Quackerz (2016)

What in thunderblazes
are you doing?
Uh? What am I doing?
Getting us out of here!
With a tablet?
You kids have no idea
how to do anything!
It's just the same as in my game!
If you hit the cage from inside,
it shrinks to one pixel.
- What?
- Pixel?
It's a size, old man.
I don't care about the size
of your pixel!
Quack, quack!
Quack, quack!
I know how to win the game now!
I should have changed
the cage into a ball,
rolled it, and run the witch over!
Okay! Okay!
One more life left...
Let's do this!
Oh, man! So close! So close!
How can I pass this stupid cage?
I always get stuck here.
I wish the cheat codes for this
were out.
Oh! Ah!
Outstanding, Emperor!
The next position is...
Number 45!
The missionary...
turning on the sun!
Pumping it up with energy!
- Waahhh!
- Dad!
Quiet, please!
The Emperor has almost
turned the sun on!
Enough of the ancient Chatter!
I'm hearing disrespect
to our great Cha-Cha Chatter!
Dad, come on.
No disrespect at all.
Just kidding!
I have a serious question.
The stork brought you.
Woop-woop, whoa!
Yes, he brought me,
and flew away!
Why don't we fly,
but drop like cow patties?
That's of no use to us,
the Mandarin ducks.
Flying is kid's stuff.
You got through your new game?
It got uninstalled!
You can't win this one
because of the stupid cage level.
Well, take another.
There are plenty of games
for you to play.
I can't play all the time, can I?
It ruins your eyesights.
I'll have to wear glasses soon.
A bespectacled duck
always looks clever.
Others will respect you...
and seek your advice.
Besides, a duck who wears glasses
looks very sexy!
Believe me!
Yes, yes.
Believe him, if he says so!
But I want to flex my wings!
I want to learn to fly!
No. There is no need
for anyone here to fly.
Nobody needs to go anywhere.
Everything is perfect on our island.
Yeah. Perfectly boring.
I want to see the world!
I've seen the world.
Without my glasses.
And here's what I say:
It's blurry.
On! Huh? Huh?
"Once every hundred years comes
the messenger of darkness..."
"Who wants to take away
the energy of the sun,
so that the forces of darkness
triumph in the world."
"There is but one creature on Earth
that can stop him.
It is the sun duck."
"The sun duck will save the world,
but will himself die."
Who said you could lake my book?
It is for grown-ups!
It has... positions!
You can't pilfer a person's
possessions while he's still present!
Mustn't do this!
Mustn't do that!
What can I do on this island?
I'm so sick of it all!
I wish I could just fly away.
Oh... My Emperor...
I heard somewhere that playing
video games all the time
can do a bit of damage
tn your health.
As long as he keeps playing,
he will not learn to fly.
You know very well
why I am afraid of this.
Of course I do.
It's because your son
is the real sun duck.
Be quiet!
It is a great secret!
I thought you forgot
and were asking me.
How can I forget?
In three days time,
it will be precisely one hundred years
from that day.
But this means that the dark
messenger will soon appear.
He may be here already.
If Longway finds out
that he is the sun duck,
then, all my efforts
will have been in vain.
I do not want him to die!
Even if it means saving the world!
Bu! if nobody
opposes the messenger,
the sun will shrink
to the size of a pea,
and the world will sink into darkness.
It's all under control.
I have the lanterns ready.
Excellent thought, Emperor!
Eat a duck, for good luck!
What the...?
Why, you...!
You little hooligan!
Check it out, Kianga!
Hey! Get back here!
I'll get you next time.
So, baker man...
Go away!
Is this supposed to be
the legendary sun duck?
Eat a duck, for good luck!
Heard some crazy stories, yo!
Ducks guarding the sun...
You know what I'm talking about,
Yeah, but the ducks are all gone.
And the sun, it's shrinky-dinking.
What are you talking about?
The sun isn't shrinking!
Open your eyes, baker man!
The way I hear it, the sun
used to be wicked big!
But now it's teenier
than those gingerbreads.
But then the ducks got snatched up
by some messenger of darkness.
Dargh! That copper again!
Come on, flat-top!
Try and get us!
Officer, quick,
they're robbing my buns!
Hurry up, chubster!
Making a left!
Relax, chubby!
My great-grandpa was the last person
to see a train come through here.
- Uhh!
I'll get you!
Who's the porter here?
Buy... a duck...
for good luck!
Oh, gingerbread!
I need someone to take me there!
But... no one's lived in that house...
for a hundred years!
It's condemned!
Good. Then, it's available.
