O (Othello) (2001)

All my life,
I always wanted to fly.
I always wanted
to live like a hawk.
I know you're not supposed
to be jealous of anything, but...
to take flight,
to soar above
everything and everyone,
now that's living.
So, we'll burn
15 seconds off the clock,
and we'll end this thing
our way in his house.
We stack it up. I want Odin, Michael
and Billy to handle the ball.
Hugo, you and Todd
set up the screens.
At 13 seconds, we run
the Tulsa play for Odin. Give me that.
Todd, you're in the stack
with Michael. Hugo? Hugo!
You're at the right elbow. Billy, you're
at the low block on the weak side.
And remember, lads.
Hugo and Todd are decoys.
Decoys! I don't want to see either
one of those guys with the ball.
At 13 seconds, we free up Odin
for the one on one, then clear!
If it's not Odin, Michael.
Put them in.
What time is it, team?
Game time! Rah!
All right, let's focus!
Move, move!
Good passes.
I want good passes!
Keep it tight.
Go, go, go!
Take the ball!
- Tulsa!
- Tulsa!
Don't stop! Don't stop!
Don't stop!
Eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Coach Duke Goulding!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
All right.
Odin, would you
come down here, please?
As you all know,
I am a man of few words.
Except for when one of us
is late for practice, right, Pop?
I'll pretend I don't know
who said that, Hugo.
I'll get right to the point.
By virtue of having won
our divisional championship,
as well as having the best
record in the league,
we will have home court advantage
in the State Championship,
all the way up to, and
including, the semi-finals.
And one reason for that is
this young man standing next to me.
And I'll tell you
something else too-
and I'm very proud
to say this publicly.
I love him
like my own son.
Not only is he a shoe-in
for this year's USA Today
high school All American,
but he is going
to lead this team
to the 20th State Championship
in the 115 year
history of this institution!
You can stay on your feet,
'cause at this time,
I am very proud to present
this year's
unanimous choice
for most valuable player
to Mr. Odin James.
You know, at the beginning
of the season,
we decided
to go all the way.
And I did give it
all I had,
but that wouldn't have meant nothing
if I didn't have a go-to guy.
Big Mike,
come up here, man.
Come on, now's not
the time to be shy. Come on.
I told the coach
I wasn't accepting the MVP award
unless the "man with the
hands" could share it with me.
That's for you, baby.
It's all you, baby.
I don't understand.
Are you going to get
Desi and I together?
- She's with him.
- They're breaking up.
When people are breaking up,
they don't grind.
Those two
are definitely grinding.
We're going to break them up.
I thought
you were his friend.
You hang out
with him all the time.
And that's perfect,
'cause if we're going to do this,
I've got to act like
I'm cool with him anyway.
Look, you know
what a utility man is?
A what?
I'm considered
a utility man.
I rebound, I can shoot.
I play guard, forward, power forward.
You name the position,
I fucking play it.
- What's your point?
- The point is,
I'm the MVP
on this piece of shit team.
I've been banging in the paint and
setting screens for the past four years,
and he chooses Michael.
Fucking sophomore! No way!
Look at this shit.
- Roger, don't wuss out on me now.
- He'll boot me out of school.
We are two blocks away from
the Roger Calhoon Senior Library.
Your father is
this fucking institution.
Do you want Desi or not?
- Yes?
- Uh, hi. Dean Brable?
Yes. Who is this?
I don't know
how to tell you this, sir,
but someone sort of stole
something from you.
What are you talking about?
Your daughter.
What about my daughter?
We're going to run them until
they drop dead or we drop dead!
And that means
pressing on defense too.
And by the way,
my friend, Hugo,
your ass was dragging
in the fourth quarter.
Either you get back
to your position on the traps,
- or you give me some reason why.
- I'll be all right.
You got to be better
than all right, son!
look at me, not him!
This goes for you!
On your feet, gentlemen.
Good afternoon, Dean.
You're welcome here.
Good afternoon.
And I have a witness who says
he forced himself on her.
What? Who?
Look, if Desi says that I did anything
even close to wrong to her,
- I'll leave the goddamn school. OK?
- Take it easy, son.
Bob, that's a very
serious allegation.
- You say you have a witness?
- Come on, there's no witness.
I would never do anything
like that. Ever.
You're telling me you never
had any run-ins with the police?
No, it means I didn't
force myself on Desi.
That's not
what I just asked you.
What are you trying to say?
- You know what I'm saying.
- You're saying I'm not clean?
Is that what you're sayin'?
Cause I'm not
on that shit no more.
Come on, coach,
you know this.
I mean, test my ass.
Test me.
This is fucked up.
This is fucked up.
And a lot of the things I hear you say
about Desi are fucked up.
- Bob.
- Don't underestimate me, son.
Don't underestimate me
when it comes to my daughter.
Hey, Bob! Please, please!
Back off! Now, come on. Please.
If you were
so worried about me,
how come this school
busted its ass to get me here?
