Queen Marie of Romania (2019)

Your Majesty, we'd be safer
to return another day,
with the ambulances reloaded.
-Bring more bread, Baliff!
-Our children starve to death!
There's bread for everyone!
-Back! Stay back!
-Here you go!
Dont push! Theres enough bread
for everybody!
Stop pushing, people!
Please bread and medicines!
Please, your Majesty,
get in the car!
Tomorrow we'll bring firewood,
more food and medicine. I promise.
God bless you!
Have pity on us!
Back! Stay back!
Your Majesty, you wanted me
to inform you when the Queen arrives.
Thank you!
Majesty, His Highness Prince tirbey
has returned from his trip
and is asking to see you.
One moment.
Show him in.
Prince tirbey.
Your Majesty
How was your trip?
Dont get me wrong,
Im all for Greater Romania,
but now distances are
twice what they used to be.
We might not have
a Greater Romania anymore.
Have you read the papers?
From Paris? I have. I wouldnt want
to be in Brtianus shoes right now.
Still, there must be something
we can do!
What could we do?
Its all up to the politicians now!
I have an idea!
What if I wrote to my cousin George?
He must have a say in this,
after all, hes the King of England!
What do you think?
-Without telling Ferdinand?
-Theres no time for that now!
Not that hes letting me
do anything anyway.
Missy, royalties
dont meddle in politics.
They are two separate businesses!
And hes right.
That's why I doubt your cousin,
the King, could be of much help.
If only I were Brtianu,
for sure wed make ourselves heard!
Barbu, why am I not a man?
Well, you wont hear
any complaints from me
that Your Majesty is not a man.
But if you were to join this fight,
Im sure youd win.
You have the will
and the heart of the nation!
His Majesty requests the presence of
His Highness Prince tirbey right away.
Your Majesty
Mother, Im no longer a child.
You cannot bend me to your will anymore.
Carol, my dear, please hear me out,
its not about my will,
its about your status!
Thank God, weve stopped the misfortune
and the marriage is annulled.
Yet, even knowing whats at stake,
you keep seeing that woman.
Carol, in Heavens name, why?
Because I love her, mother!
Cant you see Zizi is my only happiness?
Nothing can keep me away from her.
But what could you know about love?
How can you say that to me?
Do you know what I went through?
The point is we are not commoners,
we are the royal family!
Youve been brought up
to know the difference!
So remember who you are.
The Count of Saint-Aulaire is here,
from Paris.
Theyre still holding
the Bucharest Treaty against Romania.
And the Count of Saint-Aulaire
advises us what?
The King should send additional help
to Paris to save the matter.
-Someone whose voice will be heard.
Gentlemen, weve just witnessed
a severe violation of the Constitution.
The law clearly stipulates
the decisions are taken
by parties and their politicians.
-Agree! Exactly!
-Agree! Yes!
Lets face it, this time
the King has gone too far!
He cant decide this over our head,
hes exceeding his authority.
This could set a bad precedent.
-Weve already sent Brtianu!
-He needs more support.
We should send more ministers,
not the Queen!
We're risking a lot!
Just one of her spontaneous outbursts
and wed be back in the pre-Bismark era!
With our whole country divided!
Im not convinced!
Better the Queen than Brtianu!
Hes done nothing so far!
Let the Queen go!
She speaks their language
and knows how to get to them!
And what can we do now? The Queen
will be on a train on 1 March!
Calm down, wait a second.
Dont we have the local press
on our side?
Not all of it, but yes, most of it.
We could commission
a few articles
to cast some serious doubts
on the merits of this trip.
What we really need
is the Prince himself!
We need to get Carol on our side.
He has increasing influence at the court,
and he could keep his mother in check.
If we promise him
our support,
he might prove to be
a more flexible king, wouldnt you say?
Maybe this way we can still stop
the Queen from going to Paris.
Mr. Cantacuzino! Gentlemen!
Any word from London?
Unfortunately, no!
His Majesty, King George hasnt answered
yesterdays telegram either.
Please ask that we talk to London
on the phone.
If we cant get George, try our embassy,
perhaps Joe Boyle is there.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Are you really going to wear
these last century rags to Paris?
You really have no other concern
than fashion?
If you dont wish to come with us,
youre free to stay home.
Carols told me youre actually going
on a political mission to Paris.
Why would you meddle
in something like that?
We got hold of Mr. Boyle
on the telephone.
Thank you.
His Excellency, the Count of Saint-Aulaire,
and His Lordship, the Marquis de Flers
have already left for Paris.
Your Majesty, please forgive me,
are you absolutely sure its a good idea
to send the Queen
on such an important mission?
A good idea? Its a disaster.
A terrible mistake!
Do you really think youre
most qualified to make that judgement?
The plan is not without risk.
But it is our last chance!
-General, how soon can the Queen leave?
