Quan qiu re lian (Love in Space) (2011)

Full marks!
The three of you watch carefully now.
Don't blame me for never cooking
these past 30 years.
Blame your father.
He was such a great chef!
- She cooks?!
- For keeping me out of the kitchen.
This... and that...
and those are all prepared by me.
Your mom didn't order any take-out.
Do bless this meal, old man!
True happiness is in fact quite simple.
When I was away, knowing that
your father was also thinking of me...
That's true happiness!
So, my three silly girls,
get out there and find your true happiness.
No matter where you are in the world...
I should say,
no matter which planet you are on.
Mom will always be thinking of you!
I miss you, my babies!
I miss you too, Mom!
First day, first meal, right on time!
Bon apptit!
The ISS Command Center has advanced
tomorrow's satellite launch to 08:30.
We have to revise our rundown.
Disruption test at 20:10.
You'll adjust the solar panels
You know, one in five astronauts
has a strong reaction
to their first meal in space.
We should focus on eating.
Correction: It's one in 6.35 astronauts.
Your information may not be reliable.
Needs empirical knowledge.
I hear you broke up again?
You don't have to be so nervous!
I'm only worried about liquid
entering the equipment.
A drop or two won't kill anything.
Who told you?
Best if it's not true.
Breaking up in December is so ruthless!
Is there a rule?
A Space Safety Provision?
No, it's the Peace on Earth Regulation!
What's your glorious theory? Tell me.
December, January and February
have the most holidays.
Once separated,
you'll open presents alone at Christmas.
Countdown to New Year's alone.
Spend the Lunar New Year
tormented by friends and family,
asking when are you getting married.
Finally, you'll spend
Valentine's Day eating
a "lover's set" all by yourself
because that's the only thing
on the restaurant menu.
So don't you think this is really cruel?
Then why did you break up
with me in December?
You broke up with me!
December 20th, 2001. 18:50 hours.
I got your e-mail.
YOU wanted the break up.
YOU were so nasty!
It was raining cats and dogs that day.
I waited three hours for Miss Huang
and she never showed up!
My! It was a sunny day, Mr. Chan!
Would you mind re-checking
the weather report?
Go ahead.
- Honey?
- I'm not your honey!
Don't get angry.
Your body will short-circuit.
It was you who broke up with me.
It was you! You!
- You!
- You!
Liar! You are!!!
Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Huang.
Have you forgotten
that we're in outer space?!
Calm down!
Keep calm!
Doesn't it hurt?
How have you been?
I was fired again.
What for?
The cash from that customer
was just too dirty.
I really couldn't take it.
Still afraid of germs?
I'm actually a lot better now.
You're still in denial.
As part of the behavioral therapy,
we set up cameras around your home.
Here's the result. Look.
You were wiping the windows...
Seems to me you're getting worse.
Since 7 years ago, when your boyfriend...
He conned me!
He said he'd marry me,
and then he took
all my money from the bank
and ran away with another woman!
I understand.
That's just the first step.
That's only the first step?
I've already forgotten
everything about him,
and it's only the first step?
The problem isn't with him.
- It's with you.
- Me?
Molysmophobia is like
your safe house from love.
If you don't open
the doors wide and step out,
you'll never overcome your illness.
L-O-V-E, love again.
No, I don't want...
How long has it been
since you said "I love you" to someone?
Say it after me.
"I love you."
I... love... you.
Brilliant! Say it loud!
- I love you.
- Like you really mean it! "I love you!"
- I love you!
- LOUDER! "I love you!"
I love you! "I love you!"
I love you!!!
See you next week.
Holy moly! What's with all this trash?!
Whoa, it's heavy!
Don't force yourself, Dad. Take it easy!
No problem. Ever since the operation,
I've been stronger than a tiger!
You gotta take a break. Let me do it!
Oh, no!
What's wrong?
That's your mom's favorite singer.
She hasn't performed here
in over a decade,
and I forgot to book tickets.
I'm so dead!
did Mom ever resent you
for being a garbage man?
Our first kiss was in the garbage truck!
Relationship problems?