Because you were worth it!
Come in, sweetheart.
sit down over here.
D, you've got to tell
these guys what's going on.
- We know what's going on.
- We've got to be reasonable.
Now, come on.
we've never had
any secrets before, right?
I just want you
to tell me the truth.
Did Odin ever harm you,
force you to do anything
that you didn't want to do?
Anything at all?
Odin and I have been
together for four months.
What does that mean, "together"?
Dad, that's none
of your business.
I asked you a question.
And I said
it's none of your business.
Listen, Bob,
this is a family matter.
Maybe we shouldn't be
discussing it here.
I mean, he's a good kid.
Don't do this.
Talk to him.
Let's give him
a chance to talk.
Sir, I just want to tell you that
you've got a great daughter there.
And I really,
really care about her.
You've got to understand
that what we have is beautiful.
No. She deceived me.
What makes you think
she won't do the same to you?
If you ever lie on me again, I'll fuck
your punk ass up a lot worse than this.
You understand me, Rog? Huh?
See you at dinner.
You're going to keep doing
this shit all year, yo?
You tell me, man.
You're the pharmacist.
You know, some of these drugs I sell
will guarantee to have you twisted up.
This steroid,
50-50 chance.
I put three inches
on my vertical this month.
I took half a second
off my 40, bro'.
It's doing the job.
When you start playing for North
Carolina, don't forget about me.
Shoot the nigger
some tickets.
I'm talking about court side.
We're going to cycle you
to something else next week.
You've been drinking
enough water?
By the gallon, man.
I'm surprised it doesn't come out
these holes you keep sticking in me.
I know you're all into
this basketball stuff,
but if it don't work,
don't trip.
I'm saying cause there's some things
in life we weren't meant to have.
I mean, don't go out there making
yourself all crazy and shit.
How can I go crazy when I've got
you selling me dream in a bottle, man?
So, have you talked
to him about it?
There's nothing to talk about.
I do everything for him,
but he's been acting
completely weird lately.
Lately? Try always.
What's the deal?
Everyone at school
likes Hugo, except you.
Nobody doesn't like him.
I don't trust anyone who doesn't
have at least one enemy.
Well, I guess he does.
I didn't think
you were going to make it.
Oh, come on now.
You know I can't beat
Magnolia tomorrow
without seeing
my good luck charm first.
- What's up, Em?
- Hey.
Hey, I've got
something for you.
It's over 100 years old.
It's over your price
range is what it is.
It was my great-grandmother's and
it's always been in my family.
It's supposed
to stay that way, but...
I feel like
we're already family.
Yo, Em, don't think
I forgot you.
I got the new Harlem's
Finest for you, baby.
Enjoy that, all right?
Come on, Emily's here.
I know.
We're not going to do anything.
I just like feeling
your skin next to mine, okay?
Come on.
My father's a smart man. But he's
never actually been through anything.
He acts like he's in control all
the time, but really he's just scared.
You never seem scared to me.
Are you asking me how
I got that scar on my back?
You do have
the best stories.
I was a C-section baby
and they cut too far.
My mom couldn't afford
a good doctor.
Are you serious?
I fell off my skateboard.
Are you crazy?
I get scared all the time.
- You do not.
- Yes, I do.
The first time
I tried to talk to you,
I thought I was going
to faint, or something.
That's not true.
The second sentence out of your mouth
was, "Do you still have a boyfriend?"
I said I was scared.
I never said I couldn't
handle the pressure.
You know I've got
them player skills.
Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen
he's getting a little cocky.
Don't say "Iittle" and "cocky" in
the same sentence when it comes to me.
when you know the deal.
Shut up!
No, but you really
think I'm too cocky?
No, it's okay.
You should be.
- You pulled me, didn't you?
- Yes, I did.
Yes, indeed, I did.
I don't know how,
but you did it.
What do you mean,
you don't know how?
I pulled you 'cause
I'm that kind of nigger.
Uh-oh. Don't be
acting like that.
See, I can say "nigger"
cause I am a nigger.
You can't 'cause you ain't.
Don't be jealous.
And why can't I say it?
My people invented the word.
You can't even think it.
You're the one
who started it.
You said I was so fine
you'd let me dress you up
and play Black Buck
Got Loose in the Big House.
Don't go repeating
that, all right?
If another Black person
knew I said that,
I could get my
suffering-Negro- league card revoked.
Then you'd better watch out, because
I've got some dirt on you, player.
Got some dirt on me, huh?
You better not
let that leak.
And now, your year 2000...
low country preparatory
league champion,
Palmetto Grove Hawks!
Push! Push!
Injured on the floor.
Palmetto Grove's
number four, Odin James.
- Is he okay?
- They're doing a CAT scan right now,
so we'll see.
Don't worry.
Edmund, did you bring
the insurance card?
- I've got the card.
- So we're covered?
Mickey gets more kisses
from my girl than I do.
