Queen & Slim (2019)

Here you go, love.
Didn't you ask
for scrambled eggs?
It's all good.
I have a thing
about that. It's just eggs.
No, about people
not doing
their job well.
She got four kids
and an alcoholic husband at home.
She's doing
the best she How do you know that?
She comes through
my line every Sunday,
yelling at her kids
and giving me a stack of coupons.
She can never
find her Costco card,
so I always let her
use mine so she can get a discount.
That's nice of you.
Can I ask you something?
I don't know, can you?
Easy, I know
good grammar.
We're not
in a classroom.
Are you gonna ask me
your question or not?
What took you
so long to respond to me?
I didn't realize
that much time had passed.
I sent you a very well-crafted
message three weeks ago.
I spell-checked it
and everything and got crickets.
Then today,
out of the blue,
you hit me up
asking if I wanna grab dinner.
What changed?
I had a shitty day.
What was so shitty
about it?
The state decided
to execute my client.
I didn't know that
was still legal here.
It's legal in 31 states
and Ohio happens to be one of them.
Was he innocent?
Even if he's not,
the state shouldn't decide
whether he lives or dies.
Me, too.
Normally, I would go home
and have a glass of wine by myself,
but I didn't feel
like being alone.
Not tonight.
You didn't have
any friends or family you can call?
So you turned
to Tinder?
What made you pick me?
I liked your picture.
You had this sad look
on your face. I felt sorry for you.
I didn't mean
for that to sound shady.
Well, it did.
My dad took that
picture of me.
And to be honest,
I don't have many photos of myself.
Why not?
I know what I look like.
Pictures aren't
just about vanity.
They're proof
of your existence.
My family
know I exist.
That's enough.
You gonna eat that?
You can have some.
And they always use
just the right amount of dressing.
Do you really
like this place
or is it the only spot
you could afford?
It's black-owned.
You know,
you really shouldn't text and drive.
Ain't nobody texting.
I'm making sure I don't get lost.
I can tell you how
to get to my house.
Give me my ph
Relax. I'm gonna give it back.
So you gonna tell me
where to turn?
Yeah, just...
Oh, so now you gonna
point the directions?
I'm telling you
where to go.
You made a playlist?
That's cute.
Don't go through
my phone.
Did you like
In a Sentimental Mood
before or after
Love Jones?
I knew about that shit
way before Love Jones.
Mmm-mmm. Don't lie.
I mean, okay, I fucked with
it more after I saw the movie.
I appreciate your honesty.
So, what happens
You're gonna drop me off
and then you'll go home, I guess.
You got something
you wanna say to me?
No, I don't.
Do you know
why I stopped you tonight?
No, sir.
You failed to execute
the turn signal back there.
You were swerving
a little bit, too.
Oh, my bad.
Yeah, it is.
I can't
believe this shit.
Just chill.
I ain't trying
to die tonight.
1104 Dispatch.
What do you got?
Two occupants.
The driver's a black male.
a black female.
They're in a white
Honda Accord. License "trustgod".
Operator failed
to execute a turn signal.
He was driving erratically.
Possible DUI. Over.
Do you need back-
I'm gonna ask you
to step out of the vehicle for me.
Can I ask why,
No, you may not.
Step out of the car.
Let's go, man.
Back bumper, right there.
Hands on the hood.
I'm gonna
ask you one time,
you got anything
on you that I need to know about?
No, sir.
Any illegal
No, sir.
What about
in the vehicle?
No, sir.
You been
drinking tonight? No.
Why is that funny?
'Cause I don't drink.
Would you do me a favor
and pop the trunk?
'Cause I asked you to.
Ain't nothing in there
but shoe boxes.
Let's see 'em.
Right there.
May I help you?
Do you have
a warrant?
Ma'am, he's already agreed
to the search. I don't need a warrant.
What's in the boxes?
You mind
if I take a look?
That's fine.
Could you please
hurry up?
What did you say?
It's just cold.
Put your hands on your head
and get on the ground, now!
Get on the
fucking ground! Are you serious?
Get on the
fucking ground!
Why is he under arrest?
Get back in the car
or you're going to jail, too!
I am an attorney
and I demand to know
why this man
is under arrest.
Sir, sir, sir.
We don't have to do this, sir.
Why is he under arrest?
What is your name?
Get back in the car!
What is your badge number?
I'm not gonna tell you
so get back in the fucking car!
Get back in the car!
We got this. Why is he under arrest?
Sir, we don't have to... Sir...
What is your badge number?
Sir, it was a turn signal.
I ain't done nothing wrong.
I'm reaching
for my cell phone.
Keep your hands
where I can see them!
I have the right to
record this arrest!
Keep your hands
where I can see them!
I'm reaching
for my cell phone!
Give me your fucking hands!
Stop resisting!
