Qing mi (The Second Woman) (2012)

Yup. Bao is coming back for dinner tonight.
Is her hubby coming with her?
They aren't married yet.
Your younger sister should get married.
They've been going out for a long time.
Nan is a nice guy.
Quite a talent in drama, too.
Uncle tai, you didn't know his mother...
... was a very popular...
Cantonese opera actress?
Of course I didn't know
We mostly did old tunes. Like this one...
it's silent in the garden at midnight...
the night is tender and charming...
being in the countryside of Moscow.
Blessed is the lady who will be his wife..
Can you fish in this low tide?
There're only stones!
Not a chance.
I'll leave it to fate.
If the fish is willing, we'll be very happy.
I'm just doing this to kill time.
Your sister and nan are made for each other.
They both studied theatre.
Met each other immediately after graduation.
You're right. Bao is really lucky.
Sister Huiniang!
You mustn't be so obstinate...
a girl without true love cannot live long...
but being killed ruthlessly is...
... too much of a tragedy.
Huiniang, life is nothing but an illusion.
Please stay put for a while.
You must understand this is...
... the fate of us concubines.
Sister Huiniang!
Are you alright, nan?
I was thinking of...
casting two actresses to play the roles.
The pressure would have been
too heavy for...
...one actress plus the two characters
have to appear in the same scene.
However, I think whoever is being casted...
the two roles must be played...
...by the same actress.
Pei falls for Zhaorong...
because she looks exactly...
...like Huiniang.
If the two roles were played...
... by two different actresses...
you won't get the same impact.
Do you agree?
Yes, you're right, of course.
No question about it.
...my performance has
to be matched by others'.
Your lines were all wrong.
There's no rhythm
And emotion at all.
Jiangxian should be sympathetic...
...with Huiniang.
You'll ruin the performance of
your partners.
I'd say, as director, shouldn't you...
consider casting another
actress for Bao's role?
It's still early.
We have time to adjust that.
Bao, you must work harder.
You must listen...
...to Amys opinions.
I'm glad that everyone thinks...
... this is a good script.
Don't waste this opportunity. Try your best.
Thanks, director.
Thanks, Ms. Amy.
I'll work harder.
Daydreaming again?
Are we going to dry read?
Stop thinking about rehearsals!
What else should I think about?
For me?
Have you forgotten?
It's your birthday!
It's unimaginable for such...
... a small potato like me...
...to be with you.
I'd say...
you are the best birthday present...
... from god to me.
I've got a flu.
You'll get infected.
Try this, Bao.
Do you find your sister's cookery...
... a bit too light?
Let me.
Not at all.
She makes the best food. Agreed?
You simply won't find such...
... tasty spicy cuttlefish anywhere.
You may come more often and eat with us.
No way.
The chili's bad for him.
As you can see, he's still coughing.
Bao knows nan best.
These dishes are made for you
at mom's request.
Bao, aren't these your favorite dishes?
See, everyone tries to please you.
No way.
You're all poking fun at me.
Poking fun at you?
Put on the scarf.
It's a bit chilly here.
You have to protect your throat well.
Aren't you bored by facing...
all this darkness everyday?
There are ships passing,
and they've got lights.
Nonetheless, at times...
I find it scary. I just feel like...
being sucked by all this darkness.
As if nothing has ever existed.
Just kidding!
Nan said he'd like to take a walk.
At this hour?
It's kind of late.
It's the cat!
Don't be afraid.
I told you I didn't want to come.
I don't care about your crickets.
Do you want to stay at home with your mom?
Stop bantering with each other.
You should know very well...
...that Baos biggest fear...
is darkness.
Please, no rats.
Am I such a coward?
See who'll get the crickets first?
Where are you going?
A rat!
Look at yourself!
You were laughing at Bao.
Happy birthday.
It comes in a pair.
I bought it for the two of you.
You bought it primarily for her.
If that's what you think,
you may throw it away.
It's too dark here.
Much darker than the stage.
I think the opposite.
The stage is often very bright.
So bright that you can
never see the audience.