Could you stop being
a sarcastic asshole just once?
I was joking,
all right? Relax.
What's the deal?
I'm gone for a couple of hours
and you're already
taking my girl, Big Mike?
- What's up, dude?
- You get right home and get some rest.
I will, man.
What's up, baby?
I was worried about you.
You were the one
who got hurt, stupid.
No, you don't understand.
I was worried that
if I hurt myself,
who was going to take care
of you over there at Duke?
Oh, right, right.
You're still going to play
"Big House" with me, though, right?
Hey, stop it with that.
Then you better
stop getting hurt.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
You kids need to get back
to the dorms. Let's go, Hugo.
I'm going to give
a shout at the boys, all right?
- Mike.
- Hey, man.
- We did our thing today, bro'.
- Yeah, we did good.
What's up, Em?
How are you doing?
Thought we lost you
there for a second, bro.
I ain't going nowhere.
But did we take it to them or what?
You took it to them by yourself.
You know that, player.
You're coming to
that party off campus?
Yeah, I need to get a ride
with my dad, though.
All right, man.
Don't take too long.
Later, Hugo.
Come on, don't worry.
He'll get there.
Yeah, Roger.
We've got
plans tonight, man.
When I passed out,
I think I had a vision.
Have you ever ridden on the handlebars
on one of your friends' bikes before?
Well, I used to ride on the bars
and try to close my eyes.
I could never do it.
It's some scary shit,
cause you've got...
to try to trust
the other person not to crash.
You're tripping me out
right now.
I feel like I can
close my eyes with you.
we're 18,
and personally,
I'm not trying to get married by some
Elvis impersonator in Vegas, but...
I figured maybe we could pretend
for a while, you know?
That is the sweetest thing
I've ever heard.
Oh, yeah!
Now we're feeling good,
Go get them, tiger.
Now go out there and
you find that girl.
- Time to pull some weeds.
- Just for the record,...
why am I
doing this again?
Because this is
how you get Desi's attention.
Now get your honky
ass in gear.
It's about team work.
- Excuse us, Roger.
- Excuse you?
We're talking.
What, are you diagramming
some basketball plays?
What did you say?
I don't care if your father
owns the whole fucking school.
Shit. Excuse me.
Take it easy, big guy.
- Not so tough, now, are you?
- Hey, Rog!
What are you talking about?
Stop it!
Your shooting ability
isn't helping you now, is it?
Take it easy, pal.
Back it off.
Stop it, man. Come on.
That's enough.
Oh my God, Roger.
You're bleeding.
So, this lad loses
a pint of blood,
and you guys have got nothing
to say for yourselves.
It was an accident, Pop.
Roger's been
starting crap all year.
Who threw
the first punch, Michael?
Hugo, did Michael
throw the first punch?
Answer me,
yes or no?!
Yeah, Dad. Michael threw the first
punch but it wasn't his fault.
All right? He just had a few
too many beers. That's all.
I didn't hear that.
I did not hear that.
You understand?
You have disgraced our team.
You know the rules.
You can attend practice.
That's a privilege
that I give you.
But you will not play
in at least two games.
Then, we will see.
You know what this is going
to cost us?
This young man sitting here...
called you up to share
the Most Valuable Player Award,
and you just shit
all over it.
And you know, you're lucky
that this didn't happen on campus,
your over-privileged ass...
I know, sir.
Get out of here.
Get out of here,
all of you.
Is there some reason you're
still in this office, son?
No, Pop.
You fucked us up, Dogs.
Fucked up.
If Odin had got into a fight,
would you have sat him too?
I'm eating now.
I'm going back
to the dorm, Mom.
So what did Roger
say to you anyway?
I'd feel guilty
kicking his ass.
Save it, Hugo.
You'll be back on the team
next year. So, who cares?
Dude, it's different
for you, cause your dad is cool.
But my parents
are going to find out.
Why are you in school, man?
Are you here for
your parents or for you?
So they'll be a little pissed off.
What are they going to do?
- Are they going to spank you?
- Hugo,
my parents always talk
about reputation.
Who gives a fuck about reputation?
I love you, man, but you're
a little bit of a mamma's boy.
The only person you have to
answer to is yourself.
You make your own rules.
The minute you figure
that out, you're free.
Look, Mike,
you really want
back on the team?
Why can't you just talk
to your dad?
Because I'm telling you,
my dad trusts Odin, all right?
If Odin says we need you back in there,
you're back in there.
Yeah, but Odin won't
even talk to me, man.
am I your boy?
Am I your boy?
All right, then.
This is what
we've got to do.
You're friends
with Desi, right?
Yes, of course.
Well, now you're
her best friend.
And you're going to get her
to talk to Odin for you.
Pour your heart out to her.
Girls are suckers for guys
who pour their hearts out.
And then she talks to Odin.
But listen to me.
You've got to hang with her.
That's the only way this thing works.
It's worth a shot, bro'.
