Que Horas Ela Volta? (2015)

Fabinho, look who is here!
- Where's Maggie?
- Little Maggie.
Little Maggie, Little Maggie.
Maggie, now you're going to see
the greatest champion. Come.
The greatest Olympic champion.
Let's get in the pool!
Come to the pool!
The toy is going to drown.
I want to see you save him.
- Poor toy.
- It's cold!
Don't be a wimp!
It's warmish.
- Can you watch me?
- I'm watching you!
- Swim with me?
- Me? Gee.
I don't have a swimsuit.
- Look.
- I'm looking!
Very good!
Convince her.
Say her mommy
misses her terribly.
Oh, my love.
Oh, mommy's treasure.
Are you being good?
Obeying Sandra?
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm your mother!
Talk to me properly.
I called just to
hear your voice.
I love you.
- Who did you say you love?
- My daughter.
- Where is she?
- Oh, far away.
- And where is my mom?
- She's working, love.
What time is
she coming back?
I don't know.
Oh, my God.
Go away!
Go away, Maggie!
You're going to wake them up!
This juice is warm.
I'll fix that.
Gee, how can...
I can't believe this.
How can a person get the ice,
and put the tray back empty?
What a mean person.
Makes me mad!
See, I'm a calm person,
off the charts, super-duper.
But when I see this...
Only bad people do such things.
All right.
Remember that Bruna
girl I told you about?
The cute one!
She dumped me with two texts!
The world's full of stupid women.
Do you think I'm
going to die a virgin?
What a pea-brained idea!
This Bruna girl...
A handsome boy like you.
There's not a boy
like you in Brazil!
With these big blue eyes,
you look like the English prince.
What's the youngest
one called?
Dr. Carlos, it's 11:00, all right?
Will this noisy pandemonium
never end, Antnio?
- I'm not serving lunch!
- Gee, Val!
And does he eat?
Take away his booze, then he'll work.
A saint around the house,
a devil at school, dunno.
He's biting the other kids.
He hasn't pooped in five days.
Of course he hasn't! You only give
this boy Cerelac, Cerelac, Cerelac.
Only Cerelac.
You gotta give him fruits, real food.
But he likes it, poor thing!
"He likes it. "
Kids can't choose stuff.
You're spoiling Wallace.
Easier said than done.
It's hard to raise a kid on your own.
I want to see him smile
when I'm home.
Sorry, Val.
- Are you finished?
- Yes, thank you.
Anything else?
Bring me another guarana, please.
- Is that all?
- Yes, thanks.
My food wasn't any good.
You didn't eat anything.
It was guarana he wanted.
Did you take your medicine,
Dr. Carlos?
I did.
- R$ 250 to prescribe serum.
- For God's sake.
- Why have a dog?
- It's for safety!
- C'mon! Safety? A soft dog like that.
- Can I have another one?
She'll lick the thief and
leave wagging her tail.
- Only one?
- Give me some onion!
- Two pieces of meat?
- Of course!
- I don't eat salad. No purple things.
- Gimme.
Get out, dog!
The dog's licking everything. Gross.
Oh, little baby.
- Maggie...
- Where's the farofa, Val?
Val, I'm leaving.
Oh, kid.
Smell it.
Good, right?
- God bless you, honey.
- See you on Wednesday. Amen.
If he said it's not his,
then it isn't.
- Is it yours, Carlos?
- It's not mine. God forbid.
Val, bring us ice cream, please.
- Of course it's not mine!
- Yes, ma'am.
- It isn't yours, is it?
- Of course not.
We have also smoked pot.
You think your father and
I have never smoked pot?
Of course I have, but...
- OK, Mom. - I never went crazy,
smoking this much.
What can I do if you
don't believe me?
If you're saying it isn't yours,
I believe you.
So you believe it's not his?
We're having a moment here.
Why would he...
Right! I'm giving him
the opportunity to talk.
You can smoke pot if you want, my love.
But not this much.
Mom, if it were mine,
I'd say it.
- It could be a prank from a friend.
- A friend, sure.
Give me some ice cream, please.
OK! So, you'll keep telling
me it's not yours?
Then I'm throwing it away.
Can I?
If it's not yours, Carlos's or mine,
then I'll trash it.
- Do it.
- Whatever you want.
- More?
- It's delicious.
Did you like it, Fabinho?
I'm going to get some syrup.
Excuse me.
- Do we have syrup?
- He said it's not his.
Can you get it for me, please?
- Window, window, door, bell!
- Stop it.
I'm too big for this.
Stop it, Val.
He's so cute
He's so sweet
And he's Val's little boy
He's so cute
What are you doing, Val?
Oh! Finally learned
to clean your ears!
Who is it?
I can't hear.
Hi, honey.
What is it?
Oh, God.
No way.
But to So Paulo?
Don't do this to your mom.
You're kidding.
No, no!
I like the idea. It's great.
But there's...
But it's too late.
Fabinho already signed up ages ago.
He's also going...
On the Internet?
You can do that?
- I'm leaving. - Where are you
going all dressed up, Val?
mind your own business!
Show some respect!
- Dona Brbara.
- Hi.
- I have to talk to you, ma'am.
- Smelling good, huh?
- My goodness.
- It's perfume.
Tell me, is the lasagna ready?
It is. It's in the oven.
It was too hot to put it in the freezer.
OK then.
Thanks, love.
Get here early on Monday.
It's my birthday dinner.
- And you think I would forget?
- OK?
- Thanks, see you.
- And the...
- See you, love.
- Bye.
Get off me, Maggie.
Honestly, Maggie.
When did Pamela come
to live with you?
- Four years.
- Gee! Already?
And is it working out?
Fabinho, it's almost 7:00.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Excuse me,
we're filming an interview here.
Could you make
less noise, please?
- Forgive me.
- Thank you.
You are a woman people follow,
a trendsetter.
