O Homem do Futuro (2011)

Wait, wait...
I need to tell you something.
I... I have never ridden
on an airplane.
It's kind of like this...
You shouldn't have done that.
Why not?
Because I'm going to suffer.
One day...
you are going
to change the world.
And I will never leave your side.
We have our own time
- We have our own time
We have our own time
I'm not afraid of the dark
But leave the lights on
What was hidden
Is what it got hidden
And what was promised
Nobody promised
lt was not wasted time
We are so young
So young
So young
What is reality?
Einstein explained it...
so that even degenerate
brains like yours
could understand.
Reality is a thread formed
by time and space.
You haven't paid any bills yet.
Good morning, Mr. Arlindo.
The force of gravity makes
the black holes so heavy
that they rip the thread of space,
and therefore, time.
However, black holes...
are the theme ofthe last
dissertation ofthe year.
It is the last chance
to contribute to the holy task...
of making you quit
Physics and Mathematics...
to study more interesting
things, like...
Professor? Will acupuncture
be on the test?
No... but...
particle accelerator will.
It would help if you would...
stop reading that magazine.
- Who is she?
- Helena. First year of Physics.
But stop drooling,
because she is taken!
This publication will be
confiscated under the accusation...
of disrupting the class and
the progress of Science in Brazil!
Increase the acceleration curve!
Zero, we don't have
enough power
for refrigeration beyond
the fifth level.
We are overheating it,
I'm going to abort!
- I forbid you, Panda!
- I'm going to abort!
I forbid you, Panda!
Let it be known on the records:
Panda never knew...
That you forged my signature!
That you did an unauthorized test,
or that you burned out
two university generators?
I just need more power.
It is insane to do things
without telling me.
I fought more than anybody
for your project!
Because you know
you are going to get rich with it.
This has nothing to do
with money, Joo.
Howmany scientists in the world...
are using a particle
accelerator in a project?
One... you!
Do you knowhowmany rules
I have broken...
and howmany lies I have told
to finance your garage laboratory?
Sandra, you may have
given up on Science...
because you won money
on the stock market. You got rich.
But you used to be a smart girl.
I want you to tell me
what the damn problem is...
because as far as I know,
I'm creating a newenergy
source here!
I know.
And they knowit, too.
I created a technology fund
to finance your converter,
but they got tired of your madness!
Say it, you witch!
They want to put Steve Webs
in your place.
Steve Webs can't turn on a toaster!
They filed a lawsuit claiming
that you have gone mad.
I'm going to the press
and say that Americans
are trying to steal...
Brazilian scientific patrimony.
That will only make
our situation worse!
Enough! You are a genius. You have
invented something extraordinary.
I believe that more
than even you do.
That is why I need you
to behave...
like a normal human being
in the next 48 hours,
so that I can try to put
things in order. That is all!
Or what?
Or I think your future ends here.
- They invited me to stay.
- Traitor!
But I didn't accepted it.
Stupid! You have a wife
and kids to support.
The project is yours. What have
I done? I did the engineering!
So... let's take what is ours!
You need authorization
from the university,
the mayor, the governor,
or even from the president,
to get to 100% load!
Those are the people
who want to fire us!
- Do you knowwhat I think?
- No, but I know...
- you are going to tell me.
- It's because ofher.
It's still because of her!
I don't knowwhat you are
talking about.
If this works,
you won't be able
to go back to your little life!
- But I happen to like my little life!
- It's too bad.
Because your little life
is about to end!
You are going to write History!
Even if I agree to this madness,
we don't have enough power.
Yes, we do.
This is Sushi.
Sushi! This kid is not authorized
to be here!
He doesn't have authorization
to be awake at this hour!
Zero, look at me.
What is he doing here?
Access to the city's power
supply, complete.
You havejust passed the class, son.
You are sick!
You are sick in the head!
Since when, Doctor Freud?
November 22nd, 1991.
November 22nd, 1991.
Zero! Zero! Zero!
Why are they doing this to me?
- Because I told them to.
- But you love me!
November 22nd, 1991.
Access to the city's power supply...
We can go tojail, Zero, tojail!
I will broadcast
this on the web.
I want them to arrest me
You are going to ruin our carriers.
And for what?
Lt's better if you call her.
- Here, take my phone and call her.
- She doesn't exist!
She never...
I need your help.
Millions of years ago, the primitive
man rubbed two little rocks together
and lit up a cave.
Tonight, humanity will kiss
their energy bill goodbye.
Aligned curves.
Zero, get out of there now!
Get out ofthere now, Zero!
Soon the world will be
powered by the energy form...
we are about to create
here tonight!
- Cut the power.
- He locked the system from the inside.
And to prove our invention
is not only revolutionary,
but safe,
I will be positioned
at the center of the event.
Zero, no!
Initiating sequence.
Tonight we will be gods.
Someday you will change the world.
Tonight I'm going
to change the world.
My machine was stolen!
They drugged me.
Sandra, you executive cow.
You cancelled the telephone!
Sir, wake up!