Relationship problems are like toothaches.
They linger.
So, okay, look.
Next time,
before the date, the movie,
the holding of hands, the kissing,
I'll just tell her that I'm a garbage man.
Then we won't waste each other's time.
Congratulations, you've got it!
Excuse me. Table for one. Please.
Do you mind sharing?
- No.
- Yes.
Hi, can I take your order?
Fish and chips.
And... anything to drink with that?
Ice tea.
No ice?
Me too.
So you're Chinese?
Me too.
I'll get them to clean it up.
No! Their towels are even dirtier!
International Health Regulations state that
a dishwasher's temperature
must be high enough
to effectively kill germs.
Otherwise, there's no point to washing.
You know it?
Otherwise, there'd be salmonella,
and you may get food poisoning.
What's wrong?
Food on my face?
Do you have time to go to
a movie with me tonight?
Sounds good!
Good idea... but we've just met.
Then let me introduce myself first.
Wait! Sorry...
I promised myself that I'd tell a date
what I do for a living before we go out.
Wait! Let me guess!
You're in the art world?
A collector... Artwork collector?
Old stuff that people don't want...
I collect.
I got it!
Since you're so familiar
with the International Health Regulations,
you must be a specialist
collecting bioenvironmental data.
Glad to know you!
I'm... a garbage collector.
Nice meeting you!
Wait! Listen to me...
Your body language speaks for you!
But I'm very proud to be a garbage man!
- Listen to me. I...
- See you!
No, never!
Nominations for the Worst Actress are:
Zhang Qianqian, Yang Lifang,
and Peony Huang.
Let's watch Peony Huang's performance.
Seven Star Fists!
Peony Huang is Worst Actress!
Let's welcome Peony Huang.
Peony Huang! We love you!
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone, for spurring me on.
I, Peony Huang, promise that,
I definitely won't receive
this award next year.
Absolutely not!
"Full Moon in Paris"
starts shooting in two weeks.
Uncle Hua, just drive.
I can't. We're boxed in!
I must work as a waitress in a caf
for the next two weeks.
What role do I play in
"Full Moon in Paris"?
A caf waitress.
Exactly. I have to experience
the feeling of being a waitress myself!
Since I was 13,
my everyday schedule is make-up,
photo shoots, film shoots,
plane rides, and ribbon cuttings.
I've never even taken a public bus ride.
I have no idea about the life
of a normal person,
yet I have to play one.
- I really do think I'm terrible!
- Peony...
Anyway, I don't care.
I'm going to go undercover
at a caf for two weeks!
Everyone in China knows you.
Can you really be
an ordinary caf waitress?
Can you?
No one gets it!
None of them!
All vulgar!
I'm not writing anymore.
Why should I write?
Hell! I'm not writing anymore!
Are you crazy? Your manuscript!
Being a writer is your dream!
What good is a dream?
I've been writing for a year.
Have you seen me collect a single cent?
Have you seen anything published?
Well... it's your dream.
You can't be frightened of poverty.
The most important thing now
is to survive and be well-fed!
Tell me, which is more important,
bread or your dream?
Itd be even better to have it with yogurt.
Our caf needs help these days.
Why don't you try it out?
Is this normal enough?
Still a bit off.
And now?
I got it!
This will do, right?
Presbyopic glasses?
So dizzy.
What the...
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You are...
I'm here for the interview.
Two words describe our training method:
Strict. Stricter.
How you hold the tray must
meet international standards.
Use three fingers and only your left hand.
- Fatty, check the coffee.
- Okay!
Hold up your head...
Yes, stand straight.
Give me some smiles.
Customer comes first. You should smile
when you greet a customer.
You're alright. Okay.
Follow me.
Hold the trays with steady hands.
Let's walk around the restaurant once.
Move it!
If the coffee spills a drop,
I'm not going to hire you.
What are you doing? A war?
Don't you know how expensive it is?
What's going on with you?
You, out...
This... isn't too bad.
This... isn't exactly going to pass.
Stand straight but not 90 degrees.
A slight slant goes a long way.
- Manager!