A little bit.
Define style.
There's no secret to style,
you know.
You don't have to make it up.
Style is knowing yourself,
accepting yourself.
And that's why I believe
style is being who you are.
You really are "Brbara. "
- Thank you, dear.
- Thank you, darling.
- It's been a pleasure.
- My pleasure.
- And happy birthday!
- Thank you so much.
And cut!
- Thanks, everyone!
- Thank you!
- Try to come tonight.
- Sure. Thanks!
- For the party. Thank you, Brbara.
- You're welcome, love.
- Call Janana when the show is aired.
- Sure, sure.
- We're just going to wrap.
- Take your time.
Happy birthday, Dona Brbara.
- Oh, thanks, Val.
- All the best.
I wish you a super-duper year!
I need luck.
It's not a big deal.
You bought me a present, woman?
Thank you.
- Can I open it?
- Please do.
Let's see, let's see.
The owner of the store
said it's selling well.
- Really? Selling well?
- Very well!
Look at that!
- Wow!
- It matches your outfit.
Look how beautiful.
- Do you like it?
- I do.
So let's put it away and
save it for a special occasion.
- OK. - You can take it
and put it away.
Dona Brbara,
I really need to talk to you.
Tell me.
Jssica called me on Thursday.
- Who's Jssica?
- My daughter.
Your daughter!
- And Jssica wants to...
- Wait. Just a minute, Val.
Hi, Lo, how are you?
I don't know, love!
Call Janana and check with her.
I don't...
It's true.
Thank you, dear.
Bye! Bye.
So, Jssica...
wants to come to So Paulo
to stay with me.
You don't say!
That's great, Val!
- What is she going to do here?
- Apply for university.
What does she want to study?
- I don't know, ma'am.
- No?
No, ma'am.
I wanted to check with you if,
just at the beginning...
she could stay here until...
until we find a place.
Of course she can!
You're almost family!
You helped me raise Fabinho!
Such an unresolved issue.
When was the last
time you saw her?
More than 10 years ago.
At first,
I couldn't visit her.
You remember the problems
with the father, so I couldn't.
But even after I got rid
of that evil spirit...
I'd call her and call her...
but she never
wanted to talk to me.
She was there,
they told her it was me...
and she would say,
"I'm out! I'm out!"
I hadn't spoken to her
in over three years.
It was weird her calling
saying she wanted to come.
- Are you looking for a place
for the two of you? - Yes.
I'm looking for a cot to rent.
I'm just asking.
It's not that I want...
She can stay for as
long as you need.
I appreciate it. I'm going to get
a mattress to put in my room.
Get a nice one.
I insist on paying.
Let me know how much
and I'll give you the money.
You're too kind, Dona Brbara.
You're like a mother to me.
Mom? Oh, come on. Don't forget
to make the mousse cake, OK?
Double the recipe.
See you, love.
"TRIX Home.
Includes six espresso
mugs with saucers...
plus one tray plus
one thermos. "
Let me see how it works.
You put them like this.
But it's mismatched.
One black, one white.
Another black.
And here...
It's mismatched.
This is how they like it.
So modern!
What about the thermos?
Where should it...
What about the thermos?
The thermos is...
So I'll have to
take one away.
But if I lay the thermos...
I'll have to take out a mug.
It's the only way.
But that's not presentable.
In the picture...
There is the thermos!
It must be set
with the thermos!
I'm hiding this mug!
Only one, all right, Skull?
- Are you saying no to your fianc, Val?
- Only one!
Have some respect
and go get a haircut!
- What is it, Dona Brbara?
- Val, for God's sake! Not this one.
Where did this come from?
I said we'd take this to Guaruj.
Get that white wooden one...
the one I brought from Sweden.
But you said to save it
for a special occasion.
Yeah, OK.
Dear Lord!
A little gift for you.
You look so beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful!
Oh, my God.
Look at you!
- Are you hungry, honey?
- No, I'm cool.
Did you get scared?
No. I have something here
for you from Sandra.
- Do you want it now?
- What's this?
- Let me give it to you before I forget.
- Oh, my love.
She asked me to give it to you.
It's coconut candy.
- I love this candy!
- It smells good.
I know which one it is. The one she
often sends, the "jawbreaker. "
- Let's go?
- Yes.
Let's go home, this way.
- Don't you want to eat anything?
- No, I'm cool.
Are you sure?
Can I carry something for you?
- Or push?
- No, I've got the cart.
You look so nice.
And your father?
What about him?
Well, your father, how is he?
He's not talking to me.
What did you do?
It's nonsense.
If he's not talking to you,
it isn't nonsense.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah.
- What is this place?
- Marginal Tiet.
- The Tiet River.
- I know it!
This is Largo da Batata.
I've heard of it.
They say there are more people from the
Northeast here than in the Northeast itself.
That was before!
But now to build a subway station here,
look, they've concreted everywhere.
I don't know what this is.
Surely not a square.
There isn't a single bush.
They've concreted everywhere.
We used to dance forr here.
Lots of people, bars,
great stores. But now...
- Did you use to come here?
- I did!
Raimunda and I.
Look at that. What is that?
It's not a square!
It's not...
I don't know what it is.
How long until
we get there?
Around 10 minutes.
They're dying to meet you.
Really looking forward to it.
Dona Brbara, Dr. Carlos...
The whole gang.
We can go there
some other time.
No, we're going now.
But I just got here, Val.
I'm tired.
We can go some other time.
We're going now.
I live there.
What do you mean,
you live there?
Are you taking me
to your bosses' home?
I live where I work.
I've told you.
You live in their back room?
You're gonna love Fabinho.
No, Val, for God's sake.
I can't believe this.
Calm down, calm down.
You're taking me to
someone else's home.
So, this is my place.
There's a TV and
everything in place.
The bed. Oh, let me show you
the brand new mattress...
she had me buy for you.
