Queen City Rocker (1986)

[SINGING] I hear it coming in my
Hear it coming on the street
Of the traffic calling out to
the soldiers of the heart.
We gather for the union, not the
money, nor the power.
[SINGING] Running round the
swinging round and round.
Climbing on the winding stair
people on the ground.
You take all bloody
The women will be sweet.
We celebrate together now.
It's just another night, when
we get right up on top of this,
look out on the town.
Stupid bastards!
Ryd, go for it.
[SINGING] To the animal in
your heart.
You're truly a believer on the
streets you're here to charge.
You know all the traffic calling
to the soldiers of the heart.
We gather for the union, not the
money nor the--
Hey, try not to drop this one.
Oh, right.
Up yours, you're a
[SINGING] Spinning round and
Climbing up the winding stairs
to travel on the ground.
You take your level chance,
cause winning will be sweet.
We celebrate for nothing now.
It's just another brick.
When we get right up on top of
look out on the town,
Come on, you're wasting our
Take it or leave it. - 50 bucks?
See what comes from something
there there's no beer man
It's electric.
I told you to get electronic.
Everything's electronic now,
Now what happened after the
Too fucking thick, hey?
Yeah tell me about it.
Now how much do you get?
Sitting on your fat ass while we
take all the risks.
That sucks, man.
Well, tough shit, you little
Fuck you.
Come on, Scott, tell these
Forget it.
Yo, Scott.
Fuck it.
Hey, watch it.
Drop dead, man.
What's wrong with you lately,
You like being ripped off?
I said, just let it play, OK?
They can collect their own
What do you mean?
You mean, chuck it in?
Yeah, but what else are we going
to do?
I mean those crews got a lock on
Not on me.
You all right?
So what's all this me shit
then, bro?
Us then.
You know what I mean.
Not on us.
All right.
I still got to find something
else to do.
Hey, turkey.
Look at this.
We could talk to my uncle, man.
Get us seaman's ticket, hey?
I'm not shitting you.
He could do it.
Out at sea, man, good life out
there, clean, you know, fresh.
My old man went to sea.
Don't mean we have to be like
Have a ball, hey?
Get laid all over the world.
Get it sideways in China. What
do you say, bro?
CHILD: Come in, Andrew.
Dad wants you.
Let's get out of here. CHILD:
Dad wants you.
MAN: Andrew. Get in here!
You'll miss your tea.
Go to your place.
Come on, drive.
CHILD: Andrew, Andrew!
OK, you two, don't be staying
up too late now.
I mean that.
All right, go on then.
And lock the door.
Bye, Fran.
Come on.
She ever going to go out with
me again, mate?
Just give a minute, all right?
You're looking pretty good
there, kiddo.
So, where are you going then,
takes a cab and everything?
You know where I'm going.
Come on.
Don't tell me that.
I'll see you tomorrow, OK?
Fran, you're not really working
for Ryder.
Come on, don't start that
I don't believe it.
Matthew, please.
I've told you 20 times.
It's only a sauna parlor,
nothing else.
Only a sauna parlor.
It's just the money, that's
So come on, all right?
Don't worry about me.
You just look after your brother
and sister.
Get out of here, asshole.
Come on, man.
Excuse me, ossifer.
You big, great bastard.
All right, just take off, will
Hey, come back here.
Out of the way, you skinhead
Get your hands off me!
Look, you don't smoke that shit
in here.
Just calm down, hey?
You're not coming in here.
Just take off, hey?
Are you looking for trouble or
Look out!
Why don't we go down there
somewhere, some other place?
- Hey. - Where could we go?
Where could we go?
What about Tuxedo Moon?
Tuxedo Moon.
Yeah, Tuxedo Moon.
Sandy, come on.
GIRL: Sandy, come on.
Just get the hell out of here,
you piece of shit.
[CHANTING] Moon, moon, moon,
moon, moon, moon.
Dumb bitch.
