Pyppin Chuvattile Pranayam (2017)

Come in Basheer... We are on this side.
Sit there, Dude. I'll come soon
Clean it all up..
Will have that done
Hey Govutty,
Hmm I'm coming... Hasn't he done yet?
Hey. Basheer, Come.
Mowgli is about to begin.
- Hmm..
- Come quickly.
Grandpa, I will watch T.V and be back soon.
Go carefully son.
Come back soon, son
Hurry LIP-
Is it clear now?
Little more.
Now ok?
Boys, you also go and check
Yes, working.
- It began
- Sit sit..
- Why are you not responding?
- Done.
It's working fine now.
Here taste this..
How is it?
- Do you need a little?
- Hey no.
Stop your pranks, go and get some water
There is not a drop of water
to drink for tomorrow
Finished watching the serial, boys?
Then go and get me 2 pots of water
Only 2 buckets
Buckets are kept outside, go..
Now brothers' turn.
Sing aloud so that the
mosquitoes fly away...!
If we were Shakthimaan, we could've carried
a Water tank from the other side
Won't you walk fast? I'm damn hungry
"Love at a Tap"
Next comes the Cinematic
Dance of Govutty and Troupe
Dude, stand straig ht..Straight
- Ready..
- Ok!
I never thought that you are so talented
No one can stop me
"O Milkmaid, give milk"
"Come running on the bridge"
"O Milkmaid, give milk"
"Come running on the bridge"
"Did you hear the song sung by the boy"
"Listen, don't run wearing skin"
"My poem has the smell of soil
"Why, do you bury them after writing?"
"Did you hear the song sung by the boy"
"Listen, don't run wearing skin"
Bro! Please settle my accounts!
I got to get to the other
shore with my boys
Wait man, I will get that done.
One, Two... Here take it.
Brother, this is not like the last time..
I will consider it next time.
You go, there is hardly any people now.
My dear brother, this
is not entirely for me.
I got to share with those boys also
If this is the case, look for someone else
As if you are a Michael Jackson!
Like you there are many here
ready to jump around.
Oh yes, you are right. Good bye then
Are you leaving?
When I thought about it,
there are many boats also around.
I will join another boat.
Dude! I was just joking...
If you give money,
I will surely come back here, okay?
Hey come here
"Under the pipe, a world blooms here"
"Carrying pots, many people gather here"
"Filling water, here stands the crowd,
old people, mischievous youth,
many children and women..."
"Here people chit-chat,
become unpleasant at times,
ending with laughter"
"In the midst of the backwater,
a tiny isle shining liking a coin"
"Quarrels and gossip,
start here at first"
"The beautiful lady
throws the net of love here"
"This place is an island
where men who don't get partners
throng from all sides
like waterless furrows"
Why don't all of us have a drink?
Oh no!
It's too crowded
You go and get
Give money
Who? Me? You go bro.
Wait, wait
lnkyuPinky... PonkyuYouuYes You go.
I am always the scapegoat.
Weren't you the Ponky?
It did not strike him..
Do I need to go?
- Go dude! Get it.
- He understood!
- Ok..Ok
In one path, sorrows vanish entirely here
Mosquitoes whisper secrets till dawn here.
Would friendship which tell
the truth without mask,
Come here in one call any day.
"Under the pipe, a world blooms here"
"Carrying pots, many people gather here"
"Filling water, here stands the crowd,
old people, mischievous youth,
Many children and women...
Here people chit-chat,
become unpleasant at times,
Ending with laughter.
"In the midst of the backwater,
a tiny isle shining liking a coin"
It is your first night, need to be awake!
She is feeling really bad
thinking of her family
Would they come here looking for her?
Here to this Island? No way!!
Don't worry dude!
All this anger will disappear
when you have a kid
- Really! Then let me leave immediately.
- Get going dude.
Okay good night.
Wait dude!
Do you know everything about that?
All the best bro.
Hubby dear!
Huh.. playing with this Ayyappan!!
Don't you know... the conditions here,
My dearuMay be..
My arrival could bring in good changes here
- Really?
- Yes
Then it will be fine.
So We will do onething.
Before the condition changes,
we shall sleep
Too many mosquitoesl!
One has heard of "Ants in Paradise"..
But mosquitoes might be the first time!
Today we are moving to an Island
just a river's breadth from the City
Here arrives the boat to Pandarathuruthu!
It is hardly a 5 mins travel
from here to the Island
Let's begin our journey
I will sit in front
Move a little to left
We are reaching the island.
About 100 families living
here closely packed and...
...with their main profession of fishing
comprise Pandarathurutu
Get closer
Is this the one?
E Lam
Why water?
Isn't the World ending!
Water the cause for the 3rd World War
- Those who need 1 will keep 10...
And then scarcity, scarcity" - Looks like an insanel!
Come, let's move away
The main issue faced by the residents here
since years is scarcity of drinking water.
Com e.
In the hope of getting drinking
water one day someday,
the pathetic scene here
is that of residents,
waiting with pots and buckets.
Sister, you got anything say about this?
Take that away! When the struggle is
for Water now, you bring your rod!
You say, sis!
Granny, please say, at least you say
Please try to understand onething.
We are human beings
All this fight is for the drinking water.
No one comes to find out!
Are you seeing the people's plight!
Do you have anything to say, bro?
Shit of a question! You have been walking
around with this stuff for a long time now!
So far nothing new has happened here.
And nothing will ever happen either
What we heard is the strong stand the
people here have towards our officials
Brother..Do you have anything to say?
Though they do not get drinking water,
people pay their premiums promptly.
I needn't go door to doors
to collect the money.
All of them will be at this
tap all the time, is it?
Cut it.
- Enough?
- Yes bro
What a hard time!
Surrounded with water but
not a drop to drink!
Well, our next programme?
We need some more content, is it?
Yes! I clicked few shots of here.
But need something bit stronger!
Who is this?
Who knows?I also saw many posters
- Why not begin from the youths here!
- Fantastic idea!
- Who is this?
- He is Govinda kutty
The Govindan Kutty who
lost in the elections"
What do you have to say about the
drinking Water crisis here?
People are forced to move away selling
properties at low price.
Even my neighborVareed is also
moving from here right now.
Where is his house?
- Would he moved?
- No, cover it
Hey keep it there
Hello bro... One minute please
What do you have to say about
the drinking Water Crisis here?
It's difficult to survive on this shore.
Didn't you see the fight for a
drop of water since morning?
Is that the reason for moving?
Without drinking water it is hell here..
So sold our land for whatever price
and moving away
Load the things without gaping
Brother please get away from here
Look! How he sleeping so late in the day!
Govutty wake up.
Doesn't he got to go for work today?
It's getting late for me to go for my work
I will get up
Yes. I knew
See you
Govutty, aren't you going for work today?
What about you?
No, I took off today
I'm going to see a girl
See you then
Good if it clicks!
Can click good shots! Super location.
The one you see is Govitutty house
Thank you very much bro
Keep the thanks with you.
This is enough for me
- What is this, dude?
- Come lets move
Brother!! Sister!! nobody at home?
We are from the Channel
Came to see Govitutty!
Is he at home?
He was somewhere around.
Govututtyl! Govuttyl!
Yes, what is it?
Yes, I am Govutty. From the channel?
I am from C News. I'm doing afeature
on the drinking Water Crisis of this place.
A heard from others that you got a well planned
proposal for resolving this Water scarcity
Tell us what you know, I will record it.
- Shall I start now?
- No, not now.
Let me set it up
Not here. We'll take shoot near the lake
Best location
Granny, take tea
It's a set up for filtering
Lake water to get good water.
Process is going on.
Needn't shoot that.
Work is still not complete
You can shoot it later
I also wish to react this as a group
But no one cooperates.
It's difficult to bring in everyone.
