O-jik geu-dae-man (Always AKA Only You) (2011)

Presented by Showbox / Mediaplex
Produced by HB Entertainment
in association with 51 k
Executive Producer
YOU Jeong-hun
Produced by
MOON Bo-mi / KIM Jung-hee
SO Ji-sub HAN Hyo-joo
KANG Shin-il
PARK Choul-min OH Kwang-rok
Written by
SONG ll-gon NO Hong-jin
Cinematography by
HONG Kyeong-pyo
Lighting by
CHOI Chul-soo
Production design by
KIM Hyun-ok
Recording by
PARK Jong-kun
Editing by
NAM Na-young
Music by
BANG Jun-suk
Costume by
KIM Kyung-mi
Make-up by
HWANG Soo-jung
Sound design by
KIM Suk-won PARK Jin-hong
Visual Effect by
KIM Dae-jun
Associate producer
Assistant director
CHO Yong-jin
LEE Sung-hun
Directed by
SONG ll-gon
You ran again?
- It's raining though.
- Yes.
'Even God gets jealous
of your good time.'
What the heck this means?
It's your fortune for today.
Year of the Sheep, right?
Heard today's your last day.
Don't work too hard.
Just keep the till balanced.
- So long.
- Bye.
- Take care.
- I will.
MIN from SUNG's Gym won today.
He's got strong punch.
Yes, he proved himself.
It seems there's no rival for him
here in Korea.
I wonder whom he will fight next.
I'm on time, ain't I?
and tangerines for you.
This is for me!
And your favorite ugly rolls.
I even brought Soju.
I can see
you're really impressed.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Where's grandpa?
He quit today.
Then why did you take them?
You gave them to me.
I used to watch TV shows
with him over snacks.
Is he sick?
Heard he's moving
to another city.
I see.
Sorry to interrupt.
Hey, stay for a program.
It's pouring.
This is the one!
Don't wear it.
I hate grey.
You know why?
I'm grey!
I also want to be primary color.
Thank you for drama.
Well, this tastes better than it looks.
Right. It looks too bad.
And you see that nightjasmine?
Remember to water that once a week!
It's very important.
How can I help you?
Telephone number for SUNG's Gym.
See you tonight.
Hello, customer service.
I'll get you the nearest A/S center.
There can be extra charges
for the visit, sir.
I've been waiting fucking hours!
You only talk 'bout damn charges?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
There must've been mistakes.
Will put you to speed service.
How about 5PM today?
You'd better be right this time!
I made tons of calls for this shit!
I apologize once again.
Is there anything... Sir?
Why yells at me?
I'm not her kid.
Royalty to your company!
Be nicer to the customer.
Must be tired working night shift.
I can sleep in.
It's better.
You know you're the candidate
for employee of the month?
Keep your arms down.
Keep your guard up
even when you kick!
Hold your back in
when you punch!
Too many things to correct.
I can be better than you!
Boss! Look who's here.
I'm here to apologize.
I'm sorry, boss.
Take this drink and smile,
will ya?
You are a big man
so get over with the past!
Past? I even couldn't feed
my own sons properly...
...as I gave everything to him!
Damn bastard!
It's just they didn't like eating.
Look who's here.
JANG Chul-min.
National champion in '99.
He swept all game.
All won by KOs
with a few punches.
And I got beat up by him
at the final.
It's been a while.
Right. I forgot that.
But Chul-min, remember.
He's not the same guy
who you blew away.
He's the best mixed martial arts player.
He'll make it to UFC soon.
I saw you on TV.
You were good.
What? Good?
How about sparring
for old time's sake?
Stop it.
You're professional player now.
He can't even stand for 1st round.
Give him a break.
- So long.
- Bye.
Wind a bandage first.
Just one round.
I'm sorry, sir.
Who let in this fool
who's not even a boxer?
Get him out!
Do you mind opening the door?
I'm sensitive to smell.
I guess you worked out?
What kind of clothing?
Plain T-shirt.
Not you.
I mean her from TV.
- Skirt.
- And the shoes?
- Yes.