[SINGING] We're packing up
We will turn it around.
Ain't nothing gonna stop me,
gonna keep my head up high.
I'm gonna stand on solid ground.
You know, you really could hurt
It's almost blowing my mind.
But no [INAUDIBLE] my feet.
I really don't need what's there
You didn't want to take me for
your own, but then you do.
I didn't want nobody else but
So you can go alone.
[INAUDIBLE] I don't want you to
grind me under.
Why don't you give me your
Come on, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Fuck off.
That's enough!
Come on, you guys.
I want you out.
Don't come back.
You too.
Out, come on, out you go.
No, out you go.
That place sucks.
How are you keeping, bro?
Yeah, look a little pale to me.
Scared shitless, hey?
Hey, Andrew, still eating that
white meat I see.
Hey, no problem, Flak.
Got your lunch hanging.
Bust the shithead, Flak.
We got to talk.
So, talk.
I've been patient with you,
But you can't come around here
hassling my people.
You know, man, I mean, things
has changed.
Your face don't fit no more.
Know what I'm telling you?
These streets are mine.
Don't you think we're getting
kind of old for the shit, Flak?
Is that what you call it?
Sounds like a case of small
balls to me.
break it up.
Move along, you fellows.
Watch your stick, man.
MAN: Dicks.
MAN: Stupid sucks.
He's crazy, man.
Can't trust him.
He just wants a fight.
WOMAN: They're all kids anyway.
MAN: Well, it's a hell of a
bloody thing
to tell someone I got AIDS.
WOMAN: Well, why did you turn
white as a sheet then?
Never touched her in my life?
Then why did she nearly faint,
you bastard?
Ah, hah, bet he can't answer
that one.
[INAUDIBLE] This town's
You didn't let me finish.
I was going to tell you to be
ready to get it on, man.
You know, I mean like right now.
Hey, Flak, we don't need this.
Smaller and smaller, man.
Pissing his pants, bro.
Hold it!
All right, come on, out you go.
FLAK: Next time, bro.
[SINGING] Wrapped up in my
Protection from the cold.
Before we unlock the door, whoa.
Lechers and [INAUDIBLE] clinging
to my coat.
Trying to sell their terminal
Turn back, grab the line.
There's a whole life for living.
You gotta go and you gotta go
and forget it.
A young man tries, he has to
fight the cores of tradition.
Watch your feet as the crowd
fills the [INAUDIBLE]..
Still the same old [INAUDIBLE],,
still the same old [INAUDIBLE]..
Still the same [INAUDIBLE].
And wife.
Sweet smell of rose.
You choose the other
MAN: Short cut.
GIRL: But I'll be able to make
[INAUDIBLE] short cut.
MAN: Come on.
Come on.
GIRL: Stop pulling on me.
MAN: Come on.
Let me go!
Let me go! [SCREAM]
MAN: Come on.
You all right?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
We have to get out of here.
Hey, what are you doing to that
Piss off.
Hey, you all right?
Do you want to go to the cops?
Well, what do you want to do?
You want to go home?
Yeah, well where is that?
I've got a car.
Yeah, but you can't drive.
Would you wait here if I got a
You mind?
Do you want a comb?
Can't see anything anyway.
Well, I'll stop and turn on the
light if you like.
No, don't bother.
Thank you.
Aren't you going to tell me what
a jerk I was, what an idiot?
Why should I?
Well, I was.
You don't know the half of it.
Everybody's a jerk sometime.
Turn right here.
Hell, I forgot all about this.
Why don't you come in for a
drink or something.
No way.
I meant what I said about thank
You were really something.
You were.
No, come on.
It was nothing.
You really believe that.
Oh, please, come in.
The least I owe you is a drink,
Thanks. But.
What are you going to do then,
just ride off into the night
like the Lone Ranger?
[SINGING] Didn't I hear you
saying you got class.
Did you say that she is a flim
flam flirt.
