Queen of Katwe (2016)

Am I ready?
You belong here.
Morning, Mrs. Kimbale.
Brian, still sleeping.
My little brother, get up!
Go away
You go away
It's only one.
It's 500 each.
All five?
- All five?
- Yeah.
Hey, when you want bargain?
Sir, pay me 1,000.
Two bags! Two bags!
Two bags, please.
Your mother
still owes me some money.
We'll make it up tomorrow.
That's it.
Now, tell your mother
I need my money.
Oh, my god, Phiona.
He rode me on his boda.
Latest model, Chinese roadster.
China! Yeah!
Ask your sister why this man
takes young girls
on his boda boda.
Mother asks, "why does he take
young girls on his boda?"
Theo has a big heart!
I think she should keep this
boy at a proper distance.
You must get 1,000, Phiona.
No, mama, it's too much.
I'm tired!
So am I.
Patricia's mother does not
force her to sell. I'm tired.
Patricia's mother has
a husband who is alive.
Did your father leave me
any money when he died?
Night, let's go
Night, where you going?
To get a ride.
Are you the mother
or the sister?
For you I'm not either.
And I know a hyena
when I see it.
You keep away from my daughter.
Stop it, mummy!
If I see you sniffing
around here again...
I will burn this
pile of tin to scrap!
You be careful.
This bike is worth more
than everything you have.
Me, I'm gone.
I will never forgive you
for this.
I don't need your forgiveness!
I need you to sell maize
to feed your brothers!
Shirts. Shirts.
Shirts is outside.
Shirts is out.
Come here.
Shirts is outside you.
Spread out! Spread out!
Joseph! Long passes!
Keep playing, keep playing.
They turned you down.
I warned you.
They don't care
about your marks.
Only your family status.
I surrender, my friend.
I will accept the position
at your ministry...
But only until I'm able to find
an engineering job.
What makes you think
I still have a job for you?
So, you would be willing
to restore hope...
And transform the lives
of children through sports.
Full time.
I would.
Katwe needs you.
One maca?
Just 300.
I said, no, thank you. Gosh!
Thank you. Keep dancing.
Keep dancing.
Thank you, madam.
Take my bucket, Phiona.
Where do you go every day?
Brian! We haven't made
1,000 shillings yet!
Let's go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Why aren't you taking part?
You can break bones
playing football.
My mother refuses.
No money for doctors.
Me, I have broken a few bones
playing football myself.
Joseph, what did I just say?
There's another game
you can play.
Have you heard of chess?
Me, I know.
You kiss a person
and try to catch them.
No. It is a board game.
I can teach you.
I don't want.
Too bad, eh?
I thought you might like
beating city boys.
What do you mean?
When I was at school...
the city boys
with their gold watches,
they loved this game.
They had contests
to see who was the best.
I'm ready when you're ready.
Me, I was an orphan.
So, like you,
I had no gold watch...
But I practiced my chess.
And I defeated them all.
Thank you.
I have tuition to pay.
Bring us this game.
You want to play chess?
Morning, Brian.
- Morning.
- Morning, Brian.
Morning, guys!
Hi, Gloria.
- Joseph, hi.
- Morning, Ivan.
Hey, here comes coach.
Good morning, pioneers!
Good morning, coach!
Where are the cups?
Come for porridge!
Young girl.
Come inside. Come.
Are you hungry?
You smell!
Who is that girl?
Have you been running
in mud like a pig?
Go away, smelly girl.
This is not your game.
Let go!
Let go! Let go!
Next time
I will tear that fat nose
right off your head!
Who else is brave?
Me, I'm not brave.
Hey! A fighter.
What is your name?
This is a place for fighters.
I will take these rotten ones
from yesterday...
But you should be
giving them to me for free.
I'll give you something for free
when you give me
something for free.
No charge.
Abdul, go and play ruwenda.
Gloria, would you
please show Phiona
how to move the pieces.
We must be merciful
to the wicked.
This is little man.
His boda is broken,
so he can only bump into things.
Beep, beep, beep.
This is the queen.
She is the most powerful
of all the pieces.
What do they all do?
They kill each other.
See, dead.
This is the president.
If your president is trapped,
nowhere to go...
You say, checkmate.
Now, go away.
I don't like your bad smell.
Hey, Phiona!
How is your life?
It is fine.
Let us pray
Oh, lord, bless the food
we are going to eat. Amen.
Mom, I'm satisfied.
You have my share, mom.
I'm satisfied, mom.