That's 25 thousand.
The meter says 25 thousand.
- 25?
- 25.
Thousand? Look...
I had a very rough day.
I'm not a tourist!
I will give you 50.
It's all I have.
Hey! But this money is not real.
Of course it is real!
Lt says right here,
underthejaguar: "Real"! "Re-al"!
The key...
Sir, this is a family building.
I know, mister Arlindo.
I've been living here since 1998.
Great! Then come back
in seven years.
MisterArlindo, you are...
You haven't paid any bills yet.
Look, I am going to call the police!
I am going to call the police.
Collor's year.
The majorfacts
of the govermentfirstyear...
of the president
that hunts maharajahs.
Zlia, the Iron Minister.
Jet ski, the anti drug combat.
Don't misst it, 91 retrospective.
- What day is today?
- Today is Tuesday, the 22nd.
- Of when?
- Of, of, November, sir.
Forthe love of God,
what year is this?
We are in 1991, sir.
Anno Domini.
Which means... thank you.
November 22nd... 1991.
Einstein postulated
that the Universe...
is a thread formed
by time and space.
However, gravity makes
the black holes so heavy
that they rip the thread of space,
and therefore, time.
Mathematicians, Physicists
and astrophysicists
wrestle with this equation
for years...
- My name is Helena.
- I know.
Your name is Joo, right?
I read your paper
about quantum paradoxes.
- It... It wasn't ready yet.
- No, of course not.
You are trying to write
a general equation for the universe.
Lfit was ready yet,
you would change the world.
- Because I...
- Let's go?
Can we go?
Get out, please!
My phone number.
I have heard that you tutor
Quantum Physics.
If you have some spare time,
call me, OK? Bye.
The superstring theory
guarantees the quantum existence
of multiple universes,
where every bifurcation caused
by time travel
would result in the creation
of a new reality...
I don't have money.
It's on the house.
You look like you need it.
Come on, drink, drink...
- Woman.
- Recently?
Lt happened a long time ago.
But it will happen again
in 1 hour and 42 minutes.
- Is it that precise?
- That precise.
There is nothing
you can do about it?
There is.
But if I do it, maybe I'll die.
- Can I smoke in here?
- Of course. This is a bar, isn't it?
Lfl change what
is going to happen...
I will be different than what I am.
So maybe I will cease to exist.
A man can't live in fear.
Love, hate are...
They need to take part in
the general equation ofthe universe.
Joo, that's beautiful!
You are trying to prove
that love exists.
I knowthat it exists.
I think this...
should be our last class.
You are doing very well
on every test.
I'm proud of you.
Can we go?
And Ricardo...
is coming to pick you up,
and I don't like the way
he looks at me.
I'm... afraid ofhim.
You are right,
but we can't live in fear.
You are absolutely right.
You are absolutely right.
I bet you one million that Flamengo
will turn the game around!
Show me the money!
Spot me the money
and I'll share it with you.
I can't lose,
I have seen this game before!
No, not this game.
It's being transmitted live.
Gacho will tie the game.
Look at the TV.
Gacho appears,
sees the Flamento draw...
Come on, place the bet!
One million!
Flamengo five to three!
Why are you doing this to me?
You bastard!
Antnio Carlos, who is that cow?
Honey, calm down!
I can explain everything.
- Bastard.
- What time is it?
I don't know. I'm having an
argument with my boyfriend!
Sandra, the band is wrapping up.
Go back to the stage!
Joo! What happened?
What did you do with
your hair? You look awful!
I was never here. You never sawme.
You never sawme!
Lt was the nun. She was taking care
oftriplets at the orphanage.
Then, she was inserting
a suppository in them, right?
Thank you forthe costume...
but I can't go
to this party with you.
Why are you running from me?
Because it hurts.
What hurts, Joo?
Seeing you.
Look at me.
I can't take it anymore.
I love you!
Explain it. Why?
You loving me
is not logical.
Helena... I like things logical.
I'm going to kiss you.
All right?
You are...
the queen of the school.
I'm a poor man with a stammer
and a scholarship.
I need you in my life.
I wouldn't last a second
in your life!
I know why.
I'm your bestfriend.
So you knowhowlonely...
I am and howmuch I need you!
What about Ricardo?
Lt's over. I'm yours.
Look at me. Look at you...
I have looked at myself, Joo.
I sawmyself...
ridiculous, futile...
easily impressed.
You are beautiful!
Beauty is a prison.
And, because ofbeauty,
I have seen and done things that
even God doesn't know.
And I thought it was important.
You... rode in the Stones' airplane.
You knowwhat?
Nobody talks about Quantum Physics
in the Stones' airplane.
Not even the Stones ride
in their airplane.
I have never ridden on an airplane.
It's kind oflike this.
You shouldn't have done that.
- Why not?
- Because I'm going to suffer.
I will never leave your side.
One day, you are going
to change the world.
I need to go.
The song is over.
Where are you going?
I'm going to sing. Put this on,
and I'll wait foryou downstairs.
You're going to sing?