Yo. Hugo, thanks, man.
What are you doing
with this stupid bird?
- People are looking for it.
- I borrowed it.
We've got things to do,
and you're playing pranks
with the fricking mascot?
I can't stop
thinking about her.
Why don't you rich shitheads
ever have any patience?
Anything worth anything
takes time and sacrifice.
You spoiled fuck.
What do you call this?
You did get your ass kicked
pretty good, though.
No, I got my ass
kicked pretty good twice,
in less than a week!
I need to know
where this is going!
Friends, this tournament
has seen some excellent play,
but nothing better than
Odin James of Palmetto Grove.
Tonight, James and his Hawks
face the mighty Bulldogs
of North Charleston,
in the first face-off between these
two hoops powerhouses in nine years.
The Hawks, now an amazing ninth
in the nation in prep ball
are just two games away
from the State Championship,
but they'll have to do it
without their team mascot.
the bird was stolen.
So it looks like James will have
to do all the flying himself.
Watch the hands!
Watch the hands, ref!
He's open!
He's open, Hugo!
Give him the ball!
Push, push, push!
Pressure the ball!
Pressure the ball!
Todd, get back!
stay with the ball!
Put a body on him,
for Christ's sake!
Play the man,
not the ball!
Come on,
put a body on him!
Come on,
he's slipping!
Come on, let's go.
We've only got 20!
Lads, you're getting
into the wrong guy's face.
Number 45 is taking us
to the cleaners.
Every time he gets
the ball, he's freed up.
It's an automatic deuce because nobody
is putting a body on him in the paint.
So put a man to man
with a floater.
Odin, you're the floater.
Billy, look at me!
You deny that son of a bitch
the ball, understand?
And Odin,
if he gets away from Billy,
I don't give a shit if
you have to pull his pisser,
his feet do not
leave the ground!
Enough said?
All right, put them in.
What time is it now?
- Game time! Rah!
- All right, let's play!
Odin, Hugo,
come on! Wake up!
Let's finish this thing.
Give me another board.
Come on, let's go! Get it up!
- Watch it!
- Watch him, Odin!
Push him!
Come on, help him out!
Watch the perimeter.
There you go. Take the shot.
Hugo, stay on the elbow.
Stay on the elbow.
Pop through, Billy.
Pick it up!
Oh, Jesus.
Hey, man.
You know,
I've been thinking, man.
I think I'm going to talk
to coach about Mikey.
He should be a part
of all this, man.
did Mike know that you and Desi
were getting together?
Yeah, he knew.
I didn't think he knew.
You know, Mikey's the one
that hooked us up, man.
Do you trust Mike?
I trust him out there
on that court.
The man
can play some ball.
but do you trust him?
Yeah, he's cool.
What's up, man?
Why are you tripping?
It's nothing, man.
Come on, Hugo.
Say what you've got to say.
You're not
a jealous person, man.
I am.
It's a weakness.
You know, sometimes I see things
that are not really there.
You don't want to hear
what I have to say.
Let me be
the judge of that.
I can't help
but think that...
you should
watch your girl, bro'.
I mean, she and Mike spend
an awful lot of time together.
And so what?
All I'm saying is that
her and Mike are always together.
And I know the Dean would rather
see Mike up in that piece.
How can you say some shit
like that to me, man?
See, you're right.
I shouldn't
have said nothing.
Forget about it, man.
Mike's a good guy.
Wait, wait.
No, man, you can't say some shit
like that and just break out.
What's going on, Dogs?
All right.
You and Desi were going out for four
months before her father had a clue.
So obviously, the girl knows
how to keep a secret.
You grew up in the hood, and
you've seen plenty of hustlers,
but the one thing I do know
better than you is white girls.
And white girls are snaky.
All right,
they're horny snakes.
They act like
we're the ones who want sex,
but they want it
worse than us, man.
They're just subtle about
the way they go after it.
Hey, man,
my girl's not like that.
But just think about the way
she played her father
when he found out
about you and her.
What? Emily
said something to you?
No, but she wouldn't,
because they stick together.
There is one way
to find out, though.
- Yeah, like ask Mike.
- No,
because if there is
something going on-
and I'm not saying that there
is something going on-
but if there is
something going on,
they're not just
going to come clean.
Watch her.
If she keeps hanging out with Mike,
if she keeps talking about Mike,
then we've got something
to think about.
We don't let on, bro'.
We just watch.
What's up, man?
Hey, O,
what's that all about?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm almost ready.
Just cool?
I've been planning
this night for a month.
Do you know what I had
to do to get that car?
Yeah, I know.
- Do you have your pass?
- Uh-hmm.
What's wrong with you?
Hey, D...
you never used to go out
with Mike, like-
Iike before I got here or
anything like that, right?
Michael? He's like my best
friend, except for Emily.
But I thought
I was your best friend.
Oh, does my baby feel like
he's got a little competition?
Come on, stop playing around.
Come on, stop!