The sheets and towels,
everything you need. All right?
I don't know if the
mattress will fit.
Of course it will.
Let's air the room.
- Let me pull it out.
- We can do it later.
No. See?
Now we just need
to make the bed.
Now, you're looking at it.
Do you like it?
This is a citrus squeezer.
This is a mixer.
This is a fan.
A good one,
unlike this one here.
I bought all of this
for our new home.
Where am I going
to study here?
They're here.
They're here!
Finished, Fabinho?
- Fabinho?
- Yeah.
- Are you eating more, Carlos?
- No, no.
- Val!
- Yes?
You can clear
the table, please.
I'm coming.
- Excuse me.
- Thanks, Val.
- Is she here?
- Jssica? Yes, she is.
- Let me get this, Fabinho.
- Bring her here!
- I'll go get her.
- Thanks, Val.
- I'm curious.
- I'll call her.
- Jssica?
- She's so happy.
How sweet.
Come, honey!
Here, Dona Brbara.
- Look how pretty!
- Jssica.
- These are for you.
- Oh, my God.
- Thank you.
- Welcome, nice to meet you!
- You shouldn't have!
- Thank you.
We like your mom a lot. She's very
important to us and so are you.
- How are you, Jssica?
- Make yourself comfortable.
This is Dr. Carlos, Fabinho.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Did you know So Paulo?
Only by pictures,
the Internet, movies.
She speaks like Val
when she first got here.
- What's this?
- Very similar.
Tell them, Jssica.
She brought coconut candy.
- Wow. Well, thank you.
- Actually, we call it "jawbreaker. "
- I'm gonna have some.
- No, I won't even...
I can't even get close to it.
I'll get fat just by looking at it.
- This is delicious.
- Looking good.
Your mom told us you're
here to apply for university.
- Right.
- What do you want to study?
- Architecture.
- Really?
- At FAU?
- Yeah.
What's the problem,
Dona Brbara?
It's just that FAU is one of the
toughest colleges to get in.
- Is it tough, Dona Brbara?
- There's a lot of competition.
- So I heard.
- But was school any good there?
The education there?
No, not really.
Poor thing!
But I've always had help.
I met a history teacher...
Joo Emanuel,
who helped me a lot, all of us.
How did he help?
He was very critical
about things...
so he told us some very
important things, made us think.
He turned our brains on,
set up a theater group.
And why architecture?
Why did you choose it?
There are a lot of reasons.
I've always liked to draw.
It's easy for me.
And my Uncle Adejar
is a contractor.
Adejar, Adevicto and Ademar,
the three brothers.
I used to help him,
and I also learned a bunch of things.
I drew the plan of a house
that even got built.
- Wow! Very impressive.
- Very good.
I think it's important for
me to have a diploma.
- Sure.
- And I believe architecture...
is an instrument
of social change.
Our country is really changing.
- Cool.
- Very good.
Good luck.
The house is somewhat modernist,
isn't it?
But not exactly.
What a smart daughter, huh, Val?
You have to see her grades.
All straight As!
- Val, can you bring me a
glass of water? - Yes, sir.
I'm not smart.
I'm curious.
Isn't it the same thing?
I really wanted to read this book here.
I was looking for it.
Do you have time to read
apart from studying?
- I like to read.
- Thanks, Val.
So take it and read it.
- Can I?
- Sure.
Come see the pool.
Val, can you turn on
the pool lights, please?
The most beautiful thing, isn't it?
It is.
I like to read too.
Fabinho is also a very good student.
Aren't you, Fabinho?
- Isn't he, Dr. Carlos?
- He is.
Let's see Fabinho's?
They're all suites.
Look, Jssica.
Fabinho and Mickey.
Fabinho was this big
when I arrived here.
So cute!
Famous Fabinho.
Famous Jssica.
What about that door?
It's the guest room.
Yeah, the guest room.
Do you want to see it?
Another suite?
What a comfortable mattress!
Jssica, get up.
I'm sorry, Dr. Carlos.
A great mattress like this
and no one sleeps in here?
- Because it's the guest room.
- So this is where I'm staying!
- What? Have you lost your mind?
- Do you want to stay here?
- For God's sake, for God's sake!
- It's OK.
- For God's sake!
- Do you?
- I think it would be good for studying.
- Brbara!
No, Jssica.
You're staying with me in my room.
- What it's it?
- Jssica is staying here.
She should stay in my room,
as we had already agreed.
Dona Brbara bought a brand
new mattress, a very good one.
- Here's the remote control.
- It's still wrapped.
Please, Dr. Carlos,
she can stay with me.
- She won't disturb anyone.
- Make yourself comfortable.
OK, I'm going to
get my things.
Jssica, stop being pushy!
But he's inviting me, Val.
Because you said,
"That's where I'm staying!"
Oh, it's you.
I can't sleep, Val.
Oh, no, Fabinho.
I'm tired.
- OK, but I'm going to sleep here, OK?
- OK, but we're not going to chat...
'cause tomorrow
I wake up early.
What's wrong with you?
Dunno, I can't sleep.
I'm staying here with you.
Up here, like this.
What about Jssica?
Jssica what?
What did you think of her?
A bit strange.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
Too sure of herself.
You're right.
She's too sure of herself.
You're right.
Sure of herself.
With those eyes of hers...
looking at everyone as
if she were the president.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Were you with your mother?
- I haven't seen her today.
- No?
Do you know where
she could be?
She must be sleeping.
I went to her room and knocked,
but she didn't answer.
Have you had breakfast?
I've just woken up.
Do you want to eat?
Let me see.
Excuse me.
Look, we have bread.
White bread,
whole wheat bread.
Let me get a mat for you.
Have a seat.
What do you want to drink?
- What kind of juice is that?
- Sweet lime.
- You're not having it?
- I can make you some. Do you want it?
I do.
Did you like it?
- Yeah.
