Pyaar Impossible! (Love Impossible!) (2010)

Ya! That's me. Abhay Sharma.
The most important
part of this college,
and as you can see, everyone
here knows just how important l am.
Actually, l'm the
life of this college.
Because without me, these people
won't even make it through one day,
'cause l make it all happen.. yeah!
Hey, Abhay!
Your homework.
Oh! Thanks man! You
really make it all happen..
What would l do without you?
lt's OK, Bill.
Ya! So, that was my introduction.
Abhay Sharma.
Ya, ya, l know what you all
must be thinking about me..
that l don't look so cool.
But these things don't matter.
Why? Because the most beautiful girl
in college is my girlfriend, Alisha.
OK! OK! Fine. The last
part was a bit of a lie.
Actually, she doesn't
even know who l am..
if l even exist or not.. you know..
Bill, l will give you that
history homework tomorrow, OK?
Ya! So this was me. Abhay Sharma. And
that was Alisha, the love of my life.
She doesn't know this yet,
but someday she will.
Everything will be just fine.
Don't you worry! What?
You don't believe me?
Would l ever lie to you guys?
OK, OK, OK.. l know l just lied
but you know what they say, right..
that everything's
fair in love and war,
and however impossible it may seem..
this is definitely love.
Aah, boy.
Hey, boy! You, the
hunk with the trunk.
Packin' in a fully loaded funky junk.
Hey, boy! With the brandy snap eyes.
He tell me sinful beautiful lies
l've been looking for a boy
Who can change my day to night
l've been looking for a boy
Who only talks about me
Some boy like this
Some boy like that
No one boy will have it all 'cause..
Oh baby, the truth is
l'm way out of your league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
Love is impossible,
impossible.. impossible is love
Hey boy! Me an easy girl to please
Just wanna Mr. right from you honneyz
Hey boy! Me an easy girl to please
Just wanna Mr. right from you honneyz
ln my dreams l can see my guy
And when l see him he seems unreal
His every gesture better than mine
My heart feels he just might be real
Some boy like this
Some boy like that
No one boy will have it all 'cause..
Oh baby, the truth is
l'm way out of your league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
Love is impossible,
impossible.. impossible is love
Hey boy! Get me drippin' with ice
Get down on your
knees and say what's nice
Hey boy! Get me drippin' with ice
Get down on your
knees and say what's nice
l had read about him sometime
That he'll be waiting for me somewhere
He'll be my beloved
just like l'll be his
And his heaven will be at my feet
Some boy like this
Some boy like that
No one boy will have it all 'cause..
Oh baby, the truth is
l'm way out of your league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
Love is impossible,
impossible.. impossible is love
From the moment l saw you
My heart did not listen
But the truth is
You're way out of my league
And as it often happens in love,
a time comes when the boy and
girl meet for the very first time.
Tonight was that night.
l was so good at it.
Oh, get off me, Natasha.
They say boys will never understand
what goes through a girl's mind..
Stop it! Don't be such a party pooper!
l guess this was something like that.
You know you want me to do it!
No! No!
- OK, you know you want me to do it!
Stop! Stop being a mummy!
Alisha! Stop this!
Oh God! lt sucks!
Uh oh..
lt's very late.
Let's go Alisha, c'mon.
OK, OK.. do not panic,
OK.. l can do this.
Alisha! Oh my God.. Alisha come down..
Alisha, you're making me nervous,
just come down!
Babe.. it's just freaking tequila
we've done this a hundred times before!
Alisha! Come down!
OK, OK, watch, OK watch..
l can do this on my toes!
- Alisha.. l can do this on my toes!
Alisha come down! Alisha!
Oh my God! Alisha!
Alisha! Alisha!
She cannot swim..
Help, someone help!
Looks like l'll have to
give her mouth to mouth..
ls she OK?
Thank you so much! But we'll
take it from here, OK?.. thank you.
Hey, what went wrong?
This was not how it
was supposed to be,
by now she should've
fallen in love with me.
l mean, l saved her life, right?
l can't understand it.
Ya! l know when!
Tomorrow morning.. of course..
l'm so stupid, right!
ln matters of the
heart l'm sort of new.
Enough is enough
l'm fed up Alisha! l don't care
what stage your semester is in.
l'm taking you away from
here and that's final.
Dad! My entire life is here.
How can you even suggest that?
l don't care! This is the
fifth time l've been called here.
l can't take it any more.
l am not going anywhere!
l'm not asking you. l'm
telling you, understand?
So what will you do? Take
me from here forcefully?
l wanna see you try!
- l'm taking you away right now!
l've spoken to the Dean and as
of today you've been rusticated..
.. from this university, understand?
That is so unfair.
Pack your bags.
Dad, please.. my semester!
l'm waiting outside.
- Dad, please!
Look, thanks for
whatever you did last night.
But l think you should go now. She
needs to be alone. Thanks anyway.
Don't worry. l'll speak to your dad.
Everything's gonna be alright.
He's not gonna listen. What makes
you think he's gonna listen to you..
he's just stubborn..
who were you speaking to?
Nobody.. just that geek who
saved your life last night.
l should say thank you, right?
Ya.. but that's not
important right now.
l guess..
The truth is that not every love
story can have a happy ending, right?
And when something like this
happens then people like..
.. us need to forget
about our love and move on.
She still doesn't even
know who l am.. and it's OK.
Now, l just need to get her
out of my heart.. that's all.
Alisha, l guess this love
was impossible after all.
But l wish you happiness
wherever you go. Goodbye, Alisha.
Good morning, Abhay Sharma!
This is your wake up call for the day.
l have the following
facts for you this morning.
Did you know that the white part of
your fingernail is called the lunula?
Did you know that when a
coffee seed is planted
it takes five years to
yield consumable fruit?
Did you know that the
largest prime number is 1 3, 395
digits long more than the number of..
Morning, Dad.
Dad, l have a very
important meeting today.
Meeting? What meeting?
There's an investor who is
interested in my software.
l'm giving him a presentation today.
That's great! But you
should have come to me first.
l have lots of friends
in the software industry.
l could have set up a meeting
with any one of them for you.
Dad, you started your business alone.
You did everything solely on your own.
l want to follow in your footsteps.
Like father, like son.
But if you ever need anything
you know that l'm here, right?
Of course, Dad. Now eat your cereal.
l'm worried about you,
friend! No, l'm really worried!
You've been in love with
that girl for six years..
What was her name?
- Alisha.
Alisha. lt's been six years!
Not six, Dad, it's been seven years.
Of course! Seven years. Look son..
There's love and
then there's obsession.
You need to forget about this girl.
Anyway, l have to go. And
good luck for your interview!
- Ya. Hi!
Hi! Siddharth Singh.
You can call me Sidhu.
Some coffee? Ya?
- Ya.
Excuse me, two cappuccinos please!
So, finally we meet.
- Ya.
l've heard a lot about your software.
l.. l hope you like it.
l'm sure l will. So shall we begin?
OK, let's start. So this
software is essentially an
operating system
that l've named Unity.
Now, you'll be thinking, why Unity?
Well, Unity because this operating
system has the ability to unify each..
.. and every kind of
operating system across the world.
l mean, you can use programs running
on any operating system on Unity.
lt could be Windows, the
Mac OS or even Linux systems.
Moreover, you can even use
it on your mobile phone.
So, from mobile phones to computers,
it works on everything.
So this is Unity, my work
over the last seven years.
Fantastic! Abhay, l'm impressed.
l'm very impressed. ln fact,
this has exceeded my expectations.
Just one thing Abhay.
- Ya?
Before investing in this,
l'll need the original
program files of this software.
Program files? OK..
Yes, l'll need them.
Can you just excuse me, please?
Hello, Dad?
