O Lucky Man! (1973)

If you have a friend
On whom you think you can rely
You are a lucky man
If you found the reason
To live on and not to die
You are a lucky man
Preachers, and poets
And scholars don't know it
Temples, and statues
And steeples won't show it
If you've got the secret
Just try not to blow it
Stay a lucky man
A lucky man
If you've found the meaning
Of the truth in this old world
You are a lucky man
If knowledge hangs around your neck
Like pearls instead of chains
You are a lucky man
Takers, and fakers and talkers
Won't tell you
Teachers and preachers
Will just buy and sell you
When no one can tempt you
With heaven or hell
You'll be a lucky man
Takers, and fakers and talkers
Won't tell you
Teachers and preachers
Will just buy and sell you
When no one can tempt you
With heaven or hell
You'll be a lucky man
You'd be better by far
To be just what you are
You can be what you want
If you are what you are
And that's a lucky man
Oh, yeah, a lucky man
And that's a lucky,
A lucky, a lucky man
A lucky, a lucky, a lucky man
- Hello.
- Hello.
Do you realize this Nigerian coffee
is being packed straight back to
Frightening, isn't it?
- Been here long?
- Mr. Travis?
- Long enough.
- Mr. Travis!
- Oh, see you.
- Yeah.
This Hessler is our latest machine.
It gives a four-sided seal
and runs 72 packs a minute.
Any fault in the plastic packing
can cause a break.
The coffee is returned
to our patent coffee processor.
Now, why is that? Mr. Biles?
- I've been off sick, sir.
- Eliminates waste, sir.
Absolutely correct.
Always remember, gentlemen,
that you are a failure in catering...
...if you don't know what to do
with your leftovers.
Right, I'll take them off
your hands now, Mr. Stone.
Follow me, gentlemen.
Now, gentlemen...
...you have learned
the number one truth.
That a cup of Imperial Coffee
is the only proper way to finish a
Be it in a palace or a prison.
But between the making
and the drinking must stand the
This is where you come in.
You will be our representatives
in the frontline.
Each one of you is going to have
to prove himself on the battlefield
of sales.
It's a hard road you'll have to
There will be whole days
when you won't sell a bean...
...but you will go out the very next
and hit the jackpot.
Mr. Duff, may I ask a question?
- Certainly, Mr. Travers.
- Travis.
Beg your pardon.
How much does a top salesman get paid?
Your basic salary will be low, of
11.50 pounds per week, before tax.
But for a good man, with commission,
the sky is the limit.
Our star salesman at the moment...
...a wonderful man called Jim
...takes home anything
from 75 pounds...
...to 150 pounds a week.
Now, I have never lied to you...
...never given you false hopes...
...but I believe in you.
With a coffee pack in one hand
and your sales list in the other...
...I want you to be one long line...
...of shining success.
From John O'Groat's to Land's End.
Now, selling is psychology.
A good salesman must know
something about psychology.
And in that particular field,
I can think of no better authority...
...than our chief of public relations,
Mrs. Gloria Rowe.
Mr. Spalding, please.
Come here, Mr. Spalding.
Smile, Mr. Spalding.
Imperial product is good.
But people don't buy things
just because they're good.
They have to believe.
And you have to inspire that belief.
You have to believe.
Remember the words of William Blake.
"A sincere belief that anything is so,
will make it so."
Sincerity. Honesty.
Mr. MacIntyre, Mr. Travis,
Mr. Greasy.
- Thank you, Mr. Spalding.
- Thank you.
Hello, Mr. MacIntyre.
Give with all your heart.
Don't think of yourself.
Relax those cheek muscles.
Smile, Mr. MacIntyre.
Mr. Travis.
Morning, Mrs. Rowe.
Now, that is sincerity.
That is a completely sincere smile.
If I was a buyer
and these were two travellers...
...Id definitely buy from the guy I
I'd definitely buy
from the sincere personality.
I'm definitely going to buy from you,
Mr. Travis.
Lecture hall here. Duff speaking.
Now, Mr. Travis,
I want you to smile at Mr. Greasy.
Mr. Greasy, smile back
and give Mr. Travis a firm handshake.
Certainly. Right away, sir.
Mr. Greasy,
don't think I'm being personal...
...but we're when dealing with food
products, hygiene must be our motto.
Make sure you've got clean
- Mrs. Rowe?
- Yes.
The chairman wants to see us
Take a break, gentlemen.
I'll see you on the shop floor in 20
Gentlemen, I have very bad news.
Oswald has left the Northeast.
Vanished. Disappeared.
No notice. Nothing.
Just one ruddy great hole on the map.
And that's not all.
Oswald is suspected of trafficking in
stolen goods under imperials name.
- My God.
- Oh, God.
Well, I need an immediate replacement.
Mr. Duff, how are your trainees?
They're very good, sir.
But they need another two weeks.
No, no, I can't wait.
Mrs. Rowe.
Now, what's your instinct say?
Who's my man?
Can you sniff him?
That's your man.
Travis, we're in a jam.
You heard about Oswald?
It's a case of all hands to the pumps.
I understand, sir.
Now, Mrs. Rowe
has spoken highly of you...
...and I have never known her wrong...
...so I'm going to play her hunch.
I'm giving you the Northeast.
Now, that's as far north as the
...as far west as Lancashire...
...and as far south as the Humber.
It's a big challenge.
Do you think you're up to it?
I know I am, sir.
Normally, an opportunity like this
wouldn't come your way for 10 or 20
Men far more experienced than you
have had their shot at it...
...and been broken by it.
But you've got guts...
...and you've got ambition...
...and that gives you a head start.
Good luck.
Now, there's your card.
Never travel without it.
Your map...
...your compass...
...and your car keys.
Now go out there and fight.
I will, sir. Every inch of the way.
You can rely on me.
Good man.
He's all yours now, Mrs. Rowe.
Oh, and Travis...
Thank you very much, sir.
Come here, Mr. Travis.
I am going to give you a simple test.
Be very careful how you answer.
I want you to taste
these cups of coffee...
...and tell me what they do for you.
...plenty of body.
A vigorous robusta?
Now this.
The future is in your hands, Mr.
Take it.
Poor people are poor people
And they don't understand
A man's got to make whatever he wants
And take it with his own hands
Poor people stay poor people
And they never get to see
Someone's got to win in the human race
If it isn't you then it has to be me
So smile while you're making it
Laugh while you're taking it
Even though you're faking it
Nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
No use mumbling
It's no use grumbling
Life just isn't fair
There's no easy days
There's no easy ways
Just get out there and do it
And sing and they'll sing your song
Laugh while you're getting on
Smile and they'll string along
And nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
And nobody's gonna know
Commenting on the...
- and much of Central Southern
though it probably won't reach...
... the East Midlands till after
Now for Eastern England, Central
England and Northeast England.
A foggy start in most places
and a mostly dull misty day...
... with rain and drizzle at times.
The outlook for tomorrow and Thursday,
dry but cold at night...
