors will be tied to your wrists.
Red for wrong answer, and green for right.
Is this lie-detector reliable?
I mean, after all it concerns money.
There's just one thing that can
stand between you and your money.
Lies. Only lies.
Shall we play?
So, Mr. Vivaan. First question,
for one crore.
Is your wife... beautiful?
Is that your first question?
- No.
I'm sure you express your
love in many different ways..
To your beautiful wife.
Your question is, do you feel embarrassed"
in expressing your love to
your wife in a public place?
It's the right answer!
It's the right answer!
That was easy.
- We won.
- This is unbelievable.
Seems like you don't believe in..
...The concept of
displaying your love openly.
Each one has its own choice,
Mr. Khan.
A sealed bottle is much better than an open bar.
- It's different in case of women.
When their lover openly
assert their right on them..
...They really like that.
Right, Siyaji. Do you miss it?
Of course I do.
But he more than makes up
for it when we're alone.
Of course he must be.
Of course.
Mr. Vivaan. Time for your first task.
Are you ready?
Bring it on, Mr. Khan.
You will have to kiss your wife passionately..
In the middle of Suva's
busiest street, Rand street.
I knew it's going to be something like that.
One crore rupees and a
beautiful task. Why not?
I am okay with it.
Let's go.
That's the spirit my boy.
Just one more thing.
Our referees are on
the inside as well as outside.
And there are cameras everywhere,
keeping a watch on you..
Because this game will be
telecasted live on the internet.
Please, no cheating.
What are you thinking?
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
This is not a shoe ad.
- I'm your wife.
Look, if you can't do it
then I'll get someone else.
Just shut up, Siya.
Vivaan. Vivaan, listen.
Has it ever happened that"
you wanted to kiss me in
public desperately but you couldn't?
Out of all the days, chooses to fight today.
'Siya, it is okay. Just relax.'
'Hey.. Give me some rum.'
It's not good for you.'
Why? What's the problem
in having a peg of rum?
I meant Bobby, not rum.
He doesn't know anything about Bobby..
Why is he giving me advice?
That's okay.
If not my advice, at least the rum.
You will accept something.
So, do you only give good advice"
or can you dance just as well.
I can try.
I noticed that you've been
checking me out all evening.
Though you know I've a boyfriend.
I kept staring at her, and time flew by.
I wonder why I couldn't
take my eyes off her face.
Like the moon and its moonlight
I kept looking at her with awe.
But never imagined that
I will get to see her so closely.
Fantastic, Mr. Vivaan.
People say a man snatches his
first kiss, demands the second..
Takes the third, accepts the
fourth and endures the rest.
But here, it looks like this
was really your first kiss.
Yes. Not just me,
our viewers say the same thing.
My goodness.
- Thank you, Mr. Khan.
I didn't just kiss my wife publicly"
"today I've also been
publicly made a 'Bakra' (fool).
Come on, guys.
Come on, come out, come out.
What are you doing?
- Good job, buddy, good job.
Thank you. Come out everyone.
Mr. Vivaan, are you okay?
- Absolutely fine, Mr. Khan.
I know, come on..
- Vivaan, what's with you?
Siya. Can't you get it?
This is not a game show, this is a show.
Otherwise who pays this much money for a kiss?
Isn't it, Mr. Khan?
You fooled us, didn't you? - Yes, yes.
Of course, you caught us.
- See, I told you.
We call it International 'Bakra' now.
Sorry, ma'am. Please don't mind.
- I told you.
No. - We didn't know
you'll catch us so soon.
Nice meeting you.
Same here.
Come on, darling.
- That way, please
No one gives it for free.
Let's play more? I told you.
My God.
This isn't life that staggers, this is a game.
And this game has some rules.
The first rule says,
if you lie... you die.
But I never lie.
This is 21 crore rupees,
minus one crore. Sorry.
It's been transferred to your bank account.
- Yes.
Show him.
Show him the phone.
What does it say?
Amount of Rs. 1 Cr credited
to your account. - Yes.
I am so sorry we doubted you,
Mr. Khan.
What's the next question?
- Are you hungry?
