Paap (2003)

The wait...
the anticipation...
my mornings have...
of your evenings
"That which my evenings
wait for your promises"
"That which my nights wait
to dream of you"
"That which my sleep waits to be
in your arms"
"That which my feelings
have for your desires"
"Anticipation of a few
of a few beautiful sins
"the wait, the anticipation..."
"The wait for my sweetheart,
the wait for my companion..."
"for my heart-throb, I wait"
"Flowers make the path
exude a fragrance..."
"my heart however, withers away
like the autumn leaf"
"A sea of tears
my eyes behold"
My heart lies barren
"For those few gusts
of wind..."
for those wet nights...
I wait
For the cloudburst
For those showers
"For my very own rain,
I wait"
"For my heart-beat,
for my breath..."
"to come alive, I wait"
"A rain-cloud shall one day
come blowing here..."
"and my thirst of ages shall
be quenched in moments"
"Having restored you
to my arms..."
"time shall come to a standstill,
you will see"
"For the prayers that might
bring about this miracle..."
"for those sanctuaries that are mine
for a lifetime..."
I wait
"For you to arrive,
to have you for myself..."
"so that you never return...
I wait"
Where have you been?
"Like a mad girl, you go around
everywhere bare-footed"
What do you really do?
What are you hiding?
Let me see!
You've started writing poetry again?
And what's this...?
The Wait
The Wait! For whom?
And what the hell for?
An idle mind is
a devil's workshop
No wonder you keep thinking
about worthless things
"If there is anything in life,
it's sacrifice and devotion"
So that you may have a wonderful
life after this one
"A life which has
no misery, no sorrow..."
which has only joy to offer
I keep following
the Rimpochek around...
so that they make you
part of the monastery
And you secretly go around writing
nonsense on paper!
Kaaya! Where are you going?
The Lama Norbu is looking for you
It's very important
"When He wishes to punish us,
He fulfills a dream of ours"
I remember the dreams you used
to have as a small child
"Of flying higher than the clouds,
of touching the Moon..."
of gathering all the stars
in your lap!
Of grabbing the rainbow
I really wish to take you
higher than the clouds today
"Will you do something for us, child?
- Oh yes. She certainly will!"
Kaaya's the one I'm asking.
And she must answer me
"Will you do something
for us, child?"
"Yes, of course.
But what is to be done?"
The Rimpochek has had a dream
Our spiritual leader is in Delhi
He has had a reincarnation
He's now there in
the form of a child
You will bring him here from Delhi
Because this monastery
is his real home
Lama Dorji shall accompany you
till Delhi
"After that, you will return here
with the child"
"It's him, all right"
May you have a long life
Be careful how you
take him there
Because that is where he belongs
"Kaaya, it's now your responsibility
to take him to the monastery"
The hotel coach will drop you
at the airport at 5 a.m.
"Your flight to Manali
takes off at 6 a.m., Madam"
Over there. Let's go
Go on!
"Hurry up, sir!"
Can't you see...?
I'm washing my hands
Who saw the body first?
- That kid over there
What work do you
have with him?
"Relax, Madam. I'm a police officer"
I need to have a word with the child.
What's his name?
Lama. But he knows
nothing about all this
We have nothing to do
with whatever has happened
We've got to get home. We've got
to take the flight tomorrow morning
There will be more flights
"Lama, carefully listen
to what I say"
That man who got killed
was a police officer
It's my job to find his killers
So tell me whatever you saw
- Yes? Go on
Don't be afraid
I saw him
Whom did you see?
The one who lay on the floor?
I saw the one who killed him
What was he to look like?
- He...
Yes? Speak up
- Don't be afraid. Tell me
Speak up
One moment
I wish to say something to you.
You just don't understand
We have nothing to do
with this incident
Please think about the child
Can't you see how scared he is?
He's the reincarnation of a
leading spiritual leader
It's very necessary for him to
return home at the earliest
"What did you say? A reincarnation?
- Yes, a reincarnation"
I'm sorry. He could be a
reincarnation for you...
"for us, he's just a witness"
You can't leave this place until
our investigation is completed
It's a legal matter
We have nothing to do with your
legalities and your world
Why don't you understand?
You now have something
to do with us
Whether you like it or not
And those that don't come to the
courts on our summons...
go straight to jail
Which do you prefer?