Hi, Abhay, how are you?
How are things?
Dad, he's quite impressed but he's
asking for the original program files.
He's saying that he wants them
before he invests in the software.
No, no, no. Don't give him
anything until the deal is finalised.
Tell him that after the deal is done
you will give the files to him, OK?
Nothing before that.
Don't make that mistake. OK?
OK, OK, Dad. Thanks. Bye.
Should we go ahead?
Uh, actually Sidhu, sir..
l won't be able to give you the actual
program files until the deal is done.
But l have a CD that
contains the executable files.
You can learn everything about the
software through it. This you can take.
Look, Abhay. Don't get me wrong.
Your Unity software is fantastic.
But on giving it some
thought l feel that this is not
what we're looking for right now.
But.. but l assure you, sir!
This is a path breaking software.
No, it's fantastic but just
not right for us right now.
But all the best and
thank you very much.
Sir, it's taken me seven
years to develop this software..
.. and l've personally tested it in
every possible hardware configuration.
So if you're thinking compatibility,
it's compatible with
all the hardware systems.
lf you're thinking speed, l've
tested it in all the benchmark tests..
.. and if you're
thinking usability then
this is so easy that
even a child can use it.
So, as you can see,
this is going to be a revolutionary
new software called Unity.
What's the name of the company?
- Pinnacle.
very good presentation, Mr.
Sharma. very good.
But we've heard that there
is a Singapore-based company..
.. that is going to launch a similar
software, and it's called.. Unify?
Unify? But, but sir, l developed this
software, it's absolutely original.
lt's not possible that
someone could develop..
a software exactly like this one,
it's just not possible, sir.
l hear what you're saying, Mr. Sharma.
But our company
wouldn't want to get involved
in anything that harms our reputation.
l hope you understand.
Anyway, thank you very much, Mr.
Sharma, l wish you all the best.
Excuse me, could you tell me the
name of that Singapore company.. ?
Ya, sure.. Pinnacle Software.
.. Pinnacle Software.
Can you just excuse me please?
- Sure.
So, what you're saying is that
you have made this software.
Dad, l've been working on
this for the last seven years.
OK, and now someone
has stolen it from you?
You know, Abhay, l'm to
blame for making you like this.
Like what?
Like me. Running away
from unpleasantness,
not fighting for your rights,
but there's a reason behind this.
After your mother passed away
l just wanted to protect you
from the rest of the world, and
in the process l made you weak.
That's not true.
That's true. Now if you want
to forget about this software..
.. and stay here with me, l'll still
love you as much as l do right now.
l'll still be proud of you.
But if you go to Singapore and
get your software back from that man
then you will be proud of yourself.
lt's your decision,
what do you want to do?
You know,.. ,l have the
best dad in the world.
l know that.
And l'm going to Singapore.
l'm sorry sir, but there's no
one with the name Siddharth Singh..
.. working in any
department of this company.
Dad, l'm sitting
outside the Pinnacle office.
There's no one named
Siddharth Singh here.
l'm at a loss, Dad. What should l do?
Son, don't lose hope and
remember one thing - that you have..
.. to get your software
back no matter what, OK?
Believe in yourself,
everything will be alright.
And what if l don't find him?
l don't think he's here at all.
l don't know what to do.
lf this company releases my software
then what can l do about it, Dad?
Please help me, l don't
know what to do, l just..
just don't know what to do any more.
Relax, relax Abhay.. just relax.
OK, do one thing. Close your
eyes and take a deep breath.
Now imagine good things around you.
lmagine that there are new,
beautiful computers around you.
And Alisha..
Of course, of course, Alisha..
her too, ya?
Feeling good, right son?
Ya, Dad.
Now open your eyes.
Feeling good?
l feel great, Dad, just great.
l can see her, like..
like she's right in front of me.
She's just so beautiful.
Alisha, Dad! Who else?
Son, l told you to open your eyes!
Dad, my eyes are open but
she's still in front of me!
OK, fine, no problem.
Actually, this is even better,
You keep dreaming about her! So
what is Alisha doing right now?
Dad, she's gone inside
the Pinnacle office.
That's a good thing! lt's a good sign.
So, why don't you
follow her into the office
And fight for what's rightfully yours?
Get your software back,
it's not me but Alisha who
is showing you the path.
You're right Dad, l'm going.
OK, good. l'm going too,
to the bathroom!
Look, l'm not going to
take no for an answer.
l need to see someone right now.
But - No ifs or buts! l
want to see someone, now!
OK, OK, sir, just calm down.
Let me see what l can do.
Hi! There's someone who wants
to meet the head of PR urgently.
ls that alright? OK, thank you.
Sir, you can go to the fourth floor..
..and meet our public
relations officer in charge.
lt's the first room on the left.
OK, thank you.
- You're welcome.
lt's alright.
C'mon now. You guys
can't even do this much?
l have to do everything myself?
Oh, my God!
Even l was remembering God, Dad!
Look, you've been in love with
this girl for the last six years..
Seven years, Dad.
OK, don't correct me.
Seven years? OK, fine.
Don't you think you should
speak to her now at least?
What's the worst that could happen?
She won't recognise you, or
she might give you a slap or two!
But at least you'll have a
clear picture about your situation.
You're absolutely right, Dad.
Basically, you're not
going to speak to this girl..
No, Dad.
Thank you.
Taxi! Taxi!
Thank you.
Tania, stop troubling me! Tania, l
can't deal with this, are you mad?
Tania! Tania! Stop it,
Tania, have you lost your mind?
Tania, behave yourself,
l'm not going to deal with
your nonsense, Tania, l swear!
Just stop it, Tania!
You're driving me mad..
..Tania, l can't deal
with your nonsense any more!
Thank God! You're here.
Look, l can't do this any more,
she's not a child, she's a monster!
Forgive me, but l'm leaving. l quit!
No, no, no, no Mansi,
you can't go anywhere.
Look, please, l need
to get back to office
and there's no one
here to look after Tania.
Please, please. OK, just try
and understand, l'm a single,
divorced working mother and l don't
have anyone else! - l don't care!
OK, OK, fine, l'll
pay you double, double!
l don't care!
- Triple! But not more than that.
l'm sorry Alisha, but l love
my own life more than money.
Now you handle this monster of yours,
l'm out of here.. bye!
Mons.. ! Tania Merchant!
Mom! You're home, yay!
Oh no you don't, don't try cute on me.
lt's not gonna work.
l'm very upset with you.
How will l go back to the office now?
So don't go to the office, Mom.
We'll spend the entire day together.
Why do you trouble me so much, T?
Cause l love you, Mom!
l love you too, munchkin,
but you know Mom is working.
And however much l want to, l
can't spend the entire day with you.
Now, we'll have to find
somebody to look after you. Who?
Hello.. Jasmeet and
Jasmeet Nanny Agency..
an exclusive agency of lndian Nannies.
Our Nannies are
extremely intelligent..
Jasmeet! This is Alisha..
Alisha Merchant.
Alisha! Alisha! You talk to her.
Not me! Not me! l won't speak to her.
- Again..
Oh no!.. speaker.
Ya, hello Alisha dear.
So, tell me, how can l
be of assistance to you?
Jasmeet, you know what?
That nanny you sent me
had so much attitude!
l've fired her, and now my problem is
that l need to get back to the office.
And l urgently need another nanny.
You know how it is..
l know how it is,
Alisha. l know how it is.
Actually, the thing is, that this
is the fifth nanny that has quit
working at your house in
the last three months.
l don't think anyone will be
willing to work at your place.
And don't feel bad.
You see, your daughter,
Tania, she's a bit of
a challenge, you see.
l don't think anyone will come to work
for you because
everyone is scared of her.
