Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)

Hello! Thendral Matrimony.
Tell me, sir.
Isn't she pretty?
Ask her if she is married.
Hey, you be silent.
Sir, annual income
hasn't been mentioned.
You put as three lakhs.
- Okay.
You give as five lakhs.
- Okay.
How old should the girl be?
My son is 26 years old.
The girl should be around 22.
Else it is better even if
she is younger. - Okay.
What do you say?
- Okay.
Are you going to ask or not?
Just wait,
will ask when we are leaving.
What's your expectation on how
the girl should be?
Girl should be fair and pretty.
It'll be okay even if her height
is above 5'4". - Okay.
She should be a good soul,
who can take good care of my son.
We don't want modern girls.
You find a good family girl.
Fine. - Is all that available
on the computer?
You be silent.
Will you ask now or should I ask?
Look here-
- Be silent.
How much salary you
expect from the girl?
No need for all that.
She need not go for job.
My son is earning well.
Okay, Ma'am!
I have registered.
You'll get your ID and password
in the reception.
You make the payment and take it.
Are you married?
I'm married, love marriage.
Coffee. It'll take half an hour for
the bathing water to come.
wear your shoes. - I'm already
late and you are stuck with shoes.
Let me go. - How will you go to
office without wearing shoes?
Give it.
Wear it.
- Where shall I put them?
Oh no! Will anyone keep their
shoes inside the bag?
Excuse me!
- Stupid!
Good morning, Sree sir!
Good morning Shanthi sister.
I was a bit late.
When did you come?
Just now I sat and you came, buddy.
Good morning!
- Good morning!
Good morning!
Morning! Morning!
Good morning!
She got hurt.
Poor soul!
Sree, enough!
- Okay, sir.
Sure, sir! I'll be done now.
You please leave!
Why are you looking at the window
and saying, "It'll be done"?
That is also window and
this is also window.
Super! You are a funny guy!
"Today is not like yesterday..."
"Tomorrow won't be like today."
"Today is not like yesterday..."
"In the heart filled with love..."
Hey, you!
Hey, you!
I'm calling you.
Are you done with college?
- Sathish!
Did you check who placed this
cupboard here?
Hey, I have informed the boss.
You have been on that
cupboard since morning.
Not you, sir.
A small cupboard problem.
Excuse me, sir! - Wonder why
I have hired you guys!
What is it, Sree?
Nothing, sir.
It's really hot in there.
I had requested to
move that cupboard.
Dam you, Sree! Is that an issue?
Go, Sree. Someone will come.
You don't do any work and you
are sweating.
Sir, I was called to
shift some cupboard.
Cupboard! Cupboard...cupboard...
right here.
He is the one.
You come.
Sir, okay.
- Take it away.
Lift it.
Hey, Sree!
- Wait.
Hey, come!
Wait. I'm updating the status.
What is it? - Give this to Thangaraj
and get it hemmed.
What have you stitched?
I told you to keep half inch loose.
But you have made one inch loose.
I told you to make "U" neck.
But you have made "Pa" neck.
We trust you with our clothes.
Look here... - You are right...
- I can't give Rs 100.
I'll pay only Rs 50.
This itself is too much.
- Hey!
Give Rs 100. Madam...
Instead of Rs 100, you have
given Rs 50.
Do you deserve "U" neck? Next time
it'll be only "A".
Look here,
I tried a new design for her.
It'll look really sexy.
Where is she going
to understand that?
Let that go, how many blouses
did sister give?
U neck it seems, are we running
censorship here?
"Oh my dear... someone seems like
a reason to this..."
Tell me, dear!
Have you noticed
my likes for your status?
For how many days will you
keep updating status?
A new software called "Tinder"
has come.
They say that many beautiful
girls are there in that.
If we like any, can swipe right.
If we don't like,
we can just swipe out.
I plan to get it myself.
Why don't you try?
No, not my thing, bro.
So you are still stuck up on
that girl from the opposite building.
Then you go and talk.
If it was the same office, I would
have talked. - Okay.
She is from the neighboring office.
So the distance...
For that?
Why don't you do a "Hi"?
Look here, stand near the window.
Say, "How are you"?
Do like that.
Saying "Hi" is not an issue.
Yes. - I'll tell tomorrow itself.
That's my boy.
Hey, I forgot to tell you.
I was watching football yesterday.
Parsi scored a goal
in 20 minutes time.
They nailed it.
Messi. In mid-field, straight cut.
It went flying.
Hi! If there is any doubt, you
ask me.
Do it.
- Yah, I'll do it.
Who is she?
New joinee.
Carry on.
- I know man.
You go and work. Hey!
Are you looking for me?
Should work hard, only then can get
awards like me.
Sathish, don't you see that? She is
cleaning and you are stepping on it.
You'll realize only
when you clean it.
Sir, it has dried.
You remain silent, Shanthi sister.
Sathish, go and work.
Go away.
So what? Let them do what they want.
You are right.
As I'm a team leader,
nobody can question me.
Come here.
What is it, buddy?
Go and get me a juice. - I was
working only in the next building.
I don't understand. - Should I
tell you everything two times?
Go and get juice.
Please don't make me shout.
What's happening?
Hey, how's that possible?
Yah, of course.
Come here.
Give it.
What kind of papers are these?
Fully wrong. Go and rework.
When I was getting the file
you had asked for,
Sree sir snatched it and had a look.
He said that the work done by
you are wrong.
He told you to do rework.
- Me?
He threw all these.
I don't know what it is. You can
ask yourself.
Thank you, sir!
Come to my cabin.
Yah...Yah... fine.
Yes, yes. Move...move...
Move... bounce yourself.
Ratchel, nice. Keep the flow.
Ready, 1, 2, 3, 4...1...
2... - Hi, Pop!
