Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya (1998)

What's so funny, dad?
The roads are really bad!
Tadkalal, are all
the arrangements done?
Can anything be amiss with me around?
Uncle, they're here!
But why are you so excited?
Go and see if Muskaan
is ready or not.
They're very respectable people,
so please behave courteously.
Don't you worry, dad.
I'll handle it!
Many of your proposals
were rejected.. you must be having
some experience! - What?
Don't be funny!
Hello, sir!
- Hello.
You've built a beautiful house!
Beautiful. - l worked a little.
The rest is god's mercy.
He's my son Balwinder.
- Billu.
He's a bit!
- Not a bit, but quite a lot.
Come in.
- Let's go!
Yes. - Did you face
any problem on the way?
In a village where everyone knows
you, how can there be problems?
But the roads are really bad.
The roads are bad
but people are good.
That's why we've come here.
Will you have something?
- Why not?
Please. Good.
You know why we've come here.
- Yes, I do.
Ujala, bring Muskaan here.
Dad, you've got it!
Dad, let's go back!
A ghost!
Muskaan, sit properly!
Good sense of humour!
lt's happening!
She's beautiful!
- Yes!
My son likes your Muskaan.
What's your opinion?
Let me ask Muskaan.
Did you like the hero?
The question of my
choice doesn't arise.
Let them meet brother Vishal first.
Hey, if Vishal comes, then
the alliance will be fixed!
There's Vishal.
They've come with a
proposal for Muskaan. - Yes.
God help him!
Cool! Relax!
My name is Balwinder!
People lovingly call me Billu!
Billu, don't shake so much!
He's wiggling!
What's it?
- Don't spoil things!
What's the matter?
- I can come here only if she goes!
Uncle, may I show my
future brother-in-Iaw my estate?
- No. Vishal!
- No!
Yes. - I would like to
see my in-laws place.
- Let them go.
They'lI Ieave as a pair
but only one will return.
Come on.
- Yes! Let's go!
"We're the world!"
He'll face the music!
- Music?
Don't worry about that.
There'lI be music in the wedding.
l fear that
he may face it right now!
There's nothing to worry.
Everything will be fine.
That's not funny!
By now, Billu and Vishal
must've become fast friends.
Don't go fast!
- There's grass ahead!
My Billu is such an
expert in conversation..
..that Vishal wilI become his fan!
Why didn't they both return yet?
Dad! Help me!
I think they'll fix the
marriage there itself.
Horse, why did you drop me down?
There they are!
But I can't see my BiIlu anywhere!
I had toId you that they'lI leave
as a pair but only one wiIl return!
My dear, BilIu!
What a ride!
Dad, this brother-in-law
is very bad!
- No!
Come on!
He showed me around
the estate thoroughly!
From top to bottom, from
the trees, from every angle!
Let's go back!
Hey! He's badly hurt!
- God!
If you didn't approve of my son,
you could've just refused!
He's nice. - Even l didn't
know that he'd be in this state.
Let's go, Balwinder!
Don't be funny! Billu.
- Yes.
The boy was a sample!
I knew that I couldn't approve
of him and neither would you.
But why were you so offensive?
He could've broken his Iimbs.
Sorry, uncle.
- Get going!
You threw him out!
What's this?
Okay, darling! Enjoy!
I liked this for brother.
How do you find it?
It's fine.
Anyway, you've to tie it.
Don't be so haughty!
Who knows, you might've
to tie it to him someday.
Shut up! Don't say so.
Your love is incredible, indeed.
Brother doesn't give you a damn,
but you always dream of him!
I too dream. But the difference
is that I dream with open eyes.
And l see only you in my dreams.
I see.
- Yes.
Tell me, for how Iong wiIl your
brother keep on rejecting alliances?
Will he get you married or not?
What to do? A suitable
boy isn't to be found.
I'm there!
Tell your brother that
you've chosen the boy!
Tell him to come to my
place with a proposal.
Then things could fall in pIace!
Why don't you tell him yourseIf?
- l wouId've told him!
But the moment your
brother appears before me..
..he becomes worried and tense.
He begins to shake like a Ieaf!
ls it?
- Yes!
Are you done?
- Yes!
Go home, dear?
Shall I go home too?
- Wait.
If you behave like
this again the next time..
..then your head will be
inside and your legs outside.
He fixed me properly!
- I'm here, dear.
You're sitting here and I've
been looking for you all over.
Forget what's happened.
Why bother about them.
But I have to bother about you,
I can't toIerate
anybody misbehaving with you.
Forget it and have your meals.
You've cooked food?
- Yes.
It's deIicious.
Wake up!
Wake up! Please!
- Let me sleep.
Please wake up!
- Why?
Because it's my day today and only
my orders wilI be obeyed! Get up.
Oh yes! It's the
festival today, isn't it?
Had you forgotten?
- How can I forget?
I live for this day.
Give me your hand.
May god bestow you with all joys.
Blessings alone
won't suffice this year.
I'm going to ask you for something
special this year. - What?
I want to go to Mumbai.
- Why?
Because I want to
move with the times.
I want to go to the
city for higher studies.
'VishaI dear, treat
Muskaan like a baby.'
'FuIfill every wish of hers.'
'Son, don't ever make her
feel the Iack of parents.'
'As she has nobody
else other than you.'
Brother, thank you! You're great!
"I love you all!"
"Friends, I've no
destination or a life partner!"
"Yet, I've set out from home."
"Maybe, the one I'm looking for.."
" my Iife partner,
my destination."
"Hit it!"
"O beloved, the
crazy one looks for you."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"O beloved, the
crazy one looks for you."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"My dream, the queen of
my thoughts."
"Our story will be made someday."
"My dream, the queen of
my thoughts."
"Our story will be made someday."
"It's in my lost senses
that l've taken this oath."
"One day, my love, l've
to attain you in love."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"O beloved, the
crazy one looks for you."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"She'Il be like a beautiful fairy."
"I don't know how
my beloved wilI be."
"She'lI be like
a beautifuI fairy."
"I don't know how
my beloved wilI be."
"I think of you. I love you."