Black tea. No milk
- Doesn't matter
- No problem,
Will this be telecasted on T.V?
Why does it taste salty?
Because of Bore well water.
Then, lemon juice was better
We use Bore well water
when we do not get drinking water.
Hey Govutty
Yes coming.
- Were you chosen in films?
He doesn't go to work normal days
Aren't you coming then?
I'm busy. Channel people are here.
It's..I'm getting late for work
Thank you then.
Won't you inform me when its telecasted?
Introduce us also
Keep quiet, dude.
Hey Whiteman! Mix it fast.
Look there, dude..Look
May be because of bathing in Pipe water,
she has good looks.
Is it so?
Dude! I also had a fair complexion
during my child hood.
Then how did you
turn into a burnt fish, whiteman?
It's because of Salt water
With the hope that the
Closed Eyes will Open...
...with Cameraman David this is
Shyam prakash for C News
What is the hurdle in telecasting it?
We have certain limitations
We are not opposing anyone isn't it?
It features a few common
men's helpless condition.
I'm little busy
Could you please leave
Come with a good story
Like an interesting and strange news.
About yesteryear's artist come back..
A murder crime..something sensational.
Is this your media ethics?
What happened?
I threw off the tag right on his face
I'm fed up of working under him.
I am resigning.
Don't take any hasty decision
- Reachable?
- Not picking.
Get tea!
What is this guy up to!
Hey Philu..Hey Philuuu..
Yeah.. I am coming...
Here.. Black tea..
Look out there..
This early in the morning the guy
has stepped out with his boat and net..
Oh yes.. Really..
These dry times he has to
put the net right here..
Where is she.. our daughter?
She is having her bath"
What is this with you... madness?
Unnecessarily pointing to our child..
There she is coming..
Do you see our daughter standing alone in queue
at the tap which gives water once a week?
I do .. I do..
Let me show her..
Get inside now..
- What a mime..
- Get inside..
Take your boat and net somewhere else..
Don't spread it here...
there is no catch here..
Turn it... Turn it..
This is no wheel to turn..
Oh my God
Don't break my vessels
He is lifting the oar
What is the matter Kunjachan?
Ye... was asking for some small fish
What is the news there? Who is that?
- The girl we went to take a look
at Pachalam forAnto.. -Yeah..
That is almost getting confirmed..
Those people are coming over next week..
So got to have the house painted"
And they have come to check on that.
Oh that is great news,
So.. that boy's case is done..
Let me brush my teeth..
Ha.. ha... ha...
Keep your knuckles in the pit.
Keep your knuckles..
So there is game taking place here..
Is shooting on?
Kicha and Team is aiming
at Kozhuva's knuckles...
There it is a boom shika boom moment...
Lets move to Ayyappan now...
- Ayyappa!!
- Haiii..
This is a special kind of pot belly that
appears on young men after marriage..
Bengali Belly..
There you see drinking water
scarcity of Pandarathuruthu...
...being addressed by
Mr. Govindan Kutty
with his magical equipment
under construction...
Look this way..
- Leave man..
- Ok Ok..
Would you make it viral
uploading on Youtube?
That is our own gossip
committee of Pandarathunhu
- Today's kids..
- Kiddoo..
Wouldn't even inform. Hey..what is the
issue for you to inform where you go?
To tell you,.. you were
nowhere around, Mom.
All of you get into position"
- Ayyappa... what are you looking at?
- His stupidity
Hey.. Look here..
Ah.. Straig ht..
Ya.. stand there.. is ready..
Call everybody..
What is it.
If the Good Lord made water into wine..
Here we are going to make the
river water into drinking water"
Could that be changed into beer?
Dear folks come running, come running..
Wonders... Wonders..
- Will that be dirty water?
- Don't make fun..
Just watch... See..
Dude.. Govutty.. What is
that you are making?
I shall demonstrate rig ht away..
Just getting it ready..
Watch carefully..
One... Two..
Hey, go get a bucket of river water"
I will be back soon..
Sister .. Just watch" Govutty's magic..
What is to be done with the water..
Aaa!!! Who knows!!
Here catch"
Dirty water isn't it!
Hope doesn't cause harm!
All will have to wait for some time..
Will take some time..
You need not wait... You can leave..
Kozhuva.. Stan playing the song..
Come on boys..
Rather than sitting ideal
why can't you dance?
This guy is mad...
Will it start anytime soon..
It will sister"
Sunlight. Sunlight hasn't come in...
- Sister are you going?
- Yeah..l have some work..
Kid..don't you want
anything to eat or drink?
How about leaving?
Sit..Stay for some more time.
Sister" Shall we take
leave.. Got work to do..
Hell with his invention!
What are you staring at?
Can't you go away?
Because of you it is not coming...
Will anything happen?
Dude.. Switch that off..
Or I will break it into pieces..
Did you see this, Ayyappa?
Hey, Sahib.. Get a glass?
Is that all? Is this your new discovery?
So now this village will not have
any water scarcity anymore!
If you open your mouth any further,
I will break your head.
Bloody Worm..
No point speaking to that madcap..
Get lost..
Stinker... What howlers!!
- Did you see this?
- Good..
Clear water it is! Try drinking it..
I drank waterjust now..
Hey.. give it to me..
Mom... Hey guys..Check this out..
How about him?
Ayyappa, Do you know how this works?
No, I didn't understand"
The heat of the sunlight converts the river water in
the container to vapour which sticks to the glass
Flows down to the pipe and through this
tube collects as this clear water..
It is just pure water"
Just try it out... Leave me...
Granny is thirsty" give it to her..
Son.. Give it to me. I shall drink it.
You want it granny...
Rather" let me drink it.
It is real nice water"
Didn't I mention that!
- Half Kilo Maida..
- One Kilo Sugar..
Sister, what has happened
about Babu's wedding?
Will it really take place?
What do I say? That broke..
They are not willing to send their girl
to this waterless cursed land.
Dear Sister, why don't you sell your land for
whatever value you get and leave this place!
You worm.. Don't try to irritate me
My sister, in their place if you were there
this is what would be said..
Will anybody send their girl to a land
where there is scarcity of potable water?
Isn't it the truth I am saying?
Here hold this..
Hold this also..
Then what do I do?
There is one way..
Ask Babu to look out for a girl who would be
interested to fall in love and jump home...
Love has no eyes or nose..
So then there is no problem..isn't it guys?
Would you account for these?
Sugar isn't it!
Whatever maybe, in that case
Ayyappa is really smart.
- Didn't he hook a lovely lass for himself
- That is true..
Build your body muscles well
Sunday we are going to see a girl..
Make them into blocks..
What is this guy showing off!
Stand away from the child and smoke..
Not surprising in a toilet
like stench being around..
Is that check shin been washed?
Son, isn't that the one you
purchased at the festival?
Don't tell me it has not been done!
That is my mom...
Son, have the eggs too..
Have them..
Eggs finished!
Dude... enough of cleaning..
You should go for some beautician job then
Always some make-up..
Yes my dear countrymen...
My job is dead.. 0k..
Yes beginning..
You have changed..
Hey Ayyappa... That paint on your arm..
- If I come late, I leave early
- That I know
Eh.. Shoes are all messed up..
She is all alone, that's why!
Oh, that is the reason..
Oh.. come fast" don't we got to go?
We shall..we shall..
He could be mistaken to be the
son of the flat owner..
Take a look.. Leave it ..
Lets move..
Pour some water on my feet..
The work here is over..
Where is the next one?
Dude.. speak to him once again and see.
If you request may be...
Thus the work here is complete"
Isn't it Shyam?
This is Govutty from Pandarathuruthu.
You had come that way the other day..
L 901 you..
Tell me Govutty..
Wanted to find out when is
the telecast on the channel.
That.. That... I will call you ..
A small problem..