Mr. Vivaan, do you feel you
know your wife completely?
That's a difficult question,
Mr. Khan.
Obviously, yes.
- No, don't look at the buzzer.
I just wanted your opinion.
The question is for Siya.
The second question is for Siya,
for Two Cr. Rupees.
Do you feel...
your husband knows you completely?
Are you..
- What?
It's the right answer.
Absolutely right.
- Okay.
Siya, superb.
- It's okay.
Well played. Wow.
Mr. Vivaan, you don't know that
your wife knows..
That you don't know her completely.
Confused, right?
Mr. Khan, every woman wants her man..
To think of her like a closed fist.
But actually, every woman is very predictable.
Like an open book.
But closed fists are very interesting.
And open books are beautiful, right?
So the question is, Mr. Vivaan..
"Whether your wife's interesting or beautiful.
We'll decide that as well.
After this dare for one crore.
Can your predictable this?
I must admit, Mr. Khan.
That's a good idea to save your money.
We lose.
It's okay, relax.
- Mr. Vivaan.
Two crores are at stake here.
Two crores.
People can die for this amount.
And not many get this amount
even after all the apathy.
Mr. Khan, my wife might
think that I don't know her.
"But I do know her this much.
We've been married for 5 years.
She'd rather take poison but not this.
This is a beautiful game,
Mr. Vivaan.
Now you know that you don't know anything.
And to know that
you don't know is very important.
You've your entire life to
know and understand each other.
Siya, all okay.
Are you expecting a good news.
Winning 2 crore.
Isn't that good news.
I am fine, Vivaan.
Thanks for asking.
Did you ask?
I didn't hear you.
Siya. Siva-.
Close your eyes, and imagine
that you've won 21 crores.
Now, how will you spend this money?
That's it.
Your smile has said everything.
That's it.
You know, Mr. Khan.
Whoever said money can't buy happiness..
Didn't know where to shop.
Yes, one can buy everything, of course.
But not his past.
He cannot buy his past.
He can't buy it, but he can forget it.
That's the power of money.
Yeah, it can make a person do anything.
So... next question for three crores.
For you, Mr. Vivaan
Have you ever manipulated anyone?
Manipulate? What do you mean?
In local term, making a fool.
Mr. Khan, to be successful in life..
One has to be as well as get what you just said.
I don't want clarification, just the answer.
Just yes or no.
'There he is.'
'Forget it.
- Go on, tell him.'
'Bobby. This is Vivaan.'
'He wanted to talk to you.'
'You leave.'
'l had something to confess.'
'The other night at the Christmas party..
"That's where Siya and
I met for the first time.'
'Nothing, we just had a few drinks.'
'The dance floor turned
into a badminton court.'
'She was the shuttlecock
and I was the racquet.'
'She spun me here, twisted me there.'
'The music was really loud.'
'l kept hitting the shots,
and she kept getting smashed.'
Slowly the passion between increased.
'..And only the cock was
left from the shuttlecock.'
'Dude, I slept with your
girlfriend Siya that night.'
- Yeah.'
'l mean I'm sorry.
- Damn man..'
'l am sorry, it just..
- Bobby.'
- Hi, Siya. Nice to meet you.'
'You know him?'
'We met at the Christmas
party and had a few drinks..'
'Siya, I told Bobby everything.'
What the..'
'Freakin' rascal.
- Yeah.'
'Bobby, very rude of you.'
'Hitting a girl.'
Are you fine, Siya?
- Damn him.'
Siya. Are you okay?
'What do you boys think of yourself?'
'l know that was really rude of him.'
'l mean what's happening?
What did you tell him?
Me? it wasn't me,
it was that Amar from first year.'
At the Christmas party
he saw us dancing together..'
'..and told Bobby about it.'
'Bobby got angry at me.'
'All I told Bobby was just because
Siya and I had a few drinks together..
'..Sang a song, danced together!
'..We shared a laugh together,
it wasn't anything wrong.
'But he got really angry.'
'And you know what
happened after that.'
I told you Bobby is not right for you.
'I arn.'
Great. Another green.
Absolutely right answer.
