Pwera usog (2017)

Pwera usog. Pwera usog.
(keep evil eye hex away)
Oh, use this.
Be careful next time.
Thank you.
Say goodbye to Ms.
Minda so we can go now.
Sorry, she's just really shy.
Don't you want
to have a child of your own?
Oh, please. I don't even have a husband,
what more having a child.
Then just get pregnant.
You're crazy! Go now.
You take care, okay?
-I'll go ahead.
Miss! Miss! Help me!
-What is it?
-It's my friend!
Okay. Okay. Okay.
You live in that house?
That's long been abandoned.
Please help my friend.
What happened to her?
She's been acting like this.
Little girl...
What are you doing?
She said she's going to look over us.
-What about her?!
-Let's go!
I said let's go!
Let's go!
What happened?!
It was an evil eye hex!
By who?!
It was a little girl.
She's my friend.
What?! A kid did this?!
Has your spirit force weakened?
Oh, My God!
Pwera usog! Pwera usog!
Pwera usog! Pwera usog!
I don't think this is done by a child.
Not a child!
Oh, my God! What happened to you?!
-My back...
-Your back?!
My God!
Miss, save yourself!
She's gone.
She left her groceries here.
Oh my!
It's really funny how she ran!
Do you want to see it?
Let me see.
Can you help me get up here first?
No way, girl.
-I don't want to hold your hands.
-You, witch.
Oh, we already got 5 victims.
Maybe we should go now?
Yeah. What do we do now?
Let's go to our house and
get some drinks while we edit.
Is that okay to your dad?
He'll be home from Honolulu next week.
I'm alone in the house.
So... let's go?
-Okay. Let's go.
-Let's go.
Bobby, can you take this off?
You do it, Val! Anyway, you're
not doing anything here.
She's just taking videos.
-Go ahead.
Go, go, go.
Don't be stagy, come on!
Who is it?
Open the door!
Wait up!
Dad! Wow! I thought you'd be
in Honolulu for one week?
I was in Guam, not Honolulu.
What the hell took you so long?
Have you been smoking?
So Dad, how was your trip?
Do you think this is funny?
Dad, that's 50,000 views
in less than an hour.
I don't care how many
people have seen this.
What if one time,
the person you are pranking, has a gun?
I think it will be better if I send you
to Nebraska with your grandfather.
I don't wanna live in a
freakin' corn field, Dad!
Well then, fix your goddamn life!
Get dressed!
I will enroll you in a university, go!
If you don't listen to me,
you won't get any allowance!
So you think I can't live independently?
I earn thousands, Dad.
Thousands only from my videos.
Why can't you just be like your brother.
-He's got...
-He's got a scholarship to Oxford!
Yes Dad, you've reminded me
about that countless times.
But I am not Hilton, Dad.
I'm not as intelligent as he is.
I will never be like him.
Because this is the only thing I'm good at.
And, I know...
People love me for it!
Alright... let's see.
What the hell is her problem!
She's an attention seeker!
I feel hopeless for this generation...
- Bitch like Jean should be
tied up and burned alive! - Enough!
Dad, enough...
Jean, you're drunk! It's time to go.
Let's go!
Jean, what's happening to you?
Why do you care? You're just my ex!
Why did you ask me to pick you up?
Why not Val or Bobby?
Am I a bad person?
Then, why do they comment like that?
Good evening, Sir.
Have you been drinking?
No, I did not.
Well... not me.
But Jean has.
I knew it!
I think Jean has a problem.
That's why she's acting
like that lately.
She lives in a nice house.
She eats three times a day.
And she has things other
kids cannot afford!
Kids nowadays are so dramatic.
Well anyway...
Thank you for bringing
her home safely.
And I'm sorry you and Jean broke up.
Among all of the boyfriends that she had,
only you could have fixed her up.
Faster, Bobby!
Look what I found.
Hello, guys!
We're going to do the black widow prank.
- Let's go there!
- Go!
- Okay.
- Okay.
What the!
What now? Lets get it.
Sorry, we're really very sorry!
Sorry? Look what you did?
Boss, this is only a prank!
