Taare Zameen Par (2007)

Where were you been?
Bus had been stopped for you
from 10 minutes. Let's go.
Why you haven't listening, daily we
are late because of you. Let's go.
Let's Go.
Shero... Shero jani, Hi...
Hello, Hello.
Hey, stop, stop...
Go, wash your hands and mouth and
put your bag in bedroom, in bedroom.
First go hand wash your hands.
Put it down, put it down.
What are you doing in school?
Look at your hands, look at your face.
Ishaan, put it down, Ishaan...
Baby, close the tab properly.
You know, today you are getting you
exam papers, did
teacher give it to you.
Inho, what Inho I'm asking?
- Hi Mom.
- Yohan you?
Drama practice cancelled,
Lily teacher gets viral.
Mom, I get First in all subjects.
Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chem.
Bio, History, English, Geography.
Good and in Hindi?
of only two marks.
Inho, How's about your?
It's working.
Ishaan, first complete your
homework, No Ishaan... uniform...
Ishaan, Ishaan, here this side, hurry...
Hurry throws it.
Hey, idiot, duffer.
Why you throw it there?
Go and bring the ball, go.
I tell you to bring the ball,
why don't you understand?
What are you looking at?
What, don't you understand?
What you are looking at,
go and bring the ball, go.
What are you looking at?
Told you to bring the ball.
Don't you understand?
What you are looking at. Told you
to bring the ball, bring the ball.
Your child destroy my whole garden,
what, don't you teach some manners?
to your child, look he is so hurt,
he is bleeding, what Mrs. Mrs.
Haven't you teach anything to your
child? He can hurt the other's child
like this, aren't you little shame?
Look how badly he hurt the child.
Come here.
Come here right now.
- But papa...
- Shut up Yohan.
- Uncle, he torn my shirt too.
- I'll get you new one.
You liar...
Ishaan, it's too much.
Every day, your complains,
complains from school,
Complains from
building, when you step
out the house and your
complain, after today
If anyone complain about
you Ishaan, then I....
- He is smiling.
- Still smiling, shameless.
One more complain and I'll
put in boarding school.
You see Maya, I'm here, and you are
here but he is stilling fighting.
What he did to that child.
He tore his T-shirt.
Sit and worship it.
Inho, how many times I told you.
Don't play with Ranjeet.
But mama he...
Go, take a bath and then
I'll put dettol on you.
Okay you wanna play, fight, come on,
come, come fight, come on, come.
Papa, where are you going?
- Papa..
- I'm leaving this house.
Will not come back.
Sorry papa.
I'm very sorry papa.
I won't do it next time papa.
I'm very sorry papa. Papa
I'll not do it next time.
Papa please, I'm sorry papa.
Why you are harassing the child?
Inho, papa is going
because of office work.
Not because of you.
He'll be back till Sunday.
Are you hurt anywhere else?
Hey you, Boots are not polished.
Out, out.
Class, turn to page 38,
chapter 4, paragraph 3.
We are going to mark adjectives today.
That goes for you as
well Ishaan Awasthi.
Page 38, chapter 4, paragraph 3.
Can I have your attention Ishaan?
I said, page 38, chapter
the first sentence and
point out the adjectives.
Page 38 Ishaan. Adithaya
just help the boy.
Come on, the rest of
you look into your books.
Read the first sentence and
tell me where the adjectives are.
Okay, come on, lets
all mark the adjectives
together. Just read the sentence for me.
Just read the sentence Ishaan.
They are dancing.
Silence, speak in English.
The letters are dancing.
They are dancing, are they?
Okay, and then read the dancing letters.
Trying to be funny?
Read the sentence loud and proper.
I said, loud and proper Ishaan.
Loud and proper.
Loud and proper.
Stop it, stop it.
Enough is enough.
Get out.
Get out of my class.
You want to leave as well?
Who is laughing here?
Who was to follow him?
I don't want to your kitten in
my class, look at your books.
Shameless boy.
Open your books now.
Whose gonna tell me
what the adjectives are?
- I don't want a sound for this class.
- Yes.
Come on.
Again punish?
Duffer, where is punisher?
Hey duffer, are you
every time get punished?
He is regular.
Hey Ishaan.
Do you bring the signed test paper?
No. Too bad, now you are gone.
Yohaan, Ishaan, wash your
hands n' mouth, I m serving food.