I'll pay triple fare.
All right.
I'll do it!
Aw, you're heavy!
Your trunk is heavy!
Everybody, make way!
Whoa! Who is that?
Look at her, boss.
Just look at her.
Aghh. This is so lame!
No flying, no good games.
No fun.
I'm done with this place!
I'm flying! Woo-hoo! Yeah!
- Wa-ha-ha!
- Whoa!
Ow! Aw!
Don't you see guy in triangle?
No falling!
And, no using guy in triangle
as snowboard.
I watch you!
I wasn't falling,
I was flying...
'Cause I'm outta here,
never to return.
Yeah, like you said yesterday.
And last week.
And the week before that,
and the month before that,
and infinity all the way.
Ah-ah-ah! Oh!
It's for real!
"This time is for real."
Yeah, we totally believe you.
Okay, Longway.
I'll see you tomorrow.
"Others will respect you more
when you wear glasses."
Oh, they'll respect me, all right!
After I've made
this intercontinental flight!
There and back again.
Here I go! Whoa!
Okay. I could!
I just don't want to right now.
Maybe next time.
Who are these dudes?
Big and wild and big and proud!
Mallards always beat the crowd!
Mallards always beat the crowd!
Am I right, or am I wrong?
You right!
Am I right, or am I wrong?
You right!
Am I right?
You know I'm right, so tell me!
You right!
Where did you go, bubble girl?
Who let the dogs out?
Who, who, who, who, who...
- Who let the dogs out?
- Who, who, who, who, who...
- Here it is! Hawaii.
- Who let the dogs out?
Prepare to land!
Yes, sir!
Get off of there.
Camper kids...
this egg is one
of our most ancient treasures.
Okay, kids.
This egg was one
of our most ancient treasures.
Who, who, who, who, who...
Who let the dogs out?
Who let the dogs out?
Oh, looks like it's foggy in Hawaii.
Let me help you, sir.
Much better.
- Ow!
- Squadron!
Single file, fall...
Men, look good!
Like crack troops!
Greetings, Commander!
The crack troops are ready to fulfill
your all-powerful commands.
Because you look like a great military
dictator, er, leader.
Don't flatter, Duane.
It's a sign of weakness.
Yes, sir.
You look old and wrinkled, sir!
It's been a tough journey,
and you deserve some R&R.
Which is why I've landed us here...
in Hawaii.
- Oh...
- Hawaii?
What an idiot!
Okay. In Hawaii...
Behold! A tropical paradise
of the south seas. Aloha!
The commander said, "Behold
the tropical paradise! Aloha!"
Aloha, sir!
Ooh, ooh, shall we perform
a gas mask run, sir?
Well, of course!
We're on vacation.
Duane, which one is my daughter?
She just went...
I told you to get her
a pink gas mask...
with sparkles or something.
I told her if she did this again...
Look at the green.
Look at these guys!
They're freaky-spooky!
Greetings, visitors!
Hey, sonny, where's your leader?
I am the leader.
I am Peng Lee.
There are no penguins in Hawaii.
You're a duck!
I know that I am a duck.
My name is Peng Lee.
No offense, but that's a very
strange name for a Hawaiian.
No, no, no...
Now I understand.
I believe you are lost.
You are in China.
Oh, no...
Dad. Just leave him alone!
Don't do anything weird!
I've never been lost in my life!
He's never been lost in his life!
Lookie here, penguin.
See where my little finger is?
- That's Ha-wa-ii.
- Maybe...
Well, your little finger
may be on Ha-wa-ii,
but your big behind is here,
in Chi-eye-na!
But our traditions oblige us
to welcome all vagrant birds,
especially the stupid and fat.
So, you are welcome here...
As our guests.
And behave yourselves!
No quacking after 11 p.m.,
and no boots in bed.
Is that supposed to impress me,
Come on, impress him!
Men, shall we tell him what
we think of his kind offer?
Let's tell him, sir!
Come on, Dad!
These guys are warriors!
Don't be dumb!
Ga, ya, ya, ah!
You're supposed to be respectful
to the Mandarin Emperor,
guardian of the sun.
Let me tell you something
about mallards, penguin!
If you start a fight with us,
we'll finish it!
I am not starting a fight.
But you mallards
can't just come to our island
and do whatever you please.
So, you admit it?
Come on, sir, you can do this!
One for me, one for me!
Yeah, yeah, give 'em a left!
Yeah, yeah!
You missed.
Oh, you're a hard-headed penguin!
What was that?
Master! Master Peng Lee!
