Quantum Apocalypse (2010)

Dr. Zulkowski, here's the testimony
for the budget hearing.
As long as the changes were made
I don't need to see it.
Did we get the increase in
the Mars Exploration Program?
The additional funding could mean
a new structural support.
I hope the White House backs this.
What's the status of the comet?
Dr. Sadoughian should have
a full report for you.
Good, good.
- Morning, Peter.
- Morning, Stan.
- Morning, Ali. How goes it?
- The images from the Hubble...
were clear as a day,
enough to do the 3D modeling.
Good work.
Close enough for a texture map
if she passes near the Rover.
The comets orbital path travels
closer than we anticipated.
- How much closer?
- A couple thousand miles.
Close enough for us to get
a few pretty pictures.
- Lots of pretty pictures.
- Keep Senate hearings at a minimum.
- I think you should see this.
- He's talking to you.
Morning, Rhodes.
What you got?
This doesn't make sense.
The comet made a turn.
- A turn?
- It completely shifted its orbit.
Comets don't shift unless the sun
shifts. Let me see that.
Switch screen to Rover images.
Rotate all cameras 900 positive.
My God.
Cups of flour. 2 teaspoons.
Brown sugar. Nutmeg.
- Why don't you use the mix?
- Mine's better.
- But you never made it before.
- Yes I have. 672 times.
- Hey, Dad
- Good morning, son.
Can you pick me up at 6?
I joined a new club.
No. Drive your car
or ask your mother.
I'm not driving my car.
Smells like mildew.
Suck it up, young man.
You're lucky to have any car.
Whipper snapper.
Mr. President?
We have a situation.
- Just use the mix.
- Mine's better.
- What are you guys up to now?
- Nothing.
I told him to use the mix.
- Clean it up before mom returns.
- It's good.
- Oh!
- What?
- Dja v.
- Who's that?
Brain perceives events and
processes them as memories.
What did he say?
Terry, I have to go earlier today.
Can you take Sam to the bus please?
- I can get myself on the bus.
- Terry?
- Okay.
- Your uncle is an insurance policy.
- I can do it myself.
- Pipe down, tater tot.
- Wanna go?
- Yeah. Bye, sweetie.
- Eggs were amazing, Terry.
- Better than the mix.
Thank you.
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know, but I'll find out.
I was on the phone with Washington.
NASA and FFAA officials are coming.
We need every
monitoring device.
Every astronomer looking for
debris that could be a problem.
Any after-effect that could
cause a danger.
The Russians, Japanese and Chinese
are also on the same program.
- What do we know so far?
- Aftershock and radiation waves...
are approaching our planet.
Worldwide problems with devices...
- cell phones, satellites.
- Make sure landlines and...
fiber optic connections
are functioning properly.
We can't tell how bad
the impact is just yet.
We're repositioning the Hubble.
As long as the TDRSS System works...
we'll pull good results without
waiting for the planet to rotate.
Did you run any debris
and impact simulations?
A piece the size of a house
would impact at 11 km per second.
That's big enough to destroy
any major city.
- Rhodes.
- We're missing the point.
A comet just slammed into Mars.
The debris is likely to enter...
the Earths gravitational pull
and cause a massive extinction.
I'm trying to find a solution.
What is not clear to you, Rhodes?
What caused the comet to change
course? Something out there...
is capable of altering the path
of a fifty-kilometer body.
This comet reaches its perihelion
every 4200 years.
What's out there that
wasn't there 4200 years ago?
Nothing is worse for your rep
than driving a stinky car.
- When I get out, I smell good.
- You don't smell like cheese?
- Cause you do a little bit.
- It never stops.
- Oh, crap! There's Lindsey
- New girlfriend? Let me see.
Dad, stop, stop!
Can you just pull forward?
- You're the man...
- Just pull forward.
C'mon, Leo. I gotta get to work.
Get out, get out.
Just, please pull forward.
- I'll tell you when they turn.
- Okay.
- You ready? Go.
- Dad.
- Dad, you swear?
- You're gonna lose your window.
Lindsey! Be good.
Anyone home? Samantha,
why aren't you at school?
- Did you miss your bus?
- Terry says the bus isn't safe.
- What?
- Said it made a strange noise.
Timing chains sounded off.
School bus needs repair.
He can teach me more in a day
than they would in school.
That's a very sweet offer,
but Sam has to go to school.
Grab your stuff, I'm taking you.
Go, go, go!
- Good morning, lady.
- Good morning, Mr. Mayor.