Ya.. You Chitra..
- I will return it tomorrow.
- What is that for?
Hey.. son...
Take the pot of water kept under the
kitchen and give to it to Sister Chitra...
"When all the locked
bars got them opened.."
Mom.. There dad is coming...
The entire village will
know about his coming home
"Applause. For you the Applause"
Son.. Pachu..
Before he falls on his head get him in..
Get me some water, son..
Go give him... Let him snort.
Someone else worked hard to get the water"
Hey boy. Get some water...
There is no water here for drunkards..
If you want, go and get it..
Hey boy, stop the song and go to bed..
Brother. Take three cigarettes
Mini.. mini...
How beautiful she is, rig ht?
We just have the fortune to
just look at all these"
Emit the smoke
Hey hold this
- A Rs.10 will come my way..
- After marriage you have learnt being miser..
Only then is living possible..
- Brother, what is the cost of this book?
- Rs.50.00
These are just show..
What is he getting from an English book!
- Call up MathaL.
- I forgot that.
Do you have Rs.100?
- Do not have change..
- He has.. Take it from him..
- I will pay for this book tomorrow
- That will be fine..
Mathai Sir.. This is me.. Ayappan..
I will come tomorrow
Do you know where we are working tomorrow?
a mam Qmmhflmg]?
Next to your Tina's house..
- Next to Kunjachan's house?
- Which one?
- Next to his...
That is great...
Because of that don't try coming
to my home by 4.30 early morning..
- So the party on him..
- Ask whatever you want...
Shampoo.. Shampoo..
Shampoo.. no no..l will not give all that.
That is for Remya..
I won't pay whatever you
are buying for your wife..
I will pay for that..
That is why I am working hard..
Lets go...
- What about the shake we ordered?
- The shake we will have it tomorrow.
The order for the shake is cancelled..
Stop... I am the one asking you to stop"
- I will not cut..
- I will cut
Stop there..Don't run..
I will go only after I have your hair cut..
- I will not stop"
- Hey stop"
How far are you going to run!
Don't make me to run
What is all this about so
early in the morning..
The guy is masquerading..
Oh no.. he is a freaken..
I told this to a right guy!!
You get lost devil..
Is this really needed? Shall we move on?
Please step aside..
He is jealous of seeing hair..
Boy... wouldn't you be returning home!
When you are asleep
I will ensure your hair is cut..
Is it to this house the new
wed is being brought to?
As if your house is Lulu Mall?
Hey Kozhuva, isn't that envy because
you have not got a girl for yourself?
Obituaries... Lets see if any
relatives have passed away..
Hello.. We have come...
Take some water...
Hot water would be fine..
Where is our dude?
Ah there he is..
When do we start work?
Hey Philu..
What is this man? Early morning you have
started this philu.. philu..
You come.. Come..
What is it.
Just come over..
What is it that you are peeping at?
- Look ..
- What
As you didn't turn up, he was taking rest
He will surely die of washing this!
Can't you work?
What is it with you!
Haven't they come for work?
They will leave after two days.
- Man Will it be done in two days?
- Two days?
Shall I take the house dip it in paint
and hand it back to you?
My dear brother, it will
take three days to wash ..
Is water available for washing?
There is the river and all the water you
need Take as much as you want and wash..
It is brackish water...
Got to really admire this guy..
Ayyappa.. will we need to paint on
the coconut palm also?
You idiot.. just polish would suffice..
Don't give us such lousy
wit so early in the day..
Come on.. Start. You go and start
scrubbing the wall..
What are you sitting and watching...
Hello.. Hello.. come on..
Where is she?
- Heh. Where is Tinu darling?
- She is on the other side washing cloths...
See he is smiling..
That is his murderous smile...!
I guess it will be me who will kill him..
A {Emma
You take Tinu for two days to Munam bam
By then their work will almost be over.
But then what about she
missing her classes..
Need not, Lets not shift her to Munam bam
He is looking this way..
Go and do the work
Whatever might be, the joy of going home
for lunch is a special experience"
When she serves with all that love
both the stomach and the heart fills up ..
Whatever it be.. Ayappan's
life is really freak..
Anyway marriage got done
without any expenses.
- We will say all that when you get married
- That is true..
Guys.. Clean up fast"
We are cleaning...
Who is it? Is it the beard man
- Did you finish putting the clothes out?
What is it? Asly look..
Come on to my side..
Have you? Where?
Is your father still high on temper?
Yes a bit..
He tried packing me from here..
But that did not work..
What is for lunch?
You don't have anything else to ask?
Whom are you calling? Do it firmly..
Oh. My god.. Take a look.
I will not pay him..
Provided him this opportunity,
he needs to pay me..
Who ever may say, but you
should not say this..
You were the one who went to paint at a
house and eloped with Remya from there.
So you are busy..
You don't have anything to study?
Not going to college today?
Can't you ask anything else?
Is your dad fine?
Now don't make fun of my dad..
Are you on the phone or painting the house?
Cut that stuff and go wash the vessels..
"0 Kingfisher, waiting on the hanging
branch by the backwater,"
"Why are you watching
intently your slipping fish"
"Not to swipe it, but to
kiss and take it slyly"
"Then I wish to bring it
up in my heart's stream"
"When I was standing under the pipe"
"In the little isle where
there is no drinking water,"
"In my heart, which yearned for a drop
of water, You showered as sweet rain"
"In the little isle where
there is no drinking water,"
"In my heart, which yearned for a drop
of water, You showered as sweet rain"
"How nice it is to see, the team
of ducks waddling by"
"The silver swan I found
in the group is you"
"it is to see your face I waited
from dawn at my door"
"It is your picture that
dusk painted in the sky"
"it is to see your face I
waited from dawn at my door"
"It is your picture that
dusk painted in the sky"
"When the moonlight is
coating white cement,"
"I wish to row the moon-boat to and
fro with you, In the backwater."
"0 Kingfisher, waiting on the hanging
branch by the backwater,"
"Why are you watching
intently your slipping fish"
"Not to swipe it, but to
kiss and take it slyly"
"Then I wish to bring it
up in my heart's stream"
Please have... have..
A little"
I don't want.
Eh..Feel so humid
You know there is also a
younger sister to her
Only if the elder one is settled into
good family and has a good life,
the younger one's life
can be taken care of.
Oh yes, we all know all that.
She has told us everything before hand
Haven't I told that earlier that you will not
find a better family than them in this locality".
Further about him... no
bad company, no vices
Nice boy too..
Moreover he has his own dip
net (Chinese fishing net)
That itself will suffice
for them to sustain
Her fortune"
Your daughter there..can
walk around like a queen
Now... the rest of the aspects you all
elders sit together and decide..
- For us, the earliest it takes
place, the better - True..
Is that sufficient?
Just the elders deciding, will that be ok?
Shouldn't we find out
the girl's opinion too?
To tell you something straight.
The girl...
...Is acceptable to me..
Rest of the things we can let
them know on the phone.
I take leave..
What is it between you and
Kunjachan's daughter?
Hey. Show your face.
Hmmm .. I learnt" you
are flirting with her..
At Women's meeting, your
flirting is the talk..
At Kudumbasree, are these thejobs?
What? Answer my q uestion..
I do like her..
Ah.. and what about her?
We like each other..l want to marry her..
Even if you say she is a Christian or
blah.. blah.. I am going to marry only her.
Hey Idiot.. What so if a Christian!
Isn't she a normal girl from within..
By the way, at the time of
delivering your father...
It was Varghese's son who donated
blood for me. Do you know?
It is Christian blood
flowing in these veins..
Awesome, my Granny has developed
so much of knowledge
Lets go to her house and ask for her hand..
- Really..
- Yeah..
If she suddenly develops intelligence
and decides to,
marry boys from the other side..
Then all this will not take place..
