Queen of the Desert (2015)

Assuming become defunct Ottoman Empire finally,
Russia would take the Dardanelles,
territory closest to her,
And the Italians would take the islands from the mainland.
- French And they have no problem with that?
- The French have a problem with anything.
That's their nature.
And big portions?
As soon as I gave them control
Syria and Lebanon was easier.
Let me read your mind.
Mr Churchill even want
Lebanon for the British Empire?
It's a hassle that you
1,000 years and nobody would find the cure.
And Syria could raise a bigger problem.
Sunni, Shiite, brass, Druze, Christians
, all jumping at each other's throats.
And in North Kurds...
to let the French take care of them.
Or let them
try to deal with them.
- And let them fail.
- I know where you all this information.
You mean...
from that woman?
From that woman?!
Petty rivalries
occur only after cocktails.
Now, for us.
Zone B is our area of influence.
I fought with the French in Baghdad,
Bazra, Kuwait.
This area will be under our control.
And how delineate the boundaries?
- Will be organized later.
- No.
That's the time.
Now it should be.
Our problem begins here in the South.
Now it's just a red dotted line.
- We have a problem with Ibn Saud.
- Bastard.
In fact we have two problems.
First wants all Saudi
as a separate country for himself.
And secondly,
wants a flexible boundary.
One of his tribes in northern
go to pastures in summer.
There are meadows damned.
It's just sand.
And like a border...
depending on the movement of people, not territorial.
I'll go.
Tribes Who knows best?
Downline affiliates,
Who knows best
Bedouin tribes?
a lead over all this?
Talking with potential future kings.
Who knows candidates?
Who knows best?
Woman, Gertrude.
Gertrude who?
- Gertrude Bell.
- Silly bitch.
It's a woman-man palavragioaica
confident and enthusiastic.
A wandering mind as a flea.
- Gertrude, look at me.
- Mom, I do it.
- What?
- Do not tell me how to behave.
I'm afraid I could do it anyway.
- You smile.
- Yes mom.
Do not you scare your young men
How do I do this, can not I do
Just... listen to what they have to say
That will be hard.
- Gertrude...
- I love it.
I love.
I love.
Grange Field Routon family Lowthian Bell
- Then?
- You mean after lion?
- Yes.
- Then I shot an elephant.
And all this happened
in South Sudan?
No, my hunting group in Kenya
moved before.
God, what was the safari!
I guess you've just
shot an elephant.
First rhinoceros, then a lion,
then two male elephants.
There are still elephants in Africa?
That meaning you, Miss?
I would like to run together.
Where? In Paris, India?
The pyramids?
Outside is a barn.
You mean fan?
No one would notice if we go
for a few minutes.
You mean for adultery.
Fast and direct.
- As cattle in the field?
- Absolutely.
Arnold Runcie barely know you.
- But it seems that you like cows.
- Absolutely.
How many do you have?
Near Newcastle have 800 Herefordshire.
In North in Scotland, I
- Angus?
- Yes.
Black Angus.
Miss Bell, thank you for the honor.
Here, Mr. Havenhurst.
Here at your left.
Thousands of apology.
Thousands of apology.
Send an earthquake, please.
I can not stand it.
I feel so domesticated.
- It's suffocating me.
- Gertrude, what can I say?
A I say. No
allow you had to go to Oxford.
But baby, it's among the only female
Who studied history and who
graduated with highest honors.
A young unmarried
from a good family, you should...
N would be left unaccompanied at
- Gertrude, you want to sit down, please?
- No, I do not want.
Honey, I've always supported.
I watched you climbing on rocks
And do not forget how many nannies have quit
because of your stubbornness.
What if.
Remember when you climb on that
tall tree in the park?
Shade and you had a great back.
Yes, I remember that.
Yes, you were 5 years, and already
were an avid reader.
And someone showed you, stupidly,
book with sketches of Leonardo da Vinci.
- I remember on the parachute.
- Who would need a parachute?
Everybody needs one.
Probably hurt me more than you
me, when you've sprained ankle.
I do not like to think of it,
hurts now.
Get me out of here, please.
Please, please, get me out of here!
India, Arabia, anywhere.
Please !
You know...
No matter how much it pains me
we're not around,
will have to get you out of here.
What about Tehran?
The embassy.
I will present the Gertrude.
It's time presentation.
Give me your glass for a moment? Thank you.
Here. Ladies and gentlemen,
come forward.
Come forward. Thank you.
I'd like to introduce you Lowthian Bell Gertrude
It's an erudite young genius.
And are lucky you call
my niece.
It is indeed my wife's face
And we love.
And I'm sure all of them will make your stay a wonderful experience
return to my dear wife,
Boys wildlife was finished.