Yes. To you.
I love you.
Calm down.
I want you to be absolutely calm
and trust me!
Why? Why should I trust you?
I don't have time
for a subtle approach.
You are smart
and your are going to understand.
Who are you?
Look at me.
And tell me who I am.
You have invented
something extraordinary!
I didn't invent anything.
In the future.
I did? Atime machine?
Yes. Actually,
you wanted to invent...
a new energy source, but...
it backfired!
This is all really incredible, but...
you know,
I have to meet Helena.
Why don't you come back
Because I don't know
howto get back!
What do you want from me?
To fix... your existence.
The synchronized swim girls!
And nowlet's go to
the second auctioned item!
Lt's a beautiful used
Playboy collection!
From 82 to the latest edition!
Remember that we are raising funds...
forthe reform of
the administration's office.
Who is going to bid first?
- Is it good have 40 years?
- No!
- 100 thousand!
- 100 thousand forthe Lost Soul!
- But will I have a happy life?
- No!
You don't have a wife,
you don't have kids,
you only have sex
with prostitutes...
and spend your entire life
teaching to idiots...
and being scientifically exploited
by a soire host!
100 thousand and 300 for the Zombie!
Come on, people!
- What about Helena?
- Helena is a whore!
But we will take care ofthat too.
100 thousand and 600!
100 thousand and 600
for the toilet paper. Going once!
I don't like you!
Maybe I'm stuck here forever!
Maybe I'll be sucked
into the future!
Or maybe I'll just explode!
In all ofthose scenarios we have
to take this chance...
and prevent your life
from being miserable!
Going twice!
I knowwhen the next war
is going to start,
when the Dollar will rise and when
the stock market will crash.
And what do I do with that?
I thought you were smarter!
You are going to make millions
and enjoy your life!
Sold to the toilet paper!
Turn it up, DJ!
Damn, the weirdest
thingjust happened!
I sawa guy that looked
just like you,
except his face was a little
deformed, he was older...
and was dressed like him!
Is that you, Jorjo?
Calm down!
I want you to be
absolutely calm...
and trust me.
You are going to have
to tell somebody,
oryou are going to go crazy.
You should tell a friend.
And that will be the only friend
you will have your entire life.
- What are you doing?
- Let's get down to it!
No! No!
What the hell is this, man?
What the hell is this?
Quiet, people! Quiet! Quiet!
I have a very important message
from the infirmary.
They are running out of glucose!
Let's go easy on the vodka!
Before we continue...
with our next musical guest...
the Prisoners ofthe Ball!
Come on, people!
Turn it up, DJ!
Who is the most beautiful girl
ofthe party?
Your mother! Is she here?
I have something very important
to tell you. Helena...
listen to me!
Ricardo, I slapped you
an hour ago.
I'm not going to listen to you!
I met the owner
of a modeling agency...
a Spaniard, friend of my father's.
Lfhe likes you,
we will get a lot of money!
- We?
- I told him I was your manager!
He believed you?
And the most important thing of all!
Never, under any circumstance,
travel to New York...
on September 11th 2001.
Because some crazy guy will crash
two airplanes into the Twin Towers.
They will fall. Which will lead to
a second war against Iraq!
The oil prices will rise, then fall,
then rise again.
- Are you writing this down?
- Every word.
I'm not sure I want to know
what is going to happen.
Believe me. You do.
I'm going to make you two rich!
Let's listen to the man.
I mean, listen to yourself, right?
I don't knowifl want
to change the future.
I don't want to knowanything.
Helena will humiliate you tonight.
Helena? What do you mean, she is
going to humiliate you? You are...
Humiliate me?
You will be hung by a string. You will
be covered in feathers and honey.
Where is Helena?
And you will fly over this crowd,
and they will laugh!
While they chant what is going to be
your name forthe rest of your life.
Ricardo is right.
I can't date a nobody...
like you.
Oh, my God.
That must be horrible.
Believe me.
There is nothing worse.
She said she loved me.
I told you it was suicide
to tutor a monument like that.
- Where are you going?
- To finish... your education.
Write this down.
Women are sincere
in every generation.
I found the love of my life!
Who are you trying to fool?
Give it up for
the Prisoners of the Ball! Get out!
the proofthat there is a God.
The queen of all parties: Helena!
The Physics sophomore!
Later, there is going to be a party
at the administration's office.
I'm going to sing this song
to the most amazing man...
I have ever met in my life!
Every day when I wake up
I lose the time that has passed
But I have a lot of time
We have all the time in the world
Every day before I go to sleep
I remember and forget
about that day
Always moving forward
We don't have time to lose
Our sacred sweat
Is more beautiful than
this bitter blood
And so serious
And wild
This is the siren's song.
This is when your life's
disaster begins!
Joo, is she singing
and looking at you?
Bring me that prince!
- I don't want to change anything else.
- This is...
when time splits.
Look at the sun
on this dark morning
You are asking me to give her up?
The storm comes
I'm telling you a way
to be with her.
