Quail Lake (2019)

- Charming cabin my ass.
Oh, hey little dude.
Oh God.
Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
I cannot force
This anymore
Mm mm
I'm foolin' myself
I know the end result
But you give me the pieces
Oh, you give me a taste
That I can't replace
Oh, you give me the chills
Oh, you give me the pills
Through this growing pain
Love tastes like black licorice
When I'm bright
Mm mm
Like an eager child
Who can't sleep
I just wanna fly
But you give me reasons
Oh, you give me love
That I can't trace
You suffocate with memories
The only way out is your breath
But I am not your vixen
I'm not your supply
Your only regret
Your only regret
When you wake up in a fever
When you wake up in a sweat
Here we go.
You're the only one
that's the wreckage
Hey Mom and Dad.
Uh, it's me, Brittany, obviously.
You know what I fuckin' look like.
Um, so...
Hey Mom.
It's Brittany.
you're probably wondering why
you haven't heard from me in awhile.
you too Dad.
Oh you gave me
Hey Mom.
I'm sorry I haven't been home in awhile.
and I'm also sorry that I'm
not gonna be home ever again.
So um...
- You're awake.
You okay?
You hit your head outside
so I brought you in here.
- Who are you?
- I'm Jack.
- Okay.
- Okay, I guess you
were cleaning the cabin
and you must've fallen off the steps.
- No, no, no, I was, I was
outside and I was on the phone...
No dude, I booked this
cabin for the weekend.
- What?
- Yeah.
- I booked this cabin for the weekend.
- Me too.
- No.
My confirmation number.
- All right wait.
What's going on?
Confirmation number YUT7754 Brittany Reed.
- This must be a joke, right?
- No, this is not a joke all right?
You're trespassing and you need to leave.
- No, I made my reservation
a long time ago so it's mine.
- I'm not leaving all right?
I am going to call the owner
because this is absolutely absurd.
Of course there's no reception.
- Oh, I'll try.
- Like you're gonna
get reception with that thing.
- Hello?
- Thomas?
- Yeah?
- Hi, this is Jack speaking.
- Who?
- Jack, I rented your
cabin for the weekend.
- Oh, the French guy.
- Yeah.
Listen, there's a, another person here.
It's a young girl and says she rented
the cabin as well but that can't be right?
- Yeah that could be.
- What do you mean?
- I musta double
booked the cabin all right?
- What?
- It happens.
- Wait, okay hold on.
Hold on please.
Thomas, can you repeat what you just said.
- I said I musta double
booked the cabin all right?
What do you want me to do?
Jump in my truck and drive up there?
I don't think so.
Figure it out, okay?
- So, you double booked the cabin?
- Yeah pal, I
double booked the cabin.
Big fuckin' deal.
- Asshole.
- What now?
- Here, I'm gonna give you
$500 so you can leave now.
- I'm not leaving.
- Please.
- No, no, I have been planning this
for weeks and I am staying here okay?
- Okay, 750?
- Dude, did you not hear me?
I'm not leaving okay?
Just get your money back from
that guy and book somewhere else.
- I'm not leaving so you make your choice.
Either you leave now or I'll
make you leave all right?
- Okay.
I think that we can find a way
to figure this one out, okay?
- Please, come on.
Oh, no!
Just a careless American!
You're out of your mind!
Please, give me my bags.
My stuff.
Come on.
If I was a real threat to
you you'd have no chance.
You just gave me my bags,
didn't even check them.
For all you know I have a gun.
This is how you thank me?
I took care of you, I
could have left you here.
- Damn it!
- Hey!
Can we talk?
- Slip me the 750
and I'll let you sleep on the hammock.
- 500 and I won't press
charges for assault.
- Fine.
- I'm back down.
- Hey Mom.
I'm sorry I haven't been home in awhile.
and I'm also sorry that I'm
not gonna be home ever again.
So um...
- I need to use the bathroom.
- There is no bathroom.
- What?
- There's no bathroom.
Are you still there?
- What?
- Why this cabin?
- I could ask you the same question.
I'm a writer.
I came here to finish my novel.
- How cliche.
- It's not cliche if it's true.
- First or second?
- Does it matter?
- Well you're not a real novelist
if you haven't written a single book.
So what's it about?
- I'm sorry?
- Your book.
- Oh.
Yeah, it's, it's a work in progress.
- You have no idea.
- Do you know the story of "Lolita?"
It's a classical story about a young woman
who was having a relationship.
- It's disgusting.
I've read it.
- It's not disgusting.
It's about innocence and the loss
of it through lust and
love, not disgusting.
- Just don't use my real name.
- I wasn't going to.