Stop! Stay on
the fucking ground!
I need some help! Help!
fucking resisting!
Are you okay?
You good?
You okay?
Let's go.
We can't just
leave him here.
Yes, we can.
Now, let's go.
Come on!
I gotta call my dad.
What the fuck are you doing?
We can't call anybody.
It'll make them accomplices.
You could've just
said that shit Now we ain't got no phones!
A phone ain't nothing
but a tracking device anyway.
You're bleeding a lot.
It's okay. It only grazed me.
Fuck! Why didn't
you stay in the car?
So this is my fault?
If I didn't get
out of the car,
you would be dead right now.
We gotta get you
to a hospital.
No! We can't.
Just keep driving.
Here. Use this
to stop the bleeding.
What if he's wearing a body cam, huh?
There was
a camera in the car.
This shit about to be
all over the fucking news.
That's why
we have to keep going.
We can't run forever.
/ know that!
But right now we gotta keep running
until we come up with a better plan.
Start throwing
out some ideas.
Since when
am I in charge of coming up with the ideas?
Since you made
the decision to run!
We made that
decision together!
I don't remember that.
Man, fuck this.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna find somebody
with a phone so I can call my family.
If you do that,
then they'll know where we are!
What if they kill us?
Don't say that!
There's no guarantee
they won't!
You're a black man
that killed a cop and then took his gun.
I'm not a criminal.
You are now.
I just wanna
go home.
And I wanna
see my family.
If you turn yourself in,
you will never see them again.
All we can do
is go forward.
There is nothing
back there for us.
Let's just keep going.
What about
your family, huh?
You don't care about
leaving them behind?
No. I don't.
We can't just
keep driving.
We need to figure out
what the fuck we gonna do, you know?
All right.
All right, all right.
Let's go to
my uncle's house.
We can stay there for a few days
and we can figure out our next move.
Where's your
uncle live?
New Orleans.
That's hours from here.
Then we should
get going.
Could you please
turn that shit down?
It's the only thing
that calms me.
Well, I can't hear
myself think.
I don't care.
Don't touch my shit.
Pull over!
So I can get out.
You ain't going nowhere.
We in this together.
Why are you
slowing down?
I'm out of gas.
Why didn't you
say something?
What do you mean
why I didn't say something?
I had other shit
on my mind.
Now we gotta flag
this car down.
I hope they're black.
That ain't
always a good thing.
Y'all having
car trouble?
Yeah, we...
We ran out of gas.
Ma'am, are you
all right?
Yeah. I just...
I accidentally cut myself.
Tell you what.
Why don't y'all hop in my truck?
I've got a first aid
in the backseat.
There's a gas station
up the road. I'll give you a ride.
We don't mind walking.
Come on, now.
I don't bite.
I'll give you a ride.
- You sure you're all right there?
- I'm good.
Oh, fuck.
something wron
I just didn't know
you were a sheriff.
Oh, yeah. I'm off duty today.
You know what?
I think we can walk
the rest of the way. What the hell.
No. This will be
my good deed for the day.
Y'all okay? You know,
you seem jumpy.
No, we're fine.
We just, uh... We took a wrong
turn somewhere and got lost.
Where are we?
Well, this here
is Kentucky, my friends.
Don't you worry.
We'll get you some gas
and you'll be on your way.
Uh, Thank you.
Ma'am, how's your leg uch better.
- Gas costs money.
- Oh, shit! Oh!
- I left my stuff back in the car.
- Me, too.
All right. I gotcha.
Thank you
Thanks so much.
Yeah. I'll be right back.
Yes, sir, they have the car
stopped at Tenth and Grove.
Y'all got gas cans?
Oh, yeah, first aisle.
You can't miss it.
I'd like
to fill this up.
It's gonna
be 10 bucks.
All right.
1-8-7-10-29, Frank.
Officer shot and killed
in Ohio by two assailants.
Suspects are one
young black male, one young black female.
One B/F
was wounded by officer.
Suspects are said to be
armed and dangerous.
Last seen operating white
Honda Accord.
Stop pacing.
I can't help it.
You look guilty.
I am guilty.
Have you been
charged with something?
Then you're not guilty.
Why is he staring
at us like that?
I don't know.
Do you need
anything else?
Is that it?
Yeah, yeah, that's it.
That's it.
Get in the driver's seat.
Are you crazy?
I think he knows.
Oh, fuck.
Y'all gonna leave without me?
Get in the car.
Take it easy.
What the fuck?
Take it easy.
Get in.
All right.
All right.
I'm getting in.
My name's Edg
I've lived in Kentucky
all my life.
My wife died
three years ago
and I've been raising
my son all by myself.
I'm all he's got
in this world.
And watching him grow up
has been the greatest blessing of my life.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna kill you.
Was it true?
Did y'all kill that police officer?