Wow! What is this?
Done. Let me see.
What hand writing.
Ishaan, what is this?
Your all spellings are wrong.
Here Table is "tabl" and here "tabal".
And what is this? D instead of The.
What is this?
Ishaan, How many times?
How many times?
Yesterday we did this.
How you can forget so quickly?
Now too much fun, Again you
will be stay in same class.
All your friends will
go to next standard.
Kanti, Rohan then will you feel good?
Son, concentrate.
Shut up and correct the spelling.
- No.
- What?
- No, no, no.
- Ishaan.
Dada, Dada...
Inho, no. Today, no
story, I'm too tired.
I ran away from the school today.
I crossed the wall and ran away.
After first period.
I didn't do the homework also I
didn't get sign the test paper?
Then where did you go?
Nowhere, just wandered around.
On road.
On road?
Very Good.
Look at your guts.
You know how danger is this?
Anything can happen.
You can get an accident or anyone can
kidnap you. Papa is
also not at home. Idiot.
Did you tell mom?
- Should I tell her?
- No, no, no.
- Dada, you can write "Absence not"
- What?
- Absence Not.
- No, no, no.
I'll not write any lie
of absence not. Now go to
sleep and in morning I'll
tell everything to mama.
Dada, please.
Please, Dada.
Dada, please.
Absence not teacher.
How are you?
Children, surprise math's test.
Marks of this test will
Count in final so be careful.
Take one and pass the rest.
Great Captain Ishaan is
leaving for mission impossible.
His mission is to enter
"The Earth" 3rd planet from
sun into the 9th planet
"Pluto" of the solar system.
Three into nine.
Oh God, the heat of the sun will
destroy the starship
of the Captain Ishaan.
Save it.
Now 3 is entering into 9.
Pluto is destroyed.
The planet is no more.
The great Captain
Ishaan find the answer.
The answer of 3 into 9 is 3.
Times up.
Ishaan, how was the test?
Hey Ishaan.
Inho, Papa is arrived.
When papa is arrived?
Last night, you were sleeping.
- Bye papa, bye Inho.
- Bye
What you bring for me?
- That.
- Strawberry.
And for Dada?
For both of you.
- Yes.
Wash it first.
Ishaan, Ishaan...
Papa, Aquarium, Papa.
Papa, please today aquarium.
- Papa.
- Yes.
Will go to aquarium, today. Okay.
Maya, was Ishaan suffering
from fever on Thursday?
Not at all.
What is this? Absent note.
I hadn't written this note.
Ishaan, come here.
Come here.
Ishaan, come here right now.
Come here.
What is this?
What does this note means?
Answer Ishaan, otherwise
I'll beat you that much, that.
Don't look down. Don't look down.
Look up... look up in
my eyes and answer me.
Where the hell were
you on Thursday? Where?
Let me ask, where did you go, son?
Wasn't attend the school
then where did you go?
- Tell son, where did you go?
- Answer God dammed.
- What? What he's saying?
- Bunk
Bunked the school, Ishaan.
Bunked and what else you did?
What else you did?
Where did you go? Where?
- Road.
- Road.
What's road? What's road?
With whom? With whom did you go?
- Alone.
- Alone.
Are you out of your mind? Are
you out of your bloody mind?
You were wondering alone in the city.
Hadn't you bothered
a bit about us? Idiot.
What's going on here? Did you listen?
If he had been lost then how
can we able to look after him?
And who wrote this? Who
wrote this absent note?
You aren't able to write
properly, bloody, duffer, idiot.
You could pass if you are
able to write that much.
Who wrote this note, Ishaan?
Speak, who wrote this?
Ishaan, this is the last time I'm
asking you. Who wrote this absent note?
- Speak. Who wrote?
- No.
- Tell.
- No.
Tell me.
Class work and homework, haven't
any improvement in both of it.
Just like the last year.
Book is still his enemies. Like
read and write is punishment.
His English handwriting
seems to be Russian sometimes.
He repeat the mistakes without any reason. He's
always attentive towards the outside of the class.
All the time asking for
permission to go to the toilet.
I'm thirsty. I want to do pee.
Thirsty, pee... thirsty, pee.
Disturbs the whole class
with his silly pranks
and have you been through with his exam
papers. He boiled the eggs in every subject.
Did you send his exam papers?
On last Wednesday for parents
signature. Haven't returned till today.