It's time to pump up the sun!
The sun!
I have to pump up the sun!
Where are you going?
Come back, you coward!
I haven't finished with you.
Yeah, we haven't finished!
Come back, you coward!
I have to pump the sun!
Pump up the sun?
- What the...?
- I just...
Okay, men, the enemy has apparently
retreated, and is also... crazy.
However, if you look over there,
you'll see a beautiful cruise liner...
Let's get some R&R.
What a beautiful cruise liner...
Great Emperor!
What do you say about the enemy?
Should we be scared?
Happy? Uh...
The enemy is wicked, numerous,
and very strong.
And they have the power to destroy
all that is beautiful in our island.
The newcomers are going to force us
to leave our home?
We're doomed!
Yes... we're doomed...
to win!
We'll make them leave...
with these!
Oh, yeah...
Oh, yes!
That'll scare 'em away.
Your font is terrifying!
I see your point, yes.
This sign won't slop them.
We need a bigger sign!
What am I going to do, boss,
you know, to make her mine?
Plant contraband?
Or go straight to frisk?
I don't think so.
Frisking's too dam risky.
Well, hello there.
Breathe quieter, dude!
See that safe, Kianga?
There's more gold in there
than cookies in your belly!
I'm okay! I'm good!
No worries!
Way to be quiet.
Take it slow, dude!
Oooh... Hello, Mama!
Mmh... smells good!
Come on. Er...
Come on, come on.
- Freeze!
- Oh-oh!
I said, "freeze", Chubby.
Who's there?
What's going on here?
Ms. Knout...
I want you to know that everything
is under control.
I have apprehended
these two thieves before they...
There's no need for that, officer.
These two harmless dogs are...
my pool boys.
But... you don't have a pool.
They were, uh...
digging one for me.
- If you say so...
- I do.
You can go now.
- What a woman.
- See ya!
Thieves, huh?
- Are you any good?
- Please!
We're the best thieves
in (his town, lady!
Then, why was that policeman
able to catch you?
Because we're the only thieves
in this town.
It's hard to believe an officer
would be that pathetic.
Stay where you are!
Don't move, because I got the best
alarm system in this town!
Oh, come on.
I gotta know that you know
the word to say
whenever danger comes your way!
Thieves! Thugs! Robbers!
Oh! Help!
Shed the alarm, boss.
We're strictly amateur night.
Now, listen to me, thieves.
An extremely rare duck
lives on an island.
Bring me this duck, and I will make
you rich beyond your dreams.
Fail me...
and you'll wish
you were never born.
- Mmhh...
- Piece of cake, partner.
Now, you'll put I!
In this special cage.
Let's do this!
What are you cackling about?
Killa-mop is the lifepak of the week!
Longway, Longway,
go and play a new game.
Dad, they have weapons.
And they can fly!
We need to fly!
There is no need for anyone to fly.
Oh, come on, Dad!
I am the Emperor, and your father,
and you will do as I say...
I can fly right over there
and let those mallards know
whose island this is!
I really need to work on my abs.
And my tail obliques!
Left, left, left, left, left, left,
left, right, left...
Your other left, you knuckleheads!
Permission to remind you, sir!
Private Erica... your daughter...
has not yet been punished
for her gross breach of conduct
during the flight.
It wasn't really a gross
breach of conduct.
Sir, if she goes unpunished,
the men may think you are...
You know, "soft".
Okay, okay, punish my daugh---- ...
I mean, the offender.
Punish the offender.
Make sure she understands...
I had no choice!
These are the orders?
Get punished!
You won't get away with this!
I'll tell my father!
Well, I didn't want to tell you,
but this was his idea.
I know.
It surprised me, too!
What was it he said?
Oh, yes!
"Erica means nothing!
What's important is my reputation
with the men!"
Tell him...
if he keeps me in here,
I'll go on a hunger strike!
I'll tell him.
"You need to be frugal
when you're abroad."
Who is this?
Oh! Only an ostrich would think
that if he hides his head,
nobody can see his feet, or his...
I wasn't using this to hide.
No, it's an ancient Mandarin duck
mind-reading device.
Yeah. Okay, sure!
So why don't you tell me
what I'm thinking!
You're thinking...
this boy seems a little crazy...
though he is sort of cute.
Ah... what? No...
You wish!
Who are you?
Your rescuer!
My rescuer?
Listen, quack-job,
I'm the general's daughter,
and nobody can rescue me.
I'm stuck.
We're stuck!
What if I told you
I know a secret passage?
I'd tell you, don't get stuck
by your sauce pan.