- Is that for me?
- The economic development plan.
Which has made me look smarter
than I am, I hope.
- I tried.
- Just give me the final final.
We covered the main points and
I trust you with it.
- I'll work on it.
- See you at the council meeting.
- Okay.
- And then well go in with it.
- Thanks, Erica.
- You're welcome.
- Morning, Roz.
- Morning, Ben.
Anything pressing before
the council meeting?
People want to know why
the sky is freaky-deeky.
- Did you see that?
- Mr. Dudley thinks they're aliens.
Tell them to watch TV.
Fox and CNN have something on it.
In this town everybody comes here
to solve their problems.
I pledged to fill potholes
and lower taxes...
not handle extraterrestrials.
I'll see what I can find out.
The satellite tracks its orbit
updating every 6 minutes.
The anomaly had to either rotate
or move into position...
to directly affect
the comets path.
Why did it have to move?
Couldn't it just have been there?
If the force was omni-directional
it would have influenced Mars...
or its 2 moons. I think
there's a gravity funnel...
which exerts force
in a limited direction.
Where did it come from?
And where is it going?
We plotted some potential
paths and orbits, look at it.
In 96 hours it'll exert full
force upon its landing.
In 10 hours it'll affect the moon,
there'll be huge tidal shifts.
- Tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes...
- And after that, who knows?
We're in uncharted
territory here.
I don't know what this is,
let alone how to stop it.
The guys from Washington are here.
I don't like living them such news.
Before the cell phone network
goes to shit...
we should call in the experts
who specialize in this.
What experts?
We put a man on the moon.
We need the unified theory.
We need the string guys.
Well, then get them.
Do you know where to find them?
- We'll compare notes.
- We'll get them, sir.
That's weird.
There's never traffic on the 49.
Shouldn't take 49.
Should take University.
- Why's that?
- Sam's bus takes 49.
The bus has problems.
People drive too fast on Johnston.
We need to put a stop signal.
Mr. Dudley, this is the 3rd time
you brought up this issue.
There's no reason to put
the stop sign there.
Bring a motion forward next time
to lower the speed limit.
That's a great idea, Ben.
Proposed remodeling of
the library on Pinhook.
They're here.
Wanna speak with them first?
- Absolutely.
- Great.
Come in.
- Hey. How are you doing?
- I tried to call you.
All the phones are down.
You got time for lunch?
Let's do that.
Grab a jacket.
Trish Zane. Tom Lively.
This is Dr. Zulkowski.
Thank you both for coming.
We've had an anomaly.
We hope that you can
help us stop it.
Stop it?
That sounds dangerous.
Representatives from the military
and the NSA are on their way.
We hope to have some answers
by the time they arrive.
We'll be asking a lot of you
in very short a time.
Anything we can get for you
to move the process along, name it.
I need some no. 2 pencils
and some wide-line paper.
No notebook, no college ruled.
Loose leaves of paper.
- Okay? Trish.
- Energy drinks and cigarettes.
- Any particular brand?
- Surprise me.
- None of that generic crap.
- They need to be... menthol.
- Can you keep the drinks warm?
- Room temperature anyway.
- Please.
- Well have that brought over.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I'll have Rhodes here
get you up to speed.
No. 2 pencils and energy drinks?
Is this some kind of joke?
Those two are the rock stars
of theoretical physics.
out of MIT for proposing M theory.
Her hypothesis was confirmed
by research 6 months ago.
- They're brilliant.
- Well I certainly hope so.
- Go home. See your family.
- I've got work to do.
Besides, it's the end of
the world, I'll be fine.
- That quiz was a real ball buster.
- He loves springing staff on us.
- I'm probably failing right now.
- You should sit next to me.
What does that mean?
You're making me smarter by osmosis?
- The tests are multiple choice.
- Yes.
We can create a secret language,
like I scratch my head...
the answer's A,
if I sneeze, the answer is B.
I need your test results before
I start copying your answers.
Make sure you're not
trying to impress me.
Suit yourself, but,
I got a secret weapon.
- And what is that?
- My uncle.
- Your uncle's a math teacher?
- No. Better. He's a savant.
He has a kind of autism.
He has no good motor skills.
He lacks the brain part that
filters out useless information.
- Yes, he knows everything.
- You lie.
- No, I swear.
- What, like Rainman?
Better than Rainman.
I would not lie to you.
- That's pretty wild.
- Well, it's pretty true.
Oh, man.
- What's his problem?
- Don't get me started.