- Hi!
Now, 1, 2...
Hey, stop it! It's not working out.
Ah...dear! Come here.
Dear, shoot my dance.
Music. was your day?
Good, Pops!
New office, new people.
- Good.
That's it.
Pops, I'm going to cook.
Do you need anything?
I don't want anything. Tonight
I'm going out.
Come here.
Look at this.
"Shall I also come?"
May I come in!
- What is it?
Can you ask her name and tell me?
It starts from the letter "S".
Damn you Sree, for god's sake
let me work.
Neither are you working,
nor are you allowing me to work.
I don't know why you are coming
to office. - Don't shout.
Except work, you are the only one
doing all kinds of activities.
Very odd behavior.
No one's around, let's take it.
- Hands up!
Your badge was on the ground.
Your name?
Sree... Sreekumar.
Let me try it.
What could it be?
Sindhuja Joseph.
No. - Sree, see this. Thinner
dosa than the hotel.
You know only this. Give it.
Hello! - Hi, I'm Sindhuja speaking.
Who is that?
Someone... I don't know.
What shall I do?
I'll go to Thangarajan bro's house and
come. - What is the need for that now?
Father is making dosa. You eat and
go to sleep. - Okay.
I'll eat and go.
Sree, see thinner dosa than that.
Look here.
Enough. I'm full.
Hold on. I'm making the last
one in this shape of the heart.
I'm having stomach pain.
The number you are trying to reach is
currently switched off.
Hi, Sindhu!
Hello! Hi!
Hi, Sindhu.
Ja... - Hi!
Yesterday you had called, right?
Sorry, I was busy.
Anything important, Sindhu...ja?
Nothing much.
New office. So thought will
mingle with friends.
I thought of going clubbing
this weekend.
- But its okay.
Sathish said he'll come along.
Which Sathish?
That guy.
Hey, why are you tickling?
I'll also do it.
Shall I tickle you?
Why did you pick up the phone?
- Why didn't you pick up the phone?
I was busy.
- I wasn't.
Don't argue.
- I'll argue.
She called me.
How can I refuse?
It'll be good only if we both go.
Try to understand.
I beg of you.
- Hey...
Ask sorry.
- I'm sorry!
I'll talk to Sindhu.
What shall we do?
Give it to me.
Ping this one.
Because...women expect
men to make the first move.
You do this.
Then you see how the reply comes.
After that you wake me up.
One duty is over.
Oh God!
How is that?
Got a great idea.
Wife is calling. I'll have dinner
and come.
Did you eat?
I have had food. You go. - Then you
continue. I'll be back soon.
He is still sitting like a statue.
What happened?
I didn't get any message.
Oh no... have you not got one
till now?
Give that to me.
Just wait and watch.
Hold this. We must not show that we
are jobless.
We are in fact, but...
you continue typing.
Dear, don't type anything extra.
Send as it is.
Bad habit.
There is no value to my words.
She has replied.
It has worked.
It is better to mute your whats-app
for atleast three months.
Message will keep coming.
That is the plan.
Show me that.
She is asking if I'm not
interested in talking.
Tell her, nothing of that sort.
Throw in some tactics.
Why are we up so late,
if not interested?
Morning I have to open the shop. I
think it is going to be a long night.
I'm going to doze off
sitting like this.
Superb! She has replied.
I told you, right?
I know women psychology.
You can start flirting here on.
What has she sent? Show me.
Is there a romantic emoji?
What is this?
Oh gosh! Keep it down.
Pops, did you take the car?
- Yah!
You could have told me.
- Sorry, dear.
Have you washed the vehicle even
a single day? See how it is.
I think the garbage can be
dropped in this.
Hi! - Hi, Sree!
Where are you?
At home.
Can you give me a lift?
Okay, sure.
- Okay, thanks!
Sir, spray it on my back.
Hi! Hi!
Good day.
Hey, Sathish!
- Hi!
Sorry, Sindhu! Tomorrow I can't
come to the party.
Come on. It'll be fun.
It'll be fun...
I'll punch you. Tell her.
Sorry, Sindhu! Family commitment.
She is in love with me,
but he doesn't understand.
Will you come?
Don't act.
Tomorrow evening...
you come.
Let's work.
Hey, you! Hey!
Hey, you!
- What is it?
You wear a coat to
the college, right?
Black color coat.
Please can you give that to me?
I have got college.
Led it for one night.
Do you have college at night too?
I'll return it by morning.
It won't fit you. It'll be too big
for you.
It is okay. I'll adjust.
Hey, you!
I beg you.
I'll come upstairs and take it.
Hey, you! Hey!
You look like a scarecrow.
Is it a blazer or jerkin?
It's a simple matter. I'll rock it.
Just like it's required,
I'll stitch it for you.
Blazer? I'm sure he'll spoil it.
- Hey!
What are you doing?
The coat will get crushed.
Unbutton your shirt.
Fold your sleeves.
Tuck out your shirt.
Come, let us go.
Sam. - Hi, Ma'am!
One vodka shot.
- Sure.
What about you?
Order some juice.
Juice? Don't you booze?
- Che...che?
What is wrong in boozing?
There is nothing. You carry on.
One more.
- Sure.
Tell me about yourself.
I have been in Arumbakkam
since childhood.
Did my schooling from SMJV.
I did my college from-
- Stop!
Am I taking your interview?
Do you like this song?
Not much.
- What?
What is your sun sign?
- Leo.
I thought so. I'll never get
along with Leo.
Only in English it is Leo.
In Tamil it is Kumba Rasi.
What about your sun sign?
I don't know.
Tell your date of birth.
- I don't know.
What do you mean by you don't know?
I'll know only if my father tells me.
He doesn't know his
own date of birth.
Only my Mom knows when I was born.