This has an advantage.
At least you won't feel nervous.
It won't ruin your performance.
You don't have to care about...
... how others would look at you.
You seem to be freer on stage.
Won't mind how others think of you.
One can also choose one's favorite part...
to play when one's on stage...
and play it as one likes.
That'll be heaven.
You can't play the way you like on stage.
You have partners, and a director.
Not to mention the playwright.
It's not as simple as you'd think.
how's your play,
the legend of the plum blossom, going?
It's okay.
It's just...
Bao is in trouble.
The director is very demanding.
The female lead is fussy, too.
Can I go watch your rehearsals?
It's okay if the answer is no.
I don't mean that.
We're still at the beginning.
You may come later when we dress rehearse.
Did you find any cricket?
Did you find any cricket?
Didn't see any. I'll look further.
Let's go, too.
Have you waited for long?
you left this in my house.
No wonder. I've just made another copy.
You have an extra copy?
May I have this?
You like it?
It's yours.
I've read this script for many times.
I particularly like the part of Zhaorong.
I was thrilled by the suicide scene.
It's okay.
Bao likes it a lot, too.
What are you doing here?
No need to work today?
I'm free.
I have an easy day.
Those guys thought they could...
... cheat the insurance company by hiding.
Where's your sister?
Shopping. What else?
Want to eat together?
Am I intruding?
Will you mind, Bao?
I'm Huixiang!
Oops, sorry. I didn't mean that.
Haven't seen you for a while
The tour will start next month.
We must work harder.
Let's rehearse the last scene.
Starting from the sequence in which...
...Zhaorong imagines herself
as Huiniang and returns to meet Peilang.
Let's start. Okay.
If you keep thinking of that girl so much...
Ill help you fulfill your wish.
Despite the sadness caused by parting,
Love will ultimately turns to dust Huiniang!
I'll never cease the
yearning for my beloved.
Zhaorong's jealousy has caused...
her to develop hallucinations.
She imagines herself as Huiniang...
to satisfy Peilang's craving.
Are you Huiniang?
I thought you had died three years ago.
It was Zhaorong who'd died from lovesick.
I'm using her body to return to life.
It's me! I'm Huiniang.
Huiniang has been dead for three years.
It's not possible for her
to resurrect to life.
Isn't her, in fact, Zhaorong?
Is it you, Zhaorong?
Why was it like that?
Why did I speak of myself as Huiniang?
Did the fortune-Teller predict rightly?
Huiniang's spirit is taking over my body...
... to rob Peilang from me?
You're too impudent!
How dare you exploiting my body...
...to seduce my Peilang?
Is that you, Huiniang?
Am I Huiniang?
I'm Huiniang?
Look at this. A token from her.
She's been dead for three years.
Zhaorong, look.
Peilang always carries this token with him.
This is a proof of his love for me.
I beg you.
Please give up your body
and fulfill our wish.
Zhaorong is really mad.
What should I do?
What should I do?
is this the token you used...
...to seduce my Peilang?
I'll destroy it.
And let your homeless spirit
wander around...
...finally turning into ashes
Do you love Huiniang...
or Zhaorong?
of course I love you, Zhaorong.
If so, destroy the token to prove your love.
But this is the only thing Huiniang...
... left behind.
I can't afford to be so heartless...
...as to destroy it.
Huiniang is like a plum blossom.
Zhaorong is like a peach blossom.
It'll be ruthless to choose...
from either of them.
I love Zhaorong.
But I also love Huiniang.
we've done it.
Done what?
You know what it is!
Nan?... he's alright.
He's a nice guy.
Your response to my having waited...
...for three painful years...
...is a mere "what a dilemma!"
You've broken my heart into pieces.
Alright, Ill help to fulfill
the two of you.
Huiniang, this body of mine...
...take it!
What are you doing here?
For what?
I wasn't the lead of the play.
I sincerely believe that one day...
...you'll be the lead.
Easy. No one saw me.
How is mom?
I've asked Mrs. li to take care of her.
Go home.
I'll do that after your final performance.
