Paavada (2016)

'Kind attention viewers -'
'- this story takes place before
the closure of bars in Kerala'
'Don't call me a drunkard because
more than the Iiquorl drank'
'Much more I have drank my tears'
- FayazAham med Fayaz
'Paavada' (The skirt)
Greetings, I'm not a character
in this movie, okay
Before the movie begins and in
between there is a story narration, no?
In big movies it is Srinivasan sir and
Renjith sir who does this story narration
For example, when the movie
'Meeshamadhavan' starts
Haven't you heard that
dialogue said by Renjith sir?
On hearing that, it is a kind of thrill
I'm the one who is doing
the narration of this movie
But on asking who are you?
What is your merit for that?
What is the merit for a
drunkard at this toddy shop?
Even by begging or by postponing
the payment, will daily drink
But not only that
To tell the story of 'Pam bu'
(snake) and 'Paavada' (skirt)
The best merit is for
What a form is this?
Lucky that didn't buy
the wall mounting TV
Otherwise would have
turned over the entire wall!
What is this? In the previous
life was he a bat?
Pillaicha, very thirsty
Yeah you'll be thirsty
Yesterday you were drinking
like filling diesel in a tanker lorry
Should have thought on that
Morning you will have
the thirst and giddiness
Doing some stupid things and"!
Pillai, hey man Pillaicha!
Calling Pillai, Pillai now he
will start calling my mother
Hey man Pillaicha
Yeah I'm coming
Hell with it! To kill people
What is it? That is so urgent
Just lift this by holding the hand
If the parents had whacked you
at right time, now you won't do all this
By the way let me ask,
as I don't know -
- does the things in this
house have legs and hands?
Morning TV was 'upside down'
Now the fridge is lying
in 'Anandhashayanam' -
- as if like 'Patmanabaswamy?
And the shoes, one is in 'Pala'
and the other one is in 'Palli...!'
Shucks! Just move
back, move back
My mother!
Bring it, straight
Only this much, very correct
For this one, only"
How did you manage to do this?
At night, I tried to open it
For what?
To make a 'bulls eye'
Shucks! This thing so called egg,
should scold his father who invented it
Look, that eatery fellow is waiting
there - Which eatery guy?
My..My aunt's husband!
You should have consciousness
as little as bed bug!
Yesterday what had
happened in particular
Babu sir, just fire
off that 'Hamlet' speech
Man, who is that guy? - That one,
that is our 'Paavada' (skirt)
He is a peculiar character
What is it sir?
Babu sir, is getting intoxicated
Just have a watch on him
You dirty filthy lawyer
what are you laughing at?
I laughed since it was good
Man, what a nuisance is this?
The ear is getting deafening
Just turn on that TV
I didn't say"
Sit, sit
Pillaicha, let him say what is to
be or not to be - Man, that bill, bill
Fellow, turn off the TV
Is this TV your hereditary property?
To turn it on and off when you say?
My sir, this is not' foot step dance',
several programs will be staged
Just call Suresh sir
Pillaicha, keep quite
Move off man
Buddy here comes the police come fast
Run and come man, come fast
Like that don't blame Babu alone
Those nuisance people
had come and provoked, isn't it?
Look lawyer on drinking if a problem
is created, police can't stand watching
All though it is told to lawyer, can
understand where that needle is poking
Sir, first of all learn to live decently
Should live decently
An adviser!
Pillaicha, I don't like to say like
this to a teacher who taught me
But this kind of character
will lead to a big trouble
Sir, won't he listen?
Don't you know?
Sir, bill
Look, today no
need it is late at night
The bad words that should be told
at the right time, if not it will get bitter
That was a correct hit
Please don't make this son to
pelt stones to a glass window
Look, Pillaicha, opened it
By disdaining the sleep in my life
Aren't you sleeping nicely?
When I was late might
have thought I won't come
It wasn't intentional, urgently
wanted to create a fight
Now I'm going, really
hungry that is why
Don't be happy I
will come tomorrow also
I'll come till I die
If you die, I'll come to your
grave yard and scold you
And if I'm the one who is
dying, I'll come in your dreams
Like a ghost
Right now I'm going
You have told, haven't you?
Come on get in
Look, son you are already drunk,
I'll drive, move to other side
This is my car, what is kept
on this seat is my 'buttocks
I know how to reach
home, with 'both' of this
Come on get in man!
Hey you fellow, Paavada (skirt)
We'll get you, we will deal with you!
Fellow, go home
Go man, you 'Paavada Babu'
Get lost you 'Paavada' (skirt)
My God, Car!
Hey chicken! Coming to
shit on other's floor!
Give that cheque
I'll come now
On hearing this 'Paavada' (Skirt) you
must be thinking what a bad name it is
There are drunkards here
with much more bad names
That is very much inside this Kerala
'Pam bu Joy' (Snake Joy)
('A Hindu devotional Bajan')
With this chaired by
Bharatha Desheeya Congress
This 'Gandhi memorial program'
has come to an end
All the followers may disperse now
Have slept nicely, come let's go
Joycha, who is this
'Reghu Pathi Rajaram?'
Don't you know that? - No!
He was a great freedom fighter
Rajaram Mohan Roy - Then who
is this 'Pathitha Pavana Sitaram?'
He is the brother of Rajaram
P.P Sitharam
Don't create a fuss, all have got
Just move back
Don't create an issue
Just move I say
Really thirsty
Just move back - Brother, give
Only this one?
Only cover is there, no bottle
For the meeting and procession Rs.
500 and one full, that is the custom
On saying that only came
Who has told?
Saji Payippadan - If Payippadan
has told, go and ask Payippadan
Today Payippadan will get the treat!
My god! -Again on asking the full
will you show the stomach? - Never!
My god, my mother India!
Keep quite, if you open the
mouth, I'll smash the 'lanka'
Here, take it the money to buy full
Don't take everything
Good bye!
Good boy, okay!
'Gandhi Jayanthi - today holiday'
Brother, taking a long comb okay
Brother, what is the price?
Rs. 5
Can you just turn that tube down?
What is it, if it is 'Gandhi Jayanthi'?
This bar is always open
Isn't it?
Get lost dog
Go fellow
Sorry dog, sorry! - Hey fellow!
Tell that thing to stop barking
I'm telling that
This dog has gone mad
by eating, this is a rich man's dog
This thing will tear me off today! My
god, Joycha, dog is coming to bite me
Joycha, please help
Hey thief!
Who is that? - Joycha, shall
we also go to catch the thief?
Hey fool, they are
calling us the thief!
My god
Thief, don't leave him!
Brother, not a thief, came
to drink toddy!
'Janamaithri Police Station'
Father, don't you have any other
job? Why taking this idiot on bail?
Please pardon for this time, sir
He won't repeat again
Hey fellow, come out
Sir, is calling you people
Won't listen to anyone,
he is only scared of me
That is, like this
Blessing in the name of Jesus, father
Fellow, just move to that side
What is the name of
'Pambu's' (snake's) friend?
'Raj!' 'Velakoothi Raj'
(Lamp extinguisher)
Sir, he is 'Velakoothi Rajan'
In the playing card club, he'll
extinguish the lamp and flee with money
Then what?
Can I extinguish the bulb?
No, that's not possible
Both are perfect match!
Hey lady, put a sign here
Sister, told you are a nurse, no?
Could you marry someone with a job?
Sir, that was a mistake,
because of that Vijayan
Who is this Vijayan?
Fellows, move back!
Back off from the way!
Hey fellow, give the
ticket, give the ticket, I say!
Fellow, give the ticket!
First, it is 150
Two numbers
Do you have Rs. 3,00?
Come on take the money
Give the money here
Okay, I'll give
First it is 150, 150
Brother, how much is it? - 150
Can you give for 100? - Go man!
150 - For 200 can you give 2?
That is not possible
150, 150
Do you have association membership?
My goodness, I'm not
a fan, came to sell it in 'black'
That is what is said, if you
want to see the ticket in 'black'
You should have the
membership in association
Can't take the membership and all, if
you want can give a first class ticket
Before giving that, you
will get one first class 'whack'!
Don't show off man, don't show off
Will fall, don't push
Go man!
Hey don't push will fall!
What fellow?
Hey fellow!
Sir, will go
Okay sir
Hey man, SP sir had called
What is it sir? - For the brother in
law's program there are no people
On saying how can I create the
people? Am I 'Brahma?' (Creator)
Sir, you don't get tensed, for the
time being there are 4 men inside
Okay if is 4, you call them
Today I'll show them!
Hey man, go and
get inside the vehicle
For what sir?
To have the feast on
your '28th day function'
Come on go and
get inside the vehicle
Come, lets have the feast!
Get in fast, fellows
Sir where to? - Shut up fellow!
All of you get down
'Blood donation Cam p'
This club's secretary
is SP's brother in law
On hearing the blood donation
all had fled from this district
If the program becomes a failure,
bad name for SP and brother in law
That bad name should be covered
by giving our blood, isn't it?
Can't poke a needle on my body
I'll just"!
Walk man!
My dear sir, it is out of fear
On seeing the ' syringe'
my knees will start to shake
On breaking that knees, your
problem will be solved, won't it?
Come on man write
'Pam bu Joy' (snake Joy)
Not 'pass' it is 'Pam bu'
Look, 'Pam bu' they
are the doves of peace
They will inject without hurting
Not doves sir, they are 'witches'
Even on 'Kottayam
Pushpanath's ghost novels'
It is more decent than this, sir!