Has the same color as your eyes
So hold me tight
And tell me once again that we are
Far away from everything
We have our own time
That girl is the reason
She can be yours now,
because you are in control now.
Remember everything I told you.
It's like an equation,
and you knowall the variables.
That's right, champ!
Just one more thing...
The stutter.
What... What stutter?
Your speech problem.
People who stutter
don't breathe correctly.
- Who told you that?
- Helena.
She cured you at the stage
15 minutes ago,
in a reality that no longer exists.
And we don't want to stutter
forthe rest of our lives, right?
Here's what I want you to do...
Disappearing isn't a good way
to start a relationship.
Helena, listen!
What you sang to me was
the most beautiful thing...
I'll ever hear in my entire life.
I'm going to love you forever!
You're not...
The thing is: Do you love me?
I have never felt for anybody
the way I feel for you!
Then why didn't you tell me
you are going to Paris?
I'm not going...
Ricardo spoke to you.
But I knowhe offered you
a life ofluxury, parties and money.
- How can you knowthat?
- How can I knowthat?
How... can I knowthat?
How can I knowthat?
Lt doesn't matter!
I knowthat we will be dancing,
a piece of your hair
will cover your face,
he will get here, he will be nice
and he will be dressed as an angel.
Atoast to the couple
ofthe night!
He'll bring two glasses
of spiked champagne.
Why would he do that?
To convince you to do what
you have always wanted it.
- And what would that be?
- To humiliate me, to abandon me...
to throwme to the wolves and live
your life ofluxury, sex and drugs...
in the international jet set.
You have gone mad!
Lt's possible.
But we have to check!
Enough, enough, bambino.
Let's go, please...
Hey, man!
That's the girl I told about.
Now dance. Dance normally.
Normally, normally.
She is very pretty!
But she looks completely in love
with that moron.
The piece of your hair!
Wow, you look beautiful!
I'm not going to waste time and money
with a girl who's in love.
Shejust needs a little push.
Alittle push, huh?
But be careful.
This is very strong.
Do it.
That's too much.
I told youjust one drop.
Atoast to the couple ofthe night!
So that's your prince charming?
That's your guardian angel?
- Joo, Ricardo, Ricardo, Joo.
- Champagne?
Not this time, no.
Helena really likes champagne.
- She is also going to like GHB.
- GHB?
Lt's a drug that doesn't
exist in Brazil yet,
but it does in Spain.
You put it in it.
- That's ridiculous!
- Drink it!
Lfit'sjust champagne,
I'll be ajealous paranoid.
She's going to think that I'm ajerk
and she'll sign the contract...
- with the Spaniard. Right, Helena?
- Right.
Helena, did you tell anything
to this imbecile?
He is trying to manipulate you,
to throwyou against me.
And he is succeeding!
Prove that I'm crazy...
and get this over with!
I thought you liked champagne.
Now... The other one!
The other one!
Atta, boy!
Let me showyou something.
Do you see that guy overthere?
That's the Spaniard!
He's the one that can give you
a life ofluxury, parties and money.
But that means you are never
going to see me again!
What are you talking about?
I would never leave you!
You did! You left me.
And I need to tell you...
I... I understand, because
I was always a nobody...
and you were always...
All of this!
- But I never left.
- But I changed!
- But I don't want you to change!
- I changed!
Do you want luxury?
Do you want parties?
Do you want money?
Do you want wealth?
I can give you that, Helena!
Do you knowwhy?
Because I'm going to be rich!
I'm going to be very rich!
And you will have
anything you want!
Joo, I would love you even
if you didn't have a penny.
Wow! You two are beautiful!
Life is beautiful!
Life is beautiful!
Touch! Touch!
I'm feeling very unstable.
You are emotional, aren't you?
No. My molecules are unstable...
Does that hurt?
Stay close to Joo. He always
liked you very much.
Are you dying?
I love this woman!
I love you!
- I love you!
- Me too!
I promise you...
we will be togetherforever!
But it will be worth it!
Every day when I wake up
I lose the time that has passed
But I have a lot of time
We have all the time in the world
Every day before...
Helena are you...
Another person!
Wow! What's the matter, baby?
You look like youjust
sawan alien!
What are you doing here?
Lf you haven't fired me,
I'm here to pay foryour escort!
Ric, darling!
Howare you?
- Thanks, honey!
- Thank you!
Don't be sad.
Deise will be back...
next week, OK?
All right.
Put this on fast. We are late.
Wait! I...
- Where... are we going, again?
- Very funny!
No! Seriously!
Where are we going? I...
I need to talk... to Otvio.
Even funnier! The hearing
will start in 30 minutes.
Hearing? Of course.
Which hearing is it, again? Lt's...
I don't know
what the hell you're on,
but control yourself
in front ofthejudge.
I'm... another man!
Do you understand?
I'm another person...
The court has decided that
Mr. Joo Henrique Nogueira
is the sole owner ofthe
Man of the Future Investment companies.
I am... the mummy.
And mister Otvio Miranda...
is forbidden to came
within a 300 feet radio
from his former partner.