Trust me.
I am a mind reader!
And now you're thinking about...
I think it's time to take
that away from you.
Hey, give that back!
Oh, you want it?
Come get it!
- You didn't even fly!
- Huh?
You let me win.
Yeah! Well, I was
being a gentleman, and...
Never let a girl win
just because she's a girl!
And if you do, you don't tell her
you did, you dummy.
I really don't know what I'm...
All I know about girls
is from my tablet handbook.
Oh, really?
Never would have guessed.
I can't believe my Dad locked me up.
He dragged me all over the world,
then throws me in the slammer,
just because I didn't follow
his even rule.
You've been around the world, huh?
I've never been off this island.
You got to stay in one place
the whole time?
A place to call home?
My father says
it isn't safe out there.
So I need to stay
and learn traditions...
Our crazy, boring traditions
that nobody believes in.
Well, at least, your dad doesn't
yell at you day and night.
Erica! Erica!
See? Day, and night.
Erica? ls that your name?
Mine's Longway.
Erica, answer me.
You need to eat something.
That's an order!
Would you believe my Dad thinks
he pumps up the sun with meditation?
"Position 45!
Lily pumps up the sun!"
Okay, I guess both our dads
are weird.
Well, at least your dad isn't
like that complete nutcase
who attacked my dad.
Whoa, whoa.
Excuse me.
That was my dad, you jerk!
What? Oh...
- Well, that's not what I meant.
- Oh, really?
No, I mean...
what I meant to say was...
- Un-huh?
- You know how mallards are.
- Un-huh?
- I mean... not you.
- But most...
- Wow.
You don't know anything about me
or my dad, quack-job!
You're just a dumb Mandarin
who's never been anywhere!
Who obviously can't even fly!
Erica, wait!
Are you mad?
Oh, yeah. She's mad.
And, boom!
Got you, stupid duck!
I don't know what that lady wants
with you, and I don't care!
It's payday, ka-ching!
Kianga, buddy, training's over.
The sun's about to come up,
the bluebird is wide awake
and waiting for us to catch it!
Brrhrrbb... brrbrrbb...
on, duck poop!
Are you kidding me?
This copper again?
Doesn't he ever give up?
Go! Go!
Faster, Kianga, faster!
I got it, I got it!
Hold it...
Holding it.
Ah... ah... oh!
Hey, old man, you seen
a couple of thieving monks?
One fat, one skinny?
Both idiots?
Old man!
I asked you a question!
Have you seen...?
Hey... hey!
Check it out.
You caught something, bring it in.
Seriously, just reel it in, old man!
Okay, be like that.
Okay, be like that.
You're never going to catch anything,
Come on, boss.
Maybe those two dummies
are on the other side.
Okay, this is dumb!
There ain't no ducks here!
All we got is this weird fish.
And Ms. Knout ain't going to
take no fish.
Or will she? Kianga!
Grab the decoy!
Another genius idea!
Are you sure you got the right bird?
Yeah... no...
It's the right bird... kinda.
Magic sun duck, you got it!
It's... it's not exactly a duck.
You cooked the sun duck!
What is this?
That's a fish!
I told you, I want the sun duck!
I need the sun duck!
Bring the duck to me alive!
Or I shall have to turn you both
into catfood! Into a preserve!
Remember, the duck in the cage,
or you two.
Woo-wa! Ya!
Next position...
Would the Emperor's son
care to help us?
Get out of the way!
Or, I don't know, how about this,
why don't you help us, Longway?
Sir! Good morning, sir!
- Duane?
- Yes, sir?
Get out of my way!
- But, sir, I...
- Duane...
- I just...
- What!?
They're kicking us out?
Sir! The enemy
has deployed a sign!
- I see it!
- What should we do, sir?
We don't have any signs.
And there isn't anybody
who could spell.
without the... gaw!
I thought you were mad at me.
I'm mad at you,
but I don't hate you...
not yet anyway.
So, you're not brave enough to fight,
but you'll send your little spy
to snoop on our military secrets
from my own daughter!?
Military secrets...
- You coward.
- Hey, Dad?
Let's go, sweetie-pie.
Over here.
Longway, you cannot trust
these mallards.
You must be more careful.
Dad, she's a friend!
I thought you were locked up!
I'm out.
Let's just leave it at that.
Oh... so, you used the toilet?
Listen, quack-job, I said,
I don't want to talk about it.
Look! That's a good sign!
Your bubble is still floating!
That is so cool.
I wish I could do that.
Okay. Here's the trick.