- You broke up like last summer?
- Tell me about it, right?
He shouldn't have a problem
with your new boyfriend.
- New boyfriend, huh?
- Did I just say that?
- Margaret.
- I've seen that face before.
Another story to hit the Internet?
What do you regret this time?
- No, it's not that.
- Well, what?
- What is it?
- An extinction level event.
- We have a day. Maybe two.
- Before what?
They don't know. We need to
get back to Washington.
- Mr. President.
- Carson.
Members of the Cabinet
are ready to reconvene.
Good. I just told Margaret
we need to get back.
The Secret Service thinks
it's unsafe for you to fly.
I don't care what they think.
We're going back.
This is a national crisis.
The American people deserve...
to have their president
in the White House...
not hiding out
in some secret location.
The American people
need their president, sir.
The FAA has suspended all travel
until further notice.
Set it up here, in the hotel.
But keep the vice president...
- in D.C.
- Yes, sir.
My God. What are we going to do?
Jumping into a ready-made family
is difficult. Can you talk to him?
Samantha is too young
to remember her mom...
but Leo misses her.
He's a great kid but he
won't respect me.
Take him fishing or take him
to Hooters, do something...
- to get him on my side.
- We'll do.
- Well, Terry sure misses you.
- Still gets letters from Houston?
- Emails them every day.
- I think that's kind of cute.
Till the Feds send a SWAT team
to bust him for stalking.
Yeah. He needs something to do.
We need global coordination.
I want briefings every 10 minutes.
We have a few hours satellite
telecommunications left.
Then fire up the old
Cold War infrastructure.
We cannot do this alone.
Mobilize the National Guard.
We need to maintain law and order.
I want every governor kept in...
the loop as long as possible.
There is no plan for any of this.
We need to act from our gut
and just hope and pray...
we made the right decision.
Please don't sit there.
Please use a chair.
You'll mess up the sheets.
I'll have to make the bed.
What are you working on?
I have a friend. Reflex1987.
He works at the Space Agency.
I wanna work there
and use my computer.
Those guys have computers
even better than yours.
No. AMIGA has a superior
operating system.
Lynne and I wanna give you some
stuff to do around the house.
Maybe work on getting you
your drivers license.
- I don't wanna drive.
- You'd make a great driver.
I'd make an excellent driver.
Other drivers are bad.
- You have a point.
- I wanna work there.
The Atlas Space Agency.
They need me.
I know you do. We'll talk
about this again tomorrow.
Okay. Bye. Love you.
I love you too.
Leo said the Internet was down.
I rerouted my terminal through
another DNS terminal.
- It works.
- Good thinking.
- My talk with Terry went bad.
- Well, as usual.
It's like talking to a wall.
My dad was frustrated with him.
- Like father, like son.
- I'm not frustrated.
OK, he's frustrating.
It's like having another kid.
- We're doing OK with the other 2.
- Should we send him for treatment?
No, he belongs with his family.
Putting him in a nut house...
- isn't doing him any favors.
- Who talked about a nut house?
That's where those centers are.
How's your blood pressure?
- I don't wanna tell you.
- Sweetie.
- 145 over 98.
- Still pretty high.
I'll call the doctor tomorrow
and adjust my meds.
We determined that what you say
is not only unlikely.
The clearance process for people
who are already working on this...
is underway,
but obviously we can't wait.
I'll inform our team
in Washington.
- Okay.
- As long as they're the best.
Sorry for the interruption.
General Rodgers, Ms. Taylor.
- Greetings.
- Hello.
Ms. Taylor, please take a seat.
General, over here please.
- Thank you, Stan.
- Any updates for us?
- Update? Like what?
- What's the situation?
Right. Of course.
We worked on some calculations.
Thanks for getting so much time.
That's what we came up with...
- sir General...
- General.
Super cool suit, by the way.
What we came up with is that...
we are... screwed.
One hundred per cent.
- It might not be that bad.
- Might not?
- Really? Go on.
- To minimize its impact...
we need to identify it.
Know exactly what it is.
It takes scientists decades
to work this stuff out.
All resources of the US govt
are at your disposal.
Until all the satellites go down,
all the power is gonna go.
Could it be a sort of weapon?
Al Qaeda? Possibly the Chinese?
No. This is an incident
to remind us how insignificant...
we are in the universe.
- You have a name for it?
- Yeah.
Down since yesterday.
I don't think so.
If your cell phone doesn't work,
you can use mine.
Thanks, sweetie.