Bao got stage fright at
the last performance!
She's not feeling well. I'll go see her.
Are you alright?
When did you come?
It's been a while.
Are you thinking of replacing Bao?
Can I?
It takes years of hard work...
... to be able to perform.
Good acting can't be achieved...
... by merely watching.
Bao suggested me to replace her.
Why would a lady come here
at this late hour?
Why would the scholar...
...return to this place?
Greetings, my lady.
Greetings, scholar.
Where did I meet you before?
May I know your...
you only care about Huiniang.
Scholar, doesn't this red gown...
...make you think of someone?
Oh, I remember.
The lady on the bridge also
wore such red gown.
Would you...
...know the whereabouts of that lady?
Her coffin...
...is inside this mansion.
How did she die?
She's disillusioned and
there was an accident.
She visited the lake but
met her death instead.
What actually happened?
The prime minister learned about...
... Huiniang's affair with you...
...and beat her to death.
Poor Huiniang, she was calling your name...
...before she died.
This is the token she'd left you.
The token reminds me of her.
Love is ruthless.
My tears dropping on this handkerchief...
when will I reunion with my beloved?
You were great.
Just listen to the applause!
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
I'll change first.
I'm fine, Hai.
I'll go first.
How can you manage to perform in this state?
Let me replace you.
You don't know any of the craft.
Can you afford to see yourself...
... replaced by others?
Why didn't you have more rest?
Where's Huixiang?
Why didn't you tell me...
...about the swap?
Was she good?
How could she? She's totally green.
She suggested to replace me herself.
It's just one last show anyway.
You should sleep more.
I have to go to the party later.
I'll go, too.
I almost didn't recognize you on the stage.
It's almost like you're reincarnated.
But I must point out a few mistakes.
Near the end of act one,
you almost tripped me.
Sorry for that. I'll do better next time.
I'll go get a drink.
Why did you lie to me?
I didn't.
Those applauses were fake.
Why did they have to act...
... after the play was over?
What are you angry at?
She did you a favor, didn't she?
What's the point of all this?
Stop the car!
I went to watch the second half of the play.
Huixiang was indeed better than me.
She's just an amateur.
You do think so?
You are lying.
If you are so pressured...
you might as well quit.
You've wanted to say so for a long time.
I'll quit, then.
I like the smell of your body.
If Im gone, what'd you do?
Why will you be gone?
A one...
...and a two...
a one and a two...
how I wish...
...there's only one me in this world.
Miss, any particular style you'd want?
Let me have a look at this.
Come and help me pick.
Why the necklace?
Someone wants to make up for his mistakes.
I'll take this.
Are you sure you can't make it?
I'm sorry...
don't you want to see me?
I shouldn't come...
where are you?
If you don't want to see me...
Ill vanish.
You'll never see me again.
Drinking by yourself? Why?
I'm by myself, that's why.
Don't drink too much. I'll get changed.
Dance with me.
Let's get married.
It's time we settle down.
We can settle down by getting married?
Have you made your choice?
What's that?
Let's talk at the back of the hill.
Are you back?
Is it raining outside?
Huixiang, is it raining outside?
Did you get soaked?
I'm fine. Mom.
Go to sleep.
Where have you been?
I couldn't reach your mobile.
Have you forgotten the
signing of the contract?
I'll come right now.
are you back?
Have you forgotten your keys?
Mrs. Lin, it's me.
I've come to bring you
to dinner at our place.
See, she is like last time again.
Gone without leaving a single word...
Huixiang called me.
She said she was going away for...
... a few days for some business.
I'll take care of you.
Sorry to trouble you again, Mrs. li.
No problem,
just adding an extra pair of chopsticks.
Did Huixiang tell you where she went?
No. She didn't mention.
Here's Mrs. li.
She didn't even bring her mobile phone.
She's been away for five days.
Didn't even give me one call.
Will there be an accident?
Did she mention where she was going?
No. She just said...
...she'd be away for a couple of days.
Shall we call the police?
Call the police?
It's not necessary.
Last time we were on tour...
