O Teri (2014)

Mr. Tripathi.
No comments.
Handle them.
Hello, Mr. Khwaja.
Sorry for answering
your call so late.
You see...l was in the shower.
You're taking a bath
and I am getting stripped.
Is this what you
call media-management?
I've been humiliated on television.
Of course, Mr. Khwaja, this is...
This is ridiculous.
Why will you kill Avinash Tripathi?
Because...his death was necessary.
That means you...
Even after I bribed him
I still didn't trust him.
He had to die by a simple
road accident, but... - Yes.
That's what the news report states.
But...the post-mortem
report won't state that.
He was run-over by a car, but...
...someone shot him before that.
Its Killol's conspiracy to trap me.
Entire plan's been foiled.
There may be a way out, Mr. Khwaja.
There's one way.
CBI inspector Mr. Tripathi...
...was conducting an inquiry on the
Asian Olympic Games, Bilal Khwaja.
Last night,
he died in a motor accident.
What's this?
Motor accident?
Didn't I tell you? - Yes, sir.
Avinash Tripathi worked for Khwaja.
Nothing would been
proven in the CBI inquiry.
I did shoot Tripathi to trap Khwaja.
You bloody nincompoop.
What's this motor accident?
Don't be disheartened, sir.
I did shoot him.
But he ran off to the road.
It's all his fault.
He was breaking traffic rules.
He was crossing the road
without looking left-right.
You rascal...
You should have learnt the law
after learning to shoot.
Bloody ae... Me.
"There's you, there's me."
"Together...the embassy of love."
"There's you...there's me."
"The embassy of love."
"Your expensive bangle,
your glittering sandal."
"Your expensive bangle,
your glittering sandal."
"O girl...what do I do?"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Your eyes are killer,
they are after my life."
"Take my life, that's all
I keep saying all day."
"Your eyes are killer,
they are after my life."
"Take my life,
that's all I keep saying all day."
"Don't show attitude,
listen to what I've to say."
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo"
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo."
"Your dangling earrings,
your shaking butt."
"Your dangling earrings,
your shaking butt."
"O girl...l am floored."
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo."
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo."
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo."
"You got me going crazy
with your lath-patlo."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
"Round-n-round your
bum is going round."
Aids! Aids!
Aids! - What the...
I've been banging
on the door for so long.
You're so unlucky.
All you get is a door for banging...
So what do I do?
And the name is
Anand lshwaram Devdutt Subramanium.
That's A I D S.
Turak... - Hey.
Aids, you promised. No more abusing.
Not even in Russian!
Otherwise no marriage.
- I am trying, baby.
But you know... -I know.
There's a lot of stress
in your line of work.
So dangerous.
Investigative journalism.
Undercover Sting Operation.
Personal advisor
to the Prime Minister.
You're my super hero.
I love you.
I love you too.
She speaks so fluent Hindi now.
Kiss me. - No, Tina.
That line's just for me.
Tina, my goodbye kiss.
Love you.
Bye, sweetheart.
I'll wait for you.
See! See!
Oh my! New watch!
$800 plus.
Gift from Tina.
Is that what you
charge for one night?
At least I charge.
I don't do free service like you.
At least I don't lie like you do.
"Danger! Adventure!"
And remember, today's
the review of our news story.
Yes, I remember.
Why do I always have to push?
We're sitting in this super-car...
...because of this
superhero's superstition.
This car belongs to
an award-winning journalist.
"Take it. Take it."
It's okay. - Now push.
Mom's calling.
Hello, mom.
- You're not worried at all.
Oh no, cop!
Stop...stop, park that car. - Oh no.
Park the car.
Press. - Press what?
You've no clue about home...
...how are you going
to keep a tab on the world?
Stop it! - What happened?
It hasn't yet, it will happen now.
You'll be fined,
show me your license.
Let us go.
We're already in a fix.
Your sister's still unmarried.
And what more, she's pregnant.
How? - How else.
With the neighbor's bull.
She ran away with him.
Chutki's pregnant
with the bull's child.
See, mister.
Chutki's pregnant
with the bull's child.
Have you lost your mind?
I was talking about Sheila,
not Chutki.
My buffalo. Move aside.
Not Chutki.
Sheila's pregnant
with the bull's child.
Not Chutki.
Sheila's pregnant
with the bull's child.
Here's 100 Rs. And go celebrate.
And let us go.
But...there must be a way.
1000 chants.
But it will be expensive.
Sheila's not a buffalo,
she's my child.
If anything happens to Sheila...
...I swear I will give up my life.
Fine. Fine, mom.
It's not about money.
It's about finding
a trustworthy priest.
I know a priest here.
I'll make a CD and send it to you.
You can keep playing
it as long as you want.
Okay. - Don't forget.
It's coming.
The CD's coming.
Another link connecting
to the cruelty on women...
...in the office over the phone.
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"You dwell in my eyes."
"You're my passion, baby."
"You dwell in my eyes."
"You're my passion, baby."
"I wonder where you come from."
"You steal my sleep."
"You're my serenity."
"But I don't know why."
"But I know that
I've lost my heart."
"Someone's prayers
have been answered."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"My heart is getting naughty."
"Come flirt with me."
"I want to be naughty."
"I won't stop you."
"My heart is getting naughty."
"Come flirt with me."
"I want to be naughty."
"I won't stop you."
"My heart is spoiled."
"What do I do with it now?"
"Come closer, don't torment me."
"Let's things happen."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"In your eyes..."
"In your eyes..."
"In your eyes..."
"In your eyes..."
"Let's make a mistake."
"What's the hurry?"
"I can't control myself."
"Do what you want."
"Let's make a mistake."
"What's the hurry?"
"I can't control myself."
"Do what you want."
"Something's happening to me."
"It's the intoxication of time."
"Let's lose consciousness,
erase these distances."
"Let things happen."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
"I can see it in your eyes,
moving inside it."
"Going like we're going on."
I know...l know.
I know this is a big story.
But why is Killol after
the Post Mortem.
Yes, hello.
May I?
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Hail Lord Ganesha!
The queue you see behind me...