You have eaten.
You better not be
eating the maize.
Look, the fire glows
Yes! Yes, I beat you.
Aha! The pig has had a bath.
you're playing with fire.
Quiet, Benjamin.
Coach calls it promoting.
But I call it queening.
When you scoot little man
down the board...
Square by square...
When he reaches the back rank...
He becomes...
A queen.
In chess...
The small one
can become the big one.
That's why I like it.
You take care of Richard.
I'm going to find night.
Mother just went
to look for you.
Where did you get this?
I told you.
Theo is kind hearted.
You are not staying with him,
are you, night?
Mother stayed with a man.
In a few years, so shall you.
No, no, no. Not me.
Do you think god wants
bad fortune for us?
Why would you say this?
Because since papa and Juliet
passed away...
It seems he is angry with us.
I don't think
god cares about us,
one way or the other.
Bye, my sister.
Ivan, when you fetch water
for your mother...
Do you just go
any time of the day?
Or do you think a bit first?
I think a bit.
About what?
There are long lines
for water in the morning,
so I plan when I will go.
Ah! A plan.
And I cannot arrive
too late because
I could get robbed
on the way home.
So, on my way,
I cut through the valley
to save time.
And what happens
when the rain comes?
The waters come down the hill.
And do you get washed away?
No, I climb in my hammock.
Your hammock! Good plan.
Threats from many directions.
Angry property owners.
And other dangers.
How can this bishop survive?
Coach, no way.
Eh, eh, eh. Look.
Look at it closely.
Yes, f-3.
He is safe there.
Yes. In today's game...
Bishop is safe on f-3.
When you first looked
at this position...
Perhaps you thought there was
no safe haven for bishop.
But, you looked closely.
You analyzed the threats.
You made a plan.
And bishop found safety, eh?
Use your minds.
Follow your plans.
And you will all find
safe squares.
Me, teacher!
Me, teacher! Me, teacher!
Nearly two million years ago...
East Africans were the first
to master the use of fire.
So, were we the first
to eat kikomando?
The beautiful
Mrs. Katende.
Some days ago, this girl, Phiona,
came for the first time.
She was not clean.
Ivan and the boys
teased her very badly.
Ivan is not
Mr. clean himself.
So? Did she run home?
No. She stayed.
She came back all cleaned up.
She is stubborn.
Sounds like someone I know.
She needs new clothes.
I can get some from my sister.
This ministry salary
is not enough for us, eh?
It is okay for now.
I did not come first
in my university
for my wife to pay the rent.
It is not okay.
She must have more certainty
than I did as a child.
She doesn't live
in the bush, Robert.
There is no war now.
Dig, dig, dig.
Digging to plant.
Digging to eat.
Digging graves.
She must never have to
dig as I did.
How'd you do that?
You will never beat me, sister.
East African sewerage
company. Good morning.
Who is your family?
Would I know them?
I lost them at a young age, sir.
Ah, sorry.
you had the highest grades
in your it class.
You are highly qualified.
And honest, it seems.
Yes, sir.
I must warn you,
a man with integrity
in a water company...
Is as rare as a white rhino.
I need someone like you.
Give me some time
to find an opening.
But we are going to
get you in here.
Count on me
Thank you, sir
Joseph, why are you
letting her win?
I'm not letting her!
She won your bishop.
What I'm seeing cannot be true.
She won! She won!
Phiona has won!
Hey, Joseph,
you are not serious?
A girl has given you checkmate.
Yeah. What?
Sorry. I'm just
a lucky beginner.
I will never,
ever play you again.
Where did you learn
those end moves?
Did you look at
one of my books here?
Me, I don't know
how to read books.
So, you just reasoned out that
end position on your own?
When shall we play
other children?
Ivan is here. Play him.
We want to play other boys.
The ones you talked of.
City boys.
City boys, eh?
I already sent him away once.
But he came back.
Okay, send him in.
Katende. Slum children?
No, no, no, no.
We can't have that.
Why not, sir?
No, no. No.
See, we hold the father
grimes tournament...
At king's college.
At budo.
It's a very clean
and formal place.
But their skill levels
are improving very fast.
And I'm sure that...
Not their skill.
No, no.
We have a dinner.
It is a tournament. Correct?
I'm a visitor
at the budo campus.
I cannot bring a disease
into this school.
My children
do not have diseases.
That we know of.
That we know of.
No, no, no. No, no.
I'm sorry. No!
You have many "noes",
Mr. chairman.