Are you saying that some double
dealing doll [INAUDIBLE]
did you dirt.
Well, Bub, welcome, welcome,
welcome to the club.
Now you know the feeling of--
I've being warned to stay away
from you on pain of death.
But I always do like to see what
my daughter drags home.
Did I say that?
Excuse a mother's concern, but
she's certainly breaking
new ground with you, isn't she?
Well, would you like a drink?
Or are you just going to stand
there looking sullen?
Stacy's a great one for
statements, you know.
I should think that's why you're
here, wouldn't you?
She's rather sparing of details
it comes to her personal life.
However, the story goes that you
rescued her from some nasty bar
brawl downtown.
Where she had no earthly reason
to be in the first place,
which rather makes you a knight
in shining leather, doesn't it?
Doesn't it?
Well would it be condescending
of me to offer
you a beer straight off?
I'm curious, actually.
Beer's fine.
Oh, excellent.
Now don't be shy you'd like a
Then you're happy.
Stacy shouldn't be long.
She's upstairs changing for
second round.
Why don't you just circulate,
Perhaps you'll make some useful
You must be the boy, the boy
Stacy bought here?
I'm told I owe you something in
the line of [INAUDIBLE] thanks.
That's OK.
No, I expect you don't know our
Stacy very well.
Let me stress that she's a very,
very fine girl.
But, she does have a tendency to
[INAUDIBLE] for a fete.
You understand?
Well, I can see we have a mutual
understanding, in which case
I no longer detain you.
I'm certain you'll be wanting to
your interrupted evening, and no
doubt a little extra cash
won't go amiss.
I don't want any money.
Oh, I absolutely insist.
We can't send you out empty
handed, now can we?
You're handling this all wrong,
I'm simply making a just offer
a time and effort spent.
You're treating the boy like a
servant to his face.
Kindly allow me to make my own
decisions, will you?
Richard, you're behaving like
an asshole.
Monica, go fuck yourself.
Oh, bloody marvelous.
I'm sorry.
I knew something like this
would happen
the moment I set eyes on you.
Come on, will you?
You're drunk.
Drunk am I?
I'm drunk, in my own house!
He does have eyes, Richard.
My old man's a drunk too.
But he's on the bones of his
Oh, so now I'm like your old
There's only one difference
between him
and you, between all of you.
Insolent little shit!
Don't you touch me!
Think I'm saying there?
Well, come on, go.
That was great.
I've been dreaming about for
I loved it.
You're too much, you know that?
I mean, did you see their faces?
What's wrong, don't you think
it's funny?
You think I'm some kind of
I'm here to make you laugh?
No, of course not.
Think I like doing shit like
Don't you?
I do.
I'll take you back.
I don't want to go back.
You don't think I'm like them,
do you?
I want to be with you.
I like you.
Well, would you take me back to
town at least to get my car?
And would you tell me your name?
Both alcoholics, I guess.
Drunks, really.
I guess you could see that.
He's a lawyer and she--
I don't know.
I think she was educated to
marry someone like him.
I wonder a lot what keeps him
going, you know?
Whether they like it.
What do you think?
Don't know.
Would you believe he wanted me
to be a lawyer too
but I'm not going to.
I'm going to design school.
What are you going to design?
Beautiful things.
You quit school when you were
15, 16?
Supposed to be though, isn't
Prepares you for later life.
You're too rich to be bored.
That's what you think.
Nice car.
It's been quite a night.
Do you have to go away?
MAN: Yee-haw!
YOUNG MAN: Hey, we been looking
for you everywhere, man.
YOUNG MAN: Good to see you,
Thought the cops got you.
No way.
What's going on, man?
YOUNG MAN: I thought you were
gone for sure.
YOUNG MAN: Man, where you been?
YOUNG MAN: Hey, check out the
So what's been happening, bro,
where you been?
Just around.
She's just a friend.
Nice set the wheels.
So what happened to Palmer?
They get him, did they?
