QEDA (2017)

As long as I can remember...
I long to go back to when the earth
was green and full of life...
and there was fresh water for everyone.
In 2095 the Earth is contaminated with
salt from the oceans that have grown.
Animals and plants are extinct,
whole continents have disappeared.
Fresh water has become a luxury.
But technology has been developed
to travel through time.
It requires a QEDA, an
agent divided into two...
and connected to itself
through time and space.
But the risk of change
in their own time...
It has been shown to
be alarmingly high.
Travel in time and the
QEDA have been banned.
We are waiting for Fang Rung.
We go in together.
- Fang Rung.
- Ms. Minister.
- Have you been informed?
- Yes
On behalf of the Minister of Defense,
I welcome you to this briefing.
We are joined today by Captain Fang Rung,
Head of Scientific Security.
In 2092, Corporal Gil Bingwen was
sentenced to death for high treason.
Today his appeal has been
settled by the Supreme Court.
With the votes five to two the Supreme
Court has ruled to pardon Corporal Bigwen
provided that he completed
molecular reassembly.
As long as Bingwen is a Quantum
Entangled Divided Agent...
a so-called QEDA, he must remain
under house arrest.
Fang Rung. You are the Head
of Scientific Security now.
What have you done to prevent
any further security issues?
As you and everyone else in
here very well know...
Our most important job has been to safely
dismantle the travel program.
We have now destroyed the last tests
and neutralized the labs
Our work has been carried out successfully
in conjunction by the Dep. Of Cybersecurity...
the operational branch of the
military intelligence and Time Guard.
In your assessment, what are the odds of other
territories possessing time travel technology
Just to establish a Bose-Einstein
bridge requires the energy...
equivalent to ten megaliters of fresh
water, that is, ten million liters.
And even if hypothetically
another territory had a bridge...
It would be worth nothing
to them without a QEDA.
So any risk of time change
would there for be eliminated
- Any further questions?
- But it was all a show.
There was already a new QEDA.
Forgive me, Yin. I thought
you knew what I was doing.
The first thing I
noticed was the smell.
A fresh sweetness
behind the salty sea.
Spring, maybe.
The year was 2017 and I had
traveled to save the world.
I knew I had to be careful.
Do not change anything.
Not be the cause of
the least change.
I tried to remember everything
so I could tell you.
One day.
I passed through our city, Yin.
Your city and mine.
So familiar, and so different.
When I went through the Ministry,
I looked down from the office...
and I imagined that I looked through
time and found myself with my own self.
And in a certain way I did it.
I recognized your grandmother's
grandmother immediately.
She was the same as in
the old photographs.
I would find the NT11 protein
and reverse the sequence.
But I found the notebook.
She had already written
her last note.
This krill converts salt
water into fresh water...
by storing sodium chloride
crystals under the shell. Yes?
Is not it true that krill lacks
energy to complete the whole process?
We work on the energy challenge.
Over time, we will develop a krill...
that can use UV energy
in biological processes.
I looked at Mona.
I saw your mother in her.
And I recognized your movements.
She could not save herself, but
her invention could save you.
Sodium chloride in the oceans will
soon be in very high concentrations.
It will affect all
life on earth.
The change will be so fast that
only some species will survive.
Some fish could survive, some
jellyfish, krill, algae...
and some birds. Flamingos
Those who can drink water with
lots of salt, if we are lucky.
Actually, they should enjoy
life as much as they can...
because in about ten years there
will not be much to laugh about.
In two days your flight
would fall into the sea...
and her investigation
would die with her.
But, of course, it was a
mistake to contact her.
- Mona Lindkvist?
- Yes
Good day. My name is Gordon Thomas and I
want to ask about the Superkrill and NT11.
I saw you in the auditorium.
Are not you from the university?
No, I'm a science journalist.
I read about you in Science Weekly.
- Then someone read that article.
- It was not that exhaustive.
No, it would be bold to say so.
You can have an interview tomorrow.
I'm just in Copenhagen today.