Boss! Sorry!
I don't care!
Do you want to get arrested?!
It's good that he took the money.
Because if not, all of us will be
in the police station.
My Dad's gonna raise hell again!
What's next,
let's just call it the day?
I don't wanna go home!
Let's go on a road trip.
We could do that.
-I don't know.
Maybe... outside Metro Manila!
I can't.
I don't have my license.
But if it's only here in
Manila, that'll be fine.
I will just show them papa's ID and the
enforcers will leave us alone.
I have an idea.
I bet that's Sherwin.
-I knew it!
Where are we?
Where are we?!
I just explored,
till we reached here.
It's amazing, right?
Sherwin, make sure
we can still go home.
Here, eat up.
I bought it on the way.
I'm still full.
You don't like it?
Thank you.
Maybe, I will just study.
Just like what daddy said.
That's good for me.
Right? When I get to America,
I will run away.
I will go to LA or New York.
-Huh? Why?
It's the perfect plan Sherwin.
What about me?
Miss, can I ask for pennies?
So we can buy food.
Mister, thank you!
-Thank you!
-It's okay... Thank you! Stop it! Go away!
Go away!
Where have you been? We thought
you've been massacred or something.
No, we just roamed around.
You just roamed around?
- Tell us the truth! Come on!
- Say it! Nice one, bro!
Shut up, bro...
Wow... shut up.
Anyway, what are we going to do here?
I have an idea.
We encountered
a beggar awhile ago.
I wanna help her!
Wait, I don't get it.
I will give her money.
Five thousand.
While I'm giving this to her, I want you
to get it on video.
-Wait, for what?
So that my bashers will stop.
And you think your dad's gonna be
pleased just because of that?
Or maybe, we can make it more fun so it could
go viral. I've watched this prank in US.
They pranked this pizza delivery guy.
The delivery
guy thought they're
really going to kill him.
Yes, I saw that. He didn't know
they will just give him a big tip.
-He even cried, right?
You guys are so good,
that's why you're a perfect match.
I know.
Are you guys serious?
You're going to prank the beggar?
Bro, it's going to be funny, relax!
- Right.
Our objective here is to help the beggar.
Anyway, we are giving her money!
But why do you need to prank her.
You know what,
it's up to you, but I am out!
Oh guys, he is out!
-You know, your ex is such a buzzkill!
-I know right.
Anyway, enough of that.
What are we going to do?
-Are you sure you saw her here?
-I'm sure, Bobby.
-Where the hell is she!
-Maybe she's at the higher floor.
Higher floor?
Is that her?
This is what we're going to do.
I'll sneak up on her, I'll scare her.
I will make her believe that
I am a serial killer.
And we frighten her.
I am sure she will run in fear.
I will make her believe that
we are really going to kill her.
And then, to make her calm down, let's take
this off. Then give her the 5,000 pesos.
I will kill you!
-I will kill you! You're dead!
-I will kill you!
That's enough, tell her it's a prank.
Let's just chase her outside the rooftop, then
that's when I'll reveal myself! Come on, Bobby!
-Have pitty on her!
-Bobby, she's getting away!
I will break your head until
your brain comes out!
Miss, we're not going to harm you.
Miss, calm down.
Miss, calm down!
We are here to help you.
I'll give you 5,000 pesos.
Take it.
Come on, take it.
Miss, please stop.
Listen to me!
Oh, my God!
You're going to fall! Oh, my God!
Please, listen to me!
You're going to fall!
Oh, my Gosh...
Where is she!
We were up there!
She should be here!
You know I already have a bad feeling
about this! But still you won't stop!
So you are saying it's my fault?
Whose idea is this prank, anyway?!
Wow Jean, wow!
You planned to prank her, what the heck!
I just wanted to give her the money, and
you suggested it to make it viral!
-To be funny, right?
What happened?
Did you see the beggar?
She's with you guys upstairs.
She fell off the building!
Huh? You guys pushed her?
Why would we push her, Sherwin!
She fell off by accident!
So she should have been here!
You ought the shit doesn't add up,
we need to go now! Let's go!
-Let's go! Let's go!