C'mon, Jasmeet, she's just six! So
what's the big deal? OK, fine, fine.
Please help me out this time, l
need to get back to the office
and l'm really, really late.
Just this one time.
Hello, look this is very short notice.
lf someone can come then
she'll come to work for you.
But l'm not making any promises.
And if she does come then she'll
reach your place by twelve o' clock.
That's fine. l'll wait for her, OK.
But this is the last
time we are doing this,
we can't send any more
nannies after this time.
l owe you one, Jasmeet!
OK, Alisha dear, take
care then, thank you.
Jasmeet, l don't think anyone
will be willing to go to her house.
So what should we do then, Jasmeet ?
l have an idea!
- What?
Let's not do anything. Let's
not send anyone to her house!
Let's not send anyone.
She'll understand then.
This seems like a good plan.
- lt's a good idea, right?
- So it's done then!
- Cheers dear, cheers! To you too.
Hi! Hi! Hi!
l'm Abhay. Abhay Sharma.
No, no.. just keep it simple.. ya.
Hi! My name is Abhay Sharma.
Hi! My name is Tony. Nice to meet you.
Yes. l know that and l will be.
l'm just waiting for a new nanny
and as soon as she gets
here l will leave, l promise.
Yes, absolutely. Tania, you better
not be throwing away your broccoli.
And no, this time that
smile won't work, so eat it.
She's here and on time, fab!
God bless Jasmeet!
l've been waiting for you for
so long and now you're here..
But you're a man..
Ya, sorry, l'll..
No, no, no, nobody's perfect.
l'll introduce you to Tania,
you're gonna love her,
she's.. you will love her.
Tania! Look, normally l don't keep
anyone without interviewing them
but the Jasmeets have sent you
and l totally trust them and l'm..
oh my God, l'm so late.
So today we'll try you
out and then we'll see.
Tania! And please finish
whatever chores there are on the list
before l get home because that
work needs to get done. Tania!
l'm eating!
- l don't care! Now!
Look, l think that..
Ya Mom, what is it?
Tania, your new nanny. Hi?
- Nanny?
Ewww! But he's a man.
Really? Thank you, Tania,
because if you hadn't told me then
how would l ever know that he's a man?
Come here, you be a good girl, OK?
l need to leave,
alright? Please behave.
OK, bye!
Bye! Please clean the
house before l get home.
Actually l'm a computer software..
Don't you dare touch the computer!
Don't touch it. l
have just understood it.
l have just managed to figure it out,
oh and l'll check your work when l
get back. So just.. just know that.
Excuse me.. - CP, ya l've just left.
lf anything, anything at all
happens to my daughter l'll chop you up
into tiny little pieces and feed you
to the animals in the Singapore zoo!
And have a nice day! Ya? OK. Yes, CP..
l'll sort it out as soon
as l get to the office.
Hi! My name is Abhay Sharma.
l hate you!
Look, l don't know anything
about this nanny business.
But l can't even leave
you home alone, right?
So let's do one thing,
let's become friends.
OW! Tania!
Now get out of the house or
else l'll call the police!
Police? But what have l done?
Nothing. But if l tell them that
you were doing bad things with me,
then who do you think they
will believe? You or me?
Look, let's make a deal.
Let me stay here till your
mother gets back and in exchange
l'm ready to do anything for you.
l'll do anything. Anything.
Number 1 ! Clean the house!
Hey! You missed a spot.
Tania's homework!
Back to work.
Piano lessons. Ewww! Yuck! Boring!
Don't worry. l won't ask you
to play the piano. l hate it.
Because l'm going to be a rock star,
and rock stars don't play the piano..
they play the guitar!
Oh, OK.
- Hi!
ls everything alright?
Ya! Everything is alright!
Where is Tania?
One second. Tania.. your mother.
Hi Mom!
Hey baby! ls everything alright?
You're not troubling
your new nanny, right?
Am l troubling you?
No, not at all. ln fact
it's a lot of fun here!
Not at all, mummy.
ln fact it's a lot of fun here
and l've even finished my homework.
Shut up! l don't believe it.
l'll have to get home and check.
OK, l'll see you in the evening,
OK? Be good. Bye!
Thank you la.
- Thank you very much.
Now repeat after me. My
name is Froggy Four Eyes.
My name is Froggy Four Eyes.
And l'm a stupid fool.
l am a slave to Tania.
l'm a slave to Tania.
Cause she's very cool!
Cause she's very cool..
Hi mommy!
Oh my.. oh my God! l am..
l am so sorry about this.
Never mind.. it's,
it's OK.. it's fine.
No, no, no, it's absolutely not OK.
Tania Merchant this is,
this is just not done.
You can't treat people like this.
l mean, look at this poor man,
what have you done to him?
You think it's funny?
You think it's funny?
Because it's really not,
Tania Merchant,
it's his niceness that
he's stayed here for so long.
Anyone else would have left
you alone and gone long ago.
l'm really, really sorry,
and thank you so much for..
l know that Tania must have
troubled you a lot and l can see it.
But you see, l really
need a nanny like you.
And it's OK that you're
a man, it's totally fine.
Do you think that you could
forgive Tania and take this job?
But Mom!
The thing is that l need
to tell you something..
Ya, ya, sure! Totally!
Say whatever you need to
say but please take this job.
You know. Just come
with me one second. - Ya.
You see, no one has been able
to handle Tania like this and
l'm a divorced single
working mother. lt's difficult.
l'm ready to give you anything, l'll
double your salary, how about that?
No, you don't understand
what l'm trying to say.
l've come to tell you
something really important.
OK fine! Triple. But
that's it OK.. please.
l need to tell you something really..
Look. l really need you to do this.
Please say yes, just please say yes.
Please. Try it but say yes.
OK.. l.. sweet!
Great, so since everything is settled,
come tomorrow morning at seven
and you can leave after
finishing all the housework.
Just be back at three o' clock,
Tania comes back from school by then.
- OK.
What was your name again?
Uh.. Abhay Sharma.
Abhay Sharma. Hi! Alisha Merchant.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
l'm really sorry about
all that, really sorry.
lt's, it's OK. G'night.
- G'night Tania.
lt's.. it's OK.
You know how it is. OK,
bye! l'll see you tomorrow.
What? You've become a maid?
Not a maid, Dad,
they're called nannies here.
And you're the one who
told me to go speak to her,
so l went to speak to her and
she employed me as her nanny.
Now what?
Now nothing, Dad. l'll
have to clean the house,
cook food, and take
care of her daughter.
Ya! l almost forgot to tell you.
Alisha is a single, divorced mother
who lives here with her daughter.
Ya, Dad! A six-year-old monster
who is intent on ruining my life.
So wish me luck, Dad.. for my new job.
But.. but son.. she
is a single mother,
she has a six-year-old
daughter and you still..
l know what you're thinking, Dad.
But all this doesn't
make a difference to me.
For me Alisha will always be Alisha.
Anyway, l gotta go, Bye! Taxi!
Hold my bag..
That's it. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Hey, Abhay. You are a
little late today, no?
But that's not important.
Actually, kinda is but anyway..
For today, things that you need to do.
Number 1 . vacuum and dust the living
room. Number 2. Polish the silver.
Number 3. Remove the clothes from
the washer and put them in the dryer,
and put the clothes lying in
the hamper into the washer.
And ya! Don't forget to separate the
coloured clothes otherwise.. anyway.
The clothes for ironing
are lying on the table,
l'm sure you know how to iron clothes.
Ya, right!
l'll talk to you soon. Bye!
Nobody answer the phone!
Ssshh.. everybody quiet. Thank you.
- Hey, Abhay!
All OK? You got my note?
Ya, ya, ya! l'll do everything,
not to worry.
OK, see you tonight.
Back to work everyone.