There were a site, I tell you Mrs. Awasthi.
Infect I sent a letter especially to meet you.
Look this.
Math's test. 3x9=3, enough. After
that he left all the questions.
Who would accept that he's the
younger brother of Yohaan Awasthi?
- Mr. Awasthi.
- Yes.
By the way this is the second
year of your son in third standard.
If it's running such like that then I'm
sorry I wouldn't able to help you out.
Maybe he's having some problem.
What do you mean?
Maybe he... Some children are unlucky.
And there are special kind of
schools for these kind of children.
- Water, sir.
- Get a side.
I told you, move form there.
- 10 rupees sir... 10 rupee.
- Son of 10, 10 rupee.
Thinks my son is a retard.
She thinks my son isn't normal.
Err! They filled up the
class with 60 children.
Teacher wouldn't able to
pay attention on every child.
Bloody nonsense. Idiots.
What I hadn't done? I did the job
for the kids and left every thing.
I took the lessons by myself in morning
and evening, Ishaan... Ishaan... Ishaan.
No Maya it's not your fault.
He wouldn't improve such like that.
Okay... okay, tomorrow I
come early in the morning.
Thanks a lot Suresh. Thank you very
much. Good night... good night...
But in the middle of the term.
Suresh Kapdia's uncle is the
founder trusty of the school.
I'll submit the fee tomorrow
by meeting with the headmaster.
No, I'll not go. I'm not go to go.
Ishaan, shut up. Have your food quietly.
Will not to go.
Let him finish this year then... I mean
Nando, he haven't stay without me till today.
Err! He'll have to inherit.
And wasn't you heard the
principal? They wouldn't allow him
...in the school next year. They'll
fail him again and expel him.
Then where will we go?
Look... look how he's staring?
No bloody regret on his face.
There at boarding school, they'll
straighten him up by force.
Today he asked Yohaan to write a note,
don't know what he'll do tomorrow?
Trust me Maya, I'm his father.
Fee is out of our budget
but we'll manage any how.
His term will starts
after the Deepawali.
Baba please Baba, don't send me.
Baba please, I'll not go to boarding school.
Mama, I don't want to
go to boarding school.
Mama, tell father that I don't
want to go to the boarding school.
Please I don't want to
go to boarding school.
Okay quite.
Quite... quite.
Mama... Mama...
- Ishaan... Ishaan.
- Mama.
- Ishaan... Ishaan here.
- Mama.
Ishaan hurry up... Ishaan hurry up.
Ishaan. Ishaan hurry up. Ishaan.
Ishaan... Ishaan.
- Ishaan.
- Mama.
- Mama.
- Yes son.
- Mama.
- Yes son, get up.
- Yes son, speak.
- Mama.
- Mama.
- Yes, I'm here.
- Yes speak.
- I don't want to go to boarding school.
- No, you'll have to go to boarding school.
- I don't want to go to boarding school, Mama.
- Boarding school is a good place.
- Don't want to go to boarding school, Mama.
I know, I'm trying. Really see,
A, B, C, D, L, M, N, O, X, Y, Z.
Really look Mama, I know
everything. I always study
...like that. I'll not fire
any cracker on Deepawali.
But don't want to go to
boarding school, Mama.
Don't want to go to boarding school.
Don't want to go to
boarding school, Mama.
What Ishaan? Why aren't
you firing the cracker?
You are fearing to go to
boarding school, aren't you?
Yes, speak.
I'm not afraid.
You are afraid I know.
- I'm not afraid.
- I know you are afraid.
- Look, what I'm doing?
- I'll going to be mad.
I'll not go... I'll not go.
Your Papa says that
you are too stubborn.
Listen one thing very clearly. Only one
rule is running in this school. Discipline.
Don't you worry Mr. Awasthi.
We put horse-shoe on so
many wild horses over here.
Err! Lets go, we are behind schedule.
Have being done, son?
Change your cloths
in dormitory for food.
Come on.
Err! You are sitting without doing anything
till now. Haven't changed your cloths.
Go and change your cloths.
Come on.
Lets go, it's 9 o'clock. Times out.
Err! You aren't ready till now.
And Isn't this the way to wear the
tie? Hasn't mother taught you anything?
Children, this is Ishaan
Nandkishor Awasthi.
Come forward here.
Come, pickup your bag.