Fellow, while taking this injection,
it will hurt as if like an ant's bite
Long back when I was
bitten by a 'mad dog'
Had taken 16 injections
around my 'Umbilicus'
I just stood coolly
May be the dog which
had bitten you!
Come here man, I'll
break your nerves today
Where are the wings?
What is it?
The wings?
Please come
Which is the group?
Nothing like that will go for all
processions for all the 'groups'
I asked the blood group
ls there group for that one also?
Doesn't matter, we'll
check it over here
Should take the sample
What is this? Why are you lying
in a turned over manner?
Show the hand
I thought it will be from the back
Are you injecting on the hand?
Are you that much scared?
Is it for this you are scared like this?
Usually while going to a hospital-
-they inject like inserting an
iron rod on rocks
Like this for the first time
This is for taking the sample
To take the blood,
must inject once again
Since the sample was
taken from the show room
The original will be
taken from the godown
Is that also taken from hand?
Okay if it hand, okay with hand
The blood group is very rare
It is good to give blood
as a donation -
-within an interval of
one or two months
It will be also a help for the patients
Taking the blood, okay
Is it correct?
By the way, doesn't this
angel have a name?
What a bad name?
Why didn't you like it?
I'll take the burden of that
Even otherwise, why do these
angels have a name, man?
Should see the way,
she walks and comes
It is like peacock flying and coming
...Le, Ie! ...Mayil (peacock)
Did you ask?
When the love is started, on seeing
a 'crow ' will look like Kareena Kapoor
This is not like that, man
Then, how is it?
Should see how she walks,
like a swan very beauti'ful'
This is not 'full'
This is only a 'pint'
Stupid fellow!
Joycha, this love is like putting
a beer bottle inside the 'lungi'
- without wearing an
underwear, it is such a situation
It is risk - Anyway I have
decided to take the risk
By the way she has told Joychan's
blood is 'international blood' -
- it is very rare to get
isn't it, what she told?
Idiot don't call 'her' it is Sinimol
You should see her as a sister
I was telling, regarding
the matter of seeing
As there is good demand, will get
a good price on selling the blood
On that pretext you
can go and see her
How is it?
All though you are a 'chicken'
you are really a 'movement?
I'll make 'sister Sinimol'
mother of my kids
"ls the nest of naughtiness,
for dear ones it is honey"
"Right from morning, is drunk like a
'Pam bu' (snake), the very smart Joy"
"Right the next day after joining a
job, does some mischievous tricks"
"The Joy, who comes back
as if like a miscalculated rocket"
"He is ready for anything, has
got various gimmicks with him"
"if at all he lands up in any
job, will bring some problems"
"Without pouring water drinks a full"
"He is too good to pretend,
ready to give the self"
"No matter what happens
he is very stern"
"That is Joy"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
"ls the nest of naughtiness,
for dear ones it is honey"
"Right from morning, is drunk like a
'Pam bu' (snake), the very smart Joy"
What is that sound?
Go man!
That is..
"When there is shortage of
money, won't look anything else"
"Joy sells the kidney and boozes"
"When calculating the
money spend on booze"
"Today is Joy is above
'Tata and Birla"
"Where ever he sees a 'nibble' soon
takes a bottle from waist and drinks"
"That is Joy"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
"ls the nest of naughtiness,
for dear ones it is honey"
"Right from morning, is drunk like a
'Pam bu' (snake), the very smart Joy"
"Right the next day after joining a
job, does some mischievous tricks"
"The Joy, who comes back as
if like a miscalculated rocket"
"He is ready for anything, has
got various gimmicks with him"
"if at all he lands up in any
job, will bring some problems"
"Without pouring water drinks a full"
"He is too good to
pretend, ready to give the self -"
"No matter what happens
he is very stern"
"That is Joy"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
"Joy, is our dear one
Joy is our asset"
"But still, Joy is always drunk"
What happened?
The life of a girl, who
has married a drunkard
It is like the face of a 'Tamil guy'
In Tamil Nadu for 'face'
it is called 'moonchi' (Got dumped)
Hey girl, where are you hiding?
Come decently, then the
number of beating will be less
What is this? Is it a love letter?
'I'm going, won't come
back, do not search me'
'Drink and be the way you like,
enjoy and be peaceful - Sinimol'
What is it? - Hey man, Varghese
what is a movement at cemetery?
You also come with
me, will go and check
When it is mid night, certain things
Fellow, who is that one?
Did anyone come to steal the
offering box? - Who is that?
Father, it is me
My Jesus, Mother what
is he doing on top of a tree?
Get down fellow, from the tree top
No, I'm going to hang!
Fellow, don't hang yourself
on the tree, I say you get down
I'll hang - Fellow, it is me who is
saying get down from the tree
When I hang..My God!
My sod,
Son, are you hurt?
What more to happen, when falling
down hitting the buttocks, it's nice, no?
I have told you, not to
hang on that, isn't it?
That was a rotten
branch, didn't you see that?
Then father, why can't
you say that before?
Yeah fellow, I will hang a board on
branches, that is suitable for hanging
Boy, what was that
big pain to hang?
Father, my wife is there, no?
She had left me and gone
I hanged out of that sorrow, father
Hey man, just lift this fellow
My dear father
Yeah, coming
Hello, father this is me, Sini
Yeah, where are you calling from,
now? - Father, I'm calling from Wayanad
Over here there is an old age
home named 'Karunya' (kindness)
It is managed by a monastery
Yeah, I know, I know
There is a need for a
nurse over here -
- mother at the hospital has
been saying for a longtime
Father, I had come here
Again if I stay there it won't be good
What is the problem
between you and Joy?
There is a limit to bear, isn't it?
Father you may ask directly
Daughter you may come from there
If you are not there,
he will never become good
To make him good we all tried so
far but it didn't work out, isn't it?
Now let him be good, by himself
I just called to inform
that I have reached here
If there is any urgency,
may call on this number
Yeah, one minute
Come on tell
Hey fellow, fellow, get up
Who told you to wear this one?
Father, didn't get anything else
Fellow, remove it
My goodness!
Otherwise no need
Hey boy, remove the gown I say!
Look father on seeing something
don't get scared and catch fever
Look, I'm the one who
is saying, remove the gown
There is nothing worn under this one
Dirty fellow!
If I'm a dirty fellow for
not wearing anything inside
What will you call her
for disdaining me?
If the husbands character is
bad, wives will leave and go
For all this what did you do at home?
That is like, any husband will have
some 'misunderstanding', no?
What is it?
'Mis understand-mending'!
Mis understanding
I have no hope whether
Joy will become good
Other than you, to
whom will I say my sorrow?
I know, now you also don't want me
You don't have the
time to console me
Buddy as far as from what
is heard, it is bit problematic
Man, I didn't hear
anyone else's sound
Then did she talk to a cat?
If it is cat, then it is okay
When there is no one around will
enter inside the kitchen, that's all
But there is a creature that climbs
on the bed, when there is no one
The 'paramoul'
'Marjaran!' (The cat)
I'll chop
You don't be like 'Talathil Dineshan'
Then what should I do?
Should I keep quite?
Not that, if someone comes to steal
and eat must catch him 'red handed'
If caught, then it is his last
After all I get a holiday
only on Sundays
At least at that time why can't you
sit at home, without drinking?
Girl, it is not to drink liquor and all
there is a dog lying in the well
Should call 'Velakoothi' (Lamp
extinguisher) and pick that up
Won't you be there for lunch?
No girl, I will come only
after cleaning that well
You close the door okay
'Jaran' (The paramour)
'Marjaran' (The cat)
'Jaran' (The paramour)
'Marjaran' (The cat)
Get lost, you dog!
Look, only you are there for me
Joy has left, not to clean
the well and the pond
Has gone to toddy shop, while
sitting with you like this I get bit of relief
And then when you sleep
with me what is that you get?
Is it roasted banana?
I'll end the disease
of both ones, today
No that, first of all I should
know who he is
I know you won't disdain me fully
All though he drinks liquor,
Joy is really fond of me
Just stop that drinking liquor
habit, the rest I'll manage
And don't think I have lighted
all this candles as a bribe, okay
What kind of a fellow am I?
Fellow, what are you
peeping at, on climbing a ladder'?
That is because there
is a snake inside this
What, another snake,
in a snake's house?
Snake is your father
No it is a bird, flew off
How come so early?
Didn't you lift the dog?
That came out by itself
Did the dog climb by itself?
No, someone had lifted it
Today, you have returned
as a good boy
I'm hungry take the food
Since you told you won't come
to eat, I didn't prepare anything
This is yesterday's fish
curry, what happened?
Came straight home
without visiting toddy shop?
To tell the truth, today I thought
of drinking a bit out of sorrow
What is the sorrow that
you have to drink and all?
Girl, I misunderstood you
On hearing the conversations
of yours with God
I thought there is
someone coming here
Who else is there to come here?
Not that the other person
What, the other person?
Not like that
When saying 'Jaran' (Paramour)
I'm also a husband, no?
Not with the fish pot, should
have chopped you with knife
So that is it she is a divine one
on beating me with a pot and left
In my ear and eyes it was filled with
fish curry, then I became 'Shasi'
Father you call her and ask
what a decency is that?
I can't, you hear what she has to tell
Yeah, father must be
scared of her, I don't fear anyone
I'm her husband
Father, males should
have guts, guts
Yeah, I'm a female I lack
little bit of boldness
You call yourself
Varghese chettan, cover the ears,
when she picks up the phone
I'm going to say the bad words
which may deaf her ears
Is it so?