"Let's go, Zakir"
Where are you taking us?
Will someone tell me?
"Shiven, let's drop them
at the police station"
Are you out of your mind?
They? At the police station?
"Let's put them up at a hotel then.
- What's wrong with you, Zakir?"
How can we leave them alone?
Take them to your house.
Ask your wife to look after them
You're going to have me killed!
Niloufer will have my blood
We just got rid of the guests
who were here for the wedding
She needs a break
Why don't you take them
to Anna's place?
She even has an air-conditioner
They're folks from the hills.
They'll find it hot at my place
All right. I don't have a choice
I'll have to do
what I didn't want to
Listen to me!
You dare hit my sister!
"My sister, you hit...?"
We still aren't divorced!
She continues to be my wife!
"If you were a husband, you wouldn't
have left your wife and kids like this!"
"The next time I see you here,
you're going to regret it"
"Take him away, Zakir!"
"Okay, move it"
It's late in the night.
I'll drop you home
Where are the kids?
- Upstairs
They're upstairs and you still
let him into the house?
Don't tell me how to
bring up my kids!
"If you love them so much, get married
and have your own children!"
And this is my personal affair.
- This is not personal
It's for the law!
It's a crime to beat your wife
We can discuss this tomorrow...
who are they?
My guests
They'll spend the night here
I had no choice
Please come
I'm sorry but we seem to have
welcomed you with a domestic fight
"If there's anything you need,
do please call me"
Who on earth are they?
The sight of the picture on the wall
almost killed the girl!
It's cold
Let me heat it up for you
"Heat it up! You're showing
a lot of affection, aren't you?"
That kid... he's the reincarnation
of a very learned spiritual leader
A reincarnation?
- Yes
"He's born again.
- You mean, he's born again?"
"One life, you can barely lead"
And you'll have to lead another
Put that hand down!
"And you, are you at a bloody wedding?
Take off your glasses!"
Watch how you stand!
Put that hand down!
Take a careful look and tell me
which one of them it was...
that you saw in the toilet
Relax. Take another look.
There's no hurry
I'm here with you
Take them away
This plane's for you
"I'm sorry the kid has to do all this,
much against my wishes"
You're not sorry at all
You're actually happy
to have found a witness
What are we going to do?
- What...?
We've got to eat.
It's one already
I'll take them out to lunch.
Have another batch ready by then
Let's go
Why did you change tables?
"What happened, Lamo?
- Look down, Lamo"
Where's the boss?
- Watching the match. Aren't you?
"Papa, Shiven is here"
We're going to win this time!
What's up...?
You aren't happy
"Bad news, sir"
It was Raj Mehra
who killed R.B. Singh
I couldn't even dream Raj
would do a thing like this
But this is the truth
"You aren't making
a mistake, are you?"
"I wouldn't have been here,
if I wasn't sure"
"I've got to know
the entire game, sir"
Raj killed seven gangsters in
encounters last year...
and all seven of them belonged
to the Chhota Babban gang
And in the three raids Raj
conducted on the Rauf gang...
not even one gangster was shot.
Each one of them escaped
"I've been looking up the Intelligence
Bureau files just now, sir"
Raj has bought lots of property
in the last year and half
And his lifestyle is far too opulent
for his meagre earnings
What are you getting at?
- Just that...
"although Raj wears the police uniform,
he works for the Rauf gang"
It's such a shame! It's such a shame
to be working with such guys
What would you need to clear
the department of this filth?
The help of the people
outside the department
"Because they're the ones who can
tell us who else is involved, sir"
All right. I'll make arrangements
"Tell me something, Shiven. Who else
knows this, apart from you and me?"
"No one, sir"
Don't even tell anyone.
- All right
Your life could be in danger
"I'm with you.
- Thank you, sir"
"What do you think you're doing, ass?
- Go in!"
Kaaya... wake up
Shiven's here. He says you must
leave immediately. Hurry
Bring Lamo along too. C'mon
"Listen, park my car in your garage
and lock the garage"
"What's happening, Shiven?
- You needn't know anything"
I just took your car and told you
nothing. So you don't know a thing
You know nothing about
that girl and the kid
Neither have you seen them nor
have you ever heard about them
"Do you understand?