I wish to turn your "noes"
into "yeses", huh?
But they're not in school.
It is true
that most of our children
cannot afford school.
This is
a school tournament. See?
For schools.
Cannot my Katwe players
come as guest participants?
Yet, the fees.
It's 4,000 shillings per child.
Your children could afford this?
Likely not.
I understand.
Thank you for your efforts.
And I thank you
for committing to me
that if I raise the money
for their fees...
You will admit
the Katwe children
into the father grimes
Thank you, sir.
Mr. Katende...
The other 5,000.
Go get the others! Go!
Yes! Go, coach!
Coach, yes! Yes!
Coach! Yes, coach!
Go, coach! Go!
That was for budo!
Budo! Budo! Budo!
We are going to budo!
Budo! Budo! Budo!
No, no, no. Please, no.
Yes, yes, yes, please.
Sorry, sir.
Katende, are you playing
football for money again?
Do you want to aggravate
your old injury?
Now you're getting me angry.
Sara, I'm sorry.
I couldn't tell the children
we don't have the fees
for budo, eh?
I just couldn't.
Sorry, sorry, eh?
Am I denied?
What did I say
when I proposed to you, eh?
Not this again.
"Give me ten reasons to
marry you," the woman said.
And what did I say?
Reason one. "I love you."
Reason two.
Do you remember it?
Yes, Robert.
"I love you."
Reason three.
Shall I remind you of the rest?
I am such a lucky woman.
Ah! My neck.
I'm just joking.
Where do they go every day?
You should be careful.
They are just
selling their maize.
Me, I know.
Those gamblers
give children porridge
in the valley.
Who knows how
they'll use your children.
Benjamin, play.
This is not possible.
We have a new champion.
Well done, Phiona.
Let me go back to my board.
Well done.
You are too mature
for such tears, ah?
But I was champion.
You will be champion again.
Hey! Madam!
Madam! Madam!
These children are not helpers
for your gambling games!
Madam, you misunderstand
our work.
I know the work you men do.
Let me explain.
If I find my children
here again, eh!
You will see me.
Phiona's in trouble.
Coach! Mama, coach!
Coach! Coach!
Madam, may I speak with you?
It will only take a moment.
Mama, please.
Talk to coach.
Just a moment, eh?
Coach will take us
to king's college.
Chess is not gambling.
It is a game
of kings and queens.
It teaches discipline
and mental strength.
Work also teaches these things.
But Nnyabo,
this is a chance for them
to visit the finest school
in the country.
How can I pay school fees?
No need for that now.
Your children are very vital
to our group.
Brian is full of determination.
But, your daughter, her
intelligence is very high.
Perhaps the highest
among all my children.
This opportunity could be
very valuable to her.
Allow your children to come
with us to king's college...
And I will find a way
for them to enter school, eh?
You speak no sense.
Let them come...
And when we return,
I will put them
in private classes...
With the best teacher
in Kampala.
Please, madam, eh?
I am allowing them.
If you do not
keep your promise...
You will never see
my children again.
Thank you, madam.
Mama, we are forever grateful!
Thank you.
Thank you, coach!
We go to budo!
Let's go! Budo! Budo!
Thank you, madam.
They are leaving me
They are leaving me
Dear Driver, go faster, faster
Hey, faster, faster
My people
My people
My people
We're full of beans
How are you?
Come. Come, pioneers.
Mr. Barumba,
good morning.
We are drawn together...
By our love
for this game of strategy...
Which strengthens our minds...
And prepares us for our...
Put it down.
Brian, put it down.
We welcome, also, some...
Underprivileged children.
I'm sure we can show them
an example of good manners...
To take back with them
to their communities.
Now, eat and enjoy.
Okay, okay, okay.
Not the...
Use the knife.
Gloria, pass me a glass.
Good night, my pioneers.
Good morning, pioneers!
Good morning, coach.
I want to go home!
Okay, okay, okay.
Breathe, breathe!
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
I want my mum.
I don't want to play.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
On my way to the bus yesterday,
I saw a skinny dog.
The dog was hungry.
He spied a cat.
Dog started to chase the cat
down the alley...
Through a puddle,
through a house.
Cat even jumped
over a kettle fire! Ooh!
And he was gone!
Dog collapsed on the floor.
Tired! I said,
"dog, what happened, eh?
"You were so hungry,
and your dinner got away."
Dog said to me,
"the problem is, me...
"I was only running for a meal.
"That cat was
running for her life."
You see, these children...