...is not outside a temple,
but the market.
Yes, the vegetable market.
And they're all here
to behold a piece of Ginger.
Yes, Ginger...which
has taken the form...
...of Lord Ganesha Himself.
For the first time,
our channel is bringing you...
...the unique picture of Ginger
Ganesh on your television screen!
Isn't it? - Thanks.
No, you idiots.
Who's going to watch this?
It's b~k~k~kt
But, ma'am...watch further.
The ginger Ganesh drinks milk.
Ginger Ganesh!
Ginger Ganesh! - Turn it off!
Ginger Ganesh! - Turn it off now.
Thanks to such useless
stories and exposes...
...the TRP of your show is lower...
...than the chewing
gum stuck under my shoe.
What are you doing?
What do people want?
People want scandals.
They want scams.
Rape, dacoity, bribery, kidnapping.
You can bump into a story
even with your eyes closed.
This...Avinash Tripathi story.
And what did you two cover?
Madam, your ginger tea.
- I don't want it, Ganesh.
And you two. Last chance.
Get me a solid story.
Otherwise this show
is going off air...
and your job's...gone
Shall we?
You invited me for lunch, so...
...it must be something important.
So, what can I do for you?
There's...news for you.
About Avinash Tripathi?
Khwaja sir is resigning?
On the contrary...
...the post-mortem report
clearly states it was an accident.
Avinash Tripathi
was run-over by a car.
In fact, the police have
also arrested the car driver.
You're fast.
Fast news has a price.
You're...a newspaper editor.
Who else would know
it better than you?
This news should be published
in your newspaper first.
Would you excuse me a moment,
please? - Sure.
Yes, Mr. Editor. Hello.
The post mortem
report has arrived.
Avinash Tripathi died
due to being run-over by car.
What? Have you lost your mind?
We shot him first.
Later Khwaja had
him run-over by a car.
And corpses don't lie, idiot!
But post mortem reports can.
Khwaja has made
all the arrangements.
I guess he's going to play
a long innings as the chairman.
Hey fool.
The game isn't over yet, Mr. Editor.
I'll talk to you later.
What the...
What happened, Mr. Killol?
What happened? - Bs happened.
They dissected the entire body...
...but didn't find the bullet.
What is this, Mr. Killol?
You said after this
Khwaja is sure to go.
Chairmanship will be yours and...
...the contract for the interiors
at the Game will be mine.
Right, Mr. Killol.
Isn't that what you said?
You think this is a child's play...
...where I just wave my hands...
...and give you the contract?
They made the bullet
disappear...from the corpse.
So...you make the corpse disappear?
And we'll find the bullet.
What the...
I'll jump in the water.
What an idea. Jump.
That Monsoon always
wants a big scam.
And where will I get a scam that big?
Do you know what scam means?
It's much bigger than theft,
dacoity, rape.
What do you mean?
I mean...
When a poor steals...it's a theft.
And when someone
important does it...
...that's a scam. - Okay.
Only someone important can scam.
All okay.
Oh no.
You knocked it.
Who rams it down like this?
The place is Janata (Public).
So it's obvious.
They're used to it.
Chhada sir. - What Chhada?
Chhada's getting squeezed.
Tea. - Bravo, boy.
Oh no.
'Dabbang Tempered Lentil.'
'Wanted Stuffed bread.'
Hey, pack me Judwaa Double Omelet.
You see, Chhada.
I run a small stall.
Not the LIC office,
"With you, always".
Do one thing,
settle your old account...
...and start a new one.
You never think big.
When I park my BMW
in front of your stall...
...think about your stature then.
Put it in my account.
I'll pay back every penny,
with interest.
Like always...
Don't laugh...
You don't know...I've
pulled the right strings.
I'm about to get a big contract.
For what?
Asian Olympics.
Chhada sir, here you go.
PP. Scam!
Chhada, please tell us
in detail about this contract.
Interview, me? - Yes, on camera.
No Chhada sir, you know he's joking.
Come here.
I'm saying this off-record.
Entire Delhi has to be decorated.
- I see.
Like a bride.
The streets,
alleys, crossroads, flyovers.
...Are to be decorated with pots.
Whose? - Chhada's?
I just bribed an important officer.
He's an honest man.
Once he takes the money
consider your job done.
What are you saying?
It started in one kick,
That's a big scam.
Chhada sir.
Bye, Chhada sir.
What do we do?
Stop the car. - Forget it, Aids.
How long are you going to?
If you don't stop the car...
...then yourjalopy
will definitely rust.
Actually, you know what...
...I should turn this
jalopy into a toilet.
I'll do it here.
What are you doing?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
You're just...
Run! Run! Run!
Look, car.
Let's dump it in this.
Come out...
What are you doing?
Keep listening to
Radio City 91.1 with me.
And the next song is
dedicated to Delhi.
Hey, who's that?
Hey, who are you?
Hey... Avinash... Tripathi.
You know him.
ACP Avinash Tripathi.
He's Avinash...- No.
Now he's a corpse.
Hello sir. - Hello sir.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
All okay?
Move aside
Did you get the corpse? - Yes.
Where is it? - In the car.
Where's the car? - It's gone.
We got the corpse from the morgue.
They gave him a complete makeover...
with makeup and everything
As if they're going to a party.
Later the police started chasing us.
Stop the car.
The police is after us,
don't stop the car.
Idiots, it's a red light.
Stop the car.
It's illegal to jump a red light.
Stop the car.
They jumped the signal.
They're breaking the law.
It's green, take a U-turn.
Hurry UP-
You didn't go back
to get the corpse.
What are you saying, sir?
Like I said...the car's gone.
You know, it was ajunk. Junk.
But someone was still dragging it.
Tell him.
What...- Shut up.
It's illegal to drive
a car older than 15 years.
It's spreading sickness.
Making it difficult to breathe.
So much pollution...- Rascal.
I'm going to spread you.
- Don't worry.
I'll get you the corpse.
Don't worry about that corpse.
We're getting to it right now.
I'm going to file a
case against those guys...
...who drive such an old car...
- Rascal...
You nincompoop, rascal, ae.