... with frost in places
and fairly widespread fog.
And that's the end
of the weather forecast.
And finally,
overseas posting for Christmas...
... tomorrow parcels should be posted
Argentina, Iraq via Lebanon and
... letters should go to Malaya
at Anzac SPO 5.
Tell my mother I'm all right.
It's her birthday.
- You the only witness?
- Yes, I saw it. I can give you a
Don't bother.
No need to detain the gentleman.
Tell my mother.
Hold me close wherever we go
He's gone.
Now scarper.
But what about him?
Done for. Perforated kidneys.
It was his fault.
He was driving too fast.
Oh, we can see what happened.
We'll be witnesses.
Save you the trouble.
Oh, it's no trouble.
I can give you a statement.
As far as we're concerned,
it's a private accident.
No one else involved.
Unless you give a statement.
Then our chief constable
might find you're involved.
He might bring charges against you.
Using us as witnesses.
Our word against yours.
So on your way, chummy.
Unless you want booking
for manslaughter.
There you are.
Fair dos.
Fair dos.
A report from our Belfast newsroom.
Two gunmen fired seven shots,
aimed it seems at the sentries on
... in the grounds of the general's
which is heavily guarded by
... and security staff with dogs.
Soldiers fired back
and later found traces of blood...
... which lead them to believe
they hit one of the gunmen.
The Egyptian War Minister,
General Sadek, has resigned.
The move was seen as a reflection
of the dissension in Egypt...
... over the country's relationship
with the Soviet Union.
And tonight it's your line
on the subject of mental health.
It's estimated that one in six women,
and one in nine men...
... will enter a hospital at least
in their lives because of mental
What are the causes of the steady
in mental illness?
Can they be avoided?
Are we spending
enough care and money...
... on the mentally sick
and the mentally handicapped?
Are they better treated in hospital
or in their own homes and communities?
Mr. Travis?
Hello. Good evening.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
I was getting quite worried about you.
It can be a nasty drive over those
Still, here you are safe and sound.
Would you sign the book, please?
You've missed supper...
...but I'll do you something special.
Bill, would you show Mr. Travis
to his room?
Thank you very much.
Oh, Mr. Travis...
...Im afraid Mr. Oswald
left quite a lot behind.
I put it in one of the drawers.
I didn't like to throw it out.
That's all right. I'll manage, thank
So you're the new rabbit?
You're the replacement, are you?
- Who are you?
- Oh, I live here.
Don't let me hold you up.
Would you like a cigarette?
Oh, sorry.
You look a bit young.
Well, you need a young man
for a job like this.
Did you ever meet your predecessor?
- Oswald?
- Oswald.
No, I've only been with the firm
five weeks.
That stuff's no good. I told him.
Why did he scarper?
He took off.
No stamina.
That's what you've gotta have
in a job like this. Stamina.
You've got to have it. Providing, of
you've got the technical know-how.
Nothing else you need?
Well, you've got to have ambition.
Mr. Travis?
Yes, Mrs. Ball.
I've got your supper ready.
It's in the parlour.
Thank you, Mrs. Ball. I'll be right
Watch out for her treacle tart.
There's many a fly got stuck in that.
Sell, sell, sell
Sell everything you stand for
Tell, tell, tell
Tell all the people that you care for
Running here, running there
Keep it moving, sonny, don't despair
Because the next one will be
The next one will be
The next one will be
The best one of the year
Give, give, give
Give everything you've paid for
Run, run, run
Run for everything you've prayed for
Keep that smile on your face
With a smile you're welcome anyplace
Because the next one will be
The next one will be
The next one will be
The best one of the year
Can I interest you in this article of
Can I interest you
To spare some of your time?
Can I interest you in this life of
Won't you listen, listen, listen
listen, listen, listen, listen?
Can I interest you in this article of
Can I interest you
To spend some of your time?
Can I interest you in this life of
Won't you listen, listen,
listen, listen?
Won't you, sell, sell, sell
Sell everything you stand for
Tell, tell, tell,
Tell all the people that you care for
Running here, running there
Keep it moving, sonny, don't despair
Because the next one will be
The next one will be
The next one will be
The best one of the year
Good morning. Mrs. Williams?
- Who?
- Mrs. Williams. Catering manageress.
She doesn't come in anymore.
It's urgent.
There's nothing urgent around here.
They're closing us down.
- Closing you down?
- Paying us off.
- Five thousand men?
- That's right.
Good evening.
I'd like to see the catering manager,
Mr. Faulkner.
- And it's Mr...?
- Travis.
Imperial Coffee.
I'll see if he's still on duty.
You can sit down.
It's Imperial Coffee, Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Travis.
- Lovely evening, Mr. Faulkner.
- Charlie Johnson.
Sit down.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
Is Mr. Faulkner off?
No, no, but I'm the manager here.
I like to keep my contacts personal.
So do I.
- You'll be replacing your previous
- Correct.
Sad business that.
Still, I take it the arrangements
will be as were?
Yes, Mr. Johnson. Yes.
It's Mayor Johnson, to be precise.
I've still got three months in office.
Good. Well, I'll give you
all the help I can.
Not only here, but in Leeds,
Wakefield and other cities...
...of major importance surrounding.
You can confirm with Faulkner that
be continuing our standing bulk order.
In fact, you'll find him around
the back now.
You've just come at the right time.
We're having a bit of a party.
Do you like you know what?
- What, Mayor Johnson?
- A party.
Oh, yes.
- Absolutely delighted.
- Right.
Come on then.
- Good evening, mayor.
- Good evening.
Have they fixed that TV set
in the Rockingham suite yet?
- They're doing it now.
- Good.
Telly Rent.
Marvellous firm.
I'm on the board, you know?
If ever you want a telly.
Very fortunate
your coming on a Tuesday.
We always have a bit of a gathering
on Tuesdays.
You'll make some useful contacts.
Always best to meet people
when they're relaxed.
Plenty of variety. Promise you that.
Good evening, Mr. Mayor.
This is Mr. Travis, Linda.
That's Linda.
- Happy to greet you.
- Pleased to meet you too.
- Get my coat, love.
- Well, thank you.
You'll enjoy yourself here,
I can tell you.
Hey, sit down, will you?
Sit down.
- Hello, Mr. Johnson.
- Hello, Harry.
- Sit down.
- Ta. New member?
Yes. This is Mr. Travis of Imperial
Glad you could make it tonight.
Harry Wilson, tax office.
- Great pleasure to meet you.
- Chief inspector.
Any little business problems
you run up against, let me know.
- Attenborough. I edit the local rag.
- Very pleased to meet you.
- This is Jackie.
- Happy to greet you.
- Pleasure.
- Wakedale Echo.
Invaluable to a man in your line.
Comes out every Thursday.
Have you met Maureen?
Maureen, Maureen.
- Say hello to Mr. Travis.
- How do you do?
Pleased to meet you, Mr. Travis.
Barlow, county constabulary.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Superintendent.
At your service. And this is Mavis.