Where's Terry?
- He's been out there all morning.
- What time?
He was out there when I got up.
We're taking the kids to school.
We'll see you tonight.
- There's Hot Pockets for dinner.
- Bye, Pumpkin.
- We made some progress.
- It's not progress.
We just have an idea of what's
to come. You better prepare.
Go ahead.
The anomaly is
a gravitational vacuum.
- A black hole?
- No, that's omnidirectional.
- This has a focal point.
- Think of a flashlight.
Instead of emitting light
it sucks everything in.
- We do mean everything.
- Everything.
- Matter... anti-matter...
- Light, gravity, time.
Hold on. Time?
It sucks time?
Time is one of
the 11 dimensions.
It'd take us hours to explain.
Time is a quantifiable object...
- like space.
- Matter.
- And gravity. You go.
- It will impact Earth...
- in 48 hours.
- And thats it.
When it hits us,
it's zero time.
We are gone. We are
going down to crunch town.
We'll be done before that.
For humanity anyway.
Soon it'll exert gravitational
pull on the moon and the planet.
It will affect weather patterns.
The water cycle will be slowed up.
A water canopy may be created.
Thick atmosphere keeping moisture...
- closer to the planet surface.
- We've depleted the ozone enough...
that it's not gonna be
catastrophic, but it's gonna be...
- be rough.
- It's gonna be rough.
Gravity will be affected and
things will grow lighter.
As it nears the perihelion,
it's gonna create a large vacuum.
On the 1st pass it's gonna 2
maybe 3 kilometers deep.
It will reach its perihelion and
impact the Far East first.
- Somewhere between...
- Australia.
- And Japan.
- Depending on the time...
- and the exact point.
- As the Earth rotates it's gonna...
rotate right into the vacuum.
Even if we survive the first days...
come day three, the entire
planet will be consumed.
- How good is this assessment?
- This is the real deal, sir.
I'll call the president.
Think. All of you.
Any chance of stopping this thing?
That's what we try to do.
But it doesn't look good.
You wanna do me a favor and take
it a little easy on your mom?
She's my step mom, OK?
And she can take it easy on me.
It'd be nice if you call her
mom now and then.
That's never gonna happen.
She's not my mom.
- Can I borrow a hundred bucks?
- It's not gonna happen.
She's not my mom. Can I borrow
a hundred bucks? What the hell?
Remember the girl you saw yesterday
at the school, Lindsey?
The clouds part, all becomes clear.
Yeah, I remember Lindsey.
I want to take her to dinner
this weekend.
- Take her to the Fleur-de-Lis.
- Fleur-de-Lis?
Why not just fly her to Paris?
You don't need to take her there.
- I'll pay you back.
- With what? You don't have a job.
This summer I'm gonna work.
- Wait! Stop the car.
- What?
- Dad, just stop the car.
- All right. What?
What's that? You see that?
- Have you ever seen that?
- No. Never.
- Hey, Roz.
- Another day of weirdness?
- Very strange. Any calls?
- The governor called first thing.
- Wants you to call him back.
- Okay, thanks.
Back from the dead.
Stanley. I'm sure you've come to
the same conclusion that we have.
We must detonate our
nuclear assets at the poles...
to reshape the planets axis.
This is our only solution.
- This Russian plan is a bad idea.
- Agreed.
Long lasting effects on the planet
would be catastrophic.
Launching the world's nuclear
arsenal at the N. Pole to knock...
the planet off a few degrees
sounds genius to me.
- It'll never work. No dice.
- Really? Never?
Man, no dice, you guys.
No game, no guts, no game off.
- Who is this kook?
- You cannot smoke in here.
Didn't you get the email?
The world's about to end.
Dr. Medev was Russian cosmologist.
Yuri Zelnikov I think his name is.
- He's still alive?
- He's such a hack.
- You know him?
- Everybody knows that Soviet dude.
We need to tell our people
not to go with this plan.
Rebound! That ball! Jump!
Get it! Get it! That ball!
Jump! Get it! Rebound!
That ball!
Jump! Jump! Get it! Get it!
Rebound! That ball!
- Whoo!
- Hey.
Good practice today.
See you Thursday?
- Of course!
- Bye Lindsey.
Jump! Jump! Get it!
Get it! Rebound! That ball!
Stop. I hate practicing indoors.
It's so hot in here.
- What's going on with the weather?
- I thought you had all the answers.
- Are you getting sassy with me?
- Maybe.
- What was that?
- So weird. Think it's a hurricane?