What do I do with you?
Stop abusing, that's all.
Why don't we...
- Let's not do anything.
Let's not do anything.
This is a huge scam.
Don't you get it?
We can't get involved in this.
So are we taking this
corpse for sightseeing?
What if someone sees him?
No. No one will see him.
Car's the safest place.
Haven't you seen...
...so many rapes
are committed in a car.
You've lost your mind.
We can't carry this
corpse around forever.
I suggest that we dump
this corpse and leave.
We'll be caught.
We'll definitely be caught.
We're bad luck.
I know...let's go to the
police and tell them everything
Yes, what will we say to them?
Sir, this corpse landed
in our car itself.
And died. -Yes!
You will kill me.
And anyway,
women are never spared alive.
PP, you? - Aunty, you?
Sorry aunty, you suddenly
appeared in front of the car...
Yeah, it's always we who
are at fault. - I was just...
I was out buying vegetables for you.
I didn't know that
you'll run-over me.
Where are you going?
Aunty, I'm heading for the Shani market
then the Buddh market and then...
Aunty, we're going home.
Yes, so that's where I am going.
- Aunty.
Cancer, how are you? - Not Cancer.
Aids. - It's the same thing.
No, au nty.
Sit in the front.
What are you doing?
Get out.
Let it be, let him sit there.
Aunty. - Let him sit there,
I'll sit at the back.
No, au nty.
I don't take up too much space.
No au nty.
Hurry UP-
Myself Preeto. And you?
He's a friend, aunty.
- Avinash Tripathi.
Yes, yes...
Yes Au nty.
He's a colleague.
I knew it...this face
should be on television.
Where's your family?
He's single.
Me too.
Relax. What's the hurry?
We'll meet later.
PP, drive carefully. - Yes.
Keep eyes on the road while driving.
Faster! Faster! Faster!
Killol's pricking me
like a nail in a broken chair.
What happened now, Nahata sir?
Something that's beyond imagination.
Killol abducted the corpse.
Kidnapping, of a dead body.
What else can a cheap
minister like him do?
But my name's Khwaja.
It's not easy to
snatch my chairmanship.
Sir, not that again.
Killol will prove that
you had the CBI inspector shot.
You'll lose your chairmanship.
And all the contracts that you...
...gave Nahata Constructions
will be cancelled.
Isn't that total loss?
We'll be at total loss when...
...I'll be spinning
the wheel in jail..
...And you'll be selling 'Khadi'.
Khwaja sir, our house is on fire...
...and you're warming your hands.
Nahata sir.
This is politics,
if you can't tie your string...
...then don't wear pyjamas.
Get that?
- You're right, Mr. Khwaja.
Now you'll have to do something.
Sherry. In our
country...the law's blind.
The people are dumb.
Administration is deaf.
And anylhing's possible...
...amidst these three
monkeys of Gandhiji.
Khwaja sir, what do we need to do?
We need a corpse? - Another corpse.
Avinash Tripathi's final rites...
...will be performed
with national honor.
The pyre has to burn.
The corpse can be anyone.
You could've stopped
a little more further...
...it wouldn't have hurt your car.
Listen, come home.
Bring this Cancer too.
And yes...and your friend too.
Please explain to me, PP.
What's happening?
We cannot keep him here.
We'll have to take him up.
Phone is ringing.
Phone is ringing.
Hi, love.
He)! you stupid!
I'll call you later.
It's okay.
Pick him up.
Pick him up.
He's stuck.
Oh no.
Lift him carefully, and with force.
What's going on, Mr. Prantab Pratap.
This is murder.
It can't be done in broad daylight.
Mr... Chatterjee... this corpse...
Exactly, the corpse.
This is the nation's corpse.
You must do something about this.
You look familiar.
See all you want.
Soon you won't see anyone here.
How can they serve
an eviction notice?
Eviction notice?
Who are they evicting?
- They're evicting me.
They're evicting the entire society.
Mister...do you
own a shop at Sadar?
How can anyone evict us?
We have few principles.
Why are you quiet?
Say something.
He...doesn't speak much. - Yes.
You should expose Mr. Anand.
How can we...
Your friend's... too friendly.
What are you doing?
Mr. Chatterjee, actually I was
reading the Residents of FSTTHS...
We can't do this story, sir.
Why not?
We're already burdened...
with a huge responsibility.
Look. Look. Look.
The illegitimate children of...
corruption and consumerism.
I will tell Didi.
I'll strive, I'll fight, I'll win.
Come on.
I'll strive, I'll fight, I'll win.
Monsoon, we've a body. - What?
I mean we've a dead body,
of Avinash Tripathi. - What?
Are you drunk, PP?
His body was cremated today.
With full state honors.
And they're even
showing repeat telecast.
Check your TV.
No, Monsoon.
Right here in my house,
in front of my eyes...
...his dead body's
lying right here.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Bring the dead body to
the channel office immediately.
Okay, Monsoon.
We're deeply sad about
Avinash Tripathi's death.
Sorry, Avi.
What are you doing?
That's my Tina's blanket.
Are you going to fly in it?
Tina's Superman.
Oh no. No network. - Now?
You two stay here,
I'll go get Monsoon?
No, brother. I am younger.
You stay here, I'll go get him.
No...l am elder, I'll go get him.
- No chance.
Don't leave me here
with this deadly body.
I see...- Don't go.
What happened to the respect now?
Come on.
Come on.
All okay.
Sorry...we'll knock again.
What happened? - Did you get hurt?
Idiots. Come back.
Have you brought the body?
Not body... Story!
Tremendous... story!
When you go up to receive
the journalist of the year award...
...don't mention us
in your 'Thank you' speech.
Shall we? - Come on.
Where is it? - Here.
Oh no!
Where's the body?
Found it?
It's not here.
PP, I am stuck. - Madam...
Pull me out.
My shirt's stuck. Pull me out.
I told you...stay here with the body.
I didn't know...
it's a mobile corpse.
Runs away from the pyre, the car.
I told you to sit in the car.
I told you I'll go get Monsoon...
- It's your fault.
Shut up!