- Of course, yes.
I mean what kind of shoes
she wears.
Woman's shoes.
You mean flat shoes?
And hair?
Short perm.
- Earrings?
- Hey.
Why speak too much over drama?
'Cause I cannot see it!
What kind of earrings?
Similar to yours.
Really? You mean it?
The lunch box.
And the taste?
Way better than it looked.
I put some peaches.
- Did you wash them?
- Yes.
- Did you treat them nice?
- Pardon?
You need to eat peach
right after washing carefully.
They get bruises and
less sweet with touching.
Thank you!
By the way...
My name is Jung-hwa, not hey.
You need to hold hands
when you greet us.
Wow, it's so hard!
What do you do?
Thank you for drama.
Family of frogs get together.
They sing all night long.
They don't care
even nobody's listening.
You got the new shoes?
I can smell them.
It's been already a few days.
Drama shall start soon.
I'll be back.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Don't go! I'm not OK!
I'm totally not OK!
Don't go!
Teo says he's leaving.
Is he crying now?
He doesn't have to go
if it hurts him so bad.
We can hear your hearts.
Can feel better as we can't see.
- Of course, he is an actor.
- I mean you.
Don't bluff as I can't see.
People say I look manly.
Means you are not a doll-face.
Don't move!
Are you okay?
Oh my!
They're all shattered!
I was supposed to watch them.
What shall I do?
I'll pay for them.
Why are you out at night
when you can't see?
I'm sorry.
I'm in a trouble.
Would you please
watch the parking lot for me?
I need to take her
to the hospital.
No problem. Go now.
What's your name?
- Marcelino.
- What?
JANG Marcelino.
You are a foreigner?
No, I'm Korean.
And you're Jean Marcelino?
Jean Marcelino?
Let's have some break.
I can carry you on my back.
You'll regret it.
I'm fine. On my back.
Don't complain later.
No wily scheme.
Hey! We're at the forked road.
Beauty shop at the right.
Oh! Then...
Go straight to your right.
I warned you.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. Totally.
Then why am I coming down?
And you see a kid at the corner?
Better watch out!
- Ouch! What are you?
- Mister!
- What's wrong with you?
- I'll give you a shot!
Mister, run!
We're here.
We're here.
You must be exhausted.
But a man should be strong.
I'm really strong but
there were too many stairs.
Can I ask one more favor
if you have some time?
Give me a minute.
Something's stuck in there?
It looks like panties.
Squirrels on it?
- Squir...
- It was a gift.
I've been looking all over.
Now I found it.
- Can I have a towel, please?
- Here you are.
What kind of music do you like?
The music radio plays.
It's a reward for
carrying me all the way.
Go with your friend.
Tickets for the concert.
No thanks.
I don't know music.
Don't have anyone to go with.
Pity you don't have friends at all.
Want me to go with you?
How do you like your hair done?
How about digital perm
which is hip in Paris?
Your petit and elegant face
will go along with it for sure.
- You sure?
- Of course!
How about hair from that drama...
How dare you!
So out of fashion!
We're in a digital era.
Then whatever you say.
You have a date, right?
- No.
- If you don't want to talk...
Let's go for the digital perm.
The pink lipstick is...
No. 3, No. 4...
I hope you didn't wait long.
# Flower's in bloom in my heart.
# You're the flower.
# Petals are leading me...
# ... into your arms...
#It's you who I've been waiting for.
# You don't know how Ionely I've been...
What does female vocalist look like?
She is a woman with big eyes
and long hair.
The concert really hit the spot!
It's been so long
since I went to the concert.
Got your hair done?
You don't like it?
I like it.
Aren't you hungry?
There's one place I really wanna go.
I've been there often
with the one I loved.
Not sure if it's still there though.
You know 'Le Penseur'?
A sculpture by Rodin?
He has really short toenails.
I know this as I studied sculpture
at school.
But I can't remember things
I saw everyday.
Like flowers at our garden,
where my beauty spot is,
...and face of my dad.
The one I loved is my dad.
I should've watched him carefully.