They have nice clothes,
comfortable beds.
They are like dog.
Everything comes very easy.
But you...
My great cats, eh?
You are running...
For your lives. Eh?
Come, we pray.
Dear father, we thank you
for this opportunity.
Help us to be
great today. Amen.
Come, we go.
Coach, I cannot.
He is the best one.
One of us has to
play this board.
Why not you?
Welcome to the father grimes...
National schools
chess championship.
Commence play, please.
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done on earth.
Call it a draw?
Sharp eye, little friend.
I guess I've got a good fight
on my hands here.
Do you have another lollipop?
Good strategy.
Putting your weakest player
on the champion's board.
Coach! Me, I did it.
Well done.
Brian, we showed the Richie Riches
Katwe Cool Cats
She's up two pawns on Pritchard.
Gloria! What? What is it?
What is it?
He took my queen!
He took my queen!
Okay, okay.
He took my queen!
Girl. Shh!
He took my queen!
Please, please. Gloria!
He took my queen!
Gloria! Shh!
My queen!
Pritchard! Pritchard!
None of your sneak attacks.
This is not the ghetto.
I don't need to sneak.
She surrounds you
until you have nowhere to go.
And then squeezes you
like a python.
Such aggressiveness in a girl
is quite a treasure.
As a member
of the governing body
of the Uganda
chess federation...
It is my honor
to award a medal...
To a girl who plays
with astonishing power.
This year's
Budoan gold medalist...
Is from the children's team
of Katwe, Phiona Mutesi.
Children's team!
Children's team!
We won, yes!
Coach, did that boy let me win?
He did not let you win, Phiona.
You defeated him.
How could I win a boy
who goes to school here?
You defeated him.
I think it's time
for you to meet
the best teacher in Kampala.
Children's team!
Children's team!
I had no master teachers.
These taught me to play.
With books,
it's like the teacher
lives inside the pages...
And you can visit them
whenever you wish.
Sara loves books.
I wish I could take all
the knowledge inside here...
And just put it in my head.
Would you like to know
how to read this book?
You see that?
That is the word "chess."
You play the game.
Why not read the words?
Each letter makes a sound.
Your coach was hoping
we would become friends.
I think that we will.
Have some tea.
Stop, stop, stop!
Corn boy
Brian! My brother! Brian!
Please help!
Brother! Brother!
Please help!
My brother is hurt!
Can you take us to the hospital?
I have money!
I have money!
Mama! Mama!
Brian had an accident!
Take Richard.
Your card in the hand, please.
The wound goes
from here to the bone.
I can stitch him, but we have
no more pain medicine...
And will not for another day.
Another day?
You stitch him.
No, mama. No!
My god. Please.
Madam Harriet.
I'll come to discuss
your bill now now.
No problem.
- Richard.
- Mmm-hmm.
You're the man remaining
in our family.
Bring me maize and cake
Me, I'm down.
But I'm not out.
My son, can you walk?
Take Richard.
Put on your shoes.
Go. Take him.
Walk to the entrance.
Go. Now, now, now.
Oh! Hey.
Sit here.
Mrs. Kimbale.
I will have 10,000,
or that door will not open.
Of course.
The money you earned.
I need it now now, Phiona.
I gave it to the man
on the boda boda.
You gave him our money!
I had to! Because he would not
take Brian without it, mama.
If I were you,
I would find a man.
There are plenty
of sugar daddies...
Who'd want to pay your rent.
That is not my business,
Mrs. Kimbale.
Too superior, are we?
Better than all of us?
Mrs. Kimbale.
Take advantage of me...
Mrs. Kimbale...
Brian was in the hospital!
No rent.
No house.
Have mercy
Where will we go?
I beg you, please!
For my children!
How much was it I take?
Shut up, you drunkard.
Shut up.
Why did you go?
You make our plan, mama.
Coach, there.
Who is hungry, eh?
I don't want to eat alone.
For you.
Hey, my friend.
You are back in action, eh?
So, you told the others
you are not coming back
to chess, eh?
There are too many problems.
But chess helps us
solve problems, isn't it?
Set a game for you and I.
No, no. Phiona!
Never tip your king so quick.
Why not? When you're
going to be beaten anyway.
Focus on what you have.
Coach, I think
you don't come from here.
When I was a child,
my mother left me.
In that moment I wanted to die.
But it is a good thing
I did not take my life, eh?
Otherwise I would not have
seen my daughter.
I would not have
met the pioneers.
Or you.