I live in Seattle.
Did you come from Seattle to
hear about the Superkrill?
- What magazines do you write for?
- A university newspaper.
- Have children?
- Yes I have a daughter.
My Louise is terrified
of the future.
I have told him stories of terror
about the destruction of the earth.
Should not you tell children the
truth, even if it is cruel?
Nobody knows anything
about the future.
It is true, and at the same time no.
There are many things we can discover.
In 60 years, only 40 percent of
the world's people will survive.
At that time large
parts like Japan,...
Russia, Central America and
Europe will be under water.
Where there is no water,
there will be desert.
The last of the groundwater
will be contaminated with salt.
The people who did not die, will
live with wars and cannibalism.
- Does the process work?
- Yes, but he's not ready yet.
Now I work more from home.
The institute abandoned my investigation.
I'm going to Toronto
to get sponsors.
Therefore, the samples must be in
Gothersgade, in our department.
We will be heard.
I would enter my own home.
I had started to go
on my own steps.
(Watch out)
with the dog
I allowed myself to look out
the window for a moment.
The view from your room, as
it looked a long time ago.
I was two bodies
with a conscience.
Sitting in my office receiving
the sequence for the NT11.
At the same time, sitting in the apartment
and reading that, 80 years earlier.
It was like sharing a thought.
- Sir, the prognosis of Time Guard.
- Tonight I would like to have a new one.
You were successful, did you receive it?
The other sent the sequence twice.
They were identical.
I hope you are good.
The NT11 may be good.
- Mrs.
- Yes?
- I'm going to the lab.
- Okay, thanks.
Officially, it is SCI SEC who
executes the security control.
How is Yin?
She is conscious, but not
like to assimilate the food.
Elena, the one in her class, also died.
I have not told Yin.
We are ready?
Come on.
Ivan was here today.
Ivan is a good boy.
He wants to be an investigator, like mom.
He will be a good scientist.
- Will you also become a researcher?
- If I live.
Obviously you will.
I would love to become
QEDA as Agent Bingwen.
Where did you get that idea?
I can imagine being double
and traveling in time.
A QEDA is not double.
A QEDA is half.
If you can travel in time,
you can also change things.
We who are here today are here
because of what has happened.
What happens if you do not want to change anything?
If you just want to sit down
and watch what it was like.
A dog.
Should I tell the Minister?
"My daughter wants a bridge of time,...
so I can travel back in
time and see a dog. "
Maybe you can not be a QEDA
when you have salt poisoning.
Take, honey.
Drink a little water
In a few hours we should
open the bridge of time.
I was on my way home.
Then the rain came.
It was a different rain.
Quiet and silent.
It was fresh water
falling from the sky.
I thought if you would ever
experience such a rain.
For a while I forgot to leave.
Come here, Baby!
- Sorry.
- Gordon?
- You were not leaving?
- Yes, but my flight was canceled.
How annoying.
She is my daughter, Louise.
- Hello.
- We are living here.
- AHA.
- Can I have an orange, mom?
Do not get away, Baby.
The last thing I felt was
the raindrops on my face...
and the smell of an orange.
I lost something at that time.
But I still did not
understand what it was.
I received the sequence. Neli is
watching her and will return her soon.
- Good job, Rung.
- Thank you.
- Anything else?
- Do not.
- But...?
- One thing.
We had to contact
Mona Lindkvist.
- She should not be contacted.
- We needed to get the sequence.
- I hope you have him.
- I have it.
But I did not have it.
I would not calm down
until I return...
and once again he joins
me to be one person.
As we get closer to
the coordinates...
a strange feeling of
abandonment grew in me.
We open the bridge
of time as agreed.
He has eight minutes left.
Its time.
We have two attempts left
before the battery runs out.
You want to try one more time?
Did he say anything?
He did not come?
- How is the fresh water?
- All the pools are full.
If there are no side effects, we
publish the sequence next week.
- What does it mean that he did not come?
- Yin eaten?
- What is the error at the origin?