- Good.
- Of course.
- You know I'm not afraid of you.
- Clearly.
What are you doing here?
- My boyfriend broke up with me.
- That is cliche.
There will be more boys trust me.
You should think about
more important things
like your studies, your career.
All they want is to get into your pants.
- All right, all right that's
enough dad advice for one day.
I'm good, thank you.
I got bored.
- How's your head?
- It's okay.
Took some aspirin.
- When I was your age I was never bored.
- Hey, you okay?
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
When a person's choking,
if you hit their back like
that you're gonna drive
the block deeper instead of expelling it.
- Wow.
You learn that in college?
- "Wikipedia."
- Ah.
- Uh huh.
So you're French?
- Yeah.
- Did you grow up in France?
- No.
- But you're French.
- Yeah, my Dad moved us to
Morocco when I was seven.
We lived in Agadir eight years.
Best years of my life.
But then we had to move back to Paris.
What about you?
- Faith, North Carolina.
- Faith?
- Mm hm.
Population 987.
At least the last time I
checked that's what it was.
I don't know.
Could be different now.
What about you?
How many people are in Aga-da-nin-uh-nuh?
Or whatever you called it.
- Agadir.
- Yeah.
- Back then 400,000.
I'm sure it doubled by now.
So your boyfriend, why did he leave?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- I don't really drink.
- Why?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- Okay.
So I mean, what are you really doing here?
- I told you, I'm a writer.
- You don't look like a writer.
- Well, what do they look like?
- I don't know. But I
feel like you should have
like a laptop and a notepad or something.
- You should go easy on that.
- Look, that's twice now
you've given me dad advice.
One more time and I take away the hammock.
Look, I appreciate the basic male need
to be a father figure
but I am a grown woman.
I can take care of myself.
- Nothing.
You remind me of someone.
- Jesus, don't say your ex girlfriend.
That'd be like the worst
pickup line I've ever heard.
I'm rude.
Do you want a ham and cheese sandwich?
- No thank you.
- They're really good.
You should get in on it.
- I don't eat ham.
- I'm gonna slaughter
this sandwich for you.
Completely ham-less just for you.
- You eat your sandwich like her.
- Who?
- Sophie.
- Who's Sophie?
- My daughter.
- I like that name.
It's pretty.
How old is she?
- She's dead.
Hit and run.
Uh, they found the driver afterwards.
He was drunk.
- Wow.
- They rushed her to the hospital,
but it was too late.
Yeah, when they called us ,
there was nothing they could do about it.
- I'm so sorry.
How old was she?
- 12.
Too young.
Instead of trying to save
her they just wrote her off.
The doctor came and they told me
that it would be better to
pull the plug now then later.
Can you imagine?
Ask a man to be the hand that
will end his daughter's life.
But I had to do it.
She was suffering so much.
- I mean, to be fair it did probably save
you a lot of money on medical bills.
That's one way of looking at it.
- That is what it's all about for you?
Paying the bills?
- No.
- You Americans always have
this word in your mouth, money.
In the meantime you have all
these people dying in your streets.
You don't even have a respect for them.
- Well, first of all look,
I'm sorry for what I said.
It was incredibly insensitive,
but I'm not the poster child
for America so don't paint
all Americans with the
same fuckin' brush, okay?
And if you hate America so much
why don't you go back to France?
Just a thought.
- You know, the rest of the
world is laughing at you.
But you don't care of course.
I need to rest now.
- Well, um, thanks for
the company I guess.
And I'm sorry about what
I said about Sophie.
I'm sure she was a really awesome girl.
What was that?
A crow?
- Mm hm.
It must have fallen from the sky.
- That's so creepy.
- It's not creepy, it's just nature.
- It's dead.
- Yeah.
It's good luck you know?
- What?
- A dead crow.
- I don't see how this has
anything to do with luck.
- You should check "Wikipedia."
- Oh shit.
You weren't kidding about the gun.
- No.
- What do you even need a gun for?
- Protection.
- From what?
- You.
- Hey wait, wait, where are you going?
We can't just leave him here.
I mean shouldn't, shouldn't
we bury him or something?
I'm going to.
Will you make me a cross?
- How do you know the crow was Christian?
- Oh you're right, he
was probably a Satanist.
You gonna make me a pentagram?
That be easier?
Use this.
What, is this against your religion?
- What religion?
- I don't know, whatever
floats your boat man.
- I'm an atheist.
- Okay, me too.
I just think the cross
is a nice point marker.
I got it.
Do you think this is it?
Like what happens if one day we fall off
like this dead crow onto somebody's roof?
- This is not how, how it works.