- Tasty, right?
It's good for you.
Damn it.
Dona Brbara,
this has never happened to me.
I think the alarm didn't go off.
I overslept.
- It's OK. - What do you want?
A piece of toast?
- I've already had breakfast.
- I'm going to make you some toast.
- It's OK. I'm leaving, Val.
- Dear God, Dona Brbara.
Your daughter loved the jam.
What is this?
Jssica, who set the table?
Brbara did.
It's not Brbara.
It's Dona Brbara.
Come on, "Brbara"!
And you can't sit
at their table.
- And which one is their table?
- This one.
And where's the other one I can't see?
Am I supposed to eat standing up?
She told me to sit here.
Get out of there.
I'm eating, wait.
- Get out, Jssica.
- I'm eating, Val. Let me finish.
Oh, Lord.
What were you thinking?
The maid's daughter sitting
at the bosses' table?
They are not my bosses, Val.
Hey. "Val"?
Can't you call me "Mom"?
- I can.
- Much obliged.
Holy Mary,
I've never seen such a thing.
You're crazy, totally clueless.
Leave that there.
I'll do it. Go. Go!
- I'm going to study in my room.
- Yes, go.
Hi, honey.
What do you want, love?
- Juice.
- Don't you want a sandwich?
I do.
Put the ladder by the plant.
Quickly, Edna!
Pay attention.
Pay attention.
Pretend you're pruning.
I'll pretend I'm watering.
And you spy on her.
Pretend you're pruning.
I'll pretend I'm watering.
Got it?
Got it?
Got it, but this ladder is wobbly.
Hold it for me.
- She's reading.
- What is she doing?
- She's reading. She's got a book.
- Reading?
- She's reading.
- She must be studying then.
She could be sleeping.
I can't see her face.
She's studying.
She's studying.
Now she's up.
She's laying on the bed.
Pretend you're pruning.
I'll pretend I'm watering.
- And now, what is she doing?
- I don't know if she's going to sleep.
- She got the book! - Don't let
her see you. Don't make her turn.
- This girl is a little...
- Get down, get down.
The whole day with a book,
it's easy to go crazy.
Move the ladder, c'mon!
Gimme, gimme.
Just a minute.
- It's Mom, Jssica.
- Wait.
Look, this is Edna.
She works here with me.
She's my little sister here
in So Paulo.
- Nice to meet you.
- Everything OK?
- She looks like you.
- Really?
You think, do you?
I think she looks just like her father.
Pretty, but skinny.
So, Edna needs to get
in there for a while...
to vacuum the floor,
tidy up the bedroom.
Don't worry, I've already tidied it up.
All is organized.
But, Dona Brbara is...
very fussy about it.
I have to vacuum the room.
- She's going to look at it later.
- Is she really?
Sure, sure.
So get your things
and let's go upstairs.
I'm studying, Val.
It's all set, the books and everything.
No, get your books and come
study in the kitchen with me.
- It's breezy up there.
- Edna is going to vacuum the room.
- Let me get the rest of it, wait.
- Do that.
I don't know which name is worse,
Claudiomir or Pingulim.
I didn't like any,
but Pingulim sounds better.
- Don't you think?
- Poor thing.
- I think so.
- They are both awful.
I know.
So, are you enjoying
So Paulo?
I got here yesterday.
Aren't you going to
help your mom at work?
- Never mind.
- I can help. What can I do?
No, keep on drawing,
keep on drawing, honey.
Keep on drawing.
- Hi, girls.
- Dr. Carlos!
What do you want
in my fridge?
- I want some guarana.
- Guarana.
- How was it at the club?
- It was hot, very hot.
It's going to pour down.
- Thank you.
- It's so hot.
Dr. Carlos,
look how well she can draw.
It isn't finished yet, Edna,
didn't I tell you?
Let me see, let me see.
- But it isn't finished.
- It's OK.
Very good.
Did you take a course?
- No.
- That's why you're good.
Let's visit my atelier.
- Can we, Val?
- Well, go.
- Let's go.
- Can I?
- Val, can you serve lunch?
- Yes, sir. I was about to do that.
Now we're done for.
Once I spent six months
on a palette.
Creating different colors?
To get to the right colors.
- This one is really beautiful.
- You think?
I do.
It's a pity it's kept in here.
It should be on a wall.
- Put it up on yours.
- Oh, no.
Do you like it?
- This one?
- Yeah.
- It's really beautiful.
- So, it's a present.
- For me?
- Yes.
How am I going to carry it?
You have to find a big car.
I don't even know how to wrap
it so it won't get damaged.
I'll help you.
I'm in love with it.
In love?
Very beautiful.
And why did you
stop painting?
I stopped painting
because I stopped smoking.
I'm joking.
There are more pictures here.
I think there's a picture of Val.
She looks like those
advertisement maids. All in white.
I stopped painting because everyone
told me I was the one, you know?
And I believed in it,
but I wasn't.
I don't know.
A lot happened and I stopped.
- Stopped working?
- Yeah.
How do you make money?
Brbara supports you?
If Brbara supports me?
- Doesn't she?
- No.
It's not so obvious,
but the money is mine.
My father worked a lot,
made a lot of money...
and I inherited it.
Everybody dances,
but I'm the DJ.
Excuse me.
Hi, Val.
Lunch is served.
- Already?
- Yes.
Can Jssica have
lunch with me?
- Jssica?
- Yeah.
- Are you inviting her?
- Of course I am. Come on, Val!
Add another plate
to the table.
- Of course.
- What?
- Of course.
- Oh, OK.
And don't tell Brbara I was smoking.
You know I hide in here to smoke.
Don't worry.
Let's go. The food will get cold.
- She beats me up!
- I want to come back to see the rest.
We will.
It has 11, 12, 13 floors.
It's the Northeast
Development Authority.
It's a building that looks
like Copan I think.
It's somewhat modernist.