"My heart wants to wipe
away aIl the distances."
"O beloved, the
crazy one looks for you."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"O beloved, the
crazy one looks for you."
"You come in my dreams everyday,
come into my life, beloved."
"Come into my life, beIoved."
Brother! Brother!
Cool it! Come on!
- What's your problem?
I'm so sorry.
Can't you see?
l can see, darling! That's why
I banged into a hunk like you!
Shall we go?
Hi, baby!
Please don't!
- Sorry!
You want to study in this jungle?
This isn't a jungle. It's the
biggest colIege of the city.
l can see. That's why there
are more beasts than people here.
That's the principal's office.
Smile, please. Come on.
Come in.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning!
Muskaan Thakur.
Oh yes! Sir's niece!
I was expecting you, dear.
Here's your form, fill it.
Thank you.
Who's he?
- He's my elder brother.
Oh eIder brother!
Why are you standing there,
shouldering a burden?
Lighten your burden and sit.
ln my coIlege, we lay stress on the
brains, not the shouIders. - Brains?
Students sell their
brains and come here!
And you speak of laying
stress on one's brains!
Have this city's mills shut down..
..that girls have
stopped wearing clothes?
Can't you see?
- l can!
Please sit.
Girls adorn themseIves with
jewellery, but here, the boys do!
Can't you see?
- I can.
They smoke as if this isn't a
college, but a cigarette factory!
Can't you see even that?
- Hey! I can see.
Then why don't you do something?
What can l do? This is the
culture these days, elder brother.
Culture? It was okay tiIl today,
but it'll not do from tomorrow.
Muskaan wilI come here to study.
- Yes.
Father's name, Vishal Thakur.
Mother's name is Vishal Thakur too?
Vishal is my eIder brother's name.
I lost my parents in chiIdhood.
He's the one who has raised me.
He has forsaken his
happiness for mine.
Therefore my elder
brother means everything to me.
- Yes.
Let's go.
- One moment.
I'd Iike to tell you
something before you leave.
Looking at your love,
I remembered my sister today.
Like you, even I
used to Iove her a lot!
Like you, I used to
threaten people!
I mean, I used to
explain to people!
But she fell in Iove
with somebody else!
She eIoped and
got married to him!
Are you done?
Thank you, sir! Come on!
Did I say something wrong?
You shouldn't have
spoken to him that way.
You know, he's the
principal of this college!
Does he mean more to
you than your brother?
Nobody means more to
me than my brother.
If you ever need anything..
..then there's no need to
write to me or calI me up.
Just think about me
and l'll be here.
- Okay.
Don't! - l won't spare you!
Where the hell are you running?
- I won't spare you!
Suraj, pIease save me!
Why are you thrashing the poor boy?
- He hit me with an egg!
Ouch! Come in front!
You should be in the
front or in the side!
Why did you hit him with an egg?
l wasn't hitting him,
I was only ragging him!
Indeed! One rags others
and not your own people!
And this is our final
year in coIlege, understand?
That's provided we pass!
- Yes.
What's the matter?
Nothing. But something's
definitely the matter.
Look at me.
She didn't even
acknowledge you! Such humiliation!
Really? lf I don't have her chasing
me in 2 minutes, I'll be damned!
Get Iost! Want to lay a bet?
Do it!
- How much?
- 50,000.
- Done.
Done. All the worst!
To you too!
- Get lost!
O god!
- Get lost!
'Want to Iay a bet?'
OnIy 5 seconds left for 2 minutes
and there's no sign of Suraj!
FooI! Stop looking at
your watch and look ahead!
Suraj's amazing!
The money's lost!
Why are you standing here?
- Manoj!
What're you doing?
Give me money!
- I'm just coming!
- Will I have to?
Get down!
- Yes! Let's go!
Hey wrestler!
- Get lost!
Excuse me!
Why did you call me to the library?
What's it?
lrrespective of what she thinks
of me, I think very highly of her.
Of whom?
- Of her.
Of whom?
The girl with the bag.
- Which girl?
The one whom I was running ahead of.
l see! But we thought that
she was running behind you!
It's one and the same!
Explain to me later!
I just can't understand anything!
I'll do that if you Iook at me!
There was a bag exactly like this.
I picked the bag and..
WeIl, I was expIaining
to her that this bag..
I've understood you very well.
Can I have my bag please?
Thank you.
Never mind!
- Thank you.
She's here!
- Hi.
My name's Ritu.
- l'm Muskaan.
Are you new in college?
How do you find our college?
- It's okay.
And the peopIe here?
- Quite interesting.
Hello, sir. How're you today?
Didn't you get money?
- I did.
Then why are you playing like this?
- What to do?
It's my habit as I'm a good player.
I've never played for money.
Made a mistake.
Today, you are, right?
- Yes.
Play welI and get out soon.
- Yes. - Okay?
Our team is Iosing. And Suraj
is chatting with him merrily?
Team spirit!
- Yes!
You won't understand!
How's that!
Why are they waving
each other goodbye?
That's what I was
telling you! Team spirit!
Team spirit!
- Yes!
- Yes!
How's that!
- Yes!
Not out! I was indicating this!
Alright. He's out!
Stop shaking!
I'm getting disturbed!
I'm not shaking!
It's the breeze which is
swinging and shaking my body!
Is it? Umpire!
- Stop shaking!
If a player stops shaking,
then how'Il he field?
PrincipaI, you know? His
shaking's intentional!
He's disturbing my player
deliberately! - Get lost!
The match won't continue!
Why? The match will be played!
- It will!
It will!
- It will. Why not?
What're you doing?
The principals have
been made umpires.. avoid any problem in the match.
And both of you're fighting?
Both of you should set an
example for aIl the students.
On field, or off fieId, aIl
the players are sportsmen!
And the game should be played
in the true spirit! No cheating!
Where were you lost?
- I'm right here.
You stop shaking!
And you batsman! You stop watching!
Come on, sir!
- Come on!
- What?
Our captain's handiwork!
He's falIen!
- Throw the ball!
Throw it fast!
Come on, hurry up.
- Yeah! Howz that!
Both of them..
Isn't he looking towards us?