So your task is that you manipulate me.
Don't be alarmed.
Look, I'm sharp, intelligent...
and I've 55 years of experience.
And it's not easy to fool someone like me.
And anyway, no one pays
three crores for an easy task.
So your task is that you manipulate me.
Mr. Khan, how can
I manipulate just like that?
Give me a situation.
Okay. How's this. I'm standing here.
Now compel me to go there.
Mr. Khan, I am no magician.
I'm sorry but I cannot do this.
I cannot do it.
But yes, if you were standing there"
I would've told you three words..
That would've compelled
you to come here. Guaranteed.
I don't think so.
Of course I can do it. I trust myself.
First go there.
What are you doing?
Here I am.
Say those three words Mr. Vivaan.
Mr. Khan, you're sharp, intelligent"
and you've 55 years of experience.
But you fell short of a little wit.
Vivaan just manipulated you to go there.
Such a defeat is better than victory.
You've won three crores.
Siya, prepare your shopping list.
I'll be right back.
Oh my, God!
Three crores.
It was so easy, right.
Didn't you feel that was strange?
What strange?
Siya, I felt that Khan
wanted me to manipulate him.
For some reason.
- Why are you so irritating, Vivaan?
Just enjoy the moment.
We just won three crores.
Are you two quarrelling?
Will we get one crore for the answer?
Only for the right answer.
Of course, how can I forget.
- Now. Next question.
By the way, Vivaan, do you believe in God?
Of course.
- That's a lie.
You don't believe in Him, you fear Him.
You can say that.
Fear exists in every nook
and corner of the world..
And in every corner of the heart.
The world runs on fear.
Come on.
And the thing is, Mr. Vivaan.
When fear comes in the way of love..
Life becomes interesting.
So, Mr. Vivaan.
What can you do to face your fears?
Depends, what's at stake?
Your love.
- What?
The question for four crores is..
"Can you face any fear to save your love?
It's the right answer.
Time for some action.
Come in, it's a part of the game.
Come on.
And now you will face your biggest fear.
Are you ready?
How do you know what my biggest fear is?
Consider that I know, Mr. Vivaan.
And now you will know too.
Very soon.
What is our task?
Your task is Mr. Vivaan..
This key is now locked in this lock.
This key will be released only when..
You fill this bottle with 250 ml of blood.
.25 litres of blood.
Whose blood?
Your wife, your blood.
'This is our final year.'
What do you plan to do after that?
'With whom?'
Siya. Come soon.
- You are sitting here.
I want to show you something.
- Vivaan. Come quickly.
Come quickly.
- For what?
Tell me.
What are you up to?
- Good.
No, no. It's a trap. For Akram.
Look. Look.
Whose idea was it?
Oh my, God.
Bittu, water-
Bring a chair. Vivaan, are you okay?
Mr. Vivaan, Vivaan,
where are you lost?
I forgot to tell you.
There's only seven minutes of oxygen in there.
Only seven minutes.
What kind of a joke is this?
Get her out.
It's your job to get her out.
You give me blood and I will give you freedom.
Timer is on, Mr. Vivaan.
Come on.
- Superb!
Superb, Mr. Vivaan!
You've won four crores.
- Mr. Khan, Sia ran out of oxygen.
What if she had met with an accident?
Accidents only happen in real life,
Mr. Vivaan.
Games only have rules.
And this game has just one rule.
You will only die, if you lie.
"These silky tresses.
These exhilarating eyes."
"You're the reason I'm still alive."
What did you think, Mr. Vivaan,
I was praising your wife.
You're right, I was praising her.
And why wouldn't I?
That's how Siya is.
Beautiful. Gorgeous.
Stable. Compassionate.
And.. - And she's my wife so
I know everything about her.
Tell me something else.
You seem to be upset, Mr. Vivaan.
Actually I was hinting
towards the fifth question.
Now, Siya.
Next question for five crores.
For you.
Do you feel that if you didn't have any hair..
Your husband will still
love you as much as he does now?
Lovely. The buzzer's
showed green as well.
Lovely, Siya.
Now-Your task is that...
"You've to give me all your hair.
What nonsense?
