T-34 (2018)

Alexey Leonidovich Szidorov
Alexander Andreevich Petrov
Irina Vlagyimirovna Sztarsenbaum
Viktor Fyodorovich Dobronravov
Anton Andreevich Bogdanov
Yuri Alekandrovics Borisov
Vinzenz Georg Kiefer (German)
Photo credit:
Mikhail Milas
Ivan Nikolayevich Burleyev
Dmitry Nashkov
I am Majevsky
Alexander Turkunov
BERLIN - MITTE (Berlin District) 1750 km
Moscow 35 km
Get the ax!
Its dangerous here!
Lieutenant Major ...
That's better.
Where are you going?
Are you crazy ?!
We go that,
they haven't turned the turret yet!
Once they have set the turret,
count to 4, loud!
2! 3! 4!
Here we go ?! Count!
2! 3! 4!
We are about to die!
Press gas, friend, come on!
2! 3! 4!
It's a trick.
Hold on!
- We're alive?
- Somehow.
Rezeda, here Topol, buy!
You have to stop them!
I understand. I understand.
Repeat! Repeat!
Comrade Colonel, the Battalion
a single tank left.
Where else is it?
Where-where? shot,
as well as half of infantry.
And the tank has no commander,
they were all burned.
- Yes, I myself ...
- Respond to death!
I understood to stand up to death.
Give me a light.
The Germans are heading towards Nyefjodov.
I orders,
we must be covered by watch,
retreat from the brigades and the hospital.
Good morning, Comrade Captain.
Lieutenant Ivuskin arrived,
and waiting for your orders!
On the way there was an enemy tank
our truck was attacked!
Hot food delivered.
- Tank destroyrer?
- Yes!
Well, as if we expected Stalin.
Tankers, line up!
I'll introduce your new commander.
Lieutenant Ivuskin.
Please accept him.
Good morning,
Tanker comrades.
Good morning...
Ivuskin ready for duty.
You have all our hopes, boys.
Good luck!
To the hell.
At ease!
Do you see that their morale is low?
Outline the task
Commander Commander.
The Germans broke through to the village of Nyefjodov.
Our task is to keep the village.
Let's inspect the men, the brigade
and hospital retreat.
- How many Germans, Comrade Comrade?
- According to intelligence, more than a hundred.
- Infantry?
- Tanks.
Was that a joke, or what?
A tank without support?
We? Foolish fools.
Pavlo, give me a revolver,
I'll shoot myself.
Shut up!
Comrade Lieutenant, we fought for week
we didn't sleep, wondering why we're alive.
We're the last a battalion left.
What comes to us, a slaughterhouse?
Commander Commander, the front
does not notice.
What can you say?
They all said that?
Now listen to me.
Maybe I haven't seen a front,
but believe me ...
In Commander Training
I was honored with honors.
The way!
Why not organize your vacation
leaving a guard - in the tank?
Want a sanatorium?
How much is the cannon
one and a half meters?
That must be at least two.
What kind of ammunition are you using?
No answer.
It doesn't seem to have any.
- Comrade Comrade, Family Name?
- Vasilions.
The engine was heated,
Vasilions, that's good.
And why is oil leaking?
- Stop the leak!
- Got it!
We have a task.
I warn - all whining
I consider cowardice manifestation.
And I will punish you
according to the law of war.
Do you understand?
The enemy at the walls of Moscow.
You whine here.
Are you not ashamed?
Every tank is a great force,
if the crew is cohesive
and everyone knows his job.
Lieutenant Colonel,
Gobulija's decimal appears.
Corporal, a moment, please.
Tankist comrades, atention!
Listen to my command!
Checking Tank Units,
preparing for battle.
One and a half charge ammunition loading.
Remove any excess!
Comrade Commander,
can the accordion stay?
- Do you play well?
- Normally.
I will allow the accordion.
The rising day in the morning
in the eyes of the fritzers.
I will be here.
And here I am, disturbing them.
The road turns,
coming from the fritz side.