- What?
Well said! And he looks like a poet.
Say, if we hire him,
our professional image will rise!
Chest up, chin up, stand still.
Fine, the two of you start tomorrow.
Hey, your hand...
I'm so dizzy...
You look like that...
- That Worst Actress!
- What Worst Actress?
Why would she come work here?
That's crazy!
I'm Wen Feng. What's your name?
I'm... Xiao Huang.
Xiao Huang!
My new co-worker, here's a watermelon.
My watermelons are crispy and sweet!
Such a dumb gift.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
- You first!
- You first!
Ladies first.
Trying to be a gentleman?
MATW, check. Normal.
fancy a chocolate?
I've only got one, right?
You might regret it.
Don't want it, fine, I'll enjoy it!
Where is it?
My choco... choco?
Wait...! Hold it in...! Take a deep breath!
Think about something else...
Feeling any better? Okay!
I swallowed it.
Oh no... you swallowed it?!
I told you, one in five astronauts
would have a reaction.
You're that "one".
It's 6.35...
You can't keep throwing up.
- Let me give you a shot!
- No!
Just relax, okay?
If I take the injection, it'll be reported.
How will I ever return to space
after this mission?
If you keep throwing up,
you'll become dehydrated!
About just now... I'm sorry.
I'll report that I
experienced the reaction,
and that I took the injection.
It will be fine.
I threw up on my last
trip, it's no big deal.
Why are you covering for me?
I read your mind,
don't force yourself.
I'm not.
You're a real astronaut.
Who cares if you're the first choice
or the backup?
This is your achievement
from years of hard work and persistence.
No one can take that away from you.
How did we start the fight that year?
I think it was over a cup of coffee.
We went from varieties of coffee
to the subject of order in the universe.
The philosophy of Self.
The fight was really stupid.
Then we had a cold war for 3 months...
We didn't see each other.
Finally we agreed to meet...
It was raining hard that day
and I waited for you in
the ice cream shop for 3 hours.
I was at the ice cream shop, too.
- Which one did you go to?
- Which one did you go to?
- Florida.
- Los Angeles.
I thought we should meet at the one
where we'd spent Valentine's Day.
We went to both...
If I wasn't there, you should've called me.
I sent you an e-mail.
Right, two words in your e-mail:
"Good bye."
You told me that if you didn't show up
then it means we're over.
If a man wants out,
it's so uncool for a woman
to beg to go back!
Okay... Okay!
Let's not talk about this anymore.
Shut up!
I have to get a job.
Orchid, rose, lemon,
almond, jasmine, lavender
Fresh day!
Mom, you're really cooking?!
Surprised you? People change.
Come on, give me some praise!
Mom, you're amazing!
Once I've mastered cooking,
you'll have an excuse to visit me.
Do you need some money?
No, I'm fine,
I just got a raise and a promotion.
Don't worry about me.
My three babies,
The big one, she's up in space,
so I can't do anything for her.
The little one, stays with me
but she is driving me crazy.
But Mom worries about you the most.
you always keep things to yourself,
you never tell your mom a thing.
Mom, I'm really fine.
I have to get to work now...
Bye bye, see you!
Bye bye!
Come, come on in!
Hua, how's my little one doing at work?
Not bad. She's a good kid.
She's stubborn. No good!!
I made some dumplings last night.
But I couldn't finish them on my own,
so I brought you some.
Sure. What's inside them?
Chives and eggs.
I love them.
When we were overseas,
I used to make dumplings
together with their father
after the restaurant closed for the night.
They smell great.
Many foreigners love to eat dumplings.
Dum... what?
"Jiao Zi". Dumplings!
We were so busy back then, so, so busy...
that we almost forgot who we were.
Oh no, I'm late!
What're you in a rush for? Take it easy!
Where are your manners?
Morning, Mom.
- And?
- I'm really running late!
Give me a hug...
Baby, how does Mom look today?
Wow, gorgeous!
Get running, Uncle Hua!
Uncle Hua, I have the early shift
at the caf today.
Don't worry, we'll make it.