Whatever this is, we can fix it!
You coward!
You bribed thisjudge!
- No!
- I'm going to kill you!
- I'm going to kill you!
- Panda! Lt's me!
- I'm going to kill you!
- Future Joo! You...
Let's get out ofhere
to avoid reporters.
He assaulted me, he... he... hit me.
He said I bribed thejudge!
Someone in the court
must have leaked that.
But how can I be broke?
What about your problems
with the IRS?
You got married fourtimes,
you publicly cheated all your wives,
you got sued by three ofthem.
If that's not enough
to bankrupt someone,
add your gambling problem,
race tracks...
- Race tracks?
- International travels...
expansive hookers,
high risk investments, megalomaniac
architects, expensive wines.
Joo, you bought a submarine!
Wait! Wait!
You said I got married fourtimes...
- and that three ofthem sued me.
- That's right!
- Who didn't sue me?
- Who? The annoying one.
Joo Henrique, you're scarring me!
I married Helena?
I'm not obligated to see visitors!
Wait! Wait! Please, wait!
I need to talk to you.
- I want to go back to my cell!
- Listen, just one minute!
One minute.
I'll get you out ofhere.
I'll get you out ofhere.
One minute.
You have one minute!
One minute...
What happened to us?
What kind of question is that?
How did you ended up here?
You know damn well
howl got here!
Asuitcase with four and
a half pounds of cocaine!
Cocaine! My God!
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you were the one who put
the damn drug in my suitcase!
And then you called
the airport police!
Why did I do that?
To punish me for something
I didn't do!
Because ofjealousy!
To stick me in a place
with no men around!
I want you to be absolutely calm.
And trust me.
I am...
another person.
You are nothing!
You're right.
You're right.
That's what I am.
That's what I've always been...
A zero.
But I will get you out ofhere,
I will get you out of here
and we will be together forever.
I'll tell you...
There's nothing in this life that
could make me come back to you.
You shouldn't have done
that to me!
Hownice to see you!
I needed to find someone smart.
I wasn't smart when
I put my project...
in the hands
of an idiot like you!
Forget that!
Whatever it is, we can fix it.
I didn't sell
a particle converter specs...
just so it would be
locked up in a safe!
You developed a particle converter?
Cynic! I created
a new energy source!
I'm going to tell the press
that you're selling
Brazilian technology...
to Americans!
I came here to warn you...
I will put my research
on the Internet.
I want it built.
From behind bars, if necessary.
Particle converter...
Look, believe me.
You are pointing this gun
at the wrong man.
I knowexactly
who I'm pointing this gun at!
What did you do to Joo?
I need to kill him too.
He disappeared
in a temporal paradox.
I was molecularly reorganized
in this reality's body,
but with the conscience
ofthe other one.
- Speak in my language!
- I'm in his body.
I'm putting a stop
to this madness right now!
No, wait!
I curse the day
you walked into my life!
Calm down, calm down...
Look, you have a wife,
you have kids.
You married the woman
who was supposed to be my wife!
I never had kids!
I married Carmem?
Whatever you did in the past,
it can't be worse than
the person you became.
Who did I become?
The biggestjerk
the world has ever seen!
What about you?
I used to say:
"Let's help humanity,
let's save Michael Jackson,
let's prevent
the American oil spill.".
But you didn't care
about any ofit.
You would say: "Money, money!"
And I agreed.
We are two of nature's anomalies
who deserve to die.
No! Please!
I already decided it.
I'll kill you first.
Then I'm going to kill myself.
Wait. Please! Please! Wait!
Listen to me, please! Please!
Please. I have a plan.
I have heard this before.
We have money to build
a newaccelerator,
- go back and fix things.
- How?
By convincing myselfthat
is wrong to change the past.
For you.
You are sick. You knowthat?
Let me at least take you home.
- I don't have a home.
- You do now!
You bought this house for me?
No. No, actually I... I gave it.
Just like the farm in Australia,
the access to my bank account,
my shares in the stock market,
the cocoa fields, the apartment at
the Dakota Building in New York,
two jets, four helicopters,
twelve cars in the garage,
soy fields in Mato Grosso.
The Manets, the Monets,
the Matisse,
Picasso, Gauguin, Van Gogh.
Acollection of free art.
I don't knowif you like it.
Three radio stations, TVstations,
an island in the Pacific.
Anyway, everything.
Except the submarine
that I had to sell
and the Man ofthe Future Investments
that I'm going to leave to Panda.
The IRS is afteryou, isn't it?
It is, but...
It's not because ofthat.
Then, why?
I'm still trying to fix things and...
lfit doesn't work,
you will be set for life.
I won't like you again
because ofthis.
I know.
That's why I'm going to do
what I'm going to do.
Howabout it?
You knowthat's an astronaut
costume and it doesn't work.
- You knowthat, don't you?
- I'm going to a costume party.
God! Tell me you are not
going insane.
The machine we created left
a micro black hole,
it perforated
the structure of time...
and let a link to the past.
I know.