-The Royal Train is ready to go.
Please notify all the official channels,
our press service, and the one in Paris.
Gentlemen, please.
Thank you, Ill take it from here.
How dare they call you a traitor
just because you love me?
Youll be Queen. Ill prove it, Zizi!
Ill show them how justice is done!
What is it?
Please forgive me, madam,
but Her Majesty the Queen is here.
She demands to speak
to His Royal Highness right away.
Just to make myself clear,
Your Majesty, I am not a commoner.
The Lambrinos, my family,
are aristocrats!
Tell her, darling!
Tell her what I mean to you!
I might not be a princess,
but you must understand that
Europe, that the world is changing!
Russia understood that!
No one can reverse history.
Carol truly loves me.
And I love him, with all my heart.
I make him happy.
What more could a mother want
for her son?
Carol, dear, I beg you!
Get up and come home with me!
Sweetheart, tell her
what I mean to you! Please!
If you wish to be worthy of your role
as heir to the throne of Romania,
you will stand up now and
return to the Palace with me.
Now, Carol!
What are you going to do to me?
Punish me?
Therefore, you acknowledge
the Kings appointment of your brother
as the new heir to the Crown.
-Can she do that? She cant do that!
-Shut up!
Who?! Nicky takes my throne?!
Nicky is a blasted nobody!
Where are you going?
Dont leave, please!
How low can you go, mother!
Father! Father! Father?!
-Did you agree to that?
-To what?
To put Nicky on the throne
if I keep seeing Zizi?
Carol, your mother and I
have discussed this and decided
the best for you at this time
is to go to Transylvania.
You will take the aid supplies
from your mothers foundations there.
Its not enough
youre destroying me and Zizi,
now youre dispatching me
to the other end of the country?
What am I to bring
bread to the poor?
No, youll bring relief
to the less fortunate.
Mother is traipsing around Paris
with my sisters,
Nicky is lording it in London,
and youre sending me, your first born,
to the sticks!
Carol, you will behave as befits
a future King,
showing compassion and concern
for the fate of your people.
Is that clear?
Ready, go!
Well done!
-Mr. Miu, Im glad to see you again.
-The joy and honour are mine, Majesty.
-Mr. Brtianu, such a pleasure!
-Welcome, Your Majesty.
Im glad to see you again,
Mr. Prime-Minister.
I am a little princess
and have a pretty nice tiara.
And I would like
to be given a little doll.
Mother taught me to be well-behaved,
and Im gleeful like a swallow.
Dinner with the British Ambassador
to Paris.
Inauguration of Rodin Museum.
Press conference, reception
at our Embassy, opening of my show,
reception at Her Ladyship
the Marquise de Flers.
Unveiling of Victor Hugo statue?
Meeting with Madame Lahovary.
Reception at Acadmie des Beaux-Arts.
Opening of the Flower Expo!
Mr. Brtianu, how many days
is this schedule for?
-For the next four days.
-Four days?
And this is a list of those
whod like to be introduced
to you as soon as possible:
marquises, counts and countesses, also
important Americans and English men,
also known these days
as businessmen.
Youll meet them
for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
But Prime-Minister Clemenceau
is not on this list.
No, he is not.
Im sorry, we havent been able
to schedule an appointment with him yet.
Not even the Count of Saint-Aulaire
could arrange anything?
He is not here.
Hes been out of Paris for a few days,
but hell be back tomorrow and...
Thank you.
-Mr. Brtianu, one moment please.
-Your Majesty!
Does me being here in Paris
bother you?
Not at all.
I want us to be honest with each other.
I dont want to meddle in politics,
but if Im to help Romania in any way,
I need your full support.
I understand.
We already have enough enemies,
it makes no sense for us
to be opponents too.
Your Majesty can count on my loyalty.
To be honest, I dont envy you at all.
-Thank you.
-I thank you.
Girls, please. Stop.
Put that back, please!
Did you know about this?
Yes, Your Majesty.
And there are more on the way.
Thank you, Madame.
On the table, please.
Thank you.
Queen Marie enchanted the reporters
The Queen is partying in Paris
Foreign Affairs bent
by the Home Affairs bypasses
Where are the wagons with relief
promised by the Queen?
Queen of Romania dazzles the Parisians
Queen Marie enchanted the reporters
-Your Majesty.
What do you think?
Could we find something
for Lisbeth to do here in Paris?
What did you have in mind?
Given her passion for music, maybe
she could study singing or piano.
-Ill look into it. For how long?
-Until I find her a suitable husband.
Majesty, you have the connection
to Prince tirbey in Buftea.
In a moment.
Thank you.
My dear Barbu!
How are things at home?
Carol has left for Transylvania
and Zizi stayed behind in Bucharest.
Apparently, she didnt feel up
for such a trip.
Yes, I talked to Nando yesterday.