Your mom seems to really like flowers.
Yes, we're all named after flowers,
didn't you realize...
Poor Dad,
he'd be given a flower shirt
every year for his birthday.
Flower shirts...
Hey, Uncle Hua, let's go.
Thank you, please come again.
Xiao Huang!
A strawberry pudding, and a cup of latte.
What is it? It looks terrible!
Latte Art, it's poetic, got it?
How is it poetic? I can't tell
If your heart were like mine,
I will bear all the pain it has to take.
What're you talking about?
It's a heart! Can't you tell?
A broken heart? Are you...
Sir, your latte...
Flowers are blossoming on me today!
You look so much younger!
You look actually a lot younger today!
Is the kid late again?
No, I got here half an hour early.
How did you prepare
the dumplings from yesterday?
They were really delicious.
So much better than the ones
at our old Chinatown restaurant.
I was a cook when I was young.
Then I injured my wrist,
and I couldn't even lift a spatula.
I see. Can you teach me
how to cook sometime?
Sure, I can come
an hour early from now on.
I'm kidding. You must be busy.
Come, sit down. Want a drink?
It would be fine with me.
I've got spare time.
Good morning everybody!
This is Zhu, your DJ today.
To all old and new friends in Chinatown,
I would like to announce today
the most exciting day of the year,
we will award a very big prize.
You got it right!
It's our annual
Mid-Autumn impersonation contest!
If you're the first person to make it
to our radio station
with your great costume,
then you will be the winner!
Our prize today includes $10,000 in cash!
C-A-S-H, cash!
And the most highly-anticipated
event in Chinatown...
Already sold-out
Lady Siu-fung concert ticket for...
Two! The tickets Dad wants!
Worth getting?
Who would you impersonate today?
The moon fairy? No...!
This time, we want you all
to dress up as someone,
that has nothing to do
with the Mid-Autumn Festival,
and that someone is... Cupid!
- Cupid?
As Cupid
you must have two wings on your back
and a bow and arrow in your hand!
Okay, right now!
The competition starts right now,
and the first person
who arrives here will be the winner!
Quick! $10,000 in cash.
Yes... come on...!
Hurry up!
Isn't it the 10th floor?
Come on.
So today's winner is...
- Johnny.
- Lily.
- Come on, I got here first.
- I got here first.
I'm first...
Well, who wins?
- Johnny.
- Yes!
And Lily!
Both are winners,
and the prizes belong to you both.
The cash prize and the tickets...
I was here first!
- It's mine!
- I am the winner!
We each get half, fair?
- You have some problem.
- I don't!
Molysmophobia. Fear of bacteria.
- That's why last time...
- You took me the wrong way.
Sorry, I thought you're
just like those other girls,
who avoid me because of my job.
No, that's not my intention.
Never mind.
It won't make much of a difference,
as I can't get closer to you.
- No, it's different.
- How?
At least you won't look down on me.
If someone said to you, "I love you."
How would you answer back to win?
To win?
The quiz show on TV last night.
I don't know.
The answer is "I love you more!"
This is a good one, right?
Come on...
What about the tickets?
I'm not interested, they're all yours.
Thank you.
Thanks for the tickets.
Sorry that I broke your wing.
Now you won't be able to fly.
Same as you.
But if we stick together,
wouldn't we have a pair of wings then?
Then we can fly.
That's right!
Is that possible?
Shall we try!
Give me a moment...
I failed miserably today.
Starting tomorrow,
I must learn how to control myself.
After 13 years of waiting,
finally I am up in space.
But out of 127 other astronauts,
why did they send us together?!
Could this be...
How could there be any misunderstanding?
I really did go to look for you.
But I saw you walking behind a hot babe,
and I heard you calling
her "sweetie, sweetie",
so full of affection...
Where do you live, Huang?
Need a ride?
No thanks.
All those watermelons, aren't they heavy?
What's up? Scared?
Not at all!
Then come on up!
No problem!
Why do you sell watermelons after work?
To make money.
I need to go back to school next year.
I must fulfill my dream.
What's your dream?
My dream is to make it big...
to become a great writer.