You think I'm afool.
You two never had that corpse.
Monsoon. We really had that corpse...
- Prantab Pratap.
You're not just a bad journalist...
...but a cheap human being as well.
I had warned you two.
You two are finished.
Give me your I-cards right now.
Right now! Give it to me.
But... - No! Give it to me.
Yours too. - It's not my fault...
No. Give it to me.
No need to come to
the office tomorrow.
Get that.
Ma'am... - I don't
want to see... your faces.
But...where did the corpse go?
We searched for it high and low...
...but the corpse was in a car.
Very nice.
We run a free media.
Whether we highlight
the news or hide it...
...that depends on us.
Media is the religion
of this new age.
People believe what you show them.
Monsoon, I've decided
to start my own channel.
I've also decided on a name.
- Great idea.
And it's a fantastic investment,
Khwaja sir.
By the way,
what about those two boys?
They know too much.
What else?
Let's bury them along with the body.
The end!
No need for that.
They don't want to get
involved in this anyway?
Why would they open their mouth?
Well said, Monsoon.
Why be scared of those
who are already scared.
When we tie a firecracker
on the dog's tail...
...it runs, not bark.
They're the youth of today.
When they are sd,
all they can do is light candles...
...at India Gate.
So Mr. Unemployed Superman.
How are you feeling?
But it's really sad
what happened with you.
Monsoon contracted to winter.
So cold.
Hey... - What?
Without a job...
you will also lose that... - Tina.
You'll lose Tina.
Something big is going
to happen in our life.
When He gives...
he breaks all limits.
Shall I tell you one thing.
We've lost everything
Only thing we have is this roof.
your eyes duel with mine."
"Your gait invites me."
"Stop showing attitude, look at me."
"The one you're looking
for is close to you."
"My heart on my fire, douse my fire."
"Hot body, red lips."
"When I shake my body,
your hearts sway."
"I'll rip your hearts out."
"I am trouble, don't tease me."
"Don't break my heart."
"Don't leave me."
"Don't make my mood sad."
"All night we'll do..."
"All night we'll do..."
your eyes duel with mine."
"It ignites my heartbeat."
"I've a thousand attitudes to show."
"We won't get this
chance to love again."
"Our hearts are open for love."
Sir, bread-fritters.
What the...
Asian Olympic Interior's contract
goes to Nahata Constructions.
See...there's a scam under
the bread-fritters as well.
Aids, didn't I tell
you about scams?
Even dead bodies aren't safe.
There's too much risk.
PP... if you were so
concerned about safety...
...then why did you
become ajournalist?
You could've opened a condom stall.
Rammed it again.
Are you blind?
You knocked it down again!
Come out!
Oh my...
You knocked it down again.
- Sorry. Sorry.
You see, I am still L.
- I got sd.
Don't worry. Put it on my tab.
You keep breaking and I'll
keep adding. - Hey, India shining.
What happened? - Make me a
cup of tea, Bodyguard special.
Wow, Chhada sir. Maruti 800.
What? - Maruti 800.
Call it Maruti 900.
I've made it super-stylish.
Lights, top-class music system.
500 watt speaker.
Can you turn them off? - What?
Can they be turned off?
- What are you saying?
Why not?
Hold on.
500 watts are a lot.
Wow, Mr. Chhada.
You see, PP a man has
to act according to his status.
Doesn't look nice if
the Asian Games contractor...
...rides a cheap scooter.
You mean you got the contract
for delivering pots in the games?
Got it?
I've already supplied the pots.
2000 per pot.
2000 per pot?
Didn't I tell you he's
a very honest officer?
Once he gets the
money the job's yours.
Now I want to get a bigger contract.
So I've to pay commission for that.
So I've applied for
a loan in the bank.
Banks give loan for paying bribe.
If we bribe the bank...
...then why won't they give
us a loan for paying bribe?
Of course they will.
Come on, let's have tea.
PP. scam. -What?
So, Mr. Chhada, what were you saying?
PP, what's he doing?
There he goes again.
Chhada sir, he's only joking
Oh no, I am late.
I am leaving.
Hey L... pay my mo"eY-
Money! Money! Money!
Will you take it
with you when you die?
You don't have change.
That's the problem.
PP, please pay him.
I'll settle the accounts later.
You don't have bs!
PP, my money.
Aids! Listen.
Aids! Listen.
We'll find other scams.
Forget it, PP.
It's not about scams!
We can get a thousand scams...
...from any officer or politician.
The dead body was in our car.
But this safe scam
you're looking for...
...we'll never find it.
Why are you saying that, Aids?
We're not that unlucky. - Luck?
Our luck's already deserted us.
I've lost my job because of you.
Soon I'll lose Tina.
That's enough, Aids.
You're no Tipu Sultan.
And what do you think...
I am not worried?
Didn't I lose my job?
Don't I love Monsoon?
But we're not shooting
some Ginger Ganesh story here.
We're looking for scams.
No, PP. we're not looking for scams.
Scams find us.
And we're playing hide-n-seek.
If this goes on,
I'll have to do something...
What will you do?
What will you do?
Un-friend me on Facebook.
Thinking about leaving your friend.
Who do you think you are?
Vacate my uncle's house today.
And then you can sleep with
Tina on the pavement all night.
Get lost.
You're furious!
Don't involve Tina in this.
Don't throw me out of the house.
It's all because of my horoscope.
It stated...
my world might tear apart.
Careful, PP.
Sherry, you should
mix sand in cement.
Not cement in sand.
I told you nothing should go wrong.
But you hit me with
an entire footbridge.
Relax, Mr. Khwaja.
It's just a footbridge.
And there were no casualties either.
Remember Avinash Tripathi.
When we handled a
CBI officer's murder...
...then why are you worrying
about a footbridge?
It's not about a footbridge.
It's about my party losing power.
Consider that sports complex
interior contract cancelled.
Mr. Khwaja,
that interiors contract...
...was worth 200 crores.
And your share was 20 crores.
But it can go up to...25.
Make it 30 and I'll think about it.
3 is my lucky number.
But I won't tolerate
any more carelessness.