Maybe she survived.
And so if she did, she
ran away that easily?
-Come on, Sherwin!
-Well, that's the only logical explanation.
That's stupid.
Give me a second, guys.
I will be right back.
I'll just buy some cigarettes.
Can I borrow the camera?
-Let me see!
Miss, calm down.
Miss, calm down!
We are here to help you!
Take it! Come on.
Take it.
Val! Stop moving!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Sherwin, she was just right there!
The beggar!
She's alive!
-Are you sure, guys?
-Yes, we are!
What happened?
They saw the beggar.
Jean and I swear it was really her!
So, we don't have any problem!
But how did she get here?
She's homeless, I'm sure she loiters.
God, Bobby, up to here?
Can we just go home already... please!
Are you serious? After what had happened?
Nothing happened!
Sherwin... she's fine!
I just don't want to waste the footage.
You'll show everything you did to her?
Maybe just the part where
I gave her the money.
Where are you starting?
- There. -"I'll give you 5000 pesos"
-So where are you going to finish it?
Take it, come on.
Take it.
Maybe it's better if I
make an opening spiel
so that people will
understand the context.
Come on, Sherwin.
Zoom it in up to my chest only.
Hi, guys!
For this episode, instead of
staging an elaborate prank.
I decided to donate money
to a homeless girl
whom my friends and I encountered
while travelling up north.
So here's what happened.
And cut.
So where were you last night?
I was at Val's place.
But why aren't you
answering your phone?
I wasn't able
to hear my ringtone, dad.
Going to work?
As always...
Another business meeting.
Do you want me to
buy you anything from Shanghai?
- There's a store there that...
- No, I'm good.
What the...
I'll check your left eye,
look up, please.
Thank you, the other eye now.
Okay, up!
Thank you.
Dad, what's wrong with her?
Well, her BP's high.
Are you stressed lately?
Doc, I had a scary nightmare.
It seems like there's a monster
that's bothering me in my sleep.
Damn! I know what you are suffering from.
Sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis?
When it happens, you cannot move, right?
And then you see a scary entity
beside your bed...
It could be a ghost,
an elemental,
or even a demon!
But you know what,
it's your mind
playing tricks on you.
It's just sleep paralysis.
And it's been causing you stress!
Doc, excuse me.
Dr. Policarpio is calling you.
Excuse me.
Are you still thinking
about the beggar?
We went too far.
Didn't we?
What if you call your brother?
Or your Dad.
What for?
They will just tell me, this is what I get
for being a brat.
Sherwin, we should find the beggar.
To check on her!
But she's alive, isn't she?
I mean...
That's what you and Val claim.
But I wanna ask for forgiveness.
Because it's the only way for me
to have peace of mind.
Maybe, she goes to different places.
Maybe you are right.
What's our plan?
We'll have to ask around.
There, let's ask him.
Excuse me, can we ask something?
We are actually looking for a beggar.
Jean, are you okay?
She's sick.
Is there any nearby hospital here?
Just help me.
Let's bring her to my mom.
Is your mom a doctor?
Let's hurry!
Let her sit.
Is she a doctor?
Faith healer.
It's an evil eye hex!
Pwera usog.
Mom, what happened?
It's not an ordinary
person that has hexed her.
I knew the time would come
that I'll be needing this.
What the hell is that?!
That's the saliva of Mom Minda.
But that's not just any saliva.
It's a powerful saliva.
Pwera usog!
She's safe now.
She needs to rest.
This is a secluded place.
Sorry about that.
How's Jean?
She's fine.
It's good that we found out early.
It's a serious case of evil eye hex
that happened to your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
Before we were...
Wait... what is usog?
When a person has it,
usually children.
An illness happens just by
getting a simple greeting
or a bad stare from a stranger.
They say it's from usog.
There are also cases that
it's from the stare of a bad spirit.
An elemental...
even by a demon.
-Ouch! Ouch!
- What happened to you, my child!
-What's hurting you?
-Ouch! Ouch!
My dad's a doctor.
A real doctor.
He doesn't believe in things like that.
How about you?
Do you believe in it?
What's wrong, baby?