Hello, is it 'Karunia Old age Home?'
ls there a nurse named
Sinimol who is newly joined?
Her husband is calling
Are you this person named Joy?
Without a spine?
Without attending the affairs
of the family and drinks liquor -
- are you a husband?
To create bad name for males!
Every where there is people like this
who are useless for money and soil
Fellow, by putting a moustache under
the nose, you won't become a male
Since this girl doesn't have good
brothers to break your bones -
- that is why you show off like this
Again if at all you
call this girl and disturb!
It is not fish curry, I'll pour
melted iron in your mouth!
Fellow, I say cut the phone!
Hey fellow, Joy did you get her?
I didn't get her but I got nicely!
You remove this gown and dress
like a human being and come
I need to talk with you certain things
I don't have an
opinion that drinking is a big sin
But in stead of we drinking liquor,
liquor drinking us that isn't a big thing
My dear father, the 'Karal (liver)
Valkey's' son who died of a liver issues
In stead of drinking liquor, do
you think he'll drink milk water?
Why not liver you
also damage the intestine?
You put a nipple on top of the
bottle and you suck it 24 hours
It is not because I
think to stop drinking liquor
Every day morning I have
this severe guilt feeling
I'll think I won't
touch this liquor again
But we.. -After the sun set
the hand will start to shake
That is like that, by adding colour,
this liquor which is inside the bottle
Actually do you know what it is?
That is the urine of 'Satan' - Shucks!
That will keep on calling
Hey fellow, for drinking liquor,
there is no happy ending
The money in the hand will
be lost, the mind will be lost
The health and peace
of mind will be lost
Sometimes may even die
Now if nothing of this
has happened -
- perhaps the liquor may get finished
Father, to stop drinking
what should be done?
Tell me that
Are you asking this seriously?
Yes father
Then, can you go to place that I tell?
Will go
Is it a word?
Father that is a word, why because
When people with knowledge
say we can learn something, no?
Father, can I ask a doubt?
To know this much of this..
Come on ask
Father you are hard
core drinker, no?
My son,just go slow
Shut up man
Hello, where are you buddy?
That is him, no?
That fellow who created
a quarrel at the bar
Let him go as he likes
Yeah, let him go but can
meet him and go, isn't it?
Go man Paavada (Skirt)
Pillaicha, he ran!
I'll come now
I'll show now
Not to any where
Only to there
He and his new car
Hey fellow, my car! - Son that
car is different, that is not his
Hey fellow, stop there
Stop there
Pillaicha, get in - Go, go
My god, my car, not even after one
hour since received from show room
My god, my car
Hey fellow I'll show you
On seeing how you lie down,
no one will say you smashed -
- MLA's brother in law's car
Sir, what have you done?
This belongs to my brother in law
Certified like that by MLAI didn't
see such a board in front of that car
Pillaicha, on hearing this I get itching
That is because of no bathing
Look shut up
Since Acha Poti has told
revealed from that case
Lucky that the politician's
didn't kill me
Every now and then sir
creates a quarrel -
- and I have to make a
compromise, I'm fed up
Sir, whom do you want to
defeat you drink like this?
No alcoholic will
drink to defeat anyone
Just to show, oneself
that he hasn't failed himself
An empty bottle
If milk is filled in it, it is milk bottle
If poison is filled, it is poison bottle
If not if it is broken and
stabbed on someone's stomach
It is a bottle to kill
The path of life will depend
on the experience we gain in life
Isn't it Pillaicha?
Everyone who drinks
has got this disease
When telling a matter, in return will
say rotten excuses and try to win
Sir, one thing I'll surely say
Again you can't go
ahead with this drinking habits
Suresh, that isn't
decided by you alone
Correct, correct!
Look, the filthy friends like you
doesn't allow sir to become good
Indeed a right name,
'Gunashekaran' move back, man
Yeah this is 'Kattiparamban'
Man, tell correctly
only then can sketch
We will snatch the person
Near the beverages,
okay, okay yeah
Hey boys, must go to beverages
There is a task
Isn't this Kuttappayi chettan? - Yes
We are from a far off place
So what? - Came on knowing you
are very expert in preparing biriyani
There is a function to prepare
biriyani for 100 to 150 people
Biriyani, to prepare that
there is no mood today
Go and come tomorrow
Look here
There is stuff and all
It is not done for the first time
The new person is very violent
Yeah, I'm coming
Leave me fellow!
Leave me you dog!
My god, leave me fellows!
Leave me you dog!
Leave me
Hey fellow, close the mouth
Turn him to other side
Decently lie there idle
Leave fellows
Don't inject
Don't inject
Don't inject
Father, this is a sort of...!
"Myna arise from the sea
Circle, where is this class?
It is in a seminary
It is the students who
learn to become clergy
The rector father is a friend of mine
When he told he wants a person
to take class on Shakespeare
I never had a second thought
I recommended Babu sir's name
But why did you drag me?
That is because son Babu is
desperate on living with bar and home
When he takes the class,
he will regain the lost spirit
Then it is a cooperation
with all of us, isn't it sir?
Circle, I want to piss a glass of urine
Can piss when you go inside
My bladder will break now
Just stop, stop my god
Go and piss fast and come
Where are you going?
Hey Babu, last week there
was a feature on this institution
I've read that, this is a jail man,
where they keep drunkards
Run and escape if you
want your life back
De-addiction centre
Sir, take the car
Take the car
Stop the vehicle
Stop the vehicle
Is there your father
at de-addiction centre?
Catch, catch!
Don't run
Come, I say
Take him inside, put him
inside the treatment room
You cheater, leave me
Take him fast
Take him inside
Father, this is a sort of..
'Hey sky, give a musical cloud"
'Hey Sky"
Minimum only after 15 days only
person will be send out of the compound
It doesn't mean that he is
full time locked up in the room
Meditation, yoga, the sessions
to share the experiences
The classes conducted by doctors
There are lot of things
like that over here
After waking up from sedation
will get used to this atmosphere
Then we'll come
after 15 days to take him
That is when people
come to take him
Some patients will feel like there
is some serious mental illness
Why should we create a guilt
feeling to people who are normal?
Then in that case,
let the car be here
The key
Okay then
Greetings sir!
Who are you?
Joy, Pam bu Joy! (Snake Joy)
No sir, no way they
have locked from outside
Open the door
Is there anyone?
Open the door
My goodness Tiger,
who is banging on the door?
I have nothing to loose, I'll just inject
you and make you unconscious
Just go and sleep did you hear?
Sir, better not to act smart, a cook is
locked up here for creating trouble
Once you end up
here, you are just finished
M'! gem!
Did it hurt?
Get lost man - Yeah gone!
When the 'tiger'
comes he'll inject you
Yeah next person
What is your name?
What? - What is your name?
Professor Babu Joseph
Slowly will get cured, when I came
I've told I'm Lal Bahadur Shasthri!
What's up Joy?
Whom are you injecting today?
No one today
Hey man, hey man
please set me free
Just say this, the plantain tree
without shoot, then I'll open
It is 'Pappad'
'Pappad', go man, I'll open it!
Hey man,just open it
Hey man, didn't I say 'Pappad'?
Keep quite man
Don't create a bad
name for drunkards, okay
Sir, it is 'Urine' treatment, earlier one
Prime Minister used to do like this
I'm also in need
of some 'Urine' treatment
That is how can I sir?
Hey fellow, Christ
turned water to wine -
- how can you
turn 'urine' to 'alcohol'?
That is a superb technique,
since it is sir, I'll show you, okay
Just fasten this like this, as and
when required the 'thing' is ready
Actually what is your profession?
Sir, there is no job in particular -
- knows driving, wielding,
plum ping, cooking
Taps the rubber, cleans the pond,
milks cow, sells black ticket
But because of this
drinking, can't stay in one field
Sir, I'm not the
'Jacky' that is my tutor
Who is that?
Sagar Eliyas Jacky
I'm becoming shy
Hey man Jacky
My dear 'Pam bu' Joy (Snake Joy)
That is me
What is going on there? You will
make me to take the syringe
No need of injection
Fellow, what is today's food?
Shall I say it?
Good toddy and Rabbit meat
Hey fellow, just open this
and free me
if you can render a speech in
English, I'll open it - Go man!
No doubt why he is looked up,
my god! - Get lost man, get lost
You won't come up in life, fellow
Son, Joyjust pour one more
So far no one has
called me son Joy!
Babu sir, I feel like crying
Me too
What is that for'?
Its not that..
When everyone calls me sir
I feel like within their mind, they are
changing 'one word' and calling!
But when you call me
Babu sir, there is a different feel
Come on drink sir!
Son! - Tell sir
Why don't we escape from here?
And then?
We'll go home
While going, there should be
someone to wait, that is called a home
So in that sense
I don't have a home
Are you..Coming along with me?
Hey fellow, where are
you hiding all this?
At the central jail in Kannur, people
keep fridge and computer inside the ass!
Sir, then a mobile
phone is simple, no?
'Addiction centre of Sanjeevani'!
Hey watch man, watch man!
Yeah, what is it?
Coming from cable's office
came to repair the setter box
Open it fast
Are you getting cold? My god help!
Hey fellow stop there!
Someone help me
Stop there
My goodness, this guy is coming
to kill me - Stop there I say
Someone kill him by beating, my
goodness climbing on the post
Hey fellow! Come down
You get lost man!
Fellow, telling you to get down
You get lost, you dog! I'm
mad, I'll catch on this cable
Hey fellow, get down
You get lost
My God! Father come running
'Velakoothi Rajan' has
started his job (Lamp extinguisher)
Father, come running
What is it man?