- You know for a writer
you're not very metaphorical.
- What if when you're
dead you're just dead?
There's nothing, nothing at all.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- About what?
- For kicking you outta the cabin.
- I should head back.
- Hey, you know you don't
have to sleep outside.
There's plenty of room in the cabin.
- I'm okay.
- I mean it.
- No, it's fine.
- No, I...
Okay look, I'm gonna
make a formal request.
Please come and sleep inside the cabin.
Look, it's really creepy out here
and this dead crow falling on
the roof is kinda freakin' me out.
And I don't wanna be alone.
Okay, how 'bout this?
What if I leave in the morning?
No fuss.
Will you sleep inside?
- Yeah.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
I didn't come here because my
boyfriend broke up with me.
- You should sleep now.
- I haven't been able to sleep
soundly since I was seven.
- Insomnia?
- Nope.
- Your parents they, they
didn't read bed stories to you?
Tell you how to count sheep?
- My Mom's a flight attendant so
I saw her maybe a collective
10 times in a given year.
So no, no sheep or stories.
She did take me to Disneyland every year
with all of her free miles.
That was nice, yeah.
That was our happy time.
I always looked forward to that.
- Oh.
And your father?
- He never wanted a daughter.
- Not much of a father.
- Nope.
He used to hit me a lot.
- I'm, I'm sorry to hear that.
- I forgave him for
that actiones, never the why.
- What's the why?
- I don't think you wanna peer
down that rabbit hole Alice.
- No, but I think you want me to.
- My, my dad's brother,
my uncle used to touch me.
Not in a loving way,
a way in which someone
with no remorse touches you.
Whenever we would go and visit his family,
night after night I would just have
to lay there and let it happen
to me without making a sound.
When I um, told me dad, he
said he didn't tolerate liars.
He didn't want a liar living in his house.
My Mom took me to a shrink.
They tried to put me on
medication but that didn't work.
It's all my fault.
- No.
It's not your fault.
Your uncle was a sick man
and you were just an innocent child.
- I'm not innocent.
- Hey.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
- You don't know that.
- Yes.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay sweetheart.
- What are you doing?
- What?
- Why would you do that?
- I was comforting you, I--
- No, don't!
- But I thought this was what you wanted?
- No, no.
You need to leave right now.
You need to leave right now.
You need to leave right now!
- Calm down, okay?
I'm sorry.
- I have to go.
I have to go.
- Hey?
I don't know what to say. Uh, I thought--
- No, you didn't think.
- I'm sorry.
- Do you have any idea what
that kinda shit can do
to a person like me?
- It was a mistake, okay?
- It's all my fault.
- It's not your fault.
- Will you stop saying that?
- Come, please let's go back.
Come on.
- This is definitely not what
I had in mind when I booked this cabin.
- Me neither.
- Blacking out, the dead
crow, you coming onto me.
- I didn't come on--
- It's fine.
It's whatever.
Tell me about France, you know?
What's it like?
I've always dreamed of going
to a Parisian cafe and
just people watching.
- Well, I didn't grow up in Paris.
I grew up in the suburbs.
Trust me, it doesn't exactly
look like a French postcard.
Kind of place where the French government
never manage to handle the
anger, the frustration.
Some of my best friends
got really into violence, ideologies.
I joined the police.
- You're a cop?
- Not anymore.
- Well, you retired?
- My family, we didn't feel safe anymore.
I made a lot of enemies there so...
People were coming after me.
I just, I just wanted a better
life for Sophie, for my wife.
So we aimed for the American dream.
Starting a new life here.
- Somebody come after you?
What did they want?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- That's right, sorry.
- You?
- I came here to die.
- You're sick?
- No.
Just tired.
- Tired?
- Mm hm.
The day in and day out struggle
to try and find happiness.
It's just exhausting.
I don't wanna suffer anymore.
- The pills?
- It hurts the least.
- You don't really wanna die.
- We all wanna die at some point.
Anyone that says they don't
is just fooling themselves.
Everyone has a time and my time has come.
- Why now?
Why here?
- Oh, just get away for the weekend.
All the chaos in my head.
Go quietly.
- And I showed up and
ruined everything huh?
- Pretty much.
- Well, I suppose I should apologize.
- No.
- Don't do it.
- You're getting dangerously
close to strike three Jack.
- This is not a dad's advice.
- I appreciate it
but I have made up my mind.
- If you were going to kill yourself
why did you take my money?
- You needed to know who
was calling the shots.
- You were not.
- I guess not anymore, huh?
I'm not gonna need this tomorrow.
- No.
- All right.
Maybe I'll just leave
it on my body, you know?