I've been thinking about my dream.
It's so strange!
Let me guess!
You dreamt about a
shadowy figure with strange eyes!
How did you know?
Is that it?
Is that what you dreamt of?
Yes, that's it but you guessed it!
Maybe because I dreamt about
it also, I don't know!
But we easily forget what
we dreamt of, right?
Baby... stop thinking about her!
It's fine!
Just stop thinking.
But what if, we really killed her!
What would we have done?
So we killed her! Who cares?
She's homeless!
No one's gonna miss her.
You know, you are mean!
Know what else?
I'm sexy as hell!
Shh! Shh!
-What is it!
Bobby! What is it!
Nothing, I thought I saw something.
Bobby! Whats the matter?
I think I'm okay now.
I think I might be overdosing.
What's happening to him!
Bobby... what's happening to him!
Someone tell me!
The liquid from Miss Minda
that you used with Jean,
is that really saliva?
It's Aunt Magda and mine.
We saved it when she was still alive.
Our family had been curing such
illnesses for many generation.
But there are some cases that
a simple saliva won't work anymore,
that's why we decided to
save some magical saliva.
And that is what mom Minda used with Jean.
Do you feel okay?
Does the beggar have
something to do with this?
Come on, Jean.
I think we should go.
We will go ahead.
Thank you very much!
You should wear these.
It's a protection from bad elements.
Wear it, so you won't get hexed again.
Thank you.
Here's some money, buy some rice.
We only help people in need.
I don't ask for something in return.
What happened?
He's dead!
Doctor said it might be a drug overdose,
but... but all that blood?
It's not making any sense!
But... Bobby isn't taking any drugs!
He is but all that blood?
That can't be the reason!
He told me he had the exact
same dream that I had.
A shadow... no, a lady who looks like a...
Yes! You too?!
Oh, my God! It's that beggar girl!
She's the witch!
That's why she didn't die
when she fell off the building,
And she's coming after us, one by one!
Help me!
Help me!
-Help me! I'm next!
-Val! Val!
Your dad called me.
He's asking if you're doing fine.
What did you say?
I told him you're having sleep paralysis.
It's not sleep paralysis!
What do you want me to say?
The faith healer's diagnosis?
He wants me to look after
you while he's gone.
Next time if he ask, tell him I'm fine.
I have a question.
For the record,
I'm still not convinced that
these are all supernatural.
But... if it's really supernatural,
why is Val safe?
What do you mean?
She also dreamt of the witch, right?
Why hasn't she became
sick like you and Bobby?
How is she?
She's still asleep.
What happened to you, my child?
You know, when she told
me she doesn't need me...
That Bobby will take care of her anyway,
that hurt me the most.
I pray for my child every night!
So that she will be protected
from any misfortune.
She still has it.
Where did that come from?
From a faith healer,
but... I cannot remember her name.
Sorry about that...
Minda, is that her name?
Do you think the witch will harm me?
I mean, I did not take
part in the prank, did I?
You haven't dreamt of it?
I'm not sure.
I often forget about my dreams.
Anyway, Miss Minda gave
you an amulet, right?
About that...
-I threw it away.
I wasn't a believer.
Until now.
Well, technically I still don't believe
all these supernatural things you said.
But fine,
I now acknowledge the possibility.
Give me some alms, please.
Please give me some alms.
That's mine!
Tomorrow, we'll be able to eat.
What is your name?
Who are you talking to?
You're just hungry, go to sleep.
Luna, look at what I found!
Look at what I found.
It seems that it isn't rotten yet,
we can still eat that.
This is for my new friend!
Hey, Luna! Where are we going?
Hey, the owner might catch us!
The owner is my friend!
This is for you.
Luna! What's up with you?
can you pass me the egg.
Get me a glass of egg.
Do you have a problem?
I dreamt about Luna.
And the...
the soul of Catalina.
I think it's the right time for you
to know the whole truth.
Last night, when I was examining the girl.
I saw that Catalina was
the one who hexed her!
Mom, Jean told me something.
Regarding a beggar.
Don't you think it was Luna?