If I remember them,
I can still see them.
I know you work at parking lot.
And during daytime?
I deliver the waters.
What did you do?
When you were young?
You lived restless life
doing bad things?
Mind your business.
I can take it as you ignored me just now.
Why can't you be honest?
You know how I feel now?
I don't know and don't care.
But I surely know
what you ate in the morning.
Yes, I show the people
what I eat everyday.
Excuse me.
Sorry you had a hard day
because of me.
Sorry for bothering you.
Good bye.
I'm now thirty.
I was a boxer.
And when I was young...
I was really a bad boy.
But now I try not to be.
That's who I am.
I couldn't tell you
because I feel ashamed.
Not because I ignored you.
Good night.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Jung-hwa, come to my room.
Sit down.
A present for you.
Why didn't you tell me
your birthday was last week?
You really don't have to.
Let's have dinner next week.
Need to get back to work.
I hate this awkward mood.
Hey, Chul-min!
Come back to gym.
Boss and I need you.
Let's start all over again.
I'm sorry.
I'll ask one question.
Where have you been?
I don't know much
as I didn't learn much.
But I know damn well
your fist is really powerful.
Boxing is out of fashion now.
People don't watch it.
Asian champ earns only 3K a year.
Let's do mixed martial arts.
It's a shame that you don't use
that powerful fist!
If you got nothing to say,
I'm leaving.
I was in prison.
For 4 years and 3 months.
After I quitted boxing...
I beat up the people
to collect their debts.
I sent my kids to orphanage.
My wife ran away.
Your parents must've sung
a lullaby to you.
But I can't do that...
This is all I've got, bastard!
Nobody sang a damn lullaby to me.
I'm an orphan!
Hey, open the door!
Who the hell?
Brother Marcelino?
I told you you look
much nicer when you smile.
You see?
You have to keep that smile.
Can't we change
baptismal name, Sister?
Why? Sounds like an actor!
JANG Marcelino!
I was so happy to
receive that name for you.
People from our order made this.
Got a girlfriend to give that?
Who is it?
So you're living here?
Captain MA?
Why do you lie?
You don't have any plan after work.
Let's have tea together.
Sorry there's no hot tea.
I can't use the fire.
Sorry I couldn't think that.
Must be scared to live alone.
Was it during the college?
That accident?
I'm so sorry.
Sure boys went crazy 'bout you.
Please leave now.
Does your wife know
what you're doing?
You didn't even open the present.
I got divorced recently
for beating up my wife.
I knew it.
It really looks good on you!
You don't know how pretty you are.
It's not for one time sex.
I can buy much prettier girls for that.
You need to know
how I feel about you.
Stay still.
Want me to rape you?
That's what you want?
Please stop!
Stop right now!
Please stop.
Well... I work with Jung-hwa.
I'm here to just to have tea.
Please stop it, Mister!
Look me in the eyes.
I'll kill you if I see you again.
Are you okay?
Why did you do that?
What if he fires me?
Do you still want thatjob?
Why put up with harassment?
Because I need to survive!
I have to live.
I'll take care of you.
I will.
You'll get the new job for me?
Or you'll come to rescue
whenever it happens?
What do you think you are?
I'll help you.
You're making me more miserable.
Please leave now.
When did you come?
A while ago.
I quit.
I feel so cramped inside.
Will you take me out
this weekend?
You're not answering?
You said to take care of me.
Then you can do that at least.
Yes, I'll.
Take this.
What is it?
He'll keep you company.
He will be the eye dog
when he grows up.
Is he Golden Retriever?
Oh my!
What shall we call him?
- How about Easy?
- Easy?
To live in easy.
Then he's Jean Easy?
Nice to see you, Easy!
I grew up in the orphanage
across this river.
We swam and did fishing here.
Now orphanage is flooded.
The only place I remember
is under water.
Mister, get a pebble for me.
This pebble feels exactly like you.
I'll carry it always
taking it as you.
So you carry this
taking as me.
You're so warm.
There must be a reason
to come back now.
He wants to earn the money.
What's wrong with that?