Let's just go, okay?
Did somebody
say something to you?
No, let's just go.
Look, just give me the money.
It's only 100 bucks.
This is it, dude.
I'm tapped out.
Dad said
he won't send any more.
Then you'll have
to use his credit card.
- We need a cell phone.
- What?
If this is going to work,
we have to keep in constant contact.
Hey, guys.
Hey, Roger,
could you do me a favor?
- Sure.
- Get lost.
I have something for you.
You have things
for lots of guys.
You're amazing.
What are you going
to do with it?
I'm not going to keep it.
It's just a little prank.
When it turns up missing,
she's going to go nuts.
What would I do without you?
All this time I've been
looking for romance,
and all I had to do
was steal something.
You didn't steal anything.
You just borrowed it
for a little while.
And if you wouldn't mind,
I'd like to borrow you.
I want you to be able
to do anything.
I want you to do
what you want with me.
I want you to have me
however you want.
I want to give myself
to you the way you want me.
Don't hold back.
Odin, stop!
...purposely uses
this maternal imagery
to get him into
doing this dirty work.
"I have given suck and know how tender
it is to love the babe that milks me."
Odin, did you give Desi
a scarf a while back?
It was
silk or something, right?
I showed it to you.
Wait, you gave
that scarf to Desi?
You know I did.
You want me
to give that to her?
Don't tell her it's from me.
I think I saw Michael with
that same scarf about an hour ago.
I'm not sure, but I'd swear
it was the same one.
Get the fuck out of here!
Mr. Goulding, Mr. James,
would either of you care to name
one of Shakespeare's poems for me?
I thought he wrote movies.
Perhaps you two should pay attention.
That way, after you've won this
nationally televised championship,
you'll have something
more profound to say.
What do you mean, rough?
He forced you?
No, it wasn't like that.
We were already doing it.
Did you say "stop"?
He didn't rape me.
Desi, you know
I like O too, okay?
But you act like the guy's
a saint or something.
maybe he's not a saint,
but he's never done anything
even close to that before.
Half the time, he doesn't
even want to do anything.
He just lays naked with me.
Desi, you said stop.
Would you be so concerned
if he were white?
That is so easy.
D, it's me.
What are you doing?
It's after hours.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I just had to see you.
- To say how are you doing, Emily?
- Good.
Sorry, baby, no presents
for you this time.
Where were you?
Michael was looking for you.
Yeah, Michael.
Can I have a kiss?
Hey, D, how come you never wear
that scarf I gave you?
I hadn't really
thought about it.
- Can I see it real quick?
- Yeah.
I keep it right here.
- What, you lost it?
- No, it's here somewhere.
My mamma gave me that scarf
when she got real sick.
She said to make sure to give it
to someone very special,
and it'd keep
our love right.
I'm sure it'll turn up
around here somewhere.
- Could you look some more?
- She'll find it later.
- Come on, I'll help you.
- No, I'll find it later.
Right now, I really want
to talk about Michael.
You know, he deserves to play,
and he's your best friend.
- That's all he talks about.
- I really need you to find that scarf.
And I said
I'll find it later.
Hey, D...
you'd never give out no love
behind my back, now would you?
I mean, maybe
I'm not enough for you.
You know, especially with you
being all hot and shit.
You know
what I'm talking about.
Hey, Em, you've got
to see this girl in action-
Are you kidding me?!
That's really shitty!
But check this.
If you were a virgin
like you said you were,
how come when we're doing it
you're acting all freaky and stuff,
telling me I could do
whatever I want with you?
- I don't need to be here right now.
- No, Em.
- I don't think you do either.
- That is not what I meant!
- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Look, let's just find the scarf, OK?
- Emily's going to help us.
- What if Emily doesn't want to help?
I think you should go.
- Where is my scarf?
- I don't know.
- You lost it.
- No, I'll find it later.
Does Mike know where my scarf is?
Is that why you want me to talk to him?
If you want to ask me if I'm cheating
on you, get some balls and ask.
No, I'm not!
You're the only person I've ever been
with and the only person want to be with.
And if you want to be with me,
don't ever talk to me like that again, ever.
I'm always
straight with you, O.
Two on one half break.
Let's go! Let's go!
Push it!
Push it! Push it!
For Christ's sake,
look where you are!
Look where the basket is!
Protect the basket! For Christ's sake.
It's two on one fast break!
What, are you deaf?
Odin, where are you? At some picnic?
We've got 10 full minutes.
Let's make it count!
Come on, stack it up!
- Come on, man, stack it up!
- Let's go!
Come on! Push it!
Give me the ball.
Give me the ball!
Damn it!
You guys are lolly-gagging
the ball up and down the court
Iike a bunch of snails.
You play this way
come game night,
you won't beat the Sisters of Mercy!
All right, Michael,
come in here
and run the point.
Odin, why don't you
take your nap on the bench?
It's more comfortable there.
Let's go, Michael.