There is a possibility that
Jean did something to Luna
that made Catalina's soul angry.
Where are you going?
Mom, I will look for Luna.
And then?
We've abandoned her before,
are we going to do that again?
Did you forget how your Grandma Magda died.
My child!
Let's get her, please!
Catalina's soul is watching her.
I can feel her.
Where did she go?
Where is she.
Minda, give me the bottle of...
This body is mine!
Whoever invades her, I will surely kill!
Minda, bring Quintin out of here! Faster!
If you didn't save and adopt
me when I was a child,
I'm sure, just like Luna,
I'd be in the evil side now.
What's the use of the power God gave us
if we're not going to use it
to help people who are in need.
Quintin, you're like a child to me.
I don't want anything bad
to ever happen to you.
I know, Mom.
Don't worry about me.
I will take care of myself.
Hello! Anybody here?
-Quintin! Quintin! We need your help!
- Jean! Its good that you came here to see us again!
-There are things happening with my friends that we
cannot explain! - You mentioned about a beggar yesterday.
-Can you describe her to me? Jean! Listen to me! - We
met a girl beggar. We need your help! Listen to me!
Wait! Wait!
How can you understand each other?!
You pushed her?
She fell off!
I think she moved back because
she was frightened.
But when we go down to look
for her, she wasn't there!
It's Catalina's ploy.
Yes. Since I was a child,
I've been hearing things about Catalina.
Catalina is living alone in a mansion.
In the middle of a forest.
In our town, there have been
frequent cases of missing persons.
Many of them were children.
Catalina was abducting these children
and taking them home.
That's where she sucked up
all the energy of the children
until they died.
When the townsmen found out about it,
they all went to Catalina's
mansion to get rid of her.
But even though Catalina was dead,
she was still abducting people,
to suck up all their energy.
Catalina is taking her revenge on you.
Because you hurt the only remaining person
she is getting her powers from.
Is it Luna?
Wait a minute,
I cannot understand.
Quintin mentioned
-that she was still a kid
when she adopted... -abducted...
when Catalina's soul abducted Luna.
But, why is she still alive now?
Why is she still alive unlike
the children she abducted before?
Because instead of getting all her
energy at once, she took care of her.
For what?
To get energy from Luna little by little
while she's still alive?
Just like a fruit bearing plant.
You take care of it first
before harvesting its fruit.
When it is time to eat.
Luna is not a plant.
Jean, can you bring me
where you found Luna?
It is inside this building
where we first found Luna.
Alright, thank you.
You can go ahead.
No! We will accompany you.
Catalina will not leave us
alone 'till we fix this mess!
What do you think we can
do against a ghost witch?
But we can help Quintin.
Am I right?
But we won't stay here late.
We only have 2 hours left
before the sun down.
We only have 30 minutes
left before getting dark.
Sherwin, did you see Luna?
What happened?
What's up with you guys!
Please don't scare me!
-What are you doing there?
The doll!
That's Luna's!
You will never get her
from me, I will kill you!
Quintin! Please help me!
Help me please!
-Quintin! Quintin!
-Quintin! Quintin! Come on! Come on!
-Quintin! Quintin!
-Quintin! Quintin!
-Quintin! Wake up!
Quintin! Quintin! Quintin! Quintin!
Minda, Quintin is in trouble...
Mom Magda?
Is she there?
That's enough!
Quintin help!
It didn't help.
I think Catalina's power is too strong.
So what are we going to do?
Here Jean, wear this.
That's just protection, it's not a cure.
What if I kiss her?
You're not together, right?
Quintin, what are we going to do?
Mom... Mom, please help...
The girl with Quintin is in grave danger.
Because of Catalina's evil eye hex.
Mom Magda, what can I do?
If witches can hex from afar.
We, folk healer can also cure from afar.
But Mom Magda,
my powers cannot cure from afar.
You can, you just have to believe.
You just have to believe!
Pwera usog!
Are you okay?
She's fine.
My child.
Mom, thank you.
Mom, how did you heal her from afar?
In time, I will teach you.
Miss Minda,
Can we take a bath?
I have vomit on me.
Can I also get another...
protection amulet?