He was rather tense.
The government is holding him
responsible for your trip to Paris.
But I thought everybody had agreed.
Yes and no.
The opposition is protesting:
The Queen is partying in Paris
while the country is starving.
Yes, I read that.
Please inform the Government that
the first load of relief supplies
leaves for Romania tomorrow.
Clothing for the poor and food. Medicine
and hospital equipment will follow.
This will appease them a little.
Thank you for being direct, as usual!
Ill talk to you again soon.
Good luck!
Thank you.
That was Clemenceaus Chief of Staff,
General Mordacq.
It is impossible, Your Majesty, to spare
more than 20 minutes. Please understand.
20 minutes, it's not much.
Gentlemen, I need all the information
you have on The Tiger.
Bring some tea, please.
Your Majesty, dont cry.
Thats all?
-Ileana, my love, what happened?
-I had a bad dream!
-What did you dream about?
-I cant remember.
-Its all right, shell stay with me.
-Good night, Your Majesty.
It was only a dream.
Now youre with me. All right?
Thats what happens in life too,
we have bad dreams,
but luckily we also have good ones.
The secret is to hold on to the good ones
and forget the bad ones.
Lloyd George planned this table seating
on purpose!
The Peace Treaty is drafted
by The Four, US, UK, France, Italy,
and submitted to be signed
to the delegates.
please see to my luggage.
Were leaving for London.
Sure, Your Majesty.
But if you were
to join this fight...
Sure, ask him!
Go, go!
Thank you for coming.
-Your Majesty
-Thank you.
My Marie, I dont want to worry you,
but I must be honest.
The Hungarian danger in Transylvania
has worsened.
The Hungarian Bolsheviks
have crossed the border
and are devastating
whole towns and villages.
The King has already called on
Gen. Berthelot for military assistance.
We may have to bring Carol
back to Bucharest.
Try to win as many allies as possible
for the Romanian cause,
otherwise our country will unravel.
I admire you with all my heart.
-And he has a castle.
-Yes, a big and beautiful one.
-And what is his name?
-His name is David.
David is a wonderful name.
-I am very happy.
-Me too.
Girls lets go for a while!
Thank you.
Your Majesty!
-Mr. Brtianu, please, take a seat.
-Thank you, I would rather stand.
Hows it going with the Peace Talks?
Nobody dares say anything as long as
the American President is not convinced.
When he opens his mouth,
everyone else falls silent.
How come?
Your Majesty, for months now
its been the same routine:
every day we go to Quai dOrsay,
as all the other delegations.
Everyone reiterates their wishes,
produce their claims over and over again.
We negotiate, cite historical examples,
put pressure and what do they do?
Eat, drink, smoke and simply ignore us,
and there goes another day
with no progress, no decision!
Please forgive my temper.
To be honest, I wish I could resign.
Mr. Brtianu...
Ive been here much less time and
achieved even less than you, but...
believe me I would resign too,
if only I could.
Your Majesty,
a telegram from Lloyd George!
Open it, please!
Hes requesting an audience!
He is waiting for you tomorrow at noon,
at the restaurant Le Tour DArgent.
-No, no, no.
-Your Majesty...
Please tell him we will meet here,
at the same time, in the Reception Hall!
Yes, Your Majesty!
Mr. Miu!
-Any answer from President Wilson?
-Unfortunately not yet, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty, if I may.
Theres a meeting with the war invalids
at the French-American Atelier today.
The American First Lady, Edith Wilson,
is the guest of honour.
Lily of life
Thank you.
-Thank you, Mr. Brtianu.
-Your Majesty.
I have given our country a lively image!
I have Woodrow Wilsons, Clemenceaus
and Lloyd Georges promises
that they will reconsider their positions
regarding Greater Romania.
And we returned, as you know,
with many carloads of food and equipment.
Bravo, Mother.
Werent you expecting applauses?
I thought you were.
Lets see... youve come back
from Paris with politicians promises.
And you believed them? Even worse,
you expect us to believe them too?
Let me tell you the truth
about your trip, Mother.
It was useless!
Whats worse, while
you were gallivanting all over Paris,
we were still fighting here,
in Transylvania!
Maybe you were too busy parading
your new clothes in fancy restaurants.
Well let me tell you, Bla Kun and
his Bolsheviks have reached Budapest
and are slaughtering people
left and right!
Hows that
for a lively image, Mother?
You mean, no one told you?
Perhaps they were afraid
of ruining your party.
But Im telling you now: your trip
was an utter waste of time and money!
Does everyone here agree with that?
Whats wrong, father?
Are you angry too?
Leave me alone, please.
Come, come!
Have you been to the forest?
-And what have you found?
-Snails and flowers.
-What else?
-More flowers.
-Have you had a good time?
-And what have you picked?
And what else?
Lets go, girls.