...she followed the troupe
for almost a month.
She's most probably just out...
... on a trip by herself.
Let's wait for a few more days.
I agree. Huixiang called me herself.
What's wrong, mom?
Come and stay with us for a couple of days.
Huixiang may return in a couple of days.
I don't want to trouble you.
Why don't you come to stay with me?
Is that okay for you?
Didn't Bao say so?
Huixiang always disappeared...
... like that without a word.
I know.
This time I just felt...
a bit weird.
The night Huixiang disappeared,
Bao didn't go home either.
The day after that I saw her...
I have a hunch...
her forehead had a bruise.
Bao may have something to do...
... with Huixiang's disappearance.
Don't worry.
I'm free in the next few days.
I'll help you to find her.
I'm finished. Thank you.
It's nothing.
Do you have something to tell me?
Is it possible that...
...Huixiang has amnesia?
Don't break it up.
Let me take a couple of more photos.
That was quite difficult.
It can't be amnesia.
She had called Mrs. li.
Why did you choose an all-White jigsaw?
You're awesome!
What's all this photographing?
Did you find anything?
This is weird.
You said...
...Huixiang called Mrs. li?
Then she should be fine.
I can only hope so. But...
Nan also mentioned that...
Huixiang had impersonated Bao once in...
...Beijing and replaced Bao in
a performance. She was brilliant, too.
Bao was very upset by that.
I have the full picture now!
It's all jealousy! Women's jealousy.
it's terrible!
Jealousy kills, don't you know that?
It's very late now.
Do you know Huixiangs whereabouts?
How do I know?
You're right. How would you know.
You miss her?
She's your sister. Of course I do.
She's my sister, that's why you miss her.
I miss her, too.
Did you notice?
Every time we came home,
Huixiang wore this red dress.
Take a look.
Have you had enough?
This is funny?
She was very unstable in every performance.
And the blocking was always wrong.
But there's no denial that...
... Baos getting better and better.
Well, I don't think so.
On the contrary,
I think she's a bad influence to the troupe.
You're too far-Fetched.
No matter what, replace her.
Ill quit.
let me!
Li Huiniang, what's my crime?
Jia Sidao!
As prime minister,
you have failed your country.
You're obsessed with
your wives and concubines.
War is imminent,
yet you're not taking any action.
Li Huiniang!
You're insolent!
How dare you insult me?
I'll sentence you to death!
My lord, be merciful!
Amy! Amy...
get the ambulance, hurry!
Quick, move away!
Get the ambulance, hurry!
How is that?
Why are you always so unfocused?
The doctor said it'll at least...
... take a week for her to recover.
Lucky that there's no concussion.
We're running out of time.
What should we do?
She's been following...
... the production for a long time.
Maybe we can let her try.
You did it on purpose today.
What do you mean?
Are you really that eager to perform?
So much so that you'll do whatever you will?
You can say whatever you want.
Come, quick! Something is floating there.
Looks like a body!
Mrs. Lin!
Is Mrs. Lin home?
Mrs. Lin is home.
Who's that?
It's zhong from the police station.
What's the matter?
Uncle tai just found...
... an overcoat on the seaside.
I'd like you to take a look to see...
... if it's yours.
Why is it wet?
It was floating on the sea.
Does this belong to any
member of your family?
No... this isn't Huixiangs.
I've heard Huixiang is not home...
... these past two days.
She had something to take care of.
That'll be fine.
If something happens, do call the police.
We'll deal with it immediately.
I know.
But since Huixiangs family...
...didn't report the case
we're not entitled to do anything.
I understand.
I passed by Huixiangs shop everyday.
It's almost a week that it's been closed.
Isn't there an uncle tai...
... who's very close with her?
Huixiang always chatted with him
at the pier.
He should be having his break...
... at the tea restaurant now.
It's his habit. Never miss a single day.
Old chaps are like that.
Did her sister ask you to look for her?
No, it's nan.
He was here this morning.
He asked me for the overcoat.
It's the one uncle tai...
... found on the seaside two days ago.