After all it's the question
of our country's image.
Ganesh, stop. Come here. -Aids.
Have you seen Monsoon madam?
- Right now I am watching you two.
Who are you?
And how did you get in?
Security... - Wait!
I am Anand.
Anand lshwaram...
- Aids, what are you doing?
I don't want to hear anything.
I want my job back.
I want Tina back. - Sir.
First tell me whether
you want Monsoon or Tina?
Shut up, we'll decide that.
Just tell us where's Monsoon madam.
She's in the conference room.
- Okay.
Excuse me, sir. -Aids.
Aids, listen to me.
Let's check the CD first.
- Chill...buddy.
A blacksmith and his hammer...
...and a man on his horse,
should have undoubted faith.
Ma'am, we've got it.
Aids? PP? What are you doing here?
The footbridge collapsed.
- I know. So?
We shot it...falling down. - Really?
Another scoop?
Just like that body.
- Monsoon, we weren't lying.
We really had that body.
- Just stop it, PP.
You're a liar.
Calm down,
we've got another CD. - Okay.
Show it.
What are you doing? - Chill, bro.
May I?
Thank you.
You guys, enough.
Even... Ganesh can do
a better story than you two.
Thank you, madam.
You two...should run a momo stall.
Get out.
What was the reason for
the footbridge collapse?
According to the reports...
reasons are being stated.
First, sonic boom.
A high-frequency sound
and it's vibration...
...made the bridge collapse.
These vibrations are going to make
that rascal's government collapse.
And to discuss this incident...
...we have with us an expert
in this field, Mr. Duggal.
So Mr. Duggal, what is your view?
Sonic boom.
Sonic boom...works in
a particular radius...
...which is area.
If this footbridge collapsed
due to a sonic boom...
...then the buildings around
would've been affected too.
The boy knows his stuff.
So that means there's a different
reason for the footbridge collapse.
We even have baba
Chutkianand with us today.
He's the supreme
disciple of Taali Baba.
It's said that...that
Taali Baba's gravestone...
...was displaced in order
to make this footbridge.
So Chutkiji, we want to know...
...is it Taali baba's curse
that made the footbridge collapse?
My Guru never wished anyone ill.
In fact even before he clapped...
...he would always see whether...
...there are any flies
or mosquitoes in the way?
So Chutkiji, according to you...
...Baba has nothing
to do with this incident.
But what does she want to prove?
Now there's just one reason left.
Design fault.
Was it Nahata Constructions fault?
Let's speak with
well-known engineer...
...Dr. Muljibhai Desai.
So Dr. Desai, according to you...
...why did the bridge collapse?
That footbridge collapsed
because of this screw.
One important screw...which
was not fastened properly.
And due to that the
entire bridge collapsed.
You mean it's not the
construction company's fault.
It's human error.
- Absolutely right.
Sc rew?
What the... he's making a fool of us!
Sc rew?
But what evidence do they have?
We just received news that...
...Putti Lal from Laltenganj,
...has been taken in
custody for questioning.
Putti Lal?
Let me go. It's not my fault.
What the... Putti Lal.
Let me go.
- He looks like a screw himself...
...and they're blaming
him for that huge...
It's believed that the footbridge
collapsed because of Putti Lal.
She's brilliant.
She gets to the root of every issue.
Wow, PP. You're such a big loser.
She fired us from our jobs and
you're still twitting about her?
How tweet? - No.
This is just a misunderstanding.
And anyway,
this time it's your footage's fault.
W e. re s,, d !
No, PP. - Horse, hammer.
How can the entire
footage be messed up?
I'll check once again.
Wow, Sherry.
You shut everyone up with one screw.
It should've been Nahata behind
bars for the footbridge mishap...
...but Putti Lal
was arrested instead.
That's call media management.
Thank you, Mr. Khwaja.
That was my job.
I was doing my job.
I'll see you at the party.
What happened, Mr. Superman?
Find anything? - Nothing
Hey, stop.
Go back.
Forward that.
Little more.
Zoom in.
That's it.
That's Tina's blanket.
That means someone buried
the corpse in the bridge.
PP, stop. Stop. Stop.
Hurry up. - I am doing.
Lift him up.
Hurry UP-
Lift him up.
Hurry UP-
Hello. Hello.
How are you?
Khwaja sir. - How are you?
Congratulations, Nahata sir. - Yes.
Hello Khwaja sir.
Putti Lal was arrested.
Putti Lal was arrested,
but there's a slight problem.
Avinash Tripathi's
corpse disappeared again.
What? - Yes.
Can't you do a single thing right?
What are you saying, Khwaja sir?
That corpse was unlucky.
Entire footbridge collapsed.
Don't worry about the corpse.
It's a corpse, how far can it go?
We're looking for it.
We'll find it.
Find it?
This is the right place.
Welcome to Good Time Motel, sir.
We need a room to freshen up.
These days is it
called freshening up?
Can we get a double room?
- You'll get everything, sir.
You've your luggage too.
Why did you have
to bring a blanket?
It's ourjob to change blankets.
Give it...one double room. - Relax.
I am giving you our best room.
Room no...69.
What are you doing?
That manager really thought that...
...we and this rotting corpse are...
Let go of my Tina's blanket.
Our best room.
Room no. 69.
Did you order anything
from room service? - No.
At least tell me now...why
are you so happy today?
I'll tell you, sweetheart.
When Khwaja's party gets over...
...my feelings get a little hot.
- Ouch!
This is...
Sorry. - What are you doing, Aids?
Not me, he's doing it.
Now you can give your Monsoon...
...a scam with a sex scandal, free.
We didn't come here to sleep.
Your face tells me that...
...you've some good news for me.
Say it.
Mr. Khwaja...
The tenders have been
leaked from your Ministry.
For the stadium interiors.
Killol has the papers.
Motwani quoted 10% lower
than Mr. Nahata...
...yet, Mr. Nahata got the contract.
Killol wants to propagate
this in a public rally.
There are two things very difficult
to control in this country.
Population and Opposition.
But Khwaja sir,
who can leak the documents?
Only one man.
The...Sports Secretary.