Looks Iike a part of
our team's pIan.
Give me the ball!
Come on!
I thought cricket is a
very sIow and boring game!
But I'm enjoying it today.
- Aren't you?
Thanks to our captain!
Hey! Didn't you get the money?
- l'm not for sale!
Last man, last wicket, last run.
I think we'Il lose now.
Looks Iike we couldn't set
anything with this batsman.
- I mean, this batsman is well-set!
I see! He's welI-set!
Catch it!
Good catch!
- Yeah!
We've won!
- Shake hands!
- Pull it out.
Pull out the gloves!
At what price did
you buy up the team?
What did she say?
- She said that we played well.
My dear, I'm the principaI of
the coIlege where you study.
I'm sorry. I'm not free.
Muskaan, I want to talk to you.
l don't have the
time to listen to you.
How sad!
I'll show you now!
What're you doing?
Stop it!
Everybody's watching! Stop it!
What's it?
l'm gIad you told me
everything about yourself.
Like you, even l pIay
these stupid pranks at home.
But I'm true at heart.
This impIies you're not angry.
- I was never angry.
Good morning, sir.
Give me.
- Here.
What's this?
- Compensation?
On the 1st of every month my father..
- Thank you, sir.
Sends me lots of love.
I have some very
urgent work. Shall l leave?
I told you, Iots of Iove.
This is it.
Where could it disappear?
Search every cabinet and drawer!
My necklace worth rupees
2.5 million can't get lost!
Mother, you never ever
considered me a son.
And today, you consider me a thief?
- Suraj.
Dear, what's the need to get anxious
if your room is being searched?
I'm not anxious, l'm feeling sad.
AlI this beIongs to me, doesn't it?
- Yes, of course.
Wrong, darling. l own an
equal share of the inheritance.
I'm your father's wife.
And by that reIationship,
I'm your mother.
Madam. There's no
necklace in this room.
No probIem. Check there.
- Yes.
You've searched my room. Now ask
the servants to check her's too.
See! Your son thinks l'm a thief!
- My own necklace..
No, this isn'tjust
about the necklace.
But of victory and defeat.
- What's your implication, Suraj?
l wish to tell you for the first
time that she's not my mother.
She's my stepmother.
- Suraj!
This has been your weakness in life.
You've aIways left
your work incomplete.
For the sake of peace in this house,
it's better that I leave.
But where'lI you go?
You should've stopped me first.
But instead you asked
me where I was going.
But.. listen..
Not fair!
Why didn't you run after me?
Because this bag holds
no importance for me.
And what about me?
Go, Suraj!
Go! Go!
Down there!
Swine! Don't you even
know how to play a game?
You always behave childishly!
Don't say that!
Sour grapes! Come here!
Come on, dwarf!
- Next! Suraj, why don't you play?
I don't play such foolish games!
- Listen to this!
Let us play.
- Okay.
1. 2..
It's a matter of honour!
- Come on, Muskaan!
He got it!
Look, Suraj lost!
What did I do?
What? Tell me. What did I do?
Go on!
Hi, Suraj!
Dwarf, your height's won't
increase by eating this!
Fatso, you'll break apart someday,
eating this way!
You know, great film stars will
attend our college annual function!
We know.
- How?
We'll be bringing them.
AIl of you?
- I mean Suraj.
Do you know these film stars?
They're Suraj's chiIdhood friends!
- Yes, we indeed are!
I've only seen them on screen!
Now see them cIosely!
Stay away! Fool!
Would you introduce
them to me? Please!
Not once, but ten times!
- And one autograph, okay?
An autograph? Take
their entire autobiography!
Thank you!
Brothers and female friends!
Hey! Say sisters!
My Iove to my dear
brothers and their sisters!
Today, on the day of our
college's annual function..
..I present those personalities
who've made India proud!
Do I look good?
- It's a golden chance!
Shall I go?
- A round of appIause for him!
- And for him!
- A big hand for him!
And a huge round of applause
for him! - Hi!
For him..
- Greetings.
Applaud please!
This is how an AnnuaI
Day function shouId be!
Not like your coIlege! Cheap!
- What?
I know that you've
seen them only on screen.
They're very friendly. So you
may ask them anything you like.
Me.. let me ask a question!
- Okay, sir.
Sir, may I ask you a question?
- Yes.
You've started applauding?
Let me ask the question first!
I've been an ardent fan of yours!
I've seen every film of yours.
First day, first show!
The new generation has taken over.
How do you feel about that?
- Quiet!
These kiddos cannot replace us!
Hey you!
It's his chiIdhood name!
Your eyesight is
getting weaker with age!
A star like me appears
a kid to you!
Remain silent for some time, okay?
Hey you! You've lost your crowning
glory, but not your arrogance!
Get a hold on your tongue or..
Or what? Will you go to my father?
Where else? He's as
old as your father!
Down but not out!
Your backs are broken, but not
your arrogance! - Shut up! Or..
Why are they fighting, Suraj?
They're not fighting,
they're acting.
Hey, you uncouth man!
Apologize to me and him!
Apologize or..
- Or what? You're threatening me?
Shut up!
- Hey you! Move ahead!
Shut up!
- Stop threatening! Just touch me!
Shut up!
Skinny legs, if I blow,
you'Il fIy away! - Shut up!
- Shaky!
Hey, oIdie, have you gone crazy?
I'll just come.
You called me crazy?
What're you doing, sir?
- Hey you duplicate, move aside!
- Was he a duplicate?
- Skinny Iegs.. - Quiet!
Look at the person first! He's not
a duplicate but the organizer!
We've to take money
from him. Please go.
They're duplicates! Beat them!
What's up?
Muskaan, I did alI this for you.
- I shook hands with them!
Hey, don't worry!
Fool! Don't worry indeed!
After yesterday's fiasco, the
principal wants to meet my parents.
And you ask me not to worry!
- Why get tensed?
Call your parents.
They'll come and meet the principal.
My parents haven't
met me for two years.
Will they come to meet
the principal?
Suraj, what'll happen now? Tell us.
I've finished thinking.
It's your turn now!