Oh Come on.. Don't I need a com pany"
So that is the agenda..
Someone to bring water from the tap"
Did not reply...
Even othen/vise you have no compassion...
I am struggling around here.
Give it to me...
We shall go to her house
and ask for her hand..
He is not going to agree anyway..
If he doesn't agree, you just hold her hand
and walk her out of the house..
What else...
Wow.. Grandma you are a revolutionary!
So .. dream about Grandpa and sleep well...
By the way any moment a
war could be expected...
- Be readyusee you tomorrow
- Ok..Sir..
ls dad still angry with me?
- Mom.. he has come..
- Who is it dear?
0k Mom..
Mom called..
What is it.
From Mom's talk, I understood
she still has that same old love for me.
- Great.. What did she say?
- She is coming over to meet us, one day.
For all that do you know
who gets the credit?
All our people were at the tap"
What a crowd..
Managed to get two pots full..
Fortunate to get at least
two pots of water.
The water left here finished when
I used it to cook rice..
Lets try..
- Ready?
- Ya Ready..
Ok s, s, 1,s...1,2, s, 4, s, s
What is this! Again..5, 6, 7, 8..
-1, 2
-Sh..l can't
- You can't" -Didn't I tell you earlier.
The full step is to be learnt"
You do it and then we
will see..Do it again..
S, s, 7, s
What is it? Can't sit straight?
Don't show that creepy behavior
- Show me..
- Need not see..
He is the one who is making
mistakes deliberately
Low tide will occur, Govutty
Whatever it be.. com e..
Lets go.. come..
- Aren't you purposefully committing mistakes?
-I am not
Dudes.. Lets go.. come
Where to?
- I am not for getting into the slush..
- Go wherever you want".
If need be we will sit on land..
Sit on the shore perhaps..
Hey.. not like that
There they are coming... Look..
Hi.. All are there!
- Hi Sahib.. you seem to be whitening up...
- You have whitened"
Move on... Move...
What the hell...
- Burnt Salman Khan is it?
- What is bothering you?
- Hey.. Hey.. hey..
- Sh.. Leave..
- Get lost..You..
- It is nothing"
Go and play with equals..
Rather than stick with the phone,
you also jump
Jump Man...
Get lost ...Unnecessarily stepping into
salt water and tan yourself..Like him..
Watch and walk dear..
- Have you seen that?
- What is it Ayyappan dear?
That is called (a local name)
You haven't seen it?
Hey Govutty! Give us a tender coconut too.
- Where did you go?
- Been to the Hospital..
To scan..
- Did they tell the date?
- Next Month"
Here catch"
- Want a tender coconut...
- Get a tender coconut"
ls one enough?
Doesn't matter... Take it home..
There our Babu mon is coming..
- Hi Babu mon
- All are here...
What is this..Become an angel's child?
Don't pick on a dead body..
All around are spoil sports.
You know the facts
There are no options. that's why..
To get married.. as wanted by people
at home, walking around decently..
- Is this decent?
- Oh.. Wedding cards are also printed..
Lets see..
- It is on the 24th
- Is it a Sunday?
On the 24th, between 11 and 11.30
is the auspicious time.
- Don't we get a card?
- Why do you all need a card!
- Everyone must come.
- 0k.. Sure..
I take leave..
- Am in a hurry.
- What is the hurry?
- Painting and all...
-About Painting.. When should be come...
That team from Cherai..
When we are around why Cherai boys?
- Will that work!
- Mom said so..
- We will talk to your mom..
- Go and arrange for the materials...
- We will come tomorrow.
- OK then leave..
Go ahead.. Marriage calls
for celebration...
Let this marriage get over...
I will be back to my naughty self..
That is enough.. OK then bye..
Will they be spoil sports too?
Here take a look..There are enough
Pearl Spots, and crabs this time
Crab in this..Where is the crab?
- Where is the crab?
- Where is the crab?
Crab.. jumped out on our way..
It dived to the side...
How much you want?
The boys really worked
hard for this catch.
Give about... Rs.2000.00
Oh no..
My Govutty this is not worth Rs.2000.00
My dear brother" I know at what rate
you sell in the market.
See how much you could give..
If it is for Rs1500 then I will..
OthenNise you yourself can sell it..
Didn't I say earlier do
not sell it to him..
Give it..
Leave the fish here
Come tomorrow and collect the money
What kind of a man are you?
Come..Let's leave..
- It was good I moved the crab out..
- You moved it out..
Here.. See..
Brother" Isn't the boy cool?
Brother" I had in fact stopped
all this broker business
It is just because it is
my brother's daughter"
See.. Look..
- Hey Philu..
- Coming..Just a minute..
- Sister...
- Coming
Where are you going? Stay here..
- Sister...
- Which sister"
Brother, the boy's house has a well
with crystal clear water"
We had gone and seen it..
All the people of Panchayat take water
from the boy's well.
Isn't it dude?
Sister" Here..
- Good ..
- Isn't it?
- Did you like?
- How else could it be!
What is the point in liking?
She needs to like..
Here..As if I could decide
What..Sister liked it..
We could move it..
She Will like it.
What is it? That smirk on you..
After my love marriage with your
father when I came here...
...these were not the
kind of hardships..
The intensity of all this love will
disappear after five or six months..
My torrid experience at the
foot of that tap has no limits.
Would you be quiet?
- Listen"
- What"
Do you knowl had proposals from boys who
had crystal clear water there?
Look this way...
I rejected all that and came here only
to suffer these stuff..
So as to avoid all this in your life I am
requesting you to accept this alliance..
Wish to see you lead a nice life..
Mom. Would you stop this..
Huh.. You would not even understand.
You will learn the bitter way..
He knows painting, fishing, dancing..
Has the ability to do any kind of work
and take care of his family..
Moreover is good looking..
My dear sister Janu, I do understand
what you are saying..
He likes Tinu.. Tinu likes him too..
And we all also know the matter
Also that he is good boy and can do
all the jobs also we know
All that is correct.
Over my dead body also I
will not allow that..
Not possible means Not possible...
Look here sister... Not possible means
not possible. sister
Even if he isn't very
handsome or quiet well off..
If sufficient good water is available
I will get her married off there..
Getting her married off here and having her stand
in queue at the foot of the tap all her life,
and spoil her life, I wouldn't allow that...
Kunjachan.. I brought him up..
He is good
If she marries him, it will be
your daughter's fortune..
What else..
Oh.. we do not need such a nice boy
We will discover someone with
a home pipe connection for her..
Did you get that?
You can take leave..
We are making a move..
Come on..
Come to ask for the girl's hand!
I living in this jail so long
did not matter to him...
Do it fast"
Huh..See his mud filling..
You need to fill the mud up to that level..
Of no water logging and nobody's
leg must become slushy..
It is marriage
Ayyappa work out fast"
If it were white colour we could
finish with a single coat.
Apply only the colour that I mentioned
After some time will the colour change?
The girl he is marrying. Who else..
Come on ..
-It is sky blue she loves
- See his shyness
Which world is he in? Hey ..
Has become thick.. let me get some water"
Man rather than stand
there resting like an oar
How about giving them a hand..
Stop barking. See if you
could serve them tea
Sister we need snacks too
You take care of the paining..
For the first night it is good to
have rose color for the bedroom
- Isn't it?
- Absolutely.
Huh.. That hole there must be closed..
Isn't it Bro's room then
holes will be there!
- minute.
Want to say something...
Could you give some money as advance?
Stand aside.. Work has not started
and you want advance..
Money taken before work starts is called
advance. Don't you know all that?
If that is the case I will be leaving
a bit early this evening.
We will have a small program,
Afull bottle also could be set up...
it's my treat
Listen..Some program is coming up..
Are you standing idle?
- No, I have brush in my hand..
- Finally it is on me..
Just a minute.. I have something to say...