Murli Manohar Mahapatra.
Aids, stop it now.
What the...
Lift him up.
What are you doing? - Sorry.
I was just getting the CD.
What the... - What?
Where are you going?
I'll just be back from the toilet,
Everything okay
Mr. Mahapatra.
- Oh, hello. Good evening, sir.
How much did Killol pay
you to leak Motwani's tender?
What do you mean, sir?
I know cheap government
officers like you really well.
Anyone can make you
strip for a few pennies.
I know that.
Right, Mr. Khwaja, right.
Corruption is like a plague!
And often ministers pass
it down to the government officers.
Oh my god!
I slapped him because he abused me.
You can publish that
in your papers tomorrow.
Now move.
Oh no!
Stop the car. - Right away.
Is it election day today?
Everyone's drunk.
Get down you two.
We'll have to keep
them away from the car.
Get out. - Okay.
Walk slowly, or they'll suspect us.
What happened, sir?
You made us stop the car.
You stopped it yourself.
Drinking and driving.
- We're drunk?
You think sir's drunk?
- No, sir, we aren't drunk.
Stop shaking. - We're shaking?
You think sir's shaking?
You're speaking too much.
I told you...
- But I didn't do anything.
Sir, they're on this side. - Where?
They're shaking.
Move aside.
Who is in the car?
Hey you!
Did you hear what sir said?
Sir, he's deaf.
He's deaf, but is he blind too?
- He's blind too.
He can't hear, he can't see.
Is he the government?
We'll check him, son.
Rakesh. - Sir.
Let's check. - Yes, sir.
Sir, wait. - Come out.
Sir, let him go. - Sir!
Sir, he's stinking.
He's too drunk.
Arrest him.
Arrest him.
He must be drinking and driving.
Sir, how can he drive
from the backseat?
Don't speak too much.
That's not sir's job to think,
Rakesh. - Right sir.
Take Lord Hanuman's name
and lift him up. -Yes, sir.
Get up.
Hail Hanuman, come on.
Drink at home you...
Sir, why do you drink
if you can't digest it?
Sir, he won't do it the next time.
Careful. - Sir...
He can't even stand straight.
Sir, he can't walk either.
If it wasn't for the
law-protectors like us...
...patrolling the streets of Delhi...
...you'll turn the
entire zone unsafe.
You're right.
Monsoon will think I am a liar.
Hold on!
You still have the Killol
and Motwani CD, don't you?
Yes, I do. - Where is it?
In the corpse's pocket.
Humans make mistake.
So did I. -You did.
Sir, these are the two...
...who made the Police proud.
PP...there's no mention
of a corpse in this.
Those police officers
did take it, but...
I am sure the police
made it disappear.
They must have received
orders from their superiors and...
This is a huge scam.
Hello, Mr. Khwaja. - Hello, Sherry.
There's good news.
Avinash Tripathi's
body has been found.
You've found Avinsh Tripathi's body?
But how?
- That's classified information.
But yourjob's been done.
My job? - The interiors contract.
Killol was after us.
But what connection does
this have for your country?
We've also found
a CD with the corpse.
And it has deep
connection with Bilal.
You will believe it when you see it.
And the corpse?
- Don't worry about that.
This time I've made arrangements...
...and no one will know
where the corpse disappeared to.
Hello. - Hello.
Brothers and...what the f"'
What happened?
The youth today are like current.
If the earthing not
proper then they shock you.
The youth today know
nothing about Ganga...
...but they all know how
to do the Gangnam!
Everywhere you see...they are
singing and dancing.
didn't you hear what sir said?
Start playing. - Listen...
"Everyone's become so westernized,
everyone's on Facebook or twitter."
"See the craze of zero figure."
"I just follow."
"I just follow."
"Why don't you jump in the well?"
"I just follow."
"I just follow."
"I just..."
"I just..."
"I just..."
"Wow! Amazing."
"Sons sold their father's land
and bought an Audi."
"From Gurgoan he came to Delhi."
"What are you saying? Really?" - Yes.
"Sons sold their father's land
and bought an Audi."
"From Gurgoan he came to Delhi."
"Everyone visits the shopping mall."
"And buyjockeys in sale."
"Flat 50%, buy get 1."
"Everylhing sells in our country."
"Sing it in English as well."
"I just..."
Hey, PP bro.
Did you see my new girlfriend?
She's dark, but she's hot.
5 series LBW. - BMW!
Whether its B or L...
Oh no...
Rammed it again!
That's the limit.
Even the hockey team doesn't
get knocked down so many times.
I am sorry. Try to understand.
Now I am a bigger L.
Great, Chhada.
I know, put it in my account.
- I see.
Hey India Shining,
two Wanted Stuffed breads...
...with extra butter, parcel.
Okay. - Why are you always smiling?
Wow, Chhada.
People change clothes
and you change cars.
Look, I had predicted earlier...
...that this Games
will change my life.
And it did.
And a man should look
according to his status.
Style. - Chhada sir,
here's your Wanted Stuffed bread.
With extra butter.
That's Rs. 32. - Keep 50.
I guess you don't have change.
That's the problem.
These days I carry big notes.
PP bro, just pay this fellow.
See you, bye.
Are you tired of life? - Yes.
Are you only facing
disappointment? - A lot.
Do you always lose
what you get? - Yes.
Then come meet Ma Poly.
Ma Poly?
Welcome. Sit.
Ma Poly's...a dog.
Divine dog!
Aids, will we let a
dog predict our future?
Ma Poly answers only in Yes or No.
So ask your questions accordingly.
Rs. 500 for each question.
Doggy bro,
can we use the camera? - Yes.
2000 extra for that. - Yes.
You want to record
us getting fooled.
Ask your question. - Yes.
Ma Poly...will Tina marry me.
Aids. You're so educated, yet...
Fine, you ask something.
- Forget it.
Come on. Ask...
What... - Ask.
You always do this
when it's my turn.
Ma Poly, will Bilal Khwaja
kill Avinash Tripathi?
We were right? - What?
She says 'Yes' for everything
Because you're asking
such questions.