As like a prize for someone that finds me.
- If they find you.
- They'll find me.
And if they don't care enough
to find me then you know,
you'll always know where I am.
- I suppose.
- Will you promise that you'll
come visit me from time to time?
- Goodnight Brittany.
- How do you know
I haven't taken the pills?
- You haven't.
- Are you sure about that?
- Goodnight.
- Morning sunshine.
How was your party?
- What are you doing?
- I was actually gonna
ask you the same thing
but then I kinda answered it
for myself when I found all of this.
- You had no right to go through my stuff.
- Look who's talking.
- Please, this is not a toy all right?
- No shit.
- You don't know what you're doing.
- Really?
- No.
- Don't move.
- If you connect the wires the right way,
and a call is made it will go off.
I was going to tell you.
- I don't believe you.
- You, you should go.
You should leave, now.
- Not so fast.
Why do you have this?
- You wouldn't understand.
- Make me.
- It's, I'm not a terrorist.
- Who are you?
- I told you, I was a cop.
- You're gonna have to
do better than that.
- Okay.
My real name is Laurent.
I was part of the GIGN.
The French counter terrorism unit.
Bomb squad.
I studying bombs, how to
diffuse them, how to make them.
I knew everything about terrorists.
Their cells, who trained where.
Who came in and out of the country.
One day they found me.
They threatened my family.
We had to leave France and come here.
- Who are they?
- During one of our raids,
we arrested the son of
a radical terrorist.
His father promised to have my head.
But here they couldn't find me for years.
Then they expanded their
cells in the States,
and somehow when the accident
with Sophie happened--
- If she's even real.
- She was.
They figured out where I was living.
So they showed up one
night proposing a deal.
They would take care of the bills,
her life support, they would
pay for the best doctors,
in exchange for a favor.
- They're using you Laurent.
You were better than this.
You're, you're not a terrorist.
You're just a guy that's
been taken advantage
of and doesn't know a way out.
You're not gonna be responsible
for killing innocent Americans.
- Innocent?
No one is innocent.
You can't expect starting a war
on the other side of this world
and just not taking and
responsibility for it.
- Are you defending them right now?
Because what they're
doing is pretty untenable.
Did they, did they
brainwash you or something?
Is that what's happening here?
Where is this gonna be used?
Tell me.
And if you have to kill me after
you tell me then you know
that that is fine with me.
Because at least I'm not afraid.
Unlike you.
- Las Vegas,
Times Square.
Places where American
people go to be happy.
- I hate you.
- You wanted to know.
How does it feel knowing
that your dirty little bomb
is going to kill hundreds
of innocent people
who are just trying to have
a happy time in their
otherwise shitty lives?
Does it make you feel like a real man?
Is that it?
I'm sure your daughter
would be very proud.
- Stop it.
- You need to get it through
your thick French scull Laurent.
No matter how many jobs you
make for these wack jobs,
she's not coming back.
- Don't.
- She's gone.
She's dead Laurent and you
are disrespecting her memory.
Sophie is not an excuse to build bombs!
- Stop it!
- You stop it!
- Why do you care?
My life is meaningless!
- If yours is meaningless
then what is mine?
It's not too late Laurent.
Oh man.
- I can't.
- Keep going.
Thank you.
- For what?
- For not, you know.
My dad got me a stuffed turtle
every year on my birthday.
They're such precious creatures surrounded
by this hard rough shell,
and they get to choose when
they come out and expose themselves.
The fucker can have 'em all back.
- You have to go now.
- No.
- You can't stay.
- I still have a reservation, remember?
- There's no time for jokes Brittany.
If he finds you here he's gonna kill you.
- I'm not leaving.
- Then we both die.
I won't do it.
I'll find a way out of it.
- No.
- Drop the gun!
- Brittany, stay out of this!
Brittany please.
Drop the gun.
Do it.
We have to go.
- Well what about him?
We can't, we can't just leave him there.
- Come.
- Well someone's gonna come...
What about your stuff?
- Leave it.
Take your things.
Give me your phone.
I cannot force
This anymore
Mm mm
I'm foolin' myself
I know the end result
But you give me pieces
Oh, you give me a taste
That I can't replace
Oh, you give me chills
Oh, you give me pills
Through this growing pain
Love tastes like black licorice
When I'm bright
Mm mm
Like an eager child
Who can't sleep
I just wanna fly
But you give me reasons
Oh, you give me love
That I can't trace
You suffocate with memories
The only way out is with your breath
But I am not your vixen
I'm not your supply
You only regret
You only regret
When you wake up in a fever
When you wake up in a sweat
You're the one that's the wreckage
You're the one that's the wish