If we had the brains to think,
then wouId we be in the
same class for 3 years?
This means I'lI be suspended.
How dare you do this?
You've threatened my child?
- Munna!
Don't you know who I am?
- Who're you?
I'm Suraj Khanna's mother!
If I wish, I can buy the
entire city in a night!
And sell this college in a day!
PIease don't do that,
madam! What'll I do then?
Who the hell is it?
- Here I am, sir!
Sorry sir!
Suraj, come in!
- Sir, I..
Look who's here to meet you.
- Who?
Your mother!
- What?
Damn! You?
I mean, mother, you?
- Mother!
Come and sit.
The principal has harassed you a lot,
hasn't he? - Yes, mother.
No, mother.
- No, mother.
Looking at your state, I'm thinking
of building a new colIege for you!
Yes, mother.
- No!
Here's the cheque book! I'm ready
to pay any price for my son's folly!
Right, son?
WeIl done, child! l mean, mother!
Why are both of you laughing?
Why? Do you have a problem?
No, I don't have a..
- Good.
Because you can't afford to have one.
I never had a..
- Liar!
You've harassed my son a lot.
Now tell me what your decision is!
It has been decided, madam.
From now on, this
college belongs to your son.
If I could, I'd gift
the whole city to Suraj.
- C'mon, Munna!
Wait a minute.
I'd Iike to tell you
something before you leave.
Looking at your love,
I remembered my mother!
Take this.
She used to also love me like this!
She'd also pay for
every folly l committed!
I mean, she'd discipline me.
I can understand your grief!
- Don't give me anymore.
You'll run out of them.
- Munna!
You conned the principal!
How she fooled the principal today!
But what happened at the
principal's office, Suraj?
Ask what didn't happen!
Alright! What didn't happen?
She turned out to be my mother!
- What?
I mean, she's a greater
prankster than aIl of us together!
Without her, the hero of your
college wouldn't be here today!
Suraj, if the girl smiles,
it means she's floored!
It's a golden opportunity
to tell her what you feel!
Shall I?
"Listen, beautiful!"
"Tell me, dear one!"
"TeIl me that you
love me. Value my love."
"Now don't be shy, beloved."
"TeIl me that you
love me. Value my love."
"Now don't be shy, beloved."
"Your thoughts torment me.
I can't sIeep at night, my dear."
"Stop being stubborn."
"Stop being stubborn,
crossing the limits, crazy lover."
"l don't want to faIl in
love with you, O unknown lover."
"You don't understand love.
Why don't you listen?"
"I feel shy, I'm scared."
"I've no controI
over my heart, beloved."
"Don't torment me anymore,
come and hug me, beIoved."
"I can't bear these distances,
I can't live without you."
"Get lost, crazy one!"
"Get lost, crazy one! Wake up!
Why are you after me?"
"Why do you hold me like this,
grip my arms and pull me?"
"l won't come close
to you. I'Il go away."
"I'll make your heart beat.
l'll torture you."
"When l saw you for the first time,
l fell in love with you."
"This lovely style
makes me go crazy."
"O beautifuI, agree to it quickly."
"You don't know anything."
"You don't know and understand
anything. How do I explain to you?"
"O beloved, how do
I teIl you my story?"
"My heart fears,
you're in love with me."
"Don't complicate it further,
don't be crazy."
"TeIl me that you
love me. Value my love."
"Now don't be shy, beloved."
"Your thoughts torment me.
I can't sIeep at night, my dear."
"Give up being stubborn."
"Give up being stubborn,
crossing the limits, O crazy lover."
"l don't want to faIl in
love with you, O unknown lover."
"You don't understand love.
Why don't you listen?"
"I feel shy, I'm scared."
"My love, my refusal
means agreement."
I quit the army for
the sake of my chiIdren.
I didn't know that..
..I'd have to proclaim war
even after coming to the vilIage!
Hit them!
- UncIe.
I hope you aren't hurt. Sorry!
How could I hit you?
Wait a minute. l've the cure!
Fool! Come on!
- Papa!
Show me your hand!
It's heavier than uncIe's!
Father, they've broken my bones!
- What's wrong, son?
Why are you shouting? - Both of
them thrashed me very badIy!
You can be sure
they've seized those fieIds!
So you may as well forget it.
Worn your shoes?
- Certainly.
Then let's Ieave the village.
- Shut up!
Look, Vishal and Thakur have
even resorted to fisticuffs now!
Decency doesn't work anymore!
Ever since they've come,
they've been bullying us!
No. Even our Iand is
being usurped now.
This is too much!
This calls for a viIlage committee
meeting! - Yes father, you're right!
Where're we going, uncle?
Village committee.
- Why?
To have our pictures clicked!
- Nonsense, uncIe!
Gajraj has created a
problem again to usurp the land.
If he acts smart today, then
I'll thrash him before the council!
No! Don't be violent there.
The committee has its
rules and regulations.
But if he acts tough,
then we'lI tackle the swine!
The fact is that
I had bought the land
near the canal 15 years ago.
I paid cash to Ajay Singh's
elder brother Pitamber Singh.
But we still don't
have any right to it!
That land belonged to us, it
stilI does and will remain so!
Respected men, the whole
village knows that I've never lied.
Gajraj, I don't know much about you.
But you do act quite well!
Why are you needIessly
wasting my time and the council's?
Time? You're the one who's
taking advantage of time.
After your brother's death.. came here to take
possession of his inheritance.
Spoken enough? Now listen to me!
Do understand that my uncle
means more than my parents to me!
He never got married so
that he could raise us!
He sacrificed his happiness for
ours and you speak of inheritance?
He has a right over
every inch of us, understand?
Vishal, sit down.
Ajay Singh promises
before the council,
that if Gajraj brings the papers
of this land or provides any proof,
then I'Il transfer this
land in his name today itself!
After listening to everything..
..the council gives its
verdict in favour of Thakur.
Henceforth, if you try to
create a rift in my famiIy..
..then the council wiIl
not give a verdict, I wilI!
Father, get ready.
- Why?
We'll escape then!
No, it'll not happen.
Wonder how it'll happen.
When it'll happen..