The first time I got into
the machine...
I was thinking about Helena,
on the day of the costume party.
And I ended up exactly there!
On the same time
and the same date.
And I'm going to do that again.
Is that simple?
Apparently feelings
reorganize matter...
as it leaves a black hole.
- You must really love this woman!
- Desperately!
Helena... November 22nd, 1991.
The day ofthe party.
Helena... November 22nd, 1991.
The day ofthe party.
Helena... November 22nd, 1991.
The day ofthe party.
Helena... November 22nd, 1991.
The day ofthe party.
Helena... November 22nd, 1991.
Wow, Inocncia, you are awesome!
My God! I have goose bumps!
Excuse me.
What day is today?
- 20...
- 22...
November 22... November.
- Great! Of what year?
- 1991.
- Great! Please, I need...
- Get out!
- Unlock it!
- Wait! I need a ride!
- Go away! Go away!
- I need a ride!
I love you!
Too late!
Calm down.
I want you to be absolutely calm...
and trust me.
Why? Why should I trust you?
I don't have time for
a subtle approach.
You are smart
and you are going to understand.
Who are you?
And who is he?
Calm down. I want you
to be absolutely calm...
- and trust me.
- What are you?
I'm the effect that
you are causing right now!
- What effect?
- Catastrophe.
That bad?
He is going to be arrested
by the IRS,
Otvio will kill himself...
and Helena is going tojail.
You tell everything I did wrong
and we will start over.
- We don't have to do anything.
- What do you mean?
You don't change
what already happened.
You cheap moralist!
He has the right to have a chance!
He has to live for himself.
You are going to tell me
what I have done wrong!
Give it up for
the Prisoners ofthe Ball!
Get out, Carlinhos, now!
the proofthat there is a God.
The queen of all parties:
The Physics sophomore!
I'm going to sing this song...
to the most amazing man
I have ever met in my life!
"I had a hallucination
and I passed out.
I must go to the party!
Helena is waiting for me!
Signed myself."
Our sacred sweat
Is more beautiful than...
Dude, the weirdest thing
just happened!
This is the craziest night
of my life!
And so serious
And wild
Bring me that prince!
What? Is she singing to you?
She can't be singing to you!
You are a nobody, right?
No, am not!
I am a prince!
Look at the sun
on this dark morning
The storm comes
has the same color as your eyes
His name is Joo!
Joo! Joo! Joo!
Breathe, Joo!
You just have to exhale and sing.
So hold me tight
And say it one more time
that we are together
Away from everything
We have our own time
We have our own time
We have our own time
I'm not afraid of the dark
But leave the lights on
What was hidden
is what it got hidden
And what was promised
Nobody promised
lt was not wasted time
We are so young
So young
So young
And you wanted to take this
away from him!
No! I wanted to avoid
everything that comes next!
One more! One more!
One more!
One more! One more!
One more!
The lovebirds are invited to the party
at the administration's office,
where there will be champagne
and a few otherthings.
- We can't!
- The Spaniard will be there, Helena.
One more! One more!
One more!
I think that's my gun.
You must be my best friend
from the future.
Where I come from,
you're not exactly my friend.
How did you get here?
I thought it was relatively easy
o press a bottom and, puff!
Jump to wherever
you want to go.
I'm going to give
my Otvio some tips.
The problem is that this idiot
doesn't want to change anything else!
Oh, you don't want to?
You don't want to? But I do!
- Wait! Wait!
- Will you take me away from here?
Why did you treat him like that?
He wasjust trying
to be nice to us.
I want to go some place
alone with you!
Look at me.
They are having a big party.
Let's dance!
You are acting strange!
Who is this Spaniard?
Someone I don't want
to meet, OK?
Let's get out of here and
go someplace else. Just you and I.
Listen to me!
I have never been invited
to a party like that.
I have never had a girlfriend.
I feel great!
I have never been so happy!
- Joo...
- I feel alive!
And you are not stammering!
I'm not?
Let's be togetherforever!
Let's go! Here!
We have some rope.
You bastard, nowyou are
going to be stuck here.
I'm going to find myself, OK?
You have time to do that later.
It's about to happen.
We need to let time
take its course.
- Coward!
- You're the coward.
You have always been.
Arrogant, pretentious,
unhappy, coward!
This guy is annoying.
You better gag him.
You suffered. He will suffer.
My God! What is
the matter with you?
Everybody suffers in life!
Only an unhappy man like you...
can think your suffering
is something special!
Sorry. It was too annoying.
That's the girl I told about.
Sorry, pirate!
Are you hurt?
Nice party...
Come here! Let's dance!
That's too much.
I told you just one drop.
What a crazy party, Helena!
Atoast to the couple ofthe night!
Come with me.
No! Damn it! They can't drink
from those glasses. Go, go!
Let's go!
Man, I wanted to tell you...
that you are dealing
with this very maturely.
Champagne to the prince charming
and the super lady.
We are going to drink this and leave,
because we have otherthings to do.
Atoast to an unforgettable night!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Excuse me, excuse me.