Now, you be nice to Mr. Travis, Mavis.
- But not too nice.
- Happy to greet you.
- Great pleasure.
- Come here. Come here.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've come to
part of the show you've all been
waiting for.
We have a first-class selection for
All your favourites...
...and one or two novelties.
And as usual, we will be starting
with our request spot.
So if you'd like to signify
your preference in the usual manner...
Isle of Capri.
- Whiplash.
- Aye, Whiplash.
- Whiplash. Whiplash.
- Roman Candles.
Roman Candles!
- Roman Candles. Another one?
- Chocolate Sandwich.
- Chocolate Sandwich.
- Yes, Chocolate Sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich.
All right. All right.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
You have it. You have it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
by overwhelming demand...
...we start with everybody's
Chocolate Sandwich.
Come on, June, Violet, Eddie.
Come on, loves. Give them a big hand.
Travis. Imperial Coffee.
Becky. Mind if I borrow your knee?
Thank you.
Mrs. Ball?
Mr. Travis.
Wanted on the phone. Urgent.
Hello? Hello?
What? What's that?
Scotland as well?
I haven't any warm clothing.
Yes, but I'm doing well here.
Building up some fabulous contacts.
I don't wanna throw it away.
Yes, I see it's a challenge.
Tomorrow? But where?
Well, that's 200 miles away.
By 10 a. M?
Who do I ask for?
Yeah. Who?
Hello, Gloria? Hello?
Mr. Travis.
Did you hear that?
Do you think I ought to go?
I've got something for you.
Come on, try it on.
Arms up.
A perfect fit.
It's good.
It really is good.
You'll find it surprisingly warm.
I'll be back. I promise I will.
Try not to die like a dog.
The blessing.
Lord, on the way to goodness...
... when we stumble, hold us.
When we fall, lift us up.
When are hard-pressed by evil,
deliver us.
Soyuz 11 's braking system for
re-entry into
the Earth's atmosphere was switched
A soft-landing engine
fired according to plan...
... and a smooth landing was made
in the arranged area.
Presumably somewhere in Kazakhstan.
A helicopter-born recovery crew...
... which landed simultaneously
with Soyuz 11...
... opened the hatch and found
the three cosmonauts dead.
Now, zazen. What does that mean?
Zazen is a way of sitting
cross-legged and with an erect back...
... practicing the art of Zen.
And Zen means?
To understand life, to be with life,
to get a feeling of life...
... so that in effect
all your days are good days...
... and every day should be looked
as living in the moment...
... rather than in the past or future.
And this is really what Zen is all
Living now.
Now, tell me how we come by
this illumination...
... this awareness that is at the
of the practice called zazen.
Is it very hard practice.
Nothing is acquired in a day.
And yet I understand that
this illumination does come suddenly.
It comes suddenly.
It comes in many ways.
One could be arranging
a vase of flowers...
I'm asking you not to give any
I want you on the ground
before I count three.
One, two...
- I'm only trying to find out where I
- Don't kick or butt with your head...
...and you won't get hurt.
Okay, chaps, get him in.
Most places will have a cloudy day
and there will be rain and drizzle at
Now, Mr. Travis...
...you realize where you are?
You know where you are,
Mr. Travis?
Your pass?
- What's in these packets?
- Coffee samples.
Hey, that happens to be
company property.
I have to account for every single
Otherwise, I'm in trouble.
You are in trouble.
Who are you working for?
- Gloria Rowe.
- Who else?
What do you mean, who else?
Who are you working for?
The Imperial Coffee Company.
Who do you know in this establishment?
I don't know anybody.
But who were you expecting to contact?
The catering manager, Mr. Woolley.
Has three children. Plays billiards.
Sign this, please.
Where the crosses are.
- What is it?
- Your confession.
I don't know what I've done.
I haven't done anything.
You'll find it easier if you sign.
I haven't done anything.
- Tea or coffee?
- Tea, please. Two sugars.
Coffee, black.
Thank you.
- Tea, Bassett?
- No, thank you, sir.
- Chocolate biscuit?
- Please.
That'll be three P for the biscuit.
- Would the young man like a cup of
- Later.
There's no need to go through all
you know?
You've only got to sign the paper.
But I'm innocent.
I haven't done anything.
There are three things
you can be sure of:
The pain is not going to stop...
...you will remain conscious...
...and in the end, you will sign.
...let's start at the beginning.
When did you join the party?
Last year.
How much are they paying you?
- Three hundred a month.
- Three hundred what?
Was your headmaster correct
to expel you from school?
Do you believe children
are the hope of the future?
Do you believe in the fellowship of
- Yes.
- Think carefully.
Do you rate loyalty above obedience?
Always leave everything in a mess.
I keep telling them.
- recently began a project
to clear the local beach...
... a piece of woodland.
The whole school, with the help
of the Cleansing Department...
... of the local authority,
cleared five wagon-loads of rubbish.
Others planted 40 trees
with help of the Parks Department.
This is to be a manual affair.
This spring, we're building...
Not as orphans
Are we left in sorrow now
He is near us
Faith believes nor questions how
Though the cloud
From sight received him
When the 40 days were o'er
Shall our hearts
Forget his promise
I am with you
Let us pray.
Almighty and most merciful Father.
Almighty and most merciful Father.
We, thine unworthy servants.
We, thine unworthy servants.
Do give thee most humble
and hearty thanks.
Do give thee most humble
and hearty thanks.
For all thy goodness and loving
kindness to us and to all men.
For all thy goodness and loving
kindness to us and to all men.
We bless thee for our creation.
We bless thee for our creation.
Not that.
That's God's food. That's for God.
You're only a boy.
Keep on there.
Go straight across the fields
and through the woods.
You'll find the motorway.
Go south.
Kit. May.
The children will show you the way.
Remember, go south.
There's nothing in the north
for a boy like you. Good luck.
Come on.
- Where are you making for?
- London.
In a hurry?
- Why?
- Like to pick up some spare cash?
- What for?
- Nothing much.
Scientific research. Medical.
You know the kind of thing?
We need volunteers.
- How much?
- Hundred quid.
Hundred and fifty and you're on.
I'm not authorized
to vary the terms, sir...
...but if you'd like to come up to
the centre,
you can talk it over with the chief.
Okay, okay.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Welcome to the Millar Clinic.
Will you take a chair, please?
- Will you take a chair, please?
- Oh, thank you.
Your full name, please, sir.
Michael Arnold Travis.
- And yours, madam?
- Elizabeth Valerie Stewart.
E. V. Stewart.
- M. A. Travis.
- How much are they paying you?
Hundred and fifty pounds.
I'm getting 75
and all the food I can eat.
Professor Millar
will be with you in a minute.
You must have inhaled at least
3 milligrams of Novocain.
So that's a distinct improvement.
- Doctor Bee?
- Sir? Yes, professor?
I'll be coming into
your department at 11.
I'll want Mrs. Unwin
under the pathescope.
We may have to remodel her transplant.