This evening we will step onto
your dip net. A small program..
Don't we have to rock at your wedding!
A long awaited wedding is this one..
Will it be impacted by the painting"
My mother had said not
keep friends for work
Wrap, hold, tighten, tighten..
Hey Basha, so that his crush does
not breakup what all we got to do
Come on dude..This will work out.. you see
If it works out.. it will be great
Man.. my line will not break up..
However this is something
for us to be joyous
Hey not ours.. it is yours happiness...
Bought us all the dead stuff and
making us do all these wrappings..
As if that is someone who doesn't
have the dead stuff..
That person has almost
emptied half the bottle..
No I haven't. See I am standing up alone..
So Kozhuva was it who bottomed up?
Ayyappan takes only scotch whiskey
Give me some rags..
- What
- Rags
For that you could have
taken Kozhua's dhoti..
- That is worse than rags
- Dude.. Stop that
Ain't that the truth?
What is the matter? Are you tanked.
.Ayyappa Bro. Touchings...
- There it is..
- Not that...
Here.. take some fresh touching,
Pour one for me..
- Eh..l am not coming
-What is this dear? Listen to my request.. is urgent. That is why.
- Dude.. Dude.. Dude..
Delay it by 5 minutes"
- Listen"
- What"
You..step out slowly..
Ya.. Ok
- What is it?
- Stepped out? Stepped out is it..
Then stand there..stand there..
Close your eyes. Close your eyes..
What is it you are saying!
I am getting scared..
Close your eyes..Did you?
Listen to me.. Did you close your eyes?
Did you?
When l.. l..tell.. tell ..
Only then .. then open..
Stand there with closed eyes
Stand quiet..
- Make it quick..
- What are you waiting for?
Make it fast
- Matchbox?
- Take out the matchbox"
Don't open. Don't open.. Just a minute..
I am really getting afraid..
- Shall I open? - Don't be afraid.
Don't open your eyes..
One minute.. Just a minute..
Light up the flare..
Would somebody light it?
Give it to me here..l shall light it
It is burning..Now open your eyes..
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing Pa..
Show me that thing.
What needs to be pressed for it to lit up?
"Who gave you life, my dear"
"Who gave you life, my dear"
Wow.. it has worked..Awesome. Dude...
"-The fire blazing in the sky"
- Superb, Govukutty!
"The fire before me"
"Who lit this fire, Is it you"
"This piercing coldfire"
"The fire blazing in the sky"
Happy Birthday
"The fire before me"
"Who lit this fire, Is it you,"
"This piercing cold fire,
you with me always"
"Is it the star-fish bathed
in the salt water of the sky"
Who gave you life, my dear,
Who gave you life, my dear
Put this on and see..
What is it.
Open and see..
What is it to giggle?
Don't want it!
If so, Give it back to me
Don't get angry, Sir..
When you are hard on money
seeing you do all this for me
I amso happy--
Money will be at this level always..
Don't keep hoping for that.
Darling..see presently I may not be
in a position to do big things ..
A bit of hardships and
amidst them some happiness..
That is how our life would be,
So... Acceptable
I have only one desire..
...must have bathroom and kitchen fitted
with tap which gives water when opened..
Put that on..
Let me see..
You turn the other way.
Turn that way..
Not much of water...
Pour less..
Yes.. I am pouring..
"Kunjachan's Jimki ear ring.."
"Govutty will steal it away.."
"Kunjachan's brandy bottle,
"We will brew and finish"
Here hold this. Hold this too..
Dude roast it..
Hey worm..
Could I get the money you said?
The entire money that I promised
I will get it for you.
My dear Kunjachan..
When this city is growing so smartly"
What are you going to make
in this godforsaken place..
Other than living in hell..
Keep that aside..
Don't you want your daughter
to be married off well?
Will that happen staying in this hell hole!
Sell and leave..that is all.
If you delay, he will take her too..
Then you can guess.. her situation"
Let me think over it well..
Whatever you are saying...
l.. I think is right.
So.. write..
Dear District Collector..
Dear District Collector...?
To address as Dear..
Is the District Collector your Uncle?
Hey.. write Respected District Collector..
We are the students residing
in Pandarathuruthu"
Who?.. Govutty?
Hey Idiot.
You are writing"
In your name..
Dude.. See See..
You keep picking on the mobile.
Here nothing is getting
hooked to the phone or the line?
With hopes that our
distress will be resolved..
Name and Signature.
Put in all your names and sign
Hey Kozhuva.. are you listening?
My dear Bro.. Leave me out..
So Boyz... What I have to say is..
Against denial of our primary needs
we need to stand toge...
Hey" Your talks are not
liked by even the dogs..
You leave man...
What is this k eke ke?
Stop giggling..
Why am I saying this...
Need spirit..
For spirit to be developed
lam saying all this..
My dear Govutty..
Please do not discourage and kill..
All the mood is lost.
All is gone..
That mood is enough..
We too need mood to listen"
Dude... this land will never develop..
Govutty" if the rest of the dance steps
were also put in..
We could have finished on the song..
Were it yo u?
Speak softly"
Come..Come here..
Lets stand aside..
Take that out..
As promised.. the advance amount..
Are you haPPV?
Now the procedures will move fast..Ya..
By the way--
Till everything is got ready..
Don't mention anything to anybody..
All jealous people... Meddlers..
All that. Kunjachan knows..
So then we will meet..Happy?
Lets go..
There he is coming.. point.
Chance is gone..
Girls must be up early..
Ayyappa.. come fast.
If it is done lets go..
- Dude.. got just one pot..
- Let me take that..
Go and give that and be contented
if you all fight like this
Would you shut up..
What is this..nuisance
If you create such trouble
I will beat you up..
Who is that boy?
That is brotherAyyappan.
You have been sitting
there for some time now..
Get up and leave..
Let us also catch water"
I just collected one pot.
Don't scare me by your looks.
You have been doing this since morning!
Since morning has this been my job?
You should have thought about it
when you were sitting watching serials
You are the one who kept the
serial in the morning..
Because of you, water stopped"
What a glory! Satisified.
Move from the bottom of that tap"
That is Ayyappan with glory!
You should have gone decked up
for some inauguration.
It is been quiet some time
you have fixed yourself at this tap..
It is coming..So little..
Because of your drama..
Othen/vise we would have left with
water long time back..
Would you shut up?
Smells of oil too..
That would be of your drinking yesterday"
Stand there holding your egos..
Tina.. One minute..
Tina..since long have been
planning to say one thing..
How could I... Tina is
never visible around..
Brother Kunjachan is an innocent man..
Don't walk behind this imbecile
and spoil Brother Kunjachan's name..
I just expressed a view..
Love for your family makes me say..
Listen..l will take care of myself..
You mind your business..
This is the problem..
There is no water to drink..
What an arrogance.
Hey hey what is it!
What is your issue?
What is it!
What is it!
Man, just said something
out of genuine concern..
You worm,
- For that there is someone here..
- Really
You mind your business and scoot"
You get lost, boy..
Did you get that?
What is the matter?
Take him along ...What is it..
Get lost..
- Get lost..
- Get lost..
Unnecessarily making a scene
Jack assess
What did he say?
When she come for water,
he will be rig ht behind her..
He has got just this job..
What did you say?
What romance is he up to
in this waterless place?
Will he marry her?
Who knows! What after marriage?
What did they say?
Does that really matter.
Whatever it be!
My darling..
Because of her got a pot of water
for the first time in my life..
Ah.. Where are you to..
To the Super market?
Look at the time for getting water"
Listen" You go..
Let me drop this pot here..
Hi.. Remya..
- Hey Govutty"
- Yeahh..
Is it enough to walk behind like this?
Shall I leave it here? Ya..
That he will deal at the tight time.
- Won't you?
- Obviously
They are a good match, dear..