Blow the bubble the same way you
do when you're using aero-breath.
Oh... yeah!
Aero-breath! Right.
How do you mallards do that?
I'll show you!
Let's go up there.
Oh... Up... there?
Mallards use aero-breath
to turn really fast.
Like when we're doing
the nose-dive of death.
Nose dive of what, now?
Death! It's fun! Let's go!
Wait'? Death is fun?
Now we dive close
until the rocks are really close!
They're really close!
Okay, and breaaaaathe!
Are you kidding me?
Maybe we should try this
some other place.
Someplace... softer?
Sure. I could use some new places
to crash into.
Stop, Kianga. We're here.
You're doing it!
You're flying!
That duck's gotta be
on the other side.
You gotta dig through.
Come on, I'm kidding!
You got a friend who's a genius!
What was that'? Longway?
Grab on! Longway!
Longway'?! Longway!
- Uhh!
- Quack!
Quack! Quack!
Quack! Quack! Quack!
Quack! Quack! Quack...
Take that,
you quacking punching bag!
What happened to the lake?
I just made a hole with my head
that was so big, I drained the lake!
Oh, no.
My dad lectured me for hours
about this.
- Ah, you know, we...
- All that junk about responsibility.
We could fly off this boring island
and see the real world...
- Unh?
- Mm-hmh.
Fly off... together?
It sounds amazing.
But I shouldn't leave my Dad
when there's all this trouble
with the mallards.
With the mallards?
Two seconds ago, you said
you hated responsibility.
So either you don't like mallards,
or you're just a quack-job coward.
- Mmph!
- Erica, wait... I didn't mean to...
Quack off!
Can't leave the island...
can't fly...
Can't do anything right!
Come on, let's row that boat!
Let's go, go, go!
Come on, scow, we're going too slow!
Aha! Yeah!
What the quack?
Where's the water?
Water... Where...? My lake!
Bad move, penguin!
That's it!
I officially declare war
on the Mandarin ducks
and their penguin leader.
Men, this will be the greatest
undercover mission in history!
Permission to speak candidly, sir?
- Go ahead.
- Your plan...
is a work of genius, sir.
Always tell me the truth, Private!
Please, Daddy, let's just go.
We'll find another Hawaii.
You said you wanted a vacation.
Oh, believe me, I fully intend
to have that vacation...
After I wipe this island
off the face of the Earth!
Believe him!
Yeah, believe us.
We fully intend to have that vacation.
There you go, quack-job.
First chance you get, you forget
about me and try to be the big hero.
Just like my father.
These mallards destroyed our lake!
But let the enemy tremble
before our Mandarin fun,
senseless and merciless.
We are able to protect our women,
our children, and our eggs.
When the son of the Emperor
comes of age,
his first duty is to deliver
the opening speech.
I am pleased to present to you...
My people!
I didn't write the speech.
I can't write a speech.
I can't do anything but play games
and ruin things.
It was me.
The lake was my fault.
I tried to fly.
I crashed, and it made a big hole.
And that's how the lake got drained.
So don't blame the mallards.
One of them is really nice!
And I should have been nicer to her.
Bu! now it's too late.
Consorting with the enemy.
It is my duty to decree
an extreme punishment.
You will be forbidden
from using your tablet.
The festival continues!
"The Dance of the Dying Drake."
Is it your turn to rescue me?
Oh, yeah!
My own daughter?
- Dude, we got it!
- Quack!
That old picture, like...
Yeah, close enough!
- My dad's in danger!
- Danger?
Oh, my.
If we don't act fast,
we could lose our leader.
And someone else will
have to assume command.
All right!
If none of you quack-jobs will help,
I'll do it myself!
Erica, wait!
Longway is the sun duck?
Oh! That can't be!
No! I am the sun duck.
Not Longway!
This sun duck sign is painted on.
What else have you got painted on?
No, never mind that!
Don't get personal.
No, no...
This is all just a mistake.
It's just a joke.
Dad, am I the sun duck?
Why would you lie to me?
He did it to protect you, you ung...
The Charter Chatter says the sun duck
saves the world by giving his life.
That's my destiny, not his.
A father must never outlive his son.
Dad, I don't know anything
about any of that stuff.
You'd better...
you'd better play games.
I have to help my friend!
My son can fly?
Longway! You've come
to help me rescue my dad?
Yeah, but we have lo do I! quick.
Apparently, I'm the sun duck!
And I suppose
that's going to be important.
- The what?
- I'll explain on the way. Let's go!
The witch wants that duck real bad.
What's she going to do with it?