Not bad!
How about you?
I want to go rowing on Lake Houhai.
That's considered a dream?
To go with the one I love.
Let's go!
Uncle Hua.
Peony, I'm right behind you.
What're you doing on the watermelon cart?
Just follow me!
That way!
What do you think of
Peony Huang's acting?
Peony Huang?
Wooden delivery, emotionless face,
empty eyes, terrible voice,
physically awkward. Seems to lack depth...
What're you doing?!
A mosquito.
At least she's pretty.
She's just so... so...
I think you're prettier.
Which way is your place?
- Over there!
- Here?
Didn't you say you live very close-by?
Why aren't we there yet?
- It's right here.
- Where?
- Stop, stop!
- Okay.
Do you want me to walk you in?
No! My mom will ask a lot of questions.
Well, I'm running late anyway.
I still have to get to the market.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Xiao Huang!
I didn't bring anything for your family.
Please give this watermelon to your mom.
My watermelons are crispy and sweet!
I'm taking off!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Since when do men like
to give watermelons to their dates?
Does he like me?
Who knows!
It can't be. He's dorky!
Come over...
This is my biological clock,
and it's almost stopped.
I really want to have a child with you.
I miss you,
You still miss that woman!!
Rose, my sweetie...
Rose, sweetie?
I love you.
Rose. That's me?
Oh, no!
How is it?
Do you think the roses
will mutate because of how we grow them?
they'll become...
"Man-eating plants"!
Stop right there!
I couldn't hit you on Earth,
but don't believe
that I can't hit you in space.
Come on, get me!
Slow down, let me get you!
There's a brand-new toothbrush
and toothpaste in the bathroom.
I'll make breakfast.
It's the green toothbrush.
Got it.
One, two, three!
Good morning, Mr. Bear, how are you?
You ask how much I love you...
What's up!
Oh, shit!
Johnny, you okay?
I'm okay! Just brushing my teeth!
Sorry, my friend!
What're you doing?
No problem.
What are you doing?
What's going on? Open the door.
Hold on...
Open the door, please!
What are you doing?
Open up!
- I'm still brushing my teeth!
- What's going on?
Open the door! I'm coming in!
Excuse me, shall we have breakfast now?
Let's eat!
"Downside up",
the world looks so much better!
You like to draw?
I came here to study art,
but I gave up.
Because of my fear.
I felt that the paint
is very dirty, so I...
Trust me, you'll finish it for sure.
I wish you success.
What's that sound?
There is no sound!
I heard a sound!
What sound?!
What's that?
Thank you.
What're you doing here?
The "Full Moon in Paris"
shoot has been advanced...
We gotta get out of here,
there are paparazzi outside.
- Paparazzi?
- Hurry!
Wen Feng.
Something serious has happened at home,
I have to go now...
Sure. Leave everything to me.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
See you.
I will never be back.
A coffee for table number 6.
Let's go!
Cut! Switch the props!
Let me!
Xiao Huang, is your new job going well?
I didn't come here
with the intention to wait.
I was just passing by.
Right, I did come here to wait for you.
I miss you.
Call time tomorrow is 3 am.
Go home and get some rest.
Stop the car, Uncle Hua!
Watermelon boy!
He's still waiting for me.
How do you know he's waiting for you?
I lied and said that I lived here.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Your contract with
the management clearly states
that you cannot fall in
love for five years.
Let me go!
You can't get out of this car!
You are Peony right now, not Xiao Huang!
be professional.
Uncle Hua, let's go!
Let's start again?
Michael, some things...
I wish you would say it again
when you're wide awake.
You were talking in your sleep all night.
It kept me awake.
Really? What did I say?
You asked me a question.
What was your answer?
What's wrong?
Warning! System failure.
Initiate the backup system.
Unresponsive! Oxygen levels down.
Air pressure down!
Switch to manual operation.
Still unresponsive!
Oxygen levels still down.
We only have 4 minutes
and 33 seconds left!
Shut down the entire main system. Reboot.
What if it doesn't work?
That's dangerous! We can't risk it!