No more riding horses up in the living room.
drunken orgies on our lawn well mowed British.
No more bailouts
princesses are in distress.
And no more public exposure
Of the wildest
lack of respect to our beloved Queen Victoria.
The one that I think we need to spend time here
To deviate from its mighty
plan to have a modestly empire.
For the British Empire!
And Persia.
Country with 5,000 years of poetry.
Why do I empty glass?
Where's the champagne?
What spices!
I do not believe.
- And birds.
- Nightingale.
When you cry in the pillow at night,
it always makes me happy.
It? I think only the males sing.
- Do not ruin my joy.
- Sorry, Flo...
- I'm Henry Cadogan.
I am... - Henry's Secretary of the Embassy.
In fact just the third secretary.
Ms. Bell will welcome Her Majesty Queen
A chaste Majesty.
I was officially designated to be your protector
and entertain you, so...
If you need anything, give me
I will.
Henry, please show us your special
Florence, meals not even free.
No, I'm not circus artist.
It has two incredible special shots.
Show us "Orbit the Moon".
Florence, it's embarrassing.
- How is called the second hit?
- "Leap frog."
Henry, show us your
trick with cards.
It has the best trick of all.
- Really?
- Please.
Florence, it's a stupid trick. No!
Come, come.
Ms. Bell, I can suggest you remove
bed on the roof, open sky.
Indeed I like stars at night.
you have to dress the bed with a mosquito net.
The mosquitoes are terrible.
- Mrs. Lascelles, do not get bored?
- No.
Oh, no. No no no.
Florence. Florence,
you come, please?
New Italian ambassador has a gift for you.
- Henry, I'll be right back.
- Good.
It's like garden Beast.
's A perfect nightmare of flowers and sentiment.
Mr Cadogan
know somehow that says this inscription?
It's written in Farsi.
But the medieval form of the language.
You have read it?
"With them, we sow the seed of wisdom"
"And with my own hand I worked
to increase..."
"And that was all harvest
I picked it"
Income have water and I went like the wind."
Miss Bell, poetic art know?
- You know Omar Khayyam.
- Yes.
I want to learn their language.
Dear mother
I use the opportunity to send you this letter
With diplomatic bag today.
My first week was precious
and I started to learn Farsi,
To them
poets read their original language.
Mr. Cadogan, who works at the embassy
was a great help in this regard.
E agreeable, intelligent, read
And takes care of me and Florence.
I love him.
Today invited us to ride.
- But Henry does not know how to ride.
- You can.
If you fall?
- Hopefully that will not happen.
- I hate when riding.
- Why not join us?
- I'm afraid of horses.
Miss Bell.
That's my favorite place in all rural areas.
In late winter, when the water level is
very high
Shepherds with their flocks swim to pasture in the summer.
Sometimes thousand sheep.
And pastors
wearing swim among them some inflated goat skins.
- Yes, I saw it.
- Yes ?
In Babylonian reliefs.
Do it and 4,000 years ago.
- Still do.
- It's extraordinary.
Sometimes up there.
I'm pretty good at climbing, but as God
get up there?
I confess it's quite easy.
Go back and climb through.
Why go there?
I go when I feel alone.
I feel very lonely sometimes.
- Yes?
- A letter.
- A letter for me?
- No, Henry.
- You mean Mr. Cadogan?
- Yes, Henry.
You can give him this letter, please?
Why did not you give it yourself?
I can not.
Why can not you?
Gertrude, as from woman to woman,
not going to say anything?
- No, I will not say.
- Nobody?
I promise.
Ever since last year.
I mean one year, two months and 11 days...
What is it?
I did...
A passion for Hery.
What he said today?
He talked me?
No, I just spoke pastors.
Why can not Mr Cadogan
to your letter?
I can not, plain and simple.
What if I send letters by mail
I could arouse gossip when they get to him.
I wrote two hundred two.
That's why... so awful.
I can not send.
Dear Florence, my dear.
You know I'd do anything for you.
But battles can not wear your heart.
Dear Dad
I do not know where to start.
East is like a dream extended.
Auntie takes care of me, and for the rest
Mr. Cadogan is a good guide and a good protector
Florence and takes care of me.
Show us wonderful things in bazaars.
's Always near us when we need him.
And when we have never needed it.
Yes. Thank you brought us.
See. Even eating
and ends here.
- It's a delicacy?
- Yes.
What colors!
- Yes.
- They are so cute.
That's paprika.
One can taste.
Can I?
How to say "Thank you".
Do you like Florence?
Miss Bell.
I have not slept,
hoping to see you.
I came to play billiards.
Why did you come?
I came to show me
trick with cards.
I understand.