Yeah, the big dumb fuck.
Oh, he's used to it.
Oh, he'll be all right.
He won't say anything.
Not fast enough, hey?
YOUNG MAN: Silly shit, never
YOUNG MAN: Yeah, no one runs
like you, hey?
MAN: Hey, that's Fran?
YOUNG MAN: Yeah, so what?
YOUNG MAN: How come she's all
tarted up like that?
YOUNG MAN: Shut up, asshole.
Oh, man, what a bummer.
YOUNG MAN: I knew this would
happen, hey?
Hey, Fran, how you going?
So, how are you?
Good, hey?
Don't see you much lately.
Yeah, she's working.
YOUNG MAN: Hey, so what?
Let's go hang out or something.
Oh, you're great. And do what?
Stand on the corner?
Go for cruise in the car? - Come
We'll have some fun like we used
Grow up, Andrew.
Look, I said I'm busy, OK?
I mean it.
Just leave me alone.
Hey that's really neat.
What's Andrew ever done to you?
- Nothing.
It's just-- It's shit, right?
The whole thing's shit.
I'm warning you, Matthew.
Just tell me one thing, that's
Tell me you want to be doing
Don't be so dumb.
It's not right.
How much you into to these guys
for anyway?
Since when did you start
Give me a chance.
I can handle it.
Oh, yeah, with your job on a
rubbish truck.
And how long is that going to
MAN: Get in the car.
All right, I'm coming.
Here we go again.
Who's she?
His sister.
Come on.
Fran, I'm not finished yet.
What the hell is this?
Are you dragging in rough off
the street now?
Get him out of here.
- He's my brother. - Oh, yeah?
Family reunion?
Who gives a shit.
Piss off.
I just want to talk to her.
You got $100, you can talk to
You're too young anyhow.
Fuck you.
Matthew, no.
Leave him alone, please.
Matthew, just go home, will you?
You still working here or what?
She your sister, is she?
Well, you don't have to worry
about her.
She's going to do very well
here, yeah, very well.
She's got what it takes, see?
What an impetuous boy.
That's one of the rubbish truck
kids, Jack.
Is he?
Well, you know who I am then.
Right, up you too. [CLUCKING]
You really should learn to
Enjoy yourself more.
You know, let it happen.
He's very tense.
Tell you what.
You like music, do you?
I mean all this heavy metal
I can't stand it myself.
Got them tickets?
Now here's a couple of tickets
for the rock concert.
You take your girlfriend, hey?
You have a good time.
You relax.
Enjoy yourself.
No hard feelings.
Don't worry, Joe, he's a smart
Get him out of here.
I'll buy me one of those.
- Stinking rubbish trucks kid. -
What the hell's this shit?
What the fuck do you think
you're doing?
MAN: Piss off, sonny.
Well, what are we going to do?
Just let it play,
No, man.
Said forget it.
Hey, where's he going, man?
Ska, where are you going?
Listen, man.
Fuck off, Andrew.
Listen, I don't know what
happened back there.
I don't understand any of it.
But I know one thing.
You can take care of it.
I know that because I've seen
You can, you know.
Got to go.
I want to help.
Yeah, maybe I'll see you
Kind of late to be doing that,
isn't it?
It's time to sleep, Izzy.
What do you care?
I saw Fran where she works
You know what she does?
She works in a bar. So what?
There's food in there too, you
WOMAN [ON TV]: I had gone to
sleep with my bedside light on.
[INAUDIBLE] And I was just
fortunate that I had my dog
and I had my safe catch on.
You shouldn't have to live like
that, should you?
You shouldn't have to live like
And that's one, I think you
really should ring Peter about
that and [INAUDIBLE] even and--
You're so hopeless.
Christ, I feel old.
There's got to be a better way.
It's good money Matthew
It's shit money.
Since when did you give a damn
about anything
but yourself, Ska?
All you're good at is playing
Pretty soon it'll be the jail
game, won't it?