You're a great strategist, Comrade Gobulija.
Can I help you?
We'll deal with it, Comrade Commander.
You are the commander.
Dear mother, don't worry!
I'm fine.
We break through fritz
to go out!
Welcome to Aunt Manye.
Kiss, Cola.
The Russians may have dug in.
You think?
The village seems peaceful.
Don't forget Wolf,
Russians are always preparing for something.
Cursed frost.
It is impossible to get used to.
The beard can help.
When do you shave?
You look like Ivan.
One week from now,
when we occupy Moscow.
I set this clock what
we will be the first in Red Square.
First we have to get there.
Start the engine!
Tanks prepare!
Distance is 25 meters.
Forward! March!
They lined up, the lice kerosene shredders.
3, 4, 5 ...
They come nicely.
Like chicks behind a hen.
This hen looks familiar to me.
Well, fritz, do we knock?
Crew, fight!
I understand, Commander Commander.
Kobzarenko, anti-tankman!
Now, Commander,
until it starts!
He stopped, he didn't go anywhere.
Don't worry, Comrade.
Well, turn to the side!
Come on, come on!
Tanks, stop!
Stop the engines!
He felt something.
- What, what happened?
- Silence, silence for everyone.
It's too quiet.
Even dogs don't bark.
Come on, Guram,
all our hopes are within you.
Storm at the bar at 11 o'clock!
This is it!
It was good, Guran.
Come on, come on, go away
Guram, go away, cover up!
22nd, 33rd,
destroy the cannon!
Rharaptak. Get out!
My mother, I said, it seems!
Shoot, Commander, what are you waiting for?
Early, senior comrade.
Well ducklings. Quack quack.
That's what this is is all about!
Two in one shot!
Hostile tank under the haystack 1 o'clock!
14, 15, destroy it!
- Three down!
- This is it!
- Vasilions, get ous out of here!
- Understood!
Vasilies, what the hell are you doing ?!
Back, your mother's all over us.
They are sprinkling us now!
Wolf, what the hell are you waiting for?
I know what I'm doing.
Damn it, you don't go to the forehead!
Let's crash, Commander Commander!
Give it to them!
I'm a beginner on the front.
Vasilions, in reserve position.
Fire! Fire!
I can't see the target.
Finish firing!
- Comrade Comrade, let me shoot.
- Denied.
We're waiting for our tank.
Four down!
Come on!
Traverse to 2 o'clock!
Target the barn!
Roger that!
Get ready to shoot!
Devil take them!
We go out!
Infantry, smoke them
from the tank!
- Vasilions, depart!
- Fritz is out there!
I guess.
That's Makeyev! Hold the position!
Roger that!
- At all costs!
- Got it!
Welcome greetings
from the Amur comedian!
Come on, come on!
Stop at the door!
Roger that!
Fifth! Fifth!
Forward! Get out of the barn!
Vasilions, sharp right!
Sharp right!
It wont move!
Come on!
Get behind the barn!
Germans from the right!
Let's go cover it!
The villagers were surrounded by wolves!
Tank, stop!
Turret to 1 o'clock!
Kobzarenko anti-tank!
Right now!
Tank destroyed.
We survived ?!
No Vanya!
Silence everyone!
Comrade Comrade.
- Comrade Comrade ...
- Grenade ...
Kobzarenko anti-tankman!
Vasilions, bend,
take us out of here!
- Got it!
- Come on, darling!
What is this?
Move, come on!
Fire at will!
Stop the Germans at the stall gate!
For you!
Come on right!
Back! Back!
Get out of here, darling!
- Damn!
- Calm down!
Calm down, Wolf!
- Comrade Comrade!
- Yes!
What is your first name ?!
I am Stepan Levanevich!
That was smart, Stepan Sevenevich!
Thanks for your service!
I serve the proletariat!
All right, now you and me.
What, fritz, come on, let's talk?
Burn, Stepan Levanevich!
If you want a miracle, it will be a miracle!
Kobzarenko anti-tank!
Vasilions, back!
White House in Cherry Garden ...