You have any other solution?
Evacuate from the main cabin
to the backup cabin.
We must initiate
the return procedures to Earth.
No! That would mean
abandoning the entire mission.
What good is the mission if we're dead?
Shut off the main system!
- Evacuate the cabin!
- Shut it off!
- Evacuate!
- This is an order!
It's the wrong order!
Backup system in operation.
Oxygen normal, air pressure normal.
Backup system fully activated.
How is it?
Not bad.
You're getting close to
professional restaurant standards.
That means I can cook for Peony.
Of course!
She has such picky tastes.
Call it a celebration for my promotion
to the position of a chef.
Uncle Hua,
why did you stay single all these years?
Back then... I missed my chance...
Have some more...
Okay, take it easy.
Love is like taking a train.
You think that there will be
another one soon after,
So you hang around on the platform.
But you never expected that the last one
was actually the very last train.
Back then, their father
wanted to build his business
from scratch abroad.
I went to the airport to see him off
and was planning to break up with him.
But I never would think
that he would say those lines to me.
It was critical
and the right timing.
I didn't think much
and left together with him.
So I say, if you've met
the love of your life,
don't miss your chance. Understand?
You get it?
I didn't drink for a while;
I feel that I'm drunk.
May I get you some rice?
Actually, I've kept it
in my heart for quite a while.
Are you crazy?
Just now... didn't you say...
don't miss your chance?
Where are you taking me?
Let's just go for a ride.
In this car?
No... No you're kidding me!
Lily, I've done some research online...
You may be cured if you confront
your fear head on.
Get in this truck,
and that'll be your first step to recovery.
Johnny, did you ever think that
many problems could be resolved
if you quit your job?
It's... Chen & Son.
"Chen" is my dad, and "Son" is me.
There's no "s" at the end of "Son".
He's just had a heart operation.
My dad only has me.
Besides, since I was little
I've always wanted
to take the family business
beyond Chinatown.
Sorry. I'm too selfish.
There's medication available
for your illness.
I've tried it.
After I take it,
I want to jump whenever I stand
on a subway platform.
The doctor said depression
is a side effect,
so I had to stop taking the medicine.
No problem, I'll take a shower.
Wait for me, I'll be quick!
Don't come back!
- What?
- Don't come back!
Why? Wait.
Lily, wait! Do we really have to give up?
I don't want to be your burden.
I'd be glad to carry it.
But it'll just get heavier and heavier.
Not a problem!
How about this?
We'll walk 100 steps away
from each other, back to back.
If we turn around
and can still see each other,
then I'll do whatever you say.
It's a deal!
One, two, three, four, five, six...
Seven, eight, nine...
Eleven, twelve, thirteen...
Ninety-one, ninety-two,
ninety-three, ninety-four...
Ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven,
ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred.
Lily! I know you can hear me.
You must believe me, Lily!
We'll definitely find a way.
I love you! Give love a chance!
I love you too but shut up!
I love you!
We're both Martians.
Too competitive.
Always wanting to win.
Even if we didn't go to
the wrong meeting place that time,
we'd still have broken up in the end.
Good night.
Feng, did you say that Xiao Huang
got a new job and will not come back?
Xiao Huang?
Huang! You're off work this late?
I came to ride home
on your watermelon cart.
No worries!
Let's go, Xiao Huang!
How have you been lately?
Sit here.
I recorded a song for you.
You recorded a song for me?
I recorded it at a karaoke.
Great! I wanna listen to it.
How do you like it?
It's great!
Let's go.
It's beautiful!
Here, it's for you.
But you have to listen to it
all the way to the end.
Is something troubling you,
or are there problems at work?
My new job is complicated.
You won't understand.
I have to pretend to be happy
even if I'm not.
Office work could be that complicated?
Yes, sometimes I have to lie
and have to say things
aren't true to how I feel...
Then quit! No one likes liars!
Sometimes you have to say
the opposite to what's on your mind.
Why do you have to do that?
Saying the opposite could be
our secret language.
Like "I don't want to see you"
means "I miss you".
"Go away" means "I need you".