I'll do then.
You have to come closer.
As you can see,
package is already mixed.
Cards red and black ones are placed randomly.
This is devilish trick.
Because in this moment I will not touch the cards.
You'll do it all.
I cast a spell on you.
And under this spell, without looking
'll Be able to assess whether a book
if it's red or black.
Without looking at book?
It's impossible.
According to the laws of probability.
Under my spell
Laws do not exist.
You can start.
N a return.
N it back.
What color is it?
Black. Black.
Rosie. Red. Red.
Sir Cadogan, you hit the books again.
When you're back.
Gertrude, you're very smart.
You're the only one who noticed.
Just now you said "Gertrude," Henry?
And you Henry told me just now?
The walls have ears.
How does the trick
I'm not telling.
But you're very close.
I am?
I really like birds here.
For them come here.
That's the Tower of Silence.
you sure you want to climb all the way?
Yes, I'm sure.
It might be bones.
And if anger eagles?
They probably have heard us and flew
As I said, they let Zoroastrians here
death, eagles prey.
He considered sacred.
I'm not afraid.
Lowthian Bell Gertrude.
I want to kiss you.
Maybe we should kiss here.
Run. Come on.
Florence stop whining.
- Dad...
- Frank.
- Do not start with that.
- E front.
At my table does not complain.
I'm sorry that I was born a daughter,
you wanted a boy, obviously.
No way. You could give birth
and a dromedary and I would not be upset.
Listen my dear.
There is a good side to tears.
If you cry more,
go to the toilet more often.
Let's smoke a cigar together.
- Paine.
- Yes.
A piece of bread.
Vin Sharabi.
A bottle of wine.
You're doing very well.
- Yes?
- Yes.
"A piece of bread under the branch,
A bottle of wine, a book of verse."
"And you, stand next to me in the wilderness."
"And the wilderness is paradise enough."
Look at this verse.
"Bird of Time has but a little way"
"To fly."
- E of Alexander the Great.
- Yes.
2,200 years we are looking at you.
- It's for me?
- No.
Only half.
I put a blacksmith and a cut in half.
So half is yours
and one mine.
Wherever you are in the world.
And wherever I am I.
That's proof that we belong to each other.
What if one of us dies, then the other keeps all
Lowthian Bell Gertrude.
Will you marry me?
I heard right?
Yes, Marry me.
Marry me ?
On your knees?
Oh, no.
I did it right.
- Yes.
- Yes ?
It's good right?
Marry me ?
What are you doing?
How do you get past the guards
with a ladder?
I know how to do all the important things of life.
But you could make.
It was very important to solve some mystery.
What mystery?
I love your smile.
But many men, the smile of a woman in love
Made the mistake of marrying the whole girl
Look entire face.
I wonder why I did not answer my father.
Do not worry, there's always a delay
Correspondence that should be sorted in the foreign office in London.
Two days ago I sent a telegram.
You sent a telegram?
The Embassy?
- So... all have heard about us?
- No.
No, I only said:
"You sent a reply?"
And I have not heard.
None of him.
I'm worried.
Can I help you?
A fast delivery.
For the dispatcher.
I noticed that the post office was this letter for your
I knew you wait.
I am always at your disposal.
I wish...
I wish... - What do you want?
I want you to know that I would give my life for a woman like you
I go home and talk to my father.
Love has no law.
Do not go.
Past or not impressive.
I do not care.
Do you know how win a diplomat beginner?
I could live in a tent
with the man that I love.
The things I learned about it
and probably did not know...
I know everything.
Probably do not know that man's punter.
A significant debts.
And you had an enormous debt.
When you put on your feet
steel mill. You had.
- My answer remains no.
- Why ?
I do not consent to this...
Childish plan.
Nightingale with drops in heart bleed
A fed red rose.
Then came the wind.
And catching her, jealous branches
I have coiled
heart with a hundred thorns.
This letter just arrived in Tehran by diplomatic bag.
Tell currency
clothes and Mr Henry Cadogan
Were found neatly arranged
on a rock beside a river.
Cadogan's body was found the next day
Bottom of a cliff.
On the opposite side of the river.
Embassy regret to inform you about this tragic accident.
It was no accident.
There's also a short note from
's Cadogan,
I hesitate to give it to you.
Gertrude, leave you.
Eternal love that keeps
arms satisfied.
Earth, air, deep.
Light nights and harvest my heart.
You are mine at last
in everlasting remembrance.
Oh, how easy it was to leave!
He left height of the pilgrimage.
Oh, I can not begin the journey, for God
Help me lift the weights.
And Mila be my traveling companion.
Girl's my impression of dust,
nights I'm wet.
The dust and tears, turquoise vault.