Fire at will!
Swap over cherry tree - intoxicated ...
Peasants are plowing,
Girls are followed by chirp,
And the mothers are waiting for dinner
Taras Hrihorovich Shevchenko (Ukrainian) poem:
Cherry garden near the hut
And the mothers are waiting for dinner
To the devil!
It hurts!
Wolf, get yourself together!
What, you want to die here ?!
Turn left at 90 !
I can't bear it.
Get ready to shoot, soldier!
Driver, cross in front
of the house wall!
And the mothers are waiting for dinner
Move! Target the fuel tank!
Welcome to the resort.
This is a special resort.
Here we separate
the lambs from the goats.
Who's here, don't forget ...
there are no thoughts here
there are no feelings here.
The German - your lords!
German Decides
if you live or die.
Get down!
Look at me! Are you Ruski?
Commander, this is
the Russian tanker.
Name and rank are not marked.
He escaped 7 times.
Name? Ranks?
I asked,
Name and Degree?
Answer, please
he will kill you.
You're lucky, tanker.
Do you want to die?
- To the special unit.
- Yes!
Name and rank?
Listen, don't die!
He'll talk.
They're here.
- Gentlemen!
- Mr. Reichsfhrer (Himmler)!
General Guderian showed me
your report, Jger standartenfhrer (colonel).
This is a timely thought.
Reichfhrer, soon Russian tanks
cross our border.
If we don't take urgent action,
the Empire will fail.
I want to create a new thing
the generation of super-fighters,
which can stop it
the Red Army.
You hate the Russians, Jger?
I'm a soldier.
We don't care about emotions.
My duty is to serve my country.
Chief Inspector,
I appoint Jger standartenfhrer
Hitlerjugend SS Armor Class
his pilot battalion, commander.
I understand, Mr Reichsfhrer!
The Fate of the Empire
in his hands, standartenfhrer.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
All 27 people
The problem. No commander.
Let me explain.
To avoid retaliation,
sometimes the captive officers are private
or they are surrendered to a sergeant.
All right.
Whoever conceals, wants to live.
I need a commander
who wants to live.
Tanks Commander.
Who is this?
I'm afraid it's a reverse
case, standartenfhrer.
This is Ivan, who is looking for death.
Has been in captivity since 1941, but still
he did not disclose either his name or his rank.
He escaped 7 times.
Scheduled for execution.
Jger, are you all right?
We found who we needed.
Captain Hauptsturmfhrer,
we are talking about a secret mission.
I need a trained
Russian translator.
Someone from the camp,
whom they can afford.
We never met, soldier.
Do you remember November 27, 1941?
Nyefjodov village (Moscow area).
Did you liquidate your division?
I shot you.
You look good.
Not suitable for use!
Must be destroyed!
I'll give you another chance.
You choose and prepare
a Russian tank crew.
On a designated day at the shooting range,
you show your science,
to my cadets.
You won't have ammunition.
Just your skill.
If you die ... you die as
a soldier on the battlefield.
If you survive,
you choose a new crew.
I've already ruined one
my first crew.
You fought fiercely.
I fought in my own land, fritz.
Awaiting response.
Fuck me!
I count five.
Good fun, I agree!
It doesn't have to be translated.
Good choice, soldier.
Name and Rank?
Lieutenant Ivuskin.
Stand up!
Take him!
28 boots stood the test.
Acceptable for wear.
The camp lined up.
18,382 prisoners.
385 patients.
During the night, 32 people died.
All right.
The camp lined up.
18,382 Prisoners.
Read this!
They may enjoy.
This good man chooses
your elect.
They match.
They match.
His mother is full of
what kind of piece?
Like the T-34.
Not quite.
This is just from the front.
85 caliber.
No less.
Your task is to restore the tank.
After a week, get ready to try.
This is the latest Russian tank.
We got it from the east front.
They say they can defeat
our tigers.
Get started, remove dead bodies
and clean the turret.
Get started!
Crew, line up!
From now on I am your commander.