They thought it was Huixiangs.
We brought it to Huixiangs mom.
But she denied it was hers.
She's very angry.
Isn't that her mom...
I know there is something wrong
with her eyes.
But nan also said the same...
...when he saw it this morning.
That proved her mom was correct.
Uncle tai?
My name is Wang.
I saw you get off the boat.
You have good eyes.
This is my name card.
I heard you found an overcoat
on the seaside.
Why are you interested in it?
Nan is my good friend.
I'm tracing something for him.
I know nan.
I told the police about the overcoat.
Nobody cared.
Does it look familiar?
Who have you seen wearing it.
Honestly, Im not sure.
But it's not Huixiangs style.
This Im pretty sure.
But it does look a bit familiar.
How are you? What?
Can I ask something?
Anything strange...
...happened here?
I saw Huixiang going to
the pier hurriedly...
...on that morning.
Are you sure it was Huixiang?
I recognized Huixiangs clothes.
Is it usually so quiet? Boss?
It's particularly quiet lately.
It's that old theatre over there...
it's haunted.
You're quick.
You were just inside a second ago.
Everything reminds me of her.
I dreamt that she talked to me.
The handkerchief...
it was a token of love.
Is it because I look like her that you...
it was my mistake to have loved you.
What's the difference...
... between you and Jia Sidao?
That's the way it is!
We'll continue tomorrow.
I was rehearsing.
I'm Bao.
Sorry. I'm wrong again, Bao.
I'll change first.
Excuse me.
I can't locate the cloth Zhaorong wears...
...at the climactic scene.
Sorry... guess we'll fix another time.
Let me find again.
I'll call you for another appointment.
I'm really sorry.
You called her Huixiang deliberately, right?
You really want to look for clues here?
You think it may upset the people here?
No one in the troupe knows...
...she has a twin sister.
Best avoid that.
I see.
...have you found out that the...
...overcoat the police discovered was Baos?
Why didn't you tell me?
Me and Huixiang...
I see.
Are you suspecting the same?
I can't believe Huixiang
could have killed Bao.
You said you saw Bao holding...
...Huixiangs hairpin?
I know now!
The one you saw isn't Bao. She's Huixiang.
Huixiang was passing herself off as Bao.
I had thought so, too.
there's something weird.
Nan got confused, too.
He can't differentiate...
... between Huixiang and Bao.
If Huixiang really passes
herself off as Bao...
...he should have recognized.
After all, they've been together
for some time.
Have a DNA examination!
Just a few thousand bucks.
So simple.
DNA of twins are identical.
It doesn't work.
This leaves only the fingerprints.
Do it, then.
It's not easy.
We need to have the fingerprints...
... of both persons for comparison.
It'll end up to nothing.
Are we stuck?
I've got it!
It's time for my entrance.
Brother nan.
What are you doing here?
It's about Huixiangs disappearance.
My brother seems to be totally clueless.
That's why Im here to check and see.
Nan, have you made sure yourself whether...
...it's Huixiang or Bao that we're seeing?
I'm going to the back of the hill.
The back of the hill? Why?
I'll go with you.
if we have some objects...
...with Baos fingerprints to
to compare with those of her right now...
we can easily find out the truth.
She had stayed in my house, too.
The fingerprints of both...
... must have mixed together.
It's very difficult to verify.
Is there some place she'd have gone only...
... by herself?
Let me think.
I will, too.
I'd like to stay a bit longer.
Can you go down by yourself?
Why would the scholar on the bridge...
...return to this place?
Maybe it's harmless to meet him.
Greetings, scholar.
You only care about Huiniang.
Scholar, doesn't this red gown...
...remind you of someone?
She's... dead.
She's disillusioned and...
this caused an accident.
She visited the lake but
met her death instead.
Please come in.
I'll be ready in a minute.
This is for you.
Put it on and see if it fits.
I've missed you.
If there was no Bao...
...will you be with me?
...nan told me about...
... the disappearance of Huixiang.
I'm here to gather some clues.
It's very quiet here.
Very quiet, indeed.