Eat it?
It freaked her face off when she
thought you cooked it, remember?
No, I don't think so.
I don't think she's the trophy type.
Oh, no, dude!
What if...?
What if it's all true?
What if she gets the sun duck?
What happens to the sun?
That was wicked freaky!
We can't go to the policeman.
He'll just lock us up.
But without the sun duck,
she'll shish-kebab the both of us.
If we're lucky!
Hello, Ms. Knout.
I was wondering if you would do me
the honor of having dinner with me?
No... That's lame.
Can't be lame.
Hey, baby...
you're looking fine.
You and me... dinner.
What do you say?
Yeah. That'll work.
I'll be smooth.
No way she can resist me now!
The mask's not helping anymore.
I caught it!
Come on, give it here!
I caught it, come on!
Got it!
Ms. Knout, here it is!
Did you find it?
Do you have it?
Ms. Knout!
Don't touch that!
It's a good thing I made it
before you left your gorgeous
fingerprints on the evidence.
Stealing ducks from the preserve is
punishable by death by firing squad.
Life-long death without parole.
Bro, don't say anything
without a lawyer, okay?
Well, officer, I wouldn't
want to break the law.
But we don't really know
what's in here, do we?
Perhaps you should lake
the cover off for me?
What is this?
This is the duck you're looking for.
We're here!
Don't worry.
I'm going to get your dad back
for you.
There's so many people here.
Look what you brought me.
Dimwits! Fools!
Yes... you're all mine.
Oh, no, no, no, not now.
I need to get ready
for our dinner date.
Our... dinner... date?
Yes, tomorrow night.
I'll have my pool boys
fry this duck for the entre.
Yum, yum.
Until then, keep this...
to remember me.
I got it all worked out.
So here's the plan;
We wait until one leaves,
and then we put on his clothes...
Where's my cage, dimwits?
Oh, that's the sun duck!
The one we saw in that old picture!
Snug as a bug in a rug.
If either of you try to escape,
the cage will squeeze you
into one tiny cube.
My son... my poor son.
- Now that he knows...
- What are you doing?
It's just a matter of time...
before he...
Stop whining, you sissy duck!
What are you babbling about,
you senile old fool?
You forget who you're talking to.
I forget a lot of things! I remember
that our enemies once feared you!
Remember when these pretty
young duckettes would line up
to lay eggs for you?
When you were our guardian
and protector!
My old friend is right!
Everyone, we must help
the great sun duck.
Wait, wait!
What is it?
The village is far from here, and,
Emperor, none of us know how to fly.
I do.
And everyone else is going to
have to learn fast.
Dancer, get the costumes
for the festival.
It's a bummer
we don't understand human.
Looks like she's laughing at us.
Not "us", quack-a-doodle. You!
There's nothing funny about me.
They'll stay there
while I get the machine ready
for doomsday in the morning.
Just don't mix them up
when you make the roast!
Now you have two special ducks!
What? No!
One special duck that I caught and
one worthless duck you caught.
The sun duck has to see the sun
before the end.
And then I'll kill him!
I'll kill him. I'll kill him.
You know what?
Forget the reward.
- You don't owe us anything.
- Have it your way. Leave me.
I have much work to do
before sunrise.
Quack, quack.
What in thunderblazes
are you doing?
What am I doing?
Getting us out of here!
With a tablet?
You kids have no idea
how to do anything!
It's just the same as in my game!
If you hit the cage from inside,
it shrinks to one pixel.
- What?
- Pixel?
Pixel? You have heard the word,
right, old man?
I don't care
about the size of your pixel!
You did this, Pixel!
Quack, quack...
I'd wind up my fist and sock you
all the way to Hawaii!
Oh! So you admit
you're not in Hawaii!
- Finally!
.Dad! Longway!
I mean! Jamaica.
Excuse me.
Person in the room here
to rescue you? Remember?
- You need to leave, right now!
- Pixel's right. You have to go!
- Leave?
- Yes.
You need to go tell my men
where we are.
We can get out on our own!
Quack, quack, quack, quack.
- The way you two are fighting?
- We were joking. Ha ha!
- Mmnh-hnh.
- Yeah!
We're pals!
Best buddies.
Listen to your dad!
Okay, I'm going to go get help.
You two...
just... don't kill each other.
Listen, Pixel.
I want you to know that I appreciate
you're looking out for my daughter.
If we live through this,
I'll still kill you!
Quack, quack!
Quack, quack!
Quack, quack!
Uh... Ms. Knout?
Would this "work" have anything
to do with shrinking the sun?