She left when I was a child.
It's okay. No problem.
Let's dance.
Take it.
Don't say no like a child and drink
in one sip.
No need.
Are you going to drink or not?
I'll do anything that you say.
But not this.
Will you do anything that I say?
Go and propose that girl.
Leave that. There might be a problem.
Then you drink.
Okay, wait.
I love you.
- What?
Oh god!
Now I'll tell, you do it.
What should I do? - Same thing.
You propose.
I don't know all that.
You must do it.
Else the same punishment.
Did I say something wrong?
Now it's my turn.
I think you are angry.
Let us stop the game with this.
Go and hit that black shirt guy.
Should I get you a bottle?
For what?
I don't like his face. Punch
him on his face.
Let's not fight. It's wrong.
Are you scared?
Everyone calls me as light foot!
Yes, I'm a boxer.
He's alone, shall whack him.
Let us not fight, bro.
It's wrong. - Hey!
- Move away...
Let's go.
Bro, I have caught him.
Come fast. Come. - Let me go.
Catch him.
Move away...move...move...
You have gone crazy.
Don't spare him. - Stop!
Move from here.
Don't run.
Stop... stop...
Oh god! It's a dead end.
Please don't shout.
They might hear you,
please don't make noise.
Not bad. You hit him.
It was for your sake.
Will you do whatever I say?
Even if you don't say, I'll do.
Oh god! What a punch line!
I'm telling seriously.
Are you always this respectful?
Hereafter, call me as just Sindhu.
- Call me.
Okay, I'll call.
Now itself you call.
Once more.
Shall I tell you one thing?
I like...
Dear, who is this boy?
He is my colleague.
Very good boy. A very interesting
If you meet him,
you'll like him a lot.
Today I'm free.
Let's meet today itself.
Sure, Pops?
- Yes, dear.
Tell me, Sindhu.
My father wants to meet you.
Can you come in the evening?
Okay, I'll come.
Okay, come. Bye.
- Okay.
Take this, father.
- Come.
Fine, I'll leave.
Hold on. I'll finish my lunch.
You can take back the tiffin box.
- Okay.
Son, if you don't mind, shall I
ask you one thing?
Tell me, Father.
Are you in love with someone?
Nothing like that.
You know very well about Mom.
She is of a very emotional type.
Not only that, for our family.. marriage won't work out.
I felt like telling you. That is
why I told.
Sorry, Sindhu!
Yesterday I couldn't come.
You can leave.
No, it's okay.
It'll take another half an hour.
- I'll wait and drop you.
Hey, one minute! Stop.
What is it?
I have throat ache.
Get me a "Halls".
With that..if you want anything,
you get it.
Take it.
Didn't you buy anything for yourself?
Today my father is not at home.
It is okay even if I go home late.
If you want anything, you get it.
What is there for me to buy here?
Only after dropping you I have to
buy idli batter on my way back home.
Don't know, I can imagine a special
moment than this.
I love you!
I love you, Sindhuja!
Don't be kidding, Sree.
- Hey, Sindhu.
- Oh god!
What is it?
I thought we are just friends.
Sindhu, I have liked you for a while.
I have been admiring you way before
you joined our office.
I don't understand...
then why all this?
This happened in the heat of the
moment... in a casual manner.
You only first kissed me.
You went on to close the lift.
You seduced me.
You tempted me to do it.
Why did you do like that?
- Because I love you, Sindhu.
Stop saying that, Sree.
I don't love you.
Please, Sindhu.
I'll take care of you.
I'll never make you cry.
I won't even scold you.
Just like Jack took care of Rose
in Titanic film,
I'll take good care of you.
Please, try to understand me.
Sree, look at me.
First you stop crying.
You are a very good boy.
I really felt comfortable with you.
I like you a lot.
But I'm not in love with you.
Then why did you say like that
in the pub that day?
I don't get you. What did I say?
That day when we both were hiding
in the bathroom,
you were about to say,
"I like you", right?
Tell me, Sindhu.
I was about to say that I like
your innocence.
Okay, let's talk like adults.
We both did this out of control.
But this small matter shouldn't
affect our friendship.
We can still be good friends, Sree.
You leave after the rain stops.
don't consider her as a person.
She dumped you after all this.
She will not prosper.
Continue swearing at her.
I'll keep at it. She doesn't
deserve any respect.
She is a...!
She exposed and betrayed you,
wearing her lipstick and make-up.
Didn't she betray you? Tell me.
- Enough, brother.
- Hey!
I think the rage has come down.
But she is,
a very good girl.
(TV programme in the back.)
(TV programme in the back)
(TV programme in the back.)
I got you.
How come to lost to me today?
What happened?
You look disturbed.
When you were out of town,
I brought Sree home.
First time in my life,
I feel I have done something wrong.
But he says he loves me.
What about you?
Is it so casual?
No, Dad! Actually...
- Hey!
I didn't expect this from you.
Look here, it may be casual for you.
But for men like him,
they'll sacrifice
their life for love.
It was your fault getting close with
him, without knowing his intentions.
First you go and say sorry to him.
Let's go.
Friends will benefit?
- Sathish, say that I'm on leave.
You are right...
Actually I...
- Let's be friends.
Mom, the reports have come. You sit
here. I'll meet the doctor and come.
Hi, Sree!
My mother.
Hi, aunty.
- She is my colleague.
Who has accompanied patient Sudha?
I'm coming. - Come inside.
- Mom, you wait.
Have your seat.
What is your name?
- Sindhuja.
What is wrong with you that you
have come to the hospital? - Nothing.
It is my son,
who has brought me to get my
full body check-up done. - Okay.
What are you doing here?
I came to meet my friend.
- Okay.
What kind of office is yours?
He is not himself from last few days.
I think the work pressure is too much
in office.