- I didn't see that on the news.
- Didn't see any news. No TV.
- That's true. Good point.
- It's a very good point.
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- She's already talking to me.
- But thanks for interrupting.
- I wasn't talking to you.
- Stop it, okay?
- Really.
There's nothing to talk about.
I deleted your Facebook messages.
It's over, so just forget
about it and move on.
- It's not that simple.
- Yeah, it is!
- Hey Terry. Where's Ben?
- I need 6 distributor caps.
I need 24 spark plugs.
I need 2 truck batteries.
- Phone call, line 2.
- Governor?
- No. Earl over at the auto shop.
- Okay. Hey Earl!
Your brother Terry's here.
He's buying a bunch of stuff.
- Shall I put it on your account?
- Well, what's he buying?
- Spark plugs and distributor caps.
- The governor's on the phone.
I gotta take this.
Let him take whatever he wants.
All right.
Hello, Richard, how you doing?
Okay, I'm sitting down.
We worked out calculations and
the anomaly may be dark matter.
We need the missiles to create a
chain reaction to stop this thing.
The Russians and the Chinese are
putting their plan in motion.
They want the US to come on board.
They say their plan can work.
They have always been
We can't use our missiles.
We may need them later.
- For what?
- We're working on a...
counter offensive
for when the thing comes close.
I'll inform the president.
We'll save them.
I'll try to convince the Russians
and the Chinese that were not...
taking any strategic advantage
by withholding our arsenal.
- Where's your car?
- I didn't drive today.
- Want a ride?
- My dad will pick me up.
You could call him and tell him
you've found a ride...
- but the phone lines are down.
- He'd be worried if I wasn't here.
- Isn't that cute?
- Shut up.
You better don't ride in my car.
The inside smells like mildew.
- So I'll see you?
- Okay.
- Okay. Bye.
- All right. Bye.
- Your dad could give me a ride?
- Can I kiss you?
I mean I'll give you a ride.
While were waiting we could...
Yeah, really like.
- Bet I could still pick you up.
- Yeah?
I'm not that strong.
Quick, get in.
- Can we give Lindsey a ride?
- Sure, let's go.
- Is everything all right?
- We'll talk about it.
- Did something happen to Terry?
- No.
- Nice to meet you, Mr. Marshall.
- Sorry, there's a lot going on.
- What was that?
- Looks like an earthquake.
Come on.
- Is anybody in there?
- Please, help me.
- Pull her out.
- We should wait for the paramedics.
- How can we call them?
- Get it off of me.
Other side, quick.
- The gravity, Leo.
- Please help me.
Major damage across the country.
The polar shift triggered
chain reactions.
We've got massive earthquakes
along the San Andreas.
Los Angeles, San Francisco
both badly hit.
- Word about the anomaly?
- No immediate reaction.
I can't believe it all comes down
to Avril Lavigne and Poindexter.
You'd better start believing.
Find some religion.
I am pleading with you.
Hey Lindsey, don't worry.
My dad will find a solution.
We got a call from the governor.
There's an anomaly headed our way.
The gist of it is
we've got about 48 hours.
Our broadcast is now reaching
most of the countries.
We have a little official word
from the White House on...
the last cataclysmic events.
we expect a news conference...
in the next few minutes.
We are getting some images...
from that 7,9 earthquake
in Southern California.
Thousands are feared dead.
In London an earthquake...
reaching a magnitude of 5,4
left a wake of destruction.
We now go to the BBC
for a full report.
Okay. Let's do this.
These weather changes have brought
loss of life and destruction...
to London. Citizens are
advised to stay inside...
and await further instruction.
The PM will be reporting...
from Downing Street
on American plans to stop...
what scientists
are calling gravitation.
Let's get to work.
Lindsey, don't worry. Dad's
gonna make sure everything's OK.
I don't know what happened to
my parents. I want to go home.
I'll get my dad's truck.
I'll take you back.
- You gotta talk to Terry.
- I'll explain it to him.
I want to take Lindsey home but
he won't let me take the truck.
- Why not?
- He says you need it.
- I don't need my truck.
- I know, but I need it.
- Where does he think I'm going?
- He says you're going to Houston.
- Will you please talk to him?
- Ah, yeah.
I imagine you're upset.
You overheard us talking.
- No.
- So what are you doing?
You have to take me to Houston.
The Space Agency needs my help.
The National Monitor Service.
We've got tide shifting...
typhoons and tropical storms
over the Eastern seaboard.