- I do not know!
I have lost contact with him.
We are working on that.
Your mother had the
right to be angry.
We were so close to the goal,
and then I lost control.
It seems to be successful. Soon
we can take it to the big pools.
- Did you increase the Time Guards measurement?
- It's a little more than normal.
- How much?
- Very little.
If I no longer have
contact with myself...
does it mean that I am
no longer a human being?
Do I have to be
considered two people?
Do you think, Yin, that it is
possible to abandon oneself?
Here, have some.
May 19.
Two days before Mona happened.
I was looking for something.
One or several...
signs of change. I began to
fear for my own actions.
May 18, 2017
I know it works.
- Can he be dead?
- No, I would be dead too.
- Unconscious?
- Maybe.
I'll talk to Agent Bingwen.
Let's go through the market first.
Good day.
Come and look.
- How much?
- Are good. They are yours for a good price.
Around 100 liters the pair.
They deliver it in
the south warehouse.
It's almost a scam. In a week a
liter each time is worth less.
In a week, yes.
Today is today.
Water please.
I beg you.
Look, we have a guest. Fang Rung.
Come here, Captain.
- Bingwen.
- Sorry, I drank today's water ration.
- Did you give up the violin?
- You know what Rumi wrote.
There are hundreds of
ways to thank God.
Did you heard the news?
- We have our death sentence.
- You mean your pardon?
- I came to congratulate you on that.
- How inappropriate.
Its not at all like you,
courteous self Captain.
- I brought a present for both of you.
- Both of us?
We are one.
Haven't you heard?
Soon you will see it too.
Beats being executed, right?
We have not seen you in six months, and
you come in here waltzing in like a suiter.
- Bringing shoes.
- Unused. They can't have been cheap.
This is not a ball.
And we're not getting married.
So, why are you here?
I have some questions,
regarding your communications.
- Before your reestablisment...
- As they so elegantly put it.
I want to know more a bit more about how
you communicated when you went traveling.
- It was flawless, wouldn't you say?
- Absolutely.
I spoke with you and you heard
my thoughts, word for word.
Did you ever lost contact?
- Never.
- Never.
Is it possible to shutdown? To sever the
connection so you can not hear the other?
You can, but why
would you?
The entanglement it serves
as a lifeline.
- I was his lifeline.
- He was my lifeline.
So you see no wonder no one
clings to one's better half.
Thank you.
Of course, the other's voice grows fainter.
The entanglement wears thin.
Like a thin, thin thread.
Like a teeny tiny bell
dangling at the end of it.
I told you, Fang Rung,
time is distance.
The further back you travel,
the greater the distance becomes.
Yesterday will be last year.
For each breath in the other time
the distance becomes alll the more real.
I'm not saying you forget the other but ...
The new reality is strong
and full of colors.
The old is like a dusty book with
black and white illustrations.
I think I got the whole thing wrong, but I
thought that the Security Council hired him...
to dismantle our wonderful
adventures in time?
And now he likes a piece of advice?
- What?
- I think you're right.
He says that there is a new QEDA.
He says he thinks it's you.
So Captain.
Did you plan to go awry?
A storm is coming, sir.
I could not feel it, but
maybe he could feel me.
I sat by your bed and tried
to make him remember you.
Your smile, your
courage, your dreams.
I dreamed of a dog.
I have also dreamed of a dog.
According to mom, it's only a matter of time
before we can recreate our whole lives.
Then you do not want to
start with the dogs.
Do you remember
when you did this?
Anyway, maybe one day
we can recreate a dog.
May 18, 2017
I know it works.
May 19. Will he be a Buddhist?
Also, why is this happening now?
Soon you should be able to measure
the changes in Time Guard.
I did not know if he was
my friend or my enemy.
Oh, there you are.
Thanks for not coming together.
It would look bad.
No thanks.
He has not come home.
- Why not?
- I dont know.
There may be something wrong with the connection.
I no longer have a connection.
I thought you had
everything under control.
- I want to travel to go for it.