One mad man has climbed on the post,
he is about to catch the electric wire!
Come running - Climbed on the
post and catching the wire
On that day the kick you gave
on the chair, do it on this lock
Come on sir do it
Hey fellow, who are you? Get down
I'm Injamin Hakk, I'm mad
man, I'll hold on this wire
Hey fellow, get down
Hey fellow get down decently
I lack decency
You go and file a case
Sir, got the vehicle's key
What happened?
Sir, you may go
I'll come
Where are you going?
Now if there is any
problem don't wait for me
Sir, you escape okay
Is it this one?
No need to render a
speech in English okay -
- I've open the back door you
escape through that way
Hey fellow, get down
what is that you want?
Father can you sing a lullaby for me?
Father I sing lullaby very well
I'll whack you go and get a ladder
Come down I say!
Father he is escaping with a car
Catch the car, lock the gate man
Bye, bye!
You stupid father, did you see
my kids escaping with the car?
Hey fools, lock the
gate go and catch
Babu sir!
I've come!
Son, Joy just pop in!
Okay take the car fast
Stop there, stop I say!
If you follow us,
will whack you inside out!
Hi five!
Babu sir, why don't we go
for a 'urine treatment'?
Come on son Joy,
you may just pour it
Over here give one
omelette and two Dosha
Come on take it fast
Brother, which is this
Babu sir's house?
Which Babu sir'?
That is.. This Babu Joseph
For few years back he
was a tutor in a college
Has got some 'drinking habits'
So, its 'Pavaada's' house, isn't it?
No man, its your grandfather's
My goodness, sir were you inside?
Just go straight the
vehicle knows the route!
Sir over here when asking the route -
- all are saying the topic
of 'pavaada' (skirt) and blouse
Do you know what the problem is?
By evening all gets drunk out here
No one has got a clear mind
Just go straight the
vehicle knows the way
Straight isn't it?
Hey fellow, fellow, who are you?
I'm 'Pambu' (snake)
Understood on seeing it
From where did you get this vehicle?
This vehicle is..
From where did you get this vehicle?
Hey you, you cheat!
The 'vaal'(sword) isn't my
weapon of agitation
The 'vaal' (the puke)
Where did he go?
So, haven't you left so far?
Just go out from here now -As long
as Babu sir says, I'm not going anywhere
It is not enough that
you decide it yourself
What is this? - In our native
its called 'chicken curry'
I don't know what is called, out here
I'm asking from where it has come?
In the morning I saw it standing in
the compound, threw a stone
Plucked off all the feathers nicely
After that it was taken to fire-heath
My God!
What has happened to God?
Son Babu, he is making a dish
out of that Lalechan's chicken
Isn't it? That is fine
Anyway it won't shit
again on the floor
By the way are you planning to
lodge him here permanently?
Yeah! - Then we both can't
remain here together
Even othenlvise I was planning
to dismiss you - What?
More brutal than that Brutus, you
and that Suresh took me for a ride!
You won't know the value
of eyes, when there is eyes
I will go as I like, I said I'll go as I like
Hey fellow, take some curry
One minute there is one
more thing to be done
Just rocked!
What is all this? Should cook beef
Is there any other meat
to challenge the beef?
Sir, should invent a new one
Do you know why?
I'm mad on beef
But Pillaichan won't buy it
saying cholesterol is high for me
Now as the Pillaichan has left,
you don't have to worry on that
Yeah, Pillaichan has left,
just move back let me serve it
If I know to make the
dish, I know how to serve it
You go and mind your business
Don't touch my body and play
I'll come after a drink
Good, when you drink
Outside the person who
chops is waiting - Who?
The person who chops
What is this man? - Babu sir!
Only this much sheets?
What else to say? - There is no use
of chopping this way and that way
The thing is less, by
chopping my health is wasted
Sim Ply!
By tapping 400 trees, it is not
enough getting 8 sheets, brother
What can I do? As the
quality of tree is bad
Whatever be the poor quality of tree,
this much sheet is not enough
Then is it because of my tapping?
So far no one has blamed on my
rubber tapping, born to a decent father
If you say like that, no
one will blame you, no?
Because on saying, the one
who has told will become -
- a fellow who is born to
an in decent father!
My goodness, if you
don't trust me, I'll go
My goodness, over here on saying
anything, people just leave the job, no?
Brother, you come here
What is it? - Come here
Brother this is not tapped
May be that one is left out
This one is also not tapped
In this raw none is tapped
For the time being I
can tap only this much
You may let me do the job,
only if you have a golden soul
There is no golden soul
Can'tjust chuck me out like that
should get the PF and gratuity
Also should need the pension
Sir, when he is asking should give
it that is the decent way of doing it
Yes, yes
So, we shall pay, this is PF
This is gratuity, this is yours..
I only want my life back
My goodness, he was a guy
who always comes on calling
This is.. - If it was a beer
can be kept on the lap -
- but if it grows like a
beverages, what to do?
But still..
Sir you don't worry let him go
From tomorrow onwards
I will do the tapping
Are you sure you can do it?
Yeah, that is sure, that's enough
Pillaicha, he will handle it
As soon as you came, you
won the heart of son Babu
What else do you know?
The wars of Palazi
The company is yet to see that
"Poor 'Paavada' (Skirt) and
'Pam bu' (snake) became the friends"
"Right from the moment they
saw, they became thick friends"
"There is nothing false in it,
it is pure friendship"
"Sing from the heart,
it is very much true"
"When they both joins,
there is no bell or brake"
"You may come to
see this friendship"
"As long as there is
earth why do you need obstinacy?"
"When we die, we go hand free, if
we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
"As long as there is earth
why do you need obstinacy?"
"As long as we live, we live hand
free, if we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
"Soon after the dawn breaks, swims
in the brook for the whole day"
"The elderly man is defeated
does it with a ridiculing smile"
"Intoxicates and stumbles
in the field of excitement -"
"- flutters the wings and
flies to the limit less sky"
"Intoxicates and stumbles
in the field of excitement -"
"The Paavada (Skirt) dove
becomes the tail of 'Pam bu' (snake)"
"As long as there is earth
why do you need obstinacy?"
"When we die, we go hand free, if
we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
"As long as there is earth
why do you need obstinacy?"
"When we die, we go hand free, if
we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
"The chicken that comes losing
its way, it is made into a dish"
"As the walking goes trembling, the
loin cloth is worn as a head band"
"By doing all kinds of mischief,
becomes the breeze of nonsense"
"At last falls on the
ground and sleeps there"
"During the times of no control"
"By doing all kinds of mischief,
becomes the breeze of nonsense"
"Anyone will wish for such
a celebrating company"
"As long as there is earth
why do you need obstinacy?"
"When we die, we go hand free,
if we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
"As long as there is earth
why do you need obstinacy?"
"When we die, we go hand free,
if we don't celebrate we are 'Sasi"
Won't allow to scold
wife in a tasty manner
The devil - Joy, tomorrow morning
I must go to a place
You pack two set of dress
Where to?
I'll also come - No need, it
will be fine if I go alone
Who is it?
I'm Babu Joseph,
I was a college professor
Sini's Joy is right now with me
I can understand
everything what sir says
But If I come right now, Joy will
become what he was before
When he leads a life alone, he'll
have some more responsibility
Daughter, Joy has got a good soul
He'll become good
Should become good
Let him be good, if Joy is
in a need, sir I'll be there
At 'Poovarani' near Pala
The beverages outlet
was shifted from there
This move by authorities
Due to public
agitation it was cancelled
You don't make an
issue, just move back
This is a place where
we regularly buy the liquor
All of a sudden when this is shifted
from here, what kind of a rule is that?
You tell that
At that time a young man he took
the charge of the strike himself
He diverted the
route of the agitation
Government do justice,
give liquor to drunkards
You should ride over my chest,
only then you can take this lorry
Come on man, ride over me!
As the young man
named Joy, blocked the way
In the excitement of
getting a hero of the strike
The other drunkards
embarked upon sit - in agitation
The route of the
agitation is changed
Now the authorities are in a trap
Sir, about this what
have you got to say?
Sir, about this what
have you got to say?
Stop this - We pay the price what is
said making this shop run in profit
- when you try to stop
boozing of these people
No decent drinker can ignore that
I feel like crying, come on
men, raise the voice, come on
Will strike, will strike
And at last before the determination
of Joy and other people
The authorities had to bend
down, that sight is seen here
Taking into consideration the pulse
of public, this outlet at 'Poovarani'
We are cancelling
the decision to shift this outlet
Joy is our beloved, he is our beloved
What we now here is the
celebration of agitation hero Joy
The drunkards carry
him on the shoulders
In front of beverages outlet
at 'Poovarani' camera man -
Nitheesh Bharatwaj,
Ajilesh Kumarasambavam
Sir, do I have to say anything more?
No need
Yeah, coming
What a chill!
Goose bumps did you see it?
Just pour, just pour a bit
My hand is really
lucky, come on have it
Need to pour water
or something like that, no?
No need of that, its culture
will be lost just drink in a gulp
For the first time
Come on don't con!
Honestly, honestly
Come on drink man
How is it?
As if a train has
gone through the throat
Hey fellow, how do you
manage to drink all this?
Now did you understand, by bearing
what all difficulties we drink this stuff?
Right from the days when son
Babu's father was alive, I was here
My father was also a
manger of this place
Get lost you..This bull
had killed my father
My goodness, so your father
was a great hunter, wasn't he?