"I hate you" means...
"I love you".
Others may not understand,
but some will get it.
Do you?
Kind of!
I will have my day off soon,
how about I take you out? Okay?
I hate you!
Hate me?
Hating me means you love me!
It's very late, so I'd better go.
I know where to take you.
We'll go to Lake Houhai and go rowing.
Wen Feng!
Wen Feng!
Wen Feng!
We won't see each other again!
Forget about me!
Wen Feng! I really hate you!
I really hate you!
You must believe me, Lily!
We'll definitely find a way.
Give love a chance!
I can do it!
I can... I can...
I can... I can...
I know you just broke up,
so I set up a date for you
with Dim Sum King's daughter.
You can't be serious!
God made a joke to have you meet
this OCD girl...
Dad, stop it...
Your mom and I met via matchmaking too.
- Look, that's her.
- Barbecued Pork Bun...
- Who?
- Go talk to her!
Barbecued Pork Bun...
- Uncle!
- Bunny, he's my son.
I know!
When we close up each night,
I sometimes peep through the windows
and watch him collect garbage.
Watch me?
Want a bun?
See! You will make a good couple!
Give me five!
Johnny! I...
Johnny! I know you're here!
I found you finally! I...
- Lily.
- Johnny.
I agree with you.
We'll go to the movies instead of bowling.
Let's go.
Lily! Lily! Wait! Lily... Please wait!
There's no need to explain,
we're not together anymore.
She's lovely. I wish you two the best.
No, please wait! Wait!
Were you looking for me for something?
Uncle Hua.
Good morning.
I made too many dumplings yesterday,
and I couldn't finish them.
So I brought you some.
Thanks... about that day...
I don't remember a thing.
Can I still teach you how to cook?
Of course. I still have lots to learn.
What's up? Still missing your Xiao Huang?
No... just stressed about money.
Look at you...
Just Listen.
There's a freelance job tomorrow.
$200 a day. Want to go?
Yes, I'll go.
"Full Moon in Paris"
Scene 100, shot 1, take 1.
Xiao Huang?
You're Xiao Huang?!
What is that extra doing?! Get out of here!
I'm Xiao Huang,
but I'm also Peony Huang.
Who's that guy?
Why did you lie to me?
I wanted to tell you myself,
but I didn't have the courage.
You're not Xiao Huang,
you're Peony Huang.
Who is that guy?
I don't know.
You lied to me!
Wen Feng!
Guys... Guys, stop...
Wen Feng!
SSD 1. Check.
SSD2. Check.
I hope tomorrow's space mission
will go smoothly.
I hope the command center can find
the problem very quickly.
It's dangerous every time
we go out there, right?
Don't worry,
only one out of seven astronauts die.
We are less than 3.5 astronauts here,
so it should be okay.
Look, they bloomed!
Roses without thorns.
A rose is not a rose without any thorns.
Excuse me, mate.
Sorry, but do you know
where Lily is please?
Lily? She left, back to her family.
Boss, you want that painting there?
No, that's garbage.
Hold on, do you mind if I take a look?
Sure, no problem.
Commencing reconnection.
Be careful. Confirm?
Copy that. Confirm.
It doesn't work, let me try again? Confirm?
Okay, confirm.
Don't come over!
I'm sending you back.
Michael, can you hear me?
Michael, come back to me...
There must be a way...
No, there isn't.
- listen to me...
- No, listen to me.
You get back here!
You have to fight with me...
even now?
I have to tell you...
I really want to get back with you.
Michael, what did you want to say?
Say it again.
I really want to get back with you.
I can't hear you!
What did you say? Please say it again!
Michael, please repeat!
I don't want to lose you, Michael!
I don't want to lose you, Michael!
I have a solution! Michael, listen!
Pump all the oxygen into your suit,
and it'll give you three
minutes to breathe.
Then unplug the oxygen tank
from the outside,
and the oxygen that flies out
should propel you back!
Do you copy?
Can you hear me?
Michael... answer me.
I don't want to lose you!
I don't want to be alone, Michael!