This is for the full week, ya?
Thank you, thank you..
So what would be your
legal advice in this matter?
Do you know where Mr.
Siddharth Singh is right now?
Mr. Sharma, l do want to help you.
l knew your father really well
but you don't even know
where Mr. Siddharth Singh is.
And you have no proof
that he stole your software.
My legal advice would be
that you forget about your software,
you have no case.
Hello Mr. Sanghvi.
l'm Alisha Merchant, welcome
to Pinnacle. lt's our pleasure.
The pleasure's all mine Ms. Merchant.
And if you greet me so beautifully
then it would be
difficult for me to ever leave.
That's what our intention is..
Really? l like that.
Shall we Mr. Sanghvi?
Sure! After you.
This way.
Ms. Merchant. Call me varun.
Sure.. varun.
God l'm late.. Tania. Oh help me!
Because l'm going to be a rock star,
and rock stars don't play the piano..
they play the guitar!
What is this?
- A bribe.
A bribe? For what?
So that you don't hate me.
l see..
So.. friends?
We'll see.
We'll see?
Ya! lt depends whether l
like your bribe or not.
Ok, that's fair. So do you
want to open this or should l?
Wow! You got me
Rockband ! l can't believe it!
Mummy promised that she'd get this
for me, only if l did well in my exams.
Thank you Mr.
Froggy, you're not so bad.
You're welcome!
And that is our CEO Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit
Pleasure. Pleasure.
Pleasure's all mine. l've heard a
lot about your work. - Thank you
Shall we, gentlemen?
- Ya.
- Thank you.
l had to ask you a
very important question.
Of course. Please.
May l call you Alisha?
We'll see.
Of course.
One two three four
Chocolate boxes
Men on horses
valentine's day
Parties on Saturday
Chocolate boxes
Men on horses
valentine's day
Parties on Saturday
Teenage popstars
Filmy filmstars
Blood red roses
People think these are cool
All these things are four on ten
l like them now and then
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
Won't give anyone ten on ten!
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
Won't give anyone ten on ten!
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
One two three four
My stubbornness My habits
The stuff l say My attitude
Ten on ten
Whatever l am However l am
Whatever l want ls what l do
Ten on ten
l guess l'll give you six on ten
Cause l like you now and then
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
Won't give anyone ten on ten!
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
Won't give anyone ten on ten!
No one's like me! l'm ten on ten!
lf l make the
mistake Of smiling at you
Then my laughter Will
make you forget everything
Ten on ten
He can fall at my feet
But he still won't get me
Ten on ten
Even if l break your heart
Even if you fall apart
No one will ever be
like you, ten on ten!
How can you ever
give anyone ten on ten!
No one will ever be
like you, ten on ten!
How can you ever
give anyone ten on ten!
No one will ever be
like you, ten on ten!
Ten on ten
Yay! Who's the rock star now?
- l am!
Yes you are!
- Hi!
Hi mommy!
Wow! What's going on here?
Look Mom! l'm a rock star!
Wow! l can see that
and you look rocking.
Mr. Froggy got me Rockband.
lsn't it cool Mom?
Totally cool! And you are rocking it!
You know, thank you so much. You
really didn't need to do that.
She wanted to become a
rock star. l just thought..
Ya! l know, l can see that and
she seems to totally love it.
l do Mom! l totally love it.
l think it's getting late.
l should get going.
.. Abhay, why don't
you stay for dinner?
Ya! Stay for dinner froggy.
.. dinner, actually..
Dinner? Food? lt's necessary for
survival. lt's not that big a deal.
Ya! Ok.
- Ok!
- Ya sure.
So that's your coffee, and there's
some sugar and milk over there.
Thank you
- You want some ice cream?
No. No thank you.
- l'll get some.
So tell me. Being a man, how
come you decided to become a nanny?
l mean, this is usually a
woman's job, l mean usually.
Ya.. actually..
l'm very fond of children and
like taking care of them. l like it.
l can totally see that.
What you've managed to do
with my daughter no
one has done so far.
So this job as a nanny is
perfect for you, like perfect.
Thanks. Thanks.
.. Wife? Girlfriend? l mean
if you don't mind me asking.
No, no l don't mind. l'm not
married and l don't have a girlfriend.
Never really had one either.
- Never?
- Ya..
Shut the front door! How
is that even possible?
Oh no! l'm sorry..
you like girls right?
Ya! Ya ya!
l mean l was..
- No no! Ya ya!
No, l mean l just wanted to know,
you never know right?
But l'm totally okay
with it, gay rights..
Ya ya! No no! l really like girls.
l love girls. l love everything about
them.. you know. - lt's fine. Ya.. ok.
l really really like..
Anyway, what about your marriage?
Oh.. l'm so sorry, l forgot..
l'm so.. so sorry.
No no no, it's ok.
l didn't mean to..
No. lt's not a big deal..
l was very young when l got married.
l mean l was what?
Like.. 1 8. And like
it usually happens,
the guy turned out to be a
jerk and we got divorced.
After that l didn't want
to stay in lndia any longer,
and anyway it's not like he was
interested in taking care of Tania.
So, when l got a job in Singapore,
l took it and we moved here.
A new life, a new beginning.
Lets talk about
something else ya.. ok.
And again l'm really sorry about..
Oh, it's fine.
- Ya?
lt's fine.
- Ok
Don't worry about it. Ok
So, what work do you do in Singapore?
There is this software company
called Pinnacle Technologies.
l'm the PR and marketing..
Hi Mom! Came to say Goodnight.
Hey pumpkin.. who's that?
varun.. l'll tell you.. hey!
Hey rock star!
- What's up?
Who's varun?
l don't know.
Ok, Goodnight!
Goodnight froggy four eyes!
Ya.. so maybe
Alisha. Bye. Goodnight.
Oh bye, goodnight. Oh, no, no one.
That's just Tania's nanny.
Ya, so you were saying.
Hello Dad.
Abhay.. is everything alright?
- What happened? Alisha?
Son, the one girl you couldn't forget
for seven years has
come back into your life.
Do something so that she
gets to know the real you.
And what will that accomplish Dad?
Well, anything can happen. Love?
C'mon Dad. This is Alisha remember?
She won't even look at guys
like me.. this love is impossible.
Son, the ones who win in
life aren't always the stronger,
faster, clever ones.
ln the end, the one who wins is
the one who believes in himself.
The question here is, do
you believe in yourself?
l don't know Dad..
So then find out.
Because this
impossible love story can only
be made possible by
you and no one else.
You're right dad. You're right..
let me call you back ya?.. Bye..
Good luck.
Possible.. ya..
CP, you do
understand how much of my time
and effort has gone into
developing this software?
Of course, varun. l
completely understand.
Great! So then, according to you,
how much would it all be worth?
A sum this large has
never been offered
to anyone before in the
entire history of this company.
Mr. Sanghvi.
CP.. in the company's
history this offer might be large
but according to me it's not.
Alright, Mr. Sanghvi. Why
don't you tell us what you expect?
Double this offer, give me a twenty
percent partnership in the profits,
and you have a deal.
You play hardball, Mr. Sanghvi.
Please call me varun.
l may not like your methods, varun..
.. but l have full
faith in this software.
We can seal this
deal on one condition.
lf l accept your terms
then all your program files,
your entire software and
any other related work..
.. has to be handed over to me.
And all these files will be put
into this company's secure server.
Sure. So do we have a deal then?
We sure do! Congratulations!
- Thanks.
Congratulations, Sir!
- You too.
Congratulations, Mr. Sanghvi.
Ms. Merchant, it was a
pleasure doing business with you.
Well varun, l think you
can now call me Alisha..
OK, Alisha.
l think we should celebrate
this moment. What do you think?