- Does not matter.
Let me catch him.
I know I can do it.
With both, you and he in the past, it
will be impossible for us to reach you.
The Minister was right.
I must put an end to it.
You should live, but without me.
I'm sorry, Rung.
We had an agreement.
You're right.
We continue with the plan.
Your sacrifice has
not been in vain.
I would die to stop it.
But I was not ready
to die in vain.
Fang Rung.
Back so soon?
I hope you didn't fall in love.
It would be complicated...
a mnage trois.
Or should I say... quatre?
- Thanks for the shoes, Fang Rung.
- Yes, thanks for the nice shoes.
- We started using them.
- While we can.
So the other one has not come back yet now?
Looks like the world will never be the same
So the great Fang Rung has
flaws, after all.
Pride comes before the fall.
I say he took a one-way ticket.
A trip to wonderland.
"Follow the white rabbit."
But who is the queen?
And who gets thier head chopped off?
I am sorry.
How do you feel?
Comme ci, comme a.
Maybe it's a blessing.
Maybe they'll set me free now?
You think so, Fang Rung?
I told him he was too negative.
I would have liked it to travel.
All of the adventures he only
got to experience second-hand.
He was not unlike yourself, Captain.
Or the part of you I'm
talking to.
He too was also afraid of the present.
We were so afraid
of being one again.
We have to contact the Minister and
tell her that it did not work.
Have you heard? Time Guard found
detours of cas 3 per thousand.
The Minister called a press conference
in half an hour. The world is sinking.
They are here to kill you.
I will stall the Minister.
I will tell her you're dead.
Good evening sir.
I would love to be alone with Yin.
- Dad?
- Yes
Is something happening?
Just sleep.
When you get off, use the last
energy to enable the bridge.
Look here every half hour.
You will know what I mean when you see it.
Tell them if they do
not do as you say...
Fang Rung puts the world
upside down. Here.
Stop here.
I remembered that all
this was not there.
The trees were not there.
Cars, houses.
The people. Nothing existed.
The bank I was in did not exist.
The man...
- The birds... Doves, I think.
- Come closer.
They were gone a long time ago.
Do you want some?
Here you have.
It's fresh
Yes Yes Yes...
It was scary, Yin.
I was there with your great-grandmother,
so indifferent and carefree.
I did not recognize myself.
It was like seeing a stranger.
C'mon darling.
You came.
This is strange.
We have the sequence to work.
Neli has done it.
I came here to pick you up.
- You look tired.
- What happened?
- Why you did not come?
- Taking.
Drink a coffee.
They drink it all the time.
- Why did not you communicate?
- One cup requires 40 liters of pure water.
Answer back!
Why did not you communicate?
I could not.
- You think I'm a traitor.
- What do you think?
I know, but it seems
like a betrayal...
be here and not look
at the flowers.
To not enjoy the fresh air.
I could not leave here.
- We have to go now.
- Mona is coming.
I've only invited her to lunch.
- She's your lover?
- What do you think?
- When is the bridge opened?
- As soon as possible.
I'll send a message to Neli through Mona's
notebook. Are you in the apartment?
I think so, if she
is not using it.
Everything is crazy, QEDA.
The whole world is upside down.
Chestnuts. Do you remember the
last chestnut tree in Copenhagen?
It moved with the air, and
we were 7-8 years old.
Huge roots and millions of liters
of water to try to save it.
Do you know where I was yesterday?
In the zoo.
I saw tigers, elephants, polar bears.
I can not explain it.
We can go there now.
I can show you giraffes, monkeys.
We can recover the
notebook later.
We do not have time. They have already
measured a change of three per thousand.
Our presence here has begun
to influence history.
- What did you say to Mona?
- Nothing.
I said my flight was canceled and
then she let me stay for the night.
But she has said a lot about her
parents during her investigation.
I said I was a journalist.
It will be a personality interview.
Or a love story.
We can stay here
and also save it.
- Do you go to the zoo every day?
- No.