Meet all my commands
and don't dare question it.
Allow a question
Commander Comrade?
What is our combat mission?
Primary task - defeating the enemy.
Temporarily, these bitangs
we are at your disposal.
Listen, my friend, I could be
the commander, better than you.
You haven't even asked us
we want to stand at their disposal.
Mykola, nobody wants to die here.
we have to fight this tank.
Against German cadets.
We'll beat them.
If we want to live beyond, we will need it
a super excellent machine
we do our job.
Have a question?
Then what are we gladiators?
I read it in a book.
- If you agree ...
- I agree!
If there is no agreement
I report and back to camp.
I have enough wagons
I'm fighting more.
And what do you say?
Survival, but what's next?
There's a fight, Comrade.
Or forgot,
that we are in war?
I remember.
What's the command,
Commander Commander.
It should be disinfected.
Inside the tank
full, dead crew.
I ask for permission to be worthy
we can bury them.
I do not mind.
Add the cannon rounds!
We're annoyed, guys.
Guys, someone is rushing around.
Someone rumbles.
Did you tell me to rumble? Zrgj!
With bone.
Ionov, be a man
and never add below!
Crew! Here's a bulky
tactical map in polygon.
Completely identical
little by little, let's study.
Get to know everyone
like the International.
And if I mix the words of the poem?
- Ionov.
- Yes!
Have fun with Volcsok in your spare time
help the needy.
I understand, I help the needy!
To you ...
We were here.
This is ...
- Commander.
- Yes.
Two words.
I'm going to repair the headlamp.
What did you find out?
You'll figure it out.
Are we escaping the tank from the shooting range?
And then,
to the Czech Republic 300 kilometers.
We will have a new T-34 tank.
6 hours on the main road.
That's it,
Think about it, Stepan,
We have 6 rounds.
And if you risk, there's a chance.
In fact, it's with us
the best leader of the Red Army.
You can say that.
You remember, under Moscow, to dust
we crushed the German armored army.
Mikola, my friend,
it was then.
We're fighting now
like a rabid wolf.
waiting for freedom, Stepan.
There's freedom.
You are with me?
If you want a miracle, it will be a miracle!
With you, Commander, with you.
Build the plane, Styop!
Ivuskin, to the boss.
Our boss
is in the Kremlin, little girl.
You may enter!
Ah, colleague!
How are they going?
by restoring the tank?
Anja ...
Two or three days.
Sit down!
It will soon be a fight, Ivuskin.
And I have to define your task.
Ivuskin, it's normal that
I should call you that?
They call me Nikolai.
We are relatives. I'm Klaus.
It's like Nikolaus.
Do you understand? Nikolai - Nikolaus.
Listen, Nikolai.
You here...
You stand here.
On the field.
My tigers
they're holding you up.
Are you watching me carefully?
Hidden maneuvering, I'll try
get away from the defeat as far as possible.
There in Moscow,
were you hiding under a stack?
Yes, we were there.
One hour before dawn
we took our position.
We had little time to cover with straw.
If I had noticed
I cover artillery.
But you didn't notice.
Make your liver crack!
Long and happy life. (?)
Do it harder.
(the motto of the National Socialist Party)
Crew, line up!
All right.
Don't waste time!
Start the test drive.
Crew, your place.
Roger that!
Roger that!
Crew, report on standby.
- Ready!
- Ready!
Is everyone ready!
Roger that!
Here, this is a real tank!
Good Cognac!
Come on, dance it,
Stepan Szaveljevics!
This ballet, Comrade Commander!
The Swan Lake.
Hang on!
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - Suite
Give him Belarusian!
It's a carousel!
Moscow - Voronezh,
to hell with you!
do you grab yourself ?!
Get it out, Quasimodo!
Thielicke, install mines
around the shooting range!
Roger that!
Hi, my beauty.
Come on, I'll show you our tank.
What happened?
Jger proclaimed combat preparedness.
There are mines around the shooting range.
Are you sure you go?
Get out of here.
Kolj, I'm not deaf or blind.