For sure!
Great! So then, may l
take you out to dinner?
Well, logically, you are our guest.
So l should be the one
taking you out to dinner.
l'm okay with that!
l'm sorry to interrupt but
this software has to be put into
the company's server right now.
C'mon, let's go. - Right. OK.
Boss is calling.
- Yeah! OK.
Come, varun.
- After you.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
This way.
As you can see, this
facility is completely secure.
The internal network is
directly accessed from here,
and only senior personnel are
allowed access to this room.
That's right.
lt is your destiny, Luke!
No way, Jos!
- Jos? Who's Jos? He wasn't a Jedi!
Do l look like l care?
Look, Mom, l'm a Jedi!
Ya! And it looks like a
lot more fun than homework!
What homework?
Tania! Tania! She's just kidding.
Until she finishes her
homework l never let her play. Never.
l'm sure.
Abhay, could l have a
word with you? Upstairs.
Why? l mean ya, ya, sure!
- Hi!
Hi! Come on in. Actually l just need
some advice. A man's point of view.
Ya, sure.
Why don't these things
ever work? l hate them, man!
lf you like, may l?
You understand these things?
A bit.
Shut up! Really? Come. Come. Come.
l never get network, it's
Have a seat.
OK, so the problem is
there's this guy in office, varun.
And he's asked me out to dinner.
That's not the issue, the
problem is l work with him, you know.
And l know l
shouldn't mix my personal..
.. and professional life
but l mean technically,
he doesn't even work in my office.
He's just like my client.
He's like really cute, you
know how it is? - Ya, ya.
What should l do?
- OK, so l have two choices.
One, that l go out
with him for dinner.
Alone, like a date..
but it's too early.
Two, that l invite him home,
but that's just too intimate.
Unless l invite some
people from the office as well?
- Ya!
That's great!
Because inviting everyone
over for dinner will make sure
the situation remains casual.
And it means we are still
meeting for dinner. l like it!
Ya, me too..
You're fab. Thank you very much. l
feel so much better now, really!
Any time.
Thanks! Oh! But listen, hey,
we'll have the dinner tomorrow and..
Rohan, Madeleine, CP, Sumitra..
.. you'll manage cooking
for six people, right?
Oh! And l love Thai food. You
know how to cook Thai food, right?
Thai food? Ya, ya! Of course!
- Ya.
That is so cool. You can
do just about everything!
- G'night.
Shut up! You fixed this?
Why didn't you come into
my life earlier, Abhay?
But it's never too late, so g'night!
Thai food!
Thai Tradition..
OK! Soup?
- Check!
- Check!
Chicken Satay?
- Check. Check!
Green Curry?
- Check!
Hey, you guys!
- Rice.. - All set?
What? ls the dress too
short for the dinner party?
The colour, right, l
knew l should have worn red.
Ya? Ya! No! lt's just you..
you're looking beautiful.
You guys sure?
lt's true, Mom. You're
looking mummalicious!
- Hey, hi Alisha!
Hi! Sumitra, l'm so glad you
could make it. Please come in.
You look stunning!
- Thank you!
This is a small gift from us.
Oh! That's really kind of you,
thank you so much! Come on in.
l must say you've done
your place up really well.
Ya? Thanks! Just give me a
second l'll be right back.
Ya ya! Sure.
- Thank you.
Good evening!
Wow! You're looking beautiful.
A little something for you.
Thanks.. you shouldn't have.
Come on in. CP's already here.
ls he?
- Ya, and his wife Sumitra as well..
Oh my God!
This is varun?
What happened, Froggy?
- What happened?
You're acting like
you've seen a ghost!
Tania. Do me a favour. Please go
upstairs. l beg of you, please!
Jesus, Froggy! Fine!
l'm going. Goodnight.
You guys know each other..
Hi.. how are you?
Traffic sucks out here..
- varun that's Madeline.
Sidhu is varun. varun is Sidhu.
Are we ready for dinner? OK.
Oh no! How will l be in front of him?
Think, Abhay, think!
Alisha, you did a very
good thing by inviting varun.
So, then what's for dinner Alisha?
Oh! You'll find out soon enough.
First a toast!
Oh God! Why did he
have to sit in the front?
To Unify?
To Pinnacle and Unify.
What are you doing?
Good evening.
For madam. Thank You!
What are you doing?
l'm really sorry.. he just
likes feeding people.. backwards!
CP, why don't we tell varun
a bit about the presentation?
Ya, varun..
- Soup!
Excuse me.
Abhay, serve the soup!
- No!
What do you mean, no?
Self-service! Thai tradition.
self-service is a Thai tradition.
Self-service it is!
Maybe some wine..
For you..
Oh my.. my china!
lt's fine. Hi!
Thai tradition?
Hello - Hello, madam! ls Mr.
varun Sanghvi there?
varun Sanghvi?
Yes, madam. There's a
phone call from Mumbai,
very urgent, for Mr. varun Sanghvi.
OK, hold on please.
- Ya?
There's a call for you on my landline.
Here? For me? Strange.
lt's.. it's right down the hall.
OK, excuse me.
Ready for dinner?
- That's a quiet entry.
l hope you all like the food because..
Chicken.. oh satay, l love satay!
Prawns.. Ya, oh good, good.
Curry and rice. Enjoy. Enjoy.
- Thank you
Thank you, Abhay. -You're welcome.
- What happened?
lt got disconnected.
Don't know who it was?
Oh! l'm sorry. Bon Appetit!
This Thai cook of yours..
is a bit strange..
.. but he makes very tasty food.
So Alisha, what do
we have for dessert?
Chocolate cake!
Surprise indeed.
Hello! Hello Sir!
- Hi!
Your chocolate cake.
Let me guess, Thai tradition?
Enjoy! Thank you.
l am so sorry about that.
l have no explanation.
Oh God! l did it!
- Oh my God! l love chocolate.
- Yes.
You want some?
You know what?
- What?
You look tired.
No.. l'm fi..
- Nonsense!
Let me help you.
Help me? You.. you wanna help me?
Ya? OK, sure! Here, here..
why don't you serve the coffee?
Here, take it!
Thank you! This way.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank You.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thai tradition!
G'night. - lt was great fun Alisha.
Thank you very much.
l'm so happy you had a good time.
- Ya, thanks!
Thai tradition!
- Oh God! Ya!
Nothing like it. Thanks so much.
- Bye!
Finally! A chance to be alone.
Some more wine for you?
Sure. Thank you. To Unify.
To.. you and l. Cheers!
Did l tell you how
absolutely stunning you look tonight?
Actually you did.. but you can
tell me again. l don't mind.
OK, well l.. well
you are.. who is that?
l'm sorry, l forgot, but that's my..
Cook? Chocolate boy? He's still here?
Don't you think he
should be leaving by now?
- Yes.
- Hi!
What were you doing at
dinner tonight Abhay?
What was l doing? Oh.. you know..
Whatever! We'll talk
about it tomorrow.
And these dishes?
These can be done tomorrow too, right?
Ya.. but l don't like
leaving dirty dishes like this.
l'll just finish it in two minutes.
lt's almost done..
- Ya! Kinda..
Oh, fine.. OK, OK, OK. So then ya..
- Ya, OK.
- l'll go then. OK.
- Goodnight.
He just left.
Your wine
- Thank You
So where did we leave off last?
What the hell is this?
What's going on?
l'm really sorry, varun. Bizarre
things happen to me quite often,
but this one even l
can't explain. l just..
lt's OK, you're still very beautiful.
Anyway, this means that you'll
have to take me out to dinner again,
or let me take you out?
We'll see.
- OK.
- Sweet dreams. Here.
Souvenir, don't worry about it.
Aw.. thank you!
Thai tradition!