You place is over here from today.
Exact in front of my eyes.
Just beside the Rajan Damodhran.
Rajan Damodhran always
stood first in the class.
I wish that Rajan Dhamodhran
company pay good effects on you.
Do you understand? Sit down.
Writing a poem and its central idea
is today's topic. Page No. 28.
Rajan Damodharan you'll read
the poem and Ishaan Nandkishor
...Awasthi you, you'll explain the
central idea of the poem.'Nature'.
Start Rajan.
'Open sky from the top', 'Your
world is filled with clouds'
'It's blinked like a jewel till
the elephant dies due to thrust'
'Bicycle buzzer, stone
or mud or blind man stick'
'Then you seems to be filled with
water, you are our sweet stream'.
Very good. Yes Ishaan Anand Kishor Awasthi
explain the central idea of the poem.
What we see, we feel it exists and what
we can't see we feel it isn't exists.
But sometimes what we see, isn't true.
And what isn't visible, is true. Means.
Err! What are you doing
visible or not visible?
Menoo Patel you explain.
Poet says when he see the stream then he's
see the sky reflection in it and he explain
...that reflection with different kind of
ways. And the flow of the stream rises again.
Good, very good.
Menoo Patel, sit down.
Yes children, 'Open sky from the top'...
Actually you explained the
real meanings of the poem.
Rest of them gave the copied answers.
Sir Tevari is very strict.
Have to tell me as like he say.
How could you come in
the middle of the term?.
That my Papa's...
Lets go, now it's art class.
You stood first in the class then
why your parents send you here?
- Mean?
- Mean...
In boarding as a punishment.
I'm not living in the boarding.
My father is the state manager
...of the school. I live in the
staff quarters with my parents.
And who said to you that all the
children come here for the punishment?
Open your sketch books
and takeout your pencils.
Copy without using
any scale and utensil.
Lines must be straight.
If they are even a bit slant
then five on right hand.
New boy, eyes over here.
On the blackboard. See?
Do you see where I draw the point?
Do you see the point?
What are you staring at like frog?
Don't laugh.
Do you see where I draw the point?
Do you see?
Isn't visible.
Isn't visible? Point isn't visible.
- Satesh Bhatgan.
- Yes sir.
Come here and show him where
I made the point on blackboard.
Now you able to see it. Very good.
Come here. Hurry up.
Five on clench hand because attention
wouldn't leave the blackboard.
Hand forward.
Clench it.
Now copy this still life study.
I need the perfect shape.
Otherwise five on the other Clench.
Forward march.
- Left-right-left...
- Ishaan, what are you doing?
- Left-right-left...
- Class halt.
Are you doing marching or
wondering in the garden?
Disturb the marching
of whole class, out.
Get out from here.
Forward march.
...A noun is a naming
word and a pronoun is use
...instead of a noun and
adjective describes a noun and a
...verb describes the action
of a noun and adverb
...describes the action of a
verb and a conjunction joins
...a sentence together, a
preposition use to describe
...the relation between a
noun and pronoun and a
...interjection is a word
thrown in to express feelings.
...Have you got it Mr. Ishaan
Nanad Kishor Awasthi?
Why? Why can't you?
Why can't you?
What is your problem, son?
Ishaan, open the door.
- Enoo, open the door.
- Ishaan.
Ishaan, open please. Open the door, Enoo.
Ishaan... Ishaan... Ishaan...
What happen champ?
Go, lets go. I get the
permission from housemaster.
Enoo now leave the anger.
Lets go.
Lets go son.
Yes one extra mattress.
Ishaan, what are you
doing? What are you doing?
Come down. Down.
Why did you climb up?
What happen?
Err! Don't you know, he's gone.
Holkar sir has been gone to teach
drawing to the whole New Zealand.
A new temporary teacher has joined in his
place. I hope he is different from Holkar sir.
Lets go. It's already late.
Lets go.
Have it, this is yours, this
is yours and that's yours.
Draw, paint and do
whatever you want to do.
Till now I be back by dropping this.
But what we paint sir there
is nothing on the table.
This table.
This table is very small sweetheart, that much
small so it isn't bare your beautiful thoughts.
Look in to your mind and draw
an amazing Technicolor photo.
and drop it on the paper.
Steal, steal the joy.
Nobody is here to stop you.
Where were you been lost friend?
Are you looking for
something in thoughts?