Do not be quick
to tip your king, Phiona.
You must never surrender.
What are you doing?
Playing my game.
What game?
Nothing, mama. Just dreams.
Theo, stop.
Oh, my god.
I came because I heard
that you were evicted.
Why are you dressed...
Like a girl selling herself?
Don't look if you don't like
what you see.
I can look away...
But god still sees what you do.
Phiona, I'm going.
Yes, you go.
And make children
you can't pay for.
Like you did.
Mama, don't fight her, please.
Take this money, Phiona.
Our mama is too proud to accept.
Can you please stay
for a bit? Please?
Mom? You must take
this money.
For food.
Maybe even for a house.
Can you accept?
What happened to your king?
He is under attack.
Makes it difficult
for him to castle.
Hey! Hello, Brian.
Hey! Welcome back.
Abdul, bring.
Brian, have a seat, have a seat.
Phiona, Phiona.
Hello, Florence.
Want some porridge?
Have some porridge.
How are you?
Nice to see you.
Nice to see you too, coach.
Welcome back.
Have some porridge, come.
Come and play, okay?
We're all together now,
Commence play.
Ivan, you're really
good at math.
Phiona, can you read that
for me?
"A crocodile...
"has many teeth."
But I did that
in the middle game.
Knight to g-5.
Pawn to h-4.
Pawn to c-3.
Phiona, try as much as possible
to avoid passive play.
You allowed him
to attack your castle.
Your right squares were weak,
and he capitalized on that
to capture your king.
In tomorrow's game, make sure
you deny him a tempo...
So he has to keep defending.
Chess, it makes my brain sharp.
My great cats!
You won a prize?
For what?
I won a boy.
Best in boys, Phiona Mutesi.
You won a boy?
In fact, they named me best boy.
Now, you know my plan
is to attack your b-5, yes?
So you must bring your pawn
forward to defend. You see?
Phiona, why are you
developing over here?
Your problem is on b-5.
Look! I put my pawn on b-5,
you take my pawn,
my knight attacks your queen,
we exchange queens, my
knight attacks your king...
I take your rook.
With respect, coach,
I would not move that way.
You must.
You are compelled
by my position.
If you come for my knight...
I attack your king
and take your rook.
You see?
You can see eight moves ahead?
You could win at Rwabushenyi.
You could be the best
in all Uganda.
Do you know what
that would mean for Katwe?
Perhaps one day
an international champion.
Why are you shining me?
Me, I'm not shining you.
Only champions can see
that many variations.
What is preventing you
from being a grandmaster?
I do not know about
being a grandmaster.
Sometimes, the place
you are used to
is not the place you belong.
You belong where
you believe you belong.
Where is that for you, Phiona?
Assisting these children to
attend school is a noble goal,
but it's outside the mandate
of our ministry.
That mandate should be changed.
Katende, you do not speak
any more
like a man who has only
a part-time job.
These children
have captured you.
Mrs. Gali.
Robert, good news!
Your children are invited
to the international chess
tournament in Sudan.
What is in the Sudan?
Sudan is where
the African children's
chess tournament is held.
Children from all over
Africa will be there.
It is sponsored
by the united nations.
Is it not far?
A thousand miles away.
That bus of yours
would not get you there.
I'm going to Sudan.
There will be no bus this time.
Phiona will travel by airplane
with Ivan and Benjamin,
to represent Uganda.
Think of that, eh?
Katwe children, our children,
representing the whole country.
These two children
are not "our" children.
They are my children.
Of course. I just meant... Me,
I carried them in my body.
Phiona is going in an airplane!
Phiona is going to Sudan.
When they return...
I have arranged
for Phiona and Brian
to attend the school
where my wife teaches.
On a scholarship.
My wife has been
teaching them to read.
Yes! Yes, I know,
and I am grateful, but...
But what?
Isn't this what you wanted?
Education for your children?
Yes, but how can I pay
for uniforms?
How will I save?
What time does school
begin in the morning?
Your children can do more
than sell vegetables.
They have a chance to go
beyond this kind of life,
to go to school.
Maybe one day attend university.
Surely, you can understand
how important that is, eh?
I am not an educated woman,
Mr. Katende.
I understand nothing.
You want to go to this Sudan?
Yes, mama.
You stay always near your coach.
You do not know what
people there are like.
Mama, bye.
- Yes, lord...
- Bye, mama Phiona.
I speak a blessing
on my daughter.
Our father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us our...
Bye, Benjamin.
Bye, Phiona.