Nonsense? It's common sense.
When the husband's jobless, every penny counts.
And this is a question for five crores.
Look, your hair will grow back again..
"But not this opportunity.
No, no, enough Mr. Khan.
This is enough.
Let's do it, Siya.
What are you saying, Vivaan?
I am not going to cut my hair.
Will you do anything for money?
Siya, it's just a task.
We'll have to do it.
Didn't you eat meat?
Did you ever eat it before?
So what's the problem in cutting your hair?
And anyway, the sooner
we get out of here, the better.
So, let's do it.
He has a point, Siya.
Fine, cut it.
Have it your way.
Okay, don't get disturbed okay.
A change of plan here. Siya.
You won't cut your hair.
Relax. Fine.
Vivaan, you will cut it.
Okay? Fine.
Get it.
What's that? That's not"
No, no, no, no. He won't do that.
What's this?
- Razor.
I know that.
Buy you asked me to cut her hair, not shave it.
I said I want all the hair, right?
Fine. We don't want
to play this question.
Next question please.
Mr. Vivaan, you know you've
to answer all the questions..
And complete the tasks given to you.
That's it.
- Then we quit this game.
That's enough.
Come on, Siya.
He's messed up mind..
- And the 21 crores?
To hell with it.
Alright, Mr. Vivaan, you can leave.
I won't stop you.
But remember that the world is round.
Oh no!
I can't believe that we listened to him.
That game was getting too weird.
I think that man's a psycho or insane.
And what was wrong with you?
I mean, you were willing to cut my hair.
You wouldn't look too bad without it.
Shut up.
Show me.
- What's this?
Why is it beeping?
- Let rne check.
We forgot to take these off?
Mr. Vivaan.. Don't go further
than 10 kilometres"
Otherwise it can explode. Be careful.
The further you go, your life will be in danger.
Mr. Vivaan.
No point in looking here
and there, do something.
What nonsense!
Come back. Come back.
Hello. Hello.
Damn it.
Where is he watching us from?
Do something, please.
Turn back!
Turn back now!
Turn it now!
Khan! Khan! Khan!
- Slowly. Slowly.
What is this joke?
- Calm down!
Slowly. The birds are sleeping.
People are watching you.
I don't care. Take this off.
There're only two ways
to do that, Mr. Vivaan.
First, complete the game.
Or severe your arm,
and it will automatically come off.
This isn't a game, it's illegal
- Against the law?
Here's your signed contract, madam..
Where you've enslaved your freedom to this game.
To hell with the law.
Who cares about the law.
There's a law in Texas,
that you can't make furniture nude.
And in Portugal, you can't pee in the sea.
And in Minnesota, the law is that.
"The husband and wife
cannot dry their underwear"
on the same rope.
And which is the country"
where you can't make ugly
faces in front of your dog.
Laws are a sham, it's hollow.
What is strong are principles.
And compelling someone to do something"
are those your principles?
Demand. Of the game, not mine.
Demand of the website.
Look, you were playing, people were enjoying"
now that you're fighting,
the people are loving it more.
They're waiting for the decision,
which you've to take.
Your hair or your arms.
Nice job.
Siya. You look very different.
Look, if you had shaved off
your hair in the temple"
you would've earned merits.
Here you won money.
And five crores is a big amount.
You can give away some in charity"
"that way you will also earn some merits.
So now. Next question.
For six crores. For you.
We just saw that you love your wife a lot.
Now our viewers want to know
what they didn't see.
Did you evermslap your wife?
Domestic violence.
'How could you be such a bitch, Siya?'
'Don't call me that, Vivaan.
- I will.'
'That was my child, Siya.
- Our child, Vivaan.'
'And you killed it. You killed it.'
'We were not ready.'
'Siya, if that was our child,
then it should've been our decision..'
'..and not yours alone.'
'l am sorry, Vivaan.'
'You would've never agreed
if I had told you.'
'Just think about it.'
'We cannot take the responsibility of
a child right now.'
'Neither emotionally nor financially.'
'And it's not over yet.'
'We can plan a child.'
'It's not the end of the world.'
'It's okay.'