Nothing to worry and rush.
What happen kid?
Don't you like painting?
What is your name son?
Sir his name is Ishaan Awasthi.
Where did you go? Where did you go?
Your mother called.
Go and stand by the phone,
she's going to call again.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is Ishaan Awasthi around?
- Yes, Yes... Just a minute.
- Yes.
- Talk with him.
- Yes.
- Have it.
Hello Enoo... Hello
Enoo... Say hello son.
Look Enoo, we can't come
on Saturday, son. Dada's
...interschool tennis finals is
held on Sunday. Isn't it son?
I know you are very angry with Mama.
Mama is very bad.
Mama is very bad.
I'm very sorry Enoo
but what can Mama do?
Dada is also having the
tension of finals. Isn't it?
Would you like to talk to Dada?
Now talk to Dada. And wish him all
the best, one minute... one minute.
Hello Enoo. Hello Enoo are you there?
Enoo, I'll miss a lot in the finals.
- Hello.
- Hello Enoo.
Son talk to Mama.
Hello... Enoo... Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello Madam he left.
- Left.
- Yes Madam.
- What happen?
- He hadn't talked?
Don't worry we'll go next Sunday.
- Err! Why are you putting it there?
- This is the class work of the kids.
Then what happened? Holkar didn't put
it there. That place is for the books.
Then where do I put them.
Return them to the kids.
By the way are they for any use?
What the wreckage they are
making in your class Nikumbh?
They are the kids,
the have to make noise.
And if the kids wouldn't
show there emotions in
...the art class then
where else they would show them.
That's alright. Just go easy. Headmaster
wants the discipline in the school. Discipline.
I heard that you were
singing the class yesterday.
And playing the flute.
Yes I was singing and playing the flute.
Kids happy so I'm happy.
But the children of this school isn't
like the children of that school.
What kind of children?
You are teaching in tulips school.
Mentally retorted abnormal kids.
Teach the way you like in
that kind of school, it doesn't
...makes any difference. No future
wouldn't be made of that kids.
No serious teaching. This
is a formal school, your
...singing, dancing style
wouldn't be appreciated over here.
Here we prepare the kids for the race of life.
Kids have to compete, succeed. Make a future.
Three rules of our school.
Unity, faith and discipline.
Three rules of success, the
way of complete education.
Hail Hitler.
Tevari-ji now you have to learn German.
What happen Ishaan?
Okay... Okay... Okay... Okay...
It's okay.
Err! Listen, where is your friend?
Sir, don't know sir. He was
here by now, suddenly he ran off.
He saw his new boring art teacher.
No... No sir, he went to the
dinning hall for the lunch.
What is your name friend?
Rajan Dhamodhran sir.
Rajan tell me one thing,
what is the matter of Ishaan?
- Sir.
- Is he having some problem?
He's afraid all the time.
- He wants to go home.
- Why?
- He's a new boy sir.
- In the middle of the year.
He's having a problem.
As much he can try but he
...can't read and write. He
has been punished all the time.
Red marks all over the book. What to do?
You play here, I'll be right back.
Are you coming from somewhere
after cutting onions?
The human is...
- worse then animals.
I know that.
And blind too.
Away from the inner beauty.
Who you're confronting these days?
After so long, I'm seeing
myself in the mirror.
So is there someone to
show you the mirror?
That's what I always ask you to.
You have a nice face.
Jabeen, he's in danger.
There's a boy in the school.
He's 8-9 years old.
He doesn't do or speak anything,
always seems scared.
His eyes are like...
screaming for help.
I'm afraid he'll fall.
Let's go, it's time for the lesson.
Ok, lets go.
Hey, Sail, come. Do you know
what's the time of the show?
After two days.
Excellent, let's go.
My name's Ram Shankar Nikum.
I teach at New Era School.
Come in.
Are these his 3rd standard books?
- Yes.
Who made this?
Ishaan did.
Ishaan did?
Does he paint?
Yes, he loves to paint.
Can I have some water please?
Why did you send him?
There was no choice.
Last year he failed in 3rd standard.
Can you believe?
In 3rd standard.
And there's no sign of
This, my elder son, he comes 1st
in every class every subject.
And that other one...
What do you think, what
his problem is?
Problem? His attitude. What else?
Towards studies, towards everything.
Always stubborn, always attitude.