- What's happening here, Shiven?"
Can't you do a thing
without asking questions?
Just do as I say!
Listen carefully to me
Steal the file pertaining to
R.B. Singh's murder
It contains the name of the girl
and the kid
Destroy the file.
- What are you saying?
What's happening?
- Nothing
I'm going away for a few days.
I'll give you a call when I can
But what the hell is going on?
D.C.P. Sushil Mathur is
part of the conspiracy
There could be others too
I'll explain everything
when I return
"You're listening, aren't you?"
"Yes, I'm listening.
- Be careful, Zakir"
What's happening? You yourself said
there was no danger in the city
And I was wrong!
They don't call me an
encounter king for nothing
A bullet has struck him
"With thunder and lightning,
arrive the rains"
"Thunder and lightning
bring the rains"
"On what unknown paths
do the clouds pour...?"
"Come, let's enjoy the
lovely season"
"With thunder and lightning,
arrive the rains"
"Come to me, my love..."
give me the lethal poison...
or pray for me to live
What ties are these...?
That bind breath together?
Heed the cry of my heart...
"Shiven, what's happening to you?"
I happened to doze off
Know what? Sit with me
on the front seat
Wake me up if I doze off again
Are you all right?
- Go on!
"Life shall be immersed
in a million hues"
"This lovely evening,
I shall never forget"
"Let there be some exchange
between your eyes and mine"
How much longer?
- We'll be there in a little while
"With thunder and lightning,
arrive the rains"
Take some rest. I'll fetch
something for you to eat
No. I've got to go
When will you come to take Lama
for the case?
There will be no case
What are you doing...?
There's no one here!
What are you doing?
Blood! I must take you
to the hospital!
No! No hospitals!
No doctors!
- Why not?
It's a bullet injury.
The police will register a case...
and they'll eventually find me
But Shiven...
- Try and understand!
"If they can get to me,
they can get to you too"
They'll kill Lama.
They'll kill you too!
Where did the gunfire come from?
"Who's this man?
When did you arrive, Kaaya?"
Why's he bleeding?
Go and call Lama Norbu
His body temperature is rising
The bullet went right through
He has lost much blood
"Kaaya, I'm no doctor"
I can't treat him
Let's take him to the army hospital
"No, we can't take him to the hospital"
Can't take him to the hospital?
Didn't you hear what he said?
"If he dies here,
the police will come here"
We'll be charged
for breaking the law
We'll pray for him.
In case he dies...
we'll find some way out.
- Kaaya...
it's a question of someone's life
It's a responsibility
we can't take
I know everything
But you don't know that this man
didn't even care for his life...
to help us reach here
If the people who shot him
find this out...
they will do the same
to me and Lamo
We have no choice.
- Kaaya...
It's all right
Do you have linseed oil?
- Yes
Mix three parts of linseed oil with
one part of milk. Apply on his wound
I'm going home.
I'll send you some herbal tea
Let him drink it
Pray for the best
If he survives the night...
he might live
"Thank you, Lama Norbu"
Thank you very much
Kaaya! What's this?
There's no room
for this thing here
"I know, father. When he leaves,
it goes along with him"
Don't touch the kid
Don't touch the girl
I have told you
all that I had to
I have nothing more to say
"Look Anna, Shiven is in trouble"
He has been accused
of taking a bribe
A bribe? Shiven?
"Nobody is going to believe it.
- I don't, either"
Same with you.
But the people?
There are allegations against him
"He must come here and explain things,
justify himself"
"As of now, step back, please.
I need to shut the door"
Look Anna...
I don't want to take you
to the police station
I told you!
I know nothing
You are Shiven's sister
Your brother must've told you
something before he left
About his travel plans...
with the girl and the kid
Didn't he?
Anna knows nothing
Wonder who stole the report
from the police station
Now how am I going to trace them?
How am I going to trace the girl?
"You will, you will"
"They can run, but they can't hide"
Who are they?
They are monks from the monastery
They are here to look you up
And this is our Lama Norbu
He's the one who saved your life
Who else knows about my whereabouts?
Only them
How long have I been here?
- Since the last three days
I must go
You can't go anywhere.
- I need to go
I have lots to do
"If your body seeks rest,
it is your duty to abide by it"
Hereabouts they say that...