One day as he was having
his rice-gruel under this
This thing came off from the
nail and fell on father's head
My god!
On the spot he died
Earlier when he comes here, it is full
of singing songs and merry making
What singing songs and merry
making, this is Christ, no?
This is not Christ or 'verb'
he is a friend of son Babu
He always used to come here
So, do you smoke?
It is son Babu's
This is also for the first time, no?
Where is the match box?
Son Babu will forget this and go
So, sometimes I take that
and smoke once in a while
There it goes
Hey, match box, this guy is..
Didn't I give you the match box?
Where to go and search this one?
"Either today or tomorrow.."
My goodness, what all
things are stuffed in here
Won't know if a dog
delivers a baby here
Here it is
Pillaicho, what is that
box kept in that room?
One box inside that room?
What is that?
A box?
My god, that is a box which
ruined the life of our son Babu
A box which ruined his life
The son Babu's life
Not that by the way Pillaicho..
What man? Morning
itself sitting on the step?
Has got a dagger and all
whom do you want to chop?
What is it fellow?
What is it?
What is it?
Do you want to know it?
Should I say that?
Then hear it man, open
the ears and hear
You all have made and had
hidden a box, in the room inside
That is not a movie box, that
is a box which ruined my life
That is the coffin of my life
Do you remember the
heroine who acted in that?
Won't remember, you have
no reason to remember, no?
But I can't forget
Do you know what is the reason?
That heroine whose respect
was doomed by you people
She is my mother, man!
The lady who gave birth to me!
' Paavad a'
(The skirt)
If I were in your situation
I would have done the same
But there are lot of stories behind
that movie, which many doesn't know
People will search for adult
content inside the 'Pavaada' (skirt)
Can't blame also, as that movie
was issued with 'A' certificate
During that time when it was
planned, there was no 'sleazy scene'
Even the name of the
movie was not 'Paavada (skirt)
The hardships of life
with its jaws open -
At last she walks into railway tunnel
In the roar of approaching train's
sound we'll freeze that scene
The words which
appear on top of that visual
Even the wayfarers which
come inside a train's coupe
During the journey they become
a part of established interest
Those who desist that stink of
established interest, they are hated
More enticing than a train journey
the rule of men in power is disgusting
It is beyond the limits of the
feelings indulged by men in power
Man, this is what my film is
There is no use of
clapping the hands -
- it will get soiled in this stinking bag
There is no one with
courage to produce this one
Hey fellow, I don't know what a
movie is, how it is made and all
That is not my area
But my spine is very strong
What is there? Hey fellow
I'll produce this movie
Why not?
Even though agreed to
produce that movie on drinks
Babu stood for that movie
with cent percent sincerity
To encourage him,
there were few friends also
Greetings sir
For our heroine
I'll call, go, go
What is this man? - Not that sir,
for them the rate is also less
Certain adjustments
can be also done
Not that we..
While saying it is a female oriented
subject it doesn't mean it is a blue film
What is required here is a production
controller, not a pimp
We'll find some other
person, I'll wait outside
Advocate, shall we go?
Yeah lets leave
Buddy, there is a news
It happened all of a sudden
What is it man?
Today is my wedding fixation
Who is that mis fortunate?
She is a teacher
Man, is there a love
story in this script?
Buddy, what love story
which you do not know
But now a small doubt have
started to love - That is okay
That will go
Hey man don't
twist your black tongue
Sir, has got some
stills of drama heroines
How is this one?
This is good, a good girl
She isn't a girl, she is
a mother of a child
The name is Cisily
For me it is the same
whether it is drama or movie
When she goes I have to sit at
home cleaning this boy's urine and shit
Then regarding the money
it should be correct
All that is fixed by Eldo isn't it?
Sir, I have told that - Have you told?
Everything should be as per what is told
Since the producer is
Babu sir, don't doubt on that
Then shall we? Babu?
Didn't drink even a black tea
Nothing is required, hello
Who is this smart boy?
Is it son Joy?
At that time when the drinking liquor
and creative field was going on
One thing had happened
What is destined to come, will
come it comes calling a can
Who is this in between this?
Who is that idiot,
coming to the frame? - Sir
He is the father of our
producer, Joseph chettan
Not producefs even if it
is Jesus Christ's father -
- on coming to frame, I'll scold
Some stupids, morning itself
Sir, don't create a scene, god's sake
I'm the one who has to decide
which scene to be added or deleted
When Chandra Mohan became
the Hitler of the movie - Hey Pillai!
Joseph chettan became
the Mussolini of the house
Between father and son
declared a second world war
Come on call him man, in front of
sluts I have not come, to hear the abuse
Without permission did anyone tell
father to enter inside the frame?
No man, in the house
on which I pay the tax
To see the nonsense what is done
by you people, I'll get notice before hand
While coming to see the shooting -
- we have to follow
some minimum decency
This planter Joseph is not willing and
does not have time to learn decency
So far you have
gambled with my sweat-
- that was wiped off
from my forehead, as money
Now on that is not required, make
movie or song with your own money
Hey man when a junior artist was
ruining the scene by taking 5 to 6 takes
At that time your father had come
I told something and all
in that mood off
If you want I'll fall on your
fathers feet and say sorry
Do something
For what?
At this old age he shouldn't be so
tough - What to do for the fund?
For the fund..At Madras there are
some 'Marvadies' who fund movies
But should pay good interest
All that is not workable
Why isn't it workable?
We've decided and started
it, we are not going back
By borrowing and by taking loan on
high interest shooting went ahead
At that time the
next tragedy happened
Sir, sir what happened?
My God, blood
Chandra Mohan sir
What happened sir?
Sir, what happened?
Fellow, bring that vehicle
take him to hospital
My gar.!
Without reaching the place
where it was decided
Chandra Mohan went for
a ride with death
Whoever it is in Cinema, this
death and baptism is not an issue
Not even director
even if the super star dies
The cinema will continue its
way as it is planned
Whoevefs mother dies there
will be people to make movies
Don't include me in that category
No sir, I didn't mean like that
Please, leave me alone all of you
The money lenders will not have
such feelings and emotions
If the movie is not released on
date what is told, it may not end here
Now what is the solution?
There is a way, our
cinema in the present condition
There is some chance
of getting an award
But it won't run at a theatre for a
single day, there is no chance for it
Sir, which distributor will come
forward to take up a movie -?
- That is named 'railway track!'
First of all we should
change this title -
-then to sell, must add
some 'sleazy stuff'
Our assistant director
Prasad is there, no?
He is a smart guy, I'll
make him do all this things
Later on things were done
according to likes of Eldo
Without the knowledge
of we people or -
- with the permission of your mother,
he had inserted lot of scenes in it
Like that, 'the railway track'
had become 'Paavada' (skirt)
Cisily had become a
heroine of a 'A' movie!
I only know the things
which is heard about mother
Has father thrown her out? Or has
she fled because of the torture of father?
I do not know anything
But still, sir, I'll not blame my father
Because of shame he had
to flee from the native place
What else can he do?
Out of pain, he might have
whacked and hitted her
Whether she had
fled or forced to flee
I have lost my mother
who gave birth to me!
What father received is
mental grief till his death
His case was
not something different
'Paavada (skirt) 'A'
3 plays, 4 bathing scenes!'
Hey 'Paavada (ski rt)!'
Not 'Paavada' man, its underwear!
Like that professor Babu Joseph
became 'Paavada(skirt)' Babu!
With that even the marriage was
cancelled as the date was fixed
When he gets high with liquor, this
son Babu goes and scolds her family
Hey you shame less fickleness,
you are named as women
For the only son to enjoy majority of
the estates possessed by hard work -
- were taken away by money lenders
Seeing that only
Planter Joseph chettan died!
It is said that when there is mental
pain, the liquor become our friend
After that son Babu was
always under mental sorrow
The only relief was when
taking class at the college
Sir, when saying this 'A'
is it the 'A' of 'A' (adult) movie?
No fellow, it is the 'A' of your
mother's 28th day of birth!
The PTI committee has
received a serious report on you
It is bit indecent when saying
this 'mothefs 28th day of birth'
Actually what I intended was
'your mother's 16th day of birth!'
Your mother's 16th day of
birth function, he and his memo
Like that he had lost
his job also, which was there
When looking at the
account book of that movie -
Its severe loss to both of you!
That is the balance for you people
On that movie box, when I suddenly
saw the picture of my mother!
Sir, please pardon me!
All though it is done
without knowing
To correct a mistake on which
I also became a part, perhaps"!
God has send you to my hands, boy!
Yeah, that is it
Look, here is the student
Judas who ditched the tutor!
Why? Is there any vacancy to
take English class in any seminary?
Sir, there is a small problem
What is it?
'Paavada (skirt) reloaded'
'The movie named 'Paavada (skirt)'
which was released years back'
'Hits the silver screen again'
'In the Indian Cinema history'
'New Paavada will the first adult
movie to be released in 3D format'
'Yet it will not be a remake, it will
be reloaded using new technology'
'That is being commented by
the technicians of the movie'
'Under the banner
Velankanni Matha production -'
'- new Paavada is released by prominent
producer Eldo Kunnanthanam'
That I understood, tomorrow
I'm not there, okay - Why is that?
You may go, I'll come
Who is this my goodness?
Is it Babu sir?
Sir, were you waiting for a long time?
By evening should play 2 sets
Has got little bit of
sugar and cholesterol
It is under control but
we have to be careful - Eldo!
I had come, on knowing a news
So, you had known that, no?