True... Weren't we the greater match!
That is why she got the trophy.
Eh Eh.. Trophy!
L.. will see you at the dinner party there
Oh.. After sighting her
a different person now.
- Not that way..
- Come step in..
- Have black coffee and go..
- It is not that..
We can have it there
Why are you standing in the sun?
Come in..
Didn'tl say I would do
that after I come...
Lets not limit it at all..
Brother look into the camera..
Turn a little.. a little..Once more..
Once more..
Where is the stuff?
Let me also come in..
Dude, the stuff is finished
and they are asking..
Towards the left..
Take a shot..
All of them will come here..
Stand here...
Take them and leave..Leave..
That is great shirt. Super..
One more... Stand up..
Hello Shiva...
- Leaving early..
- How is it..
Where are all of you to...
A small program,
Stop that.. kid is here..
Kunjacha.. Kunjacha...
Dude.. coming...
Listen" Don't be over..
No.. You go to your mom..
Kunjacha... A small..
That all doesn't matter..Come..
OK.. Lift it..
Enough.. Enough.. 0k..
Cheers.. Cheers..
Don't break the glasses..
Kunjacha.. take one more..
- Who is this...
- Helloo..
Enough... Give me..
It is our boy's marriage..
Nobody to make any nuisance here..
Let you not make a nuisance..
- Anything hot available?
- No..
That g lam ou rous! the marriage..
No song and dance..
What marriage is this!
Let it begin..
Come on! Way to go..
"After waiting, waiting, legs aching,
Babumon is engaged at last"
"After searching for days,
drinking tea at houses,
He's engaged at last"
"He has muscles of steel,
A shining chain,
A centipede-moustache,
And a smile like Chinese net
"He's smart like the black fish"
"The boy is a pearl
washed ashore by the sea"
"It's like the season of plenty
"This marriage on the
shore after a long time"
"The time is dawn"
"The house is decorated"
"In this shore, there is rejoicing"
"Piping hot rice
and fish curry"
"Gobble up, what fun"
"In the wafting breeze,
there is smell of liquor
for dinner, excellent"
"We can dance and sing
to our hearts' content"
"It's like the season of plenty"
"This marriage on the
shore after a long time"
"Every elderly man
is heaving a sigh,
with great relief"
"Till yesterday he was a burden"
"Today he is a star"
"Tomorrow we'll also become stars"
"Like hens in the moonlight,
people are thronging
the marriage place"
"It's like the season of plenty"
"This marriage on the
shore after a long time"
Open the door..
Open the door, Govutty
Man! Open..
What is it?
Remya is not well at all...
- What is it..
- Seems like labour pain..
In this situation can't
go in the small boat..
- We must take Karuppan..
- Karuppan's vessel..
Don't get tensed"
Nothing to worry..
- Who is it?
- Come fast"
What is it?
Remya is not well...
Taking her to the hospital..
Come... Come...
Grandma I am taking leave
Will be a bit late..
Couldn't you have phone?
Your phone is switched off..
Can't bear it..
We will reach soon..
Come Come come,
Go fast and bring them..
Come fast.
- Govutty..
- Get it.. Closer..
Rather than wait till the 12th hour couldn't
you have gone to the hospital a week back?
Don't you know the circumstances here?
For that.. the date is next week".
Slowly, slowly..
Take care..Head.. Head..
Don't be scared...
- Ayyappa get in..
- Nothing" Ain't I with you..
Gov my. .
Move out fast"
Don't take the boat...
Who is it?
What is it? What is it?
We are also there..
- Bring the boat closer..
My kid is not well..
He is been vomiting for
quiet some time now..
What did you give him?
Since he drank water,
the vomiting started"
Bank fast..Got to go the hospital fast"
I gave her a glass of water...
After that is this pain for her..
What is it!
Nothing" Nothing...
Hey.Get off the boat. Get off..
Go to everyone
Tell them not to consume the water
they collected today..
You all leave...
Give the child.. Fast...
We will reach soon..
Brother Selvan..
Don't drink the water collected today"
Don't drink..
Don't drink..
Come fast... Fast.
Run Run..
Look we will reach soon..
Don't cry.. Don't cry..
Nothing" It is nothing"
Don't cry..
Ain't I with you..
Nothing... It is nothing...
Brother... ls nobody here?
Anybody.. Open the door..
Sister" Don't drink the
water collected tod ay..
Some problem in it..
Tell everybody not to drink..
Come fast... Fast.
Govutty... Move it faster...
I am moving it fast.
It is in full speed..
Come fast... Fast.
Babu Brother" Brother Babu..
We will reach soon.. Soon..
Dear.. Don't cry..
Make it fast"
We have reached..
She is not able to bear it..
Closer... Closer..
- Don't worry
- We reached.
Reached.. Reached..
Nothing more to worry, We reached.
Bring it on here..
Com e Com e..
Carefully, Carefully,
Turn this way..
Head this way..
Avvappa.. climb m.
H0ld.. H0ld..
We will reach soon..
We will reach soon.. soon..
Sister, you get in..
Ayyappa walk in to the
casualty straight there...
I will follow you...
Move, I will come...
Leave.. Leave...
Kozhuva, where are you?
See.. All of you don't create any trouble"
This is a hospital"
I can't understand what you are saying..
Try to understand what I am saying...
More than that what is
there to understand...
Allow me to speak..
You stand aside.. Let me say..
Even if I am here, nothing
is going to work..
What else..
What else should we do, tell us?
See.. this patient had a dangerous
chemical in her stomach"
Dangerous chemical in
the patient's stomach..
For the chemical...
You are the duty doctor
That is what I am saying...
We got her here...
Don't create a scene..Yours canal.
What are you..
If you serve some drain or river water
then these things will happen..
For that holding the doctor responsible
is of no use..
Leave me..
Tell him to check once again..
Once again to the doctor"
I have no one other than her..
Tell them to see..
Once more ask them to take a look..
Tell them to see..
Once more ask them to take a look..
Brother because of the
drinking water problem,
a pregnant lady died
here yesterday brother"
She was married into this place
from the other shore..
Some others are still lying in the hospital
with vomiting and diarrhea
Do you still want to marry
the girl to this place?
Do you want to play with
the girl's life brother?
0k.. brother"
Will anything get caused?
Seems will work out..
End of Babumon's marriage..
Feel fulfilled..
We all can only do such small helps..
Where is Ayyappan's house?
Where is daughter?
Where is my daughter?
Took and murdered my daughter..
You murdered my daughter"
You murdered my daughter"
I didn't kill her..
How could I kill her..
Leave me..
Daughter dear..
Dad is taking you with him..
I will not allow to cremate..
Will bury you in the church cemetery
Come dear... Come...
Brother, what is this you are doing?
How can that decision be take!
Ayyappan married her here..
Then she needs to cremated here..
According to rules.. she was brought here
so she needs to be cremated here.
Isn't that the right? Isn't it..
Stop this.
Someone is dead and you lousy guys are
fighting in the name of religion and caste.
Let him see her for one last time..
I didn't get her to kill her...
Wanted to take care of her...
Please forgive me dear.. I did not know
the place had no drinking water even..
Looking at it practically,
this marriage should not work out...
You will get a better girl than me..
You must understand me...
Sorry dear..
He must be lying somewhere..
Check if anyone has kept food
for him in the kitchen.
Get up, dude. Are you not well?
Had anything?
I don't want anything
Hasn't Babychechi brought food for you?
- Naming mere'?
Shucks! Then what the hell
are these neighbours for?
All these protests... Later.
First, get your hair cut
and walk decently
If I do, would you come, Dad?
If so, I will try
I will get my hair cut.
When husband arrives at
the door with a pint..
Awife should stand there with a glass"
Mummy, come..Come
You ask..
Dad, would you come
to Govukutty's house on Sunday?