I want to cook for you,
do laundry for you...
when the light bulb dies,
I need you to change it for me.
When I'm hungry at night,
I need you to cook me noodles.
I just want you to come back!
I need you...
Michael, wake up!
Please, wake up!!!
I am here... Michael, I'm right here.
You can't die; you need to take care of me.
Give me a chance...
Give me a chance to change your light bulb,
to cook you instant noodles.
And with me around...
I won't let you cry anymore...
I will take you as my wife!
No, I mean please take me as your wife.
Hello, sir. Where are you going?
I'm not familiar with this place,
please take a look.
- Okay.
- Thanks!
Chianti, got it!
My longing for you is like a poison,
slowly eroding my heart away.
Cheer up! You're still missing Xiao Huang?
She's not Xiao Huang, she's Peony Huang.
On the pink cell phone
that Xiao Huang gave you...
she recorded a... confession.
It gave me goose bumps!
Come again? A confession?
It's beautiful.
Here, it's for you.
You have to listen to it
all the way to the end.
You're not Xiao Huang,
you're Peony Huang.
I've told you...
it's recorded at the end of the song.
Please, trust me...
You lied to me!
You didn't listen to the end, right?
Want to hear it now?
Give me back the phone?
Can I borrow your shoulder?
May I, too?
Wen Feng, go get her!
Pay attention, call up everyone.
Meeting outside Peony Huang's house,
get ready for live broadcast.
If I didn't have the courage
to tell you tonight,
then I hope you would listen
to this recording.
I am Xiao Huang,
but I am also Peony Huang.
I've been lying to you
since the day I met you.
To become a good actor,
I wanted to experience life in a caf.
I thought a week or two
wouldn't hurt anybody,
but I didn't realize that my time with you
would be so real, so unforgettable.
Wen Feng,
I'm sorry.
Can you forgive me?
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Hello, this is Henry from CEN.
I am going to bring you
some exclusive news.
Today, our "caf hero", Wen Feng,
will put aside all worldly burdens
and will reveal his love
to movie star Peony Huang.
Will their fairytale love story
survive despite
their radically different social classes?
Will it have a happy ending?
Stay tuned, stay with CEN,
stay with Henry.
What are you two doing?
Sir, excuse me...
is this address here?
I'm going there too.
You are...
I'm looking for Peony Huang!
I'm looking for her older sister.
- Okay!
- Right!
Are you here to say something to Peony?
Tell us, just a bit...
Any good shows on TV?
Don't go... Just a bit...
Breaking news?
Isn't this outside our house?
Hello, this is reporter Henry.
You will witness with us
Mr. Coffee's declaration to Peony Huang.
Look, here's our Mr. Coffee!
Mr. Coffee, our caf hero!
Come, tell us!
Just speak from your heart simply.
Come on!
You first!
- Johnny.
- Wen Feng.
Who are they?
I want to tell you that
I don't mind taking three showers
before each date,
brushing my teeth before kissing you,
and giving up my family business for you.
If the distance between us is 100 steps,
I'm willing to walk 99 first,
and then wait for you
to take that last step.
I'm willing to wait as long as it takes,
because I love you!
Oh dear... darling!
I got it!
Go get her!
Huang, I've listened to your recording.
I was wrong for yelling at you that day.
I misunderstood you.
I've brought a nice sweet watermelon
for you.
Please accept my apology.
My thoughts are everywhere;
my love for you knows no bounds,
whether drunk or sober,
at home or elsewhere...
Keep it simple. We don't understand.
Huang, listen!
I really...
"Hate you"!
Here she is!
Peony is here!
I hate you too!
I love you, Lily...
I love you more!
Go ahead, try!
Mom, we are grateful to have
this first ever meal by you.
Thanks, darling!
It must be better than Chinatown.
If you like my cooking,
I will cook every day from now on!
You are now a master.
After dinner, we can eat this watermelon.
It's crispy and sweet!
Now we're only missing your big sis...
Big sis, come back soon for Mom's food.
We're all missing you!
My baby, come home soon, we miss you!
Mission accomplished!
Let's go home.
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