I was about to call sir
For what?
To discuss about our movie
I wish to give 25%
of profit share to sir
By the way there is
no reason to give like that
I know sir won't ask me
But still, sir I have a decency, no?
With that movie you have
created a bad name for me -
-which won't go in a life time!
I won't allow you to make
money again by selling that movie
This is the problem with this sir
My sir what bad name
is there in movie field -
- which can't be
removed by money?
Look, I've conducted
a detailed marketing study
'Shankarankutty wants a bride'
'My tuition
teacher, the vehicle at 5:30'
Earlier there were lot
of movies like this
After that the 'Adyapapam'
(The first sin) got released, no?
During that time and after that
I think it is by 2000 - 2002
'Kinnarathubika? (Coquetting
dragon flies) 'Kathara'
'Driving school', like
that many more came
My God! My sir, how Sachin and
Sehwag scores run in cricket
- Producers had made money
As far as I know, this is the
right time for an adult content movie
Along with the earlier inserted bits
and by adding new more items
Shall we not
launch 'Paavada' (skirt)?
Shall I go?
Hey you fellow! - Come on, go sir you
think on it and do whatever you want
Take the vehicle, man
Okay sir
Should file a case will
get the stay from district court
I'll bring the best person to contest
Then what is the use
of sir being a lawyer?
Can't simply say I'm a lawyer
once in while should go to court!
Like opening the cap of
a bottle its not easy to win a case
If the old LLM rank
holder can't obtain a stay
I'll bear it
Will get the stay and all easily
Then what is the problem?
If a person can't attend his
own profession, he is not fit for it
If a person is not updated,
he'll become out dated
As a producer -
- my client Babu Joseph has got
all the rights on movie 'Paavada'
Without his knowledge or permission
The release of the above
mentioned movie, should be stayed
I humbly request
to the respected court
Mr. Babu Joseph, I have got
only one thing to ask to you
What is seen in this
stamp paper is it your signature?
Isn't it?
I've not seen such an agreement
That's not the
answer for my question
What I've asked is
whether it is your sign or not?
Thank you
Including the remake
of the movie 'Paavada'
From now on all the right is given
to my client Eldo Kunanthanam
By giving the surety
This is the agreement is signed by
Babu Joseph, who is the plaintiff
One who has signed
on this stamp paper
Babu Joseph has accepted
it is him, before the court
I expect there is no need of
further clarification on this case
Say something, what is it to do next?
First of all if you have
signed on such a document-
-you should have told me
But for that I have
not signed on such a one
Then how did that sign come?
Did it come by flying from top?
Hey fellow Joy, truly I do not know
Then is it some kind of fake sign?
If the matter of such
an agreement is known
Look lawyer, lwouldn't
have appeared for this case
I have not signed
in kind of agreement
Someone please believe me
We'll believe but the
court won't believe
Sir, is there any other way?
Don't expect again that the movie's
release can be blocked by getting stay
Then some cinema association
should ban or make an issue
But right now Eldo is a
big wig of cinema association
So, no need to
have that expectation
If some media people
make a controversy out of it
We could have given an appeal
For that is the media
people sitting on our lap?
Sir, there is a media
person whom I know
While telling this media people -
- do you think he is the supplier
of the 'Mutholi' toddy shop
I know what it is
on saying media and all
On that day I was shown on TV
isn't it? The strike at beverages
There is a boy who shot that thing
What is the relation
between you and him?
It is a relationship based on
pooling out money and brought a pint
I've got his number on my mobile
Okay come on call him
Yeah call him
As far as what is heard so far, there
is a good scope for a good story
Can you arrange the details of the
crew members during that time?
I know the names of
the main people
Don't know how they
are and where they are
Not only the main crew
members, their assistants also
Unit boys, can we at least get the
names of maximum people who -
- associated with that
movie during that time?
Sir, in the beginning of the movie -
- lot of people's names will
be written and shown, no?
That is correct shall we not
check the titles of the movie?
For that it is not CD, it
is print which is kept at home
Where can we put that and watch?
There is a way for that
Yeah, what is it? - Shall we start?
I'm ready
Look that is the first one
Sir, really tempting to
run the reel like this
Pillaicha enough
Ayappa, stop it
On seeing the rest of the movie,
Joy will pluck out the heart of Eldo
Sir, my mother had a
good grace, hadn't she?
I know it won't happen
but still shall I ask a question?
I know very well what
you are going to ask
Not to release this
movie, I'll go to any extend
If it is to go till Supreme
Court, okay to do that
Even by selling everything
what I have
Son, I'll do that
Boy, along with you
we are also there
Till now I have seen this as a
story which has got a news value
But now it is not the only'
problem of Joychan or Babu sir
This is a moral issue
Whether to win or
fail, I'm also there with you
Unit chief- Eldo sir is
a big person, now
By making them hatred
can't survive over here sir
Shall I go?
Mess chief- It has been 10 to
15 years since stopped the -
- mess job in cinema
I just remember a
name 'Paavada' (skirt)
I keep forgetting the things
Camera man - I was the camera
man of the movie,'railway track'
After the death of Chandra Mohan I
have not associated with that movie
Later, it was shot by that Thangaraj
He is dead
Costumer - Even at that
time this Eldo was a cheat
Do you know how much-
- money is due for me stitching
costume for that movie?
Junior Artist- Because of
acting in that movie -
- do you know how
shameful it was for me?
There is one associate director,
one mister Prasad, isn't it?
Where is he now?
P.R.O - Yeah, the pimp Prasad
He has left the movie, on an abuse
case he was jailed for some time
Assistant Director - I was the
clap assistant in that movie
Now by God's grace going
smoothly with one or two serials
I'm not interested
for any kind of controversy
On these comments
which you have taken -
-there is no gun powder
to create a controversy
If at all an opposite claim comes, it is
by giving money or on personal grudge
These comments which
you have recorded -
- has got only the strength to perish
It is based on cinema and
cinema based programs -
- over here every
channel survives on that
If we attack a person
like Eldo in a baseless manner
We'll have to face the
consequences of that
But nothing of this is the problem -
- if at all such a cheating has taken
place in a movie named 'Paavada' (skirt)
The main victim, the prime victim
is the heroine named Cisily
Where is she? She should
speak authentically on this?
Sir, we do not know whether
Cisily is alive or not at present
Then how can this
program be convincing?
I'm the son of that
lady, who is cheated
Sir, won't it be possible
when I say that?
In the place of salt,
a pickle won't be effective
I can understand the
sentiments of Joy
Like that, that fire work also fails
But there is a loop hole on
this which you all have failed
If the 'sleazy scenes' in
the movie 'Paavada' (skirt) -
- is shot without the
knowledge of Cisily
Then there should be an actress
who had acted on it knowingly
It need not be an actress,
a dupe with body without face
The owner of that
body, whoever it may be
On coming here and if ready
to reveal what has happened
Then the topic of next 'talk time' will
be back stage of 'Paavada' (skirt)
Sir, but for that whom is it to search?
For the girls who comes
to do dupe on 'A' movie
There won't be makeup
on the face like this
Like painting on the wall, will
put a four coat putty on the face
In between this who is going to
check on their whereabouts?
Brother do you know where
Manoharan Thevalli is now?
Who was the still photographer
of that movie
'Thevalli Studio' when the digital
photography came no one needs us
The new guys just know to wear the
pants low showing the underwear
Just take the camera and click,
the rest the computer will do it
All though there is no use, I have
not spoiled the old negatives
That is at the house
I've done still for hundred films,
now what is left behind is all this
Yeah, got it, this is the person
whom you are looking for
Now I remember very well, the
name is Sajini something like that
My Sajini in which corner
of the world are you present?
You may have it
Okay thanks - Okay then
No, no not at all busy
Okay you may tell, I'll come there
Sir, the presumption is
some where in Bison Valley
We are on the way
Immediately if we get the
person, we'll plan the show
As far as I know, there is no one in
the name Sajini, in the near by area
Then who are staying here
who has come from outside
A widow and two daughters, they
are staying at the Southern hills
Brother, indeed a great help
Okay then
What you want there?
Good that you didn't
show the photo -
- might have asked
hundred questions
-they are people from village, no?
As far as what is
heard this is the house
Lot of people have gathered there
Will go and enquire
What will you ask? Will you ask
whether it is the house of dupe, Sajini -
- who has acted in 'A' movie?
Sir, the photo is with us, no?
On seeing won't we know?
Correct, correct
What is the celebration for'?
So, didn't you know anything?
This girl has got the
admission for the medicine
For the first time in this locality
Celinammo - Yeah
Panchayat president and others are coming
Yeah, coming
May be on that name over here
Just move back
Celinamma, this is a
small gift from the panchayat
President, you may
give it to my daughter
There is yet another gift and
family meet for the daughter
This is a gift for the hardships which
Celinamma beard to bring up 2 kids
Daughter here
If you could sit inside
shall serve black tea
Couldn't recognise
We just"!
Sister, we came looking for a person
It was a different house
What is this?
Come, come
Come on walk
God has given her to us on our palm
You have spoiled the
last chance for us to win
While we win, sir one mother
and 2 father less kids fail in life
What is built on a tear
drop won't last long
If we win like that, my
goodness that is not required
People who accept failure
intentionally, they are great people
Son, before you we all are too small!
Shall I call Paul sir and
tell that show can't be done?
It is Babu, calling to know what
has happened, what to say?
That is... -Any how it has to be
informed, sir you may call and say it
Hello -You don't come to Pala,
you come to studio at Ernakulam
I'll be there
Saying we should straight
away come to studio
Please come
Babu, without
Sajini how is it possible?