- I'd like to visit Copan.
- We have to go there.
- Can we go there?
- Sure, we can arrange it.
- Val.
- Yes?
- Val?
- I'm coming.
- Can you clear the table?
- The omelet was very good.
Very good.
- Let me help you.
- No, let Val do it.
- I can take it.
- No, let Val do it. Val does it.
Can you bring us
some coffee, Val?
Is there anything sweet, Val?
Bring us some ice cream.
"Is there anything sweet?"
- Really? Did you like it?
- Yes. It was very good.
- Thanks, Val.
- No, Val, not this one.
Bring the one with
chocolate and almonds.
Everything in this house
is ours, and Brbara
The other one,
chocolate with almonds.
- Fabinho's ice cream?
- Chocolate with almonds.
When Fabinho asks
for his ice cream-
- Do you like beans?
- I love them.
- One can't live without beans.
- I love it too.
I'll serve it, Val.
Looks good.
Must be tasty.
This one is good.
Thank you.
- I can do it.
- Leave it to me.
- You never had this one?
- Never.
These small bowls.
"Is there anything sweet?",
she asked.
"Isn't there anything sweet?"
Something sweet.
She doesn't stand up when
you walk into the kitchen.
Edna, please.
I'm the one talking
about Jssica.
You're not supposed to talk about Jssica.
I'm talking about Jssica.
"Isn't there anything sweet?"
Visiting here and there
with Dr. Carlos.
It seems like...
She doesn't have a clue,
you know.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Edna, look at this.
I scrubbed it so hard that...
You're too nervous.
Let me fix this.
We can use some superglue.
Old stuff.
The hallway, the dining room,
the living room, see?
This belongs to this floor.
To this side,
on the lower floor...
there's your bedroom.
And why is it called a "plan"?
Good question.
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I don't.
- Is that what you want to do?
- Yeah, sort of.
- Val.
- Not only that.
- Val?
Can you clear the table, please?
Val, can you bring
my ice cream, please?
Give me some, Val.
This is Fabinho's!
But he said I could have it.
When they offer you
something that is theirs...
they're being polite.
They are sure we're
going to say no.
Thank you.
If you are to have ice cream,
this is the one. This is ours.
It's impressive, isn't it?
There are endless buildings.
You never see the end of it.
Sometimes I think about
something cool I saw on TV...
a show about what...
would happen if we
ceased to exist.
And, it said in 100 years
it would all be jungle again.
Back to the way it was.
I think it would be interesting.
- 100 years?
- Not enough time, isn't it?
Don't know if it was 100.
I can't remember.
- Thank you for the tour. I really liked it.
- Don't mention it.
I'm sorry, Jos Carlos.
No, I am sorry.
Hi, Janana.
Was it serious?
But what happened?
Is she OK?
I'm coming.
- Brbara's had an accident.
- Is it serious?
- Apparently she's OK.
- So we'd better go.
Yes, I have to go.
She hit her head?
She hurt her forehead.
- Oh, God!
- And the shoulder.
- She hurt her forehead?
- Forehead and shoulder.
He said she was nervous.
Dona Brbara was nervous?
Yeah, she crashed the car,
got scared.
Really scary.
God forbid!
How do they manage to
have such clear water, Val?
Don't even look
at this pool, Jssica!
- This is not for you.
- I didn't say anything.
You didn't say it,
but you thought it. I know.
Do you hear me?
You never swam here?
Why would I swim
in someone else's pool?
- Never?
- Never.
And if one day they invite
you to get into the pool...
you'll say you don't have
a swimsuit, that you can't.
- Got it?
- Got it.
What's up, Val?
- Valzinha!
- Get off me, Skull.
- Oh, Skull, get out of here with this hair.
- My sweetheart.
This hairy guy is Skull.
Comb your hair before
you talk to my daughter.
- How are you?
- This is Jssica.
- What's up?
- Charmed.
- So, let's swim?
- Sure.
These boys are hollow-heads.
Won't you get in, Jssica?
The water is nice.
I don't have a swimsuit.
- Jump with your clothes on.
- But I'm dressed.
I think it's your mom arriving.
It's Dona Brbara.
Stop it, stop it.
No, no, no.
Stop it, Fab!
- Pull it up a bit?
- Yeah.
Who's in the pool?
- Fabinho and Skull.
- Oh, OK.
They're both there.
There's someone else there.
Who is it? Jssica?
No, Jssica is waiting for me,
just looking.
But, I'm going to check
what this noise is all about.
Excuse me.
No, stop it.
Get out of there, Jssica!
get out of there now!
- Look, Dr. Carlos is right here!
- Fabinho!
I don't know what's gotten
into her to plunge into the...
I'm going there, Dr. Carlos.
- Val, is she in the water?
- The workers are all looking. Fabinho!
Carlos, help me out here!
Jos Carlos,
help me out here!
Oh, Fabinho!
What a stupid prank!
Get her out of there.
Jssica! Jssica!
Get out of there quickly.
Get out, get out, Jssica!
Obey your mother!
She's talking to you!
- Get out of the water.
- Obey your mother.
You're gonna catch a cold.
- Listen to Dr. Carlos and
Dona Brbara. - I'm coming.
Have you lost your mind?
Get out.
come on.
- I'm coming.
- You're dragging your feet.
Come, come.
- No need to hold me like that.
- Come, Jssica!
I'm going to get a towel.
Look at that, you're naked.
Are you crazy?
- Fabinho, Fabinho.
- Yes?
- Get up here, I want to talk to you.
- Mom, how embarrassing.
Now, Fabinho.
- I'm coming.
- Listen to your mom, Fabinho.
- Are you already high?
- High? What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?
I was in an accident, did you know?
I was unconscious,
taken to the hospital by ambulance.
- I got seriously hurt!
- The doctor said you were fine!
Is that why you didn't
even come see me?