"When there's a solution to a problem,
there's no need to worry"
"If there's no solution,
it's no good worrying"
"So, stop worrying"
And have the herbal tea
from time to time
Ask the monk
if this is tea or kerosene
You can ask him
once you get well
"Kaaya, a bullet wound
is something serious"
"Lama Norbu has no doubt cured him,
but this is not where he belongs"
He must go back
Didn't you see?
He is eager to get back
He will go as soon as he gets well
How soon will he get well?
- One month
Maybe sooner.
We need to have patience
What are you writing?
A poem
The valley is so quiet
that I find it suffocating
"When I try to pen something,
chaos takes over my mind..."
and breaks the silence
It's really quiet out here
I can hear my heartbeats
Let me hear.
What have you written?
Let me feel the chaos
in your mind
Shall I...?
- Please
Open your eyes
Lend me your ears
I have much to offer
But I wish to offer
something that belongs to me
A ray of sunlight...
a droplet of sky...
half a cuckoo's call...
and some fantasies
"If you like it,
ask for more"
For all that I have to offer...
I wish to offer something
from my heart
A mirror like the sky...
a tinful of butterflies...
a spoonful of waves...
and a fistful of life
"If you like it,
ask for more"
For all that I have to offer...
I wish to offer something
from my heart
Time to give you medication.
I'll get it
"What's on your mind, my child?"
"I was feeling scared inside,
so I came out"
One must have a grip
over one's desires
You never know
when they come true
The greatest joy is
in seeking the truth
"Everything else is a waste, dear"
Give it to me
Give it to me
Give it here
Don't touch it again
Want to play?
You can play now
I'll let you play this time
Never again
Lamo! What's going on?
"Lamo, go outside.
I'll be there"
It was empty
He was just playing with it
"I thought, the gun was..."
Out of question! It is about you
and your ideals
"Let alone play, Lamo is not even
supposed to touch such things"
"In fact, none of us is"
And listen... as long as
you are with us...
I would like you...
to respect our traditions
and our trust
I apologise
Keep this
where Lamo can't reach it
"Deputy Commissioner of Police, Delhi,
Sushil Mathur here"
"We need a little help from you, sir"
"Sure, sir.
Tell me"
Tell me... what can I do
for the guys from Delhi?
I'm looking for a girl
She is connected
to the Buddhist monastery
"Sir, there are lots
of monasteries around here"
Which area are you talking about?
"I don't know, sir.
All I know is the girl's name"
Well... her full name?
"No idea, sir"
I wouldn't call you
if I knew that
"I mean, which street? Lane?
Telephone number?"
"No sir, nothing.
the folks in my department
have only revealed to me...
"her name, and that she is
connected to a Buddhist monastery"
We have lots of monasteries here.
- Really?
"One monastery here, one there,
one right here in Manali;..."
where do we go looking for her?
To go looking for her is like trying
to find a needle in the sand
It concerns a death of a policeman.
He was murdered
One of us has died
"Won't you help us out, sir?"
Won't you make a call
for us right now?
"Sir, were there
phones in monasteries..."
I would've surely called
Really? Thank you
I have gained much general knowledge
talking to you
Now please hang up
What's that?
Your clothes are still bloodstained
I have given them for a wash
Until then you can wear these
Another thing. In these clothes
you can pass off as one of us
Is there a telephone nearby?
"You will find one at the army camp,
beyond the valley"
No. I need a public telephone
There's one in the village
But you are not in a state
to go outside
I need to go
No. Lama Norbu has asked...
- I know what he has said
"All right, father will
drop you halfway"
"You will have to tread alone further.
But, hurry up"
Thanks for saving my life
Thanks for what?
I have only repaid you in kind
Is he coming?
What's the matter?
"What makes you laugh?
- Nothing, sir"
There's surely something
Tell me.
What is it?
Just thinking. For all the load
that the poor ass takes...
he gets beaten up
The Creator made humans
as well as asses
Then why is it that
humans can ride an ass...
but an ass can't ride on humans?
I see
"So you feel for the ass, eh?"
"Get off, and walk"
"There's the city,
and this is the road"
Get off
What makes you laugh again?
It feels good to look at you
"When you are angry,
you look like a human being"
Are you all right?
I'm coming over...
to do what I left incomplete
Have things cooled down?