I said let's go! Come on!
You've got eight minutes.
What's your fucking
problem, man?
You get back here, son,
and apologize! Odin!
Odin! You get your ass back
here and apologize.
Jeff, run the team.
Hey, Pop.
Have a seat.
It's been a while since
you invited me in for dinner.
What is going on with Odin?
I don't know.
I saw him in class today.
He seemed all right.
By the way, I'm getting
an A in English again.
That's great, son.
You know I don't ever have
to worry about you, thank God.
You've always done well and
you always will, but Odin's different.
He's all alone here.
There's not even another Black student
in this whole damn place.
We're his family.
I want you to keep an eye on him,
find out what's going on.
- Sure, Pop.
- All right...
'cause if he's
got a problem,
we've got a problem.
All right, Dad.
You know, your mother just
doesn't understand us.
You stay here
and finish your supper.
The state finals
are a few days away,
and Palmetto Grove comes in
as a heavy favorite.
Coach Duke Goulding,
or The Duke, as he is called,
has got to be even more
jittery than the players.
A win right here could pave the way
for a position at the college level.
But first, you're about
to see something
that might make the NBA's
finest a little bit nervous.
And that's why
all the scouts are here.
It's the Southeast regional
high school slam dunk contest.
And young legs
mean lots of air.
- What's up, man?
- What's up with you?
You got that for me?
- This ain't your style, player.
- It ain't gonna be.
I just ain't slept
in a couple of days.
Why the fuck are you worried?
Give me the shit and get your ass on.
Money's for customers.
This is a one-time
thing, right?
You're going to have
to get in line, I'm afraid.
Every conference in the country's
been after this kid,
including the ACC,
the Big Twelve, Pac Ten, Big Ten.
I hope you don't think
you're sitting there.
- Bye. Good seeing you.
- I had this seat with Hugo.
Well, Hugo's not here,
and I'm telling you to get lost.
- Later, Roger, as in peace.
- Jason, stop. Leave him alone.
Michael, come on.
Go ahead and
keep sitting there.
- Maybe I won't kick your ass again.
- It's okay, Roger.
You can sit there.
It's fine.
- Faggot. Tag along, faggot.
- Jason!
Why don't you go sit
with some other friends.
Oh, you don't have any.
Everybody hates you.
Stupid tag-along.
Get lost.
- Fucking faggot.
- Fuck off.
- Loser. Fucking loser.
- Get out of here, Roger.
It hurts, doesn't it?
Then get lost.
You've got five minutes, man.
What's going on?
You really
fucked me up, man.
- Me?
- Yeah, you, bitch!
If I knew Desi was going behind
my back, I could deal with that.
But all this wondering you got me
going through is bullshit!
You can't be thinking
about that now.
I'm going to tell you
like this, Hugo.
You better hope and pray you can
prove that Mike is fucking Desi.
You understand me?!
I try to help my friend
and this is what I get?
Why don't you just
fucking forget about it, man?
I mean,
you fucking got everything.
I would give my left nut
to be in your shoes.
Fuck Desi!
She's not some gold medal you need
to win! You're the fucking medal, man!
From the first time I saw her-
the only reason I ever wanted
to do something big
was so she'd be proud
to stand next to me.
Look, is she cheating on me
or not?! What the fuck?
Let's talk about this
after you win this thing.
Don't you hold back
on me, Hugo. Not now.
- Come on.
- No, you come on, bitch!
- What, are you going to hit me?
- I will if you don't speak to me.
I don't know if it's true, but he told
me they were together last night
- and I don't know what else.
- God damn it.
That's all
I'm saying for now.
We can get together tonight
and talk about this.
They don't know
who they're fucking with.
What's that?
I said they don't know
who they're fucking with.
They don't know
who they're fucking with!
Better hurry up, son.
You're late.
Knock them dead.
- Odin James.
- Okay,
highest score is 50.
You get one minute to do three dunks.
I'm only doing one.
- What?
- I'm only doing one.
But you get
to throw out the two lowest.
And now, our very own Odin James.
Grab your jockstraps, gentlemen.
He's about to blow you away.
Go! Go! Go!
Wow, he dunked it!
I didn't think
he could do that anymore.
Go! Go! Go!
Yo, man,
that dunk was all that,
- but I need the ball back, kid.
- What?
- The ball, homey. Give it up.
- This ball right here, shorty?
No, nigger, the balls
hanging under your dick.
Watch your fucking mouth.
Who are you talking to?
I'm just asking
for one last game, Bob.
One game for whom?
For you...
or for him?
Because he's lucky
he's not suspended.
Yeah, Dad,
who's your favorite now?
I'm going
to take care of you, man.
This shit right here...
will help you make it through.
I don't want
to be doing this.
Just making it through, player.
Just making it through.
So, while the shit
was going down tonight,
I was doing
some detective work.
Mike says half the time,
she doesn't want to have sex.
She just wants
to lay naked in the bed.