If we had a map ...
I'll get the map
From Jger's office.
No, you will be the first suspect.
And you carry it with you.
Kolj, I'd rather die with you
than live in captivity.
This is an impression, make a key.
I can't stay here alone.
Rather, death!
Today the battle trials are beginning!
I'm sure you will prove that
worthy heirs to the german spirit!
If you learn to fight with the Russians,
against the Anglo-Saxons
it will be a child's play!
The Empire dominates the world.
Good luck!
- Sieg! (Victory!)
- Heil! (Hail!)
- Sieg!
- Heil!
- Sieg!
- Heil!
Guys ...
rounded down the arena.
We break through the main gate.
There will be three Tigers against us.
We have six rounds,
and 30 kilometers of fuel.
I'll say one thing.
The time has come,
we have been waiting for many years.
Angry and hateful
for the enemy
despising death,
I swear to destroy the fascist
villains on their own land!
I swear!
I swear!
I swear!
Sorry boys,
God take care of you.
4 anti-tank, 2 crackers.
Pray, fritz!
Report the position of the Russians.
The Russian tank started.
Not bad!
The cadets are on the line.
All right.
The Russians on the field.
All right, more!
Oh, sir.
This can not be true!
Our tanks approach the field.
Standartenfhrer, your pipe.
Not a bad start.
Where are you going?
Regulation No 11
labour use imperial
permission of the Commissioner.
Thuringia, Fritz Sauckel obergruppenfhrer.
One-time exit
permission from the camp.
No later than 8.
Goodbye, you idiot!
It's a good idea to smoke.
Did you expect this?
The commander is not stupid.
God bless you!
- Leading, leaving!
- Got it!
Look at both of them.
Well, come on, baby boy,
show us your page.
Volcsok, you know the exit!
- Farther to the left.
- I understood, to the left!
What was that, Jger ?!
Sky! Sky!
Come on, fucking!
It was nice, Volcsok!
Leading, forward!
This is the Volcs!
The good cat is back!
That they don't shoot!
I dream of attacking again !?
Where is the ammo ?!
Hurry - hurry!
Catches to fight!
Target the hill!
Turn on the tank staff!
Attention to everyone!
Full combat preparedness!
Full combat preparedness!
Jger talks about standarfenfhrer.
Tank 2, report your position!
Tank 3, what do you see?
Get on! Come on!
Tanks, retreat!
Tank 2, 10 cannon.
Tank with 3, 11 cannon.
When you see the enemy,
fire immediately!
Where in hell is he?
Commander, I want an instruction!
- Ionov, crack!
- Got it!
Hostile tank at 10 o'clock!
Remember this, whores!
Wild Animals!
Come on, lead, more!
- Where is it ?!
- Straight forward, Stypop!
Stypop, straight ahead!
- Hide behind the warehouse!
- Got it!
Heads Up! Come on!
Hold my hand, Commander!
Get ready for battle!
Hold on, guys!
We drum!
What is this?!
The German car industry!
Come on to the gate, Stypop!
There's a machine gun!
Driver, window down!
Come on, destroy them, Volcs!
Roger that!
We could smash ...!
To the gate, Szaveljevics!
Break through!
Stop recording!
Good afternoon, ladies!
Where do you go, my beauty?
Good work, Comrade Jarceva!
Good luck ladies.
Sit in if you're not afraid.
First we go to Prague.
Move over!
- Hello.
- Hello my friends.
Goodbye, ladies!
Here, this will be your place.
Welcome to our tank.
Open the Emergency Center!
Report the losses!
Report the situation in the district administration.
Class 1 / A.
Alert the artillery,
armor sub-unit!
Closing the roads
50 kilometers radius!
Catch you.
Press Driver,
until the fritzers wake up!
The fuel will soon run out, Commander.
Our bird bird is liquid,
did not drink for a year.
The nearest town
It is 20 kilometers away.
Get there.
Hey, Fritz, diesel, full! Do you understand?
Stepan, what about the wall?
Here's a habit.