"No, it's heated up like never before"
Don't come back
Don't come to Delhi...
don't even think of it
How long will I continue to hide?
I have to return one day
"For my sake, Shiven!"
"Don't make this mistake,
for God's sake"
"Look, the Commissioner has set
an entire army after you"
Have patience.
Stay wherever you are
And listen...
keep calling me
I'll inform you as soon
as things cool down here
"Zakir, I'm so fortunate"
"In such times,
I have a friend like you"
When are you going back?
Bear with me for a few days more
What are you upto?
"As long as I'm here, I think
I must help you folks in some way"
I'll cook food today
Where did you learn to cook?
Loneliness is a teacher
that teaches so much
Just watch. I'm going
to make such a lentil-curry...
that you folks are going
to just relish
Amazing lentil-curry, Kaaya"
"Shiven cooked the fare, today"
It's a bit salty
Looks like you are
perfectly all right
No wonder you are fixing your car
"And you are cooking, too"
Which means you can
also help me a bit
"Why not, sir?
What do you want me to do?"
Not now. Tomorrow morning
Got to milk the churu
"Yes, churu. A yak"
Ever seen one?
I think I've seen it in a picture
"So, get introduced tomorrow morning"
Get up
It's four. Time to milk the yak
Come on
get cracking
Do what?
Do what?
"Hold, press, pull... and draw milk"
Well young man?
"Your hands don't shiver
while pulling the trigger, do they?"
Hold it
Milking is really a terrible job
What are you watching?
"In the city, we hardly
have the time to look at the sky"
I want to hold this beauty...
"in my fists, for ever"
"Nothing is for ever, Shiven"
"We believe that,
change takes place constantly"
We don't hold on to things
That is why we keep statues
made of butter at the doors
In the afternoon
when the temperature starts rising...
the butter statues begin to melt
It reminds us that
every thing comes to an end...
Nothing is for ever
It's time for meditation.
I must leave
How many times do you meditate
in a day?
"Thrice, as of now"
I'll meditate six times a day
when I'm back at the gompa
"Gompa... you mean, monastery?"
When are you leaving?
Soon after you leave
I've fallen in love with you
My heart goes out to you
Across streets and lanes...
my heart seeks you
"Across streets and lanes,
my heart seeks you"
My eyes pine without you
My heart's fallen for you
"Come to me, my love"
My heart...
seeks you
It looks for a trace of you
I've fallen in love with you
What I return to you...
always belonged to you
What have I to lose?
Of my own...
I have nothing
Every thing belongs to you
"Without you,
my heart..."
is like the terrified deer...
is like the hysteric breeze
I've fallen in love with you
My heart goes out to you
What's that?
A gift for you
A hawk?
There's a story behind the hawk.
Would you like to hear it?
"On a stormy night like this one,
there was blowing a strong breeze"
To save its loved ones
from the breeze...
this hawk took off to fly
from one mountain to another
One of its loved ones
fell off on the way
And she didn't even get to know
That hawk went and fell
among a flock of hens
And it started growing up
among the chickens...
and started thinking it
was a chicken too
Whenever it looked up
at the skies...
it felt a desire to touch them
But it thought it couldn't fly;
that it was itself a chicken
It gave up thinking about
the skies...
and started pecking around
on the ground
"One day, there came there a beggar"
He could easily see that there
was a hawk among the chickens...
that had forgotten its identity
He tried to reason with
the hawk
To forsake the ground
and fly in the skies
But the eagle wouldn't agree
The beggar then picked it up.
The eagle struggled and cried
But the beggar wouldn't listen
He took the bird to the peak of
a mountain and flung it down
The eagle began to fall...
"gradually, it spread its wings..."
and it could fly
This is you
Your place is there in the skies
You must find your place
Go to your room immediately!
"Go away, I say!"
What's happening here?
"What were you doing in his room,
so late in the night?"
"I have done nothing wrong, father.
- Nothing wrong?"
You've only been doing wrong! First
you thrust this stranger on us
"He brought with himself a gun,
bullets and everything for terror"
There will be gunfire in this sacred
place now. There will be bloodshed!
And you hold such a man's hand in the
night and mutter sweet nothings?
Talking to someone is not a sin.
I have not committed any sin
"But you will,
if you haven't yet!"