At times it makes you feel scary.
It's disturbing.
do you know why...
...I didn't report to the police
about Huixiang...
...after all these days?
I think it's Bao, and not Huixiang,
who's staying with me now.
They have different scent.
I must say Im not at all sure.
Because at time I smelled Huixiang...
seems like she's nearby.
It may sound absurd.
Before I lost my sight...
...I couldn't differentiate between them.
They liked to swap cloths to fool me...
... when they were young.
It was at those times that...
... I was completely confused...
...about the two...
of them.
Luckily I was able to...
... finish Zhaorong's dress in time.
I lost the original.
The director was mad at me.
Just be more careful.
Lots of unfortunate things have happened.
Huixiang has...
watch out.
There was uncle song...
... who died inside the seaside motel.
The body was discovered only...
... after more than ten days.
Poor chap!
More than ten days!
With this weather, the smell must be awful!
We dare not walk near the place.
A haunted house no one dares go near...
why is there light?
I have the whole picture now.
What do you mean?
Didn't you say when you...
... were at the troupe earlier...
someone told you that Bao...
... was seen in the props room...
...but was spotted at the gate...
... in the next brink?
So what?
I'll have to go to the island
for more clues.
Don't go alone.
There's nothing I can do...
... if something happens to you.
Stop worrying. I'm not a kid anymore.
what again?
The report on the fingerprints
has been issued.
What does it say?
There were two sets of fingerprints...
... on the hairpin.
One of them was identical with...
... that on the tape recorder.
The hairpin belongs to Huixiang.
That means...
Yup. That proves my assumption.
Eat something.
What happened the other night?
I'm asking you! What the hell happened?
Let go to the back of the hill and talk.
You and nan...
Is there something going on...
... that Im not aware of?
There are things that should remain unsaid.
Stop asking.
Let's find a shelter.
It's alright. The thunder will pass.
why do you have to do this to me?
There are things...
...that should remain unsaid.
As long as you believe...
... isn't that good enough?
Let's concentrate on tonight's
performance first. Okay?
what happened?
How did you find out Im here?
You texted me.
Not me. It must be Huixiang.
She tied me up here.
Where's she?
Dont know. She said something like...
Bao is the female lead for...
... the first time tonight.
Female lead?
I'm nan, please leave a message.
I hope I didn't regain consciousness.
Why? Thank god you're still alive.
Bao and all of us will be heart-Broken.
Bao is the lead for the first time...
... in tonight's show.
The mountain is bidding farewell to the sun.
The moon's reflection is
bathing in the lake.
The breeze is stirring up my sadness.
Separated from the outside world...
I was held captive in desertion.
I was suffering great pain...
even in my dreams I found myself...
... trapped in a dead-End.
Nan found Baos hairpin in the hills.
This proves that they were there.
But how come they were out on the sea?
Did Huixiang mention this to you?
Do you remember our
childhood days when jun...
...and all of us went sailing
on a stolen boat?
How Ive missed those simple days.
I recall the time...
... when I almost fell into the sea.
It was you who saved me.
Is that so?
I have forgotten.
let's steal a boat and go sailing.
Honestly, you and nan...
What a lovely sky!
Look at it! It's so beautiful.
No. I won't.
I must make sure what's going on among us.
Bao, there are certain things...
...that should remain unscathed.
I must make sure of them.
If that's the case,
things will come to an end.
I don't care.
Even if the result is disastrous,
I have to do that.
Do you know what he likes best?
Do you know where his erogenous zones lie?
If you don't know,
What exactly do you want to make sure?
I know! I know!
Why is he nan?
There's one more thing you should know, too.
That is, you're a rotten actor.
And a rotten girlfriend, too.
Bullshit! It's bullshit!
save me, Huixiang...
Come, come!
You want to drown me?
You want me dead! You are sick!
Bao! Bao!
Did Huixiang explain why she didn't go home?
She remained unconscious...
... in the sea for a while.
But she was choked and came back...
... to life by the water.
She held herself to the boat...
...and made sure Bao went ashore
before she swam back.