It was self-defense.
I'm sure it was.
I've got some colleagues
that have crossed the line more than once.
- Pop the trunk.
- Why?
Just do it.
Get in. Please.
I don't know what happened.
But whatever it was,
I'm sure you had
good reason for doing what you did.
But please.
Let me help you.
What'dyoudothat for?
He wanted to help us.
He isn't gonna help us.
/f is their job to make
you feel like everything will be okay.
But the second you confess,
you become property of the state.
Is that what you want?
You wanna be
the state's property?
Slow down.
I got it.
I'm just trying
to keep us from getting pulled over again.
I'm hungry.
Me, too.
Let's stop at McDonald's or something.
That's disgusting.
Now ain't the time
to be choosy.
Ah, shit.
We ain't got no money.
Check the glove box.
Look at God.
Oh, man.
What you doing?
Chill. I got this.
Hey. You wanna
make some money and get some free food?
What's the catch?
There ain't no catch,
little man.
All right.
What y'all want?
All right. Let me get
a double cheeseburger
with a ten-piece
chicken nuggets and sweet and sour sauce.
And I'll have
a chicken sandwich
with no condiments
and a small fry.
You can keep the change.
Ain't gonna be
that much left after all that.
You make a lot of noise
when you eat.
Woman, this could be
my last meal. Would you just let me
It's just hard for me
to eat with you making that much noise.
I've never heard
of someone not being able to eat
because they're disgusted
by the sound of other people eating.
I know it's weird,
but I have a thing about it.
How do you
avoid the sounds of people eating?
I eat alone
most of the time.
That's not surprising.
You scared?
You're lying.
How do you know?
You answered too fast.
I thought if a person answered quickly,
that meant they were telling the truth.
My dad always told me
if the person answered too quickly,
they had a lie ready to go.
Well, that's good
to know.
How do you know
if your clients are telling the truth?
Then how can you
defend them? I don't.
That's my job.
Are you
a good lawyer?
I'm an
excellent lawyer.
Why do black people
always feel the need to be excellent?
Why can't we just
be ourselves?
We should go.
Is this y'all?
Nah, man.
That ain't us.
Wait! My daddy wanna
talk to /all! Wait, where you going?
Oh, fuck!
God damn!
Oh, shit ball!
Oh, dang!
God! Just watch
where you're going, dawg!
I'm sorry.
I didn't see you coming.
You almost killed my daddy!
God, I think you
got my bad knee!
Can you move it?
You broke my daddy's
Stop crying like a little bitch!
I'm gonna be all right.
Mama told you to stop
calling me a little bitch.
Nigga, I'll call you
what the fuck I want!
We have to
now. You gotta take him to the hospital.
We can't go
to a hospital.
So I can get y'all food, but you
can't take my daddy to the hospital?
Where's the nearest hospital?
We don't have time for that.
You should calm down
Don't talk to me like that.
I'll talk to you
however I wanna talk to you.
Y'all sound like
me and my bitch!
Don't call
my mama a bitch!
Nigga, I wasn't talking
about your mama.
Come on,
we're gonna take you to a hospital.
I got plenty of hoes.
Your mama ain't the only one, too.
Move your fat ass.
Come on. Fuck!
Y'all just
gonna sit there? All right. No problem.
No, you enjoy this.
Oh, God damn.
Damn, my knee!
We need to take out
all these motherfuckers.
That's not
what we're doing. I seen the tape, okay?
Shit. If a cop
shot at my bitch,
I'd have killed his ass too.
Cop killers!
Cop killers! Shut the fuck up, man.
Are y'all the new
Black Panthers? Is that what this is?
- Oh, this is revenge.
- For what?
For that nigga
he killed two years ago. What?
Some dude was taking his daughter
to school, minding his own business,
and that cop killed him
for no reason.
Did you know about this?
Of course not.
Hey, hey, the hospital
on the left.
Pull over. Pull over.
All right, we're here.
Y'all wanna help me
with him or not? No. No, no, no.
There's probably cameras
all up into this bitch.
- Come on, boy.
- I'm sorry, man.
Power to the people.
Come on, Dad.
I got you.
I got you.
So, how many
views did it have?
A hundred thousand.
How long
before helicopters start flying over us?
I don't know.
Please tell me you
didn't fuck with that cop on purpose.
Of course not.
I don't
know you like that. You could be crazy.
It should be a sin
to call a black woman crazy.
Oh, are you one of those people
that think God is a black woman?
I don't
believe in God.
Lord help me.
You're on
E again.
Fuck! I really need you
to start paying attention to that shit!
Why don't you
pay attention? You're driving!
I don't think it's
smart to be walking into gas stations.
It's not that scary.
I already told you what to do.
Only 'cause you
don't have to do it.
You got this.
I believe in you.