5,000 pesos.
I'm just kidding.
Let's go, come inside.
Let's all hold our hands.
Don't release your hands until I say so.
What happened?
Miss Minda!
Stop bothering me!
Bring Luna back!
Don't let go!
I saw Luna.
At Catalina's antique house in the forest.
I will save her, Mom.
You cannot go there alone.
I will come along.
It's time to end Catalina's evilness.
For the sake of my Mom Magda.
Quintin, get ready.
I thought nobody should
release their hands?
We can do that now.
Quintin, give me the bottle of egg.
I cannot see her here.
Let's go inside.
I can feel that she is being watched
by Catalina.
Surround her with salt.
When you see me trying to fight,
pull me away from the circle.
What will happen if we
don't pull you away on time?
My soul will vanish to other dimension.
She will die.
Her earthly body will die
when it doesn't have a soul.
Help me, please...
Where is Catalina?
Quintin! Help me!
It's time! Its time!
Mom... Mom!...Mom!
Mom, wake up!
She's gone...
Jean! Close the door!
-Jean! Go ahead. I will take care of this.
-What? What are you going to do here?
Just always remember,
I love you.
Sherwin, your amulet! Where is it?
I think it fell off!
Sherwin! Sherwin!
That's enough...
Leave me and Catalina alone.
If it weren't for her I'd already be gone.
Luna, I am already here.
Staring today, I will take care of you.
Why just now, Quintin?
You abandoned me!
Face me!
You, bastard witch!
Take me instead!
Give Luna her freedom, please!
I don't need you anymore!
Is that really you?
The good lady offered
herself in place of me.
Jean! Jean! Jean! Jean! Jean!
Youre safe now.
Youre safe now.
Where's Luna?
She's safe, because of you.
Youre safe now.
Sherwin! Sherwin! Sherwin!
Sherwin! Sherwin!
Quintin! He had been hexed by Catalina.
Do you still have saliva from Miss Minda?
It was all gone.
Pwera usog.
Sherwin! Sherwin! Sherwin!
Pwera usog.
You can be a folk healer, Jean.
That's only a sleep paralysis.
You will pay for your absurdity!
You can never bother this
world anymore, Catalina!
Do you really think that
thing will kill me?
Mom, Grandma, please give me strength...
I'll just finish healing them.
Thank you.
Quintin, we still have it.
Miss Minda gave it to us.
This is different.
This is not protection from getting hexed.
This is to strengthen your spirit force.
A spirit force is the
power inside our body.
It can be used to do good deeds.
Jean, your inner power
seems to be stronger.
Because you cured Sherwin
from Catalina's hex.
How did it become stronger?
When you sacrificed yourself
for other people's sake.
Is Miss Minda really gone?
She isn't really gone.
She and grandma...
I can feel that they're always guiding us.
But still, it's better if they were here.
You're crying again.
Don't worry. I am here.
Hi! Hi to my subscribers and to my haters.
This is Jean Cordero and
this going to be my last blog.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna have to shut down this
channel because I've decided to pursue
better things.
See you around guys, as in, in real life.
Hi, Dad! Welcome back!
What's that?
Dad, I've enrolled last
week in a university.
That's great!
How much did you pay?
My savings was a little hurt.
Don't worry I'm gonna
take care of your allowance.
No, Dad, it's okay, I have my savings.
But if my money runs out, lend me some.
Please, Dad?
Sorry for everything, Dad.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
'Cause I never took time to reflect on what
you've been going through
all these years.
After your Mom and I parted ways.
But from now on,
everything will be different.
I promise you that.
You've been here for awhile?
My girlfriend's very studious.
I'm starving.
-Wait, did you order the...
-Can I ask for alms...
So I can buy food.
Go away! Why are you bothering them.
-No, it's okay I'll take care of her.
-Ma'am, it's prohibited here.
I'll be the one to pay for these, right?
Just give me another one of these.
You can eat now.
Sit down.
This is delicious.
You're so kind.
Wait, I will wash first.
Hello, what is your name?
And you, what is your...
To whom are you talking to?
It's her.
Is this yours?