For the sake of our village
Did the brand change!!
The village can be changed later.
First try changing your Dad. Get inside
Get inside I say! Village's welfare!
Drinking so early in the morning itself?
Questioning me? Get inside.
After returning from the shop,
better take bath.
If you wander around,
I will kill you, mind it!
Mummy, Govutty said
Water scarcity will resolve with this.
Always one Govuttyl! Didn't I tell you
not to have friendship with him?
Will you also join, mummy?
Let me see.
If possible I will come.
Half a kg of Sugar
Where were you talking about going?
That... On Sunday to Govutty's house
For water, some meeting
or protest seems to be on.
Won't you be coming, brother?
Why not! Isn't it the Assembly meeting
to get water directly from Periyar!
Need anything else?
Won't you come to Govukutty's
house on Sunday?
Will try.
Not just try, you must come.
You will get one from me.
- Better sleep, boy
- Yes, sleeping
Dudes, won't anyone come from
your homes also?
How is that possible?
Would anyone come if you call?
Uniting peoplefl
Wow.. all the revolutionaries
are present here!!
While passing by, seeing
the crowd, I walked in.
Get lost!
I left a person in the shop.
You stand here.
- Dude
- Hmm.
No need of all this!
Loss is only mine.
Others don't have to sob over it, isn't it?
I'm going, dude.
Did you see him leaving!
Where are the Villagers?
Those days, my grandma used to say,
on hearing the news of my father's death,
people who were out at work, returned.
I don't remember..wasn'tl an infant?
But in those days,
In the moment of difficulty,
people were united.
Here our friend's wife passed away
And see all pretend as if nothing happened,
then why the hell all of us are here!
It is his problem, let him resolve it.
All of you go..and mind your businesses.
Get away, it's needless.
This is all a waste.
Some ones coming!
We do not know what you are up to!
Whatever it may be, we will be with you
100 percent!
What is here is enough
Do what you can!
If there is a will, anything is possible!
Switch off the motor.
Finish eating and then call.
Who listens!
Shyam, I'm Govutty!
Yes Govutty!
- Hello!
- Hello!
Can I meet you, Shyam?
Hmm... Yes.
Anything important?
Will tell you in person. There is a need
I won't be in town for some days
Why don't we meet on my return?
Ag reed to meet?
Would he think that we are calling
him to avenge for not telecasting?
Shut up, he agreed to meet.
Didn't I tell you not to go after this?
If this the case, I will not
join you guys for work.
Two tea and... Here
comes the Member
Was lying on a cot at the tap"
Without food or sleep.
See what happened? Hanging
on a slanting palm...!
Watch and learn.
Death must be like this
He woke up in the morning,
bathed, dressed, ate well & Dhim...!
What a death!!
Brother, 3 teas please
Mathappan chettan's luck!
What if there is no water
to wash his dead body
Didn't he already had
a good bath and die?
It's also our fortune. We
could save that much water
When you die, shouldn't
your bodies be bathed?
Do we have sufficient water for that here?
Can't you sell and leave and drink good
water somewhere and die peacefully
Get lost you scoundrel.
How long has it been since we met!
How's life?
Keeps moving!
I will wash my hands and come.
No news of you after you sold and left
Bought a new house?
How afford a house in Ernakulam from the
sale amount of our land in Thuruthy?
That worm fellow brainwashed
me and put me in a trap!
He did give me a little amount.
When I approach him for the balance,
he uses his strong arm tactics!
There are some people at
the back of that worm..
Now we keep changing
houses living on rent...!
We lost our neighbours and villagers.
Water was the only thing lacking there.
Let that be, Shall I take leave?
See you then.
I will have from outside, take
I quit that job of mine.
Nowl'm idle.
After doing months of work and research
and submitted a project,
for them it was shit value
And I did not feel
like continuing to be a writer for wages...
Further, the tag I had around my neck..
That is bloody noose
We thought you could have helped us.
Now even that hope is lost.
I can understand
Govutty, I know of a Padre, excommunicated
from the congregation!
He has been over the years researching
on waste disposed in rivers and,
drinking water scarcity.
Actually it is from him
I got the details of this project,
and reached your Thuruth.
Now it's all become a waste.
Amidst all these problems,
we are unable to do anything...!
Don't let yourself down.
What and howwe need to think,
is all decided by the news that reach us..
Some news are retained...
and some flow away
What we need now... is Public attention!
Do you know how many hunger strikes
are staged in our small Kerala?
But none catches anyone's attention!
Soto have our demands reach the Media
We must have a different and unique protest
Our voices. Must be heard!!
You know something?
Pipes used for Water supply in our city
are more than about 50 years old,
that too made in Asbestos!
This as bestos..
WHO has banned such Pipes
Because it can lead to cancer.
Cause for cancer like diseases!!
If those pipes are changed
and Water supply is increased,
your issues will be
resolved to some extent.
Some kind of ideas come by?
Besides, if this reaches media,
we can reveal many shocking news!
All of this will be resolved.
Have the courage!
Pass me that lap.
Despite all these issues
This lifestyle of yours..
This..Friendship since childhood..
Going for work together..
From my angle, I feel it as a big fortune!
How about joining us.. on the painting job?
Yes..Yes..Great Comedy!
See the shot of someone electrocuted
Can't you watch something useful?
Dude! Come..
Take the phone.
- Open YouTube
- YouTube?
Here is YouTube.
That... input Dance..Protest.
Dance Protest!
Spelling of Protest?
Spelling of protest?
Type P R0 T..
You will get the spelling.
Jallikattu Protest!
A lady dancing!
It happened in our place.
Yes India
It took place in Tamilnadu.
It's that Bull.. Jallikattu issue..
See! What a crowd!!
Dude! It's a wonderful idea.
Good idea! Unique too
We will play to our maximum.
Until we fall!!
However got to think
where and how to express!
An apt movement at the right time!!
Is it tea from saltwater?
No... it is good water.
Earlier times we used to
drink this river water,
and use it for all other purposes!
It was that crystal clear water.
Isn't it now that water is bottled?
It's true! Do you know how
much does a litre of water cost?
Don't you know? It costs Rs.15
That I know.
I've good well water at home.
In a day about 1000 litres is consumed,
at Rs. 15 per litre
How much does it amount
to for a month then?
15 x 30..
Rs.4.50 lacs!
So in the case of water,
I'm a Millionaire, ain't I?
Dude! Come to our point!
These Protests involves high cost.
Isn't that what we don't have
Ever since I quit, I'm also a bit tight.
So only enthusiasm remains!!
Dude! Worse than the world ending
are the ends of the months!
So then what is the way out?
Ways are there...
You be courageous..
There are ways for everything.
Nowl can hold up to 4 to 5 bottles of Beer
You will stand holding
Beer bottle like this.
Get lost pig..
Babumonuyour this comeback
is inspiration for us.
The kind of fool I am
is what I am thinking!
No drinking, no binging, No get togethers,
No friendship... etc
Obeying my this...
like this..
Now what happened?
I'm... come back!
Why are you off mood?
Dude Babumon, don't we need
to somehow get it done?
I'm breaking my head
thinking of arranging money
What do I have? For whom am I living?
If you need money, can't you sell my house?
Shut up! Don't keep talking stuff!
Keep this.
Take it.
Hey..You are not giving
this on a high, right?
Dude..this Babumon is not someone
who falls in 2 beers!
Go ahead and proceed!
Aren't we a single unit?
Matter of cash is resolved.
Now got to get it done.
Just that, I wanted to see you.
That is why I came
Always am with you.
Shall I go?
By his worthy presence having this event be
highly gratified we joyfully and respectfully
Welcome the honourable Chief
Minister Sri Varkey Anjo..
On the stage next we welcome the honourable
Union minister Sri Anand Vikas Reddy..