Bye, Ivan.
Coach, is this heaven?
No. Heaven is a bit higher.
I've never before seen
an airport.
I only have two sets of clothes.
How am I going to win
these people over here?
We are with you.
Benjamin, come.
You also must practice.
Go to Mozambique.
Our coach trained in Moscow.
He's a grandmaster.
He teaches students in Russia.
He almost beat Kasparov.
Can you imagine?
Coach said that
if I become a master,
I may receive a stipend
from our federation
simply to go to tournaments.
What is it, a stipend?
What is it?
Money, silly.
Could I be a master?
First, you have to win
50% of your games
in a FIDE approved tournament.
Like the Olympiad, in Russia.
Have you ever heard of it? No.
I'm beating this one.
I'm beating this one.
You don't know much, do you?
I know a bit.
I won him.
I won my girl too.
He's the best player.
They must be tricking us.
I think we can
win them tomorrow.
They are over.
And third place, Kenya.
Second place, Sudan.
And first place, Uganda!
We won! Yes!
My pioneers, you have won
an international tournament!
We used to eat rice and
beans in the village.
Look at what we're eating now.
Mmm, mmm!
Ketchup is the greatest thing
that has ever been invented.
I want a lake
filled with ketchup.
Ha! Ivan, you are funny.
Ketchup. Yes.
Thank god!
My daughter.
Thank god!
They fed you?
Yes, mama.
Ah, I see you got another.
I wish we could
eat these prizes.
You come.
What has happened?
Theo got tired of her.
She'll be fine.
You come and sit.
How does it feel
to be in a plane?
It is fine.
How do you pee in a plane?
They have rooms inside the plane
with toilets in them.
You let her rest.
She's tired from her journey.
I'm sure that Sudan
does not have food
as sweet as your mother's
meat and matoke.
Welcome home,
miss Uganda of chess.
You are bringing with you
the grand trophy.
Tell us how you did it.
Chess is a game of fighting.
Benjamin, Ivan, and me,
we are from Katwe.
We are fighters.
With more tournaments
around the corner,
I'm sure we'll be hearing
from these Katwe fighters
very soon.
But for now, we celebrate
this latest triumph.
Every time you bring home one
of those shiny trophies...
I'll give you a new hairstyle.
You said your project
would make Phiona's
character stronger.
Since you took her
to this Sudan,
she refuses to do
many of her tasks.
Wake up, Phiona.
Time to wash the cassava.
It is improper
for the tournament winner
to wash cassava.
Who should wash them then?
Those of us who are
not tournament winners?
We're the cassava washers?
Is that it?
I am her mother.
And she should do as I say.
She believes your game will solve
every problem of her life.
Why not then let us
wash your feet, madam?
When I was a girl...
I was told stories
of a village by the lake that
never runs short of maize.
Come back here!
Where there is no fighting.
I never found that place,
Mr. Katende.
Your children deserve better.
Enough food to eat.
A roof over their heads.
You have shown
my children a paradise, yes.
But now they feel
out of place where they are.
That girl from Egypt flies
to Russia to see her coach.
She has her own computer
to practice with.
She has biscuits.
She has clothings.
Why does this suddenly
bother you now?
Because I won that girl.
Coach, I won her!
They will not be able to
return to their old lives
because they have tasted yours.
Not here, not there.
Like ghosts...
Who cannot rest.
If that happens,
Mr. Katende...
I will hold you responsible.
You're wearing your
determined face, Robert.
Phiona has the talent
of a prodigy.
And me, I do not
have the experience
to properly train her.
Why should she be denied
the glory of victory
just because she was born here?
Bishop captures b-8.
Put out the lamp, Phiona.
I have too much to learn.
You're going to finish
our paraffin.
Mama, chess allows me porridge.
But for Phiona...
She has just learned,
yet she is trapping people
on that board.
It is a good game about
escaping from this place.
To where? The villages?
I grew up there and my
stomach was always empty.
Mama, give Phiona
at least chance.
Mr. Nagenda.
Eh... Harriet.
You remember my name?
The only name from that
village worth remembering.
It's been a long time
I heard you lost your husband.
I'm sorry.
Have you remarried?
Let me take you to, uh,
calendar hotel.
For dinner.
They make excellent
grilled meat.
It is not grilled meat
I need today.
I have come to sell you
this piece.
My mother gave it to me.
Then, um...
Then I'm sure its value
to you would be
more than its value to me.
How much can you offer?
I don't want to insult you.