Let's just say the sun can help
everyone live a long and healthy life.
Or it can make
one person live forever.
Get me out of here! Ow!
Pipe down, dimwit!
Can't trust dimwits.
I simply have to do everything myself.
I know how to win the game now.
I should have changed the cage
into a ball,
rolled it, and run the witch over!
Remember what I said,
Keep away from my daughter!
My fellow warriors, I bring sad news.
The greatest military genius
of our time,
the courageous tactician
and commander Duckmus,
has fallen...
on the field of battle.
But to ensure his legacy lives on,
his final order was
that you are to obey me...
My father isn't dead!
- Without question.
- I said, my father is alive!
Let us salute Duckmas's memory!
Wait, you don't understand!
My father's not dead.
He's alive!
He's with Longway
at the witch's house.
They need your help!
- Poor girl.
- Err!
You're really suffering trauma.
Your braids are too tight.
Put her in the slammer!
Are you going to believe
the general': daughter, or him?
Don't worry, dear.
I'll make sure you can't hurt yourself
while you get through this.
Quack, quack, quack...
Well, now, sun duck,
you will have a front-row seat
to watch the end of the world.
Quack, quack, quack...
We have to be in position
before sunrise!
Come on.
Come and get me!
Ah, yes, give me light!
Aw, sweetheart!
Now, just remember what I said.
Flap like you've never flapped before.
We have never flapped before.
Who knew flapping was so tiring?
Oh, shut up.
And stop flapping your mouth
and keep flapping your wings!
She's got Longway!
Dad! Yes!
Lady? You have no idea
how much trouble you're in now.
Oh, joy. More ducks!
It looks like your friends are just
in time to see the show!
Let me out!
Patience, my tasty friend.
Once I have dealt with the sun,
this case will shrink, and turn you
into a small cube of duck stock.
Give me back my son!
The true face is really, really ugly!
Even for a duck!
Why do I suddenly feel insulted?
Where... where am I?
That looks like the best game ever!
Okay, right.
So, where did we
leave off last time, cage?
What have I done?
Yes! It's time!
Oh, no! Not this again!
Daddy, hurry!
Longway's in trouble!
Trouble? What trouble?
I've decided not to rip his head off.
Would you get over yourself
for five minutes?
Longway is the sun duck.
According to the their legend,
he saves the world
by sacrificing himself.
Well, that sounds like a win/win.
Ugh, don't be so selfish.
He means a lotto me, and if you
love me, you'll help save him.
Do you even love me, Dad?
Or do you only love
your military career?
There's not enough of us!
Then, we'll fight to the last duck!
Might be soon!
Okay, Erica, I'll help.
Let's go.
Thank you, Daddy.
You're a tough nut to crack,
but I love you.
This is the fight of your lives!
Many of you
may no! come back alive!
Are you with me?
Is this a private battle, penguin,
or can my squad join the fun?
Just get in (here, mallards!
With pleasure!
Mallards, charge!
- Ah!
- Yee-haw!
Get ready, sun duck!
Hey, Witch!
You're a coward!
Mmh... The show is starting.
We have to destroy the antenna!
Hey, penguin!
I thought of that long ago.
I'm just choosing the best way
to go about it.
Mallards, follow me!
Yes, sir!
Well, then, sun duckling,
it looks as though you will see first
how I wipe out your kin,
and then finish off the sun!
Ha, ha, ha!
Hey, you, out there!
Quack, quack.
You're dead.
I have a little surprise for you.
Right, Erica.
Put your saucepan on quick,
and try to contact Longway.
Then just move away from the house,
as far as you can.
There's interference,
from the antenna!
Now, ha-ha!
Let's get really started!
You prank a girl,
you face the consequences.
Okay, that's it!
Time to beat it!
If you hit the cage from the inside,
it shrinks.
But maybe if you give it a good wallop
from the outside,
it will break up, or grow in size...
so that I can get out.
I'm a bird, right?
So I'm not afraid of heights.
And I'm used to falling, too.
Piece of cake!
In a minute.
I'll just climb a bit higher,
to make sure, and then I'll jump.
This cage is heavy!
Hold on, you feathered freak!
You will not keep me
from being young forever!
Yah! Yuh!
I hope she'll hear me.
And I hope Erica's reading
my mind right now.
I hope I can get through to her.
I hope she knows how much I like her.
Also, I am really sorry
for tricking her into thinking I could
read minds with a sauce pan!
Because I can't!
It's fake. I'm so sorry.
You didn't trick me, I always knew.