- Certainly, professor.
- How long is it now?
- Three hundred and fifty seven days.
- Frenkel in Boston...
...kept one surviving for 14 months.
I'd like to beat him.
You will, sir.
- Professor Millar...
- one moment, Houston...
The new intake is ready, professor.
Oh, Professor Millar, can I borrow
a heart from the organ bank for three
I'll have to come back to you
on that one, Houston.
We may need everything
we've got this week.
- Delighted to have you here.
- Very well.
- I'm Professor Millar.
- How do you do, sir.
Do sit down.
Excuse me.
I'm delighted to have you here.
I'll see you both later.
Sister Hallett,
Room 9 for Mr. Travis...
...and 36 for Mrs. Stewart.
I'll want a complete analysis on
by this afternoon.
Yes, professor.
Hughes, Keating, please.
Waterworks, okay?
Yes, fine, thank you.
No inherent madness in the family?
No, none whatsoever.
Where's she taking my suit?
Don't worry,
you'll find it in your wardrobe.
- Just flex your wrist.
- Ever seen insects...
...crawling up the walls? No fits?
No, never.
- Ready when you are, Stanley.
- No typhoid, cholera, epilepsy?
Usual jabs at childhood?
All right. Here we go.
Hello. E.X. At 82 percent.
- Are you sure?
- Well, have a look.
Frontal circuit 7.4, rear lobes
Step it up a bit.
J. M. Will be happy about this.
Michael, I don't know
if anyone's ever told you this...
...but you happen to belong
to a very rare group of encephaloids.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Essentially, it means...
...that you are in a position to be
helpful to us in our research.
What kind of research?
What do you think is the most
animal that's ever lived on this
The ant?
The dinosaur.
Do you realize that the dinosaurs
this globe for 140 millions years...
...before they became extinct?
Man has been on this planet
for only a fraction over 40,000
...and yet already he faces
In fact, the species will be lucky to
beyond the year 2010.
Mankind has only one hope.
Technology is the survival kit
of the human race.
Even the politicians realize this.
What they don't, or won't, realize,
is that the technical solutions...
...are already within our power.
The entire population of India could
be rehoused on the moon within 10
It's only a matter of learning to live
in a new way.
Absolutely still.
We have almost conquered
the concept of disease.
With present transplant techniques...
...there is no reason why everyone
shouldn't live to be 250 or 300 years
...instead of our present
miserable 70 or 80 years.
We're on the verge of a series
of discoveries that will transform...
...our conception of human life.
What's all this got to do with me?
Michael, at this very moment...
...in laboratories throughout the
life is being created.
It's only a matter of years,
perhaps even months...
...before we can produce a whole
of new and far more fully adapted
I have a mongrel in the experimental
here who can't tie his own shoelaces.
By the end of the summer,
he'll be a contract bridge champion.
Falling in love, making love.
We'll no longer need to depend on this
inefficient way of distributing
random genes.
Computers programmed
to select the correctly matched...
...DNA molecules will be able to
an entirely satisfactory human breed.
This is the future, Michael.
This is the work
for which I need your help.
Yes, but what's gonna happen to me?
Will I come out the same as I went in?
Not the same...
Now, I would just like you
to sign this release form.
"I hereby consent to lease
the Millar Research Clinic...
...all physical experimental rights
in my body...
...for one week
for the sum of 100 pounds."
I'd like to help, Professor Millar...
...but 150 pounds
is definitely my minimum price.
A figure like that is just beyond us.
One hundred and fifty pounds,
and I'm not going to argue about it.
A hundred and thirty.
A hundred and forty five.
A hundred and thirty five.
A hundred and forty.
Done. Sign by the cross.
Sister Hallett?
Yes, professor?
Give Mr. Travis a sedative.
Sleep well, Michael.
- All quiet?
- Yes, professor.
- No fluctuations?
- Quite stable.
I'll take him first.
It'll be a long job.
Four or five hours.
Do you think it'll take, professor?
There's an even chance.
- He's in reasonably good condition.
- Oh, yes.
- Is he sterilized yet?
- Not yet, professor.
- You better send for Doctor Bee.
- Yes, professor.
We require two injections
during the night.
One at 12 and one at 4.
Is that understood?
It's all right.
How much are they paying you?
How much are they paying you?
Hello, is there anybody there?
For chrissake!
You could have killed me!
- Why don't you look where you're
- Are you all right?
Hey, cut the conference!
Look at my bloody suit!
Are you suing us or are we suing you?
- You going to London?
- Yeah, we were.
Can you give us a lift? Okay?
Yeah, come on, get in.
Sit in the back there
and keep your mouth shut.
- Mind the board.
- It's the Golden Wonder.
Come on, Streaky. Aggravate the
If you don't take that castle soon,
the National Trust will.
You're shivering.
I'm wet.
Take off that jacket.
And that.
Alan, pass us the rug.
And the bottle.
Take off your trousers.
Come on, strip off.
What? Here?
Get them off. This is Patricia.
She's very intelligent.
She's making a study of us.
Thank you.
What are you? What do you do?
They're musicians.
We just trying to make some bread,
that's all, mate.
Are you rich?
No, but my manager is.
Careful of those. That's gold thread.
Checkmate, Dave.
Never mind, at least you got it wrong.
Come over here.
Waifs and strays, she never could
- How long?
- About an hour. Maybe less.
On and on
And on and on we go
Round the world in circles turning
Earning what we can
While others dance away
The chance to light your day
Oh, and on and on
And on and on we go
And it's round the world in circles
Earning what we can
While others dance away
The chance to light your day
- Patricia?
- She's upstairs.
Boy, and if you have a friend
On whom you think you can rely
You are a lucky man
If you've found the reason
To live on and not to die
You are a lucky man
You know the preachers, and the poets
And the scholars don't know it
And the temples
And the statues
And the steeples don't show it
And if you've got the secret
Just try not to blow it
Stay a lucky man
Yes, yes
Now, on and on
And on and on we go
- How do you feel?
- Hungry.
Could you hold this for me?
What is it?
It means infinity, or godhead.
Are you a Buddhist?
All religions are equally true.
The biggest money market in the world.
Did you know that?
Ten thousand million pounds a day
Ten thousand millions a day, and
a thousand ways of making it, you
It's just a question
of picking the right one.
Open this.
Of course.
Glass palaces.
Just look at them.
One day I'll own one of those.
You're very old-fashioned.
What do you mean, I'm old-fashioned?
Well, all this stuff about money
and owning things.
If you want something, just take it.
I always do.
Where did you get this from?
Do you go there often?
Sometimes. When I get bored.
And where does all this other stuff
come from?
That comes from home too.
Daddy's got so much
he never misses anything.
You're lucky.
I've got to get there on my own.
- Get where?
- Right to the top.
How much is a building like that
The ground rent
is 800,000 pounds a year.
It cost 10 times that to build.
And every three months
its value increases by 20 percent.
How do you know?
My father owns it.
It's beautiful.