- What is it?
What is it?
What is it?
- What is it?
Uncle, he was talking
to himself, not to you.
What else can I do?
OnIy Muskaan used to
talk in this house.
She's gone to the city!
Now l talk to myself
and get entertained!
Spoken enough?
- Yes.
What's the matter, Vishal?
Are you missing Muskaan?
I'm going to DeIhi for
some work regarding the land.
Go and meet Muskaan.
Come on.
Are you going to the city?
- Yes.
To meet Muskaan?
- Yes.
Give this to Muskaan on my behalf.
What'll I do?
When it comes to this, I haven't
seen a bigger coward than you!
That isn't the case!
I'm giving a flower to someone for
the first time. What if she rejects?
Have you turned deaf?
Didn't you hear what she said?
- Her refusal means acceptance.
Let's go then.
- Come on.
How dare you!
Suraj, pIease try to understand.
He's my..
We'll tackle him!
What's it?
Go on, my rhinoceros!
Wow! What a body!
Oh god!
He's very strong!
You're being beaten up in
front of the whole coIlege!
You should've at least
thought of our honor.
l'd think of honor
only if I remain aIive.
That fellow hit me from behind.
He hit all of us so much. Go
and hit him at least twice.
Is it? I'lI beat him so hard
that he'll come to his senses!
Go! Don't spare him!
Muskaan! Can't you do something?
Please! Oh God!
I hit you twice!
Come on!
Oh God!
Oh God.
Who's this taIl and hefty man?
- That's what I wanted to telI you.
He's my elder brother
- Brother?
Let's go.
Big brother.
Listen to me.
l listen to onIy those
who're elder to me or equal to me.
That's why l'm teIling you that
Muskaan is my.. - Spoken enough?
If you say a word,
then I'Il slice your tongue off!
Excuse me, sir!
At least listen to me!
You listen to me! And if you have
a weak memory, then write it down!
This was onIy a trailer.
Henceforth, if you try to meet her,
it'll be your end!
He hit me so hard that
everything's dislocated!
A brother-sister bond
is so strange, isn't it?
When it was the
brother's turn to get beaten,
Muskaan took him away.
Or we'd have beaten him.
Please Iisten to me.
- Is there anything Ieft to hear?
They didn't know
that you're my brother.
And l'm responsible for it.
Had l toId them that
I've a brother like you..
..then nobody wouId befriend me,
just like in the viIlage.
Spoken enough? You came here
to study, not to make friends.
I made good friends
for the first time..
..and you fought with them too.
- Wrong.
He started the fight.
l onIy ended it.
Poor Suraj..
..has been fixed.
Come on, hurry up. Time for
the bus to leave. Come on.
Give it to me, sir.
Dear, you've to go this way.
Come on.
Come on, hurry up! Start the bus.
Brother-in-law, even
I've to go where you've to!
Good night! See you at the village!
Alright! What're you doing here?
Waiting. - And I was searching
for you at home.
Father, get used to living alone.
I'll be staying in this
house after some days.
You can't have your way until
a match is found for Muskaan.
And l wonder how that boy wiIl be..
..who'lI challenge Vishal.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on, hurry up. Let's go!
Oh no!
You go to Thakur's
farmhouse daily, don't you?
Where else will I go to build
these muscles, if not there?
What's up, dude?
He's milkman, I'm a carriage rider.
- Greetings.
Is the carriage vacant?
- Do you see anybody?
No, right?
- No.
Then get in and telI me the address.
Thakur's house.
- Hey! My carriage isn't vacant! Go!
- Why?
Are you Thakur's kith or kin?
- No.
A relative?
- I soon will be.
Are you trying to woo Vishal
Thakur's sister by any chance..
Hey! You may be fond of
breaking your limbs but I'm not!
And if he learns that
I brought you to his farmhouse..
..then you'll Ieave the
village but I'lI leave this world!
Try to understand.
- You aren't taking me there.. least show me the way.
l'lI tell you the
shortest route to get there.
Behind the hills is a river which
fIows through Thakur's farmhouse.
Now you can either swim
or drown to get there.
I'll read about you in the
newspaper tomorrow. 25 rupees.
Why? - 10 rupees for guiding you,
15 for the bandages!
It's so risky to
give you the address!
I don't have change!
"I, crazy one, am going,
looking for her with love."
"I, crazy one, am going.."
"O breeze, tell me the
address to her house."
"I, crazy one, am going,
looking for her with love."
"I, crazy one, am going."
"Oh what a climate, what a sky,
the whole world is joyous."
"The weather is beautiful."
"Oh what a climate, what a sky,
the whole world is joyous."
"The weather is beautiful."
"This scene is beautiful,
so are these clouds."
"I, crazy one, am going,
looking for her with love."
"I, crazy one, am going."
"She'Il feel shy, she'Il be scared."
"Then she'll come close to me."
"I won't let her go."
"She'Il feel shy, she'Il be scared."
"Then she'll come close to me."
"I won't let her go."
"We'Il hug each other then."
"I, crazy one, am going,
looking for her with love."
"I, crazy one, am going."
Nobody knows Vishal better than you.
Yet you befriended that boy?
I don't know how all
this happened, Ujala.
Friendship or Iove?
Muskaan, forget him.
Like you said, after being
so badly beaten up by Vishal..
..he must've also forgotten you.
Tell me something.
Is Suraj 5 feet 10 inches taIl?
Fair complexioned?
With big eyes?
Yes, but how do you know all this?
Because I can see him.
- What?
I'm coming!
What do we do now? - Get rid
of him, while I handle Vishal.
- What kind of insanity is this?
What if brother Vishal sees you?
- But I've come to meet him.
You don't know my brother. He..
- l'm here to know him.
What's this? You've just come back
and have already started working?
Move aside or I'lI
slice you also into two!
Please try to understand me!
It's not the time to understand,
but to explain.
Please leave.
l'm very scared. What if
anything happens to you?
Muskaan, do you Iove me?
Then why fear when in love?
Big brother!
Vishal, Iet go of him!
- Move aside!
One minute.. please
listen to what I have to say.