I must
bricks for the house joys. Yet
I never harbored,
and the time was gone.
What am I playing?
Checkered floor on the night and day
Death won the game.
Three years later
For the first time in my life
I know who they are.
My heart belongs desert.
Amman, 1906. British
- For years.
- Years ?
But why venture into the desert,
a single woman in wartime.
Have you ever been in vain?
What does this?
I'd like to know something else.
What brings you here?
Why you left permanently in England, as you say?
To be honest, I did
neither fully understood.
But I I had my moment of revelation.
Miss Bell, let me be honest.
It sounds pathetic.
And what are your intentions?
My intentions are to move out there
Archaeological and do some research.
- Study Bedouins.
- Bedouins?
Never going to happen
Remind you that they are under Turkish administration.
ask them their permission?
No, and I will not ask your permission
Remember one thing.
Remember that soon, we intend to inherit their empire
I do not want to have problems with our
efforts that are underway.
You will not spark confrontation with Turkey
because the Bedouins.
Arguing among themselves.
This little adventure to your
Is counterproductive and dangerous.
You have no power to stop me.
- There you go!
- Yes.
I was already there and get back.
Hello, gentlemen!
Even though it would cost me
Turkish authorities to notify about your plan,
Will intercept.
This journey naive
your not going to happen.
- Fattuh.
- Yes, Miss Bell.
You know, along with the rest of us, we could be arrested
I'm ready.
Even for this?
Fattuh is always prepared.
Are you arrested.
You all are arrested.
Lieutenant, can I help you?
Who gave you permission to leave at midnight
Without a permit from the authorities?
- There must be a misunderstanding...
- We allowed.
- Who are you?
- Are Fattuh servant Miss Bell.
Miss Gertrude Bell, know who you are.
Do you have any weapons?
No. We do not have.
- This document comes directly...
- coming directly from Istanbul.
Direct from the ministry.
Ms. Bell, I'm a thousand excuses.
I got a message from our office in Amman...
Yes... probably a man
was not informed by your Government.
Pathways are like a maze of bureaucracy.
It's always the same, even in London.
In our foreign office, so...
- Really?
- Yes Yes.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Your horses seem to be thirsty.
Want to stay a little time with us?
Where did you get permission?
I know a scribe
main mosque in Amman.
Can forge anything for a good tip.
You came from
garrison near the rail tracks?
Yes, Miss.
And how many knights are stationed there?
60. Cam
But their number is decreasing.
We will be 100 in April.
- Do you still have artillery?
- It's over.
I would have to say that.
I'm just a traveler and scientist.
Everyone knows
Ottoman Empire forces are somewhat overstretched.
In fact, everything is on paper, officially.
But the outpost is not on paper.
I want to take a picture.
You are very kind,
lady Bell.
- Dv and your people. You agree?
- Yes, I would love to.
Because you do not want to wear a military secret
I will give negative exposed.
- You can get it developed in Aman.
- Thank you.
I would suggest to stay in the middle.
The light is wonderful.
Dear diary
We arrived at an oasis that has something of a fable Bedouin.
Desert Solitude gives me
consolation in their solitude.
Fattuh I asked why I call
two glasses of tea.
Let's say that one is for
man who lives in my heart?
Every day before.
And it's the same routine installation camp known.
But as we sank more than
in the desert
On so much it seems like a dream.
Some days we go
lands that are almost impassable.
The hard crust of salt,
like shards of porcelain.
Often do not follow no map, just go where I lead
East of the Dead Sea Wadi Mujib explored hidden Strait.
I never expected to find
so fresh water in the desert.
The more I immerse more in this mysterious maze
With me was discovering so much.
Near the end of the strait,
Fattuh found something strange.
It has proven to be a spear head Neolithic.
For at least 10,000 years.
I speculated that prehistoric
must have been a war here.
And it must have been a very
Fattuh said
But you can not.
In that time the world was a paradise.
And havens will appear again if you live a life
As predicted Prophet.
Paradise has no time, age or sanctuary.
Awaits us.
This prompted me to flesh out more
Not far from the strait's British excavation site of Petra.
I traveled hard,
because of rain early.
Welcome, Ms. Bell!
Welcome to our home!
I'm Campbell Thompson, and he's my colleague
T.E. Lawrence.
What does "T.E." ?
T.E. Edward Thomas comes from.
I despise both surname.
I'm disgusting.
- Please tell me Lawrence.
- I will, Lawrence.
I knew you were coming.
I sent messengers.
A variety of stars you saw night
Sand during the day and restless
announced your steps.
Sorry, it is always so.
What makes a school like you here,
The school has a doctorate in archeology.