You'll be good at that too.
Well what am I supposed to do?
Be like everyone else.
It's not so hard.
Like you.
Yeah, like me.
At least I've learned something.
You can't change things.
You can't hurt people like Jay,
And you can't change things.
If you see Andrew today, tell
him, tell him to grow up,
Two words, two little words.
The system, that's right.
The fucking system is gonna
swallow you and me.
The fucking system, designed
to get the world for the little
man just where they fucking
want you.
Take a good look around.
Look at you, sir.
You're just another [INAUDIBLE]
in the fascist bourgeoisie.
You're another maggot in the
life's festering carcass.
You're a boil on the crotch of
You're a tapeworm up a sheep's
You're a rat turd in a
Bless you, son.
Are you well?
Frannie and the little ones, how
are they?
All right, I guess.
That's good.
That's good.
So how are you?
Well, I've been worse.
I have.
[INAUDIBLE] They should never
have killed
your mother like that, with
their drugs, their machines
It's not right.
Hey, I need your help.
I want to talk to you about
Do you know, they put them in
the water,
Matthew, these drugs.
In the water we drink.
Did I tell you that?
In the sea itself.
Did I tell you that, Matthew?
Did I?
Come on, Andrew, I'm serious,
you know.
[INAUDIBLE] wasn't here anyway,
He's getting that look in his
Because you're so fucking lazy.
Hey, but I [INAUDIBLE].
Ain't that enough?
Ugly and black.
Hey, you could go it alone, you
I wouldn't blame you.
You think I'd do anything as
crazy at that alone?
It's personal for me too,
What do you think, you're
Superman or something?
CHILD: Hi, Ska. - It's going to
be heavy.
Hello there.
I've tried talking to her.
It's the only way.
Well, we could still use some
Let me ask around.
Yeah, I've got enough people in
the shit.
I'm through with that.
Can't cut out Slapper, man.
He'd go bananas.
[INAUDIBLE] Thank you.
You know what she said, man?
She said, [INAUDIBLE] make her
so sick, she want to puke.
Listen, why don't we just bust
through the back in the first
place, short and sweet, hey?
Not the point.
Someone I want to see up front.
Shit, we're going to see enough
as it is.
Hey, what's this?
No escort or something.
Hey, man get some of this.
Sweet hits.
Think [INAUDIBLE] like some?
Fucking hell.
Fucking guy's a nut case.
He better be there, man.
He'll be there.
There, look.
I hope we're doing the right
thing, man.
MATTHEW: Hey, I said I'd do it
alone, right?
ANDREW: Take it easy, man.
How long you give it?
MATTHEW: Not long.
ANDREW: She looked good, didn't
Hey, ain't that what's her name?
She seen us, man.
We got no time for this.
I actually found you.
You know how long I've been
What for?
Well, to find you.
Yeah, well, I'm busy, OK?
I mean I've got something on,
that's all.
It's personal.
Is it about your sister?
That place?
I'll come with you.
What the hell for?
Look, I said I wanted to help.
I want to do something.
I owe you.
What the fuck?
Yeah, well, park your car and
get in then.
This getting crazier by the
What's the story?
You got them?
OK, we go fast, right?
This is Talla.
She's from the island of
I'm sure Talla will enjoy
working out
any of those little kinks you
might have.
Like to join her at a drink in
the bar?
Well, well now, I guess--
Will that be credit card, cash?
Holy shit.
Is this good for your eyes?
Take it easy.
Oh, let me out.
Let me out.
What's happening?
Come on, let's go!
Drive, drive, drive!
See you later!
You OK, Fran?
You're not mad?
It was pretty good, hey?
You stupid bloody bastards!
You idiots!
What in God's name are you
trying to prove?
What are you trying to do then?
Can you ever go back there?
Then that's what I was trying
to do.
She's cold.
How do--
Who the hell is she?
Her name's Stacy
I owe Ryder money, Matthew.