I can see it clearly in your eyes!
You are going wayward!
"Love, marriage, worldly pleasures
are not for you!"
You've got to join the monastery
in search of the Eternal Truth!
I know that.
- No! You don't know anything!
You're straying from your path!
I'm so ashamed!
"Sir, I have something
to say to you"
What will you tell me?
I'm the one who will tell you
I've never seen anyone
as selfish as you
You have taken advantage
of our favours
"Sir, we haven't done
what you imagine"
Do you take me for a fool?
You think I was born yesterday?
I know Kaaya inside-out
"When she coughs, I get to know
that she's going to fall ill"
Can you look me in the eye
and honestly say...
that you don't love her?
"Yes, I love her"
I never had this feeling
for anyone earlier
I want to give her
everything I possess
And what is that?
Let me also hear
I know the world you
people live in
"Consumed by greed and avarice,
man deceives another man..."
is a fiend all his life
and eventually dies
You perhaps forget. I was once
part of that world
I used to be a very big officer.
I kicked that lifestyle to come here!
Kaaya was a little child
when her mother died
Her death had left me shattered
The sorrow I went through after
being separated from my beloved...
"I didn't want Kaaya to go through
and thus, I brought her here"
"Shiven, every love story
has a tragic ending"
And I don't want sorrow and grief
to even cast a shadow on Kaaya
But sir...
- What? What?
You say you're in love with her?
You are a police officer.
You came here wounded
"Suppose you're shot dead tomorrow,
what happens of Kaaya?"
Have you ever considered that?
Have you?
"No, why must you think of that?
All you want is a moment of joy"
Even if Kaaya has to weep
all her life!
Must we stop smiling for
fear of crying then?
Must we stop forging relations?
Because death is inevitable...
must we stop living too?
However much you love
your dear ones...
you can't shield them from
their moments of hardship
"Neither you, nor I.
No matter how much we try"
Kaaya will have to bear
her share of the grief
"We can't do anything about it.
- We can, too!"
Should we kill our desires
in their very roots...
we can escape grief and sorrow
The desire to escape grief and sorrow
is also a desire
The only difference is that you
consider your desire to be great...
and look down upon my desire
of settling down as selfishness
Let Kaaya decide now...
which one among us
is more selfish
"You, or me?"
"Kaaya, your father has done
a huge favour to me"
He has made me face the truth.
That I do really love you
I want you to go with me...
but your father has
other plans for you
You have to decide now
as to what you want
I'll wait for your decision
She can come to the monastery anytime
she wishes too. What's the hurry?
We have made a very big mistake
by allowing that man to stay here
It has now become very important
for Kaaya to join the monastery
Does she love him?
- I don't know
All I know is that it would be best
if she took the initiation now
Certainly. But the walls of
the monastery weren't built...
for people to hide
from grief and sorrow
Neither is this a prison
Let Kaaya decide when she
wants to join us
Why will she? I will!
"When a child is ill, the parents
decide on giving her the bitter pill"
Will one stranger come and change
the course of her life...?
I will not let that happen
"Zakir, which era do you belong to?"
"In the 21st century, you're talking
about being a good friend?"
"Now speak up.
Where's Shiven, tell us"
Also tell us what conspiracies
you have hatched against us
Speak up!
Will you be a good friend
or save your life?
Turn around a bit... that's okay!
Look at that tall Lama! Come!
"Dance with me, c'mon"
"What's up, feller?
You look terrific"
And what a body! Solid build!
And look at his hair
A filmi hero all the way!
Like to work in the movies?
Want to play hero?
"Give me a snap, with your phone
number, height and other details"
Hurry up
What happened? No photographs?
No problem
I'll take a picture immediately.
So give me a smile...
I'll shove the camera up yours
if you take a picture
This is Shiven
"Give the phone to Zakir, please"
"Can you hear me, sister-in-law?
Give the phone to Zakir, please"
What happened?
Is everything all right?
Zakir is dead.
He was killed. Murdered
I'll take it
Megha and her calls!
- Her age to receive calls
"Do you get as many as her?
- Papa, it's Shiven on the line"
"You're a smart chap, Shiven.
You've telephoned my house..."
so it cannot be tapped
"How have you been?