Don't patronize me.
I'm not.
There's one.
Now the breaking news out of Ohio.
Just be cool!
...on the lookout
for two suspects.
An African-American man
and woman,
who they say
has shot and killed a police officer
during a roadside
Dashcam footage
of the shooting was released late...
Fuck! Fuck!
Let me get 40
on pump nine.
Is that a Glock?
Can I hold it?
No, you can't.
I'll pay for your gas
if you let me hold it.
That's not a fair trade.
If you don't let me
hold it, man,
you're gonna have to
stick up another gas station.
Man, I can kill you
right now.
You don't look like
a killer to me.
What's it about
holding a deadly weapon
that just makes me
feel so alive?
What the fuck
are you doing?
What you doing?
I'm just messing
with you, man.
Damn, why are you
knocking like the police?
If you didn't throw
our phones out, we could've called.
If I didn't throw
our phones out,
the police would've
caught us by now.
Can I help you?
My uncle here?
Who's your uncle?
Bitch, don't play with me.
He in the back.
Well, if it isn't
the black Bonnie and Clyde.
I don't know what
the news is saying,
but whatever it is,
it's not true.
Y'all hungry?
I always hoped you'd escape this
life without getting shot at.
Who patched you up?
You ain't do
a good job.
What's your plan?
We need to figure that out.
Y'all need to hurry up
and figure it out quick.
The police, they like
They can smell
a runaway for miles.
I'm aware.
How you gonna outrun the police?
We don't have to outrun them.
We just have to make sure
they don't know where we are.
That ain't hard to do.
Cops are dumb as shit.
Not all of them.
She only say that 'cause
she used to fuck one of them motherfuckers.
Don't be jealous.
I ain't jealous of nobody.
Nigga's jealous of me.
We might need to stay here
for a little while.
Ooh, hell, no.
The SWAT team
probably already on their way.
I don't need those muscle-necked
motherfuckers sniffing around my shit.
What are we
pposed to do?
So you're just gonna
let us get killed?
That's the risk you take.
Fuck you, Earl!
How long you need to stay?
A night or two.
Well, which one is it?
Two nights.
We need some cash.
How much?
Enough to last us
for a few days? What else?
We need one
of your cars. You can kiss my black
He love them cars
more than he love us.
I ain't got no extra cars
just laying around.
What about the
blue Catalina? Goddess, shut the fuck up.
Do you agree
to my terms or not?
I ain't giving you
no damn car.
You owe me!
Go get my car keys.
Sit down.
Y'all need to figure out
what the hell you're gonna do
once you leave here.
We will.
Young Blood?
She speak for
both of you?
- Could've fooled me.
- Don't do that.
Well, I'm just trying
to understand this nigga's mind.
If you ask me,
he seems a little...
A little slow.
I think we should
go to Cuba.
That's what I'm talking about.
Isn't that where, uh...
Assata Shakur went
after she killed that state trooper?
Allegedly killed.
We just gotta keep driving
until we get to Miami and, and then...
We'll be standing
in front of a large body of water.
How're we supposed
to cross that? I don't know yet.
Of course you don't.
You got a better idea?
Where the hell you
think you're going?
I'm exhausted.
Y'all ain't going nowhere
till you shave your heads.
We're not doing that.
You wanna keep walking
around looking how you do in that tape?
You're not shaving
my head.
Fine. You can choose.
You're a woman.
I believe in a woman's
right to choose.
But you ain't shit.
Use the cheap razor
on his ass.
Man, this is fucked
That's what happens
when you on the run from the law.
I didn't know Earl
had a niece.
We're not close.
Who's he related to?
Your mother or your father?
My mother.
She and I weren't
close either.
Damn, who are
you close to?
Are you close
to your family?
Yeah. They don't care
how I make my money as long as I'm happy.
Are you?
What makes you happy?
Um... Robes at
fancy hotels.
A good lace front.
And when your uncle
kisses me on the forehead.
I'm just surprised
by the amount of love he has in his life.
Well, he don't
always deserve it.
He needs us
to worship him.
Out there,
he ain't shit.
But in here,
he a king.
You like it?
I don't know yet.
You like this shit.
Shut up.
I'm sitting here
trying to mind my business...
It can't stop till
I get my ring back. Oh, hell no, nigga!
I'm sick and tired of you
putting your motherfucking hands on me!
I deal with way too much
to be dealing with your...
- Here you go.
- Give me my fucking ring
- You know what?
- You want me totalkto him?
Give me my goddamn respect!
I want my motherfucking respect!
We're not gonna
go there, Earl!
I will choke you
out of this place.
You already know!
Please don't.
He didn't used
to be like this.
Iraq fucked him up.
I don't wanna
deal with this shit.
Let's leave first thing
You okay?
How is that possible?
You took somebody's life
I guess...