Yeah, well we'll pay it back.
I don't know.
I'll think something.
Yeah, let's go somewhere.
Have some fun, hey?
Just take me home.
Just shut up and take me home.
Hey, Fran, come on.
We just wanted to get you out of
that stink place,
out of it for good, hey?
You know you hated it there.
You're free now.
Free, like us.
Don't worry.
We'll help you get things
together, won't we god, Ska?
Yeah, sure.
Let me out.
Want me to talk to her?
What are you going to do now?
Just let it play, I guess.
She'll come round.
You'll see.
What you did was right.
So come on, tell me about it.
What happened in there?
Oh, yeah, I'll bet.
It all happened so fast.
They didn't even know what was
going on.
Wish I'd been there.
You're crazy.
I'm not crazy enough.
At least everything's OK.
[SINGING] I see that sign in
your eyes.
Love was fighting, never even
Came from the house of the
broken heart.
Now I know what would make me so
Sometimes you run and hide.
With every little hurt inside.
Catch a little light dancing
inside you.
That is my love getting through
to you.
Sometimes you run and hide.
With every little hurt inside.
Never want to see it again.
I know things never go to plan.
Will you look to be my man?
You know what he said to me
that first night?
He said, she's only his sister,
but I love her.
You're not afraid.
That's what I like about you.
You're not afraid.
[SINGING] Went out on the lonely
The city was burning bright.
I know things never go to plan.
That's us one day, hey, bro?
Sailing the seven seas.
Yeah, maybe.
Away from it all.
The whole scene.
Hey, what about us?
No problem.
You can be the Auckland girls.
We can be the what?
Auckland girls, you know a girl
in every port.
I ought to think about getting
Just to let them know I'm still
You're still alive.
Hey, I'm hungry.
Why don't we get some breakfast?
Hey, maybe, nah, your old man
wouldn't think it was too cool.
Why don't we go back to our
I've got to see to the kids
Hey, yeah.
That's Ryder.
Get out of it!
Get away from us!
Hold it, boys, hold it.
Well, is it going to happen to
your girlfriends down here
or is it going to happen to you?
Yeah, I thought so.
The honorable thing.
You're lucky, yeah.
You've definitely got a lucky
You could've been killed last
You would've been if I'd been
And you are lucky I don't
believe in the cops.
These are my cops.
And you've been nipped.
You are about to receive a
little lesson in law and order.
Then we'll say no more about it.
Of course if there's ever the
next time, you're dead.
Well, and we thought you were
Isn't that right, boy?
Kiss my ass.
Hey, Andrew, you OK?
Hey, no problem, bro.
No problem.
Hey, get an ambulance.
Get an ambulance!
I said, get an ambulance!
So it was pitch black.
You were wearing sunglasses and
there was
a total eclipse of the moon.
Something like that.
And you and your friend had a
nasty fall.
It's called honor among idiots.
Who is he?
Give me a break, Matthew.
How else are we going to bring
these culprits to justice?
Or maybe we should give them a
Where is my mate?
They're still cutting on him.
It could have been you up there,
couldn't it?
He'll be back.
They love this place.
Can I go now?
What do you reckon, Doc?
You ever get tired of wasting
your time on trash like this?
They pay me for it.
Hey, you're welcome.
I want to find out about a
friend of mine.
His name's Andrew Policci.
Friend of mine's a patient
Excuse me.
If he's in surgery, you're just
going to have to wait.
Sit over there.
I just want to find out how he
- Are you a relative? - No,
Then I can't give you any
information about him.
Hey, you can't go in there.
What are you doing here?
What the hell do you want?
We tried.
A rib punctured his heart. He
hadn't a chance.
Hi, Ska.
Shit, man.
Fucking Andrew.
Wish I'd been there, yeah?
Yeah, I know.
Be there tonight if you want to
We're all going to be there.
You joking?
No shit, Sniper.
It's going to be heavy.