Your costume hasjust been
selected by panel...
as the best one ofthe party.
He is coming with us
on the stage!
- Give me back my boyfriend!
- No, no, no!
He has to come on stage right now
to receive this award.
Helena, our love has
won an award!
Joo, let's get out ofhere!
Helena, you can't stop living
your life because of this idiot!
Don't talk to my girlfriend
like that.
Let go of me!
You knowwhat she
doesn't understand?
Is that when she gets tired
of you tomorrow...
and dump you,
it will be too late.
She will have lost
an international carrier...
because of a nobody like you!
I've always wanted to do that!
You are coming with us!
- What are you doing?
- She has to know!
Last time she didn't know
and it went wrong.
We have to include her
this time.
Include where? Do what?
Who is there?
Look, somebody played
a prank on me.
Will you shut up?
Can'tyou see I'm crying?
Weren't you dressed as...
- Helena, Helena!
- Joo?
Helena, these mummies
are extremely fun!
Please, untie me!
Lt'sjust that my boyfriend
broke up with me.
And I have to go back to the stage
to announce the chickens.
It's OK that Antonio Carlos
dumped you.
Marco Aurlio will be
the love of your life!
- Marco Aurlio?
- Yes...
Marco Aurlio!
You two are going to be together
next Saturday at the Tits concert!
I don't believe in psychics, OK?
And you must be tied down
for a reason.
So I'm calling the police
so you can tell your story.
We've met at kinder garden,
in misses Olga's class.
I pulled your skirt and
you made me eat dirt...
and I got sick for a week.
When we got a little older,
we started playing spin
the bottle,
but you never wanted to kiss me.
Calm down!
I want you to be absolutely calm.
And trust me.
I came from the future.
And I can prove it.
Here! In my pocket.
You can trust me. Take it!
- What's in there?
- Here, take it!
What is it?
What is this?
Lt's a telephone, a computer,
a personal organizer, a camera...
20 years from nowalmost everybody
will have one ofthese.
It records too?
Press the middle button.
It's recording. How cute!
Antonio Carlos,
I want you to rot in hell!
Why are you telling me
all ofthis?
Because I want you
to let me go.
And because I think
lfigured all out.
This is where we are going.
Helena! The mummies' house!
- Joo!
- It's a colored tunnel!
Don't hurt her, fat boy!
Mummy friends,
I think I want to go back now.
- Who are you?
- Your chance to change your life!
To know everything
that is going to happen!
You are going to pay for this,
you bastard!
Have I gone insane?
No, Helena.
So, forthe love of God,
explain what is happening here!
I did what you said I would.
I changed the world.
You idiot!
I need you to be absolutely calm
and trust me.
I came from your future!
I'm Joo 20 years from now.
What about them?
He is me before I understood
howwrong all of this is,
and the other one is a loser
from an alternative future of mine.
- And I'm not crazy?
- No.
But you are at a quantum paradox.
And how do we stop
a quantum paradox?
You knowthis.
We studied this together,
By cancelling the matrix
ofthe multiplication of variables.
We have to conduct reality...
back to the time flux
that already happened.
And howdo you plan
on doing that?
Tonight you have to
turn your back on him,
forget everything
you sawhere.
I want you to go with Ricardo
and the Spaniard.
And tomorrowyou are going to be
an international model in Paris.
No! But he is the love of my life.
If you really love him,
you have to do this.
- Otherwise it's going to be the end.
- No!
Lt's the beginning
of our lives together.
It's the end!
Believe me, it's the end.
I have invented the end
oftimes machine.
I invented it, jerky!
Humanity will go back to the past
eternally to make the future better.
Corporations, governments,
evil geniuses...
They will go back to increase
the profit margin,
to win an election,
to dominate the world.
There will never be a future again.
So that's it?
In order to save the world I have
to stay away from the man I love?
You have to promise me you are not
going to look for him until 2011.
If you truly love him,
maybe we will still meet
in this lifetime.
I will tell you...
I love you today as much
as I loved you tonight.
- And I can't see you?
- I have always been like this.
I get it.
I have always come back
and made you betray me,
so we would be apart
from each other.
The machine created a moment
where the future and the pass blend.
They need each other
in orderto happen.
No... No! I can't!
Helena, look around.
There's three of me in this place!
This is terribly wrong.
This is biggerthan everything.
It's biggerthan me and
it's bigger than you.
You can't do that to me.
You need to do that to me.
Both of us...
for love.
You two!
What's going on there?
You are going to be a wonderful man.
And you...
You are the kind of man
that is worth waiting for.
What is this?
That's his newname.
Zero? What do you want me
to do with this?
I want you to hang it on his neck
in front of everybody.
Tell Ricardo to call the zombies
that he hired for security.
Tell him he was right,
that I'm an idiot
and that you want Joo to be
the night's chicken.
Go, Helena!
How can you be
so cruel to yourself?
Because this happened!
And it needs to happen again.
- What about you?
- I don't know.
- Will I see you again?
- It's not very likely mathematically.