You didn't even
come see me, dude.
You don't give a
damn about me.
You didn't even
come see me!
Calm down, Mom.
"Calm down. "
That's great.
It hurts.
- Can I go?
- Yes.
Well, bye.
Do you have the pool
guy's number? Cludio?
Call him, please.
- Do you have it?
- Yes.
- Give it to me.
- It's ringing.
Hi, it's Brbara from Morumbi.
I know, but I need you to
come tomorrow. Can you?
We had a problem here.
Come on, Meg, stop sniffing.
Take a crap already! Today I'm
out of patience, even for you.
But you did all you could
to be thrown in the pool.
You weren't even there.
You don't know what you're talking about.
- I want to leave this place.
- It'll be better.
Didn't I tell you
from the start?
- It's not working.
- It really isn't. I warned you.
I don't know where
you learned these things.
What you can and cannot do.
Is there a handbook?
How come?
Who taught you that?
They explained it to you
when you got here?
Nobody has to explain that.
You're born knowing it,
what you can and cannot do.
- It's like you're from another planet.
- Who's born knowing it?
- How are you?
- I'm fine, honey. So?
So, did you check that
room in Campo Limpo?
Yes, I talked to Dilia.
It's R$ 400.
Good price, huh?
- Great!
- 400?
- We're taking it, right?
- OK.
- Yes, it's good. - It's better this way.
See you tomorrow.
- Oh, yeah?
- Things aren't working out there.
- What happened?
- I'll tell you some other time.
Can you believe she
got into the pool?
- Let's go, Val.
- My goodness.
- Dona Brbara's pool.
- Come on.
- Come back later so we can talk, Val.
- Raimunda, I'm about to go crazy.
OK, bye.
Let's do the following.
I'll take the photos...
make a selection
and send them to you.
I don't want you
to get tired.
- You have to look gorgeous.
- OK.
Dona Brbara, we're leaving.
- OK. So you found a place?
- Sort of.
- OK. Did you make the pie?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Here we go.
Excuse us.
Good luck on the university's
entrance exam.
Let's carry on.
- Dr. Carlos, we're leaving.
- OK.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- It's been a pleasure.
- My pleasure.
Well, let me...
- No, Dr. Carlos. For God's sake!
- Val, buy her a little something.
- Take it, buy her a little something.
- God! No!
- You're making me uncomfortable.
- Not at all.
I appreciate it.
- See you.
- Bye.
Everything OK there?
- Here guys, let's get in.
- Come, Raimunda.
You can take a look around.
- Gee, is it here?
- Yeah.
Funny, it doesn't
look like home.
Do people live here?
It looks like a hair salon.
It used to be one.
The person who used to live here made one.
That's why the big mirror.
these walls are in poor condition.
Don't you think the
color looks tacky?
Come on, woman,
it looks beautiful.
- We can paint it, Val.
- You think?
- You can paint it.
- Yeah.
This window airs the place
in the afternoon.
There are grids everywhere,
very safe.
The shower is brand
new and very good.
- We'll take it.
- OK.
- Did you like it?
- It's OK, Val.
- I have to talk to the Peruvian guy.
- We'll make it work.
- 400 bucks?
- Be nice to him and it'll work.
Let's go there
and talk to him.
I said I wanted it.
Just a second.
didn't you tell him I wanted it?
I did.
- Raimunda told him.
- He even said the price.
The problem is that
there was no deposit.
What deposit?
I hadn't even seen the place!
How can someone make a deposit
without seeing the place?
Listen, I'm going to make
a real effort here.
- I'm going to find you a place.
- Can we see something today?
- Not today, but...
- I came to stay.
Let me stay with
you today, Pamela.
Edmilson is coming this week.
- Only for tonight.
- I can't.
- Don't be like that.
- Edmilson has only one day off.
- Just so I have a place to sleep tonight.
- Only one day off.
He's coming.
It won't work.
- Calm down, Jssica.
- I don't want to go back.
- Jssica, please, just a week.
- We had agreed to stay here today.
It'll be quick.
Are they treating you badly?
- It's not like that!
- Is it Dr. Carlos?
- Fabinho? Didn't you like him?
- That's not what I'm saying.
Dr. Carlos is even
pampering her.
- Jos Carlos!
- Hi.
- Right, Val?
- Dr. Carlos, it's just for a week.
It's no problem at all, Val.
Thank you so much.
The owner didn't
keep his word.
Stay for as long as you need.
No problem.
Thank you.
It won't be long, Dona Brbara.
Yeah, OK.
Listen, you won't believe
what I saw in the pool.
A rat, Val.
Can you believe it?
- Oh, no, Dona Brbara.
- A rat. I screamed from up here.
You're back.
- Didn't work out with the room?
- It didn't.
Want some water?
I've got some here.
You know,
this house here is...
It's like it was yours.
Anything you need.
The house felt empty
without you, you know?
Thank you.
Do you believe in reincarnation?
I don't know.
I've never thought much about it.
I don't. I think this
is our only time here.
So sometimes we say things
that might sound crazy.
But maybe not saying it...
would be crazy too,
if this is my only chance.
Would you marry me?
Marry me.
I'll take you anywhere
you want.
It's a little hot in here, right?
I'm sorry, Jos Carlos.
- I don't know what to say.
- No, no. Please, forgive me.
Say yes.
Say yes.
- Marry me.
- No.
- Sorry. I'm just...
- I... don't understand.
It was a joke.
- Only a joke?
- Yeah, yeah.
Holy shit!
It was a joke.
My cousin never comes to So Paulo,
but she's coming now.
And since Jssica had
already left the guest room...
I told her she
could stay here.
So I'm gonna need you to
get Jssica out of there.
- That's fine.
- OK?
- She's going to my room.
- OK, ask her to leave the room today.
- Yes, ma'am. - So we have
time to organize everything.
- It's settled then.
- OK?