I'm just used to saying
I'm okay even when I'm not.
I know the feeling.
What if God wanted me to die
and I messed up His plan?
I don't think that's
what He wanted. How do you know?
I just...
I just think you were
meant to be here.
I'm making an
executive decision.
We're going to Cuba.
Executive decision?
We can't leave here tomorrow
and not know where we're going.
We' What about that large body of water?
re it out.
I'm scared.
It's all right.
I'll be brave enough
for the both of us.
Hey, uh...
Why does your uncle
owe you?
For what?
I got him out of prison once.
He killed somebody.
Damn, who'd he kill?
My mother.
I'm rubbing your head
for good luck.
I don't believe in luck.
I think everyth
is destined.
Who the fuck called you?
I'm just here to make sure
everybody's okay.
You still fucking
this nigga? No.
Why the fuck he here?
I ain't call him.
Why the fuck you here?
A neighbor
heard some commotion and got concerned.
Oh, shit,
it's the cops.
Get down! Get down.
Don't worry.
I take real good care
of my property.
Do you?
Oh, yeah.
She my biggest draw.
You got a new truck?
I don't know who
the fuck truck that is.
You mind if I come in?
Not without a warrant, nigga.
You go get your paperwork
I'll give you
the grand tour.
I think I will come back
with that warrant.
Make sure you use
the large font.
I can't see shit.
Keep your hands
to yourself, Earl.
I didn't want you to
come here in the first motherfucking place!
Close the gate, nigga!
You know I'm gonna
have to kill that nigga one day, yeah?
Y'all need to get
the fuck out of here.
There's clothes
in the closet!
Take this.
That should cover your gas
for most of the way.
And the man at that address
will take care of you.
His wife ain't shit,
but he cool.
Johnny Shepherd?
Who is he?
We served together.
I saved his life once.
He'll be expecting you.
And he got a friend that got a plane
to get you over that body of water.
Thank you, Uncle Earl.
I ain't your uncle.
Take care
of yourself. You, too.
Take care of her.
I love you,
baby girl.
Love you, too.
Hey, it's beautiful
out here.
Is it?
I'm just trying to make
conversation. I'm just being honest.
Do you have to be
honest all the time?
Do you want me
to be silent? I didn't say that.
What you doing?
I'm gonna try
and get some
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
I heard a band playing.
I wanted to see where it was coming from.
We need to keep going.
I know, but I'm exhausted.
And you knocked out
in the back while I'm trying to stay awake.
Fine, I'll drive.
When was the last time
you heard some live music?
I don't know.
I mean, we only
a few hours from Georgia. So we got time.
Would you have gone
on a second date with me?
It's not personal.
I just like being alone.
I get it.
What would
the second date have been?
I'm not telling you.
Come on. Don't do me like that.
Aw, you should
have said yes.
Okay, fine. I'll go.
It's too late now.
I have the right
to change my mind.
Okay. I'm officially
saying yes to the second date.
Now what are we doing?
I'm taking you dancing.
Let's go.
Can we dance
when we get to where we're go
Just to be safe?
I'm tired of playing it safe.
You're willing to risk
getting caught so we can dance?
Hell, yeah.
One dance
and we can leave. I promise.
I'll buy you
a drink.
Yeah. Come on.
You good?
Let's go.
We gotta get a move on.
Why you so jumpy?
I'm nervous.
Ain't nobody out here
thinking about us.
Watch your hands.
Don't you owe me
a drink?
What do you want?
Bourbon. The expensive kind.
Hey, handsome.
What can I get you?
A bourbon.
- Oh, I don't drink.
- Maybe you should start.
Oh, these are
on the house.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
You're safe here.
The bartender
recognized me. Oh, shit. We gotta go.
I think we're good.
I don't know.
Trust me.
What do you want?
/ want a guy
to show me myself.
/ want him to
love me so deeply,
I'm not afraid to
show him how ugly I can be.
/ want him to show me scars
I never knew I had.
But I don't want him
to make them go away.
/ want him to hold my hand
while I nurse them myself.
And I want him to cherish
the bruises they leave behind.
We should go.
What do you want?
I wanna ride or die.
Oh, my God.
What does that even mean?
I just want someone
that's always gonna love me.
No matter what.
Someone that's gonna
hold my hand and never let it go.
But she gotta be
special though.
'Cause she gonna
be my legacy. What do you mean?
Look, I ain't gonna
bend the world.
As long as my lady
remembers me fondly,
that's all I need.
Skinny Luther
or fat Luther?
Mmm, Skinny Luther.
Oh, fuck.
See, I don't trust people
that like skinny Luther.
Skinny Luther was dope.
He had a lot more energy,
he sang better and his clothes fit.
You crazy as hell.
Fat Luther was the shit.
Who else you know
that can pull off a Jheri curl
with a three-piece suit
at the same damn time?