His face is totally withered.
I think he is burdened with the
entire work.
He doesn't even raise his
voice against anything.
You please take care of him.
Sure, aunty.
- I appreciate that.
Okay, I'll leave.
- Okay.
Pops, haven't you slept?
I should be asking that.
Good night.
Good night.
It's been ages since I had
Bhai shop's chicken fry.
Give 100gm of chicken fry.
- Yah!
Is it better to have
an arranged marriage?
So you haven't moved on?
I have moved on.
- What?
I have moved on, bro.
Then you eat properly.
You eat that middle piece.
It'll be tasty.
Bro, she is calling.
Why is she calling
when you are eating?
First you keep that down.
One minute. I'll attend this
and come. - Hey...hey...
You...I'll eat the middle piece
from your share.
You lost the middle piece.
You don't seem to listen.
What does she want?
Tomorrow...she called me for
an outing. - Did you say no?
No, bro. She is talking in
a peculiar manner.
In what manner?
Is it the way she talked and
dumped you that way? Look here...
You can trust the ones, who speaks
the same.
But the ones who speak indifferently,
shouldn't trust them at all. You
need not go. I swear on this chicken.
She called and he is going.
- Bro...
Shall i go and ask what it is?
- Hey!
Fine, get lost.
But don't lose your girth.
- Okay.
Don't trust her blindly.
I won't.
- You eat well.
Bro, enough.
- Hey!
Bhai shop's chicken tastes good.
- You take this. - Hey...hey...
Hey, I don't have money with me.
Bhai, I'll wash the plates.
Where shall we go?
Mayajal? far away,
to a lonely place.
I'm going to drive speedy.
Hold tightly.
You'll not hold me.
Shall we go?
Let the rain stop.
It has stopped.
Did it stop?
come let us go.
No, let the rain stop.
What is it?
Hey, crab.
Look, there one more.
I think I have to walk carefully.
What are you doing?
Sindhu, no!
I'm afraid of crab from childhood.
No, Sindhu. Listen to me. No.
Hey, look here.
- Sindhu.
Open your eyes and see. It's nothing.
- No.
I won't open to see its face.
Crab's shouldn't be in this world.
Let's go for a walk.
- Yah.
What is it?
Tell me.
You called me today to say
something, right?
Tell me.
I'm sorry.
For what?
For everything.
I have been wanting to say this
for a while,
that is why I called you today.
What else?
Nothing else.
But I like you.
As a friend?
"O wind..."
"I have been looking for your feet."
"I have been waiting
with closed eyes."
"What's with this new wave,
coming along with me."
"The hot wave mixes with cold air
into the heart."
"It was never like this"
Is this also casual for you?
Get lost!
She'll do everything.
Everything as in...
Yah that one.
But that's not love.
Just like that. Casual.
I was not brought up like that
in my house.
Falling in love with you...?
I should
Why don't you hit me?
Just like that, hit me casually.
It's fine, slap me once.
Slap me.
You are right.
It was casual to me.
As if you were truely in love.
You had only infatuation for me.
Just like you said, if you were
raised well by your parents,
you wouldn't have spilled our
personal matter, in front of others.
What is love?
Huh! Who are you trying to fool?
Let's take it as you said.
I'm a cheap character.
Then what made you love me, without
knowing my character?
He is saying that I did everything.
What does "everything" mean?
Just sex?
He won't even utter that word.
Your maturity level is
only that much. Shuck!
I did try to tell you yesterday.
But i couldn't.
Even today,
I came to say somehow "I love you".
But now...
I made a mistake, buddy.
- I shouldn't have done like that.
- I was always there with you.
I shouldn't have talked like that
about the girl whom I love.
Where did you do it?
What I have for her.. not infatuation.
I must prove that it is love, buddy.
- How many times did you do it?
Tomorrow in office...
In office...
What? What is it?
Big shot!
I must say sorry to her personally.
For what you did,
do you think she'll come to
office here on?
Good morning, guys!
Hey...good morning!
Hi, Sathish! Good morning!
Good morning, sir!
Good morning...
- Can I change my cabin?
You can change anything.
- Thank you!
Hey, what is it?
She is not even ready to see my face.
What should I do?
I'll go and talk to her.
Morning! Hi, Sindhu.
It happens.
He is feeling bad that you
are not even ready to talk.
You don't take him seriously.
Take it easy.
You know what? Life is all about...
moving on.
Get lost you !
How do you feel, Sathish?
I feel weird.
What happened?
One, two...One, two, three...
Five, six, seven... yes. Good.
Keep bouncing.
Good. Yeah!
Stretch yourself.
Nice turn.
Where is she?
- She is coming, sir.
Come on. We have been waiting
for you. Come, come. Sit down.
Guys, ready?
Let's go for the presentation.
Sure, sir.
- Okay.
It was my fault, I'm not denying it.
But give me a chance, Sindhu.
Sir, what is this?
Hey, Sree.
Change the slide.
I'm not trying to
justify my mistake, sir.
Earlier I didn't understand
her love for me,
I behaved so low in
front of everyone,
it was my fault entirely
and I own up to it.
Mistake which I committed
in front of everyone,
I'm trying to rectify
in front of everyone.
Sindhu, please I'm sorry!
Enough, sir. I'm leaving.
- Hey, sit...sit...
Sree, what is this?
Do your job.
Sorry, sir.
All of you mind your own business.
I expected.
Sorry, guys!
Sindhu, one minute.
I need to talk to you.
Sindhu, please...please...
Hey, get out. - Listen to me.
- Get out.
Sindhu, please...please.
One minute.
I'll tell and leave.
I swear that I won't say, that day
I talked by mistake.
I knew what I was saying and was
aware of it.
Definitely, I wouldn't have said it,
if I was myself.