That would trouble me.
We must take a risk,
mustn't we, tendo?
12,000 shillings.
You meant to say 15, didn't you?
No, I meant to say 100.
If it might win me
your company...
Over dinner.
The 12,000 will do.
Greetings, madame
And to you, madame
Paraffin, please
Has anyone from Katwe
become a city person?
Don't think about
such things, Phiona.
Why not?
Because if you do...
You will be disappointed.
I will give you a house one day.
Phiona knows the moves
I will play.
She is reading my mind.
Don't they call
such people masters?
Eh, Phiona, be humble.
Come on, coach.
Masters get stipends.
Yes, but you have to play
big people. Adults.
We will see.
The chess Olympiad in Russia?
Phiona, we are all very, very
happy that you qualified.
The ministry, all of us,
wish to support you, but...
Phiona, even if, between us,
we could somehow
find the funds...
Isn't this a bit premature?
Premature, yes. Yes.
If I score 50%
at the chess Olympiad...
I can qualify as a master.
I want to be a master
more than anything in the world.
It would be good
for the chess federation
and for my family.
Welcome aboard.
Flying time from Moscow
to Khanty-Mansiysk
will be 3 hours and 10 minutes.
We welcome
all the chess Olympiad teams
flying with us today.
Phiona, remember.
The middle-game tricks
you like,
the sacrifices, the quick mates.
Without good pawn structures,
much of this will be
unavailable to you.
Why are you nervous, coach?
The queen will help me to win.
Hey. Be careful
of overconfidence, eh?
Slow it down,
think it through...
Then you will see
the traps coming.
Welcome to Russia.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now is the time, coach.
I will return everything
you have done for me.
For you and mama,
I'm going to win.
Don't think
about that now, Phiona.
One step at a time, eh?
I must win.
Coming to you live
from Khanty-Mansiysk,
in Russia
where we are presenting
our chess Olympiad game.
This is the last round
where Uganda
is being paired with Canada
and we are having
the Uganda young star,
14-year-old Phiona Mutesi
who's leading her team.
Seeing this youngest girl
representing the country
- for the first time ever.
- Go, Phiona!
This is history in the making.
I always believed in that girl.
Phiona looks a bit nervous,
but she's very bold.
Tight, tight game.
But the position
is not very good for her.
Kagramanov has a bit
advantage for now,
but Phiona is still
hanging in there.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Yeah, she's resigned.
I think she's giving up
on the game.
I think this is too much
for a 14-year-old.
Phiona! Phiona!
I told you, never
leave the group, eh?
I will never be a master.
I will never be good enough.
And you knew it, coach.
I sell maize, coach.
I sell maize!
I know how to do that.
But now you see me.
See how chess has disturbed me.
I will never belong to it!
And this will never be my place!
Phiona. Phiona.
Losing does not mean
you're a failure.
It just takes time, that's all.
Stamina. Eh?
That is the key.
I wish you had never
taught me this game!
Phiona, Phiona.
Hey, Phiona!
How is your life?
Robert Katende.
Mr. Katende, Wilson of east
Africa sewerage on the line.
Oh, Mr. Wilson.
Finally, I have a position
for you.
I can bring you in
as an engineering supervisor.
I'm happy to offer you
something that will
make a big difference
in your life.
Uh, Mr. Katende...
Can I expect you Monday?
Thank you. Thank you
for the offer, sir.
May I have a day to discuss
it with my family?
Phiona! Don't mind.
Next time you win
that trophy, eh?
You told us to make a plan
for when the rains came.
But how can I plan
when there is no roof...
I'll return later.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Bye, Richard.
Theo, let's go
When there are no walls?
The water does not care
about my plan.
The water takes
anything it wants.
Night! Night!
Brian! Brian!
Help me!
Help me!
Mama, give me Richard.
You hold him!
Night! Night!
Tell me how I should
have played, coach.
You come with me!
I was coming back.
You were supposed
to watch Richard!
Where were you?
I left only a few minutes.
He was tied in.
Do not speak a word!
Mama! Put down my things!
Mama! Mama, I'm sorry!
Why? Why?
Have I not already
lost one child?
Mama, I'm sorry!
Don't, mama! Don't!
Mama, I'm pregnant.
Very soon, men will
start coming after me.
Where is my safe square, coach?
You are finding it.
You do not have to travel
down the same path as night.
You have a chance
to make your own.
And you are strong.
I fear certain things
will never change.
You are the youngest ever player
to take Uganda
to the chess Olympiad.