Let's make it to UFC!
Wanna read, Easy?
Come in harder.
Take your time.
Table on your right.
You even rounded the corners?
Moved furnitures a bit.
Doorsill is gone, too.
There's a bed.
I got the new window
to let the sun in.
- Why?
- I wanna see you.
It makes me see you.
Are you looking at my eyes?
You're lying.
Good job!
Must be hurt.
- I'm not a good dancer.
- I can see that.
I used to like raining.
But now I hate it.
No reason.
Turn around.
- Why?
- Just turn around!
What are you trying now?
After pressing the muscle
near backbone with a thumb...
Does it hurt?
No. It feels good.
What did it say?
The line on notebook?
You wanna learn braille?
Just curious.
It's a line from 'Romeo & Juliet.'
'Her eye discourses.'
'I will answer it.'
Why learn massage?
Well... You never know.
It can relax you.
Be sure not to get hurt.
I sense you get face swollen often.
It's for fun. Not a big deal.
Wanna open your workshop!
You can make plates and vases...
I'll do the delivery!
Let go with armlock, trust yourself!
Go for it.
Move forward.
Break! Break!
You did good!
Well done.
They added $100 more
to original $300.
Also we got some tips!
Hey, you were still okay!
Come to the official league
and let's have a great fight.
Bro, long time no see?
I'm not your bro.
We don't share the blood.
You could've come out with me.
Let's go.
See you soon on the ring.
That son of bitch
left us for the big money.
He couldn't pay his rent.
Now he's driving a Benz.
Bro, please cut here.
That'll go down soon.
She'll kill me.
But you're happy.
Can't stop smiling?
- Here it goes.
- Wait!
Come on, it's not the first time.
You hurt the lonely guy's feeling
so you deserve to be hurt.
Yes, blood is coming.
But you just can't stop smiling,
can you?
- I'm home.
- How was the fight? Let me see.
Not bad.
Going somewhere?
Tomorrow's holiday.
Wanna go somewhere with you.
Meet my parents, Mister.
How do you do?
Hi Dad. You like him?
You told me to bring
my boyfriend if I get one.
Mom, what? He's tall
but not good looking?
I knew he's a good guy
when I first met him...
...as he got a real warm voice.
It was a Childrens'Day.
We went for a family trip.
It was raining but I insisted...
I wanted to do something
before my graduation.
I'm an orphan!
- Hey. Open the door!
- Who the hell?
What is it?
Police. Someone reported
hearing the beating here.
Open the door! Quick!
Open up!
What the hell are you doing?
Don't live like this.
You'll regret it.
I wish they weren't hurt...
I really do...
They must be watching over me.
I believe they sent you.
Is it you?
Sit down, please.
The regression is fully progressed.
If you leave her like this...
she'll lose eyesight forever
within a month.
Is there any other way
than waiting for doner?
Actually, there is...
What brought you here?
I need some money.
- How much?
- $30,000.
By when?
As soon as possible.
Life is full of surprises.
I used to ask you the money.
There is one chance.
Do you really need the money?
- Wait!
- Let's go.
Hold on tight!
Are you okay?
- Jung-hwa?
- Why was that?
What took you long
to take me to this fun?
- Let's get the operation.
- What?
Doc said we can buy
the cornea from the States.
You knew this, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
We can't afford it.
Don't worry.
I have some savings.
I like the way we are now.
Having you beside me...
...makes me happier than ever.
It's now or never.
Whenever I think of that day
and what happened to mom and dad,
I feel guilty and it hurts so bad.
I feel I don't deserve to survive.
I feel better being blind.
Don't wanna see me?
How about babies we'll have?
Don't wanna see them?
No, sir.
It can be really dangerous...
Are you okay with that?
I won't fail.
$30,000 for advance.
A duplicate phone for you.
This is nothing
but ordinary fight.
But when Thai police finds out,
it gets complicated.
Nobody can help you
if you get caught, understand?
You're not answering?
I get it.
Take good care of her, Easy.
Your family can get hurt.
So be sure that
nobody can track you.
You know what I mean?