But they're fucking, O.
And they have been
for over a month now.
They do it in her room.
And there's
one more thing...
Don't get mad at me
for saying this, but...
they call you
"the nigger," man.
Desi wouldn't say
nothing like that, man.
- Hey.
- What's the matter?
What do you want?
Man, I just need
to talk to you.
I'm a little busy.
Just give me two minutes.
- All right, but-
- Give me two minutes, all right?
Wait here.
Hey, O. That's Mike.
He wants to talk
to me about Desi.
Listen, I'm going
to ask him what's up.
All right?
You can hear for yourself.
Come on,
let's take it out here.
Hugo, you're my man
for life. Forever.
Just stay on the porch
no matter what he says.
Just stay on the bench.
Be quiet, all right?
Hey, man, what have you got
going on here?
What's up, big baller?
Don't remind me of basketball.
So, you and Desi have been
spending a lot of time together.
If you could just handle her
the way you handle Brandy,
then you'd be in business.
That girl does whatever I say.
She might be
in love with me, though.
I heard she thinks the two
of you are going to get married.
Yeah, right. Give me
some credit. She's a slut.
Man, I was
at the library yesterday.
She took me in the back.
In the freaking library?
No fucking way.
And check this out.
She said, down the road,
even if she's with somebody,
even if she's married,
she said she'd do me
until the day she dies.
No fucking way.
She does follow me everywhere.
Have you seen Michael?
What about Odin?
What about him?
He's a freaking loser.
- The ghetto just popped out of him.
- You don't have to go there.
Listen, the nigger's
out of control.
And I'm glad
he's off the team.
And if he comes at me again,
I swear I'll kill his ass.
Hugo, where's Michael?
Hugo, I know Mike's in here.
- Open the damn door!
- Oh, boy.
- What's up?
- Hey.
What the hell do you
think you're doing,
giving me something
you got from some other bitch?
- Asshole!
- What are you tripping about?
- It's a present.
- Yeah?
Well, I like presents
where I was the only owner!
You see what I have to deal with?
You want this?
How are we going
to kill this motherfucker?
How are we going
to kill this motherfucker?
That's a big step.
What about Desi?
I don't get people
in here with that kind of money.
But it is
one hell of a watch.
What are you looking
to get for it?
You have any papers
on this .38?
On what?
Don't even look in that case.
Don't even think about it, unless
you're ready to pull out some ID.
you want that watch.
I want that pistol.
You've been
everything to me, O.
To me, you're not my friend,
you're my brother.
And when a brother
is wronged, so am I.
I'm you, O.
I'm a part of you.
The plan I've come up
with is flawless,
planned out to the minute.
I've spent the last few days
going over every possible detail and angle.
All we have to do
is set this thing in motion
and never look back.
Tomorrow I'm going
to talk to my dad.
I'm going to tell him me and Mike
will find our own way to the game.
I'll say we
want to get there early.
We'll take Roger's car.
You're going
to talk to Desi.
You'll tell her
you want to make up,
a little love session
before the game.
She should be
alone in her room.
Emily will
go on without her.
For it to work, we have to make
sure it looked like Michael did it.
We'll leave behind
a little present.
At exactly 7:00PM,
you take out Desi...
and you plant Michael's glass.
When that's all done,
you call me on Roger's cellular.
We'll have a rental car
waiting on the side of the road.
When Mike gets out to help,
we'll make it
look like a suicide.
Then we all make our way
to the game on time.
I know my dad.
Without Mike,
he's got to play you.
So we win the game,
and we all swear
we never saw Mike or Desi at all.
If we stick to the timetable,
this will work.
What about Roger?
Roger thinks you and
Desi are just breaking up.
But after it's all over,
I'll tell him.
He'll be so scared,
he'll go along with whatever I say.
And if he doesn't?
You said you're going all
the way with this thing, right?
About what time
was the car checked out?
All right.
Yeah, thank you.
I appreciate it. Bye.
Herb's on time, so far.
All right.
Hey, man. Man, it's
game time, baby. Let's do it.
A little
pep-up for the road?
No, I can't.
Not tonight.
Oh Mike, come on.
This is my last game
as a Hawk, bro'.
I'm too nervous, man.
We shall go no more
roving so late into the night.
- Look, man, I can't.
- Mike.
All right.
Oh, fuck! I'm supposed
to meet with Brandy.
- She was going to ride with us.
- Not anymore, comrade.
She's got wheels.
Don't worry about it.
You sure
you don't want me to wait?
- Save me a seat.
- Okay.
Man, you're driving
like my grandmother.
Come on, man.
The Duke is going to kill us.
Did you see
that car back there?
The one with
the flashing lights.
- The guy might be in trouble.
- No, no way, man.
We're going
to miss warm-ups.
It'll take just a second to check out.
It's going to be freezing tonight.
We've got to check it out.
Send someone over to check
on their rooms. Hurry!
Let's go,
lads, let's go!