What you doing?
I thought you said no more stopping.
I changed my mind.
What do you mean,
you changed your mind? We gotta go.
It's gonna get scared
and kick you in the face.
They're not wild.
Well, how you know?
My uncle used to take me
horseback riding when I was a kid.
He told me nothing scares a white man
more than seeing a black man on a horse.
Because they have
to look up at him.
I've never been
on a horse.
You should try it sometime.
Maybe I should
do it right now.
You should try when
we have more time.
I'll take you.
I don't know.
What if we don't make it?
We will.
You don't know that.
I'm getting
on the horse.
Come on.
Yeah. Climb up on this side.
Yeah. Got it?
This way.
It's nice,
isn't it?
- Oh, shit.
- What are you doing?
Get the fuck
off my property! Let's go. Let's go.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
I think I saw a body shop
somewhere back there.
Hell, that was
a while ago.
Well, we need to get
the car fixed.
All right,
get in the car. I'll push.
Your radiator is fucked.
Your water pump, too.
That don't sound good.
I can probably get it
back to you tomorrow for about two grand.
Two gran
need it back today.
Y'all in a rush?
Yeah, we're... We're on
our way to visit family.
Now, why y'all wanna
rush to do that?
But I can probably get it
back for you tonight.
But it's gonna cost you
a little more.
How much more?
Another $500.
Come here.
That's all
of our money.
What's the alternative?
I ain't got all day.
We gonna do this or what?
Here. It's all we have.
We need the car fixed
as soon as possible.
Work as fast as I can.
Can I use
your bathroom?
Yeah, it's right in
through there.
Are you okay, boy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
This ain't like you.
I know.
I just wanted
to let you know that I'm okay.
And that I love you.
/ love you too, son.
We're trying to get to...
Now, why would
you do that?
Get out of my house.
You're under arrest
for helping a fugitive.
You do what
you gotta do.
Oh, we're going
to find him.
Yeah, but not
with my help.
What you about
to do now?
Y'all are worki
on my nerves.
Why don't you go
take a walk or something?
We're not leaving
you with this car.
Don't nobody wanna
steal your car.
Well, I just wanna
make sure.
You got bigger
problems than me.
You know who we are?
I'm old, boy, not blind.
Then why didn't you
give us a discount?
'Cause unlike the rest
of these simple-ass niggas,
I don't approve
of what y'all did.
We didn't have a choice.
That don't matter.
You gave them
a license to kill us.
Shot at me.
You gave him an excuse.
You weren't there.
No, I wasn't.
But if I was, I'd have
took my ticket and been on my way.
Can you work more
and talk less?
I could work a lot faster
if you left me the fuck alone.
I'm not leaving you
with this car.
Damn. This is bullshit.
What about if
I gave you some insurance?
I don't want no house keys
or no driver's license
'cause all of that
can be replaced.
Yes, sir?
How'd you like to take
these nice folks on a walk?
Yes, sir.
You keep them occupied
till I finish this car.
And stay off the street.
I know who you are.
What's your name?
call me Junior.
It's an honor
to meet y'all.
I'm going to
a protest tomorrow.
For what?
To support you.
I can't believe
y'all are here,
I was just watching
y'all, like, on TV.
And then,
now you're walking right next to me.
That shit is crazy.
I really hope
y'all make it.
Yeah, me too.
Just know,
even if you don't, it'll be okay.
How so?
'Cause then
you'll be immortal.
I like that.
I'd rather live.
I wanna
be immortal, too.
You're too young
to be worried about all that
No, I'm not.
- / could die today.
- Don't say that.
/ just want people
to know I was here.
As long
as your family knows you were here,
that's all that matters.
Yo, Junior?
Could you
take our pictu
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Come on.
I want proof
we were here.
Right here.
Do you mind
if we make a detour?
I do, actually.
You okay?
Not really.
We were close
when I was younger.
But as I got older,
I felt like
I didn't know her
She didn't know me either.
We could go months
without talking.
And when we did,
I hated it.
I had nothing
to say to her.
She wanted
a connection so badly.
And I just didn't care.
I didn't need her anym
My grandmother
left the house to both of them.
My mom
wanted to sell it
My uncle
wanted to live in it.
Typical family bullshit.
One night,
they were up at the house, fighting.
He was really
fucked up.
He pushed her.
She fell down
a flight of stairs. Cracked her skull.
She bled out so quick
by the time the ambulance got there,
she was already dead.
I had just
passed the bar.
I was desperate
to try my first case, I...
I never thought
that that would be it.
How can you defend a person
that kills your own mother?
I knew
it was an accident.
Does it ever piss you off
that he's alive and she isn'
All the time.
Stop shooting us!
Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Let them go! Let them go!
Get back.
Stop killing us!