- I think this is the end.
- Oh, Jesus.
If it's dark matter,
it's completely unstable.
- This could double in intensity.
- Not if the math is right.
We don't have the computing power
to pull this calculation off.
- What are you talking about?
- A strangelet.
- What's that cosmology witchcraft?
- It's multidirectional quarks.
It's a form of dark matter.
It could stop this thing.
Strangelets turn every particle
into other strangelets.
It could cancel this thing out.
At least dilute it.
- Where can we get one?
- Particle accelerator.
- We could somehow transplant it.
- We don't even know if they exist.
There's no suitcase for that.
If it goes wrong, the planet...
will turn into anti-matter,
a big cloud of dust and gas.
- You're thinking inside the box.
- Keep thinking. We're out of time.
You think this is some game.
But people are dying.
A tsunami is hitting Manhattan.
Now, get to work.
- Leo.
- Yeah?
- Take her home. Well talk later.
- Okay.
- Can he have the keys? Hurry back.
- I will. Come on.
What's going on?
Terry wants to go to Houston.
To the Space Center.
- Why?
- He thinks he has the solution.
- You think he's got the solution?
- Maybe. I don't know.
Your brother is sweet but
he has a mental disorder.
- You can't take him seriously.
- What if he's right?
He taught Samantha how to read.
And he figured out hot to make...
a generator out of car parts.
Remember the story about the bus.
What if we can prevent disaster
if we just listen to him?
Let me bring him in there.
Let him explain it to you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Will I ever see you again?
- Of course, I promise.
Oh, my God.
Lindsey! What are you doing?
Damn it. Lindsey!
Mom. Dad. Oh, my God.
- Justin!
- Come on. We have to go.
Go ahead. Tell her.
I think we got it.
- The anomaly is dark matter.
- It's a collection of quarks.
- Quarks are generic particles.
- There are 6 different types.
Dark matter is formed when
strange quarks bond into...
a new form of matter because
they don't decay as they should.
It creates an unnatural gravity
that deconstructs everything.
Matter is attracted to the center
and time slows down.
Its existence is caused
by a variety of factors.
- Random chance, really.
- That's the only way to stop it.
- Creating a dark matter cluster.
- This will cancel each other out.
Create a wormhole,
a bridge between the two.
This sounds good.
How do we do it?
We need supercharged,
accelerated particles.
- The ones at CERN in Geneva.
- How do we get them into space?
- Wed have to move it somehow.
- How much time do we have?
- 1st wave of destruction in Asia.
- About 8 hours.
Final destruction, 32 hours.
We can't even get a shuttle
off the ground in that time.
We thought you'd say that.
An option is a nuclear reaction.
Launched at the right velocity,
the right angle, the detonation...
- could give us what we need.
- What type of device?
A thermal nuclear weapon.
One that's reliant on fusion.
Not fission.
Wed have to launch more than 1.
- They can collide.
- At the same time.
We got it. Its multiple devices
can be targeted separated.
The LGM118A Peacekeeper.
It has 10 warheads.
If you give us the coordinates,
we can launch it immediately.
- That's the hang-up.
- We need time to calculate...
the sweet spot.
Thirty some-odd hours.
Let's get started.
We have to try.
- And that's what we have to do.
- I don't know what you're saying.
What makes you think the govt
hasn't already thought of this?
Cause if they did, they would
have already done it.
- We have to go to the basement.
- What's going on?
Tornadoes, come on.
Come on. Come with Daddy.
Here we go, sweetie.
Get in the garage, sweetie.
Quick as you can.
Terry, come on.
See this? Leave it on for
two-minute intervals.
- How we looking, Trish?
- That's all of it.
- How long?
- According to the counter thing...
- about 32 hours.
- What are the alternatives?
It's a complex formula
that only your computers...
could decipher. It would take
me years to solve it by hand.
I don't know if you have
enough paper for me to write on.
Right. Okay.
You're here for a reason.
Just keep me posted.
Leo. Come on. Let's go.
- We dodged a bullet.
- Somebody up there likes us.
- You wanted to see me, sir?
- Are TV and radio still working?
- Yes, sir.
- I want to address the nation.
Yes, sir.
The Interstate's out.
All the tornadoes and earthquakes.
- Many will try to leave town.
- To go where?
Well, anywhere.
They probably think it's local.
So rural roads and highways.
It'll take longer to get there.
It only took us 4 hours to get
to Houston for the reunion.
It's gonna take more than 6.
Haven't seen weapons in a while.