Things are changing.
My life is the same.
My mother had me when she was
still in high school.
She couldn't even present me
to my father
because he had another family
so I was moved
from aunty to aunty.
The first time I met my mother,
I was six years old.
And I could hardly believe
she was the one.
I had always been
called Katende.
She was the one who told me
my name was Robert.
Robert Katende, I'm your mother.
I stayed with her for two years.
And she became my everything.
Then, this one Saturday...
My grandmother came
crying mother's name.
And I knew, in that moment,
Mama had died.
I lost her for a second time.
I, too, thought things
could never change.
But they did.
Losses happen for all of us.
But what matters is
when you reset the pieces
and play again.
The Rwabushenyi championship
is waiting for you.
One day, you'll be ready for it.
And then your life could change.
I don't want to go back
to my mother's place.
I want to stay here...
Study and work on my chess.
Can I stay for some time?
Yes, you can.
I will speak to your mother.
Is Phiona all right?
She will be staying
with us for a while.
What is it, Robert?
I must let you know something.
Mr. Wilson, from east Africa
sewerage called.
He finally offered me a job
as an engineering supervisor.
Good pay.
Much higher than what we now
receive from the ministry.
I refused him.
I cannot leave the pioneers.
This may make our lives
more complicated.
Sorry for that.
Why do you do this?
Why are you sorry for doing
what you know is right?
I always knew you were
the kind of person
who would give everything to
a purpose like the pioneers.
That is your work.
And that is the work
of this family.
Who can name all the countries
in our dearly beloved Africa?
Me, teacher!
Me, teacher!
How about you, Phiona?
Do you know one?
That's right.
Now please open your books
and write down for me
the names of three
African countries.
Welcome home, son
Did you speak to Phiona?
When is she coming home?
I am here
She wishes to stay a bit longer
with coach and his family.
Madam Phiona.
Are you a champion?
No, not yet.
Will you try at Rwabushenyi?
I don't think so.
Maybe next year.
No, you must try this year!
Phiona, do it for us.
You must consider the
other side of your board.
Nowadays you beat me so easily!
Me, I think strategy must
run in your blood, eh?
Did one of your ancestors
command a great army?
These pieces are my army.
You must play at Rwabushenyi.
It is the premier tournament
in the country.
You would be playing
international masters.
Or do you fear losing?
Losing teaches me
how to play better.
I will play.
I can see your mother's
strength in you, Phiona.
How is she?
If I could see my mother
for just one more time...
I would give everything
in my possession for that.
No customers today.
Ah, it's still early.
They will come.
Are you my daughter?
Yes, mom. I am.
Here, come. Sit, sit.
You are smart.
Thank you, mom.
Now I'm in school.
I know. I know.
Look, Richard.
Phiona has come back.
Put it here.
Coach is there.
Thank you.
Hello, madam.
You give this to your wife
from my family.
Please, please, no need
for that. Thank you.
You have done something
You are speaking no sense again.
Your children are blessed
because they have a mother
who never gave up on them.
And you did it all alone.
I have tried for them.
Thank you.
Buy some.
Even me!
Please, sir.
You're my spice.
Oh, Zesiro.
Phiona has to win
that championship.
But no problem.
If not, your daughter
will sell with my daughter.
No. My daughter will not be
selling in the market.
Thank you, coach
This is the final round
of our Rwabushenyi national
chess championship.
Phiona Mutesi
and Christine Namaganda
are tied for first position
in the women's category.
They will now play
the final deciding game.
Commence play, please.
You belong here!
You belong here.
Or move out.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Yes! Yes!
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
It means she's winning!
She's winning.
She queened the pawn!
- She queened the pawn!
- Yes, yes, yes!
Phiona! Phiona! Phiona!
Katwe! Katwe! Katwe!
Hold it up! Hold it up!
Katwe! Katwe! Katwe!
Madam! Madam!
Well done, madam.
All is happiness
- Is this, uh, that Phiona?
- Mmm-hmm!
They made a book
on her life story.
Was she paid for this?
Yes, she was.
No! You play over there.
- Brian!
- Mama! Mama, come!
Just come, mama. Just come!
Wait, my sweater.
You don't need, mama.
Let's go.
- Where are we going?
- Just come!
Where are you taking me?
Mom, just enter. Just enter.
Where are you taking me
in this motorcar?
I can see that red thing
for mummy.
See that red shirt.
Red shirt.
Where are we?
We are home, mama.
Beautiful. Beautiful.