I'm asking about his problem,
but you're telling me the symptoms.
You're telling me he has the fever,
that's I know already.
I'm asking why is he having fever.
What's the reason of the fever?
Then you tell me.
Tell me.
Have you noticed any pattern
in his mistakes in his lessons?
Pattern. What pattern?
They all are mistakes.
Then you couldn't notice
the patterns.
Look here.
Here "b" is in place of "d"
and "d" in place of "b"
Confusion among similar
looking alphabets.
Here, he wrote "s" and "r"
in reverse. Even more...
Look here.
This small "h" and small "t"
Mirror imaging.
Animal, animal, animal. Three different
spellings on the same page.
It means, it's not the case that
he remembers one wrong spelling.
He mixes similar looking words.
This "t-o-p" becomes "p-o-t"
This "s-o-l-i-d" become "s-o-i-l-d".
Why does he do that?
Is he stupid, or lazy?
I think, he's having difficulty
in recognizing words.
When you read "a-p-p-l-e" apple,
you imagine a red apple in your head.
Maybe he can't read "apple"
That's why he can't
get the meaning as well.
To learn, one has to know the sounds,
visual and meanings of words.
Ishaan is lacking this
very important need.
To skip the studies.
Read this please.
How can I read it?
It's in Chinese.
Try it.
Come on. Concentrate.
What's this rubbish?
You're not behaving.
You're being rascal.
That's how Ishaan must be feeling.
He couldn't understand
the words.
This problem in studies
is called as "Dyslexia".
Sometimes child has some more
problems other then Dyslexia.
Like difficulty in understanding
multiple instructions.
Turn to page 65, chapter 9,
Para 4, line 2
Or Poor Final Gross Motus Skills.
Does Ishaan feel problems in
buttoning his shirt or tying his shoelace?
Can he catch the ball
when you throw it to him?
He can never judge the ball.
Because he can't understand the size,
distance and speed all together.
A ball, how big, from how far and
at what speed coming towards him.
Until he analyze all this...
It's too late.
Think about it.
A child
Just 8-9 years old.
Can't do day to day normal things.
Can't do what other children
can do very easily.
What could he go through then?
His self-confidence must have
been shattered.
He must have been fighting by hiding
his inabilities under stubbornness.
He must have been making a
hell out here.
Thinking, that why should he tell the
world that he can't do things.
Why shouldn't he get all that ignored
by just saying that he doesn't want to do.
That's what children learn from the elders.
And now he can't even
continue to fight that.
I'm sorry to say that
he has stopped painting.
It's very sad.
Why only Ishaan?
There's no answer to that.
It's a Neurological Disorder.
It can happen to anyone.
Sometimes it can be genetic.
To make it simple, there's just
some wiring problems in his brain.
So you're saying that my son
isn't normal, he's mentally retarded.
What kind of a person you are?
Look this, Mrs. Awasti?
This fast brain is playing with
thousands of thoughts with colors.
Way more then yours and mine abilities.
But what's the use of that?
What are you looking into it?
Then what should I look?
What will he become when
he'll grow up?
How will he compete with
the world?
Will I keep on feeding
him for whole of his life?
I know this.
There's a cold world out there.
Everyone wants to grow toppers
and rankers in their homes.
Everyone wants No. 1
Doctor, engineer, management,
less then that is unacceptable.
Isn't it?
Think about this.
Every child has his own quality,
own expertise, own desire.
But no,
Everyone is busy stretching the
finger to make it long.
Keep on doing that.
No matter you break the very finger.
What's are the options?
- No options.
There's no way.
If you like horse to race, then
breed race horses, damn it.
Why do you give birth to children?
Putting the weight of your ambitions
on your child, is worse then child labor.
And when the child can't
carry the weight...
When you will understand?
That every child has his own
capacity to lift the weight.
He learns eventually.
Every child has own pace.
Five fingers make a fist.
Why are we dreaming to settle
these little ones in to the mainstream?
Friends, I'm going to tell
a story today.
A story about a boy.
There was a boy, don't ask where.
He couldn't read and write.
Even after so many tries.
He couldn't remember that "y"
comes after "x".
Words were his enemies,
used to dance in front of his eyes.
They used to tease him by
dancing and moving around.
Studies used to make him tired.
His mind was full, he was a starter bull,
and the alphabets were disco to him.
He failed in the exams.