Traded it for a wedding gown.
Don't forget to take those.
You're gonna save the world,
that's bad for your blood pressure.
- I love you.
- I love you too. See you later.
- You watch your back, you hear?
- I will. Good luck, Dad.
- I'm not gonna wake Sam.
- You better.
Come on. Let's go.
You have 10 minutes. The Secret
Service wants to move you...
to a more secure location.
No matter how powerless we are,
we gotta give people some hope.
Well leave after we get
that message out, all right?
All right, sir.
- Give me one minute.
- Sure.
There are many apologies and
thank yous that I owe you.
I know. I'll wait.
This is one more of those things
that we look back on.
A test of our strength that
you and me overcome.
Don't waste all that talk on me.
The world needs to hear it now.
- That's why I took this job.
- It's easy to forget sometimes.
Thank you, Margaret.
Let's go get them.
- They're gonna make it.
- I know.
Get ready, Mr. President.
And five, and four...
Ladies and gentlemen,
my fellow Americans...
and anyone who can hear me.
This is an international crisis.
A global crisis.
One that no one expected.
It appears impossible to stop.
There's no plan to prevent...
this impending disaster.
We've been caught off guard...
powerless to the whims
of nature.
My words can only offer
inspiration to carry on...
if and when this has passed.
To rebuild.
To aid each other.
To treat every stranger as a
member of our own family.
This event has shown us that
the divisions that separate us...
be they race, religion or
status are insignificant.
We will all need each other
if our species is to survive.
Thank you. Good night.
And God bless us all.
Cut. Very nice, Mr. President.
- That thing is causing all this?
- Yeah. This is bad.
I'm glad you get it because
I sure don't.
- Is it getting much worse?
- I don't know.
It's not good.
It breached the 1st safety zone.
We'll feel the effects in 10 hours.
Come on.
Where are you going?
Terry, what are you doing?
Electromagnetic impulse created.
It destroyed everything electronic.
I can fix it.
Looks like were walking.
- You need to take your pills.
- I don't think it's time yet.
- It is.
- What am I thinking?
Glad to see you are okay.
Where's Ben?
Houston. Randy's in charge
till he gets back.
- Houston?
- Yeah. Long story.
Sit down baby.
What's the situation?
A lot of people lost their homes.
We don't have radios.
Deputies are on foot patrol
to see what they can do.
- Anyone on the North Side?
- No. We worked our way up south.
- Have you seen my parents?
- No, Lindsey. I haven't.
- It's gonna be okay.
- We have to find them, Leo.
- My brother must be so scared.
- I'll check out the North Side.
- I think you should stay here.
- To pass out crackers and waters?
We can help people.
At least try to find her family.
Emergency situation. Take it.
You know how to use it.
All right.
I was 10 years in law enforcement.
Don't go being a cowboy.
- All right.
- Just have it in your hand.
- I'll be right back.
- I know.
Come on.
- What's that line by the river?
- Bridge.
- Thanks.
- Bridge is out.
- What?
- No cars for the last 87 miles.
- The bridge is out.
- Damn it.
- It's okay.
- I know gravity's screwed up but...
what's your plan? To carry the
truck on our backs and swim?
- It's okay.
- Stop saying it's okay.
- Why are you yelling?
- Cause you're frustrating.
You're a genius but
you can't communicate.
Once there, you can't just
tell people it's okay.
People have to understand you.
I understand. If I explain it's
just a waste of time. It's okay.
You hear that?
Hold on for a second.
Somebody's in trouble.
Stay in the car.
- I'm gonna see if anybody's hurt.
- Okay.
- Are you all right?
- My car died. Can you jump it?
What are you guys doing?
- Hands down. He's no cop.
- What are you doing here?
Baby, the world's over.
Why not party?
Get the hell out of here.
This is McGuire's house.
I don't care. Okay?
It's my house now.
Get the hell outta here.
All of you, get out.
- Turn up the heat, huh?
- Forget it, Sean, let's go.
I love it. I love it.
You forget about it.
You forget about it.
- This is outta control. Let's go.
- Shut up!
All the electronics are out.
We can give you a ride to Houston.
- But your car works.
- I can't explain. It's funny.
Sorry, man.
We ain't going to Houston.
Don't do this, man.
You don't know what's going on.
You don't understand.
We need your car.
- You wanna steal my girlfriend.
- Don't point that at her.
Think you're gonna
pull a gun on me?
- Calm down. I don't want...
- You think I'm afraid to die?