I mean dangerous.
You tell them that.
Listen, man.
Truth is, nobody out there gives
a fuck anymore.
They just want to see something
All right then.
Come on, mate.
Listen, I've um, decided to
take the kids and leave.
Go down South to Gran's.
Don't know for how long.
This thing.
Is it far?
How will you get there?
Bus, I guess.
Take the car.
- Take mine then. - Come on.
I mean it.
Just let me know where you are
and I'll
send you the registration.
You can sell it if you want,
- I wouldn't do that. - Please.
I don't need it.
Hey, listen, sorry about
Matthew, come with me, please.
Just leave it.
What do you want, honky?
Hey, that's Ska.
What do you want?
I want to talk to Flak.
What for?
Start climbing.
Come on.
Yo, Flak, we got company!
What's the matter, Ska,
running down your leg?
Hey, Ska, what's happening?
We've got to talk.
Heard about Andrew, man.
Didn't like it.
Guy was too young.
Yeah, you know who did it?
Everybody knows.
Shit, yeah.
Well, I want to take that
bastard down.
And I need your help.
Take Jay Ryder down?
That's some heavy shit, man.
Jay Ryder.
And you want my help?
That's right.
You got it.
[SINGING] Stand up and fight.
Some times that's what you got
to do.
Take heart, you're not alone.
You know everyone else is too.
It's all black and white.
On the battlefront of life.
If you believe something is
then nothing else will do.
You've got to make a stand.
Stand up and fight.
Once you decide you're old
You've been fighting all your
This can't go on, being
Take no abuse.
MATTHEW: So when they panic, you
move, right?
And listen, it's not too late
for you.
STACY: For you?
MATTHEW: Oh, yeah.
STACY: Matthew?
About the money again.
MATTHEW: He's got to pay
STACY: You can't buy Andrew
[SINGING] This can't go on.
No more, no more.
Stand up and fight.
That's what you do.
Once you decide you're old
40 bucks a head to listen to
that shit.
Oh, yeah, suddenly we're all
Come on, come on, let your
fingers do the walking.
20% off the top, the rest in the
[SINGING] Stand up and fight.
Once you decide you're old
You've been fighting all your
There's a way to win.
Stand up and fight.
Stand up and fight.
Stand up and fight.
Stand up and fight.
Nice job.
I'd almost believe it yourself.
[INAUDIBLE] loves you!
But they think that you have
been ripped off.
First 100 people backstage get
their money back now!
Right, get that in the truck
and shut everything down.
And move it.
What have you got here, man?
Looks like Mr. Jay Ryder
Looks like shit to me.
So what's this?
A little something off the top?
Oh, shit.
The alarm!
Get that bloody alarm!
Give me the gun.
Go, Flak!
Come on, let's go!
Are you coming, man?
Hey, we can still take them.
Flak, catch!
Right, you bastard.
Get out of my way.
Stop him!
I gave you a ticket.
That pisses me off.
[SINGING] I see that sign in
your eyes.
Love was [INAUDIBLE] you never
even tried.
Came from the house of the
broken hearted.
Now I know why you make me so
Sometimes you run and hide.
With every little hurt inside.
Had your little light dancing
inside you.
That is my love getting through
to you.
Sometimes you run and hide.
With every little hurt inside.
Never want to see it again.
I know things never go to plan
for you to be my man.
Hey, I'm starving.
Can we stop and get something to
Haven't got any money.
No money?
No money.
Nothing whatsoever.
I don't have any money either.
And what have you got to say to
[SINGING] Came from the house of
the broken hearted.
Now I know I completely sold out
to you.
Went out on a lonely night.
The city was burning bright.
I know things never go to plan.
There's lines in your hand.
Got your little light dancing
inside you.
That is my love getting to you.
Got your little light dancing
inside you.
That is my love getting through
to you.
Went out on a lonely night.
The city was burning bright.
I know things never go to plan.
There's lines in your hand.