He was a victim of the burden
of the studies.
People called him an ass
and stupid.
Boy took everything bravely.
And one day, he did something genius.
Everyone was shocked when
heard his theory.
Tell me, who's that boy?
Elbert Einstein.
Correct Rajan,
Albert Einstein.
Genius and great scientist.
Who shocked the world with his
theory of relativity.
Now tell me what's this?
No, no.
It's not an ordinary helicopter.
The great artist inventor,
Leonardo DaVinci
- Leonardo DaVinci
he made this picture.
A working sketch of a helicopter.
But when?
In the 15th century.
airplane could fly.
Do you know, Leonardo DaVinci used
to have difficulties to read and write.
He used to write like this.
Can you make anything out of it?
Now read it.
My name is Ram Shankar Nikum.
Ishaan, turn on the light please.
Who was the great person,
who lit the world with electricity?
Thomas Edison.
Correct Ishaan.
He too was a victim of "abcd".
Sit down Ishaan.
No leave the light on.
Let Edison's light come on us.
Everyone must know him.
- Abhishek Bachchan.
He too used to have difficulties
in studies during childhood.
Now see, he is a blast.
There are more examples.
Pablo Picasso, famous painter.
He used to say, "It looks
like my uncle's nose in reverse."
Who's the father of Mickey Mouse?
- Walt Disney.
Walt Disney.
He was too confused about words,
so he put his art into cartoons.
He used to write songs out of the
shame about his red report card.
Agatha Christy, famous mystery book writer.
Can you believe a writer, who was
unable to read in her childhood.
But, why am I telling you all
this suddenly today?
To show you that, there were gems
in the world who changed it.
They were able to see
the world from their eyes.
Their minds were a bit different.
People came in their ways.
But still they won.
And they won like that the whole
world saw it in an awe.
Out today's art class will be
dedicated to all those geniuses.
We will step out remembering them.
And we'll make something different.
Pick anything you like,
rock, wood, junk, anything.
Come on, move towards the door.
Ishaan, one minute.
Rajan, you can go.
Do you know there was another name
among all those I mentioned?
Because that name is not that great.
But he too had the same problem.
That name is Ram Shankar Nikum.
I too had difficulties in
reading and writing.
My father never understood me.
He thought I was being naughty,
and wasn't paying attention.
He thought I would not succeed
in my future.
What a duffer and idiot could become?
Whatever I am today,
I'm in front of you Ishaan.
Shall we go?
Did you go to my home?
Hey, it's moving.
Can it fly?
Will it?
Who made it?
Is Principal present?
Yes sir.
- Ok, stay seated.
I wanted to talk about a student.
Ishaan Awasti, 3rd "D"
He's a new student.
Some other teachers are
also complaining about him.
I don't think he could
even complete a year.
No sir, he's a smart boy.
He has just come problem
in reading and writing.
You know about "Dyslexia".
You've made our job easy.
I was confused what to tell his father.
He came through our trustees.
Good, good.
Then Special School is perfect for him.
Isn't it?
No sir,
He's a child with above
average intelligence.
He has full right to study
in a normal school.
He just needs a little help from us.
All children around the world having
any problem study in normal school.
And these children have right
to study in any normal school.
Under the law of rights of
education, every child gets this right.
It's another thing that there are less
schools who don't follow this law.
Nikum, tell me one thing.
How will this boy manage here?
He will.
Only if teachers help him a bit.
Where's the time that teachers have?
To attend one child
among 40 children?
Sir, it won't take as much time
as you think.
And he has to just pass all these
his real destination is something else.
So, all the subjects that we teach
are useless but yours isn't.
No, sir, I didn't mean that.
Please sir, look at his painting.
It's a battlefield, soldier digs a mine
and turned the page and
escaped while digging.
What an idea? Confident brush
strokes, such bold use of colors.
Very bold.
Look at this sir, a flip book,
story about getting away from home.
What an idea?
From just an 8 years old boy.
Sir, there are a few who
could think out of the way.
Sir, just one chance.
He needs this chance.
Or he'll loose his faith.
What do you want from me?
For some time, his spellings and
writing should be ignored.
We should take his tests orally.
Education is real be it
oral or written.
By the time, I'll also work
on his reading and writing.
That will be improved gradually.
I don't know, if I'm doing a permanent
damage by following a temporary teacher.