First time I boozed.
That triggered my emotions.
I'm not expecting for everything
to be the same.
say that you have forgiven me.
Shiva, you are not to be seen
around these days.
Come over one day, we'll catch up
What about this week?
Come on Sunday.
I'll be waiting. Do come for sure.
Sodaku Shiva, my friend.
Our area only.
He was in the first street.
Cricket friend.
I'll tell you about him.
One day there was a tournament.
In his bowling..
..boys thrashed him.
And guys destroyed him.
But he didn't leave. Next week itself
he scored hatrick.
Do you know how?
New approach.
Didn't you get it? That's it.
He threw a spin.
In my knowledge,
spin it was found by my friend,
Sodakku Shiva.
Heard someone is doing the same
in the name of Boomerang.
One, two, three...tap.
Five, six, seven.
Yah, Pops!
Dear, shoot this movement.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Who told you to come here?
Don't talk without respect.
He is my student.
Pops, you know who he is, right?
- It is Sree, right?
Look, keep your personal
matters outside.
Now, please.
What, baby? Do you have a problem?
Not at all.
If you don't look after me
like Jack from Titanic,
your state will be same as his.
Say, "I love you".
Ya Baby!
Shall we take our relationship to the
next level?
haven't we done everything already?
I'm talking seriously.
What do you think?
Live in. - Marriage?
Did you say as marriage?
- Did you say as live in?
No way, don't do this, Sree.
Hey, what did I do?
Why unnecessarily this, Live in?
It's Live in. Imagine.
Just the two of us. Can be
together forever.
Every day we can wake up
next to each other.
Even if we fight,
it'll be within us, within our house.
You'll always remain with me.
For that only people marry.
Why this, Live in?
Okay imagine that you
are in love with me.
Later you learn that,
I'm an outgoing person.
At that point,
just because you are in love with me,
will you still continue to love me?
Or just because you got married me,
can you live with the fact that I'm
an outgoing person?
So, Live in is only for that.
You need to know everything about me.
Hey, I know everything about you.
I have no suspicion about you.
But I'm...
I want to know more about you.
What happened, that you are
talking like this?
I need some time.
let me know as soon as possible.
Listen...see this.
Isn't this your aunty?
Yes, it is my aunt.
Hey Sree, see your grandfather.
See here.
Is it marriage photo?
- Yah!
You are so lean in this picture.
- When I was young,
people used to compliment saying
I look like an actress.
Dad is not that good looking.
Everyone said the same thing.
In fact, I had a good look at him..
..only at the time of wedding.
It was too late for me.
I got married.
Sree, now who is more good looking?
Tell that.
The greys have already
started to crop up.
How do you do this spin master?
Very simple.
For this music,
at a time you lift both your leg.
Pops, didn't Sree come to the class?
No, from last few
days he is not coming.
Dear, is everything alright?
Yah, Pops!
Is it Live in, my dear?
What are you saying, Sir?
Hey, say something.
Her way of thinking
right from the start,
is similar to my tailoring style,
always been unorthodox.
Sree sir, don't mind my saying this.
All this won't work out.
Please, buddy! Hey, you!
Fifty seven. Can't say it is wrong.
Fifty eight. Also can't say it is
the right thing.
Oh God!
People will talk ill about it.
Why do you have to endure this?
Say something.
This is the first time, I'm not able
to give an answer to something.
In my opinion,
I would say don't go ahead with this.
Hey You!
This is quite usual in our college.
- Hi!
Okay. We'll see.
Damn you are pushing me out
of the lift.
I'll use the washroom and come.
I don't care where you are going,
you don't have to announce it.
Hey! What are you doing?
- Won't you attend my call?
Are you ignoring me?
Such arrogance is it?
You had your fun, and now are
you trying to give me up?
I'll leak all our pictures.
Hey, nothing of that sort.
I was giving it a thought.
Please, Sree! I'm bored without you.
I miss you.
How nice was our Munnar trip!
You were always with me.
What is there to think in this?
Let us plan.
Sir, are you done?
Hi! - Oh God!
She is here.
You are late.
He is Thangaraj.
He is everything for me.
- What is this, dear?
Is this what is important?
Hi! - Now tell the plan.
This is the plan,
my folks have no
idea what Live in is.
Even if they know,
they'll beat him up. - True, bro.
But, you like Live in and I like you.
So...let me explain the plan.
You guys ready? - Ready.
Listen, this is my house.
Exactly two streets from here one
house is available,
Sathish it is your responsibility
to get us that house.
- Huh!
Everyday after work I'll drop you at my
place, and head to my place as usual.
Just then,
Thangaraj bro will call me... - Dear!
Thanks, bro.
Will be on loudspeaker and pretend to
take tailoring classes for me.
Just a moment. That loudspeaker
is my plan.
- Sorry, continue.
I'll make that an excuse, then come
and be with you.
After that I'll go there for dinner.
Once everyone is asleep,
I'll go around the back exit..
..and will be back home when Mom
comes to wake me up in the morning.
So that I can be with you..
..and my family won't have any
idea about it.
In simple terms, he's bending over
Exactly, bro.
I know, bro. - Thanks.
- The plan is a bit complicated.
But, if you all support me,
it is possible.
Okay, Jojo.
Just wait.
What is this Jojo and Juju...?
What else? You carry on.
Sindhu, did you understand the plan?
Then the plan is a success.
- Jojo...
Shall we start the
house warming ceremony?
It's the right time.
Come on light it.
Light it.
Light it.
Sindhu, you come and light it.
- Hey!
Damn! - Light it.
- Height of romance.
Never listens.
Thangaraj bro, you light it.
- Come, bro.
They are calling. You go, bro.
Come on, light it.
Shall I say sorry, dear?
Sorry...for what?