I have a doctorate in medieval pottery shards of
And keep me as a fragrance
basinii old girls.
Long to get rid of it!
Place that's a pile of garbage.
Everything was stolen by grave robbers.
We are stuck here.
Lawrence dream big treasure, hoards of gold
God Almighty give us some tablets clay
Such as those that have been excavated by the Germans in Mesopotamia.
Our methods of excavation
compares to theirs.
True, Gertrude, dear.
You know, I made a big mistake
wearing this belt.
That belt is worn only bachelors.
local workers working on excavations
Tried to find me a bride.
Imagine. A wife for me.
How horrible!
But have heard of your arrival and immediately was
spread a rumor that you're my bride,
Sent from England.
I'm not sure if it was born
right man for you.
For me
Ottoman Empire can not withstand much
Look like the Roman
before the crash.
What do you think would happen?
Chaos and war.
Do you think the British Empire
Will take over the helm and will fill the vacuum of power?
There are different opinion.
I think the spirit of the Arab nation will surface.
They are the future.
Maybe, but...
Any significant change
Could take centuries to be carried out.
- It will happen in our lifetime...
- Ready. Enough with politics.
In a few decades.
We are archaeologists.
Until now I am just a traveler.
Then for travelers.
And for those who dig
mysteries of the earth.
Sorry, we do not have glasses.
You know, Gertrude?
No matter what anybody says,
Soft and gentle light of a campfire
With a whiskey in hand
Make an excellent wedding.
Have you had breakfast?
I'm hungover.
I have a headache as the Roman Empire.
Too bad we do not have Rome in flames
And Nero us play live,
crying fire.
He himself started the fire
to have good mood.
- Those were good days.
- Lawrence speaks more slowly.
You can not leave.
Local women trying to find me a wife.
You want to kiss you in front of everyone?
Kiss my...
My kiss will set you free.
What great!
Gertie... you would, please,
not to marry me?
After three months
Damascus British Consul General Bureau
Please enter.
Miss Bell consul.
Miss Bell... welcome!
Welcome back!
Before discussing business
congratulate you for leadership
Turkish authorities.
I had a permit,
if you know what it means.
How did you achieve?
I have not got a secretary but I
from the big masquerade.
One of the best.
Yes, my servant
contacted him.
I'm sure if you
a document we could arrange.
British Empire does not need
also netherworld.
Except printing millions of counterfeit Deutschmarks
And Turkish piastres,
order to undermine the economy.
Please, sit.
I am here to inform you about my plan
Traveling at Jabal al-Druze.
You're not serious.
Yes, very seriously.
For decades
never has anyone gone to Druze.
Then it's about time.
He will not accompany any British soldier
, Miss Bell.
Would mean a challenge for Druids.
- I myself am a soldier...
- Major...
Royal Welch Fusiliers of the Maior.
Miss Bell, it seems that we already know enough about each other
I came to ask you something
which you volunteered.
Even if you are not here for me a couple months
Not pay attention and did not send anyone.
- Druids will take you as a spy.
- Yeah, or maybe they are.
Perhaps a spy, but are not
to anyone but me.
I am the wife of the consul.
- Yes.
- Do not be so formal, dear.
Miss Bell, she is Judith,
I brought a gift.
One for each.
Very cute.
There are things that I
found in a bazaar.
- What to do with it?
- Is beautiful.
Should rank sheik, baby.
Use them to cut onions.
But druids are primarily independent.
And more than anything,
against the Turks.
In fact the only ones they defeated the Turks.
That's what makes them so interesting
In addition, their faith is Christian and Gnostic ideas platonic
Islamic faith which they cover.
Please, do not talk about Plato
- You want more couscous?
- Not to mention Plato, sweetheart.
We are talking about a very serious danger, Ms. Bell
It will be worth it.
Druze do not play like everyone else.
They come to kill, not sparing anyone.
How long have enough powder to pull the trigger
Kill every man, woman and child
I meet.
How awful!
- What?
- You have.
It's too much.
Do not you say a few occasions
you would not give up those guns?
Now quit.
Ms. Bell, for your
For me?
Syria South Mountains Druzi
Journey through the vast realms of Bedouins.
And my eyes are open to the complexity
Tribal relationships here.
Fattuh is professor in migration in all this.
It says the biggest
conflicts are between Druze and Beni Sakhr.
My concern is Omar, Miss Bell.
Yes, I learned this morning that it was Beni Sakhr
Let's leave behind?
Do not pity between Druze and Beni Sakhr.
If you meet, only one survives
Ms. Bell!
I realized Druze recognized him as Omar
Beni Sakhr after her accent.
I have not thought about it.
What do we do?
Ask Omar.
to send you back... until it's too late?