Hello Sidhu.
Abhay.. good to see you again.
Please come join me.
Sit down. Please.
Cappuccino, right?
- lt's OK.
So, Abhay.. what
brings you to Singapore?
You know exactly why l'm here.
l've come looking for you,
to take my software back.
The software that you
stole from me, Sidhu.
varun. The name is varun.
This is the problem with you people.
Always so serious in life,
you've got to relax. Calm down.
l'll relax once l
get my software back.
See, you're going on about that again.
Abhay, l'll only say this once,
so listen carefully.
ln this world there
are two types of people.
People like you, who make things, and
people like me who sell those things.
And in today's day and
age without people like me,
people like you would be nowhere.
l mean, take a look at yourself.
You still live with your
parents in their house,
and are a burden on them. That's sad.
Why would anyone
want to invest in you?
lts all about marketing, you
understand what l'm saying, right?
Ya, l.. l understand.
l understand very well.
But what you haven't
understood is that..
.. if people like me
don't make things,
what would people like you sell?
And varun, whatever you
say can't change the fact
that eventually you're
nothing but a thief.
Thief? That's a big word.
Abhay, l'm just a businessman,
besides, do you have any proof?
No, right? Look Abhay, because
you're a good guy l want to help you.
Abhay Sharma, right?
This is a cheque for 50,000 dollars,
you can only dream of
making this kind of money.
And this can be yours now,
just take it and go back to lndia,
and forget about
this software. Take it!
You know, varun. l've spent my entire
life living under people like you.
Even in college l
would do their homework,
finish their projects, submit papers.
l would do everything,
and the result was
that people like you moved
forward and l got left behind.
But now, enough is enough,
l can't do this anymore.
So put that cheque away, varun..
.. because now l'm
not like that any more.
Now l would rather help
myself and not you all.
Wow! That's great but you're too late.
The deal is done, the
software has been sold
and in a few days it
will be officially launched.
This money is the only
thing you'll get out of this.
You want to help yourself, right?
Then listen to me, take the cheque.
varun. l'm giving you another chance,
return my software to me.
Or else what? What can you do?
Something l don't want to do.
l'll have to show the entire
world that you're a thief.
You're a fool. This is the
difference between you and me.
l've given you an
opportunity to change your life
but you don't want to take it.
You're forgetting one thing, varun.
Till l have this, my
life is in my hands,
however much anyone
might try to rob from me.
And one more thing, you can change
your life with this, not with that.
Good luck. Go for it.
The exit's there.
OK, varun.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
l.. l'm looking for the
recruitment office. Human Resources?
lt's on the first floor.
That way please. - Thank you.
Ankert University, California? Honours
student? Great qualifications. Good.
So do l get the job?
You know what kind of
a job this is, right?
l know, Sir.
You'll have to repair computers,
that's it.
Sure, Sir. l can do that.
l don't think you
understand what l'm saying.
This job is not worth your while,
its very simple, inferior work.
How can l give someone
like you a job like this?
Sir, if you think this
work is too inferior then
think of me as an
inferior man and give it to me.
OK. Come to work from tomorrow.
Sir, can l start from today?
Of course you can! By all means.
Thank you. Sir, l have one request..
l won't be able to
come to work at nine in
the morning as l have another job.
As soon as l finish that l'll
come here.. if it's OK with you?
Son, with your qualifications,
there are no time restrictions for you.
Just finish the work properly.
- Of course!
l know this won't be
too much trouble for you.
Thank you, Sir.
Ask Helen for your uniform and
lD-card on your way out. - OK, sir. OK.
- OK.
All the best, my boy.
- Thank you, Sir.
Take care.
- Thank you, thank you.
God bless you!
You will be happy to hear that the
media is very excited about this.
Enquiries are pouring in so l have
a little plan set up that l
want to show you. - Let's go
How we'll take this forward, yeah?
varun, do you think we can put this
onto mobile phones as well,
the software for..
Froggy! We're staging a
play in school on Friday
and the teachers
have put me in charge.
And l don't know how
l'll manage this so fast.
You'll have to do everything, Froggy!
You have to help me!
Of course l'll help you, Tania.
Anyway it's getting late, say
goodnight, OK? Sweet dreams.
You like my mum, right?
Tania.. you shouldn't say things
like this. Go to sleep, OK? Goodnight!
OK. But if you really do like
my mum then l can help you out.
Help? Help how?
l knew it! You like her!
You like like her!
No, no, no, when did l say this?
When did l say this?
You don't need to
say anything, Froggy.
lt's clearly written on your face.
Whenever mommy comes in front of you
then you should take
a look at your face.
You get that silly smile.
lts so obvio!
Tania, you do know that
you're just six years old, right?
Yes! But in these matters
l'm your grandmum. So say!
- That you love my mum, stupid!
Smiling won't help.
lf you need my help
then you have to speak up!
- Ya, OK, what?
Ya, OK.. l love her.
l didn't hear you..
l love her, OK?
How sweet! But there's a big problem..
Problem? What problem?
Ya, varun..
And if l know mom then he's just
her type. She likes idiots like him.
We'll have to do something, Froggy!
And we'll have to do it quickly or
else everything will get ruined.
But what can we do?
Don't worry! l like
you and l hate him.
Meet me outside school tomorrow.
Tania will take charge. Give me five!
So what's the plan?
The problem is that
you're just not mum's type.
l know.. - And to change
you is also impossible.
So what should l do?
Nothing much. Just spend
sometime with each other.. alone!
- Ya, she has to get know you, stupid!
But alone.. where?
At home. l've planned everything.
l'm going to be spending
tonight at a friend's place,
so that you two can be alone.
Now you go to your
hotel and l go home.
That's sad.
l'll see you tomorrow.
- Goodnight, sweet dreams.
- Goodnight.
No Tania, you can't
watch Sex and the City!
Watch Hannah Montana.. OK..
lights out at 1 0 o'clock. Bye!
- Hi..
You're still here.. let me help you.
l need some advice from you.. again!
Ya, sure! Of course.
You know varun? Remember the
guy l spoke to you about and..
l think you met him at dinner.
- Ya, ya, ya..
Thai tradition.. so what do you think?
What do you think about him?
l don't understand.
OK. l think. l think
he's going to ask me out,
like on a date.. officially..
and l don't know what l want..
so what do you think?
What should l do?
Well.. do you love him?
Love? No, no, no, no.
lt's too soon, l mean..
and anyway.. love is a fantasy.
Not that l'm negative
about love or anything.
ln fact in school and college l used
to believe in love and fairytales.
You know, l used to believe
that my prince charming would come
and carry me off on his motorcycle.
And someone did come into my life,
except that he wasn't
any prince charming.
Anyway, after that l stopped
believing in these things.
Cause.. now if l find
anyone who keeps me happy
and more importantly accepts
Tania in his life, then that's all.
That's more than enough.
And do you feel that
varun is that guy?
Well if he makes you
happy then l mean,
l mean you should do
whatever makes you happy.
You're right.
ln any case, what are you doing here?
All this can be done tomorrow. And
even Tania is at her friend's place.
You could have had the evening off.
What would l have done
with an evening off?
You know, l would have
just got bored in Singapore..
Are you kidding?
Singapore is such a nice place,
and the girls here are very pretty.
You're a single guy,
you should be having fun.
l can't do all this!
Why not? C'mon! You never know, right?
lt's possible that some
special girl is waiting for you here
and she'll never find you because
you'll be here doing the dishes.
Such special girls don't
wait for guys like me.
What kind of logic is that? Why not?
Because just like you..
these girls are also looking
for their prince charming..
- Ya.. and l'm no prince charming.
l mean take a look at yourself,
you're a beautiful girl.
You're beautiful and..