I, myself, am surprised that I
have come tilI here for Muskaan.
I know you love her a Iot and
can do anything to protect her.
I don't even sat that I am
the best match for Muskaan.
But I will keep her very
happy as I love her very dearIy
Please give me a chance
OnIy one chance.
Please give me a chance.
- Spoken enough?
Come with me.
Come on.
Hi Horsie! Hi Horsie!
That's it! That's enough!
I've been reiterating since so
long to him that I love Muskaan..
..but he just refuses
to understand!
Come on, return home!
You have everything! So?
I have everything..
except Muskaan.
This route will take you to the city
where you have all the comforts.
And this route will
take you to Muskaan.
Where her bIoody brother
will make your life a hell.
On this side, is your
father's wealth in abundance.
And on the other, is
Muskaan's true Iove.
Over here, is the same,
old, rotten life.
And over there, is destination
So the right decision is
to go left or to go right.
You! Fool!
Are you blind! Do you drink
and drive? ShaIl I hit you!!
Thank you, young man.
- You are welcome, sir.
I have never seen you here before.
I am new here.
Well, every newcomer has
some or the other destination.
Yes, I do. But the
path is very difficult.
If there is a destination,
then the path cannot be difficult.
I feel that l have
met with an accident..
..but you are the one
affected by its outcome.
That isn't the case, sir.
Why do you look so suIlen?
Sorrow is not befitting
on such an adorable face.
You have Ient me your hand.
It's a great gesture.
Can't l bring Muskaan
(smile) into your Iife?
That is why I have come here, sir.
Come on, man. Come on.
One shouId not be disheartened.
This is what I've learnt from life.
Everything is fair in love and war.
Sir, after listening
to you, I have decided..
not to Ieave this place
until my mission is successful.
Oh, you are welcome.
Stay with me.
But there is a condition, sir
I will help you with your work.
Yes, why not?
This is my house.
- But why is it so dark here?
We often face power cuts here.
This is always a..
I'm here, uncle.
- Yes, uncle.
You're back?
- Yes, uncle.
How's Muskaan?
- Fine. She is aIso back.
Really? She's back with you?
That's good. - Yes, uncle.
Uncle, why have you
come so late at night?
I met with a minor accident.
You aren't hurt, are you?
- Absolutely not.
This boy helped me out.
- Thank you.
He will stay with us for some days.
Make the necessary arrangements.
Okay, uncle.
Oh Muskaan, how are you
my darling, how are you.
l'm fine UncIe.
- Oh so sweet.
He is Suraj..
and she is my Muskaan.
Come inside.
Brother.. destiny has
brought him back here.
There must be something about it.
I can empathise with your anger
at having to hide this from uncle.
But for my sake, can't you give even
a littIe time to understand Suraj?
He's not a bad boy. In fact,
he's a good boy.
I know that you love me very much.
But even I love Suraj a Iot.
I am a hen man!
Is he the man of your choice? - Yes.
What will happen now? Brother
has taken Suraj to show the estate.
Damn! Suppose Suraj also
runs away like BilIu, then?
I wonder what plight brother
must have put Suraj in by now!
Don't worry. Your city boy
will handIe things weIl.
Big brother, l really enjoyed!
I have come Iying alI the way!
Thank you, big brother!
Goodman good, thank you.
You will work with them today
- Okay.
As welI as cook for the day.
Okay. No problem.
Chinese, chow-chow.
Okay, go now!
Now the best meaIs will be ready.
Vishal dear, call..
- Tadkalal
Tell him..
- Get food..
- I'm feeling very hungry.
Tadkalal is not here today.
I've given him leave.
Who'Il prepare the meals today?
- Suraj
Suraj? Can he cook?
- Yes, Uncle?
It's my leg.
- Hello!
What's wrong with you?
Here I come! Eat and enjoy!
If you taste it,
you'Il never forget it!
Understand, guests and devils!
I'm sorry. I mean to say, brother!
This is for you! Diet food!
Carrots and fish!
Uncle, this is for you!
- Really?
This is for you, coloneI!
It's very..
Very tasty, isn't it?
- Yes!
You've cooked delicious food.
Thank you, sir.
Eat food!
Take it!
The food is tasty.
l've tolerated you
because of your sister!
What nonsense is this?
- This is no nonsense, but love!
Love? And you?
Vishal, just watch, someday..
- Spoken enough?
Now listen to me.
And stop acting stupid.
We're not children anymore.
Why don't you understand this?
Control your youth, understand?
"Listen, O crazy one,
your youth is very beautiful."
"Your youth is very beautiful."
"This wet cIimate,
these dark clouds."
"The paths of love are siIent."
"This is the time to love."
"Your youth.."
"Your youth is very beautiful."
"Ever since I saw your youth,
I've gone crazy."
"This atmosphere is asking you to"
"come into my arms,
as the weather is beautifuI."
"Give me some Iove,
give peace to my heart."
"My eyes are thirsty,
let me see you."
"You're so coIorful,
you're so beautiful."
"Beware of the world,
you're gorgeous."
"Everyone has a roving eye."
"Your youth.."
"Your youth is very beautiful."
"How long will you remain angry?
For how long can you avoid me?"
"You'll crazily search for me,
when Iove casts its spelI."
"You're every heart's dream,
you're like a glass of wine."
"You're amazing. You're incredibIe."
"Your gait's lovely, the
world's crazy about you."
"Everyone wants your grace."
"All are selfish."
"Your youth is very beautiful."
"This wet cIimate,
these dark clouds."
"The paths of love are siIent."
"This is the time to love."
"Your youth is very beautiful."
Vishal, did you make
Suraj stay in the stable?
Yes, uncle.
- Why?
Since Muskaan is at home.
- You become old-fashioned at times!
He's a good boy. I know him.
Alright. As you wish!
I've been waiting
for you since so Iong.
What could I do? I had
to dodge brother and come.
Bloody brother!
Don't say a word against my brother.
Wow! You're
defending your brother a lot!
I'm brother's biggest responsibility.
He loves me a lot.
Yes, you're right!
Only brother's love is true,
mine isn't! - Enough, Suraj!