Omar became suddenly deaf-mute
An hour ago.
You are my prisoners,
you die!
- We all!
- If I die...
It should be Sheikh your hand.
Where's your sheik?
Take me to him.
- Ms. Bell, you're hurt!
- Nothing.
Give me your sheik now!
A woman enters through the entry of women.
This woman joins
Sit down, woman.
Who are you dare to come here?
I'm Gertrude Bell.
And are subject to the British Empire.
Thank God i
're not nemtoaica.
Sit down, please.
I thank every day that are not.
- Are you a spy?
- No.
I'm a writer.
Write about the beauty of places and their people.
So, you're a poet.
In a way, but really...
not describe...
What I see...
I call just beauty.
Much more conceited than
Roman poet Virgil.
It's a lied.
How Virgil knows a Druze sheikh?
I traveled... incognito.
I was in Damascus.
In Beirut.
Champs Elysees is the most beautiful avenue in the world
The Flowers of Evil... Rambo.
You're right, this poet has never
never described anything.
Just called glory trees...
A hive...
And country life.
As our poets.
That's right.
Can I ask something
one of my reliable?
You bring wooden box?
Miss Bell...
I hope you have not hurt
my people.
Yes, but it's a small wound.
Malia's what we call grace.
Forgive them.
I do not know better.
I want to give you a gift.
's Something valuable to me and I was given and now...
Now is yours.
You are my guest.
You are protected by our hospitality.
Three weeks later Damascus
I'm glad you're back.
A bad wound noble... but alive.
There's nothing. Nothing.
But I have to admit something.
- I dropped your guns.
- No matter, they were yours.
- But you gave them to me.
- Either do not use.
Finally became useful
reached their goal.
- Sorry.
- Miss Bell...
Will you please shut up.
Was something really happened.
I have a new plan,
I want to go to Hayri.
But it's in the middle of the Arabian Desert.
It's a forbidden zone.
Yes. We only have few writings from some travelers
For God, why Hayri?
Because her secret epicenter of the Arab world
And I want to know Emir Ibn Rashid
It's important
Arabia's ruler.
- Who goes with you?
- Fattuh.
And my people.
I trust them.
You came too early.
- Want to come back later?
- No.
No, no, no.
What happens?
- Stallion this is for you.
- For me ?
Well, you have the best horse in Saudi
Il paint them.
I've never seen anything like it.
- Well, what?
- I must have something to confess.
I stole for you!
You stole this horse for me?
Look what he can do.
Salhadin Bravo.
I have not stolen in the true sense,
was an act of expropriation.
- Yes, from whom?
- From the Turkish authorities.
For the enemy,
to tell him so.
Well, I did two things.
I paid editor of a local newspaper
To write about a disease that spreads to horses.
Then I took a false accreditation of veterinary
I went directly to the Turkish garrison, I inspected the horses
And this here stallion had to be removed immediately.
And I shoved straight into quarantine.
So, His Excellency, the British consul
- Richard Doughty-Wylie...
- I stole a horse for you.
Miss Bell.
- I called and I...
- I do not call myself one.
I have... invited...
That sounds much better.
Yes. Let's get straight to the point.
You and I ventured
I have not felt inclined to support it.
We say it bland.
With the size and time to take advantage of the great war,
Would be precious for our country if you could
Do your curiosity May
Meaning what?
You will be our only spy
A vast area about which little information
In short... no.
- A honestly do not.
- Right. A honestly do not.
I do not work for anyone.
What attracts them to Bedouin?
Something that you and your world
you can not ever understand.
E freedom.
E dignity.
E poetry of life.
Good day!
Mr Wylie!
Richard, please tell me
I'm not ready.
I would never be with...
Never Why?
I would not be back
a man.
I lost a man.
- You lost?
- Yes.
I'm a widow.
Yes! No, no...
In a way.
- What I was rudely.
- No...
- I forgive?
- Naturally.
What do you need?
Antidote to the venom of scorpions.
Scorpions not.
We'll be careful.
No bedouin not
has ever been stung, right?
Yes, ma'am.
As you wish.
In the market that we find everything we need.
Mosquito net, bed
campaign bathtub.
We need this.
Lady has good eyes.
I assure you that's the best.
- I'm gonna make a confession.
- A confession?
The horse was as beautiful
fail desert dunes.
Yes, you did?
I sold.
Fattuh made it to market.
For four dromedaries
very good. There they are.
Gertrude, do not go.
Not now.
Richard, I have no choice.
My heart is not ready.
I can feel it.
- Stay weeks.
- No, it's late December.
Soon dessert will not be possible.
- I miss you.
- Please do not say that.
Do not say these things.
- You'll miss.