I'd like to meet your father.
You've got lovely eyes.
Introduce us then.
I've been a top salesman.
Earned 100 pounds one week.
You're so greedy.
Tell me more about your father.
He owns half the copper mines
in the world.
He's absolutely ruthless.
For every 5 million pounds he
...he makes half a million pounds
In Bolivia...
...he drove half a million peasants
off their land.
They starved to death.
Fifty million pounds profit.
He's the most evil man
you could ever hope to meet.
Are you coming or staying?
Hey, where are you going? Don't go.
Have a good day.
...all that glisters is not gold.
Hello, can I speak to Mr. Burgess,
Yes, yes, of course, sir.
Sir James, yes.
Well, it's about his daughter.
Yes, it's very urgent.
I'm sorry, but it's absolutely
It's a matter of life and death.
Well, you'll just have to interrupt
him then,
won't you?
Hello, Sir James?
Hello, I'm Michael Travis.
It's about Patricia. She's in trouble.
Well, she's safe at the moment but I'm
not sure how long it can be
No, Sir James, I really cannot
discuss this on the telephone.
I'm sure you understand.
Well, I do have rather a full
but I could see you in say, 45
No, Sir James, I'm not a psychiatrist.
Good. Oh, by the way, Sir James...
...which is your nearest tube station?
Thank you.
Mr. Travis?
Would you mind taking a seat
and waiting a few moments?
- Sir James is still in conference.
- Thank you.
It's only a question of time.
Another six months is all I need.
No, no, no!
- You rotten bastard! You swine!
- You must calm down.
Can't you see
it's a revolutionary concept?
Twenty five years of my life.
Twenty five years wasted.
Twenty five years down the drain.
- Oh, God! All wasted!
- Professor...
- Professor, you must restrain
- You bastard! You swine!
Help me. I won't go. I'll never go.
Don't let them do it.
Miss Hunter, two Valium
and a barley wine for Professor
William, a chair for Professor
Mr. Travis.
Sir James' time is worth
500 pounds per minute.
Please keep it short.
Mr. Michael Travis, Sir James.
Well, young man.
I won't beat about the bush, sir.
It's your...
I won't beat about the bush, sir.
It's your daughter, Patricia.
She's in bad trouble.
What kind of trouble?
Well, sir, the usual.
Bad company, protests, drugs.
Oh, all that. Yes.
I think we can save her, sir.
I think she should come back
to her family...
...a family background.
Do you even know where she is, sir?
It must be heart-breaking for you,
Sir James.
You amaze me.
She needs you, Sir James.
How strange.
The trouble is, I'm so frightfully
No, no, no.
- I'm not gonna stand for it.
- Professor.
- Professor, please.
- I'm going back in there.
All right, if that's what you want.
But here, now,
in front of your very eyes, Sir James.
- Now!
- William.
William, stop him at all costs.
- Professor, please.
- Now, now.
- Professor, for God's sake.
- Let me go!
Let me go!
- Miss Hunter.
- Yes, Sir James.
Ask the senior staff
to come to my office.
I'm afraid I have some very grave
and distressing news for you.
Professor Stewart is dead.
Professor Stewart
started life 55 years ago...
...of humble parentage.
His father was a watchmaker in
At the age of 16,
he gained a scholarship to Cambridge.
During the war his vital research
into the military application of
...led to his rapid promotion
to the rank of major.
After the war...
...he gave to this company the same
that he had before given to the
Now, Professor Stewart
was not only an inventor of genius...
...but all who came in contact with
felt it a privilege to have known...
...and loved him.
Sir James, it's 10 past 5.
Your appointment with Dr. Munda.
Thank you, Miss Hunter.
Professor Stewart was too far
in advance of his time...
...but his name will live long.
We will stand in silence
in grateful memory for 15 seconds.
Miss Hunter, send a memo
to the chief accountant.
A gratuity of 740 pound per annum
to his widow.
Fix the funeral for Wednesday,
Golders Green.
And get me Vancouver.
Pity about Stewart.
Brilliant man, of course, but an
Couldn't run a toffee shop.
In business there's an animal who
and an animal who doesn't.
That may be my call to Vancouver.
Vancouver, Canada, Sir James.
Charles? James.
I talked to the board.
Unanimous decision, I'm afraid.
We'll have to have your resignation
by midnight.
Two million dollars compensation
is our maximum.
Well, it's your decision of course.
But if you don't...
...things could be pretty upsetting
for Kitty.
- Good evening, Sir James.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Sir James.
- Sorry to keep you.
Had a little hold up at the office.
- My assistant, Michael...
- Travis.
- Travis.
- Morrison.
- Pleased to meet you.
- This way, sir.
Sir James, how good of you to come.
Mr. President.
My minister of finance,
Mr. Timothy Souza.
- How do you do?
- Madame Paillard.
My home secretary, Mrs. Naidu.
- How do you do?
- Colonel Steiger.
- Colonel.
- Sir.
- Mr. Oswald.
- Sir James.
And the Right Honourable Basil Keyes,
I think you know.
- Basil.
- James.
Do sit down, Sir James.
Morrison, draw the curtains.
Sir James...
...you are a man of business.
You deal in facts and figures.
Well, that is what we are here
to give you today.
My colleagues and I are confident...
...that we can offer you
an association with our country...
...that will be as profitable to you
as to ourselves.
Film please, Brewster.
The coastline of Zingara...
...an uninterrupted stretch of golden
perfect for swimming, water sports...
...and all the leisure facilities
demanded by holiday makers...
...from the industrial centres
in Europe and the Americas.
The island already boasts one large
Visitors can take their ease in
of luxury and sophistication.
- A brandy, please.
- Yes, sir.
Picturesque entertainment
is provided by Zingaran natives...
...performing their age-old rituals...
...for patrons of our holiday lodges
in the hill district.
Here in surroundings of peace and
...staffs are being specially trained
European demands for courtesy and
A massive program of hotel
is already underway.
Experienced European engineers
are supervising the native labour
...in the construction
of the Zingara Continental Hotel.
Your brandy, sir.
The completed hotel,
with its splendid public facilities...
...provides 500 rooms.
Each with colour television
and private bathroom.
Thank you, Brewster.
Very attractive.
But your plans for industry?
Our free export zone
will offer generous advantages...
...to all concerns
financed by foreign capital.
Repatriation of profits?
Mr. Souza.
Guaranteed to any country
you care to nominate.
Venezuela, the Vatican,
Liechtenstein, et cetera.
Oh, thanks very much.
Labour costs?
My home secretary, Mrs. Naidu,
will explain the favourable
...we are planning for this area.
Labour conditions in Zingara
offer excellent opportunities...
...for the foreign investor.
Rates of pay and working conditions
are regulated by the government.
Consequently, strikes and slowdowns
are a thing unknown.
Film, Brewster, please.
The efficiency and variety of our
industrial installations are a joy to
The Bumangi sausage factory
has a daily output of over 2000
...prime first-quality sausages.
All 75 percent genuine meat.