Help her with the investigation
before everything goes to hell.
Tomorrow we will be human again.
I'm afraid I can not.
You are Fang Rung!
I never felt so alone before.
- Take me Home.
- I'll take you home.
- But I do not trust you.
- No.
You should not trust me.
I'll find the notebook
and write Neli.
I'll pick you up tomorrow
when Mona's gone.
I want to make sure
she takes her flight.
I am sorry.
I'm so sorry I did not go.
- What happened?
- I hit myself.
What did you hit?
Did you go through a door or what?
I was attacked by two
young people in the park.
- It's completely crazy.
- Yes
And I was very angry with you.
I'm sorry, it happens.
- Do you need something cold?
- No, no problem.
Are you sure?
- Can I use the bathroom?
- Yes
- Take this. It's cold - Thanks.
It is the best medicine.
- Louise?
- Hello.
What are you doing here?
Are you not sleeping at Sarah's?
Yes, but I wanted to be with
you, now that you're leaving.
- They will not have fought?
- Mom, I'll go there when you're gone.
I knew that Louise should have slept
at a friend's when the plane fell.
There was a slight change,
but it was still a change.
Today Gordon will stay here again.
He has been attacked.
- Where?
- In the park.
- I was just there.
- Yes, but you had Baby with you.
- You're always kidding.
- Louise... Louise?
She gets mad at anything.
I will order Thai food. You like?
- This is not so strong.
- Thank you.
- Did you not live in China?
- Yes
You speak Chinese?
- What does it mean?
- "Of course I speak Chinese."
We could have laughed at that, Yin.
You and me.
That he was sitting there talking to
two people who no longer existed.
I need some quotes from
your notes for the article.
My notebook is very private.
I thought you could give
me some relevant notes.
Maybe, I'll see it.
- Good evening, old lady. Sleep well
- You too.
I will not be here tomorrow when you get up.
I'm leaving at seven.
Remember the keys, the
cell phone, and feed Baby.
- And remember that I love you.
- Goodnight.
- Good evening, Gordon.
- Good evening, Louise.
Good night baby.
Maybe I should forget about this.
What should I do in Toronto?
- Because what you say?
- Why is it so complicated.
Toronto is far away, and I
am so distant with Louise.
I could teach from 10 to 14
and then be with Louise.
But what you do is important,
Mona, and nobody else does.
Yes, but neither can anyone
else be Louise's mother.
How can I explain something
I do not understand?
Ask me if it was better to save
the world before disasters.
That for a moment I was tempted
to sacrifice myself for them.
If you could do it, would
you change the past?
Purely hypothetical.
No I would not.
What if you could solve the
climate disaster, for example?
If I could travel and change everything,
everything would not make sense.
- Nothing would make any sense.
- No.
That is what separates us from animals,
that we can make conscious decisions.
And you have to make decisions.
Of course I'm going to Toronto.
I have to do it.
I understood what must have
happened to my other half.
This world had taken root in me.
Maybe it was the same time.
This past, with its colors...
and its smells.
My love.
I wanted to tell Mona that her
invention would save you...
and many others.
But, of course, I did not.
Parents meeting!
May 24, hour?
I hate the goodbyes.
Thanks for now M.
I was thinking about Louise.
How she would wake up to another reality.
A future without your mother.
- Hello.
- I did not know there was someone here.
- Gordon, I'm Mona's friend.
- Sarah from the floor below.
I will adopt Baby while
Louise is in Toronto.
While Mona is in Toronto.
- Louise went with her.
- It can not be right.
I spoke with her this morning.
I'm going to feed the fish on Sunday.
She took Louise.
I knew that we existed.
We exist because everything happened
as it should have happened.
Forgive me, Yin.
I thought I knew what I was doing.
There's nothing to swim for.
Nobody to go back home to.
Everything I loved is gone.
My name was Fang Rung.
I've ruined the weather,
and it's raining.
I think I'll stay for a while.
Translation poorly done by: Alvaro
Timing fixed by: Anonymous