- You've made a mistake, sir"
Killing Zakir is going
to prove very costly for you
Raj has simply got the name
Encounter King
People also say about him
that he never misses his mark
"But about you, he was off the mark"
"Else, you wouldn't have been
talking like this with me today"
"Get one thing clear, sir"
There isn't a bullet
that can kill me
I'm going to lead a very long life
Better you understand that and
also make Raj see reason
"Oh sure. I will, of course"
But listen to something I say
Heed my advise
Come here
You're all alone out there
What will you do?
Come over
We can sort it out
"I'm coming, sir. Having
heard of Zakir's murder..."
I'll have to meet the two of you.
I'm coming over
Your house will soon echo with
the same cries of mourning...
I just heard in my friend's house
What did you say?
You'd shove the camera up mine?
Go on. Do it...
shove the camera!
"I thought I'd make a hero out of you,
but you start playing villain?"
He won't speak like that
I feel as if we've
just been married
Where was the need for this?
You don't give me a bill anyway!
It's ages since...
My job following me here
"Go on, Ratan Singh.
- News is that Shiven..."
"has beaten up some tourists, sir.
- Then?"
We've got his location
Congratulations on the
wedding anniversary
He's going back tomorrow morning
Going back? What for?
What for? Because he's sensible.
He's not a fool like you
He has finally admitted
that his world lies there
And it's time you admitted
that your world lies here
"Make preparations. You're going to
the monastery, as soon as he leaves"
"If this is a sin,
let me commit this sin"
That's it.
This much is enough for me
"You can go away now,
if you wish to"
With the memory of this moment...
I shall somehow spend my life
"What will happen of you, Kaaya?"
You refuse to live moments
in flesh and blood
And you talk of spending a lifetime
with dead memories?
You can't go with me...
you can't live without me
what will happen of you?
You think you're doing
a pious deed...
by killing your love
for the sake of your father?
Wrong. You are
committing a sin
A sin
"When I leave this place tomorrow,
I won't even look back at you"
I will erase your memories
from my heart and soul
"There is place for you
in my life, Kaaya"
But not for your dead memories
And let me tell you one last thing.
Whatever the world thinks...
"this is the life for me,
this is the moment I live"
You can spurn this moment and
keep looking for the eternal joy
And turn this world
into a hell
But I will live this life.
To the fullest
With you
Or without you
"Whenever you miss me, sit on
this camel and come to my house"
Don't be afraid.
We're the police
Search the nearby places
"Calm down. As I said,
we're the police"
We haven't come here to inconvenience
you or anyone else
I only want Shiven
Tell me. Where is he?
Over there! Go and look!
"From here, go straight to the
monastery. Don't get out of there"
His gun is with us!
Ratan Singh...
You aren't escaping now!
"I'll do to you
what I did to your friend, Zakir"
Wait there!
Where the hell are you?
"Come on out, you coward!"
- Over there
Who are they...? Who?
What's going on out there?
Go and stop them!
Move it!
Don't get closer!
I'll shoot!
Well? Why don't you shoot?
Kill me!
You know who this man is...?
He's a murderer!
I have a warrant against him!
Don't get closer.
I'll shoot!
Kill me
"You're the one who made me
a police officer, isn't it?"
So you might as well kill me now
What then?
You want to kill her?
If you're still not satisfied...
will you kill this little child?
Are you going to
kill all of them?
How many people will you kill?
Aren't you tired of it all?
Enough. You've done enough
Enough. Not anymore
Not anymore!
Are you crying?
The Lama does not cry
Thank you very much
For all that you did for me
So long then.
Thanks for saving my life
"Kaaya, everything
comes to an end"
And the ending has an end too
The moment you were so
scared to face...
I was scared to face...
is now looking us in the face
I have come to accept
the bitter truth
"Till now, I kept thrusting my ideals
and principles on you"
And today I realise
the mistake I have made
And this realisation
comes from my enemy
From Shiven
"As they say, the enemy is
the biggest teacher"
He's the one who teaches you
to be compassionate
I have come to love Shiven
I don't regret the fact that
everything comes to an end
That we're wiped out
"What I regret is that we stop loving,
even while we're alive"
I had stopped loving you
Which is why I snatched from you
your most precious wealth
Your freedom
I return to you what is
rightfully yours
You may now decide
what you wish to do