For swearing at her the other day.
She is not aware of it, shut up.
Just light it. - Okay, okay.
She is really a very good girl.
I misunderstood her.
Take care, bye!
Bye! - Bye!
See you all. - Bye!
Where did Sathish and that Russian
girl scoot off to? - Hey!
Master. - Have fun.
Have fun. - Thank you. Bye.
It is not a big thing
to start Live in life.
See to it that it works out.
- All the best!
- Okay, master!
- See you soon.
- Bye!
It would have been good if my parents
had come, right?
I'm there for you.
It would have been good
if there had been an
elevator in this building, right?
If it had been like
our office elevator,
it would have been good, right?
And if it breaks down often,
wouldn't it have been good?
Hey, Sindhu! Don't run. Stop!
Oh no!
Is it dawn?
Sree Kutty!
It is getting late.
Are you doing exercise?
Enough, Mom!
What's wrong with you? Have more,
you are still young.
Good morning! I'll cook for you.
What is it? Isn't it good?
Hey, no.
Enough, I'm quite full.
Here on,
don't stuff yourself at home.
- Super.
Guys, plumbing work is going on in
toilet. Nobody should go there.
Father is telling everyone
that Martin is coming.
Hello! - Tell me, bro.
Are you in loudspeaker mode, dear?
You talk.
From today you said that you'll
attend tailoring class.
Timing is very important.
Come soon.
I'm coming, don't be angry.
- First do your duty.
What class is it?
It is Thagaraj bro.
I'm feeling bored.
I'll attend daily and learn.
Bye, Mom! - Hey, he took his training
only from me.
What is this idiot going to go and
learn from him?
What is your dream?
I didn't get any today.
In life...what is your dream?
There is nothing like that.
Okay, carry on.
what is your dream?
I want to open a restaurant in LA.
Why restaurant?
I love cooking.
And it's a huge business.
A restaurant in LA.
A house there.
It's my dream. I'm saving
money for it.
Have you decided the name for
the restaurant?
I have been thinking from many days.
I couldn't fix anything.
SS restaurant.
What does it mean? - Sree, Sindhu.
What is it?
Don't you really have any dreams?
I must take care of my Mom
in a good manner, that's all.
That is not dream, it is duty.
It's all the same.
What does LA mean?
Los Angles.
Is it this?
Sindhu, shall we leave?
Today I'll be late.
Okay, I'll wait.
No, you leave. You go and do
the cooking. I feel very hungry.
I'll come in the cab.
Okay, fine.
- Bye.
"In the first week, dream came
in the second week..."
Didn't you water the plants?
"You are the one in reality too."
"It is only you wherever I see..."
"Wherever I see, you appear."
"What shall I do?"
Didn't you prepare dinner?
No baby, I had gone out for a while.
I'll prepare soon.
I told you that I'm terribly hungry.
Why are you doing like this?
- Hey!
Why are you shouting now?
We'll go out and have dinner.
- I'm tired.
Why couldn't you prepare dinner?
You freshen up, I'll wait downstairs.
Stop there.
Not there, we'll go to a
new restaurant nearby.
Doesn't matter, stop sooner.
Come, it is only nearby.
What is it?
- Get down for a minute.
What is the matter?
I think there is no petrol.
I told you that we'll go
somewhere nearby.
Why are you doing like this?
Won't you even see if there is
petrol in bike or not?
Are you a child?
Is it you or me, who rides bike?
Why are you shouting now?
- How will we go from here?
If only you had prepared dinner,
this problem won't have come up.
Why are you doing like this?
It is irritating.
Of late whatever you are doing is
only like this.
I don't know what to do with you.
- Shshhhh....
I asked your father in which hospital
you were born.
When I went and saw there,
it has shut down ten years back.
I searched around for one week.
I found out who was the owner
of that hospital.
Through him I found out about
the doctor Jaya Chitra,
who performed your delivery.
Now she is 93 year's old.
Hospital documents are still
in Hyderabad.
And again it took ten days work,
to search and find out from the
documents that...
In about four seconds time,
three, two, one...
Happy birthday, Sindhu!
Exactly at this moment,
you were born at this place.
At this while only your mother
knew your birthday.
But along with her
even I'm aware of it.
I'll always be with you.
Hey, what are you doing here? It is
getting late. Come on.
Hey Sudha, they have already called.
Are you not still ready?
I'm coming. - Taxi will be here soon.
Get ready fast.
Hello Baby!
I'll be at office by afternoon,
you come directly there.
Why? What happened?
I'm going out for a business nearby.
- What business?
I'll tell you, but don't get angry.
My family is taking me to
look for a match.
Only in the morning Mom informed me.
She said that she has given word
and all...
So I have to go.
Okay, come back soon.
How come, you hung up on me?
Are you not angry?
You are going to go there
and say no, right?
If I find it okay, I'll say yes.
You can tell. Bye!
Hey, why did you reject that girl?
Leave it if I don't like.
Hey, do you know how much trouble
your mother took to find that girl?
Now what do you want me to do?
I came just because you told me.
Hey, what do you think of yourself?
- Listen...
Leave it if he doesn't like.
We'll find someone
according to his taste.
What is it? Seems like that
girl rejected you.
Buddy, I heard...I'm happy for you.
Don't forget to invite me.
Congrates, Sree!
When is the marriage?
It is as good as over.
Will you shut up?
It's not funny, Sindhuja.
Only I know how much my mother
is suffering.
It is all due to you.
Is it due to me? What did I do?
Leave it, please!
No, tell me, Sree.
What did I do?
Shall we get married?
Do you still want to know
anything about me?
What else do you want to know
about me? Tell me.
Just leave it. This is office.
What is your problem in marrying me?
It is due to you that I'm betraying
my parents and living with you.