I don't wanna shoot anybody.
Put your gun down and go.
You couldn't just leave her alone?
Please... Please...
- Put the gun down.
- Shut up!
It's your move. Play your hand.
But I'm not leaving.
Just put the gun down on 3.
- Put the gun down on 3.
- All right.
- All right.
- All right... One...
- Leo!
- What are you doing, man?
Man, we all die tomorrow.
You're crazy, man.
I'm outta here.
He can die today.
We need your car.
Terry, get back in the truck.
Jesus, Terry.
Please, take me with you.
It wasn't my idea.
It's OK. They have doctors there.
No! No! No!
- Go get help.
- What help?
You asshole, go get help.
- I hate you.
- Shut up!
- I hate you.
- I'm taking good care of her.
Please! Leo. Leo!
- Hastings. Is Leo back?
- I haven't seen him.
- How long has he been gone?
- At least an hour.
I'm gonna go find him.
- Damn it.
- What is it?
The computer crashed.
Fix it, please, please.
- Something's gone wrong.
- Yeah.
Terry, I don't feel good.
- I'm having another heart attack.
- Hang on.
Leo! Leo!
- I have to go inside.
- This area's closed to civilians.
- What happened to him?
- He got hit.
- He needs his pills.
- I don't think I can help you.
I have to go inside. He needs
my help. Reflex1987.
- What did you just say?
- Reflex1987.
He needs my help.
I have to go inside.
- What's that?
- Dr. Rhodes verbal pass code.
You must know someone.
Let him in. I'll check it out.
Stop! Stop!
- Take him to medical.
- He's stage hypertensive.
He suffered a mild heart attack.
- This isn't working.
- Try again.
This man wants to speak to you.
He knew your password.
- Reflex1987.
- I'm sorry, do I know you?
Terry Marshall. I email you 3 times
a week. Monday. Wednesday...
Friday. I have it
on this computer. It's safe.
Hi, Terry. Can I talk to you, Ross?
He's an autistic physics buff.
He wants to get a job here.
- He shouldn't be here right now.
- Yes, sir.
- Uh, Terry.
- Yeah?
- It's not a good time to talk.
- Okay.
- All right. Goodbye, Terry.
- Let's go.
People have to understand you.
Nobody knows what you're thinking.
Reflex1987, you're doing it wrong.
Missile Peacekeeper 118LMDA.
It's fusion.
It's not fission.
- Wait, stop, stop, stop.
- Dark matter is a strangelet.
Stop, stop, stop.
- How do you know that?
- I did calculations.
- They're on my computer.
- What kind of calculations?
Sound waves. Resonant
energy. Unique frequencies.
That's it. That's it.
- We need a monitor.
- No, I got a monitor.
Superior operating system.
Did you get it to them?
They need a VGA cable.
We've only got a DVI cable.
- You did good, littler brother.
- I love you. And Lynne.
We love you too.
Mom. Mom...
I'm so sorry.
His calculations,
they look correct.
His approach is unconventional
but his science is sound.
How did we miss it?
This is the frequency.
There goes everything.
- What's gonna happen?
- With quantum physics...
and the chaos theory
you never know what to expect.
It could make it disappear,
be absorbed and do nothing.
It could create a wormhole.
That can be used as a faster...
than light travel mechanism.
Or a time machine.
Could we find ourselves on
the other side of the galaxy?
- Or chilling with dinosaurs.
- I'm gonna miss you guys.
He's going into arrest.
Charge the defibrillator.
Give me the pass.
Going on 300. Clear.
Marshall guarantees that everything
will be put back to normal.
- Why don't you use the mix?
- Mine's better.
- You never made it before.
- Yes I have. 672 times.
- We need a cup of milk.
- No, you haven't. Use the mix.
Mine's better. Careful.
- What are you guys up to?
- Nothing.
I told him to use the mix.
- Pretty good.
- Better than the mix?
Better clean this up
before mom gets home.
Dja v.
- Can you pick me up at 6?
- I was taking the day off anyway.
- You take the day off?
- Yeah, why not?
- We should go out and have fun.
- They must put something...
extra in those
blood pressure pills.
- Not to concern yourself. Carry on.
- Oh, nice. Pancakes.
- Good morning, Peter.
- Good morning, Stan.
- How goes it, Ali?
- The images from the Hubble...
were clear as a day.
Enough to do the 3D modeling.
Close enough for a texture map
as she passes near the Rover.
These eggs are good.
- Hey, honey.
- Mom's home.