Duke, this is Mr. Bradley, head of
the Game Council Athletic Department.
Yes, sir. It's
a pleasure to meet you.
It's a pleasure to meet you, couch.
I tell you, I've been following you all year,
and you've done
a great job.
Thanks very much.
I appreciate that.
I wouldn't mind helping
you guys out next season.
I hear that. I'd like to talk
to the Odin kid, if any way possible.
Sir, the whole world
would like to talk to Odin.
Saw him
in the North Charleston semis,
he lacerated their defense.
Nobody's done that all year.
- He had some good coaching.
- Bradley: I'd have to agree with you.
- Let's talk after the game, couch.
- All right, sir.
He'd sure look good
in that garnet and black.
- Did you comp his ticket?
- Yes, I did.
Come on, lads, let's go.
Come on, sweat it up.
Hey, mister,
you're all right?
What the fuck?!
Do it, Rog.
Do it.
Let it go!
Let it go!
What the fuck, man?!
What's wrong
with you, man?
All right.
Shit! Fuck, Rog.
It's got to look like
a fucking suicide! Fuck!
I got him!
Just like you said.
I shot the fucker!
Now, we do it close.
No, the cops can tell
someone else shot the first bullet.
You herbed us, man!
You fucking herbed us!
You fucking herbed us!
- Hugo, we have to go.
- Where's the scarf?
- You know I gave it to you.
- Where's the scarf?
- We have to go.
- Where's the scarf?
- Let me get him off the road.
- Rog! Rog! Rog!
When that car gets here, I'll tell
them you shot him in self- defense.
He attacked you and
you shot him in self- defense.
If he wakes up,
he's going to tell on me.
It won't matter, Rog.
Desi's dead. I'm sorry, bro'.
What time is it?
Hold on! Hold on!
call 911, okay?
Roger hit Michael with a crow bar
and then Michael shot him.
- Brandy, help me!
- Oh, my God!
I need your help!
We need to get him to a hospital!
Come on, Brandy,
you need to help me, please.
Come on, Brandy!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I saw Mike with the scarf.
He's dead.
He told me
you were with him.
Now he's dead.
He's dead.
Stop. Stop.
I want to be able
to let you go, but I can't.
I wish I could,
but I can't. I can't.
I can't. I can't.
Shh. Shh.
Go to sleep.
Shh. Stop. Please.
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
- Jason, have you seen Desi?
- Nope.
- What about Hugo?
- Uh-uh.
- Shh.
- Desi?
They killed him!
- They killed Michael!
- What are you talking about?
- You killed her?
- You shut up!
- Shut up!
- You fucking killed her!
- Hey.
- No!
Tell me Odin is lying.
Tell me you didn't say
Desi was cheating on him!
- I told him what I heard.
- That's a lie! Desi and Michael!?
- You said she slept with him!?
- Emily, shut up!
- Somebody get an ambulance!
- Fuck off! Get off her!
- Emily!
- She was a ho'!
Desi was fucking Mike!
He admitted it!
And she gave him my scarf.
They were laughing at me!
Hugo, tell her!
- Tell her, man!
- That silk scarf?
Emily, be quiet.
No. No, Hugo.
- Shut the fuck up, Emily.
- Hugo had that scarf.
- Emily.
- You begged me to steal it for you!
She's fucking lying, bro'.
She is fuckin' lying.
Don't even fucking pay
any attention to her.
- You gave that scarf to Michael.
- Tell the truth!
- You gave that scarf to Michael!
- Tell the truth, Emily!
You gave
that scarf to Michael!
Stay down!
ask him why he did this.
Ask him!
You won't ask me nothing.
I did what I did.
That's all you need to know.
From here on,
I'll say nothing.
Sit the fuck down!
Everybody sit down
and shut the fuck up!
Now, somebody
here knows the truth.
Somebody needs
to tell the goddamn truth.
My life is over.
That's it.
But while you're
all out here living yours,
sitting around, talking about the nigger
who lost it, back in high school,
you make sure
you tell them the truth.
You tell them
I loved that girl.
I did.
But I got played.
He twisted my head up.
He fucked it up.
I ain't no different
than none of you all.
My mom ain't no crack head.
I wasn't no gangbanger.
It wasn't some hood rat
drug dealer that tripped me up.
It was this white, prep school
motherfucker standing right there.
Put the gun down!
Come on, son!
Drop it! Put it down!
You tell them
where I'm from...
didn't make me do this.
All my life,
I always wanted to fly.
I always wanted
to live like a hawk.
I know you're not supposed
to be jealous of anything, but...
to take flight,
to soar above
everything and everyone...
now, that's living.
But a hawk is no good
around normal birds.
It can't fit in.
Even though all the other birds
probably want to be hawks,
they hate him
for what they can't be-
Odin is a hawk.
He soars above us.
He can fly.
And one of these days,
everyone is going
to pay attention to me...
because I'm going
to fly, too.