- Don't worry about it.
- Thank you, Val.
- But ask her to leave today, OK?
- Yes, ma'am.
- OK, thanks.
- I have to check on the food.
Can't we open this window, Val?
It's hot as hell!
If you do it, it'll be just as hot
and the mosquitoes will get in.
Honestly, Val,
I don't know how you can take it.
How I can take what?
Being treated like
a second-class citizen.
This is worse than India.
Don't give me this
complicated India talk.
You're a stuck-up person.
That's what you are!
This is really fucked up.
Watch your mouth!
I don't like bad words!
You think you're special.
You think you're better than everyone else.
You think you're superior.
I don't think I'm better, Val.
I just don't think I'm worse. Got it?
- You'll make me lose my job.
- Fuck it!
Watch your mouth.
Wash your mouth out with soap!
Show some respect.
I'm your mother.
You're not my mother. Sandra raised me.
You had nothing to do with it.
Look here! Sandra raised you
with the money I sent every month...
to pay for your school,
your dentist.
Sandra got the good part.
Sandra got to be with you...
while I was here working,
sweating, do you hear me?
Now, Sandra is your mother.
- Who paid Sandra's bills every month?
- Enough, Val! Fuck!
I'm tired, you know.
Tired of listening to this kind of talk.
Really tired.
Things are fine.
I'm studying.
But let me ask you...
how's he doing?
Does he ask about me?
I wanted to see that.
I'm gonna let you sleep.
Talk to you later.
OK, see you.
Do you wanna smoke?
I do.
This is a good one.
So they drained the pool, huh?
My mom said she
saw a rat in here.
I don't know. It's dangerous.
We could get sick.
Yeah, right.
Are you a virgin?
What kind of question is that?
Do I look like a virgin?
I don't know.
If you do...
- You look like a virgin!
- Me?
I don't only look like one.
- I'm not, OK?
- Of course not.
Do you think I'm a rat?
I think I know already!
- You do?
- I think I do.
- But I don't.
- Could it be?
I'm totally lost.
You'll see.
- It's FAU.
- Yes, it's FAU.
- It's where you're going
to study, right? - Yeah.
It's where I'd like to.
"Architecture and urbanism. "
I'm going to take Maggie out.
Come, Maggie!
Maggie stinks. She plunges into
the puddle and stays kind of wet.
That's why Fabinho's
ice cream doesn't last.
I've told you this is Fabinho's ice cream.
How stubborn of you.
My apologies, Dona Brbara.
I've told her many times.
Since when has my great-grandmother's
tray been broken?
Val, it may not look like it,
but this is still my home.
Come here.
I want to talk to you.
Dona Brbara,
just tell me where to fix it.
I'll take it there.
I'll do it. I'll pay for it.
- No, Val, that's not it.
- I'll pay for it.
Val, that's not the problem.
- The entrance exam is tomorrow, right?
- Yes, ma'am.
- And then she's leaving, right?
- Yes, she will, ma'am.
So while she's still here...
I want to ask you...
to make sure she's never on this
side of the kitchen door.
Yes ma'am. Not a step on that
side of the kitchen door.
Exactly, not a step on this
side of the kitchen door.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You can go. Thank you.
You don't know where Pamela lives!
It's far.
How are you going
to get there now?
- There's no way you can do that.
- I'll find a way.
Difficult girl.
Don't go, Jssica, for God's sake.
I don't have the stomach
for this shit you take.
Leave this for now.
You've got your exam tomorrow.
I've got better things
to do than take this shit.
If you have the stomach
to stay here, do it! I'm out!
- Jssica, you're not...
- You should've defended me!
Jssica, you're not going
with such rain! Oh, God!
And how are you
getting there?
I'll find a way!
I'm not afraid of water.
But where you're going...
Go back inside, Val!
Go back.
- Have you lost your mind?
- Leave me alone!
- Go back inside!
- Tomorrow is your exam! You'll miss it!
Good luck!
May Jesus be with you.
Dear God.
- Let's go? I'm worried!
- OK, let's go.
- Maybe there'll be traffic.
- So let's get going. I'll call the driver.
You don't want any more coffee?
It's still early!
- I don't want to risk being late.
- What if we got stuck in traffic?
- An accident, traffic. Who knows?
- OK then.
- Right? So let's go.
- OK!
My bag is right in there.
- Did you get a cereal bar
or something? - Yes, I did.
Good luck.
- Very difficult.
- But do you think you did well?
- What's up, Son?
- I can't possibly know, Mom!
- The answer key just came out.
- Already?
- Yes. Let me open it here.
- Difficult?
Which was your exam?
- Letter Q.
- Q? Wait, let me find it here.
Did you see Jssica, Fabinho?
Sorry, Val.
I didn't.
Let's see here.
Val, will you excuse us?
- Can we start?
- Yes.
-1C, did you get it right?
- Yeah.
- 2D.
- Got it.
It's OK.
- Mom, keep talking and then...
- OK. 5E.
You got nervous.
You knew everything,
didn't you?
You got nervous.
Shit, Val, by two points.
It's so unfair.
Chin up. Life goes on.
- Fabinho.
- You can try again next year.
Excuse me.
Look how devastated he is.
Don't be like that, Son.
It's no use now.
Cheer up.
It's done now.
Come here.
Wow, Fabinho.
Why will you hug Val and not me?
Val thinks I'm smart.
You think I'm dumb.
I don't think you're dumb, Son.
you didn't succeed because
you don't know what you want.
You just weren't committed.
Excuse me, Dona Brbara.
Dona Brbara,
I can't even talk, so nervous I am.
- What is it?
- Oh, God, Jssica called.
- Do you know how many points
she scored? - How many?
Do you know how many
points she scored?
- Sixty-eight points!
- Sixty-eight?
Jssica passed
the entrance exam!
- Jssica passed.
- Wow, 68.
- Look how nervous I am!