She'll say 'No' only if
you ask that sort of a question.
Test her. - Aids, are you crazy?
Ma Poly, the body that
was cremated with honors...
...belonged to Avinash Tripathi?
Ma Poly, will we expose
the biggest scam...
...and create a sensation
in the country?
Hail Ma Poly!
Send your man and get this CD.
I just want to see Khwaja ruined.
"My beloved's gone to Rangoon."
"And called on the telephone."
"That he misses me."
"It makes him restless."
Khwaja, we'll burn
your Lanka to the ground.
I've the Hanuman's tail.
Mr. Killol, what happened?
What happened?
Not yet, but it will happen now.
It was being tapped. - Tap?
Sherry's phone was being tapped.
Avinash Tripathi was doing it...
...in order to inquire
about the Games.
Sherry, Khwaja have been exposed.
The buffalo's in the water.
Now it's my turn.
We'll call Nahata's 3G.
Handover my CD,
and we'll handover yours.
I guess they won't spare us.
Emails are hacked.
Phones are tapped.
What can a person do? What are we
supposed to do, Khwaja sir?
There's one thing that we can do.
We can start sending
pigeons from tomorrow.
Look, Nahata. -Yes.
You can fly all
the pigeons you like.
But I want that CD at any cost...
- Khwaja sir...
You understand. - Mr. Khwaja.
You will get it. - But...
I'll make sure of it.
You come again.
Astrology and fortune
lines can reveal everything
I'll be right back.
- But sir, sign?
I am coming.
Hi, PP. Why are you here?
I mean...you're here
for the chant CD. - Yes.
You could've called.
Stupid fool,
look where you're going.
Is this the one?
Let's go, Sabu.
Sir, I've inserted the CD.
- Very good.
Now let's hear...behind
the scenes from our enemies.
Is this the CD?
This is an auspicious chant.
You nincompoop!
What have you brought?
Sir, they gave me this CD.
Tell him.
Rascal...are you lying?
Oh my, God!
I swear, that man gave me this CD.
These guys are too much.
Keep it inside.
Keep the gun inside.
Give me some space.
One simple job.
You can't do one thing right.
- Yes, sir.
What "yes sir".
No, sir. -What "no, sir".
You gave the wrong CD.
- No, sir, I checked.
You must have checked
your horoscope.
The CD has some
auspicious...chant playing.
No, sir.
I never bring my personal
work to the office.
You... - Don't apologize, sir.
It won't look nice.
Due to the planetary positions
I am under the false accusation.
False accusation, sir.
Just get out.
I double-checked.
We gave your men the right CD.
- You mean I am lying.
If not you then maybe your men.
Look, my men don't lie.
I don't want to argue with you.
But I took a great
risk to get the CD.
If it falls in wrong hands...
...then many people
will get in trouble.
Mr. Killol...what...what happened?
How many times have I told you
don't eat bananas publicly.
Listen, if you want
to live then go get the CD.
Otherwise, you'll disappear
just like the CD did.
Mr. Tiwari. - Fine.
Hello PP.
Yes, Pandit.
The CD that you have... -
The one with the auspicious chant?
No, not that.
Which CD? - What is it?
Where is it?
Where's the CD? - Where are
you taking me? - Hello.
Leave me.
- Why did you switch on the TV?
Hello. - Mister,
what are you doing?
Where's the CD? - Which one?
Where's the CD?
Hello, Pandit.
Where's the CD?
P...P... - You want to pee?
No...PP... -What PP?
Who's PP?
Give me his address
or I'll kill you.
No, no, Pandit.
Prantab Pratap.
Prantab Pratap.
Pandit, don't say anything.
The planets and stars
are not in his favor.
He's going through a bad phase.
Hey. We're not here
to fix his marriage.
We want to break his legs.
Give us the address.
Let me down and I'll tell you.
Here, stand up him.
Freedom Fighter Society.
Sir. - Yes.
We've found the CD.
- You found the CD?
They found the CD?
They found the CD?
They found the CD?
Who has it?
What happened?
Someone's coming to kill me.
What? Why?
They want the CD. - CD?
Yes. What CD? - Maha...
Maham rityu njay Jaap CD?
I don't get it.
PP...my brother.
We have arrived, PP.
Journalists are killed
only for one reason.
To conceal a big scam.
But we don't have any scam.
PP...we've Ma.
Ma Poly and her CD.
Put it on speaker.
PP...your life's in danger.
Do you have the CD? - Which CD?
You know which CD
I am talking about?
The one about the scam.
But how do you know about the CD?
Stop asking foolish questions
I run a news channel.
And this is a bloody big story.
Didn't I tell you?
Look, I am ready to
give you two anything
Yes, ma'am, we want our jobs back.
We finally found a big scam for you.
Now we get our jobs back, right?
- Yes, of course.
But listen, Aids, PP.
Your lives are in danger.
Get to the office right now.
- Yes, ma'am, we're coming.
Okay Monsoon.
And PP...you're not a liar.
I should've believed you.
I'll see you in the office.
Its okay, Monsoon.
It's normal amongst couples.
We'll be famous.
Hail Ma Poly.
Do you stay here? - Yes.
Do you know PP? - No, we don't.
The scam that happened
in this society...
He's PP...
That rascal's playing a game.
He's with us.
Don't let him die.
How did you get in the middle?
Where are the boys?
Let's go. Let's go.
Oh, God!
I'll vacate the house.
Sorry. - It's okay.
Follow me.
PP... lower your hands.
Have you brought the CD?
CD? - Yes.
Here's the sensational CD...
...which is going
to expose everyone.
And this was possible
only because of you, Monsoon.
What do you mean?
I mean you motivated us.
You set goals for us.
Oh no!
They are very dangerous.
It's not safe for us.
- Tell me where they are.
Don't worry, Monsoon.
No one can touch you
as long as I am here.
Madam's left.
Do you still want
to deal with them?
Are you crazy?
Who is it? - Hurry up.
Run. Run. -Aids. Come on.
Let's go. - Wait.
Come on, get in the car.
Get in the car. - Hurry up, get in.
Why's mom calling?