- You have a wife.
It's the most unbearable thing of liability
to marry.
That's what I come out of the blue, out of nowhere
, Richard.
Moreover, I could never be yours
, you're married.
I set everything.
You have to write me?
Yes, I'll write you from every post office
I keep a diary for you.
Vajie wind.
What vajie?
Vajie the storm.
New Year's Day 1915
Central Desert Nefud
lady to show me how they do it?
Cook an egg?
In the desert are not eggs, not chickens
Il boil 5 minutes.
But in the desert are not minutes.
How long prayer.
I have a gift.
I'm trying to get you out of your mind,
But it's weird.
You're on my mind every step of the desert.
My chef has no
track of time.
It never boiled an egg.
I've already lost in the desert
Like I belong here.
Peace and solitude surrounds me as an impenetrable cloak.
Deeper sleep than civilization can try.
And then desert without footpaths.
Before tribal wars,
this place was alive.
Now there are only ghosts.
What is this?
How is that possible?
It's the consul?
Messenger consul must have ridden day and night.
You'll have to stay here tonight.
My girlfriend,
Desert have I and my heart is with you.
If I was free night
Better suited to take you and kiss you.
It seems that God
joined us for a divine moment.
With so much bliss.
I could get back
An outpost of time.
I can not sleep... I can not sleep.
E 01.00 o'clock in the morning.
You and you're between me
something else.
Once telling me about life.
And fire. I burned
and I consumed.
It's a voice in me that
try and banish it. Says...
Another world claim me and take me.
And yet...
I do not think anyone in the world to be like me
happier now.
You Baptist desert
And there is another rescue
for you.
When we are moving feel
Everything is behind us.
We just follow our shadows.
Think back
From our past lives.
For a woman're bold, like any man
- Your destination is Hayri?
- Yes.
I want you to know bin Rashid.
We need to talk more about bin Rashid.
It has power to enemies.
Ibn Saud?
Yes, and many others.
- You have to find him in HAYR.
- Where is it ?
It's war in the south.
I thought I made peace.
It's over. Watch the HAYR.
A lot going crimes.
- For me?
- Yes.
You look so leniently
and hospitality, sheik.
And me
delighted with wonderful stories of the desert.
Any Bedouin is a storyteller.
But you gave me an insight
tribes and the tribes of Hayri.
And for that... I want to thank you.
I want to give you
This. It's my binoculars.
I see clearly now, so
I do not need him.
It's your gift.
I became a wandering desert
which is very rich.
Thank you.
And my man, Ahmed,
will be your escort.
You will not get hurt on the way.
But, once in Hayri,
nobody out.
We want to see you again... alive.
You can see very far.
Slaves do not know exactly what that means.
But it's an insult, I'm sure.
Only woman.
Men sit in the back.
Only women are invited here.
My name is Ibrahim.
I am Fatima, aunt emir.
It's Turkia,
one that will entertain you.
Welcome to Hayri.
You must be Mrs.
Rumors circulate faster than camels.
I'm Gertrude Bell.
Who sent you?
No, I'm here on my own.
On your own?
I know the world.
I came from Istanbul.
Sultan m sent as a gift
emir Rashid.
What are your plans?
I would love to meet him
Emir Rashid.
Ibn Rashid was led out of Hayri.
Women's followed him.
And everyone in the tribe.
But me he left.
- A guest of the emir?
- Yes.
Emir Harrud six years ago.
What has happened?
Palace that is full of conspiracies.
Full of crimes.
What has happened to Amir?
He was murdered.
And his successor was killed.
Same's successor.
All killed in a few years.
Eunuchs were killed
with him and the entire harem
Was passed from man to man.
Who now runs Hayri?
I left anyone in his family.
So, it's young.
Do raids in the north.
Fatima's aunt,
Lead really.
It is true emir.
It's beautiful.
I am a prisoner here for 3 weeks.
You are not a prisoner.
Your people are treated well.
You are required to sit
to decide Emir.
How to decide?
If you will be good to have you here.
My wish
Here is to keep you in the harem of the Emir.
Would be delighted.
That's not my desire.
When she comes?
You know?
I am delighted to welcome the guest.
He wanted to say "I am thrilled to welcome his wife
in my harem."
Yes, my wife.
It's an honor to meet you.
I am already married.
I am a member of the British consulate.
And this will cause a problem
both for himself and for his country.
Said to me was something else.
No man ever reaches a married woman.
Prophet, peace be upon him, told us that
Dear Richard.
It is clear from what I saw that the house of Rashid
ruin it.
It now seems that his star is rising
Ibn Fold.
And the future of Saudi
Central is established with him
Not those of Hayri.
This should communicate
British intelligence service.