Special attention is paid to
Experience has shown that
production levels benefit
...when the sexes are segregated.
The workers' living quarters
are also segregated.
Here is an ultra-modern male workers'
on the outskirts of Bikana.
Their women are housed in a similar
some 35 miles distant.
Male workers are paid the equivalent
of 7 New-English pence per day...
...and females, at 3.
Foreign technicians are welcome
in Zingara.
Life for our foreign visitors
will be fully commensurate...
...with the standards of living
and convenience...
...enjoyed by their colleagues in
or the European Common Market.
They will also be exempted
from all personal income tax.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sir James.
Well, Sir James.
I hope we have convinced you that
today presents a unique opportunity...
...for secure investment
and a high rate of return.
There is just one consideration...
...that troubles me, Mr. President.
- Please.
What guarantees can you provide
for the safe-guarding of investment?
I refer, of course,
to the threat of insurrection.
Sir James...
...I will be completely honest.
It is true that a small element
of our people...
...have been attempting to cause
in our northern territories.
This problem we have firmly in hand.
We're fortunate to have
the services of Colonel Steiger...
...whose achievements in the Congo,
Nigeria and more recently,
...must be well-known to you.
I have asked Colonel Steiger himself
to report on the situation.
The rebels number roughly
2000 men and women.
They are operating in the northern
in two main groups.
My counter-offensive has taken
the form of a two-pronged blitz...
...blanket bombardment
by artillery and aircraft...
...followed by landings of airborne
policing detachments...
...employing scorched-earth
and random-elimination techniques.
My men are professionals,
experienced in guerrilla warfare.
The rebels are amateurs,
inexperienced and weak in defence.
So insurgent losses are heavy.
Over 300 killed.
Four hundred and fifty captured
and interned.
In view of your undoubted superiority,
Colonel Steiger...
...can you tell us why this
still persists?
The terrain is unfavourable, sir.
Jungle and swamp favour the native.
That is why we need honey.
Your British honey.
The substance known as PL-45.
Or in the terminology
of my profession, "honey."
Let me show you some examples.
Slide, please.
This is a man who has received
a light exposure to this invaluable
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
A beer mug full of honey
can create a lethal zone...
...for all forms of terrestrial life
within an area of 15 acres.
Low-flying aircraft spraying PL-45...
...can cover 100 square miles
in two hours.
Thank you.
This is all I need to finish the job.
But you understand, Colonel Steiger...
...that granted supplies
of adequate quantities of honey...
...you are prepared to guarantee
the internal stability of your
You have my word.
Basil, a moment.
Champagne, monsieur?
- Thank you very much, ma'am.
- Please.
Thank you.
Glad to see you made it, old boy.
Stick with the old man.
You'll run a good wicket. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Yes
Excuse me. Excuse me.
I don't think you've met
my new assistant, Travis.
Travis, this is Basil Keyes.
I could send Travis along
sometime tomorrow.
We've got a night sitting,
that should finish before lunch.
- So anywhere near the House of
- Right.
Mr. President, I'll take these
home with me, if I may.
Study them thoroughly.
I shan't keep you waiting.
- Well, it must be all of 40 years.
- Thirty nine.
- I shared digs with the president's
- How nice.
I shall never forget that wonderful
spring morning in your room at
You and Peter drunk on the
Karl Marx and Keynes on the floor.
- How is Peter?
- In detention, alas.
I was urged to hang him
but for once I was weak.
"Power creates the man." Tacitus.
Thank you, Warner.
About half an hour.
- She never gets out of bed.
- Oh, rotten luck.
- Do sit down.
- Thank you.
- Hello, Frank.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Mr. Travis will have a...
- A dry martini, very dry.
- Dry martini, Frank, and a large
- Thank you, sir.
I don't think you'll run into any
They've got their briefing.
They're all good chaps.
Everything's under control.
Good luck.
And don't leave any fingerprints.
When there's a bluebird
Singing by your windowpane
And the sun shines bright all day
Don't forget, boy
Look over your shoulder
Because there's always
Someone coming after you
- Like a brandy, Warner?
- Not for me, sir.
- I never touch a drop on the job.
- Of course, of course.
When everything in life
Seems just as it should be
At last success
Seems just around the door
Don't forget, boy
Look over your shoulder
Because things don't stay the same
For evermore
Hope springs eternal
In a young man's breast
And he dreams of a better life ahead
Without that dream
You are nothing, nothing, nothing
You have to find out for yourself
That dream is dead
Hello, there.
- There you are.
- How do you do?
- Pleased to meet you. Travis.
- Wallis.
- Had a good run down?
- Fine, thank you. Fine.
Got the bumf, have you?
Nearly there.
Good, good, good.
We're over here.
Sergeant Beevers.
We've got the okay to take off.
Do the necessary, will you?
Yes, sir.
Ground control to pilot/navigator.
Destination Honey.
Flight AT-060
is Zingara International Airport.
Take off one-five minutes.
Roger, ground control. Will do.
- Sign by the cross, sir.
- Oh, thank you.
Twelve thousand gallons
of the stuff there.
You could do half East Africa
with that, Mr. Travis.
And of course, it was your flag
that went up and ours that came down.
And the extraordinary thing was
that the duchess never even noticed.
That will be all, thank you, Jenkins.
Well, gentlemen, to business.
Sir James, we would like
the first instalment.
In cash.
This is the combination
to the safe in my study.
You will find a case there.
- Bring it here.
- Sir.
- Please, darling.
- Please, Dickey.
- But you must.
- Oh, don't go on, Dickey.
I've never been very sure of myself.
Not until I found you.
You drink too much.
I know.
You're my last chance.
Oh, little Dickey.
My God.
What are you doing here?
This is my home.
- Well, who was that?
- Dickey?
The Duke of Belminster.
He's an old friend of mine.
What does he want?
He wants to marry me.
Well, you can't.
I might. I haven't decided yet.
But I love you
and I'm going to marry you.
Oh, Michael.
You're so hopelessly conventional.
I told you I was gonna be a success.
And I am.
I did warn you.
Wait here for me.
Thank you, Michael.
Sir James, we need a witness.
I see.
Of course not.
Show them up.
The fraud squad.
Now, please, everyone, keep quite
Inspector Carding is a very decent
Mr. Souza, if you please.
Put those in your pocket.
The case please. Sit down.
Hold this.
Inspector Carding.
Good evening, inspector.
Good evening, Sir James.
- I'm sorry to disturb you, Sir James.
- Not at all.
I think you know everybody here.
Except perhaps my new assistant,
Michael Travis.
He hasn't been with me very long.
It is Mr. Travis I wish to interview.
With your permission, of course.
Now, is there anyone here you
That is the man.
Thank you, Beevers.
I beg your pardon, Mr. Travis,
may I have that bag?
Just a minute.
Did you sign this, sir?
Is this your signature, sir?
Is this your signature, sir?
Is this your signature, sir?
Oh, no.
Complete forgery.