Are you crazy?
Told you not to deal with Tae-sik.
Don't know what you're doing.
It's only one fight.
We finally got into the official league
after all these sufferings!
Is this for her eyes?
If something happens,
...balance will be wired.
Please give it to her.
What if you become crippled?
You've got only one life to live!
I won't regret it.
- You're right.
- About what?
I wanna see sunset with you,
also lovely Easy,
...our house you fixed,
river we went together.
I'll lie on my bed
and see your face only.
For about 23 hours a day?
One hour for my face.
What if you look a lot
uglier than I think?
You'd better get prepared.
I look really bad.
You might not recognize me.
I'm so nervous.
See you soon!
See you.
You'll be waiting for me?
Not going anywhere?
I've got no place to go.
See you soon.
Memorize your name and address.
Isn't Kim Hak-sun the nice name?
It was difficult to find three-no's.
No relative, no conviction,
not wanted.
Never saw
you get nervous like this.
This bastard already
put many into death.
Don't even try to win.
Try to survive.
There's no rule.
Game ends only
when one dies or passes out.
Wanna know whom I bet on?
Sweat it out, Doggy.
You knew he's this strong?
Bring my money back
if you don't want to die.
If you win,
they'll give you the bet,
a dimond of 10 carats
instead of millions of dollors.
When you can bring it safe,
I will add up $20,000.
How's the result of
HA Jung-hwa's operation?
Thank you!
Thank you very much.
- Hello.
- I arrived safe.
- Got that thing with you?
- Yes.
Someone might tag along,
so call once you get Incheon St.
I see.
That's it.
No call from him yet?
Your relation to him?
His wife?
I'll accept this for now but...
...you don't know his social security number
and are not legal relative.
If you are a girlfriend,
just wait at home.
People report disappearance
to track the debtors.
You're so stubborn.
We need to tear this building down...
You are the last one.
You have one week left!
That's it!
You're moving!
Thank god, it was close.
Package for Mr. JANG.
Marcelino's girlfriend.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Jung-hwa.
Please sit there.
Good that you can see now.
Chul-min told me 'bout you.
He said you're very beautiful.
May 5th, the day I got accident
...is the day you got hurt.
It was raining.
Your design is very warm...
and the color is very elegant.
The order details are all in here.
Can we get 52 pieces
within this month?
Sure! Thank you.
I'll make them nice.
You're not married?
I am.
Well, the beautiful and talented
are always taken.
- Happy to work with you.
- Me, too.
Of course, I will.
See you on weekend.
Hello, director.
You're amazing to come regularly.
Not at all.
Everyone gets crazy
'bout your massage.
How have you been?
My joints are stiff and sore.
I'll leave this pot here.
I made it myself.
You are good
at so many things!
You must've exercised.
You got much better.
I guess you are new here.
He's transferred from Incheon.
Can't you speak?
Guess so.
He didn't speak a word.
Let me give you massage.
You lost lots of muscle.
I'll turn you around.
You'll get well soon.
I'm pretty sure.
I'll leave it here for now.
Isn't it a turtle?
It seems sick.
I'll take it to doctor.
- Will go get some colors.
- Okay.
Let's go.
It's evening primrose.
We call it nightjasmine too.
Only blooms at night.
Very beautiful.
Do you want this?
Easy! Easy!
Are you okay?
Come here, Easy!
Are you okay?
Can you stand up?
I'm sorry.
He's usually calm.
Are you okay?
Are you...
I think we met at hospital?
Where are you going?
Let me take you.
What is wrong with you, Easy?
Stay calm!
- I left my wallet.
- I see.
Where is the turtle?
You left it there.
What is it, Jung-hwa?
Did a guy on crutch...
come here just now?
He bought nightjasmine.
Yes, the one with the scar
in the last room on 2nd fl.
His name is different...
He left a few weeks ago.
I told you...
I would see your face only.
Why did you make me
see only mine?
I'm sorry, Mister.
I'm really sorry.
Look at me
Look into my eyes!
I missed you.
Jung-Hwa, I love you.