You're welcome!
lf you go out looking for men,
there will be a line outside your door.
There's not going to be a line-up
of girls waiting for me. l doubt it.
Do you seriously believe that
people are attracted to each other
only on the basis of their looks,
cause that's really shallow.
Ya! l agree, but that's the way of
the world. l didn't make these rules.
Well, it's a stupid rule.
Because there are so many
other qualities besides beauty.
Like intelligence,
charm, personality..
Ya, really!
And if l prove you wrong..
Let's have a bet.
l'll bet with you but
how will you prove it?
What? Do you even
know how to use these?
No! But that's the point.
C'mon, these are Tania's!
Even better! Black?
Do you like make-up?
- Good! Time to take it off.
l clean my computer screen with this!
Screensaver! Great! Now wear it.
And for the final touch.
And you?
Spare! Ready?
l think so..
No way, man!
Yes way, man..
Are you mad? Who looks like this?
l can't go out like this,
this is totally embarrassing.
Makes me look totally stupid.
- So, bet's off? Give up? l win?
Come on!
OK, fine, fine!
Me here, like this.. what's the plan?
The plan is, you here, like this..
it's impossible that any
guy will even glance at you.
What rubbish!
- Ya! - lmpossible!
lmpossible according to me, but as
you can see there are so many bars..
if you can get even
one guy's phone number..
Then you'll believe me?
- Ya.
That's all?
- Ya, just keep it geek, yeah?
Ya. OK. OK. l can do that,
that's simple.
Watch and learn.
- l will.
Everyone here
may not be beautiful
yet, two hearts can still meet..
lt's possible.
Hey.. it's possible
Through the sheer strength of my heart
l will find someone
And if not love at least
A phone number l will get
lt's possible
Hey.. it's possible
lt can happen
lt's possible
lf it has to happen, lt can
lt's possible
Maybe, but love..
.. ,love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
No, no, love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
No love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
l can make you feel good
With my stories
And make you laugh all night
Whatever you ever want l will give
And in my depths l'll
have you lose yourself
The one who is near you
ls truly blessed.
lt can happen
lt's possible
lf it has to happen it can
lt's possible
Maybe, but love..
.. love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
No no no no
Love impossible
l say it's possible
Love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
We'll talk about random things
With tea
And at night
About fireflies
Your soft light laughter
With a pinch of sadness
l'll give my heart away to you
ln the midst of all this
lf they could only see me
Not judge me let me be me
lt can happen
lt's possible
lf it has to happen lt can
lt's possible
Maybe, but love..
.. love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
Love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
Love impossible
lt's possible, hey ya..
lt's possible, hey ya..
No no impossible
lt's possible
Love lmpossible
lts possible, hey yaa
No No love lmpossible
lt's really possible
Just not possible
Trust me it's possible
Love lmpossible
l just can't believe how
people can be this shallow.
l'm.. l'm sorry. l'm
just really upset.
l'm sorry, Alisha. l
didn't mean to upset you.
lt's not your fault,
Abhay. ln fact, you were right!
l guess these are
the ways of the world.
Alisha.. l can't change
the way the world functions
but to me.. you'll always be
beautiful. You'll always be special.
And if you ever need me,
l'll be there.
Of all days, l think, today is the
day l needed to hear that the most.
Thanks, Abhay.
Hey, check this out!
That's the new Air with the
faster processor and, oh my God!
Does it have Snow Leopard? l
didn't know it was, it was out..
What are you saying, Abhay?
You must really like these
computers and things, ya..
lt's my second love actually,..
No.. what l mean is.. whenever l
feel sad l come to a place like this.
ln fact, in
Singapore l come here itself.
l hate them by the way.. hey, varun!
Coffee now?
.. actually l'm with
a friend right now,
l don't think l'll
be able to make it..
you're OK with that, right? OK. Bye.
- Yeah.. - OK..
OK, boys and girls.. rehearsal time.
Krish, come here,
come here, come here.
You sing after me, OK?
Say bada bada boom..
Bada bada boom.
very Good. Bada Bada..
- Move fatso!
- So?
What happened last night?
Give me the goss, Froggy?
Nothing, nothing like that..
but it was nice.
Nice, huh? Sweet! See, l told
you l would help you, right?
l know. You're the
best ,Tania. Thank you!
Now go try on your costume.
l have to go.
OK, everybody. Tomorrow is
the launch of the software.
Alisha, would you run us
through the schedule please?
Yes, of course. OK.
So the event is scheduled to begin at
l think you should know that
a number of channels will be
broadcasting it live across the world.
l will begin the event. A
little brief on Pinnacle,
then l will go on to introduce
varun who will present the software
and then the floor will be
open for questions and answers.
Alisha, l'm impressed.
Just doing my job, varun.
That will be all, thanks
for coming. All the best.
- Ya!
lf you're not doing anything
tonight.. would you like to go out?
Oh, varun.. tomorrow is a very big day
and l think we should both get
some rest. Some other time perhaps?
Ya.. for sure, yeah. You're right!
We need to get some rest.. ,for
sure but is everything alright?
Ya! Of course. Good luck for tomorrow!
Good luck to you too!
- OK.
Mom! My school play is tomorrow,
you remember, right?
Of course, T. - You have to
be there for the whole play.
Obviously! ln fact l've
told CP that l'm going
to be coming late for the launch,
how cool is that?
Cool! And Froggy, you
have to be there too!
Of course, Tania. l'll be there.
OK, now enough, go to sleep, OK?
OK, Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Hey, Froggy!
l'm sorry, goodnight sweetheart.
- Goodnight.
Ya.. keep this with you..
there you are, sweet dreams.
- Ya, goodnight!
- Ya?
Coffee? l'm making it so
you know it'll be special.
l'd love to, Alisha! Yes, Alisha!
You can say anything.. anything.
l'd love to.
lf you don't mind can l ask you a
question? lt's a little personal.
Ya, ya, ya.
- Don't look so worried.
No, no, no. Please.. please ask.
OK. So last night you told me
about your second love, right?
So, l'm presuming that
there is a first love.
l know you've never had a girlfriend,
so what's the deal?
You really want to know?
So, ya.. there was a girl.
The truth is that l'm
still in love with her.
Oh! That.. that's really sweet.
Wow! Who is she?
There is a girl. lt's been seven
years now and she still doesn't know.
ln fact, she doesn't
even know who l am.
Wait a minute. lt's been seven years?
Oh my God! You're such a loser!
Ya.. ya..
That's ridiculous! You mean to
say that you've been in love
with this girl for seven
years and she has no clue?
You know that's stupid, right?
- Ya.
Any girl would want a guy to
be madly in love with her.
ln fact, she'd fall in
love with you there and then!
Oh really?
- Ya!
lf she does that
she'll be making a mistake.
She should love me for me,
not just because l love her.
Anyway, where is she nowadays?
Probably having coffee in
some corner of the world..
with some loser.. you know how it is?
Alisha.. l want to
say something to you..
Tell me..
l don't know what you'll think once
you hear what l have to tell you..
l'm not really sure..
Try me..
Surprise! Surprise!
- A little something for you.
Thank you!
Well aren't you going
to invite me inside?
Of course. Please come in.
- Thank you!
So how you doing? Everything OK?
Ya, ya.. varun that's Abhay..
Abhay that's..
You? What are you doing here?
l could ask you the same thing, varun.
You both know each other?
Ya well.. - l was going to
tell you everything Alisha..
How do you know him?
Abhay is Tania's nanny. He
takes care of the house.
Hi! Nanny. He's no nanny.
He's been lying to you.
His name is Abhay Sharma
and he is really my nanny.
He's a madman who's been
following me from lndia.
He's been trying to steal my software.
He wants to steal it and fool us all,
right? He's crazy, Alisha.