When one way is
closed, opens 9 other ways
You come my son, Joy
You just come
Sir, you may sit here
Sir - I'm ready
Greetings and welcome to
your favourite show, 'talk time'
The history of human
beings and sex
That is started right
from the days of 'Adam'
From 'Valsiayanan' to 'Freud, Yung,
Collin Wilson and Destin Morris'
Has studied the basic character
of human beings closely, but
About Malayalee's pretentious
morality and on lust starving
Again there should
be serious studies
To vent out the lustful feelings in this
cyber era there are hundred ways
There is an old generation
that is remaining here
To watch the movies
with 'A' certificate
An old generation who peeps, hides
and by covering the face with cloth
They have come to
theatre to watch the movie
The movie 'Paavada'
which is known to them -
- is now reloaded to
a new generation era
Along with it some controversies
Behind the movie 'Paavada'
there are certain facts of cheating
That is not known to any one
This episode of talk time
narrates on the fabric of 'cheating'
Before welcoming today's
guest, there is a small break
You may call the guest
Okay sir
On that day, don't you remember
that I went on a journey?
When Joy is in need of
an urgency, I'll be there
Neither Sini knew that Cisily is your
mother nor Cisily knew Sini is your wife
While chatting in a casual way,
Sini told about our matters to Cisily
Like that when they continued
talking one after the other -
- both had a doubt
While we were returning from
'Thevalli Manoharan's' home
It was Sini who had called me
To tell all this to me
Okay then
Okay then thanks
Welcome back to 'talk time'
for the majority of the viewers -
- our todays guest will be a stranger
Madam, Cisily Varghese
Earlier which was released, now
again getting ready to be reloaded
One and only introduction will be
enough, she is the heroine of 'Paavada'
To know the relevance of
welcoming a person who isn't famous
On this show
Cisily sister greetings
Now do you think to act
in an adult movie 'Paavada'
Was it a haste decision
of young age?
I've acted in a movie which was
called' Theevandi Patha' (railway track)
It was not a movie like
what sir has mentioned
The Cisily who was a drama actress
how did she become a movie actress?
The actress who has acted in
'Theevandi Patha' (railway track)
How did she become the
heroine of 'Paavada?
As several producers disdained this
movie, saying its an award movie
How did it become an 'adult movie?'
For the answers to
several questions like this
We can lend our ears to
the words of Cisily Varghese
Please tell, how did 'Theevandi
Patha' become 'Paavada?
In the magical world of cinema
Among the thousand stories of
behind stage which happens
This is only one among them,
among the several victims
Cisily Varghese is one of the victim
Again to create an 'adult wave'
'Paavada' is going to be a pilot vechile
Sister, for the last time,
what have you got to say?
Because of acting on
a movie, I lost my family
I don't have the
respect of a street slut
Where ever I go,
people drive me off
When people watch
the movie inside the theatre
To live was in search of a job
I was begging for it
If such a situation has happened
for a person in your family
Will anyone watch that and enjoy it?
Since what god has given
has got no right to destroy it
That is why I didn't commit suicide
I don't know to say big, big things
But I know everyone has got a
mother who has delivered with pain
I'm also a mother like that!
To everyone I have only a request
Please don't re-release that movie!
I've got a matured son
Stripping own mother's cloths, that
shouldn't be shown to any son!
Never show it!
That is not me
That is not me
It is the request of a mother
Don't show that to my son
Don't show it
My Son!
What we have heard is the
cry of a mother who is Cisily but
As we have got memory
that of a lizard
Tomorrow will we become big
wigs on the walls with adult content?
On the wall of urine shed will write
the mobile number of female colleague
Will mark on the nude
photo of the class mate
On our mobile and on our
memory card it is the flowers of sex
Again it will blossom,
all though it is like this
On few humanity is not lost
On few people the words told
by this lady will remain as a grief
In the court of
human consciousness -
- expecting will write a verdict
favouring Cisily Varghese
This weeks 'talk time'
comes to an end, good bye
Paul Zakaria has given a storm, now
we can move boldly to High Court
With the one statement of
Cisily, the play is going to change
That is all okay but who will argue?
No need of anyone, I have
given my coat for dry cleaning
Had seen the program on TV
Great as that program was a hit,
our cinema will receive a good mileage
I saved the Iakhs which was
kept behind for the promotion
Then by the way I've arranged a
new lawyer at the High Court, okay
He is bit expensive but never mind
Advocate Anantha Rama Iyer
Hey you filth!
One Eldo Kunanthanam
You go and
arrange Fali Nariman
Or bring Phalkiwala who is dead
He and his 'Konantha Raman'
Cut the phone you rascal
By the way lawyer, I just
scolded him for a show off
Won't we win at least this case?
Sir, this time we'll win
We must win at any cost
Your owner
Once upon a time in the Malayalam
movies released outside cities
Like this the tendency to add
adult scenes were widely spread
Similar cases had reached the court
in Hindi, Tamil movies recently
What has happened is a violation of
human rights in Cisily Varghese's case
That is explicitly seen
in the first sight itself
The ill fate of 'Panchali' who
was publicly stripped off
If that is hunting on
a lady in this generation
Our society should be
ashamed and lower its head
There fore to curb the release
of third rate film 'Paavada' (Skirt)
To ban the release humbly
requests the court to issue a verdict
At the earliest
My Lord, the speeches of
renowned late SukumarAzhikode
Many have described
it as a roar of ocean
But the verbal argument
of Mr. Gunashekaran was"
A diarrhoea of meaning less words
I know he'll be tired
because of it yet
I've to ask and find
certain things from him
Requesting to grand
me the permission
Why is that? Did you get scared?
I don't fear anyone
Even the court?
I fear that
Towards the court it is not fear
which is required, respect is required
Those who fear the
law, will fear the truth also
Your owner he is mis
interpreting the words
I have no fear to tell the truth
What is the name? - Gunashekaran
How? - Gunashekaran
Have we met before?
Yeah - How?
For few years I was sir's junior
And after some time?
Told not to stay along with you
For what reason?
Couldn't appear for a case
My Lord
As a very junior advocate
K. Gunshekaran Nair -
- had to appear for
an important case
On knowing he was drunk
and ended up in a brawl
His senior advocate Anantha
Rama Iyerterminated his service
Which is this me,
can you deny that?
Your owner, he is asking personal
questions which is irrelevant to this case
On that day's brawl, on cross
examining the other accused
The respected court will
understand it is not personal alone
His name is Babu Joseph
So, you are a professor aren't you?
I was
You were, that is a past tense
That means right now
you are not a professor
Did you retire or
were you dismissed?
Can say both has taken place
Couldn't adjust with the
ideology of the management
Coming to class drunk,
verbally abusing the students
To drench the PTI
committee in foul words
if the ideology is like that, it is quite
natural that problems will arise
I have not gone to
class by drinking liquor
Has not gone to class by drinking
liquor, what about now at the court?
Come on tell are you drunk now?
My Lord, if that blowing machine
is kept one and a half mile away
Because of this
smell, its filament will get faulty
Then how can you deny that, no?
My Lord the accused in
this case Ms. Cisily Varghese
Requesting the permission
to cross examine her
Cisily mam, what had happened to
you? Now sitting with a waist band?
You aren't that much old to fall down
Then how did you manage
to get this one?
Suddenly felt the head was spinning
On regaining the consciousness
I was at the hospital
I don't remember anything else
Doesn't remember?
Won't rem em ber that is the problem
By the way did you
fall in recent years?
Before that what was the sickness?
There was only a
slight trouble with Arthritis
This numbness,
joint pain, losing the strength
Glass and spoon fall from the hand,
only a slight problem like that, no?
Then why did you consult a neuro
specialist one and a half year back?
Come on tell
I didn't..Anyone..
Yeah when there was a medical
camp near'Sharanalayam'
Had consulted a doctor
I don't know the name - Its not you
don't know the name, you don't remember
You should say you
don't remember it
Consulted doctor was
Dr. Madhusudanan
He isn't a physician forArthritis to
cure it by applying medicated oil
Dr. Madhusudanan who is
a neuro specialist, at that time -
- had prescribed many medicines
for memory loss to Cisily
For the memory loss
disease named 'Dementia'
It has got various variations,
a well known disease
What Cisily Varghese has
told is signs of Arthritis
Many among them is the
classical symptoms of Dementia
In a place where it was not
slippery, she had fallen down
It was not because of anything else
In any condition of Dementia,
a sick person's statement -
- will not be valid
before a court of law
I'm reminding the respected court
This is like making a goat into dog
Mister, who is playing
the gimmick here?
Three decades back
had acted in an adult movie
Without saying anything
took the money and left
Those people didn't have the
complaint and shame at that time
How did it occur right now?
A person who doesn't have memory
to swallow that people who are -
- sitting here aren't idiots
Haven't you told that you
don't remember the name of-
- doctor whom you met?
Do you remember the
name of the hospital?
My Lord, people who have no
integrity in personal life
To make easy money, certain
people have fabricated this third rate trick
When shame arises all of a
sudden which was not there before
What reminds me is
that of an old proverb
The speech of a
prostitute on virginity
My Lord, against my client, the
opposition couldn't prove anything
That is legally strong
Because of that kindly
remove the un wanted hurdles
For my client Eldo Kunanthanam
Kindly protect his legal rights to
release his movie, 'Paavada'
That is all what I have to
address to the respected court
Man, how is that guy?