Stop killing us!
Let's go!
Come on!
I'm ready!
Come fucking shoot me! Come on!
Come get me!
You need to
get out of here.
If you don't vacate
the premises, I will arrest you, son.
I'm not your son.
What's your name,
young man?
I ain't gotta
tell you that.
Listen, I'm not
trying to hurt you,
I'm just trying to
clear the streets and do my job.
You're not supposed
to be here.
so what you gonna do? You gonna shoot me?
You gonna shoot me
if I don't leave?
No. But I will
arrest you.
Listen, man.
I'm begging you. Just go home.
All right?
What you...
And a young man
was killed.
His father came out
and said he fixed your car.
What do you mean
he was killed?
He shot
a police officer in the face.
We were just
with him.
You knew the boy?
We spent some
time with him.
Did you order him
to do it?
Are you crazy?
We would
never do that.
These kids, they think
it's okay to kill cops 'cause of you.
Who made it okay
for cops to kill us?
We didn't
want this.
There's a war
going on out there
and you welcome this
into our home?
They didn't start it.
I want them gone
by the morning.
We can leave right now.
Hey. Hey.
Don't let your pride
get you killed. I ain't staying here.
Look, I got hiding spots
all over this place.
Even if the cops come,
they won't find you.
This is a safe place.
Y'all hungry?
Come on.
There's a bounty
out on your heads.
How much we worth?
That ain't much.
It's enough to pay
our mortgage off.
You gonna turn us in?
Earl told me
you need a plane.
I know a guy in Florida.
I already gave him a call.
This is his address
and directions to his house.
If you lose that,
you're fucked.
Let's eat
before it gets cold.
I'll lead us in prayer.
May I?
Of course.
I'd like to start
by thanking God for the breath in my lungs.
I'm grateful that
we have a place to sleep tonight.
Food to put
in our bellies.
Thank you for
bringing us this far.
Thank you
for this journey.
No matter how it ends.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Get upstairs now!
What's going on?
Just go.
Get under the bed
in our room.
Take the back stairs!
Hands on the table!
Tell us where they are!
Living room clear.
May I help you?
Hands on the table!
Tell us where they are!
Who's they?
Closet, clear!
You tell us
where they went, we'll let you go
and you can enjoy
the rest of your evening.
Now, how can I tell you where they went
if they were
never here?
Then where'd the fancy car
come from?
People park their cars
around here all the time.
You look a lot smarter
than your husband.
You wanna tell me
where they went?
We have to leave here at some point.
I'm not trying to walk
into an ambush.
I heard cars
leave hours ago.
I'm sure they left some folks
behind to keep an eye on the house.
You can stay here
and die of starvation if you want to,
but I'm getting
the fuck out of here.
They gotta
be out front.
We gotta jump.
Man, that's too high.
All you gotta do is bend
your knees when you hit the ground, okay?
Bend and roll.
This ain't no damn
fire drill.
Hold on.
Okay. Okay.
All right?
We need to move.
We need to move.
I'm gonna need you to get up.
I'm gonna need you to get up, all right?
Lean on me.
Lean on me. Lean on me.
Stay here.
I'm gonna check out front, okay?
Over here. Over here.
Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down. Sit down.
Okay, I know I can do this,
but you gotta promise not to scream.
Can you do that?
I believe in you.
I think there are cops
out front and if they hear you, it's over.
We're done.
I know how strong
you are.
You can do this.
Wait. Give me
your jacket.
Here. Take that.
All right.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
It sounds like
somebody's crying.
That's just nature.
You city boys
ain't used to that shit.
Don't refer to me as a boy.
I ain't no boy.
You know what I meant.
I know the difference between
a person and an animal, too.
Then go walk around.
You watch
how you talk to me, man.
Ooh. Touchy, touchy.
I need to find
a screwdriver.
You know how
to boost a car?
I used to. My older brother
taught me one summer.
The only car
we ever stole was my dad's.
He should have known
better than to leave that Acura around us.
Damn it!
Now how we supposed
to get out of here?
What was it?
A couple of deer caught
in some branches. I set them free.
Told you.
What you doing?
Are you crazy?
Get back in the car!
Are you trying to die?
No. I just always
wanted to do that.
Well, don't do it
when I'm driving.
You should try it.
No, I'm good.
Pull over.
Come on, pull over.
Pull over!
If I do it, will you please
let me drive the rest of the way in peace?
Swear to God.
Swear on something
you believe in.
Okay, fine.
I'll swear on you.
Fuck, man.
Oh, shit!
Fuck it.
I'm coming back in.
No, no, no. You got it.
You got it. You're good.
I'll just drive slow.
Are you sure
this is the place?
Will you please get
back in the car before you get shot?
Well, there isn't one.
I can see that.
They're gonna find us.
No, they're not.