Explorations that we have undertaken in recent years
Territories and their people's life and tribal governments,
Were combined into a single image that only
I can paint.
As for me, I felt
long years of preparation,
Preparation for what I did not know how it ends.
And a new destiny
Unfolds before me.
Now I just get back to you.
Let's find a quiet place.
I read your diary.
It was for you.
The world is changing.
I was in the desert and I turned into a World War
And I have never been announced.
Now it's all over Europe.
Russia, Japan...
Now America.
Gertrude must tell you something.
I re-enlisted in active service.
I expected.
When I return from the war.
Should shed deal with Judith.
Should be free.
I'd rather shoot a bullet in the head
Than live without you.
Why is that?
You should know something.
Judith pleasantries ominous.
And I will commit suicide if I try to divorce.
I understand.
I think not, but...
Love is a tyrant.
Cairo, the British Office
July 1915 - Arab
Gertie... oriental secretary.
Like invented the postage stamp.
- That's all your stuff?
- Yes.
You became senior adviser, Lawrence.
You've turned into a political animal.
- Are practically mediator, but...
- What?
You know that a man like me
course knows a woman like you
've Become a sort of queen.
No, just a woman who lacks
a man.
You mean the officer who was joined
glorious war.
Pyramids of Giza
Miss Bell... you want to get close, please.
- Pyramids of Giza in the frame.
- Mr Churchill
Please do not move.
Mr. Churchill
What do you expect from the conference?
Guys, let's face it...
A new order in the Arab world.
Mr. Churchill, with this new focus in the Middle East
Like with our policy relating to British India.
Churchill wants to sell it as an embodiment of the British Empire.
What else is?
Come on, Lawrence.
Not lead them towards autonomy.
Are Arab nations that have awakened. They are their accomplishments.
British Empire Lions.
Mr Lawrence, here please.
The pyramids in the background,
for pictures. Gentlemen...
We take a picture.
Putin left, sir.
Hold on, Mr. Lawrence.
Gentlemen, I found this camp.
The photos are great.
Sir Lawrence!
Another one like that, please, Mr. Churchill.
My cigar was finished.
That's the end of the world.
Another one, Mr. Churchill.
You look great.
400 years of history on you.
Shut Lawrence.
Said that Napoleon before you.
Yes, now all. Excellent!
Our losses at Gallipoli...
Forces and Australian expedition were
30,000 people in one day.
those are things secret.
No matter,
tomorrow everyone will cry loudly.
Doughty-Wylie , who led the attack.
I was already ordered the Victoria Cross.
You said Richard?
Richard Doughty-Wylie ?
Royal Welch Fusiliers .
But it's only Victoria Cross
for their fallen heroes.
I said was killed in battle.
I think there will be problems
his wife.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
what I'd do without you?
As a result Mrs
to the end of the world.
Dear diary...
With pain in my heart back to you,
It's like my life was ended
Like love
not meant for me.
And just big tasks which I have
make me continue.
Cairo again became one of the centers of the world.
And I begin a new life.
A life politician.
Prince Faisal asked to see you.
It seems to be everywhere.
How to behave with his brothers
the third son of Sharif Hussein.
His brother is interested only horse racing.
have to do the game.
Faisal's skilful, he's cunning, he is ruthless.
it seems to be appropriate for these times.
- At least be honest...
- It's dangerous to be honest.
Unless you're too stupid.
England will have to withdraw from the colonies
sooner or later.
I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is
My brother Faisal and I read your memorandum
about Arab war.
You've expressed our feelings.
No one in the West knows no
heart of a Bedouin better than you.
Bedouins tell you...
Noble lady.
I am honored.
And we agree with those who call you Mama
A title given to the wife of the Prophet, peace be upon him
In front of the direct descendants of the Prophet
And to the people desert
I do not deserve this honor.
Your falcon is fit for a king.
Soon you will be king.
Over whom?
Over those who love them.
What makes an English
to love us so much?
I had a reliable man
Well, he saved my life.
Often in the desert.
It has an old mother when she speaks
, has 5 children
Fattuh I trust that buries me.
Then talks about the weather,
God speaks...
And just this... for him...
You will always be in my heart.
... And now with your permission I will leave
Go in peace.
How could you know that you will be king?
She's Giving kings.
E crowned queen of the desert us.
Faisal and Abdullah
soon became kings of Iraq and Jordan.
Gertrude Bell
boundaries confined them to their kingdoms.
Based on her recommendations, the British helped
Saud Ibn
To claim the kingdom of Saudi
Gertrude Bell no longer married.
He died in Baghdad in 1926
Where it is buried.
Bedouin tribes and remember it fondly as the only foreigner
I understood.
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