Forget the phone, drive now.
Hello, mom.
I'll call you later...
- Everything will be over later
Sheila... is breathing her last.
Why didn't you send the Chant CD?
Mom, I've the CD but...
- What did you say?
You have it.
Then play it now. - Hurry up.
But, mom, my life...
- For the sake of my life...
...play the CD. - Mother...
Save Sheila...
- Fine, I am playing it.
Yes, sir. We found the CD.
We're checking it.
Sabu. Play the CD. - Yes.
Monsoon, we'll have to manage
the footbridge collapse story.
It's a big story, Sherry.
Won't be easy.
Come on, Monsoon.
You managed the story
of a CBI officer's murder.
That was different.
Those idiots brought
the corpse to me...
...and it was easy
to take care of it.
They came back again today.
She stood up.
It's a miracle.
Mom, this isn't...
This is the wrong CD, mom.
But Pantu, there was
something on this CD...
...that Sheila stood up.
Bless your CD.
Bless you, son.
Bye, mom.
What nonsense is this? - Yes.
The rascals are playing "Who
will be a millionaire" with a dog.
Is this the CD?
They haven't gone too far.
I'll catch them.
Get some cold water.
If PP escapes... then I...
I'll catch him if you hang up.
This idiot has cost
me so many phones.
Hurry up, PP. hurry up.
Come on,
they wouldn't have gone far.
Hurry UP-
There they are.
Run PP. - They're shooting at us.
There they are.
Hurry up!
MY Pizza.
What are you doing?
Oh no.
Hurry UP-
just coming down.
What the hell.
Hey fatso!
Come on.
PP, careful with the bag.
It has the CD.
The CD isn't in the bag,
it's with you.
You put it in the player. - I did.
But I didn't take it out.
What now?
No one will believe us
that we don't have the CD.
I guess some terrorist
is writing our fate.
Look there.
Look there.
Find them, they must
be hiding somewhere around.
Get up, PP.
Catch them.
PP, run!
Enough, Aids!
That's enough.
We're done with running.
Now we'll take them down.
I have an idea.
But I need some time.
I'll divert their
attention towards me.
But what will you do?
When I get mad I get very bad.
What are you doing?
PP, if you want to save
your friend, then come out.
Shoot him. -Yes.
See... - There.
Where's the CD, PP?
Monsoon, you're one deadly virus.
- Oh god.
You corrupted the entire system.
Oh just shut up
You're a bunch of
idiots like my viewers.
You believe everything I say
They aren't idiots,
in fact you're a liar.
You're a bloody liar.
And they believe the media,
not you.
They believe that when
everyone else deceives them...
...then the media
will support them.
Tell them the truth.
Enough discussion, hand over the CD.
We don't have the CD.
He won't give it so easily.
Give me the gun. - Here.
Do you have it or not?
If you kill the boy
how will you get the CD?
Son, don't anyone fire.
Or I'll flatten him in a minute.
Hello, Sherry. - Lower your gun.
Come on.
Killol, this isn't the
time to fight amongst ourselves.
I am fighting.
I've been always saying.
You keep my CD and I'll keep yours.
Lower your gun.
We've compromised.
Lower your guns.
Look PP, don't be scared.
Give me the CD.
We don't have the CD.
You want to shoot us, don't you?
Go ahead.
At least the country
will know your truth.
Will you tell them our truth?
But who will listen?
In this country,
until someone doesn't lose a kin...
...people don't even
care about the Tsunami.
We killed the CBI inspector.
You're nothing.
You're right, sir.
We're nothing.
Scams, frauds, loot.
You did everything you wanted
And we kept quiet because
we believed we're nothing.
What have you done to the country?
If someday there's no news
about a scam in the papers...
...it feels like
we're missing a page.
These days you inaugurate
scams... by cutting a ribbon.
Calm down, let me hear.
Gandhiji tried to teach us a lot.
But if he had seen you people...
...then I swear he
would've raised his stick.
They should be killed.
You guys scam with fodders.
Take a share in the
coffins of soldiers.
Shame on you.
Your motto is...
Sell a farmer, kill a soldier.
They left nothing.
They even finished our hopes.
People go to vote
after every 5 years...
...but they know
nothing's going to change.
Sir, the flag of our
country still stands tall.
But we've lost hope
in those who wield it.
But enough.
Enough keeping quiet,
enough running.
Not any more.
Now it's time to speak.
To take our country back.
From politicians,
greedy industrialist and media.
Enough fixing,
but we won't lose this match.
But we aren't alone.
100 crore Indians
are with us today.
We'll pee you away.
Wow, clap everyone.
You two speak so well.
You could've been successful
politicians, but...
...unfortunately you
won't live for very long.
Wow, Khwaja.
For the first time you've
said something right.
I'll make my coalition
government with you, deal.
Let's first kill them. - Of course.
Start counting, boys.
What the... Who's that?
Come on hurry up.
Maybe they saw
television broadcast.
This is being telecasted
live for a long time.
What rubbish?
Not rubbish, Monsoon, it's true.
Mobile streaming.
Connected with the
OB van parked outside.
Thanks for your help, Chhada sir.
Anytime for you, PP
Hey sit!
We've been exposed, Nahata sir.
We're stripped.
You've been exposed...
Tell us...
Well done, boys. Well done.
I swear... illegal
money never prospers.
Rascal, keep away.
Sir, what do you have to say?
Salute to you.
We're famous!
And we can take the credit as well.
"Wear your fun glasses."
"Spit the chewing gum of sorrow."
"Sell all your tensions away."
"Blow up the balloons
of celebrations."
"We'll drive all the worries away."
"Get in the mood of having some fun."
"Your style's number one."
"Let people be jealous."
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Let's sc everyone."
"Let's solve this matter
in any way we can."
Hey! You know I gotta
tell you something...
"You can do what you like,
I am your boss."
"Breaking news."
"Breaking news."
"Two crazy boys have gone restless."
"They've opened the
window of mischief."
"Their eyes are fluttering."
"The vibration was such..."
"Their heart's skipped a beat."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Open your eyes wide
and watch the fun, say."