There's no need to get so emotional!
- l said you're right.
I've no value. I left everything and
came here! I've become a tourist!
You don't realize the
tension you've caused at home.
I've caused it!
Is it because of me or that bull?
- Spoken enough?
Even she? But it suits her!
"I'm in love with you,
beloved, my heart beats faster too."
"Because you're different."
"I'm in love with you, beloved,
my heart beats faster too."
"Because you're different."
"Be careful, in Iove
you might get beaten up!"
"Brother doesn't like you!"
"I'm in love with you, beloved,
my heart beats faster too."
"Because you're different."
"Be careful, in Iove
you might get beaten up!"
"Brother doesn't like you!"
"My brother will
make you toil hard."
"Get lost! Your brother too
wilI become helpless, if I wish."
"Whoever messes with me
wilI be hanged upside down."
"I'm different too."
"I'm in love with you, beloved,
my heart beats faster too."
"Because you're different."
"Be careful, in Iove
you might get beaten up!"
"Brother doesn't like you!"
"I want to attain you,
I've decided."
"Let anyone do anything."
"I'm with you too, my beloved."
"We'Il fight the worId bravely."
"But you'll have to pIease brother,
learn that by heart."
"Brother doesn't like you!"
"I'm in love with you, beloved,
my heart beats faster too."
"Because you're different."
"Your village is very lovely!
I've gone crazy after coming here."
Brother, I'm thinking of
settling here after marriage.
Alive or dead?
Wow! A village beIle!
Hi, girIs! How're you today?
Cool! You're Iooking pretty!
Bye, babes!
What's this?
- What?
What kind of an act was this?
- Which one?
These girls are not my type!
I see. Then what's your type?
Get down!
Stop, will you?
- You'll become my brother-in-law!
Want to see?
- Stop!
Who're you?
- Vijay Singh.
This is not your fight, but ours!
His fight is mine too!
How many will you kill?
OnIy you!
I won't spare you! Let's go!
I won't spare you!
- Get lost!
Vijay Singh.
- Vishal Thakur.
Let me drop you home.
Please come in.
Some other time.
We'll keep meeting now.
Be carefuI.
- Why?
You're new here. And you've
made enemies because of me.
But I've also found
a friend Iike you.
She's my younger sister.
I'll leave.
What're you eating?
Grams? He feeds you grams
and makes me sleep here!
Stop all this! And Iet me sleep!
Keep a watch at night!
Didn't I ask you to
guard the fieIds at night?
You did ask! So?
Then what're you doing here?
l'm going!
- Take this.
For what?
- For your safety.
- Yes.
But why? - Because tigers
aIso roam there at night.
Tigers! Me!
Stick! Tiger!
"A head massage!"
"When you feel giddy,
or are depressed."
"Come to me, dear,
why do you worry?"
"..why do you worry?"
"A head massage!"
What's it, Muskaan?
You appear very happy today.
Ujala, who's the same age as me.
Amar Singh is coming
tomorrow to see my friend,
The colonel is
worried about her marriage.
Ujala is not a child anymore,
she has grown up like me.
- They'Il discuss her marriage.
You'll come, won't you?
- What wilI I do there?
What're you saying, brother?
Ujala has grown up only for you.
- What?
I mean, she has grown
up with you, with us.
We're from the bride's side!
You must be from the bride's side!
But we'lI have to see how
the boy is, what he does..
..whether he'll keep
Ujala happy or not.
Ok, I've a Iot of work to do
for tomorrow. l'll Ieave now.
Good night.
- Good night.
Any tension, brother?
Spoken enough?
How much does your daughter weigh?
What're you asking? She's
my daughter, not a goat!
Good lord!
Here comes the troubIe!
Who's he?
He looks like the girl's uncIe!
Hey! Your father must be her uncle!
How can my father be her uncle?
Vishal, don't do anything
that'Il ruin my daughter's Iife.
Sir, look at me!
What're you whispering?
Who's he, where has he
come from and why's he here?
Sir, he's Vishal Thakur.
A Iowly man compared to me!
- What?
Shall we come to the point now?
Sir, I'm no match for you.
l'll not be able to
give you any dowry.
His family never takes dowry!
They only give!
Are you in such a bad state that..'ll marry your
daughter to these fools?
- What're you doing, brother?
Wedding bells will not
chime in this house now!
Get Iost! I've seen many like you!
Vishal, what're you doing?
If they go away, then
who'lI marry my daughter?
What does your daughter lack?
You'll find many.
You were the one who'd
always find faults in her.
Hey! Leave her hand!
- Quiet!
If he leaves her hand,
will you marry her?
Will you?
Answer, brother.
- Yes, answer!
What'll he say? People become
speechless before me!
TeIl me, Vishal.
What's your answer?
I'll marry you.
Hey! Spoken enough?
Fantastic, Suraj! You massage
legs very welI! - Thank you, sir.
You know, a very affluent
man had come to see Ujala?
Yes, l do.
And brother Vishal drove them away.
You know how our Vishal is!
It's obvious from this that
he must be loving Ujala a Iot.
Yes, he does.
Don't you feeI you
should taIk to the colonel..
..and get Vishal and Ujala married?
But it'll be futile, Suraj.
I know he won't get married
until a match is found for Muskaan.
Does it imply that he and not you,
will find a groom for Muskaan?
No, that's not the case.
I know that they'lI never refuse me.
But I've bestowed
this right to Vishal.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Just a pain in the neck.
Come here.
- No, sir!
I'Il massage it.
- Please leave me, sir!
Hey! Come here!
Oh no!
Are you in a bad mood?
Shall I tell you a joke?
Once it so happened that..
What kind of a joke is this?
This is not a joke, but a test.
This is insanity, Vishal!
Even you could never control
this wild horse and that poor boy..
Wild isn't pronounced like that!
At least stammer properly!
- Wild!
Who asked him to
mount this wild horse?
Is this your prank?
- No uncle.
He thinks he's a great rider.
Suraj! Are you alright?
He's a strong boy.
Hey, you! Why are you
being nasty with me?
I know you're smitten by that mare.