Strange people, this is the hinterland,
the town is small
few men.
Let's move proudly like a parade!
- Comrade Commander!
- Yes!
The Sun is already setting
and we haven't eaten anything yet.
Give us the command to raid the city.
Robbing - not our style!
But don't you want to eat?
I want. We ask.
Ionov, Volcsok,
prepare for landing!
Everything, 5 minutes!
A local worker ...
Oh, obedient.
- Hand over the device!
- Here you go.
He's gone to the tent,
that was caught by Nicodemus (fairy tale).
Girls, did they eat bat meat?
I ate, nothing special about it.
Here's your happiness!
Please, thank you. Goodbye.
Stypop, shit! The farther away
we have to get there, we hide there.
To the left!
Everybody alive ?!
- Jarceva!
- I live!
What is this?!
88 Infantry, Air Defense Gun!
The roads seem to be blocked!
Stypop, you remember
is the rabbit hiding ?!
I remember!
Ivan has escaped miraculously
under an air defense gun.
Ivan's are wonderful.
As I expected
the Czech-Moravian Protectorate
go to the border.
We diverted them from the main road
now we start to narrow down
a network of smaller roads.
What is our next step?
They are now trapped.
Thielicke, ask for air support.
Parafenome also.
I allow the connection
Ahnenerbe (Headquarters).
I'm going to Berlin now.
Jger, if not in the morning
get the fugitives out
I can't defend it anymore.
That's there, the Krun hory.
One more round!
I know they are here.
Mr Standartenfhrer,
we are low on fuel.
Let's go further!
Mr. Standartenfhrer, right now
we have to come back!
Let's go further!
I'll repeat it, right away
we have to come back!
Here they are!
Stay calm.
- Go down!
- Yes.
Commander, the machine is good,
but our water might boil!
Stop, we have to get through.
We're staying there.
Roger that!
Just a word, tower!
I thought we were going to Berlin.
Berlin is the opposite.
Fly as low as possible
left on the road.
At low!
Even lower.
At low!
Stepan Levanevich.
You know what to do.
Not in the woods at night
we are going, waiting for dawn.
- Ionov.
- Yes!
Volcsok, explore the area.
I am happy.
- Jarceva!
- Yes.
Cook dinner.
Comrade Commander,
I want to change the order.
- Tell me!
- We have a natural swimming pool in front of us.
I suggest accepting a water treatment.
Just don't shout.
We're in place.
I found them.
The Russians are Klingenthal-Zwickau-Chemnitz-Annaberg
they are in rectangles.
Send the first section.
Turn Berlin on!
Berlin, fast!
Here is Jger standarfenfhrer.
I found them.
In the morning we will arrange them for 8.
The ball is flying
above the mountains.
Straight into the white chest.
into the white chest.
Blood spilled like a river.
Oh, the blood spilled,
like a small river.
Goes into the Danube.
where my mother draws water
and where you remember your son.
Woe, mother, mother, war,
for your son
home ...
That's right, guys,
Before Slavkovsky
There is a 50 kilometer long forest.
I think we've done our job.
We frustrated the plan of the fritzers.
My command, we flood the tank in the lake,
rest and then start
in separate groups.
We save our lives.
Mikola, not because of your orders
I'm with you, I came voluntarily.
- Can I say something?
- Here you go.
I'm sorry for the tank.
Commander Commander, without you
I'm not going anywhere.
We're Red Army soldiers!
We made an oath, the last drop to our blood
destroy the enemy!
Leaving a horse - shame.
Not only your vision,
but your hearing is like the eagle.
You should play in the circus.
And you wander with me on the river, driver.
Therefore, shut up!
All right.
Let's do fifty (km).
After 5 minutes, she's curly. 4 o'clock.
With the first light.
Change every hour.
Oh, look at this!
A shooting star!
do you want something?
To love you forever.
Hell, Kolenyka.
I've been waiting for you all my life.
Mother, wake up.
Wake up, you have to.
Crew, get up!
Here's Jger.
The strait is blocked in the morning.