'It's not okay.'
- Mr. Vivaan.
Mr. Vivaan. What had happened?
Your contract doesn't say that..
"We've to answer all your questions.
You're getting emotional.
But it musfve been something serious.
I am such a 'Gossip Girl'.
So, Gandhiji had said..
An eye for an eye,
will make the whole world blind.
But I say a hit for a hit..
Will give my website millions of hits.
So, your task is..
You'll have to let your wife slap you.
Siya. Come on, take off your glove..
And give a tight slap
across your husband's face.
Come on.
Siya. Siya. Siya.
A slap should be crisp.
It's no fun as long it's not a tight one.
Look here.
This metre will decide how loud
and hard you slap him.
See. 120.
It doesn't register below 120.
Come on, come on.
One more, Siya.
Harder, Siya.
One more.
Hit him harder so that he knows..
It's not easy for a mother to abort her child.
Hit him.
'What had happened?
'Your contract doesn't say that..'
'..we've to answer
all your questions.'
'How do you know
what my biggest fear is?'
You give me blood, and I will give you life.
'When the husband's jobless,
every penny counts.'
That's it.
We got it.
Great. That's it.
Siya. It's okay. It's okay.
Listen. This man knows
a lot about us..
Which we neither told him or wrote on the form.
Your abortion, me losing my job.
My phobia of blood.
How does he know all this?
"Wooden plank, a horse on the plank."
"As the hammer struck on
the back of the horse."
"The horse galloped
with it's tail between his legs."
Yes, Mr. Vivaan.
Seventh question, for you.
Have you ever harmed
a stranger without a reason?
Hey. What the hell
are you doing to my car?
Listen. Listen to me.
Get him.
Listen to me guys.
Please. Hear me out.
Hear me out once, please.
Beat him. Beat him.
Take him. Take him.
Listen to me.
Somebody call the cops!
Dispatch 265 from Suva Station.
Indian man, black shirt,
denim jeans seen breaking a car.
All officers on alert.
Please help me.
Please help me.
Back off. Back off. Step back.
I need your help.
- Back off.
Hands behind your head.
What have I done?
You have to come with me.
There's a complaint registered against you..
I need your help, sir.
Listen to me.
Me and my wife came to
Fiji for holidays few days back.
There's a man called Khan who trapped us.
He's threatened to kill us.
There's no hope left.
You're our only hope.
Please help.
No, you've to come with me.
I will hear you out in the police station.
Sir, please. Please.
- You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you.
I will register your complaint once
at the police station.
Hey, stop. stop. - I'm sorry, sir.
I can't come with you.
I have to save my wife.
Dispatch 223 calling for backup.
- Where is Siya?
- Good.
You completed the task, good.
But you broke the rule of the game.
Where's Siya you scoundrel?
You're not in the position to cuss at me..
Nor am I in the mood to hear it.
Khan, where is Siya?
I told you you're not allowed
to take help of outsiders.
You broke the rule..
And Siya is paying for it. Look.
I decked her up, just like a bride.
And sent her off.
And she's heading for her wedding night.
Khan, you scoundrel.
Leave me.
Just because you can kill someone"
doesn't mean you kill him.
Still people kill.
People kill. And only for their hobby.
The only difference
between humans and animals is..
"That animals don't have a hobby.
Before your wife's nudity"
"becomes the talk of the town, go and save her.
It's okay.
Why is this happening with us?
It had to happen with someone, Siya?
So why not you two?
Consider yourself fortunate Siya..
That even after going through this experience..
At least you will end up with money.
But it's much more fun
to watch a decent person..
Act dirty then see a rascal's dirty tricks.
I don't want to play anymore, Vivaan.
Please take me home.
Please take me home.
Mr. Khan, you know and
I've understood this is not a game.
You should be thankful Mr. Vivaan..
"That this is a game.
It is not life.
Otherwise you would've
committed suicide as well.
Now, the last question of this game.
And this question
will answer all your questions.
So Finally.
And this question is for you Siya
And Siya, there will be seven questions.
Rapid fire.
Two crores for each answer.
And just one task.
Let's make this easier.