By living in your house, he
wants to use you to get to me.
That's a lie, Alisha.
A lie? So tell me, haven't you
been following me from lndia?
Yes, l have been following him.
- Thank you!
Because the software is mine!
He's stolen it from me.
Your software? lt's his software?
You're lying again?
l'm not the liar, you are.
- l'm the liar?
- l'm the liar? One second.
Alisha, why don't you
ask if he's a nanny at all?
Alisha, please don't listen to him.
So answer his question then, Abhay.
- Please.
Are you a nanny or not?
And l'm sorry for that,
but this software is mine.
l was going to tell
you everything, Alisha.
Please give me a chance to explain.
What's left to explain? l
trusted you, with Tania!
Your daughter? With this thief?
l.. forget your software, Abhay.
Do l even know you?
Alisha, please,
you've got to believe me.
l can't, Abhay! l just can't!
Don't do this, Alisha, please!
Just go.
- You gotta leave.
- Now! You gotta leave now! - Alisha!
Please leave! Now! Leave
now and don't come back.
You'll be OK?
Ya.. ya l'll be fine. l'm..
l'm sorry, varun. l think..
l think l need to be
alone for a while,
and anyway tomorrow is a
big day for all of us.
Sure. But if you need to
talk then just give me a call.
Ya, l will..
Take care.
- Ya..
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Hey you guys
Put your hands up in the air
Cause l'm gonna tell you a story
A story about
Once there was a girl
The hottest in the world
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Once there was a boy
Did not deserve the girl
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Aa Doom Doom
Oops a doody do
He fell in love
Oops a doody do
What kinda love
Love lmpossible
lmpossible is love
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Da Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Da Doom Doom
She was a little spoilt yeah!
Daddy's little girl yeah!
One day, on a whim
She climbed up a bridge
Bada Bing Bada Boom
Over the breakers
She fell then friends
The boy saw her
From far far away
Diving, skimming
Olympic style swimming
He saved her life
ln his arms he lifted her
Oops a doody do
He fell in love
Oops a doody do
What kinda love
Love lmpossible
lmpossible is love
With roses in his hands
And hope in his heart
He stopped in his tracks
He heard with a start
Screaming, growling
Her daddy was shouting
She left, not looking his way
His breaking heart,
she did not even hear
Oops a doody do
He lost in love
Oops a doody do
What kinda love
Love lmpossible
lmpossible is love
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Da Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Da Doom Doom
Bada Bada Boom
Bada Bada Da Doom Doom
Hey Mommy!
My superstar! You were so good!
But Tania, who told you this story?
But how would Froggy..
lt's been seven years now
and she still doesn't know.
ln fact, she doesn't
even know who l am.
The truth is that l'm
still in love with her.
Oh my God!
What happened, mommy?
And where is Froggy?
Why didn't he come?
He didn't come because
of me. lt's my fault.
We'll have to look for him.
We have to find him.
C'mon Abhay, pick up the phone.
Have you and Froggy had a fight?
Kind of.. Tania, l
think l made a big mistake
and to fix it l'll
have to find Froggy.
So where will we find him now?
l think l know where l can find him!
Ladies and gentlemen. l
welcome you all here today..
Firstly, l would like to
thank you all for being here.
We at Pinnacle are proud to
present a revolutionary new software..
We believe this software is going
to change the face of the industry.
Mom! Don't waste time!
Ask the manager for help!
Ya, ya, ya, you're right!
Mr. varun Sanghvi.
Excuse me.. Hi! You see,
this is an emergency
and l need to make a
really important announcement.
ls that possible? Cause it's
really important, you know.
Like ya!
Hello.. l'm looking for Abhay..
Abhay Sharma..
God, l hope you're here..
Mom.. c'mon!
l got it.
lf you're listening, Abhay.. l
want to say something to you.
First of all, l'm really sorry..
that l didn't believe you last night.
l should have known that you
could never do anything like this.
You'd never deliberately hurt me,
Abhay, because you love me.
l'm the girl you've been in
love with for seven years..
and that night you were
the one who saved my life
and all those other things.
lt was.. it was always you.
You always thought
that l'm too good for you
like l'm some
princess who can't love you.
l'm just a girl, Abhay,
who's always looked for
love in the wrong places.
When actually, true love
was always in front of me..
l just couldn't see it..
'cause that's just me..
.. l'm stupid like that.
l'm just a girl, Abhay
but with you l feel like a princess..
So please just come out
'cause you're not the loser..
l am.
God, l really hope you're here..
l've always been here..
Just don't..
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
Today indeed is a great day.
A day when the entire world will
come a little bit closer together.
Pinnacle Technologies and myself
will present to you a software that..
Abhay, l know this software is yours.
A path breaking new Operating System..
Let's go!
So without further ado, let me
show you what Unify can actually do.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the future!
Find Alisha quickly!
- l'll just check.
Would you excuse us a minute please?
What's the problem,
varun? What is happening?
l.. l don't understand.
l checked everything
yesterday and it was working fine..
Can you fix it?
l'm trying to..
Alisha! This launch
was your responsibility..
.. and you're coming so late!
l know that ,CP.
Everything is falling apart!
Do something. Fix it! Now!
l'll.. l'll OK..
varun, l think l..
l'll just..
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
l have a very important
announcement to make here today.
The reason why Unify is not working
is because Mr. varun Sanghvi is not..
.. the original
programmer of this software.
Alisha, what are you doing?
l'm really sorry, but varun is not
the original programmer of Unify.
Just.. just trust me. Please!
l'd like to call upon the
original programmer of this software.
Mr. Abhay Sharma.
Alisha! Have you gone mad?
You know l've developed this
software, not that crazy guy!
varun, don't..
- Alisha, explain!
CP, you trust me, right? Just listen
to Abhay once, that's all l'm saying.
- varun, shut up!
CP.. what is happening?
l just can't take this!
varun. l want to
hear what he has to say.
Thank you! Abhay..
l told you, varun. l
also gave you a chance.
You didn't listen to me. Now
l'm sorry. Sir, he's a fraud.
He met me in Mumbai,
stole my software and came to
Singapore to sell it to you.
Whatever he's said to you is a lie.
He's nothing but a thief.
CP, this man is crazy.
Anyway, what proof does he have?
The proof is in
front of your eyes, sir.
What do you mean?
- On the screen.
OK, so you're
responsible for all of this?
lf he locked the software with a
password what am l supposed to do?
And how did he get access to the..
- Ya! l've done it.
But according to you, you made
this software. - Yes, of course!
So if that's true and
anyone locks it with a password,
then you should be
able to bypass it easily.
Sir, a real programmer would
know this software so well
that he'd easily be
able to restart it.
- Just ask him to start it!
CP! l don't know
what he's talking about!
Just get the password
and get him out of here..
varun, why don't you do something?
Because he can't. You
know that even if you want,
you can never restart it because
you never created this software.
- Abhay, can you start this software?
Ya, l just have to enter
the password and it'll start.
Fine! Fine!
You bastard!
What is it? What's the password?
Give it to me.
l'll give you the password but
you'll have to promise me that you'll
Give Abhay the exact same deal
that you gave varun. Exact same, CP.
OK, promise. Exact same..
now give me the password.
OK, what is the password?
You give the password..
Abhay, l don't know the password.
What's the password?
Of course you know what
the password is, Alisha.
lf you don't know then who will..
Can one of you please give
me the password? Please!
Alisha! Alisha!
That's your password CP..
Alisha.. my name.
Congratulations! Today
you've become a really rich man.
Sir, this way please.
l.. l think l should.
l think you should..
Just say it..
l love you..
l know..
Froggy! So you finally gave
the play a happy ending, right?
- Come here, you.
l told you, son.. it's possible.