If you repeat that it is due to me,
I'll slap you.
What? Do you hate living with me?
You are talking as if you are doing
some favor. You also like it, right?
It is only because I like that
I'm pleading like this.
But don't take that to
your advantage.
Will you marry me or not?
I'm not ready for the marriage.
- Why?
Because I don't feel like it.
At present only my dream is
there in my mind.
Today you'll tell me to marry
just because your mother said so.
Later you'll want to have babies so
that they can play with them.
I'm not ready for it.
In spite of that, if a child is
born and goes through tough time,
it can stay unborn.
We don't even own a house.
In spite of knowing that we are not
ready, why should we do a thing?
Plus! If a child comes in our life,
our life will be washed off
in raising that.
Then what about my dream?
Shouldn't I live for my sake?
Why are you talking in such
a selfish manner?
Think about my life too.
I'm telling you also to live
for yourself.
Don't spoil your life just because
your mother is saying.
I know how I should lead my life.
Don't behave as if you are
very much concerned.
Crossing her limits.
You are not getting it, Sree.
I'm not fighting with you.
Let's find some solution.
I'm living with you only after
informing my father.
Same way you also tell your mother
and make her understand.
My parents are not like yours,
who don't give a damn.
The number you are trying to reach is
currently switched off.
Please try again.
Hello! Aunty I'm Sathish calling.
Isn't Sree there?
He didn't come to office today.
That is why...
Okay, aunty. Okay.
What is the problem between you both?
Yesterday whole day he got
drenched in rain.
She is saying he is not well.
Son wants to vapor, get hot water.
How did you come here?
When will you come to our house?
Move away from me, I'm having fever.
It is okay, let me also get it.
- Sindhu.
How did you come? Where is my mom?
Sindhu, leave.
- Sorry.
Yesterday I shouldn't have
laughed like that.
I also shouldn't have talked like
that about your father.
Hey, open the door.
Oh God!
Hey, this is the first show of
our dance team.
You and Sindhuja must surely come.
No excuses.
Sure, master!
Dear, is it okay?
- Sure, Pops.
We are in traffic. I'll call back.
Okay, - Bye, master.
- Bye. - Bye.
Give me alms.
- Bye!
Their parents must be blamed for
letting them do this.
It's their fate, there's nothing that
we can do.
It's in our hand to change
the course of life.
What mistake did the children do?
According to you, they should
never have kids.
Not only them.
It is the same for anyone.
Without thinking about the life of
the child, they shouldn't have kids.
I understand.
But our kids won't roam around
on streets like this.
They'll come with us in car, Sindhu.
This car belongs to my father, Sree.
I'll talk after I buy a car.
Now what is your problem? Is it
marriage or kid?
If this happens,
that will also happen.
What if I say no for children?
You'll agree.
But will your mother agree?
I don't think we are compatible, bro.
Hey, what happened?
Her ideologies are different.
It justifies the notion.
But...I'm unable to accept that.
It's that... - Our ideologies are
totally different.
How can we be a match?
What is the issue between you both?
There is no problem.
She is saying no for the marriage.
Okay. - But I want to get married.
Even if there is a small fight
between we both,
even if I try to ignore her, she only
comes and tries to convince me.
She loves me a lot.
But I doubt whether
it'll work out finally.
I'm confused.
Look here, one day you come to my
house with Sindhu.
I'll talk to her. Why do you want to
confuse yourself?
Let's be positive, bring her.
Regarding this project work we'll be
going to Bangalore.
Hi Shanthi sister!
What's for lunch?
It's a medicinal curry.
- What is that?
Dried ginger, pepper, long pepper,
grind them all and make a curry.
It is enough if we eat this once
in a week.
We'll stay healthy.
Shanthi sister,
you seem to be talking like a doctor.
I'm an uneducated nurse.
You could have qualified as a nurse.
It is my wish to be a nurse.
At the age of 16 years I got married.
Then how can I become a nurse?
My life passed away behind
children and family.
Wait...wait...wait. Immediately don't
see like this.
Sister, are you living happily now?
There is no complaint, Sir.
I have got only a daughter.
I got her also married.
Now I'm living happily.
If you had become a nurse, you would
have lived more happily, right?
That is true. No matter how
much life moves on,
the regret of not achieving what we
keeps lingering in our heart.
The house is very good.
Is it so?
It is all her work.
Kid, come here.
- Wait, I'll talk.
What is your name?
- Kutty Kannan.
Karthi Kannan.
Is it a school holiday today?
No, he is lying.
It's only off for us.
That's nothing, school fees is
That's why he lied.
These days, school fees are very
That is why I'm saying that I'll do
job. But he is not allowing.
What if you go for job?
Will everything become okay?
If it's meant to be, it's
meant to be.
Leave that.
I called you here to talk about an
important matter. - Bro...
Thangaraj bro,
did you watch the football match?
No, I didn't. What happened?
It was an awesome match. No goal was
scored in the first half.
Only in the second half the
match changed. - Oh no!
You would have been dumbstruck
with Messe's goal.
That was an awesome goal.
Don't try to convince me, Sree.
I won't change.
lock the gate and come.
Tell me.
Today is father's dance programme.
Come at 5pm, we'll go.
Today? - Did you forget?
No...I'll come.
Don't mess up.
Is it this bill? - Excuse me.
- Yah!
When will the doctor come?
- Sorry, sir! Today he'll come late.
Madam will come at 5 pm.
What happened to you?
Your BP is so low.
She is consuming the medicines
Medicines will work only 25%.
Rest is only in our hand.
Even if there is depression, the BP
will be low.
Is there any problem at home?
- Nothing like that, doctor.
I think I'm not getting enough sleep.
You must only take care of
your health.
Children will be busy with
their life.
There are chances of a stroke, if the
BP goes low.