This time you've to lie for every question.
For example I will ask you
"Is Mr. Vivaan your husband".
And you will say "No".
And the buzzer will be red.
Like that.
- I get it, Khan, we're not idiots.
Just ask the questions.
Are you married to Vivaan?
- No.
Are these silky black tresses yours?
- Yes.
Do you want me to die
a cruel death like a stray dog? - No.
Siya, when that man
was toying around with your body..
Were you enjoying it?
- Yes.
Do you still want those 21 crores
after all the humiliation?
- Do you love your husband?
- No.
Have you ever slept with
a stranger after your marriage?
Siya. You had to lie.
You said the truth.
But I lied.
- Oh really!
So Raj Malhotra.
Your boss.
No, no, no, this is all nonsense.
Give me my dare and
end this wretched game. - One minute.
What does Raj Malhotra got to do with all this?
- Are you innocent or stupid?
Siya, what's the truth?
- No, no, trust me, Vivaan.
I don't know..
What are you..
- I just want to know the truth!
I don't know, this man's uttering nonsense.
Fine, then let me prove it to you.
No, Vivaan..
- Siya, this is your phone. Right?
Go to contacts.
Look for Raj Malhotra.
Raj Malhotra.
Raj Malhotra, boss.
Now, let's message the boss.
Had a great time with you that night.
The sex was great.
And send.
Vivaan I...
Its coming, it's coming..
He must be typing it.
I am sorry, I am sorry Vivaan.
I am sorry.
You had lost your job and
he threatened to sack me.
It was important for one of us
to keep their job.
I did this for us.
I did this for our family.
Vivaan please.
Good. Mr. Khan.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Everything over.
If this is what you wanted
then why wait so long?
Everything's over.
My house. My dreams.
It's all over.
You wanted to break them, didn't you?
It's broken now.
It's all over.
Vivaan I..
- Leave me
The game is not yet over, Mr. Vivaan.
Your wife has broken the rule,
so she has to die.
The rule is, if you lie you die.
And she has to die.
Mr. Khan.
Emotions are only for real life,
Mr. Vivaan.
Games only have rules.
And rules.
We did everything you said.
Anything you said.
Please let Siya go.
Your wife just slept with someone
She spent the night with someone.
And you still want to save her.
He is the man. Great.
If you want to save her...
then someone has to die.
Mr. Vivaan.
You will have to murder someone.
How can I kill anyone?
If you want to save her
then someone will have to die.
That's the rule.
Not for the game, for life.
And I want 10 million hits on my website.
And only a live murder can give me that.
Because death is
the biggest entertainer of them all.
The best entertainment in the world.
The best!
"Love in you is..
Losing my soul."
"I was in the lost
battle death at my door."
"A dog in the backyard
feels for my pain."
"Be in a broken bottle
let beat and rain."
"Sweetheart, come back to me."
"I admit my mistake."
"I'll endure your punishments."
"Don't turn away,
don't leave me in tears."
"I can't stop these tears."
"And ask you... to look at me."
"Let these tears flow."
"Only death can give me solace."
"I regret having deceived you."
"Don't wastemyour loyalty on me."
"Sweetheart, betray me."
"The ties we share are no use."
"You broke it like it
meant nothing to you."
"Now it's just the memories,
me and the pain."
"My faith in you turned
out to be an illusion."
Can you ever..
Getting you out of here is my responsibility.
It's my duty and I will do it.
Only duty?
Shoot him.
Please, sir.
I cannot kill him.
You already killed him partly 10 years ago.
You just have to finish what you started.
Shoot him.
You shoot him orl shoot your wife.
Hey look.
I am sorry. They forced me to do it.
Forced you.
It's okay.
Hey. She slapped you and you're okay.
What's his name?
- Akram.
- Akram what?
Wasim Akram?
It's Akram Khan.
'Akram Khan.' Wonderful.
You don't look so respectable"
so why give so much respect to yourself.
Come here.
Tell me one thing.
Has anyone kicked your back?
It's okay.
He's getting angry-
Hey, angry young man.
You're getting angry, aren't you?
Vent it out.