Yes Sir..
Respected District Collector..
Hearty welcome to the Agricultural
Keralam 18th State Meet".
Giving a score to the theme of
Project Agricultural Keralam,
artists from Krishana Kala Kendra use dance
steps to create and innovate on the stage..
Lets enjoy...
"Who is there hereafter
to console our hearts a little"
"To embrace us and lift
us from this desert"
"Why do the dark clouds disappear far away
Without giving rain?"
"Who is there hereafter
To console our hearts a little"
"To embrace us and lift
us from this desert"
"Why do the dark clouds disappear far away
Without giving rain?"
"When the backwater between
the two shores receded,
two hearts united in the island one day"
"For the dream-bough to blossom.."
without getting life-giving water anywhere,
one lost life"
"Our eyes oozed blood,
time stood blindfolded pitilessly"
"Who smeared this blackness
in the bosom of the stream?"
"When the soul is yearning for water..."
"The waves turn into
poisonous pricking needles"
"When the fish writhe in pain"
"To see this and retaliate
against injustice,
we must fight as one"
"Fire is in our hearts, flaring fire"
"This song has the heat of fire"
"This song is to wash
the muddy consciousness
with clear water"
"This dance is the fighting
system of a frenzied country"
We have at several moments wanted
to react but never been possible.
Boys from Pandarathuruthu have
definitely brought in huge change..
We are all in total support. For me..
I do not think these boys..
Nothing wrong I see in their actions.
Did you see those boys..
They rocked the stage"
Those boys.. what wrong did they do?
By the way.. what is the wrong they did?
Everybody understood"
Only the Government did not understand"
These are the boys our land needs..
Till the Government meet their demands
we are with Pandarathuruthu..
The drinking water issue in Pandarathuruthu
is becoming a debate in the social media..
Left answerless the Govt avoiding media..
Welcome to Prime Time Bulletin"
To day we have with us the anchor of a very
unique type of agitation ever witnessed by Kerala
Sri. Govindan Kutty.
Greetings Govindan Kutty.
What is that prompted you to
this kind of an agitation?
Only because of the
circumstances we are in..
Without some water to drink
we have had enough of the hell..
Despite different kinds of agitation
no one has bothered to take a look..
Even you ..
A dharna or hunger strike would not have
made you call me here. Would it?
You see the ratings and plan..
So then we had no option
but to take such a path.
Do you expect a resolution to
this problem from the Government's side?
Yes I do. It has to be there.
Tell us in the briefest manner..
Our Kochi is at the
confluence of 7 rivers..
By now almost 40 times our
river has overflown..
On about 20 occasions fishes
have died and surfaced..
As chemical effluents from factories
on the banks are disposed into the rivers..
Who is to question"
This Kochi city with a population of about
35 lakhs consume this contaminated water..
For us even that is not
available is the irony..
You would be aware that the water that reaches
the population after all treatment processes
What treatment!
All these chemical effluents from the factories
cannot be treated I whatl have understood..
Moreover.. from a few years back the increase
in number of patients with kidney complaints,
can be noticed if you
go through this file..
That is not necessary.
All that is in our data base.
Oh it is there.. But it has
not been shown so far..
One of my media friend
is who gave me these..
He was needed... At this point in time...
I cannot avoid expressing
my gratitude to Shyam..
Above all that.
The reason for the death of our
Remya is drinking this poisonous water"
The video of the doctor speaking
about it is what I gave you earlier..
In this discussion Sri. Thomas
Abraham is joining us..
Go ahead Sri Thomas Abraham..
What took place is a complete failure
on the part of the police.
In an event where the chief minister
and union ministers are participating these
people displayed a total roughish behavior
In my view strong action needs
to be taken against them
Why do we need a Govt that cannot manage
the law and order of the land?
What if they had thrown an
acid bomb or a petrol bomb?
Another thing and I want to say is ..
Whether they have any Maoist
links need to be investigated!
What all is he saying?
Mao... Maoist.
Where is he speaking from?
Is he in the studio?
After this I would like to meet him..
On summarizing your demand
in brief we will end..
In Pandarathuruthu there
are less than 100 houses..
Our taps must give us sufficient water"
We had enough of standing
in queues day and night"
Show mercy and please help us.
May the officials open their eyes
to the problems of Pandarathuruthu"
This is not just the problem
of Pandarathuruthu.
Do you know in the entire state of Kerala,
how many places do not get drinking water?
Lack of water or drought is a reality
it is a truth...
Everybody need to understand that...
Only when this is acknowledged
can we have a resolution to this..
Drinking water is basic
need of human being..
That must be available..
- Sure...
- That is all I want to say Sure...
Due to the shortage of time
we need to end this debate for now..
Thank you very much, Govindan
Kutty for participating"
Thank you..
Hey Kunjacha..
Step out..
- Who is it?
- Donno..
I will see..
Oh it were you...
What is it at this hour?
You sitting there and listening to his
blah blah blah on TV is of no use...
Look.. That is not going to make
any difference here ..
Na.. Na.. Na... All that
I will take care of..
I am not interested anymore to sell
my piece of house and land
You mind your business and leave"
Come in all of you
Shameless jack ass..
After breaking your word now you justify"
When you took the advance
I did not see all this arrogance..
Will you stop this..
The money I took from
you will be returned within a week..
I have no intention to
sell this house and land..
Go and file a case...
Do you have a thick skin of a rhino?
After taking others money"
Shameless creatures
We will meet...
Actually you do not know me well..
You thought you could scare me
with some silly threat of yours..
Without you signing on any document didn't
I arrange to get your advance..
- Didn't I?
- You!
After taking what you wanted,
now asking us to leave, you cheap..
Get lost..You cheap...
You do not know who I really am..
Leave.. Leave..
Even if I kill you..
Nobody around will ever come enquiring..
You have no idea who I am..
You have no idea, what all I can do here.
I will take out your intestine"
Listen" Tomorrowl will
come with the papers..
Better sign them..
Do as he says..
Don't create any problems..
He is a total mad cap..
That is over...
Will never change..
Move away..
Give me that.
Hi Kunjacha..
Hold this"
Sign Kunjacha..
But that.
Come on Just sign..
Hello Hello Bro..
A little way.. Excuse me bro..
Could I get a wooden pestle?
You stay away..
Ah ha..
Guards and friends have been set up, is it?
0k .. so he has got permission
now to visit during day times also..
It is not over..
If you are born to a
single father, then come..
Come on..
Didn't I tell you.. avoid this...
You will not listen"
Come if dare, you swine!
- Govutty...
- Climb ashore...
Enough, enough, enough..
Govutty" stop"
You guys leave..
Enough..Get lost..
Climb ashore..
You cannot do anything here..
Come here...
Get lost..
I will see you..
We shall...
We will see..
Get lost..
Govutty... Come over..
This government addresses peoples concerns
and works for development"
Realising the intensity of the drinking water
scarcity problems faced by Pandarathuruthu
We have reached an agreement on increasing
the quantum of drinking water to Thuruthu
and also to change the damaged pipelines.
For this budgetary allocations
also have been made.
Sir, do you doubt any Maoist
links in this Thuruthu?
Sir, Ask them if they any thing to ask?
When this agitation is being debated
on even outside Kerala,
isn't it a shame for the
Government of Kerala?
Sir, isn't it a cliche?
Without access to drinking water
even a death took place..
For such things not to repeat
this government is duty bound..
Has your arm healed?
There is a slight pain in the arm..
Still.. doesn't matter"
Isn't it for our land?
Mom, Come fast" Boat will leave..
Coming son..
Ah, it is her..
I have been watching on TV
the events unfolding there.
- Now hasn't all the problems
regarding water ended? - Oh Yes..
If need be I will talk to
my parents once agan..
Need to give her one..
Get lost. You lousy...