Don't be careless.
Health comes first. Don't think about
anything else.
What happened to you, Mom?
Nothing is wrong with me.
My only worry is that, I should get
you married when I'm hale and hearty.
What can be done for that?
If you like the girl of my choice,
you'll say okay.
Everything will be fine if I
have a sound sleep.
What happened, mom?
Your first show, is it?
- Yes.
How do you feel about it?
- It is very important.
Let your stance be stern.
- Okay, sir. - Oh.
Dear, Isn't Sree here yet?
Pops, he'll come. You carry on.
It is getting time for the programme.
You come.
Give your best, okay?
Sure, sir.
- Go fast.
Take it, mom.
You lie down.
- Where are you?
Just now I returned from the
I'll come soon.
Don't irritate me, Sree.
Are you going to come or not?
I'll come.
Hang up.
Okay, come in a good dress. Bye.
Won't you come on time? Father
went back stage.
It's going to start.
Let us get married.
Let us do it immediately.
Not here, Sree. Please.
How much more time do
you need, Sindhu?
To achieve your dream.
Six months?
Or one year? mom is not feeling well.
What happened?
Won't you change yourself for
my sake?
I'm asking you, what happened
to your mother.
How you are bothered, what happens
to her?
As if you are concerned about it?
Take it, if mom is in the ICU.
Even then won't you marry me, Sindhu?
If Mom is in ICU, I'll be right next
to her and take good care.
But for that I can't marry you.
I hate you.
You won't understand how much ever
I tell you, Sree.
What do you want me to understand?
Is there nobody in this world,
who has achieved their dream after
getting married and having children?
I'm not able to take that "I
hate you" you said a while ago.
I'm an emotional type of a person.
If I have a child, I'll only
take care of that.
I can't pursue my dream.
As if your dream is a big deal.
Is your dream more important to
you than me?
Is your mother more important to
you than me?
If it is between you and my Mom, it
is my Mom who is more important to me.
For me if it is between
you and my dream,
my dream is more important.
Finally I'm asking you.
Won't you change your mind?
Hi, dear!
- Grandpa, did you eat?
- Yah. - Okay.
Mom, I have bought all the things.
I'll keep it near the TV.
Tomorrow I'm leaving Chennai.
I won't be able to
attend your marriage.
So I came to meet you once.
How are you, Sindhuja?
I love you!
It's over. It's too late.
I also know that.
I felt like saying once.
Take care, Sindhuja.
Welcome. Welcome.
Welcome. - Welcome. - They
don't seem to rest for a while.
Are you doing good?
Please welcome!
Should I do all the work?
Hey, you! Take this.
Okay, I'll take it myself.
Give it to me... - Where did this
Thangaraj go?
Please give once.
- I won't give.
Did you really love Sree or not?
I'm asking...
because you threw away everything and
came to airport suddenly like this.
That is why I asked.
She loved me a lot.
Your mother.
But I...was with my career,
things I love,!
I was obsessed with me.
When she fell sick,
I was not aware of it.
May be she thought that will affect me
in some way, she hid that also from me.
Even in the smallest of the things,
she showed concern for me.
Atleast even a bit,
she could have taken care
of her health.
Unconditional love, dear.
A love with no expectations.
Only after her death,
it hurt.
Even though I didn't believe in god,
I prayed for her miraculous return.
Also have prayed begging for
another chance.
But for the mistakes
committed intentionally,
you'll never get another chance.
The same mistake that I did,
I feel you are also doing.
I thought you to be independent.
But I'm scared you'll end up alone.
Just like I lost your mother,
you don't lose your Sree.
now what shall i do?
Go back, please!
It's done.
Just check on the seasoning.
- Sure, Ma'am!
Ma'am, give it.
Hello, Ma'am!
- Vijay. - Yes, Ma'am.
What happened to
the pending auditing?
Almost done. Most probably we can
submit next week.
Few youngsters had approached for our
Restaurant's Ad, right? - Yes, Ma'am.
Give the project to them.
- Sure.
Make sure it's classy. - Sure.
- Okay.
Bye. - Bye.
Pops, shall we leave?
Ah...I'll come, dear.
Hello, who is that?
How are you? It's so long?
What happened?
It is Sathish.
Sree got divorced.
You don't worry about anything.
He'll be alright.
Come lets' go.
Ya, Pops.
Tell me, sir.
I don't know whether you are aware
of it.
My daughter and your son..
..were in love, three years back.
After your son got married,
till this date my daughter is
living in his memory.
Just because I'm saying all this
at this time,
don't take me wrong.
My daughter is not
interested in marriage.
That is why they both got separated.
The mistake was with my daughter.
She should have agreed
for the marriage.
She doesn't have a mother.
I raised her with too much freedom.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
There was no use in getting married
I have never seen
him smile since then.
Now they are divorced.
There is nothing to hide from you.
Just because of a small fight
between them,
she went and aborted the child.
By getting my son married,
I destroyed his life.
I cry everyday regretting that.
Marriage is just a word.
If two hearts come together,
it can be called a marriage too.
For that, they can live the way your
daughter wants to.
But one thing,
people will talk ill about us.
But I'm not bothered about all
that, sir.
For me my son's happiness is what
is important.
If he had been here,
I would have told you to take
him with you.
from three days he is missing.
How many days did you say?
From three days he is missing, sir.
My daughter is also
missing from three days.
She really didn't know your worth.
I love you!
- Tell me.
Shall we take our relationship to the
next level?
What do you mean by level?
Did you say as marriage?
you are making a big mistake.
Please we won't get married.
Are you kidding?
Didn't you get
the taste of marriage once?
I too want to try once.
From my experience I'm telling you.
You are making a grave mistake.
Oh God!
Finally I'm asking you.
Will you marry me or not?