Then, Joo, you are going
to have to prove...
that love is part ofthe general
equation ofthe universe.
Get out ofhere!
Hey, astronaut, you need
to stop kissing my girlfriend.
Helena is gone.
Nowyou need to go too.
I'm crazy, really crazy!
Listen... It's going to be
very hard.
Look, astronaut, I'm Chinese.
But you will get through this. OK?
Astronaut, you are behaving
like an old aunt.
You are like my father.
Because he was right.
Life is about dealing with problems.
There is no life without problems.
- You are cool!
- You too!
Lt was nice meeting you.
It changed my life!
Who are you?
A dream that you will forget.
Antonio Carlos,
you can be with your bitch!
Marco Aurlio, I'll see you Saturday
at the Tits concert.
What's up?
Hello, friends!
Ready to fly?
Get him!
- Give it up for Clber!
- Wonderful! Wonderful!
- Hey, let go of me!
- Get this woman out ofhere.
Let me go!
And now, here is
tonight's little bird!
Put your hands
together for him!
Smearthis idiot with honey!
I told you that
you would end up getting hurt!
Helena! Helena!
I'm here!
Why are they doing this to me?
Because I told them to.
But you love me!
Ricardo was right.
I could never love a zero like you.
Do you want to fly, chicken?
Joo! Get out! Get out!
Get out ofthe way!
Joo! Let go of me!
Lt's too late to try to help.
Sandra, help me!
Let him go! Can't you
see he is not alright?
- He has never been better.
- Take it away!
Lt's happening!
- Here is...
- Joo!
The return of Helena's
newlast boyfriend!
And your boyfriend?
I set up a date 20 years
from now.
The future of Otvio,
the investor, is no longer possible.
Fly, little birdie!
He is a zero! I said zero!
What the hell
are you doing, Ricardo?
Zero! Zero! Zero!
Lt happened what...
it was supposed to happen.
Zero. Help me, man!
Are you dressed as an astronaut?
I went to a costume party, Panda.
You didn't go anywhere!
An energy pulse of unknown
source went through you.
That's right.
You were right!
We created fire!
We are gods! We are rich!
What is this?
Waming! All files will be deleted.
What are you doing?
I'm making sure no one will ever
turn this machine on.
You can't do that!
You can't do that!
You can't do that!
Sushi, fix this!
I'm trying! I'm trying!
Panda, listen to me.
- It's the work of a lifetime, Zero.
- I travelled through time.
My God...
So you are... completely crazy!
Lt records too?
Press the middle button.
It's recording. How cute!
Antonio Carlos,
I wantyou to rot in hell!
Why are you telling me
all of this?
Because I think I figured all out.
All files have been deleted.
Do you have the car keys?
Message to the astronaut:
I always thought
you'd come back today.
@HelenaH nowboarding
the plane to Rome.
@HelenaH I will be waiting
for you forever.
Why didn't you get in?
Stop being stupid and get in.
No, wait!
- What's the damn problem?
- Time is the problem, Ricardo!
Excuse me, excuse me, sir.
- You can call me Zero.
- Hi, Zero.
Howwas your life?
Fun, a little crazy, lonely.
What about yours?
Lt is going to be what
I make of it now.
I'll never leave your side.
So kiss me because
I'm going to be arrested.
Sir, please, come with us!
- We will miss this flight.
- Sir!
- I love you!
- I love you too!
You are fired.
So, I hereby declare that
mister Joo Henrique Nogueira
is found not guilty of destroying
scientific research.
You did what you had to do.
Yes. You hid the humanity's
biggest invention.
Sooner or later someone will invent
that thing again.
Yes, but we hope...
they come to the same
conclusion as we did.
And you are a free man.
Free, unemployed, expelled
from the scientific community,
laughing stock on the Internet.
For someone who was going
to change the future,
you have a guaranteed
place in heaven.
Maybe not.
I think I figured it out!
- Figured what out?
- What you have always known.
You set up a technology fund
to help me!
That doesn't make sense.
Unless you knew...
that one day I would go
to the past and find you.
You are a genius!
I believe that more
than yourself!
That doesn't make any sense!
I don't have money.
But you will have!
You made money at the stock
market. You got rich!
You will make millions
with Google shares!
Is that a chewing gum?
Lt's a search engine.
What am I going to do
with Google shares?
You will sell them, one day
before the mortgage recession.
You will make a lot of money,
you will buy this university
and you will help Joo
when he needs you the most.
Howmany scientists in the world...
are using a particle accelerator
in a project?
One... you!
Untie me.
Tell me only ifl come back.
You came back, didn't you?
Wait, wait!
Are you saying that I'm rich?
Panda, you are filthy rich!
Oh! Fabulous!
You cheated it!
I deserved it!
So hold me tight
And tell me once again
That we are
Far away from everything
We have our own time
We have our own time
We have our own time
I'm not afraid of the dark
But leave the lights on
What was hidden
Is what it got hidden
And what was promised
Nobody promised
lt was not wasted time
We are so young
So young
So young