- Wow. Congratulations, Val.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, Val.
- Jesus.
- Sixty-eight?
- I just can't believe it!
- Neither can I. It's amazing, isn't it?
Impressive. Very good.
Sixty-eight is very good.
She said 68.
But, Val...
don't get too excited because
that was only the first-level exam.
- I know, ma'am.
- There's going to be another exam...
and the second level
is much harder.
- I know.
- So...
She told me she scored 68 points,
which is a lot.
- No, it's very good!
- Sixty-eight!
But she'll have to go through
the second exam. If she fails...
- God willing, she'll pass the second exam.
- Of course she will.
And Fabinho will too, next year!
Right, Fabinho?
Don't be sad, my treasure.
Life goes on, Fabinho.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- It's a lot, isn't it?
- Yeah.
She studied.
She wouldn't do anything else.
If you want to pass,
you have to study.
You have to study.
Come on.
It's Mommy.
I'm calling to say good night.
To say good night and to
say I'm really proud of you.
Guess where I am?
Can you hear it?
I'm in the pool!
Right, I am!
I'm very happy!
See you.
Mommy loves you.
See you.
Dr. Carlos,
it's 11:00 already.
- Come in, Val.
- Excuse me.
Did you take your medicine?
Yes. I want to congratulate
you for Jssica.
You raised her very well.
I also want...
to make an apology.
For what?
You know.
I'm staying in bed
a little longer.
What can I do for you?
Do you want anything?
I just want to sleep.
Tell her the news!
Didn't I tell you?
I'm going to spend six months abroad,
living by myself.
- Where?
- In Australia, Val.
In Australia, Val.
- Oh, God, how far!
- Here, look.
- There's an amazing English course there.
- Look how pretty.
I don't like it. I'll miss him so much.
Six months without seeing him?
- Look at this beach.
- Dear Lord!
- Beautiful.
- Really beautiful.
- We're looking for a place to stay.
- But it's too far.
God! It's really far.
- Look!
- Looks like Recife.
Look how nice.
It's crochet. I bought it from Joelma,
who lives with Pamela.
Look how things
are getting into place.
God writes straight
with crooked lines.
This house is much better than
the other one, isn't it Jssica?
Jssica, you are still mad at me.
- You have to understand my side, honey.
- And you should have defended me.
Didn't I?
I'm not going to talk about it.
I don't wanna fight again.
Dear God.
I thought you were so pretty.
So rich, with tons of presents
when you visited me.
You have no idea how much
I've suffered because of you.
And you don't know how much
I've suffered because of you.
You suffered because
you wanted to.
You'd go there full of gifts,
saying this and that...
and then leave me there
like an idiot asking...
"Where is Mommy?
What time is she coming back?"
You don't know the half of it.
Ask your dad one day!
Fucking shit! Ten years, Val!
For God's sake!
Why didn't you go back?
You have no idea of my agony.
The more I didn't go...
the more anxious I got.
It got harder to go back.
But I'll tell you something.
One day, God forbid-
One day you'll understand
your mother!
Who's this boy?
Jssica, I'm asking you
who this boy is.
Jssica, why won't
your father talk to you?
I don't understand why
your father won't talk to you!
I'm asking who this
boy is, Jssica.
It's Jorge.
I don't know who Jorge is.
- It's my son!
- Please no, Jssica.
Jssica, I can't believe this!
And why didn't
you tell me?
We weren't even talking, Val.
How was I going to tell you such a thing?
Did you leave the boy there?
Did you leave the boy there?
I did, Val! How was I going to study,
take exams with the boy here?
My God!
- Won't you bring him?
- I will.
- When I can!
- So cute.
- When?
- Whenever I can!
- Thanks, Val.
- Be careful with the suitcase.
Don't worry.
My God, a boy like you going
to the end of the world!
My love, my treasure!
Let's go, Son.
We're late.
- Bye, Val. See you.
- Bye-bye.
Don't eat junk food.
Take care, my love.
I love you!
Give me.
But, Val, why?
Are you mad at me?
No, I want to quit.
I quit.
But Val, why so suddenly?
Are you mad at me?
No, ma'am.
No, Dona Brbara.
It's- It's me, really.
Is it the gossiping? Or is Vandr,
the driver, saying things you don't like?
- No, no. It's not Vandr.
- If he's trying to...
No, ma'am.
It's just...
It's just me.
- That's it.
- Do you want a raise?
- No, ma'am. It's not money.
- We can give you a raise.
Dona Brbara,
it's not about the money.
Not about the money, ma'am.
I feel...
that I need...
I need to...
stay with my daughter.
Take care of her.
Be with her.
I see.
- You're right.
- Aren't I?
Oh, Val.
I understand.
I understand.
This one too.
- There's this crap here.
- Leave it here.
- Thanks, Vandr!
- Don't mention it.
- I appreciate it.
- Call me if you need me.
Bye, you two, all the best!
What are you doing here
on a Thursday?
I quit.
- You're kidding, Val.
- No, I'm serious.
I don't believe it myself.
Boil some water.
- Let's have some coffee.
- OK!
What now? Have you
thought about the future?
Don't know.
I'll find away.
Take a massage course.
Doesn't Fabinho say I'm
the best masseuse ever?
Who knows?
It's a good idea.
- Look how pretty.
- I like it.
- Modern, isn't it?
- It is.
It's all different.
Black on white,
white on black.
Different, just like you.
- Modern.
- Right.
Look at the thermos.
How lovely.
Lovely, lovely.
I stole it from Dona Brbara.
You cannot be serious, Val.
Jssica, now we...
Now that I'm home,
that we're home...
I was thinking.
Go get Jorge!
Bring my grandson.
I'll pay for the ticket.
Plane ticket!
Go get your son.
You really are a quick one,
aren't you?
Putting the cart in
front of the horse.
Are you going to take
care of him, Mother?