- Slap her.
- Point.
Slap this girl.
You should.
Did that hurt?
Look. You will have to settle the score.
- Come on.
If you don't hit her, then I will.
Okay. I will count to three.
One, two, three.
Why you..
Vivaan, Bittu, any problems.
- No, sir. No problems.
Then leave for your classes.
- Yes, sir.
Why did you gel up?
Go back to sleep. Go to sleep.
Hey Johnny Walker, where are you coming from?
Your expression tells me..
You haven't forgotten
what happened this morning.
Look. Seniors have
a birth right to ragging.
- Right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes, sir. Correct.
Akram. Why don't you join us
for a drink?
Yes, let's celeb rate.
Our new friendship.
- Cheers. Cheers.
I don't drink.
Look, I don't approve of you drinking
in my room with girls"
at this hour.
Please leave.
We don't have a problem. - Did you hear,
he doesn't approve of it.
Preferences change.
In the morning, you liked the girl.
And now you will like alcohol.
- Right.
Come on, cheers.
Here, have a sip.
I said I don't drink.
- Come on. There always a first time.
Make him drink.
- Hey.
- Come on yaar.
"Love brought me to this.."
Get me a chalk, please.
Look, either you go or her go.
You decide it.
Go, hurry UP-
What's on the second floor?
The library?
- No.
One more.
- Go get it.
You guys don't even thank me.
Thank you.
One more.
- Thank you, one more.
You trouble him a lot.
One more please.
One more.
Rapid fire.
Think before answering every question.
What computer cannot be eaten?
Don't know.
- Tell him.
What do you call a mobile that's never had sex?
The Virgin Mobile.
It's called No-Kia.
Have you ever done it?
If a dog visits Google, what will happen to him?
The same thing that happens
to you when you visit Google.
One for me.
What are you doing?
Open the door.
What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
What are you doing? Stop him.
I think Akram we should leave this college.
I cannot do that.
My dad will think his son's making up an excuse.
He'll think I am just..
I am just another loser who quit.
Akram, look at your condition.
Akraml Akram, wait.
Akram, where are you going?
I am going to complain this.
- What?
We managed to escape Asthana.
You made me wet.
Where are you going in such a hurry?
So? Here?
Shall we take him along?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
You're going to complain.
- No, please.
Come on.
- Let him go.
I won't do anything.
- He won't do it.
Let him go.
Get up.
That's enough of your charades.
- Leave him.
What's your problem?
Why do you always have to interfere?
Just because we ragged you a bit..
You think we raped you.
Thankfully I caught him
outside the principal's office.
If he had gone to the principal"
"then it would've ruined my career,
reputation and life.
You want to complain about us.
- He won't.
He won't do it.
I apologise on his behalf.
Just shut up!
Don't interfere.
No one interferes.
You want to complain about us.
Get us rusticated.
You want to ruin our future.
We were just joking around with you.
But now you will realise
when you will become a joke.
Just because you seniors
have the power to do something"
doesn't mean you have to do it.
Talking about power.
You want to see my power.
- No.
You want to see my power.
See. See.
You want to see more?
See my power.
- Vivaan.
See it. See my power.
You want to complain about us.
Give me the camera.
Give me the camera.
Complain about us.
I will show you power.
Grab this video.
He wants to see my power.
I tried to explain you many times.
But you just don't get it.
Take this.
Complain about us.
Now he will never complain about us.
Let's go.
I could've killed you this
easily on the first day itself.
But then you would've never understood..
"The pain my child went through.
I never realised, sir, that ourjoke..
What joke?
Toying around with a naive boy...
and stripping him of his honour, his character.
You call the a joke.
Disrobing my child in front of everyone"
and mortifying him, you call that a joke.
Toying with someone's innocence.
You call that being a man.
I sent a sweet jolly boy.
You just sent a bag of bones.
You just sent a body.
He's just a lifeless body.
He's just a lifeless body,
Mr. Vivaan, he's not my son.
Tell me where my son is.
Where is my Akram?
We made a big..
It was a mistake, sir.
Today my task is finally complete.
You're free, you can go.
But this sin will never leave you.