Isn't he a tiger?
To give the verdict the case
is postponed to next 16th
I felt like laughing while sitting there
Sir, the kind of questions you ask
Shucks! You are still the same
old use less Gunashekaran!
What a pity
Yeah, hello we'll win the case coolly
Then the main parts of the heroine
should be clearly seen on the poster
On seeing that poster even the
blind should come to the theatre!
Then add those kind of 'sexy' sound
effects in the background music
Fellow, people should
come to theatre running
Only then we can make money
Now on every board
and walls that is seen -
- now on there will be
picture of my mother, sir!
Better than to see
that, it is better to die, isn't it?
I'm the one who should die
The reason for everything
is my bloody drinking habits!
The court which should
stand for the truth -
- right now doesn't
believe my words!
A drinker doesn't obtain justice,
law, doesn't have integrity -
- even doesn't get the
dignity of a stinking dog!
Keep the voice down
I'm fed up of this filthy life!
Sir, what is inside the
heart of these judges?
Is it granite or something?
Why is no one seeing us when
we cry out plucking our heart?
Why is that, there is
no value at all for our cry?
Not only for the tears of a drunkard
neither his life has got any value!
No one gives any value on
what he says and what he does
Hey Joy!
Okay leave it son, son go
and wash your face and come
Come on son, go
Joy, I came to know
about the case and all
Leave it man -
-the problem happened when
Babu sir signed on that paper
At least now tell to
sir to stop this drinking habit
Before declaring the verdict is there
anything that the plaintiff has to say?
Your owner, on this case the most
relevant point, is the agreement-
- which Prof. Babu Joseph has signed
and given to Eldo Kunnanthanam
Kindly requesting to -
- give the permission to Babu
Joseph to speak on it
My Lord, a person who converts
a bar to a home, a home to bar
I'm sure that court will give only such
importance to the words of an alcoholic!
Long back Brutus has described
Ceaser with a word 'ambitious'
Respected Iyer sir is describing
me with a word 'alcoholic'
Which is hundred and
one percent correct
To make his statement more strong
I kindly request to examine
some more witness statements
To express the alcoholic endeavours
of a person who has lost his mind
The respected court shouldn't
spend more time on such activities
Your owner, the movie' 'Paavada'
if it is released again
It is not because of the personal bad
name, which is my prime concern
It is the amount of dis respect inflicted
on the respect of a lady Cisily Varghese
That is the smouldering
problem before me
It is the same problem for anyone,
who has got a good consciousness
Cisily Varghese is also a mother
The respect of own mother -
- who gave birth, her respect
is dragged on the streets
A son's..That persons..To see that!
Kindly lent ears to his words, I
request respected court to show mercy
My Lord, don't think I'm intervening
The court is not a place
to stage a drama by those -
- people who has lost their minds
That is my stand I
remain firm on that
Sir, you should be firm on it, what
you said Babu sir is out of mind
Being out of mind,
is not an appreciation
Young boy if a Banyan tree
is sprouted at the back -
- seeing it as a shelter,
it is a sign of shame
Babu sir has chopped
off that tree of shame
Sir, he has stopped drinking liquor
The point of debate is
not whether 'Paavada Babu' -
has stopped drinking or
not, or has he come a saint!
Young man, come to the matter
'Paavada Babu' has he become
a saint, or when he dies will the -
- corpse decay or after
dying will the soul reach heaven?
I know none of this is
the point of argument over here
But he has got a history
which is like 'pickled in arrack'
Sir, that is a real matter
It is only out of the strength of an
agreement which Babu sir has signed
Eldo sir has come out
with a 'Paavada' (Skirt)
Which was on the
attic for the reloading
Sir, has told since my mother
has got memory loss disease
Do not give any value
to what she says
If that is the case
A drunkard who has
completely lost his mind
On a signature, which he has
put when he was out of mind
Sir, what value should be granted?
In big big hotels, there is a
tissue paper kept at the toilet
That agreement has
got only that value!
Can't simply say that the signed
person was out of his mind -
- and agreement has got no value
What is required is evidence
Right from eatery owner Kunjumon
to bar manager, what they have told
Sir, other than evidence
what else is it sir'?
Is it some kind of decoration which
is arrayed during festival at Pala church?
Now, if none of these aren't enough
There is a certificate of treatment
which father Kattuparambil -
- has administered on Babu sir
With the lawyer sir
Where is it? Show it
No, won't give in the hand
There is a history earlier, when
lawyer at Maloor swallowed the bullet
That case was won
The evidence will be handed over
to people who has got clear mind
This is a third rate trick
to twist the facts
Sir, the truth can't be easily
twisted and made to break
I came to know that
at the 'Thatumpuram' bar
If you could grand me the time to tell
that, everyone will understand it
The problem happened since
Babu sir signed on that paper
My God!
Right now water got inside
through the nose and mouth -
- come on tell or else I'll
pump water through the nine holes!
I'll tell
I'll tell
Look this is 25,000
When you come with the sign on
the document, shall give balance 75,000
As the account at the bar is
settled at the end of the month
The bill is signed by Babu
sir every day, that is the routine
Sir, bill!
Sign on it!
Then one day when he
was drunk to the core
I've collected the sign on the stamp
paper that was given by them
I knew it is cheating but
on hearing one Iakh rupees
Sir, it has happened
That's not your problem Suniappa!
You were born five years earlier,
before you had a father!
In the real sense it
is called as a bastard
Just finish off this pig!
No, no need, leave
After all he has poured
alcohol for a long time, isn't it?
Before you get whacks from
him, get up and get lost you fellow!
Sir, it happened like that, pardon me
Where ever you
want, I'll openly say it
Pardon me sir, I'll openly
say it where ever you want
Pardon me sir, pardon me
What is said, is it true?
Yes, it is true sir
I'm not that much
intelligent or educated
But since there are lot of
people who has got all that
There are lot of people
who get ruined because of it
Babu sir and my mother are
belonging to that category
When my father 'Kallu Varkey' died
my mother couldn't attend the funeral
Behind the grave, my mother was
peeping out from the bushes
So that, she isn't noticed by anyone
That was the last time
since I saw her
I was sure that my mother
won't come searching for me
Thinking, that foul name
shouldn't affect my life
Sir, kept away from me intentionally
After long time, sir now
only I got back my mother
Now, again don't push
off my mother to shame!
After pushing her down and
again coming to stampede on her!
For the help less ones, Lord is
the only one who is there to help
But the Lord won't come down, no?
Because of that, I find
court in that position!
Sir, I won't allow anyone
to degrade my mother in shame
Kindly don't disdain us,
sir please don't disdain us!
The permission to
relaunch the movie 'Paavada'
Eldo Kunnanthanam has
not gained it in proper way
That truth is understood by the court
All the rights on the mentioned
movie will be secured to Babu Joseph
Without his knowledge or permission
Any effort to relaunch this movie
that will be against the law
Here by this court
declares the verdict
Eldo sir!
Regarding the case, sir
you don't feel hatred towards us
I had to say yet another
matter personally to sir
Just one minute, sir had come
to movie field before I was born
I watch movies other than that
I do not know how it is made
Yet with the little know how I have
written a script and kept it ready
For the sample, just hear one
scene and tell the opinion, sir
Hey boy, how is that, today?
Sir, don't say can't..
It is my request
On this scene what we are going to
show is, flying balls through the eyes!
That will be all most like this
If I don't do this much
I'll become as if
I'm not born to a mother!
Boy, did you break the egg shop?
What is there if it is broken, its
the name for Eldo's next movie
What is it?
'Bulls Eye'
I had to say a decision
Mother has told, you
had stopped drinking
It is not what mother or mother in law
has told, I'm going to say my decision
All though even after you
walked off out of obstinacy -
-you have done lot of help to me
Since you left like
that, I got back my mother
But you are the one, who left after
breaking fish pot on my head
For that If I don't beat back, what
is the use of me being a male?
Have you not gone home yet?
The story isn't finished telling
Then tell that fast
Then what?
That was a severe whack!
With one whack, was
hospitalised, so you can imagine
Doing some nonsense
and now you are walking tensed
No need to take
tension, Sini is pregnant
If you play with males,
it will be like this!
Babu sir come and get
inside the vehicle - Where to?
To Germany while saying to
get in should get inside vehicle
Hey man!
Hey sister who isn't seen so far, the
owner of this throw is not Babu sir
I do not know to scold in English
But for all these years if someone
is coming to your door step
How much he'll be loving you?
Even the court has
heard what Babu sir has told
And now sister is
still on grudge, that is foul
That poor person is sitting inside the
car, without drinking a drop of liquor
If you have a little bit of good soul,
sister you come to that window
I'm calling you for
the sake of Babu sir
Won't come
I know wouldn't come
After plucking the heart out,
it is only a flower to you people
I'm the one to blame
for calling you sister
Sir, we'll go
By the way who are you?
What, an un seen beloved?
You sit in that glass mansion
with that grudge of yours
To pelt the stone and to call you,
sir's dog will come again, the dog!
You'll rust yourself sitting alone in
this house, with tooth inside the nose
At that time, you'll know
the value of Babu sir
Stop, STOP!
Go in reverse
All these years since I came
here and after calling you
Why didn't you come?
All these years you have
only scolded, haven't you?
Did you say wants to see
or to come along with you?
Now, not remaining to ask or say
I'm just taking you
Sir, don't scatter all that love
which was hidden all these years
Just remember there is
a mirror at the front
Come on Joy, take the vehicle
Okay we'll go
Okay rig ht