In the dark we break through.
You can't come with us in the tank.
I won't stay here without you.
I'm not going anywhere without you.
Anja, listen to me.
but we get out of here.
Take your attention,
and you go east.
We are here.
This is followed by the town of Klingenthal.
You have to go to the left.
You will reach a great clearing.
Wait for us there.
If we don't get there tomorrow night,
go further.
Just drive at night.
Strictly eastward.
Do you understand?
I undersand.
That's right, dear.
You don't have to be afraid, Comrade.
The forest never sells.
Keep me, my sister,
you may need it.
- Meet again.
- We meet.
Goodbye, dear.
That's it, go. Go away!
There's a suitcase on the way in a stroller.
Not German.
The city seems to have been evacuated.
They're waiting for us.
Stepan, let's go back,
get out of the alley.
Let's get out of this.
Get ready!
Cat on the left!
You bastard!
This bullet will not succeed!
Spray under your belly!
- Spend it!
- Got it!
Delay response!
- Can you go straight ?!
- I know, Commander! I know!
Styop, don't stick to it!
- You're in the picture!
- Fire!
- Heaven's a pig!
- It was nice, Volcsok!
I was surprised at this too!
Then now, a little peace!
The 114 tank was destroyed!
The Russians are moving towards space!
Add a reserve position!
Just carefully
I look around.
The width of the street is 8 meters.
Tank at 20 km / h
5.5 meters per second.
The fritz can shoot every one and a half seconds.
There is a need to distract.
When it appears
don't miss it!
- How about, Commander?
- Wait, Stypop!
We were trapped in three tigers.
Our plan.
Who undertakes us
the biggest risk?
Who else, you give the command, Commander.
Look! That's what we are.
It's dark now, Commander
openings are open, this is our chance.
This tank is yours.
Take your attention. Did you understand?
I understood perfectly, perfectly.
Go on!
Good luck!
But, Seraphim.
- When you hear the explosion at full speed.
- Where?
- You see that wall?
- Yes?
There must be the exit.
And if there is no exit?
Then we're over.
Come on, Volcsok!
Couldn't find a cone!
115, 112 - to the square!
Let's find it!
Here's an exit!
Tiger right in front of us!
Tube for 180 !
He's traversing! Go!
Three left!
- Come on!
- Where's the turret ?!
There is time! Traverse!
Send it!
God damn it ... !!!
Any moment!
Are you alive?
Tank, stop!
115, prepare to shoot!
Goodbye, brothers.
Who coughed?
Volcsok, who else.
How did you get a tiger?
We have two tanks now!
Gunner, Target - Tank 112!
Prepare for fire, fast!
I can't shoot,
those are my comrades in that tank.
Your comrades died!
In the 112 tank is the enemy
and now he'll fry us!
Get out of there!
Heads up!
Send it!
Again the devil with horns!
You fucking!
Wait for the funeral, he's lucky.
That's how we stand, huh?
Let's go!
The dog and the liver!
Five minutes, Nikolaus!
Now I'm coming, comrades.
I'm here, Nikolai.
People, this is the plan.
Stypop, on the bridge
full speed.
My command for the maneuver.
Seraphim, load.
Last. Ready!
We have to get close
as close as possible.
Our chance in a thousand.
The design, elegant glitter.
We have to play in the circus.
Take action.
It will be awesome.
Volcsok, endurance!
What is our Father who is in heaven,
hallowed be your name ...
I'm not gonna kill you.
But I'll take your turret. Stop!
To the left!
... your will be done, on earth,
as it is in heaven,
I break your shield.
To the left!
... and forgive us our sins as we
we forgive those who sin against us;
and lead us not into temtation,
but deliver us from evil!
The caterpillar is also ...
Well, is the fight over?
It was enough for this century!
What are we doing with the tank?
It is half-fueled.
The enemy doesn't give up.
We take Volcsok with us,
on foot we go on.
Screenplay, director:
Alexey Leonidovich Szidorov
Created and translated by:
Damage 2019 01 31