It's a sauce pan, for crying out loud.
What them?
I hate ducks!
Hold at position 45.
That's a 45-er.
Attention, Mandarins!
The lily pumps up the sun!
Hit the shield formation!
Let's see you get away from this!
Fresh air!
Where am I?
- Mallards!
- Yes, sir!
The enemy is engaging
in chemical warfare.
- Gas mask protocol, number 7.
- Yes, sir!
Attack that power!
No, go to the roof!
The power source!
Get the antenna!
No penguin is going
to command my troops!
Yes, sir!
We can't keep holding the beam
for long!
I have a great new idea.
- Yes, sir!
- Take out that antenna, full attack!
Go, go, go!
Ha! And that's why I had a backup!
Men, listen to me now!
Allied forces in the line of fire!
Our objective; to remove all friendly
troops from the danger zone.
The sun is shrinking!
Everybody run!
Wait, wail, where's my ride?
What is that, boss? Can't you see
I'm busy working on evidence?
What is that curious smell?
Erica, go, fly away quick!
Go fly a kite?
You're mad because of the saucepan,
aren't you?
You've got to get out of here!
Go on, go on, go!
I'll give you...
Were you going far,
my sunny friend?
I haven't finished yet.
Hey, you out there!
Daddy? Help!
I must...
pump up the sun!
Or move it... just a little...
I... am... the... sun... duuuuuck!
What is going on here?
Fly away as far as you can!
I'll put an end to it all!
Farewell, Erica!
Longway, don't! Longway, no!
Erica, you should be proud of him.
The guy wants to be a hero.
Come on, Longway!
What them?
I've been fighting
with that crazy lady,
caught up in her wicked
possessed luggage,
and tossed all over the place
like a rag doll,
and you've been having
a pigging-out party for one!
Ah... ow...
What happened here?
I seem to have had a nightmare.
A bit later, penguin, I'll tell you
about all the feats that I performed,
while you were snoring
your head off here.
Now, though, let's go and sift through
the rubble to find your hero.
Longway? Longway?
Longway, please be alive.
Come on, mallards.
Never leave a quack-a-doodle behind.
Longway! Son!
Come on, Longway, please be alive.
Oh, look...
He's alive!
Longway's "Walking Dead Duck".
So, did we win the game?
But this is impossible.
Our great Charter Chatter
clearly states:
the sun duck was supposed
to give his life!
That old Chatter?
Come on, it's so out of date.
I suppose I should read
the fine print.
Really had me scared
for a minute there, quack-job.
Thanks for not dying.
Come, everyone.
Let's go back home
and celebrate our victory.
And, mallards!
We need to get going.
You're coming to celebrate with us.
This is our victory.
All of us.
Oh, no! I was supposed
to meet her for dinner!
What's wrong with you, boss?
Why didn't you wake me up?
Ms. Knout?
I hope I'm not too late
for our dinner dale.
What happened?
You're beautiful, my dear.
Oh, shut up.
Check it out, my chubby survivor!
We are the only survivors
of the end of (he world!
Everything is ours!
Yeah, yeah, all the food, too!
So, we aren't the only survivors.
Eat a duck, for good luck.
Eat a duck, for good luck!
Eat a duck, for good luck!
Hey, you!
Eat a duck, for good luck!
You mangy cat!
Eat a duck, for good luck!
Go away!
I guess that's good...
Now we still have people to rob!
Agh! Who made this'? lck!
Tastes like cal poop!
you can talk?
Why didn't you say anything
before now, dummy?
Well, before, the gingerbreads
used to be good.
Home, at last!
Sir, I'm so glad you survived!
Oh, my captain!
Oh, my benevolent dictator...
Oh, my hero. My captain...
A toast to my son, the sun duck!
Here, here!
And a toast to Duckmus, my friend and
whose daughter I am graciously
allowing to befriend my son.
Thank you.
Although what's actually happened is
that I am graciously allowing your son
to befriend my daughter.
I have also decreed that the happy
chums shall live together
in our flock, as honored Mandarins.
And I decree that the happy couple
will live in our flock
as honored mallards.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Not going to happen.
I'm trying to eat some cake, here!
You can't eat cake
until the happy chums are here.
Oh, well, Longway said I could
just go ahead and eat it.
Because they took off there...
to Hawaii.
Oh, then, it shouldn't take long
to find them.
They're still here on the island.
What's wrong with you?
You need to check your gas mask
for a leak.
I think some poison gas got
into your brain or something.
Don't make me declare war
on you again.
Because I'll do it.
I will bring the fury of a...
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