Not worth the paper it's written on.
Bag, please.
Do you realize it's an offence to
bullion from the U.K. Without...
...the permission of the Bank of
- Yes.
When I came into this room,
that bag was in your possession?
Would you mind, sir?
All right, Michael.
Trust me.
I'll take that, Carding.
I'm so sorry to have disturbed you,
Sir James
Dr. Munda.
The dividing line...
...between the House of Lords
and Pentonville jail is very, very
We all want justice
But you got to have the money to buy
You'd have to be a fool
To close your eyes and deny it
There's a lot of poor people
Who are walking the streets of my town
Too blind to see that justice
Is used to do them right down
All through life from beginning to end
You pay your monthly instalments
Next to health is wealth
And only wealth will buy you justice
And money and justice
Money and justice
Money, justice
- deposit account of innocence.
Now, Travis, was given a position
of great trust by his benefactor.
One of England's
most eminent industrialists.
He repaid that trust...
...by seeking to export for his own
10 million pounds...
...of his employer's money.
Was this the action of an innocent?
If such perfidy can be committed
without fear of retribution...
...then how can the rule of law,
patriotism, duty...
...the very basis of our society,
hope to survive?
Well, go and consider
your verdict carefully.
And take your time.
Be upstanding in court.
Be upstanding in court.
Members of the jury...
...have you arrived at a verdict
on which you are all agreed?
- We have, My Lord.
- Do you find the prisoner guilty...
...or not guilty?
- Guilty, My Lord.
May I say how entirely I agree
with that verdict.
The prisoner will stand
to receive sentence.
Society is based on good faith...
...on a commonly accepted bond.
It is the inflamed greed of people
like you,
Michael Travis...
...that has led to the present
of our society.
Before I pass sentence,
have you anything to say?
My Lord, I did my duty.
I only wanted to be successful.
I did my best.
And you failed.
I am innocent, My Lord.
I sentence you to five years hard
Come on. There we are.
Come on. Come on.
Yes. Come on.
Let's have a look at you.
There we are. Be gentle, be gentle.
Let's have a look.
Oh, that's better.
Yes, there we are, hold still.
All right, Travis,
you've done your stretch.
Now smarten up for the governor.
Well done, lad.
Well, Travis, you're free.
Free to rejoin the world
of decent, ordinary men and women...
...who are content to earn their
daily bread
by the sweat of their brows.
The brotherhood of man, Travis.
I know where I went wrong, sir.
I've been thinking.
Good lad.
I've read books...
...and I see things differently now,
Well, now, tell me.
Have you...?
Have you any plans?
No plans, sir.
I just want to get out there
and learn to be a proper human being,
I'd like to...
I'd like to read you something.
I think it may help.
"One that never turned his back
but marched breast forward...
...never doubted clouds would break...
...never dreamed
that wrong would triumph...
...held we fall to rise...
...sleep to wake."
I'd like you to have this.
It belonged to my grandmother...
...but you may find it will help you
through the difficult days that lie
Thank you very much, sir.
I've sensed the spark
of idealism in you...
...and that can move mountains,
you know that?
Oh, for a man like you, Travis...
Michael, for a boy like you,
you're still young.
Everything is possible.
The world is your oyster.
I can see you stripped,
building motorways.
You have eyes like Steve McQueen.
Did anyone ever tell you that?
Goodbye, Travis.
And good luck.
Bye, Frank.
Goodbye, old chap.
I'll send you a postcard.
- Lawrence!
- Mommy!
Thank you, Michael, for everything.
Goodbye. Best of luck.
Thank you.
On your own?
- On your own then?
- Yes.
- Anywhere to go?
- I'll manage.
Just a minute.
- Do you want a lift?
- No, thanks. I'm going the other way.
- What is it?
- Down in the East End.
Give you a start there.
Be good.
I won't be seeing you anymore.
Well, good luck.
It may not be as easy as you think.
It soothes his sorrows
Heals his wounds
And drives away his fear
It makes the wounded spirit whole
And calms the troubled breast
Thank you very much.
'Tis manna to the hungry soul
And to the weary rest
Would you like to help?
Oh, sure I would.
Are you sure you can spare it?
- You're from the prison, aren't you?
- That's right.
There's no need to be ashamed.
I'm not ashamed.
Glory, hallelujah!
Major! Major!
- boundless stores of grace
- and he's just come out of prison
Brothers, today we have with us
a young man...
...who has turned over
a completely new leaf.
He has only just left prison...
...yet he has given generously
of his meagre store.
Glory, hallelujah.
Friend, will you step up beside me
and bear witness?
Bear witness? What to?
Your sins.
I don't believe in sin.
Everybody sins. We know.
Brother, be warned,
you stand in great danger.
I thought like you once, sir,
but now I've learned better.
People are good
if you give them the chance.
Oh, excuse me.
- Oh, sorry. You all right?
- Sorry, sorry.
We've got to start with humanity.
We must try and trust one another.
People are good.
Everyone has goodness in them.
It's poverty.
That's why people commit crimes.
It's not poverty, laddie.
It's the old Adam pride,
envy, gluttony, sloth.
A great philosopher once wrote
something I'd like you all to hear.
"My country is the world,
and my religion is to do good."
Tom Paine.
Tom Paine denied God.
He believed in mankind.
Brother, we will pray for you.
Let us all kneel together, friends.
Oh, Lord, look down in mercy
on this, our misguided brother.
Guide his feet into the way of life.
Remove the blindfold from his eyes.
Lift up his gaze to the eternal
...from whence cometh our only help.
Bringing in the sheaves.
Sewing in the morning
Sewing seeds of kindness
You bird! It's too flipping short!
Look at him.
What are you trying to do, pick
He thinks he's picking apples.
Here, you. You.
- Yeah, you.
- No, not you. You.
Bring up that blinking bar.
- Just behind you.
- The big one behind...
- That's right.
- That's right.
- Bring it up here.
- Up here.
- Quick.
- Come on, mate, move.
- Bring it up here.
- Up here, hurry.
- Quick, upstairs.
- Come quick.
Mighty improvement you are.
Up here. Get this door open.
Give us your bag.
- Mrs. Richards.
- Come out of there.
Come on out.
She's put the bed against the door.
Double bolted it.
She's gonna do it this time,
you mark my words.
Selfish bitch.
She's got the kids in there with her.
But she'll probably do them in and
- What's the matter? What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
She's gonna kill herself,
that's what's wrong.
- Well, can't you stop her?
- Well, go on then, you stop her.
- Nobody's holding you back, are they?
- Mrs. Richards!
Mrs. Richards!
What you gonna do?
- It's dangerous.
- Oh, my God.
He'll never make it.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, now, don't.
Mrs. Richards.
Mrs. Richards.
Mrs. Richards, what are you doing?
Cleaning the floor, what's it look
What's all this about killing
I've had enough.
You've been shut up here too long.
Think of the world outside.
Mrs. Richards. Now, please stop it.
I want you to listen.
My husband has to find
the place looking nice.