Now add 3
Very good, now add 5
What did you get?
Very good, now subtract 11
There's a question. Have you ever
painted after you finished your school.
Painting competition.
For students, teachers, everyone.
Seriously, what's the meaning or art.
It's meant to release your
If you're happy, your hand will
reach all bright colors.
Lunch was bad, you'll end up
filling with all dark and dull colors.
I'll be back in two minutes, friends.
Sorry, there's a little space.
How come you're here?
I was passing by.
Have you met Ishaan?
- No, not yet, I will meet him.
First I needed to talk to you.
My wife has been surfing internet
for a few days.
She has read all the information
about "Dyslexia"
We just wanted to you tell you that.
Why did you want to tell me?
So you don't mistake us as parents
who don't care about their children.
To care.
It necessary Mr. Awasti.
It has the power to cure.
It's a medicine that relieves pain.
It's a security that child thinks
someone cares about him.
One hug, or one lovely kiss.
To show that you care.
To tell him, "Son I love you".
"If you have any worries,
you can come to me".
"It's ok if you made a mistake,
I'm there for you."
To care.
Isn't it what's called "to care"?
I'm happy to hear that you
think you care.
I'll leave now.
Mr. Awasti,
Has your wife read about
Solomon Islands on internet?
I don't know.
for farming, they don't cut the trees.
Instead, they stand around the tree
and start shouting at him,
cursing at him.
In some days,
the tree gets weak.
And dies by itself.
There has been great gems
in the world who changed it.
They were able to see
the world from their eyes.
Their minds were a bit different.
People didn't like that and
they came in their ways.
But still they won.
And they won like that the whole
world saw it in an awe.
What a fair they have arranged?
Look, I have arrived.
Where's your Ishaan?
I've been dying to meet him.
I don't know,
I can't see him.
Rajan, where's Ishaan?
I don't know sir,
he left hostel before everyone.
Hey Nikum, you've pulled
me into this too.
You should try this,
it's fun.
No way, I can't do this
painting thing.
I will put so many alphabets
and fill it will alphabets.
I've come here only for headmaster
to see my presence.
I will be here for 5-10 minutes only.
It's an honor for us that
you've come.
Where I have to sit?
Children will show your sitting place.
Children, come here.
Show to sir his sitting place.
My special guest Madam Lalita
Teacher, painter, my guru.
- Hello
Have you seen Ishaan?
No sir, he must be with Rajan.
Where's he?
I don't know sir, as I said earlier
he left before everyone.
Where had you been?
Come here, sit.
Do you have colors?
Sir, haven't you left yet?
You were leaving in 5 minutes.
What are you painting?
It's a frog, duck and a banana.
Is it a frog?
How's my painting?
Look at it.
Absolutely beautiful sir.
First prize sir.
What a wonderful morning.
Going through the colored
glasses of windows we reached
our childhood.
Praise to be God's.
I saw other's childhoods too.
He will take compulsory
lessons from Nikum Sir.
Isn't it Joy Sir?
But not only me, Sen and Tiwari
Sir will too,
these two had bad paintings as well.
All right.
By Nikum, I just remember.
That we won't have to look
for a new art teacher.
Nikum sir, along with Tulip School,
will also teach in our school.
No, what you have been waiting for...
I'm going to announce that.
Let me come to the results
of the Art Fair.
Our special guest Madam Lalita
was in a fix.
It was a tie. She wanted to award
both paintings to be the best.
That wasn't possible.
Because the winner painting
I thought that painting will become the
front cover of the school's yearbook.
Now, there can't be two
front covers.
So what to do now?
Madam was in deep confusion.
After thinking a lot she
came to a conclusion.
She selected the student
leaving the teacher.
Yes children.
Your Nikum sir has been defeated.
And the student who defeated him
Little, 9 years old,
Ishaan Nandkishore Awasti.
Here's your Ishaan
and here's his painting.
Just look at it, what
a masterpiece.
He's a very talented boy.
I'm really happy to have him.
Have you met his teachers?
No sir.
Please go ahead and meet them,
they'll give the progress report.
First we thought something was
wrong, he won't be staying here.
But what improvement he made.
What a pace to pick-up he has.
Wonderful. Here's his progress report.
I can't believe all this.
Thank you.
What happened?
I can't find words to
thank you.
He's lovely boy.
Just look after him.
Come back early
after holidays.