What that fool hasn't done
for you in so many years,
I'll do it for you in 5 minutes!
Tonight after the lights go off.
What's he taIking?
- Even I'm smitten.
Please let me mount you, my love!
It's a matter of honour.
What's he whispering to the horse?
Say yes!
Wow! Good!
Fantastic, Suraj!
Even we couldn't get a hold on
this horse. - Thank you, sir.
Love possesses great strength.
Yes, it does.
This horse belongs
to you from now on.
Thank you, sir.
"I'm madly in love with you."
"l'm lost in your love,
I've forgotten myself, my beloved."
"I'm madly in love with you."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"
"You're madly in love with me."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"
"I'm madly in love with you."
"This heart was alone and lost."
"There was restIessness,
the heart was silent."
"Ever since I've found you,
all complaints have disappeared."
"I too have decided
that I'Il marry you."
"You're madly in love with me."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"
"I'm madly in love with you."
"Oh god, these eyes
say a thousand things."
"Wonder what magic this is,
my heart is out of control."
"I always pray to
god to attain you."
"Give me the adoration of love, make
an auspicious beginning, beloved."
"I'm madly in love with you."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"
"I'm madly in love with you."
Vijay Singh, I'm very
pleased to meet you.
You've rescued Vishal.
Do keep coming here.
Yes. Everything will be fine
once the land dispute is solved.
Land dispute?
I know many people here.
I'll be very glad to
be of any help to you.
Thank you very much.
Vishal, l'll Ieave now.
- Bless you.
Uncle, I'Il see him off.
- Okay.
He's a good boy.
How's he for Muskaan?
What? Are you saying this?
- Yes, uncle.
Do you Iike him?
- I approve of the boy.
Fine. We'lI talk to his parents.
This is incredible! You've
chosen a boy for Muskaan today!
I did everything
possible to win over Vishal.
But today, he has chosen
somebody eIse for you.
Hey! I hope you're not hurt.
If your company works in
collaboration with ours..
..then we'Il fix our son Suraj's
alliance with your daughter.
It's not a bad deal, Mr. Malhotra.
Think about it.
- Hello. Who's speaking?
Suraj. Give the phone to father.
- Just a minute, sir.
Daddy, this is Suraj.
- Yes, Suraj!
How're you?
- Fine. And how're you?
I need you.
- Why?
Have you finished your money?
Shall I send some?
No. I don't need money, l need you.
What's the matter,
Suraj? Is everything okay?
Dear, your dad is in the midst
of a very important meeting.
Call up later, okay? HeIlo!
- You..
What happened?
- Disconnected?
Take this inside.
What're you doing? Why are you
destroying my phone booth?
- Move!
Being an elder brother,
I used to think that
I had the right to make
every decision regarding Muskaan.
That she'd be happy with every
decision I take, but it isn't so.
I don't quite understand.
Vijay, I don't want to
beat around the bush.
l need some more
time regarding Muskaan.
I understand, Vishal. It's the
question of Muskaan's life.
Even if it takes some
more time, I've no problem.
But she should be
happy with your decision.
Thank you. I expected
this from you.
What a plan it was!
- That was great!
Wealth, wife and Iand!
What's the matter with you?
Father, it's time to scoot!
- What?
Vijay, I'm not surprised
at you, but at myself.. to how I could fail
to recognize a person.
Now you know to what extent
we can go to achieve our goal.
You've already crossed all Iimits
by just thinking about Muskaan.
Vishal Thakur!
This is just the beginning.
- ReaIly?
Then even I'm prepared.
Son, what've you done?
You've declared war!
Brother, you don't know them.
MuscIe power is all they know!
Perhaps, I don't know them.
But I do know their weakness.
Muskaan, I trusted you impIicitly.
You've caused me immense
grief by hiding this from me.
You've given me a big shock.
Please forgive me, uncle.
I've hurt you.
But you teIl me, uncle.
What else couId I do?
we've committed a big folly.
Please forgive us.
Where've you come from?
- I'm Akash Khanna, Suraj's father.
They're my parents.
We searched for you everywhere.
Your friends have
told us everything.
I had left home long back.
But how did you remember
me after so many days?
What do you mean by that?
You've always..
- Son.
We've fixed your alliance with
the richest family in India.
lt must've been
a big business deal.
Talk sense, Suraj.
What's surprising is that this
is where I've come to my senses.
We'll be left nowhere if..
Your aIliance can never
get fixed with this family!
We're poles apart!
Mrs. Khanna.
- Suraj!
You've forgotten that
she's your mother. - No, dad.
She's a mother only for namesake.
And the peopIe whom she's taIking
about are not rich like you..
..but they're far more
respectabIe than she is.
My foot! Can I meet the girl
from that respectable family..
..who's responsible for
all the trouble? Where's she?
I stopped him, madam.
But if you say a word
more against Muskaan..
..then nobody will
be able to stop me!
Muskaan, wait!
We've come here to
take our son Suraj..
..whom you've trapped in
your daughter farcical love!
Don't consider our toIerance
to be our weakness, Mr. Khanna!
It'll be wise if you Ieave quickly!
- UncIe.. - C'mon.
Vijay Singh has abducted Muskaan!
No! You won't go anywhere!
Dad. I love Muskaan a lot!
And l love you a lot!
I don't want to lose you again!
Then become the same
father as before!
What're you doing?
This is not our fight.
Let him go if he wants to.
You always complained that
I left things incomplete.
Today l'll complete it.
Go and beat them!
Leave me!
I told you!
If you play dirty again..
I'lI take the decision,
not the village committee!
Father, come on!
Can you drive the tractor?
- Yes!
Come on!
Left! Right! Turn right!
Take aim! Fire!
He has a gun! Move aside!
I'm dead!
Isn't she everybody's
darling and weakness?
Oh no!
Hit him! Help!
What's happening!
Father, the police have aIso come!
What're you thinking about now?
Don't worry. I'll have a
village committee meeting again.
Go ahead, but in prison!
- You keep quiet! - Shut up!
"I'm madly in love with you."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"
"You're madly in love with me."
"We're not concerned
about the worId."
"What's there to fear
when we love each other?"