Bao's clothes were all soaked.
She changed in Huixiangs clothes and left.
The person whom uncle tai...
... saw the other morning...
...was in fact Bao.
But things just happened...
... too suddenly and horribly.
According to Huixiangs personality...
she'd be totally clueless in facing Bao.
That's why she was afraid to go home.
I see now.
She must have hidden inside the old theatre.
Didn't you mention that there were...
... signs of people staying there?
Right. I bumped into her hiding place.
That's why she had to find another place.
Intermission for 5 minutes.
One thing keeps bugging me.
Why didn't Bao say anything...
... about what happened on that night?
Did she really think
she had killed Huixiang?
It might have been like that...
she found out soon that...
... Huixiang was still alive.
Because Mrs. li from the next door...
... received a call from Huixiang.
Didn't Bao make that call?
I had thought so.
But it was actually Huixiang who called.
Do you mean she had known...
... that Huixiang was alive?
Exactly. That's why she objected
to calling the police.
She even went to Huixiangs hiding place.
Not so fast, bro.
But why did she hide the fact...
...that Huixiang was alive?
Difficult to fathom.
Maybe it was deliberate.
She may want to know...
... what Huixiang really wants?
I yearned for you...
and had waited in vain...
the parting three years ago...
... languished in my memory.
There wasn't a single night...
... I didn't find myself in tears.
you're the cause for...
... all these unbearable torments!
I was on the battlefield for three years...
this token has stayed with me all the time.
I wonder if I could have persisted...
...without it.
My dearest Huiniang!
How I have missed and longed for you!
If I have returned to meet Zhaorong...
I shouldn't have indulged myself...
... in Huiniangs memory.
She's dead and that's that.
To do that is simply unfair to Zhaorong.
No. I must not do that.
But Huiniang died because of me.
How could I be so heartless...
...in forgetting her and
destroying the token?
Huiniang my beloved!
How Ive missed you!
Peilang, my Peilang!
I have waited three long hard years in vain!
Huiniang is the woman who...
... has been occupying your thoughts!
If, indeed, that is the case...
You'll have my blessing.
Despite the sadness caused by parting...
...love will ultimately turns into dust.
I'll never cease the
yearning for my beloved.
Zhaorong's jealousy has caused her...
... to develop hallucinations.
She imagines herself as Huiniang...
... to satisfy Peilangs craving.
Aren't you Huiniang?
Weren't you dead three years ago?
Peilang, Zhaorong has
fallen to lovesickness.
I'm borrowing her body to reincarnate.
Zhaorong's dead?
Zhaorong's dead.
I'm Huiniang.
Are you Huiniang?
So we finally meet!
Huiniang's been dead for three years.
How is it possible to have a reincarnation?
the maid has just asked her to come forward.
Is she indeed Zhaorong instead?
Is that you, Zhaorong?
Am I Zhaorong?
How could this be?
Why did I call myself Huiniang?
Has the fortune-Teller predicted correctly?
Huiniang's ghost is returning...
...to take away Peilang from me?
Has Zhaorong lost her mind...
...from lovesickness?
What has happened?
Zhaorong has indeed gone mad.
She thinks she's Huiniang herself...
...but morphs into Zhaorongs
identity again.
Please help unite us together.
Fulfill my wish.
Let me live with him happily ever after.
Will you?
but why?
Don't you realize?
You're dead in his mind.
You shouldn't have returned to
badger things.
Huiniang's dead.
The one you saw was just an illusion.
Let me ask you one thing.
Do you want her, or me?
I love Zhaorong...
yet I love Huiniang, too.
Stop making a victim of yourself.
I've had enough.
Aren't you dead?
Why did you return?
From the very beginning, this stage...
...should have been my stage.
From the very beginning,
there's no place for you..
You really hated me that much?
I hated you to death!
Everything's fine without you.
Why do you have to return?
why did I return?
It's because I cannot afford to miss you.
Please step outside. Don't disturb us.
Go away!
What are you looking at!
Call the ambulance!
we're too late!