I'll not have him saying
I did wrong in the end.
You should meet some people.
Make some nice friends.
I haven't been out since we had Penny.
Not in six years.
- Well, take a holiday.
- Harry's off work.
- Hasn't had a job for four years.
- Well, think of the children.
- I mean, they're the only ones who
- How can I keep a child clean?
How much do you think
a pair of kid's shoes costs?
The cheapest? One pound twenty.
Life is a gift, Mrs. Richards.
You haven't the right to throw it
Look, this is the food I buy each week
for ourselves and the kids:
Seven loaves of bread,
20 pounds of potatoes...
...three quarters of a pound of tea,
a packet of porridge...
...two packs of cornflakes.
- There's always tomorrow.
One pack of Co-op soap powder,
three or four pounds of cabbage...
...two swedes, custard powder...
...baked beans, sometimes,
tinned tomatoes, sometimes...
...tinned spaghetti, sometimes,
lettuce, when cheap.
Food isn't everything.
Fresh air! Sunshine...
- Penny!
- Yes, Mum.
Bring the Brasso.
Now, I want you to go over there,
Wash the big pan under the hot tap.
Get out every bit of tomato soup
before your dad gets back.
Mrs. Richards...
Mrs. Richards...
Please listen to this, Mrs. Richards.
Now, please listen.
"Life is mostly froth and bubble,
two things stand like stone.
Kindness in another's trouble,
courage in your own."
Who said that?
Adam Lindsay Gordon. He was a poet.
More of a fool, if you ask me.
Well, wait then, Mrs. Richards.
Now, wait, Mrs. Richards.
Wait, Mrs. Richards.
Listen to this. Please, Mrs. Richards.
Mrs. Richards.
Tell Harry to leave a note
for the milkman.
Two pints.
- Penny.
- Yes, Mum?
"There's a special providence
in the fall of a sparrow." Hamlet.
Go on, go and sit over there.
Be a good girl.
Please listen, Mrs. Richards.
Please listen to this.
Now, this will really help, Mrs.
Please listen carefully.
"One that never turned his back
but marched breast forward...
...never doubted clouds would break."
Don't do anything rash, Mrs. Richards.
Every cloud has a silver lining,
Mrs. Richards. Mrs. Richards!
Mrs. Richards!
Down on the corner of the street
Where I was born we used to meet
And sing the old songs
We called them dole songs
And we'd harmonize so clear
Even though it was the beer
That made the tears run
About the years gone by
And we'd go home and kiss the wife
Hoping a kiss could change your life
That's how romance is
No second chances
Back in my hometown
Things aren't so very different now
Poor folk must get along somehow
You live forever on the never never
Back in my hometown
No queue jumping. Keep in line.
Remember, only one bun each.
Nice and hot.
That's a nice coat you've got.
Are you feeling better now, Arthur?
- Got black locks in my bed again.
- Oh, chin up. Better than rats.
Have some bread and butter.
- Have you got any jam?
- Yes.
Tuck in.
Hello, a new face.
Oh, don't by shy. Down on your luck?
Here, you get this inside you.
- Watch out, it's hot.
- Thank you.
Arthur, you are making a mess.
I'll do that for you.
He likes it thick.
Oh, super. Thanks awfully.
Oh, good girl, Vera. That's lovely.
- Jam?
- Thank you so much.
Arthritis. Incurable.
Be dead in six months, poor old thing.
- Do you do this every night?
- Whenever I can.
Well, I have so much time
in the evenings.
Do you get paid for it?
Good Lord, no. It's just that one
has to do what one can to help.
Can I help?
That's extremely kind.
I can use all the help I can get.
Here, you grab hold of this.
Any more cups, please? Won't be a
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Good night.
- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
They do so appreciate it.
Even I need sleep, of course.
It gets a bit of a grind on one's own.
Even the strongest stumble.
But one does what one can.
Now, do you see that bonfire over
That's all my regulars.
Now, you just toddle across
and give them their soup.
You'll find some of them a bit touchy,
but they're all real characters.
Yes, but what shall I say?
What shall I do?
Well, it's simple, just be yourself.
Don't put on an act. They don't like
- Well, where are you going?
- I've got the railway stations to do.
Oh, leave the impedimenta
at the side of the road.
Be back about 5.
Hot soup?
Hot soup?
Cat's piss.
Do you have any pepper?
Do you have any pepp...?
Hot soup, sir?
Sorry, son, I can't take solids.
Hot soup?
My God, Patricia.
I thought you were going to marry
the Duke of Belminster.
This is the Duke of Belminster.
Leave him alone.
We don't want your filthy charity!
Get back to school!
Get out of here!
- Listen, friends, comrades...
- Go back to nanny!
- Listen to me, comrades.
- Join the army!
- Listen to me, brothers.
- Brothers? We ain't your bleeding
You're men. You must realize it.
Men, mankind, brothers...
...it's the only truth.
- Truth?
This is the only truth, you bastard.
No, it's you, me, all of us.
We're all there is. Only man exists.
Man, listen to it.
What a marvellous word.
Isn't it a marvellous word?
It's fantastic. We must respect it.
We must respect each other.
Not charity, not pity, but dignity,
I know, I swear it.
We must love one another.
Brothers, brothers, brothers!
Everyone is going through changes
And no one knows what's going on
And everybody changes places
But the world still carries on
Love must always change to sorrow
And everyone must play the game
It's here today and gone tomorrow
But the world goes on the same
Now love must always change to sorrow
And everyone must play the game
It's here today and gone tomorrow
But the world goes on the same
Try your luck?
- Name?
- Michael Travis.
What I would like you to do
is stand in front of the screen...
...and I'll let you know what to do
in a minute.
Hold these under your right arm,
will you?
Good. Gun.
More aggressive.
Now smile.
- I beg your pardon?
- Smile.
- Why?
- Just do it.
I'm afraid I can't smile without a
- What's there to smile about?
- Just do it.
Don't ask why.
What's there to smile about?
If you have a friend
On whom you think you can rely
You are a lucky man
And if you found the reason
To live on and not to die
You are a lucky man
The preachers, and the poets
And the scholars don't know it
The temples, and the statues
And steeples don't show it
If you've got the secret
Just try not to blow it
Stay a lucky man
Stay a lucky man
Because on and on
And on and on we go
And it's around the world
In circles turning
Earning what we can
While others dance away
The chance to light your way
So you know that if you have a friend
On whom you think you can rely
You are a lucky man
And if you've found the reason
To live on and not to die
You are a lucky man
You know the preachers, and the poets
And the scholars don't know it
And the temples, and statues
And steeples won't show it
If you've got the secret
Just try not to blow it
Stay a lucky man
Oh, stay a lucky man
And it's around and round, and round
And round, and round we go
And it's around the world
In circles turning
Earning what we can
While others dance away
The chance to light your day
So it's on, and on and on
And it's on, and on and on
Around the world in circles turning
Earning what we can
While others dance away
The chance to light your day