How about you
get in the back and get some sleep?
I'll sit here, huh?
Make sure nobody kills us.
Take that.
I can't sleep.
You want me
to turn on the radio?
I want you to
tell me a story.
What kind of story?
Any story.
I don't care.
When I was little,
I asked my mom where babies come from.
She said I was
too young to know.
Then I asked my dad.
He said,
"Babies are a product of two people
that needed something from each other."
So, I said,
"Needed what?"
He said, "Maybe they
needed to feel seen."
"Maybe they needed
to feel loved."
"Maybe they needed
to feel human."
And then what?
Then I asked
my grandmother.
She said,
"Babies come from God."
"They're His way
of making sure no one ever really dies."
I remember her saying,
"Through our children,
we are reborn."
Then I went
to my older brother.
And I asked him.
And he said,
"Nobody knows.
You're just born."
"That's it.
Now leave me alone."
I wasn't satisfied with
that answer either, but...
I ran out of family
members to ask, so he got the last word.
, who was right?
None of them.
Babies come from fucking.
Plain and simple.
Why y'all acting
all scared and shit?
'Cause you're pointing
a gun in my face.
Man, I'm just fucking
with you, player.
Come on.
You know the Shepherds?
Hell, yeah.
Hey, come on, man.
Let's go.
How we know
you ain't lying?
I mean, you don't.
Then why should
we go with you?
What other choice
do you have?
Well, how do you
know the Shepherds?
From way back.
How long?
Damn, man,
why you giving me the third degree?
I'm trying to
help you out.
They said
you had a plane.
Oh, they lied
about that one.
If you ain't got a plane,
we're not going with you.
Look, man, I ain't got
that kind of money.
But I got a friend
that do.
He a bailer.
He can get you whatever you want.
When we get to my trailer,
I'll give him a call for you.
Why can't you
call him right now?
'Cause I ain't got
my phone on me. Damn!
Look, y'all can either roll with
me or stand here like some dummies
and wait for the police
to come get you.
Yeah, all right.
For sure.
All right, I got you.
Well, if it's all right,
I'll see you then.
He gonna have the plane
ready to go first thing tomorrow morning.
We can't
wait till tomorrow. We gotta go now.
Damn, y'all some bossy
Call him back.
Hey, man, back up.
Hey, sorry, bro.
They tripping.
Yeah, they said
they gotta go today, nigga.
That's what
I told them.
All right.
He said meet him
in an hour. All right, cool.
Hell, what the fuck
is y'all doing?
It's an hour away.
We gotta go.
Y'all wanna
hit this shit?
I don't smoke.
What about you, sis?
I'm good.
If I was y'all, I'd be smoking
like a motherfucker right now.
That's why I be
smoking all the time.
Paranoid as fuck.
I always think somebody's
trying to kill me.
Like who?
Shit. Police.
What you gonna do?
Hell, I'm glad
I met y'all, though.
So are we, man.
Yeah, /all... Y'all really gave
niggas something to believe in.
We needed
that for real.
Yo, let me hit that.
I knew you wanted
to hit that shit.
Live your life, sis.
There the nigga
go right there.
Thank you.
Get down! You're under arrest!
Get on the ground, now!
/ am not gonna say it again!
Get on the ground!
I'll never let go
of your hand.
Get on the ground!
Had a chance,
I would have kissed
all your scars.
I know you would have.
You're under arrest!
Get on the ground!
I'm not gonna say it again!
Get on the ground now!
You're under arrest!
Can I be your legacy?
You already are.
Hold your fire!
Stand down!
Step away from the girl!
Stand down right now!
Stand down!
Show me your hands!
Stop! Don't do it!
Put the girl down!
Stop right there!
You hear me?
Do not take another step!
Take another step
and we will shoot!
Angela Johnson and Ernest Mines
were shot and killed today
by Monroe County Police.
The two suspects
have become quite infamous
for their ability to escape
authorities across state lines
after killing Officer Reed
in Cleveland, Ohio.
Monroe County
Police Department released a statement
saying they had hoped
to arrest the suspects
so that they could have
their day in court,
but they had no choice
but to open fire,
because the suspects
were armed and considered dangerous.
/f was a tragic ending
to a six-day nationwide manhunt
The pursuit that
began in Ohio,
ended on
a Florida tarmac
yards away from a jet plane that was
intended to be their form of escape.
Despite the two
being wanted for murder,
hundreds of thousands
of people across the nation
pledged their support
gathering in the streets,
protesting against
the fallen officer, who shot and killed
an unarmed black man
just two years ago in an unrelated incident
Johnson and Mines became
a social media phenomenon...
Dashcam footage linked
them to the shooting death of an officer...
What if God
wanted me to die and / messed up His plan?
- / don't think that's what He wanted.
- How do you know?
/ just think you were
meant to be here.